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Thanks To Flint, Republicans Love EPA Rules All Of A Sudden

Facebook poster plans to boycott Hannity "just like Hanoi Jane" for posting Cruz poll numbers

René Magritte’s Early Art Deco Advertising Posters, 1924-1927

Hillary V Bernie: Flags, Pins, Money and Fashion Things!

My husband just voted for Bernie! Woohoo!

What’s the matter with Kansas? Virginia? North Carolina? Florida? Alabama? Michigan, Massachusetts?

Tech CEO threatens to pull 15,000 person convention out of Georgia if governor signs anti-LGBT law

This is why you keep a camera in the car

Here's a good chuckle for you

House Could Be In Play

Really. How fucked up ARE they?

"I'll give you 30 bucks right now to shut up, Bernie"

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Friday the 18th of March

Cheaper renewable energy has soared past nuclear power (Special to IANS)

Major Pundits: Sanders' Absence from AIPAC Is Smart Campaign Strategy & Hardly Surprise

Salt Lake City Rally

Toshiba says it may write down nuclear business, U.S. units probed

"I miss Beth. Guys, I miss Beth. I'm sorry."

Primary Turnout Means Little for General Election

Bernie Sanders Raises $4M in 3 Days! YUGE !

Bridge Trial May Prevent Trump-Christie Ticket

Hillary Clinton’s Allies Launch Plan to Undercut Donald Trump Now

We don't have to agree on anything

Berta Cáceres Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Backing Honduran Coup

Hillary Clinton to visit Seattle, Everett Tuesday

This 19-Year-Old From Flint DESTROYS Trump, Calls For Him To End Campaign

Any New Yorkers here?

An exerpt of the emails from Wikileaks, specifically between Clinton and Blumenthal

Vatican Will Replace Archbishop Who Set Up Kim Davis Meeting With Pope

Cartoon: Trump: Trust me!

Redaction error reveals FBI did target Lavabit to spy on Edward Snowden

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Clinton State Dept

Hillary the President

Greenville SC police officer killed; suspect shot, killed himself

A word about JPR...

Message about drinking today gave me a flash-back I can share.

Is the Russian Withdrawal a Message to Assad?--Patrick Cochburn

Tweety's BIG FEAR 3/18/2016

Thank you!

Trump now in the tenth grade with abusive Megyn Kelly tweets. The tenth grade, when

How has Wall Street benefited minorities?

Hillary opens up massive leads in Arizona, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania

Offshore Drilling Off the Table in the Atlantic, but What about the Gulf and the Arctic?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Encore Malloy! Uncensored & Live


News with Bernie in it now being censored from LBN?

There is a Clinton vs Trump poll on the Irish Times website.

Women's History Month/The Thatcher Awards

Think Again Hillary Democrats: 10 Reasons Why She Could Lose this Fall

Fox on Trump's "crude and sexist verbal assaults" and "extreme, sick obsession" with Megyn Kelly

Domino’s is trialling an autonomous pizza delivery robot

Spoiler-Free Review: Daredevil's Back, and Somehow Even Better Than Before

Friday Talking Points (383) -- Deconstructing GOP Absurdity

Angle to make another bid for Reid’s Senate seat

Middle Tennessee State's win over Michigan State is the biggest upset in NCAA Tournament history

Subsidization of Wall Street

<=*=> LIVE Stream @ 10PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Tucson, AZ 3/18/2016 <=*=>

First forecast for Tuesday, March 22 primaries.

(NYC) Cinnamon Snail's Trump doughnuts

North Carolina Presidential Primaries Current Results by County Map and County Totals/Interesting

(NYC) Cinnamon Snail's Trump doughnuts

Venezuela to Shut Down for a Week to Cope With Electricity Crisis

Mike Malloy Hits: Mike Explodes With Caller (2014)

Drone footage from Bernie Sanders rally in Salt Lake City also photos of the rally

Expanding Use of Recycled Water Would Benefit the Environment And Human Health

The Only Presidential Candidate That Makes Indian Country a Priority: Native People Feeling the Bern

Ocean Acidification Takes a Toll on California's Coastline at Nighttime

Cut IncomeTaxes; Increase Capital Gains Taxes?

Galapagos Lakes Reveal Tropical Pacific Climate Since Biblical Times

South America’s endless relationship with political scandal

Nature Conservation Areas No Haven for Butterflies

After worst smog in 11 years, Mexico City braces for more

China's sweeping program to restore forests across the country is working.

Bernie: "I told you, you had 4 minutes"

Water flow in Mediterranean rivers will fall by 34 percent by the end of the century

Mike Malloy Hits: Mike Destroys Another Caller (2014)

I think tRump will run as a third party candidate

'A tipping point': record number of Americans see global warming as threa

Video:What is neoliberalism? : Nonprofit Real news network has a great interview with Gérard Duménil

If you really want to be green for Earth Hour, go vegan


The only network covering the Trump protest in SLC is.............

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 20 - Charlton Heston

That was one bracket team loss that I didn't regret.

TCM Schedule for Monday March 21 - Art and Artists

GOP Politicians Planned And Participated In Key Aspects Of Refuge Occupation

Airliner crashes in Russia; 55 aboard reported dead

DU just mentioned on Twitter by Thom Hartmann re: turnout/enthusiasm

NYC Street Performance Artist Dressed Like Trump...

Hillary Clinton's State department pushed Water Privatization despite its horrible track record

ZOOTOPIA - Double Toasted Review

At this same point in 2008 .....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Is there anything in Right Wing Land that isn't in full tail spin right now?

Forest Service Considers Nestle Mountain Water Withdrawals

Interesting tidbits in this video- Sanders would be a stronger candidate in the general election.

Drone Comes Within 200 Feet of Airliner Near LA Airport

If you support HRC, how many issues are you going to be ok with her moving hard to the right on

California’s pension debt puts it $175.1 billion in the red

"Missiles incoming!"

Newest member of the Mr. President & First Lady Bald Eagle family at National Arboretum today

Bernie Sanders to hold rallies in Washington state Sunday

I am out of here y'all.

Primary turnout 'be very afraid' memes starting to develop.

Friday night buzz. No red wine tonight. This time: a Heavenly Belgian Ale.

Arby's thinks the Pope leads the Italian government.

The Filthy Smear Campaign Being Conducted Against Sanders

"Hillary Won the Confederacy": How Bernie's Campaign is Subtly Fueling Racist Rhetoric of His Suppor

Just a interesting article to read......

I alerted on a post that I was a jury member for.

Eggs Give Dessert a Spring in Its Step

Forest Service considers Nestle mountain water withdrawals

Hillary up by 48 pts in New York

Bill Maher: Trump is a white Kanye West..

Tad Devine: "We Know We're Behind" (in Arizona)

Iain Duncan-Smith has resigned after public outcry against proposed disability benefit cuts.

Hillary, the “battle tested” candidate, wins major AZ endorsement.

Black Americans lost half their wealth because of many of Hillary's Wall Street donors

Koterba toon: Chairman Senate Judiciary Committee

The past 25 years have seen the largest reduction in global inequality in human history

Trump's grammar in speeches 'just below 6th grade level,' study finds

President Trump’s Inaugural address

Longing for the promised land.

After a time away ...

The Clinton Campaign is like a giant vampire squid sucking the life out of everything it touches.

Mississippi lawmaker to voter: 'I could care less'

Trump Appoints Alleged Bundy Conspirator as Alternate Convention Delegate

Has there ever been a primary in which the candidates were narrowed down to 2, and then

'Mr. Sagebrush Rebellion' bankrolls push to seize federal land

Mitt Romney Will Be The Repugs Brokered Candidate....

Co-defendant in case involving Cliven Bundy was ordered to remain in custody pending trial

Let me see if I have this straight, Sanders "has no shot now" yet some take Fox News' side

Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Emails

Beware all "experts" who tell you something will happen.

Checking in with the REVOLUTION of Sen. Bernie Sanders And It Isn't Over

Obama to Unseal Files on Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’

MnFats has died

Fox News slams Trump, says he has an ‘extreme, sick obsession’ with Megyn Kelly

Can An LGBT Person Be Denied Medical Care From A Christian Practitioner Under Belief Laws.

Wall Street Thinks Liz Warren Is Darth Vader

Question about star membership

My Selfish Reason for hoping the Primary is still "competitive" into PA

Alabama lawmakers hear pros, cons of medicinal cannabidiol ( {CBD oil, Leni's Law}

Watching Michael Ware on Maher

Whats up with the server?

Next Roof hearing set for April 5

Superintendent responds to racist, anti-Semitic Ottoson graffiti (MA)


*The seventies/Nixon on CNN now.

Immigrants Founded 51% of U.S. Billion-Dollar Startups, Study Says

On a lighter note (in some sense), Karen and Ella.

Saving South America’s Only Bear Species

Should Donald Trump pay $30,000 back to city of Madison? (

Saving South America’s Only Bear Species

Chinese investments in U.S. hotel companies spur national security scrutiny

Madison taxpayers foot $30,000 bill for Trump appearance ( {guest opinion}

Group of state lawmakers aided the armed Oregon refuge occupiers from the beginning

"Let's Not Keep Putting Poor People Into Jail & Disproportionately Punishing Blacks!"

Say it's June 6th. 714 delegates are left to be allocated.

How to Make a Fire with a Lemon

I don't always tell them when

Any attempt to diminish the importance of a state's vote is disgusting.

Is anyone on DU interested in purchasing a college?

Naomi Klein: I don't trust Hillary Clinton

Vote Sanders. Everyone else will send your kids to war

I'm 55 in May. I'm tired. Disillusioned. Working my ASS off and getting nowhere fast.

This is the simple truth, Americans once again are being held hostage between

The sounds of crumpled NCAA brackets

To The San Patricios

Have the admins barred any Hillary supporters in the way the have Jackpine Radical, Loonix,

The Email Investigation needs to be finished before the delegates are counted

A short clip of the fearsome Secretary Clinton

Very intersting opinion piece by a Black man on the Sanders campaign

Sanders is wrong about the lawsuit we filed after our son’s murder in Newtown

Why do you feel that Democratic voters in so many of our states should not have a vote?

I've noticed something

The Republican Party Must Answer for What It Did to Kansas and Louisiana

Donald Trump: A History of Violence

It's not just about the CLASSIFICATION of the emails - it's about the CONTENT

Donald Trump: A History of Violence (Video that's gone viral on FB over the past few days)

In Colombia, second attacker sentenced in Jineth Bedoya case

Omaha Steve, Have you heard about this?

Why 2015 Was the Most Violent Year for Journalists in Mexico

Why do you feel that we are trying to prevent Democratic voters from voting?

Daily Holidays - March 19

Let's Keep It Real....

***AA Group*** Black man on Reddit explains lack of enthusiasm for Senator Sanders

House Republicans Propose Steep Cuts to Essential Health Care Programs

The 5 Questions You Won’t Hear Asked at Any Presidential Debate

Rorowitz: US Becomes Laughingstock of World for Something Other Than Gun Laws

Obama Set to Make First Visit to Cuba by Sitting US President in Almost 90 Years

Latest Leak Confirms TTIP a 'Serious Threat to Democracy as We Know It'

Mail order cannabis - is this for real?

Bernie Sanders Blows Out Donald Trump As 14,000 Show Up For Salt Lake City Rally

Interbreeding with archaic humans helped our immune system

A rare selfie that I think was a really good shot (but not because of me)

Hillary Clinton Takes Out Donald Trump And Ted Cruz With A Single Answer On CNN

Clinton's economic message, combined with skepticism about TPP, won the Rust Belt

Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders appears in court to answer charges of hate speech

Turkey: Istanbul hit by ‘suicide bomb’

Clinton needs to win 41% of remaining delegates to get nom --Sanders needs 76%!!

Keating, legislators call for expedited plant closure rules

Trooper claims state police policies encourage racial profiling

What Trump gets and what the media won't say.

Earliest ever ice-out declared on Lake Winnipesaukee

The internet black widow: Is this Canada's most dangerous woman?

Car title loaner barred from doing business in Massachusetts

At Harvard, Garland urged debate on ROTC

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for Thursday 3-17-16

At Harvard, Garland urged debate on ROTC (xpost from GD)

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for Thur 3-17-16 FIRE DWS Tim Canova FL-23

MBTA ends its late-night service this weekend

Poll: Voters back Sanders as the next commander in chief (March 15th Poll)

HUFFPOLLSTER: Prediction Markets Give Democrats A 72 Percent Chance Of Keeping The White House

Harvard Coop to sell off remaining merchandise with law school shield

Ron and Nancy were silent on AIDS but other conservatives spoke for them. 1986, William F Buckley Jr

Holy cow (slightly gross description)

AIPAC Rejects Sanders Offer to Speak via Video, as Romney and Gingrich Did in 2012

WashPost: Hillary Clinton doesn’t need white men

Surprising advice for Baker: Be more like Patrick

A discussion with a right wing climate denier

Trump's on his way to "Phoneix."

Weekly Address: President Obama’s Supreme Court Nomination

pro-drump group formed to "expose" far-leftists...

Fighting corruption is the most important issue for me in this election. What's yours?

'We're Not Scary': Atheists Seek Understanding

On Merkel, Syria, refugees, and saving the European Union

Hillary is in fact very competent, but I don't like her politics. At all.

Make America Grate Again

Breaking: Report Of High Level DNC Infiltration In N. Carolina Sanders Campaign

‘Religious liberty’ bill jeopardizes Atlanta Super Bowl bid

Asian, other G20 members fail to institute laws against ‘too big to fail’

Breaking: Report Of High Level DNC Infiltration In N. Carolina Sanders Campaign

Blowing bubbles? Chinese home prices rise at fastest rate in two years

Bad feelings over treatment of gay Catholics disrupt funeral

Weekend Toon Roundup 1- tRump

Saturday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

There will be no Unity in the Democratic Party this election

Report Of High Level DNC Infiltration In N. Carolina Sanders Campaign

Opinion: The EU's grubby and dangerous deal with Turkey

Accusations of DNC subversion of Bernie's North Carolina campaign in this video:

Berlin's refugee 'masterplan' hit with suspicion of cronyism

Risk of nuclear war in Europe growing, warns Russian ex-minister

No, Social Media Warriors. Bernie Sanders Did Not Get $23M In 'Illegal Contributions'

Republican Elite’s Reign of Disdain - Paul Krugman

Renewable energy targets may have increased emissions

Saturday morning squee

The National Review calls Trump supporters everything but White Trash

No root, No fruit.

The graffiti masterpiece that covers 50 buildings in Cairo

Nobel Prize Economist Says American Inequality Didn’t Just Happen. It Was Created.

Barney Frank schools GOP consultant after he admits high court hold-up is about party unity

'Sanders is wrong about the lawsuit we filed after our son’s murder in Newtown'

Migrants to be sent back to Turkey starting Sunday

Potter and Penniman: “The System Is Rigged Against Regular People ( Nation on the Take )

TTIP-ISDS Fracking Briefing

13) Just ask the investors in his casino company.

Thomas Frank, Listen, Liberal…!

Hillary worked with Google CEOs to keep Benghazi video from public

Hillary Clinton's Amazing Biography

There's No Place Like Home: The Right to Live in the Community for People with Disabilities, Under

B.S. attention being paid to Congressional hearing on Flint.

Some left-wing vitriol just goes too far

Franken Calls GOP Obstructionism “Absurd” And Provides Examples

Dancing Backwards & In High Heels

TiSA Is a Threat to Quality Education! : European Trade Union Committee for Education

“Kill ’em! Kill ’em!”

Risk of nuclear war in Europe growing, warns Russian ex-minister

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-18-16

Once again, if the transcripts were nothing to worry about we would have seen them by now.

And here's another must-not-miss in GDP.

Bernie Sanders Walks Off Interview After Asked About Wife's Clash With Arpaio

Uber, Lyft owe Chicago $15 million, other Chicagoland entities millions more

The Guardian: “Who can stop Trump? Republicans may have little choice but to vote Clinton”.

This Time Next Year There’ll Be A New President And We’re Going To Miss This One

What's wrong with America?

Hillary’s Moment Is Our Moment

Will the GOP allow people to carry guns at their convention this time?

Poll: Voters back Sanders as the next commander in chief

Aged Great Lakes lock could cripple US steel industry and hit manufacturing jobs

Brazil judge strips Lula of office amid mounting political crisis

'A tipping point': record number of Americans see global warming as threat

Keith Richards For President?

So if Clinton didn't send or receive classified info from her email account,

Someone needs to ask.....

Prominent Arizona Hispanics throw support behind Hillary Clinton AND.... Bill C to

Just vote for Hillary, we'll fix it later...

We should be asking ourselves these two things

WikiLeaks Accuses Facebook of Censorship in Hillary Clinton Email Release

To my fellow Hillary supporters: stop calling for unity. Let this primary process happen.

I watched the film Serpico the other night

There will be no LOLcats posted tomorrow. My apologies.

Two NEW Versions Mocking The Trump Ad

The Week End Economists take a poll position. Mar 19-20, 2016.

NYDN: Reports of Bernie Sanders campaign’s death have been greatly exaggerated — here are five reaso

No matter what, there will always be money in pimping for the right.

KING: Reports of Bernie Sanders campaign’s death have been greatly exaggerated

Mark of Cain for a cat?

Cruz bags Elliott Abrams as Co-Plotter

Not even once.

The Failed Republican model, what everyone should be talking about.

Best explanation I have ever seen of what Neoliberalism is - is provided by Gérard Duménil in this v

my son will be caucusing for bernie is utah. slc.

"Apparently, Pluto was designed by the same guy who used to design album covers for Yes ...

Latest Leak Confirms TTIP a 'Serious Threat to Democracy as We Know It'

Susan George Explains the Huge Global Wealth Transfer represented by Neoliberalism and Privatization

Clinton's economic message, combined with skepticism about TPP, won the Rust Belt

Accused killer believed he was being controlled by aliens

Bill Maher: When it Comes to Trump, Start Blaming the Self-Esteem Movement

Art Garfunkle Endorses Bernie

Bill Maher: When it Comes to Trump, Start Blaming the Self-Esteem Movement

Quite remarkable column by George Will (i know, i know)

General Mills to Start Labeling GMOs

Huge stars, 30 million times brighter than the sun, spotted by Hubble Space Telescope

Good Golly Miss Molly - look at those Unfavorables!

What is truly disturbing about the CW discussions of the campaigns. Changing her "Messaging"

Nine Hate Mongers (Besides Trump) Who Will Be Honored Guests at the AIPAC Summit

Ted Cruz Is an Anti-Muslim Bigot, Too

Saturday, March 19th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The day.

Corporate inversions are 'nothing less than a tax scam,' says Sanders

Sheriff Glenn Palmer, Linked to Oregon Occupiers, Under Scrutiny

Trump Speech: "I, I, I, I & Me"

US Uncut: Only Bernie Can Win GE and "Don't ask Bernie Supporters to Go Against Their Core Values"

A question I need to have answered about Hillary's position, please:

LAT Editorial Note to Donald Trump: A brokered convention is no reason to riot


Are We Witnessing the Beginning of a Civil War Within the Republican Party?

We need to stop letting the Republicans off the hook for Trump.

Middle school teacher fined, but will keep job after showing ISIS decapitation video to class

No, Merrick Garland Is Not to the Left of Elena Kagan

Trumpkopf fired for racist comments on social media

Polls: Trump Clobbered by Hillary Among Women, Nonwhites, Millennials

Donald Trump on Mitt Romney in Utah: "Are you sure he's a Mormon?"

A meathead supports another meathead

Sanders is wrong about the lawsuit we filed after our son’s murder in Newtown

People don't want Hillary sending more jobs to Asia and Mexico...

Is there any polling proof or stastical proof, beyond bluster, to show Sanders can take the lead?

One Wacky Former General

A couple of potheads I know.

Be sure to Recommend so...

Tiny Vermont Brings Food Industry to Its Knees on GMO Labels

Does Obama want Bernie out because Obama wants the TPP to survive?

The Trump trope I hear from talking news heads that

Guess Who

curious about treatment for lead poisoning.

Drumpf GIF too good not to share...

"Bernie or Bust" = White Privilege

Utah Feels the Bern as 14,000 Turnout for Sanders in Salt Lake City

Well past time to send this Racist Xenophobic Ammosexual to Prison. Where's the Secret Service?

Couple photos of Jane Sanders

Hillary & Bernie 2016 Pics Post Them

This has to be posted again

CNN's Jake Tapper Challenges GOP Senator: "You Must Be Thrilled Obama Followed Your Suggestion"

You know what they used to do with protesters when they "got out of line"...

NFL Warns Falcons That They Won't Get To Host A Super Bowl If Georgia Passes Anti-Gay Bill

American Experience - The Mine Wars - PBS - 01-27-2016

"A Sucker Born Every Minute"

Amy Goodman: Fascism: Can it Happen Here?

Student at elite DC prep school reports rape by ex-boyfriend

MSNBC reporting that protesters have shut down a road leading to a trump rally

#CrushTrump rally!!

Why the sleaze? I thought Hillary was a sure winner.

Our 10 most popular recipes right now. NYT

This is such a good article about the Failed Republican Model

Donald Trump modeling his new White Supremacist tie collection made by Chinese political prisoners

You Say You Want A Revolution?

Borowitz: Congress's Approval Rating No Longer Detectable by Current Technology

A week or so ago, one surgeon loosened my peg a bit.

Get ready for an unusual sight: a two-term president on the trail

2 Minutes from the Bad Seats - Bernie Sanders Blasts into Convention Center in Arizona on the 18th

What is "Third Way" & Who here supports it?

In Bizarro World - The Teaparty Never Happened

Ms Jane and Joe Arpaio the Fuckwad

NYT Business Section: Carrier Workers See Costs, Not Benefits, of Global Trade

IL State Rep.'s Daughter Charged in Opponent's Campaign Office Beating

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-18-16 FIRE DWS Tim Canova FL-23

@Bill Clinton in Phoenix & Tucson AZ Sun & a few AZ Hillary tweets -pic

Anybody get PMs from BSS trying to

Donald Trump on Mitt Romney in Utah: "Are you sure he's a Mormon?"

The Scorpion and the Frog

Body found decomposing in field identified as missing Texas girl

Obama to Unseal Files on Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’

Jeep Plows Into Protesters in Fountain Hills [Protesters Blocking Trump Rally Access]

I really don't have a problem with the demonstrators...

All we need to know about Today's GOP

Noam Chomsky - If Trump Becomes President

Wonderful Hillary Video!

Arpaio to police Trump rally: It's "going to be a lot of fun taking care of business there"

American soldier killed by 'indirect fire' near Isis stronghold of Mosul in Iraq

Enter for a chance to meet Hillary, George, and Amal at the Clooneys' home.

Tribune’s Bid for California Papers Temporarily Halted

One comet to swerve closer to Earth than any other comet in centuries

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump Mercilessly Humiliates Chris Christie To His Face

Obama to nominate U.S.’s first female combatant commander

Jeb Bush kept presidential campaign afloat with $250,000 personal loan

Constitution does not specifically ban Japan's use of nuclear weapons: Cabinet official

An Cafe - Ryusei Rocket (PV)

Old Man Looking

Planned Parenthood defund bill cites dentists as reproductive care alternative

Planned Parenthood defund bill cites dentists as reproductive care alternative

Lesson # 1 - from Al Gore

Arizona - another reason why Bernie must be our nominee.

On the lighter side (Warning Language NSFW!) The Devil Came up to Boston

It finally makes sense......

Obama’s Successor Will Likely Fill Dozens of Judicial Vacancies


From LOL to LULZ, the evolution of the internet troll over 24 years

I see that Argentina's dirty war was Hillary's fault


Earth Hour 2016 – in pictures

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein offers ‘collaboration’ with Bernie Sanders


Seriously Considering UnFriending Trump Supporters

Connecticut Moves Away From Private Insurers to Administer Medicaid Program

An ad from 1964 our nominee NEEDS to update for Trump

This scares the shit out of me?

(Neb)-Religious Exemption For Child Welfare Services Advances

"But Sanders supporters were screaming bloody murder when they assumed it would be Clinton who’d be

A Look at the Patterns of the Democratic Primary (they support a Bernie comeback)

Who Is the Hillary Voter?

Preserving the Obama Legacy

Mike Malloy - Here's Why I'm Terrified Of Donald Trump

Is Thom Hartmann a racist?

TAFTA (TTIP) Trade Deal will make any NewDeal in the future IMPOSSIBLE by globalizing US subcontract

February 2016 was the hottest month in history according to NOAA

Sanders campaign was NOT sabotaged by plants in NC. The Dem CONVENTION was here in 2012

A thread in GD:P need your political expertise

George Osborne forced to cancel photoshoot by furious disability cuts protest

Deja Vu: Clinton, Charges of Sexism, and her Changing Message

Protesters block main road to Donald Trump rally in Arizona

Breaking CNN: NYPD breaks up anti-Trump protest in Manhattan (trump tower)

Someone Is Going To Get Hurt Today

This is Soooo True...

"Mitt Romney won’t rule out accepting GOP nomination at contested convention"

Pro-Gay legislation Bernie Sanders has supported in past quarter century

Election Probability (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Sanders is wrong about the lawsuit we filed after our son’s murder in Newtown

He was in a tree by the highway in IA this morning looking for his breakfast in spitting snowfall

"Mitt Romney: Vote for John Kasich to stop Donald Trump in Ohio primary"

NY (Trump's home state; HRC's adopted one) HRC: 55% Trump: 36% Sanders: 53% Trump 36%

Mike Malloy - Mitch McConnell Shoud Be A Clerk In A Walgreens

He was in a tree by the highway in IA this morning looking for his breakfast in spitting snowfall

Romney: A vote for Kasich helps 'Trumpism'

He was in a tree by the highway in IA this morning looking for his breakfast in spitting snowfall

10,000+ at Bernie rally only 500 at Trump rally in Salt Lake City!

Line to see Bernie in Salt Lake City 7 miles long!

Koda Kumi - real Emotion.DVD

Plain Language Guide to Globalization of Services-WTO Negotiations-Disciplines onDomestic Regulation

Chicken of the Sea & Bumble Bee tuna recall

real Emotion

The Three Remaining GOP Candidates Should Scare the Hell Out of You

A young black woman's moving account of protesting at a Trump rally

TRUMP brags: "The networks are making a fortune off of me!"

“(Sanders) is the very first presidential candidate to step foot on our sacred land.

Is this a pic of MLK and Bernie together?

This Isn't US.

Rosario Dawson endorses Bernie..

NewYork** Dem poll shows Clinton 71% with a wide lead over Sanders-only 23%

Weird military-style dream last night.

Don't believe them!! There are tons of Bernie supporters!!

A quote true to this day, and probably beyond.

Discussions of Touch Screen voting machines and computer INsecurity -

Bernie supporters -- a general observation

Don't let the primary distract us from this day in 2003

Boston Globe: On the front line of the fight for $15

Sanders upcoming rallies in WA state this Sunday

Is the media giving it to the GOP by following the laws of the free market

They are following Trump in a mortorcade on the highway. On CNN. LOL!

"Funeral For a Friend" playing at Drumpf rally

Lovin it!!!! Mr Sanders Bring Us A Dream

Film Producer Tells Me Romney Story is Too Much To Absorb

Doctors group welcomes debate on ‘Medicare for All’ ( PNHP sets record straight on single payer )

embarrassing problem- humping.

Fastest way through border control

Is Sam Harris Really A White Supremacist?

HRC wants to talk with you about love & kindness

Bernie doesn't hang with these guys and I wonder why?

Simple fact - the corporate media are promoting Drumpf non-stop

Ex-Benghazi investigator drops Clinton bias claim

One thing about Trump worries me..

The hack that never took place.

BBC religion boss says UK needs to deal with ‘assertive’ anti-gay Christianity

107,000 jobs lost in Macri's first 100 days in office in Argentina.

107,000 jobs lost in Macri's first 100 days in office in Argentina.

Mexican Meatloaf

Sauerkraut anyone?

I'll give it to you that HRC is "competent" and "qualified"

How cheaters sabotage themselves, a story from my childhood:

Secret Republican blueprint for stopping Donald Trump revealed


From yesterday's rally in Utah. "7 mile line" to see Sanders


Hillary's unofficial foreign policy advisor: Then and Now

Teaser Trailer released for 'Marvel's Luke Cage' on Netflix (VIDEO)

None Of Sanders Top Earning Staff Are Women

Full Show 3/18/16: Thomas Frank on the State of the Democratic Party

Did @MSNBC @hardball_chris preempted a #HillaryClinton town hall with another #TrumpRally?!

Best kept secret of 2016: After 8 years of economic growth, most voters aren't angry

Just in: Sanders letter to AIPAC explaining he can't make it bc he's campaigning. (The other candid

Tag: Wealth Inequality

Great! Marie Le Pen, leader of France's far-right Front National, is in Quebec

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Sanders on Face the Nation)

If not 270 then the House decides

How 'ghost corporations' are funding the 2016 election.

Why won't Hillary supporters discuss the actual issues of the campaign?

He IS short-fingered.

Market Spiral Pricing of Cancer Drugs - Donald W. Light

The most wonderful movie I have ever seen... is

Small crowd for Bernie


What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 19. 2016

Buffy Sainte-Marie ' Power In The Blood' Fan Produced Music Video Documentary

So last night I had a dream that woke me up, it was pretty intense.

Hundreds Rally At Anti-Trump Protest In Manhattan

@HillaryClinton for Madison! #WINsconsin working hard for Hillary #TeamCheese

Russia: plane crash kills dozens

Clinton and SChip

This Fox Thinks She's a Dog

The oldest candidate running in the primaries is the one who represents the future

For SCE! Cheer him up & share memes for him

Reaaaaaalllly enjoying now.

"A Humongous Vampire Octopus Sucking the Life Out of Everything It Touches" ...

Post beautiful English prose and I will translate it into Trump

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 19, 2016

Evil accreditor that tried to shut down City College of SF faces its own demise


do I have a bad USPS carrier?

Election Fraud Elephant in Room May Cost Bernie Sanders Election If Not Addressed

Official: Suspects Believed Identified in Cookout Ambush

From Twitter this morning by way of Facebook.

Drumph's 'losers' are often winners in God's eyes

Justice Department Announces Resources to Assist State and Local Reform of Fine and Fee Practices

Elizabeth Warren Gives Zero F*cks After GOPer Says She Should Be ‘Neutered’

Townsend highlights Van Hollen’s work on Social Security

Trump rally In Phoenix delayed as protesters shut down roads

Huge Enthusiastic Mass Meeting For Hillary! Awesome! Spellbinding!

Yale Went Down Fighting

Cops Buy 250 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies From Berated Girls

Mom's imaginary friend more important than her son

Anderson Cooper scolds Carly Fiorina: Drumpf received more attention from CNN because unlike you

Primary Turnout Means Nothing For The General Election -

Will Hillary Clinton's Presidential Bid End In Scandal?

School Cop Destroys 15-yo Student’s Face After He Tried to Call his Mom During Lunch

From Reagan Democrat to Trump Republican

Here’s How Bernie Sanders Could Win the Nomination

Just a reminder, from Bernie Sanders, since some of you still seem to need convincing

Paris Suspect Claims He ‘Backed Out’ of Stadium Bombing, Prosecutor Says

Here's a Saturday treat: 2 recipes for onion soup with videos.

Is it just me or have Sander's supporters ratcheted up

Two Americans killed in suspected ISIS bombing in Turkey, U.S. official says

Sorry, the Idea that Civilians Control the US Military Is Pure Fantasy

Fox Figures Turn On Fox Contributor Erick Erickson For Organizing Meeting Aimed At Thwarting Drumpf

You Question Bernie? You QUESTION BERNIE!!?? Weeeee Don't NEED No stinking questioners of Bernie!!!!

A message that is powerful, ethical, positive, and exciting.

Seth Meyers Destroys GOP Claims About Voter ID Laws And Voter Fraud

Party Crasher

Since when are we the Third Way

Why should a post like this be acceptable at DU (HRC group)

Bernie Sanders Shuts Down Calls for Him to Drop Out—NOT Happening!

Anyone interested in REAL change and ensuring that President Sanders or Clinton have REAL power

What the DNC & the media does not understand about Bernie supporters.

****March Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 1****

****March Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 2****

****March Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 3****

Clinton Gains More Hawai’i Endorsements 2 articles

AlohaHillary Team Hillary getting Ready for March 26!

Can we talk about this ...

"Democracy Awakening" comes to D.C. in April

Maw, I found this here dee vice out in the hog pen, Earl was a tryin' to eat it

March Photo Contest Preliminaries are Posted in GD

Why I'm caucusing for Hillary Clinton by Jackie Biskupski, Mayor of Salt Lake City.

Worst argument against Hillary: She doesn't win the states we need in November.

7 Things You Didn't Know About the Ultra Rich

Please heed.

GOP women whisper: "I would seriously consider voting for Hillary."

When Trumpster Fire Wins The Nomination, And Releases His Wall St. Speech Transcripts...Hillary Will

Cheaper renewable energy has soared past nuclear power (in India)

I have to think the people voting for Hillary don't care all that much about corruption.

"You have to wait. We don't have enough ballots."

NY protests the Donald "Donald Trump, go away! Racist, sexist, anti-gay!"

United flies LAX to SFO on biofuel

A Closer Look at Donald J. Trump in Simple Terms

Opera singer begins aria on "Spain's Got Talent," abruptly rips into AC/DC's "Highway To Hell"

Bwah! Caption Sofia...

The world’s biggest polluter (China) is now the global leader in renewable-energy spending

Venezuela gov't says miners' massacre due to disputes among paramilitaries

=*= LIVE NOW @ 9:30PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Phoenix, AZ 3-19-16 =*=

I am finished sitting back listening to the Bernie people.

Check out the Bernie rally today in NYC! (Sarcasm)

For smart people- Free Trade Agreements

Argentine church says working to release dirty-war archives

There is a new drumbeat going on...

Argentine church says working to release dirty-war archives

Shhhhhh, Skeletons in their Closet Shhhhhhhhh

Bernie Sanders Delivers Passionate Speech on Native American Rights In Arizona

In defense of disruption

“She has the mettle to be president. The sound judgment to be commander in chief.”

I miss the likes of Molly Ivans right now. Watching the craziness that is our reality makes me long

US States’ ability to protect public health and the environment is under attack on two fronts – at h

Crowd at Utah rally chanting “Donald Trump” met with “Mr. Hate Out of Our State”

Third Way and how they are deciding the Democratic Candidate for 2016 - (Educational)

Guatemala: Another Environmental Activist Shot to Death

Guatemala: Another Environmental Activist Shot to Death

China's nuclear fusion breakthrough produces 'artificial sun'

When should putting a woman and a Clinton as president be more important than...

Hillary cameo on Broad City

US releases video of Obama with Cuba's best-known comedian

It appears it is okay to post about Bernie supporters but not Hillary supporters

Would it be possible to try something in GDP?

Saying “Hillary only won the Confederacy” isn’t just idiotic — it’s also bad for the Democratic Part

US releases video of Obama with Cuba's best-known comedian

Here's a pretty good example of a disorganized campaign:

I guess the 'revolution' is too much work in Colorado.

Solar Advocates Have Their Eyes On Low Income Communities

ClickHole: 6 Major Initiatives Barack Obama Will Champion In The Final Months Of His Presidency

The arrogance of militant Hillary supporters occur outside DU towards Bernie supporters

why are we still in Afghanistan?

Clinton vs. Trump Could Reshape the Electoral Map

Kasich’s Optimal Strategy Is to Drop Out In Key States

Very interesting piece by a Black woman on the Sanders campaign

Why we should not be worried about Trump.

Food bank fund drive in Montana ....

40 years ago yesterday - - The Man Who Fell to Earth.

What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?

Zika Virus Could Roil American Politics This Summer

Poetry, anyone?

Ok...there is NOTHING more exciting then college NCAA tournament basketball.....

I've reached a mini milestone!

The Chaos Scenario For Democrats

As NY demands paperless prescribing, doctors are mixed

McCain Faces Toughest Reelection Of His Career

Tiny Vermont brings food industry to its knees on GMO labels

New Poll Reveals What Americans Really Think About Drumpf, The Results Are Terrifying

Since HRC is going to be our nominee, which states are going to be the battleground states?

White Hillary supporter telling Black man to "Get his head out of his ass" and vote for Hillary

Flint burglary where water files stored 'an inside job,' police chief says

Lost HP Lovecraft work commissioned by Houdini escapes shackles of history

Bernie Sanders on the Border: 'We Don’t Need a Wall'

Conspiracy theories are for losers: Science explains why conservatives see sneaky cabals in every de

Not for the faint hearted or the paranoid types

Because Breakfast Needs A Champion!

Forrest fight continues MTSU talk on Confederate images (TN)

Reporter interviews Trump rally "intellectuals"

Right-Wing Terrorist Planned To Overthrow West Virginia Government With Violent Coup

This isn't about the primaries erring on safe side here...what would it take for a new party to form

Turkish Politician Stirs Controversy With Anti-Israeli Tweet

Hundreds in Baltimore, Maryland march for Bernie!!!

People, about that troll