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High court refuses to spare Texas man hours before execution

Michigan woman pleads guilty to trading diseased body parts

Regarding the Idaho Caucuses...

"All the way to the White House... Feel the Bern" Bernie Anthem

Christian Parents Freak Out Over Yoga Exercises at GA Elementary School

3-18-16 Dancing into the Streets in 2:00

a couple of petitions that might interest you

3-18-16 Dancing into the Streets in 2:00

3-18-16 Dancing into the Streets in 2:00

Just got a push poll for Mike Sherzan

Bernie Sanders Stream A Thon and Rally Live from San Diego-Bernie2016TV

New suspect in Oregon wildlife refuge occupation revealed, remains at large

26th defendant in Malheur standoff at large

Oregon Judge Sends 6 Refuge Occupiers To Nevada For Bunkerville Charges

Sarah Palin to develop her own Judge Judy-style reality show

Some explanation on what is going wrong in Az at the polls today.

I hope i did this right. Interesting article

Line in Ada county, Idaho. The line is over a couple miles long.

Burns Police Investigating Pacific Patriots Network Co-Founder

I finally made it to 1,000 posts.

PSA: Voter Registration Deadlines for Closed Primaries in MD and PA

HRC’s pledged delegate target tonight is 57 while Sander's target is 74.

In Everett WA, Hillary Clinton pledges pursuit of job creation

primary map

Your cheat sheet for the Arizona and Idaho primaries and Utah caucuses

Live video Seattle Man won't leave large tree

Its actually very very green outside

I want to know.

Link for the primaries pictures

New Yorkers filed 40,883 voter applications online in ten days

Howard Dean Fully Corrupted By Money

TPP - Zahara Heckscher tells her story

TPP - Zahara Heckscher tells her story

TPP - Zahara Heckscher tells her story

TPP - Zahara Heckscher tells her story

Organic farmer loses suit against ethical farmer.

I think the single most important change we need in this country is the ability to impeach

Nature: The Planet May Be In Trouble If China Controls It's Air Pollution.

3-19-16 The Tree of Solidarity in 2:00

New Yorkers filed 40,883 voter applications online in ten days

3-19-16 The Tree of Solidarity in 2:00

3-19-16 The Tree of Solidarity in 2:00

=*= NYTimes ARIZONA Primary Results/Link - 99% in - Bernie now has 30 delegates 39.9% =*=

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton viewed unfavorably by majority - CBS/NYT poll

Police: Woman was high when she put daughter in oven, stripped off her clothes, and praised god

AFL-CIO Releases First of Several Videos Criticizing the TPP (which HRC touted and praised)

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! And The Next One! Uncensored & Live &

Idaho Heads to Caucus: G-O IDAHO!

of course the repubs are ready to

=*= NYTimes IDAHO Caucus Results/Map Link - Bernie WINS 78-21 =*=

Poll: 6 in 10 Republicans embarrassed by GOP race

God help me we signed the kid up for AAU basketball

We netted more delegates from the Democrats Abroad voting than Hillary Clinton netted

=*= NYTimes UTAH Results/Map Link - 82% reporting Bernie Wins 79.7 - 19.8 =*=

Democratic voters are turning out in record numbers for our caucus tonight!

Hillary Clinton Deserves a Huge Amount of Credit For the U.S.-Cuba Breakthrough

AZ voting seems to be a big mess.

Good news for the Sumatran rhino

Thread of Lies - updated

Single Payer Advocates including NYSNA Board of Directors Support Bernie Sanders in NY Primary

Paul Ryan's Latest Speech Said One Thing: He's Running

Seattle #ManinTree Live Feed: Hour Six

Markos Moulitsas: Sanders: Time to bow out

The Young Turks - Live Election Coverage and Reaction- New Link (works)

This motorized papasan is the sickest Lambo I've seen all year

Look-either call Bernie a socialist, or call him a libertarian.

Alaska deficit explodes as oil stays in cellar

The DNC is trying to pull in Arizona what they pulled in Florida!!

New Study: Voting Machines at Risk Ahead of 2016 Election

Disturbing trend

Che Guevara's son on Obama in Cuba: 'Maybe we can influence US in a positive way'

You should watch Rachel's coverage of Brussels.

Guardian LTTE: Hypocrisy over Cuba’s human rights record

Hypocrisy over Cuba’s human rights record

Bernie Supporter Ask: "'Why do they hate Hillary Clinton so much?"

Idaho Go Caucus | Bernie Sanders

Obama embraces Cuba's pastime with a spot of baseball diplomacy

Uber driver, father of 3, shot and killed Saturday, person of interest in custody

Obama embraces Cuba's pastime with a spot of baseball diplomacy

Alex Karpovsky Wants Arizona to Vote for Bernie

****~~~~ The OFFICIAL Bernie Sanders Group Western Tuesday Thread ~~~~****

Idaho: Caucus Today

It's ibuprofen weather.

Bernie Addresses the Terrorist Attacks in Brussels

Jane Sanders Visits the Puente Movement

Tad Devine is making a pretty penny. HRC ROOM

Acceso Universal a Educación Superior | Bernie Sanders

Servidor Público | Bernie Sanders

Idaho feels the Bern

Barack Obama's visit to Argentina on Dirty War anniversary brings out 'some dark sides'

Something Is Going Seriously Wrong at Arizona Polls Today

During Easter week, Pope Francis to wash the feet of 12 refugees

Bill Clinton was criticizing “awful legacy” of republican obstructionism, not President Obama

Obama's visit to Cuba - in pictures

AZ results thread....

Four Sets of Identical Twins Staged a Time Travel Prank on an NYC Subway

American Nurses Association endorses Clinton

Sanders gasping against Clinton as race heads West

Bernie and Hillary Both Score Over 50 Percent on Politifact

Mumbai’s Vast Garbage Dump Catches Fire Again, Covering City in Smog

Markos Moulitsas: Sanders: Time to bow out

10 PM: No election calls (D/R) in Arizona

The Same Bosses

Upbeat vibe, long line await Sanders rally in San Diego

TYT: Election Coverage

Forty millionaires ask New York to raise taxes on wealthy in '1% plan for fairness'

Election results

Donald Trump: "He'll talk a lot faster with the torture..."

Rolling Stone Magazine Endorses Hillary Clinton

Jerry Jones says claim that enough data exists for link between football, CTE is 'absurd'

Hmm, "Trump Just Tweeted Then Deleted Threat About Ted Cruz's Wife"

There are few things grosser than listening to pundits talk about who the terrorist attack helps

Farewell, Grand Old Party

Derek Jeter Emerges at Rays-Cuba Game in Havana

Stay in line Voters! They have to let you vote. And kudos to all of you for your

Illinois First State to Boycott Companies Who Boycott Israel

Young economist leaving Alaska to avoid Legislature's promised painful cuts

WATCH: President Obama, Raul Castro do the wave

What you do think of this Kurt Vonnegut Quote

American Nurses Association Endorses Hillary Clinton

American Nurses Association Endorses Hillary Clinton

Left to right: Obama's pendular swing through Latin America.

CNN: Big Turnout for Sanders Speech Tonight in San Diego

Fired Texas trooper pleads not guilty to perjury in Sandra Bland case

Left to right: Obama's pendular swing through Latin America.

CNN's coverage so far tonight is absolutely pathetic

Massive US airstrike in Yemen kills 'dozens' of people, Pentagon says

Pima County voter help line re-staffed after Recorder's Office building was evacuated

Europe Travel Alert

San Diego is Feeling the Bern!

All voting is in Maricopa is controlled by the GOP

Atlas V launching tonight @ 11:05 pm EST

Boise, ID Caucus line expected to take 2 1/2 hours past closing time to process (CNN)

Re:Brussels, it makes no sense to claim "Islam is a religion of peace"

Fox blames the Brussels attacks on Political Correctness. WTF?

Over 200 faculty members sign petition supporting Columbia's ties to Israel

Montana sheriff seeks to avoid standoff over arrest

Gossip and Gags about Obama’s visit to Cuba

Justices uphold $5.8 million award against Tyson Foods

The line to caucus in district stretches for about a half mile. Love that Salt Lake City is berning

How long has Arizona been closed now?

At the Boise, ID democratic caucus. Hillary supporters are on the left half of the stadium, Bernie

Arizona Update

From a Poster In Boise on Bernie Sanders is my Hero FB

CNN seriously just asked someone if she thought there were too many people voting......

Chris Matthews Corruption Scandal

Campus Anti-Semitism Prompts New York Lawmakers To Slash Funds

Ex-Fed, Goldman Sachs employee avoids jail time for stealing secrets

An hour after the Arizona poll closed, Clinton and Sanders are neck and neck at....0%/0%

Clinton up 62-36 in early vote for Maricopa County (Phoenix)

Arizona results (41% reporting) Clinton 61.5%-Sanders 36.1%

Regarding Alaska's caucus on Saturday,

Why are there lines to go vote??? Primary election turnout is always lower than the General Election

U.S. lawsuits build against Monsanto over alleged Roundup cancer link - Spring Planting Cancer?

When I began writing here, most readers cared about poor people and the environment

Keiser Report: Trump-Addicted America

Rolling Stone just endorsed Hillary

All 14 precincts reporting in Navajo County HRC 58-35

Wow: Navajo County is total (not just early) vote: 14 of 14 reporting

AZ - County Recorder discounted Latino voters

That guy with the wild hair wins Arizona!

AP: Hillary wins Arizona

Arizona results (51% reporting) Clinton 60%-Sanders 37%

From the Arizona Secretary of State Election page

Good news! Sharron Angle is running for the NV Senate seat

AZ Primary: MARCO RUBIO only 4% behind Ted Cruz...

AP calls Arizona for HRC

AP just "called" the election with 4% of the vote? WTF?

CNN: Clinton wins Nevada!

Why does Sanders lose significantly

CNN called AZ for Hillary!

There is an amazing amount of stuff published today regarding...

Why didn't Bernie Sanders try to bank early votes in Arizona?

Breaking: Titanic Sinks

Hillary Clinton wins Arizona!

Report: Rolling Stone magazine endorses Hillary Clinton

Does anyone have the number of delegates that Hillary was shooting for

Anyone remember the Clinton supporters up in arms about Michigan?

Hillary won Arizona. Looks to be a very big margin. nt

10:35 EDT: Hillary has already beaten her target in Arizona.

So we have heard story after story from several different states how the primaries and

Bernie speaking on CNN

Times has AZ as 1 pct out of 724 in Maricopa, rest "initial results"

Bernie on now in San Diego.

What's Bernie doing in California?

OMG! CNN and MSNBC are covering Bernie's speech!

Bernie Sanders is on CNN right now

Hillary has won 7 states in a row since the virtual tie in Michigan

CNN is leaving Bernie's speech

If you were disinfranchised in AZ today or know someone who was, READ and SHARE!

Hillary picks up 40 pledged delegates in Arizona.

Do you think the winner of a primary should be called while people are still in line waiting to vote

President Obama's Speech To The People Of Cuba

From The New Book 'The Nixon Tapes"... Spying On Teddy Kennedy...

I don't always agree with George Will but when I do....

So it's nearly 11:00 central and only one race has been called. Why is that?

MSMBC of off Sanders

Thoroughly Confused

Hillary on MSNBC

People STILL in Line To Vote In AZ ... Have been Waiting For HOURS! And The Race Is "Called"?

All over the net. Everytime a vote problem Hillary wins. Bernie is going to check out AZ problems.

Challenger Engineer Who Warned Of Shuttle Disaster Dies

Twitter feed says 1.2 million turned away and they are staying in line AZ

I think I could give Sanders speeches for him....

Emily's List called again today for money...

Donald Trump makes wild threat to 'spill the beans' on Ted Cruz's wife

Texas woman's hair appointment at Austin salon leads to 'traumatic' allergic reaction

Now thats a speech with Grace. Not the old tired bullshit we heard earlier from Bernie.

Maricopa County election officials writing off voters? You bet

Hillary isn't smiling again

Donald Trump wins Arizona Republican primary

The bad news for Bernie is the east coast is going to bed...

What is the correct pronunciation of "Muslim" ?

Nate Silver got it WRONG!!!

Wow! Trump threatens Cruz's wife in a tweet...

Good description of the rationales being given for the "labor mobility" provisions in trade deals

I thought news agencies ARE SUPPOSED to WAIT until ALL the polls had closed BEFORE they CALL.

It is not over in AZ

Bernie Sanders on The Young Turks 6:00pm EST..03-23-2016

Bernie Sanders on TYT, 6:00pm EST..03-23-2016

Did anyone watch Charlie Rose tonight?

I want to thank my fellow Democrats in The Grand Canyon State

Sarah Palin to get courtroom TV show


The Nation - What’s Wrong With Bernie Sanders’s Strategy?

Decreasing the number of polling places amounts to voter suppression of the working poor.

Let's get something straight: there are no "Democratic" polling places in AZ.

Bernie Sanders to interview on The Young Turks!

The election today in Arizona is a Presidential preference election, not a primary

There was no Primary in AZ today (from Secretary of State's page)

Hillary just gave a terrific speech in...

Some clarification about today's election in AZ

Hillary's Seattle speech - cross post from GDP

Lexington (Massachusetts) man backs off proposed town ban on ‘assault weapons’

The shit is going to hit the fan about Arizona. The Arizona Republic, a right wing rag -is all over

It is clearly time for a Fully Informed Democratic Voters push.

Official AZ Primary Results?

Where's Waldo? In Boston, apparently.

The Echoes of History have Reached our Shores—Trump Promotes Violence -But Keeps Denying it…!

We need to pass a federal law for a minimum number of polling places per population.

No matter who your candidate is, you should be concerned about voter disenfranchisement.

Idaho tonight probably largest caucus in history 4 to 1 for Bernie

ID Statesmen...says it's the biggest in History in Ada Co. (Boise) he thinks 4 to 1 for Bernie

I think I could give Sanders speeches for him....

Clinton Continues To Roll In Big Latino States With Arizona Win

The only way to end terrorism is to end dependence on fossil fuels asap.

Clinton With about a 4,000 Vote Lead on Trump in Arizona with 27% Counted

Arizona live Presidential Preference Election Results

CNN Showing 71% counted for well over an hour. 60-37 HRC

Has anyone else worked as a poll worker

Weaver just said that numbers are not right ...waiting til monring in AZ

Anybody got any tricks to disciplining cats? Mine jumps on me when he's jumping from the window

The Unofficial "Tell kos to Go Pound Sand" Thread

First returns in from Utah...

Questions about tonight's results(btw, congrats to HRC for AZ-final result likely will be closer)

538: early UT returns show Sanders 66:33

April 2015 article: "Thousands of Arizona Voting Ballots Going Uncounted Every Election..."

Court orders IRS to provide information in tea party lawsuit

A good friend JUST voted at 10:15 pm

Sanders doing Great in Idaho

Boise caucus initial results (from live tv)

So far HRC is winning big in native American & Latino counties in Arizona

So far HRC is winning big in native American & Latino counties in Arizona

Can someone explain why 71% for hours in AZ yet amounts keeping going up?

Tweet from Hillary: Thank you, Arizona!

Tweet from Hillary: Thank you, Arizona! Hillary GROUP

Bernie currently has a 51 point lead in Utah

Utah: Sanders has more than a 50% lead. Idaho is more than 80%

You know, Idaho and Utah are just as red as the Deep South


Nate Silver: Sanders will probably gain net delegates tonight

AP has called Utah for Bernie!!!!

How the $%#! did Kasich manage to get fewer votes in AZ than Rubio?

Sanders winning big tonight. We need him vs Trump

Arizona Democrats - there is a PROTEST tomorrow morning (Wed)

Caucuses are so much harder to steal.

I plan to vote for Hillary in my primary, but I guess if she wins

The NY Times calls Utah for Bernie Sanders!

So far in AZ HRC has a 40-16 delegate lead

Thanks to Bernie's HUGE win in Utah . . .

Bernie Sanders Triumphs In Utah’s Democratic Presidential Caucus

Did Sanders (at his rally in CA) mention today's terrorist attack?

Clinton Derangement Syndrome, it's not just for Republicans anymore!

I'm watching the VERY downbeat look on the Cruz crony's face.

Huge crowd to caucus in Boise

Just got back from the Idaho falls caucus.

Remember when the talking point was HRC can't win outside the "confederacy"?

Bernie winning

"There's obviously something wrong with the numbers"

Did Anderson Cooper make fun of Sanders campaign manager?

I believe CNN has quit covering the votes being counted in Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

Just a Dumb 'Ol Video of The Biggest Caucus Ever in the History of the United States

Blaine county, Idaho caucus

Congratulations to Bernie on his wins in ID and UT

Fungus that threatens chocolate forgoes sexual reproduction for cloning

NY Times calls Idaho for Sanders 78% to 21% Clinton!

"Get Together" Lyrics 1967

Reporter asks Weaver about Bernie's tone at rallies and booing Hillary...


If my understanding of the rules and my math are correct, Bernie won 55 delegates tonight

Prediction: Trump will win Wisconsin and drive a stake in the hearts of the RNC

Pic from Az polling place taken 1 hour ago (10.40 PT) How amazing are these people?

Sanders wins Idaho and Utah. Clinton AZ. CNN NT

Bernie Sanders wins Idaho Democratic presidential caucus

Free Film "Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot" for Educators/Civic Groups

Great night in San Diego tonight!


Enough is enough. A call for compassion.

Let's clear this up: SANDERS WON TONIGHT!

Congratulations Berner's on your Utah and Idaho wins!

Clinton calls for more surveillance, police after Brussels attacks

Tonight puts us across the half-way point (delegate-wise) for the primaries

NYPD Police Chief Blasts Ted Cruz wanting to Patrol Muslim Communities

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell on who is to blame for the long lines

Daily Holidays - March 23

I would like to point out this very positive post by a Bernie supporter.

Kaniela Ing - State Rep Hawaii Endorses Bernie Sanders

cross post: Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell on who is to blame for the long lines

Just an update for my service dog. Happy National Puppy Day! New Picture Added 😁

O.M.G. A Desi Lichtenstein

My current guesses on delegates tonight and percent needed going forward for each candidate


If results stand as of now: Bernie wins 72 Delegates - Clinton 59...Ms. Inevitables lead cut 319 to

I made the newscast in San Diego tonight!

Obama in Cuba hitting peak levels of "No Fucks Given"

Black People Twice As Likely to be Arrested For Pot In Colorado And Washington — Where It’s Legal

Of course it means nothing, but I still think it's fascinating

Why isn't anyone asking Trump if he will use Nuclear Weapons against ISIS?

Idaho Republican: Bibles in public schools ruled constitutional by ‘little Supreme Court in my head’

Today until April 9th is Sanders's do or die time

Idaho Republican: Bibles in public schools ruled constitutional by ‘little Supreme Court in my head

So....nothing to do with being gay, but a bit of news from my house

Despite Democrats' warnings, problems for Arizona voters in primary

What are some compelling reasons to vote for Clinton?

'Link' to Paris attacks suspect

Fishy voting problems in Arizona

Can Bernie Sanders Still Win The Democratic Nomination | IURL DIscusses

Ash tree set for extinction in Europe

MSNBC Announces Bernie Win in Idaho - For Those That Missed it

Update on Arizona. There will be a press conference at 10 am MST

Why can't Hillary seal the deal?

Former Saints Player Enters New Guilty Plea to Drug Distribution Charges

Former Saints Player Enters New Guilty Plea to Drug Distribution Charges

A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg has died aged 45

Major Research Findings: Sanders’ Tax Wall Street Plan Would Raise $300 Billion And --

WA Fair Trade Coaltion hosting anti-TPP summit in Tacoma 4/16

Public Banks as Alternative to Global Chaos

Daniel Ellsberg: US Will Repeat Old Mistakes and It's 'Not Going to Eliminate ISIS

Klezmer Medley

Here’s What a Man Who Studied Every Suicide Attack in the World Says About ISIS’ Motives

Secret deals may mean consumers pay more for drugs

How the Democratic Party Establishment Suffocates Progressive Change

RIP Phife

25 Minutes with Richard Dean Anderson

Robert Reich,How the People's Party Prevailed in 2020

I Asked 10 Women Why They're Feeling The Bern At A Rainy Rally In Seattle

Today's results: polls vs. actual

Sanders stokes big San Diego crowd 10,000 w/mile-long crowd

Measure to hike California's minimum wage to $15 qualifies for ballot

Measure to hike California's minimum wage to $15 qualifies for ballot

The U.S. has ‘worst elections of any long-established democracy,’ report finds (WaPo)

Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz in Republican Primary

I heard Palin will have another reality show later this year, as a Jg. Judy-type character.

Are we beginning to see a pattern?

EXCLUSIVE: Jeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz

So, when do we declare Kasich out of the race? No wins for him on Tuesday.

Brussels attacks suspect Najim Laachraoui 'arrested in Anderlecht a day after Isis bombings

U.S. high court confronts Obamacare contraceptives challenge

Prime suspect 'not arrested' (Brussels suspect was previously reported as arrested)

Oregon occupier charged with damaging tribal grounds remains at large

U.S. high court confronts Obamacare contraceptives challenge

Congratulations on your landslide wins in Utah and Idaho Sander's supporters.

Cruz Wins All of Utah's Delegates, Sanders Wins Both Caucuses and Trump and Clinton Win Arizona Prim

Story of cities #6: how silver turned Potosí into 'the first city of capitalism'

QUESTION: Have there been many national level progressive movements that were racially homogeneous?

Palin's Court show is just one more insult to the institutions of government

"It’s the End of the Line for GOP as We Know It"

East Texas woman fatally shot when child picks up rifle

I think we need to face the possibility that the Arizona Primary result is fraudulent.

WikiLeaks reveal that Schauble was afraid of the collapse of eurozone

Georgia teen arrested after allegedly threatening Trump online

Bernie's YUGE comeback...

Jeb! would like you to PLEASE CLAP...for Ted Cruz. "Jeb Bush backs Ted Cruz for president"

No self-respecting Democrat should dismiss accusations of election fraud lightly.

Dirty Business

New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland are closed primaries.

. Was It Also Voter Suppression,In Mich ? The Link I provided here said there was..

Gov. Robert Bentley had affair, says fired Alabama top cop

Remember when John Kasich called a cop an Idiot? and lied?

Time for Bernie Sanders to drop out

It may have not been the best moment for Pres. Obama?

Bernie Sanders is the King of Credibility

Mika and Joe (Morning Joe) slam President Obama

Question- at what point do you start trusting liars?

Sanders outspent ALL candidates in Arizona.

Bernie fans after Iowa and Nevada: caucuses suck!!!

Bernie Sanders plans rally at Seattle’s Safeco Field Friday, Thursday in Yakima

If there is a God...

Do you remember how many of us knew Bush stole the election from Gore?

Did you see this?

Hang comes "Baseball Gate" or "Mexican-Wave Gate". The RWers are frothing at the mouth

HRC hit her target while Bernie missed his

Wow. Hillary lost Idaho by 57 points and Utah by 60.

I'm just going to "drop this" (LOL) right here ....

Here's some anecdotal (oh noes!) evidence of one Arizona voter's experience yesterday.

Why isn't the Sanders campaign doing anything

Why is everyone freaking out about Arizona's primary?

I am proud to stand with Rolling Stone magazine in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Can You Spot Donald Trump In This Pile of Tribbles?

Documenting Deliberate Sabotage (Voting in AZ)


Hi. Why do we have to fight?

Listen well ReTHUGs and hacks

Bernie mops the floor and crushes the crap out of clinton in Idaho and Utah.

Hillary should just drop out. Bernie's winning the progressive states like Utah, along with

Bernie is not dropping out. Here are the reasons why.

"As goes Idaho and Utah so goes the nation."

Headline this morning: "Clinton and Trump solidify their nominations with big wins in Arizona."

It's all about the UTAHANS, baby!

Rolling Stone Endorses Hillary Clinton

Trump calls Warren "the Indian"

Air Force member throws punches at Trump rally

Amazing that Bernie was almost unknown nationally yet hillary is still losing states to him!

The World's Tiniest Rube Goldberg Machine Made of Watch Parts Is a Masterpiece

Kitten has Hilarious Reaction to Her Reflection

Bernie's job has gotten harder.

Need help from Bernie's supporters to understand his economic plan.

74 to 73

Video documentation of half-mile-long line of voters in Maricopa County, AZ yesterday.

Mike Malloy Hits - Top Ten Michele Bachmann Stupid Quotes

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Brussels

Todays thinking point for supporters of HRC reminds me of a Disco classic

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Cuba

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

We the People - Sign the petitions.

So, Sanders gained maybe one delegate over Hillary last night?

losing by 57 and 60 points IS NOT A DEFEAT

How come it's only when Bernie loses

How the Senate Foils Obama Even When It's in Recess

Indian Wells CEO resigns for sexist comment! Go Serena! Go Billie-Jean-!

I see a bunch of angry conspiracy theories and petitions and protests! What on earth happened?!

Maricopa County election officials writing off voters? You bet

Video: AZ - Computer Shows Affiliation has been changed to NONE

Video: AZ - Computer Shows Affiliation has been changed to NONE

Trucker found guilty in bicyclist's death

Popular Vote 3/22/16--HRC: 252,352 BS: 231,758

So I turn on the news this morning

When did we stop caring about voter suppression?

We're all human. We all have double standards.

Voter Suppression in AZ...woke up to this on my FB

25 Unbelievable Trivia About Dinosaurs And The World They Lived In

Keith Olbermann’s Guide to Surviving the Media Coverage of Donald Trump

States with the worst workplace conditions for women:

Charles P. Pierce: All 3 Republican candidates wet their pants during last international crisis

What ISIS Really Wants

HILLARY GROUP yaaaa! Clinton Crushes Sanders in Arizona

Musical summary of the primaries so far... petition - INVESTIGATE THE VOTER FRAUD AND VOTER SUPPRESSION IN ARIZONA.

Quinnipiac National Poll-Clinton 50% (+6) Sanders 38% (-4)

Trump Squared

Caucuses seem to encourage voter suppression by discouraging voter turnout.

At a tribal school in Wash State, Clinton gets a Puyallup name meaning "strong woman"

American Nurses Association endorses Hillary Clinton

More from the bottom of the sewer...

Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz For President

Big conservative shindig gets canceled...

I remember a time when Democrats were proud

San Diego felt the Bern last night

It is over ..... the math

Time to make people mad: The modern left sucks and this primary proves it.

Why the cosmic primary screw-up in Arizona?

Sanders spent $1.3M on AZ airwaves; more than 2x what @HillaryClinton did.

Hillary Won the Night~"Bernie Sanders Lags Hillary Clinton Despite Winning Two State Caucuses"

The 4 most eyebrow-raising parts of the crazy affair allegation against Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley

=*= LIVE Stream @ 5PM: Bernie Sanders Town Hall Rally in Casper, WY 3-23-16 POSTPONED=*=

Stanton Friedman makes the American Loons list!

The Puyallup Tribe, meeting today in WA, honored Clinton with her own Lushoots name "Stong Woman"

Bernie Sanders: Don't Count Out anti-Semitism as Factor in Israel Boycott Movement

Bernie Sanders Is Currently Winning the Democratic Primary Race, and I’ll Prove It to You

95% Chance Of Hillary Winning The Democratic Nomination. 71% Chance Of Winning General Election.

To save native island animals from extinction, eradicate the uninvited guests, study finds

AIPAC’s apology for Trump speech is unprecedented

Arizona is the perfect place for Bernie to prove he will FIGHT FOR VOTERS.

1 million this says for vote supression in AZ

Why does Bernie Sanders support voter suppression?

My two cents about the alleged Arizona voter shenanigans.

Koterba toon: Brussels

Black Millennials: "Hillary...invested in violence against Black bodies."

Cash Problems Continue for Clinton Primary Campaign

So basically, the GOP race in a nutshell is Dick Cheney vs. Benito Mussolini.

So, it looks like pointing out that faith drives ISIS makes you a bigot in DU's eyes

Hillary Clinton to Deliver Counterterrorism Address at Stanford University

Another day after a Primary and another voter fraud cry

NYT Promotes Study by Private Pension Company That Says Not to Trust Public Pensions

Making College Free Could Add a Million New Black and Latino Graduates

Since when is prosperity for all a "white" issue?


It's a good thing we don't have Winner Take All primaries and caucuses

Cartoon: Shout, Shout, Let it All Out

Cartoon: Shout, Shout, Let it All Out

Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner: "Idealism and honesty are crucial qualities for me, but..."

My answer to those who say they will vote according to their "progressive principles"

Bernie Supporters PLEASE do not blame Hillary for what happened in AZ & VICE VERSA

Do you think Bernie has the right to call his campaign a sucess even he will not win ?

With Obama in Cuba, Pro-Torture Pundits Suddenly Concerned With Human Rights

5 Outrageous Examples of Voter Suppression in the Arizona Primary

What if the COUNTRY were like DU?

Hillary News & Views 3.23: Arizona, Brussels, Ed Murray, ANA, Rolling Stone, a Brief Hiatus

Haven't been to the park for a couple of weeks-some changes. PIX

Solar fuels:a refined protective layer for the “artificial leaf”

My answer to those who say they will vote according to their "progressive principles"

The jury system needs some kind of precedent or "common law" system.

Arizona should give all Democrats pause as to what might occur in the general election there.

Are they going to count the provisional Ballots in Arizona?

Bernie Is Winning the Primary Race, and I’ll Prove It to You

The hummingbirds are returning!

President George W. Bush In Action! I mean, inaction ...

Is the great American Gun Nut a dying species?

FULL MOVIE: Hacking Democracy HBO DOCUMENTARY 2016

Why all the unreasonable demands? You can't really expect unicorns, rainbows or fair elections.

Carbon leads the way in clean energy (using a nickel–carbon-based catalyst instead of platinum)

Bernie Sanders Lags Hillary Clinton Despite Winning Two State Caucuses

Bank Earnings Get Mauled by “Leveraged Loan” Time Bomb

Arizona is massive fraud. DON'T STAND FOR IT!!!

Hezbollah chief warns Israel there will be 'no red lines'

Facebook pictures from San Diego last night

5 Examples of Voter Suppression in the Arizona Primary

Just after midnight, after 5-hour wait, final voter casts ballot in downtown Phoenix

Yes, AZ voting was obviously a huge s**t-show. And it needs to be fixed, because

I don't think AZ will rest. It is unsettled.

Thom Hartmann: How to Make Peace, Not War...

When 2/3 of voters in a polling place are mistaken as independent it's not a mistake......

Hell is definitely beginning to freeze over

Bernie Sanders Must Contest Arizona & Stop Allowing the Theft Of Democratic Primary

Who was more hurt by vote suppression in Arizona, Clinton or Sanders?

Bogota’s Bus Rapid Transit System Eyed By U.S. Urban Planners

The Mistake Made By Wealthy Parents, Especially Trump's...

A well regulated militia?

Trump's Popularity and the Rise of Authoritarian Capitalism

Judge Orders Extradition to U.S. in ‘Flash Crash’ Case

Apparently voter suppression is A-OK if your candidate wins.

So let's suppose there was a ballot initiative that read...

FBI Enlists Israeli Firm Cellebrite to Unlock Shooter's iPhone

Nate Silver on Math

The veil has been lifted. It's no longer Hillary vs Bernie. This is the people vs the establishment.

Google kills the Chrome app launcher on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Seriously, when will the UN send election monitors into the US?

Trudy Rubin: Syrian Kurds may be our best hope for displacing the Islamic State

Count all of AZ provisional ballots

Ted Cruz is the Republican establishment candidate. That’s absolutely insane.

Giuliani: "Brussels was Obama's Pearl Harbour. But Bush took 9/11 seriously."

Have to give the Anti-Defamation League props for calling out Cruz's anti-Muslim bigotry...

A friend in AZ told me about the GOP political engineering going on now...

Arizona's election appears to have been A LOT closer than we thought

PPP NC Poll: North Carolina Looking Good for Democrats in Fall

De Blasio, Bratton full Clip Blasting Cruz the Demagogue

"You are participating in the largest caucus in the history of the United States."

This is just my opinion...

Bernie Sanders Must Contest Arizona & Stop Allowing the Theft Of Democratic Primary

What is the Sanders Revolution doing at the State level?

AZ Democratic party is collecting reports of problems voting in the primaries on their website:

The GOP Response to Belgium? Torture & the "Patrolling and Securing" of Muslim Neighborhoods

Straight Talk From Bernie Sanders on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

A few observations from here in AZ - FWIW

Email from Bernie: Two more BIG victories last night!

Negin Farsad Discusses Fighting Islamophobia With Humor

Let's Remember Hillary's Key Role in Creating Chaos in Libya; Now ISIS Has Capitalized:

End Times Prophesy and the 2016 GOP. . HEY MEDIA!!

Latest Bernie or Bust meme: "stop fearmongering."

Dog rules:

"Bombing in Belgium has HUGE impact right here in Indiana."

So did tRump really think somebody would not post the widely distributed nude pics of his wife?

"They have no problem with the growing inequality...that's who the Democrats are today."

The Arizona Secretary Of State's Website Is Still Only Showing That 90% Of The Precincts Have......

Why the 2016 Election Will Be One of the Most Pivotal Moments of Our Time

Keeping Arizona safe from minorities is how Chief Justice Rehnquist made his bones.

Seems from all that I'm reading and watching

just back from SxSW. Austin is such a cool place hard to believe it's in TX. anyway..

"Trump trump trump"

Petition to launch a federal investigation of the voter suppressing and fraud in AZ

There Were Five-Hour Lines to Vote in Arizona Because the Supreme Court Gutted the Voting Rights Act

There Were Five-Hour Lines to Vote in Arizona Because the Supreme Court Gutted the Voting Rights Act

Terrorist bombs explode and the President basically says "fuck it"???? Really?

Today's Clinton Camp Meme: Vote for Hillary or Everyone is Getting Deported and it's Your Fault

The Red State Meme: Which States are Actually the 'Reddest'?

Fearmongering or accuracy to point out that Donald Trump could be our head of state?

All hail the New Democratic Party

"A candidate who's still winning states with 80% of the votes against the presumptive nominee..."

EXIT POLLS IN AZ SHOWED BERNIE WON! 60% Bernie to 30-something Clinton!! The election was stolen.

Pic Of The Moment: The State Of The GOP Race: #Classless

Trump, Sanders following in California populists' footsteps

Cosmo: Here's Why (many) Young Women Aren't Voting for Hillary Clinton

JMS on Senator Sanders: "we need a resolute Hobbit" lol

Bernie and Cenk Uygur interview tonight!!

There's something very, very odd about one particular Trump social media booster named "Gary Forbes"

Bernie Sanders Stood Up for the Constitution in His Response to Trump and Brussels

ACA's Medicaid Expansion Created Jobs, Saved State Dollars

Maricopa country Arizona 2008 Vs 2016

Do online petitions have any value?

Prairie View women's coach fired for kicking off players for dating

New York Times delegates chart shows total pledged delegate comparison

$250K Per Year Salary Could Qualify For Subsidized Housing Under New Palo Alto Plan

Reminder: 12 months ago almost every voter outside of Vermont would have been "Bernie who?"

Have Any Of The Cable News Shows Commented On The Long Lines/Waits In Arizona?.....

FRENCH REPORTER: "Norway, a country Trump supporters probably don't know exists"

Sanders in Seattle

Exit Poll in Arizona showed Cruz and Sanders leading

Checking back in for a moment to say Wisconsin's in play and needs help!

Malik "Phife Dawg" Taylor of A Tribe Called Quest dead at 45

They fed in MSNBC and CNN at last night's rally in San Diego

Boise has officially logged the largest recorded caucus in U.S history...

CBS meekly takes on Slick Ted

Election FRAUD last night - Hillary got more votes, but less Delegates

Did Hillary Clinton steal Arizona?

In Boeing country--,Washington state- Clinton rips Sanders’ rancor toward Export-Import Bank

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-22-16 (less than $400 for March goal!!!)

Bernie's side and Hillary's side in Idaho

Interview w/ Jen Senko on her film "The Brainwashing of my Dad" about RW talk radio

''One of the best and most influential pieces of British television drama ever made.

Dear PTB, all of you, (D), (R), M$M...ALL of you:

"The Brainwashing of my Dad" trailer -- new film on RW talk radio

Should we give the terrorists power to dictate our President's schedule?

Truly INSANE: AZ voters taken to church auditorium for 3 hours, preached to

''One of the best and most influential pieces of British television drama ever made.

Malaysian film promoting LBGT rights banned for 'mocking national security'

About us privileged and selfish 'principle voters'

$250K Per Year Salary Could Qualify For Subsidized Housing Under New Palo Alto Plan (xpost from LBN)

"Free the Nipple" at rally last night

If ever we get in the position to do so, we need to have national

Voters to decide state’s minimum wage hike

Ted Cruz proposal to reinstate NYPD's Muslim surveillance met with scorn

Ted Cruz proposal to reinstate NYPD's Muslim surveillance met with scorn

Rule to Require Employers to Disclose Use of Anti-Union Consultants

Quite possibly the weirdest pro Sanders site I've seen yet.

Rule to Require Employers to Disclose Use of Anti-Union Consultants

Saving Government Email an Open Question with December 2016 Deadline Looming (Lauren Harper 3-14-16)

Rule to Require Employers to Disclose Use of Anti-Union Consultants

Pissed off about a jury I was just on.

SF startup is turning vacant lots into office spaces with shipping containers

A- rated Monmouth University National Poll-Clinton 55% (+3) Sanders 38% (+1)

Michigan state officials accountable in Flint water crisis: inquiry

July can't get here soon enough

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump get into Twitter beef over their wives

Ted Cruz wants to nationalize an NYPD Muslim surveillance program that the NYPD says didn’t work

Arizona Berners please read this!

More Ancient Viruses Lurk in Human DNA Than Previously Thought

Ted Cruz "news conference" --

Predictions: How will New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland be stolen?

I can't stand and won't stand 3 hours to vote

Legal action is already underway in Arizona

Creighton student studying in Brussels says she walked home 'on sidewalks filled with shattered glas

F-35 flight tests show radar software problems: Pentagon

The Only Way For The Rich To Get Richer, A Quote By Nelson Algren

Bernie Sanders Is Currently Winning the Democratic Primary Race, and I’ll Prove It to You

I just sent a response to this morning's email from the Sanders campaign

Shadowy group hides behind Citizens United to attack Malaria Trump

Belgian police ask Jewish community to avoid Purim masks, cancel festivities

I understand that when someone has been put on "Ignore", they are not notified of that fact.

Honduras, Iraq, College Tuition, and Healthcare

with yet another islamic state attack, this time in Belgium, our leaders better start

Time for These Two Democrats to Go

Lawmakers say NSA plan to expand sharing data ‘unconstitutional’

Lawmakers say NSA plan to expand sharing data ‘unconstitutional’

Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel

Ahhh...look at this cute picture

50,000+ signatures

If You Haven't Read Rolling Stone's Endorsement of Hillary -- PLEASE DO!

Why don't Bernie supporters demand the head of Tad Devine?

U.S. top court divided over Obamacare contraceptives challenge

Wondering if any EXIT polls were done in AZ? Maddow reported EARLY ABSENTEE voting results in

As promised, photos from Idaho Falls Caucus

Hillary embraces corporate welfare, and attacks Bernie Sanders for opposing it

Union Cancels U.S. Airport Strikes After Brussels Attacks

Bernie Sanders Wins Big In Two States, But Is It Enough?

Air Force Member Sucker Punches Protester at Trump Rally

Union Cancels U.S. Airport Strikes After Brussels Attacks

Stop terrorist attacks? Stop our gov't & allies using terrorists as a tool of foreign policy

Union Cancels U.S. Airport Strikes After Brussels Attacks

Has anyone read the Book Dark Money

President Obama was right to continue his Cuba trip

Monmouth Poll: HRC: 55% (+3) BS: 37% (no change) Nationally

Privilege is what allows some Bernie supporters to say they will never back HRC

Obama praises Argentina's swift pace of economic reforms

Obama praises Argentina's swift pace of economic reforms

Donald Trump Ignorantly Responds to Elizabeth Warren; Calls Her “The Indian”

2013 Colorado Guns Laws Might Be Back In Court After Ruling

Tweety ordered to stop speaking positively about Bernie

Our Democratic White House has our backs. Does it not?

U.S. court upholds money manager Vilar's 10-year prison term

Bernie Sanders Talks Brussels, Trump and Corrupt Campaign Finance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

An explanation for what happened in Maricops Cty AZ on election day....

Shenanigans at polling stations is nothing new - ask your grandparents

Bernie is Intellectually and morally arrogant

Black Chicken Recipe

Nominating Donald Trump will end the Republican Party as we know it. So will not nominating him

Thom Hartmann: Bernie Won the Night, with More Delgates but That Won't

LPAC endorses Edwards in U.S. Senate race.

Alabama 'Personhood' Proposal Would Effectively Ban Abortion

Hey DNC, we are big enough to be a third party...

Malaysia 1MDB Scandal: US Investigators Probing If Goldman Sachs Misled Bondholders

Judge Delays Dennis Hastert's Sentencing Again; Now April 27

Why Isn’t The DNC Doing a Damn Thing About Voter Supression?

US Government Cuts Grants to Jewish College, Citing Fraud

Robert Reich; How the Peoples Party Prevailed in 2020

Arizona primary: Maricopa County had one polling site for every 21,000 voters

The ‘Cloth on the Stick’ Represents Hatred Toward Me

This is why Bernie should contest the Az primary results

Flint Water Crisis Inquiry Finds State Ignored Warning Signs

Hillary's "small" donors

Pennsylvania Governor Relents After 9-Month Budget Impasse

Pulaski County Votes To Support Ending Dual King-Lee Holiday (AR)

Maricopa County, Arizona: Unbelievably Long Line in Arizona Polling Location

10 Anti-Trump products -

They just don't get it.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 23, 2016

First Black US Marshal Honored with Oklahoma Senate Painting

President Obama Calls Out Ted Cruz for Muslim Surveillance Proposal

Chemtrails, Vaccines, and GMOs, Oh MY!

Palin a Judge on TV???? (Please delete if dup)

Hillary is about to undress Trump for his bigoted attack on our Muslim friends.

Who Paved The Way For Donald Trump?

NSA wanted Hillary Clinton to use this secure Windows phone

Inconvenient truths about the New Democrats, the Third Way, Democratic Leadership Council, etc

AZ recorder refuses to take blame for 5 hour waits after cutting polling places from 200 to 60

O'Malley Warns Dems: 2016 Is 'Not a Slam Dunk.'

Rosario Dawson Introduces Bernie in San Diego

O'Malley Warns Dems: 2016 Is 'Not a Slam Dunk.'

Food Babe: Just Label It :-)

Bernie has to find a way to win the closed primary states on April 19 and 26.

Paul Ryan is trying to save the GOP from Donald Trump

Will supporters of Bernie vote for Hillary as PUMAs voted for Obama?

Man in Tree, just climbed down tree...LOL, if anybody cares

An App for Birth Control service and delivery?


Bernie (Senator dxʷshudičup) meets with Tribal Leaders in Seattle Bernie 2016


5 Ways The Arizona Primaries Were Stolen! #ArizonaWasStolen

Rosario Dawson Introduces Bernie in San Diego

Bernie yesterday, gain of 17 delegates over Hillary, and Utah - red state goes Dem in the general?

Got this on my FB feed just now:

Bernie (Senator dxʷshudičup) meets with Tribal Leaders in Seattle

Here's an MSNBC poll asking if you will vote for Hillary for prez...

I always knew that Hillary had it in her

Petition to the White House: Investigate voter suppression in AZ.

One 35-pound bomb in Brussels attack failed to go off; suicide note found

Hillary is tearing Trump and Cruz a new one

Brussels attack: President Erdogan says bomber was caught in Turkey last year and deported to the Ne

Barack Obama is officially one of the most consequential presidents in American history

Sanders needs 58% of remaining delegtes to win. It is doable.

President Obama schools Ted Cruz on democracy using Cuba as backdrop (VIDEO)

Why Hillary Won't Be Indicted and Shouldn't Be: An Objective Legal Analysis

There is a very important part most

New York City Commissioner slams Ted Cruz with two great statements (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders Rips Arizona Republicans For Disgraceful Suppression Of The Vote

Skinner said "Guns" and I actually recommended the Opening Post...

Queensland elects its first Greens councillor, Jonathan Sri [Australia]

Second suicide bomber at Brussels Airport was Islamic State bombmaker, intelligence officials say

Bill Moyers: Hillary should publicly ask corporate elitists Emanuel and Debbie W. Schultz to resign

I just finished listening to Hillary Clinton at Stanford..

Demand Justice For Dog Found Brutally Murdered On Beach....(Petition)

RIP Joe Garagiola.

Does Engineering Education Breed Terrorists?

Voters Under Age 35 Continue to Reject Hillary

If you're determined to point your finger of blame

Indian Wells CEO resigns for sexist comment! Go Serena! Go Billie-Jean-! (xpost from GD)

IS trains 400 fighters to attack Europe in wave of bloodshed

Open primaries?

NEW POLLS RELEASED MARCH 23 Bernie leads Hillary against ALL Republicans for President

We've got a message for the political, economic and media establishment....

The "Bandwagon Effect": or, The Southern-fried primary is unfair

Japan: runaway zebra dies in golf course lake

NC set to BAN local discrimination protections

Bernie coming back to Spokane!

I've been busy today on a writing contract.

Who would win this hypothetical 4-way race?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 24, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: Condemned

Rolling Stone on Sanders and Clinton

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 23, 2016

There was no absentee ballots in ID and UT so that is why the margin was so big. HRC ROOM

Did Donald Trump Really Credit His Great Brain to Limitless-Style Brain Booster Pill?

I know why "Donnie Short Fingers" is running for President

After the Primaries, truly "principled voters" recognize

Hillary Clinton gives major foreign policy speech at Stanford (VIDEO)

Protesters Demand Saffron Colonial “Stop Romanticizing Colonialism”

Hillary was Presidential in her speech responding to Brussels

North Carolina House Passes Bill Voiding All Local LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinances

Obama Slams Ted Cruz: 'I Just Left a Country That Engages in Neighborhood Surveillance'

Wolf Blitzer grills Donald Trump: Why are white supremacists supporting you?

EPIC MASSIVE Voter Fraud uncovered!

Blizzard isolates Denver - airport and all interstates closed in both diections

Remember that time Donald Trump tried to buy the New York Mets?

New Study: Sanders’ Tax Wall Street Plan Would Raise $300 Billion, Create Millions of New Jobs

Trump’s Hypocrisy On Terrorism DESTROYED By One Brilliant Tweet

Put Your Money/Time Where Your Mouth Is...

EXCLUSIVE: Belgian Intelligence Had Precise Warning That Airport Targeted for Bombing

Sargent: why Trump is winning...supporters think US is screwing over whites

The Only Presidential Candidate That Makes Indian Country a Priority: Native People Feeling the Bern

Columbia student newspaper Op Ed writer blames the Belgians

Ted Cruz Begging His Donors To Help Him Beat Trump

Black Activism, Unchurched

'Consider Clinton,' former Bush official tells hawkish Republicans

I feel like many supporters of both candidates aren't really listening.

Arizona Democrats Show Up In Record Numbers, Told They’re Registered Republicans

Ted Cruz plagarizes a Fictional President!

EXCLUSIVE: Bentley had illicit affair with staffer in Governor’s office, audio recordings reveal

How big were the great pianists' hand-spans?

Belgium moves football friendly, UEFA has Euro 'contingency plans'

Bernie Sanders Is Currently Winning the Democratic Primary Race, and I’ll Prove It to You

Bernie Sanders Now Needs Landslides to Gain Ground on Hillary Clinton

Task force releases scathing report on Flint water crisis

What's up with Paul Ryan?

Bernie Sanders Now needs landslides to gain ground on Hillary Clinton

One example of why the SCOTUS is so important: Voting Rights Act and 5-hour primary election lines

Current candidates aside, what are the merits and weaknesses of open vs closed, caucuses, etc.?

Clinton Claims Victory but Arizona's Voting Fiasco Dubbed "National Disgrace"

Hillary Clinton for President - Rolling Stone

Hillaire on Hillary

Luxembourg fights against nuclear subsidies

Rolling Stone endorses Hillary Clinton for President

It’s generally believed by economists that a little inflation is good. But it catches up with most

Exclusive: What cost a nuclear deterrent? Britain doesn't know yet

WTH is wrong with Brian Williams?

Major Interstates Closed Around Denver; Airport Shut Down

Phoenix-area election official: Voters chose to stand in the long lines

The 2016 David Letterman, enjoying his retirement in St. Bart's (photos)

Tribeca Film Festival Adds Multimedia Nuclear Weapon Experience 'the bomb'

Wisdon from Juanita Jean, herownself:

Arizona voters: Here's a website to check the status of your vote

UN warns for neo-paramilitary violence in Colombia after peace with FARC

An ex-DUer reports via FB that her broken leg cost 150 grand!

Bernie is less than 300 pledged delegates behind now (298). If he wins like he did last night....

CDC tells doctors to stop testing patients for marijuana

Colorado: Everyone surviving the storm?

Dems object as House panel approves terrorist recruitment bill

NEWS FLASH: Update: We nailed it again. Snyder 100% responsible for Flint Water

The Plot Thickens: Obama Meets Billionaire’s Puppet Macri in Argentina

After Brussels Attacks, Americans Must Realize They Don’t Have Same Muslim, Immigration Problems As

I'm pretty sure this is bullshit

For Fellow Misfits

NY Times Book Review of ‘Imbeciles’ and ‘Illiberal Reformers’

Oil Down 4 Percent; U.S. Stockpile Build Threatens Market Recovery

Hillary had a good night

Paul Ryan on Past Comments About the Poor: 'I Was Just Wrong'

Despite the Arizona voter suppression, Bernie won 18 more pledged delegates than Clinton, last night

Supreme Court Faces 4-4 Split In Obamacare Contraception Case

I was doing phone banking down at the local union hall but.... Winter Storm Warning

Hillary Ads Ran FULL BLAST at IDAHO CUACUS on EVERY Screen

Watch Out for the U.S. Recession Signal in Friday's GDP Report

It’s clear: the world wants Bernie Sanders

Anyone Notice That Rachel Has An Anchor Crush on Brian Williams?

D.C. regulators green light Pepco-Exelon merger, creating largest utility in the nation

Happy National Puppy Day

Here's why last night didn't help Bernie Sanders

Cash-Strapped Connecticut Wants to Tax Yale Endowments

I have figured out the Isis problem

Take a giggle break....

Republicans Demand Cuba Rise to Saudi Human Rights Record

Sales of New Homes in U.S. Rebounded in February on Jump in West

From Reddit: The same dirty tricks that were used in Arizona are being used in New York.

Bernie Sanders Is Currently Winning the Democratic Primary Race, and I’ll Prove It to You

It’s About To Get Harder For Companies To Hide Union-Busting

Candice Miller seeks job overseeing Macomb water issues

Task force slams Flint crisis, demands review of emergency manager law

G77 Rejects US Unilateral Sanctions against Venezuela

Amazing Rendition of the U.S. National Anthem

Tim Black: 5 Ways The Arizona Primaries Were Stolen! #ArizonaWasStolen

Paul Ryan Apologizes For Calling The Poor ‘Takers’

New Wisconsin Poll (Emerson): Clinton 50% - Sanders 44% - Undecided 6%

For first time, majority in Norway don’t believe in God

'Consider Clinton,' former Bush official tells hawkish Republicans

FiveThirtyEight now has a projection for Wisconsin.

Alleged sex abuse victim may testify at Hastert sentencing

has anyone got information On the new laser treatment for shingles?

Just checked the AZ Secretary of State's election returns page.

Bernie Sanders Is a De Facto Millionaire

Disney, Marvel Studios Threaten to Abandon Productions in Georgia If Governor Signs Anti-LGBT Bill

Posted my first post on Jackpine Radicals

Trump Favorability Sinks Further

Has Sanders said anything about election fraud in Arizona ?

Sanders stokes big San Diego crowd

Philly Feeling The Bern! : Sweettooth Candy Shop In Philadephia and Mural

R.I.P. Ken Howard

Donald Trump Is Understating His Debt by $500 Million (Fortune Magazine)

Actor and SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard Dead At 71

Sanders: Arizonans waiting 5 hours to vote is 'a disgrace'

ISIS Poll: "What Will Be The Color Of The Eiffel Tower" Next?

First look: Conditions at Malheur Refuge after occupation (Media Given A Tour)

Poland Abandons Pledge to Shelter Refugees After Brussels Blasts

Teacher who got fired after student stole her nude pics sues school district

Armed employee stops workplace shooter

N.C. House Strikes Down LGBT Protections Statewide

Bernie Sanders on TYT Live 3pm PST/6 pm EST

Note to those not aware: Voter suppression is in place in every red state.

Ex-Aide Sentenced to 5 years in Child Porn Case

US/parties DON'T WANT to learn. 2004 United States election voting controversies,>

Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson recommends house arrest, no jail time, for ex-NYPD cop Peter Liang

Bernie Ads Ran FULL BLAST at IDAHO CAUCUS on EVERY Screen!

What Obama Should Know About Macri’s Argentina.

What Obama Should Know About Macri’s Argentina.

Aisha Dew, Robert Dempsy, Patsy Keever are all connected to Hillary Clinton's campaign. Niko House

Saw my first Sanders ad during early news... it's theme was climate change and alt energy

Hillary Clinton is a voice of tolerance and experience—and that’s exactly what we need.

It must be fraud.

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 23 March 2016

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 24 March 2016

University Of California Approves Anti-Semitism Statement

BERNIE ON THE Young Turks!

Bernie live on TYT LINK ....

Primary results: Front-runners score key Western victories

When has an election EVER been called with only 1% of the vote tallied? Please justify this

How politicians duck the blame for terrorism

Seattle Socialist city council member Kshar Savant at Hillary event.

Randy SF is a great DUer who just self-deleted a post here in the Lounge

Arizona Primary voters - 1480kphx Sam Kelly discussing what happened yesterday in primary _NOW!

Bernie and Cenk!!!

Faced with cancer diagnosis, woman chooses road trip over chemo

Former Henrico teacher charged with letting students smoke weed in class

Actor Ken Howard, TV Actor and Acting Union Leader, Dies

Why the Turnout in November Should Help Hillary Clinton

Bernie's supporters rage against Arizona voting delays

Link to NYS Board of Elections website...

Actor Ken Howard, TV Actor and Acting Union Leader, Dies

Actor Ken Howard, TV Actor and Acting Union Leader, Dies

Urge Your Member of Congress to Vote No on House Budget Resolution That Would Cut SNAP (food stamps)

Hillary Clinton Calls a Donald Trump Presidency 'Christmas for the Kremlin’

'We Will Defeat ISIS': Hillary Clinton Gives Counterterrorism Speech at Stanford in Wake of Belgium

HRC keeps winning the key swing states...

Kamala Harris now has a Repub running against her for the Senate

How the Democratic Party Establishment Suffocates Progressive Change

How the Democratic Party Establishment Suffocates Progressive Change

UN: Yemen ceasefire to start 10 April and peace talks a week later

7 Hillary Clinton quotes on the Internet that are complete fakes

Ala Governor is hiking the Appalachian trail, seems like

The Clinton/Trump AIPAC ‘Pander-Off’

National RCP average Clinton +10 over Bernie.

25 Trump Supporters Say What Would Happen If Trump Doesn’t Win

Why Do You Believe in God?

FINALLY, a candidate for the entire Lounge!

History Made: Castro & Obama Share Secret Communist Handshake, Hold Seance to Contact Marx

History Made: Castro & Obama Share Secret Communist Handshake, Hold Seance to Contact Marx

When it comes to subtly shading President Obama, Bill Clinton just can’t help himself

Markos Moulitsas: Is it game over for Sanders?

I'd be SO embarrassed if Hillary behaved the way Bernie did ...

Justices Seem Split in Case on Birth Control Mandate

Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders: He Gets the Crowds, I Get the Votes

Could the Brussels Attack Backfire for ISIS?

Republican Pennsylvania Senator to Meet With Merrick Garland

12 year old girl arrested for pinching boy's butt at school

Noted Swedish Journalist, Assange Critic Exposed As Police Agent

Wow.......Rockefeller family charity to withdraw all investments in fossil fuel companies

Poll: Clinton would crush Trump in general election

How come BS supporters denigrate Hillary's wins in the South, as unimportant red states,

Hillary Clinton Shows Trump And Cruz How A President Responds To Terror

Hillary Clinton Shows Trump And Cruz How A President Responds To Terror

Refuge occupier arrested in Mt. Vernon taken into federal custody

Sorry, Bernie supporters. Your candidate is not ‘currently winning the Democratic primary race’

PBS News Hour - Bernie Sanders on why he wants to break up Wall Street banks

Registrations are being tampered with! Are you SURE you're registered? Better double check!

The Candidates at AIPAC: Pandering by Numbers

Registrations are being tampered with! Are you SURE you're registered? Better double check!

He Found These Kittens On A Dirt Road, But Look Closely… Because They’re NOT Regular Cats.

Two new polls have HRC handily beating Trump in a GE

First look: How the occupiers left Malheur Refuge

Does your idiot conservative uncle send you this quote?

Model With Down Syndrome Challenges Beauty Norms in New Bridal Campaign

*Senator Sanders being interviewed on PBSNewsHour shortly. NOW, EDT.

A suggestion - for those who can't stand long and are stuck in humongous lines to vote or

Richard Dawkins Will Not Be Able to Attend the Reason Rally Due to Health Concerns

Should Democratic Underground sue Jeb Bush over 2016 campaign logo?!

Will Bernie Send Grassroots Movement To Hillary If She's The Nominee?

Does Engineering Education Breed Terrorists?

ConAgra going nationwide with GMO labeling. Fifth big food company falls to VT’s labelling law.

Disenfranchisement isn't acceptable...

Supreme Court deeply divided over religious freedom, reproductive rights

Exxon Mobil must allow climate change vote - SEC

PBS NewsHour Tonight: Bernie Sanders’s plan to destroy ISIS

Would Merrick Garland Be Your Choice? Why Not?

Bernie at the Moda center Friday 3/25

Oklahoma City Public Schools District announces teacher layoffs

Inside the Catholic nursing home at the center of a contentious Supreme Court case

So who will be Senate majority leader next year?

I'd be SO embarassed if Bernie behaved the way Hillary does. Thank G-d he's a person of integrity!

EMERSON POLL: Wisconsin primary...Clinton up 6 over Sanders

The only national phone poll to ever show Sanders with a lead now shows him trailing by 13

It is over.

Texas grand jury charges 48 more people in deadly biker fight

Wisconsin Shock Poll- Clinton 50% Sanders 44%

Apparently Hillary isn't the only person the Bernie aggressively interrupts ...

South Carolina senate passes bill to require refugees to register with state

3/22: European Environment Committee Votes Against Glyphosate Renewal

Bernie Sanders: I Will Rebuild The Democratic Party

Monmouth National Poll: Clinton 55% Sanders 37%

Islamophobia': U.S. Cities Face Anti-Muslim Backlash

Watch Donald Trump Single Out A Protester And Incite The Crowd To Attack Him

Refugee crisis: key aid agencies refuse any role in 'mass expulsion'

EMERSON POLL: Wisconsin primary...Clinton up 6 over Sanders

Trump supporters are tired of the victimization of white America

Pluralism Against Terrorism: Interfaith Steps to Prevent Violence

Secretary Clinton doesn't make appropriate decisions on important issues

Disaster for Theresa May as legal ruling brings student deportations to a halt

Co Recorder Helen Purcell on why there were delays @ the polls today: The voters for getting in line

Uh Oh NAACP Member in Az was one of the disenfranchised voters in AZ - As was an attorney

Use this link to sign up for your Washington State Democratic Caucus

What David Harvey is up to these days

Am I the first one to think up this nickname?

Dems to mull change from caucus system

Donald Trump Is The Iraq War

A Path Towards Citizenship | Bernie Sanders



Two convicted over moped drive-by London terror plot

Idaho Dems to mull change from caucus system

CNN's Parent Company Among Top Hillary Clinton Donors

FNN: Bernie Sanders Calls Out Arizona Voting Process, Discusses Primary Results - FULL VIDEO