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Georgia sheriff sued for death of restrained jail detainee

She endorsed Bernie Sanders

Clinton Was For Outsourcing Before She Was Against It

Some SuperDelegates find it easy to do the right thing.

FBI: Hospice nurses told to overdose patients to speed death

Town Hall w/ Bernie, Kasich, Hillary, etc. on MSNBC?

Colombia to hold peace talks with 2nd-largest rebel group

Colombia to hold peace talks with 2nd-largest rebel group

Admit it men, would you be able to think this fast?

How would you handle this?

Join Cenk Uygur April 11th In Washington D.C. - Democracy Spring

Trump and Clinton Supporters Lead in Enthusiasm

Experts Agree Clinton Indictment "Chatter Is Just Plain Ridiculous."

Chairman confident Bernie will be on the D.C. ballot, despite the District's screw-up

A Tale of Two Economies: The Clooney's Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

How do I erase my history of what I posted here on DU.

This is all we need: Tebow for Congress

I think I now know why the Soviet bloc countries never had that many people vote.

Is it ok for a DU member to start a thread about an alert about you?

Any computer experts here? I posted this in the Computer Group, but have not had a response:

The Clintons and the sordid UBS affair

Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?

Why Hillary Clinton supporters are their own worst enemies, or the Emperors New Clothes

I will be checking with my County Election Office to see if my registration is still recorded even

Official Results of Utah's Democratic Caucuses: Sanders Gets 77%

Wow--go Tweety! He just demonstrated (on a re-run) exactly how to interview Trump.

Indiana Abortion Law

Remember Again: "What We Can Be" 

“Perfect Storm” Decimates Northern California Kelp Forests

Reminder: Single payer in Vermont and the U.S.: Now IS the time (2014)

Public Services Under Attack

Washington Post: Bernie will be on the ballot.

Chris Matthews and the Steaming Smelly Cat Turd...

AJAM’s David Shuster Exclusive: Clinton to be Interviewed by FBI Director Comey in Coming Days

Police Say Teenage Girl Was Pepper Sprayed and Sexually Assaulted at Wisconsin Trump Rally

Only one candidate has said Single Payer Healthcare will never come to pass. Let's not forget.

AJAM’s David Shuster Exclusive: Hillary Clinton to be Interviewed by FBI Dir. Comey in Coming Days

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! Live and Uncensored

Anyone use a "Wall-o-water" for tomatoes?

I love Bernie supporters - look what's trending today.

Who is else is reading "Listen Liberal" By Thomas Frank?

Typical Trump Supporters

D.C. Madam’s Lawyer Confirms He Has Phone Records That Could Impact Election

Hillary voted against diplomacy and for war with Iraq

You know the best thing about Bernie winning?

Fair Wisconsin, State's largest LGBT group, endorses Clinton

Question: Why Did HRC Erase 30K Emails from Her Private Server? Who Gave Her Right to Decide This?

HEADS UP - Bernie on for the hour on - wait for it - MSNBC! Lawrence time slot.

Why Bernie can't tone it down!

Black Men For Bernie at NCAA Informing EVERYONE!!! (Full Video)

Hillary just gave a great response to Trump's stand on Abortion on Rachel Maddow

Why are there no people at Secretary Clinton's town hall at the Apollo?

Hillary Clinton email ‘scandal’ has been way overblown

Unusual dissent erupts inside Cuban Communist Party

Sanders Overcomes 53 Point Deficit to Take Lead in Wisconsin

A comprehensive list of all the violations of campaign law by the Clinton campaign:

Primary Blues Changes

NY Daily News: Bernie Sanders enlists Rosario Dawson for South Bronx rally as Hillary Clinton prepa

At least 180K join GOP as Pa. primary nears

Re: March 31st Bernie Rally in St. Mary's Park, Mott Haven, Bronx NY - Google Maps:

Sanders talks more like a New Yorker, but Democrats there consider Clinton one of them

Barney Frank Is Not Impressed by Bernie Sanders

What's the current status of Clinton's Goldman transcripts?

So when the FBI report clears Hillary of illegal activity...

Tone down for what?

Yes, Susan Sarandon is guilty of blind privilege

Did anyone locate Mrs. Cruz? She was missing in action yesterday..cancelled some engagements

If Hillary expects the backing of Bernie's voters in November, then "SHIT HAPPENS"

Watching Hillary with Rachel.

John Nichols:This Bernie Sanders fellow draws quite a crowd

This is my 1000th post

A Conversation on Privacy With Edward Snowden, Noam Chomsky, and Glenn Greenwald

Sooo Rachel, WHEN Are You ActuallY Going To Ask Hillary A REAL Question That Matters?

I vote in NY in a few weeks

Brazil president warns of 'putsch' ahead of impeachment vote


Maybe Kasich is sticking around because he knows Cruz has a hooker problem

So would Hillary ask Obama to withdraw the Garland nomination or not?

Looking at Bernie's face now as he talks to Rachel Maddow

Just great, Maine now has the "right" to have peoples' wallets cleaned out by quacks.

Hillary Clinton hasn't had a press conference in 116 days.

No way tRump really wants to be President

We the People - Bernie Sanders

Did I hear that right? Sanders on Maddow saying the Democrats have to be a 50-state party?

We the People - Bernie Sanders

Former occupiers claim images of refuge damage 'staged'

Study: War on Drugs Has Caused Global Health Crisis

Do you think some of the "Supers" may take notice if Bernie wins WI. and upcoming primaries?

Veterans for Bernie

Veterans for Bernie

Did Sanders just say we'll see about raising money for the party and candidates? HRC ROOM

U.S. court halts execution of Texas man who killed his daughters

Mountaintop - Bernie Sanders

Mountaintop - Bernie Sanders

Voter Suppression Doesn’t Bother The Establishment

MSNBC is worthless. They interviewed 5 prez candidates & all

Diane Ravitch: Education in Crisis and the Threat of Privatization

FULL: Bernie Sanders One-on-One Interview With Rachel Maddow on MSNBC (March 30, 2016)

Rachel, "why aren't you raising $$ for DWS at the DNC"

The Revolution is Global: The People for Bernie Sanders - International Women's Day

IMPORTANT -PLEASE READ HuffPost re: Patty Duke's Death from Sepsis

The victims of free trade and neoliberal policies are all working people around the world

Corporations may not be people But a lot of people definitely are corporations

The Disappearance of Hillary Clinton's Healthcare Platform

How do you think the unthinkable?

The Revolution is Global - The People for Bernie Sanders - International Women's Day

Never be LIED to about Bernie's path to victory, ever again!!!

Bernie said to Rachael: "we'll see about raising money for the party and candidates"...


Jane Sanders challenges Bill Clinton to debate

If Ted Cruz gets in

Rachel: Bernie Says Abortion Rights Not Central To This Election

Ideas for the April Contest.

Anybody still watching Rachel? Listen to this...

Holy Guacamole! Are you watching Rachel?

Bernie makes the MSM uncomfortable

Bernie Supporters Trying to Sway WA Super Delegates.....

Bernie is the only choice. #TheVelocityOfMoney

I need a bath

Mississippi Senate Votes For Sweeping Anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Bill

Democratic Party Shellacking If they nominate Hillary

Flash from the past: Clinton, Feingold have shouting match over campaign finance reform

Maddow makes 7m yearly

Wisconsin Job Losses Came From Bad Trade Deals | Bernie Sanders

For a Better Caesar, Get Kale Into the Mix.

Wisconsin Job Losses Came From Bad Trade Deals | Bernie Sanders

“Shut the f**k up Donny."

Comcast's MSNBC was on full display tonight

Colombia’s ELN rebels removed from Interpol’s wanted persons website

Bernie outspending Hillary 6 to 1 in WI...

The sad news is, MSNBC is doing better than ever

Economist Argues 'Pie in the Sky' Sanders Will, in Fact, 'Make Economy Great Again'

How Green Energy Is Already Taking Over the World

Resisting Global Agribusiness: Organic Farming, Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

Sanders likely on D.C. ballot despite challenge

ZenMagnets wins pyrrhic victory in CPSC case

US State Dept. apologizes over travel tip for the less attractive

FBI: Man arrested after doing yoga, meditating on airplane

AP news agency rejects Nazi collaboration claim

Is punishing women for having an abortion part of the "revolution"?

For cost efficiency for a top 10 university, Germany wins hands down with annual fees for both EU

Hillary is ashamed of her donors (and should be). Bernie is proud of his donors (and should be.)

Hillary: Women's rights as important as any economic issue.

MSNBC must be doing something right

Hillary won't diminish connections to Foundation as POTUS

Trump Exposes What GOP & RR Really Believe Should Happen To Women Who Have Abortions.

Mexico urges media to ban violent music video by singer Gerardo Ortíz

Mexico urges media to ban violent music video by singer Gerardo Ortíz

Arizona Revote: The People For Bernie Sanders 2016

The Difference Between Clinton and Sanders Supporters

TYT: Hillary Clinton's Web of Questionable Donors

David Shuster Exclusive: Hillary Clinton to be Interviewed by FBI Director Comey in Coming Days

America is pulling back from the world

You do realize...

Bernie on Maddow. Full interview.

Quick question:

Barney Frank Is Not Impressed by Bernie Sanders

Why the establishment’s freakout shows just how blind they are

NY Times - Russia Shows What Happens When Terrorists’ Families Are Targeted

Nine dead in family house fire at remote Canadian indigenous community

War on women? GOP silent as Trump sounds off on abortion

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 31, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: Condemned

I love Cenk Uygar's tweet

Exxon and others may have to answer for alleged lies about global warming

Bernie Sanders, Automation, and the Fate of the US

Clinton willing to back a constitutional amendment restricting abortion

DC 37 Pledges Support for Hillary Clinton


Revealed: Associated Press cooperated with the Nazis, promised not to undermine strength of Hitler


Celebrities for Bernie

Brilliant! @HillaryClinton New York Ad nails Donald Trump where it hurts:


Found him.

On MSNBC Now: Replay of Interviews Post Mortem

Remember that time when Hillary...

Tonight's the night in my opinion. The decline of the Donald has begun a freefall

Peru Presidential Runner-Up Kuczynski May Be Barred From Race

Nothing like getting fresh and clean to start out the day

Peru's jailed ex-leader, Fujimori, hospitalized after dizzy spells

Alpha Natural seeks to break contract with union

Peru Archbishop Calls Voting for Leftist Candidates a "Sin"

Salon - Susan Sarandon can afford a so-called Trump “revolution” — the rest of us will be screwed

Daily Mail - Ted Cruz dodges question about whether he's 'always been faithful' to his wife

My suggestion to avoid blowing your top over voter registrations.

John Oliver - Youtube Conspiracy Videos

Hell no on funding corporate Democrats who put the needs of the 1% ahead of the people.

Bernie Sanders (1991) re: the Persian Gulf War

Someone posted today that Bernie was on "Last Word"

Russia And The US Expand Forces In Europe And Syria

Working class Americans can't afford to elect a corporate Democrat that does the bidding of the 1%

Sex Scandal Ensnares Alabama’s Governor and Its Capital

The U.S. Plans To Increase Its Troop Presence in Europe in Response to an ‘Aggressive’ Russia

Hawaii - time to decriminalize all drugs? Legislature looking into it...sort of

Who do you think you are? (Updated)

I don't think we ever will see those speech transcripts

Coca-Cola Dumps Trump And Declines To Sponsor The Republican Convention

tipping question (for exercise bike assembly....)

Hillary Clinton: Too Many Lies (Too Many Cooks Parody)

Who's helped by raising the minimum wage?

[Mississippi] Senate passes religious freedom bill

Poll Shows Support for Obama's Decision to Stay in Cuba After Brussels Attack

Poll Shows Support for Obama's Decision to Stay in Cuba After Brussels Attack

Trump v Bernie Debate on At Midnight with Chris Hardwick

Brazil, like Russia, Under Attack by Hybrid War

Brazil, like Russia, Under Attack by Hybrid War

Here's a question re: Hillary timing

Afghanistan: President Ghani seeks return of migrants

3/29: PPP NEW Hillary up 18% nationwide 84% of her supporters firm in choice to 61% for Sande

Trump drops a Nuke to prove he has a Big One and We get Nuclear Winter

3/29: NEW PPP poll--> Hillary up 18% nationwide #FeeltheMath

The Gift that Keeps On Pooping

Stanford researchers show fracking's impact to drinking water sources

The U.S. has terrorized Cuba for over 50 years — Fidel Castro is right to be wary of Obama’s claims

The U.S. has terrorized Cuba for over 50 years — Fidel Castro is right to be wary of Obama’s claims

Cuba Evokes the History of US Imperialism in Latin America

Lawyer: 'Assange could leave embassy this year'

McDonald’s Plans to Add More Than 1,000 Restaurants in China

Can anyone please help a fellow DUer (me) who is going through a very difficult time right now?

A Black Environmental Group Joins Native Alaskans in Calling for Protections of the Arctic Refuge

One dead, dozens wounded in wave of bombs in south Thailand

Tweety just helped Trump

'Drastic' Antarctic melt could double global sea-level rise

Hillary Caught YET AGAIN - 'SHAME HE WON'T DEBATE! Unwilling or AFRAID' - her words

Flyover collapses in India's Kolkata, mass casualties feared

Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Delivers Remarks on Elder Justice Task Force Roll Out

Bernie Sanders - The People's Champion

National Archives: UK victims of Nazi abuse in 1960s compensation

Sorry Bernie, What Donald Trump Was Not "Just Another Stupid Remark." Hillary, "It's Serious & Dan

Did anyone else catch the Bernie fans protesting across from the Apollo Theatre?

After 911, Hillary Clinton worked tirelessly for New York's recovery:

Daily Holidays - March 31

3/30 Bill C campaigns in NYC-Recalls How the Irish Were Key to His Success in New York

What to say?

Distrust of atheists is "deeply and culturally ingrained" even among atheists

Missouri Democrats hope Donald Trump helps them shrink Republican legislative majority

Podcast: My uncle and heroin: ‘What surprises me most – you have no teeth’

The 2016 election season can be summed up by a line from a commercial:

Mississippi's Senate just approved a sweeping 'reiigious liberty' bill

My experience counting paper ballots in a state election in Germany.

Hillary Clinton Tells New Yorkers That She’s One of Them--& will go back to WI

Turkey army ridicules talk of 'anti-Erdogan coup'

Joe Biden: ‘I Happen to be a Practicing Catholic’

It's probably legal for Republican delegates to accept money for their votes after the 1st ballot

Hilary wins endorsement of District council 37, largest labor union in NYC - 121,000 workers

German late-night show who ridiculed Erdogan doubles down with biting offer.

New book serves as first-of-its-kind interfaith guide to facilitating Alzheimer’s and dementia careg

Privilege Is What Allows Clinton Supporters to Keep Supporting Her

Exclusive: 21 Generals Lead an ISIS War the U.S. Denies

Thursday Bernie Group Toons

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: The He-Man Women-Haters Club

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Little Bella kitty rescue by jean-guy Laval, QC, Canada

The Moment When Bernie Sanders Stops His Onalaska Rally For A Supporter

The Moment When Bernie Sanders Stops His Onalaska Rally For A Supporter

US wants to seize homes, cars, jewelry in gold truck case

The real story behind Bernie's ballot issues in DC

7 hurt, homes, businesses damaged after tornado in Oklahoma

Who to vote for

No, the Democratic Race Isn't Close

In Minneapolis, distrust flares after officers cleared

=*= LIVE Streams @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Pittsburgh, PA 3-31-16 =*=

Italian nurse arrested on suspicion of killing patients

Hillary wins endorsement of District council 37, largest labor union in NYC - 121,000 workers

The "algebra-is-unnecessary"-discussion is completely missing the point.

Clinton preaches transparency while arguing ads which provide transparency are attacks.

Top Clinton funders urge tougher attacks on Trump

Republicans lied in Wisconson, Voter Id Law a Complete Sham,.. Salon :

Harlem welcomes the Last elected President - a 15 years ago account of Bill's office opening

Atlantic City unions vote on plan to avert shutdown

Atlantic City unions vote on plan to avert shutdown

Atlantic City unions vote on plan to avert shutdown

Ronnie Corbett, best known for The Two Ronnies, dies aged 85

With regard to T Rump and his statement on abortion.

A reminder that today is March 31 - FEC 1st Quarter reporting period...

US women's team files wage-discrimination action vs. US Soccer

Bernie Sanders angling to top last month’s eye-popping fundraising performance

Clinton Foundation failed to disclose 1,100 foreign donations. So much for transparency

"NO": The Second Part of Trump's Answer That Got Audible Gasps From the Audience

Hey everybody, it's National-Tater-Day!

EJ Dionne on the media, Trump, 2016, and the state of the country

Did Ben Carson just pull back the curtain on these candidate one-on-ones ...

Burn Pits

Bernie Sanders - Onalaska, WI - Intro by Ho Chunk Nation President

White student assaulted for having dreadlocks

Trump abandons pledge

Are We Getting The Leaders We Deserve?

A Lesson in 'Tone' from the Hillary Campaign - "MAKE HIM UN-AMERICAN"

so is trumps projected collapse in wisc. due to him or the power of the traditional state gop machin

the first baby eagle is up and bouncing......

Philadelphia Sen. Arthur Haywood endorses Bernie Sanders.

This is what we get with candidates who keep our party at arms-length

World's biggest bribe scandal

Bernie Sanders Supporter Confronted a Superdelegate — Then Leaked Their Private Conversati

Texas Forced This Woman to Deliver a Stillborn Baby

In N Dakota, now it could be legal to have tasers on cop drones.

18 killed as a portion of flyover under construction collapses in Kolkata

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise for Third Straight Week

Guilty Pleasure Time

Quote of the day for this election

There was no wave of compassion when addicts were hooked on crack

Article in Daily Beast

Quinnipiac NY Poll: HRC: 54% BS: 42%

Sources: Tentative State Budget Deal Includes $15 Minimum Wage

Please Read! Bernie's trying to beat last months fundraising total by the end of today!

US news agency Associated Press denies Nazi collaboration claim

I want to Be Your Bernie Democratic Delegate Please Vote for me!

Bill Clinton coming to Wisconsin on Friday

Trump could Waterboard Women who get Abortions! That's a great Punishment!

1 Picture = 1000 Words

Affordable Model 3 is Tesla's biggest test yet

the skylines of the future

Oh, Susan Sarandon -By Connie Schultz

WARREN: "Calling on Trump for help is like-if your house is on fire-calling an arsonist to come help

You have missed the most important economic story in the past 20 years

Princess Peanut is going to the vet for the last time today

"Does Donald Trump actually believe the nonsense he spews or does he say things just for effect?"

Princess Peanut is going to the vet for the last time today

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse. Horrific and telling

Epidemic of Monsanto shills

William Shatner hit with $170 million paternity suit

Awesome video: Music That Would Not Exist Without Black People

More Clinton supporters are enthusiastic than those backing Sanders, but the media won't tell you th

New Jersey hospital emergency room becomes first in U.S. to end use of opioid painkillers

Chris Christie Defends Donald Trump on Abortion

Why Big Media Has Been Waiting For Trump Since 1987....

Host Plants for Butterflies and Moths .... from the Prairie Nursery

Please be rational about this. Clinton nor the DNC is purposely flipping voter registrations

Trump attacks Scott Walker during Wisconsin campaign stops

Watch the Birdie

Warwick Davis explores new avenues of spirituality.

A Classic Case of Casual Anti-Hillary Media Spin

What Tumeremo Massacre?

Nicole Sandler ready to skewer Rachel Maddow on her show! On Now! Link:

BERNIE SANDERS IS THE ONE FOR ME : Sarah Silverman Explains

Barney Frank: "Bernie is the nominee of the caucuses and HRC is the nominee of the primaries"

First-graders’ apparent plot to kill classmate with poisoned lunch foiled by teacher

Mississippi passes most anti-LGBT bill to date

new NY poll - Bernie 42%, Hillary 54% - Hillary's lead 1/4 of what it was 2 weeks ago

Belgium terror hotline operator to Jewish caller: Israel doesn’t exist

Has the typical Clinton supporter ever heard of the DLC or Third Way?

I knew without a photo you wouldn't believe this one about birds

Robert Reich: Why the Major Media Marginalize Sanders

Ted Cruz tries to get John Kasich thrown off Montana ballot

I knew without a photo you wouldn't believe this one about birds

Bernie Sanders Blasts Republican Field: 'They're a National Disgrace'

Robert Reich: They’ve marginalized Bernie at every turn

Bernie's Right: Wall Street's Business Model Really Is Fraud

Trump can't even grasp the concept of separation of Church and State

Students in U.K. Just Appalled at the Republican Candidates and Trump

Is there a place on where...

What’s Behind the GOP Witch Hunt for Voter Fraud

As Sanders Surges, Cable News Runs Prison Reality Show, Jesus Documentary

Detroit: M-1 Rail on track to wrap up construction by 2017

Party Loyalty?

WAPO: Arizona's Primary: Was It Just A Big Mistake? Or Something More Nefarious?

Katrina Pierson looks and acts like a ghoul, mindlessly stumping for her evil master, tRump!

'What's troublesome for Clinton is that she's getting less popular as the campaign goes on'

Who Are the Superdelegates in Your State?

I just happened into a group of websites describing some monasteries in Thailand called Buddhist

New Poll Indicates One-Third Of Democrats Support Islamophobic Policies

Outsourcing Clinton Allies Accused of Abusing L-1, H1-B Work Visa System

I want to Be Your Bernie Democratic Delegate Please Vote for me!

19 Republicans and ONE Democrat-Getting their marching orders?

New Antarctic Melting Study Confirms Voting Republican Would Trigger Worldwide Catastrophe

Criminalizing ABORTION-let's talk money?

Thai Government Drops Charges Against Journalist For Carrying Bulletproof Vest, Helmet

Urabeños ‘provide logistical support for Uribe’s anti-government protest’

Bernie Sanders blasts GOP: ‘The Republican Party today is a joke maintained by the media’

Police investigating bomb threat at Peoria International Airport

Only for the Elites: Want to hear Bill or Hillary Speak? Entrance Fee is $2700

video of Elizabeth Warren interview - Colbert

Paul Ryan Sorry for Calling Americans “Takers.” Let’s Talk About the Real Takers.

A reminder - Bernie in da Bronx today!!!

Argentina's national library lay-offs cause 'fainting' and 'tears of outrage'

Latest New York Democratic primary poll, Hillary 54, Bernie 42, Hillary +12

As far as I can see Hillary has only held ONE elected office.

How Can Bernie or Hillary Earn Your Vote?

Susan Sarandon: "all I know is that I just can’t live with myself if I don’t say something."

Bernie rally in Pittsburgh - live

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 3.31.2016 - #BlackoutforBernie

I have a new name for drumpf :The adjective candidate

Has anybody else read the "Dune" prequel trilogy by Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson? (spoiler alert)

I'm Backing Hillary Because I Hate Simple and Shallow Caricatures

WikiLeaks’ index of Clinton emails reveals cozy relationship with press

Looters, Tourism, and Racism: Controversy Surrounds 'Discovery' of Lost City in Honduras

Looters, Tourism, and Racism: Controversy Surrounds 'Discovery' of Lost City in Honduras

When you have time, money and very little common sense

Peru's Presidential Train Wreck

Dazaifu: A plum shrine at the heart of a mythic sphere

The Amsterdam News endorses Hillary Clinton for president

I just had this locked and given no reason. Appealing!

Fallout from Alabama sex tape scandal hits woman first: GOP governor refuses to resign after top aid

Efficacy of prayer

Has the typical Bernie voter even heard of the workers socialst party?

Thanks to all in the DU Group who..

Turkish military denies coup attempt against Erdogan. What next?

America needs a "Plan B" because there is no Planet B.

Wisconsin's largest LGBT group endorses Clinton.

Japanese Government Accused of Intimidating Journalists

Clinton names gay rights advocate as Indiana campaign director

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-30-16

AG's new website aims to fight white-collar crime

Hillary's Now Up to 55% Unfavorable

To the Corp. Whores: Bernie does not buy a state, he uses money to get his message before the people

This is the first time I unabashedly bring my political preference to your august forum *

Fukushima Update News from Japan

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-30-16

The reason that Hillary is skittish about having a debate in New York.

US Federal Court: “you didn’t show up for jury duty” scammers slicker than ever

Hillary bests Sanders at changing the Status Quo in Governmental Dysfuntion!!

Bernie says he can't control how his botts act online?

The Amsterdam News endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Hillary Clinton's enthusiasm gap is a complete media fabrication!

Sen Warren is going to be an amazing GE surrogate for Hillary -video

"@HillaryClinton uses our military as a means to fight for corporate interests abroad"

Bern refuses to help other Democrats

CNN: "Bernie not yet vetted"

The CIA and the Pentagon Are Shooting at Each Other

Cherry trees in full bloom in Tokyo, elsewhere across Japan

How many times does the same new poster have to make ugly personal attacks on long-time DUers...

Now Cruz mentions running Trump over with a car?

Pic Of The Moment: Thank Goodness Donald Trump Clarified His Position On Abortion

Robotics makes baby steps toward solving Japan’s child care shortage

We Are Dead Stars: Michelle Thaller TED Talk

SPLC - National Border Patrol Council (Trump endorsers) ties to anti-immigrant & White Nationalists

Clinton Camp troubled by "Enthusiasm Gap"

Why Would Any True Progressive Still Support President Obama?

Statisticians: Has anyone computed the odds of Clinton's SOS actions and beneficial $$$ transactions

Bernie Sanders Talks to Trade Unionists (3-31-16)

MA Sanders Voters File Suit Against Bill Clinton for Campaigning Inside Polling Stations

The Amsterdam News endorses Hillary Clinton for president HRC ROOM

Bernie Sanders Talks to Trade Unionists (3-31-16)

Chris Hedges - This isn't [Healthcare] Reform, It's Robbery.

As a grass eating Bernie Bro let me say to the feminists of the board that

Does DU still have a place for discussing/presenting "Conspiracy Theories"?

Newest International Corruption Scandel touches Clinton

Zaha Hadid, Groundbreaking Architect, Dies at 65

Bernie has a FINITE amount of money each month to use for his campaign.

I was thinking this morning ...

The Bukowski question...what is the FIRST book I should read, the definitive work?

Suddenly, "The Media" is aghast at Drumpf's misstatements. I call Bullsh!t.

So fellow Badgers... Scott Walker's poll numbers are recovering rapidly.

Mississippi’s New Anti-LGBT Bill Claims That Women Can Be Fired For Wearing Pants


Thailand’s Junta Bans Outspoken Journalist from Attending World Press Freedom Day Hosted by the UN

Fox Uses TYT Bernie Interview To Attack Hillary Clinton

Amazing how Corporate, Millionaire, and Billionaire Welfare is NEVER called free stuff

Clinton: I hope Sanders joins ranks when I'm nominee

DC 37 (NYC) is one of the most progressive unions in the country

The kookiest creations from China Fashion Week

Dissociative disorder

"Giving Away Free Stuff" has been a GOP Right Wing Meme for years

NY Times: Job Growth in Past Decade Was in Temp & Contract: Why We Need Single Payer

Chinese lawyer prevented from receiving US award

Bashar al-Assad says he is ready to hold elections in Syria 'if the people want it'

Straddling a fine line, moving on to the general

Nina Simone has a message for Mississippi

Wyoming democratic caucus changes for larger than expected crowds

Three-year-old Flipino girl diagnosed with 'mysterious disease' dies

The Secret History of How Texaco Supplied Oil to Fascists in Spain

A Supreme Court Hijacking by Linda Greenhouse

To be fair, Hillary made a good point about Bernie (I am a Bernie supporter).

Bernie Sanders Is Gaining on Hillary Clinton in Her Own Backyard

The Bullet Necklece Lady Flops trying to defend tRump

Yemen rebels mount deadly counterattack on Red Sea coast

That Reddit User Who Claims to have been paid to Troll Sanders

Emails Show HRC Celebrating F-15 Sales to Saudi Arabia, After Donations

You know what eventually will happen.

Malaysia summons China ambassador over alleged South China Sea encroachment

Trump has his priorities straight...

The consumer side of global trade agreements

NOW President Terry O'Neill: "When people say they can’t trust Hillary" it's "sexist bullshit"

Bernie Sanders Supporters In Upcoming Primary States Must Double Check Registration Status

GE Matchups: Bernie Greatly Out-Performs Hillary

Trump Makes Crucial Clarification of Muslim Ban: My Rich Friends Are Still Allowed In

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Fell Last Week to a Three-Month Low

This 273-Ton Synagogue Is Being Moved for the Third Time.

Little girl sends letter requesting police cats, gets the sweetest reply

Bernie Sanders May Be Off DC Ballot After Democratic Party Filing

I just exercised my right to vote. It was a privilege to be able to cast my ballot

Is Bernie Sanders' Campaign A Reflection...

Trump and Clinton See Signs of Trouble in Wisconsin

China to US: 'Be careful' in South China Sea

Supporting Hillary isn't always Faustian

Sanders Raises $39 Million So Far in March, Campaign Says Petition - Have FBI investigate and prosecute illegal voter registration changes

Did you know that if your kid whines, it means he's going to grow up to be a porn addict?

Read this

Rapid decline of coal use leads to drop in UK emissions

Campuses Can't Become One Big 'Safe Space'

CDC estimates 1 in 68 school-aged children have autism; no change from previous estimate

Cash-strapped EDF reportedly facing £2bn rise in Hinkley Point C costs

Poll: Clinton, Trump up big in New York

NEW NY State Poll, Quinnipiac Poll 3/31: Hillary Clinton leads Sanders 54% to 42%

Chicago Off To Deadliest Start In Nearly Two Decades

Bernie has pulled within 12 points of Clinton in New York! Today's poll:

Aren't the FBI interviews optional?

David Corn: "Why is there a red crescent on Trey Gowdy's latest fundraising email?"

“Driving While Black” Has Been Around As Long As Cars Have Existed

Republican Presidential candidates all back away from pledge to support eventual nominee

Does anyone have a photo of the Bernie people protesting Hillary's event at the Apollo?

Sanders: "We'll see" about raising funds for down ballet dems = NOT serious about "revolution'

Metro could shut down entire rail lines to do extended maintenance, board chair says

Judge OKs Sweeping Plan to Reduce NY Solitary Confinement

Sanders Is Winning The Battle Of Ideas

12 years at DU, 45 years old and I trust Bernie

Engineers are telling the truth about Hinkley Point

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Hotels executive Nathan Crisp busted for Easter beatdown on mother of two

Security at nuclear power stations - including Hinkley in Somerset - to be discussed by world leader

Scandal-free integrity, grace, poise, eloquence, intelligence, kindness & compassion and

Meet Leo. Leo is a recently-neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, stray cat

Watch: By Offering Hugs, a Group Proves That Some Trump Supporters Are Raging Lunatics

Cameron in Crisis as China Holds British Steel Industry Hostage

When they fell in love - I want these people in the WH

E mail from Bernie

Alpha Natural seeks to break contract with union

Idaho GOP committee members accuse party of secret society

Bernie March Fundraising Push Tracker

The Amsterdam News endorses Hillary Clinton for president

EDF claim Hinkley Point nuclear power station is on track, despite rumours

Veterans mark 50th anniversary of Vietnam War

Bernie still Crushing Hillary against Repukes in new NY poll released today

Texas Forced This Woman to Deliver a Stillborn Baby

Stephen interviews cartoon Trump

New York primary: Why it matters and how it works HRC ROOM

Trial Update

As soon as a candidate utters " friends!..." I know they're not my friend.

NY Amsterdam News (AA Newspaper) Endorses Hillary Clinton: "We Need Hillary"

Texas Forced This Woman to Deliver a Stillborn Baby

Lighten up, and watch this!

What Has Obama Ever Done For Us (A Monty Python Tribute)

Bernie had a strong showing at PA rally scheduled on short notice.

Yes, Being Perceived as a Liar DOES Have a Sex

Charles M. Blow: "Bernie or Bust" is Bonkers

Charles M. Blow: "Bernie or Bust" is Bonkers

New York primary: Why it matters and how it works - Bernie group

My 15 year old niece found & sent me this from tumbler.

Election Fraud? Bernie Sanders Omitted from Washington, D.C. Ballot

Mississippi Senate passes anti-LGBT bill in latest effort to protect Christians' special rights

Are we witnessing a rise of the Cult of the Chromosome?

I'm not crazy enough NOT to vote for the Democratic nominee, but HRC is making it tough.

Religious Right Will Never Give Up Making LGBT Lives Miserable. They Just Want LGBT Exterminated.

More CEOs seek repeal of North Carolina law

Qatar's World Cup stadium is being built by modern slaves

Presidential Proclamation -- Cesar Chavez Day, 2016

So I bought a pair of light fixtures at Lowe's

Bill Clinton being sued for election fraud? Who knew

This 273-Ton Synagogue Is Being Moved for the Third Time.

Is "Over Classification" a legal defense?

💰MIDNIGHT DEADLINE: HURRAY!!! $44, 067, 204 💰 GOAL $43, 498, 784 💰

Oh to be a fly on the wall in that meeting....

Chicago Police Officer Charged With Murder of Teen Laquan McDonald Hired by Police Union

Inside the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail

GOP's Next Step: Restroom Gestapo!

There is a new set of anti-Bernie memes being used that are from right wing sources.

Slide Guitar Served Smokin' Hot!!

N.C. Anti-Gay Law Suppresses Wages for all Workers, Union Leader Says

When the Lincoln Bedroom was up for sale during the Clinton Administration


N.C. Anti-Gay Law Suppresses Wages for all Workers, Union Leader Says

Death Be Not Proud by, John Gunther. Just finished it.

Bernie is now favored to win Wisconsin.

Why Sanders' numbers are likely to keep going up in New York (and elsewhere)

N.C. Anti-Gay Law Suppresses Wages for all Workers, Union Leader Says

PPP WI Poll: Sanders leads +6; HRC leads among Dems +8

N.C. Anti-Gay Law Suppresses Wages for all Workers, Union Leader Says

The Lone Assassin: The Epic True Story of the Man Who Almost Killed Hitler


The Amsterdam News (NY) endorses Clinton.

Presidential Proclamation -- Cesar Chavez Day, 2016

Presidential Proclamation -- Cesar Chavez Day, 2016

Free downloads today (3/31): The Wikileaks Files, Inventing the Future, and more

Bernie Is Right, Hillary’s Fundraising Is Absolutely Obscene

Presidential Proclamation -- Cesar Chavez Day, 2016

Presidential Proclamation -- Cesar Chavez Day, 2016

This video fills me with hope today (Free hugs at Trump/Sanders rallies)

What's going on at the RNC Headquarters

Did the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation violate state, federal, and international law?

Yet another attack: Bernie doesn't want to help down ticket Dems. He's selfish and not one of us!!

WaPo's take on upcoming delegate math

So to stop Ron Paul, Rmoney had the rules changed to a majority of delegatesfrom eight states

Young women interrupt HRC rally today

Californians are lucky. We get Kamala Harris

Bernie represents the common folks not a handful of billionaires..

Daniel Shaver unarmed man killed by Arizona police officer cried and begged for life before shooting

I'd like to share a smile in this safe place.

Made my donation + Birdie Sticker is coming

Texas Forced This Woman to Deliver a Stillborn Baby

Equal pay lawsuit filed by U.S. Soccer team.

Vetting Bernie Sanders


We're Koched-Out On Freebees for Billionaire Polluters

New York (Quinnipiac): Clinton 54, Sanders 42.

Who knew Time Magazine was a RW smear rag?

HRC not releasing the transcripts is selfish

Winsconsin PPP poll has Bernie up by 6; 49-43

Parrot lands on reporter


On Using Two-Decade Old Smears Against Hillary Clinton

Ipsos/Reuters National Poll: H 53 (+3) B 45 (0)

Is it just me, or are the bernie folks really nasty today.

Pentagon plans to transfer a dozen Guantánamo inmates to two countries

Today's PredictWise - 2016 Democratic Nomination - Hillary 91% - Bernie 9%

Headache for Hillary's higher education plan - (Govt should stop trying to make profits on students)

GOP just met with Trump. Oh to be a fly on the wall.

Serb nationalist Vojislav Šešelj acquitted of war crimes at The Hague

Michigan Is The Best Example of How Destructive Republican Government Can Be

The moon thought to play a major role in maintaining Earth's magnetic field

Bernie is winning the Black vote in Wisconsin by 10%

Mitch McConnell Wakes Up To Nasty Surprise: 16 GOP Senators Defect And Will Meet With Obama’s SCOTUS

A word from Barney Frank

Emails Shed New Light on Bill Clinton’s Super Tuesday Stop in New Bedford

This vid will brighten your day!! (Trump supporters compared to Bernie Supporters)

Conservatives push for nearly unthinkable death penalty ban

Crazy Cruz scared of Kasih....Cruz talks up an RNC rule that would keep Kasich out of the convention

First-graders in an Alaskan school tried to poison a classmate using silica gel

DraftKings, FanDuel to stop offering college fantasy games

DraftKings, FanDuel to stop offering college fantasy games


What a difference 8 years make.

With a collapsing West Antarctica, sea level rise may be twice as high as we thought

As the planet flashes warning signs, U.S. and China pledge hasty signing of climate accord

Hillary Clinton: "To me this is a serious discussion about a serious issue"

Who really interrupted Hillary's speech today?

OH this is too good....

Clinton and Sanders Hashing Out Whether Next Debate Will Be a New York One

You will like him!!

Propaganda Debunking Group - Hamburgers and the Minimum Wage

Found this new thing on YouTube, regular people who entrap sexual predators

As a Bernie supporter, I would like narrow the broad brush with which we are painted.

How Hillary Clinton sealed the deal in her Maddow interview!

Virgin Islands GOP Chair Rails Against 'Newcomers' Who 'Undermine' The Party

Erdogan's security, protesters clash in Washington

Clinton to Hecklers: I Have 2.5 Million More Votes Than Bernie Sanders

Awesome tool for Bernie Supporters who are Phonebanking...

Gofundme for my father

Susan Sarandon Crucified For Making Sense On Hillary Clinton

Hillary and the Donald: perfect frenemies?

Foreign Policy: There Is a Difference Between the Parties!

Mississippi's religious freedom bill is the worst yet, LGBT activists fear

Have you been making sure you're registered in CA, WI, PA, etc.?

Ricky Gervais on Atheism ......this is funny

These tech companies just endorsed the TPP... perhaps inadvertently

Historic minimum wage measure passes California Assembly

Team Bernie NY

Alabama’s ‘Family Values’ Governor Might Get Impeached Over An Extramarital Affair

Arizona Democratic Primary was Unacceptable | Bernie Sanders

Police: 3 Hurt in Bus Station Shooting; Suspect in Custody

60-foot hole opens in Florida trailer park

Could The Republican Race Get Any More Juvenile?

Pierce: Is The Washington Post Going to Come Clean on This Clinton Email Correction?

Very, very...very interesting (Sanders and Clinton D.C. ballot access)

Have Hillary Clinton Staffers Infiltrated Bernie Sanders' Campaign to Commit Internal Sabotage?

How Taxpayers Are Paying For Rick Snyder's Flint Water Crisis Lawyers

Education is not "free"

Man arrested in Vermont with equivalent of 1,400 bags of heroin in his body: police

Summer at Yellowstone National Park

'Sham' cancer charities agree to $76M judgment, dissolution

Anybody Having Problems With ActBlue?....

Judge Orders Arrest Warrant for Ex-Congressman in Tax Case

Trump meets foreign policy team in Washington

Florida Judge Agrees to Reprimand for Punishing Victim

Why is she always snippy? If they really were Bernie supporters why couldn't she just say

Looks Like The Liberal Media Has Decided It's Time To Take Off The Gloves i.e.: Bernie

Harlem...A Remembrance

Hundreds of financial analysts are being replaced with software. What office jobs are next?

Feinstein on Clinton: “Golly, I forget what bills she’s been part of or authored."

CNBC: Wall Street's wisest: Bernie Sanders is best candidate for economy

UN Announces 108 New Alleged Sexual Abuse Victims in CAR

HILLARY GROUP: Cecile Richards speaks with Chris Matthews/Hardball tonight

$2.13 an Hour for Dish-Washing? Servers Sue Over Side Work

Richmond Greyhound shooting: Trooper, suspect dead after at least 6 people shot

Did you take down your Bernie signs?

U.S. court halts execution of Texas man who killed his daughters

First cat-first day-10 min. after leaving it alone

Palestinian President Reaches out to Israel, Backs Talks

When I look at Hillary and the rest of the Democratic Leadership

Argentine Congress passes holdout payment bill; U.S. Appeals Court still an obstacle.

Hillary Clinton Loses Patience with Greenpeace Activist Over Fossil Fuel Donations

George Mason law school to be renamed the Antonin Scalia School of Law

Argentine Congress passes holdout payment bill; U.S. Appeals Court still an obstacle.

Bill Clinton Says His Superdelegate Vote Will Go To Sanders If He Wins Nom

Ohio Regulators OK 2 Deals That Subsidize Older Power Plants

this too funny Chris Christie

On line at the Bernie rally!!'

starting April 1, atheist and satanic literature will be distributed in Delta County (Colorado)

I can't believe I'm typing this: In Defense of Republicans!!!

GE Capital asks U.S. government to lift 'too big to fail' designation

Major FAIL

That must have been some good cocaine

Did Humans Drive “Hobbit” Species to Extinction?

The Better Campaign Motto

Hillary Clinton Showed up for Church Today. Will faith help or hurt her on the campaign? (WP 2015)

My first negative reaction to my bumper sticker today.

Is it just me or did anyone else get the impression that Kurt Russell was channeling

D.C. Madam's Attorney Says Election Bombshell Already Online!

Voter registration up ahead of Indiana primary

Clinton, 500 Million Solar Panels, 92 cents per hour prison labor and Goldman Sachs

Why Hillary Won't Be Indicted and Shouldn't Be: An Objective Legal Analysis

My Stance on Trade Differs from Secretary Clinton's | Bernie Sanders

My Stance on Trade Differs from Secretary Clinton's | Bernie Sanders

Bentley bought multiple disposable 'burner' cell phones at Tuscaloosa Best Buy, employees say

Arizona Democratic Primary was Unacceptable | Bernie Sanders

Amid sweeping clinic closures, FDA loosens reins on abortion pill

Bernie Sanders, Buoyed by Poll, Sprints Through Wisconsin

Salah Abdeslam's extradition to France approved by Belgium

Wendi Deng/Vladimir Putin..An item. n/t

Just got ordered inside my house by the Sheriff Deputies. Updated.

D.C. to Hold Emergency Vote to Get Sanders on Ballot

What's for Dinner, Thurs., 3/31/16

Sanders Leads Clinton By 6 Points In Wisconsin

Refusal to Vote for Clinton is Refusal to Submit to Blackmail; NOTHING to do with Privilege

No jail time for man who secretly recorded girl showering — and put the video online

Ted Cruz Wins Citizenship Case in Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Clinton Uses Trump's Abortion Comments to Hit Sanders

Film - A.I. - final scene - David's happiest day

Police Recommend Charge Against Girl at Trump Rally

Rumor: Rupert Murdoch’s Ex-Wife Wendi Deng Is Dating Vladimir Putin

Having a ball canvassing for Hillary. HRC ROOM

When you make false accusations of sexism you hurt women actually suffering from sexism

Trump attack on Geneva conventions denounced by ex-officers and advocates

What Momentum is About | Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton vs. Greenpeace Activist (3/31/2016)

City of Brotherly Love to Officially Apologize to Late Jackie Robinson for 1947 Racism

In defense of Trump - I can't believe I am saying this

Hillary Clinton Has Fighting Words for ‘Bernie People’ at Rally (repost of locked LBN OP)

=*=1+2 LIVE NOW @ 8PM aprox: Bernie in South Bronx, NY 3-31-16 with Rosario Dawson =*=

Drug Maker Reconsidering $20 Million North Carolina Factory

Pittsburgh Press Conference on Trade | Bernie Sanders

California Lawmakers OK Nation's Highest Minimum Wage

Fake Bomb Used for Abortion Clinic Training Prompts 3-Hour Airport Evacuation in Peoria

Anti-Choice Activists, Using Bogus Legal Threats, Trick Teens Into Signing Away Abortion Rights

Pittsburgh Press Conference on Trade | Bernie Sanders

Pittsburgh Press Conference on Trade | Bernie Sanders

Remember the lovely little #BirdieSanders inspired graphic I posted a few days ago?

Trade Unions will be Rebuilt | Bernie Sanders

Trade Unions will be Rebuilt | Bernie Sanders

How does one immediately identify "Bernie people" from a stage in a crowded auditorium?

Bats with White nose Syndrome discovered in Washington

WHO sees scientific consensus on Zika as cause for disorders

Hillary Clinton Just Delivered the Strongest Speech of Her Campaign—and the Media Barely Noticed

No Hillary,

When u hear GOPers here calling MediaMatters a propaganda site they're parroting O'Reilly & Varney

This picture of Trump may just prove one of my theories about him

New rap song: "F*** Donald Trump" by Nipsey Hussle & YG (NSFW language)

Has the Bundy insurrection bitten the dust?

Where's the lane? Self-driving cars confused by shabby U.S. roadways

D.C. Board of Elections refuses to certify Sanders for June 14 primary. Clinton will be certified.

Donald Trump meets with RNC chair Reince Priebus in Washington

Report: FBI moves to interview Clinton over emails

Trump could be stripped of his South Carolina delegates. The question is: Would the GOP dar


One pleads not guilty, one denied release in Bundy case in Vegas

NY state in tentative deal to raise minimum wage toward $15 an hour

Trump's muslim ban will have exceptions

Don't write off PA, guys! 8500 strong in Pittsburgh on short notice!

On Immigration And the Differences Between It and Exploitative Guest Worker Visas, Bernie Sanders is

Federal courts tussle over Montana militiaman's fate

Jacob Zuma breached constitution over home upgrades, South African court rules

Republican lament, Part 5: Obama’s Greatest Triumph

Ted Nugent has really blown it. (Warning: Racial language at link, can't be helped!)

Should The GOP Be Sympathetic To Bundy Cause?

Second poll shows Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz with primary leads

Video of Hillary Clinton snapping at environmental questioner goes viral across internet

Spoonbread Festival Is Cancelled (KY)

Need help debating RWers

Gothamist: "Ben & Jerry Handing Out FREE Bernie Sanders Ice Cream In Union Square Today"

Indian River County School District discusses banning confederate flag (FL)

Rep. Shankland: Here’s what Gov. Walker didn’t tell you while signing higher education bills

Is America About to Have “YUGE” Democracy Spring? The Big Picture RT

Fortune Magazine Names Mich. Gov. Snyder Among World's Most Disappointing Leaders

Bernie in the Bronx link - starts approx 7:30 EST 3/31

The Résumé Factor: Those 2 Terms as First Lady (New York Times - 2007)


Our hawk is back

After lawsuit announcement, USWNT receives support from Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Mike Malloy - Republicans Love Open Season On Gays

Anyone have an account to upload this FB video

Is it a violation of TOS to post publicly reported information

Hilllary Clinton has a long track record of taking payoffs from Indian firms that exploit the US

Gray whale puts on show at Southern California beach

All **ANYONE** needs to know about Sarandon, and her fellow travellers

GreenPeace Is Right:The Fracking Fundraisers Hillary Denies W/ Photo Of Her Sneaking In Back Door...

Louisiana state senator insists science has proven creationism over evolution - and he’s a Democrat

FBI: Devices Similar to Pipe Bombs Found on Power Lines

Which Democrat's Health Plan Really, Truly Covers More People?

Donald Trump Staffer: Ted Cruz Made “Death Threat” On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Text in lost language may reveal god or goddess worshipped by Etruscans at ancient temple (

Mystery 'hobbits' not humans like us: study (

Kenya honour for Muslim hero who protected Christian bus passengers

US Taxpayers built this $43 Million Dollar Gas Station in Afghanistan

GOP Lawmaker Comes Out Against His Party Publicly, Refuses To ‘Suppress Votes’ Anymore

Georgia prepares to execute man convicted in beating death

'Hobbit' island colonised much earlier than thought (

Walmart’s First-Ever Revenue Drop: End Of An Era?

Mexican military court acquits 6 of 7 in army slayings

With a Trump presidency at stake, white liberals really need to check their privilege.

Mike Malloy - Right Wing Christian Fascists Will Stop At Nothing

Bernie Sanders LIVE from the South Bronx in a Future to Believe in Rally

Get on this poll

LIVE: Bernie Bronx Rally!

Rob Portman thinks all Ohioans are idiots

Can we please sticky the National Suicide Hotline number to the top of this forum ?

#ManInTree: Here's his story. He has a name, a family, an illness.

Mathematician finds his 'new' solution to Poisson formula problem buried in 1959 paper (

Exploration of underwater New Mexico cave turns deadly

Hillary Clinton Slams Sanders Campaign ‘Lies’ in Confrontation With Activist

This cannot be said too many times: if you're suicidal, please please reach out.....

Time for a cash infusion end of month....

The New American Slavery: Invited To The U.S., Foreign Workers Find A Nightmare

April Fool. Half a million people lose their food stamps tomorrow.

A False Filing Date Listed For Hillary Clinton Allowed Her Petition To the DCBOE to Go Unchallenged.

Bernie trending on twitter right now with 2 hashtags :)

As sure some people are that they are in the end stage of their disease

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 1 April 2016

Top Black Staffers Leave The Republican National Committee

Has Clinton iterated the "lies" she's sick of from Sanders? If she's so sick of what she describes

Man shot by Arizona police 'begged for life'

Weather Channel Worlds Weirdest Weather


US Uncut: Hillary Just Went Beserk When Confronted W/ Her Fossil Fuel Donations: Here are Some:

$2.13 An Hour For Dish-Washing? Servers Sue Over Side Work

Police: Teen who got pepper sprayed at Donald Trump rally in Janesville wasn't sexually assaulted

Lawmaker snaps, files bill demanding fellow lawmakers quit using 'physical' when they mean 'fiscal'

Suspected of Buying Votes, Peru’s Presidential Frontrunner Gets to Stay in the Race

So the crooked Hillary Campaign has kept Bernie off the DC ballot....

Suspected of Buying Votes, Peru’s Presidential Frontrunner Gets to Stay in the Race

Are you kidding me?!?!

27,000 people waiting in line for the Bernie rally in NYC. This line goes on for blocks!

I might just chip in a few bucks.....

CNN: Clinton moves goalposts again; girds for New York battle

Only A Matter Of Time Sex Outside Of Marriage Illegal. If GOP In Power.

CNN: Clinton moves goalposts again; girds for New York battle

British Columbia’s Carbon Tax Has Been So Successful That Businesses Want To Increase It

WoW!!! There's Really A Full Court Press Going On By The Repugs And MSM To Dump Trump.....

Bill Clinton says Bernie Sanders has a ‘right to stay in’ the Democratic primaryl

Clinton: 'I Am So Sick Of The Sanders Campaign Lying About Me' (repost of locked LBN OP)

Won't criticize Clinton's temper -- But she ought to be careful about attacking environmentalists

Only a few HOURS left to help Bernie reach his fundraising target!

Reminder: Meet the Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Raising Money for Hillary Clinton

PHOTOS: Greenpeace Uses Seattle Skyline to Send Message to Clinton

ANALYSIS: A Classic Case of Casual Anti-Hillary Media Spin ("Goalpost" article BS)

Downtown Orlando's first dog park is in the works