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Archives: March 26, 2016

#BirdieSanders is trending on Twitter! What a great way to end a long week. Pics from twitter:

Donald Trump's Top Foreign Adviser, Joseph Schmitz, is a Former Blackwater Executive

Chelsea Clinton: Democrats will not regain the House in 2016

In 1960, I became a Democrat.

All is fair in Politics?

MSNBC: Rubio operatives pushing Cruz affair story for last six months...

The Libya Gamble:Inside Hillary Clinton’s Push for War & the Making of a Failed State - Democray Now

Bird and Bernie Haiku

The laughs are dying

Hillary's neocon foreign policy adviser wants more war.

Did you guys see Birdie Sanders - video at link

McCrory Bathroom Signs (Guerilla Action)

=*= LIVE Stream(s) @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Seattle, WA 3-25-16 - Safeco Field =*=

Boy, 4, shot in head with gun left in car while mother was shopping

Retirement in Puerto Rico versus Mexico, Costa Rica, etc

I had a meltdown and disappeared for 8 months...

Rolling Stones gear up for historic free concert in Cuba (where it's at tonight)

I'm in Colorado. I was the caucus captain. None of our Bernie delegates wound up on the list

Thousands witness noisily in Portland for Sanders but the bird will not be silenced!

Today will be pretty exciting

Grand Canyon dissolves river-trips unit due to worker harassment

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Primary Challenge Grows

I have been PROUDLY blocked from the Sanders group!

Bad Chemistry: How the Chemical Industry’s Trade Association Undermines the Policies that Protect Us

anyone have any attendance figures for Seattle yet?

Heyyyy America...? We need to talk | Clisare

The Revenge of the Reality-Based Community

ConAgra liable for $108.9 million after fatal explosion; likely the largest civil award in Nebraska

some of sanders supporters will not vote for hillary.

"Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont " voted with the NRA

My heart's for Hillary, but my brain is for Sanders. Others feel this way?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Scary Stuff ! Uncensored & Live &

Who can hack an iPhone for the FBI? Clues point to Cellebrite in Israel

Black Men For Bernie in Philadelphia Spreading Awareness!

New Yorker - "Ted Cruz and the Art of the Dirty Trick"

We have seen how many Bernie voters will not vote for Hillary, but

Jobs and families, a very big difference between Republican and Democratic leadership

The Structural Jobs Fiasco No One Knows How to Deal with - THE FUTURE WORK-LESS WORLD!

=*= LIVE stream (yesterday): Rock the Caucus: Cultural Celebration (Alaska For Bernie Sanders) =*=

Pope, on Good Friday, blasts indifference to suffering.

=*= LIVE Stream @ 10:30PM: Rock the Caucus: Cultural Celebration (Alaska For Bernie Sanders) =*=

Does Sanders not know the $ raised goes to DNC & state parties? Or is he knowingly lying?

My attempt at predicting the winner of every remaining state using one metric

Is this about OUR poetry or about those been dead poets?

The neighbors took us out to dinner

Politico - "The man behind Ted Cruz’s tricks"

MSNBC is all in for Bernie. Rachel Maddow tonight:

Message from some people in Washington about campaign tricks

A Most Peculiar (and spooky trip) by the author of "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"

Notre Dame.

Congressman Praises Bernie Sanders’s Israel-Palestine Stance: “I Totally Agree With Him”

The death of soccer’s ‘savior’

Tomorrow's my first caucus!

I love the Democratic Party, even the 'Establishment'

Ted Cruz Reveals The ‘Religious Liberty’ Plan His Hate Group Buddies Came Up With

WHY The Transcripts MUST BE SEEN...Hillary Has A History Of LYING Re: What She Supports/Doesn't...

Can a voting system be secure without it being possible to prove who you voted for?

MI state director Ryan Hughes receives money from Priorities USA

AFL-CIO Vice President: "The Remarkable Bernie Sanders Will Overcome the Crowning of Clinton"

Energy Department Announces Participation in Clean Line’s Large-Scale Energy Transmission Project

Wanting to do something, anything for tomorrow - I came up with this

The Ideal Easter Gift

This day In 1965

Friday Talking Points (384) -- Copulating Rodents!

suspicious pkg Seattle rally halts lines to get in

Google Chrome Extension ‘Reword’ flags Hateful Online Messages

On this day In 1911

Sanders and Warren are too far left and Hillary is too moderate...

Bernie or Bust is privilege? Nonsense

The Racist Meme: The South Doesn't Count

The Bernie Sanders late surge trend

Help me with an onslaught on convincing a young know-nothing on "they're all the same"

Finally, poll results we Democrats can all agree with

Ryan Hughes, MI and PA Bernie State Director, Accused of Accepting Hillary Super Pac Money

up next in the adventures of #StealTheBern

What were the top ten songs the week you were born?

I'm SHOCKED I tell you SHOCKED - MSNBC actually going to cover Bernie's Seattle Event

West Coast dockworkers union endorses Bernie! "He's the best candidate for working families"

MSNBC is "Awaiting Sanders at Safeco Field" - Can you believe it ???

Mike Luckovich: Housewives of the GOP

Saint Pepsi - Private Caller

Saint Pepsi - Private Caller

A Rescued Baby Fox, With His Teddy Bear, Is Getting Bigger Each Day!

Report: Dwight Howard interested in signing with Magic

Stiglitz Nails It


ABCNews 20/20 - How Big Money Buys Political Access - Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Hornets issue anti-discrimination statement in wake of controversial law

Bernie Sanders Is Literally Snow White Now

Hornets' transformation has them surging in the East

Nude photos! Innuendo! Infidelity! Is nothing out of bounds in the GOP primary?

I have one credit at, and will gift Howard Zinn's History of the USA to

There's a cultural thing going on that some people don't notice.

Brian Gregory fired as head coach after 5 seasons at Georgia Tech

How Many Superdelegates Would Bernie Have to Flip..

I hope DUers saw Linda Sarsour interview on Chris Hayes show tonight,

Bernie @ Safeco field Seattle coming up in a few minutes (10:52 EST) MSNBC

Oregon coach told player to take late 3-pointer that angered Duke, Coach K

Sanders takes stand against Pebble Mine after wife talks to Bristol Bay tribes

Thank you DU, for all the love and well wishes.

Bernie LIVE:

I am so sad right now and don't know what to do.

About the bird visiting the Bernie event in Portland...

So, if Southern state primaries 'don't count'

I don't think attitudes will change much until so-called accidents are prosecuted

Any good left leaning stations on XM Sirius?

The USA assassinated some guys in Iraq and its all good!

Far, far short of 50,000. That's for sure. 15123 total. nt

NYPD Cop Kills Family Pet in Cold Blood as Child Watches

Bernie is on Fire!!!!

A Conversation on Privacy/Greenwald/Snowden/Chomsky

Bill Maher: the photo of Melania is not new

Some more thoughts on seeing Bernie in San Diego

It's a real puzzler (not): Bernie has "no chance" of winning the nomination...

Close to You

Attend A Dinner for HRC: $353,400 Entrance Fee: Only Privileged Elites Need Apply

Here is some terrific news: Flint's water pipes could be fixed by May!

Now it’s our move

Hope Open Carry Petition At GOP Convention Succeeds.

When I type 'G'night', then back up and type 'Gnight' I right or wrong or stupid for caring?

The significance of Good Friday- 3-25-2016

I would really love to see this movie made....

Best start organizing now, because this is not a good situation

More video of Ala. Gov. phone call has been released.

Bernie scares trump I & II

Glenn Beck: Ted Cruz Is Divinely Anointed And Has Been 'Raised From Birth' To Save Nation

Happy birthday to Aretha Frankilin today...74 and counting.

Did You Hear About The Open Carry Petition For GOP Convention?.....

Should Cruz be charged with a felony? 500K bribe?

Mexican corrido for Bernie Sanders El Quemazon ( "The Bern") Grupo la Meta

California Peggy appreciation thread

Who knew the Supergirl TV series was radical feminism?

Hillary Supporters alert post stalking. What you may or may not know about the Jury System.

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 27 - Easter Treats

I live in Washington State and tomorrow I go to caucus for Bernie even tho I walk with 2 canes

Hillary Splainin, Dissing, Patronizin, Criticizng African Leaders: Haughty Neo-Colonialist Attitude

TCM Schedule for Monday March 28 - Art & Artists

They are racking up a lot of hides on our members

SIMPLY AMAZING : Bernie Sanders Rallies In Portland 3/25/2016

I'll leave this here.....

Navy Official Sentenced to 46 Months in Prison for Accepting Bribes from Foreign Defense Contractor

The Funniest #BirdieSanders Memes

Its our turn

The 538 Benchmarks for Tomorrow's Caucuses

Bernie Breaks Media Blackout With Historic Seattle Rally:

Poll: 57% of Russians say Stalin was a "wise leader."

What does Acorn TV offer

"Maybe you weren't educated properly enough"

If that bird showed at a Trump rally?

The Bird That Landed on Bernie Sanders’ Podium and Its Symbolism

85 percent of California Democrats approve of how Obama does his job to 14% who disapprove

Daughter recently had left cerebral artery stroke; has aphasia and no use of right arm and hand.

Ralph Nader: 'I still wouldn’t run as a Democrat'

This is getting outrageous! Lady in Kentucky on FB states this:

Chris Matthews Bat Sh*t Crazy Idea-Hillary Should Nominate A Republican To VP!

Crosstalk -Europe Terrorized (ft. Pepe Escobar)

Cat builds igloo to stay warm after snow storm

Absentee votes flood in before Democratic caucuses in the State of Washington

The Day After Bernie Pulled Ahead of Hillary, This Happened...

Who’s the Real ‘Aggressor in Cyberspace’? US Hypocrisy in Iran Hacker Case

Which Douchebag do I choose?

Spokane Co. WA has reduced the # of caucus locations to as significant an extent as Maricopa Co. AZ

The Bubble Is Complete: 'Smart Money' Buys Into Bespoke Tranche "Opportunity" (Again)

Muslim Dairy Queen owner in Texas installed signs around his business comparing Hindus to monkeys

Focus turns to criminal justice in Senate race.


Five good reasons Alaskans will back Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Caucus

Daily Holidays - March 26

Mississippi House proposes firing squad as execution method

I want a $16.35 minimum wage

Texas University Fires Coach Who Suspended Gay Basketball Players, Violated Title IX

United States loses to Guatemala 2-0 in World Cup qualifier

Bernie Sanders Leads TIME 100 Poll

Just had a very sad thought. No matter how egregious the lies, fraud or corruption dug up on HRC


The organic industry’s GMO hoax

Ku'e! Ku'e! Aloha aina ho'i e! Rise up, rise up! Patriots, indeed!

Convicted former NY Senate majority leader, son seek community service, not prison time

Removal of Confederate symbols turns nasty in New Orleans

$353,400 to attend Clinton fund raiser

The Future of the Democratic Party - No Fear, Smart, Integrity, Determination

Am I the only one getting creeped out by this Sanders/bird stuff?

5 Investigates: Retiring state workers paid millions for good attendance

5 suffer smoke inhalation in Boston University campus fire

Ride-sharing company offers rides just for women

Trump Supporter Derails CNN Segment by Accusing Fellow Guest of Having an Affair With Ted Cruz

Massachusetts resident sues Target over Parmesan cheese

Will cellphone use while walking be banned in N.J.?

UMass not only college targeted with racist, anti-Semitic flyers; Smith, Northeastern, Princeton amo

Budget agreement doesn't solve Pa.'s problems, credit agency says

Full Court Press: Part-time court interpreters sue for more benefits

Gloucester chief replies to drug initiative critics

Nurses mull strike at Brigham over security

Sanders interview from 1988 -- same message as today. Uncanny.

Gentrification in Eastie and Southie leaves some behind

Just an FYI to those who alerted on and hid my thread yesterday

US Navy captain jailed over massive bribery scandal in Pacific

Editorial: Baker needs to be transparent on shadowy dollars

In Brighton, more questions about a disputed property

The best way to help Israel deal with Iran's growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syr

Concord group asks: Is artificial turf unsafe?

Corinthian College students in Mass. to get loan help

It benefits POC for Bernie to stay in the race.

Sanders needs to win more than 67 percent of the remaining delegates overall

This old man

All upcoming primaries MUST be open primaries!

AWARE employees approve union

Adjunct professors unionize, revealing deeper malaise in higher ed

AWARE employees approve union

AWARE employees approve union

I love New York!

When will the Democratic Party Stand up for Voters Rights

Belgian nuclear guard shot and security access badge stolen: media

Nobel Scientist: I Place My Faith in Human Gods

Manila vs Beijing ruling to affect nations with similar claims over islets: Analyst

Foreign Minister Wang Yi Speaks of Americans’ Apprehension

TENN: Religious Counseling bill passes House Health Committee

Aisha Sultan: Raising religious children

Weekly Address: Defeating ISIL

I was waiting with bated breath to see I SAW THE LIGHT.

Asylum policy: Berlin to build on Tempelhof despite drop in refugees

The Catholic Church puts one foot forward on the path to including women

In treaning now needs an R

In treaning now needs an R

Thousands of rabbits killed in New Zealand Easter hunt

THE GOP...(this probably says it all)

International volunteers recycle clothes for refugees on Lesbos

Prayer for Holy Saturday

Havana rocks out to Rolling Stones in landmark gig

Cuba: Rolling Stones rock Havana with landmark gig

Belgian nuclear guard ‘shot and security access badge stolen’

Best Berdie Sanders pic yet

French unemployment hits new record

Just saw a post over in Hill camp and they are a bit befuddled about the bird

Hillary's A Good Egg

Do any animals even like Hillary?

Keith Olbermann: 'I'm Coming Out Of Retirement'

Robert Reich: I don't recall a presidential candidate who has done so well with no big money

Climate change may be a burning issue – but election campaign tells another story

Is anyone suggesting that solid-blue states don't count in the primary?

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone: Young People Are Right About Hillary

If we have a female nominee we are going to slaughter Trump.

UK: Government planning to repeal animal welfare codes

The new Cruz logo-even better than TRUSTed

Major Logging Will Begin in the Last Primeval Forest in Europe

Keith Olbermann is having a Bad Dream

OMG! NYT Commenter Rips The GOP and Their Hero Ronald Reagan Apart In Spectacular Fashion

High Court Asks Administration to Weigh in on Predatory Lending Case

Partnership is Political

When Donald Trump actually drops a Nuclear Weapon

Today's Caucus START Times:

French journalist Florence Hartmann jailed by war crimes tribunal

Today's gonna be Bernie's best day of the primary.

The GMO-Chemical industry's corporate war on clean, uncontainated food

CNN- Cut the Mic!

"Some hate the English. I don't. They're just wankers. We are COLONIZED by wankers."

And now ; some upcoming previews of the republican national convention

Oh No, David Brooks Just Had Another Revelation

The Bernie bird was cool and all, but nothing compared to

Political Messengers from spirit

Maybe we should start some conspiracy theories of our own this time.

My Nephew's Epic Facebook Rant

A Shameless Pandering Post about Bernie

Are GMO food products responsible for the degenerate state of the Republican party?

After 115 Years, Scotland Is Coal-Free

Hillary’s Biggest Liability: Bill Clinton

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 UAE Derby

This crisis is bigger than Arizona: Behold the travesty that is Wisconsin’s new voter ID law

Bernie Sanders Views On Creating Radical Change Are Quite Realistic

What Will Absolutely Not Happen in the Democratic Primaries

Poll: Russians love "brutal tyrant" Stalin

Jerrod Carmichael - best line on Real Time with Bill Maher Overtime

Never underestimate the staying power of a little bird.

Trump: I have great relationship with the blacks*

Why Red States Aren't Denying Climate Change Anymore

ELEVEN cops involved in brutal arrest of ONE car-thief... and none of them turned on their body-cam.


Republicans, I present your almost certain nominee.

Sat, Mar 26, 2016, 10:30am – 4:00pm Hillary/Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit Day at Tampa Pride

US Intel Vets Warn Against Torture

Never underestimate the staying power of a little bird.

Roy Cooper is collecting signatures on a petition to repeal McCrory's bathroom law

Federal judge blocks section of Alabama abortion law

Is Clinton progressive? Let's look at her positions on issues. How about legalizing marijuana?

Hillary's Vision?

WA Caucus Hotline: 206-328-5679


FBI Reveals New Details About Its Probe Into Hillary Clinton's Use of Private Email Server

The German arrow!

The Rodent Copulator Party...

Joy Reid is running a great show.

Study: Gender is costing Hillary Clinton big among men

Feel The Bird

Dems have a chance to take back the House, if they can field the right candidates

What's The Latest On The Ted Cruz National Enquirer Infidelity Piece?.....

Birdie Sanders in Portland | Bernie Sanders

"The Cost of War" - Tulsi Gabbard endorses Bernie Sanders

"The Cost of War" - Tulsi Gabbard endorses Bernie Sanders

Did You Read The Petition Going Around For Open Carry At The GOP Convention? Here It Is.....

NRA's Ted Nugent on why guns are better than women: "You can buy a silencer for a gun"

LaVoy Finicum Supporters Threatened To Burn Qurans, Kill Police And Oregon Governor

Chris Hedges on the Culture of War

Price to Liberalisation's "Losers" Likely Will Be Huge Numbers of Deaths From Stress

High speed ballet in slow motion

Tribal leaders throw pre-caucus support to Hillary Clinton (Washington)

Tribal leaders throw pre-caucus support to Hillary Clinton

Bernie & the Bird: Good Friday & Purim

Trump's interview with Piers Morgan: 'It's like watching the ramblings of a drunk uncle at a BBQ'

ALEC Has Officially Become More Powerful Than The Constitution

Bernie Sanders 'put a bird on it' at Portland rally

Harney County ranchers look back at refuge occupation

Arizona Official: Blame The Voters For Getting In Line

Something just struck me about "three fifths"

The Big Guy voted - and its Bernie

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 29: Peter Fonda

Why I believe Bernie is so popular

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Dubai Golden Shaheen

Donald Trump hits all-time low in the polls that really matter (HRC is clobbering Trump)

Hi everybody! I am no longer a disenfranchised voter!

Sign The Petition For TYT To Host A Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton for President

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 30: Pennies from Heaven

Brussels attacks rally should be postponed for security reasons: minister ("March Against Fear"!)

Washington State caucus - Winner will not be anounced tonight

City must leave Confederate monuments in place while case is appealed, 5th U.S. Circuit Court rules

The Week End Economists ponder a "System of Profound Knowledge". Mar 25-26, 2016.

Confederate flag causing controversy in Maryland

Today's caucus - winner will not be announced tonight

Wolves slaughter 19 elk in 'sport killing'

Belgian Nuclear Plant Guard Murdered, Security Badge Stolen Days After Attack

Ole Miss ex-student pleads guilty to tying noose on statue (MS)

something strange with this thread

Washington State caucus - Winner will not be anounced tonight

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-25-16 Tim Canova FL-23 (link fixed)

Florida governor signs law ending funding to clinics providing abortions

The Only Thing Up on Wall Street Is CEO Pay

Just a reminder for the coming weeks.

Off to my caucus. See you there. nm

Portlandia - Put A Bird On It!

Is JPMorgan Chase America's Most Corrupt Bank?

Happy Voting Day Cha! (CLINTON GROUP)

Disrupting political meetings. A malicious attempt to curb free speech by a left wing activist.

About the jury system

Willy Wonka Hosts a GOP Debate

I found this short article and I want to share it with you all.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 26, 2016

Ouch: concertgoer at Adele show hit by falling chain

BlackMenForBernie in Walmart Informing Everyone!

Link to game: Do you want to gamble on being JP Morgan Chases’s next victim?

Ajua. Ajua

Finally, a real choice.

He or she was singing for their breakfast (Orchard Oriole)

THE key difference between Bernie and Hillary - "Money isnt Everything" v. "Money is Everything"

"And why take ye thought for raiment?"

Nelson middle school caucus

Repost: Why Democrats Should Beware Sanders’ Socialism

Can't stop smiling ...

Something I've noticed about those ISIS terrorists...

Why This Black Female Council Person in Richmond CA Is Supporting Bernie Sanders

THEY LIVE - Got my glasses today

Maricopa county, Arizona, is dominated by...

A Xerox Machine for Super Solar Panels

God Dammit; put Keith Olbermann BACK on the Air

Trashing Forums

Solar Is a Booming Business, but It’s Still Not Generating Much of Our Power

This 10-Year-Old 'Kidpreneur' Invented the Only Candy to Be Served at This Year's White House Easter

Sanders Wins on 6 Out of 9 Issues

Great cartoon about the bird!

Garry Shandling’s doctor refuses to sign death certificate, coroner’s office to investigate cause of

“Hope” is the thing with feathers

Bill Maher: Trump vs Cruz

from Twitter: CA voters checking their voting status & noting weird changes:

Why would the Super Delegates switch to Sanders?

Besides the Bird, trending on Twitter: #DemocracyIn5Words

Grant County Sheriff Deputizes Man Facing Felony Theft Charges

Republicans losing faith in election process, poll finds

Free Enterprise vs. Socialism: A Brief History

Weekend Toon Roundup

In France, a Retirement Co-op Ensures Seniors Are Not Treated as Commodities

'Vote Trump, Get Dumped' Movement Aims to Hit Trump Where it Hurts

Susan George on the history of neoliberalism, from maybe ten or fifteen years ago

The Empire Files: Understanding Marxism and Socialism with Richard Wolff

Tomorrow is Eostara.

Some quick thoughts on today's caucuses

Life? or Theater?

The Big Unwind Hits Investment Banking

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Sanders on This Week, MTP & State of the Union)

War Children

Former corrections chief invited Scott Walker aide to shred records

I bet these hypothetical conversations will sound eeriely familiar

Trump Vs Cruz: Wives Attacked! All summed up!

Port Authority's Grand Compromise Yields New Bus Terminal, and Tensions

Ralph Nader on the 2016 Elections: Hillary and Transparency

Calling out for Classic Film Group fans to post the schedules for April 5 and 6

Go to YouTube and post a video that is on the initial page. Mine:

Ted Cruz & Trump Have Come For the Muslims…

The caucuses have been open half an hour

Clinton Mole in Sanders' Camp?

A little bird will bring happiness to many again by 3pm mst/5 est tonight.


Saturday, March 26th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

I'm checked in and ready to start grouping up. Go Washington!

Found this on FB this morning.

On Sanders, Clinton took a self-deprecating shot at the Vermont senator's trademark slogan.

‘Batman v Superman’ fights off bad reviews for big $82 million opening day

I Am One.

ALL DUers: Devote NOW at LEAST 20% of your primary TIME and money to Congressional races!!!!!!

The Bird(s)

Ted Cruz - ‘Religious Liberty’ Plan - Okay to Discriminate Against LGBT Community

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Dubai World Cup

Undercover Mole found

French Journalist Florence Hartmann Jailed by War Crimes Tribunal

Help Magazine reader for Android

Glasgow Muslim shopkeeper murdered hours after posting Easter wishes

Gallup: Obama's Job Approval Still Trending Up-53%-44% (+9)

Disinfranchised AZ Primary Voters Take Note

=*= LIVE @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Madison Wisconsin Rally 3-26-16 =*=

Love this guy

What the General Election Results Would Look Like If Women REFUSED To Vote For Trump...!

CNN coverage sucks again-can you help? They are showing the

This is great! "Bernie Sanders Love "

CNN is still running their bullshit propaganda, citing Hillary's delegates without making a

A feel good Hillary polling pick me up...

My daughter is caucusing today in Houston, Alaska, a few miles outside Wasilla. UPDATE

LOL! Bern To The Bone (Bernie Sanders song)!! Only Bernie is bern to the bone.

Which of our potential candidates...

Just got back

See how much Bernie's tax plan would affect you...Vox Tax Calculator

My Pct (SW WA): 7-2 Delegates for Big B.

About that "but....the Supreme Court!" argument

Just bought this print

'We believe that all lives matter,' co-founder of Black Lives Matter tells F&M audience

Let's put our heads together on the Clinton e-mail scandal

Is it a violation of a jury member posting on facebook one of your posts that was hidden by jury?

My 25 year old is caucusing in a Washington state town for Bernie

Appreciation thread for Donkees!

Sanders and turnout

Live updates from Washington state’s Democratic caucuses pics and blogging

Great Live updated reports on Washington caucuses - Fantastic turnout!

Had about 60 at our caucus

Birdie 2016

Here's something that was posted on my congressional

More Birds for Bernie

20,000 people signed a petition to allow guns at the Republican

Law Enforcement Investigators Seek Out Private DNA Databases

More Than 21,000 Gun Lovers Sign Petition To Allow Firearms At Republican National Convention

How a lifetime of running changes you

~*~ #BirdieSanders: Footage Emerges of the Bernie Bird Before She Shot to World Stardom ~*~

Syrian Army, With Russian Air Support, Advances Inside Palmyra

Russian 'Rambo' Wipes Out ISIS Thugs By Calling Airstrike On Himself When Surrounded By Jihadi Force

I posted this in the General Primaries section

This post is not about birds, its about BUCKS. OUR BUCKS

Poland approves large-scale logging in Europe's last primeval forest

I think Birdie Sanders came to warn Bernie

I tripped over a sidewalk crack, fell, and conked my head 2 days ago

Bernie Sanders Video: 30 Years of Speeches (brief excerpts) He Doesn't Flip Flop Like Hillary

In 2008 WA state had both a caucus and a preference primary

Documents confirm Pentagon chief used personal email for official business

South Kitsap Caucus here.

WA State Caucus Update

Back from the caucus


Feds offer debt relief to more former Corinthian students

Pentagon chief used personal email account until December

Precinct 131 Whitman County, WA - 18 people for Bernie, 1 person for Clinton

Dear Bernie: I Like You, But These Red Flags Are Too Frequent To Ignore

Ryan Hughes, MI and PA Bernie State Director, Accused of Accepting Hillary Super Pac Money

Wisconsin man sentenced to three years for threatening to kill Obama

Surprised..CNN has been having very good live coverage of WA

North Korea releases propaganda film showing Washington under nuclear attack

Community Colleges: At what rate do Students transfer and graduate from 4 year institutions?

The west coast is kicking ass for Bernie

That damn bird, or is it just me?

Bernie to open Brooklyn campaign office with a BLOCK PARTY!!

You can either vote for rainbows & unicorns, or actual results.

A VIDEO: The High Cost Of Needless Wars On Soldiers: Representative Tulsi Gabbard

77.3% - 22.5% (Bernie) Washington State @ 29% reporting (BERNIE WINS!!!!)

Just Back From Caucus in Shoreline WA

I feel comfortable doing this really early. Congrats to Sanders' supporters on their big day

If You're Liberal and You Think Hillary Clinton Is Corrupt and Untrustworthy

Who's afraid of Donald Trump?

Caucus Results Coming in from WA and They Are YUUUUGE!

Caucus Results Coming in from WA and They Are YUUUUGE!

Congratulations to my friends who support Senator Bernie Sanders

Washington/Alaska Results (BERNIE WINS ALASKA update):

What's it like in a caucus?

I think some Bernie supporters should support Hillary

Curious about the way MSNBC just started covering Sanders?

Tribeca to screen movie by controversial anti-vaccine activist Andrew Wakefield

PredictIt: "Who will win the Presidency 2016?".. Hillary Clinton: .83, Sanders: .16

These people are amazing

Thank you WA & West Coast!

Just talk to Kitsap Central Committee Chair:

One of the Friendship nine has died

District five in Fairbanks just went 100% for Bernie

Too Early to Call.

Bringing grassroots organizing and science to Vandana Shiva

Sex abuse suspect, co-owner of Bluffs bar seen on 'Bar Rescue' will rely on the defense of intoxicat

My Saturday prediction:net +50 pledged delegates for Bernie

15% in Alaska

How are posts like this not locked and sent to the dungeon?

Alaska Results THREAD.....

Washington state RESULTS Thread...

Superdelegate goes Bernie updated!!!

ALASKA 78.7% - 21.3% Bernie @ 37.5% reporting (BERNIE WINS ALASKA - 9 delegates)

my Washington caucus update

WA voters: write your Supers today!

Who should I vote for 2016 decision tree

Bernie is killing it in Alaska.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-25-16 (FIRE DWS Canova FL-23 over $2,000)

I heard Bernie is doing really well in washington.

Peace People

NT Times real time Washington, Alaska and Hawaii Caucus updates.

Alaska's caucus was FANTASTIC!

Should Bernie End His Campaign? Hillary Is Getting Hundreds Of Votes In Alaska & Washington!

Delegate calculator:

My WA Precinct Report: Sanders 3 to 1

I've decided to hold a Caucus on my porch today.

Live Now (4pm CST) : Bernie Sanders Rally Madison WI.

Bernie rally in Madison, WI, coverage starts at 5:30 EDT

Bernie rally in Madison, WI, coverage starts at 5:30 EDT

Why Obama's lead in 2008 is different, and greater, than Clinton's lead in 2016

Pentagon chief used personal email account until December --- uh-oh, will he be indicted???

This should help keep things in perspective. These are remaining elections after today-3/26

CNN: The Worst Video Quality EVER, But Listen to the Words

95 years after disappearance, USS Conestoga is found

AP: 14-15% reporting, Alaska Bernie 82% Clinton 18%, Washington Bernie 74% Clinton 26%

Why didn't Hillary run any ads in the states running up to today?

Justin Shults, American Missing in Belgium, Confirmed Dead

Hillary’s plan eliminates lead as a public health threat within 5 yrs.

Down Memory lane - post WW2 British Colonialism in action

Caucuses are stupid and undemocratic

Meanwhile, in Central PA,

CNN has called Alaska for Sanders

CNN just called Alaska for Bernie

I Crashed A Bernie Sanders Rally — & It Was Awesome

CNN Has Called Alaska for Sanders in a LANDSLIDE!

Bernie's net worth - unsurprising. Chart comparing him to others.

CNN calls Alaska for Bernie!

Anonymous is now reporting about AZ vote suppression!

Howard Dean: Bernie is not OUT OF the running. Don't count him out yet.

The truth about the 2007 Immigration Reform Bill.

My small WA precinct unanimous for Bernie


What A Beautiful Day to Caucus In WA!

Bernie won Alaska

9 face murder charges in recorded after-school brawl in Georgia

Russ Feingold - he hasn't endorsed yet, has he?

CNN not calling it yet

Put a Bern on it

76% to 24% (rounded)

How the Trump campaign creates that mob mentality before Trump arrives

Funniest MLP fanart I've seen in a long time!

Belgium’s nuclear facilities have a worrying track record of breaches

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

nice map of Washington results by county

CNN Headline: (updated)

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate left with a net positive favorability rating.

Does MSNBC have blackout on the Dem primaries today?

If I offer to download an audiobook free..Howard Zinns History of the USA

Meet the Republican Mega-Donors Spending Millions to Take Down Donald Trump

My Washington Caucus was excellent

Notice How CNN Invariably Includes Superdelegates in its Comparison Graphics..

Front Porch with clouds

Civilian Deaths in Yemen Won’t Stop a Billion-Dollar US Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

Taking a trip back to 2008, Hillary got more than 60%

Live results: Bernie leading in WA 77-22%!

In Donald Trump's Worldview, America Comes First, And Everyone Else Pays

Did msnbc finally replace constipated Kasie Hunt as the Bernie reporter?

CNN to cover live Bernie rally in Madison, WI 'within minutes'.

Meet Donald Trump's Top Foreign Adviser, Joseph Schmitz

Bernie Sanders Looks To Be Heading For A Landslide Win In Washington

Go ahead Bernie - raise my taxes!

Cost of War - New Bernie Ad - with Tulsi Gabbard

the risks of terrorism are greatly exaggerated by the media and government in general, while importa

Full forward on Bundy trials

Joy Reid and Michelle Goldberg hitting every anti-Bernie point they can on MSNBC

Hillary Clinton's idea to remove lead from 'everywhere' is 'not financially feasible'

Bernie Rally in Madison, Wisconsin - BERNIE JUST INTRODUCED!!!!

Carrboro holds special Town Meeting to call for repeal of House Bill 2 (bathroom bill)

2 Iowa Oolice Officers Among 4 Killed In Wrong-Way Crash

Help fly rescued circus lions to an African sanctuary. :)


Help fly rescued circus lions to an African sanctuary. :)

NOW MSNBC, Bernie Speaking from Wisconsin after Alaska Win!

Krupnik shortage causing Dyngus Day crisis

Msnbc & CNN saying that Bernie's win in Alaska was Bigger than Obama's in '08 AND it

Well, I'm not one to be a sore loser--congratulations, Sanders supporters

Still Speaking NOW, MSNBC, Bernie Speech, Wisc. after Alaska Win "MOMENTUM & ENERGY"!

Over 1 million have attended Bernie rallies

Hillary could win the general election with 42% of the popular vote.

Caucus Results and Some Interesting Reporting

It's just been announced by Real Clear Politics

Brian William's Wipes Out ISIS Thugs By Calling Airstrike On Himself When Surrounded By Jihadi Forc

I can't believe so far MSNBC has carried all of Bernies speech at Madison

Washington called for Bernie.

MSNBC calls Washington state for Bernie

I think WA is about to be called. King County results are finally coming in. Bernie is

The sudden virtues of Caucuses

Sec. Kerry will be on Face the Nation tomorrow (March 27)

Washington just called for Sanders.

American Muslims Describe Fear Of Brussels Backlash

Can you tell who this is?

How many are in that Madison crowd tonight?. . . .n/t

Bernie just endorsed Hillary and called for GOTV. Is everyone happy?

So fun to see Jane Sanders whisper the projected win in Washington to Bernie while he is in front


Sanders now making a speech on MSNBC (hurry before they cut away!)

My favorite pundit, author, progressive radio host, Bill Press, is getting PO'd today on CNN panel

So - a little birdie told me.....

A blogger I'm rather close to

Sanders crushes Clinton in Alaska and Washington Democratic caucuses

Explain delegate counts to me, please.

DON'T take kids to see Batman vs Superman! (one spoiler included, I guess)

Washington for Sanders!!!

Weird tv on MSNBC and CNN...

The anti intellectualism the GOP foster and Trump prove you need an informed public

My retirement mantra


Bernie Sanders gets a big delegate surge in the West - Super Saturday

Keith Olbermann coming out of retirement!!!

92% Chance Of Hillary Winning The Democratic Nomination. 71% Chance Of Winning General Election.

Fauxmentum will rule the board

Abbott gets a job!

Nonagenarian FDR voter: "I’m for Bernie because he’s the only person in this election you can trust"

Boy who Gave Soldier $20 He Found Wins High Citizen Honor Award

A Great Gif of Bernie and the Bird

How the hell does Bernie get 18 delegates and clinton 15 in WA

The revolution has begun !!!!!!

Bernie wins Kenya!

Sunday - Bernie to Appear on: This Week With George Stephanopoulos NOW

Anyone know if TYT will cover the caucus results?

So nice that cable added a Bernie Sanders channel!

Just discovered the "Wolf Creek" movies...holy crap.

The militia

Keith Olbermann coming out of retirement!

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Louisiana Derby

Hawai'i is missing one great Democrat today.

Bernie Sanders on Employee Ownership and Authentic Democracy

Keith Olbermann coming out of retirement!

My first time canvassing

So Proud of My Home State of Washington!

Hillary Clinton: Bill 'obviously' wasn't knocking Obama with legacy comment

Big Box Store - A Cutthroat Model of Education?

Bernie ran away with Washington and Alaska.

Woman Saves Abandoned Piglet On NJ Highway With Cherry Danish

To Jillan and ALL my wonderful friends here at DU, I just got home from caucusing & HERE'S MY REPORT

A huge thank you to everyone who made today's #WACaucus possible.

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!! AN EMAIL FROM BERNIE SANDERS --- HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damnit, MSNBC has just included all the super delegates in Hillary's total.

John Nichols! We have John Nichols (liberal reporter) to help us in Wisconsin!!

Jake Tapper just said Hillary is more hawkish than Bernie, most Democrats....

Debunking The New American Way Of Life Article

Hillary for Hawai'i Results Thread

MSNBC still routinely showing superdelegates in delegate totals.

Nate Silver debunks "Momentum"

Viktor Orban's speech to Hungarian citizens on immigration

Rep. Collin Peterson would vote for Bernie Sanders as delegate Reposted after locked in LBN

Journalist Robert Cox Recalls Work During Argentina's Dirty War

i was taught not to hate anyone just because they were different than me

They keep saying that young people are too lazy to go out and vote* and that's why

This Ad by Republicans Against Barry Goldwater Basically Predicted Donald Trump

A Thousand Words.

What say you New York?

If Washington (and other states) was a primary, this would be so much closer.

Just a heads up on the next attack

So, how do you think this sweeping victory...

Rode a bit south of home today (southern MD,)

58% of remaining delegates?

America’s Astounding Human Rights Hypocrisy in Cuba

I will happily admit that Bernie Sanders is chipping away at Clinton's lead today...

He is Risen!

Democrats of the Desert event with Sandra Fluke

Trump: Hated By The American Eagle; Loved By Chickens!

Cuba’s Sustainable Agriculture at Risk After U.S.-Cuba Relations Thaw

The Truth About Markets - 26 March 2016

It is amazing "inevitable" hillary is still losing states. This late she should win them all.

Great Trump slam on a readerboard today

Japanese whaling fleet kills 200 pregnant whales

Where are all the congratulations threads?!!1! Why do we always congratulate Hillary on her wins but

In '88 Pat Robertson won the R Wash. caucuses, and in '92 Paul Tsongas won the D caucuses there.

In Seattle Africa Center vandalized with swastikas, N-word and Trump slogans.

Psssst, You just won Washington.

@pollreport Overall opinion of Bernie Sanders: Favorable 48% Unfavorable 43% (CNN/ORC

Sanders did fine with Latinos in Nevada, Colorado and Illinois.

Please support the right to bear arms at the RNC this summer

Kansas marijuana activist says state violated rights when son was taken

How to make bird peeps out of dough.

Does anyone have a garlic I should order to grow?