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Archives: March 4, 2016

The "Is Algebra Necessary?" dude is back

"New: @FoxNews' @BretBaier "will host a 1-hour Democratic presidential town hall exclusively

What's for Dinner? ~ Thurs., March 3, 2016

I just got a call from a volunteer with the HRC campaign. I told her I supported Bernie,

It’s simply that the majority of young adults get their news online

Newly discovered image by the Chicago Reader of Bernie Sanders chained to protesters

Woman who beheaded 4 year old girl says she was avenging muslims killed by Putin

Republican debate 2016 live stream: time, TV schedule, how to watch online

US seeks end to Yellowstone grizzly protections

MLB is streaming Spring Training radio ...

Marco Rubio Won't Stop Blocking The Nomination Of A U.S. Ambassador To Mexico

For history buffs: has any past presidential election been that murky?


Is this Dems for Trump for Hillary a good thing?

You Nazty Spy! The Stooges and Naziism in 1940

In your opinion, what philosophers anchor contemporary democratic socialist thinking?

Finally! A Democrat in Congress Calls Out Hillary Clinton's Hawkishness

Zimbabwe's Mugabe says government will take over all diamond operations

Obama vetting Iowa Judge Jane Kelly for SCOTUS

“God of the Gaps”

NightSide – Voter Fraud In Massachusetts?

thinking of starting a discussion group and wondering protocol on re-posting older theads by others

followup question on phone matter

Dear Senator,

The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism

LIVE NOW: Bernie Sanders rally in Lawrence, KS.

Matt Taibbi: Revenge of the Simple: How George W. Bush Gave Rise to Trump

Obamacare 6yrs old and 20 million served..including Brent Brown.

Uber teams with Florida city on public transit test

Something there is that doesn't love--Mitt Romney

Missouri man admits to attempted fire bombing of congressman's office

What time is clown show debate start?

Human Rights Campaign Bernie Dis

AMC Entertainment to buy Carmike Cinemas $1.1 billion deal, creats world's largest theater chain

That moment when you discover an entire genre of music

OFA-PA demonstration outside of Sen Toomey's office demanding that he #DoHisJob

UNICEF says deeply concerned about U.S. citizen jailed in Iran

Good god, Elmo

Ben Stein May Vote for Democratic Presidential Candidate (Trump is "dangerously misinformed")

Obama's Justice Department Just Gave Bryan Pagliano Immunity and Bernie Sanders the Presidency

TV Passion

I have a smart alek on FB who wants to know why I would ever vote for Obama again. I don't

Something to think about when you are freaking out about Trump

Gov. Brewer, wowzaaa!

I suddenly have a desire to write catchy bass guitar hooks. Might be NSFW.

NYMag: Bloomberg Ordered Journos Not To Write Stories Attacking Trump

What are Bernie's trade policies / plans to deal with global economy?

"On your knees Mitt Romney"

Well, I will watch the R debate tonight. It's like a compulsion to watch a B rated horror

Is the Hillmentum growing?

"If you're an American confusedly watching the darkest forces of your nation..."

UPDATE :DOJ grants immunity to ex-Clinton staffer who set up email server

Sacha Baron Cohen's New Movie Gives Donald Trump AIDS

Two reasons why I don't think Hillary's going to be indicted.

The GOP Debates are always on Thursday night.

Matt Taibbi - Revenge of the Simple. How Bush Gave Rise To Trump

Fox News Gets Trolled by Human Rights Founder

Excellent book by a leading expert on globalization on the "services" trade deals that trade JOBS

Alabama Judge Rules State's Death Penalty Scheme Unconstitutional

Social media’s 4-month-old Bernie Sanders lookalike has died

Who are these "130 economists" that endorse how Bernie pays for his proposals?

Just got a call from my best friend of the past 34 years. Her brother dropped dead this morning

Bernie Sanders LIVE from Lawrence, Kansas - A Future to Believe in Rally

Trump vows to 'rip up' all trade agreements

Romney: Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have accepted Trump endorsement

It should be painfully clear now that the media will not cover ANY Bernie rallies,


To Christian Evangelicals---The 7 Deadly Sins Were Written to Describe Donald Trump

Greek Cup cancelled after crowd violence in semi-final

TYT discusses the racist manipulations used by Hillary in the 2008 campaign against Obama.

House of Cards - Season 4: Unofficially available at 3:01 a.m EST on March 4.

How Trump Ran Over the Anti-Abortion Movement (Rolling Stone)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! And in the Center Ring . . . .! Uncensored & Live

Sanders agrees to participate in Fox News presidential town hall |Hillary Clinton Group

The Clown Car Wreck begins on FAUX

Chris Christie is Jeff from Curb Your Enthusiasm

Republican Candidate Debate Livestream

5 Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton’s Dubious Economic Legacies

Report: Tom Brady got 'hammered' in the Deflategate appeal hearing, and he might be in trouble

Trump just told us he doesn't have a small dick.

Trump: "I have a big dick"

I love DU and this breaks my heart.

Barack Obama Just Endorsed Patrick Murphy, but Alan Grayson Leads in Latest Polls

How Trump Ran Over the Anti-Abortion Movement

WaPo: 'What Happened to All That Money Trump Raised for the Veterans?

FBI Said to Prepare to Interview Clinton Aides About E-Mai

The WWF of Politics

Interesting listening to Bernie on Bernie2016TV

Senator Warren it's time to decide.


Grand jury charges 14 more people for 2014 standoff at Bundy Ranch

Trump to Rubio: "This little guy...."

Donald Trump names Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.,chairman of his national security advisory committee

Trump is losing his cool.

The GOP debate is already off the rails.

OFFS, this is absolutely nuts.

The Clinton-Backed Honduran Regime Is Picking Off Indigenous Leaders--And More

Who will throw the first punch?

Kudos to Fox News...

‘Bernie baby’ dies from SIDS

OMG, this Republican debate is hilarious.

Trump! Fucking Trump going after the no bid US Medicare pharmaceutical policy!

OMG -- "I have no problem down there" Trumpster

Donald Trump Discusses Penis Size During Fox News Republican Debate

ALERT: If you're not watching the Republican debate, you're missing the best show of the year

Virginia bill to protect Confederate monuments

Amazon Quietly Removes Encryption Support from its Gadgets

Outside of time when the morphine went in, this was the most pleasant experience.

Has Megan Kelly asked the Donald one question yet?


Why black voters vote the way they do? (and advice on how to win them)

Rubio looks tired.

I do have to appreciate Kelly's David Bowie tribute

Bernie Sanders in Lawrence, KS, tonight: LOVE TRUMPS HATE.

Students speak out against Tennessee guns-on-campus bill

Courage: Fox News to hold Democratic town hall with Bernie Sanders in Detroit

All Cruz needs is smoke-belching chain saw

Eugene Robinson: Trump’s dangerous dance with bigotry

We need to worry as Trump starts to moderate on immigration and healthcare Chris Hayes and Axelrod

"I've given my answer, Lying Ted." And he calls Rubio "Little Marco."

What do the massive Bernie rallies have in common with the missing Hillary transcripts?

NRA chief tells Hillary Clinton to 'bring it on' in gun control fight

Watched Bernie in Kansas. Substantive.

Wil Wheaton: I’m feeling the Bern, in part because I just don’t believe Secretary Clinton.

The Earliest Spring of our Lives

Yanno . . . . Rubio may be RoboBoy, but Trump uses just as many canned speechettes

It is so funny the GOP is SHOCKED that their party is supporting TRUMP! They created this mess!

I've posted numerous times my dislike for Hillary but after tonight I will find a large clothespin,

Why the Critics of Bernienomics Are Wrong - for those interested

Now Baier challenging him on his foreign policy..

Republican Voters Kind Of Hate All Their Choices

How to frame a discussion. "They" say Clinton has only won red states. Or maybe... (HRC Group)

LOL, Selfie scene from a 1969 movie....

Eagles getting covered with snow!

Beautiful: Fox host panics as she gets Berned by Fox's own expert

Seattle sued over city ordinance that allows Uber, Lyft drivers to unionize

Am I the only one who is missing Romney a little bit?

Netflix Caused 50% of U.S. TV Viewing Drop in 2015 (Study)

I heard Markos of Daily Kos on the radio today saying Bernie was done in two weeks

I bet this guy never gets invited back- look how he snookers Fox:

I hope Abe ain't watchin

Frank Luntz focus group estimate of Debate winners...

Damn, Rubio is an annoying POS, and then there's Cruz too. What a circus. n/t

Megan Kelly hammering away on Trump U scam!

FAUX is out to destroy Trump

The Lie We Live

cruz didn't even realize the audience was laughing at him over that spit ball he was pushing around

Just $180 to my halfway point!

Listening to a debate and a HUGE war broke! I wish I could watch it live! Can't stream it live....

Regardless of any points being made, Trump is getting his ass handed to him through sheer attrition

Why does Trump have to debate the moderators?

Just $180 to my halfway point!

How long until they dim the stage and start a fart lighting contest?

(Daily Kos) The Socialist & the Fascist

Trump is REALLY off his game; sounds like he's fighting with the audience.

TYT: Hillary's Tactical Use Of Black Police Victims

Heads up - Our future FLOTUS will be on Lawrence O'Donnell tonite! He just

little marco is losing his voice

Kaisch is the only adult on that stage

Is there a way to put 234 people on ignore simultaneously?

Fuck you, Kasich! You Republicans created all our problems.

Live Feed From Tonight's FOX Republican Debate

Trump breaking a visible sweat!

OMG! Fox News debate is talking about Flint water issue...

So, in the general election, when Trump creates a circus atmosphere at the polls...

Remember when people thought not having enough debates meant the GOP was "getting their message out"

Not a shock! "Huge drops in Mexican marijuana seizures"

Photo of a former R college student today in Lincoln, NE at Bernie's rally (new party wing too)

Bill Maher Blazes Up On Real Time! "For The Love Of Bud!"


Any Clinton Supporters listening to Cruz on Detroit?

If there's a diner, and you're black, and the diner doesn't want to serve you . . . . . what?

just adding to the insanity: Ryan refuses to join Romney in Trump criticism

Woo HOOO Bernie! Bernie is going to do a town hall on FOX! Hillary declined. He's going.

Cruz just slammed a right wing Supreme Court Judge!

Rick Perry campaign Senior Director: "My party is committing suicide"

Remember folks, if Trump loses we get Cruz! We don't want Cruz! Trump is a guaranteed win. nt

So, when do the punches start flighing?

Every repub senator and congressman up for re-election must be crying about now. They're done..n/t

The Complete Guide To How Trump Can Make Himself The First American Dictator

Bill serenades with sax as Hillary talks super-predators, crime bill, NAFTA, and Wall Street

No State of the Primary tomorrow

Breaking News: Clinton email server secure - never hacked.

Now, Jane Sanders Gets 'The Last Word' with Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC

OMG -- breathe, breathe, I know he is very flexible

It’s Getting Worse: Up to 75% of Stupidparty Voters Cannot Think Critically

Bernie Sanders warned against NAFTA in 1991

Breaking News: Clinton email server secure - never hacked.

Hillary: Cheerleader for Globalization, Free-Trade, and the TPP:

Islamophobic Texas lawmaker loses re-election by 118 votes

Source: Clinton email server logs show no breach

Did anyone here know that John Kasich

Rubio insults Donald Trump for 2 hours; agrees to support him as nominee.

Bernie Sanders warned against NAFTA in 1991

How many Clinton commercials were created tonight?

Meanwhile, in Nebraska: (could apply to Kansas as well, or many other places:

Yup......Ted Cruz Eats It At The Debate!!!!

At which point in the Lincoln/Douglas debates

How Many Posters Here Consider Themselves to be Radical Progressives?

Texan who says Obama was a gay prostitute holds commanding lead in Board of Education vote

CNN: trump defends size of his penis

Frank Luntz: Tonight's debate will hurt the GOP

Press Conference on Job-Killing Trade Deals in Michigan | Bernie Sanders

Trump must not be allowed anywhere near the White House.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-2-16

Rubio: "If we do what needs to be done, the 21st century can be the greatest era."

liberals watching the debate.....

Bernie Sanders Lincoln, NE

This is INSANE


Does Anyone Else Find It Odd That...

I think the GOP convention will be a HUGE disaster!

So this is where our politics is now...this is where we are folks....

HuffPo: "Donald Trump Nearly Turns GOP Debate Into Literal Dick-Measuring Contest"

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-2-16

Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, and George Carlin combined couldn't have imagined tonight's GOP nightmare

Ted Cruz eats his own booger on live TV

SkyWall100 Drone Defence System - A Man Portable and Cost Effective Counter Drone System

"We Love You, Bernie!"

Trump U

we have a new nickname: Ted "Booger" Cruz...

Nevada Pronunciation Turnaround - most of the Eastern Media finally gets it

After watching the Republicans: I am thankful for Hillary AND Bernie

FULL SPEECH : Bernie Sanders campaign rally Lincoln, Nebraska

Good night all!

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Republicans voting for hope while Democrats voting out of fear (VIDEO)

Every member of the Republican Party should be forced to resign in disgrace tomorrow

Fortune Magazine to Trump: Actually, NO - you don't run a Fortune 500 company.

Hey there liddle feller. You must be proud.

Virginia man has 43 crumbling busts of US presidents on his farm

I can't wait for the next Dem debate when Bernie talks about his penis

New chair of Travis Co. GOP calls Hillary Clinton an "angry bull dyke"

i only drink whisky when i'm grieving and i sure am grieving tonight

That's not Kasich.

GOP’s self-made Trump dilemma: Understanding the monster of their own creation

FYI- How Bernie Sanders (and future candidates) can better connect with black voters

Massive Bernie Sanders Rally Lawrence, Kansas (3-3-16)


Bernie Sanders - Rocking in the Free World


Tiny Trump.

MAHER telling Jon STEWART "an event needs to be *ABOUT* something" applies to Mittens' speech today

Is it safe to say that Obama wants to drive Alan Grayson out of congress?

The actual takeover from the 54th floor of the convention. It was quite real.

Bernie is One of Us - Graham Nash

Ignoring Stuff Is Good for Your Memory

Seriously, now that we've found our way into scatalogia, is there a line they WON'T cross?

The Libya Gamble: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Push for War & the Making of a Failed State

GOP Debate: All candidates will support Trump as nominee because Clinton is worse...

Coming soon; Trump demos Pos-T-Vac live in debate

The Libya Gamble: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Push for War & the Making of a Failed State

How severe is the retirement crisis? These six charts spell it out.

SNL is going to be very funny this weekend!

The actual takeover from the 2000 Dem convention. 54 floors above the convention.

Press Conference on Job-Killing Trade Deals in Michigan | Bernie Sanders

When Hillary and the Democratic Party lose 2016 trying to be Republican-lite.

"Whole Lotta Love" | Rockin' the Bern

Now Leading HuffPost: COCK FIGHT

Point Breeze meeting ends after 'anti-Semitic' comments

The Sanders and Clinton ads are flying in MI.

Big Money Does Not Represent the People | Bernie Sanders

Trump is the most popular candidate the GOP has had in ages endorses Hillary Clinton

REPUBLICAN DEBATE - Replaying it, Streaming now online

645 people who sought to question what they were told not to.

We all think this is terribly funny, but it's not!

Repost from Reddit; "Trump supporter here, abandoning ship."

Zika virus can be carried by more common mosquito, scientists say

The only thing left is for one of them to fart at the GOP debate.

Nancy Pelosi Just Dropped Presidential Campaign Bombshell, Comes Out Against Superdelegates

Nancy Pelosi Drops Election Bombshell: Comes out against Superdelegates.

So glad that I gave up eating meat. So glad that I can look in any animal's eye and say...

(Daily Kos) Why Black Voters Vote The Way They Do (and advice on how to win them)

Ted Cruz: "Pick me!" n/t

Not That I Want To Give Trump Any Ideas Here - But After Listening To Tonights Debate I......

The Arab American News endorses Sanders.

I'm boggled. How can I reply to a thread at JPR?

Trump's new ad

"The Pope"

Missing on GOP debate stage: A future president

the Democrats' best 2016 backup is California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Losing Candidates for Cash: "Trumped"

Interesting post on Reddit; Track Bernie's Plane

Daily Show - Hillary Feels The Bern

Ts Madison "Vote or Shutup" (youtube)

5th-Graders Ditch Recess For Sign Language Club So They Can Chat With Deaf Classmate

Hillary Clinton Staffer Immunity Update: "part of an ongoing criminal investigation"

Johnny Cash: Little Marco and Big Donald

The New York Times' first article about Hitler's rise is absolutely stunning

Nevada Pronunciation Turnaround - most of the Eastern Media finally gets it

Are the oldest forums from the earlier incarnations of DU archived somewhere to look at?

New Polpular Idol Rises in Bavaria (Published: 11-21-1922)

US B-52s To Perform ‘Not Normal’ Exercises In Norway

Are the previous incarnations of DU archived somewhere accessible?

Obama roasts The Donald and Fox (White House Correspondents' Dinner)

Things I will miss from Mumbai: Zomato

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Hires Two Lawyers, Including Prominent Criminal Defense Attorney, Due To..

Obama roasts The Donald & Fox (White House Correspondents' Dinner)

Fareed Zakaria and Will Saletan on Trump and the Republicans

Obama: Donald Trump won't be president

Stupid food politics: Mumbai edition

George LAKoff Analyzes Trump- interesting read. too bad dems seem to ignore Lakoff...

Ecuador's Congress Passes Law to End Land Hoarding by Rich

Gore Vidal vs William Buckley Republican Convention 1968 Debate 1

George Lakoff: Why Trump?

Is Blind Hiring the Best Hiring?

This is why Bernie’s the Democratic front-runner: Justice Department probe of Hillary inches closer

Grand Jury Confirmed? Judge Explains How Immunity Indicates Jury Already Seated

Super Tuesday: Sanders Defeats Debs

Congratulations Northern California

Robert Reich: Why the Critics of Bernienomics Are Wrong

Millions are about to have access to free e-books. Thanks, Obama.

I'm Black, I Got Kicked out of a Donald Trump Rally, and I'm Scared'

Donald Trump may unintentionally end up making America great again by destroying Fox News.

How Opium Defeated the US in Afghanistan

An Ode to My Berniebro Trolls

Daily Holidays - March 4

I listened, off and on, to the "debate"(???) on the radio tonight.

Want America to be Great? Nominate Trump and Sanders

Fox News gets Out-Foxed hahahahahaha

Japan halts US Okinawa base expansion

Florida Black caucus leaders, scores of African-American officials endorse Hillary Clinton

Review sites to gain 'bargaining power' and/or 'warn' 'find recommendations'

London pub conducts unscientific poll of likely Republican candidates. WARNING

Sanders Takes on Climate Change, Keystone XL, in Nebraska (3/4)

Clinton planned to deliver a policy address Friday in Detroit outlining ways to remove economic bar

Visit the medieval covered market in Aleppo, in ruins.


Scientists 'find cancer's Achilles heel'

Breaking The Law

What's up w/ Chef Michael Chiarello?

If it's Trump v. Hillary, Trump will make a pitch for the millennials

To all the naysayers ---

Ashes to ashes...the lost cultural heritage sites of Syria

Is this the email that ends Hillary's career?

March 3: Miami Herald Endorses Hillary Clinton!!

Former Director of Phoenix VA Hospital Pleads Guilty

Miami Herald Endorses Hillary Clinton #ImwithHer

Donald Trump brags about the size of his genitals; on a national debate stage for President

Trump Supporters gather en masse to show their support (LMAO)

Japan halts US Okinawa base expansion

First Father

Trump now in favor of H-1B visas

... because you deserve peace.

If Clinton gets the nomination, what do you think

WOW. You are going to love this jam-packed video of Bernie, TYT, and friends...long, but worth it!

Don’t Trust Bernie Sanders | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson Cambridge, Mass

Friday Toon Roundup 1: They made him, they are stuck with him

Friday Toon Roundup 2: Mitt and the rest of the hostages

Friday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Tom Clancy's The Division.

Trump:Swing voters would flock away from him in droves

Anyone interested in a forum dedicated to End of Life issues?

THOUGHT: This MOVEMENT will someday make history as the millennial's fulfillment of the 60's dream.

Anyone interested in a forum dedicated to End of Life issues?

I guess Bernie doesn't ONLY appeal to the Millennials. I really LOVE this guy. He speaks for me.

Any Dem who opposes Bernie's health care plan is carrying water for the right wingers...

My friends, here is my post-debate "gif-t" to you...the Ted Cruz Lip Gif. Use it wisely.

Bernie Sanders has already spent up his February haul, has a few million dollars left at most

Does money matter? Is Bernie broke?

Jerry Brown Calls Trump Wall Proposal ‘Absolutely Preposterous’

YES...someone actualy DID open a new Twitter account last night, @tedcruzlip.

Gasp....Sorry, not even a thousand words will speak louder than THESE pictures.

Not even 10,000 words could speak louder than THESE pictures .....

Bernie Sanders has already spent up his February haul, has a few million dollars left at most

Romney Says He’s Not a Candidate — Don’t Believe Him

New meme: Bernie is running out of money

Did you hear Brian Williams tell the truth

Reports: Fessenheim nuclear accident played down by authorities

Angry ‘Patriot’ Who Assaulted A Black Woman At A Trump Rally Finds Out It Ruined His Life

Where To Invade Next - film trailer, Michael Moore

Bernie gets a haircut in Lawrence Kansas

I honestly believe we are on the verge of the birth of a 3rd Party

Hundreds protest outside of GOP debate

What did we learn from last night debate, compared to all the other GOP debates?

Is it racist or race-insensitive to ask a person of color why they are voting for HRC?

Spain Seizes 20,000 Military Uniforms Bound for ISIS

No 'Apprentice' alliance as Arnold Schwarzenegger snubs Donald Trump, endorses John Kasich

Earth Observatory - Extreme Tornado Outbreaks Have Increased Since 1954; Climate Link Poss, But TBC

Keith Olbermann Special Comment - Powerful, Lest We Forget

François Hollande’s Socialist revolution

Govn't vs. Apple: Wikileaks, Snowden Manley et al exhonerated?

Productivity falls 2.2% in 4th quarter 2015 (annual rate); unit labor costs rise 3.3%

on your mark.....

Caitlyn Jenner plans to "advise" President Cruz on "making decisions" as his "Trans Ambassador."

Produce the dick pics, Donald.

Michigan is Bernin' Again Today!

RBG Smackdown

Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party

KRUGMAN: "The establishment’s problem with Trump isn’t the con he brings; it’s the cons he disrupts"

Jobless Rate -4.9% /240, 000 jobs created

Payroll employment rises by 242,000 in February; unemployment rate unchanged at 4.9%

Nurse with LGBT colors on display

CNN’s Bash to Trump: ‘I Can’t Believe I’m Gonna Ask You This,’ But About That Dick Joke…

The media is turning on Trump.

Meet and Greet Hillary in Orlando FL March 4...

why the right needs to get behind trump

How much unpacking needs to be done about "American golden age" rhetoric?

Move over Courtney Cox, Springsteen dancing with 91 year old fan.

U.S. Proposes Reviving Naval Coalition to Balance China’s Expansion


Donald Trump: A Penis Portrait

Did anybody watch this program this morning?

I Have Never Voted for President Obama, Ever - Brent Brown, a Republican from Milwaukee

Interesting diary on DK about AA voting patterns

“Shameful,” “Disgusting,” "Embarrassment", "Despicable” – Fox News Focus Group Slams Fox News Debate

If President Trump thinks you're a dummy and a piece of shit, he'll call you one on Twitter.

science paper makes reference to God, all hell breaks loose

Sanders tells Schultz: Southern Democrats are tired of being abandoned by the party (2013)

Labor board rules against ADM in union case

Sheshe's tribute thread for Cha was hidden

White Nationalist Show's Syndicator Threatens To Release Emails Proving Trump Camp Lied

Labor board rules against ADM in union case

#byebyebernie = hashtag of the day! 😂😂😂😂😂

Labor board rules against ADM in union case

March Miracle? El Niño-Fueled Storms Return to California Published: March 3rd, 2016

What To Know About February’s Satellite Temp Record

Man Gives Shelter Dogs Free Makeovers to Boost Chances for Adoption

Anyone interested in signing petition to hold Bill Clinton responsible for violation of MA laws


Shameful outcome of US foreign policy in Honduras under SOS Clinton?

Stephen Colbert: Here Comes Mitt To Save The Day

How well do the much-touted similarities of the Jesus story to other myths hold up?

Has anyone ever saved a girl scout cookie from one year to the next?

Reports say Turkey moving to seize another media group

Hillary Perfectly Mocked The GOP Debate As It Happened With These HILARIOUS Tweets

I wonder why Clinton is skipping the March 7 town hall with Bernie?

So when is our next money bomb for Bernie?

Inquirer: Dems wonder if McGinty's campaign will rally before Senate primary

Islamic State' using water as a weapon

Young Republican Writes Obama To Thank Him For The ACA

"In the real story, Tweety Bird was Sylvester's lunch." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Making America Hate Again

Lincoln (NE) Journal-Star Endorses Hillary Clinton

Researchers conduct first comprehensive study of NH oyster farming March 4, 2016

Twitter's a cool place to hang

Gay Poet Persecuted in Iran Looks For New Home In Israel

Why is Donald Trump winning? (George Lakoff column)

Trooper who arrested Sandra Bland formally fired

Here's the Drumpf quote that sends a shiver down my spine:

Hillary: Obama "trusted my judgment" -- and he got screwed.

The Email argument against Hillary Clinton is a Republican argument.

Economics -- New Democratic Style

Brazil’s Ex-Leader, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Is Held for Questioning

Dick Jokes

Brazil's ex-president Lula detained in anti-graft bust

An Eagle named Trust ...

FORGET TRUMP! We need to watch....Navy aircraft carrier group moves into contested South China Sea

An exercise.

De Blasio credits less guns for more stabbings

Detroit Memories

I just submitted my first short story to Clarksworld Magazine

Repost: Cha AND Sheshe We Have Your Back "Hillary Clinton Group"

Clinton Wins Latino Vote Big Over Sanders In Texas

Report: Buried knife recovered from O.J. Simpson's former LA estate

Sanders campaign finds fodder with Clinton’s TV appearance in India on outsourcing

Keep this in mind when Hillary is talking about how much she cares about Flint, MI

How good is your grammar?

Clinton Hypocrisy: She Voted Against Measure To Prevent Groundwater Pollution

This speech could reignite Bernie Sanders: Here’s the argument he needs to make about capitalism

Definitely True!!! Last night’s debate was a disaster for the Republican brand

Donald Dick!

Doctor, mom who helped expose Flint crisis win courage award

Bernie's Revolution Is AWOL

The Arab American News in MI gives endorsement to Bernie

Bernie Gets a Haircut :)

How Neoliberalism Infiltrated Black Politics

Cosmo: Donald Trump Gives Men Permission to Be Sexist and Racist

How many Trump supporters does it take to change a lightbulb?

GHOSTBUSTERS - Official Trailer (HD)

An excellent read on African American voting patterns

Colombia re-authorizes FARC leader visits to rebel troops

Will the last intelligent President to enter the White House, please leave with the flag!

Okay lets have a little chat about the turnout issue..

Bill Clinton Photobombed

Hmmm ... ?

Hillary Paid Herself $250,000 From Campaign Funds

I'm not very surprised at Trump's rise

Mormon missionary work now includes writing Amazon reviews

The Battle of the Billionaires - Who would win? Romney vs. Trump?

Hillary Clinton, Before Flint Crisis, Voted Against Measure To Prevent Groundwater Pollution

Atheist lawmaker's prayer sets off Arizona House dispute

What the hell is wrong with Stephanie Miller

Pic Of The Moment: Another Great Week For Republican Values

“Resistance against corporate education reform”;scholars warn Senate not to approve J. King as Sec.

If it comes down to Trump and Hillary, I will put a Hillary Clinton sticker on

Hillary Pushed Mexico's Oil (PEMEX) Privatization (Sacred 'Oro Negro'): For Benefit of Her US Donors

Let's rec up this post so it makes the front page..

Massachusetts, New Hampshire are least religious states in U.S., study says

Building the Yes We Can congress: Grayson and Canova

Trump Is Bad - Yes - Cruz Is Horrific - Yes - But Rubio Is The Worst

Breakthrough in cancer research could spawn new treatments

TPP critics urge for transparency on EU talks

Poisoned City: Flint and the Specter of Domestic Terrorism

A black Sanders? Colonel that is -

Bobbi Kristina Brown Died From Combination of Drugs and Drowning, Medical Examiner Says

Nina Simone: Poetic Hot Lava In Open Letter

Knife found buried at OJ Simpson estate, report

Top Columbia U. Economist, UN Advisor Calls Out Hillary's Dangerous Foreign Policy & Her Lies:

Today's Meme: Hillary supports job-killing trade deals

Monsanto Weed Killer Glyphosate Herbicide Found In Popular Beer Brands

Hillary (when in India): Outsourcing US Jobs to India Has "Pluses and Minuses"

Trump White House may spark recession: Meg Whitman

Press Conference on Job-Killing Trade Deals in Michigan | Bernie Sanders

Why Hillary's Use of One Email Was Reckless - And Stupid

The best game of the year.

CNN Says "Take A Breath" On Clinton Aide Immunity While Fox Cries Indictment

If a post from a protected group...

Whose Supporters Are More Volatile: Hillary’s or Bernie’s

‘Payout chart’ for molestation: Secret archive held chilling details of clergy abuse

How much money is there in the world?

Documents detail prison assault on Colorado theater shooter James Holmes

Psychologists and massage therapists are reporting ‘Trump anxiety’ among clients

The last few days on DU have caused me to seriously reconsider a lot of things if Sanders wins the

One Word . . .

LIVE : Bernie Sanders @ Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, IL (Mar 4)

Capitalism's Bigger Problem-Michael Lerner's Critique of Bernie's Argument

And yet, Hillary will win...

Bernie Sanders Opening Campaign Offices In Miami, Rest Of State

People: "Moms Vote Yes for this Woman Who Breastfed Her Baby at a Bernie Sanders Rally"

Debbie Wasserman Schultz May As Well Be Running The Republican Party

Schneiderman: Trump University fraud 'pretty straightforward'

Mom and Dad Eagle on the nest!


If you think Donald Trump is bad, check out his kids...

U.N. Commissioner Warns Apple Not to Allow FBI to Access Private Data

U.N. Commissioner Warns Apple Not to Allow FBI to Access Private Data

Google receives $8 BILLION/yr in profits at PO Box 666, Bermuda tax haven- 0% Corporate Tax rate

Accused Australian teen in Syria 'running life-saving aid into Aleppo'

Rachel Maddow - Campaigns head to states damaged by Republican governance

El Chapo entered US twice while on the run after prison break, daughter claims

El Chapo entered US twice while on the run after prison break, daughter claims

So what was that? I have heard it was...

A great post over in GD

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 4 March 2016

Bernie just started to speak live

No,Hillary Clinton is not paying herself from campaign funds.

Whole Foods pre-peeled oranges in plastic pulled after social media ridicule

Trump and his campaign are so phony...

(The Knife) ? found at O.J. Simpson's former estate

It's Friday ... Watch for the news dumps

Another right wing lie floated by Sanders supporters

UPDATE: Latino Vote helped Bernie Surge to Victory in Colorado:

The Clintons Have Not Changed: The Clintonian War on the IGs

Big Money Does Not Represent the People | Bernie Sanders

Ohio lost 112,500 jobs due to trade with TPP countries (graphic): EPI

Those Must be Some Great Speeches | Bernie Sanders

Today, comrades, the Clintonistas have gone full McCarthy.

President Carter Calls The US An Oligarchy

Bernie supporters 2 hours before the Traverse City event!

Republicans in tailspin, group forms to draft...drum roll, please...PAUL RYAN for U.S. president

The debilitating economic disaster Louisiana’s governor left behind

The young, college age voter (CLINTON GROUP)

Why Democrats Need to Wake Up & Realize it is Bernie or Bust

Bartolo Colon last man standing for Montreal Expos

'Piss poll' in London pub lets Brits vote for the Republican they hate the most

Alaska’s winter is so warm, the Iditarod is importing snow and shortening its start

The big debate issue: can Sarah Palin see it from her house?

Bernie Supporters, Let's Help Bernie Break the February Record:

Serious/NOT PARTISAN: The 'Bernie Baby', Oliver Lomas-Davis, has died

If it wasn't so scary and sad; it might be funny

A business case for a wealth tax

Death claims 97-year-old Burlingame woman fighting eviction

Death claims 97-year-old Burlingame woman fighting eviction (xpost from GD)

Oakland man convicted of burning Chihuahua alive

Louisiana's public defense system could collapse without renewed cash flow

Warm ocean could mean early boom in 2016 lobster catch

TYT on the double standard re: FBI criminal investigation of HRC emails

Bernie Sanders Campaign Needs to Address Primary & Caucus Voting Manipulations NOW

Interesting idea I heard floated yesterday about SCotUS seat

Deep Drumpf: the Twitter bot trying to out-Trump the Donald

In latest outburst, North Korea's Kim orders nuclear weapons at the ready

Score Update – 3/4/2016 – 12:30 PM

One Word:

My "WTF?" of the day, Phyllis Schlafly edition... "Smells like Reagan?"

K Troop: the eradication of the original Ku Klux Klan

Hillary Clinton, Before Spotlighting Flint, Mich. Water Crisis, Voted AGAINST Clean Groundwater Bill

A campaign slogan we can all agree with

Tennis icon Bud Collins dies at 86

Nebraska's Largest Paper Endorses Hillary Clinton

Murder of activist Berta Cáceres sparks violent clashes in Honduras

Hell Freezes Over: Fox News to Host Democratic Town Hall

Murder of activist Berta Cáceres sparks violent clashes in Honduras

Tom DeLay: Trump will 'tear the Republican party apart'

Russell Simmons endorses Clinton, slams Sanders

Open Letter to David Brock

A Piece On Progressives And Science Denialism Written By A Progressive

Police confirm Trump campaign wanted peaceful black students kicked out of rally

Republicans in tailspin, group forms to draft Ryan for U.S. president


Trump is a less informed Bill O'Rielly

Jim Webb: I Could Vote for Trump, but not Hillary

Swallowing Hard. Trump Rivals Vow To Back Him If Nominated

Saying Goodbye to the Mythbusters

Obama reorganises visit to Argentina to avoid 1976 coup anniversary

The Democratic Party got crushed during the Obama administration. Here's Why. (NPR)

Come get your Friday Puppy Fix, People! You need this!

Zika caught 'killing' brain cells

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall marry in London.

Pakistan police halt marriage of 10-year-old girl

When Andrea Mitchell knows you're lying - wow - watch DWS try to defend Hillary.

Just Early Voted for Sanders in NC

Zika Kills Cells Key to Fetal Brain Development, Study Says

Nigeria's Boko Haram 'cattle markets' shut down

"things have now risen to the level of a grand jury investigation"

These beetles waterski, scientists say. How do they do it?

Turkey seizes control of Zaman newspaper linked to Gulen

shouldn't the rnc just tell everyone who the acceptable gop candidates are before they fill the

What's Bernie's schedule, upcoming? Any events with video? nt

An apology to Cha:

Brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers endorses Trump

Cancel my recurring payment please nt


Alan Kurdi death: Turkey jails Syrians over migrant drowning

Donald Trump Ditches CPAC To Go To 'Witchita, Kanasas'

Donald Trump drop-out 'disappoints' CPAC conference

Study Shows Anti-Vaxx Websites Spread Misinformation (Shocking! I know.)

Nadia Savchenko: Anger and defiance at Russia trial delay

Ammon Douchebag Bundy interviewed from jail

The Debate of Dicks - Donald Trump's was just the beginning.

Today's PredictWise - 2016 Democratic Nomination - Hillary 94% - Bernie 6%

Jim Webb, "Democrat": I could vote for Trump, but not Hillary

Knife Found Buried on OJ Simpson’s Estate Years Ago Finally Turned Over to LAPD -- Holy crap, I've

Audit Faults Michigan Regulators in Flint Water Crisis

Report: Bernie Sanders proposes $15T in tax increases, hitting most taxpayers .

Tunnel from Pakistan to push in militants: BSF

ExxonMobil Sued Over Baton Rouge Chemical Plant's Emissions

If this campaign thing doesn't work out for Drumpf, he can always shill for Extenze.

For those who follow info on election fraud...

I did a total face-plant watching this...

Retrial in Chandra Levy Case Now Set for Fall

Just how stupid are creationists?

Trump's new low last night. RIGHT HERE!!!

Blatantly false smear jobs that people believe now include

Enough already with the threads plumbing the depths of the POC psyche

Leaving the kids out of politics.

I need some help I'm speaking for Bernie at the NE caucus tomorrow

Sanders Blasts Clinton’s Support for Job-Killing Trade Deals

Bill O'Reilly accused of being drunk on TV

Five Big Questions After a Vulgar Republican Debate

Can anybody ID the location at 28:35 in this video?

Former Dem. candidate: I won't vote Clinton

I just lied to a pollster.

FAIR: US Contribution to Death of Honduran Activist Goes Unmentioned in US Coverage

NYPD is sued for using sound cannons at Eric Garner protest

It's so hard to NOT respond on GDP about Sanders (and not Clinton) going on FOX!

Vanessa Kerry might be every bit as impressive as her impressive father

Serial airplane stowaway gets six months in Chicago mental health center

Did Ted Cruz just eat a booger live on national television?

U.S. moves to dismiss case against ex-Chesapeake CEO after his death

Nearly 100,000 call for Bill's arrest

Black woman assaulted at Trump rally

I pledge to no longer engage the Bernie Supporters on DU because Hillary has won the nomination.

Peru bars presidential candidate, could disqualify another

Errant Bird Dropping Causes Nuclear Power Plant Shutdown in Upstate New York

Bill Clinton poll invasion petition to Massachusetts atty gen.

Petition update! 100,300 SIGNATURES!!!!! We need to sign a companion petition to OBAMA! LINK BELOW

Father's dark legacy threatens Fujimori's run for Peru presidency

Donald Drumpf Compares Jewish Federations to White Supremacists — ADL Calls Claim 'Obscene'

I didn't support Hillary in 2008, but this is why I am supporting her now

Greatest monthly heat anomaly ever for the 2nd consecutive month

90 Year Old Iwo Jima Vet Blocked From Voting By GOP Voter ID Laws

Obama reorganises visit to Argentina to avoid 1976 coup anniversary

(VICELAND) WEEDIQUETTE Episode 1: Stoned Kids

Mutations, DNA damage seen in Fukushima forests: Greenpeace

Racists don't just pop up out of nowhere ... they have a history

Bernie vs Boca in Ohio

Donald Drumpf Was Set Up

I'd believe this meme more . . . .

Star Wars: R2-D2 original builder Tony Dyson dies

Beware of product reviews on Amazon.....

Ted Kennedy’s Widow Endorses Hillary

Inside the Fight to Frack a Pennsylvania Township

Independent Media Must Replace The Destructive Corporate Media

GOP primary debate on Fox News most watched debate of 2016

Hah, Psychiatric hospitals are filling up with time travellers sent back to kill Donald Trump

Physicists find extreme violation of local realism in quantum hypergraph states

End of the Corporate Age

Organizing Events in Washington state.

Admit it. Won't you miss all the jibbing and jabbing when the primaries are done?

Orange is the new black

We are so thankful today that the msm has a new focus for Friday. OJ and a knife found years ago on

CAUTION: For Undecided Voters Only - Not for Hillary Supporters [video]

Hillary News & Views 3.4: Newspaper, Union Endorsements; Women's History

A localized time-space disruption occurs on DU.

FBI Reveals Details of $4.8M Gold Truck Robbery

FBI Reveals Details of $4.8M Gold Truck Robbery

Harvard Law School recommends removal of school seal tied to slavery

Officer in School Beating Probe Was Fired as Deputy in 2003

I understand why so many people support Sanders.

What's for Dinner? ~ Fri., March 4, 2016

Clinton Expands Base-Prepares for General Election

Charlie Pierce: The Guy Who Dropped Out Before Lincoln Chafee Has Some Thoughts on Trump

Twitter Says Clinton Debate Tweets Reach 10 Million-big winner of Thursday night’s Republican debate

Republican says Obamacare saved his life: 'Thank you for serving me even when I didn’t vote for you'

New York City’s nuclear power plant leaking ‘uncontrollable radioactive flow’ into Hudson River

Alabama Supreme Court Refuses to Defy U.S. Supreme Court on Gay Marriage

I just got my Bernie bumper sticker in the mail!

Police confirm Trump campaign wanted peaceful black students kicked out of rally

Hillary Wins GOP Debate Twitter

Hillary Clinton campaign plans Puerto Rican-style “Caravana para Hillary” in Orlando

WaPo's Paul Waldman: No, Clinton will not be indicted; the email issue is a non-scandal

WaPo's Paul Waldman: No, Clinton will not be indicted; the email issue is a non-scandal

Candy makers check in!

Four stages of desolation


Def endorsement: Hip Hop pioneer Russell Simmons backs Hillary Clinton


Bernie Sanders may not have won Colorado after all

The 10 biggest struggles for a third culture kid

The real enemy of the small-medium businesses

Winter's last gasp at Great Falls, Md.

So far, in the primaries, the popular vote

Governor releases Malheur occupation communications

Man Convicted of Lewd Acts on Child That He Later Married

Psychiatric hospitals filling up with time travellers sent back to kill Donald Trump

Trump threatens a third-party bid: Why the GOP must take him seriously

Cyprus' First Public Gay Wedding Takes Aim at Prejudices

Al Franken to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, Warren

There are 4 contests this weekend. Sanders is favored in 3 out of 4: Go Kansas, Nebraska, and Maine!

Can a 3-year old represent herself in immigration court? This judge thinks so.

Know how I know it's not really over for Bernie?

The Clintons Have Not Changed: The Clintonian War on the IGs

Tim Black has a few words for Russell Simmons....

Invading Safe Spaces is an Entitlement Issue

Can Hillary Clinton tap into Donald Trump's support base?

Updated "Predictwise" forecast: Hillary Clinton has a 94% chance of winning the Democratic nom.

Obama on Trump

Statement from DFL Chairman Ken Martin on Presidential Primary and Superdelegates

Study: Graffiti artist Banksy unmasked by geospatial analysis

What are your PREDICTIONS for this Friday evening's DOCUMENT DUMP?

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Discusses White Supremacy

George Clooney endorsing HRC and calls Drumpf a xenophobic fascist

Accepting a job below one’s skill level can adversely affect future employment prospects

At Conservative Gathering, Attacks on Donald Trump Are Not Sticking

Dog Attacked With Hammer and Stabbed For Giving Birth to Stillborn Puppies (Petition)

The Shocking Consequences of the World’s Meat Addiction

John Kasich Is Banking on a Contested Convention

How about a joke for Friday?

Donald Trump Pulls Out of Conservative Conference (CPAC)

Bernie sanders look alike baby passes away


Can we all just cry for these demoralized Trump supporters at Fox:

DA Bears...astute political commentator Mike Ditka believes that Obama is the worst President EVAH

Ben Folds Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Traverse City, MI rally! Link:

It's Broke! - Sack Cartoon

Good Citizens of Flint Michigan: Hillary Clinton is RICK SYNDER of Fracking (DESTROYS Water)

Bernie is attracting conservative primary voters who want 'less liberal' policies

Trump has decided not to torture,killing families out too.

Galbraith: Attacks on Sanders Economic Plan By Former CEA Chairs Are Irresponsible

Politico: Sanders proposes $15T in tax increases, hitting most taxpayers

Rare Elizabethkingia Bacteria Outbreak Infects 44 in Wisconsin, Killing 18

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby make my endorsement* of the winning ticket for 2016.

Latino voters seem split on candidates. This could hurt Hillary Clinton

He said it at a he said it at a debate...this is the level of ReTHUG and M$Greedia

Report: Paul Ryan disavows ‘Draft Ryan’ movement

George Clooney endorsing HRC and calls Drumpf a xenophobic fascist

Are you getting a ton of jury requests?

Maddiemom or levitzslevitzs over the years.

A domestic terror attack just happened in Los Angeles and no one noticed

Puerto Rico’s Pooches Jet Off to the Hamptons

An oldie but a goodie, updated

YOWZAA!!!! 943.18 Mbps download, 947.81 upload on my new Google Fiber

What kind of "great businessman" sells Steaks at the Sharper Image Electronics -Clock&Chair shop?

Governor of Louisiana, and Superdelegate, reveals he early voted...for Clinton

There's a field trip taking place, from Washington DC to Flint, today

DailyKOS sets March 15th as the end of Hillary bashing:

Ted Cruz Booger Eating Going Viral

How come it's "I'm with Her" instead of "She's with Us" -- food for thought

Last Night's Debate: The Dick Fight the GOP Deserves (Rude Pundit)

A new trending make up tutorial

Atlanta Falcons apologize for asking NFL draft prospect if he is gay


Your drunk neighbor: Donald Trump

ALL TOGETHER: We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome HRC someday!!

Shout out to our very own "Attorney in Texas"!

Petraeus was prosecuted for mishandling classified materials. What HRC did was worse.

It seems Trump has cost me a friend

Hillary's policies turned Libya into a terrorist hell hole

AI Twitterbot Sounds A Lot Like Trump

Russian atheist faces year in jail for denying existence of God during webchat

Corporate Media Doesn’t Mind Trump’s KKK Supporters

The U.S. Senator Holding Flint Aid Hostage

great picture

 How Much Did the US Know About the Kidnapping, Torture, and Murder of Over 20,000 People in Argent

How Much Did the US Know About the Kidnapping, Torture, and Murder of Over 20,000 People in Argenti

Thanks to some hackers; lets listen to a few voicemails on Trumps server

How the Congressional Black Caucus Leverages Blackness to Work as a Tool for Wall Street

Supreme Court blocks Louisiana law that would restrict abortion providers

Sanders to Intensify Pitch to Black Voters

Omaha (NE) World-Herald Endorses Hillary Clinton

We have a very sick patient here, doctor.

Not to brag but

Booger Cruz is spewing....

Peru Victims Expose More Fujimori Era Forced Sterilizations

Two Clintons. 41 Years. $3 Billion. Inside The Clinton Donor Network (Washington Post 11-19-15)

A better understanding of the prevalence of "Corporate Democrats" (POLL)

We'll Find Out Soon If Higher Minimum Wages Kill Jobs

I need to have a little talk with the librarian...

Cruz will abolish IRS,

Sanders’ tax plan would slam wealthy on capital gains, study finds (much more than Hillary)

Remember the Maine!

So even though Sanders apparently has a massive lead in Alaska

The growing "authoritarian constituency"- something we CANNOT ignore!

High Housing Costs Are Driving Californians Out in Droves

Oklahoma takes action on fracking-related earthquakes — but too late, critics say

The Trump Rally is the New Klan Rally

My Hillary - Build your own Hillary Clinton!

Mountain View council OKs plans for dense housing in North Bayshore

And . . . . the gauntlet is thrown down over at Kos.

The Mystery Madoff Victims Who Left $2.5 Billion on the Table

More than a third of people shot by L.A. police last year were mentally ill, LAPD report finds

One way Bernie has it ALL OVER Hillary!

On March 4, 1933,

Deepest Part of the Ocean, the Mariana Trench, Proves to Be Hauntingly Noisy

U.S. Trade Deficit Widens As Exports Hit Five-And-A-Half-Year Low

I support Bernie Sanders because I support cannabis legalization.

Alabama Supreme Court dismisses petitions opposing gay marriage

Bernie's Tax Plan Helps the Middle Class: Only Millionaires & Billionaires Can Complain:

Six-Month Sentence for Ex-Trooper Accused of Raping Woman

America 2016...who would have thought?

Wanna hear the best live band out there tearing it up?

Flipping thru the channels & caught the very very end of Hillary on CNBC.

Apple-FBI Case Is `Pandora's Box' Against Human Rights, UN Says

People Are Really Angry About Whole Foods’ Pre-Peeled Oranges In Plastic Containers feed_manager_aut

John Fugelsang at his best...

Watch Bill Clinton campaign for HRC in Omaha

Exclusive: Inside the Prison Assault on Aurora Theater Shooter James Holmes

Orlando Sun-Sentinel endorsement: Hillary Clinton

My friend's boyfriend (now fiance) is abusing her and she won't quit him....Redux

Harvard Law panel seeks to scrap official seal tied to slave owners

The Jobs Report's Pay Problem

"Trump has totally ruined the phrase "Little Marco" for the Rubios' foreplay."

Bold Nebraska 2016 Presidential Poll Results caucus tomorrow 3-5-16

I've quit reading HuffPo. Where should I get my news summaries now?

Texas governor takes aim at 'caustic' tweeter who won county GOP race

Why does ben(dopey)carson still have Secret Service protection

The Clintons Have Not Changed: The Clintonian War on the IGs (William K. Black)

Australian mom calls on women to masturbate during childbirth

Student charged after sharing nude photos of teacher

Trump Toons...

Bye Bye Carson

Hundreds pack funeral for black man shot by Raleigh officer

I have made my decision, for Republicans, I prefer Trump to Cruz.

Black Lawmakers and Their Staffers Split on Bernie Sanders plus an astonishing quote

Bernie Campaign Ad - End of the Corporate Age

Audit faults Michigan regulators in Flint water crisis

Ron Goldman's Dad Fascinated By Appearence Of Possible OJ Murder Weapon

How Hillary Clinton’s Vote Against Clean Water Regulations Could Cost Her Michigan

North Dakota lawmakers look to beef up gun restoration laws

Watch a 90-year-old husband and wife play Bach together in this beautiful video

Who Is ALEC -and Why Should We all Be Screaming?

Ben Carson Officially Drops Out of Presidential Race

As $ Mills in Donations Flow to Clinton Fdn, Hillary Approves Deal Giving Russia Strategic US Asset

February 2016 was a record month for tornado activity in Alabama

Harry Potter and the Presidential Candidates

Why Are Mainstream Republicans Acting Shocked?

The U.S. just sent a carrier strike group to confront China

The Arab American News endorses Sanders.

Since 1972, the party with higher turnout in primaries has gone 4-7 in the general election.


So when would you switch DU to a GE setting ala DKos? (HRC Group)

Terrell Suggs arrested on suspended license in Arizona

Despite devaluation, Argentina logs $160 million trade deficit in Macri's first full month in office


Brazil’s Ex-Leader, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Is Released After Raid

Brazil’s Ex-Leader, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Is Released After Raid

Bernie Sanders rocks crowd of +10.000 supporters in Lawrence, Kansas (03-3-2016)

Luckovich Toon- Wunderbar Again

DNC Chair Backs Pro-Payday Loan Bill; Thinks 300% Interest Is A Consumer Protection

Report: GAO to probe 'regulatory capture' of Wall Street watchdogs

Man stops semi, says 'apologize to Jesus'

Hillary supporters lie of the day, I guess, How many TRILLIONS will Bernie tax you???

Well, he did it. My crazy brother-in-law voted for Trump

Brewers submit damning evidence in Hank the Dog case

Trevor Noah On the KKK

Hill's Group: Tax Plan Showdown: Hillary Clinton vs. the Republicans

Bernie supports Post Offices providing banking as an alternative to Pay Day Lending

Didn't see it posted, but Bret Baier on Faux News just said that Hillary had

Ted Cruz Fondly Describes Weird Shirtless Poster Of Self Made by Super Racist Artist

An old friend came to visit, she is the largest breed (Pileated) woodpecker in N America

White House: Obama to meet with whomever he wants in Cuba

Dumb Criminals: Road Rage - Guy Pulls Over Semi And Tells Driver To "Apologize To Jesus"

What is this 'The Brief' show on MSNBC?

Hill's Group: Two Major Stars Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President

Well, Trump is correct


Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton’s Green Evolution

Interesting 2008 article about Hillary being considered for Secretary of State

House of Cards - Great advertisement for the Sanders campaign

Why Are We Punishing People For Getting An Education? | Bernie 2016

Graham on choosing between Trump and Cruz: 'It's like being shot or poisoned'

Mayor Lee is turning San Francisco into a Dickens novel


This is an Amazing Article!

Camp Hillary is cleverly trying to shift away from state-by-state wins, because they will be losing!

The great tennis historian and journalist Bud Collins is dead

Clinton Takes Aim at Another Government Watchdog

China bans depictions of gay people on television

Breaking: Hillary Clinton to Participate in FOX NEWS Town Hall in Michigan

EU states rebel against plans to relicense weedkiller glyphosate

"Dick Armey's army of Dicks". I used this as a joke, but apparently in what

Breaking: Hillary Clinton to Participate in FOX NEWS Town Hall in Michigan