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Archives: March 15, 2016

Sanders Sends Vegan Thugs to Attack Peace-Loving Nazis observed by Andy Borowitz

Minnesota Lawmaker Launches Possibly Unconstitutional Attempt To Curtail Black Lives Matter Proteste

How long will trumad last this time?

The streams are running

Saw this on twitter:

I have to give a bit of a pat on the back to MSNBC tonight for two good town halls they did

Chicago Trib Editorial: "Bernie Sanders is wrong. This election's not for sale."

Only Bad Options Left for Republicans

Cool Interactive feature on Campaign Contributions in Chicago

Bernie Sanders LIVE from St. Louis, MO at A Future to Believe in Rally

Arizona Berners - He will be in Phoenix tomorrow (3/15) at Phoenix Convention Center

List of reasons for admission to mental asylum 1864 to 1899

Hillary in Illinois today..Pics!

Hillary's NRA rating? It is an F. Nothing else should be acceptable for a Democrat

great discussion on the Young Turks right now

Debbie Wasserman Schultz must go immediately if not sooner

Fort Worth officer caught on video pepper-spraying passing motorcyclists

Trump health plan would increase deficit and leave millions uninsured, report says

Chicago Tribune endorses Marco Rubio, disses Democrats

The Breitbart implosion: Donald Trump is tearing apart right-wing media

One day before too long, we'll know

Hillary very narrowly lost MI, and no one went paranoid about "rigged elections" and all the rest.

Clinton: "Democratic Socialism is NOT Progressive

Trump mocks Christie at rally

HRC new theme against Bernie: He's reflexively against everything.

Bernie Sanders Sends Vegan Thugs to Attack Peace-Loving Nazis

Bad Blood: How blood mining contributed to the AIDS crisis

Sanders Sends Vegan Thugs to Attack Peace-Loving Nazis

Cruz Stands by Pledge Unless Trump Shoots Someone

If Bernie Keeps Winning Get Ready For This

Republican Operatives Try to Help Bernie Sanders: "We'll win every state if Bernie's their nominee"

Donald Trump Is Worse Than George Wallace, According to a Guy Who'd Know

The macabre truth of gun control in the US is that toddlers kill more people than terrorists do

I feel just the littlest bit sorry for Christie.

Smartphones Are Often Ill-Equipped For Mental Health, Safety Emergencies

Hillary Clinton at Town Hall: 'Bernie is against everything before learning about it.'

Can't resist...

Bernie Phonebankathon

3-10-16 Sharing in the Pain of Struggle in 2:00 (Hail Cesar)

Kasich refuses to say he will support Trump if Trump wins the nomination. He says he will have more

Historian Ken Burns: Trumps America is a ‘retrograde moment’-white guilt ‘metastasizes into darkness

3-10-16 Sharing in the Pain of Struggle in 2:00 (Hail Cesar)

3-10-16 Sharing in the Pain of Struggle in 2:00 (Hail Cesar)

3-10-16 Sharing in the Pain of Struggle in 2:00 (Hail Cesar)

OMI - Cheerleader

Hillary at MSNBC town hall We didn't lose a single life in Libya

Has either Clinton ever explained why the RW conspired against them but not other democrats,

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Art of the Deal! Uncensored & Live &

HRC: "We are supposed to learn, that's part of what experience should be teaching you."

National Small Penis Association Endorses Trump! Really. This is true!

Canadian NGO Has best library on trade issues out there -excellent writing clear thinking

An interview with Andrew O’Hagan

Ingham County Prosecutor Faces 15 Criminal Charges

Man arrested after 2 Canadian Forces members stabbed at Toronto recruitment centre

When you lose your conscience, you lose me.

Head Clinton's latest meme off at the pass: Things Bernie Sanders is FOR.

Palm Beach, Florida: Best or Worst place in the USA?

Rubio lawsuit may knock Kasich off of Pennsylvania GOP primary ballot

Just got the results from my first mammogram since my lumpectomy.

The Big Con: Publicly Funded NFL and NBA Sports Stadiums.

The Hillary and Bernie Show | Mike Thompson (Freep)

TCRP Seeks Voter Registration Reforms

Iran, the Constitution, Stupidparty and Treason.

Could Hillary Clinton face the same fate as David Petraeus?

Hey, y'all...

I miss Cali

If you vote tomorrow: Re US House

Why Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead over Bernie Sanders is bigger than it looks

Just $5 needed to get DU for Bernie to $59,000!!! (GOT IT!!!)

I know that many do not like DST but if you live in a Central Time Zone it is very welcome.

Map Favors Bernie After March 16 — Superdelegate Alan Grayson

"Schrodinger can eat me."

Bernie Sanders: white people “don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto...

I think Dan Rather whitewashed the Trump effect on America

Who Wall Street Likes For President: Kasich 35% Clinton 22% Trump 14% Sanders 0%

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton Delivers A Commander In Chief Level Performance At MSNBC Town Hall

Slain Maryland Cop Inadvertently Shot by Fellow Officer During Gun Battle With Suspect, Police Say

Holy Zeus, *who* created TCHAIKOVSKY, was it you, Zeus?!1 Two examples

Former Federal Prosecutor Lays Out Likely Path For Refuge Trial

Didn't have a patient die today. But one of them told me her son had died of a heroin overdose.


BTRTN's Super Tuesday (March 15 Version) Predictions....

Nothing civil about Oregon refuge occupiers' disobedience

Sanders admits he took the Democratic name just to suit his ambition to be president

Stupidparty Myth #1—USA has the best healthcare system; thus, why reform?

I miss-spoke

The Latest: More Than 2 Million Have Voted in Fla. Already

Dead Kennedys version of I Fought the Law still works today.

Utah prepares for legal showdown with government over control of public lands

WTF is Targetsmart? ask Rachel....fascinating stuff on now: 8:55PM CST

Rachel Maddow, This Is Why Trump Likes The Ruckus At His Rallies

Under 30 early voters in Florida less than 5% in the Democratic primary.

A video of truth - Harry Belafonte and the symbol for all that is right


The night before voting in Ohio

Hillary Clinton’s Pay-for-Play Reality

Reasons to Vote for Bernie - In Song

Am I imagining things to think that MSNBC rigged the Town Halls?

Hillary Clinton’s Grand Canyon of Deep Distrust

The Squee Report

HILL GROUP - Sanders says he ran as a Democrat for 'media coverage'

SuperPAC ad

u Klux Klan Grand Dragon Will Quigg Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Just a reminder that that the majority of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Hillary

Bernie and Trump are so excited about polls that show them winning the GE.

FINAL March 15 predictions.

Samantha Bee: "If your going to praise Nancy Reagan about something..."

Bob Dylan, Trump prophecy?

Military Times survey: Troops back Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders for president

Tainted-Water Worries Spread to Vermont Village.

The Winner of the BTB Bracelet Giveaway is...


Bernie Is Our Best Chance of Beating the GOP:

St Louis American endorses Hillary Clinton

People Hate Rahm Emanuel So Much It Might Cost Hillary Clinton Illinois

human cheeto

Bernie Sanders Rallies in Four States to Spur Voter Turnout

1991-Ron and Nancy Dedicate the Reagan Library, Protesters speak the truth about them....

An irrefutable takedown of gun nut John Lott

Anyone from the Mansfield area want to help GOTV for Bernie tomorrow?

Must Shill Nonstop 'Bout Clinton is replaying HER townhall - I still haven't seen Bernie.

Want a laugh? Funny 8 MB animated GIF

Rerun of Hillary's town hall on MSNBC now if you missed it earlier

Before The Town Hall Tonight, Chris Matthews, Unbiased Professional Journalist Takes A Walk...

Bernie Sanders Is Performing Stronger Than The Media Is Letting On.

Bernie Sanders wants normal U.S.-Cuba relations but is fuzzy on details

Mr. Trump, you're entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.

No, Donald Trump Isn't Being Charged With Inciting A Riot

For First Time, NFL Acknowledges Link Between Football and Brain Disorders

Latest Poll Numbers Suggest Sanders Could Pull Off More Michigan-style Wins (if we GOTV)

Listening to Donna - Two things I took away.

Thought George W Bush was a piece of work? Meet Sarah Palin. Think Sarah Palin was scary? Meet Trump

In Less Than 48 Hours, Bernie Sanders Has Brilliantly Deconstructed Donald Trump

Poll-Defying Pattern Predicts Sanders Victory

Exonerated death row inmate: Clinton wrong on death penalty

Notorious ‘Nightstalker’ May Not Have Act Alone In At Least 1 Killing

Missouri DU'er. Can you tell us what's going on?

The biggest Loser was....

Chicago Rally

Listening to Congresswoman Donna Edwards - What I took away.

Kansas Student Mercilessly Beaten By Drumpf Supporter

A little seed of a nightmare

Has anyone heard from pinboy3niner?

Kudos to Bernie Phone Bankers: 55,000 calls today alone!

Do you ever fear the life you're living is a hallucination and that you're actually locked away

I'm not fighting Hillary. I'm fighting her owners.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 17, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: Condemned

Sanders Puts Emphasis on Delegate Math

Ohio is starting to look very good for Clinton

US Uncut: In Tonite's Town Hall, Did Hillary Admit Her Iraq War Vote Was A Bribe?

NY Times: The End of Prescriptions as we Know Them in New York

NY Times: The End of Prescriptions as we Know Them in New York

MO, IL, OH, NC and FL, please join MI in saying, "Fuck You"...

Does anyone know why the Revolution never came?

Drumpf Shills At Bernie Rally In Columbus

Beautiful supporter made ad that illustrates what this election is all about

Sherrod Brown Agrees with Hillary about Sanders and his Reflexive Rejection of Trade

Sec. Clinton says that she trusted W...

Medical Alert? Is Hillary suffering from mini strokes? I'm concerned.

Vampire Weekend GOTV for Bernie in Illinois!

Far From the U.S. Mainland, Northern Mariana Islands Hold GOP Caucus

Go Bernie! Late rally tonite in ~SWEET HOME, CHICAGO~ Great town & crowd.*Link above.

The fix is in for Bernie

Abbas: I am determined to prevent violent struggle against Israel

Bernie in Chicago rally livestream

Bernie Sanders Remembers the forgotten man and woman.

Hell, MI, is for sale.

The more things change the more they stay the same. (Huey Long on inequality.)

Bernie Sanders' myths about free trade

Tyler Pedigo -- we are leading in 2 states (IL, MO) according to new predictions...

GIVE 'EM HELL BERNIE ~ SWEET HOME, CHICAGO ~ Late Rally Tonite & Voting Tomorrow!

Democracy Day

Conan is in Armenia, and it's funny as hell.

POLITICO running a smear stating Sanders ran as Dem "for media coverage"

3/14 NY Times: Economist Jared Bernstein Explains Why Free Trade Is So Harmful:

Why Government is not the Bad Guy

Allies Say Obama’s Court Pick Is Near, and Will Be Hard for Republicans to Ignore

From Charlie Pierce: "Rahm Emanuel's Disastrous Stint as Chicago Mayor Is Officially a Campaign

Bernie comes off as a genuine human being who really means what he says

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 16: Jerry Lewis's 90th Birthday

Political independents will decide the general election.


TRADE DEAL LINGO Glossary of Trade terms-What is a "standstill clause"? What is a "rollback clause"?

Trump admits economy does better under Democrats

I cut my lip shaving.

St. Louis feeling the Bern!!!

NYT Article Praises Low Key Effectiveness of Sanders political accomplishments

Look at this..Bernie, HS running champion!

This is love and respect: Vermont has about 250 towns and cities. Bernie Sanders won every one.

Two Canadian Soldiers Stabbed in Toronto

Omar the Chechen: Isis 'minister of war' confirmed dead by US officials

Talked to an 80-something neighbor who said he would always vote for a Democrat over a Repub,

Am giving $120 now to Bernie, $100 and %20 tip

The Crisis in Higher Education in India, Worlds Most Populous Country - what does it have to do with

Putin Pulls Aerospace Forces Out of Syria, Having Achieving Strategic Goals

Military Times survey: Troops back Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders for president

USA uses TPP-like trade-court to kill massive Indian solar project

William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

#Which DailyKos? #Which Markos?

Wow........... Akron Ohio Bernie rally picture ..........Powerful

Daily Holidays - March 15

Sanders says he has caucused with Dems since Day 1--not true

All purpose Sanders toolkit

Here’s A LONG List Of Bernie Sanders’ Accomplishments (WITH CITATIONS)

Senator Robert Byrd with some of his friends

Senator Robert Byrd with some of his friends

'Shame!' Clinton Defends Death Penalty to Man Who Wrongly Served Years on Death Row

It's Pony time: My Little Primary

Justice Department Calls on Courts to End 'Criminalization of Poverty'

2 women were blamed for their own deaths. So a stranger spoke up for them

Win or Lose, the Sanders Campaign Is Building a Movement in Florida

Democratic voters deserve answers.

Rap from the Rose Garden

How Liberals Tried to Kill the Dream of Single-Payer

Obama plans to kick-start U.S. business with Cuba on Havana trip next week

US Physician Practices Spend More Than $15.4 Billion Annually To Report Quality Measures

Delegate Math: Where we stand as of March 14. It's closer than you might think.

Blowing the Biggest Political Story of the Last Fifty Years

Myanmar elects Htin Kyaw as first civilian president in decades

Sanders Accepts Challenge to Kill TPP If Elected... Nothing from Clinton So Far

Ted Cruz by day. The Penguin by night.

Trump's Not Hitler, He's Mussolini: How GOP Anti-Intellectualism Created--

Women over 65 are more likely to be poor than men, regardless of race, educational background--

Wage inequality continued its 35-year rise in 2015

People Demand 'Banks for the Common Good' to Overthrow Multinational Behemoths

A New Infographic on TPP and Your Digital Rights

Why Has Charter School Violence Spiked at Double the Rate of Public Schools?

Noam Chomsky: 5 Reasons Why the 'Human Species Is in Very Deep Trouble' if Trump Wins

2016 WA State races

Single-Payer Guide to the 2016 Presidential Elections

If HRC is telling the truth when she says she won't do right-wing stuff like Bill did...

If you support Bernie, also send a donation, if you can, to Kim Foxx

A reminder to vote in today's primary 3/15/16

1332 pledged delegates are assigned so far. Can we all just agree on the arithmetic?

Donald Trump's Debates: 5 Mental Tricks You Didn't Notice

I was thinking, if Obama really wanted to mess with the GOP's minds on the SCOTUS nom...

Bullshit theory utterly mispredicts Trump-Sanders election

Nuclear emergency at plant in Gujarat, India

Money, Power and Oil. Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails

Louisiana Guardsmen Rescue Thousands in Floods

Even Low Pesticide Exposure Makes It Harder For Bees To Learn And Remember

Attorney general to begin posting all open-meeting complaints

Nobody Understands Political Corruption Like Donald Trump Does

Shameless, Downright Preposterous, Anti-Bernie Tactics on PBS Nightly Business Report (CNBC Survey)

Emotional Gov. Baker signs bill to tackle opioid abuse

3/14 Hillary-Chicago visit to Kids on the Block memorial w/ Rev Jackson & mothers of the movement

CPS Principal Takes Swipe At Mayor Emanuel In Ad For Bernie Sanders

Hillary's John Lewis Moment (appears to be a sleazy campaign tactic)

You are on the Menu

Confederate soldier statue to get plaque explaining its history at Ole Miss

Sanders to Sierra Blanca: "Drop Dead!"

Trump Builds The Wall

If the world were 100 people

Illinois Berner's - Don't Let Hillary Send Bill Into Your Polling Place....

Trial to begin for man charged in Burns occupation (OR)

Idaho loves outdoors, so let’s hang on to access

Bernie Sanders' 11 year old volunteer from N.J. is pro at phone banks

Confederate monument fight brewing in Alexandria (LA)

Nearly deaf dog overwhelmed by sight of her soldier owner

How Stupid Is Kasich....

New manhole cover bolted down where teacher died in freak accident

In Less Than 48 Hours, Bernie Sanders Has Brilliantly Deconstructed Donald Trump

Made in 5 American rock n roll bands,

Murder investigation after car bomb kills driver in Berlin

Anti-Trump ad shows women reading Trump comments

Illinois Voters - Read your ballot, count your delegates!

Did Hillary Clinton Just Admit on LIVE TV That Her Iraq War Vote Was a Bribe? (VIDEO)

Bernie doesn't "reject trade" he rejects the idea that trade has to be on corporate terms.

How black, Latino and Muslim college students organized to stop Trump's rally in Chicago

I just voted for Madam Clinton

My current odds for tonight.

Sanders was busy undermining the Clinton's health reform efforts in '93 -'94, similar to today

At Trump rally, his supporters used a graveyard as a parking-lot

Bruce Springsteen had a few words to say about Wall Street vs Main Street, health care and poverty.

We Can't Make It Here

Russia to send nuclear-powered cargo ship on Arctic shipping route

Discussions underway on who can claim Arctic seabed

Duval County Florida voter electronic check in is down

Yet another example of the Trump campaign's crackdown on the media.

High Hopes for Hillary Clinton, Then Disappointment in Haiti

The ballots are going fast! Get yours while they last!

Washington Post Attacks Clinton's Role in Honduran Coup

Crazy has taken over...

Parade lawyer: I’d like to call Marty Walsh to stand

Did Putin just 'smelled' the Western trap?

TYT: MSNBC Townhall videos.

Hang in there, 1StrongBlackMan! We love you! <3 xo

"Do YOU think you deserve to share the umbrella, Reek?"

We vs Me

US to fire monitor overseeing formerly for-profit colleges

Study: Cruz supporters are more authoritarian than Trump supporters

I Voted!

Who has been with DU for more than 10 years?

Iran Warns of Possible 'Armageddon' if Syria Can’t Be Held Together

Update piece on the Breitbart reporter who was grabbed by Trump's campaign manager.

Trump Camp: Don't Blame Us! The Protesters 'Are In Violation'

Ben Carson: If Trump isn't a good president, "we're only looking at four years."


EXCLUSIVE: Outrage as EU claims diplomatic immunity after using OUR aid money to 'meddle...

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-14-16 Tim Canova FL-23

How Hillary undermined All Single Payer Advocates including Bernie Sanders and still is

Was the cancelled Trump rally just quashed free speech?

CBS This Morning had a terrific segment today. The reporter interviewed several 5th graders

Bernie wins Ohio lawsuit

San Diego man sentenced to 8 years in prison for lying about ISIS

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Trump Rally is good for fighting

Venezuela president extends economic emergency

Well-meaning activists endanger syrian refugees for cheap publicity

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Obama tells Cuban dissidents he will discuss rights with Castro

Trump's Campaign Manager

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-14-16

Half of city residents make less than $35,000 a year, study says

Couple of Bern group toons for today

"Donald Trump's Speeches Make Them Feel Good. So Does OxyContin."

HRC at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC last night

Are New Englanders being overcharged for electricity?

Sorry Bernie Supporters

Obama Said to Bar Atlantic Coast Oil Drilling in Reversal

Illinois Exit Poll

Nuclear experts from France, U.S. to help with Fukushima clean-up

Japan is Hiring Ninjas!

All 5 N. Mariana superdelegates announce support for Clinton after her caucus win

In Just 60 Years, Neoliberal Capitalism Has Nearly Broken Planet Earth

All 5 N. Mariana superdelegates announce support for Clinton after her caucus win (HRC Group)

Splitting the airwaves from Northern Illinois.

Thank You Ronnie Raygun

A question for modern society.

Mass killer Breivik gives Nazi salute as he sues Norway for 'inhuman treatment'

If you are in a primary state today, go and vote.

Bishop says Notre Dame is wrong to honor Joe Biden

Questions for people who call themselves progressives who support HRC

Mother Of Michael Brown To Endorse Hillary Clinton

The Trump Army: Haters invited, incited and convinced to hate

What does thinking strategically about delegates mean? It means this... (HRC group)

Louisiana Judge Rules That Priests Don’t Have to Report Abuse if They Hear It During Confession

9/11: Clueless US Judge doesn’t Know Shiites from al-Qaeda, finds against Iran for $10 Bn.

Venezuela recovers remains of 14 missing miners

Did Hillary admit her Iraq vote was a bribe?

Venezuela recovers remains of 14 missing miners

Pope Francis Sets Canonization Date For Mother Teresa: Sept. 4

I'm starting a new meme, please help! No more "did someone piss in your cheerios"

Evidently you are required to be white to attend a Trump rally

Pro-Trump pastor: Bernie Sanders 'gotta get saved'

More than a million Brazilians protest against 'horror' government

Former Brazil president Lula 'to become minister'

HRC good luck today. I believe that SHE will make a great President of the United States!

Hillary: "... no Americans were killed in Libya"

Just voted

Gold And Silver – Precious Metals Amid A World Of Lies And Deception

If You Were At The Bernie Rally Last Night In Chicago....

The absolute best campaign ad of the season. Bar none.

How many journos who covered Clinton's "gaffe" abt coal miners also covered her extensive plan to h

Donald J. Trump Endorsed by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

WHO: Environment causes one in four deaths

I am thinking of a short vacation from the mid-west

No Future? Or Are We On The Brink Of An Economic Revolution?

Don’t let shifting Ohio and Illinois polls scare you about Hillary Clinton’s chances

Erdogan’s new normal: Turks told to live with terrorism

NARAL: we'll be live-tweeting the Senate Judiciary Cmte hearing on a 20 wk abortion ban bill.

The Latest: Illinois now allowing Election Day registration

Which state gets called quickest... FL or NC?

Bernie is running as a Dem because it's the most effective way to work for change

NSFW: "Sausage Party" movie looks hysterical (it's about food!)

This story is the very epitome of this campaign...(from 11/15)

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Have a Practical Plan, or Any Plan, for Universal Health Care Coverage

Louisiana's vanishing island: the climate 'refugees' resettling for $52m

China to release water from dam to alleviate SE Asia drought

Bernie Sanders, Automation, and the Fate of the US

Here is how I see a (Shudder) tRump presidency...

(Sea level) 13 million along US coast could see homes swamped by 2100, study finds

My message for Illinoisians

Please tell us

My Open Letter to Trump Supporters.....that lost me a few friends

re Palin's husband's accident:

A reality reminder: so called free trade isn't trade.

Carson: If Trump Is Bad President 'We're Only Looking At Four Years'

Lecturers and Instructors Seek Union Representation

Lecturers and Instructors Seek Union Representation

Lecturers and Instructors Seek Union Representation

VW investors file multi-billion dollar suit in Germany

Even Billionaire Donors Can’t Save Rubio’s Pathetic Campaign

Wishing all Floridians a good primary day

The pro-Minutemen provision Sanders supported was a standalone proposal.

"Satisfied" Town Hall Former Death Row Inmate Questioner Disagrees With Sec. Clinton - BEAUTIFUL

1992-Bill Clinton confronted by AIDS activists in NYC, full text.

X post from n2doc in GD : Unique Community Kitchen is set up like a restaurant...

Each day this race goes on helps build a progressive future.

Illinois Primary Voters Take to the Polls

Jane Sanders Visited Tent City and Joe Arpaio Showed Up

George Osborne's budgets taking heavy toll on millennials

Gunfire in Brussels 'anti-terror raid'

X post from n2doc in GD : Unique Community Kitchen is set up like a restaurant...

Mysterious ways

If Trump isn't elected, why will his supporters allow anyone else to govern?

Dems in Ohio apparently crossing over

(Fort Worth, Texas) Cop maces innocent bikers!

Bill aims to remove Confederate flag from license plates (TN)

Pic Of The Moment: Stay Classy, Trump Supporters

Shout out for Madokie

US-bound missiles found on passenger flight from Lebanon to Serbia

UPDATE: Board of Curators rejects Melissa Click's appeal, upholds firing

Today the Senate is having a hearing on how to tell women what's best for them. So, normal day. #Sto

Let's wish Bernie all the best for tonight.

OSP Officer Regretted Grabbing Taser During Finicum Shooting

So, what do you think happens if the GOP denies Trump the nomination?

Judge’s son charged with spray-painting ‘Trump’ and racist graffiti

3 Franciscan leaders charged in abuse at central Pennsylvania school

Climate Change And Political Upheaval - We Must Back A Candidate That Understands ...

The one thing I don't understand about Rahm's endorsement

Severe coral bleaching worsens in most pristine parts of Great Barrier Reef

Krugman: Return of the "Undeserving Poor"

I hope Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is watching CNN.

Hillary’s Campaign Is Too Dependent on Fossil Fuel Money

I've never been "undecided" before. This is a weird feeling.

A post on how we have already won

Texas governor helps debunk his own voter-fraud argument

If you are voting today, Bernie asks your help.


Super Tuesday 2: Clinton, Trump Take Big Leads Into Key Contests

Mr. Sanders, Bring Us a Dream

Voted today

Take Back Radio!

Obama to reject new Atlantic Ocean oil drilling

Stupid question from MSNBC

Hillary's BROAD CITY promo!

The last time an outsider like Donald Trump crashed the GOP? Wendell Willkie in 1940

Hamilton freestyles with Obama

Thirty-Sixth Anniversary Today

Beware the Ides of March and The Notorious RBG...


Hillary Clinton: Bernie Sanders is "reflexively against" any trade deals

Uber Driver Orders Men Out Of His Car After Passenger Does A Drug Deal

Try to stay calm today

Why do people pay attention to campaign ads?

IL: Hillary radio campaign same as MI: I voted for auto bailout, he didn't

Ben Carson: I Didn’t Want To Endorse Trump, But He Promised Me A Position

Clinton to meet with NC voter at undisclosed location

Sanders: We have to stop 'outrageous' level of violence in Chicago

Polls from Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Florida & N Carolina

Stay classy, Alex Jones.

Mother of Michael Brown, teen killed by police in Ferguson, endorses Clinton on MO's primary day

Samantha Bee is the best

Bill Clinton invading polling places AGAIN!--OHIO & ILLINOIS!

I just voted ...

No one here wants a Republican president, right?

MSNBC just showed Bill Clinton "on his way into a polling place"

Happy birthday, Justice Ginsburg! I like this photo. #RBG83 #ThanksObama

Coulter: I'd like to see 'a little more violence' from Trump supporters

March 14, 2016 | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

RCP polling averages for GE

Hillary Clinton: No We Can't!

Democrats can be their own worse enemy sometimes

Just finished watching "The Barkley Marathon"

Sarah Palin's Husband Recovering After Snowmobile Crash...She's with Trump in Florida

Hillary stops at a NC polling place !

tRump According to His Butler

The Bracket is Set for the Most Anti-Church/State Separation Bills in America

Early Voter Turnout Shatters Primary Election Records in Chicago

Gas just jumped .20 cents overnight in Orlando...

Exactly how obsessed is the media with Trump? He got $1.9 billion of free air-time.

Just took 4 more people to the polls Democrats are voting for Kasich

Jerry Springer says raucous GOP campaign too much for him

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 3.15.2016

Do you think Hillary Clinton is qualified to be President of the United States?

Ben Carson: I Didn’t Want To Endorse Trump, But He Promised Me A Position

Early Voter Turnout Shatters Primary Election Records in Chicago

DOD to start test of F-35 helmet that won’t kill lighter pilots on ejection

Cincinnati, OH report: Turnout up early, especially on GOP side

5 Ways to View Putin’s Syrian Surprise

Report: F-35 Not Ready for Combat Until 2022

Hillary Clinton's PNAC inspired foreign policy disasters.

Washington Post: Bernie Sanders is hijacking the Democratic Party to be elected as an independent

So, let's say that Trump loses some of the states

Hilarious yard sign: IDK Not Trump Tho 2016

Delegate Counts and how many up for grabs today.

Powerful Hillary ad: "Donald Trump is running a cynical campaign of hate and fear."

Longer term storage?

My one hope for todays results is that Cruz doesn't win a single state

UK press/USA Today: KKK grand dragon switches from Trump to Clinton

I hope the Bernie Bros were listening to President Obama this morning...

Bernie Sanders says he ran as Democrat for the media attention

So does the fact that I can only...

Ayanie Hassan Ali, Suspect In Stabbing At Canadian Forces Centre, Facing Charges

Tories to abolish local accountability for all schools in England

Jan. jobless rates down in 28 states, up in 8; payroll jobs up in 30 states, down in 20

Map: What the U.S. Actually Looks Like Politically-Speaking

Post-Trump, conservatives not shy about their contempt for the poor

Bernie Sanders' Wife, Jane, Tours Tent City, Challenges Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Racial Profiling

Bernie’s impressive animal welfare record deserves attention, may sway voters

Rep. Gomer Says All Jews That Support Obama Are 'Self Loathing'

Florida AG Endorses Drumpf After Taking His Money and Backing Off Trump University Investigation

US Senate Candidate Donna Edwards (African-American) Speaks about Universal Candidacy

I Voted Today!!

Author Naomi Klein: I don’t trust Hillary Clinton

Dear White People: Donald Drumpf Is Happening Because You’re Scared Of Black People, So Don’t Be!

Where Bernie Sanders needs to win today to truly scare Hillary Clinton

Just saw on CNN...

Deep breath before reading this essay by Kevin Powell

Roberts: UA students demand free condoms and tampons ... or else

Exit Polls

Issues need to be discussed more, not politicians

Turn out in Cook County - a personal look

DOJ threatened to seize iOS source code unless Apple complies with court order in FBI case

Hillary Clinton to Tyson, a very tiny future voter: "I wish I could go to the park!"

Chomsky waves off 2016 US Republicans as “lunatics” ( Foreign Policies )

Why Is Bernie's Campaign Defying the Entire Polling Industry?

Can Bernie Sanders Pull Off An Upset In Ohio? (538)

Democrats use rare maneuver to kill LePage immigrant bill

March 15: Latest: Clinton greets voters at Southeast Raleigh High

Dear Dems who will “Never vote for Hillary”:

I am heading to bed (CLINTON GROUP)

Anonymous has declared war on Trump.

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 15 March 2016

Heard this too many times: I'm not a racist....but....

My phone is being barraged by texts from the Bernie campaign.

Cargo Cult Psychology: How The Field Went Astray Over And Over

There is no good reason for any Democrats to see Bernie as the enemy.

Anonymous declares ‘total war’ on Drumpf: ‘We’ll shut down his campaign and sabotage his brand’

Bible: 6 Ways Jewish Bernie Sanders is more like Christ, Christian Donald Trump more like anti-Chris

I Just Experienced The Proudest Moment Of My Life.....

Thread to report voter suppression incidents in IL, OH, MO, FL, and NC.

'Extensive' hate graffiti found on high school campus in Pacific Palisades

'Extensive' hate graffiti found on high school campus in Pacific Palisades (xpost from GD)

KKK Leader endorses Hillary because he thinks she's a secret conservative

Fliers Cross the Border to Mexico for Cheaper Fares and More Options

NW Ohio, Toledo radio ads & non-working voting machines

Trump’s earned $1.9 billion in ‘free’ advertising, report says

Hillary will likely reach her high water mark in her lead over Bernie for pledged delegates tonight

All things considered, what grade would you give Bill Clinton as president, from 1993 to 2001?

Been getting malware warnings when accessing DU.

Here’s the Most Exciting Technology You’ll Ever Encounter

Are you seeing more/less campaign signs?

America - Divided We Fall

Dear Corporate Media – Stop Pretending Any Of The GOP Candidates Are Sane

The Clintons' $93 Million Romance With Wall Street

Inside the "Disney for Adults" That Could Help Deliver Florida to Donald Drumpf

Our CONgress in action

On Trump, there is "No Virtue in Silence:" Someday we will be asked what we did in this Moment

Bernie supporter sincerely thanking Wapo, DWS and those who state Bernie's not a Democrat.


Predictions for tonight...

To Democrats worried about losing to Republicans.

Will Racism Ever End, Will I Ever Stop Being a N----r?

Justice Department to Judges: Jailing People Who Can't Pay Fines is Unconstitutional

Vote to reform campaign finance. Vote for Bernie.

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown Dismisses Vice President Speculation, Toledo Blade, March 15, '16.

More Than 1.5 Million Florida Voters Will Be Missing From Tuesday’s Primary

Just voted


Julius Caesar was not "stabbed in the back" on the Ides of March

"Hillary Clinton is making one thing clear: Love trumps hate."

The U.S. Government's Warning to Courts That Jail The Poor

Bill Clinton's Secret Deal with Newt to Change SS

Soros, Alarmed by Trump, Pours Money into 2016 Race

The U.S. Government's Warning to Courts That Jail The Poor

Can Someone Please Explain How MIXED Primaries Work?

Obama bans Atlantic Drilling. What are the positions of the Democratic Primary Candidates?

Shenanigans in St. Louis

Well, it ain't unicorns.

NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts on you tube

Trump has profited from foreign labor he says is killing U.S. jobs

Could someone re-post the address...

A Letter from the Rude Pundit to Marco Rubio

difference between MI and OH Democrats re. voting for Trump?

Which minority is destroying America?

Are any members of this website...

She will say anything change nothing...

Just as Bernie is an FDR Dem, HRC is a NE Blue Blood Rockefeller Republican

"Love trumps hate" is a bad slogan, regardless of its origin.

Afghan courts get failing grade in grisly mob murder of Farkhunda Malikzada: analysis

Mother of Michael Brown, the teen killed by police in Ferguson, endorses Clinton on Missouri’s prim

Ever notice the lack of discussion about Hillary's positions?

In hot mic snafu, Hillary Clinton admits she's just as tired of Donald Trump as everyone else

Team Hillary or Team Bernie... Whose side are you on?

Trump, Tribes and Torquemada

Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Chicago on Election Day

FYI For Anyone Voting Today

Drumpf Fans Left Voicemails On a Chicago Protester’s Phone. They Will Shock You

Someone spotted Bernie at their polling location..

Which Side Are You On, Hillary?

Brussels manhunt after gunfire in raid 'on Paris suspects'

I'm hoping for Bernie in PAJAMAS tonight!!

Communist Countries Get US Free Press/Speech RTTV & CCTV What could go Wrong?

Born to the job?

Now, DWS Coming Up Soon On MSNBC with Thomas Roberts

GOP files more lawsuits vs. Mrs. Clinton - total rises to 38

Remember when Barbara Walters blurted "What?"

US News: Sanders: Yes, I'm a Democrat of Convenience

In honor of Justice Ginsburg's birthday today, read her dissent in Shelby County

The White Middle Class is Angry!

Heard Sherrod Brown Was On Either MSNBC Or CNN This A.M. And

Sanders Sees Opening Despite Clinton's Delegate Lead

Somebody's feelin the Bern (pics)

Vote, Vote, Vote!

Make no mistake: If Trump wins the nomination he will pivot bigtime.

I’ve been listening to IN A DRY SEASON by Peter Robinson. An Inspector Banks mystery.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 15, 2016

So Did Hillary Release The Transcripts Yet?....

Flint’s former emergency manager proved that critics of Michigan’s emergency manager law had a point

~~~Stream-A-Thon for Bernie~~~

Smartwatches can now track your finger in mid-air using sonar

'Indiana Jones’ to return with Ford and Spielberg

Pres. Obama Should Tell Wasserman Schultz To Go -- And Go Now

Isn't It Wonderful That We Are A Peace All Over The World And There Is No Other News To Report?....

Diapers Help Your Plants Grow!

Anonymous Just Declared ‘Total War’ on Donald Trump

Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg Return for Indiana Jones 5 in Summer 2019

The Hill: "Sanders's small donors are changing the political world"

In MO, running errands in a Bernie shirt

Is anyone else seeing how many Democrats

Hillary at 68% in NC early voting, per NPR

Want kosher gefilte fish in Cologne? Go to that nice Iranian Muslim

Cleveland poll worker pulls out gun during argument at polling station

Bernie gets things done!!!!

Jerry Springer says raucous GOP campaign too much for him

Young Latinos convincing their parents into supporting Bernie - and it's paying off.

Lezley McSpadden, Mother of Michael Brown, Endorses Hillary. "I Trust Hillary Clinton."

Lezley McSpadden, Mother of Michael Brown, Endorses Hillary. "I Trust Hillary Clinton."

Isis atrocities against religious minorities are genocide, says US House

This is a MineralMan thread. If such threads

Sestak w/in margin of error to beat Toomey; McGinty trailing by 13 points.

Ok.....I need a drink, my nails are going to be gone again tonight with all the

Ships the Navy Doesn't Need

Bernie and his grandson..

the spin machines are in overdrive today.

On Trade, Angry Voters Have a Point

Watch the Broad City Cast Completely Lose Their Sh*t Over Hillary Clinton’s Cameo


Hillary at 68% in NC early voting, per NPR

Anonymous Declares Total War on Trump

Bernie Sanders on ISIS

'Gasland' Director Urges Fracking States to Vote Sanders on Super Tuesday

"Adolph sucks, but if he's our nominee ..."

Bernie Needs Phonebankers Today

Doctor, Comedian & Clown - PATCH ADAMS - Endorses Bernie! Please For Sanity's Sake & Humanity's Sake

Deutschland Uber Alles UPDATE: Cruz requests that you "March To Victory" with him. There goes lunch.

Primary Updates: Rubio Vows To Press On If He Loses Florida

Transforming the US Transportation System by 2050 to Address Climate Challenges

Bernie's Breakfast Stop Chicago

New York magazine: "Why a Sanders Upset in the Midwest Tonight Would Matter"

I didn't vote in the Florida primary today!

Bernie's recent blunder will cost him

Buttery Breakfast Casserole

Hillary Clinton’s Link to a Nasty Piece of Work in Honduras

Laws Are For The Little People: Bullhorn Bill Campaigning @ Polling Places AGAIN...

Update on bike build and wisdom to give when upgrading to Ultegra or Dura-Ace

Colombia’s former justice minister accused of seeking support from death squad

Colombia’s former justice minister accused of seeking support from death squad

I heard this on Thom Hartmann

Santos sends brother to Cuba to break deadlock in FARC peace talks

Clinton meets with Nabisco factory workers facing imminent job cuts Chicago 3/14

So my co-worker was turned away at the polls today.

Did anyone hear Howard Dean tell Lawrence O'D last night why he supported NAFTA?

Problems with voting in NC - 218,000 (approx) voters turned away from the polls.

Feds on watch for voting rights violations in Illinois

Hillary, what are you thinking?! Major GE gaffe! "A lot of people and companies are going to be put

Rubio's Top Finance Guy is the "Vulture" Who Soaked Argentina for $4.65 Billion

Free phone program expansion would give millions $9.25 a month to pay for Internet, cellular data

Bad Trade Deals and Women: Lower Wages, Reduced Access to Lifesaving Health Care & Human Trafficking

Per request I deleted

NASA's next mission to Mars to launch in 2018 (

Rubio's Top Finance Guy is the "Vulture" Who Soaked Argentina for $4.65 Billion

Bernie Sanders Mounts an Independent Democratic Challenge to Media as Usual

Rubio: Trump is 'an embarrassment' and Republicans will pay big in November

Maybe Bernie should drop out...

On the ground report from Florida

The Disappearing Corn Windmills of Mexico

Reposting again. A Very Important DU Public Service Announcement.

Watch Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle w/ President Obama,and Obama drops the mic literally!

Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Chicago on Election Day

Bill Clinton: Sanders is the 'blame candidate'

House Republicans float controversial budget plan

Uh Oh - Hillary - don't look up! Plane flying with banner all over Chicago today....

What is with the BS that Obama is not a good president


Bernie Sanders & the death of TPP: Why his stunning Michigan upset could be the final nail

Haven't the Democrats in Congress "used" Bernie for years?

WaPo: Clinton looks to triumph over Sanders in Tuesday’s contests

Road Rage (Update)

Hillary Clinton’s Link to a Nasty Piece of Work in Honduras

Hillary Clinton’s Link to a Nasty Piece of Work in Honduras

10 Truly Useful Online Hearing Tests

Took a break from chores

People mention Obama as the trigger of Trumpism, but there's another factor

Liberal groups urge non-violent movement to stop Trump

I read this and thought about Donald Trump and the U.S.

International election observers say Peru decision must be respected

When the chimpster stole the first election I became overbearing

CIA Motto: “Proudly Overthrowing the Cuban Government Since 1959.”

Jim Hightower: The small idea of a tall wall

CIA Motto: “Proudly Overthrowing the Cuban Government Since 1959.”

Conservatives to meet to plot third party run

In some Congressional districts there is an extra Bernie delegate on the ballot.

Nigeria's NNPC 'failed to pay' $16bn in oil revenues and others...

Metro Suspends Service.

No Matter How Many Times You Post it: We don't care WHY he ran as a Dem. We are just GLAD he did!

Just now on C-span2

Why we vote in Nov., and why most are on Tuesdays.

Post a song by your state's best musician!!

Google Makes It Easy To See Campaign Finance Data For Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Intercept: Thanks to Republicans, Nearly a Quarter of Florida’s Black Citizens Can’t Vote

Sony Buys Michael Jackson Stake in Music Venture for $750 Million

The Clintons Do Haiti: Keep the Natives From Breeding

Today I Was Asked How I Sleep at Night Defending Hillary – Answer: Very, Very Well

Voting Shenanigans in Florida

The Clintons Do Haiti: Keep the Natives From Breeding

Bravery and Defiance

Iowa Man Who Wears Surgical Mask Because He’s ‘Allergic to Black People’ Charged With Hate Crime

A disturbing prediction:

Obama scraps Atlantic offshore drilling plans in major reversal

Mother of Michael Brown, the teen killed by police in Ferguson, endorses Clinton on Missouri’s prim

Chicago suburbs seem to be mirroring Ohio: Dems crossing over

Donald Trump - I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

Problems in Orange County, FL. Voters told to come back later..

Palin campaigns for Trump in Florida Monday; does NOT go to injured husband's side

My precinct wasn't very busy at 1:30 today.

Bernie Sanders Rally in Phoenix later this afternoon - Lines Long - Great Photos!

First exit polls in MO show Bernie...

2nd Pennsylvania justice resigns over raunchy email scandal

Hillary Clinton Spanish language ad includes Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio

Seat At Geopolitical Top Table Allowed Putin To Scale Back In Syria

Prosecutor: Officers not responsible for man's custody death

Polk County FL, Winter Haven, couldn't find Democratic ballots.

We are Siamese if you please...

RE: HRC being a "blue blooded Rockefeller Republican"...

Lawsuit accuses Iowa boarding school of culture of abuse

CDC recommends doctors avoid prescribing opioids for chronic pain

After Trump, who will be the next completely unfit GOP presidential candidate?

from twitter-Illinois exit polls

Regarding HRC being a "Rockefeller Republican" (HC group)

BLM: "We Endorse No One," but Hillary is running an ad with Black Lives Matter

Weak U.S. Retail Sales Highlight Risks To Economic Outlook

Metrorail system to shut down for at least 29 hours beginning at midnight

There is anectdotal evidence that Kasich might have a big night in Ohio tonight.

Just spoke with a Republican buddy in Florida...he's feelin' the Bern!

Prediction: Trump "magnanimously" withdraws from the race after proving that he "won"

Funny story from MSNBC about Florida voting

Link to Hillary telling the KKK where to stick their endorsement, please.

I never thought I would be quoting Jerry Springer: "Republicans Should Pay ME"

Man sentenced for teen’s murder at the ‘cut’ near Woodbridge High School

Forget Favorite Candidates, Some People Voting Strategically

States in two time zones need split primary times

MY Governor re: Trump

MSNBC So Deceptive Hillary did not WIN 1202 Delegates

Republicans Rebel As Mitch McConnell’s Decision To Block SCOTUS Nominee Backfires

Should they release exit polls before polls close? n/t

The problem with North Carolina’s ‘Choose Life’ license plate

considering that asked Germans during 1934/35/36 would have responded

I've been registered as a Dem for 26 years...

It's obvious why he ran as a Democrat

Pro-TPP Business group: Clinton will FLIP on trade after election

Brazil protest photos

Time for Sanders to Drop Out

California attorney general seeks to make history in Senate race

EPA Memo: Flint not a community to 'go out on a limb for'

Our first Exit Poll out of IL is in: 3rd Graders

President Obama just issued a dire warning about the dangers of Donald Trump

Marco Rubio's DC Campaign Office Evacuated Due to Suspicious White Powder

Google’s bus crash is changing the conversation around self-driving cars

Arizona policeman who shot unarmed man pleads innocent to murder charge

My Sister voted in Florida

Realtor speak -- pet deposit-

Maryland, my meh song

Business Lobby: Election-Season Trade Opposition Will Blow Over

Impending solar grade silcon process produces 75% less carbon than conventional

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The media malpractice that’s hurting everyone but Trump

Donald Trump ... Tough Guy, Fearless Leader!

Salvadoran jailed in Missouri appeals deportation to international body

My 2 Anti-Trump Commercials

Your'e toast Christie:Chris Christie Skips NJ Cop’s Funeral To Emcee A Trump Rally In North Carolina

Just saw a post from a Hillary supporter in Ohio

Argentina sinks Chinese trawler fishing illegally

Argentina sinks Chinese trawler fishing illegally

Donald Trump walks back suggestion of paying legal fees for man accused of punching

Marco Rubio's Cold War Mentality Toward Cuba Holds Nominee For U.S. Ambassador To Mexico Hostage

Marco Rubio's Cold War Mentality Toward Cuba Holds Nominee For U.S. Ambassador To Mexico Hostage

Song for Hillary. This was posted a while back. I thought It'd be good to hear it again today

Conservatives have begun to eat their own.

"Brutal Anti-Cruz Attack Ad Just..."

Numerous Reports of Crossover Votes (Dem to Rep) To Vote Against Trump

Better Call Saul - Speculation

ABC Starts Leaking Little Tidbits from Exit Polls

Why are all the exit polls for the GOP?

Stop letting the Clinton's show up to polling places during voting!

Exit Polls: Majority of Dems in IL, MO rated "honest and trustworthy" as most important trait

Exit polls:HRC ahead in 4/5 states/too close to call in OH

Students Are Being Rejected From The Polls Because Of North Carolina’s Voter ID Law

Marines to 1,100 Endangered Desert Tortoises: Move Out

Owen Labrie's Vice interview may land him in jail

Trump will turn the Oval Office into Trump Gifts LTD! Sarcasm ?

Marines to 1,100 Endangered Desert Tortoises: Move Out

Mysterious Ted Cruz Super PAC Donors Tied To Company Accused Of Stealing Seniors' Social Security

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 15, 2016

And then there is this one

Gaffe Track: Clinton's Benghazi Amnesia

'Someone is going to die': experts warn lawmakers over self-driving cars

Super Tuesday 3 exit polls: Economic worries, feeling of GOP betrayal dominate

Bernie Sanders' myths about free trade

MSNBC Exit polls

A report from the Missouri Primary.

Shock Illinois exit poll: Hispanics voting 65-35 @BernieSanders over @hillaryclinton. If that holds

Minnesota Opinion Study - legit?

HRC on upcoming Trump attacks on her, "I've been standing up to bullies my entire life."

LOL! ABC closed captioning just typed Chris Cristie was Trumping for Stump.

Will Democrats step in and stop Trump in Ohio?

U.S. Marijuana Industry’s Economic Impact Could Hit $44B by 2020

Chris Christie finally reveals the reason why he has endorsed Trump...

How the 'New York Times' Sandbagged Bernie Sanders

How a special bond formed between a Maine coon cat and a girl with autism

A music video focusing on a wedding...

Campaign Slogan Buttons:

Called my buddy who moved to NC a few years ago

today in history, I deposited my first check

Washington, D.C., Metro to Close All Day Wednesday.

Matt Taibbi's piece: How the 'New York Times' Sandbagged Bernie Sanders

Live Mini Super Tuesday Democratic Exit Poll Analysis

Hill's Group: Interesting tidbits from FiveThirtyEight

GOPee End Run du jour

What if the Bernie /Hilary war gets much worse?..If the hate spills to us, It could be Biden

Chris Hedges and Cornell West - Wages Of Rebelion. New School

The Magic Number is +365.

Carson: I Didn't Really Want To Endorse Trump, But He Offered Me Position

Report Finds Registered Lobbyists Among Democratic Superdelegates

The GOP's 5 stages of Grief. Boo Hoo.

He could be capable of tanking the world economy

3-11-16 Are you a Luddite? in 2:00

3-11-16 Are you a Luddite? in 2:00

3-11-16 Are you a Luddite? in 2:00

Place your bets; last minute tip toward Sanders on PredictWise: 54% to 46% in IL; 63% to 37% in MO;

Christie: I am not being used as Trump's 'Sidekick'

Some links to live primary results:

3-12-16 Gandhi’s Salt March in 2:00

Former Black Panther granted trial to contest 22 years in solitary confinement

3-12-16 Gandhi’s Salt March in 2:00

Springfield, IL out of Democratic ballots.

3-12-16 Gandhi’s Salt March in 2:00

OHIO Results

This truly sums up the Trump and Christie union...

3 Images That Illustrate Why Hillary Clinton Might Lose Illinois

Huffington Post tweets Exit polls: IL-50/50-Ohio-53-47 HRC-FL/63-37 HRC

BREAKING: Trump campaign expects Kasich will win Ohio...

Bernie sent letter of support to striking Kaiser nurses in Los Angeles

Brian Williams - MSNBC

3-13-16 Fighting Back against Inequality in 2:00

Florida results. ************* Hillary

Links to follow the results of today's voting

I don't often rant but when I do...

3-13-16 Fighting Back against Inequality in 2:00

The KS House implosion, legislator quits, another removed, and chaos, another tuesday

Don't be discouraged, the narrative has already been written

Dear god in heaven, early voting in Broward Country FL went to Hillary by 52 (!) Points

UC Berkeley investigates 26 more cases of sexual misconduct amid scandal

First mentions of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in major newspapers

Hillary won Broward Country early voting by 52(!) Points (HRC Group)

instant meme from the Clinton campaign: "CROSSOVER VOTERS will be the reason

Msnbc reporting Sanders campaign can't get a judge to keep Ohio polls open

Man Who Rushed Trump Stage Saturday Charged Federally

Planes over Chicago...

Any Buckeyes Listening To The Radio?

Hillary takes Florida by almost 2 to 1

3-13-16 Fighting Back against Inequality in 2:00

People denied entry to Trump rally because....

Blacks denied entrance to Donald Trump event

OUR Governor re: Trump (xpost from GD)

Well seems like i was right

Exit polls: Dem voters in every state pick HRC as having best chance of beating Trump

Obama condemns violence on presidential campaign trail – video

Mike Malloy - Stop Putting Trump On TV

Seattle PD: Cops seek hipster ninja masturbator in U-District

~*~ Primary Results - Interactive Map ~*~

I'll just leave this right here.

Epic massive blowout in the making in Florida!

Andrea Mitchell Gloating Clinton could loose Illinois Andrea Mitchell who’s real name is

Donald Drumpf volunteers forced to sign contract preventing lifetime criticism against him

LOL Twitter: and the campaign to Silence victims of the AIDS crisis

I'm calling FL for Tr(D)umpster

CNN's Drumpf Apologist Calls MoveOn.Org "The New Ku Klux Klan"

Fired employee says Volkswagen deleted documents about emissions tests

Why it makes sense that Elizabeth Warren has not endorsed anyone

Bye bye Lil Marco


~~~ Bernie Rally Starting on the Stream-a-Thon Link ~~~

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has Rigged The System For Hillary Clinton

CBS--HRC has early leads in NC & OH

Supporting Hillary now means DU supports Walmart and cheap imports made at servent wages?

Wow just heard on ABC election coverage that Ryan told Drumpf to tone it down if he wants

CNN Ohio Exit Polls: Clinton 53 - Sanders 46

anyone notice Rachel's glee over Hillary in Ohio.......she was saying Bernie almost

We need Ohio

NORTH CAROLINA results ** Hillary group

Reuters: In United States, refugees cook to win over hearts, minds and stomachs

Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford to appear in fifth film

Bernie lost Florida? Guess I'll send TWO $27 contributions tonight. Who's with me? Check in!

Income taxes paid by 2016 candidates. Hillary 32% Bernie 13%

Mike Malloy - Every Single Republican Is A Filthy Piece Of Shit

Recommendation to watch returns?

I gotta say I'm actually surprised Rubio might take second...

Hillary poised for massive blowouts in Florida and NC.

David Shuster tweet: Shock Illinois poll Hispanics voting 65-35 for Bernie Sanders

Benchmarking Politics

3-14-16 Bread Yes, but Roses Too in 2:00

3-14-16 Bread Yes, but Roses Too in 2:00

3-14-16 Bread Yes, but Roses Too in 2:00

Bad news

Kasich taking voters from Bernie?

Epic massive blowout in the making in North Carolina!

Why did Donald Trump cross the road?

Goodbye, Rubio Tuesday!

DU Yahoo NCAA Pool 2016

‘Anonymous’ Hackers Threaten Ted Cruz With Alleged Prostitution Secret

Jeopardy fans -holy shite Spoiler

I'm feeling good about tonight...Clinton takes FL, NC and...OH

Looks like tonight is going to be a good night!

Do You Believe In Magic? Congress Does.

I'm going to go out on limb and predict Clinton is going to win Florida.

Culinary Union plans protest at Palms for membership vote

What should the US do after Russia exits Syria?