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Trump Would Be Most Unpopular Nominee Ever

The Bernie Sanders voters who would choose Trump over Clinton

Oregon Goveror Kate Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

816 Children.....Are alive,

Bill with the preview of Hillary General Strategy

Turnon CHris Hayes right fugging now

Bernie on AIWICH now

The GOP Establishment’s Choice

Older Voters May Be Hillary Clinton’s Answer to Bernie Sanders’s Youth Appeal

Bernie on fire on Chris Hayes show

Trump Gets Surprisingly Warm Reception at AIPAC

Senator Sanders just balked on guns on MSNBC.

Trump has achieved what was once unthinkable: Putting the House majority in play for Democrats

Bernie Sanders Campaign Infiltrated and Sabotaged by Hillary Clinton Implants?

HEADS UP everyone. CNN is having a show tonite called the Final Five. Dems+GOP

Kasich channeling Obama?

Bernie's slow and steady rise - the graph is intriguing, to say the least!

Bernie on Chris Hayes "I underestimated how much we could bring people together

House of Lords votes to let lone child refugees come to Britain

HILLARY CLINTON GROUP..So bernie gets a one on one with his bff C Hayes

$2700. That's the max.

Democrats Abroad Release The Results

Photo of teenager Jahi McMath, brain dead more than two years, ignites life support debate

Bernie Folks... Listen up

BTRTN March 22 Predictions: Will Bernie and Cruz Begin Western Winning Streaks

Just a random thought. The November election will probably be...........

March 21 Monday-->Fired up crowd here! "We want you!" - the crowd in Phenox AZ. @AZ4Hillary

State Dinner, Cuba-style.

anyone watching Chris Hayes interview Sanders?

Gustave Doré’s Splendid Illustrations of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” (1884)

Hospitalization order for black man who died in cell never processed, report says

Please Don't Tell Me Bill Clinton Really Just Said '...The Awful Legacy of the Last Eight Years'

President Obama tied for third in the DU Basketball Tournament Pool - he could very well win it

On foreign policy, Bernie is a one-trick pony

Trump Lies Remarks at AIPAC $150 billion and we received absolutely nothing in return.

I finally found something to agree with Sanders on

Creative Creations owner pleads not guilty to 25 charges in federal court

Bernie Sanders Blows Donald Trump Away With A Real Foreign Policy Speech In Utah

Has anyone ever had a co-dependant cat. My cat I rescued as a feral is. More so than bottle fed...

Still I Rise~ My gift to the extrodinary women in the African-American Group.

CASTRO wanted to raise concern about Venezuela but there was no time

The U.S. has ‘worst elections of any long-established democracy,’ report finds

Must see these matchups in the general- Who is the Democrat most likely to win against Trump or Cruz

SHINee Everybody

Is That a Frozen Lake on Pluto?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! A Bushel and AIPAC! Uncensored & Live &

So this video has now been posted at least 6 times today.

FWSO Nika and Michaela Kholodenko Young Artist Fund

Anybody wish that "Casablanca" had been made in the sequel age?

I actually Rick Rolled myself a few days back...

I hope that Hillary NEVER releases those transcrips

What is wrong with Rachel Maddow?

Colorado landlord's ad: "If voting for Donald Trump, do not call"

Couldn't listen to that lying son of a bitch any more

Gandhi Power

Resolution I got passed at Erath Cty. Convention

Chuck Todd/MSNBC made such a brave decision Sunday..

It's hard to think of a US policy that's been allowed to fail as long as the Cuba embargo has


Trump wins over AIPAC audience with strong pro-Israel stance

I Lost A Bunch Of Facebook Friends Today

Implication of WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services for Universal Health Care, Nonprofit Hospi

40 years ago today...2:30 AM, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, 1/2 lb. weed, 4 vice cops and...

Terraclicks redirect encounter

Trump wins over AIPAC audience with strong pro-Israel stance

When did we, as a party, stop asking 'why not?'

AUC’s BDS Chapter Takes Part In First ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’

as I always say, why fry a pound of bacon

Democrats to Sanders: Time to wind it down. from Politico

Carving out a place for themselves: Black settlers’ pursuit of dream in late 1800s Nebraska gets new

Carving out a place for themselves: Black settlers’ pursuit of dream in late 1800s Nebraska gets new

Hillary Clinton: Immigrants must learn English

Heading for the GE

Lawrence O'Donnell will show live coverage of Bernie's Arizona rally!

2008. 17% of Hillary supporters say they will vote for McCain. 22% say they will not vote if

Misunderstood Classical Lyrics - Oh Fortuna !

Final Malheur indictee revealed as Montana man’s family weighs taking ‘a stand’ against his arrest

Critics Aghast at 'Disgusting Speech' Clinton Just Gave to AIPAC

This man was going from subway car to subway car in NYC educating people about Bernie.

Trump Is No Accident by Paul Krugman

Now, CNN: Bernie Sanders Joins Anderson Cooper for 'Election Night' Discussion

*Bernie Sanders on CNN now.

Facebook said to be censoring sharing of certain articles on HRC.

Far Reaching Climate Plan | Bernie Sanders

Far Reaching Climate Plan | Bernie Sanders

Trump Conducts Instant Job Interview with Vet at News Conference

On Rachael woman from AZ the Republic and Bernie

UPDATE (Hey, peeps, there was a "Kindle alert" in the news today:)

The Republican race serves as a useful distraction from how bad things are for Clinton

Sanders wins Democratic primary in Israel

Keith Olbermann’s Guide to Surviving the Media Coverage of Donald Trump

I am donating right now after watching Bernie on Cnn

If you did not watch Bernie with Anderson Cooper........FIND VIDEO

Wolf Blitzer, CNN: 'Bernie Sanders Beats All Republicans, TRUMP by 20 Points', said 3 mins. ago.

is there a standard of accuracy for Hillary Clinton supporters?

Democratic Convention where are you?

Bernie Will Win Two States Tomorrow

Navy’s largest destroyer heads out to sea for trials

"Final Five" Bernie Sanders CNN Interview

If Bernie is such a terrible candidate, and has NO INFLUENCE, why do you want him to drop out?

New GOP Ad Claims Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Will Make Him President For Life

Just sent my in-laws all the details they need for the Washington State Caucus...

Revamped and accessible, MBTA’s Government Center station reopens after two years

I just watched Bernie Sanders on CNN and he didn't smile once!

It is NOT about believing in a candidate

Lena Dunham on smears from Bernie fans: “I’m going to turn into a shaking ogre woman”

Email from Bernie: Something pretty wild happened yesterday

Grandaughter arrested for heroin possession

Full Interview with Bernie Sanders: "The Final Five" Presidential Candidates CNN 3-21-16

Cross post from GDP

Thanks again for the link Omaha Steve, just donated again.


Encryption an 'Enabler of Human Rights,' Amnesty International Says

Melissa Gilbert(D) Running for Congress in Michigan

Ted Cruz Stumbles As CNN's Blitzer Presses Him On Anti-Muslim Conspiracies Of Foreign Policy Adviser

Memo on how 1995 WTO services agreement makes it impossible to put effective limits on banks

MSNBC is currently broadcasting Sanders rally live from Arizona. nt

MSNBC Has BS on Life Support - Propping Up His Candidacy

I never compliment MSNBC, but today they gave decent coverage to Bernie.

Kansas policies causing a 30 million $ deficit in Wichita School district...deep cuts coming

MSNBC covering Bernie Sanders speech live...

Now, Bernie ARIZONA Rally LIVE on MSNBC. Great speech & crowd!

Death by gentrification: the killing that shamed San Francisco

Is the Media Unfairly Dismissive of Bernie Sanders? Letter to New York Times

Supreme Court hypothetical time

Our Public Water Future: The global experience with remunicipalisation (Undoing Privatization)

This is why we are not about to be replaced by robots

NBC reporter embedded in Sanders campaign just now said:

Climate Scientists Are Freaking Out Over 2016's Record-Smashing Heat

THIS MODERN WORLD - The Incredible Trump

Rachel Maddow's coverage tonight of Obama's visit to Cuba is astounding.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Trump and Ben Carson Dance On Stage Together! Really!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz ... Praying Donald Trump Will Save Her

Bernie Sanders Delivered A Killer AIPAC Speech ... In Utah

Trump And Clinton Viewed Unfavorably By Majority: CBS/NYT Poll

CNN/ORC and CBS/NY Times show Bernie most electable

A few metrics for "Western Tuesday."

Leaked Diplomatic Cable Shows that Argentine Presidential Candidate Mauricio Macri Asked US Governme

Craig Sager's cancer has returned...

When Bernie endorses Hillary at the convetion and some of his supporters are still fighting

FEMA............. Fourth Estate My Ass. The media must pick the candidates.

Miami Herald opinion: Ending U.S. complicity in Argentina’s ‘dirty war’

Watching the happy faces at Bernie's rally, I couldn't be more proud of today's youthful generation

US urges Colombia and Farc to sign peace accord.

US urges Colombia and Farc to sign peace accord.

Brazil crisis: Rousseff to sue senator over corruption claims

Roses are red, Violets are blue.

Argentina to Mark 40th Anniversary of Dictatorship with Protest

Isn't it interesting that Democrats Abroad overwhelmingly voted for Bernie 69% - 31% for her?

whilst there are multiple computer groups (open source, mac, windows and so on)

Argentina to Mark 40th Anniversary of Dictatorship with Protest

Will Bernie Sanders be the 2016 Democratic Nominee?

US has 'worst elections of any long-established democracy': report

Here is a handy tool to check on where each candidate are on pledged delegates.

A statement about some of my recent posts:

Hold on to your butts! Bernie within 5 of Clinton in CBS/NYT national poll

Camp Hillary can't hide from the fact that Sanders does way better against Trump than she does.

2011 B. Clinton and Ryan caught on video Bill says:

Paris Burning: We Could Just Say Goodbye to Fossil Fuel?

Is this really a fair election process..........?

John Oliver : Texas Republicans

Bernie Sanders response to "media coverage" question - All In with Chris Hayes

PSA for all Contributors to this Group

F#@K politics, nature rules...

Ted Cruz just named Phil Gramm his economic advisor. Here's Gramm's economic legacy.

CNN: Bill Clinton: Hillary can 'put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us'

What happens when Donald Trump runs out of campaign cash? We're about to find out

At my Senatorial District Convention

You have one week

Hillary Clinton Lays Out Her Own Middle East Approach — And It’s Not Obama’s

Please take a moment to thank Lawrence O'Donnell for spending over 1 hour covering Bernie.

Naomi Klein: 'I Don't Trust' Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders 'Is a Significantly Better Candidate'

No, Bill Clinton Did Not Describe The Obama Administration As An 'Awful Legacy'

*O'Donnell has an hour with Sanders in AZ, coming up,

Myanmar president to include Aung San Suu Kyi in his Cabinet

‘Everything Is Copy’: Jacob Bernstein Talks Nora Ephron’s Legacy and His Documentary Debut

Absent from AIPAC, Sanders slams Israeli occupation, ‘disproportionate’ use of force

Bernie T-Shirts at Amazon!

Elon Musk's wife files to divorce billionaire

Minnesota physicians organize to support the Clean Power Plan

Our Turn: Bernie Sanders has the strongest immigration record

‘Everything Is Copy’: Jacob Bernstein Talks Nora Ephron’s Legacy and His Documentary Debut

EU trials new way to measure emissions but will it make a difference?

Tennis equal pay row: Raymond Moore quits as Indian Wells chief

Did everybody here who attacks "Bernie or Bust" posters attack "PUMA" posters in '08?

Do you think we need a more "muscular" policy towards the Middle East?

Favorable write up in WP

Chile hails China as its top trade partner

When Obama Was A Candidate For President In 2007/8 Did He Address AIPAC?....

Trump headed for big win in Arizona.

José Padilla + Obama = Full Pardon

Cuba-US Relations: the View from the Other Side

Cuba-US Relations: the View from the Other Side

Atlantic City mayor: City government will shut down within 3 weeks

538: Primary Turnout Means Nothing For The General Election

Brussels explosions: Many dead in airport and metro terror attacks

Does this guy's body look like a woman's?

Is this a new scheme to keep indigent candidates off the ballot?

psst, about that imminent indictment . . .

Let us pray for the victims in Brussels.

Austin police fire officer who fatally shot naked teen David Joseph

Daily Holidays - March 22

Bernie Sanders Leads Effort Supporting Seniors Program

Bill Clinton has got to be more careful with his words

Fact-Check This: Arrogance Of Elites Helps Drive The Trump Phenomenon

Selling TPP as the Farm Economy Drops off a Cliff

The Revolution May Not Be Televised, But Bernie Sanders Is Going All The Way

Wikileaks Drops Hillary Email Bomb That Could End Her Campaign but FB Censored It

Paul Krugman: On Invincible Ignorance

Insurance companies try to avoid pooling health care risk

Garrison Keillor: Think Moving Abroad Will Save You From Trump? Think Again.

Brussels under attack: Many dead after explosions at airport and on Metro

Review of opioid ‘loss’ raises red flags for medical watchdogs

Uber business model does not justify a new ‘independent worker’? category

How will the Clinton shill Media (MSNBC,CNN) cover the elections tonight

Authorities remain 
in the dark regarding ‘drug incident’ reports

CNN is editing Bill Clinton's comments about the Obama legacy.

How to fight against identity-theft. (dilbert-toon)

Supreme Court knocks down SJC’s stun-gun ruling

State plays politics over charters

Public forum Wednesday in Plymouth on decommissioning of Pilgrim power plant

Senate research finds legalizing marijuana in Mass. won't be easy, won't be cheap

Trump-campaign somehow "forgets" to mention that attacker during scuffle was campaign-staff

Brussels, Belgium.

Puerto Rico takes restructuring law to U.S. high court

Amid charter battle, cities push for more state education aid

Here’s How You Know 2016 Is Already Decided

Here’s How You Know 2016 Is Already Decided

From poetry-lover to genocide suspect, Karadzic faces verdict

Defending HRC's policies is one thing...but why defend her secretiveness?

The largest block of voters won't be voting today in Arizona

UK’s Cameron seeks to quell party feud over welfare, EU

No, Bill Clinton Did Not Describe The Obama Administration As An 'Awful Legacy', nor is the MSM lyin

Equality PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Bernie Sanders Delivered A Killer AIPAC Speech ... In Utah

No, a "SMEAR" isn't the same thing as criticising someone's position.

My God...just what we need..

Editorial: Corporations can’t hide behind First Amendment

Hillary is for free colleges for the middle class and lower - Bill Clinton, again

If ISIS Attacks Israel All H--- Could Break Loose.

Some reports now say...

Bernie Sanders's Global Victory Over Hillary Clinton


Nearly One Million Schoolchildren Will Start Receiving BBC’s Micro:bit Computer Today

Bill Clinton was referring to the "awful legacy" of 8 years of Republican OBSTRUCTIONISM.

Trump foreign policy advisor was booted from Pentagon for blocking probes of Bush White House

Idaho lawmakers pass Bible-in-schools bill, dismiss constitutional questions

THIS is irony: Syrian refugees save Neonazi-politician after car-accident

Two million: Germany records largest influx of immigrants in 2015

Mike Malloy - Castro Lectures Obama On Human Rights Violations

Cenk Uygur rips Merrick Garland: If he were nominated by a Repub ‘I’d want to filibuster him’

Mike Malloy - The Palestinians Need To Be Left The Fuck Alone - Part 1

Mike Malloy - The Palestinians Need To Be Left The Fuck Alone - Part 2

En route to Europe, refugees might head to Morocco

Mike Malloy - The Palestinians Need To Be Left The Fuck Alone - Part 3

Brazil’s Petrobras posts record loss

Would Brexit damage the environment?

Toon: Huge Crowds

I'm just going to leave this here: politics without people.

Shout Out for BelgianMadCow! ..

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Cuba

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Trump March Madness

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Mr. Fish Toon- We Must Be Punished

Non Sequitur from yesterday

After invading Iraq 13 years ago the US is still making the same mistakes

You can't just dismiss all critiques of HRC as "right-wing smears"

Bernie Sanders - "Eve of Election"

Intel Mastermind, Silicon Valley Statesman Andy Grove Dead At 79

Bernie Sanders - "Eve of Election"

Castro demands return of Guantánamo Bay during historic Obama visit

Oh, those pesky talking points

Nearly half of England’s teachers plan to leave in next five years

Scholars condemn ‘philistine’ cost-cutting at Society of Antiquaries

Cruz "not interested in playing the media gotcha game...that's silliness"

Amazon employees hold strike over pay

Amazon employees hold strike over pay

For the conservatives in your life wailing about that Che building and Obama...

Amazon employees hold strike over pay

Disputed health law rule would broaden transgender rights

Jane Sanders in Hawaii: June 7th Is When We Plan to Overtake Hillary

Disputed health law rule would broaden transgender rights

Ed Miliband warns voters against Brexit ‘free market experiment’

Brussels shows that Europe needs to step up weapons control!

Disgusting, Matt Lauer interviewing Trump

Disability benefits U-turn leaves Cameron with £4.4bn to find

Violence in Palestine

Tragic story out of Peshtigo, WI, caregiver and son both dead...

Today’s winning Google Doodle invoking Black Lives Matter was designed by high school sophomore

The NHS is in the midst of a financial hurricane

How are LGBTQ voters responding to HRC 2016?

Sanders 'People's Revolution' is Producing Millionaires

Panama Canal getting shallower due to El Niño drought, ships warned

Clinton campaign infiltration of Sanders campaign. Live w Niko House

"In fact, I buy a slightly smaller than large glove, okay?"

At this point, I'm thinking the entire world is Syria.

The Bitter Mind of Bernard

DFW: if you are reading DU now, please check in and let us know if you are allright!

Pro-Ted Cruz group in GOP slamming Trump by posting ad with nude picture of Trump's wife.

Right-wingers go nuts over Cuba

How a radical Christian group infiltrated public schools

Today's Google Doodle: very creative!

Climate change warnings for coral reef may have come to pass, scientists say

Noah dropped some flood relics in Tyler, Texas!

a memory of Brussels: people eating on the street as they walk along...

As Hillary Clinton bolstered Boeing, company returned the favor

On foreign policy, Hillary Clinton is a one-trick pony.

“If we get a president who appoints a left-wing judge…” Cruz said. “Stone him!” came a voice

Reporter: How Creepy Donald Trump ‘Hit On’ Me Today

Well, Now That Southern Blacks Have Voted, Hillary Throws Obama Under The Bus

Buying the Revolution ~ Revolution Messaging (RM)

Trump 2016 - What could go wrong?

Arizona, Idaho & Utah Democratic primaries today

So says the old republican white guy! Sheesh, try to keep up George!

This is one smart guy. He knows his counter-terrorism...

Trump: Bananas For Sale.....

The Press should ask Trump this:

This is our adversary, my friends...

Radio Attack Lets Hackers Steal 24 Different Car Models

If Trump forms a third party - the republicans lose. Did nader cause the Democrats to lose in 2000

Moment of silence for Belgium terror victims

UPDATE: Brussels death toll rises to 34

A Hawk She is Not: The Truth About Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Views

Let's take out the trash in November.

Thanks George 'we kept you safe' Bush

U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Apologizes for Bombing of Hospital

If Bernie Wins the Nomination...

Molson Coors brewery fined £100,000 for polluting Thames tributary

An Ugly Smear Campaign against Ms. Clinton and her Advisors

Huge Crowd Of 20,000-30,000 Estimated At Bernie Sanders Seattle Rally

Gabrielle Giffords surprise appearance brings Phoenix rally for Hillary Clinton to its feet March 2

"An Open Letter to My Republican Friends"

Bernie 2016: Money In, Money Out

As Hillary Clinton bolstered Boeing, company returned the favor

Flight attendant flees LAX, leaving nearly 70 pounds of cocaine and Gucci heels in her wake

Either neither of them stand a chance, or both of them do

Thanx a lot w, Cheney, and so on you motherfuckers just had to go into Iraq and stir up ...

A pedophilia scandal is engulfing the oldest Catholic institution in France

Alabama governor under fire for giving massive pay rises amid financial crisis

One of Trump’s foreign policy advisers is a 2009 college grad who lists Model UN as a credential

Marines Deployed to Northern Iraq

Wow - AIPAC president reads statement condemning Trump’s attack on Obama.

Looking good?

Why should Bernie drop out?

When Political Parties Ignore working People…

Could Bernie have won, or was it over before it even started?

Obama: Who Doesn't Like Ferns?

Supreme Court zaps Massachusetts stun-gun opinion

Obama’s Break with the Establishment

All use of customer data by Apple requires sign-off by three ‘privacy czars’

Donald Trump's success poses a challenge to O.C. GOP's effort to broaden its base

The media seem to love these terrorist attacks.

"Gordon Gekko" gets it.

Bernie Sanders is set to win several states. Will they be enough?

Ted Cruz just named Phil Gramm his economic advisor. Here's Gramm's economic legacy.

Income inequality chart, why older people support Hillary and younger people support Bernie

Sanders has taken in $96.3 million and has spent $81.6 million. There are 4 months left until the

Saul Alinsky ~ Rules for Radicals ~ Sanders

Bush and Cheney went against expert advise on invasion of Iraq-world still pays for it

Russian Court Jails Ukraine's Savchenko for 22 Years Over Deaths

TYT: Bernie Sanders Giving The Establishment A Headache

How I Spent My 81 Day Time Out – Part 4: There's No Place Like Home

Cuban Activists Say Telecommunications Infrastructure Must Stay In Cuban Hands

Oak Flat: Protecting Sacred Places

Oak Flat: Protecting Sacred Places

Oak Flat: Protecting Sacred Places

President Trump on Brussels: Close the borders and torture people. Problem solved.

Netanyahu hopes U.S. will reject U.N. resolution on Palestinian statehood

Bill Clinton Says He Wants to 'Put the Awful Legacy of the Last 8 Years Behind Us'

Hillary Clinton Remarks on Brussels Terror Attacks

Climate guru James Hansen warns of much worse than expected sea level rise

Drones, Drugs and Death

Fox & Friends' Inadvertently Admits Fox Only Covers Terrorism When It Appears to Involve Muslims

LIVE NOW Obama remarks to the Cuban people

Americans should be proud of Obama

. . . And Then There Were Eight

Hillary in Seattle tonight - Rainier Beach High School

8 years of obstructionism! Tell it Big Dawg!

Fools or Liars on the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

The Clintons lift another part of Bernie's platform

Why Merrick Garland is Terrible

How the Little Sisters of the Poor case puts religious liberty at risk

Current Affairs: Unless the Dems Nominate Sanders, A Trump Nom Means A Trump Presidency

I empathize with Hillary and Jane Sandrrs' coughing fits

Illinois Revote-ing?

Illinois Revoting?

Obama giving a rousing speech of American values in Cuba,


Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – Lies Are the New Truth (HBO)

Obama’s Break with the Establishment ( Foreign Policy ) Vote for Bernie Sanders

@JohnKasich is no moderate. He just plays one on TV. He signed 17 anti-women's health care bills as

U.S. top court backs moose hunter in Alaska hovercraft dispute

GOTV Today, I am Going out to Vote!

The current Google doodle winner from Washington, DC

Bernie Sanders Giving The Establishment A Headache

Bet the Brussels attack gets way more coverage

New York lawmakers expected to clear way for mixed martial arts fights

Hillary Clinton releases statement shortly after Brussels attack: “These terrorists seek

This *is* my Democratic party. I'm a proud Obama Democrat.

Giveaway Bernie Sanders T Shirt Feel the Bern Shirt $0.99

3 Utah Mormon missionaries injured in Brussels attack

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: Bernie Sanders Is the Commander in Chief We Need

Things that will endear Trump to the working class

Unanimous Supreme Court protects the 2nd Amendment.

Rob Ford Dead: Cancer Claims Former Toronto Mayor At Age 46

I've been using the ignore button a lot more, and I think

Bernie and Hillary supporters finally coming together---Thank you Bill Clinton!

Rob Ford, former Toronto mayor, dead at 46

Bernie Sanders Gives the Establishment a Headache-The Young Turks

Poll: Trump, Clinton score historic unfavorable ratings

Gorgeous, sexy, funny

Terrorism Expert: ISIS Is "Probably Cutting Videos" of Donald Trump's Response to Belgium Attacks

Wimpy Obama takes a briefing before commenting on Brussels

Hillary & her team working hard in Washington State

Watch OUTLANDER free for a short time

I am AT work, but I am not OF work

TYT: Hillary's "enemies" list

MD Cops Bring Home Elderly Woman, Call for Respect of Dementia

Cuba visit: Obama and Castro spar over human rights

Hillary Clinton goes full Neocon at AIPAC, Demonizes Iran, Palestinians

OUTLANDER, season 2

lol and they say Trump is the radical

Electoral Integrity Project: US has least reliable election-system of western democracies

Islamic State claims responsibility for Brussels blasts: ISIS-affiliated news agency

President Obama's speech in the Grand Theater of Havana, Cuba today

So, if Bill was talking about Republican obstructionism, then

Rob Ford, Former Toronto Mayor, Dies

President Obama's speech in the Grand Theater of Havana, Cuba today

President Obama's speech in the Grand Theater of Havana, Cuba today

You Know Who I Don't Want to Be?

Franz Beckenbauer: Germany legend investigated over 2006 World Cup award

On the Road: Bernie in Arizona

My 15yo son had some time at school to kill between classes and orch. rehearsal last night.

Obama in Cuba - Speech at El Grand Teatro de Havana

On the Road: Bernie in Arizona

UAE drops terrorism charges against Libyans

On the Road: Bernie in Arizona

Bernie now leads Hillary in ALL polls against Republicans running for President

We are Listening to the Native American Community - Bernie Sanders

We are Listening to the Native American Community - Bernie Sanders

Question about islamic radicalization

We are Listening to the Native American Community - Bernie Sanders

And They Danced

Obama was right when he said small town Clinging to Guns and religion

Civil Rights Photographer Bob Adelman Dies at Age 85

I think Bill is jealous

Report: Bias Evident in Philadelphia Stop-and-Frisk Practice

Report: Bias Evident in Philadelphia Stop-and-Frisk Practice

Bernie's Statement on Belgium Attacks

Rob Ford, Controversial Ex-Mayor of Toronto, Dies at 46

Daniel Ellsberg on "boots on the ground" - Vietnam, Iraq, and now Daesh

Bernie Sanders Is the Only Presidential Candidate With a Plan to Empower Native Americans

WTW? There is no need for CNN to show the scenes with people continually

In reaction to Brussels terror attack, Trump says ‘more’ torture

Why Won't Bernie Sanders Do An Interview With The Young Turks?

Ok. I don't care WHAT anyone thinks. May I be the first one to condemn Isis extremists for Brussels?

Bernie Sanders Decries ‘Barbarism’ of Brussels Attacks

Pic Of The Moment: Right-Wing Outraged Over Photograph Of President Standing In Front Of Communist

Officer yelling ‘deplorable’ racial slurs crushes mail carrier’s eye socket for urinating

Ok. I don't care WHAT anyone thinks. May I be the first

Islamic State group claims responsibility for Brussels attacks; at least 31 dead

“Fuck every cause that ends in murder and children crying.” -- Iain Banks. nt

Trump responds to Brussels attack by insulting the ‘city’ of Belgium — and calling for torture

Third Brussels airport bomb destroyed in controlled explosion-governor

A New Libya, With ‘Very Little Time Left’

"But Sanders hasn't been attacked by Republicans yet!"

Myths About Canadian Health Care, Busted!

WI Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling Endorses Hillary Clinton for President -

A new Bernie song!

Bernie is here in San Diego at 5 pm.

*AHEM* Nate Silver! "Bernie Sanders is Set To Win All of The Upcoming 8 States, Expert Says"

OPEN CALL to GOP for *responsibility* over DRUMPF (yeah, this is pointless)

At least 31 dead in Brussels attacks; Islamic State group claims responsibility

New to this hidden post thing..question.

Christian convert stabbed to death in Bangladesh

Presidential candidates weigh in on Brussels attacks

After yesterday's intentional attempt to misrepresent Bill Clinton's remarks about Obama WH

Politico: "This was supposed to be the beginning of Bernie Sanders’ comeback." ... NOT.

Dallas students voted to drop Confederate general’s name from school, selected new one

For informational purposes only: Another interesting alert. Correct result, though, IMO.

What is polluting Biscayne National Park?

3 Mormon missionaries 'seriously' hurt in Brussels attacks

Bernie Sanders Is Set To Win All Of The Upcoming 8 States, Expert Says

Plastic sculpture

The Bear Bone which is re-writing Irish history

Silent thread for Belgium. Peace...

'Dinosaurs Among Us' Shows Evolutionary Link to Birds Wall Street Journal

Are DSLR size cameras allowed in Bernie events?

Glass Half Full: Climate Change Is Producing Some Killer Vino

Supreme Court Hands Down First 4-To-4 Decision Since Antonin Scalia’s Death

Tyler Pedigo final projections for AZ, ID, UT

It's that time of year. Post your favorite peep still lifes.

Ted Cruz Calls For Police To 'Patrol And Secure Muslim Neighborhoods'

That income disparity that Bernie talks about. Where is it? What is it?

Actual GOP delegate admits primaries are a sham

Toughest Voting Decision I can remember

Sous vide roast beef

Brussels a 'Use It or Lose It' Attack: Gen. Wesley Clark

I still don't understand them...

Ted Cruz Calls for Security Patrols in America's "Muslim Neighborhoods"

Democratic Party workers pore over videos in bid to hobble Trump

Landlord won't rent to Trump voters

Reality FIRES Trump

Cruz hits Trump, Obama After Brussels Attack

This place is going insane: blocked from a group I have almost never posted in.

Donald consulting with his military experts.....

In the wake of comments by Trump,Clinton reminds us what it's like when the adults talk about terror

Will RNC change convention rules for 2016?

Giuliani says he’ll probably endorse Trump

Peter Daou was a forced child soldier in Lebanon.

Hillary Clinton Takes Shots at Trump in AIPAC Speech

I know those who defend islam have there hearts in the right place

Bernie Sanders supporters at Boise rally

What are Clinton's strengths policy wise for the average American family?

My "WTF?" of the day, double header!

After watching and reading the Bill Clinton comments, I believe that..

"Donald Trump, Go Away": Amid Violence at Trump Rallies, New Yorkers Take to Streets Against Racism

Vote for Bernie Sanders (+Great Bernie Car)

We had all better hope these scientists are wrong about the planet’s future

Donald Trump Immediately Blusters About Brussels Attacks

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 22, 2016

Arizona Voters...Bernie asks for your help, using Vote Tracker!

Obama to blame for Brussels attacks?

Bernie Voters...Bernie is asking for your help TODAY, using Vote Tracker!

NC House speaker weighs special session on Charlotte LGBT ordinance

AIPAC rebukes Trump for anti-Obama comments


STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 22, 2016

The Trump conservative mindset "Hit them harder with the belt" to make them behave.

Nixon Aide Admits Drug War Was Meant To Target Black People & Hippies!

Long lines at my polling place today!! (Salt-River Pima Indian Community)

My star expires on April 21st, which is normally no big deal to anyone....

Owen Jones: Back Clinton if you think it’s the only way to defeat Trump...

Running US gov't like a business. Good idea IF...

"Well, actually, I have been very consistent over the course of my entire life" - Hillary Clinton


"Infinity Gem"

I had a couple revenue generating ideas for the site as long as you're mixing stuff up.

Three Bernie websites that need more promotion on Social media:

"A French Village" on MHz Choice

Obama about to throw the first pitch: Tampa Bay Rays vs Cuban team in Havana LIVE

Obama about to throw the first pitch: Tampa Reys vs Cuban team in Havana LIVE

Bernie Sanders says anti-Semitism is a factor in BDS

What are candidates allowed to use any remaining funds for after an election?

I just voted for Bernie in Arizona.

Creepy Donald Trump On Eva Longoria: Short Women “Come Up To You Know Where”

GOP Lawmakers Helped Set Up Oregon Standoff, Wanted A War With The Feds

How Obama set a trap for Raul Castro

Laura Ingraham Parrots Trump: "Nobody Has A Right To Be Here Except The People Who Are Born Here"

I'm watching the Cuba v the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game in Havana. They are awaiting Pres. Obama

Increased security in U.S. following Brussels attack

The Salem Police would appreciate everyone moving their cats as soon as possible

Bernie Swept the Abroad Vote With MASSIVE MARGIN 69-31%

Seven Decades After Their "We Can Do It" Attitude, 'Rosie The Riveters' To Be Honored With Flight

Sanders is the underdog, but here's Nate Silver's site on small chance versus no chance

Taxi Drivers Clog Jakarta in Anti-App Protest

This lawmaker thought he was in the presence of a transgender woman.

U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Apologizes for Bombing of Hospital that left 42 dead

Most Republicans Feel Embarrassed by Campaign, Poll Says

Detroit to provide tuition-free college to DPS graduates

Penguin Travels 5,000 Miles Every Year to Visit Man Who Saved Him (PHOTOS)

The Washington Post Editorial Board Just Sat Down With Donald Trump. It Didn't Go Well.

AIPAC condemns Trump attack on Obama

Why More Students Are Leaving the U.S. for College

Detroit to provide tuition-free college to DPS graduates

Bamako: Terrorist attack on hotel in Mali

These are Ted Cruz's advisors...

Why Trump’s Manipulation of the Media Is More Serious Than Many Journalists Care to Admit

Trade Backers Pin Pacific-Pact Hopes on Lame-Duck U.S. Congress

Hillary didn't want to work this hard.

I'm starting to feel the radiation big time: sore tongue, sore throat, and burning skin.

Bernie 2016 Returns Donations to Remedy Campaign Finance Issues

What are Bernie and Hillary doing today?

Who else does the Windows Insider program ?

Why on earth don't European countries strip citizenship from foreign fighters?

Hillary leads among likely voters, Sanders among registered voters

Republicans Are Holding the Entire Court System Hostage

The Cyma Rubin Women in Science Lectureshup {NYC}

The pressure is building on the Golan Heights

Muslims Urge Government To Review AIPAC Status

The pressure is building on the Golan Heights

They're not Muslims. They're Chaldeans. SIL losing it over growing population.

Bernie Sanders then and Now 1985 2015

Let us thank Cheney and Rumsfeld

Kerry To Meet Putin To Push Peace In Syria, Ukraine

We Might Finally Be Able to Read Ancient Scrolls Damaged By Vesuvius Eruption

One more reason not to go out for lunch in Midtown:

Sanders Outlines Middle East Policy

Report from college town Tempe Az

I was watching that creepy Cruz in an interview from last week!

A Week on the Trail With the “Disgusting Reporters” Covering Donald Trump

I noticed today that gas is $.20 gallon more expensive than a week ago here.

The Washington Post Asked Donald Trump If He Would Nuke ISIS. This Was His Response.

Belligerent Ted Cruz and his racist Brussels reaction:

Islamic State claims responsibility for Brussels attacks

A buddy of mine finally got a job at the lightswitch factory!

Tell CNN to fire Trump supporting apologists...NOW!

Report from Avondale Tolleson Arizona

There are only two things Donald Trump is good at:

Cruz: “We must empower cops to patrol & secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized."

Washington's Governor and both Senators endorse Hillary

I'm watching the Cuba v the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game in Havana. They are awaiting Pres. Obama

We are all victims

The person most responsible for the attack in Brussels is....

Hillary: I could compromise on abortion if it included exceptions for mother's health

Community holds rally after KKK flyers found in Lexington neighborhood

San Diego Rally Today. 9 hours Before Rally And Already A Huge Line!

Missouri ordered to reveal pharmacies that supplied its execution drugs

Does the DNC run the election in AZ?

Kids: Trump is a Bully

Bernie Sanders picks up his 27th superdelegate: Danica Oparnica, the DNC's ethnic council vice chair

Ten Civilizations or Nations That Collapsed From Drought - good read

How the repubs became the party of NO!!

Say a Prayer...

U.S. charges three Syrian hackers: Justice Department

CNN Town Hall: The Young Turks Summary

I just emailed Jim Hightower a link to the damning "Clinton System" NYR article. I got a reply back

Just watched Obama's causal ESPN interview from the stands of the Tampa Bay/Cuba game

For those in Arizona who changed from whatever to Democratic:

Censorship Run Amok.

Hi, Bernie supporters! I am back

Carpe DIEM, Baby...Cruz sees Brussels attacks as opportunity to pimp his candidacy

Stream A Thon for Bernie Sanders Arizona, Idaho, and Utah!- Bernie2016TV

Images: Sanders Rally At Key Arena In Seattle!

What a Wicked Awesome Obituary! LOL!

a list of how many delegates for each state/entity went to Bernie and Hillary

Sarah Palin Eyed for Daytime Court TV Series

The Star-Spangled Banner ….. in Cuba 💃

Two dead in apparent murder-suicide inside Texas Walmart

Are you KIDDING me? "Please Please Me"...the 1st Beatles album...released FIFTY THREE years ago?

The GOP has no Plan for 2016, There is only one Plan

Meet The Jews Who Protested Trump’s AIPAC Speech

Better Call Saul renewed for season 3

Tales of Anti-Racism in the Nashville YMCA: Dumping Trump in AZ

Exhibition game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National Team

U.S. states giving more ex-felons voting rights back

If Trump takes over the Republican Party...

A Graffiti Artist Painted A Road Runner Tunnel On A Wall And Somebody Tried To Drive Through It

The Violent Image That America Projects To the World

Oh, I can see where this is going....

Britain’s David Cameron to Jamaica: It’s Time to “Move on” From Slavery

First Half of the Primary Season: What Patterns Can We Point To?

New emails highlight interaction between State, Clinton Foundation

I need a new job.

U.S. top court backs moose hunter in Alaska hovercraft case

My final prediction for tonight

Poll: Trump, Clinton score historic unfavorable ratings

Bernie has been endorsed by the Seattle Times.

Hardware Giants Bet Big on Virtual Reality and a Market That Doesn’t Yet Exist

I wonder if any of the networks are going to carry any election news today or tonight?

Troy LaRaviere Endorses Bernie Sanders

Have you seen this man?

Two detailed legal pieces this wk re: how Hillary Clinton isn't going to be indicted

They Shoot Horses Don't They. Employees Are The New Horses. Not Shot But..........

Millionaires: Raise our taxes to address poverty, fix roads

Tim Black interviews Niko House

The Cyma Rubin Women in Science Lectureship - April 1 in NYC

Does Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court Make Any Damn Sense At All?

Belgium evacuates two nuclear power stations amid fears ISIS will attempt to follow the Brussels att

For those in Arizona who changed from whatever to Democratic:

If HRC wasn't "ignoring the black vote" by staying in after Super Tuesday in '08...

Government Has Shifted to the Right and Failed To Address Systemic Problems Directly

CBS Poll: Republican Party Disintegrating

TYT: CNN Town Hall: The Best Line Was…

Am I the last to know? RW Judicial Watch will get to depose IT specialist Bryan Pagliano in April.

No offense...

Bill Clinton makes surprise Portland, OR campaign stop

Let's share some beautiful music.

Sarah Palin signs on for a new "reality" show--as a JUDGE!!

The Oligodynamic Effect: How Some Metals Kill Off Bacteria

Ariz. Democratic party to investigate after voters told they're not eligible

Rudy Giuliani will "probably" endorse Trump

Transcript of Trump’s meeting with Washington Post editorial board

Voter suppression in AZ -


Don’t be a Dodo: Why voting Republican is a vote for our own eventual extinction

News-Clip: Bernie Sanders to make Tuesday stop in San Diego

Bernie Sanders Decries ‘Barbarism’ of Brussels Attacks

Bernie Sanders View on Foreign Policy,CNN Full Interview: March 21.

Trump's exchange with the Washington Post Editorial Board

These Attacks Happened Days Before Brussels — But You Probably Didn't Hear About Them

If Trump’s Racism Shocks You, So Too Should AIPAC's

Why So Many Americans Can’t Buy a First Home, or Trade up to a Bigger One

House 2017 Budget Plan Would Slash SNAP (food stamps) by More Than $150 Billion Over Ten Years

Turning to Peace

Nuclear Security Summit to impact transit, traffic and parking next week

Long lines to vote in Arizona primary


Trump Says He Will Delegate Supreme Court Appointments To The Heritage Foundation

France's Top Wines Face Climate 'Tipping Point'

Storage density beyond 10 Tb/in2 (terabits / sq in) possible for heat-assisted magnetic recording

Nixon Policy Advisor Admits He Invented War On Drugs to Suppress 'Anti-War Left and Black People'

5 More Bald Eagles Found Dead In Delaware

Andrew Wakefield’s antivaccine propaganda film to be screened at the Tribeca Film Festival

Urban birds may be smarter than their country cousins, new study suggests

How Vulnerable Is The United States To A Brussels-Like Attack?

'"Known as the "Senator from Wall Street" ' Hillary made 11 million in 14 months from Wall Street

THIS IS NOT A SLAM POEM: On Being Asian American.

THIS IS NOT A SLAM POEM: On Being Asian American.

WHO's Zika Battle Strapped for Cash

Belgium Warned of Attacks. It Wasn't Enough.

Why does Germany seem to be immune to these terrorist attacks?

Justices Uphold $5.8 Million Award Against Tyson Foods

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-21-16

Ukraine Pilot Sings As Russia Jails Her For 22 Years

Democrats vote down LePage bill to kill Maine estate tax

This story about the primaries in Ohio in the Sunday paper scares the hell out of me.

Montana sheriff tells Oregon standoff backers to stay out of arrest

Bernin' in San Diego

Police recommend charges for gun lovin' mom shot by 4-year-old son


Land trusts fire back at latest LePage effort to lift tax exemptions

CNN Documents Babylon 5

FDA and Marijuana: Questions and Answers

Christie mum on Trump proposal to close U.S. border in wake of Brussels attacks

What We're Missing With Bill Clinton's "Awful Legacy Of The Last 8 Years" Comments

Trump camp admits $25,000 charity donation to Florida AG was a mistake

There’s Officially A Congressional Caucus On Black Women And Girls

Watch Eaglet hatch!

“He’s just been up in the tree for a few hours now, cussing at people and throwing pine cones"

Servidor Público | Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton Vows That ISIS Attacks In Belgium Will Only Make Democracy Stronger

Anxious about Trump? Try being a foreign ambassador

AIPAC Apologizes for Trump — and Crowd — Cheering Obama's Departure

Nixon Policy Adviser Admits He Invented War On Drugs to Suppress ‘Anti-War Left and Black People’

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Travel WayBack to 1953 - A History of Iraq

Sanders is the king of credibility in 2016

Long lines at Arizona primary polling spots...

Giuliani "thinking about" endorsement..."wouldn't be Clinton and he doubted it would be Cruz."

nothing to fear but don trump's fearmongering

Free* Download of an Amazing New Band...

Gov. Kate Brown endorses Hillary Clinton

Bernin' in San Diego...can't wait!!

My 10-year old is cheering for Bernie.

Atheist trolls Christian conservatives for Sam Bee: ‘I’ll pray for you?’ ‘OK, I’ll think for you’

Hillary News & Views 3.22: Tackling Trump at AIPAC, Town Hall, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Endorses

Belgian religious groups condemn Brussels attacks

NBC/SM National Poll: Clinton Leads 53% - 41%. Pledged Delegate Lead, +321. AZ, ID & UT Tonight.

NBC/SM National Poll: Clinton Leads 53% - 41%. Pledged Delegate Lead, +321. AZ, ID & UT Tonight.

Two Questions

If you have a flight this afternoon be aware a security threat being investigated at DIA

Death by gentrification: the killing that shamed San Francisco

American elections ranked worst among Western democracies — here’s why

The Catholic Counter-Reformation Is Over

Just Too Bad for Hillary Clinton's Enemies

Possible security threat at Denver International Airport: Part of main terminal evacuated

Hillary and Trump give virtually identical speeches at AIPAC, get standing ovations.

Why Aren't You Outraged? --Chicago Shootings

CBS to Air Interfaith Special FAITH, SPIRITUALITY & THE FUTURE, 4/3

Trump backs waterboarding and 'a lot more' after Brussels attacks

We NEED Bernie

Sanders’ Tax Wall Street Plan Would Raise $300 Billion And Create Millions of New Jobs

Hillary Clinton in Phoenix: 'Anger is not a strategy' (with pictures!)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Cherry Blossom Watch Update: March 22, 2016

Leading journalists make fun of conspiracy theorists who insist they’re all “paid Hillary shills”

Trump backs waterboarding and 'a lot more' after Brussels attacks

****March Photo Contest Finals****

Republican Strategist on CNN: Because of Brussels, we have to double down on Iraq.

Moyers: Clinton needs to call for these two top Democrats to resign — for her campaign’s sake

Not for shy bladders.

****March Photo Contest Finals are now posted in GD****

LOL, TRUMP must love this yard sign.......

Seattle High Schoolers made this t-shirt to support women's reproductive rights.

Does anyone else remember the move "The Villain" with Kirk Douglas?

Pro-gun activist accidentally shot by son to face charge

=*= LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in San Diego, CA 3-22-16 =*=

Live Presidential Primary And Caucus Results: Arizona, Utah and Idaho Take Their Turn To Vote

Multinationals abandon operations in Colombia amid economic slowdown

Rape Kit Backlog Nightmare - Samantha Bee Unleashed!!

Josie Bassett: As wild as the frontier

U.S. expands 'dolphin safe' tuna rules to end trade dispute

Thoughts on President Obama's address to the Cuban people

Liberal justices lean toward Puerto Rico in debt case

​The U.S. is tightening "dolphin-safe" tuna rules

How the Media Blew the Big Story

problem seeing Hardball online

ESPN tried to shame Cuba's slums, but tweeters highlighted US sports dystopia

Gustavo Castro Soto and the Rigged Investigation into Berta Cáceres’ Assassination

Americans Often See Cuba Upside Down

Americans Often See Cuba Upside Down

Caitlyn Jenner said she is ‘surprised' that Ted Cruz hasn’t called her back yet

GD-P is as ugly as ever...

Time to close the TSA

chill we the Dems will win in nov

The Crusade in Favor of GMO: Falsehoods and Vilification Will Not Fool the Public

My poor friend. Worked his life away, about to retire

Martin O'Malley has joined Project Drawdown. edited

Danziger hits it out of the park again

How is it possible for a single DU'er to be posting virtually 24/7?

Hey, Marc Emory, are you here? I thoroughly

American Nurses Association Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

How is Hillary going to stop

Custody case of Native American girl appealed to high court

I proudly stand with the American Nurses Association in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

What's on your 'trash word' list?

HRC may have a significant amount of votes already banked in Arizona

Found this on Instagram, Stay Strong!!

Guilty Pleasure

Arlo Guthrie- Presidential Rag.

Famous Actor Hides Messages To His Wife During Her Cancer Battle In Hit Movie

Brussels is Still A Beautiful Place

U.S. court rejects challenge to Colorado gun control laws

Something's Wrong In Arizona: Voter Rolls Not Updated; People FORCED To Take Provisionals...etc.

Cenk Uygur announces that Bernie Sanders will be on live The Young Turks

Follow up on the neighbor lady with the jackass husband.

Oregon occupier charged with damaging tribal grounds remains at large

New Kansas law lets campus religious groups restrict members

Weather cancels Clinton, Sanders campaigning in Wyoming

If Bernie Supporters couldn't understand the rules of the Arizona primary, just wait until....

3-15-16 Bruce! in 2:00

3-15-16 Bruce! in 2:00

3-15-16 2016 Bruce! in 2:00

China says Philippines fishermen used fire bombs in South China Sea

Ted Cruz’s Bizarre Plan For Muslim ‘Patrols’ Just Got Even More Confusing

Why is everything a conspiracy to some people?

India Electrification Project

Bernie was a concientous objector

Americans Trust Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump On Terrorism

3-16-16 The Voice of Freedom in 2:00

3-16-16 The Voice of Freedom in 2:00

3-16-16 The Voice of Freedom in 2:00

3-16-16 The Voice of Freedom in 2:00

At what time do the election results start rolling in??

Security alert lifted at Denver airport as terminal fully reopens

PPP: A Trump nomination could put North Carolina Senate Seat in play

Top Putin Aide Taunts NATO After Brussels Attack

“Families Were Blown Up” — Scenes From a Saudi-Led Bombing in Yemen

Democratic Party officials say they heard reports of 'large numbers of complaints' in AZ...

Texas ex-trooper pleads not guilty in arrest of woman who died in jail

Hydrogen car smashes world records in six-day demonstration around London's M25

3-17-16 The Fight for the 8 Hour Day in 2:00

Public gloating is never well-advised.

House backs military burial honor for women pilots

3-17-16 The Fight for the 8 Hour Day in 2:00

3-17-16 The Fight for the 8 Hour Day in 2:00

First hand account of Arpaio's conentration camp. Jane Sanders.

Bernie Sanders Canvassing Rodeo Drive - Beverly Hills

Flight Attendant Flees Airport, Leaving 30 Kilos of Cocaine Behind: Officials

Sumatran rhino sighted in Indonesian Borneo for first time in 40 years