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Dominatrix Selling Bombshell Story About Night With Marco Rubio

Florida called for Clinton...

MO Exit Poll: BS-51% HRC- 49%

Culinary Union plans protest at Palms for membership vote

BuzzFeed: Here’s What Trump Supporters Believe Will Happen If He Doesn’t Win

Live, Ed Schultz Reporting from OHIO, Election News Tonight, 8 PM ET, RT/Russia Today USA

IL Exit Polling: BS-51% HRC-49%

Culinary Union plans protest at Palms for membership vote

NBC calls FL for Hillary Clinton

IL results ***

Exit Polls Show Republicans Feel Betrayed by Party

NPR: Hillary wins FL, no call yet in NC

I'll do my very best not to gloat.

AP/CNN call FL for HRC landslide

Florida Man loses to Bad Combover

So the state that elected Rick Scott went for Clinton. Okay.


"I believe with all my heart that the winner of the Florida Primary will be the nominee..."

Mega Tuesday: First results lean toward Hillary

Massive epic blowout in the making in Ohio!?

Conservatives Meet to Plot Third-Party Run

Florida called for Hillary and Frankentrump. Rubio is DONE.


Hillary's lead is going to expand by 70+ delegates... With Florida alone

How does another 70 delegates to Hillary's lead sound? (HRC Group)

Marco Rubio taking his lumps early...

MSNBC calls NC for Hillary.

Good bye, Marco!

MSNBC calls North Carolina for Clinton!

NC called for Clinton - NBC News

Ohio Looking Good for Clinton

MSNBC calls North Carolina for Hillary!


HRC projected winner in NC--African-American voters come thru again.

My estimate: Clinton gets net +89 delegates tonight

LOL: McConnell Told Donald Trump He Ought To Discourage Violence At Rallies

Four OH counties staying open due to court order

Kaci Hickox lawyers argue lawsuit over quarantine should go forward

Come on Marco!

BREAKING: Rubio: "While we are on RIGHT side...this year we will not be on the WINNING side"

Marco just suspended his campaign.

Welp, Rubio's out.

Hillary has already beaten her delegate target in Florida.

Rubio is a one man pity party.

Ok, Hillary no more attacking Bernie its time to bring the party together...

CNN Projects, Trump Wins Florida, Rubio Comes In Second

Ohio: 10% in...Clinton 68 / Sanders 30?


If tonight continues to go well for Hillary

BREAKING: CBS News projects @HillaryClinton wins NC

Rubio: "We are the descendants of go-getters"

Lil Marco invoking the Invisible Sky People

How is Florida able to count so fast?

Senator Marco Rubio Suspends His Presidential Campaign

Hit the showers Rubio.

Trump and Clinton. Noice.

What happens to Rubio's Delegates now?

"It's not God's will."

Very busy tonight, so...

The Young Turks - Live Show & Election Coverage

GOP Steve looks like he wants to smack Rachel Maddow

Hillary leading HUGELY in all primaries!

Posted without comment: Here is the Ohio Secretary of State's website

Two-Thirds Of GOPers In States Voting Tuesday Support Temporarily Banning Muslims

Official Ohio Results

what the fuck happened?

Ted C. a reincarnation of...?

Mike Malloy - The Trump Effect On Children

So, Rubio, the empty suited little twerp FINALLY got the message.

NY Times voter models for each state (interesting and good)

Tornado warning in Springfield Illinois

MSNBC: Tornado warning in Springfield, IL...

Guardian Primary Results Website: All On One Page & Lots of Fun...


Dennis Leary sang a song about Trump & his supporters a few years ago. (NSFW)

Associated Press calls Ohio for Hillary!


8:41 pm: FL, NC, OH all called for Hillary!

BREAKING: Kochs Demand $400 Million Refund from Rubio

MO results **Hillary Clinton 7,046 67.4% Bernie Sanders 3,034 29.0

I am going to cry Hillary won OH

NBC calls Ohio for Hillary!

Please do not taunt Sanders supporters

Ohio just called for HILLARY!

CNN Exit Polls Show Dem Voters In All 5 States Went To Hillary

NY Times calls Ohio for Hillary!

I don't see this happening

MSNBC just called Ohio for Clinton!

The night is young.

HRC has now won both FL & OH--the two biggest swing states of all

Illinois: 10% reporting: Clinton 54 - Sanders 44

Punish Man Who Tortured Possum

I hate to be pessimistic, but this country is full of dumb shits.

Karl Rove at the Fox analysis desk

face it

Just think!

Bernie is in Arizona tonight

Ugh. I feel sick. Probably going to be president Clinton

CNN projects John Kasich wins Ohio.

CNN calls Ohio for Kasich

FL Small Town Mayor Willing To Face Climate Reality That Big, Bad GOP Never Will

At this point (Hillary's Group)

it was nice knowing you, usa....

Clinton wins Ohio

The four biggest swing states in the past three elections are OH, FL, VA, and NC

BREAKING: Kasich wins Ohio...

Kasich takes Ohio!

In Ohio, Bernie Sanders support increases as incomes rise

Michigan might have been a blessing in disguise

I'm Out!

Peru: "The Sun Used To Warm Us, Now It Burns Us" - UV Danger High Along Andes


Could be a clean sweep for Hillary tonight!

Ridiculous alert.

Coral Bleaching Spreading Fast In Most Pristine Core Areas Of Great Barrier Reef - Guardian

The reason Bernie's not having a good night: NCAA Basketball tournaments


Just want to say I'm celebrating Hillary winning tonight not Bernie losing...

Congratulations Hillary Thread!

Ok folks - I'm

I'm seeing that the state where I grew up is one of the smarter ones so far...

“as union leaders and human rights activists conveyed harrowing reports of violence to then-Secretary of State Clinton in"

CNN projects Hillary Clinton wins in Ohio.

Today I Learned

How do we know who won when

SWEEP? NYT results page shows Hillarry leading in

I can go to bed happy tonight

By 2100, 13 Million Americans Along The Coasts Will Face Likely Submersion

Hillary has beaten her target in Ohio.

N.C.A.A. Tournament ‘Upsets’ That Really Won’t Be

Hillary SPEAKING I am going to find some WINE

DailyKos must be feeling vindicated tonight.

I'll admit it. I am massively depressed and angry and bitter tonight

Clinton speaking now...

It's a good night to be Hillary Clinton Supporter!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Super Duesday! Uncensored & Live &

Hey Look, Trump Tower.

Is the greatest country in the world the most ethical?

Ohio Primary Results?

The Myth of "Important" States Smashed (Hill's Group)

Congratulations Hillary Supporters

Mad River Glen Throws In Towel After 44-Day Ski Season; Normal Is 100 Days


Sorry, just got home from work. Are there results

God damn it!!

Climate Change And Conservative Brain Death - New York Magazine

Early returns in Mo show Hillary with a strong lead- Will she sweep it?

Hillary is winning major urban areas....this is proof that she represents the party more than Bernie

Indonesia Blows Up Last Big Pirate Toothfish Ship "Viking" After Navy Seizure

OH, OHIO. Someone asked about 'old-timers' still here. How many remember 2004 OHIO+Diebold+BUSH?

"Clinton Will Build Her Biggest Lead on March 15. Sanders Will Erode It After That"

I'm willing to admit I was wrong...

Okay, I can't be depressed about a President Clinton....

Awwww...I'm so glad to be sharing this with you folks. We've taken a lot of abuse.

it maybe 5 for 5 for HILLARY this Super Tuesday...I can hope can I?

I really didn't want to vote for a Hawk and now it feels like I have no choice and it sucks.

DI is buh-bye?

Is everybody out to lunch for the revolution?

Hillary's speech was positive--the good of America and the future to

Now, Nina Turner with ED SCHULTZ on Election Reports

Today is the day Bernie Sanders needs to stop going negative on Hillary.

Thank you Madam President!

Take a Deeeep Breath, Berners

2016: Year Of The Black Swan

There will be NO President Trump. FUCK that.

List of remaining primary states until I vote in NY on 4/19

I am so glad to be sharing this exciting night with all of you.

Can Hillary sweep tonight?

Wow, great day at work!

NY Times Outcome Estimate (Hill's Group)

HRC: "Our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country--not embarrass it"

Exit polls: Hillary won white voters in Ohio.

The 'Unity Speak' Picks Up, Already. Ha!

Shaun King: Don't lose heart. We're climbing a tall mountain. You're doing great work. Proud of you.

We need millions more like Sanders

I didn't think I would do this, but I just did

Positive spin

I'm In As Long As Bernie Is In - He Knows What He's Doing And One Night Does Not ...

Ohio is the only surprise tonight. And it's that indys took the Repug ballot to vote for Kasich.

I really loathe Kasich

‘Crazy Megyn': Donald Trump is watching Fox News tonight, and he’s not happy

Do either of the (American) Castro brothers have "attack dog" abilities?

Oops! Kasich gets the heckler treatment...

Go Hillary: "Fight Song"

Phoenix Rally on Bernie 2016TV right now.

NBC News: Mark Kirk, Tammy Duckworth Win U.S. Senate Primaries

My mama told me never to gloat (HILLARY GROUP)

Link to MO primary results. Only 135 of 3041 precincts reporting

DU, it truly was great hanging out with you the past month or so...

Ohio--HRC won 55% among whose income under $100k Bernie won those over $100k

It is a lot closer than they thought....

Illinois: 25% reporting: Clinton 53 - Sanders 47

Revolutions aren't won on hope.

why the fucking hell is kasich giving a speech?

On tonight's results, all I can say is...

Congrats to Hillary supporters. I am sure you are excited and happy. Enjoy your night! nt

Katich went almost 4 minutes into his 1954 speech before he made some god reference

REAL democrats need an Underground now, more than ever.

On to November, but we must GOTV to win there.

Is Discussionist down?

Congratulations to Hillary supporters.

Kasich to get 'blown over the Rocky Mountains'

Congratulations to Bernie Supporters on Missouri.

Mo is tightening - 49.1 - 49.0 - with 12% in

Once Hillary wins the nomination all she has to do is legalize pot...

Goodbye Rubio tuesday

John Kasich has won one. Count it, one state - and he's still in the fight

Will parting gifts be offered to those leaving the party?

Tonight' s results are the meaning of a massive ..a

My guess is that Hillary will go 4 and 1 tonight.

I'm absolutely baffled by folks who claim that Hillary can't beat Trump in November.

Obama naming SCOTUS pick on Wednesday?

Sanders just took the lead in Missouri

Saudi-led air strikes kill 41 civilians in Yemen: health official

Bernie just took a slight lead in MO!

My 1st GDP post: Not thrilled, but resigned. Gotta beat tRump: Gotta vote DEM.

A shred of good news: Kim Foxx has defeated Anita Alvarez in Chicago

After March 16th the primaries will favor Sanders...the Southern states were favorable for Clinton.

Cherry Blossom Watch Update: March 15, 2016 updated

CNN predicts Donald Trump wins Illinois.

Clinton beats Sanders in three big primaries and turns fire on Trump

Ain't gonna let no Clinton turn me around

Unless Missouri goes downhill fast . . .

I am truly saddened by the numbers of people who voted for Trump

Check if if you're tuning out tonight when tRumpenfuhrer goes on air.

Thank-You Bernie for giving the American people a real chocie

Hi kids ... I'm baaaaack!

Tonight is the night I leave the Democratic Party and Democratic Underground

I'm calling Illinois for Hillary

Illinois: 62% reporting: Clinton +58,236

CNN predicts Donald Trump to win North Carolina.

The Republican Ides of March

Fuck You takes the stage in his tacky tacky tacky house.

Bluto's Big Speech - Animal House

Look out Cleveland!

Hillary takes all three NC military counties

Harry Truman called it.

Wow, Sanders 40% NC, 32% FL and 41% OH...Way better than I expected!

One really important thing did happen in Illinois that is making me happy

Donald Trump Will Get All Those Companies To Make Their Products In America!

Another Member of Berta Caceres’ Group Assassinated in Honduras

This is what we are up against

The Big Lewandowski is standing over Donald's left shoulder.

Bernie has done something wonderfull & brave-Let us all thank him.

Is the vote between DWS and Canova today?

My husband an I are making another modest donation to Bernie tonight.

Die Republican party die

Y'ever notice, when Drumpf is talking, he sniffs a lot. Like a coke head sniffs.

The DC Streetcar

Primary night Victory speech from Florida

Excuse Me...has this already been posted?

Ohio and Illinois are tightening and there are a lot of outstanding votes.

Congratulation Hill supporters

Something wonderful happened tonight we all can agree on:

I just donated $27 to Bernie Sanders.

HuffPo: Presidential Primary 2.0 Is About to Begin

Get a thesaurus, you dumb, stupid fuck.

Tell me why me and almost everyone else in my age group should trust Hillary.

For those of you claiming I wasn't PC enough with Tammy Duckworth back in the day...

Oh well were wondering...

Can someone explain why CA, NY, PA, & NJ vote so late in the primary season

9 months ago, Bernie had less than 10 percent support, and he did not turn on the gas until 5 months

@HillaryClinton pays men & women equally & campaign is only 1 w/more women on staff than men.

MO Primary; looks like Clinton is taking Ferguson...

Map Favors Bernie After March 16 — Superdelegate Alan Grayson

A quick shout out to Bernie Sanders on a well run campaign!

Come on Missouri! Don't let Cruz win.

What the heck izzit?!

Heres a primary question horse race aside...

To both Clinton and Sanders supporters:

Watch inmates escape from a Quebec prison by helicopter a few years ago:

This is the beginning of the critical part of the race when Bernie will win

Just Heard On A Promo To The 10PM Chicago News....

Is Missouri winner-take-all for the GOP?

Why are the returns from MO so slow coming in?

Has Bernie made a speech tonight?

Katy Tur, covering Drumpf's campaign, tells us who was in his audience tonight

I guess Bernie should stay in the race until the convention

Does Ohio seem wrong?

Are you guys ready to phone bank? Text? Send messages on Facebook?

Anyone know how Cornel West is doing?

Donald Trump briefly threatened with criminal charges over punch at rally

CNN: Clinton will end evening up 250-300 Pledged delegates...

Rubio suspends campaign

Hillary is near 60% of the popular vote (exl 3/15) & ahead 300 pledged delegates, More with Supers!


Where is Bernie tonight or at least someone from his team?

David Bowie - Heroes

Amazing that Martin O'Malley's name was still on the NC Democratic ballot.

"We don't care. We don't have to."

Ohio is better than I ever dreamed

BREAKING: Kochs Demand $400 Million Refund from Rubio

He's My BROther

Bernie Primary Night Speech, Phoenix, AZ While Polls Close in NC, FL,IL, MO,OH, 3/15

In Ohio, Bernie Sanders’s Support Increases as Voter Income Rises

Slappy the Dummy on TV right now: "All your Rubio belongs to us."

Cruz, "From Alaska to Maine"

Ted Cruz is spouting more insanity...

How did we get here?

100% reporting in MO--HRC leads by 1531 votes-apparent winner per MSNBC (on edit)

Maybe it's me, but the MO vote spread appears to be dropping

Congratulations to Secretary Clinton on a very good night and several key victories.

Please let Bernie know you're still with him tonight....even if it's just a buck.

Judge reviewing Heritage Act lawsuit regarding segregated monument (SC)

"Don't Despair. After March 15, Entire Last Half of Elected Delegate Race is Favorable to Bernie..."



Clinton, Trump projected to win North Carolina primary

BREAKING! Hillary Says Nomination Process Should Go To June! Great News!!!

What happens when you let a situation get out of hand?

Am I Alone in Rooting Against Cruz Tonight?

Clinton will win Illinois and Sanders will win Missouri.

Hillary poised to win all 5 Super Tuesday states

Full Frontal with some Insipid Trump supporters

Obamacare's latest 'failure:' $1 trillion saved for Medicare

Looks like HRC will pull out Illinois. She leads by 3 points, or 46,337 votes, with 66% reporting.

Federal judge sets April court date for Dylann Roof and friend

scary as hell

Buck up...

The more BITTER the attacks... the SWEETER the victory!! It's been a long time coming ...

Dear Hillary supporters, enjoy...

Every Bernie supporter needs to see this ASAP:

So far from OH, NC & FL HRC leads 253-124 in delegates

All Three Networks Ignored Bernie Sanders' Speech Tuesday Night, 'Standing By For Trump'

good lord. all the other DU forums look like fall 2000

Thanks goodness for the Lounge...

The most rational response to the primary results you'll probably read here tonight

Current Delegate math as of 11:12PM EST

It might seem crazy what I'm 'bout to say...

I'm in tears

Serious question: Is there a precedent for a nominee having the unfavorable % Hillary has?

whats your opinion?

Stunning 2200-Year-Old Mosaics Discovered in Ancient Greek City

Top conservatives gather to plot third-party run against Trump

I think Bernie's won Missouri...stay tuned for Illinois

Clinton Will Build Her Biggest Lead on March 15. Sanders Will Erode It After That.

Exclusive: Eddie Munster won't rule out accepting GOP nomination at deadlocked convention

Bernie Sanders Speech on Super Tuesday March 15,2016 Phoenix, Arizona

"Yes, a Trump supporter actually heckled Rubio’s concession speech."

Trump University Sales Pitch

There is probably not enough vote left for Trump to lose Missouri

Psalm 118:24 NKJV -

What a weird conversation on MSNBC.

Just had the phony Microsoft people call me at 10:30 PM.

Yuck. Have you seen this schlock?

Listen to this - Bernie won Independents tonite. Hillary wins Democrats.

The Young Turks are replaying Bernie's speech from tonight

My take on the big picture of this election cycle:

Even one month ago, a 51/49 vote in Illinois would have been viewed as a disaster for Hillary.

Does anyone remember when people insisted that Superdelegates vote the way their State voted?

Presidential WTO Report (2008)

Illinois: 90% reporting: Clinton + 41,092 votes

well fellow bernie supporters

538: Why Clinton Won Ohio After Losing Michigan


Trump 1933?

The sky is falling in OH trump has more votes than Hillary

Hillary is up by 300 but there are 2500 more delegates left

Hey Hillerians (that's what they call us, I embrace it)- Don't bite on any flame bait!

Hey, take a look at Drudge's front page.

MEANWHILE...Congrats to Tammy Duckworth (IL) and Ted Strickland (OH)

Bad night for MSNBC.

Per the AP, Hillary just broke the 1,000 pledged delegate mark.

Hillary not doing as well as expected in St. Louis.

A former First Lady might become the first woman President of the United States. What a time to be a

Obama Reportedly Close To Naming A Supreme Court Nominee *** Could come as early as Wednesday ***

Democratic popular vote: Clinton 8,442,557 Sanders 5,925,623 Clinton +2,516,934

Bernie Sanders Will Be The Next Vice President

Here is the link to the Illinois Secretary of State's website on the election

Map Favors Bernie After March 16 | Alan Grayson Superdelegate, Sanders Endorser Tonite, VIDEO

Chuy Garcia is addressing the Sanders Crowd in 11 PM Central?

Turning to the General Election (Hill's Group)

I'm calling Missouri for Trump

As long as the FBI is investigating Mrs Wall Street, no Berner should be despairing.

A question to the Group.....

Coyote with Mange

Bernie's lead in MO now fewer than 5000 votes...

Hey Berners - tonite SUCKED but .....

Women And Running For Office

Stu Spencer and Charlie Black now working for John Kasich...

I'm so proud of our party!

The only votes left to count in MO are St. Louis, St. Louis County and Jackson County.

612,000 more Republicans than Democrats voted in Florida

Do you all realize

Hillary supporters: you will be sorry to hear that we will be here all the way to the Convention

CNN calls Illinois for Hillary!

CNN Called Hillary for Illinois!

She wins Illinois

HILLINOIS! CNN calls Illinois for Hillary!


FOX News calls Illinois for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton wins ILLINOIS

Hillary wins much as it pains me, congratulations are in order.

I'm calling Missouri for Hillary.

538: MO looking promising for Clinton...

Wolf Blitzer announced Clinton won North Korea!

CNN Calls IL for HRC 4 wins so far tonight with MO a virtual dead heat

Idaho rally on Friday ...

Students Rejected from Polls Because of NC's Voter ID Law

To celebrate this wonderful night



Blech. I just realized if Trump & Clinton end up the nominees...

Gore Vidal vs William Buckley Republican Convention 1968 Debate 4

NBC, ABC, CBS & AP now calls IL for HRC

About NC. Here's something relevant to, but even more important than, the primary election

Huh, MO just flipped for Hillary with 99% in (MSNBC calls "Apparent Winner" for Hillary)

Bernie's about to have some good weeks, but DON'T BE FOOLED. Here's why.

Hillary ahead by 1200 votes in Missouri!


Hillary surges to lead in Missouri - Jackson County only area left out (KC).

Clinton takes lead in MO -nt

Talk about neck and neck in Missouri . . .

Bring our Country together Again? I think I'd leave that one out of Clinton's list.

Hillary now ahead for the first time in Missouri

Bernie's talking about revolution on CNN right now

Hold the presses!!!!!! MISSOURI IS STILL NOT CALLED!

Did Clinton just sweep 5 out of 5?


Good showing for Missouri Hillary..just closed bernies lead to only 2100

Hillary up in MO!!

clinton pulled ahead in mo 50 to 49

As long as the HORRIFIC Anita Alvarez lost the Cook County State's Atty. race tonight I'm satisfied

Hillary is now 1199 votes ahead in Missouri with 99% in

Rubio ends his campaign.

In case anyone is interested in the delegates gained tonight (rather than states)

Congrats guys!

Illinois just called for Hillary

Amalgamated Transit Union endorses Bernie Sanders.

Interesting post from GDP about delegate gains.

Bernie needs to win 72% of all remaining delegates to win the nod

A couple of thoughts tonight on the Republicans.

BREAKING: NBC calls Missouri for Hillary.

This huge winning night....

Joy Reid on MSNBC just now: "GOP dilemma--how do you deal with a presidential front-runner


Hillary wins Missouri


And it's 5 for 5. We've swept it.

MSNBC calls MO for Clinton though they label it "apparent".


A complete demolition

Predictions for next week: AZ for Hillary and UT for Bernie.

Hillary is ready and poised lead Democrats to a landslide defeat in November

Watching herstory be made tonight (Hillary Group)

Who does Santorum endorse now?

Just to correct, Clinton netted a lot more than 54 delegates tonight


Hillary wins in Missouri - it's a sweep!!!!!! (maybe)

Hillary Clinton Sweeps Everything. She wins 5 out of 5.

Historic Momment: An American Political Party Is About to Nominate a Woman for President

This is Beautiful


CNN: "Virtual tie" in Missouri.

If I were a Republican, I would hate Ben Ginsberg's guts.


The Democratic Party Has Rejected This "Political/People's Revolution"

Huff post: Clinton wins MO by 1531 votes, 100% reporting

Posted by seafan in LBN: Another Member of Berta Caceres’ Group Assassinated in Honduras

Eir Aoi - Ignite

Yes they are

wow i just had my post hidden lol

Congrats to Hillary and her supporters on her sweep

hey Bernie supporters

Time to donate to Bernie!

If you saw the movie "The Big Short"

Rocking out to a System of a Down

A shout out to 1StrongBlackMan

Godzilla watching tonight's results.

Ted Cruz after tonight's results.

Banning Muslims: 25 Questions and Comments for the Pitch Fork Mob

Net delegates for the night currently stands at +106 Hillary... and increasing

The Pope is Exercising an Exorcism right before our Eyes

Who won and who lost tonight ???

Going to bed, but Hillary has added at least 106 delegates to her lead tonight (HRC Group)

Ted Cruz the Anti Chruzt. With Videos!

Trump wins Missouri

Well I'm feeling

Next Target: Arizona (Hillary's Group)

OK, People, Butch the Fuck Up!

Thinking of SheShe tonight. This is a shout out to her, 'cause she'd love to be here.

So What of the Promising Career of Marco Rubio?

I just want to congratulate you folks

You know your party sucks when

Has anyone received an email

Millk and Cookies ice cubes

Vox: Bernie Sanders can still lead a political revolution — even if he loses

If you want to watch a very optimistic video that talks up Bernie's chances to win...


I Predicted That Bernie's Chances For These States Today Were Being Inflated To Give HRC The ...

Received a piece of mail today from a William J Clinton

To the Hillary supporter who is pulling up old Bernie posts -

This only proves to me that people are satisfied with the status quo. They don't want to WORK for a

This is an "issue" with me. Registered Lobbyists Among Superdelegates

Just got this in an email

Axelrod: "Sanders outspent Clinton 60-40 in Ohio." Borger: "In NC he outspent her 3-1."

Film academy diversifies leadership, apologizes to Asians

A Message To Bernie, His Campaign Staff And The Bernie Volunteers All Over This Country....

Something tells me today is going to be the KICK IN THE ASS all of us Bernie supporters needed to

Peru: Thousands Reject Keiko Fujimori's Candidacy as Corrupt

Journalist sentenced to 10 years in Honduras for defamation

The Economic Justice We Should Be Voting For

how can hillary not pick bernie for veep

US accuses Israel of expropriating 2,342 dunams in the Jordan Valley

even though my suppport is for bernie , i will support any dem who makes it out of the primary cycle

America’s Laughable ‘News’ Media

Hillary Clinton March 15, 2016

What I love BEST about Bernie

Trump militia forms to ‘forcefully protect’ rally goers against ‘far-left agitators’

Just found out Hillary won IL. whow whow

Donald Trumps Persuasive Kill shots:

Let's be clear about who really won tonite.

Yahoo! My taxes are much less likely to go up! Yeeehaw mother fuckers!

All Three Networks Ignored Bernie Sanders' Speech Tuesday Night, 'Standing By For Trump'

So, is Nate reddemed now?

Hillary: "Good one, Ted."

Vice President Joseph Biden to receive the Laetare Medal at Notre Dame

One thing was clear tonite on MSNBC election coverage Rachel Maddow & Nicole Wallace hate each other

Peru Tries to Adapt to Dangerous Levels of UV Radiation Brought on by Climate Change

Peru Tries to Adapt to Dangerous Levels of UV Radiation Brought on by Climate Change

The world used to be full of heroes, but sadly, very few are with us in the modern age.

Projected winner in IL with 54 delegates vs only 35for Sanders

What are you aiming for when you log on to DU GD:P?

Bernie spices up his stump speech. I love it! Check it out (from today)

Congratulations are in order

by Robert Reich 'The New York Times no longer reports all the news that's fit to print

They don't need us?

Its 5-for-5 people a little dance tonight. (or , this morning) nt

Trump vs. Obama: Dealing With Protesters (Over 37 Million Views Since March 14)

Crime Scene: Who Stole $100 Million From Bangladesh’s Account at the New York Fed?

Aiding and Abetting: How an Uncritical Media Helped Trump's Rise (Der Spiegel)

Why should the south have an outsized say in who our nominee is

SODO arena, or renovate Key Arena?

Ohio is only the second state outside of the south to have voted for Hillary by significant margins

I got my first post hidden in 15 years

No way in hell is this primary over

Grace in defeat is a virtue. Would be so refreshing to see more of that from the Sanders folks.

Daily Holidays - March 16

FINAL WORD: As long as Bernie keeps going, SO WILL I!!

I just served on a jury for the most heinous post I've ever seen here

Watch the Bernie Sanders speech the networks wouldn’t show you

What's your Democratic Primaries 2016 postmortem?

The Democratic National Convention 2016

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: The Battle Ahead

Relax—Bernie’s Supporters Will Back Hillary If She’s the Nominee

PNHP reviews Clinton on health care

To interest Bernies people, Hillary should stress SCOTUS

Nailing Reverse Racism

Bomb tears through bus carrying Pakistan civil servants

Winston Churchill Quote

Nearly Half Of US Jobs Could Be Replaced By Machines

Jane Sanders visits Sedona on Campaign Trail - Verde Interview | Bernie's Sedona Connection

Sen. Bernie Sanders to visit Idaho Falls Friday

New Report on Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Raises Serious Concerns--

TPP and women's rights

Nelson Mandela quote:

New Study Confirms: Private 'Trade' Courts Serve the Ultra-Wealthy

Email from President Obama: "I've Made My Decision" *Supreme Court Nominee*

Dalai Lama Quote

Obama Will Announce SCOTUS Nominee At 11 AM ET Wednesday

Myth Busting Sanders’s Single-Payer Plan--video

Stay Strong

Health care: Asymmetric Thinking about Return on Investment

Boise Idaho - Bernie Sanders March and Rally

I love how they moan about the Big Dog......

Let me say a word about Marco Rubio...

Two suicide bombers kill 22 at mosque in northeast Nigeria's Maiduguri

Interesting read, even from this source...Nancy Regan

Hey- let's suck it up and work- Fucking Kasich is still in on the Repug side

I Hope Bernie Stays In

Cleveland prosecutor who cleared cops in Tamir Rice’s death defeated in Dem primary

The Blazing Idiocy Of Florida Coastal Developers - And Those Who Buy Their Properties

On DKos, a Clinton supporter hopes Bernie stays in it all the way. Here's why.

Some Wisdom

The Far Left

A few thoughts on last night's primaries from a Sanders supporter

About this time in '08,

SEC accuses Boston man of operating Jamaica-linked Ponzi scheme

That whole "superdelegates are bad" thing? Yeah, they changed their minds.

Jerry Springer misses one critical point; the elephant in the room.

The night is always darkest just before dawn

In hindsight, maybe you should have brought Tamir Rice's killers to trial? McGinty defeated . . .

If the GOP primary is like Calvinball, the Dem primary is like . . .

I never thought I would agree with Reagan

why I won't pledge to support Clinton or pledge to opt out if she's our nominee

Paul Ryan Won't Rule Out Accepting GOP Nomination: 'We'll See'

Bernie can still win the nomination. He just needs to win all the rest by 72%.

Will Hillary or Trump get more votes from those that voted against them in the primary?

Scientists try to genetically engineer chickens into Velociraptors.

Donald Trump on CNN: "I'm a closer. I get things closed."

Anita Alvarez Concedes Bid For Third Term in Chicago

Did you know that all the anti Trump protesters

"I've made my decision:"

Bernie Sanders' massive effort falls flat

So NPR this morning is reporting she won 4/5 and MO is too close to call...

With A Little Help From My Friends

HA GOODMAN: "Why Getting Swept On Super Tuesday Makes Bernie Sanders A Lock For The Nomination"

Bernie only fell behind about 100 more delegates yesterday. (ETA: Well, maybe not.)

State tax chief Mark Nunnelly to lead new technology agency

Another American Psycho. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump Jr.!!!

Where does Hillary Clinton stand on climate change and environmentalism?

Do NOT freak out - Jimmy Dore

Time for me to make a donation to Bernie Sanders

Medway Board of Health considers turf moratorium

Democracy..... So near...Yet so far

Fiore: Oregon occupiers were campers victimized by government

Over a quarter of Malaysia’s super rich want to move abroad, says study

Trump Says He'll Skip Debate, Warns of Possible Convention Riots

Obama has made his decision: SCOTUS pick announcement 11:00!!!

Fairy tales about the West are fueling public lands conflict

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Fascist

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

No Claim to Fed Land under 'Equal-footing' Theory, AG Says (ID)

Abroad in Japan: Sake-Flavored Kit Kat Review

Florida poll workers find Democratic ballots in closet after telling voter primary for GOP only

ISIS flag found with Algerian suspect killed in Brussels raid

Will the Mideast’s Civil Wars Partition it into small Warring States?

" 81 percent of those looking for a candidate who can win in November chose Clinton"

Ohio Poll Worker Who Was Threatened With Gun Tells Her Story

How to simply and drastically reduce gun deaths

— Donald Trump, when asked on Morning Joe who he is consulting with on foreign policy:

Noam Chomsky Reminds US of Its Human Rights Violations in Cuba

Over 700 CAPTIONs in my journal!

Has the Pentagon become Lawless, Corrupt & only overseen by Civilian Hawks?

I am not going to gloat

Hey come on. Just once. For old time's sake.

Hillary wins MO!

Fascination with the comments from Bernie supporters regarding last night...

Bernie Sanders' 11-year-old volunteer from N.J. is pro at phone banks

The gloat taking place in certain quarters is unbearable.

Now that the GOP is defunct, does the Democratic Party want to become the new Republican Party?

I give up! I have looked all over this site for the Donate Button. I have never

Florida poll workers find Democratic ballots in closet after telling voter primary for GOP only

The drumbeat now: Give up Bernie supporters, the alternative to Hillary is nuclear apocalypse...

What Are You Doing for Bernie Today, March 16?

Trump - Pixar-Hitler or aged-baby?

SCOTUS Nominee coming 11 am EST today

Disturbing video from Trump Rally in Fayetteville last night

Boehner endorses Paul Ryan for president

Looking ahead at the contests in the next month...

Trump Threatens America: If I Lose At The Convention, 'I Think You'd Have Riots'

Denouncing Free College in the Name of the Poor

A Huge Coal Plant Could Soon Be Built Near A Fragile Mangrove Forest, And Citizens Are Protesting

Let the BLAMING BEGIN!!!!!

Exit from Syria seen as triumph in Russia

China’s Anbang: From auto insurance roots to global buyer of luxury hotels

SCOTUS Nominee coming at 11 am this morning...I'm wondering how it will effect the primaries?

Post Super Tuesday ll Predictwise- HRC to win primary -96% to win general 69%

The campaign was taking down volunteer-created canvassing/GOTV events. Happen to you?

A hilarious take on life and reality via cable and TV news from a Trinidadian in Trinidad who is

Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Never Giving Up The Fight #FeelTheBern

"Richard Nixon in Drag" versus "Benito Mussolini in Pin-Stripes"

NYTimes quietly hacks its own positive Sanders article *after* publication - turns it into a smear.

Nobody said this would be easy.

Looks like my neighbors are getting their Google Fiber setup today.

The Trump administration would be something different - Let's call it a Thugocracy

This morning I woke up and looked at the calendar....

Fossil Fuel Investors Are Pumping Millions of Dollars Into Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Reframing climate change

Clinton and the AA Vote

For Americans that live abroad, what kind of health

The almost-complete evisceration of the Republican establishment, in 1 chart

Hillary Clinton Back on Track to Win Democratic Nomination "double the

Did anyone listen to Mike Malloy last night and hear the Trump Fascism montage?

Car suggestions

Pennsylvania Charges Ex-Leaders of Catholic Order With Aiding Sexual Predator

The truth about primary voter turnout

Kakrapar leak a ‘Level-1’ nuclear mishap, says AERB

Bernie tried to win Illinois by attacking a fellow Democrat (Rahm Emmanuel). Whoops!

Can Bernie Sanders still run as an Independent after he is defeated at the Democratic Convention?

BREAKING: Obama to Nominate Merrick Garland for Supreme Court, AP Reports

BREAKING: President Obama going with Merrick Garland for SCOTUS

Of Course I Still Support Bernie

Nothing has really changed. There's still a primary race going on.

Behind Barbed Wire: Remembering America's Largest Internment Camp

Marco Rubio’s Demise Tells the Full Story of the GOP’s Trump Denial

Cruz and Kasich need a collective 370 delegates from the remaining 916 to block Trump

On Ideological Purity - or - Save This House!

Why I don't want Trump as the GOP nominee, even if we win in November.

Trump on His Foreign Policy Advisers: "I'm Speaking With Myself"

At the bottom of the Arabian Sea, a 500-year-old shipwreck from the fleet of Vasco da Gama

If it weren't for the cold and remote location, Antarctica would be a nice place to live...

Bernie Sanders Had a Phenomenal Night — Here’s Why

Am I a Democrat or an Independent? Political Evolution.

"All of Clinton's best states are behind us"?

Is there still any hope for Bernie Sanders? | The Young Turks

Irony: Bernie Sanders now hoping to rely on Superdelegates.

Deutsche Börse, LSE agree 'merger of equals

Why did Hillary Clinton do better in Ohio than she did in Illinois and Michigan? NT

Paul Ryan for President?

Well my hopes of some sort of relief from chronic pain was crushed with Hillary's "sweep"

All Three Networks Ignored Bernie Sanders' Speech Tuesday Night, 'Standing By For Trump'

She left Honduras to escape violence, but a legal misstep has her stuck in detention

Clinton won't get to 2300 before the convention

Public’s Disgust With the Democratic Party Propels Sanders

Let the paranoid conspiracy theories begin! Nothing gets wingnuts paranoid like any mention of Soros

Trump: I speak to myself


"Bernie Sanders Looks to Flip Superdelegates" Interesting Take - Good Strategy

Hmmmm, interesting...(re: SCOTUS nominee)

Will Harry Reid's speach today be televised? n/t

"Bernie Sanders Looks to Flip Superdelegates" Interesting Take - Good Strategy

I'm sick of only Harvard/Yale grads being SCOTUS nominees

"politicians make me sick"

Won Delegates Clinton 1112, Sanders 806

The strange history of opiates in America: from morphine for kids to heroin for soldiers

NO! The "campaign" is NOT taking down Events.

LePage follows Trump’s path toward violence

Orrin Hatch: "Obama could easily name Merrick Garland, who is a fine man, but he probably won't..."

Airlines’ brazen robbery: Fees are out of control and ticket buyers have no real choice

All Three Networks Ignored Bernie Sanders' Speech

Check Out the 1-Percent Bling at Donald Trump's Victory Party

Whelp, I'm done for now

Mayors of 20 European cities attack weak EU diesel pollution limits

Now that Hillary Clinton has won the primaries in Massachusetts and Illinois....

Something I posted in GD-P...

Why did Donald Trump really cancel his Chicago event?

Merrick Garland

JPN Court: Artist’s realistic CG images violate child porn law

Carly Failurina: Fame Addict.

What Bernie needs to do...


Russia flies out almost half Syria strike force: Reuters analysis

Valuable earth element-rich crust discovered at new ocean depths

Days of Revolt: Mr. Fish

The End of Discriminatory Policing in Ferguson?

Bernie's Black Knights

Reminder, there are still 2322 delegates up for grabs. It's not even close to over.

Photo of the Day

North Carolina's confusing primary: why so many votes won't count

GOP blocks GOP budget

Their right, math is math

Interesting to see how the Hillary crowd is all of a sudden

Pic Of The Moment: Joe Scarborough Finds Out Who Is Advising Donald Trump On Foreign Policy

Oh, the cherry trees are full of blossoms in DC. Wish I could smell them..

Speaking of Math:

Obama, Biden and Garland up now

President Obama on live now, Merrick Garland for SC.

Hey, I've seen that face somewhere---

One right wing fuck in Montana

Prize for photo of man standing on beached whale revoked following backlash

Ancient DNA identifies 'early Neanderthals'

So, setting the stage for the next chapter ...

Fucking Fredo is running for President.

Kyoto monk on a mission opens his doors to diversity

Animal Nuz Toon: Endorsement Addition

Trump is America's King David

Another Jesus freak bombs out...

California Bernie Supporters:

MSNBC: Democratic race nears its end point after Clinton’s sweep (HRC Group)

Last night: HRC: 3,703,372 (57%) Bernie: 2,815,728 (43%) vote totals

Film: The transformative power of Japan’s ‘magical girls’

If she were running against anyone else besides Bernie ....

Don't give up on Bernie

Cheering on a moderate SCOTUS choice

**** March Photo Contest Submissions thread. Theme: Animal Planet****

****Comment Thread for March Photo Contest. Theme: Animal Planet****

Have Orrin Hatch or any other Republicans commented on the Garland pick yet?

Japan’s SDF to open up more positions to women

Harry Berner

Superdelegates list (BS is one)

Submissions are open for the March Photo Contest. Theme: Animal Planet

Trump's 500 businesses would pose "unprecedented ethical dilemma"

Submissions are open for the March Photo Contest. Theme: Animal Planet

Japan’s government to ask spa operators to accept tattooed foreigners

Japan’s government to ask spa operators to accept tattooed foreigners

Black Lives Matter movement sees series of victories in midwest elections

I have posted announcements of the March Photo Contest in both GD and The Lounge

I have come to realize one main difference between Hillary and Bernie supporters

I didn't realize the SCOTUS has no Protestants.

RNC: "Did Trump say there will be 'riots'? No he meant "Pilots"

Obama nominated Merrick Garland for SCOTUS..

Delegate Counts - Red State vs Blue State

Sen Orrin Hatch (Last Week) "Obama could easily name Merrick Garland who is a fine man"

Peabody Energy says it will miss debt payments, moves closer to bankruptcy

Nigeria anger after Gender and Equal Opportunity Bill rejected

‘You’re a Trickle-Down Media Whore!’: Sam Bee’s Panel with Trump Supporters Was Absolutely Bonkers

Poll shows that Millennials would flock to Clinton against Trump

Obama Destroys His Legacy With Corporate-Friendly Supreme Court Pick

Hillary News & Views 3.16: Clinton's Victory Speech, Delegate Lead Dramatically Increased


Robert Reich's comments about what the NYT did to Bernie yesterday.

Support a fair hearing for Judge Merrick Garland

New Arizona Poll (primary is next Tuesday)

Isn't abdication of one's elected duty an impeachable offense?

...with Hope, Good Morning! -Maya Angelou A few pics to celebrate

Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared Of Capitalism, Not Robots

One last indignity: The tea party swipes John Boehner’s seat

If the Senate rejects Obama's SC nominee, or worse yet, won't even conduct hearings or a vote, I

Kochs unleash $2 million ad in Ohio Senate race

Kenyan girl bags a free trip to China... after photoshopping herself there

My Horoscope For Today.....

More Than 500,000 Adults Will Lose SNAP Benefits in 2016 as Waivers Expire

McConnell, sounding rattled, says give the people a voice

Delegation urges US to sell weapons to Taiwan

Obama Supreme Court nominee's record on guns in the spotlight

FIFA files for compensation in U.S. as victim of corruption

I think we can conclude the people voting for Trump want a winner. Trump sounds like a winner

One last indignity: The tea party swipes John Boehner’s seat

Time to blow up Mitch McConnel's phone!

Reactor shutdown caused by human error: Taipower

Major automakers to announce pact to install auto-braking systems by 2022

Do most US citizens really want what's best for others?

Germany, France criticize Israel for seizing West Bank land

Thai mototaxi driver nicked for nicking 4,000 knickers

Inside Marco Rubio's Hollow Campaign

Macedonia forcibly returns thousands of refugees to Greece

Fire is Ours - Makana - Bernie Anthem

So McConnell will amend constitution to limit President to court picks ONLY in first 3yrs of term?

How To Reduce Gun-Related Deaths In America By Over 80%

Moment of Truth: The Decision that Derailed Bernie’s Campaign

Bali farmers insure rice fields in defense against El Nino

Read today: The difference between soccer and rugby.

Gabrielle Giffords' gun control group merges with Calif. group

USA Today: A Look at Garland's Record

no one "has to " leave du no matter who you vote for...stop spreading lies!

wasnt Hillary's biggest lead supposed to be 3/15? now its all about catching up, right?

Trump Predicts Riots If He’s Denied Nomination

I'm not one for product promotion

Police reviewing video of man attacking Kansas students while shouting ‘Trump’

A billion is a thousand millions

no one "has to" leave du no matter who you vote for...xpost from gdp

Wow! After last night, I feel like I see ...

Here's Exactly How the NRA Misleads Its Members

An Investigation: Which Presidential Campaigns Have the Largest Gender Wage Disparities?

Yet another reason to use ad blockers:........ Major sites hit by 'ransomware' malvertising

Ex-Chipotle worker in Pennsylvania wins labor ruling after he was fired for tweeting about poor work

Ex-Chipotle worker in Pennsylvania wins labor ruling after he was fired for tweeting about poor work

Ex-Chipotle worker in Pennsylvania wins labor ruling after he was fired for tweeting about poor work

Breaking News: Trump can actually win the White House

OK, now that we have firmer delegate counts: Sanders needs 57%, Clinton 43% going forward

The Clinton's blood money

No Need for Rape Kits, Since Most Rape Accusations Are False

People for Change rally April 6, Sacramento state capitol (anti fracking, pro environment)

Can you imagine where Bernie would be if the media had covered him like they have Trump and Clinton?

Superdelegates: Don't Deny Democracy

Trump has 666 delegates

An Investigation: Which Presidential Campaigns Have the Largest Gender Wage Disparities?

"I don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. I think you'd have riots."

Cross post from gdp about last night

Hillary Voters

"Bernie has more influence on the future of the Party than Hillary"

BS Group:Still in denial.

John Boehner says he wants Paul Ryan for president, Ryan says maybe

LOL - Trump's count is standing at 666.


Dem Candidate for U.S. Senate speaking truth about coal in coal country

Goodbye Marco Rubio. The latest GOP Dropout.

My Gravedancing Thread!!!!!HRC Wins!!!11!!!!

Hillary increased her popular vote lead over Bernie to 2.5 million votes

Samantha Bee hits back at MSNBC host for Clinton 'smile' comment

Turnout - Florida/Ohio - What's going on?

adieu, Armageddon

Is Ted Cruz secretly the frontman of Christian metal band Stryper?

My "WTF?" of the day, "rehabilitating" Hitler?

Ex-Subway pitchman Jared Fogle attacked in bloody Colorado prison brawl

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-15-16

To Lower Medicaid Costs, Start With Affordable Housing

I think President Obama screwed up with his SCOTUS nominee

Alex Jones is heading for a total meltdown.

Trump's Latest Attack on Hillary

Since 1960 there has been only one pitcher under six feet tall elected to the Hall of Fame.

I am seriously considering stopping the Lyrica and Cymbalta for my post herpetic neuralgia

What's going on in Missouri?

Black Lives Matter Scores Political Victory As Chicago Ousts Its Top Prosecutor

John Adams and Steve Earle: The Revolution Starts Now

Wednesday morning quarterbacking.

A DU Hillary supporter told us yesterday that Trump...*vid*

Even if Hillary prevents a Trump Presidency...

Hey, where's Jeff?

pRick Scott of Floriduh endorses Trump

10 Reasons Bernie Sanders Can Still Win the Democratic Nomination (VIDEO)

Good article in the Nation about why we need to keep fighting - It Ain't Over !!!

Governor: We May Need a Wall Around California If Trump Wins

Hey, if Orrin Hatch likes this choice...

Bernie has 32-31 delegates over Clinton in Mo

Clinton/Trump Are The Champions and Kasich Stayin' Alive on Goodbye Rubio Tuesday

Why are so many people scared of Donald Trump specifically, rather than Republicans in general?

Robert Reich TODAY on Bernie Sanders' Campaign:

Here's when you'll know that Sanders has irrevocably lost the contest:

Looks like a new box from ACME has arrived for the GOP Coyotes!

Hillary Clinton statement on Pres Obama's Garland Nomination

American Revolution (Phase Two)

Look at what has Happened in Missouri with 100% of the Vote Finalized!

Hillary Clinton sold fracking to the world as Sec of State

Did you guys see that Obama's nominee, Merrick Garland, is Braindead's 2nd cousin?

Should Hillary continue with the nomination of Garland,

Bernie's gentlemanly, statesmanlike concession statement

Bernie Sanders' Gentlemanly, Statesmanlike Concession Statement:

Study: Mindfulness Meditation Provides Opioid-Free Pain Relief

And the b s hides continue

Florida poll workers tell couple only Republicans could vote

I stopped by the Sanders Reddit page, and I think they've figured something out....

The People Onstage at Trump’s Victory Speech Were a Real Distinguished Bunch

Clearinghouse of dumb, obstructive GOP Senate responses inside...

Matthews Wants Clinton to Pick Kasich as VP

Folks are gaming the jury system because their candidate is being rejected at the ballot box.

Hillary has won more blue states than Bernie

DailyKos has gone into general election mode, as promised.

Newark to test 17,000 kids for lead poisoning

Four Held Over Imminent Paris Attack: Reports

just occurred to me there also has been no

With all due respect when are you going to stop the Sanders supporters

Politico: Bernie's longshot victory strategy

CNN logic on SCOTUS nomination

despite the odds, we need to keep fighting hard for Bernie

At the bottom of the Arabian Sea, a 500-year-old Vasco da Gama fleet shipwreck

Fascist Trump tells volunteers they must "prevent" employees from volunteering for his competitors

How to respond to new Trump Ad: "When It Comes To Facing Our TOUGHEST Opponents"

Can you believe there were two people who voted to leave this post alone?

Incredible solar eclipse footage from flight

Obama will make a rare trip to visit sometimes difficult ally in Saudi Arabia

Senator Warren on SCOTUS nomination.

pRick Scott Calls on GOP to Unite Behind Drumpf

Hillary makes fear of Trump less compelling

looking at the Reddit

Hillary and the Bankruptcy bill as told by Elizabeth Warren

Michelle Obama in Lenny Letter: 'I see myself in these girls'

Donald Trump is an American Mussolini

Bernie and his supporters have done nothing to deserve the vitriol we're getting right now.

The Worst of All Worlds

Sanders Vows to Fight Until Convention


The Clintons' $93 Million Romance With Wall Street

FIFA seeks money from convicted member in corruption cases

David Duke: Donald Trump Comparisons May Rehabilitate Adolf Hitler's Image

I know what they're going to do with all those cardboard cutouts left over from Trump University.

Netherlands sees mosque attacks and rising Islamophobia

Pigeons in tiny backpacks are measuring air pollution in London

My congressasshole is determined to prove he *IS* an asshole...

The End of Discriminatory Policing in Ferguson?

Glenn Beck Has A Sad About Obama's SCOTUS Pic: "Not My Next Scalia"

Guy walks Into a post office

Kochs unleash $2 million ad in Ohio Senate race

Bernie is going all the way to Convention...Feeling the Bern!

Says It ALL Re: Republican Obstructionism

Utah Debate Canceled After Trump, Kasich Announce Plans To Skip It

Hillary's "elected delegate" lead over 3X Obama's biggest lead.

I just got a fundraising email from the Campaign! nt

Current Popular Vote and Pledged Delegate Standings - Math

Letter from Bernie. I have his back, like he has ours. Fight on, fellow Berners, fight on!

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 16, 2016


Gay Mormon Teen Forced to Carry Backpack Full of Stones to Make Her Straight

Republican Establishment Still Can’t Stop the Trump Hate Train

Go for it Hillary!!!

Hang in there, BainsBane! We love you! <3 xo

If you really want to help Bernie - Arizona is in play, we vote 3/22 next Tues 85 delegates

In all likelihood, Hillary Clinton’s lead will never be as large as it is right now.

Polk County (IA) Dems Convention deepens the wound between Clinton and Sanders supporters

Krugman:if globalization makes an effective union movement impossible that’s a big problem. Does it?

Fuck you Mitch McConnell .... No hearing for Obama's Supreme Court nominee, McConnell says

Nasa to test fire in space by burning unmanned orbiting craft

BREAKING: Forces of Light prevail over The DARK Act


LePage chides lawmakers over paper mill closures

Bernie's path to Dem nomination looks increasingly hopeless, even as primary calendar turns his way.

US Uncut has encouraging words for us Bernie folk:

Today is 3-16

ReTHUGs are really fugging dishonest

Obama's Nominee Leaves Senate Out on a Limb

A lot of junk about American ideals...

I'm not Trump either

Status of ALL primary/caucus delegatesso far.

What we need to do is look forward. I am on the county platform committee. What should the platform

"To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me"

A Small Church Service

Today Bernie's latest message is very positive and hopeful

I've Just Seen A Face

What happened to all the primary threads? Did the admins clean it out?

Pizza Ranch linked to multistate E. coli outbreak

"You have to check your ideals outside the door"

If Sanders were going to outperform Clinton in the general, he would be doing so in the primary.

Poll for General Election

I can only figure out one reason the press would be so solidly behind Hillary.

Trump Ad: Clinton Not Tough Enough To Face Putin, ISIS

 The Nation: The Fight for Bernie’s Political Revolution Is Not Over

Tune in Tomorrow To See World's Fastest and Dodgey Human Beings

New Donald Drumpf ad shows Hillary Clinton barking like a dog

Any thoughts on why Bernie lost Ohio by such a wide margin?

Sheldon Adelson On Supporting Trump: 'Why Not?'

there's been two posts of the

Why is the press so opposed to Bernie.

Recounts possible in both of Missouri's presidential primaries

Moment of Truth: The Decision that Derailed Bernie’s Campaign

GOP Debate Cancelled After Drumpf Says He Won't Attend

Do not make the mistake of underestimating Trump

Media matters folks: How the NYT sandbagged Bernie Sanders

Who didn't see this coming? Trump wavers on paying legal fees....

No SCOTUS Appointment If Hillary Or Sanders Wins And GOP Keeps Senate.

The Latest: Sanders calls on Senate to weigh in on Garland

Sale Of Blue Nation Review Gives Hillary Clinton Camp Its Very Own Media Outlet

#DemocracySpring: Sit In With Thousands. Save Democracy For Millions.

#DemocracySpring: Sit In With Thousands. Save Democracy For Millions.

Oh my god, this far it seems to work wonders.

All that violence at Trump rallies actually helps Hillary Clinton

US: Rifle found at El Chapo hideout tied to Fast and Furious

Sure Bernie has moved Hillary left in her positions...

(Hillary Group) My Hillary gear arrived today

Prosecutors want Cliven Bundy’s detention hearing canceled

Judge: Man on death row for killing 2 cops can't be executed

They call it a 'selfie'

Let’s Not Forget That Flint, Michigan’s Water Situation is Still An Enormous Disaster


Hillary Clinton ad in Arizona includes Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio

There is NO "Hillary would still be better than Trump"

Despite Hillary's wins yesterday, Bernie performed impressively

What's up my peeps?

If anyone thinks this is not happening now then what can I say.

-=*=- Skinner's Latest Announcement -=*=-

Skinner just fired the first warning shot.

Do great victories come in three's?


Tully monster, Illinois' great fossil mystery, solved

Happy Dance. Congrats Clinton. Job well done!!!

Veep nominations.. who do ya think will be the Veep noms?

Is there really a chance or what?

Welcome home to all those returning (CLINTON GROUP)

Clinton, Sanders praise Obama's Supreme Court pick

SHOCKING! I know you won't believe this, but...Trump's "Pete Rose Endorsement Ball" is a FAKE.

My promise to the Admin.

Brace yourselves. Skinner has emptied the prisons

The Sharp Family Singers are back in the news!

Thus, both Rubio and Sanders ignored the Soothsayer

Hillary's big victory in Ohio has bigger impact than just the delegates.

Let me be the first to welcome members back from Purgatory!

Baltimore Jewish Council US Senate Candidates Forum - Come Out and Support Donna!

The Supreme Court has moved way too far to the right.

I think my rescue dog needs a therapist.

Haven't heard a word from Bernie

I've decided to back Dan Muroff for my Congressional District (PA District 02)

AEDEN was rescued and now needs a forever home

Quinnipiac Florida, March 2008: McCain 46, Obama 37

-=*=- Skinner's Latest Announcement -=*=-

I'm back in the saddle again!!!!

AEDEN was rescued and now needs a forever home

You, too, America!

U.S. urges North Korea to release American student

GOP Politicians Planned And Participated In Key Aspects Of Refuge Occupation


Dear Nancy Pelosi, Julia Brownley is NOT the only Congressperson from CA

Dear Nancy Pelosi, Julia Brownley is NOT the only Congressperson from CA

Spaulding’s campaign morphs into new PAC

Meghan McCain: Drumpf destroyed the Republican party

Alleged American ISIS Fighter Was Fresh Recruit, Kurds Say

Father of Fascism Studies: Donald Drumpf Shows Alarming Willingness to Use Fascist Terms & Styles

Is Trump using Victim-hood to win?

I didn't vote for Obama in my primary, and I've decided not to vote for him this fall!

More Than 12 Punished for Mistaken Hospital Attack

I'm back! Skinner has lifted the 5-hides-and-you're-out rule

Money over people's well being

$247 Trillion in Derivatives

Hillary Clinton on President Obama's nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to SCOTUS

Brazil's Lula to be President Rousseff's chief of staff

Brazil's Lula to be President Rousseff's chief of staff

Some good news for our Indigenous Peoples

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Endorses Donald Trump For President

Update on Dem delegate math:

Donald Trump is up to 666 delegates on the Ides of March.

Encoraging news from Skinner, however I'll remain with William

So how's Todd Palin these days or doesn't anyone care including his

I think my therapist needs a rescue dog .

What are the odds ??

Everybody Knows, Bernie.

Obama slaps new sanctions on North Korea after tests

The Nina Simone biopic, starring Zoe Saldana (with prosthetics)

Sanders team huddles over the path forward

Senate blocks bill that would override state GMO labeling laws

Trump has over a million more popular votes than Sanders.

baby gorilla with some Elvis going on

My Year as a Pro-Russia Troll Magnet: International Shaming Campaign and an SMS from Dead Father

Celebrating victory

67 dogs and cats dead at our local Humane Society, need some DU help!

Any other 4 hide folks breathing a sigh of relief?

Expert to review ex-House Speaker Hastert's health: judge

Back from the dead, thank you Skinner Amnesty!

Hillary is not "Republican Lite"

Sanders vows to fight until convention

Seattle hospital patients urged to get tested for hepatitis, HIV

Bernie is right once again: Robert Reich: Trade agreements are simply ravaging the middle class

It's not just about putting Bernie in the White House. It's about much more!

Baltimore judge sets trials for police in Freddie Gray death case

Unreal PBS

It has been requested that I create a poll.................

U.S.made dengue vaccine 100 percent effective in small study

'No person better' for Supreme Court seat, ex-Omaha planning chief Marty Shukert says of cousin Merr

Bogota residents lynch 1 person every 3 days on average: Study

Bogota residents lynch 1 person every 3 days on average: Study

Back at full strength!

The Night Keith Richards Pulled a Knife Over a Disagreement With Donald Trump

Kalamazoo Uber driver accused of killing six people suing app-based taxi service for $10 million

Why the GOP Senate refuses to hear a SCOTUS nominee, even though

Fragments of meteorite that exterminated dinosaurs landed in Colombia

Fragments of meteorite that exterminated dinosaurs landed in Colombia

Does Skinner's amnesty

So was Nancy Reagan's Funeral

from Bernie: We're just getting started:

I'm happy. We are winning. Life is good

Yo, bravenak! Where you at, girl???

Game theory and "Bernie or Bust"

Denouncing Free College in the Name of the Poor

Citizen Activism Helps Overpower Trump’s Hateful Message

What's the plan for toxic serial disruptors since you've lifted the 5 hide ban rule?

11 children died of starvation in central and east Colombia: Senator

Promised Land now on Netflix (Matt Damon..growing old before our eyes)

Clinton Expands Pledged Delegate Lead, +322. +99 Net Gain Per FiveThirtyEight, More to Allocate.

Garland Nomination: Tactical Considerations

Where's Donald?

Our "Seabiscuit" campaign for Bernie Sanders

More than 17,000 FARC rebels will demobilize in event of peace: Santos

This is my BIG FEAR if Clinton is the nominee

Vermont Officials Find Widespread Contamination in Water Wells Near Chemical Plant

As Long As We're Talking About Rule Changes...

Scientists solve mystery of prehistoric "monster"

The Knockout Blow Bernie Refuses to Deliver:

The similarities between Trump and Hitler

Colombia returns to euros after 15-year hiatus

Stick a Fork in Bernie. Plus Trump Can Win Outright in the Primary Season. It May Even be Likely.

Is Your Medicine Right for Your Metabolism?

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 16, 2016

here's why Bernie had a phenomenal march 15

Marco Rubio: "GOP DROPOUT" - Song Parody by RANDY RAINBOW

Does this 1953 song sound familiar?

PBS: First-time voters for Trump flaunt white supremacist ties.

ALABAMA: Senate Votes To Eliminate Marriage Licenses

Pie Chart: Delegates won as of March 16


The President Announcing Judge Merrick Garland as his Nominee to the Supreme Court -

Ben Stein: "I Have Not Heard A Racist Word" Out Of Donald Drumpf's Mouth

So McConnell called Garland this afternoon and told him there would be no meetings, no hearings,

Hillary's Winning the 13-State-Bible-Belt. Sanders is Still Winning the 37-State-Not-The-Bible-Belt!

Fox’s GOP debate canceled after Trump and Kasich back out

I knew this would come back to bite her (no pun intended)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 March 2016

TPM: These Are The Senate GOPers Willing To Meet With Obama's SCOTUS Pick

Let's Not Forget The Republicans

Bernie has 41% of the Democratic Delegates, compared to Hillary's 59%. 29 contests remaining!

Believe It or Not, Bernie Sanders Outperformed Projections on Super Tues II & the Calendar Gets

Sick New Mexico Dog Had Stuffed Polar Bear in Stomach

Sanders Sends Vegan Thugs to Attack Peace-Loving Nazis

Edwards: Why aren’t black women ever described as ‘born to’ the Senate?

New York Times busted for anti-Bernie bias: The Clinton-endorsing newspaper edits Bernie articles

The 'happiest' countries in the world. (The US is not one of them; Canada is #6).

Bernie's hammering a warning all over this land. Bernie's got the hammer of freedom & we got Bernie!

Letter from Bernie...

The UVa student sentenced to 15 years by N. Korea stole the poster as a trophy for a church

Off Jacai Colson's shooting in Prince Georges County MD by another cop was deliberate

The Delegate Math "Death March"

Anyone here who refused to vote for Kerry in November 2004 because of his vote for the IWR,

John Lewis Visits Delaware

“I’ll Never Vote for Hillary!” Yeah, OK.

Hillary Clinton & Her Supporters Own This Now

Sanders to try and flip Clinton's pledged delegates

National Museum of Women in the Arts

Black hole emits violent red flashes with power of 1,000 suns, Coventry astronomers reveal

I wish there was a phone number to call to make a donation for my favored candidate.

Trump ad: Clinton not tough enough to face Putin, ISIS

A centrist here a centrist there

Mark Sanford accompanying Barack Obama, lawmakers to Cuba

Life in Purgatory: Buddhism Is Growing in China, But Remains in Legal Limbo

Mark Sanford accompanying Barack Obama, lawmakers to Cuba

What's all this I am hearing today about Marco Rubio's delicates

Pregnant T. rex Found, May Contain DNA

Osborne's words obscured by a desire to punch him in the face (Daily Mash)

DNC Vice Chair: Bernie Sanders "extremely disgraceful" for stating the obvious

Argentina and the Vultures: the Political Economy of the Settlement

Donald Trump Warns There Could Be Riots If He Isn't GOP Nominee

The Promotion of US Law in Cuba: Some Issues to Consider During the US Presidential Visit

Given all of the lies, expecting unity right now is unreasonable

The Promotion of US Law in Cuba: Some Issues to Consider During the US Presidential Visit

Your Break From Politics: Watch an Eagle Being Hatched

Hi Hillary's Group! I'm finally able to enjoy Hillary's wonderful victory with my friends here!

5 Primaries: Exit Poll Discrepancies and Win Probabilities

Celebrity chef faces lawsuits alleging sexual harassment

Hillary and her Team are busy organizing in AZ -getting ready for little Tuesday

Cruz GANKS McConnell on Senate floor, July 2015. McConnell is now sending him a message.

March 15, New AZ state poll: Clinton 50, Sanders 24

Trump Presidency Ranks as Top 10 Global Risk

Catholic Bishop Declares Solidarity With Persecuted Atheists

Plastic-wrapped, precut avocado prompts outcry over overpackaging

I just wrote to CNN, chewing them out for hiring this idiot.

You know what I'm not seeing in the Bernie group?

Newly posted videos not showing up in "Latest Videos" section

I am already missing President Obama

In AZ Hillary and her Team getting ready for Little Tuesday-some pics etc

Thanks to a national boycott, ‘hate radio’ is facing a $20 billion bankruptcy

How To Reduce Gun-Related Deaths In America by 80%

5 Cumberland County deputies disciplined in connection with Trump rally

For the all the criticism and handwringing for the form of protests that BLM conducts

Any predictions for the March 22 contests?

Heh! joeybee12 is not going to be able to get trumad banned anymore!!

Israeli journalist watches in horror as Trump’s rise mirrors Hitler

"If you come to a fork in the road -- take it"

PRESS RELEASE: Victory! Latest Industry Effort to Block GMO Food Labeling Defeated in Senate

Homeless NH Man Who Won Lawsuit Against Cops Is Found Dead in Cell

Clinton Upends Sanders' Momentum

Damn You Autocorrect

Why no one here should be concerned about the upcoming contests in western

I have to say, I am a little disappointed with the lifting of the timeout rule. (update)


Rainy Day on Suisun Marsh

If anyone wants a Holga, get it quick - they will soon be history

So Bernie Sanders entire strategy now relies on?

Alert level rises at Turkey’s İncirlik Air Base

Sanders campaign chief really did mention flipping non-Superdelegates (So did HRC in 2008)

Mike Malloy - Bill Clinton Rips Bernie Sanders...Again

Berta Caceres colleague murdered in Honduras

#StillSanders trending on twitter

Great song for HRC: "She's Tough" by the Fabulous Thunderbirds

NBC Nightly News - 8 minutes on Republicans, dominated

Berta Caceres colleague murdered in Honduras

As we know Bernie is staying in for the duration, what's the point of the nonstop "math threads"


Michigan driver charged with murder files $10 million lawsuit against Uber

Court: Inmate who survived '09 execution can be put to death

Hot off the press Arizona poll-Hillary Clinton -50% Sanders 24%

Hillary Campaign Runs Spanish-Language Ad Ahead of Arizona Primary - NBC News

When the Democratic Party … sees fit in its wisdom to nominate a yaller dog … I will support … — but

Observations from a former Kucinich supporter from 2008 who voted Bernie in 2016...

Hastert judge wants review of ex-speaker's medical records

This can go two ways from here on out.

When we stay in LA we stay with our friend long time TV producer Frank (Omaha native)

Mike Malloy - Seig Heil Trump

Emails: EPA chief warned Flint crisis could get 'very big'

Are "progressive" media outlets and writers doing Bernie supporters a disservice?

Not The Easiest Topic, But Your $ Donations Need To Be Going To Hillary Now

Police: Officer mistook plainclothes officer for threat

I truly hope Merrick Garland is a sacrificial lamb

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Endorses Ted Cruz

Kurds to announce 'democratic federal' system across controlled Syrian territories, Turkey rejects

Garrison Keillor: Think moving abroad will save you from Trump? Think again.

A "Seabiscuit" campaign that all can admire (Sanders)

whose family? which values? unconventional families and the church

Lockheed Expands Its Munitions Plants for ISIS Fight and Beyond

All of Hillary's campaign appearances should be protested with #JustiaParaBerta signs

Some Sanders Supporters Really Don't Get It

Cat to puppies: Don't even think about it.

The Republican Elites Have Finally Turned on the Rubes They've Swindled for Decades

Clinton and Sanders' combined Ohio numbers don't eclipse Clinton's 2008 showing in the state

So there was a campaign conference call today with reporters

Competition Policy in the WTO and FTAA: A Trojan Horse for International Trade Negotiations?


Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Opponent, Tim Canova, Is Denied Access to Democrats' Voter File

Largest Peace Group Endorses Sanders

Perils for Bernie staying in.....and why he won't "come back"

Bernie Sanders should do the right thing for the party he loves and drop out.

Jen, my wife, got a new job.

A Republican brokered convention to save the day?

Weaver and Devine want Bernies campaign to continue so they can keep getting paid

Why I don't support Bernie Sanders

Antarctica - 20 X 30 Mile Slab Of Nansen Ice Shelf Already Cracked, Beginning To Calve

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Developer Diary – Gameplay

Why Norwegian parents are sending their kids to live in fake refugee camps

My husband just switched from I to D to cast a primary vote for Bernie.

Cat tossers caught red-handed, juvenile charged with cruelty to animals

I keep trying to imagine who would speak at the convention if Trump gets the nomination.

Trump Appears To Have Heavily Plagiarized Op-Ed From Carson

"I’m A Millenial Hillary Supporter & I Outed Myself at Her Victory Rally at West Palm Beach"

Hillary first woman to crack the glass ceiling in NC with 14 pt.

How Kasich’s Anti-Choice Policies Are Really Impacting Women In Ohio

You made some good changes and good points.

Bernie needs to keep the Democratic partys feet to the fire for us little guys

UPDATE: Very Bad Development In Hillary's Email Investigation: She Knew It Was A Security Risk

Are you interested in a career in union or progressive organizing in Allegheny County?

oh nooonzzzzz!! Now Bernie loves the the supers!!....what to do!!

Rich donors have blown $200 million on failed candidates so far

Assad 'profited greatly' from Russian intervention.

Free media coverage for Trump

There are 28 reasons Bernie should stay in even if Clinton clinches the nomination.

The Kardashian Family Endorses HRC for President!

WooHoo! The Co-Chair of Our Group was interviewed on TV.

Interesting comment on Bernie's losses from basic Clinton supporter Steve McMahon on MSNBC

Trump Column Appears To Have Plagiarized Chunks Of Carson Op-ed

Bernie, Hillary and the long view.

Evangelicals accuse fellow believers of abandoning faith to support Trump

The thing is, if Bernie had the nomination locked up, he would reach out to HRC supporters

Abraham Lincoln Warned Us About Donald Trump

War on the Poor

The DNC created super-delegates. Bernie using the rules to his advantage is just good politics.

Dammit you all!! I now have the word "Drumpf" as an earworm!!

Can the whole "stick a fork in him" thing please just stop?

PSA: only one thing matters now. Beating Trump.

Reuters GE tracking poll: Clinton has solid lead over Trump 44-39 .. and it's growing.