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Dr. Mary's monkey

Hi Bernie gals and guys

Donald Drumpf Blasted By Noted Conservative Columnist

Election Fraud Elephant in Room May Cost Bernie Sanders Election

Dear Sanders supporters

NPR, today: Yes, Clinton's Gotten The Most Votes **OF ALL**

The Bernie Sanders Speech last week that the networks would not let our country see

A Look at the Patterns of the Democratic Primary and Why They Support a Sanders Comeback

Female animals may look drab to prevent sexual harassment

The Monuments Men on AMC now.

Bur . . .

Owning Up to Torture

A New Theory of Trump

Like it or Not, Hillary Clinton is Being More Honest with Voters Than Bernie Sanders

How Trump Dog-Whistles the Business Establishment

Barney Frank throws down with GOP strategist: “[Your] party has put itself above a functioning feder

Florida nuclear plant leaking radiation into the Atlantic

Got my wonderful

What I am listening to

Drumpf Didn’t Destroy The GOP, He’s Just Sweeping It Under The Rug

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Rebel Stakes

Barcelona star Neymar ordered to pay $52 million after being found guilty of tax fraud in Brazil.

Just some good old-fashioned kickass classic guitar rock

The vast, shrinking northern glaciers that we never even talk about

Barcelona star Neymar ordered to pay $52 million after being found guilty of tax fraud in Brazil.

Lovely compilation of President Obama's "Coolest" moments - and I will really miss him

Barcelona star Neymar ordered to pay $52 million after being found guilty of tax fraud in Brazil.

Be warned. "Contract Flipping" of house sales going on in Vancouver.

The problem with Bernie and the super delegates.

The problem with Bernie and the super delegates.

Microsoft Hired Women In Tiny Catholic Schoolgirl Outfits For a Game Developers Conference Party

Russell Begaye Praises Bernie's Stances on Native American Issues

Russell Begaye Praises Bernie's Stances on Native American Issues

Opportunity | Bernie Sanders

Just How Scary Is Donald Drumpf?

Opportunity | Bernie Sanders

Flint burglary where water files stored 'an inside job,' police chief says

Excitement grows as Large Hadron Collider hints at new particle

An idea that could secure the nomination for Hillary immediately


Austrian politician under fire for comparing refugees to Neanderthals

Republican Leaders Map a Strategy to Derail Donald Trump

Russell Begaye Praises Bernie's Stances on Native American Issues

My Darling Rosie kitty rescue by Patricia Daglish Gateshead, United Kingdom

Opportunity | Bernie Sanders

More violence at der Drumpfenfuhrer's rallies

Scientists Think They Know Why Romans Had Perfect Teeth–One Thing Was Missing from Their Diet

One Shining (Half Court) Moment

Concentration of Capital - How 37 Banks became Four in just Two Decades-Astonishing Chart

Trump’s Wife & Daughter Tell Him To ‘Act Presidential,’ sons apparently still dicks. USA!

Clinton knocks congressional Republicans over funding to fight Zika virus

What writing about death taught one woman about life

Who Were the Ancient Goths?

The NRA is Going to Make Him an Offer He Can’t Refuse

Paleolithic Bird Engraving Found in France

Hillary for Hawai'i Team getting ready for March 26

Call Me Cassandra: I am no longer worried about Hillary.

Ancient Warrior Found Buried In 2,500-Year-Old Iron Age Settlement

Even Mainstream Economists Now Say Free Trade Harms US Workers & Does Long-Lasting Harm

Public asked to propose names for the UK’s new polar research ship, guess what happens next...

The New Jersey Voting-machine Lawsuit and the AVC Advantage DRE Voting Machine

I've been here on DU since 2003. I've met a lot of enduring

Wisconsin Badgers for Hillary. Team busy work for April 7 Primary

Robert Scheer talks w/ Thomas Franks ("What's Matter w/ KS"): Clintons: "A different kind of evil"

Captive British Journalist Appears in New IS Video

BREAKING: Rubio now writing "I can't believe my eyes" titles for YouTube videos posted on Facebook

“Voting machines are among the least reliable devices on this planet.”

Foxes as Domesticated Pets

Forget the NCAA for awhile. There is a more important game on.

Guy w/ Hillary sign white-splaining to man confronting him for turning protest into Hillary rally

Hillary Made Weapons Deals w/ Countries the State Dept Condemned for Massive Human Rights Abuses

how much each presidential candidate would raise — or cut — taxes for the superrich

I'm trying to figure out the latest toxic subreddit: r/The_Donald/

Most eccentric planet ever known flashes astronomers with reflected light

In Santa Rosa, CA

Welp, time for me to take an extended break

This kid knows what it's about. . .

Lots of people love the birds in their garden, but it's rare for that affection to be reciprocated.

Video Of Bernie Predicting His Campaign Is Going Viral:

It's fair to ask campaigns to call out bad online conduct by "supporters"-and our campaign does.

Vital statistic: Number of states where 20 or more delegates gained: HRC = 9 BS = 0

Although I have retired since joining this group...

Twitter Video: In Tucson, Trump's campaign manager grabs protester by collar

If Bernie wasn't running, working people and the poor wouldn't have been mentioned in this campaign.

ANYONE who supports Sanders who would actually vote for Trump over Hillary is NOT progressive.

"Back Up!' "F*CK YOU!" "Back Up!" "F*CK YOU!" Spreadin' the love for Trump in NYC.

Couple of links to Phoenix Rally

Bobby Jindal says "the GOP is done for"!

Because of the purge that is happening here...

Temper temper Bernie! It seems he has walked out of interviews before....

Did Hillary campaign for Al Gore?

The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel with lyrics

Two birds, one stone (toon for the weekend)

Our Political System Is in the Midst of a Massive Realignment. Here’s How the Left Should Respond.

Who here uses Facebook (and Google Drive)? Get in here please.

Hillary’s Link to Honduran Violence

Hillary must answer for Honduras: Another assassination raises more questions about her involvement

Sweet 16, Baby!

Trump's inciting his supporters to violence reminds me of a quote from the philosopher Karl Popper.

If "Zootopia" was real...


How Bernie Sanders Bridged a Generational Divide

First they came for the........

What would be your mafia nickname?

My daughter is only 22.

Should it have to come down to Emperor vs Empress for president?

ANYONE who supports Hillary who would actually vote for Hillary over Bernie is NOT progressive.

What the hell happened to National Geographic?

'Moderate' John Kasich Is Actually Terrifying

How Trump Dog-Whistles the Business Establishment

In retirement, income gap worsens for women

my former student that committed suicide on the 10th can't have a funeral due to lack of funds

How committed is Clinton to ending private prisons?

The Killing Fields of Baghdad: The Case of Hillary, Layla, and "Little Deer"

It's time for some baddass solidarity!

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty Assaulted In Center City Philadelphia

MnFats has died

What is the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping tom?

I love Bob, but I don't know if I want to marry him.


Should HRC admit the US was wrong to abet and support the coup in Honduras?

Sunday of the Lord's Passion or Palm Sunday.

CNN to hold five-candidate forum Monday


John YOO & TOENSING on BookTV, so *concerned* about "government expansion"!1

Anyone who would vote for Bernie but not for Hillary

Missouri Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer: ‘Find a way to neuter Elizabeth Warren’

BMX Biker Climbs to Save Two Kittens Stuck in Tree

Clinton Campaign Boosted By More Rumors And Dishonest Attacks Against Sanders

Two generations between Bernie....and say, Bobby Kennedy.....

Are you going to let them do this to my future?

Admirable Nelson

Trump’s health plan folly

You know what Trump would be good for the country at?

The FDA quietly changed the rules to block the next Martin Shkreli

WATCH: Protester at Trump rally receives an unexpected blow

Reuters Poll: Voters Back Sanders As Next Commander-In-Chief...

Get the Reds! Socialism is dangerous!

Bernie Sanders attracts thousands to Tucson rally

DRUMPF has a nefarious reason for everything, why he serves Wendy's on his personal jet

Regarding Donny Jingles, is there a precedent for a candidate getting violent protests?

FUCK TRUMP-Come Together Right Now.....

Uncovering the mystery of very early humans in New Mexico

Topless Woman Interrupts Bernie Sanders's Rally! She Was There to Protest Donald Trump

Ancient bones from 2000 BC discovered in Antrim pub challenge everything we thought we knew about Ir

A man poured boiling water on a gay couple. Georgia won't charge him with a hate crime.

Meet Milo the ASD assisting Robot

Bernie Sanders may go down in history as the most dishonest presidential candidate we’ve ever had.

College in Samoa closed after violent brawl


Have you ever had deceased relatives show up in your deams?

On eve of historic visit, Cuba prepares for 'Hurricane Obama' -- and Mick Jagger too

VERY important bill could correct social security shortfall for many Americans.

Bernie needs to expose Trump's BIG LIE on Trade Agreements

If HRC gets nominated, she'll lose if she reduces her pitch to "it's enough that I'm not Trump".

So what is Bernie doing wrong?

He's got a honey jar stuck on his nose ...

Bernie will not be HRC's running mate.

Thousands cheer on Bernie Sanders

Dog arrested for chasing cat

"I'm Angry! So I'm Voting For Donald Trump!" Andrew Klaven

Obama appears on Cuban comedy show

I've never personally met a more cold hearted ass

Scott Baio: 'I Want Trump To Go Into Washington and Blow It Up'

Breaking down the Detroit Public Schools rescue plan

has this been posted yet?

People are already sleeping outside the venue for Bernie rally Sunday!

For those of you getting snow and wintry mix this weekend - Pitbull

Upwards of 50,000 people attend Bernie rally in Utah, MSM says

As Hillary Clinton Sweeps States, One Group Resists: White Men

Post squee here to cheer up SalmonChantedEvening

Hillary Clinton is a True Blue Democrat..

Israel Needs Breaking the Silence

This Democratic Nomination Fight is Simple


Angela Davis on Bernie Sanders

Let's start emailing, twitting, facebooking, calling people, do everything you can for Bernie !

Daily Holidays - March 20

Erin Brockovich has a map of 10,000 US communities with poisoned water

Is Hillary campaigning in AZ, ID or UT?

Former Executive of Defense Contractor Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison for $30 Million Fraud Scheme

Man Struck In Drag Racing Hit-And-Run Crash In Boston’s Back Bay

I went to the Bernie rally tonite in Phoenix. And I have something to say to the media.

The Greenway Is Rolling Out a Record Number of Food Trucks for 2016

Map: How High Are the Beer Taxes in Massachusetts?

Two dead in Moroccan football riots

Pilgrim activists honored

Treatment no longer behind bars

Exelon, Eversoure to dominate board meeting, March 22

When I hit a thread, it lights up red..Is there a way to remove that?

Golden: The infrastructure imperative

SS Himmler's 13,000 volume library on the occult discovered in Czech library

Service to resume on Green Line after earlier train derailment

Attorney General Maura Healey presses for transgender rights bill

Boston police investigate crash involving 2 buses, cars

Comet to swerve closer to Earth than any other comet in centuries

Vermont brings food industry to its knees on GMO labels

Inside ‘The Soiling of Old Glory’ on Herald Radio

Many at Guantanamo apparently not ‘too dangerous’ after all

We don't care what you see - Trump campaign denies manager grabbed protester at Arizona rally

St. Patrick’s Day parade shows evolving identity

The candidates tax plans

Editorial: Give Boston’s IndyCar race a green flag

Turning hard-to-read cursive into computer type

Your typical trump voter

More about why BS refused to answer questions about the Amber Alert bill.

"On Foreign Policy, Sanders may disappoint devotees"- any response bernie supporters?

Gold rush is on for a plum job

Syria: Russia Targets Daesh in Palmyra despite Drawdown

Climate Change: 13 Million Americans in Path of slow-motion sea rise Tsunami

Prediction time: The Democrat Could Carry 46 States

"Bernie Sanders refuses to compromise for the common good."

Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb says disability cuts will not be going ahead

Greece struggles as EU-Turkey refugee deal comes into force

The Walking Dead 6.14 "Twice as Far" (spoiler alert)

Opinion: Raise the drawbridge! EU refugee policy

(UK) New private universities risk a ‘catastrophe’

The Republican Munsters

Trump's neck-grabber Corey Lewandowski: "overwhelming positive response" to "outreach"

Vancouver Preps for Bernie Sanders - Event has reached capacity

Uncontrollable -- Pentagon and Corporate Contractors Too Big to Audit

Ray Wylie Hubbard-Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother

A thread re- posted without comment from our dear friends in the Bernie Sanders forum

Phoenix -->Bill Clinton & Dolores Huerta March 20 & Hillary March 21

Alternative Beekeeping Using the Top Bar Hive and The Bee Guardian Methods

The economy favors a Democratic win in November

Sanders points to polls showing him as a stronger candidate than Hillary against Trump

Conservative media now blaming poor and middle class whites for their economic troubles.

David Cameron to delay publication of Iraq War inquiry until after EU referendum

Turkey blames IS recruit for Istanbul suicide blast

TMZ's Harvey Levin on coming out

Indonesian Navy Scuttles FV Viking, World’s Most-wanted IUU Pirate Fishing Ship

Taking a break from Politics - HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!

Bill Clinton, Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly, and Rob Barber in Tucson AZ Sun, March 20,

Bernie Sanders to Rally Sunday in Seattle, Clinton Campaign Says He Is Likely to Win Washington

Well, my dog died this morning.

GOP leader Rinsed Penis is babbling on CNN right now

Bernie Sanders Calls Federal Reserve "Socialism for the Rich" After $16 Trillion Secret Bail-Outs...

Taking a shit and remembering the last Trump joke you told

How Donald Trump Partied During the Vietnam War ~

Is Ukraine erasing history by tearing down Lenin statues?

Trump's tiny hands make the cover of the New Yorker

Over 20 year of right-wing talk radio and FAUX news

I am not religious but I have a custom I like to do for my Catholic friends and neighbors

Scalia death a blow to Obamacare contraception challengers

About the issues

Chris Hedges: The Mexicanization of the United States (trade deals and neoliberalism)

About the issues

Pic: President Reagan's SCOTUS Nominee Being Sworn In 1988---Reagan's Last Yr In Office

Interview with Donald Trump protester punched, kicked at Tucson rally

Lest anyone question which side the cops in Arizona were on tonight.

Seattle Rally includes CWA, ILWU, and other Local Labor Leaders

The Road to Havana

Luckovich: The "Sentencing"

"I'm Not Gonna Walk Away" | Bernie Sanders

The Indisputable Role of Credit Ratings Agencies in the 2008 Collapse, and Why Nothing Has Changed

"I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords."

If your front porch is on fire --maybe better to postpone adding on that family room

Returned yesterday from a week in Toronto.......

Seattle No. 1 per-capita for Bernie Sanders donations

Muslim Vet Booted From Trump Rally, Told To “Get A Job.” Guess What He Does For A Living… -

Sanders did polling before running

The WTO Has Put America on the Path to Becoming a “Colony” Again

A summary of Hillary Clinton's role in the recent history of African Americans.

Hillary is pushing solutions while the rest of the field is selling Empty suit promises!!

Flint burglary where water files stored 'AN INSIDE JOB,' police chief says

Super Delegate Howard Dean Subverts Democracy & Brags About It On Twitter

Win or Lose, Bernie Sanders Has Changed America

Ultimately "Religious Freedom" Laws Can Mean The Refusal Of ANY Service Based On Conscience.


In case there were any doubts about who's running the Senate these days...

10%, 30%, 45%....Slowly but surely, Bernie is convincing everyone he's right. And that he's the one.

Meet the lobbyists, donors and bundlers behind Hillary's $157 million juggernaut

Eat The Weeds: Neighborhood Foraging

Transpod's dream: Hyperloop high-speed travel between cities

Latest GE polls (3/19): Clinton beating Trump in NY and PA and tied in AZ.

Why The Hell Is The Corporate Media Bowing Down to Trump?

So why did SoS Clinton have a system set up outside

There ya go!

Great video(short) Editorial: Hillary Clinton has the experience to lead @az4Hillary

Someone asked what Bernie is doing wrong. Answer: Resource allocation

Special Democracy Report Part 1- Our Democracy is Berning

The Time To Unite Is Now

How politicians duck the blame for terrorism

The system is rigged: Dark money, Citizens United and the secret story of how big money

Asian-Americans for Bernie Sanders

FiveThirtyEight: Manufacturing Jobs Are NEVER Coming Back.

Russell Begaye Praises Bernie's Stances on Native American Issues

Looking Back before There's a Back to Look at.

Anyone Know What Our Average Contribution Is? | Bernie Sanders

Anyone Know What Our Average Contribution Is? | Bernie Sanders

OH MY GOD!! Bernie walked out of an interview.

Anyone Know What Our Average Contribution Is? | Bernie Sanders

I get my Inspiration and Energy from You | Bernie Sanders

I get my Inspiration and Energy from You | Bernie Sanders

My Mitch McConnell dream

I would like Bernie to tell the people just two things: Vote for who you want! Believe in democracy!

I get my Energy and Inspiration from You | Bernie Sanders

More Proof the Fix is in - Hillary is the Third Way Candidate

I may have lost a friend today

My mom turned 97 last month. In 1998, she paid 7K for a pre-paid funeral plan.

Mr. Fish strikes again

remember when Hillary tried to defend herself by falsely tarnishing Obama?

Weird posting problem.

Sanders Campaign Could Win In Spite of Corporate Media Spin

Tit fo tat.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 22: TCM Guest Programmer Richard Kind

Hillary Clinton and the ‘giant vampire squid’: How dangerous is the Wall Street connection?

Boaty McBoatface could be the name of £200m research vessel after public vote

An update on the infiltration of the Bernie Sanders campaign

Party Establishment still up to shenanigans at Travis County Democratic Convention

Joan Baez endorses Bernie, says "he speaks to the human condition"

Bernie Sanders May Not Prevail, But His Revolution Is Just Getting Started

THIS is what coalition-building looks like

I'm sorry, Bernie.

Vote Sanders. Everyone else will send your kids to war

New York group in DU

Bernie Sanders resource allocation suggests he’s no longer even trying to win the nomination

Anti-Trump protester punched, kicked at Trump rally in Tuscon

What Americans Don't Understand About Nordic Countries

Vote Sanders. Everyone else will send your kids to war

Hillary Clinton in Black History

Fact Checking Bernie

MSNBC just reported that Barry Goldwater's widow said

Sally Field talks about Bernie Sanders: 'He's losing his decency'


Brazil's Rousseff hit by new accusations

Bernie Sanders uses words of Pope Francis to rip ‘bigoted’ Donald Trump rhetoric on immigrants

Happy Palm Sunday.

What is American's per capita income

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 23: From Comics to Film

Anti-semitic, homophobic vandalism found in Marcy House

"Nobody wants to hurt each other anymore"

Who is the Hillary Voter

Bernie meeting with his constituents while Hillary meets with hers.

We told people to take the political thoughts of Ted Nugent and Duck Dynasty seriously...

Joan Baez calls Donald Trump supporters 'troglodytes,' Bernie Sanders 'speaks to the human condition

Trump blames 'agitators' for violence at rallies

Getting meds while on the road??

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Homemade biscuits

Trump to GOP: "That's a nice convention you plan on having there...

SCREW Scott Baio! Trump just re-tweeted an endorsement from jojo2foxy! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Does the Democratic Establishment use Progressives to Bail Out their failed Centrist Politics

Hillary Clinton: Dancing With The Stars

GOP leaders roll out 100-day strategy to derail Trump

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Disliking Hillary Clinton (Hillary Group)

It's pretty simple, really: Telling Supporters To Punch "Some" People In The Face Makes Things Worse

How much longer will we know that people we see on TV aren't literally puppets?

I'm now convinced!

What Happens When Neither Political Party Answers to the Bottom 90%? America in Crisis

Hello Fellow Bern'er's-

The latest attack - 'Bernie's a grifter so stop sending money'

Istanbul football derby postponed over 'serious' threat

Dog owners......Avoid disasters like this!

Brutal Anti-Cruz Attack Ad Just 30 Seconds Of Candidate’s Photo Displayed

Today's Google Doodle: First Day of Spring (cute!)

Mike Malloy - Hillary Clinton Against Coal Miners...Then Not Anymore

My thoughts on so called Clintonian Triangulation and the fatigue in voters it causes.

Who, exactly, are the ‘Berniebros?’

=*= LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Vancouver, WA 3-20-16 =*=

Protester sucker punched during Donald Drumpf rally in ‘physical pain’ after violent Tucson event

Their Kids Don't Attend Public School

New Clinton campaign ads for Arizona

Mike Malloy - Obama Compares Bernie Sanders To George W. Bush

Bernie can continue to fleece me for money -- and I'll even help pay for....

Does Public Insurance "Crowd-Out" Private Insurance? (Historic NBER Paper)

Illinois cuts off funding for its public universities

Childhood poverty, chronic stress, and adult working memory (PNAS)

Bernie Sanders for President

Those people that believe white oligarch billionaires will cede white power structures

Dick Cavett's Watergate

If you're as tired as I am of the "BernieBros" label

Hopefully someone can explain this to me

The Rise of Liberal Arts in Hong Kong

For black Cubans, Obama visit a source of pride, inspiration

What a LIAR Bernie Sanders is. Free tuition? A college education is worth AT LEAST $20.

Hillary: Don't call me a "Liberal"

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 20, 2016

Game changer! Chachi endorses Trump

Bernie Sanders Holds Press Conference

LPAC endorses Edwards in U.S. Senate race.

Trump can't win. But what if he does?

Happy first Day of Spring....

Flint, Michigan lead poisoning crisis -- Water management files may have been stolen

'I moved to the US 7 years ago from Finland —

I Get My Inspiration and Energy from You | Bernie Sanders

Boy, the media is so thick. Trump didn't cause the hatred.

Watching Over My Grandmother

Patrick Smith's (A LAND REMEMBERED) Florida: A look at Florida in 1933

What are you reading this week of March 20, 2016?

Take a break from the madness and watch the Eagles!

The "most experience" argument again was?

Slimey. Jill Stein offers Bernie "collaberation" on third party ticket.

Sigh...So.... "Cybernats"...(zzzzz getting really bored of this stupid bullshit)

Conservatives HATE Change

Make your Face Great Again

Meanwhile in Germany

So, I say to Trump Supporters - Embrace It - You Have Disqualified Yourselves.

Bernie event in Stevens Point, Wisconsin Monday, March 21 at 7:00 p.m.

One potential downside if Trump runs third party if he loses a brokered convention.

Describe movie endings that don't work if you just tune in at the last scene.

Here comes the opposition book: Clinton and her allies prepare for Trump

Bernie in Utah...

Legal marijuana sales forecast to hit $23B in 4 years

Obama about to land in Cuba - Live Updates from the NYT blog

If I could have a moment, I want to revisit something...

Why are there two different Alert boxes that show up when the Alert Abuse button is clicked?

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Has Spent 35 Years Working His Ass Off For His Fellow Citizens

I thought this guy supported Bernie????

Senators: Education Dept Should Cut Off Aid to Colleges That Deny Students Their Day in Court

Bernie Sanders called out Donald Trump appropriately - He is a liar

If I were a GOP operative, I'd try to stir up factional rivalry among Dems

Laid-off Abbott IT workers won’t have to train their replacements

This woman has a marvelous video of twin fawns being born on her FB page.


McConnell rules out action this year on high court

Thousands show up in rain in Vancouver WA for Bernie!

SLC Mayor launches campaign for Hillary Clinton

What's with all of the Tokyo Rose style Propaganda from Camp Hillary?

Looking at this chart, it's obvious that Bernie doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning

America' Beloved President Barack H. Obama Has an Approval Rating of 52%-44% (+8)

Sanders Visits U.S.-Mexican Border

Obama is in Cuba and so far there has been no fallout of . . . . .

Dr. Dean was always a rich, privileged center right guy.

"The campaign was able to take advantage of long-standing relationships within the gay community."

Two Indiana deputies shot, one fatally, while serving warrants

NYT - Detailed Maps of Where Trump, Cruz, Clinton and Sanders Have Won

President Obama and the First Family Depart for Historic Visit to Cuba

Thank you for the Changes on DU.

Lyft drivers, if employees, owed millions more - court documents

Some U.S. Marines on ground in Iraq to fight ISIS: U.S. military

New poll: most Bernie Sanders supporters will vote for Hillary Clinton if she’s the nominee

All "Bernie Bros" check in here please!

Brazil's Rousseff lacks Senate votes to defeat impeachment: senator

Hillary Clinton made a mistake at Nancy Reagan's funeral. Here's why her LGBT supporters forgave he

Boaty McBoatface could be the name of £200m research vessel after public vote

The Mile High Club

NYT - Detailed Maps of Where Trump, Cruz, Clinton and Sanders Have Won - (CLINTON GROUP)

SpaceX & Tesla Top List Of "Meaningful" Tech Company Jobs

Cuba arrests dozens of human rights protesters before Obama's arrival

Thousands line up at Vancouver high school to see Bernie Sanders

Some of you might be interested in this--from the Animal Rescue Site:

Guns. Do you think the repubs will practice what they preach at their convention?

Largest U.S. refinery now belongs to Saudi Arabia

Drumpf Makes An Even Scarier Threat After Promising Riots: We’ll ‘Win With Our Second Amendment’

Poll: Utah would support Democrat if Trump becomes Republican presidential nominee

Air Force One carrying the Obamas deplaning right now (update) in Havana - LIVE STREAM

Baltimore marches for Bernie

Vets Can Finally Sue Contractors for Cancer Caused by War

Pics today for Sen. Sanders events

Not Happy With the Candidates? Try Out a New Country.

Will ratification of the TPP have any effect on the November election?

The Onion: Defiant Mitch McConnell Holds Merrick Garland’s Severed Head Aloft In Front Of Capitol

TOON: Kim Jong Un Fizzles

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 20, 2016

WA Post: Hillary has a diverse coalition, so she doesn't need a majority of white men

Jury says Vegas man bilked investors with Nigerian oil scam

"The woo is strong in this one..."

Judge Orders Ex-US Rep. Aaron Schock to Provide Records

What Americans Don’t Get About Nordic Countries

In Mississippi, retiring officials can pocket campaign cash

Rare sea otter sighting offers hope of resurgence

Five Years After Occupy Wall Street, Bernie Sanders Continues Its Fight

I have been waiting for the day that we would see the Republican party shrunk to the size where

Baltimore for Bernie March 3/19/2016

Medicare for All can be attained

The "most experience" argument again was?

May I remind everyone that a lot of states, including California have not voted yet.

Air Force One touches down in Cuba and Obama has made history again.

Next recession coming - before or after election?

Republicans Refusal to Hear Obama’s SCOTUS nominee is racist

Some things you probably don't know about Hillary

Bernie rally in Vancouver, WA has just started: 4:25 PM EDT

Sorry, but how is this strategy not the reviled "subverting the will of voters"?

Civil contempt charges for Backpage in Senate's child prostitution probe

How long before someone loses their life in a Trump related act of violence?

What if Bernie wins 51% of New York's delegates?

With regard to our Democratic candidates, we're seeing a lot of

Amy Goodman rips CNN for airing Trump’s empty stage instead of Sanders’ speech

Carry on my DU friends.

Its a new day for the Hillary Biography

I LOVE to be able to announce that The President of the United States is in CUBA

History! Touchdown! Air Force One has landed at Josa Marti Airport in Havana, Cuba

At 4:25 est President Obama Arrives in Cuba. nt

Destination Havana: Obama, Michelle and their girls take off on historic trip that will make him the

Destination Havana: Obama, Michelle and their girls take off on historic trip that will make him the

lent is now over . happy palm sunday. happy first day of spring and happy new year

5 Places Black People Can Move If Trump Becomes President

Hope In Dark Times

86,519,347 Have chosen none of the above in the races so far

Live Stream Bernie Sanders in Vancouver WA NOW

LGBT festival in Ukraine abandoned after far-right protest

LGBT festival in Ukraine abandoned after far-right protest

Report: Three Palestinians hurt, five missing in Gaza tunnel collapse

BREAKING: The #HillCar has arrived in Tucson! Ready to welcome President @billclinton

Mike Malloy - Trump’s Speeches Are At A Middle-School Reading Level

I Supported Obama's Goals in 2008, and Support Bernie in 2016.

The Paradox of Being a Black Role Model

First family in Cuba.


Clinton:“Coal Will Be Part Of The Energy Mix For Years To Come, Both In The U.S. And Around The worl

Tax help: can I qualify for the Earned Income Credit if I'm receiving VA, SSDI or FERS Disability?

Quarter of Republicans will vote for Hillary over Trump

Marine Death From Islamic State Attack a First for U.S. in Iraq

Hey Californians... Lucy Jones is retiring.

Number Of Refugees Coming To Michigan Expected To Climb To More Than 5,000

President Obama tweets from Havana! (And he's learned Cuban street slang omg)

I like this advice for Clinton

IDAHO Statesman Endorses: Clinton is the Democratic candidate ready to be president

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #20: Everybody Was Trump Fu Fighting Edition (Redux)

McConnell: No New Supreme Court Justice Until The NRA Approves Of The Nominee

In win for beekeepers, Minnesota links insecticide to damaged hives

Has anyone else noticed the oddly symbolic Unity symbol some of Hills folk have in their tagline?

3 Killed in Pa. toll booth, troopers fatally shoot gunman

US President Barack Obama arrives in Cuba for historic visit

Conservative Fox Guest: If You Care About Capitalism, Vote Clinton Or Sanders Over Trump

Donald Trump Says Protesters Are Violating His First Amendment Rights

What Bernie could say...

Shock and Awe is 13 years old.

Question: If someone offends your brother/sister ...

Shine the Light of Truth on Poor Honduras

Voters in MA filing Civil Lawsuit against Billy Bob for violating MA voting rights laws.

DU this poll!!

Monarch butterflies released by Toledo Zoo found in Mexico

~*~ LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Seattle, WA 3-20-16 ~*~

Hello Arizona.....any predictions

Bernie Sanders on the American Dream

Human Rights Hypocrisy: US Criticizes Cuba

Suggestions for Netflix.. I'm binging on "The Killing" 1st season and OMG it's so,

Can we all come together to make sure that people can vote?

My dear Bernie brothers and sisters

Indian Wells CEO......a**hole.....

OK, it's no LULCATS, but it's enjoyable

SAVE THE WORKER BEES! -some high level links on Pollinators, Neonicotinoids and Neonic Seed Coatings

We're up against a corporate war machine,...

There is No Russian Withdrawal from Syria

Home Of Relative Of Palestinian Arson Victims Set Ablaze

advise and dissent?

Protesters Call On US To End Israel Aid As AIPAC Conference Set To Kick Off

When God isn’t green: Religion versus the planet

Pedophile symbol found on childrens toy.

Hillary Clinton has more Cash on Hand


We're all enjoying the implosion of the GOP, but what then?

Bernie supporters: Could you give me something to hope for? (A serious post.)

Ron Barber: Frm US AZ Rep. Editorial in AZ newspaper endorsing Hillary. stumps w/Bill C today

Anyone else getting lots of calls from a blocked number?

My favorite moment from the 2008 Democratic National Convention:

Live Link of First Family Tour Havana

Oh no, Mitch blocked me

3/28 Time Mag: Hillary Is Our Very Own Kale and Quinoa Salad

Bernie on Clinton: "She Creamed Us!" in the Deep South - Face the Nation

Obama lands in Cuba

From the FB page of Seattle for Bernie

Barry Goldwater's widow to vote for Hillary!*

House speaker Ryan gets task of leading 2016 GOP convention

Can Hillary get 65% of all pledged delegates . . .

Bernie Sanders LIVE from Hudson's Bay HS in Vancouver, WA

Will Putin Be the 'Liberator Tsar' of the Kurds?

Mitch McConnell To Fox News: NRA Must Approve Of New Supreme Court Justice


Hillary Clinton Secretly Pushed Cuba Deal for Years

Charlottesville's vice mayor: Take down Robert E. Lee statue (VA)

Pro-Trump Pastor Mark Burns Says Hillary Clinton Endorses Black 'Genocide’

Live on cspan now--Bill Clinton stumping for Hillary in AZ

Tune in--Live on cspan now--Bill Clinton stumping for Hillary AZ

If you give a judge a meeting....

George Will shreds Drumpf’s new Republican Party: ‘He’s appealing entirely to white people’

Human Rights Hypocrisy: US Criticizes Cuba

Kotorba toon: Putin

Hillary and Bernie, two great candidates

I hope there are places - physical spaces and online -

Fox’s Sheriff Clarke Advice To Drumpf Supporters: ‘Hit First And Hit Hard’

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder got this answer very, very wrong on the Flint water crisis

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-19-16`

Iconic Photo of Air Force One over Cuba

HRC Lobbied Funding for Giant Coal Plants in S. Africa; US Taxpapers IM-EX Financed, Friends Got Job

Drought in Africa adds pressure to religious groups, relief organizations

PLEASE remember, Hitler burned down the Reichstag !!

Hey, Omaha Steve--since you are devoted to labor history, I thought you might like to see this

POOR WET EAGLE! edit: Baby's OUT!

Governator abruptly ends interview when asked about Drumph.

The amount of enthusiasm for Bernie is unparalleled. . .

The Catholic Movement Against Capital Punishment

How many mistakes, misstatements, misspeakings and outright wrong decisions did HRC made in

Well that settles it Trump's gonna win......

Cruz zooming, Trump collapsing in Utah... Cruz: 53 Kasich: 29 Trump: 11

C-Span: Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Emails

The Horror of Iraq in Everyday Numbers

Bernie and the hoops...

“Bernie or Bust” – Over 50,000 Sanders Supporters Pledge to Never Vote for Hillary

Live updates from Bernie Sanders’ rally in Seattle

Now here's a Democrat with a real spine!

'All his fault': David Cameron blamed George Osborne for disability benefits row, ...

This is an informational post, so we all grok where we now are, alertwise and hidewise.

My husband just asked if it was too early to get his pajamas on...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 21 March 2016

McConnell: GOP Senators Can Go Rogue If Trump Wins Nomination

Hammer this poll now!

Bernie2016TV; LIVE from Seattle Washington at A Future to Believe in Rally