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Hillary Clinton: US has done a ‘really good job’ securing Arizona-Mexico border

U.S. Air Force general removed for 'unprofessional relationship'

If Democrats show up en mass to stop Trump, it may teach a generation to do their civic duty.

Daily KOS dKosopedia site..I Just fell into this site. Very interesting open source research site

Fire-stunt at Florida school pep rally engulfs man in flames; 8 hospitalized

Rachel is attempting Balance: Bernie Sanders on with her a 9 pm in one hour

The organization who is for less federal oversight blames the lack of federal oversight - Flint

Arizona Senate Poll: John McCain(R) 41 Ann Kirkpatrick(D) 40

ElectionProjection: Hillary in a landslide over Trump by 138 electoral votes.

Auto Emergency Braking Could Be Final Nail in Coffin for Manual Transmissions

Yes, they're back... and yes they're baiting people. Here's what you need to know...

Newtown Alliance slams Sanders for gun-maker liability stance.

Did you see Deadpool? Me: I loved it.

How Yale was able to out-rebound Baylor

Enough of the Bernie should stay in posts. ENOUGH

For fuck's sake. No Sanders shouldn't drop out yet. This is a stupid conversation

This is pretty good have you guys seen this? It was on The Working Family's Party FB page.

The right’s shocking admission: Stunned by Trump’s dominance, some GOP pundits concede that Dems hav

Let's be honest here. Hillary needs Bernie supporters more than Bernie needs Hillary supporters.

This Presidential Election is a Battle for the Votes of the Dispossed, Not Served by Repubs or Dems


What's next for Chris Christie on the U.S.S. Drumpf

The 5 craziest things about Ted Cruz’s extremist, neo-McCarthyist, anti-Muslim foreign policy advise

Trump is a great man

State rule change for 8,000 mentally ill Mainers stresses caregivers

New Poll: NEW YORK: Hillary 71% - Bernie 23%

African-Irish-German-Americans for Bernie

Clinton Foundation has an A rating

OMG! I just saw Agent Mike peeping through my kitchen window!

Obama did not indicate preference for Democratic candidate: White House

Oregon standoff figure arrested after threatening to shoot federal officers

Donald Trump's Social Security, Phone Numbers Released By Anonymous


Mike Malloy - Trump Will Rip The Shit Out Of The Republican Party

Compassion —Thich Nhat Hanh

Empire State Shock Poll -Clinton 71% Sanders 23%

Bernie on the rez in Flag

Mike Malloy - They Created Him

Hillary won MA and IL by 1 POINT

ABC15 Arizona Bernie News Clip - Fact Check - TRUE

Well Bernie is going to be on Rachael Maddow's show in a few minutes.

David Duke: Donald Trump Makes Adolf Hitler 'Great Again'

Wir haben grund zum feiern!

ABC15 Arizona - News Clip About Flagstaff Rally

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Super Duesday! Uncensored & Live &

Polk Co. Florida Democratic voters falsely told by election workers that they couldn't vote

Need help with archived items.

Why did Adele cross the road?

White House: Obama Still Neutral in Democratic Primary Battle

Like Every Democratic President since Wilson, Clinton is a Liberal Internationalist

Talk-show host starts petition to revoke Kansas’ statehood

Do you need a Boeing airliner or are you looking to up grade your F-16?

Amnety! Thank you Skinner. But there are still some opposed to it...

North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea off South Korean coast

Rachel Maddow has Bernie Sanders on right now

Defiant North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea, Japan protests

Hillary Clinton Begins Running Ads Against Donald Trump: 'Love Trumps Hate'

Politico: Clinton super PAC won't spend more on primary

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Would Clean Donald Trump´s Clock

Ancient Rome -American Democracy: Lack of Compromise ends Badly for those Responsible. Part 1

Stop Supporting Bernie's Campaign, Part 2

A Dune quote for the evening

fuck als

Bernie Sanders shouldn't have campaigned in Florida.

Microsoft Edge browser now supports extensions (took 'em long enough, holy cow!)

Maddow interview reminds me of when she interviews "the enemy" aka the rare Republican

Rep. Ken Buck (R) introduces bill to make targeted killing of a police officer a hate crime


Democrats must face the reality of Hillary's unelectability or face doomsday.

Russia slashes space funding by 30 pct as crisis weighs

Fly rescued Leo the Lion to Africa!

Watching Maddow and Sanders interview.

Fly rescued Leo the Lion to Africa!

SHOCK Reuters Poll: Among Millennials, Bernie 70%, Hillary 22%

New Yorker article about the primary has a quote from Sanders that says a lot.

Sanders: The Dem Nominee Must Beat Trump

HuffPo: How Trump campaign could evolve into organized violence in six steps.

Obama NEVER backed Clinton at private fundraiser (Bloomberg)

A Prediction: Elizabeth Warren will be elected President in 2016, not Hillary!

This is what we are up against

Wow! Rep. Raul Grijalva Introduces Bernie Sanders - Tucson, Arizona Rally of 13,000

Hillary and Northern Peace Process-a bit of HERstory and a few pics of St. Patty's day

I feel bad for the 21 year old sentenced in North Korea

Brutal Anti-Cruz Attack Ad Just 30 Seconds Of Candidate’s Photo Displayed Without Any Text,Voiceover

Bernie looked so Presidential on Rachel tonight.

Why is my audio distorted in windows 7?

Great hit piece on Trump's business "genius"...

2 Legged Baby Goat Finds Momentum And Motion

1981. Mayor Bernard Sanders speaking out on the mistreatment of Irish prisoners on hunger strike.

Drumpf's White Nationalist Backers Attack Merrick Garland For Being Jewish

There will be three parties contending for electoral votes this fall.

Madonna humiliates young female fan exposing the girl's breast on stage

Shut old nuclear reactors, says unprecedented alliance of EU cities

Anyone here going to try virtual reality with Oculus or Playstation or Vive later this year ?

Other Animal Planet Contenders.

Pee-wee's Big Holiday - Official Trailer

This meme I made is silly

This Conversation Between A Dog And His Owner Is Hilarious — And So Accurate! You Have To See it.

DIV 2016/3/16 Release「EDR TOKYO MV Full ver.

Not continuing to run would be ‘outrageously undemocratic,’ Bernie Sanders says

Ryan huddles with GOP donors

I am proud of Bernie Sanders and I am proud of his supporters.

Popular vote so far (in millions): Hillary-8.66, Trump-7.45, Bernie-5.91

China’s Plans to Recycle Nuclear Fuel Raise Concerns

Bernie's Quiet Revolt

Koterba toon: Trump

Hillary Clinton Raffling Off a Night With George and Amal Clooney

Anyone watching 60 Days In?

New Emerson poll out for New York---Hillary leads by 48 points!

I see we all are suffering from some horrible amnesia

Open thread for Bernie Sanders: "A Future to Believe In" rally livestreamed from Flagstaff, AZ

Sanders concedes Missouri

Bernie Sanders threatens to try and steal the nomination with Super Delegates, lol.


I think it may be time to start a counterinsurgency

Anonymous #OpWhiteRose Doxxes Donald Trump — Promises To Fight His Police State

From sheer disgust...

Not Such a Landslide When You Take Away the Super Delegates:

Congress urges resignations of Michigan governor, EPA chief over Flint

These two work in ''Wealth Management'' at UBS

Rachel Maddow to Bernie: "Please Come Back Soon, It's Been Too Long, Sir"

Does Rick Snyder Still Beat His Wife?

U.S. Authorities Reportedly Investigating Toshiba

U.S. Air Force general removed for 'unprofessional relationship'

Why Hillary Clinton Is Not Entitled to Bernie Sanders’ Supporters

I was told by another poster that a thread I started isn't showing up on page 1...

SA Aboriginal nuclear protest intensifies

VIDEO: Bernie on Rachel Maddow interview - St. Patricks Day

cross post: New Yorker article about the primary has a quote from Sanders that says a lot

"Constitutional Responsibility" Means Senate Defeats Nominee But House Decides Prez

Pro-Clinton group returns fire to Trump video on foreign policy

Dengue vaccine proves 100% effective in human trials

UPDATED: Judge rules Adams County, Illinois clerk must allow late voting

Keep on running, Bernie!

Apple Encryption Engineers, if Ordered to Unlock iPhone, Might Resist

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Bernie Sanders supporters must be alter ego of Democratic Party VIDEO

Hillary declared victory?

There is a big difference between the two campaigns

Sanders' comments about the Supreme Court nomination left me scratching my head

A person banned from the Bernie Group

Amnesia thread

Buyers pulled out of contract to buy our house...

Pressure Mounts on Kerry to Take Action over Honduras

Sanders hopes to lure superdelegates with electability argument

Questlove's heartfelt tribute to his dad, doo-wop singer Lee Andrews, who died today.

Confessions of a Republican - 1964 Campaign Ad Eerily Relevant to Today's GOP Nomination Race

Do you think Obama will use the recess appointment to get Garland to the SC?

Marshall Islands raises contradictions in nuclear case

Today's meme from Hillary's crew: Bernie is trying to STEAL the election with Superdelegates!@11!!!

US current account trade deficit hits $484.1 billion in 2015

'Hillary will never survive the Trump onslaught .... the shitstorm coming from Trump"

Germany's Election Hangover: The Right Wing Takes Flight

Hillary Clinton...groundbreaking speech about basic human rights.

I made Guinness Ice Cream Floats Tonight. Damn.

Pope Francis Fires Vatican Ambassador to U.S. Who Set Up Meeting With Kim Davis

So why all the glee that a fascist pig repub is going to beat the Democratic candidate that

Hillary be like....Bernie be like.....

Dictator had human rights violations. Clinton increased weapon sales after donation to foundation.

Pssst.... Wanna have some fun on twitter?

HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL: The Bernie Sanders voters who would choose Trump over Clinton

Hillary hopes to lure superdelegates with some argument

oh my god... how awesome... FULL IGNORE

Since getting a ninth SCOTUS justice depends on Joe Biden and his rules, why doesn't Joe

My rough-cut predictions for the rest of the primary season.

A Government Error Just Revealed Snowden Was the Target in the Lavabit Case

Fellow Clinton supporters, our time has come. Let us rise and go do terrible evil unto the world.

Fellow Clinton supporters, our time has come. Let us rise and go do terrible evil unto the world.

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford is in trouble again...

You know, I really thought we had finally moved past this.

Why I can't vote for Hillary

Emerson New York Poll: Clinton +48

Bernie handling Maddow!

Guinea Pigs React to Donald Trump

Best. Blooper. Ever.

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 18, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Merle Oberon

Math: How many superdelegates would have to switch sides to neutralize Hillary's advantage?

Here is what the 5 hide ban used to prevent.

TYT:Hillary Clinton: No Better Investment A Corporation Can Make

Is Bernie saying he's going to teh convention worth 5 min of confusing analysis by maddow and hayes?

TYT:Hillary Clinton: No Better Investment A Corporation Can Make

Totally off topic, will delete if asked

Review: Hillary Clinton’s Broad City Appearance Was a Win, for Her and the Show

How Muslim Governments Impose Ignorance

George and Amal Clooney to Host Series of Hillary Clinton Fundraisers

Guess whose hand that is?

(Janet) Mock cancels lecture at Brown Univeristy amid student protest

Skook: #NotJustAnyWoman~ Hillary's strong, tested, resilient.#ImWithHer, all the way~

Surprise! Boeing Just Built a 51-Foot Robotic Submarine!

I'm guessing Bernie wasn't invited?

Tyler man says he found fossils from Noah's flood

Samantha Bee: "Watching someone choke down their soul, just to belong, broke my fact checker"

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 19, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: World War II Escapes

Demos: "We Must Talk About Race to Fix Economic Inequality"

Orkesta Mendoza in a Lithuanian train station - I fucking love these guys!

Slavoj Zizek Vs Cornel West

Is anyone keeping track of Bernies delegates?

Does anybody else think Hillary's million dollar speaking fees were basically legal bribes?

Both Our Candidates Are More Civil Than We Are CTFO

Dallas jury awards $502 million to five hip implant victims

California analyst: High-speed rail lacks spending details

Obama’s goal for Cuba trip: Become a source of support

Gov. Doug Ducey signs bill to punish cities, counties; mayors question the 'hubris'

What do you think about Clinton and Sanders' positions (and records) on guns and gun control?

Idaho mulls Shariah law bill 1 year after high-profile vote

'They Want to Silence Us': Honduran Journalist Handed 10 Years


Breakthrough in the fight against ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers

Trump is Already Making America Great Again: A Scary Fairy Tale Coming True!

The Echoes of History have Reached our Shores—Trump Promotes Violence -But Keeps Denying it…!

Photo: United States airforce planes at the Havana airport

Rep Matt Cartwright ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS Michigan Gov Rick Snyder "YOU NEED TO RESIGN"

Judge rules: Adams Country Clerk must allow late voting

Can anybody think of a more tragic month on any other mailing list?

FBI: IS group inspired California student in stabbings

I'm getting a little sick of hearing Bernie is pushing Clinton left.

The Real Irish American Story Not Taught in Schools

If you are reading this, we might be in the same news bubble

What I realized today as a Sanders supporter:

Stand with me before the first debate.

Bernie surprise rally in Vancouver WA Sunday at 1 p.m.

I am Spartacus.

March 18th: WAMU The Kojo Nnamdi Show: The Politics Hour Radio Debate (12 noon)

Sound and Noise

Erdogan Says Democracy Has 'No Value', Vows to Crack Down on Opposition

A white DUer just intentionally started a race war here

I think I might have Stockholm Syndrome

Let's do some math without the supers, shall we?

This one cracked me up!

Judge: DPS Needs Better Reason To Delay Sandra Bland Lawsuit

Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

Hillary supporters are pro-groupthink

Action regarding the Stockholm Syndrome OPs

Who knew running against a popular Democratic president would lead to primary losses?

Bernie Sanders is an American Hero

Hey folks! How about we all STF up?

Weird behavior abounds as Australian Senate pulls all-nighter

Daily Holidays - March 18

Just finished the first episode of Daredevil Season 2 (No Spoilers)


why hasnt a leading democrat said "Fox news created trump"

March 18th: WAMU The Kojo Nnamdi Show: The Politics Hour Radio Debate (12 noon)

in case this hasn't been posted: As Hillary Clinton Sweeps States, One Group Resists: White Men

Al Gore encourages people to speak out about geoengineering.

Bernie Sanders IS the Democratic Party

Sanders is right

from Donna Edwards

ok, to everybody countiing chickens before they hatch. 2 words. PRESIDENT KERRY.

Al Gore talks to Ellen about GeoEngineering - Says Speak Out!

Hillary has not even brushed the surface of what she will face in the GE.

To Gay Groups, St. Patrick's Parade Ends an Era of Exclusion

King County Concerned About Spectrum Auction Impact

Big Liquor Holidays.

After secret trip, Gov. Charlie Baker says he'll disclose out-of-state travel

Caitlyn Jenner publicly backing Massachusetts' transgender rights bill

Edward Snowden interviewed by wnyc's Brian Lehrer and Laura Poitras

Presidential candidate Cruz appoints Islam critics as advisers

North Korea fires (more) ballistic missiles, US officials say

Kevin Williamson has started a shitstorm by criticizing poor white people

Ebola outbreak: Guinea confirms two new cases

The Sea Island conspiracy

Benito Mussolini Biography

Two former city councilors may vie for register of deeds

House of Correction in Middlesex opens first unit for vets

Workshops Offer Low Income Californians Lessons on Accessing Credit

Foreigner has question about primaries

City eyes land deal to help IndyCar

Pelosi Slams House Republicans For Pushing ‘Anti-Immigrant’ Agenda

Larger ships test Massport

Former Senior Analyst at the Fed of Chicago Pleads Guilty to Stealing Sensitive Financial Data

Envelope with white powder, threatening note sent to Trump’s son

How Microsoft copied malware techniques to make Get Windows 10 the world's PC pest

Please don't Hillarysplain to me

Once again, no room for pacifists in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren refuses to say Clinton should release speech transcripts

Mass. GOP finds new way to raise big money

Paul Wellstone Iraq War Speech

Clinton Backers Edit Trump Ad to Make Him the Punch Line

In Cambridge, a haven for the young homeless

Lawsuit against Harvard raises questions about split of biotech royalties

Sanders candidacy benefits Clinton and the future of the Democratic Party

Baker vows to announce future out-of-state travel

Peace Now head blasts terror victim's self-defense

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison - Weather Modification Bill

Shock: Video shows Breaking the Silence apparently spying on IDF

(MO) Congressman says banks need to ‘neuter’ Warren

Congressman says banks need to ‘neuter’ Warren

Hillary Clinton officially wins Missouri after Bernie Sanders declines recount

Syria’s Kurds to declare Federal Province

Hillary Clinton officially wins Missouri after Bernie Sanders declines recount

Why do people act like trashing Hillary will make us switch to Bernie?

Dear Candidates: What’s the US Military for and What exactly do you want from the Mideast?

Climate Godzilla Stirs: Heat and CO2 Records ‘Obliterated’

-=!=- Utah For Bernie Sanders interviews Lennie Clarke from AZ (2/17/16) -=!=-

Dean Baker: How to Fight Poverty Through Full Employment

So, ok - how was that interview with Rachel? nt

Turning point: Out for chemistry

What Bernie Sanders Has Achieved

Believe it or not, my bracket would still be perfect

-=!=-Tim DeChristopher Speaks in Support of Utah for Bernie Sanders-=!=-

Geoengineering is no place for corporate profit making (Guardian)

PBS' White Supremecist Trump Supporters

10 surprising Irish words you didn't know you were using almost every day.

When Can the Government Take Away Your Guns?

There's a reason why "democratic socialism" has never actually existed.

Republicans can't stomach voting for Trumph so they are saying "nobody" wants to vote for either

-=!=- Arizona Leaders Endorse Bernie Sanders (2/11/2016) -=!=-

Sri Lanka will not allow military base for China; port city project given green light

The strategy behind China’s ADIZ in the East China Sea

-=!=- Marco Antonio Regil Supports and Stands with Bernie Sanders (2/20/2016) -=!=-

Tamir Rice and Laquan McDonald Avenged at the Ballot Box

Oregon collects $3.48 million in revenue from first month of taxed recreational marijuana sales

Pakistan’s unfinished war on terror

Friday is here! Get your PUPPY FIX, People... This time, with a wee bit of the Irish...

=!= You'll Bern With Us | Bernie Sanders =!=

‘We were just burning': Ga. man poured boiling water over gay couple as they lay in bed, police say

=!= Fighting for "You" | Hillary (Bernie Sanders Video) =!=

I skipped voting in the Florida Primary

Saw a Trump/Clinton Utah ad funded by a Republican Group

Ummm, paging Senator Sanders. CBS This Morning - None of the above (Florida)(Bernie Group)

German sub builder warns Australia of Japanese risk

Think Again Hillary Democrats: Ten Reasons Why She Could Lose this Fall

US Air Force facing drone and jet pilot shortage due to ‘insatiable demand’

Owning The Weather - Research Paper For Airforce in 1996

Reasons why Hillary will defeat Trump and be our next President

Guinea government confirms that two people have died from Ebola

Man severely ill with Lassa fever being treated at University Hospital Frankfurt

An interesting online program that may be of interest (also in DC)

Greek couple offers Syrian refugees sanctuary

You'll Bern With Us | Bernie Sanders

Finding names and peace for Vietnam's war dead

The end of VW in the US?

Former US Forest Service Scientist Testifies About Climate Engineering Contamination

Is Hillary Still the Candidate of the War Machine?

Trump: "a man's man"

Berlin presents new action plan against far-right crime

U.S. to declassify dictatorship-era files on Argentina.

German migration expert lambasts Europe for 'war against refugees'

U.S. to declassify dictatorship-era files on Argentina.

Pipe Bomb Targets Judge's Home in Southeastern Indiana

Pssssssssssssssssst - Walker passes electronic voter registration bill -with speed

A wholesome family-vacation at the "Genocide & Incest Park"

EU Slams Israel over Latest Settlement Expansion in Palestine

LobbyWOW! - It's Like a Bribe, but 100% Legal!

Interesting new Rehabilitation meme. "There are Two Donald Trumps."

How I spent My 81 Day Time Out - Part 2: Wild Asses Licked My Car

I have a week off... Where should I go?

Michael Gerson-GWB Speechwriter-Pens Amazing Anti-Trump Piece: 'It Might Be Better to Vote Hillary'

''I’m not so sure Flint is the community we want to go out on a limb for.'' -- Debbie Baltazar, EPA

Larry Drake, Emmy winner as Benny of ‘L.A. Law,’ dead at 66

Attorney-general picky and hypocritical when it comes to religious scammers.

Money and Banking-Part 8: The Private Banking Business

Chelsea Manning: government anti-leak program a 'blank check for surveillance'

Food, Housing and Time for a Sick-Out: Craig Willse, Imani Henry & Soul Fire Farm

Stop telling the kids to get off the lawn. It isn't going to help your cause.

Redaction error reveals FBI did target Lavabit to spy on Edward Snowden

Our primary system sucks

When will the US government stop persecuting whistleblowers?

question about video

Bryan Cranston's advice to actors applies well in many different types of instances

Trump Humpers!

US Marshals spent $10m on equipment for warrantless Stingray surveillance

I'll just leave these two items right here.

Man and God Met Somewhere...

US military personnel face punishment over Afghan hospital strike

Fast-Food CEO invests in machines because screw the employees

When Your Media Are ‘Disappointed’ by Opposition to Bigotry

Invasion of the American lobsters: Sweden asks EU for help

So, Bernie fans want both coddling and scorched earth.

Donald Trump talked politics with Bill Clinton weeks before launching 2016 bid

"Gordon Gekko" tells CNBC Bernie is best for economy

Boehner endorses Paul Ryan

Bernie Still Determined to Attack Hillary, Further Degrading His Own Brand

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Court Obstruction

Toshiba confirms SEC investigation as accounting woes spread to US

Listening to Montana

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Orange is the color of barf

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Looks like Labor Secretary Tom Perez is on Hillary's short list

Some Toons for the Bernie Group

=*= LIVE Stream @ 2PM Bernie Sanders Rally in Idaho Falls, ID (3-18-16) =*=

The Political Murder that Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Dark Role in Honduras

Stay Strong Bernie Sanders Campaign -

538: Primary Turnout Means Nothing For The General Election

Bernie Sanders talks Native American issues, minimum wage at Twin Arrows rally

I predict Bernie is going to do well the next few weeks.

Who does Fox "News" blame for violence at Drumpf rallies?

I'm the one that was worried about a month ago about our Baby having Downs Syndrome

Conservative author threatens Trump protesters: “Our side has guns. Behave yourselves”

Why I Have Not Endorsed Any Candidate

In Case You Missed It: Rep. Matt Cartwright Convicted Rick Snyder on Flint Water Crisis

If you don't sin

We Were Wrong

Sweetie Pie definitely meets most of the characteristics of Basenjis

Yeah, I'm cool with it.

Warren: I'm Leia, not Vader

‘The Orbit’ rounds up atheist bloggers

(UK) Hinkley Point C nuclear deal contains £22bn 'poison pill' for taxpayer

Bernie-Backing Liberal Group Apologizes For Saying Hillary “Won The Confederacy”

Merrick Garland’s record on religious freedom cases

Grassley: 'If I Can Meet With A Dictator,' I Can Meet With Garland

Upcoming Primary/Caucus States

British army losing helicopter pilots after overpayment error, files reveal

If you think that you can win the Dem nomination by insulting African Americans then....

Honduran Coup and Hillary

Simple Question about who is on whose side

Hooray! The First Eaglet has hatched at National Arboretum. The little fuzzball emerged at 8:30 a.m.

Osborne tax cuts for wealthy create £32bn headache, says thinktank

Looks like they found a way around Skinner's "no upvoted junk on the front page" ban

"Exhausting filling in all those blue LOVELY DELEGATE squares. Seems almost insurmountable."

George Osborne's budget 2016 giveaways 'mask £56bn black hole'

I happen to think Trump is unelectable

New pro-Hillary Clinton ad bites back at Donald Trump’s video that showed her ‘barking'

Pope Francis and his predecessors

7 Facts About Drugs and Addiction That Will Make You Question Everything You Know

Latin American MPs sign resolution supporting Israel and opposing boycotts

Seems we can't talk about this without being alerted on.

Bernie needs to win the rest of the contests at about 58-42. Is it possible?

Is intelligence a barrier to voting in your own self interest?

Pledged Delegate Count: H-1161, B-837 (20 from IL remain pending) Bernie needs 57.9%, H-42.1%

How To Explain Hillary Clinton’s Fundraiser With Failed Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes

Isn't it also an election-year for Congress?

Just so you know, advocating for a livable minimum wage makes you a "Social Justice Warrior"

Putin’s honouring of Syria veterans suggests wider involvement

WillyT has been banned.

Repulsive. David Duke. Trump Supporter. Reject SCOTUS Nominee Merrick Garland Because He’s a Jew

Rolling Stone: The meteoric rise and inevitable fall of the fake savior of the GOP, Marco Rubio

U.S. general named to become first woman to lead combatant command


Priest who committed suicide to have Catholic funeral services

U.S. to select first woman combatant commander in the military

Sanders on Maddow's show last night said he could win NY; new poll has him trailing by 48pt

I am appalled. I was just told that voting is a privilege, not a right.

Anonymous Official Video After Hacking Trump

Pentagon to investigate comments by former executive at rocket firm


The Purge has begun:

How Lockheed Martin's Grand Plan for the F-35 Fell Apart

Damn, they banned WillyT.

North Carolina Presidential Primaries Results by County (Interesting)


If true the Republican Convention could be a blood bath

Ex-Connecticut Governor Rowland to appeal campaign finance conviction

Lockheed Martin, Making Money the Old-Fashioned Way

Hillary News & Views 3.18: Arizona, Trump, bell hooks, Supreme Court, EPAC, Disliking Hillary

Threatening letter sent to Donald Trump's son, Eric

Did I miss the photography winners?? I voted but never saw the results?? Thanks....eom

I have to laugh when people claim Hillary Clinton has been "vetted" for two and a half decades...

HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL : Bernie Polls better then Hillary among Republicans

blood work

The EPA. Flint. How much of this is EPA's fault?

MSNBC: Sanders surprises with his super delegate switch strategy

I'm officially done with MSBNC

I vs. We -- Hillary vs Bernie

It’s hatched! Live cam shows baby bald eagle is born at the National Arboretum; No. 2 is coming

Eugene Robinson, WaPo: The GOP’s stop-Trump ‘movement’ is a pathetic joke

Hillary confidant & Clinton Foundation lawyer

Sad. Larry Drake - Benny on LA Law - has died

Neoliberals Managing the Decline of the Middle Class

GOP Race-baiting?

GOP senators start to budge on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee

Wealthy Donors Have Blown $200 Million on Loser GOP Candidates

What are our lives worth?

Where is Sabrina1? Been missing here excellent posts.

Bye, Willyt.

The payday loan family behind Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s deregulatory zeal

Air Force Strategy on UH-1N: Wait and Hurry Up

A somber moment and lesson to be learned.

Southerners Battle Over Relics Of The Confederacy

Cook Political Delegate Scorecard: Clinton at 125% of target, Sanders at 74%

Rightward shift in Regional German Elections

DirecTV Call Center Workers Join CWA


Look what I JUST found while reading the news

DirecTV Call Center Workers Join CWA

DirecTV Call Center Workers Join CWA

Syria war five years on Bringing conflict to an international level is helping to hold the ceasefire

TGIF Every-buddy!! Please join our Hillary group FRIDAY HAPPY SOCIAL HOUR THREAD

Idaho Politics Weekly: Sanders leads Clinton

Why do people act like trashing Bernie will help us build a Democratic future?

Hitler doesn't like being compared to Trump. (Conan, Sarah Silverman)

Glow cat wars

Cliven Bundy loses bid for release ahead of federal trial in Vegas

Los Angeles Police Destroy Over 3,400 Firearms

Despite $1 Billion Gap in TV Coverage Sanders Has Received 84% of the Votes that Trump Has

Pic Of The Moment: David Duke Says Donald Trump Will Make Hitler Great Again

All celebrities make a lot of money doing speaking engagements

I don't understand modern Republicans

Guido Westerwelle is dead.

This is why we have to unite behind either Sanders or Clinton

FRA Rolls Out New Railroad Crossing and Trespassing Website to Increase Rail Safety

Disconnect between (lack of news in the US on ) US and foreign media on trade deal news

It's Over Gandalf. We Need to Unite Behind Saruman to Save Middle Earth from Sauron!

Doing an end-around Skinner's ban on GD-P threads hitting the main page

538 Primary Turnout Means Nothing For The General Election

Old idea, but fun new expression.

Why would a superdelegate who has endorsed Clinton change?

Report: Clinton Changed Stance on Trade Deal After Donations to Clinton Foundation

Krugman: Republican Elite’s Reign of Disdain

I've reached the conclusion that I cannot vote for Hillary at this time.

EU, Turkey clinch deal to return migrants

I'm moving.

Gene-Editing Tool CRISPR-Cas9 Can Now Monitor And Target RNA In Living Cells

I have a suggestion for the Hillary Group.

Sanders Replaces Stump Speech with Epic Call for Native American Justice

Facepalm! NOAA should focus on weather, not climate change, says Rep. Lamar Smith

SEC says Amazon should allow shareholder vote on gender pay

The absurdity of retroactive classification in a nutshell.

Has anyone actually seen the referenced posts that got Willie T booted?

Re: the announcment you made the other day

The full Subaru Dog Ad which will make you cry

KKK tries to silence 84-year old woman who fled Nazis after she criticizes Trump

Donald Trump’s Working-Class Appeal Is Starting To Freak Out Labor Unions

Corndog lady says Clinton has "facist values"

What is a Democrat, and is it different now than ever before?

Sanders is Rocking The Dem Base heading in to the WA State Caucus!!!!

Primary Turnout Means Nothing For The General Election

Vote Sanders. Everyone else will send your kids to war.

U.S. airmen at nuclear missile base suspended over drug probe

I deadlifted 500lbs today

Jane Sanders Meets with Joe Arpaio, Trump Supporter and Racist Sheriff

U.S. unveils new charges in U.N. bribery case

WillieT Appreciation thread - For being a Loud-N-Proud Bernie Supporter!

Beyond Record Hot – “Shocking and Strange”

Anyone heard from retrowire in the last couple of days?

What are you actively doing for your chosen candidate?

Putin Says He Needs Someone to Hang If Crimea Bridge Isn't Built

A question about moving on.

Study shows 99.6% of Germans tainted by toxic glyphosate (GMO handmaiden)

More U.S. Police Officers Buying Insurance In Case Of Lawsuits, Union Says

Clinton Foundatoin Has 1100 Undisclosed Foreign Donors

Wave of Indigenous Suicides Leaves Canadian Town Appealing for Help

Bernie Sanders walks out of another interview.

Loving Vincent: A beautiful tribute to Vincent van Gogh

1984 - Sending an e-mail

Bernie Sanders and the Democratic National Convention

Brussels raids: Paris attack suspect Abdeslam 'surrounded'

Ahead of Phoenix Rally, Sanders Abruptly Ends 12 News interview

Fugitive from Paris attacks wounded in Brussels shootout: media

Ahead of Phoenix Rally, Sanders Abruptly Ends 12 News interview

it would be nice to have a way to alert on obvious trolls and zombies

Trump Freak Show

Opinion: Medicare for all is the way forward

The Politicization of Policing

Trump Freak Show

Stabbing Surge Stumps NYC Police, Sows Fear Among Residents

The Politicization of Policing

If the Republican party schism breaks wide open at their convention

Bernie loses it! Rips off mic and storms out of interview!!!!

What are you doing for Bernie (link to poll)

Sign the Petition to Arrest Donald Trump for Inciting Violence

Hispanic lawmaker rips Jane Sanders over Joe Arpaio meeting

Have you wondered what a Trump v Clinton debate would look like?

Can we dispense with the idiot notion that Bernie is responsible for policing the internet?

Chicago just stopped taxing women for having periods

Migrant crisis: Turkey and EU reach deal on returns

Out Here, No One Can Hear You Scream

Out Here, No One Can Hear You Scream

Grassley questions feds, Baltimore police in unsolved death of Fairfax teen Annie McCann

trumad, we love you!

Finland Sentences Iraqi Man in Rare War Crime Case

A Two-Part Question for DU:GDP

Oh my god...TRASH awesome!

Now that amnesty's been given, we really have to improve our security in the Lounge.

Glenn Beck to John Kasich "You...!"

I thought posts from groups were not gonna get posted in the "trending" column

How many people have you converted to Sanders by calling Hillary one-word epithets?

Top 5 Craziest, scariest Glenn Beck quotes of all time.

Apparently posting an article calling for medicare for all is now 'Hillary bashing'

For all those that made Rev. Wright an issue in 2008, get a load of Cruz's pastor!

Travel Expectations Vs Reality

The party mentality

Sanders struggles to get back on track

Jesus, down the rabbit hole into the looking glass

Source: Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam captured

DK: Hillary's Tone Deafness Towards Hispanic Voters & Clinton's Disastrous Plan Colombia:

Ed Force One damaged in ramp incident

Everything you need to know about delegate math in the presidential primary ( this is so helpful)

538: Primary Turnout Means Nothing For The General Election

Media Matters on media decline in Climate Change coverage

Bernie Sanders accuses an Arizona sheriff of ‘un-American’ tactics

Here’s how likely it is that the GOP presidential race will come down to California

I see the writing on the wall

If Rep. Gutiérrez thinks Hispanics will get better treatment from a Clinton Admin - think again

The Future of Our Country Is At Stake in This Election.

Think I will leave for awhile. I'll still contribute here.

Ben Bagdikian Knew That Journalism Must Serve the People—Not the Powerful

Chief Inspector Murphy has a birthday

American Defector From Islamic State Admits ‘Bad Decision’

Check out, posted in LBN, on Home Page, not GD-P. I must miss smthg.

Women Cite Longer Wait and Higher Costs for Abortions in Texas

Do you all have a backup forum or page you go to when

Pianist's wife held for evaluation after daughters found slain

Airzona Republic Endorsement: Hillary Clinton has the experience to lead

Who is everyone's favorite writer?

Losing a long time DU member is never good.

AP: Sen. Bernie Sanders says he still maintains a "path toward victory"

Sanders' Epic Call for Native American Justice

Bernie Sanders is about to start winning

What happens during khalwat raids? UK broadcaster joins Malaysia’s religious police in a video

Jan. jobless rates down over the year in 333 of 387 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 325

My objection to Hillary Clinton really boils down to imperialism.

CBS: Bernie Sanders takes aim at Trump backer Arpaio

I need advice about vaping.

Could you imagine the uproar if Clinton walked out of an interview. Hoo boy.

A possible future


Hints of New LHC Particle Get Slightly Stronger

Texas Game Wardens Are Now Looking For Poachers … and Terrorists

Bernie Sanders views have remained consistent

Sick of Scared Shi..... Nation

10,000 New Reasons Not To Worry About Pesticide Residues

Bernie put forth a NAFTA deal for Congress.

I was transacting a business this afternoon on the phone

Donald Dump

Which candidate is running a positive campaign

Two questions about vice-presidents:

President John Kasich...

The ageist narrative - I think it's backfiring.

7 myths about Bernie Sanders supporters

Sanchez out as UNM Lobos women’s basketball coach

Hillary MUST Answer For Honduras: Another Assassination Raises Questions Re: Coup Involvement

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 18, 2016

Ryan Bundy To Represent Himself In Court

A Future to Believe In Rally in Boise, ID on 3/21

Altercations at Trump rallies happen more often than you think

Clinton camp critical of Sanders immigration policy ---in AZ....

Sanders struggles to get back on track

Work a comment refuting the NY Times hit piece about Obama suggesting Bernie withdraw and they ...

BREAKING: GOP Reps Walberg & Chaffetz lied at #FlintWaterCrisis hearing about meeting with EPA staff

The Most Wrong-Assed Shit Bernie Sanders Ever Said

The end for rhinos? E action to help the Rhinos



The end for rhinos? E action to help the Rhinos

As Hillary Clinton Sweeps States, One Group Resists: White Men

yo Hillary handlers, here is how she handles the first debate with Drumpf

Black Dems Aren’t Turning Out For Hillary Like They Did For Obama

Sometimes David Brooks is right - "No, Not Trump, Not Ever"

A new NY poll by Emerson

Salt Lake City Utah Rally with Sanders. Then Tucson and then Phoenix!

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 18, 2016

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 18, 2016

Who Is the Hillary Voter? - Eric Sasson, TNR

Hillary Clinton Sheds Progressive Façade With Bold Rightward Lurch

HuffPost: Think Again Hillary Democrats: 10 Reasons Why She Could Lose this Fall

Crisis And Deadlock: How Ukraine’s Political Class Is Unravelling

Have millennials given up on democracy?

NY state poll: Clinton leads Sanders w/ both African American (72% to 22%);Hispanic voters (85%-8%)

When threads are being alerted on over and over again by the same people

The latest GOP conspiracy theory of my co-worker

"Hillary Has an NSA Problem"

Not all the Slime Boaters For Bush faded back into the woodwork...

The constant insulting of Obama by Bernie supporters

Clinton Betrayed Democracy, Economic Justice, and Women and Children in Honduras

Republican leader says contested convention a likely possibility

The latest GOP conspiracy theory of my co-worker

Cops say they cracked case of who egged home 100-plus times

Six of the next eight states are caucus states, which favor Bernie.

Hillary Has an NSA Problem

USA Today: "Clinton's penchant for secrecy: Our view"

Does Chemo make you sleep 16 hours at a time?

Most Urban Farmers Aren't Making a Living

AIPAC Speaker: Obama Can't Be the Anti-Christ "Because He's Not a Jew"

Nigeria's ex-defence chief raided staff salary funds

Democrats Have A Huge Voter Turnout Problem

LIMBOsevic repeated an internet joke about CARSON, what position DRUMPF promised him:

Hillary has a NSA Problem

U.S. Chamber Continues Their Assault On The Working Class

Internet Freaks Out As Woman ‘Vanishes’ During Live TV Report

Video by Derrick Jaxn, worth watching if you have a daughter or oppose sexist attitudes.

50% Of The Vote In Arizona Already Banked... And It Favors Hillary!

Tom Perez:Will This Guy Be Hillary's VP?

Bernie Sanders takes aim at Trump backer in Arizona

The Politics Hour - March 18, 2016 Kojo Nnamdi Show

Colbert's "Hungry For Power Games" Says Goodbye To Marco Rubio


The Politics Hour - March 18, 2016 Kojo Nnamdi Show


Dems' ethics bill would regulate Supreme Court conflicts of interest; Reps not supporting

=!= LIVE Stream @ 6PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Salt Lake City, UT (STARTING NOW) =!=

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Here's a question:

Exceptionally low on the priority list...

Black Men For Bernie


This should be the theme song for this election

I am feeling more confident about

Encouraging Signs in my FB Feeds

CBS News: Florida voters 'fed up' with Clinton speak out

5 YouTubers Turned Killers!

OK, DU prognosticators. Will Hillary be indicted? Officially state it for the record.

What Bernie Sanders Has Achieved

Todd Palin is really in bad shape.

Rabbis, Jewish leaders plan boycott of Donald Trump at AIPAC

Sen. Sanders letter to AIPAC: I am going to be traveling throughout the West and the campaign

Petition: Champion a WWII-scale Mobilization to Restore a Safe & Stable Climate!

Don't let anyone intimidate or shame you into not using the words of

A note from my cousin

Posture and waggle control butterfly flight

Fox 10 RAW: Jessica Flores Interviews Bernie - Flagstaff, AZ - Start @ 3:40 mark

What "Two-Party System"?

Do bonobos really spend all their time having sex?

Trump got big tax break because of N.J. golf club, report says

The Man Who Swims With Crocodiles

Nano-balls filled with poison wipe out metastatic cancer in mice

Dog believed lost at sea turns up on island used by U.S. Navy

Roald Dahl lands first ever UK No 1 with World Book Day release

Why do you support your candidate?

Mitt Romney says he's voting for Ted Cruz

Chaffetz mounts second federal pay investigation into employee bonuses

Sad Reality Stop Trump And What's Left From GOP. Just More POS Candidates.

Hillary Clinton will lose to Donald Trump

GOP's "Man With A Plan"

Jane Sanders' remarks about Arpaio

Sanders confirms he won't attend AIPAC

Free E-Book about Hillary - (CLINTON GROUP)

Australian minister says Trump phenomenon 'terrifying'

Kelly trial implcates escrow and finance companies

Native American tribe to relocate from Louisiana coast as sea levels rise

Sanders Path to Victory Blocked by Media and Party Elites, TRNN, Bill Curry

NYPD Arrests Mayor Bill de Blasio Adviser for Filming Arrest of Homeless Man

"Turn-Off the Inner Misery Machine"

Public Servant | Bernie Sanders

2016 Republican Party as it exists today

Fourteen at nuke base probed for illegal drug activity

2016 Republican Party in one cartoon

2016 Republican Party in one cartoon

Relating animal to animal

Sanders Path to Victory Blocked by Media and Party Elites, TRNN, Bill Curry

Japan to send weapons grade plutonium back to U.S. this weekend, Greenpeace says

Teen Forced to Wear Backpack Full of Rocks to Cure Her Lesbianism

Carl’s Jr. CEO Wants To Try Automated Restaurant Where Customers ‘Never See A Person’

It's my sad duty to inform the Bernie Group that Senator Sanders--wait for it--

Public Servant | Bernie Sanders

Public Servant | Bernie Sanders

Naomi Klein Takes Down Hillary Clinton: ‘I Don’t Trust Her on Climate at All’ (VIDEO)

Sanders campaign issues two entirely different excuses for walk out.

Ok it's been two weeks - time to discuss Season #4 of 'House of Cards' **spoilers**

Lesbian woman details abuse she endured as part of a Morman's "conversion therapy" program

...and that's the sound of a billion brackets breaking...

Predictit: Who will win Presidential election: Hillary: .60, Trump: .29, Sanders: .07

We're planting trees!

Jane Sanders Visits Horrific Immigrant Prison- Joe Arpaio Crashes Visit, Refuses to Answer for Abuse

Giantforte no friend of public land access (MT)

NY Times Public Editor Chastises Paper for Stealth-Editing Bernie Sanders Piece

LobbyWOW! - It's Like a Bribe, but 100% Legal!

I've got a message for Sheriff Arpaio: I stand with those who are fighting back. Watch out, Joe.

Spartan Stunner: No. 2 MSU Dropped By No. 15 Middle Tennessee

New Arizona Poll (Merrill): Clinton 50 - Sanders 24 - Undecided 26

Deaf Women for Bernie Sanders

538: Primary turnout means NOTHING with regard to the General Election

Note to Republicans: You Own Trump, You Psychopaths

Hillary is Rattling Her Saber at Trump with Possible VP Perez!

Where is Dick Cheney? Isn't it about time for the GOP to roll him out as the great soothsayer? n/t

Death In Honduras: The Coup, Hillary Clinton And The Killing Of Berta Cáceres

Death In Honduras: The Coup, Hillary Clinton And The Killing Of Berta Cáceres

Paul Krugman, Bernie Sanders and the truth about the free trade scam

Fish Tank

GOP Senator: We Should ‘Man Up And Cast A Vote’ On Obama’s Court Pick

Hillary Clinton is a bureaucrat but is she a leader?

Anyone here live in Idaho? Working on organizing for GOTC, would love input on demographics. nt

Low Ranked Teams

FBI issues safety warning to auto makers on vehicle software security

Is it now time Obama endorses Hillary ??

The Campaigns Speak to Democrats Abroad

"Clinton’s Fundraiser With Failed Theranos CEO - Scenes from the wreckage of the Democratic party"

The Onion: Ficus Expert Challenges Alabama Textbooks Stand On Evolution

Record Turnout Proof of Overseas Voter Enthusiasm

Agent: Tray Walker unresponsive, 'fighting for life' after crash

"Networks surrendered 2 Trump..ensure coverage consists primarily of single shot of his face"

Series of huge explosions rock city of Adana, Turkey

Iain Duncan Smith quits over planned disability benefit changes (UK Tory)

Arizona Republic Endorses Hillary Clinton "She has mettle...and sound judgement"

UN envoy warns of environmental activist murder ‘epidemic’

Asa Hutchinson Might Move to End King-Lee Holiday This Year (AR)

Arizona Republic Endorses Hillary Clinton "She has mettle...and sound judgement"

Has anyone heard from 99th_Monkey?

The Hill: CNN to hold five-candidate forum Monday

ICE and GEO Private Prisons Among Hillary Donors:

You want to talk "Unity"? Okay, let's talk about unity

They Are Us, We Are Them: Remembering Rachel Corrie

Mitt Romney Says He’s ‘Repulsed’ By Donald Trump, Will Vote For Ted Cruz

Kids KNOW The Truth!

He/she should know.....

Carson’s Camp Plots VP Bid

Just confirmed by the hospital- My total knee replacement surgery is on Monday

The wimmen folk have been getting a mite impertinent on The Vikings, lately.

Man, I really love Carlos Santana (the light, the love)

How Christie explains Trump prediction of 'riots,

Central America's Oldest Archeological Haul Found in Costa Rica

Central America's Oldest Archeological Haul Found in Costa Rica

Bernie Sanders: Sheriff Joe Arpaio ‘Ambushed’ My Wife

Sibel Edmonds & National Security Whistleblowers Coalitio & Why HRC Should Not Be Nominee

Florida voters "fed up" with Trump and Clinton speak out

'Super racist with kind heart' punches Jewish man

We all win when Bernie Sanders runs

This man spent 12 years digging a home that's 63 feet underground in Costa Rica—here's what it looks

This man spent 12 years digging a home that's 63 feet underground in Costa Rica—here's what it looks

‘PBS NewsHour’ Explains Controversial Report On Trump Supporter

Protestors gather in support of Durham teen scheduled for deportation

Please rank from most hawkish to least foreign interventionist: Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Cruz

Rabbis to protest Donald Trump at AIPAC summit

Oh Great, New illnesses associated with Agent Orange

Oh Great, New illnesses associated with Agent Orange X-post from GD

"Kasich not a racist egomaniac like Trump or a pinched and sleazy blowhard like Cruz, BUT..."

Ex-Connecticut governor asks court to overturn conviction

Even Republican Voters Want GOP Senators to Hold Hearings on Obama's Supreme Court Pick

Man finds racist graffiti on home near Apex (NC)

Note: a lot more coverage of Bernie on MSNBC today

What's a loving response to a libertarian friend who keeps posting Taxation is Theft on Facebook?

So Bernie said Joe Arpaio ambushed his wife. Does this look like an ambush to you?

What Lies Beneath: The First Transatlantic Communications Cables

Hillary Clinton Pleasantly Surprised After Finding Old $20,000 Donation Check In Coat Pocket (Onion)

David Corn calls out The Hill for their post on "Jewish-American Bernie Sanders."

NY foster parent charged with sexually abusing boys, dog

If Establishment Democrats can say they are liberal, the Koch Brothers can say they are liberal

One million people have donated

Thanks Bernie

I just sent in my Washington state caucus affidavit for Hillary

No Perfect Brackets

Just opened DU and the front page is again filled with pro BS & anti HRC posts.

Jailed community leader freed in Mexico

Jailed community leader freed in Mexico

Bernie raises $4 million since Tuesday, go Bernie!

The Clintons meets with War Criminals, fascists, racists, hugs and smiles, no admonishment.

New state and national poll averages put HRC well ahead in NY, PA, AZ, and CA

Luke Cage - Netflix drops first teaser for upcoming show

Now I've heard it all.

Healthcare is now a pet issue according to some

The Commune Lives


there is a thread that is being alerted on over and over again

Iain Duncan Smith sensationally resigns over George Osborne's cruel disability cuts

If Holy Cross knocks off Oregon...

E. Warren tells Nora O'Donnell to pound sand, Morning Joe team pitches a fit and

Things you hear on the radio, No. 1

The Hillary Credit Card

Bill Clinton meets with gay-hating boxer.

FULL UNEDITED VIDEO is on the 12news site, Sanders did not walk out, he sat back ...

'Millions' of Android phones vulnerable to new Stagefright exploit

Deleting my OP on the request of the group.

Why do people act like trashing Bernie will make us switch to Hillary?

Kudos to Romney

Mike Malloy - The Constant Effort To Undermine Bernie Sanders

Most Americans now oppose nuclear energy, poll finds

Who Is the Hillary Voter?

READ this tweet. My guess is at this point, Trump is getting orders to kill from his dog.

Unity is not a list of demands.

Mike Malloy - The Bernie Blackout

WillyT had me banned from the Sanders group

Why I don't believe in god.

Paul Ryan would rather you didn’t know what he was up to on taxes

Criminy. I was in Jury-Duty-Ground-Hog Day.

Call out to those who have never served on DU jury.

This is the kind of emails Bernie sends out.

Hulk Hogan wins $115 million in sex tape suit against Gawker

Some CNN pundit says he was told my someone 'in the know' that it would not be a contested

I had my first porter last night.

Hinkley Point C nuclear deal contains £22bn 'poison pill' for taxpayer

Chris Matthews floating the idea of a Republican running mate for Hillary???

General Mills to start using GMO labeling nationwide, Doubles Organic crops



Secret Service, FBI Investigating Claims That Anonymous Hacked Donald Trump

R.I.P. Steve "Seven Bridges Road" Young

Re-introducing myself

Angry about WillyT & Hillbots in general? Here's a suggestion that will send Hillbots reeling.

Ah David-when was your job ever to "report accurately on this country"? You tell lies for a living.

Life is good!

I am dressed like Mad Max - Road Warrior, feeling like I'm in a post apocalyptic

Autopsy for David Joseph shows no PCP in system (Officer Involved Shooting)

What might sink the GOP in the end:

Turn me on to some new music.

We have another first-time tournament winner!

Bernie bails on AIPAC

Could I suggest - just for a while -

Voter Suppression Is Happening Everywhere. This Institute Is Trying To Stop It.

Bernie: Idaho Falls 'Feels The Bern' - Rally! Rally! Rally!

Judges clad in protective gear visit Fukushima in class action suit

It's a gutsy move for Bernie to not speak to AIPAC.

Eight sailors hurt in accident on USS Eisenhower carrier flight deck

Unity and Division.

Bernie Sanders Walks Off Interview After Asked About Wife's Clash With Arpaio

Committee advances bill letting faith-based foster groups deny same-sex couples; senator predicts 'a

Committee advances bill letting faith-based foster groups deny same-sex couples; senator predicts 'a

Ambushing Bernie Sander's wife