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nothing much has changed, just STFU

"The Americans" starts tonight (Wednesday).

The palm frond racket

Thank goodness these primaries are winding down. I am going into general election mode.

Chris Hayes: Clinton holds a wider delegate lead over Sanders than Obama ever held over her

Turn on Chris Hayes right fugging now

Dodgers spend big to build baseball's best farm

Adam LaRoche retired because White Sox had issues with his son

"let the people decide"

Don't listen to the rhetoric.

Haven't posted here in a quite a while. Whats the Bernie-Hillary split?

I want to pull the plug on cable tv but I still want to watch the Mets

There's no reason HRC couldn't just attack Trump now ANYWAY.

Something to ponder....

Is DU the biggest forum for political discussion, especially related to the 2016 elections?

Conspiracy Theory Rock By Robert Smigel

I heart my DU homepage again

Bernie's Immigration Record, Compared to Hillary's:

Labor Leaders Applaud Supreme Court Nomination, Demand Senators #DoYourJob

Here is a very good outline of how the delegates work in a contested Republican convention:

Labor Leaders Applaud Supreme Court Nomination, Demand Senators #DoYourJob

Obama Destroys His Legacy With Corporate-Friendly Supreme Court Pick – The Ring of Fire

Mike Malloy - The Horsemen Of The Trumpocalypse

Question about homeopathy

GOP Politicians Planned And Participated In Key Aspects Of Refuge Occupation

GOP Politicians Planned And Participated In Key Aspects Of Refuge Occupation

Racist Voters Cost Trump Two Illinois Delegates with ‘Foreign’ Sounding Names

I have a ridiculous question. My roommate and I got into an argument the other day...

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Wednesday the 16th of March

Fracking (which Hillary has promoted worldwide) is putting California farmworkers out of work:

Michael Stipe endorses Bernie Sanders for President.

Just to be clear: If Hillary wants this Berniecrat's vote, there will be a price.

Labor Leaders Applaud Supreme Court Nomination, Demand Senators #DoYourJob

Republicans rush to brand Obama's court pick a 'liberal' as cracks form in their ranks

Bernie's Immigration Plan

High school gets go-ahead to dump Confederacy-based mascot (CA)

Florence Tackles Duomo Defacement With a New Tool: Virtual Graffiti

Student told to change rebel flag shirt or go home (MI)

It's Inevitable

Salmon Full of Cocaine and Antidepressants? Study Finds Puget Sound Fish Full of Drugs

Bernie supporters: Clinton's White House stay may be unpleasant for her

Trump assembles his potential cabinet.

Bayern will win the CL this year

As seen on twitter #StillSanders - Kinda puts things in perspective....

President Obama on whether he helped created Donald Trump's rise

Super Delegates.... To the Rescue

Michelle Obama nixes future presidential bid as she promotes education

so here's what we know from the newest dump of HRC emails.

The Fall of Rubio, in a nutshell.

The Legacy of 1776: A Conversation with William Daniels and Lin-Manuel Miranda

Well played, DWS, well played.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! Live and Uncensored

OK, so after 2 major fires and one fatality, they shut the DC Metro down for inspection today

Hillary Clinton Sparks Sexism 'Shouting' Row

PA just legalized medical marijuana today

NY Times Commentary - "Stop Bernie-Splaining to Black Voters"

That gif of Bernie sneaking up on Trump -

Professor awarded $700,000 for solving Fermat's Last Theorem

Petition Urges Paul Ryan to Change National Anthem to Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’

Great News - Nerve cell stimulation 'may recall memories' in Alzheimer's patients

I stopped by the Hillary Reddit page, and I think they've figured something out....

PBS News Story on First-Time Trump Voters Prominently Displays Longtime White Power Tattoos

My annual props to twogunsid thread for the Horsey videos!

Updated: Emails: At State, HRC Had For-Profit Lareate to Dinner & touted for-profit model

Your mission, if you are willing to accept it, is to "Make America great again"

Alternative Fuels Need More Than Hype to Drive Transportation Market

Anyone concerned about a republican victory has a responsibility to join our Democratic coalition

POLL: West Virginia Democratic Primary: Clinton (+13) 44 Sanders 31

My French friend and I were talking about the state of the American social/political fabric today...

Cyndi Lauper for Hillary!

Hillary & Women ( The New York Review of Books )

West Virginia Shock Poll - Clinton 44 Sanders 31

"Running Clinton against Trump is a disastrous, suicidal proposition." Current Affairs article

Is Blocking Merrick Garland the Latest Act of Republican Self-Destruction?

Garland isn't the issue

Clinton to attend fundraiser hosted by exploiter of prison labor

Wetland enhancement in Midwest could help reduce catastrophic floods of the future

I can say tonight what I was unable to say last night~

"Name-brand prescription drug prices in the US have doubled in the last five years"

Why Many Bernie Supporters BELIEVE Bernie Isn't Over...

I'm never going to thank Drumpf for anything, but if we can't get together to defeat him...

Was hillary up by 40 in illinois last week?

World temperature could rise rapidly by 2020, modelling suggests

Closer than they appear

Closer than they appear

Closer than they appear

The atmosphere has changed.

DWS/Canova primary is in AUGUST!

Maddow is talking about Sanders new tactic to win, by wooing super delegates

Where, precisely, are the downballot Progressives?

Full interview..MKs Hanin Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka, Basel Ghattas..why they are angry at Israel's left

5 years after diagnosis of Frontotemporal dementia

5 years after diagnosis of Frontotemporal dementia video

Hillary is undoubtedly a member of the top 1 percent and a founding member of the DLC

Could California’s massive Ivanpah solar power plant be forced to go dark?

Magnitude and possible consequences of labour migration under GATS

How Trump has started attacking Clinton

Bull | Bernie Sanders

Here is a great Hillary video - "I'm whoever you want me to be. Isn't that the truth!!!

Lockheed Martin-Made Hellfire missiles found on plane headed to US

Something similar coming to a Nov. 8 near you

Dear Sen.TurtleFace&Neck (apologies to actual turtles) there is *NO* "BIDEN" rule

Fuck you Trump and fuck your supporters for scaring our kids!

A friend wrote on Facebook today:

Should Super Delegates overrule the people (popular vote) ?

Some perspective.

Mike Malloy - Rightwingers Are Being Fucked Over By Trump And The Media

This Video Of Donald Trump Proves He Doesn't Have What It Takes To Face Down Putin

RNC member: ‘Political parties choose their nominee, not the general public’

Absurdity and the Limits of Literalism:Defining the Absurd Result Principle in Statutory Interpretat

The irony of Bernies non-"tribal" support.

Backlash against the Left

Do Hillary supporters think the transcripts would look bad or think she said nothing bad?

That's it. I've cancelled all future recordings on my DVR of the Rachel Maddow Show.

Smaller, Cheaper Microbial Fuel Cells Turn Urine into Electricity

"Presidents don’t stop working in the final year of their term.

A quote from H. L. Mencken that is coming true.

Nation Reaffirms Commitment to Things They Recognize

Memo from the powers that be:

Donald Trump GIF, LOL

It's clear that most black voters aren't buying what Bernie is selling

It's good we have some ridicule artists on our side. :-)

CNN president Zucker: "I reject that premise that we’ve given too much attention" to Donald Trump"

Happy Valley Season 2


I hear over and over again how real change takes time.

Senator Sanders is the ONLY candidate that does NOT equivocate on women's reproductive rights

A history of violence: A decade of unmarked grave discoveries in Mexico

A history of violence: A decade of unmarked grave discoveries in Mexico

Obama has been lucky.

Paramilitaries Threaten Terror Against Colombia National Strike

Mitch McConnell said what??

Bernie Supporters info you might want to know for the coming states.

Paramilitaries Threaten Terror Against Colombia National Strike

Nailed it!

New Name Surfaces in Clinton's Emails

US Lawmakers Demand Effective Protection of Honduran Activists

US Lawmakers Demand Effective Protection of Honduran Activists

A 74 year old man and a 68 year old woman.. are all that is standing

Ex-dictator faces genocide retrial in Guatemala

A little reminder Bernie fans XD

Where are the recounts?

By now I am truly disgusted with the HRC supporters.

Evanston, Illinois and Cambridge, Massachusetts must have a LOT of low-information voters

Senator Sanders is the ONLY candidate that _____________

WikiLeaks today released a searchable archive of Clinton emails

Wonder Woman Screenwriter Jason Fuchs to Write Lobo Movie

The Hulk is sick of Trump..

5 sheriff's deputies disciplined for actions at Trump rally

Supreme Court Nomination Drives Groups From Left and Right to Fight

Amalgamated Transit Union endorses Bernie Sanders.

Why Hillary supporters believe Bernie is done.

Withdrew from MSM, signed up with Netflix.

#StillSanders Trending on Twitter; and the Current Delegate Count Shows Why

RNC member: ‘Political parties choose their nominee, not the general public

AG: Couple who died stole grant money; 3 others charged

Merrick Garland's Emotional Acceptance of Obama's SCOTUS Nomination

Frank Sinatra Jr. dies....

One Math to Rule Them All...

In this "anti-establishment climate" election cycle

Math and Bernie..since Math is a big subject tonight

"Destroying an empire to win a war is no victory . . ."

Theory: Clinton gets indicted; Biden jumps in; Sanders flips out

Amnesty! Thank you Skinner.

Perhaps there's another reason why the DNC has it in for Bernie and wants him out, pronto.

California dog presumed drowned found safe 5 weeks later

Officials: Teen's death in custody due to heart condition

The most pro Sanders zip codes

Senate moves to end racing at Tucson Greyhound Park

Pleas of unity before the primary is over for people to support a campaign

Blackout Tuesday: Bernie Sanders' Speech Last Night Ignored by MSM

The nomination

Fuck this place is toxic.

Sanders events in Arizona and Idaho, details ...

How can anyone support her after these in your face bold lies she tells.

Removing the super delegates for clarity

"income equality is the solution to racism. Any minority of ANY type knows that simply not true."

Let's call it what it is... this was a silencing of bernie supporters.

Can someone explain one effing thing to me?

Early St. Pat's Day post ..... Trump

Why I NEVER want to hear another word about BERNIE BROS on DU again

Frank Sinatra, Jr. dead

I supported HRC in 2008

Human Removal aka Redevelopment


Can the Clintonians and Bernites please just stop bickering.

A Corporate Defense Attorney

Religious liberty bill passes Georgia state legislature

"Hillary Slames the Door on Bernie"

For New York hospital's patients, miniature horses are a strong Rx

Ex-Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle brutally beaten in prison

Who else is like Bernie?

Beautiful Moment Hippos Let Elephant Pass Deep Water

News from Brownbackistan: GOPers may be imploding

Is Hillary pro Union?

N.C. man cleared of 1984 murder dead from likely suicide: police

Report: Triple homicide suspect had guns taken away in 2008


Supreme Court Nomination Drives Groups From Left and Right to Fight

The media are not our friends

'When You're Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression'

Obama slaps new sanctions on North Korea after tests

Early election looms as Australian PM seeks to reform hostile Senate

Brazilians protest after Lula named chief of staff, gains immunity

Ellen Page's Big Queer Trip Around The World Is Finally Here

Let this be a message to us all

Video apparently of Japanese hostage surfaces with message to family

Reason to hope from the Campaign

UPDATE Why GOP Primary Turnout Doesn't Matter

Kurdish moves on federalism cloud Syria peace drive

Australian minister says Trump phenomenon 'terrifying'

Days of Revolt: Neoliberalism as Utopianism

Politics as Therapy

DU members are not the enemy

I can understand going to North Korea for shits and giggles

JPMorgan, Citi shareholders to vote on potential breakup plans

Chinese hedge funds scramble as regulators clean up 'Wild East'

Brak sings a song about socks

Frankfurt and London seal $30 billion trading tie-up to counter U.S. threat

What I would give to have John Stewart back and watch him parody Mitch McConnell

A New Poll from USAToday/Rock the Vote Shows Clinton Crushing trump Among Voters Under the age of 35

Come on folks - Let's psycodellicize!

Oil extends strong gains after supplier meeting agreed

Miniature horse gives joy at children's hospital

Berners - please put away the kleenex and watch this video.

Democracy is a joke, says China – just look at Donald Trump

Michelle Obama at SXSW: 'I will not run for president'

Hillary Promises to Give Bernie His Positions Back After Primary

Man to return millions to people for online prayers

Governor: Michigan environmental agency failed Flint

Porn, sex charges tied to military love triangle death case

‘Round City’ in 762 was a glorious milestone in the history of urban design.

‘Round City’ in 762 was a glorious milestone in the history of urban design

Judge says government must act on gas lease on sacred land

New Report Shows Bernie Sanders' Highest-Paid Staffers Are All Dudes

Merrick Garland's Abortion Stance Is A Big Question Mark

Police: Suspect egged ex-neighbor's Ohio home for a year

Anonymous declares war on Donald Trump

I remember AIDS deaths

Religious liberty bill passes Georgia state legislature (Another win for homophobia!)

Secret Service's 'regret' over Adams' White House barring

I'm not necessarily jumping on board the Google conspiracy... but can someone else check this out?

WATCH: Baboon is completely amazed by magic trick

Daily Holidays - March 17

Stand Down event in Brockton offers support to dozens of homeless veterans

Bernie Sanders is a winner no matter what!

Australia Asks: Why Are People Comparing Donald Trump To Hitler?

Post adjudicating / jury suggestion:

Samantha Bee interviews Trump supporters - did anyone watch this?

EU calls for Greece relief as migrant arrivals hit 1 million

CDC in Boston to investigate illness striking homeless

Democracy Now: Media Moves to Silence Bernie Sanders Campaign

Noam Chomsky: "I Have Never Seen Such Lunatics in the Political System"

Emails: Hillary Clinton asked for a BlackBerry in 2009, but the NSA said no

Last chance for Bernie and the American people

Gay Utah Senator’s Sneezing ‘Mini-Filibuster’ Kills Anti-Gay Amendment

This former star running back gave away 150 homes and hardly anyone noticed.

Good recycling tips from Green American

Scammers Spoofing FBI Phone Numbers to Fool Victims

San Antonio Man Paralyzed After "Mistaken Identity" Beating Files Federal Lawsuit Against SAPD

400,000-year-old fossils from Spain provide earliest genetic evidence of Neandertals

Poll: Voters back Sanders as the next commander in chief

A closer look at some of Trumps most fervent supporters:

BULL -- Bernie Sanders

The US Navy’s master plan to rebuild its sub fleet

Trump is perfect candidate to make Hillary somewhat electable

It's a Hillary REVOLUTION!!

NY Times Opinion: Hillary will tell them to "Cut it out!"

Cable News Covers Everyone's Speech but Sanders

Laminar flow

For all those disappointed by the pardonings here at DU, may I make a suggestion?

Noted health care economist comes out for single payer

A couple of delegate graphs - 2008 vs 2016 - Hillary is UNSTOPPABLE!

Jane Sanders Finds Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Tent City Jail ‘Disturbing’ and ‘Inhumane’

Here’s What Bernie Sanders Will Bring To The Democratic Convention

'Harbinger of the End of Fossil Fuel Era'? US Coal Giant May File Bankruptcy

PBS: Tarheel family illustrates why Trump appeals to the South.

Lessons from history for Theresa May's Investigatory Powers Bill

G4S pulls out of Israel

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: Supreme Fight

Why Was Berta Cáceres Assassinated?

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: Yammer

Missouri and Illinois primary results foretell tough climb for Cruz, unity challenge for Clinton

Trump presidency rated among top 10 global risks: EIU

Thursday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Trump presidency rated among top 10 global risks: EIU

US Congressman Says Bankers Should Find Way to 'Neuter' Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Panel on CNN lied about Bernie's stance on open borders.

The f-word

Juan Cole: Mystery: Russia and Hizbullah Begin Withdrawal From Syria

Anchor baby/anchor husband Donald Trump.

Inevitability isn't a viable strategy against a well-funded candidate with a powerful message.

Wall Street Bull | Bernie Sanders

Wall Street Bull | Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Presents | Rockin' the Bern

The primary fight is finally moving into BernieLand!

SeaWorld Says It Will End Killer Whale Breeding Program

Bernie Sanders Presents | Rockin' the Bern

An example of anti-abortion picketers offering "free speech" and "counseling".

Bye bye, Bernie: The Democratic race is all but over

Go ahead, keep posting vicious crap...I just donated

TYT: Obama nominates Merrick Garland to Supreme Court

5 Sheriff’s Deputies Suspended Following Violent Trump Rally A protester was punched last week while

Emails: Clinton sought secure smartphone, rebuffed by NSA

Bernie Arizona TV Ad - Fact Check TRUE

Do you like my new signature?

Over Where? Army Struggles To Relearn Rapid Deployment

Trump presidency rated among top 10 global risks: EIU

Bernie Arizona TV Ad - Fact Check TRUE

Corporate America Is Just 6 States Short of a Constitutional Convention

US Army Plans Stockpiles in Vietnam, Cambodia: Hello China

Bernie: Vote for Peace, Justice, Integrity

Thornberry’s Buying Bill Adds Bureaucracy, Helps Biz With IP

(P)rick Snyder All Set To Blame Everyone But Himself For Flint During Congressional Testimony

How I Spent My 81 Day Time Out – Part 1: South Dakota Badlands in Winter

The Hillary campaign isn't sweating Trump. Her chief strategist explains why:

NSC Staff Too Big, Too Activist: Top Former Generals, Officials

Rachel Maddow at her Reporting Best!

Gov. Abbott: Water Will Stay High For Days (After 2nd Record Flood In Less Than 1 Year)

LCS Cut Ripples Through Navy’s New 30-Year Shipbuilding Plan

Funny Trump gif

Fox News: Obama is evil for nominating conservative judge to SC

Help with internet connection windows 10

Free Beer Tomorrow

A question for the Hillary Group

Huge respect to women who became astronauts after growing up with crap like this

Trump has zero public experience, yet thinks he's qualified to be pres. Meanwhile, at his hotel....

I have a question about professional tennis.

Hey guys, I know I'm not your favorite poster, but the good part of the schedule starts Tuesday

Military Admits Billion-Dollar War Toy F-35 Is F**ked

Just saw this it made me lol

I don't want the Donald to become President.

People of Color Denied Entry and Access to Trump Rally Florida

Donald Trump is not ten feet tall

Decoupling of global emissions and economic growth confirmed

Google Koch brothers 800 million

2 Bald Eagle Chicks Hatch on California’s Santa Cruz Island

ALERT: FCC Set to approve disastrous Time Warner cable merger.

Washington State is needing a little love

Trump Presidency Is a Global Threat, Economist Intelligence Unit Warns

To Gay Groups, St. Patrick's Parade Ends an Era of Exclusion

Cable News Covers Everyone’s Speech but Sanders–Who Made the Mistake of Discussing Policy

FCC may approve Time Warner Merger -- This is an example of Bernie's issues hitting home.

Legal group submits plan to depose 7 top Clinton, State Dept. aides in email battle

Bernie tells the biggest lie so far this primary campaign.

Is Trump somehow worse than Cruz?

"Sanders to Visit Idaho; Olympic Skater Kwan heads Here for Clinton"

great story in the NYT today re Nebraska doctor having to tell his chronic pain patients he must

Five Deputies Disciplined in Connection with Trump Rally Assault (Video of Second Assault)

Lazy Federal Workers!

Say No to the Donald - Elizabeth Warren

Navy Secretly Conducting Electromagnetic Warfare Training on Washington (State) Roads

Illegal promise from Trump to Carson

Assisted suicide in California

Live video. Bald Eagle about to hatch:

Assume a Bernie-Hillary Switcheroo--where would you stand and why?

Time: Clinton's "anti-Trump game plan" response at March 13 Democratic forum was "borderline weird"

Clinton Owes Her Commanding Lead to African-American Women - HRC Room

Hi everyone! Back after a month and a half or so. Did I miss anything?

In case you were wondering why people are still fighting for Bernie

My Obvious Choice for President!

Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Five

Detailed Maps of Where Trump, Cruz, Clinton and Sanders Have Won (By County)

Super Tuesday Three Proves They Need To Retire The Franchise.

Look at the over the top fanatical enthusiasm for Hillary...

Hillary vs. Bernie on MONSANTO, GMOs (& even TPP!)...

Kerry Determines IS Group Committing Genocide in Iraq, Syria

Today's obvious choice!

Nevada rancher charged in 2014 standoff to appear in federal court

Military Admits Billion-Dollar War Toy F-35 Is F**ked

MUST WATCH! Dominionist President may be the most dangerous 2016 outcome.

Let's make a list of potential Hillary campaign slogans here.

Sanders Path to Victory Blocked by Media and Party Elites

How one restaurant entertains you while you wait for your food...

Cross post - looking forward.

Clinton Foundations biggest beneficiaries are the Clintons

Who's watching the Flint hearing? (link to livestream)

Did Trump Rally Violence Help Hillary Clinton?

Poll shows that Millennials would flock to Clinton against Trump

It's Donation O'Clock for real!

The Great BDS Debate (Uri Avnery)

17 miners killed in Venezuela were shot in head

It's almost over, and I will sure be glad when this site is returned to Democrats.

Cavuto (of all people) nails Hatch on his SCOTUS bullshit.

I'm ANGRY so I'm going to vote for Donald Trump!

Release of tapped phone calls between Lula and Rousseff sparks mass protests in Brazil

Hillary Clinton: another day, another lie (oops, another "mistake")

Billy Ray Joe Bob Clinton roaming around a polling place AGAIN!

EPA head blames Michigan officials for Flint water debacle


So now the Occupy Wall St movement are BerniBros

Minds in Malaysia, other Muslim countries ‘under yoke of censorship’, Turkish writer says - See more

I’m with Hillary in November: Listen up, fellow Bernie supporters — you must get behind Clinton

Hillary Clinton Wins the "Presidentress" Vote on 'Broad City"

There was a thread yesterday noting that H.A. Goodman-aka Baghdad Bob

Mr. Fish Toon- Imagine

Which former republican said "I'm proud to be a Democrat" today?

In case you were wondering why people are still fighting for Bernie

I have done the George Costanza bracket

Hillary Clinton is a neocon

Gov. Snyder (MI-Reptile) in front of congressional committee LIVE

Pledged Delegates: H-1121; B-799 (98 outstanding from Tuesday's contests) Bernie needs 57.6% of PDs

I am a Democratic Socialist


My woodchuck just emerged from her long winter nap

Prison Labor: In the world of politics it's all in the marketing.

Clinton Vs Sanders? This time I have to go with Clinton.

Job openings rise to 5.5 million in January; annual hires and quits increase in 2015

What exactly prompted 5 officers to witness a brutal assault & all unanimously decide to do nothing

My suggestion

Where's the Revolution?

Great article about Bernie in Time

Boom times for Fracking's Toxic Wastewater Come to a Shaky End

Cornel West: Bernie, Hillary or Revolution in the Streets?

Contraceptive Pill For Men? Scientists Moving Closer To Creating Birth Control For Males

Arizona Democratic Presidential Primary Clinton 50, Sanders 24 Clinton +26

Ronald McDONALD!

I'm so proud. I finally joined the club.

Homeless man who spotted California fugitives gets $100K

Homeless man who spotted California fugitives gets $100K

"A political attack machine motivated by an insatiable drive to win for herself at any cost"

Buckle your seatbelts; for lots of Trump rally Violence from his Goons

Scans of King Tut's Tomb Reveal Hidden Rooms, Egypt's Antiquities Ministry Says

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are we ready to face death without religion?

The Aquariums of Pyongyang: Really good memoir by Kang Chol-hwan, North Korean defector (PDF)

The number of Bernie supporters who say they won't vote for HRC must be devastating.

Robert Reich on Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution...

I just handed in my divorce papers after 57 years together ...

Irish Bernie Song - Studio Version

Toll from Tuesday's strikes on Yemen market rises to 119 dead: UN

Michelle Obama tells SXSW crowd she won’t run for president

Will Bernie Sanders Withdraw before the Convention?

Fascism. Can it Happen Here?

Clinton Simply Can't Win Over Sanders Supporters Without Releasing Her Wall Street Transcripts

Editorial: Medicare for all really is 'the only answer'

One thing about the Flint hearings to note

Hey, Hillary: Smile, Girl

Bernie Sanders prepares for the long haul

Bernie's Growing Troubles with Illegal and Foreign Contributions

The Labor Movement Fucked Up By Supporting Hillary Clinton

Some people don't like dealing with math and facts - but I do

Pope slams governments who close doors to migrants

Judge: Nevada should decide detention in ranching standoff

Some people don't like dealing with math and facts - but I do

A Bernie Blackout?

Watching the Flint water hearings as Snyder is lying and pasing the buck with the

Plants’ ability to adapt could change conventional wisdom on climate change, U of M study finds

Anti-Semitic graffiti found at school following taunting

'Pro-white' group’s Stone Mountain rally prompts school to move prom (GA)

Washington (State) Attorney General endorses prayer, but only if real people do it

Group seeks removal of Confederate names from Hampton schools (VA)

As Clinton takes Florida, local Bernie fans go 'meh'

Don't Be Suckered Into the Clinton Campaign's / MSM Efforts To Spread Malaise and ...

Drumpfs Fascist Week

(I should know better): Sanders or Clinton people: When do you think your candidate hits 2026?

Frank Sinatra Jr. Dies of Cardiac Arrest While on Tour

School naming decision draws outrage

So now they are telling us not to use Bernie-Bro....

I finally got around to watching one of those Hillary-hate videos.

Broad City Gives Hillary a Cameo, Gleefully Skewers Sexism Directed at Her Campaign

What a Drag: The Global Impact of Bottom Trawling

Makeover Of Maryland's State Song Advances In General Assembly

Donald Trump Failure Called Out In MSNBC Interview

Judge's order keeps Ammon Bundy in Oregon for now

Mother Teresa Was No Saint

Rep Matt Cartwright ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS Michigan Gov Rick Snyder "YOU NEED TO RESIGN"

Due to the emergency in health care should we liberalize licensing so that cheap doctors and nurses

The Map The Main Stream Media Will Never Televise or Print

What are the opinions of 'Constitutional Carry' here?

Our nominee is a disaster:

Bernie Supporters: DO NOT GIVE UP

Listen Up Bernie Supporters…Get a Grip. (Our own retrowire gets cited!)

Armed police freed 11 tigers, 3 lions, and 3 bears from captivity — and that was just the beginning

NY Primary Rules make it a very bad state for Bernie

Free Trade Under Bush and the GOP was responsible for Job losses not so much President Clinton

The Economist dubs Trump a ‘global risk factor’ — but not for the reasons you might think

Republicans will vote on Garland in lame-duck session if Hillary wins

US Rep. Cummings DESTROYS Michigan Gov Snyder At Flint Water Contamination Hearing

Fellow Honduran Actvist, Nelson Garcia, Murdered Yesterday; More fallout from HRC's Honduras Fiasco

A personal thank you for suggesting some excellent DU therapy.

How Vermont beat Big Food

Awww shit!

Trump cheerleader Alex Jones shows just how crazy he is... (updated)

NYTIMES: Clinton’s Bold Vision, Hidden in Plain Sight?

Yet another plea - don't burn the boats

The Hillary Clinton Intro On 'Broad City' Was Everything You'd Expect and Question..

On Trade, Angry Voters Have a Point

Who's the REAL monster here? (toon)

Did Sanders campaign tank at the polls because of the melee at the Trump rallies?

Blaming either candidate for a future loss in the GE is pointless

Re: Trump's going to beat Hillary!!!11!11

“Look like war crimes to me”: Congressman raises concerns over U.S. support for Saudi war in Yemen

Letter from Bernie! We've raised almost 3 million since Tuesday!

NOAA: Global Analysis - February 2016

Hillary's Super Pacs to focus exclusively on Trump!!!

Man who confronted Hillary on death penalty spent 39 years in prison on wrongful conviction

I'm supporting Bernie all the way to the end

Judge Merrick B. Garland: Please call your senators today and tell them to do their jobs or quit

If I were President Obama or a Democratic senator I would take two steps I.E Supreme Count nominee

Another day, another anti-Clinton lie, this time about Coal.

Saratoga (CA) man is facing charges for selling items made of elephant ivory

What happens when only one candidate runs a clean campaign

Puget Sound salmon continue to decline

IF just 11 DUers gave $5 immediately Bernie would have $60,000 from us!!! ( GOT IT in under 15 mins)

Iowa Police Frustrated With Clinton Over Bills

This one is for Dubious Debbie of the DNC.

Do you Want Bernie to Win - PLEASE START MAKING CALLS ASAP! It's so EASY!

Historian Allan Lichtman talks about the 2016 primary

Food for Thought: Were the protests against Trump's rally in Chicago Strategically Organized?

Obama speaks out re: online harassment of women

They are counting on you to give up

LIVE NOW: Oversight Democrats rip Snyder on Flint

wikileaks on twitter this morning

Hillary rejected Saif Qaddafi plan to democratise Libya; bombed it into chaos instead


To Sanders supports, today we make an important decision:

From Bernie: $3 Million Raised Since This Tuesday! $5 Million Goal by Tonight

This is How Hillary Clinton Gets the Coverage She Wants


German agent spied for the CIA and Russia because he wanted to do ‘something exciting’

Women are not smiling at Joe Scarborough’s tired advice for Hillary Clinton

Pic Of The Moment: The Economist Updates Its Global Risk Assessment

Kerry: ISIS Is Committing Genocide Against Yazidis, Christians and Shiite Muslims

"Hillary's Email Hypocrisy:

Easter Is Coming. Please Do Not Give Animals as Presents.

Tribune Publishing wins auction for O.C. Register parent

Need a quick pick-me-up?

Another Dem like Obama? Our best days behind us: Ryan

Alarming report – Storks are gorging on garbage

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello my fellow liberals

SCIENCE Bright spots on Ceres: Are they moving?

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.

Arkansas governor hosting town hall on Medicaid plan

Representative William Lacy Clay, Democrat 1st district

Brazil: Judge suspends swearing-in of former president Lula to Cabinet post

How many more physicians will we lose to suicide?

Bernie Sanders: Wrong on Immigration Reform - (A Correct The record production)

"Bernie Sanders is a thermostat...Hillary is a thermometer."

Clinton Owes Her Commanding Lead to African-American Women

Bernie Sanders: Wrong on Immigration Reform - (A Correct The record production)

If You're Liberal and You Think Hillary Clinton Is Corrupt and Untrustworthy,

Deborah Ross - a chance to flip North Carolina

Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

Strategist: Clinton/Trump race wouldn't even be close

Sylvia Anderson, co-creator and voice of Thunderbirds' Lady Penelope, dies

Cancel the wake and pour a St. Patrick's Day toast for the 'corpse!' Bernie is alive and kicking!!!

Nominating a Presidential Candidate Under Active FBI Investigation Is An Incredibly Risky Gamble

Tammy Duckworth and Deborah Ross

A rather deplorable response to my link about physician suicides.

Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton


The Robots Sent Into Fukushima Have 'Died'

Bull | Bernie Sanders

Hillary's pal Lloyd: Goldman Sachs Misled Congress, Duped Clients, Levin Says

Welcome to the post-work economy

Gay St. Louis Cardinals' prospect quits baseball because of homophobia

Are Bernie's supporters are all talk and no action?

"There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama!"

This comment by Hillary about reproductive rights is very troubling:

Close Call: San Jose City Clerk’s ACE train derailed

Rescued dog Tuna wins hearts online

Why I Don't Give a Flying Flip Whether Or Not Sanders Suspends His Campaign.

OMG! They've started recruiting an army!! The takeover is nigh!!

Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

A different point of view.

Toomey opposes Supreme Court nominee going forward:

Cool Brain Pickings piece: Margaret Mead and James Baldwin

Why the 2016 election may produce the largest gender gap in history

Conact Mitch Turtle McConnell with disapproval regarding his stand on SCOTUS

NYT: Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

San Jose looking into manufactured homes for homeless

Had lunch with a guy who's spent the last 8 years complaining about Obama,


Obama: Time to Unite Behind Hillary.

A handy guide to the many faces of Donald Trump:

Panic Has A Way Of Softening 2016 Republicans

Evangelical musings

Obama Plans to Take Nuclear Launch Codes With Him When He Leaves Office

Request for prayers:

Was Ted Cruz the lead singer of the christian rock group Stryper?

Dear Hillary: You make my dreams come true! (HRC GROUP)

MSNBC shuffling execs in another bid to fix lousy ratings

it' St Patrick's Day ...

Bernie Sanders: US foreign policy has ignored Latin America, just like I have

3 Ways to Tell if Your Distaste For Hillary Clinton is Sexist

Bernie supporters, they want our guy to quit because he calls out the flaws....

Bernie’s Ideals Have Already Won This Election Cycle

Today's my 9th anniversary with my girlfriend

Legal description of Hillary's felony.

in case you haven't seen this... it's Oscar worthy

John B Sebastian

"Send in the Drones"---Charlie King

Dey took er jerbs!

The Onion: GOP Leaders Assure Sobbing Rubio It Not His Fault Party Splitting Up

....Help Me Here - Isn't In Her Best Interest That Bernie Stays In Till The Convention......

Recommended posts from GDP no longer make it to the DU front page

Hidden chambers discovered in King Tutankhamun’s Tomb by new penetrating radar scans

New poll show that Millennials would flock to Hillary over trump!

Ryan Faces Trial by Fire as Republican Convention Chairman

The true revolutionary is running a positive campaign!

Argentina's Macrisis: the poor lost 24% of their purchasing power; even the richest tenth lost 11%.

Argentina's Macrisis: the poor lost 24% of their purchasing power; even the richest tenth lost 11%.

ClickHole: Cruz Announced He’s Suspending His Campaign To Tend To His Thousands Of Glistening Eggs

Senator Duckworth? SA Foxx?

Experienced doesn't mean good

My Vietnam vet wingnut brother says Trump scares the hell out of him.

BBC's production of Agatha Christie's, "And Then There Were None"

Thousands of Young People Are About to Lose Their Food Stamp Benefits

Please explain the rush to give this to Hillary

2000: "The Simpsons" predict Trump Presidency

BART admits much of system is at 'end of its useful life' in shockingly honest Tweet

Bernie Sanders May Not Prevail, But His Revolution Is Just Getting Started

Dow above 17,500, up 3% in last 5 days of trading.

Once again... let us dare to believe in hope and change! For Bernie!

Cant belive These Bernie Supporters Are still At It..........

Rant: Voters have a right to be heard!

Bernie must stay in all the way to the convention, either way

Anonymous claims to have Trump's Social Security & phone numbers

Article 2, section 3 of the Constitution:

Would Trump’s trade threats work? Many experts are skeptical

Math lesson for Bernie Sanders supporters

How Hillary is running the campaign that Bernie promised to run

Can we talk about Adam LaRoche??

Gov. Brown on if Trump is elected POTUS: "Build a wall around California..."

NCAA Tourney: The Dukies squeeze by; Texas Tech is dead - Butler did it

Because Bernie's campaign has depended so heavily on the internet...

New photo from a Trump rally.


Skinner, don't you find this creepy?

Alphabet reportedly putting robot builder Boston Dynamics up for sale

"Are We Too Stupid to Save Ourselves?"

The Media Malpractice Going On...Is This What Throwing Out the Fairness Doctrine Has Brought Us?

The Case For A Presidential Pardon For Don Siegelman

The Republican Plan: Destroy The Government, Let Corporations Rule

Paul Ryan "playfully shrugs" over Trump's xenophobia and Islamaphobia

I have a serious case of spring fever!

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 17, 2016

You are what your parents ate! Diet-induced obesity, diabetes epigenetically inherited by offspring

Allow me (sigh...) to play the 1%er card and explain what the NYT story was about...

What's wrong with Roger Ailes

The Indictment Fairy cannot save you

Hillary doesn't just #StealTheBern

Aw Fuck this! I tried.

Bernie is on Rachel Maddow tonight!

The way I see it.

Bernie Brigade arrives in Arizona

Televangelist: "Trump will stop the Antichrist!"

Robert Reich live on FB

A rare window into strategy of Sanders campaign and how 5 last losses were part of the calculation:

Francine Christophe has a story...

President Obama thinks it is nearing time for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race

Sanders did not qualify 10 delegates for the NY Primary

Hillary Owes Much of Her Commanding Lead to Black Women

Vandana Shiva: Fearmongering in Oregon

Latest kook to join Ted Cruz's "holy crusade..."

Bernie-Backing Liberal Group Apologizes For Saying Hillary “Won The Confederacy”-HRC Room

Pro-Hillary PAC Throws Trump’s Ad Back at Him, Mocks His ‘Good Brain’

One candidate would have been acceptable to progressives AND corporate Dems

Bernie Sanders Gets an Alaska ‘Super PAC’ Aimed At Millennials

"Just Kids" by Patti Smith. Here's my review

HELP! Ethiopia in crisis.

My sister just gave me two uncirculated dollar coins.

TRUMPMANIA: Crazy is the New Normal (Tom Tomorrow)

Bill the Cat...

Jobseekers resort to ‘resumé whitening’ to get a foot in the door, study shows

Creationist Ken Ham Thinks Atheists Oppose His Noah’s Ark Theme Park Because We’re Anti-Christian

Ted Cruz and Grayson Allen (Duke):

Huffington Pissed

Real Democrats support The American Anti-Corruption Act!

65,915,796 Disenfranchised Voices

Democrats sound alarm against Trump

H. Clinton did not end her 2008 campaign until after Obama had CLINCHED the nomination

Anonymous Releases Donald Drumpf’s Social Security Number, Personal Information

A Hillary Supporter says Hillary’s Email Defense Is Laughable

Clinton Increases Pledged Delegate Lead, +323. 1,151 - 828. Pending, 39 Delegates to Allocate.

About Obama

Hey when I give props to one of our own I expect you shleps to chime in!

How The GOP Plans To Steal The Election From The American People — And Hand It To Romney

Hillary News & Views 3.17: Hillary's Historic Victories Do Not Shield Her From Misogyny

Van Hollen Offers Amendment to Protect Social Security; Repukes Block It

"These ZIP codes give the most to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders"

Guess who just unleashed the most scathing damnation of Drumpf-loving Republicans

IEA confirms decoupling of emissions and economic growth

What's for Dinner, Thurs, 3/17/16, St. Patrick's Day

UM celebrates International Women’s Day with Denise Juneau, international performances

I may have stepped in it, if so... oh well

So sometimes I call up the maternity home where I was born

Bernie on Rachel Maddow tonight

The unbelievable story of why Woody Guthrie hated Donald Trump's dad

The real loser of the 2016 campaign is policy

Bernie Sanders - NO I WILL NOT YIELD!

Change Agent | Bernie Sanders

New York Times Public Editor Calls Out Her Own Paper for Stealth Editing of This Sanders Article

Conservatives pin hopes on convention fight to stop Donald Trump

The Latest: Cliven Bundy loses bid for release in Nevada

Were Changes to Sanders Article ‘Stealth Editing’? The NYT's Editors Answer.

Bernie Sanders Brigade - Volunteers show up to Arizona Campaign Office.

Reid Kills It

Why I Oppose Imperialism -- or -- Rome Wasn't Built in an Election

NYTs' Editors Comment On Changes Made To Bernie Sanders Article

Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

US cancels oil and gas lease on Montana land sacred to tribe

President Obama Wants You To Read This

Lawsuit claiming to be from alleged Uber gunman was a hoax, sheriff says

Trump’s Promise To Carson Could Land Him In Prison

Feds file antitrust suit to block California newspaper sale

=*= LINK#3 STARTING - Bernie Sanders LIVE Rally from Flag Staff, AZ @7PM PST (10:15 ET) TODAY =*=

Executive fired after opposing 5,000% drug price hike

Phase I of Operation #TallDarkand3rdTerm implemented

Maryland Senate OKs state song changes, cuts 'Northern scum'

Why Hillary Clinton Is Not Entitled to Bernie Sanders’ Supporters

GOP-led House backs legal challenge to Obama on immigration

I didn't realize it was Bernie's fault that the number of Democrat voters is down from 2008...

Bloomberg News: The Fed Wants to Test How Banks Would Handle Negative Rates

Asobi Seksu - Mizu Asobi

The New York Times demands Obama declassifies Argentina's dictatorship-era files.

The New York Times demands Obama declassifies Argentina's dictatorship-era files.

Potshot: Hitotsu

We're in that 50 state relay with Bernie Sanders!!!

What the White House Really Said isn't proClinton.

There's no good reason for Bernie to drop out.

Bernie supporters please encourage Bernie to support the Anti Corruption Act.

Warren: Drumpf pitching 'virulent’ form of hate

The Daily Show Dives Into How Drumpf Campaign’s Now ‘Making Jews Uncomfortable’

March 15 - The true story! Hillary vs Bernie

Damn, Debbie, at it again: DNC employs same tactics against Canova they tried against Sanders

AP NewsBreak: FBI investigating Virginia stun gun incident

I'm choosing the lesser of two evils.

Apparently, someone determined that insulting Sanders and his supporters is the path

Maine Democrats deal blow to competing minimum wage effort

74-year-old Bernie Sanders’s remarkable dominance among young voters, in 1 chart

Thom Hartmann: You Too Can Take Over a Political Party

Ford White House Altered Rockefeller Commission Report; Cheney Spearheaded Editing of Report

Chile lawmakers authorize abortion in limited cases

Bernie's Army Running for Congress

Progressive one

Chile lawmakers authorize abortion in limited cases

Hey! If Yale holds on, my bracket will still be perfect!

Oregon Justice Department launches criminal investigation of Grant County sheriff

Easter Lillies are deadly poisonous to cats

Feds Propose Two Crew Member Minimum On Trains, Irking Rail Industry And Drawing Praise From Safety

"This fire needs gas." (Sidney to Hillary, 10/26/2012)

Rabbis, Jewish Leaders Plan Boycott Of Donald Trump At AIPAC

Family Of Slain Indigenous Rights Activist Wants U.S. To Stop Funding Honduras

Oregon standoff defendant Jon Ritzheimer allowed to return to Arizona under home detention

Happy Valley Series 2 on Netflix US now

Progressives’s do not push this story hard enough and

New Evidence of Vote Buying Against Peru's Keiko Fujimori

I'm not asking Bernie to drop out. I am asking Bernie supporters . . .

Tinnitus.........this is the only place I saw to post this in.....

Elizabeth Warren: "Trade Deals That Leave Workers in the Dirt"

Bernie should get behind the Anti Corruption Act. (Last post on this. I promise.)

Liar, liar (The Castaways 1965 featuring 3 Gilligan's Island stars) In 1965 the landing and buildup

Many people don't understand TPP. Bernie needs an ad that explicitly states why it is so bad and

How long for star to appear after donating?

Bernie is supposed to be on Rachel Maddow's show tonight: 8:00 CDT / 9:00 EDT

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 18 March 2016

Advice to Bernie supporters.

This post nails it...

Voting from fear.

Donald Trump is incredibly dangerous.

This Hillary supporter is OK with Bernie fighting to the end.

Having our Cake and Eating it Too on 'public services'!

Alabama Republican wants to stop people on food stamps from owning cars — but expects them to get jo

Change Agent | Bernie Sanders

Change Agent | Bernie Sanders

"I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again"

Change Agent | Bernie Sanders

Department of Justice to investigate denial of New Jersey mosque

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Still Won’t Endorse Sanders Or Clinton

Valores | Bernie Sanders

Obama didn't back Clinton at private fundraiser.

Valores | Bernie Sanders

"Sen Clinton introduced more legislation to address issues facing wounded military than any other D

The NY Trash Times LIES in taking its tabloid to task for changing article about Bernie

Valores | Bernie Sanders

I've been monitoring Florida Voter Registration Numbers for about a month

I don't want the young driven away again.

Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Prison Profit: Part II (Catherine Austin Fitts 2006)

I know who else is happy right now.

Atlanta Man Pours Boiling Water on Gay Couple While They are Sleeping

Cheaper than a lobotomy! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

just because

Reminder: Television News Network Lobbyists Are Fundraising for Hillary Clinton

Ted Cruz Names Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist As Top Foreign-Policy Adviser

Hello everyone. I have a question. I hope someone can help answer it.

This too ... There's so much it's dizzying

Doubling renewables' share could save $4.2 trillion

We caused the Metro shutdown when we decided to let our cities decay

Jeb Bush and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986 (2013 various links)

Federal Prosecutors Still Have Their Eyes on Aaron Schock

Time's a'wasting!

Not the droid I'm looking for. Not the droid I'm looking for!

"Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley dropped out of the Democratic race

Can someone tell me what this means?

Bernie's Political Revolution Has Only Just Begun

The "Conservative" Brand

More international hatred for Hillary... in Haiti!! Another story we won't hear in the MSM

Half of the delegates are still up for grabs

Are We Stupid, AND Suicidal? By One Pissed Off Liberal | Wake the Hell Up, Spread the Word!

So, about those superdelegates...

Here's what Hillary & Bernie are doing today and tomorrow. There IS a difference. Bernie letter

Original Version, 1964- "Sounds of Silence"..Simon and Garfunkle

Staying in the race: Hillary explains why she was staying in Spring 2008

How many people thought six months ago that Bernie would have 45% support nationwide???

Paul Daniels dead; magician dies weeks after brain tumour diagnosis aged 77

If I never hear the word corporatist again.. it will be a day too soon..

Anti-Gay Attacks Continue in Dallas, With At least 5 In Last 3 Weeks

We can't drop out. Our issues are too important.

Disability benefit cuts just not acceptable, Tory rebels tell Osborne

How much money do those running Bernies campaign stand to make....

Bernie Sanders Rally in Flagstaff, AZ, scheduled for 9:00 CDT / 10:00 EDT

Bernie Sanders Rally in Flagstaff, AZ, scheduled for 9:00 CDT / 10:00 EDT

Isis kills Syrian poet who opposed Assad government

Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution Still Can Triumph and Transform America. Here’s How.

BarackObama exposed a CHARACTER DEFECT in Hillary which is obviously...

Democrats, We Hardly Knew Ye

Hillary Clinton wins Missouri primary AP finally concludes.....

Why isn't Adam LaRoche's kid in school anyway?

Democrats see 'cracks' in Republican block of Merrick Garland confirmation

Al Franken Erupts On Republicans And Calls Out Their Absurd Obama Obstruction Lies

How many Super Pacs does Bernie have?

When is the last time Josh McKoon was forced to go to a gay wedding?

Trump reveals his Foreign Policy Advisor

The percentage gap: Hillary's higher support amongst old versus young voters.

Arizona man found guilty in 'Draw Mohammed' event shooting

Black Lives Matter joins Apple in encryption fight

President Trump episode 'warning to US' says Simpsons writer

Well, there goes Rick Snyder's 'I was in a medically induced coma during the water crisis!' excuse.

WHOA! NYR is no RW rag! THIS IS A MUST READ! "The Clinton System"

When you, Break Free From Your Mold.

WHOA! NYR is no RW rag! THIS IS A MUST READ! "The Clinton System"

Voter turnout caused our County Clerk to be threatened with impeachment.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face...

Springing a Surprise? Major Winter Storm Possible for Northeast

Why is "gun guilt" transferable?

Bernie Sanders will not ask for Missouri recount

R. Crumb takes on D. Trump.... in 1989

Can Hillary defeat Kasich?

What states have an electronic primary?

Lindsey Graham endorses, fundraises for.....Ted Cruz

So you want to give Mitch McConnell a piece of your mind, but are not from KY.....

Putin Laughes At Trump (GIF)

A List to review

Hillary Clinton Favorable Rating

‘Prime Minister’ Lula: The Brazilian Game-Changer

Good way to contact the Senate and demand #DoYourJob

CNN: Is stating Obama wants Sanders out and the WH denies it Enough is Enough


Bernie-Backing Liberal Group Apologizes For Saying Hillary “Won The Confederacy”

Lula Joins President's Cabinet in Brazil, Avoiding Arrest

Why Obama Nominated Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court

You do realize that Mr. Obama is about to be thrown under the bus.

The Unfinished Work of Berta Caceres

The Mythology about McGovern in 1972.

Foreign Policies

New Documents Reveal Army Once Pursued Softer Approach on Bergdahl

Are extreme right wing sources allowed in LBN?

Apple Encryption Engineers, if Ordered to Unlock iPhone, Might Resist

SeaWorld to End Breeding Program for Killer Whales

North Korea releases video of alleged political poster snatching by American college student

Hillary Clinton Wins Missouri Democratic Primary

Females only-please use one word to describe Donald Trump

Toon: You know where she stands...

Bernie Sanders sets Boise rally on Monday; Hillary Clinton campaign has Michelle Kwan event in Boise

X-Men: Apocalypse | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

‘Grace, Grit and Intellect’

Has Anyone Else Heard That Some Of The Super's & Early Endorsers Of Hillary Are....

Governor Blocks $2.85 Minimum Wage Increase After Giving Staffers $73,405 Raises

mistakenly turned on m$nbc....michelle bachmann

We just put up our new song bird mic outside can't wait for Spring...2 new bird pix too

For all Monty Python fans....

Putin Laughs At Trump (GIF)

Link on How to Print Out Bernie Flyers

Star Trek Beyond - Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures

#WeThePeople Meet Preston Picus California 12th Dist Candidate (D) Bernie2016tv ***LIVE***

The Five o'Clock Follies - 2016 Politics Edition

Humans Interbred With Hominins on Multiple Occasions, Study Finds

Bernie Sanders, Kasich, Cruz and possibly Trump to visit Utah this weekend

Camp Hillary's sudden calls to have Bernie drop out betray a nervousness about the road ahead.

Dog believed lost at sea turns up on island used by U.S. Navy

Reminder: Lobbyists for Monsanto, Exxon Raise Money for Hillary Clinton

A Modest Proposal: President Obama, While in Cuba, Check in on Julio Antonio Mella

A Modest Proposal: President Obama, While in Cuba, Check in on Julio Antonio Mella

How do I challenge a jury decision?

We just put up our new song bird mic outside can't wait for Spring...2 new bird pix too

Favorite TV Show

Georgia mother accused of neglecting 42-pound adult daughter held without bond

Guess who just unleashed the most scathing damnation of Trump-loving Republicans

Bernie Sanders on Rachel Maddow ON RIGHT NOW

Bernie Sanders on Rachel Maddow update:ON RIGHT NOW

Hillary Clinton Arizona ad includes Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio

The Future - Al Gore

Can we please respect the Democratic party voters?

Kentucky Supreme Court: It is probably unconstitutional to only prosecute boys for underage sex

"It Can't Happen Here" free download

I'm curious. The party previous to Republicans was destroyed too. As a Canadian I don't even

Politico: Warren won't say whether Clinton should release Goldman Sachs transcripts

Attorney: Appeal 'frivolous' in notorious student rape case

Checking In With the Revolution

Idea: Every time someone posts some negative BS about Bernie, spend 10 minutes phone banking.

Two Human Smugglers Are Going to Prison Over Drowned Syrian Toddler Alan Kurdi

Have you seen this ad? "Confession of a Republican" from 1964

Construction worker dies in fall from Los Angeles skyscraper

Sanders will not request a recount in Missouri.

Bernie Sanders sets Boise rally on Monday; Hillary Clinton campaign has Michelle Kwan event in Boise

Golf-ball-sized hail kills exotic birds at Fort Worth Zoo

Certain tuna products recalled in Georgia

Alabama Republicans File Bill To Take Away Food Stamps If You Own A Car

Oh please - Bernie will be on Rachel tonite.

February 2016 was the warmest February in 136 years of modern temperature records.

Clinton Campaign Mocks Donald Trump's 'Barking Dog' Ad

Rick Scott Chief of Staff, Counsel Quit

All hail Yale and UCONN as basketball champs! Skinner must love the Yale win!

Statistics: A question

Here's why you shouldn't trust the media frenzy around Clinton's big wins