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Archives: March 29, 2016

Tim Minchin and Matildas Perform "When I Grow Up" on Conan

Jimmy Fallon: if Bernie wins "...first President from New York since Franklin Roosevelt"


The Revolution Seems to Spend Alot on Advertising

Hillary on campaigning and debating

Independent Lens on PBS tonight has a show about James Randi.

I was spammed by the Sanders campaign today

Pandering Ted, being very Oily

Donald Trump, Pagan God. (Satire)

Where are we compared with 2008?

Most recent caucus results for WA

Ocean Temps Predict U.S. Heat Waves 50 Days Out, Study Finds

Most recent caucus results for WA State

Municipal Election - next week

There will be an April debate.

Does anyone else find it a bit weird...

Hey I'm busy!


FBI Probing Virus Behind Outage at MedStar Health Facilities

Mother Jones on Hillary

Mother Jones on Hillary

CIA photographed detainees naked before sending them to be tortured

Satirical or serious? Petition for guns at Republican convention raises questions

How honest are we willing to be with ourselves?

Police morale, pressure from aldermen key to Emanuel's top cop move

This may have already been shared here, if so, my apologies

Trump and Clinton Supporters Lead in Enthusiasm

Holy Shite - who's watching Chris Hayes?

Crushing alarm clock with hydraulic press

Bernie Sanders, Commander-in-Chief!

something funny on Juanita Jean's site

The location of the next debate is meaningless...

Public Financing Options for Political Candidates In Missouri

Does anyone remember earlier in this Primary...

Egads! Susan Sarandon on Chris Hayes

Justice Department once again allows cops to steal from people


As California primary nears, even Sanders supporters are uniting behind Clinton and against a c

Nice job Dan Savage...

Down Ticket in Missouri next week

Grassley Love-fest in GD:P

Susan Sarandon on Chris Hayes (with link to video)

If you have not voted yet, it is imperative to check your status before it's too late.

Bloomberg Politics hires Jennifer Jacobs

Mike Malloy - Get This Filthy Religion Garbage Out Of Politics

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Feel the Bern! Uncensored & Prerecorded &

The politicians voting to impeach Brazil's president are accused of more corruption than she is

Honest question for Clinton supporters: why is the e-mail scandal not a big deal?

Louisiana Legislature looks to clean up outdated laws, but not gay marriage ban, anti-sodomy law

HEY! Check it out. It is amazing. Ya GOTTA see it.

Tim Black: Mainstream Media Still Gives Bernie Sanders No Respect

Integrity in reporting...

Ecuador Seizes 300 Cocaine Blocks Hidden in CT Scanner

Maddow - Establishment Media Hack

Consider Winston Apple for Lt. Governor

They-Sanders- lost because they did not try to compete!! ha ha Maddow is

Posted in LBN - Bernie gets a Blue Dog Superdelegate

How the New York Times Gets it Wrong on Latin America

Maddow: Sanders "not competing" in Super Tuesday states is "bull".

Winston Apple for Lt. Governor of Missouri - we vote April 5 (next week)

Winston Apple for Lt. Governor of Missouri - we vote next week (April 5)

Well, it was only 21 points.

Atheists label Rising rebels ‘undemocratic killers’

Clinton Camp: Debate depends upon Sanders tone....

Sherrod Brown: "I don't want to be vice president"

With 3 Wins, Bernie Sanders Claims the Momentum Is On His Side

Bernie Sanders Dominates Washington, Alaska, And Hawaii Primaries - TYT

So Christian is the is key suspect

In his own words . . .

Bad Strategy, Personal Attacks on Bernie..

Bernie Sanders Supporters Take Aim at Hillary With #ToneDownForWhat


1,000 years.

The Case for Vice President Al Franken

Fidel Tells Obama: 'We Don't Need the Empire to Give us Anything.'

Majority of Drugs Now Subject to Coinsurance in Medicare Part D Plans

Who Are the Terrorists and Why Are They Winning?

This "#ToneDownForWhat" business

Drilling-Induced 'Frackquakes' Threatening Millions Across Central US

Some of the small things that happen as the Climate warms

Re: the alleged disrespect of Jane by Bernie - an apology

Unable to sell cattle, Indian farmers have a beef with Modi's BJP

Re: the alleged disrespect of Jane by Bernie - an apology

As California primary nears, even Sanders supporters are uniting behind Clinton and against a common

Susan Sarandon: I Don't Think I Could Vote For Hillary If Sanders Loses

Seattle's famously stubborn #ManInTree charged with mischief, assault

Wow, one of the most conservative Democrats in congress just endorsed Bernie

New California Poll (USC): Clinton 47 - Sanders 36 - Undecided 14

If Hillary is aspiring to be president she must not be frightened of 'tone'

Australia's Great Barrier Reef hit by 'worst' bleaching

As a person new to voting and politics (due to cynicism), I find the vote-splainin' frustrating!

Measuring Donald Trump’s Mammoth Advantage in Free Media

Michigan State Sen. Virgil Smith keeps his job, goes to jail

Serene music…4+ minutes | The Lark Ascending | Méditation from Thaïs

Former NFL player Kevin Turner dies at 46 following ALS battle

So Trump was trolling us all along.

Why Washington's other 67 Democratic Delegates Haven't Been Allocated Yet.

Gallup: "Hillary Clinton's supporters are more enthusiastic than Bernie Sanders' supporters"

Grading the American Federation of Teachers

Posting for a friend - a newly minted Sanders delegate from an island in Puget Sound.

What defines POC?

A simple IQ test to determine if you should run for office

Bernie Sanders a regular at high-dollar donor retreats

I am so proud of my Town of Chapel Hill--which SLAMMED Gov. McCrory & the State Legislature for HB 2

Another Birdie post, I thought worth sharing...

Chicago Teachers Union sets plans for Friday walkout

Insulting New Abortion Law Forces Women to Pay For Fetus Funerals

Its ironic on the same day Hillary camp tells Bernie to tone it down they push false story re Jane

Bernie Video

I am so proud of my Town of Chapel Hill--which SLAMMED Gov. McCrory & the State Legislature for HB 2

Two more birds

Bring on the Crackup: Hoping for a Trump–Sanders Election

Sarandon is contemptible

So, I watched the infamous video of Bernie and his wife on stage. My first reaction

Bernie Sanders joins Dem lawmakers pushing feds to help lower cost of prostate cancer drugs

Medicare Part D - Only 16 Trillion Dollars worth of extra costs-

MSNBC: AK, HI, WA, Bernie 55 delegates, Clinton 20 delegates - What happened to the rest?

The most important job in the world

The DNC Has Added Four More Showdowns To Its Calendar

Extended interview with Susan Sarandon

Once again, eight is enough for Baylor: Oregon State goes to the Final Four

The Dumbing Down of America: Who Lit the Fuse?

This video is unbelievable...and the guy was wearing it on his head not his face.

Monsanto's Glyphosate Found in California Wines, Even Wines Made With Organic Grapes

Media Lie Obliterated As Poll Finds Hillary Clinton Supporters Extremely Enthusiastic

Bait and Switch: The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Promised Environmental Protections Do Not Deliver

They don't trust "the government" yet...

Some very encouraging canvassing today

Homer buys a gun

Dear Bernie: Leave an a High Note

Hillary Supporters Are More Enthusiastic Than Bernie Supporters

This may shock you: Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest

After work today...

Those who know

Voting for Bernie Sanders is a Win-Win for Democrats

"the Sanders campaign is simply pulling numbers out of the air."

Where even Richard Nixon has got soul...

Check out this email...APRIL: Democracy Spring

Bernie Sanders Is a De Facto Millionaire

Bundy brothers and 2 co-defendants appeal to higher court to remain in Oregon

No Bundy Las Vegas Appearances Monday In Ranch Standoff Case

Austin ISD votes to change name of Robert E. Lee Elementary (TX)

A National Monument in Utah

The feds have resumed a controversial program that lets cops take stuff and keep it

HRC Group - I just want to remind everyone here of something I posted

Susan Sarandon represents what this country needs more of: Independent Thinkers.

Did you know if all those caucus states were primary's

Extended interview with Susan Sarandon

Clinton's surrogates and supporters are unable to criticize Bernie

"We love you @HillaryClinton!!"- The crowd is fired UP here in Milwaukee WI--& Madison WI

Geena Davis supports Hillary Clinton.

Voters call for 're-vote' during hearing into AZ's botched primary

Alabama 'personhood' proposal would effectively ban abortion (AP)

Debates: First she agreed to them but....

Alabama 'personhood' proposal would effectively ban abortion (XP)

Glad to see that Susan Sarandon is getting called out on twitter and other social media. HRC ROOM

A Republican's rationale for voting for Bernie:

Just saw a new term for Bundy's bunch of occupiers that is very descriptive...

The unprecedented 2016 measurement of large increases in CO2 concentrations over 2015 continues...

Hillary Clinton and John Lewis.

Kerry: Republican candidates are "an embarrassment" to the rest of the world

Driver's license system to blame for Florida primary glitch

Who else has Obama supported in Dem primary?

Dark Star> Wharf Rat> Drums> Space> The Wheel> Drums> The Other One. GUESS the band.

A little perspective on the 2016 Hawaii Presidential Caucus

i guess Hillary supporters are not fond of humor, so I got a post hidden a month or so ago.

Bernie MUST Contest Election Results and Systemic Election Rigging

Finally I agree with Hillary on something

Bring back earmarks

Lost Jobs: Importing foreign workers

"Bernie Sanders has a plan to hijack Hillary Clinton's superdelegates"

Jack Rabbits and Skunks

Official : FBI team on Clinton email probe not near 150 HRC ROOM

Coyote Chews on Trail Camera

After Bork got tossed he became a verb - you could get borked

Lockheed Martin joins race to build hypersonic jetliners, weapons (WaPo)

The Great Debate Why won’t Sanders quit the race? Because he’s winning.

Florida drops complaints against abortion clinics

Midway Atoll - Marine Debris

North Dakota police arrest mall's Easter bunny as sex offender on the lam

The ancestry of Ted Cruz - meet the blobfish.

White House drops word "News" from placeholder cards

Thousands march to show support for Brazil's president

Okay, hell *IS* freezing over

Mass surveillance silences minority opinions, according to study

What do you think? Troll? Or disruptor? Accidentally posted on the wrong board?

uh.....where's Hillary's parade? SHE DOESNT HAVE A CHANCE

Newly discovered vintage photos of 1965 Selma to Montgomery civil rights march (

Why the poor do better on these simple tests of financial common sense (WaPo)

Along with what a terrible man Bernie is, today's talking point is...

Where would DU be at in the event of an actual party realignment?

Ted Cruz Just Quoted 'The American President' to Get Back at Donald Trump

Remember when the divisiveness began on DU, I do, it was spring/summer of 2014...

See inside these dreamy tiny houses designed in Alabama (

Stacey Champion video of arrests at AZ State Capitol House of Reps Gallery


Holy Shit the Arizona House has gone nuts

Bernie Sanders Consistent Over Decades in His Call for ‘Revolution’

The Media is throwing up their hands, "It wasn't us who created Trump".

Fire destroys new Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Belton

The economy is racist. Economic and racial justice are inextricably linked

Does anyone know what happened to the little bird?

Huge numbers blocked from the Hillary Clinton group

Tim to give away the Falklands Corbynistas!!!

EgyptAir hijack: Man surrenders at Larnaca airport

Kansas Democrats file formal protest of school finance bill

Borowitz: Media Unimpressed as Sanders Barely Gets Seventy Percent of Vote

By request - things I learned.

Sometimes the puns just write themselves

While you’re charging your EV, BMW is preparing for a hydrogen future

Earthquake rattles Tulsa late Monday night

Message to the Republicans. After all is said and done---

Bill to remove 111,000 Oklahomans from Medicaid dies in Senate committee

Daily Holidays - March 29

‘You Should Be Willing To Debate Anytime, Anywhere’

@joanwalsh @SusanSarandon "Some people believe Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately"

Hillary, Bill, Obama All Tossed Under the BSer Bus

California proposal for state-run retirement plan for private-sector workers moves forward

Numbers too big to ignore.

About artichokes

GREAT Article; An Open Letter to Trump Voters from His Top Strategist-Turned-Defector.

The house that provides its own energy

FDR, Reagan ...Bernie.


The most diverse states have voted for Clinton

Defense Contractors to Pay $8 Million to Settle Allegations re Defective CM Flares of Army

My fellow #Imwithher supporters.

How Many Elected Democrats

Mississippi obsessed with homosexuality!

Another Day in La​-​La​-​Land

People get ready there's a train a coming you don't need no ticket you just get on board with Bernie

I was polled last night

Clinton's campaign is alienating Bernie Sanders supporters — it could cost her the general election

A world map of Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry in modern humans

So I ordered lunch from Subway

You know you're in Japan when....

Erdogan calls in german ambassador because late-night-show dared to make 2-minute satire on him

The scorpion and the frog.

Turkish journalists on trial for reporting that Turkey sells arms to islamic extremists in Syria

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Is Breathing Down Your Neck, Madam Secretary

A note about participation in this group. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

Ukraine’s prosecutor general dismissed amid govt turmoil should be renamed

"The lobbyists who love Bernie Sanders"

Here's something you don't see every day. A goat. Hanging by his horns. On a power line.

Lecturer explains free will illusion

Susan Sarandon is the perfect face of the Bernie or Bust movement.

Can Anyone Post A Negative Ad From Bernie That HRC's People Are Saying He Is Running....

How to find out whether a religious story is true. (toon)

Bernie Sanders just won landslides in 3 diverse states. He's still toast.

"Sanders Family: Quid Pro Quo and the GOP Machine"


Indonesia: Persecution of Gafatar Religious Group

Some of the good things in TX.

65% of the remaining Democratic delegates are in CA, NY, PA, NJ and MD

Good morning HRC group! I was polled last night on

Projections: Thai Rice Output Down 18% By 2030; Reality: Mekong Delta Drought Worst In Century

Can Bernie Sanders Really Win the Nomination?

Nature Climate Change: China's Coal Data Way Too Squishy To Justify "Decoupling" Celebration

OMG - HILARIOUS -Someone Uploaded Bernie's Speech To Hillary's Teleprompter & SHE ACTUALLY READS IT!

Coast Guard Preps For Northwest Passage Cruise By 1,700-Passenger Liner This Summer

Oh Oh, DC Madam's attorney chomping at the bit to release more records,

A guide to decoding Catholic reaction to Pope Francis

Audubon Society: #BirdieSanders is a female house finch

Former Trump Super PAC Director Writes Open Letter Explaining Why She’s Quitting Trump

Clinton, Sanders respond to union questions

95% Of Northern Great Barrier Reef Bleached In Weeks; Of 520 Reefs Surveyed, 4 Were Undamaged

This may shock you: Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest

In 'Only The Dead,' A Raw Look At War In Iraq

Arctic Sea Ice Seasonal Maximum Lowest Ever Recorded

Annexation and Erasure

David Gregory (former MTP host) joins CNN

The brutality of nature.

You know somone is reaching, when they go to the republican party to make a point.

This is a primary. It is NOT a binary choice between Clinton or Trump

Interfaith group shields churchgoers from protesters on Easter in Tulsa

Oklahoma now more quake-prone than California

Feminism & Brogressives*

Tuesday Bernie Group Toons

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Trumps and Guns

Trump's most repulsive supporter thus far

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: More repub stuff

If nothing else, this campaign season is exposing our amazingly undemocratic election system...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Islamic extremists target Christians in Pakistan

What the in world! MSNBC says that the media did not create Trump's success!

Man recounts in interview how he infiltrated a right-wing militia for the FBI

MEDIA: "Alaska, Hawaii, Washington states are overwhelmingly "white" and "rural."" - SNOPES: *FALSE*

GOP House's 'fetal issue' inquiry threatens research into Parkinson's, Zika

I found the truth on DU's Greatest Page

Hillary feels the heat if not the Bern: New national poll shows closest race of 2016

Sanders wins the diversity contest -- Asians support him!

I am a proud, lifelong Democrat

Bank of America, Microsoft Denounce NC’s Anti-LGBT Law, but Fund Politicians Who Passed It

politics of DIVISION in the Democratic Primary

Bernie supporters in closed primary states r having their party affiliation changed without consent

An Indian Student Leader Fighting Intolerance, Charged With Sedition

"How to Talk to Your Kids About the 2016 Election"

'BERNED OUT'!: Rosario Dawson, how dare you lecture Dolores Huerta?

Netflix streaming has changed the look again? Seriously?

TYT on the 'Bernie Bros' meme

Has anybody been called a Sandbagger yet?

Brazil's Rousseff faces impeachment, coalition collapse

The Post-Clinton Era Begins: Tied in Iowa, Down 40%+ in Recent States

At What Point Should Hillary Suspend Her Campaign?

How To Make White People Laugh - Negin Farsad On Her New Book

Mysterious "heart-attacks" and "suicides" keep happing after brutal arrests in Russia.

Party of "NO" - Democratic elites and the media sold out to Hillary (abbrev. title)

Religious Freedom!!! Head of Russian Orthodox Church says human rights are heresy.

It's official: Bernie's campaign managers put on their clown suits

Barbra Streisand attacks media over Hillary Clinton coverage

Hillary feels the heat if not the Bern: New national poll shows closest race of 2016

Foreign leaders to Obama: 'What is happening to America?'

Forget democracy abroad. Let's worry about Arizona.

The 1-2 Punch the Catholic Bishops Have Delivered to Clergy Sex Abuse Victims

Obama said this about journalism:

80% of Bernie Sanders supporters in California plan to vote for Hillary Clinton in November

New book sheds light on modern world of girls and sex

Sex and politics (2013 commentary by Hendrik Hertzberg)

Lack of enthusiasm for Bernie in Wisconsin

Is Religious Liberty Whatever Anyone Says It Is?

Real 'Siberian unicorn' remains found

Scott Walker

NY Times - How the G.O.P. Elite Lost Its Voters to Donald Trump

When Bernie concedes, will Tad Devine insist that Bernie wasn't competing for the nomination?

Susan Sarandon: Trump Might Be Better for America Than Hillary Clinton

“Hillary Clinton and I agree that it is imperative that no Republican make it to the Oval Office.”

Does Clinton's Cheerleaders understand what it means to mount a real challenge (compete) in a state?

GOP Rips Hillary Clinton for Politicizing Hyperpolitical SCOTUS Fight

Trade policy is no longer just for political nerds: it matters in the UK and US - Guardian

Please read NPR's "#BernieMadeMeWhite: No, Bernie Sanders Isn't Just Winning With White People"

Dan Savage Trolls Susan Sarandon Over Suggestion She’d Vote Trump Over Clinton (VIDEO)

How Trump Got Outfoxed by Cruz in Louisiana

The Prosecution Of An American President (Bush Administration Documentary)

Jill Stein is Open to Collaborating With Bernie Sanders for Presidential Bid

"Sorry, we created Trump" is the new "Sorry, we should've been more critical about the WMDs"

This is the Hillary I like

Susan Sarandon Talks Bernie Sanders

Aide Fired From Trump Campaign for Being Racist Endorses Ted Cruz

Wisconsin people: check your registrations ASAP!

For complaints about which states are "diverse"....

Bernie Sanders Wins, Corporate Media Spins

Electrion fraud underway in Wisconsin -- check your registrations ASAP!

Thomas Frank: How the Democrats Created a "Liberalism of the Rich"

so if you want someone to vote for Hillary in 2016

Stop a Douchebag - The Exorcist

UN Falklands ruling: Britain rejects Argentina ‘not legally binding’ territorial claim

Snotty Scotty Walker just endorsed Cruz

Tax Calculator Compares Tax Plans

Stupid, Racist Trump supporters compilation.

Any other DUers going to the Sanders "Milwaukee" event early evening at WI State Fair Park?

GD-P is certainly interesting today

Reminder: 170 Economists Endorse Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Reform Wall St. And Rein In Greed

I have confirmed that my NY voter registration is correct

I have confirmed that my NY voter registration is correct

GOP insiders admit Republicans paved the way for Trump.

Thank you to the hillary supporters.who tried to stop the jane sanders attack yesterday

Good Cartoon: North Carolina's Trans Law


I think Hillary may be in for a nasty surprise in NY.

I have confirmed that my NY voter registration is correct

Betting Sites

Trump: Tiny Hands, Huge Wars

Clinton spokeswoman on why they said no to NY debate

"I Love this Reality TV Show" from Tim Rickard

/r/atheism purchases rain tank for school in Uganda. The people are grateful.

Grassly: Why Bother?

Latest BS Poutrage: Every State That Hillary Is Set To Win Engaged In Voter Fraud

I wonder if the "leave spouses and children alone" meme

First Ocean Freight Rates Collapse to “Zero,” China Freight Index Plunges to Record Low, Bailouts...

Supreme Court's tie vote upholds public employee fees for unions

Hillary Clinton cannot win US election

Actual quote from Debbie Wasserman Schultz - head of the DNC.

Hundreds of military dependents ordered to evacuate Turkey

Confederate jacket sparks dispute between collector, museum

Sorry Bernie, I can't debate you

FTC sues Volkswagen over 'deceptive' diesel claims

Watch:Voters Enraged Over Botched Election Pack Arizona Capitol Hearing; Officials Take Blame

Hillary demonstrates her weakness by not committing to NY debate with Sanders

Group claiming to be working with Bernie's approval - investigating AZ election

"in most European democracies, Sanders and Clinton, Kasich and Trump would be in different parties."

Will the Voter Suppression we Saw in Arizona Be Repeated in New York?

Split in land-grab movement could turn violent (Salt Lake Trib ed)

Adjusting the goals for NY

Trump aide charged with misdemeanor battery vs. ex-Breitbart reporter

Ted Cruz is the most dangerous demagogue of my lifetime

Why NY is Hillary country

.@PatMcCroryNC didn't know that the LGBTQ discrimination bill he signed in NC repeals a fair housing

"He's Going to Campaign Like A Brooklynite"

Bernie's Social Media game is on point this week!

DUArchive: Charlie Chaplin's Final Speech in The Great Dictator

Word on the vine regarding Wisconsin is...

Question for those sure Hillary won't be indicted

Just heard the Hillary will be on Maddow tonight for an interview!! She had Sanders on

Flying Pride flag outside home gets doctor arrested in Saudi Arabia

Happy Birthday Baby!

Resolved! Susan Surandon responsible for Hillary's Iraq war vote

Trump aide charged with misdemeanor battery vs. ex-Breitbart reporter

Bonnets Bloom at New York City’s Easter Parade

One Example Path for Bernie to the Nomination (Math included)

Marco Muzzo sentenced to 10 years in prison for Vaughan crash that killed 4

Wisconsin’s biggest newspaper pens brutal takedown of Trump: ‘Reject this un-American candidate’

IT Salary Survey 2016: Hottest jobs, cities and industries for IT pay

Dear gawd the wind just lifted Pete Williams' rug

'Colombia Reports' will ignore government’s press freedom limitations.

Salon: We Must Smash the Clinton Machine: Elites Want to Stifle Debate

Bernie needs to be pressed about whether Susan Sarandon was speaking for him. HRC ROOM

Yosemite's granite cliffs are 'breathing,' and heat can make them fall (LATimes)

We must smash the Clinton machine: Democratic elites and the media sold out to Hillary this time, bu

Hillary Campaign Threatens Withholding Debates Over Bernie's "Tone"

Bernie Sanders Continues To Dominate Caucuses, But ...

We The Peeps

EPIC image an eclipse taken from DSCOVR at L1

Having an FB argument with a Trump zealot.

Feds charge 12 Detroit school principals with bribery

Honest and Unmerciful: An Open Letter to Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine

Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski arrested and charged with battery

Sarandon, Bernie "cult", tone, Bernie is mean to his wife,...

Arrested Egyptian hijacker's suicide belt was fake

To DU'ers that do animal rescue.

All this hand wringing over Susan Sarandon reminds me of another female political activist who dared

Debate anywhere

Hillary Clinton must face the music — and the FBI

Why US drivers can thank ISIS for some potholes being filled

Stacey Champion video of arrests at AZ State Capitol House of Reps Gallery

Sometimes it's good to ponder the deeper meanings of life...

NY Times: Mrs. Clinton Tends To Do Best in Affluent Areas (more than $100K a year)

“What is wrong with North Carolina” musing editorial by Ronnie C. Rouse

Virginia Governor Vetoes Bill Targeting Planned Parenthood

Want to know how Bernie loses?

Just ordered another 5 lbs of coffee. I am a caffeine based lifeform.

A civilized (!!) critique of a critique of the Rolling Stone HRC endorsement.

The Bernie or Bust view is despicable and should be loudly proclaimed so. HRC ROOM

Happy birthday, Josh Blaylock.

Pic Of The Moment: Donald Trump Demonstrates The Importance Of Hiring The Greatest And Best People

Can anybody tell me what direction Trump's hair is combed?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is loathed by Democrats, yet just got a head-scratching endorsement

Has anyone seen a negative ad from the Bernie campaign?

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 3.29.2016 - #ToneDownForWhat

Rationalizing why it's ok for Trump to Lie through his Ass

Debate-Shirking HRC: 2008 Taunted Pres Obama: "not tough enough to debate anytime, anywhere"

Turkey 'demands deletion' of German video mocking Erdoğan

Chemical Glyphosate (GMO handmaiden) found in California Wines

New Volunteer-made Bernie ad gives chills

@Morning_Joe is doing their customary "let's wake up and throw the kitchen sink at #Hillary."

Gov. Brown's $17 billion Delta tunnels plan faces new hurdle -- a leading taxpayers organization

I think the telltale sign of sanders and the media is how much the RW outlets

The American Anti-Vaccine Mom Turned ISIS Superstar

How is Bernie doing in California now?

A Free-Market Plan to Save the American West From Drought

5 Million Nigerians Oppose Monsanto’s Plans to Introduce GMO Cotton and Corn

A Free-Market Plan to Save the American West From Drought

Friday we are driving 2 rescued Boston Terriers to their new forever home 200 miles from here

Friday we are driving 2 rescued Boston Terriers to their new forever home 200 miles from here

He sure did yank the hell out of that woman. And now he will be arrested.

Another data point for why is Ted Cruz's so creepy: His teeth rarely show up in that black cavernous

Human/animal bonding

You should watch this movie on demand if not in a theater.

How Hillary won Harlem.

Did Bernie lie?

Clinton Camp tries to Shut Down Talk of Sanders' Hot Streak

Patty Duke, Oscar Winner and Sitcom Star, Dies at 69

Hillary Clinton’s Email Hairball Summarized in 11 Points (a Test of Presidential Character)

=*= LIVE Streams (Link#3 LIVE NOW)@ 1:30PM: Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Appleton, WI 3/29/16 =*=

BREAKING: The Biggest Legal Attack On Unions In Decades Is Dead

I have just been chastised in this Group for saying "vote blue no matter who."

Taking aim at gun violence: Hillary Clinton takes part in community forum

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Updates Educational Video Game 'Win the White House' for 2016

Debbie's Record

The trouble with Bernie Sanders' path to victory

Birds and Trump ...

Seen while waiting in line

I say no way this is true

Senate leader to attorney general: Defend LGBT law or resign

Dean Baker: TPP Means 10,000% Tariffs on Drugs & Other Products (which HRC promoted 45 times on CNN)

Nobody Won the Apple-FBI Standoff

Today, another reminder that SCOTUS matters.

The corporate media conglomerates are trying to put the American People in a box and keep them

Patty Duke has passed

The Navy’s New Ship Costs $4.4 Billion And It’s Useless

Second Judge Grants Discovery in Clinton Email Case

"Anything (well known personality) says is shit because (s/he) supports (candidate a or b)."

Ken Burns on Jackie Robinson

Caitlyn Jenner shaken after trans protesters blast her for being a “disgrace to our community”

If Lewandowski is found guilty and has to serve a few months, will

Saudi Alfalfa Farm Buy In California Raises Water Rights Concerns In Drought

We Expect Women to Have Impostor Syndrome. That’s Why We Can’t Handle Hillary Clinton.

Federal Judge Rules Northern Mariana Islands Handgun Ban Violates 2A

Trump's former Communications Director spills the beans!

So will Bernie supporters get all of the PUMA websites that previous Hillary supporters abandoned?

The failed socialist utopian dream that helped make Dallas a major city

Weakened at Bernie’s

Hillary Clinton to Campaign in New York on Wednesday, March 30

Bernie Sanders Faces Tougher Terrain After a Big Week

Weakened At Bernie's - Cross posted in GDP.

WTO rules in favor of Argentina in EU biodiesel row.

Donald Trump proclaims full innocence of his Campaign Manager in assault case

The Evolution of Middle Tennessee’s Mascot

Clinton camp on Sanders: 'What kind of a campaign is that?'

'Millennial’ chatbot shut down after just 16 hours due to her becoming a genocide-supporting racist.

PPP: 54-36 for HRC.

Can we all agree on what should be a very, very, very obvious position?

Former Obama campaign manager: 'Zero chance’ Clinton isn’t nominee"

Patty Duke has died

Aggregate Income Breakdown: A Damning Indictment Of Growing Inequality Since 1967

Can you imagine Bernie's poll numbers if Corporate McPravda operated under the Fairness Doctrine?

So Bernie's plans involve a revolution of millions of previously

The Only Reason Kirk Is Meeting With Garland Is Because.....

Bernie told to "drop his weapons and put his hands where we can see them."

National poll (PPP): Clinton 52, Sanders 36.

Cat expression - "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!"

Looking for Open Source Professional video and sound editing software.

As California primary nears, even Sanders supporters are uniting behind Clinton and against a common

Clinton Digs In as Trump Moves On

North Korea Tells Citizens to Prepare Themselves for Famine

Sanders Appleton Wisconsin Rally Starting Now - Bernie On Now

How I know things are looking up for Sanders

An anecdote from NY...

Privilege: Would your personal circumstances change if Bernie was President?

HRC mocked for hiding from debate

Please help me congratulate Cha and Cary who I have made hosts of this group.

Bernie and Hillary prep for New York clash

Patty Duke on going public with her manic depression

Can computers determine if someone wrote a certain song? or at

Sorry Bernie I can't debate you...

Going to see Bernie today!

Republican Senators Have Become The Lazy Welfare Queens

Imagine that.

We're getting up out of our chairs to do something (Feel the Bern video)

You know it's getting bad when a black child is glad to be maced instead of shot....

Susan Sarandon can afford a Trump “revolution” - the rest of us will be screwed when things explode

Big money influence on our politicians

Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff was born on this day

Counterfeit Coffee Is Now Something You Need to Worry About

Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff was born on this day in 1873.

The $2.4 Billion Plan to Water California by Draining the Mojave (Wired Mag)

The $2.4 Billion Plan to Water California by Draining the Mojave (Wired Mag)


"I don't need $200,000. I don't need $2,000. I don't need $2.00, but I do have a few things

Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff was born on this day in 1873.

"You should be willing to debate anytime, anywhere.” — Hillary Clinton in 2008....

"Dude, I'm from Michigan."

Democracy Now! (March 29): Tariq Ali reacts to terror bombing in Lahore

Judge cites "indications of wrongdoing and bad faith" in new HRC email ruling.

A Trump presidency would bring about a revolution and a progressive utopia?

Anonymous Releases Letter Of Intent To Investigate Arizona Election Fraud

Somebody "updated" the covers of these children's books

Don't believe the hype. The status quo favors the privileged

Demographics doom Donald Trump against Hillary.

PayDay Debbie

a cross post from gdp

Governor McAuliffe just vetoed a bill that would have stripped funding to Planned Parenthood

Hell Hath No Fury Like Maddow Scorned: Epic Smackdown Puts Bernie's Baghdad Bobs in Their Place

Clinton Touts White Support

Got into a spirited discussion on FB over lunch. This was my contribution:

A three way GOP race helps Hillary in Wisconsin. HRC ROOM

One of our dogs actually watches TV

Are Bernie supporters justified in being upset with the Democratic Party establishment?

One candidate represents everything wrong with politics. This image from NYC describes it eloquently

Susan Sarandon Is a Privileged Idiot

Bernie Sanders LIVE in Appleton, WI - A future to Believe in Rally (Bernie2016TV)

FiveThirtyEight now has a projection for California.

"...To choose 'twixt love and nausea, heart and belly."

NBC News Poll: Bernie Sanders Closing Gap On Clinton

Merge-Santo: the new threat to food sovereignty.

Well, it's down to UConn and three n00bs.

Democracy Awakening 2016 - Washington D.C.

For The Love of God, Can We Please Talk About The Issues?

The Problem With Clinton's Calls for Sanders to Adjust His Tone. This may backfire.

One crop breeding cycle from starvation

Who else hates the term "Dysfunctional congress"? It spreads the blame...

Investigating Hillary Clinton's Emails Costs Us $39,000 A Day

One more troll here at DU...

HRC vows to take on the gun lobby if she is elected

PPP National Poll: HRC: 54% BS: 36%

Sometimes I feel all alone

GOP Voter Suppression is Already Hurting Democrats

Alabama Gov. sex scandal getting more and more interesting.

N.Y. Governor Bans Most State Travel To North Carolina Over LGBT Law

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 29, 2016

Official Event - Rally with Bernie in South Bronx, NY - Thursday, March 31, 2016

How a $15 Minimum Wage Went From Fringe to Mainstream

McDonald's Wage-Hike Experiment Pays Off For All

Popocatepetl: Mexican volcano erupts, prompting evacuation fears

Second Federal Judge Grants Legal Discovery Into Clinton Use Of Private Email Server

READ about life in North Korea *from currently resident North Koreans*

for reasons I cannot fathom, my Facebook has switched over to French

Bernie's Path to the Nomination?

Bernie calls out Hillary on Twitter: Anytime, Anywhere.

A near miss; what can be done?

Don't buy it...

Bernie Sanders Inspires Big Protest Against Voter Suppression in Arizona

Please do not post videos praising "world class journalist Udo Ulfkotte"

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 29, 2016

Clinton's Case Against the Subminimum Wage

Bernie Sanders and the Politics of Empathy

10 Ways the Media and Political Establishment Have Tried to Orchestrate the Democratic Primary

Fuck Donald Trump

99% Too Big To Fail!!!

INTEGRITY: Rachel Maddow Speaks Hard Truths About Bernie’s Campaign

Silicon Valley Has a Firefighter Problem

Trump stole Chris Rock's McGramps joke

Fox News guest already wants more patrolling in ‘Muslim neighborhoods’ after Capitol incident

Private Schools Still Enable Segregation

This Obama Endorsement Is a Sign Pro-Corporate Democrats Are Getting Nervous

Bernie Sanders Rally To Be Held In The Bronx, NY on March 31!

Bernie bashing masquarading as concern trolling:

Former Wisconsin Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton Endorses Sanders for President

Trump at nearly 50 percent among Republicans

Help take on DWS. Please donate to Tim Canova dot com

Regarding today's meme about Sarandon. Here's what she was really saying (IMO)

The Heresy and Evangelism of Bernie Sanders. About Zionism, Being Jewish and Really Interesting

I didn't vote for Obama

Add your name to our letter to say you want to see Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate in NY

They put their house on the market for Bernie. (Rhode Island)

#BernieOrBust or #UniteBlue

The biggest dick

Bernie's record in Congress shows he can get things done despite GOP opposition

So Hillary supporters are voting for the "v-Jay"

Iraq: Muqtada al-Sadr's Green Zone demonstration

HuffPo's RJ Eskow: Bernie's Right - Wall Street's Model Really is Fraud

Had a brief conversation with a friendly, informed Republican today.

President Obama's speech on journalism (transcript and video)

Sanders campaign: Is Clinton ‘afraid’ of NY debate?

New York company profited by sending state records to India

The 4 Things You Need to Know About Bernie Sanders’ Historic Comeback

Bernie Sanders, champion of vets (Nov. 2015 The Hill)

The World Is Disturbed and Confused by the GOP Race

The Dynamic Social Impact Theory I think this theory is at work here

Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling

Superdelegates in Blowout States Have No Choice But Bernie

A Cruel Irony, indeed

CEO Of Company Responsible For Porter Ranch Gas Leak To Get $3 Million Bonus

!Converge on Washington! - April 16th-18th HUGE rally & demonstrations

Medellin forced to close airport over excessive pollution

John Podesta and UFOs... disinformation agent.

Medellin forced to close airport over excessive pollution

Would Garland have voted with the conservatives or the liberals on this union vote?

Ted Cruz quoting The American President is ironic...

Can someone explain what hospice is/does?

Donald Trump Is No Ronald Reagan

America's Lost Generation & the Bernie Phenomenon

About Us Democrats

Trump now says the reporter grabbed him

Arizona: At Hearing, Latinos Demand Answers to Primary Voting Problems

Clinton: With Trump, Republicans Reap What They’ve Sown

I kinda like this.

Bernie Sanders has Hillary Clinton right where he wants her

Do presidential debates usually matter? Political scientists say no.

WP: "The idea that Bernie Sanders has been too negative to debate Hillary Clinton is ridiculous"

Sen. Sanders Statement on Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

FAKE Journalist Udo Ulfkotte Makes A Comeback As Putin Propagandist

Iran's Rouhani Suddenly Cancels Trip to Vienna Citing Security

Trump Campaign Manager's Defense Lawyer is a Former U.S. Attorney Who Resigned

Toon: Feel The Bern

After A String of Victories, Bernie Opens Maryland Headquarters:

Major Snowstorm to Hit U.S. Cattle Herds at Worst Possible Time

I think she would...

The American Dream Is Dying!

Why Colombia’s former army chief is facing up to 40 years in prison

Trump is ranting like a madman in presser on his plane.

Why Colombia’s former army chief is facing up to 40 years in prison

Clinton's Tack to the Center? It's Just Talk

The "F" doesn't stand for "friends"

On the train to Zurich going home I spoke to two young Europeans who asked us about drumpf

Denmark plans to strip citizenship & deport imams who preach death to gays/apostates/adulterers/jews

An up-close view of bacterial 'motors'

Curious - did Rubio go back to his old job in the senate or

Hillary’s Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics Are Sinking Her Ship

Hillary's last paid speech - For those who haven't seen any of them (Video)

Charles Blow to Sarandon: "Girl, you crazy?"

70 days. Remember. (UPDATED)

If you're interested in Hillary's emails, interesting article, if not, skip this thread

Inside the Bernie Sanders NYC Headquarter

Obama on Clinton: "I can't tell whether she was for it, or against it" - JOIN THE CLUB

I've posted Hillary's last paid speech in GDP - (CLINTON GROUP)

116 Days: For the Clinton Campaign Press Corps, Formal Press Conferences Are a Foreign Concept

Here's what it would look like if all the supers in states that have voted go as their state did:

What a Hillary superdelegate has to live with thanks to you guys....

Bernie Sanders to campaign in Pittsburgh Thursday

What a clusterfark. Did you caucus in Hawaii on March 26, 2016?


Remember folks, the person who calls for more debates is always the one who is losing

Bernie Sanders Rally - Milwaukee - Lines Are Forming!

Cities begin to challenge a bedrock of justice: They’re paying criminals not to kill

Debates, Media Spin, and Perceived "negativity"

Texas Republicans will allow people to openly carry guns at its state convention

Oregon occupation supporters investigated for death threats

Texas Republicans will allow people to openly carry guns at its state convention

“The Battle for VA Healthcare and Its Funding"

The feds have resumed a controversial program that lets cops take stuff and keep it

Real Patriots Clean Up After Themselves

Federal judge admonished Shawna Cox not to speak publicly about Oregon standoff

AT&T Follows Comcast, Will Charge $30 More to Avoid Usage Caps

GD:P has improved a lot for me

"The Honduran Government Wants to Incriminate Us"

Line at least 7 blocks long to see Bernie in Appleton today. Good crowd picture.

"The Honduran Government Wants to Incriminate Us"

Yet another reason to oust DWS

A world map of Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry in modern humans (

Bluebonnets and wild Lupines.

Soul Food vs Southern Food

Mother Jones says Hillary is trust worthy.

Caveman's best friends? Preserved Ice Age puppies awe scientists (

If HRC was the most progressive candidate, almost all who back Bernie would back her.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 30 March 2016

If I am banned from a group, is that lifetime or a few weeks/months/years?

A not-mentioned change on DU?

Fog on Titan detected by Huygens lander (

White SF State student with dreads accused of 'cultural appropriation'

This Transgender Archive’s Oldest Artifacts Tell a Story of Courage and Community

Earth-Space telescope system produces hot surprise ( {longest baseline EVER}

I swear this looks like Nathan Lane and Cary Grant had a love child

Can something be done about blatant sexism on DU?

Bernie Sanders supporters launch Twitter campaign to get Hillary Clinton to debate.

Desert mangroves are major source of carbon storage

Outraged Bernie supporter reveals caucus truth: they're voter suppression

At the Milwaukee event, 25 feet from podium

Desert mangroves are major source of carbon storage

Belgian players pay tribute to victims of attacks

#Bernie is now in top 10 on twitter

 The US Wants to Deport This Palestinian—but First It’d Have to Recognize Palestine

Halperin, Heilemann - Clinton's Abandoning WI

Weaver: Not going to engage in a process where the only time we have debates is when Clinton feels

Sarandon. Anyone who defends Sarandon.

Let's come up with some fun NY facts in advance of the primary.

Piers Morgan: A male reporter would be a laughing stock if he claimed assault

The Humanist Report: Bernie Sanders' Lawsuit Against the DNC is Still Alive

Hillary Clinton offers Bernie Sanders “opportunity” to walk back Susan Sarandon’s lunacy

Brian Fallon--it is a tempest in a teapot. Says Sanders stirred up he pot by publicly

'Unicorns' Lumbered Across Siberia 29,000 Years Ago

If Bernie Closes the Gap and You're a Superdelegate...

Due to source ( trump supporter pepper sprays teenage girl

Beware the Blue State Model: How the Democrats Created a "Liberalism of the Rich"

Clinton Lawyer Marc Elias Among Those Behind Major New Voting Rights Lawsuit in Wisconsin

California police officers 'offered man's belongings to homeless after beating'

Romney's approval rating tanks after he attacks Trump

Clinton urges supporters to imagine 'fairer economy' during stop in La Crosse

Just a shout out for the Oregon State Women's basketball team. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saudi prince returned from Europe against his will, say staff

Trump claims the woman "faked her bruises..."

Holy c**p. The dog ate the up arrow key on my keyboard.

Bernie Sanders as Commander-in-Chief

Is Sam Harris Really A White Supremacist?, Part Two

Top scientists back federal plan to protect Alaska predators

Charles Pierce: President Obama Cracked an Amazing Joke About Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Brian Fallon walks back yesterday's HRC campaign conditions for NYC debate.

Can someone help me out here regarding the phrase v-Jay?

Takai Says He’s Sticking With Clinton — For Now

Watch: Young Turks Pick Apart Clinton Camp’s Bogus Attack on Sanders to Avoid Debate in New York

New York mulls two-tier minimum wage in push for $15/hour

Rachel Maddow: "Tad Devine, Sanders Campaign excuses for losing 'bull puckey.'"

TEDx: Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson

Trump's favorability with American voters sinks to a new low

Bernie Sanders is this year's biggest story

Nice Bernie photo from Appleton today (Appleton Post Crescent)

Secretary Anytime Anywhere runs away from debates. What would Paul Wellstone do?

Are Bernie's donors being targeted for Dirty Tricks?

FBI warned Dutch about El Bakraoui brothers week before Brussels attacks


A vote for Bernie IS NOT equivalent to a vote for a republican.

Rebecca Kraus: I Saw Hillary Clinton in Person. I Was Surprised.

Mississippi Sen. favors allowing armed security in churches

=*= LINK#3 LIVE NOW @ 8:15 & 9PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Milwaukee, WI 3-29-16 West Allis =*=

Evidence of voter suppression and dirty tricks in AZ??

The Latest: Mississippian pleads guilty to terrorism charge

About something that a person with normal sized hands is holding...

I smell direct coordination between MSNBC and Hillary's campaign

John Pilger: Trump and Clinton: Censoring the unpalatable

Thom Hartmann on Science and Green News: 3/28/2016

Hillary released two new ads in WI last Friday

Donald Trump speaking to a diverse crowd in Wisconsin about an hour ago.

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Tuesday the 29th of March

I think Apple could have been the "secret phone decoder" for the FBI

I think Garland is a bait. I also think Garland will NOT make a good Supreme for our side.

Did the moon once flop over on its side? Well, here's what scientists say (

New study: people from French-speaking countries are more likely to become jihadists

HRC's Last Paid Speech: $260K in her bank acct: ACA and the J-1 Visas--Displaces American Workers

Stephen and the Bird

I Prefer Wisconsin to the Homes of Billionaires | Bernie Sanders

I realized why Bernie polls higher than Hillary in the GE polls