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Task force slams Flint crisis, demands review of emergency manager law

Phoenix Mayor calls for independent federal probe over Arizona primary voting mess

It’s clear: the world wants Bernie Sanders

Here's a GDP post worth kicking and recing.

It is not news that Republicans in charge of elections are prone to pulling tricks

Trump is revenge for the free markets, the media markets in this case, on the Republicans. I wonder

What are you planning to cook for Easter dinner? If

Former celebrity Piers Morgan kneels & trembles in the wake of the Donald's Brussels Bullhorn Moment

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump Wants More Torture

Mike Malloy - Fuck Benghazi

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton calls for DOJ probe as voter anger grows over long waits

BTRTN March 22 Post-Mortem: La Plus Ca Change....

White Lies Matter

Like something out "1984": Hillary ads inundate Idaho caucus goers on all screens and loudspeakers

Can we not agree that

FNN: Maricopa County Recorder: "I Take Full Responsibility." FOX 10 Phoenix

Joe Garagiola, MLB Announcer and Player, Dies at Age 90

Maricopa Co. Attorney Addresses Arizona Voting Problems, Working with Recorder Purcell

NPR Training Its Reporters How to Survive Donald Trump Rallies

Oh, fuck.

Revealed: Newt Gingrich’s Secret Campaign for Donald Trump

Flight attendant accused of leaving behind cocaine stash arrested in NY

Chris Hayes just nailed it. RE: Arizona voting.

The Expanse - syfy - Did anyone watch this?

North Korea claims successful rocket engine test boosts capability: KCNA

Bernie's campaign just sent a mass email on the disgrace in Arizona

Maricopa County Recorder takes responsibility for voting debacle

To the endless suggestions that Sanders pack it up and leave

U.S. to charge Iran in cyber attacks against banks, New York dam - sources

WarningVoter IssuesNew York And Other States CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION ASAP!

30% of all healthcare spending is waste...$750B a year..more than the military budget

Voter disenfranchisement in ID and UT by not allowing absentee voting. How many elderly, disabled,

Tales From the Crypt

Mayor of Phoenix sends letter to AG Loretta Lynch to investigate Voter Suppression in Az

Nursery Dog Steps in as Surrogate Parent to Cheetah Cubs at the Cincinnati Zoo

Bought Corporate Media HATES Bernie Sanders

Ukraine’s Poroshenko Trying to Push Out Prime Minister Yatsenyuk

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!Church Night Live and Uncensored

If this doesn't beat all?

Every North Carolina Senate Democrat Walks Out As GOP Senators Legalize Anti-LGBT Discrimination

Email/newsletter from Bernie, "A national disgrace"

Watch: 4 Cops Forcefully Arrest NYC Mail Carrier After They Almost Hit Him With Unmarked Car

Purcell blamed the lines in AZ on voters for getting in line to vote.

How Bernie Sanders Would Use The Bully Pulpit

"I represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic party." - Paul Wellstone

Officials: Sanders Mural on Philadelphia Building Can Stay

If there were no Democrats, Bernie would be WINNING.

My very own representative, a Democrat allegedly, voted for the anti gay house bill

Officials say Guantanamo transfers have killed Americans

"Plutocracy: Divide et Impera" Documentary, US Labor History & Suppression. Excellent.

If Hillary is indicted tomorrow

How Can Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Both Be ‘Populist’?

Planned Parenthood: The birth control case that continues what Hobby Lobby Started

Sanders to rally in Los Angeles -- another fervent crowd expected [live updates]

So the Governor of Alabama.

Ex Speaker Dennis Hastert threatens victim...

Turn on Rachel right fugging now for the Alabama Governor sex tape

The Nation: There Were 5-Hour Lines to Vote in AZ Because the SC Gutted the Voting Rights Act

I'm amazed at all the whining there is about Independents not being able to vote in some Primaries

U.S. bill targets babies born dependent on opioids

Feds Bust of US-Mexico 'Super Tunnel' Leads to Drug Seizures and Arrests

Trump Criticized on Jimmy Kimmel - 'Have to be careful of how we use military force'

New Jersey Police Chief on Leave After Email Allegedly Defending Racial Profiling Surfaces

The other thing the fake AZ voter suppression tantrum distracts from

Hear recording that helped put Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley in the hot seat

Obama praises Argentina's 'man in a hurry' Macri for reforms

interesting map

How the rest of the world views Donald Trump

Does anyone personally know a Bernie supporter...

Gentrification problem

Man free after serving 20 years for NYC killing despite alibi

Chicago Teachers Union Approves Walkout on April 1

Democrats stand for Voting Rights

Ex-officials at Venezuela's PDVSA pleaded guilty in bribe case: U.S.

Court Gives Green Light to Death Penalty Fast-Tracking

Cruz on Kasich: 'You can't lose every state and expect to be the nominee'

Alabama Gov Admits Making Inappropriate Remarks to Staffer

Voter suppression in Utah

The dispute

So do you think they might have gone a little too far and

If Trump is forced to run third party, I think there's a good chance Bernie will too

Monmouth National Poll: Clinton 55% Sanders 37% (plus other national polls)

So some here say the Alabama Gov Sex tape is tabloid news.

Trucker Saves Cat Left For Dead: “That Broke Me In About A Million Pieces”

Bernie Sanders Causes A Commotion On Hollywood Blvd.

Let's not waste too much time debating people who will not support the nominee

Encryption / Redundant data systems Group suggestion

Keith Olbermann’s Guide to Surviving the Media Coverage of Donald Trump

Encryption / Redundant data systems Group suggestion

Encryption / Redundant data systems Group suggestion

Interesting Twist to RNC Convention Discussed on The Last Word

Encryption / Redundant data systems Group suggestion

Australia says Mozambique debris most likely from MH370

Trump needs 59.6% of remaining pledged delegates to avoid brokered convention

New Zealand Will Find out Thursday Whether Flag Will Change

If it drives wingnuts *NUTS* fine!1 OBAMA and FLOTUS dancing tangos

Phoenix Official Backtracks After Blaming Voters for Lines

Has Hillary addressed the Arizona situation?

Bernie Sanders LIVE from The Wiltern in LA! - UPDATE: George Takei in the background!!!

Bernie Sanders LIVE from The Wiltern in LA! - UPDATE: George Takei in the Background!!!

he died, she came, we see

Bernie Sanders LIVE from The Wiltern in LA! - A Future to Believe in Rally in NOW

Does anyone have full interview of Bernie on TYT?

Rainbow-colored bird draws bird watchers to Vermont town

Interview Questions

Bernie Sanders LIVE in L.A.!

Son joins suit by Burlingame CA woman, 97, who fought eviction

An absolutely despicable screed

Rosario Dawson Introduces Bernie in San Diego

A candidate who makes an acceptance speech while people are STILL IN LINE TO VOTE

Bernie says 5 hours in line to vote is disgraceful. Hillary says

I find it hard to believe that only 85k in Phoenix voted for Sanders

A man got killed where I work today.

Electronic Vote Machines can be flipped in 60 seconds for 2016

Obama leaves Cuba, but Obama effect remains

Bernie Sanders rally in L.A. brings out long line of supporters eager for anti-Wall Street message

Bernie’s all talk; it’s Hillary who can deliver

The Hill: New Emails Highlight Interaction between State, Clinton Foundation

I'll have some beer and chips

Cruz surrogate Lindsay Graham is on the Daily Show talking up Cruz

Defending Democracy

Obama BLASTS Cruz: Your Father Fled Cuba To Escape The Oppression You Now Hurl At Muslims

Bernie Sanders's campaign is still raising far more money than Hillary Clinton's

8 women settle with Seattle Archdiocese for $9.1 million in priest sex-abuse case

Idea of “earning” health care may be rooted in America’s slaveholding past

Did you know DU existed in ancient rome?

Alabama's creepy governor denying a sexual relationship with aide he totaly had a relationship with

Nit picking in GDP

The thing that makes the bad people mad is

Now, Chris Hayes on AZ Voting Lines, MSNBC

The major cause of terrorist attacks is the endless wars and interventions in the middle east

The President And First Lady’s Day In Argentina ~ Ya just have to love him!

when machines count hillary wins - when people show up and count sanders wins

A deliberately dishonest article concerning Bernie's finances has been posted here on DU

If Bernie wins and goes to WH, count on him asking....

Anchor apologizes for post that 'could be viewed as racist'

AZ primary (PPE) was bedlam

Disney & Marvel Studios: We will stop filming in Georgia if Governor signs anti-gay bill.

Myths About Election Irregularities and Suppression in Arizona

Bernie Goes to Hollywood- Rock Star! Check it out

TANGO BRAVO! This is worth the watch

Those who accused Clinton and the DNC of rigging or stealing the election in Arizona

Danny DeVito On MSNBC for Bernie

If AZ is a dress rehearsal

Should broadcast media hold off showing results or projecting winners when voting is extended?

@ midnight presidential debate going on now--socialist vs. sociopath

5 Outrageous Examples of Voter Suppression in the Arizona Primary

Support the Real Progressive

“Just boxes and boxes of dildos”

Holy shit. Look at this. CBS scrubbed the Az exit polls from their website.

I join all voters in both parties who suffered the long lines in Arizona.

ISIS, oil & Turkey

Bernie Sanders Is Currently Winning the Democratic Primary Race

Delegate count chart...

Always classy: Trump retweets dig at Heidi Cruz's appearance

To Those Who Say “A Pox on Both Your Houses,” I Say “A Pox on You”

Brussels attacks: airport suicide bomber el-Bakraoui 'caught in Turkey last June

Both candidates are committed opponents of all forms of bigotry.

Bernie rejects Nuclear as Clean Energy, and: Nuclear Plant Leak Threatens Drinking Water Wells in Fl

One characteristic that I think unites many Sanders' supporters...

Ami Yamato: Japanese Tongue Twisters

Even Bernie Knows He's Losing:Sanders Stumbles Onto Bargaining

Israel, U.S. Working to Block UN Resolution on 'Black List' of Settlement-linked Firms

Eight years ago I would've thought it unfathomable to vote Hillary.

Bernie & Jane

Here comes another investigation of Clinton Foundation: FTC

California voter registration information.

It's Finally HERE! March 24th is National Cocktail Day! Yayayayay!

Officers Break up ‘Bald Eagle Street Fight’ (video)

Happy Holi, DU! Join my pup in celebrating

Anybody know how Fiengold is doing in Wisconsin?

Oh, my.

Portland OR -- Bernie will be at Moda Center 9:45 Friday morning!!

Cuba made the right decision

Hillary Clinton Calls a Donald Trump Presidency 'Christmas for the Kremlin’

66% of Twitter users now redundant thanks to automation

Women Make Less Than Men With the Same Exact Titles in the Same Exact Companies

MH370 search: Mozambique debris 'almost certainly' from missing plane

If you didn't watch @midnight tonight, please catch it on On Demand tomorrow.

There is no excuse for HRC to NOT release the transcripts.

Bernie's Best Appearance Yet - ON FIRE IN L.A. - WE ARE GOING TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!! Full Speech

Daily Holidays - March 24

To celebrate the return, finally, of my computer

Taking it easy...

Uber sues Indian rival Ola over 'fake accounts'


Brussels attacks: Scores remain critical after bombings

If we can file taxes online why not vote online?

New Zealand votes to keep flag in referendum

Who are we, really?

Sanders Supporters Are Not Sheep... They’re the Future

Iraqi army starts offensive in region around Mosul, State TV says

Jewish Voice for Peace needs an SF Bay area organizer

Axl Rose "stepping in" to "replace" Brian Johnson on AC/DC's tour HAS to be a JOKE.

The Presidential Race: The West Weighs in

Cuba Evokes the History of American Imperialism in Latin America

Cuba Evokes the History of American Imperialism in Latin America

Brazil’s Revolution Starting to Reveal its True Colors

How to Stop the Bouncing Between Insurance Plans Under Obamacare

So Many Children Left Behind: An Interview With Educational Reformer Diane Ravitch

Volkswagen set to provide update on fix for diesel vehicles

Why Hillary lost my vote a long time ago:

Yes!!!!!...........Protesters Take Over Federal Auction of Oil and Gas Leases in the Gulf of Mexico

The Struggle of Clear Climate Communication

After Obama visit, the Rolling Stones take over Cuba

After Obama visit, the Rolling Stones take over Cuba

Have you gone to The Stranger's endorsement link for the Washington caucuses yet?

The War on Memory Begins in Argentina

US Election 2016: Clinton condemns Trump's plans for Nato

Quantity of Explosive Found in Belgium Surprises Officials

The War on Memory Begins in Argentina

Sanders draws diverse crowd of 13,000 supporters in San Diego - interviews with attendees

John Cleese may sue Fawlty Towers 'rip-off'

••CRITICAL REMINDER•• Registered as 'INDEPENDENT' CANNOT Vote for Bernie Sanders in Primary

Video compares Trump vs Obama speaking about women

Protesters upset by $1B BPS budget, urge taxes on rich

MIT study uncovers possible genetic link for ADHD, autism

Paris attacks suspect Abdeslam 'will not fight extradition'

Battenfeld: IndyCar course hits more bumps

Sen. Vinehout ~ The Next Well that Goes Bad May be Yours

Another thank you to the wonderful people here.

Important Details on Caucus Vote in Washington

Teachers union walks out of talks with city

Is Uber Illegal? Shannon Liss-Riordan on employment rights in the digital age

Mass. retail group sees surge in members going out of business

So. Oregon on FB ..Person was updated last Sept with right party to vote. CHECK YOUR VOTE STATUS NOW

Lawmakers pull plug on Raytheon blimp program

Brussels attacks: Paris suspect Salah Abdeslam says he 'didn't know' of plans – live

Poll: Clinton would crush Trump in general election

US returns to stagflation

Sanders ties Clinton in national poll

Wisconsin Voter Information

Did 1988 battle anniversary hint rise in Vietnam-China tensions?

Today is Maundy Thursay or Holy Thursday in the western Christian Calendar.

Prayer for Maundy Thursday

China’s Fosun swoops on central London office complex: Source

Today is the 70th Anniversary of Alistair Cooke's Letter from America

Food for thought

Sign The Petition Calling Fot OPEN Primary In New York! "They" Are Screwing With Party Registrations

China launches charm offensive for first overseas naval base

Lobbyists have replaced politicians as the government. Does that bother you?

Chinese insurance regulator sour on Anbang’s US hotel investments: Caixin

That flight attendant who fled LAX and was caught in New York was a runner-up

HRC isn't to blame for AZ vote suppression...but it's offensive for her supporters to belittle it.

POTUS and FLOTUS doing the Tango in Argentina

State Voter Information Thread

Nearly 87 million small children are growing up in conflict zones, says UNICEF

Review: "God Is No Thing" by Rupert Shortt – an excellent response to New Atheism

Borowitz: 'Stopping Trump is short term solution''

Religious bigotry after Brussels: Still not ok. | Editorial

"Flashback: Reagan Stayed On Vacation When Soviets Killed 62 Americans, Including Congressman"

France confirms case of mad cow disease

Church officials dismiss rumors that kidnapped priest will be crucified

France: Towards the explosion of accumulated anger of youth and workers!

Zimbabwe cracks down on foreign firms over local ownership

Most progressive independents would be Dems if our party just made them welcome.

For all you Clinton-haters

it's like they're mocking us

48 more bikers indicted in deadly shootout at Waco, Texas, restaurant

Bernie Sanders has lit a fire that millennials need to keep going

Doctors Without Borders to pull out of 'inhumane' Greek migrant centre

1991 Bernie Sanders Speech to Democratic Socialists of America ~video

Poll finds Kasich gaining ground on Trump in Pa.

Remaining States and Delegates - CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION

New poll of PA voters. Hillary 53-28 over Sanders.

Islamic State conflict: Syrian forces 'enter Palmyra'

I just stumbled on Politifact...

Exxon Mobil must allow climate change vote: SEC

Trump audio exposes how clueless he is

Breaking: Math Endorses Hillary for President

Using Brussels to bash Obama

Bernie not only won more delegates Tuesday, he MET his target according to 538!

Hot Press Polling from California: Clinton 48, Sanders 41

Clinton takes on Trump and Cruz at Stanford address on terrorism

Just released Keystone State poll -Clinton 55% (+2) - Sanders 28% (-1)

New Zealand votes to keep the Union Jack on their flag

Overthrowing Dilma Rousseff It’s Class War, and Their Class is Winning

Xiuhtezcatl Endorsed Bernie Sanders

All right, just stop it! This is getting ridiculous.

Brand Spanking New Golden State Poll -Clinton 48% Sanders 41%*

Anyone else ever screw up a jury?

Should Sanders Build a Progressive Movement All the Way to the Convention and Beyond?

The Real Housewives of the GOP

I think I may have screwed up a jury inadvertently

New jury glitch

U.S. jobless claims rise; revisions show stronger labor market

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Terrorists

Worst genie ever

Only conservatism and conservatives benefit from demands for Bernie to get out.

Dredging Florida coral reef is ‘lunacy’ says Philippe Cousteau, son of Jacques

NEW poll 3/24*Clinton's +25 in PA*SANDERS needs remaining** huge states-WA CA NY; by big #s

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Monsters

T. Rex was closer in time to us than it was to Stegosaurus

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Cuba visit

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

What happened in AZ is new, and is bad, and will have a huge effect on the November election

Japan confirms whales killed during 'scientific' expedition to Antarctica

Junior doctors escalate industrial action to all-out strike next month

Bernie Sanders is currently NOT winning the Democratic primary, and I can prove it to you.

The behemoth Koch operation - FYI

Some of us are fighting the "Bernie or Bust" types-please HELP us do that.

Sestak widens lead in Senate race as Clinton, Trump top presidential candidates

Ministers and NHS bosses criticised over use of overseas nurses

Has AZ actually turned into a blue state now?

Metropolitan police: Don't refund online fraud victims, Met chief tells banks

did anyone else see Lindsay Graham say repubs will "probably" lose the 2016 prez election?

Will They Waterboard the Liberals Next?

"I've faced bullies before...I was asked if I was afraid to face Trump. My answer was simple: No."

First US shale gas sails into Europe as Ineos carrier arrives in Norway

Microsoft chatbot is taught to swear on Twitter

Pharaoh Ramesses III had his throat cut & toe hacked off by multiple assassins, new CT scans reveals

New California Poll--HRC up 48-41

New California Poll HRC: 48% BS: 41%

Bernie Beats ALL Republican Candidates for President In New Poll Released March 24

Five Thirty Eight shows what the electoral map would look like

Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, says #ImWithHer & Endorses #Hillary2016 for President!!

This may be the election that redefines the parties. The Democrats may evolve into the party of the

Why-this-Millennial-Supports Hillary

Judges reading the tribunal results on Karadige

Ehrlichman admits he invented the war on drugs to destroy black community

Bernie Beats Hillary For First Time In New National Poll Released March 24!

Please do give a few minutes to Rosario Dawson and her intro to Bernie Sanders.

We aren't as stupid as they think

Unaccounted for Arctic microbes appear to be speeding up glacier melting

I like Biden a lot but dont think he wants to be VP ??

Sanders can win - support outside the South

ESPN Welcomes Curt Schilling Back Even After His Disturbing Hillary Clinton Comments

Help! I need advice on how to explain why a John Pilger article is horrible

AZ voters big deal

Simple truth and common sense, if "the Math" proved Hillary has it won:

If you do not take the event down I will go to the media?????

Bernie Sanders | The Young Turks Interview (FULL)

Bill would make Cardinals official baseball team of Missouri

The Donald re-jumped the shark. "Spill the beans" apparently means release an unflattering picture

A Contested Convention Won’t Fix The GOP

Yikes. Top Aide to Cuomo is Appointed Exec Director of ...... wait for it......

Our current Middle East policy is deeply hawkish...Belgium was attacked anyway.

Religion and its "rules" - What is a Eruv?

Could someone post the Clinton campaign remarks on the AZ voting problems

Violating Religious Beliefs Of Your Employer Proper Cause For Dismissal.

Another problem from the Arizona primary fiasco

Desperate Chinese Investors Flood US, Canadian Housing Markets, But Real Numbers Are Taboo

Paul Ryan and Republicans lecturing about "civility" in politics

Prostitution, trafficking in Michigan 'a widespread phenomenon'

Sanders, Clinton tied in national (Bloomberg) poll

'We shall Overcome" was just sung by folks at Belguim Memorial service--it was

That moment when...

No, there's not a "civil war" in the Democratic party.

Arizona primary debacle coming under scrutiny

Wall Street should not be determining US government policy.

Why apathy can decide a presidential candidate

Dems and DOJ Have Done Nothing on Voter Suppression: 2016 Disaster Awaits

Republicans Hope To Destroy Progressives in Down Ballot Races

Tweet actually sent by Presidential Candidate Donald J Trump

Officer Harasses Woman For Wearing Hijab At DC Public Library Petition To Investigate Voter Suppression In Arizona Almost Complete!

Ostrich chases cyclist riding over 30 mph

Officer Harasses Woman For Wearing Hijab At Shaw Library, Eyewitnesses Say

U.S. Faces Flood of Internal Climate Refugees

Should democrats be rooting against Trump at this point?

Former Buenos Aires Herald editor Bob Cox: Americans helped the victims in the 1970s.

Hillary's campaign spends money efficiently. It raises less than Bernie but gets better results.

Koch Brothers Attempt to Kill Single-Payer Health Care in Colorado

Why the Evil Hillary Will Be the Best POTUS Ever

Who's To Blame For The Five Hour Long Voting Lines In Arizona? TMFS Sketch Comedy

Poll: Clinton would crush Trump in general election

Hillary Clinton and Other Candidates on Counterterrorism

Sanders wins support of Idaho superdelegate

Why Trump Can’t Afford to Miss 1,237

The person who studies the spread of ignorance - agnotologist

Non Sequitor visits DWS

Eastern monarch butterflies may be doomed

The Pot Business Is Starting Off Even Better in Oregon and Washington Than It Did In Colorado

Radovan Karadžić 'criminally responsible' for genocide at Srebenica

Republican Trump critics open to voting for Hillary

Sarah Palin prepping to be Trump's first SCOTUS appointment

Obama promises Argentinians to open files

The difference between an ordinary narcissist and someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Bernie Sanders is facing a moment of truth in his political career.

Hillary Clinton retakes the lead over Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin

Kids react to Donald Trump

Pic Of The Moment: Looks Like Republicans Plan To Carry On From Right Where They Left Off...

Puppy and baby pack bonding...

View the latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll (PDF):

What, or who, is Black?

Traditionally, the losing candidates endorse the party's nominee

Trump builds his fence

Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off By Monsanto

Progressive or establishment DNC? You decide.

Glenn Greenwald: Hillary Clinton Has Embraced Some of the Most Brutal Dictators in the World

Actor fights N.J. gun charge filed over prop used during filming

Who is to blame for the Arizona voting lines?

From Sanders2016: Everyone in NY, California, Pennsylvania and Maryland need to spread the word

Common sense gun laws

California voters to decide on $15 minimum wage this November.

NY Times offer on Facebook



I don't know if it is good or bad...

On Hillary and the transcripts: she loses.

Tired of Votes Being Stolen! We Need To Demand Paper Ballots/Manual Counting

Congress Should Confront the Rise of Violent Extremism on America’s Public Lands

REPORT: Legal Experts Side with Hillary Clinton on Use of Private Emails

$6 million to restore Malheur refuge, cover other costs of standoff

Barber shop chatter

Should I vote for Trump in the Wisconsin primary?

E-mail Just Came Out from Campaign

Michele Bachmann: God punished Brussels for Barack Obama. I shit you not.

Not looking good for GOP members of Congress/Senate

tRump Trump Drumpf

A West Wing Video for tax season. Charlie's Tax Return

Not a fan of the picture, but I love the delegate counts.

Just Seems Good Leaders Die Off Young But Pricks Live Super Long Healthy Lives.

"Who is to blame for this, these long lines?” Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell gets asked

How Bernie Gets Things Done in Congress Without Being Bought Off

OG&E sends convey of trucks to Colorado to help with power outages

Bernie Sanders Would Now Outraise Clinton Almost 2-to-1 With Small Donor Matching Funds

Recommended - Congress Should Confront the Rise of Violent Extremism on America’s Public Lands

As a Bernie supporter, I'm really sick of Hillary supporters being denigrated

Japan confirms whales killed during 'scientific' expedition to Antarctica

The Obamas tango in Buenos Aires.

Jian Ghomeshi found not guilty on choking and all sex assault charges

John McCain's primary opponent, complete with chemtrails!

You know you’re in trouble when you say what Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley just said

Israeli soldier is filmed shooting dead wounded Palestinian attacker

Britain asks UN to review Assange ruling

The Republican Vampire! from Tom the Dancing Bug

Japan Fleet Kills 333 Whales in Antarctic Hunt

Fundraiser for TeamUSA

Twenty-seven alleged Boston gang members charged after morning raids

Bernie Sanders tries to explain why low-income Americans vote Republican

San Diego Naval hospital on lockdown

CNN/ORC poll: Clinton tops Trump on presidential traits

Snakes plus sushi equals felony for Los Angeles man

Remember Blackwater? Erik Prince?

Recording of Republican Gov Bently goes public. Naturally it's disgusting

About the latest polls

With what we have learned from the Arizona Primary

Pat McCrory Says He Signed the Broadest Anti-LGBT Bill in the Nation to Prevent Government Overreach

Desktop PC>Win10>Chrome>Facebook...

Have you looked into the domain:

Chelsea Clinton to campaign for Hillary in Milwaukee, Waukesha & Madison WI

Indiana likely to ban abortions based on fetal disabilities

2016 Campaign Television Tracker ~ (CLINTON GROUP)

Jeb! endorses Ted Cruz for Republican nomination

Democrats Evenly Split Over Clinton, Sanders in Bloomberg Poll

Hillary Clinton Emails Show Weirdly Close Relationship Between State Department And Google

The real reason the Dem Establishment wants Bernie to get out of the Race

2016 Campaign Television Tracker

New Hampshire man linked to Bundy standoff to face trial in Nevada

Manufacturers on backfoot: Durable-goods orders fall for third time in four months

Great Bernie Sanders Interview

The Latest on the Great Kansas Wildfire: wildfires now in Texas Panhandle

Karadzic guilty of Bosnia genocide, jailed for 40 years

Just a heads-up. Keith Olbermann to appear on Hot Topics on The View, Tomorrow.

This Race Far From Over: New Poll Shows Sanders and Clinton Tied Nationally

Governor Scott Is Leaving Quite A Legacy......

Man painted gold busted in I-80 hit-and-run in Richmond (CA)

Check out Eaglets chowing down!

Lindsey Graham Just Went Off on Donald Trump and the GOP: "My Party Is Completely Screwed Up"

"Supporters" has become the new Godwin's Law on DU.

[IMPORTANT- NY] You must go in person today to your county's Board of Elections to register for vote

Illinois Supreme Court Strikes Down Chicago Pensions Plan

Illinois Supreme Court Strikes Down Chicago Pensions Plan

[IMPORTANT -NY] You must go in person today to your county's Board of Elections to register for vote

The election is over - Bernie wins!

Poll: Clinton would crush Trump in general election

Video of Washington Post interviewing Donald Trump (useless talk)

Ancient Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruptions 'Significantly Larger' Than Previously Thought

Russia's Putin reminds wayward Chechnya leader: I'm the boss

=*= LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Spokane, WA 3-24-16 =*=

Rockefeller family slams Exxon as 'morally reprehensible'

Arizona gunman's lawsuit vs Gabby Giffords may be hoax: report

Let's Put A Common Lie on Here to Rest -- Hillary Clinton IS A LIBERAL. Always has been.

Oberlin College professor's anti-Semitic Facebook posts are protected by the First Amendment, but vi

How did I miss this: Ted Cruz is not the Zodiac Killer

Question: When did you know marriage equality was a human right?

Good news

Tim Canova - Yes, they are rigging our elections

It seems strange that Bernie folks would be celebrating everytime

FiveThirtyEight now has a projection for Pennsylvania.

all those statistics telling us what to believe...I got the Statitician Blues!

Conviction | Bernie Sanders

U.S. regulators finalize new silica limits for construction, other industries

Republicans Channel the Bundys With Federal-Land Bill

Children of Gang Violence | Bernie Sanders

Trump’s Followers Get Even More Violent: Five Very Real Possibilities

NREL Raises Rooftop Photovoltaic Technical Potential Estimate

Conviction | Bernie Sanders

Wayne LaPierre has a superiority complex...

Conviction | Bernie Sanders

UAW union membership rises 1.3 percent in 2015

Someone wake me up when the feces flinging is over..

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 24, 2016

Children of Gang Violence | Bernie Sanders

Children of Gang Violence | Bernie Sanders

Colorado judge asked to send accused clinic gunman to mental hospital

Bachmann: God Sent ISIS Brussels Attacks to “Humiliate” Obama

Arizona question

Sanders Visits U.S. Mexican Border | Bernie Sanders

SSSL united with removing Confederate battle flag

Coheed & Cambria Sings Song With Mitch McConnell Quotes

Confederate flag debate taken up at Southern Huntingdon County High School (PA)

Hillary Clinton retakes the lead over Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin

can I tell you you my gallows humor...

Obama honors victims of Argentina's 'Dirty War'; faults U.S. on human rights

Obama honors victims of Argentina's 'Dirty War'; faults U.S. on human rights

Michelle Bachmann is off her her rocker!!!

Innovative Drivetrain Testing for Wind Turbines Nears Completion

You might easily miss this one at GD-P

Have you noticed how Sanders sensibility looks remarkably steadfast

Argentina and Austerity

If It Comes Down To It, Could Hillary Actually Beat Trump?

FBI: We may not need Apple’s help with that iPhone, but we didn’t lie about it

Microsoft’s chatbot Tay learns how to be a racist from Twitter users

Are you satisfied with the current Democratic establishment?

American Academy of Pediatrics March 2016 issue


In N.F.L., Deeply Flawed Concussion Research and Ties to Big Tobacco

Goodell doesn't dismiss Las Vegas as team home

Bernie picks up superdelegate after Idaho blowout

British lottery pays out more for matching 3 numbers than 5

NEVER TRUMP: Privilege is what allows Sanders supporters to say they’ll “never” vote for Clinton

Bernie Sanders (Aug 2015) - Voter Suppression is Un-American

While AG, Eric Holder Used Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Birth Name as His Official Email Address

“If you want the parties to diverge from one another, have Bush win.” --Ralph Nader.

Some perspective on Bill and Hillary

ACLU: North Carolina Could Lose $4.5 Billion in Title IX Funding over Bathroom Bill. Nice Work...

Those Republicans - check out this picture that is being retweeted on twitter !!!1!!!

Donald Trump Offers A Blogger A Job Because Of Her Looks

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2016

New MSM Official Talking Points are released.

Whoopi asks Ben Carson about his Donald endorsement: "WHY would you align yourself with that?"

Bernie Sanders (Aug. 2015) - We Must Fight Back Against Voter Suppression

Patt Derian: human rights crusader.

Under The Rug: Toupees Continue To Be A Conversation Piece

Question: Should abortion rights be on the table for constitutional restricting?

If America Can't See Hillary Clinton's Top 22 Secret Emails, Democrats Must Nominate Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump is not beating Hillary Clinton in the polls, no matter how many times he says it

Please sign the petition and vote in the poll:

Ex-Times editor's comments about media bias against Clinton

Mortgage modification attempt - what is the right amount of income

Trans Man Demolishes NC NC Gov’s Insanely Bigoted Logic With Just One Tweet

Are terrorism attacks something new in Europe?

I am so mad I could just spit (oops - better wipe that off) at our vet

Lindsey Graham Is Shown Footage of Himself Bashing Ted Cruz, Erupts Into Giggles

Robert Griffin III signs with the Cleveland Browns

Isn’t this a sweet picture?

Narwhal tusk - Scientists finally solve its real purpose

Is Your Olive Oil As Healthy As You Think? Very informative.

ILWU endorses Senator Bernie Sanders for President

I love old Country and guitar driven rock

Other good Democratic websites?

If the Senate doesn't act, Obama may be able to seat Judge Garland anyway

On TYT, Bernie Replied To Question of What It Would Take for him to Endorse Hillary

Groucho Marx-Are You A Corrupt Politician?

Oh look! 🌺

Watch: Bernie Sanders Blasts the Corporate Media for Failing to Talk About Real Issues

More Evidence Ted Cruz Might Be the Zodiac Killer

Seattle's alternative paper "The Stranger" endorses Bernie Sanders

Obama sorry for U.S. policies during Argentina's 'dirty war'

Funniest Quotes About Donald Trump

NYT: On the Supreme Court, the Senate Defers to the NRA

Analysis: Why Winning California Will Not Be Easy For Bernie Sanders

Trump is good for economy?

Voter Suppression and Exit Poll Discrepancies in the Democratic Primaries

Workers pension win one in IL court

There's a petition to allow 'open carry' at the GOP convention.....and it's not from the Onion!!!!

Rosario Dawson: An Open Letter to Dolores Huerta

New Castle Police charge 2 with having $50K in heroin

Appeal for HRC as POTUS? Unofficial D.U. poll: Warren, HRC, Bernie

Getting tired of the BSS "corruption " meme

Wolf Blitzer clueless

Joe Biden Fights Back Over An Old Supreme Court Speech: 'There Is No Biden Rule'

Sick People Are Going Bankrupt | Bernie Sanders

Sick People Are Going Bankrupt | Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton meets with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. ***LIVE California-Here comes Hillary!

Sick People Are Going Bankrupt | Bernie Sanders

PERFECT pic of Cruz, looking like that scene in Lugosi's "Dracula" where Renfield pricks his finger.

New Poll Says Republicans Are Embarrassed By Their Shitty Candidates

Saving sunshine for a rainy day: New catalyst offers efficient storage of alternative energies

Rosario Dawson Backstage at San Diego Rally | Bernie Sanders

An Open Letter to Dolores Huerta by Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson Backstage at San Diego Rally | Bernie Sanders

Who can stop Trump? Republicans may have little choice but to vote Clinton

Bernie Sanders Supporters In Upcoming Primary States Must Double Check Registration Status

AZ lawmakers to hold special hearing on elections fiasco

Five Hours in Line to Vote | Bernie Sanders

by Robert Reich why Bernie is generating more enthusiasm among young voters

Five Hours in Line to Vote | Bernie Sanders

NFL is funding campaigns of lawmakers reviewing concussion issue

Five Hours in Line to Vote | Bernie Sanders

It's Getting Harder to Pay the Rent in America; A Senator's Plan To Build 400,000 Affordable Units..

We Can Rebuild Inner-City America | Bernie Sanders

Video: Jeremy Scahill & Noam Chomsky on Secret U.S. Dirty Wars From Yemen to Pakistan to Laos

Rep. Mark Takano on the Response to the Attack on Brussels

We Can Rebuild Inner-City America | Bernie Sanders

We Can Rebuild Inner-City America | Bernie Sanders

The Goal of the Neo-Liberal Consensus Is to Manage the Decline

End These Deportations | Bernie Sanders

The latest poll showing who's more electable (no surprises)

I'm really annoyed that someone people have JUST discovered the consequence of gutting the VRA

End These Deportations | Bernie Sanders

End These Deportations | Bernie Sanders

What? A petition for the open carry of firearms at the RNC in Cleveland?

I Do Think Big | Bernie Sanders

We've Won the Youth Vote | Bernie Sanders

Corinthian College ordered to pay over $1 billion for misleading students

We've Won the Youth Vote | Bernie Sanders

We've Won the Youth Vote | Bernie Sanders

How $15/Hour Happens | Bernie Sanders

How $15/Hour Happens | Bernie Sanders

How $15/Hour Happens | Bernie Sanders

"Obama criticized for doing tango 2 days after bombings in Brussels"

Houston pilot accused of running brothels

These Are The Phrases That Sanders And Clinton Repeat Most

NC Man Arrested for Not Returning Rental VHS Tape 14 Years Ago

Native American Policy | Bernie Sanders

Native American Policy | Bernie Sanders

98% vs. 97%

Native American Policy | Bernie Sanders

Gerber recalls 2 brands of baby food pouches with packaging defect

Hillary actually increased her popular vote lead after the "Western Tuesday" primaries:

Have you read the NYT piece regarding consussions in the NFL---WOW---those fuckers.

Bernie Sanders Endorsement Press Conference with AFGE Social Security Council

Latest Presidential approval and country direction polls

Bernie Sanders Endorsement Press Conference with AFGE Social Security Council

2016 Horse Racing - Jeff Lukas dead at 58

UPDATE: Petition to investigate AZ voter suppression and fraud EXCEEDS 200,000 signatures

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 24, 2016

Contrary to popular perceptions, taxpayers fund 64 percent of U.S. health care, more public dollars

Akai Gurley's family outraged after Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson recommends house arrest, no jail ti

TED CRUZ: 'Donald, you're a sniveling coward ...'

How Hillary Clinton Moved Trans Rights Forward

Aw, some Hilleryans on DU are tired of hearing about Clinton corruption.

Why “Well-Meaning” White People Like WTAE-TV’s Wendy Bell, The White Privilege Turducken

More of the difference between him and her.

North Carolina’s New Anti-LGBTQ Law Is Vicious, Shameful, and Unconstitutional

Democratic preference: Sanders 49% Clinton 48% (Bloomberg Politics/Selzer & Co., 3/19-22)

San Diego Press Conference | Bernie Sanders

San Diego Press Conference | Bernie Sanders

Georgia parents stress out about yoga and meditation classes in school, ban the word 'namaste'

Updated: URGENT message on upcoming voting (for Sanders voters)

Bernie Sanders Interview TYT FULL

Sanders campaign keeps lawsuit against DNC alive

Leading White Nationalists Credit Trump With Empowering The 'Pro-White' Movement

New York City Teachers Told to Keep Opt-Out Opinions to Themselves.

Fresno bar kicks out two black women — and it turns out they are attorneys for the ACLU

New York City Teachers Told to Keep Opt-Out Opinions to Themselves.

‘Religious liberty’ bill could be used to overturn anti-discrimination ordinances

The Bernie or Bust contingent sure sounds grimly depressed over in the Bernie Bus today

New Touchback Rule Designed To Reduce Number Of Kickoff Returns May Actually Increase Them

Hey Verizon, Bernie Sanders is right

Hey Verizon, Bernie Sanders is right

Prepare yourselves my DU friends - Naked Guinea Pig Poses With All His Favorite Foods

Hillary Fundraiser.

Nate Silver's prediction for a Clinton v. Trump matchup, posted without comment.

Garry Shandling just died

Fresno bar kicks out two black women — and it turns out they are attorneys for the ACLU (xp from GD)

What Gives Donald Trump the Edge? Larry King: ''Bad Breath.''

"Wait a minute... Am I supposed to stop talking?"

Serbian Nationalists Rally Supporting Karadzic

ICYMI - Bernie Sanders and #WhichHillary

Comedian Garry Shandling Dies at 66

What a gorgeous day it is.

Bernie Sanders returning to Spokane Thursday (video)

New Bloomberg national poll. Sanders 49%. Clinton 48%

Big Win for DirecTV Workers in California and Nevada

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Declines to Match Low for This Year

Why are polls showing Bernie doing well a good thing but the actual votes and delegates

Big Win for DirecTV Workers in California and Nevada

Big Win for DirecTV Workers in California and Nevada

Well, there's a thought

"National polls are meaningless! National polls are awesome!"

"... the nation’s mayors - most of them Democrats - remain overwhelmingly

Hillary sending out misleading letters to Sanders caucus goers in WA State

Economists and the Public Still Agree: Bernie Sanders Is The Best Candidate

Like nature's clockwork, the Chesapeake Bay's favorite ospreys are back

Please help us in NC!! This volunteer is worn out.

What happened in Arizona wasn’t an accident: When states make voting impossible

What attitudes and behaviors toward you are driving you most crazy with Clinton supporters?

Question: Does coal still have a future as a solution to energy problems?

The Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice

Canadian Junior Hockey Players Brawl For Extremely Canadian Reason

Ancient Rome -American Democracy: Lack of Compromise ends Badly for those Responsible part 2

Freepers wuv war criminal Karadzic

HRC's State Dept contracted w/Blackwater while BW was being prosecuted for Libya arms deals

Trans Man Destroys North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law in One Brilliant Tweet

Can we all agree that regardless of the target, attacks on looks and misogyny is unacceptable?

ACLU: "Two lawyers walk into a bar. And get kicked out for being black."

There have been eight national polls released in the last few days.

Ole Miss ex-student pleads guilty to tying noose on statue

Bernie rally in Madison, Wisconsin, Saturday, March 26

California Republicans lean to Trump but dislike candidate choices

Boston-area FBI employee accused of pointing gun at woman’s head in bar

How Republicans are gaming the voting system to tip the 2016 election in their favor ??

ChemChina's Bid for Syngenta Needs Scrutiny, Senators Say

Cruz to Trump: ‘Donald, you’re a sniveling coward. Leave Heidi the hell alone.’

ISIS Uses Donald Trump In New Propaganda Video/Thanks Trump For Making Their Point For Them

Hillary Clinton would almost certainly govern to the right of President Obama

So I had a post hidden

The Latest: Thousands march during Obama Argentine visit

The Latest: Thousands march during Obama Argentine visit

Can POTUS Sue Congress when they clearly neglect their duties?

All-out warfare is about to break out between Bernie Sanders’ supporters and the political press

Baby-boomers (and older) really do play World of Warcraft (aka not just for kids and teens)

Phone Banking for Bernie - Link

Mike Malloy - The Religious Bullshit Bill

Mike Malloy - I´m Sick Of Christians Ramming Their Beliefs On Everybody Else

Didn't Hillary sign an affidavit under threat of perjury?:Lost emails from Clinton server discovered

ISIS Uses Donald Trump In New Propaganda Video/Thanks Trump For Making Their Point For Them

People are not excited about what Bernie is going to do...

Why Cruz Isn’t Likely to Win

Who else here was at the Smithsonian National Zoo in DC today?

This Charity Bookstore Is Begging People To Stop Donating Their Copies Of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 25 March 2016

Math has a well-known Hillary bias.

Was this deliberate?

Indiana Governor Signs Restrictive Abortion Bill

Bernie's young supporters are very misguided.

Why was this post locked? I cited a post which made unsupported accusations

Republican Curbelo Open To Voting For Clinton

‘Fraidy Cat

Heileman and Halperin: Bernie likely to sweep next ten states!

Mike Malloy - Trump And Cruz Are Beating Each Other With The Bodies Of Their Wives

BIG UPDATE: Clinton Surrogate Jarrett Maupin comes to rescue of Maricopa Co.Recorder Helen Purcell

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-23-16

Protesting NC's Sweeping Anti-LGBT Bill today, photos

Arkansas state judge sentenced 10 years for accepting bribes

Right wing is OUTRAGED that Obama wore sunglasses while enjoying a baseball game.

At the opening of the Bernie Office in Beloit

If you simply "cant" vote for Clinton, you simply ARE helping the worst

Democrats Should Run From Clinton While They Still Can

Sanders ties Clinton in national poll

The voting problems in Arizona probably hurt Hillary more than Bernie

Abortion Rights Advocates Cry Foul at New Step in Fetal Tissue Inquiry

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump May Be The Antichrist

French Raids Foil Planned Terror Attack as 2nd Suspect Sought in Brussels Subway Bombing

Hey MSNBC. Cancel this lame 'With All Due Respect' show.

Hmmm. I used to get called to jury

Iranian Cyber Attack on New York Dam Shows Future of War

Can Donald Trump Win It All in the Primaries and Prevent a Brokered Convention?

Ad spending by Hillary and Bernie in AZ ID and UT

LOL look at all the bitter Hillary PUMAs that voted for McClown in 2008

America To Establishment: Who The Hell Are You People?

Russia's special forces officer killed in Syria: Interfax

FiveThirtyEight predicts Hillary Clinton will win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Maryland

The Interreligious Wisdom of Aging: Q&A with Thomas Ryan, C.S.P.


Brussels bomber brothers were on U.S. watch lists before attack: sources

Trump won't rule out nuking ISIS

Revolution doesn't mean what you think it does ~HRC ~ Article

Lockheed's minehunting system canceled: Pentagon

Is there a movie that made you "Proud to be American?

I thought Trump was bad. Cruz wants to exterminate gays?

Maine House OKs public vote on GMO labels

Hi, everybody. I'm a disenfranchised voter.

A Jury Voted 4-3 to Leave This Garbage Up!

The International Longshoremen and Warehouse Union Endorses Sanders

Who Would Paul Wellstone Vote For?

Hello administrators.

Israel slams U.N. body's call for 'blacklist' of settlement companies

Gunman reported in U.S. Navy hospital in San Diego: base spokesman

Pope Francis Washes Refugees’ Feet In Catholic Ritual

Jimmy Dore Arizona Voting Chief Blames Voters For Screw Ups In Embarrassing Interview

Time to play the Beth and Daryl drinking game "I have never"

Why You Shouldn't Give Up On Bernie Sanders

Bloomberg: Bernie Sanders would beat Donald Trump by 24 points

The Wisconsin Gazette-the Alnernative Progressive Newspaper ENDORSES HILLARY****

Clinton is beating Sanders. Don't blame the party, blame the people

Fun Fact: Clinton Beating Sanders 16-4 in States that Have Conducted Primaries Rather than a Caucus

Serial train thief gets movie deal. Now NYC transit wants to collect his profits

Synthetic microbe lives with less than 500 genes

NC to give full ticket for one mile per hour over the speed limit.

The Trouble with Facebook’s Neighbor

Women Need More Sleep Than Men Because Fighting the Patriarchy Is Exhausting

Thomas Frank: Author of "Listen Liberal," speaking NOW in KC

I found this weekly address from the Pope interesting

Bernie's got this! He's up by 1 in an outlier poll, and only down by 300 delegates!

An Anti-LGBT Hate Group Is Calling Themselves "Pediatricians" To Attack Transgender Youth

18 Teachers Were Asked, 'What's The Most Cringeworthy Thing A Student Has Said In Class?'

Thomas Frank: Author of "Listen Liberal," speaking NOW in KC

Slaughter at the bridge: Uncovering a colossal Bronze Age battle

Microsoft is deleting its AI chatbot's incredibly racist tweets

Homeownership Increasingly Difficult For Average Americans

google makes nix software available for free

Will Bank of America move it's HQ from Charlotte?

Bernie Sanders Campaign Officially Sues the DNC

heron catching a fish

Thomas Frank: Author of "Listen Liberal," speaking NOW in KC

Le Mans may be the most boring Steve McQueen movie of the 70s.

all this outrage over tRump/cruz and the wives but no one is saying how horrible FLOTUS was treated

Playing with Delegate Math

Why Paul Ryan Opposes Divisive Politics

A duel - not via Twitter. Its the only honourable way to solve these horrid insults.

Help Roy Cooper become Governor!

'I come here deeply ashamed': Former TierOne executives Laphen, Langford sentenced to prison

Why many super delegates pledged to Hillary may abandon her in droves before the convention.

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