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HRC Wins GA (with 16% of vote in HRC has 75% of the vote)

WV Legislature Blocks New Science Standards, Because Global Warming, Also Freedumb Too Derp

HRC wins Virginia!

Hillary wins Georgia and Virginia and Sanders wins VT per Cnn just now

Hillary Clinton wins Georgia, Virginia


Congratulations Sanders supporters on the Vermont Landslide

CNN exit polls call GA, and VA for Hillary. VT for Bernie.

7:00 PM GOP calls: Trump takes GA, too close to call in VA (vs Rubio) and VT (vs Kasich)

Panda the cat has protected her little brother since before he was born

Keep this information in perspective as you learn the primary results:

Oops! EU On Track To Emit 2 Billion Tons More Carbon Than Paris Pledges Demand - Guardian

MBTA: Report Confirms Operator at Fault for Runaway Train

MBTA: Report Confirms Operator at Fault for Runaway Train

San Jose Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio confirms run for Congress

California Democratic Party Women's Caucus -- "I was literally waved away like I was trash."

Donald Trump has a Press Conference (no victory speech) at 8:30 with a "surprise announcement"

Debbie Wasserman Schultz shouldn’t be welcoming loan sharks into the Democratic Party

Bernie Super Delegate, Alan Grayson, 11 points ahead of Murphy in latest poll!

(NC) Prosecutor: No Need to Overturn Transgender Restroom Rule

Donald Trump will make "a big announcement" tonight.

Payday Loan Sharks Have Good Friend in Government: Democratic Party Chair

Sanders is speaking now?

It Gets Ugly in the Startup Bust

Steve Harvey endorses Hillary Clinton

Lord Lawson's Pet Foundation Releases Climate Report, Provoking Scientific Incredulity, Laughter

And...the first votes are on the board...

Support aside, I really hate when the networks 'call' races without any vote counts being released

Does a big Super Tuesday win mean anything for Hillary?

I congratulate Bernie Sanders on his overwhelming win in Vermont

Georgia Exit Poll: 83/17 Clinton among African American voters...


Is This the End of the Establishment? Robert Reich, Feb. 23

I know it's early, but Rubio is in second in the states that have closed...

Blowback: Donald Trump Is the Price We Pay for the "War on Terror"

Top 9 Nauseating, Infuriating And Incendiary Quotes From Rick Snyder's Flint Email Dump

We've made our decisions...

Bill Clinton gives speech at polling station, breaking the law with impunity - IS HE ABOVE THE LAW?

On nights like this I can count on the Clinton News Network

Michigan lawmakers appear in court on misconduct charges

Hillary will sweep the southern states, and congrats. Eye on MA, CO, MN and OK

If Trump announces that he's running as a Third Party

Fish poachers push Mexico's endangered porpoises to brink of extinction

The lopsided numbers for Hillary in the South mean Bernie is ahead in the rest of the country.

Bernie about to speak from Vermont on CNN

Ex-officers of contracting firm face prison for work in Iraq

Establishment Backlash May Just Help Trump

hidden post

Trump vs. Haley

Police Officer, Suspect Dead After North Texas Park Shootout

Bernie Sanders speaking now...

Report: LAPD shoot blacks, mentally ill disproportionately

5 Ways the Media Is Gravely Misreading South Carolina's Democratic Primary Results

Bernie up on CNN right now.

EPA Officials Collecting Data on Flint Water Lead Levels

Bernie just announced in an email that they won Vermont...

Solid numbers now in Virginia (13.5% reported)

It will be interesting to see if MA will be "too close to call" (HRC Group)

Virginia (15% in): Clinton 66 - Sanders 34

EEOC Files 1st Sexual Orientation Discrimination Cases

Congratulations Vermont!!

Fox Does Not Cover....

Bill Clinton was campaigning right near polling place entry. Video leaves no doubt.

Bernie on CSPAN now!!!

T.I. told his 20 million + fans Facebook fans to go vote for Bernie

Bernie: tonight we are going to win many hundreds of delegates!!!

California deputies charged with organizing inmate fights

Matt Taibbi - Revenge of the Simple: How George W. Bush Gave Rise to Trump

Virginia (24% in): Clinton 65 - Sanders 35

Brian Williams at the end of Bernie's Speech

ABC News called American Samoa for Hillary

Excellent Stage Craft from Bernie Tonight!

9 Republicans Vote Against Naming Post Office After Maya Angelou

30% in

Here is the thing fellow bernie supporters

Police chief gets 4 years for taking bribes to hire ex-con

Before voting in the primary, if you can, see "Tomorrowland".

As a Democrat and a citizen of the United States living in Washington state

Harry Reid Rips GOP for Waiting on 'President Trump' for Supreme Court Pick

Nothing will end tonight.

C-Span just showed Bernie winning Vermont so far by 90+% but CNN won't show that graph

the absolute truth: the next Supreme Court Judge(s) will be brought to you by...

Rauner bypasses union leadership, wants AFSCME members to force vote on contract proposals

Rauner bypasses union leadership, wants AFSCME members to force vote on contract proposals


Hillary wins Alabama and Tennessee!

HRC Wins Alabama & TN

Rauner bypasses union leadership, wants AFSCME members to force vote on contract proposals


CNN exit polls have Bernie winning Mass and Oklahoma

Not a good day. First I find out my friend Henry Gonzalez died Now I find out that Geoff Outlaw died

Exit Polls have Bernie ahead in MA and OK

MSNBC: Clinton Staffers In Colorado Aren't Telling Sanders Supporters Where To Caucus

Hillary wins Alabama and Tennessee.

Where are the fucking NUMBERS/PERCENTAGES? .. on races "too close to call"???????

Action Corps: Tweeters ! Please tweet this

Bernie is leading in MA & OK

Zoe Saldana:Too pretty to play Nina Simone?

Virginia (54% in): Clinton 64 - Sanders 35

I'm standing in line with a growing line of people...

Bernie - Victory Speech Vermont Super Tuesday

Former US Rep. Cao enters Senate race in Louisiana

Done deal: it's going to be Trump vs Hillary

So far HRC has taken FIVE Contests tonight

University of Missouri probes 'Hitler rules' on dorm poster

Pennsylvania grand jury finds widespread sex abuse by priests

Top U.S. court set to consider contentious Texas abortion case

Ed Schultz goes off while defending Bernie Sanders during an interview on CNN.

Edit: Bernie running away with OK. MA concerning

Clinton has HUGE lead in TEXAS!

Watch, Ed Schultz Special Coverage of Super Tuesday, RT USA Live Now

First one back from caucus?

Protip for Sagebrush rebels: This land was never yours

My wife and I voted for Hillary in Austin, TX today

To everyone don't freak out about every change as updates happen (HRC now ahead in MA and OK)

Former Chesapeake CEO McClendon charged with bid-rigging of land leases

Well, there it goes-OK for Sanders--Oh well, it's been a great night for HRC (update)

They call all states with 1% or less and yet say OK and MA too close to call


U.S. group prepares Ohio ballot push for medical marijuana

Clinton now leading OK and MASS...n/t

Bernie Sanders: Myth vs. Fact

Her Sixth Win of the night--HRC wins Arkansas

Mass LIVE results....

Hillary Clinton wins Arkansas Democratic primary

Woo pig! Arkansas projected for Hillary!

Robert Reich: The GOP establishment has destroyed itself

New Mexico Gov. Martinez won't commit to voting for Trump

Clinton wins American Samoa

Edit: ABC calls MA for Hillary!! (HRC up by 2.4% 86% reporting)

Deleted by author

Bill Clinton Locking The Polls

Tonight is a serious test for M$CorporateGreedia are those voter ID laws turning out?

Donald Trump ditched free market ideology for nationalism — and it's working

Do you think Rubio will drop out? I think so.

People in OK still in line to vote after closing time

Stifling Academic Freedom, the NRA Way

San Antonio Officer Who Shot Unarmed to Be Fired

Chuck Todd Drops A BOMBSHELL:

NYT Live results has Hillary leading MA and OK

Why is my post number frozen at 662 since July 19, 2013?

FBI director: I am closely involved with Clinton email investigation

*~*~* Interactive Map - Election Results *~*~*

Massachusetts too close to call between Hillary and Bernie.

As of 8:30 pm local time...

SOLIDARITY from our ex-pats across the pond!

How can you have a political revolution when you willy, nilly write off states?

Old Dog's Back Legs Giving Out

The Tories systematically cheat in elections, says their own campaign manager

Company to Combine 6 Dailies Into 2 Publications in Bay Area

Rachel to John Lewis: Do you think Sanders OVERSOLD his civil rights experience?

Bernie Sanders wins Vermont Democratic primary

Bill Clinton did not break the law

Clinton/Warren 2016. My dream ticket.

Turkish Man Pleads Guilty in $55 Million Cyberattacks Case

Turkish Man Pleads Guilty in $55 Million Cyberattacks Case

Hillary Clinton up right now on CNN

Hilllary speaking from Miami

How Dixie Rules the GOP

The magic number is +453.

(R) House Member: Mine That Fouled Rivers Breached on Purpose

****February Photo Contest Winners****

The Big Prize of the Night--HRC wins Texas (her 7th win tonight)

The cutest interactive map on the Internet tonight.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Stupor Tuesday! & a new Kitteh gif

MN turnout at DFL caucuses seems to be very high

****February Photo Contest Winners****

CNN just called Texas for Clinton!

Fox News split screen - Hillary speech unGODLY gawdy Trump stage

Hillary Clinton wins Texas Democratic primary

Based on the results so far I think its going to be a big delegate haul for Hillary tonight.

Let's suppose two candidates are tied in a race for mayor of a city with two equal districts.

Ted Cruz won Texas...not shocked

So Slappy the Dummy wins Texas.

BREAKING: CBS News projects @TedCruz and @HillaryClinton win TX primaries:

****February Photo Contest Winners!****

Rubio is getting shut out across the board. Not a single win tonight nor throughout the entire

If it ends up being Sanders vs. Trump, should Hillary endorse Bernie in the primary?

Hillary wins Texas.

Bill in a China Shop..... in light of his antics today

Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton projected to win their respective primaries in Texas.

Venezuela's High Court Bans Congress From Removing Justices

Cruz wins Texas - Fox News

Nikki Haley response to Trump attack: 'Bless your heart'

I am proud of my candidate!

8:05pm EST: Hillary is at +175 (magic number +453).

HUGE crowd and line in Evergreen CO!!

Bernie Supporters in Minnesota

Court Orders Costa Rica to Allow in-Vitro Fertilizations

An Army of Ocean Farmers: On the Frontlines of the Blue-Green Economic Revolution

Tonight I witnessed a shameful display of voter supression in Minnesota.

Funny primary story from Tejas

HRC supporters only poll: If HRC is indicted, will you STILL support her?

They are already starting with the voter fraud in GDP

I'm calling it

It is now allowed on DU to tell Sanders supporters "F U" with impunity

Cruz will now be able to claim 3 (probably) wins vs. Trump

US Targets Puerto Rico Companies in Toxic Pesticide Case

We Found the Coolest Populist in America, and He’s Running for U.S. Senate

DCBob calls MA for Hillary!! with 75% in Hillary leads Bernie 51%-48%

Who Will Hillary Clinton Choose as Her VP? Here's a Shortlist of Potential Running Mates

So slanted against Bernie in OK

Bernie wins OK

Sanders squeaks out win in Oklahoma

For the first time in my life...

Sanders takes Oklahoma.

Bernie wins OK!

Oklahoma Just Called For Sanders

I congratulate Bernie Sanders on his win in Oklahoma

Brooks and Dunne on The Drumpf

President Obama expected to attend Rays-Cuba exhibition game

Alabama is the REAL prize of the night for Hillary

Mexican government finally drops terrorism charges against Zapatista legend Subcomandante Marcos

BERNIE SUPPORTERS IN NYC - ABC News in Times SQ 10pm see this

What stage are Bernie supporters in?

How often has the person you've supported in the primaries won the nomination?

Ted Cruz wins his home state of Texas. So he will stay in the race. Ensuring Trump will win the

Former UChicago Law Students Say Scalia Was A 'Blatant Racist' Professor

Primary story from friend in Tennessee

MSN slams Melissa Harris-Perry: "We might have found the Kanye West of cable news."

Lee Reherman, 'Hawk' on 'American Gladiators,' Dead at 49

I believe CNN blew it on one of its exit polls.

Tonight is the last bright spot in Hillary's dying campaign.

'What's happening is fascism': artists respond to Israel's 'war on culture'

How many states does Bernie need to take tonight to 'win'?

Congratulations Sanders Supporters on your win in Oklahoma!

DNC Chair Just DIRECTLY attacked Obama, Elizabeth Warren, And Everyone Who Voted For Them

My small town caucus in outstate Minnesota

Can the font on DU be altered?

Have you ever gone to Trump's website?

Congratulations to Bernie supporters on Oklahoma.

The series that will replace Downton Abbey on PBS:

Clinton now up 5 percent in Bernie's backyard, Mass.

Everybody BREATHE!

CNN says People Complaining that HRC used Bernie's speech tonight!

Trump holding a presser at Casa Gauche

My favorite place to watch the election returns...

538,bing, and I'm sure others all had Bernie losing Oklahoma

New CNN/ORC poll: Clinton, Sanders would both beat Trump

Creepy Cream Christie is only back to get sent home again!

A Large Loser is now speechifying at Trump's FL mansion

Waiting on the Bernie states: MA, MN and CO

more proof that the NY Times is anti-Sanders...

Did you see that press conference room in Trump's Florida

What happen to the cruedness from Donald?

U.S. Captures ISIS Operative, Ushering in Tricky Phase

Is it me, or does Chris Christie look like a hostage standing behind Trump? NT

Can anyone else confirm this?

Colorado just posted some numbers - HRC +6

Sanders just won the caucus in Hinsdale County, Colorado by a margin of 10 to 3.

Christie - adoring wife?


Why We Should Teach About the FBI’s War on the Civil Rights Movement

My caucus in Red Wing MN....Bernie won 343-259!!!!!!

The remaining areas of Mass

Bernie's winning Colorado by +11 ... WOOT! nt

Colorado coming in: Bernie ahead

Question about Trump's speech tonight ----

Several House Republicans Vote Against Naming Post Office After Maya Angelou

12 Peruvian Artworks That Define My Nation

Nothing more than political masturbation

Irish Labour just ran the kind of campaign the UK Labour Right wants to run in 2020

Hillary Clinton Dominates Super Tuesday Races

Mass. Live Results

We dis avow Trump all togther!


Trump Speach now-Cocaine sniff's??

Marco Rubio may be having his moment...

Racist Fascist Asshole says what? "The Great Wall of China is 13,000 Miles Long"

Overall,, it's a dark, dark night and Camp Weathervane is celebrating. . . .

Trump: I'm going to do great things for the African Americans.

(Bernie Group) Come Talk Primary Election - Independent Underground Radio LIVE

Bernie Sanders ahead in Colorado caucuses.

Google skews to the Republicans?!

10:05pm EST: Hillary is at +335 (magic number is +453).

Idiot Trump said the Blacks love me

Chris Christie looks very concerned behind Trump speaking.

Why hasn't Bernie easily won Massachusetts?

I keep thinking THIS will happen if Trump does(God forbid)get elected:

Christie is fucking stoned

Trump is on MSNBC blasting Hillary and saying it would be a disgrace if she is allowed to run.

What does the election mean to your cat?

Fuck Trump, however...when has Clinton ever had a press conference like this?

Okay, we all saw that "event" at Mar a Lago. Discuss

After tonight MSM will go hard on the narrative of the democratic race in favor of HRC but...

Mass. is too close to call for Dems

On Wall St. ties: “She knows how to earn money and keep her campaign running" --HRC voter

Why do people act like primaries are winner take all, when they are not?

I know I picked the right DFW neighborhood to live in..

Iran pledges thousands of dollars for Palestinian terrorists

Is Chris Christie the GOP's honeypot lure....meant to get the establishment some

So Christie was Trump's big surprise?

Who is a bigger ASS?

Cruz gives me the creeps.

Bernie just won my precincts caucus in Denver...

Cheers again to Tulsi Gabbard For Standing Up to the Clinton Machine!!

Until tonight I was worried the wall wasn't going to be a "serious wall"

Cruz is quoting JFK right now.

Hillary wins American Samoa.

Massachusetts: Hillary lead shrinking, now down to just +3%

The perfect logo for Hillary

Trump won't be nice to Cruz after the way Cruz ripping into him!

Hillary won Austin, TX!

I'm watching cruz's speech ...

Human-animal studies academics dogged by German hoaxers

Did I hear Cruz say Gov. Perry was a true American?

Pledged delegates as of this moment, from Huffington Pollster:

Something we all should remember. We are not our candidates.

Bernie leads in MN!

So proud of our future Madam President tonight!

I like it much much better when the repugs have their primaries on separate nites. This is torture.

There's some lunatic on TV impersonating a presidential candidate, and it's not Trump.

Minnesota - 59 - 40

FOX calls Mass for Hillary.


Bernie Sanders ahead in Minnesota caucuses.

Just returned from caucusing in south central Denver.


Guardian: It's time for the haters to get behind Hillary Clinton

Hey, maybe Christie is going to pull a "Game of Thrones" move on Trump?

Omfg msnbc- Tweety interviewing Tom Delay?!?

For anyone who still had hope that MSNBC was on their side . . . . . .

Reuters Clinton wins MASS.

Bernie can stay close and win it in ca

Trump: Ryan will get along or 'pay a big price'

Oh crap. Hot Tub Tom is on MSNBC talking to Tweety.

Now taking submissions for the DU winter photo contest

FOX NEWS has just called MA for Hillary...haven't seen any headlines.

Van Jones is reading the riot act to Trump supporter on CNN. "Trump passionately

Now taking submissions for the winter photo contest

It's time to aim the hammer and tongs at the eventual GOP nominee

Tom Delay, WOwwwwww!

The current Dem delegate far:

Wow! Van Jones on CNN just now about Trump!

Hillary Clinton Margin With Black Voters:

The most hated news station in the world has called Massachusetts for Hillary.

PSA: For those of you watching the results at NYTimes

An excellent comment from my friend AdLib

If Bernie can win 3 or even 4 states tonight, that really will be awesome news!

Everyone stop, just stop. Bernie is GOING all. It's 5 vs. 6 state wins tonight....


Denver precinct 220 went 5-1 for Bernie.

WOW!! Six newspapers issued a joint editorial calling on Christie to resign.

Sometimes I actually wish Reagan was still around and sharp and able to defend himself.

Looks like Bernie's winning 4-5 states tonight (out of 11 total). That a VERY respectable showing.

Six N.J. newspapers call on Christie to resign

Voter turnout dismal. No voter reg drives. No VRA & blatant suppression in many states.

this guy is so creepy ted cruz fired him, so where's he now? m$nbc.

How Bernie Sanders won Oklahoma

If you were watching that Trump rally, did you see the look on Christie's face? PRICELESS

My blood pressure is NOT going through the roof right now

Joe Trippi just said HRC will come out out tonight with a +216 in delegates!

When Hillary "wins" it is in Red states where Republican candidates crush her totals

Someone on twitter posted that Bernie is going to have a press conference tomorrow

Looks like Hillary won't hit viability in VT, total delegate shut out.


No results yet from Worcester

Rock meet hard place

Will Minnesota be the first (and only ) state that Rubio finally wins?

Hillary 426 PD Bernie 210 PD

Colorado Caucus Results NBC BS.


Bernie wins CO

I congradulate Bernie Sanders on his win in the Colorado caucus

Results so far tonight (including those states not decided yet):

Ted Cruz Is Celebrating Super Tuesday at an Extreme Racist's Bar

Consider this

The dude abides - four states for Sanders & MA still in the air.

The political landscape could easily change in Bernie's favor over the next few weeks

Lindsey Graham on CBS just now:

Tonight is just the beginning.....

A bully was brought to heel tonight

Is there any channel talking about the Democratic Primary?

Welcome to the political revolution Rocky Mountain High state..

I seem to recall that Ben Carson is still running for President...

Koterba toon: McConnell

Congratulations To Bernie and his supporters on your win in Colorado

Hillary won Mass!!!

Hillary Clinton wins MASSACHUSETTS!


Awesome sign...

~and the lights all went out in Massachusetts~

MSNBC is projecting Hillary the winner of MASS primary

NBC calls Mass. For Hillary

NBC calls Massachusetts for Hillary

NBC Reporting Hillary Wins Massachusetts

So....Nate Silver was right about Hillary winning Massachusetts

Marco Rubio WINS.....Minnesota (per Fox News)

BREAKING: NBC projects Clinton wins the Massachusetts Dem primary

Rachel just told Tulsi Gabbard

Bill Cosby endorses Donald Trump

Looks like little Marco is going to get his first win in MN

A wonderful showing for SuperBern on Super Tuesday. Look to the future

NYT calls Colorado for BERNIE!!!!

Who is the biggest ass in the GOP?

So, she really is doing better in red states. What are the implications of that?

Camille Bertault SINGS the sax solo from Coltrane's "Giant Steps"

Funniest Memes Mocking Donald Trump

Good night DUers! A new day starts tomorrow!

ABC calls MA for Hillary!

I am so proud Hillary Clinton carried the Bay State

I Love You Massachusetts

What A Great Night For Bernie Sanders!


Sanders wins MN!

Minnesota for Bernie

Tomorrow's DAILY NEWS cover, without comment...

Bernie WON big in two key SWING STATES tonight!

Why not count the Superdelegates?

Trump Tremendously Relieved That K.K.K. Ties Did Not Hurt Him in Alabama ---told by Borowitz

MSNBC: Clinton wins Massachusetts:

MSNBC: Clinton wins Massachusetts:

Aubrey McClendon has been indicted

Bernie's Facebook page...

Minnesota felt the BERN!! wooohooooo! Bernie did better than I expected tonite.!

Planned Russian satellite would be the 'brightest star in the sky' (Independent)

Bernie Sanders wins MINNESOTA

Inflation-hit Venezuela to print bigger bills

Be careful - Alert stalkers

Donations are going to pour in!!

Interesting analysis of all the Democratic primaries Hillary wins white vote too

Oh, Me, of little faith.

A classic disc jockey passed away!

Are there some cheerful interpretations....

I think its time to have this discussion: Has Sanders won Super Tuesday....

Paracels tough new front in U.S. battle to rein-in China's South China Sea ambitions

March is a new month. Time to grease Bernie's palm!!

In Texas Hillary carried Latino men 65-34 and Latino women 68-32

NYT Just ticked MA for Sanders - EDIT now back to HRC - interesting.

NYT calls MA for Sanders! And then takes it away.....

Good news from my precinct

One way of looking at it....

AP calls Massachusetts for SANDERS.

"And the lights all went out in Massachusetts..."

Check out the upcoming polls:

Everyone who thought Trump could not get the nomination was vastly undercounting nation's idiots

Filipino fishermen say China blocking access to South China Sea atoll: media

Could California be the kingmaker in this election?

NY Times calls MA for Sanders

The pus is getting whiter at the head of the GOPimple

History repeats itself once as tragedy, then as farce

Anybody have a link to the actual numbers of delegates gained by each candidate tonight?

US Army reveals plans to get laser weapons on the battlefield by 2023 (Independent)

AP Calling MA for SANDERS (AP screwed up...sorry)

NYT finally check marks HRC on Massachusetts

I just... I can't.

After a Year in Space, Soyuz Carrying Scott Kelly Lands on Earth

Earned delegate only-no superduperdelegates- Clinton 507 Sanders 295

Nope. Take another look. MA for Clinton.

NYTimes calls Mass. for Bernie Sanders

So much for Swami Trump

Brazil's No. 2 builder admits illegal Rousseff campaign funding: paper

NBC calls MN for Sanders.

So Trump's marrying a horse, right? That was the "big annoucement", right?

Just made a large (for me) donation to Bernie for winning Super Tuesday!!

Eliz Warren's Mass went for Hillary Clinton

Rolling Stones Announce Free Cuba Concert

Ivy League mulls banning tackles at football practices

Congrats are in order for Hillary's wins.

Hillary Clinton fundraiser with NRA and Goldman Sachs lobbyists

The people of her state have spoken, Elizabeth Warren must endorse Hillary Clinton

Interesting graphs....

Wow! What a great night for HRC (HRC group)

Five murdered youth in Mexico confused for cartel members

Big money lost tonight.

Pentagon needs data security, strong encryption: U.S. defense chief

Super Tuesday wasn't the slaughter the Clinton campaign was hoping for.

Who do you think had a better night? Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter his endorsement:

Five murdered youth in Mexico confused for cartel members


Why Trump's trade case is working for him

U.S. warns China on militarization of South China Sea

Mitch McConnell must have been choking on these words -

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter his endorsement:

Hillary Clinton Triumphs in Delegate-Rich Super Tuesday States

Fictional presidents from film or TV.

NSA chief says 'when, not if' foreign country hacks U.S. infrastructure

Hillary Clinton’s Moment

A moment of civilty

Chris Matthews, "Hillary wrapped it up"

Tweety: Hillary wrapped it tonight, the General Election has begun.

So Axelrod just said on CNN that its pretty much all over save the shouting on the Dem side.

If You Don't Vote For Bernie, Hillary Will Lose To Trump....

2008 vs 2016 Bernie is going to the Convention!!! Momentum!!

12:30 EST update Earned Delegate Count Clinton: 526 Sanders: 325

2 Bishops Hid Sex Abuse of Hundreds of Children

MA margin of victory for HRC now only 1.42%!!

Report from my caucus.

Making lemonade from lemons

Any ideas about how the final delegate breakdown will be?

George Pell and the power of indifference

Congrats to Hillary and her supporters from a Bernie supporter

Did Hillary Release The Transcripts Yet?.....

What we learned tonight.....Hillary can't win big outside of the confederacy.

Nato commander: Isis ‘spreading like cancer’ among refugees (Human rights groups disagree.)

In every Trump picture right now little Christie is poking his head in like a wannabe fanboy.

Despite devaluation touted as a reserve booster, Argentine reserves down $1.7 billion in February.

Despite devaluation touted as a reserve booster, Argentine reserves down $1.7 billion in February.

Question about OK

Travis County (Austin) goes for Bernie!

North Korea to boycott UN rights council

Shell being sued in two claims over oil spills in Nigeria

Congrats to both of our Candidates! Hillary kicked butt as usual & Bernie did better than expected.

WOW, It's Hillary For The Win, Celebrate...WOO HOO...

Russia: burka-clad nanny decapitates four-year-old child

On an unrelated note...

Republicans continue to shatter turnout records; Democrats are WAY down compared to 2008

Micah Cohen -538 "It was a super night for Clinton."

The two game changers: MSM is only talking about one of them.

Hillary's odds to win the Democratic nomination rise to 96% on Predictwise

Help me understand...why would Bernie NOT put money into so many Super Tuesday states?

Lawsuit filed to stop Gulf fish farming

delegate count

SUPER TUESDAY The night Hillary Clinton regained her inevitability

The Democrats need to be united against Trump

Colorado — After Caucus

Old ploy? Bill Clinton in polling places.

MASS now 50-49, 12:45est

After tonight Democrats in remaining primary states need to focus on TRUMP...

Hillary going after Trump tonight.

HRC's margin among AA voters was built on a slander campaign against a good man.

Petitition about Bill and MA

Lot of nastiness from some Hillary supporters tonight.

Big Surprises of the Night

I believe our state of Alabama gave Hillary the biggest percentage win

Nikki Haley FTW! Credit where it's due.

IF Bill Clinton violated election law, what's the penalty?

Argentine creditors ask U.S. judge to wait on lifting injunctions

MSNBC Was Just Discussing With Ben Ginsberg As To How To Steal The Repug Party's Nominee...

CNN Poll: Hillary Clinton is less popular than ever

Appalling treatment of a black woman at Trump rally in KY today

In honor of Bernie's tenacious showing tonight, I'm donating another $50 to his campaign

Potential Chinese satellite strategy

Congratulations to Hillary and her supporters

I congratulate Bernie Sanders on his win in the Minnesota caucus

Idaho might allow aerial wolf hunting. Please ask the Fish & Wildlife Service to prohibit it!

What explains the white support for Hillary Clinton?

Cheers to Sanders Campaign from Leonardo DiCaprio

Idaho might allow aerial wolf hunting. Please ask the Fish & Wildlife Service to prohibit it!

Umm why isn't Act Blue crashing?

A Hopefully Sane Look at the AA Margins from a Bernie Supporter

NYT: Bernie's path to victory is all but blocked.

I just love the msm - Hillary sealed up the nomination & Cruz gets to live another day becuz

So Hillary has 10 wins to Bernie's 5, but it's more like 8-2-5, if you treat Iowa and Mass as ties.

Clinton pushes Sanders to the brink

Hey you. Yeah you, behind the keyboard. Guess what.

Bernie Supporters We Won!!!!

Is Bill Clinton losing it mentally?

Is Unfair, Hillary Should Be In Prison.......

Could anyone post recent polling data for March 5th states? (Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska)

Ben Ginsberg, talking to Rachel, Brian Williams, et al. Dropping bombshells about Repub....

Didn't Hillary win the 2008 Super Tuesday as well?


A comment in response to a Boston Globe article:

Let's all unite, if only for one minute--to laugh at Sarah Palin

Bernie Sanders' victory in Minnesota: the grassroots vs elected officials

American Samoa

Why the War on Drugs is a Huge Failure

Super Tuesday Popular Vote Totals, Dems (thus far)

LOL! great comments from the (per usual) biased NY Times summary of Super Tuesday:

Boom! Hillary just hit the magic number!

Millennials, do not underestimate their influence ....

Ex-DNC official says she was warned against breaking from Clinton

Hillary's awesomely funded, establishment-backed pay-to-play shtick plays great in deep red states.

Update. Cross post from Lounge, Gofundme for my father.

Sling, not sling shot (the Y shaped thing) anyone got experience? i got Questions :-)

Guess what...the campaign didn't end on Super Tuesday.

Now that Super Tuesday is out of the way,

My precinct went 79% hillary

Hillary Clinton Declared Winner In GA, VA, AL, TN, AR, TX, MA & AS. "What a Super Tuesday!"

Official: Bill Clinton shaking hands does not violate election law

Minority Voters Push Hillary Clinton to Victories

We kicked ass tonight!

Watch As A Young Black Woman Is Repeatedly Shoved And Assaulted At A Donald Trump Rally

Official: Bill Clinton shaking hands does not violate election law

New Fears Over Russia’s Role In Syria

Michael Tomasky warns Bernie to get in line and quit attacking Hillary as she will win.

Once again, the polls were wrong

Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday speech and Vermont victory (VIDEO) Transcript

Bernie Sanders isn't promising stuff.

Van Jones loses it as he scolded Trump apologist on his dance with White Nationalists

Scholars in India demand Harvard U Press drop its well-respected editor

Hillary Clinton's Super Tuesday Speech

Samantha Bee - Midterm Snooze-fest of 2010 OMG!, Abortion TX. Style, Yeeehaw!

Congrats to both campaigns on Super Tuesday

Ted Cruz's Super Tuesday Speech

This map has a real good perspective about yesterday's primaries:

Sen. Patrick Leahy (VT) is a superdelegate

Hillary is such a depressing candidate.

Dear MSM, there is no "lack of enthusiasm" on our side

I have been on a rec marathon

Why Are Houstonians Honoring Someone Who Fought for Slavery?

As a Southern Democrat, I Am Sick of Being Labelled "Red" and "Conservative"'s entire home page does not include Bernie's name or photo. Carson? Yep. Christie? twice.

Oregon standoff: Workers find 'mess' left behind by occupiers

Results of Alaska's Republican presidential preference poll

Would Trump be winning if the media had ignored him

Ted Cruz wins Alaska. Oh boy. I was hoping he would not be second.

Daily Holidays - March 2

The 4 Patron Saints of Impossible Causes

Stop 3/5ing the vote of the AA community.

Ok so is it all over now?

Awesome Killer Mike Instagram "F these zombies"

Gulf states declare Hezbollah a 'terrorist' group

Why I'm voting for Trump (CNN 28 January)

John Oliver - All Hail Drumpf!

Real News explains what's going on

CNN is claiming that Hillary already has more than 1000 delegates...

As a white guy, I'd like to tell black people why they should support Bernie Sanders

'Stump For Trump' Girls Slam Marco Rubio Over Alleged Gay Past

Joe Biden Thanks Trump

If Bernie were preforming at the level of the RNC's Boy Wonder Rubio....

Do you know this? Liberal_Stalwart71 she just got her fifth hide.

Karl Rove Strikes Again

Jimmy Kimmel: Lie Witness News - Californians...did you vote today??

Chris Christie’s wordless screaming

President Obama expected to attend Rays-Cuba exhibition game

Clintons and the black vote

TYT: Bernie Sanders Far More Electable In Head-To-Head Polls

So the "revolution" doesn't work in the South?


yours is in the mail...

Want some hope?

Win for Open Source: SCO Court Case against Linux Hits End of Road

Utterly incredible plea on FB from right leaning acquaintance last night

The Guardian - The cold, hard truth: it's game over for Bernie Sanders

Uh-oh...‘Bernie or Bust’: Clinton can’t count on Sanders’ supporters in November

Tallahassee high-schooler reflects on Trump rally

Definition of a LEADER. This is exactly why I am voting for Bernie Sanders:

HUGELY embarrassing moment for Chris Christie at Donald Trump's Super Tuesday Press Conference!

They were right with Obama and say they have a good 80% on things

Theme ideas for the March Photo Contest

Revolutions are not popularity contests where the highest score wins.

Hamas Commander, Accused of Theft and Gay Sex, Is Killed by His Own

It's right-wing to sneer at the idea of "revolution".

We're not giving up

Killer Mike - Bernie Sanders , Hillary Clinton w/ Rickey Smiley + Democrats & Republicans

To Boost Young Voter Turnout Bernie Should Say He Will Decrim Marij

The new meme on CNN

Bernie pretty clearly won the Native American population in Oklahoma

P*O*W*E*R*F*U*L VIDEO: Killer Mike: Bernie Sanders is the Only Candidate for Black Voters

Why can there be no Appeal to a Jury Hide Post?

Lol Hillary supporters preparing for a GE loss, already blaming Bernie supporters

Senator Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike sit down with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club.

Rubio Loses 9 More States, tells Fuct Snooze his best states are yet to come

Is anyone under 60 a regular cable news viewer?

My daughters both voted in their first primaries yesterday for Bernie!!

Wall Street's big short: President Donald J. Trump

President Obama's term of office has made one thing terribly clear about today's Republicans...

Clinton won 70% of Hispanic voters in Texas.

Does anyone else thing that Super Tuesday shows weaknesses in both Democrtatic Candidates

Elections gains unlikely to shift Iran power balance fast

Why Bernie Sanders Won Super Tuesday (article by Cenk Uyger in HuffPost)

Crossovers in VA

This is where the pledged delegate count stands this morning

!!!Please Read!!!

!!!Please Read!!!

Super Tuesday winners and losers (Hillary Group)

Why are the media including super delegates in reporting Hillary's and Bernie's numbers?

Hillary brings NRA lobbyists into her circle.

On FOX and freinds this morning

538: Hilary Clinton's Got This

Syrian Drought Likely Worst In Past 900 Years - And Likely In Large Measure Anthropogenic

Hit the road, Chris Christie — or face a recall

My first Honor Badge

"I Need a Bogle for the Glotch!" - Bad Lip-Reading does Cruz!

all attempts to bring down or demoralize bernie supporters will FAIL

Cost Of Natural Disasters In Australian 50% Higher Than Thought; $33 Billion/Year By 2035 Projected

Time is on our side, yes it is!

Election officials at my polling place yesterday. The emotion was more dread than excitement

Bill Clinton - BLOCK THE VOTE

Sanders Lost Massachusetts in Boston - Very Nearly Literally

Black Votes Don't Matter?

Detailed look at policy difference between Bernie and Hillary

Barring a catastrophe, Bernie is finished.

Clarence Thomas speaks after 10 years of silence

Popular vote so far: Clinton 3,401,138 Sanders 2,240,812

Hillary is at 42% of her target

Super Tuesday puts Hillary Clinton firmly on track for the Democratic nomination

It's pretty clear now that Christie endorsed Trump after an epic night of binge drinking.

The media message appears to be... "It was a big night for Clinton"

White Supremacists Are Broadcasting From INSIDE Trump Rallies

Ben Carson is saying "people need to wake up and for vote him"!

MN and CO - what are your thoughts?

<<<-Bernie Sanders - Personality & Integrity->>>

Major 7.9 magnitude quake strikes southwest of Indonesia: USGS

What could or should be done about Bill Clinton's actions

538 - Hillary Clinton’s Got This

Axelrod tells us how he would attack Trump

43 Kurdish YPG fighters killed in Syria in battle with Islamic State

Mea culpa. Congratulations to Bernie Sanders for winning Oklahoma.

Saudi Cleric On ISIS Hit List Shot In Southern Philippines By Jason Gutierrez On 03/02/16 AT 3:05 AM

Pope to church benefactors: We don’t need your blood money

This pretty much sums up the Trump campaign:

Had to retrash the HRC forum. Their snide, crass, ugly remarks were getting to my blood pressure.

Donald Trump’s Backers Express Deep and Diverse Support

Hillary's superdelegates are worthless unless she wins a majority of the pledged delegates

I am amazed with all right wingers!

510 to 359, with 165 pledged delegates pending. It's time to come to Jesus.

Up until last night I was delighted that Trump was screwing up the Republican race

Massachusetts and Virginia were huge wins for Hillary.

Bernie supporters: What should be our one big message for today?

Screw it. DU needs a Chris Christie captioning contest right now. Give it your best:

If Hillary has it locked up, should we go disrupt the GOP primaries instead?

"I draw a blank. I'm really getting good at it." . . . Please come CAPTION Clarence Thomas!!!

David Duke:Trump Will Save America From Jewish 'Supremacists'

Trump In Training with the WWE


My message to Hillary supporters

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The Real Enemy

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Funny? Not so much....

Is It Karma Time For Kristie.......

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Super Tuesday Review

Where is the website where you can see what betting odds are...

Toon: The Wall

Trivia: France and the Netherlands share a border. Where? (nt)

Super Tuesday: HRC: 3,534,937 (61%) BS: 2,264,297 (39%)

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 214,000 Jobs in February

St. Paul, MN Ward 6 Precinct 12 Report

If God Became an SJW

Super Tuesday: HRC: 3,534,937 (61%) Bernie: 2,264,297 (39%)

Pennsylvania grand jury finds 50 Roman Catholic priests raped hundreds of children

Bernie knows it`s not just about winning.

Talking About Race In This Election

It looks to me like Hillary is actually the candidate of the people, not Bernie Sanders

My Northern CO caucus restored my faith a bit last night...a very nice cross section of Dems who

Elizabeth Warren: This report’s ‘a stunning indictment’ of the Department of Education

Hillary DU Theme of the Day

Short sci-fi recommendation

Listen to the Donald Trump voters: It has taken an ignorant demagogue to tell truth about GOP, humil

GOP "operatives" want to convince Ben that he'd enjoy being a Florida Senator more than Presidentin'

Les Moonves: Donald Trump Good for CBS!

Milo Yiannopoulos "Triggering" Rutgers Feminists & BLM supporters

Don’t be fooled: Lindsey Graham & GOP Establishment just as Crazy as Trump

New Yorker’s Toobin takes a peek at Scalia’s hunting buddy:

Will AAs sit out the GE if Bernie wins the Primary?

We've got work to do: Voters in at least five states just endorsed all of this...AND MORE

Sanders in 1995: A Brutal Assessment of Bill Clinton’s First 2 Years as President

Swing states, my friends. The polls look good for Hillary.

Climate Disruption's New Record: Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Highest Point in 15 Million Years

Super Tuesday was a good night for both Candidates

Just looking forward a bit...

Looking forward to March 15:

nytimes: "The Plot to Take Down a Fox News Analyst"

Did anyone here sit out the 2004 general election because of John Kerry's vote for the IWR,

Minority Voters Push Hillary Clinton to Victories

Obama, Biden endorse Murphy in Florida Dem Senate primary

Evidence Of Republican Delusion

Presidential Historian Allan Lictman on the Super Tuesday primaries

BBC's Super Tuesday Breakdown

Thousands attend funeral of Pakistani man who killed governor Salman Taseer

Trump Tremendously Relieved That K.K.K. Ties Did Not Hurt Him in Alabama

Christie, Dear God: What Have I Done?

The BBC's analysis of Hillary's Super Tuesday (HRC Group)

Total votes across Super Tuesday

‘I’m Trump All The Way,’ Says Man Who Will Die From Mishandling Fireworks Months Before Election

A reminder - Hillary is NOT the establishment! (Hillary Group)

I hope that everyone reads and recs bigtree's OP in GD/P.

NY Times: Sanders Campaign Will Travel On, but Path to Victory Is All but Blocked

Sports Authority files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, debts exceed $1.1B

How international news media tried to find conflict in Hamtramck’s new city council — and missed it

Upcoming Primaries & Caucuses thru March 15

Here is the upcoming primary & caucus calendar thru 3/15--your thoughts? (HRC Group)

No, it is not a badge of honor.

The results of Super Tuesday?

Black protesters punched, kicked, shoved, pushed, cursed, yelled at, spat on at Trump rally

Long Island Railroad's Snowstorm Postmortem: We Need Better Technology — And Communication Skills

Democrats see close race in Kansas between Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders

Dude, I just saw the cook spit in your burger.

Media Swears Hillary's Unstoppable Because They Know She Isn't

The Next Majority

If Hillary is nominated let's remember what this election will be about

March 2 Organizing Event & Hillary Victory Fund Concert --Katy Perry, Elton John, Andra Day

Ex-DNC official says she was warned against breaking from Clinton

Wintergatan - Marble Machine

From the other group: Consistent link between violent crime and concealed-carry gun permits

Latest HuffPost/Pollster national chart shows Hillary climbing and Bernie sinking.

If the GOP establishment denies Trump the nomination at the convention

Why I love etymology: Kerberos

Hilary wins so far not so worrisome

Robert Reich "Regardless of how well Bernie does, Media says Hillary Democratic Candidate

Why Bernie actually won Super Tuesday!

How 'bout we look at the sunny side?

Trump Supporters Violently Shove a Young Black Woman Out of Super Tuesday Rally

MH370: Possible Boeing 777 Part Found Off Mozambique

There's more than 1 way to spell "KKK" - here's Ted Carnival CRUZ's way


"Hey, who are you voting for?"

Trump supporters? Trump heads? Trumpians? Trumpiacs? What should we call them?

Mother Jones: After Super Tuesday Losses, Bernie Sanders Is in a Whole Lot of Trouble

Anyone know how much Hillary took in in donations for February?

Is this a fair way to describe Hillary on policy?

Toons perception management, Pro and Con and Super Tuesday UK

Hillary Clinton is Comfortable in Black Spaces

Hillary Clinton is Comfortable in Black Spaces

Hillary Clinton is Comfortable in Black Spaces

Donald Trump Sneaked a Decent General-Election Argument Into His Bizarre Victory Speech

Ben Stein: Former Nixon speechwriter-disparages Trump and speaks highly of Bernie and Hillary.

Bernie MORE than doubled his Jan fundraising haul in February! $42 million!

The cold, hard truth: it's game over for Bernie Sanders

Here's the next block of Primary/Caucus States...

U.S. captures ISIS operative, ushering in tricky phase

Calling Games for the Boston Red Sox a Dream Fulfilled

Why does she have to be so nasty & dismissive?

American Crime Story: Did the Real Mark Fuhrman Own a Nazi Medal? Next week he takes the 5th

Bernie's best primary states lie ahead -- but only if people turn off their televisions

Cassetteboy vs The Apprentice - Donald Trump Edition

Trump and KKK inspire meltdown on CNN starring Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord

John Conyers Suggests FBI Is Taking Advantage of San Bernardino Tragedy to Push Agenda

Melissa Harris-Perry Goes Off on Twitter: ‘Gave Into Culture of Fear at MSNBC’

The 99% needs a political party.

Loonie Lindsay

Trump is the best person.

Will Donald's VP be Christie or Cruz?

On the night of a primary, CNN is known for its comprehensive coverage of who won what, flashy graph

Super Tuesday sets the stage for a Clinton versus Trump showdown

BREAKING: The Left Turns on #ElizabethWarren, Trying to Shame Her after #Hillary’s MA Victory

Six NJ newspapers call on Gov Christie to resign

Clinton’s Southern sweep gives her a commanding lead; Sanders vows to continue

DNC Chair, DWS, Declares War On Eliz Warren: supports Rep Bill that helps Pay-Day Loan Sharks:

Mosul dam engineers warn it could fail at any time, killing 1m people

Mosul dam engineers warn it could fail at any time, killing 1m people

I propose a DU campaign............

Fox News: GOP being turned inside-out by primary battle, Hill leaders caught in the chao

Will a jury alert be helpful to Hillary supporters when...


Keiser Report: ‘Concrete Club’ of Banking Sector

Venezuela Buys Weapons As Food Shortages Become the Norm

RIP MSNBC – The Loudest Liberal Voice Has Died

CNN's Jake Tapper: This Week Hillary is Fundraising from NRA Lobbyists and Goldman Sachs in DC

Corporate Default Rate Jumps Past Lehman Moment

U.N. imposes harsh new sanctions on North Korea drafted by U.S., China

There are still two way for Sanders to win the Democratic Nomination

Obama to unveil U.S. Supreme Court nomination soon: Senator Reid

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Shouldn't Be Welcoming Loan Sharks Into the Democratic Party

538: Hillary Clinton’s Got This

Three Posts for the Price of One

Would Donald Trump Fans Support Hitler?

According to the MN Secretary of State's website Bernie won MN 63.2 to 36.05

Do you know where marbles come from?

BREAKING!!!!!! David Brock is searching the internet

A great night for Minnesota.

An example of the lies Sanders is trying to overcome:

"Tells it like it is"

Hillary Will Have March 21 Fundraiser W/ NRA

Dumb and Drumpfer

Could Google flip the election to Hillary Clinton?

Dozens of homes evacuated after train derails in New York

A plea for reason: Regardless of your favored candidate, vote Democratic this fall!

Donald Trump can, and will, if we help him, destroy GOP

Watch Chris Christie Die Inside Beside Donald Trump on Super Tuesday

Trump rallies: Only a matter of time until someone gets killed

Hillary won't be making the same mistake with Trump as the Republican Party

Chicago Tribune: Hillary Clinton's actually pretty good at this

Tech question: Is there a way to save a draft of a post within DU's system?

2008: Obama Lost Massachusetts to Hillary By 15% .....but Obama Still Won Nomination

The Clinton / Sanders primary is shaping up a lot like Rocky.

Ex-DNC official says she was warned against breaking from Clinton

DWS has still not committed to giving Bernie a prime time slot at the convention.

Florida dodges fracking bullet

i am breaking my lenten silence to ask a question:

Just to recap...

Poverty up, services diminished in Chicago's black neighborhoods - study

Baltimore's "Book Thing" destroyed in fire

Why Bernie Won Super Tuesday

Charles Pierce: There is no reason at all for Sanders to drop out now.

Louis Farrakhan on Donald Trump: 'I Like What I’m Looking At'

BMore's "Book Thing" burns down

Clinton manager Mook works out some delegate math in a new memo, making the case it'll be extremely

Not Fun With Math...

This is some stupid shit lying about history

Yesterda, Bernie lost AL by 61, AR by 36, GA by 43, TX by 32, TN by 34, and VA by 29...

Google Searches for 'How to Move to Canada' Spike After Super Tuesday Results

Neanderthals may have used manganese dioxide for fire

Simple questions - Who is more to the left? - Which way do you want the party to move?

Abortion Case Appears to Split Depleted Supreme Court

Mysterious Chimpanzee Behavior May Be Evidence of "Sacred" Rituals

POTUS Makes First SXSW Appearance

Here's how much candidates spent on each vote

Hillary Clinton’s Super Tuesday Victory Speech

hillary and her supporters need to refocus the bulk of attention on GOP/conservatives

Bernie Marches

Jordan foils 'criminal plot linked to ISIS' in deadly raid

Bernie lost African Americans, Hispanics, and women yesterday by wide margins

Palestinians turn to makeshift guns in escalation of street violence

Bill & Hillary and Laureate University, part 1

Is your naturopathic “doctor” talking about you on the Internet?

Ukrainian Pilot Resigned to Sentence in Russia

Nigerian Army Detains Christian Suspect in Church Bombing

I can't vote...

Bill & Hillary and Laureate University, part 2

new Jesus & Mo

GOP Senator (Hatch) On Trump And KKK: He's 'Inexperienced In Expressing Himself'

Prominent Mississippi civil rights activist James Figgs dies

US official: Debris from same type of plane as MH370

Bill & Hillary and Laureate University, part 3

Newly elected GOP Chair for Travix County TX, "Hillary an angry bull dyke"

Bernie carried one demographic last night: white men.

Could Google flip the election to Hillary Clinton?

The Bernie die-hards are now pinning their hopes on California.

Will the Republican party get behind its front runner?

#BundyTeaParty - Malheur Refuge Manager: 'It's One Big Mess.'

"His message simply doesn't connect

T.I. has officially endorsed Bernie Sanders!

Starting to ponder which Republican "elder statesmen" type figures will urge voting against Trump

The Revolution and the Disconnect

Central Ohio for Bernie

Hillary Clinton was the top vote-getter of both Democratic & Republican primaries.

" Sanders supporters need to stop with that “South doesn’t count” argument"

Did Clintons Copy Republican Outreach Strategy to Secure Votes?

Why is Hartmann being a bit dismissive of Bernie?

Former student: Antonin Scalia was outed as ‘blatant racist’ while teaching law

ElderGreenKid has been accepted to his dream college and been offered a partial scholarship

Onward for the people! The next 4 states- Sanders projected to win 3/4: Kansas, Nebraska, and Maine!

Melissa Harris-Perry rejects MSNBC deal in scathing farewell.

I wunder if all of the push of the idea the the race is over now and Hillary has it in the bag..

I don't know how to take this I think it's good

The fall out from endorsing Trump, NASCAR!

Supreme Court Appears Sharply Divided as It Hears Texas Abortion Case

A message for "Berners" from Tim Black!

Democratic versus Republican turnout in Super Tuesday states vs 2008

Court: Lansing Officer Has Immunity in Teen's Fatal Shooting

Collateral damage: “‘As long as it’s under 10,” a soldier said, “we’re good to take the shot.”

What demographic did #whichhillary help with since it broke the internet?

We need to switch back before the coming election to SIMPLE BALLOTS - please read, esp NJ and other

I wanted to share a photo at which I cannot stop staring

Just saw a news clipping that.....

2016 March Meme Madness - Score Update 3/2/2016 PM

Don't be discouraged by the results of what someone called Stupid Tuesday.

Hillary's got this........latest fivethirtyeight polls

Conservative economist Ben Stein revealed on Wednesday that he was considering voting for Democratic

How do you guys feel about the ART?

The Latest: Clinton Camp Says It Raised $30 Million in Feb

This is how I feel if no political party is going to represent the 99%. Help me convince

Wow! Thom Hartmann just opined that Berniebros are a bunch of

Heckler to LePage: ‘Where do you get your weed?’

Billy Boy went to FOUR polling places, not one in Massachusetts.


Intelligence community e-mail reveals "a new Pearl Harbor" type of thinking

Charles Pierce: it's time for HRC to insist that Debbie Wasserman Schultz resign.

Winning Democrat nomination needs voter coalition: Clinton campaign

GOP Billionaires Panic, Conference Call Begs For Money To Stop Trump

Dear Bernie Supporters You've Had Your Fun. Now, Hillary Wants Your Support!

Trump a 'monster' spawned by Republicans: Senate Democratic leader

Mitt Romney to Enter Race? The Establishment’s Secret Plan B to Steal Nomination from Trump

NRA-Lobbyist Will Co-Host Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton Along With Free-Trade/ Goldman Sachs ...

Are we a reality-based community? Then here is reality: Bernie Sanders Lost the Nomination Yest

GOP strategist describes how Donald Trump to be taken down (VIDEO)

I am so proud to be a citizen in Colorado

Van Jones brings CNN election night to screeching halt with awesome takedown of Trump’s KKK ‘games’

I have come to the conclusion that some people truly don't understand how the system works.

So what do you think about Bill Clinton posing with man with ballot?

1905 Precedent Lets Obama Appoint SCOTUS Judge without Consent

Senator Sanders hears from the people of Flint, Michigan

Bill Clinton even posed with man showing his ballot in MA polling place.

America, you’re stupid: Donald Trump’s political triumph makes it official- we’re a nation of idiots

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Stares Into The Abyss

Marco Rubio doesn't seem to know he's losing

Please chime in

538 Delegate Targets (Hillary Clinton Group)

Police: Teen Didn't Want to Go to School, Shoots Family

7.8-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Indonesia

'Hack the Pentagon' and Get Paid Legally in New Program

$10 Million to Hillary, From Saudi Arabia:

Romney Plans Announcement on 2016 Race Tomorrow

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-1-16

VW Rejects Allegations It Didn't Give Timely Info on Scandal

Hit the Damn Cities!

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign: Myth Vs. Fact

New climate study (by James Hansen et al) argues for carbon fee

FCC votes to “unlock the cable box” over Republican opposition

We have to call out the MSM whenever they use super-delegates as proof of HRC's inevitability.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-1-16

Teenager 'Dr. Love' Arrested on New Fraud Charges

In case you'd forgotten, Curt Schilling is still one of the planet's biggest assholes

Here's the thing about Rubio picking off Minnesota.

I kicked a hornets' nest in GD:P.

TYT: The Media Swears Hillary's Unstoppable Because They Know She Isn't

NATO commander says Russia and Syria are using migration as a weapon

Full Stream: Bernie Sanders Rally in Portland, ME 3/2/2016 [starts@2pm]

Tom the Dancing Bug nails Trump

Jimmy Kimmel - Lie Witness News - Super Tuesday Edition

U.S. bans the use of electronic cigarettes on commercial flights

The Bad News/Good News for Marco Rubio

Sanders: the "white men" candidate clearly shows up again in Texas

ACLU for Abortion Rights - Tweet Your View


EU launches emergency refugee aid scheme for Greece

For you Liberal Adult Coloring Book enthusiasts - The Notorious RBG Coloring Book

Oklahomans Cast Votes In Record Numbers In Primaries

Hey, would you mind not harrassing us

Republican Romney to make 'major speech' on 2016 presidential race: Fox

Don't Cry About Super Tuesday—Bernie Sanders Is Winning the Future

Apparently, der Drumpfenfuhrer had his fingers crossed

TYT: Media Swears Hillary's Unstoppable Because They Know She Isn't

Reminder to some - we live in a Representative Democracy. So please STOP insisting that

Mexican drug lord Guzman seeks to speed up extradition to U.S.

Mexican drug lord Guzman seeks to speed up extradition to U.S.

Anyone planning to attend a petition delivery at Grassley's offices?

Tests show no specific gastrointestinal abnormalities in children with autism

Clinton campaign memo: There's no hope for Bernie

I'd feel remiss if I didn't present this. It is musical! Takes you away.

Georgia police chief, officer arrested on false imprisonment charges

Meet the Alternative Medicine Doctor Who Uses Flint as a Marketing Ploy

How Did Bernie Sanders Turn Grumpiness Into Charm?

Shootings by LA police officers spiked by more than 50% in 2015

‘I’ve never voted for a Democrat’: Ben Stein flips support to Hillary and Bernie because of Drumpf

Can I just point out, I have an OP in GDP asking about the source of HRC's white support

Obama And Biden Endorse Centrist Dem For Marco Rubio's Florida Senate Seat

How Billionaires Use Non-Profits to Bypass Governments and Force Their Agendas on Humanity

Obama And Biden Endorse Centrist Dem For Marco Rubio's Florida Senate Seat

Obama And Biden Endorse Centrist Dem For Marco Rubio's Florida Senate Seat

Clinton has Bigger Issues than Election Math

Recent Drought in Eastern Mediterranean Was the Worst in 900 Years

Does this count as "vote suppression"?

Clinton softens tone to combat Trump's divisiveness after Super Tuesday wins

Some states matter more than others? Fine, we should be looking at swing states then


Looking Backward on the Presidency of Donald Trump

Does anyone know the polling numbers of

Carson pulling out

An Open Letter to Evangelical Drumpf Voters

I thought we as Democrats were against Revolving Door politics

J&J Lawsuit Shows How Talcum Powder Led to Ovarian Cancer

Nine GOPers Vote Against Naming North Carolina Post Office After Maya Angelou

Breaking: Ben Carson suspends campaign

Nanny Accused Of Decapitating Child Didn't Act Alone, Say Russian Prosecutors

Bernie needs to stay in, we all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California

Ben Carson to tell supporters he sees no ‘path forward’ for campaign

Big Pharma painkillers killing more Americans than all murders, war and terrorism combined

According to FiveThirtyEight and Nate Silver, Hillary is almost guaranteed of winning the next 5

A goldmine of Bernie Brochures!

No protected groups for primaries

My "WTF?" of the day, Ben Carson division...

Maybe, just maybe it is time for the DU media brigade to come

Anti-vaxxer asks question on Reddit, gets slammed big time.

Mexicans Are Disappearing From Texas in Latest Twist on Oil Bust

Hillary's Disasterous Legacy in Libya

Tribal Leaders Visit Malheur

Super Tuesday Didn't Stop Sanders's True Believers

How voters made their choices on Super Tuesday

"from the year 2ooo, upward mobility reversed itself"

Ahhh, it's CPAC season . . . . . .

Need help with Super Tuesday voter turnout numbers or % for Dems compared to 2008

Once the fascists Republicans have destroyed themselves...

Patriots fans blast Robert Kraft, Tom Brady over Donald Trump endorsement

U.S. Shoppers Heeding Loonie's Call Flock to Canada's Websites

Hillary's "Mission Accomplished" Moment in Libya

Counter-event planned for Confederate flag day in Gettysburg

"Natural News" rears it's ugly head once again...

I think the reason for Democrats low turnout

Clinton’s Best Day Is Behind Her, Sanders Adviser Says

NTSB report: Broken rail likely caused 2014 Lynchburg train derailment

De Blasio Says Clinton Need Not Disclose Her Wall Street Talks

Re: Massachusetts

Love this - pic found on twitter

GOP Rep tried to lure 14 y/o girl for sex

lets list all the ways bernie has overcome adversity in his campaign

Anecdotal evidence: stupor Wednesday edition

MSNBC Cancels Planned Show for Alex Wagner As Network Becomes Noticeably Whiter

538:----> Hillary Clinton’s Got This!!

Democrats To Clinton: Don't Laugh Off Trump Threat

Indicted Former Christie Staffer Seeks Other 'Conspirators'

Rep.Tulsi Gabbard: People Warned Me Against Endorsing Sanders

Texas Trooper Indicted Over Sandra Bland Stop Formally Fired

voting for Hillary does NOt make anyone a lowinformation voter

Texas’ Annual Roundup of the Working Poor

The Mosul Dam Is Getting Ready to Kill a Million Iraqis

US Priest Gets 17 Years for Molesting Honduran Children

US Priest Gets 17 Years for Molesting Honduran Children

With Feds' Blessing, Minnesota to Try Growing Hemp

In case you missed it: Super Tuesday translates into Clinton being up by 15 to 20 nationally

For Jobs, For Us | Bernie Sanders

Nighty night Ben Carson! Have a nice long nap!

It seems that now Thom Hartmann is backing off from supporting Bernie

Super Tuesday translates into Clinton being up by 15 to 20 nationally (HRC Group)

Pennsylvania bishops hid sex abuse by 'monster' priest for 40 years, jury finds

LOOK! I found another Trump supporter!

What CNN analyst Jeffrey Lord got very wrong in that KKK debate with Van Jones

It is not ok to link to the scam conspiracy page "Natural News!" Ever!

MPower launches #AboutUsWithoutUs to engage Muslim community in primary; hold candidates accountable

Did Minnesota Caucuses Give Sanders an Advantage?

ALL Votes Matter. Supreme Court Appears Sharply Divided as It Hears Texas Abortion Case.

Ontario Summer Camp Welcoming Syrian Refugee Girls For Free

Lawmaker accused of trying to lure teen into sex encounter

Creationist may get on Texas state Board of Education

Here's the Super Tuesday pattern: where HRC won, Dem turnout was severely suppressed.

Today's Nate's 538 Primary Polls-Only Forecast: Michigan-Hillary-96%, Bernie-4%

*****AA Group****** The cold, hard truth: it's game over for Bernie Sanders

The people that best know Bernie Sanders have spoken and they said

Jesse Matthew to serve 4 life sentences for murders of Hannah Graham, Morgan Harrington

1915-1973 | Sister Rosetta Tharpe

General background for the primary - Exit poll discrepancies in Kerry v Bush 2004

Today's Nate's 538 Primary Polls-Only Forecast: Florida-Hillary-99%, Bernie-1%

H.A. Goodman: Bernie Sanders Will Defeat Clinton in Southern States

Judge Rules That Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Cannot Block Syrian Refugees

Texas A&M racism allegations: no police action to be taken

here is a link to a E-Mail that we received at

Recently indicted ex-CEO of Chesapeake Energy dies in high speed crash, possible suicide.

Connecting the message of economic populism to social justice concerns (updated 4/10/16)

Disney Workers Forced to Train Their Foreign Replacements

A thank you to Skinner

Latino Vote Helps Bernie Sanders Surge to Victory in Colorado in Massive Democratic Caucus Turnout

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Hillary News & Views 3.2: A Very Super Tuesday!

Ben Carson "sorta/kinda" dropping out

Bernie has beaten his target in only THREE states.

Larry Fink and His BlackRock Team Poised to Take Over Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Department

The Best Way to Cook Fish

Don't forget to vote progressive down ticket, people.

If You Always do What You've Always Done, You Always Get What You Always Got

Aubrey McClendon, indicted former CEO, dead in car crash

Rep. Joaquin Castro: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for America Is About Inclusion

Trump would like to appoint Sarah Palin to the Supreme Court

Debate prep

Michigan Restricted Flint From Switching Water in Loan Deal

The Onion: Sanders headquarters smashed up by Pinkerton union busters

Ottawa: man who killed his wife in the 1950s also charged with house fires

Why Democrats didn’t feel the Bern

Noam Chomsky: Is Bernie Sanders the presidential candidate most aligned with your views?

The movement against TTIP/CETA transatlantic agreements is strengthened

Alabama Officer Charged With Murder in Fatal Shooting

Gov. Charlie Baker says he won’t vote for Donald Trump in November

Local Texas GOP chairman goes on vulgar, homophobic Twitter rant about Hillary Clinton — and fellow

Photos of Trump

Spanish Socialists defeated in first vote on coalition plan

You learn interesting stuff at Trump University

Christie’s shell-shocked look stirs mockery, befuddlement

Al Gore's Climate Optimism

The Clinton Campaign's Dirty Trick In Massachusetts

Vatican Newspaper Suggests Women Should Preach at Mass

Bernies new ad! "For Jobs, For Us | Bernie Sanders"

Sanders Campaign Headquarters Smashed Up By Gang Of Pinkerton Union Busters

Listen: Report on Colorado Caucus via community radio KGNU

interesting.....Mitt Romney To Speak Thursday On 'State Of The 2016' Race

Largest imaginable conflict of interest on health care? Let the people decide!

Harry Reid on Trump: 'Republican leaders are reaping what they've sown'

Bernie Sanders’ advisers detail path forward after Super Tuesday

Has Republican Austerity Destroyed Your City?

A Response to Super Tuesday from a Bernie Fan

Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday Speech

The real news from Super Tuesday

I love my State Senator........

Could Obama Destroy The Media Monopoly Machine?

[Michigan] House minority leader calls on Snyder to resign

In firing Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC chose white-male mediocrity over real intellect

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks Trump, the Klan, and Pooper Tuesday

Caption Contest: What is the Big Dog saying in this picture?

a little lol

I don't know if this has been asked before: Who will be tRump's VP choice?

Clinton campaign memo: There's no hope for Bernie (HRC Group)

Instant poll - from the Democratic Governors Assoc. Let em know how you feel.

Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday Speech

Interesting article on a post WWII Hiroshima food dish

Fido vs Spot — Animal vs Robot

Facebook is under fire in two of the world's biggest economies

"We Love You, Bernie!"

Tuesday Poll: A Vote for Hillary in Primary Means Likely Trump Victory in the GE

Colorado Caucus on KGNU Radio: They Threw a Democratic Party and Everybody Came

U.N. imposes harsh new sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear program

Name a song with a color in the title

Algae bloom kills millions of salmon in Chile

Connecting the message of economic populism to social justice concerns (UPDATED 4/10/16)

To me, the Democratic primaries are over. Hillary has won. Time to focus on the GE.

HRC Manipulates

Algae bloom kills millions of salmon in Chile

A Sincere Invitation to Hillary and Her Supporters

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Shouldn't Be Welcoming Loan Sharks Into the Democratic Party

Yet another study about guns and death

John Fetterman who endorsed Sanders will be great asset in PA

The Warriors are the best team in the NBA but they still got snubbed on Jeopardy

Hillary is the Free Trade Candidate: She Votes for Free Trade Deals, Despite Promises to Oppose Them

Just remember Trump swept Super Tuesday on National Pig Day.

I'm gonna' hate myself for doing this . . . .

GOP Motto 2016

Bernie's advantages from here on out

Teacher told to resign after pupil steals her nude picture

Brazil starts building snazzy new research station in Antarctica

No Shame for Bill and Hillary: Entitlement Has No Boundaries

Why The US NEEDS To Look More Like Canada On Gun Control

Brazil starts building snazzy new research station in Antarctica

White House vetting federal judge for Supreme Court nomination, report says

Bernie picks up MI endorsements from leaders in Detroit & Black Activists for time in Flint

Dems say state blocked Flint return to Detroit water

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 3 March 2016

Current Forecasts for PEAK BLOOM!

Wall Street is waiting in the wings for Hillary.

Citizen petition for Maine marijuana legalization fails

Hillary's own words on Trust in Government and the Revolving Door. Is it a wonder there are questio

President Trump? Getting ready to move to Canada?

Republican Establishment Working To Remove Donald Trump From The Ticket

Judge Jane Kelly, former public defender, one of Obama's picks for Supreme Court nomination.

Hillary for America Brings in $30 Million in February, Begins March with $31 Million On Hand

Trump Supporters, Please Take Off Your Hats & Look For Yourselves

Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

Zero Gravity

'Grecia' the injured toucan finally got his 3D-printed beak – and even his singing is better!

Important Question RE: Bernie's Chances

CNN poll pairs Clinton and Sanders against the three GOP rivals in November matchups

I see now - the Indies and Green Party

'Grecia' the injured toucan finally got his 3D-printed beak – and even his singing is better!

rest easy, my sweet vega butt

Bullhorn Billy Backed By Bankers For Hilly

NASA's Scott Kelly Grew 2 Inches: The Body After a Year in Space

Barbara Ehrenreich: Hillary's Nasty Pastorate: Networks of Radical Right-Wingers: Only Elites Matter

rest easy, my sweet vega butt

NM high court affirms breaking-and-entering conviction

Mitt Romney to make a major speech to slam the Trumpster on Thursday. CNN.

It's so warm in Alaska, the famous Iditarod dog-sled race had to ship in snow

Hillary Lost My Vote in Honduras

Hillary Lost My Vote in Honduras

The hill behind Artesa winery.

The Men of the Oscars humiliate a brilliant woman

Donna Edwards on the Bill Maher Show, 10pm, Friday 3/4

Charles Pierce: time for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to go

DROWN HTTPS Vulnerability Threatens 11 Million Open SSL Web Sites

An Essential Citizen’s Guide to the Truth About GM Crops and Food

Exclusive: Poverty Up, Services Diminished In Chicago's Black Neighborhoods - Study

No. Just....No. Liz Warren had to go on CNN to address the base.

The Clinton Dynasty Rewrites History

How Bernie Lost the Black Vote Long Before Super Tuesday

Lots of discussion out there about Bernie & race so I thought I would take a poll.

Couple Receives Atrocious Service At A Restaurant. Then, They Did The Unthinkable

The [Redacted] Truth: How the CIA Lies to Its Own Employees

Mike Malloy - Obama Can´t Compromise With This Fucks

How Putin’s Russia Gained Control of a U.S. Uranium Mine: Hillary approved it after donation

Mike Malloy - Christianity Doesn´t Make People Do Good Things

So apparently Hillary associates with fascists now...

Mitt Romney to Lay Out Case Against Donald Trump in Speech Thursday

Luckovich: Drumpf Inaugural

The Urgent Need to Save Orthodox Economists from their Crippling Myths

Boston Globe: Bernie Sanders loses like a Republican

The truth will set you free.

The Bogus Power of the Black Vote Within the Confines of the Democratic Party

"His Children, too, Learned to Feed Upon Jim Crow."

Has a progressive pundit offered a case on how Sanders can win the nomination at this point?

The math just ain't there for Bernie

fans of chicago (the band) a question.

Listen to the Donald Trump voters: It has taken an ignorant demagogue to tell truth about GOP, humil

Ted Cruz the Anti Chruzt. With Videos!

OAS Rights Commission Finds "Serious Crisis" in Mexico

U.S. NRC engineers urge fix for nuclear power stations

Some of Bernie's supporters are blaming Elizabeth Warren for his losses on Super Tuesday

Marco Rubio Just Lost the Support of Fox News (Roger Ailes)

If Super Tuesday settles everything, as GDP HRC supporters are indicating,

Survey: What is Hillary's biggest weakness and why?

Where is Mineral Man??

Boston Globe: Bill Entered Polling Stations...Was A Traffic Issue...Galvin Annoyed at Ad Hoc Rally

EDF's Board Agenda leaked - shows the horrendous mess it's in

Anna Greenburg, Democratic pollster: Berne's speech was concession.

Chaos, Riots As France Dismantles Calais Migrant Camp Called The 'Jungle'

New Poll: Mississippi Dem primary

whiskey question

Fighting For Progressive Values In Red States

Sanders Campaign Headquarters Smashed Up By Gang Of Pinkerton Union Busters

Super Tuesday, Bill Clinton's Criminal Disrespect for MA Voters, & Where Bernie Goes From Here

Clinton Foundation in Haiti - maybe this needs more exposure to see if it can be sterilized?

Politics can make very strange bedfellows.

Judge Jane Kelly?

Access to historical betting predictions?

"A real liberal revolution starts with communities of color," by kos

White House Is Said to Be Vetting Iowa Judge for Supreme Court Seat

Alright DU let's have a little fun :)

The People Who Know Me Best | Bernie Sanders

Why it’s crucial that young scientists are taught the value of being wrong

Why it’s crucial that young scientists are taught the value of being wrong

Be graceful in victory? It is hard to be graceful

My idea of open carry!

New Yorkers welcome Hillary home after a big Super Tuesday

A List, Which Will Probably Get Longer, of Violent Incidents at Trump Events

RE The term African American

"Why It Matters That Hillary Clinton Championed Welfare Reform" -- no praise for Bernie, though

I, for One, Welcome Our New Overlords!

The Most Important Exchange of Wednesday’s SCOTUS Abortion Arguments

Endoscope Maker Olympus Agrees To $646 Million Settlement Over Kickbacks

4th grade boy fears Trump presidency.

I went to the caucus last night with the intention of voting for Bernie Sanders...

Brand new Michigan Poll: HRC: 61% Bernie: 33%

PBS News Hour: "Your Numbers Are Misleading"

Brand new Michigan Poll: HRC: 61% Bernie: 33%

Mike Malloy - The Party Of Trump

Got my full diagnosis.

Billionaires Charles And David Koch Will Not Launch ‘Trump Intervention’ Against GOP Front-Runner

Near-certain Nominee Trump Domination of Super Tuesday Unavoidable

Google searches spike: ‘How can I move to Canada?’

MSNBC is at it again

Trump Junior - How appropriate

In a few minutes, @katyperry, @eltonofficial, & @AndraDayMusic will sing for #Hillary at NYC

What's for dinner? ~ Weds, March 2, 2016

Time for Bernie Sanders To Get In Line (Newsweek/Daily Beast)

New Mississippi Poll: HRC: 65% Bernie: 11%

When tRump finds out about this superpac, will the GOP be treating him "fairly?"

Turnout of voters

Independent Study Finds That Every Republican Prediction About Obamacare Was Wrong

Tea Party Lawmaker Files 454 Page Bill Redefining Marriage To Ban Gay Couples From 'Matrimony'

Bwah-ha-HAH!1 The wingnut bats**t meltdown:They elected*this*for Travis County (Austin) GOP chair!1

Back in the 80s Sanders endorsed Jesse Jackson's campaign

Black Trans Man Demarkis Stansberry Killed in Louisiana

The Christie Plan:

It's all about the Delegates. The COUNT is what counts. See the current Delegate count here!


Koch Brothers Will Not Deploy Funds Against Trump During Primaries

Great medical news for men and women:

We need more than Dem voters to win in the fall...But we don't have to move further right to get 'em

Time for Congress to Direct Completion of NAS Nuclear Power Plant Safety Study

How to Identify That Light In The Sky