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It seems like the Republicans aren't even trying in Maine.

Economic fear is primarily what drives white backlash-not hate for hate's sake

Why Trump Can Skip CPAC

One Freeper is CONFIDENT that they've solved the Cruz lip mystery...UNTIL...

Surprise Surprise.....

Polls Show The Supreme Court Blockade Is Hurting The GOP

Who will be running in the general election?

Uncovering the ‘myths’ behind technological solutions to aviation’s climate change crisis

Clinton’s outreach has her in good standing with black colleges

NYPD Sued For Injuring Protesters With Sound Cannons At Eric Garner Demonstration

How Your College Is Selling Out to Big Ag

Watch these kids hilariously school Donald Trump: ‘He speaks his mind — but his mind isn’t right’

Clinton's Lead On Sanders Shrinks Heading Into Michigan Primary

Gallup: Obama Approval Rating (+7) 51-44-Higher Than Reagan on Same Date 1988

Lessons from Libya: How Not to Intervene

A Town Demands Protection from Monsanto Pesticides

Protest Trump in Fayetteville 3/9/16

What Will Many Bernie Sanders Voters Do After July?

Episode 50 of Extinction Radio is ready to stream

Sarah Silverman will appear on Real Time tonight

Sikh captain wins order blocking U.S. Army from excessive testing

Sikh captain wins order blocking U.S. Army from excessive testing

Our Gov't Should Be Protecting People's Health - Not Corporate Profits

'Joe the Plumber' praises Trump, cites his 'beautiful women'

Hillary says yes to Fox Town Hall with Bernie

UPDATED!! Sanders is making one hell of a stand in Michigan.

Have a Vision and Fight for What's Right | Bernie Sanders

Carson Spent Most of His Money on Consultants

Sanders slams Clinton, Trump, Wall Street in speech at SIUE

US Contribution to Death of Honduran Activist Goes Unmentioned in US Coverage

Seen on Facebook:

Gallup: Trump Favorability (-33) Favorable 30% Unfavorable 63

This Open Source Script Lets You (and Police) Search Twitter For Guns

Given that the polls STILL show Bernie doing better than HRC against any Rethug...

LIVE: Grand Valley State University Rally - Allendale, MI (3/4/2016)

"The Rise of American Authoritarianism," by Amanda Taub

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders' supporters marched through London to vote for him

MSNBC news break - Protestors interrupting Trump rally in New Orleans

New range of serious fetal abnormalities linked to Zika: study

Trump brought down by the BBC? Damning investigative video has just gone up...

Channel 4's The Last Leg announces new website,

Watched W again tonight. I know it is fiction but it comes close to what I think was his psyche.

Hillary Clinton wants to end private sector prisons

Is Michael Bloomberg getting serious about a presidential run? This curious move has fueled new spec

Air Emirates sets record for longest flight by distance

Supreme Court sides with healthcare corporations against consumers

Clinton Backs Repealing Tax Cuts for Moving U.S. Jobs Overseas

Debunking the big lie about Trump and the GOP establishment: They’re identical and hocking the same

Friday Talking Points (381) -- Is Trump Bigger Than Liam Neeson?

The New York Times' first article about Hitler's rise is absolutely stunning (Trump parallels)

Has the link to the Drumpfinator already been posted?

Question....How many times did the Republican Canidates mention the Flint Water Crisis

I just got an interesting e-mail...

Bangladesh may abandon Islam as state religion after extremist attacks

U.S. land managers reject development near Grand Canyon

Clinton lays out plan to help American workers

How 401(k)s have failed most American workers

Hillary Clinton, Before Spotlighting Crisis In Flint, Michigan, Voted Against

Male elephant knocks down house that blocks off water supply, hears baby crying, stops, saves baby

Chicago teachers set April 1 for 'showdown' with schools

Chicago teachers set April 1 for 'showdown' with schools

Trump supporters are inoculated against the truth

The New Normal

Now, 'Redacted Tonight' Comedy w Lee Camp: Political Campaigns, PayDay Loans DWS -CFPB

SpaceX Rocket Misses Landing at Sea After Successful Satellite Launch

Jeff Masters -El Niño-Related Rains Take Aim on California--and Arkansas

Old Man River

When Sanders says "Wall Street banks and billionaires buy elections," whose election does he mean?

Death claims 97-year-old Burlingame woman fighting eviction

How Much More Can the Labor Force Grow?

9/11 Experiments: The Force Behind the Motion

Do you remember that LIE Krugman was spreading about Bernie's proposals?

Thank you. (HILLARY GROUP)

Trump kills GOP autopsy

Clip of Hillary Clinton speaking to an Indian audience - telling them outsourcing US jobs is good

Why is Hillary hiding her speech transcripts?

Does everyone have their drumpfinator?

Clash of Republican Con Artists by Paul Krugman

Why we can't endorse Trump, Rubio, Cruz or Kasich

Heads up! Chris Hayes is about to do an exposé on the "racial divide"

Florida Sun-Sentinel rips into Republican candidates

'I guess that flag is coming down' (OR)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Another Friday! Uncensored & Live

Invited to juries four times in less than two minutes - but they were all full

The Billionaires Club Strikes again!

Pondering replacements for Confederate statue (FL)

I grew up in Montana.

Breaking: Leaked Donald Trump Sex Tape

Bobby Jindal: Trump is Obama's fault

Apparently Mitt Romney's father did the exact same thing to Goldwater that Mitt is doing to Trump

Found on Twitter. Picture says it all.

Why I left the Republican Party (LTTE | Chicago Trib)

Anyone watching Chris Hayes?

Sorry, been on vacation: Where can I find HRC's speech transcripts?

Rachel showing Trump screaming at people and acting like a fascist.


Daily Kos Asks Clinton And Sanders Supporters For Unity

Obama asked one question in meeting with McConnell and Grassley @ Scalia replacement

Rachel Maddow just compared Trump Rallies to Wallace Rallies

LA Officials Bring The Hammer Down On Tiny Houses For Homeless

Bernie is a "new dealer." I find that saying

Hillary Lobbyists & Donors & ICE & Private Prisons

This GIF of Drumpf...

Picture of Bernie speaking to OVERFLOW crowd in Nebraska (3/3)

I see Hilteam is busy recasting her as yes-we-can liberal as she leaves the south

Bernie's national press secretary comes home to caucus

There may not be enough white men in America to elect Trump president

Lascaux cave paintings: Huge replica of Palaeolithic site to open in France in December

Best photobomb this election season!

Did Bill Clinton Just Baldly Lie To Young Nebraskans?

*Donna Edwards on the Bill Maher Show, 10pm, Friday 3/4

Louisiana's public defense system could collapse without renewed cash flow

Yellowstone’s Irreplaceable Grizzlies

State explains why Bill Clinton's polling place visits were legal

Daily Kos Anticipating Transitioning to General Election After March 15

At 100, World War II nurses have friendship of a lifetime

Another Uber Driver Awarded Unemployment Benefits

The Clinton Email Bernie Sanders Should Bring Up in Sunday’s Debate

I have a tryout for Jeopardy!

I think I've finally processed how people could be vacillating between Bernie and Drumpf

Video: Inside the Hard Lives of Los Angeles Mountain Lions

Learning to speak "Hillary Double-Speak"

Dispelling Stupidparty Myths – The GOP is Ideologically No Longer the Party of Lincoln

Utilities Cut Coal Use Amid Clean Power Plan Fight

Are machine politics what is killing the Democratic Party.

Sunday on ‘This Week’ and CNN State of the Union: Sen. Bernie Sanders

Trump - "We have the highest taxes anywhere in the world"... Verdict?

This mirror makes me look like a badass

Milwaukee County Executive Debate 2/21/16

Point of reference: This group has

WTF -- 206


Progressive Group is Backing Bernie Sanders-Style Candidates

HRC in Detroit Today

The miasma of lies and disinformation coming from Camp Hillary are enough to choke to death on.

Gunmen kill at least 15 in old people's home in Yemen

John Oliver talks about Der Donald

So if what I'm reading is right... we can ALL go to Massachusetts and visit polling places.

Let's help Bernie out before the Flint debate

Bead the Bern: Update

Confession - I Am Watching More GOP Debates - Like A Horrific Accident

'Be respectful,' mother tells son outside Bernie Sanders rally in Michigan

Fact checkng President Obama on the TPP

Failed Dem Candidate Jim Webb: I won't vote for Clinton, but I may for Trump

Sanders' radical message missing moderate Black voters

Man, it is POURING out there!

Unity. 3/15/2016

The Daily Beast's Bernie Bashing

At each rally Bernie should ask the crowd to commit to vote & bring at least 1 friend along too!

If you had plenty of money and it wasn't an issue.

'Yes we can' switch to 100 percent renewable energy

An Enraged Bernie Sanders Trashes Tax Policy Center Analysis Of His Tax Plan

ISIS Day to Day since 2013

Renewable energy rise driving changes in European wholesale power market

Clinton: I’m the ‘most transparent public official in modern times’

Love Is All You Need......

China Breaks Solar, Wind Power Energy World Record in 2015

This weekend's voting...

Bernie Sanders Thanks Mom for Breastfeeding at His Rally

Love Is All You Need......

Clinton urges candidates to present 'credible' economic plan in Detroit MI


Pat Conroy has passed.

How A $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Can Help Curb Domestic Abuse

Friday night wine-buzz - Yellow Tail Shiraz. I love you all...

The corporate media conglomerates in an effort to protect the less than 1% are now

The picture of Christie behind his Don reminds me of. . .

Bill Clinton in Omaha: "Make college tuition free in every public university in the country"

Orlando (FL) Sentinel: Clinton "is the better choice"

BTRTN March 5/6 Primary/Caucus Predictions, from the Best Predictors Around

Florida Sun-Sentinel: "Clinton's experience and steadiness make her best choice"

Post-Trumpatic Stress Disorder

The FBI's New Plan to Spy on High School Students: Targets include Muslims, anarchists, activists

Florida Sun-Sentinel: Why we can't endorse Trump, Rubio, Cruz or Kasich

Wanna see how dumb Trump supporters are?

50+ Mississippi Mayors, Florida Sun-Sentinel & Tampa City Council Endorses Hillary Clinton

Remember the Apprentice Chevy Tahoe commercial contest from 2006?

Any other Instant Pot Users here? I just upgraded to the Blue tooth

Black and What the Sanders Unelectability Argument Says About Black Lives

Today's tip for living

Response to the Daily Kos.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 5, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: William Holden

Finally, someone went there!

Krugman - Clash of Republican Con Artists

Why is the WTO Forcing India and EU to Give Up Their Rights to Public Education for US Corporations?

Curious if anyone else is watching House of Cards.

BLM Activist Challenges Killer Mike's Argument For Bernie Sanders

Essence On-line Covers Donna Edwards' Campaign (re-post)

Bill Clinton Says Hillary Is Now For FREE COLLEGE !!! Oh Yes He Did... [VIDEO]

What Will Many Bernie Sanders Voters Do After July?

Essence On-line Covers Donna Edwards' Campaign (re-post)


Bill Clinton Makes the Case for Bernie Sanders' Single Payer Healthcare

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 5, 2016

KIRO Radio (Seattle) accidentally saves American history

Predictive Markets have odds for March 5 to 15 contests now. Looking good for Clinton

Steal the Bern again?!

Predictive markets think Hillary is about to have a huge ten days (HRC Group)

Dawn Redwood

#BundyTeaParty updates: more arrests, AG - more charges coming, Judge - David Fry detained

Right-Wing Media Stumped Over Trump's Rise

6 Ways Femmephobia Is Harming LGBTQIA+ Communities

Nebraska - Where AND WHEN to Caucus DIFFERS BY LOCATION - Democratic Caucus - SATURDAY MARCH 5th

Remember, a real democrat would NEVER do a debate on fox news...

Is this next Dem town hall in conflict with the final episode of Downton Abbey?

What was the main topic of last night's replubican't debate?

Flynt to Trump: What's Your Penis Size?

Bloody Hell America! From here in Australia, it’s looking pretty bad.

Donald Trump’s Short Fingers: A Historical Analysis (Pic Heavy)

This one is bound to disappear...

Democrats Abroad Election Results (unofficial)

Homemade carpet cleaner solution that really works!

What will be the next Bernie stance that Hill will adopt?

Weapons and Wall-Street Mean Big Money for Hillary

Florida Voting Now Open

Google reviews for Russell Simmons's prepaid debit card

Which statues of historical figures should we remove?

In Michigan, Clinton lays out plan to boost American jobs

The most Retweeted Tweet of the #gop debate was Hillary mocking..

'Campus Carry' bill to GA Senate floor on Monday

Robert Reich: Bernie’s Critics Are Wrong! – Thom Hartmann Program

Found this Interesting....

Seriously, enough of this "Dixie" meme.

Glenn Beck Under Investigation For Alleged Threat Against Trump

Consumers Beware – Debbie Wasserman Schultz vs. Elizabeth Warren – Big Picture with Thom Hartmann

Colombia researchers discover first cases of Zika virus linked to birth defects

Juncker Says Ukraine Not Likely To Join EU, NATO For 20-25 Years

Does anyone have a film/picture of Hillary

Is socialism now acceptable in the US?

The untold school segregation story behind Bernie Sanders's 1963 arrest


The Week End Economists take a Breatheder. Mar 05-06, 2016.

MN:+23.2% vs NH:+22.4%

Daily Holidays - March 5

Hillary Evolution Alert: Now she has always opposed NAFTA and free trade...

Hillary Clinton Campaign Sets The Bar Low For Upcoming Caucuses

I believe Sec. Clinton can deliver on Russell Simmons' endorsement price

A Dark Legacy: Hillary Clinton’s Role in the Mexican Drug War

Kansas - Where AND WHEN to Caucus - Democratic Caucus - Bernie Sanders - SATURDAY MARCH 5th

Establishment Afraid of Sanders Not Trump

Inside 'Islamic State': A Raqqa diary

Yes, I will vote for Hillary, however

Bernie slams Hillary's trade agreement history while speaking at his Michigan rally

In 180 Seconds You Will Be Voting For Bernie Sanders

THIS is why I support Bernie.

How Mitt Romney 'fixes' things: a video parable on Trump as a Light Bulb

Ted "The Lip" Cruz is salivating over the prospect of a brokered convention...

Drumpf caught off guard in private, candid moment.

"My wound is geography. It is also my anchorage, my port of call. I grew up slowly.....

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-3-16

Why do some people use the word "Just" a lot when they pray?

Agenda Behind Israel's 'Pinkwashing' Accusers?

Trump Supporters Aren’t Stupid

Clinton Will Build Her Biggest Lead on March 15. Sanders Will Erode It After That

Update: the kitties are great, my hip is on the mend, but the financial crisis continues

EPA: Polluters will pay for $1.4B Passaic River cleanup

Michigan could change everything.

'No-Gay Thursday:' Horrid abuse alleged at Conestoga

Q&A: The Nebraska Democratic caucuses are today. Here's everything you need to know

Weekly Address: The American Spirit of Innovation

Host Appreciation Thread

Trump needs to win 7 out of 10 white males.

Clinton at age 49: My political beliefs are rooted in the conservatism I was raised with..."

so...if you tell me 'you can't possibly win' or 'the math is not there' or any one of the other

Why I could NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton

Zaman newspaper: Defiant last edition as Turkey police raid

Bernie paid his family out of campaign funds, Hillary did not.

I watched "Where to Invade Next" last night, it is a must see,

"Chris Christie's Wordless Screaming" Alexandra Petri nails it.

obviously, not presidential material

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-4-16

Any wonder why small businesses are closing, store fronts empty? Are you from MA?

US Obama extends order declaring "national emergency" in Venezuela

Mike Malloy - Maybe The Sanders Movement Will Refuse To Stop

Can the Rise of the new Authoritarians be stopped? What would this country look like w/Trump?

Trumps simply saying into the microphone what Mitt Romney said should be confined to “quiet rooms.”

Captain Noah sings us a rainbow

Get over yourselves America: "There Is NO Such Thing As Race"

Oil-rich Venezuela is now importing U.S. oil

Whereupon, the Donald Raises the Dead.....

Caracas, Venezuela named as the world's most violent city

Serious Question

Bruce Bartlett: I voted for Trump to destroy the GOP

Bernie Sanders Visits a NH Polling Place.....

The $64,000 Answer

5 Low-Cost Countries Where You Can Live on $1,500 a Month or Less

Vox: Bernie Sanders fans insist he’s more electable than Hillary Clinton. Are they right?

I'm not falling for the notion that "anyone" could beat Trump. He's proving to be a great politician

"It's Turtles All The Way Down!"

US Contribution to Death of Honduran Activist Goes Unmentioned in US Coverage

LePage foe files voter suppression complaint over joke at Trump rally

Must see. "The Empathy Gap"--Bill Maher impales RW hypocrisy. SO WELL DONE...

Primaries after March 15. Lots of them. Diary from Daily Kos.

Rick Perry's abuse-of-power case is not over yet

I like this GIF.......

“He’s not for sale”: Sarah Silverman explains why she dumped Hillary Clinton for Bernie Sanders

Beware voting for Republican governors.

Central Bank of Venezuela Doubles Down in Cyber Terrorism Website Lawsuit

CPAC: The hypocrisy never ends

Bobby Jindal: President Obama Caused Trump by Being Too Intellectual and Mature

"A 'no brainer'? Great, count me in!" . . . Please come CAPTION Marco Rubio!!!

Can't make this stuff up: "Officer took the (O.J.) knife home & kept it...kept it for years."

12 Ways Your Tax Dollars Were Squandered in Afghanistan

Anyone here ever visited Discussionist or the Gun Group?

Carl Hiassen On Rick Scott - The Emptiest Of Suits And Shallowest Of Souls

Hillary voted against Clean Water

Bernie is one cool dude...

Most Trump Voters Support Him Because of an Envioremental Issue

Boogerman And Little Marco Hate Eminent Domain When Trump Uses It, Love It For Pipelines

Hillary Win In LA Today Should Wipe Out Any Losses In NE and Kansas

"Luminosity refused to take my money." . . . Please come CAPTION Ben Carson!!!

Darkening Greenland Ice Cap Absorbing 7% More Solar Energy/Decade - New Positive Feedback Loop

Mar 4 2016 - Jobs numbers UP / Wages are DOWN - why this matters

"In A Few Decades, Waterfront Properties In Ft. Lauderdale Will Flood For Days Or Weeks At A Time"

The U.S. just sent a carrier strike group to confront China

"Before We Go". One of the best indie films I've seen in ages.

Glyphosate-Resistant Russian Thistle (Tumbleweed) Confirmed In Montana

Jane and Bernie Sanders collaboration to move Vt's nuclear waste

Jane and Bernie Sanders collaboration to move Vt's nuclear waste

Hillary Clinton will find it harder to crush Donald Trump than she thinks

Locked with no TOS violation.

My old college roommate's take on the two parties in 2016

What would you put in a fish stew?

Philippines seizes North Korean cargo ship to enforce U.N. sanctions

So far HRC is doing much better in caucuses than she did in 2008

More CA El Nino Storms On The Way, But Won't Be Nearly Enough - Snowpack Still Only @ 80%

Hey guys, I love you all, but it's just not working...

Bill Maher: "Trump kept a book of Hitler speeches by his bedsite. Look what I did"

By Gaius Publius, posted on

Secretary of State John Kerry to Travel to Cuba With President Obama

Delusion runs thick in Ammon Bundy's veins

MotherJones: Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal Continues to Fade Away

Report: Sanders proposes $15T in tax increases, hitting most taxpayers

Can Bernie be allowed to stay in the race as long as Hillary did?

A message to our dear, dwindling Greatest Generation..

Rude Pundit: GOP deserves this: "A worthless sword fight between micropenises stretched to breaking"

The Clinton Brand versus the Bernie Offer

Sad that killing her daughter wouldn't be sufficient---Trump would also have to kill her grandkids

Reminder: Bernie Gets It Done: Record of Pushing Through Major Reforms Will Surprise You

GATS-Facing the Facts -Timely info on the 1995 Free Trade Agreement, completion of it coming soon

Why should I care about Donald Trump's penis ...

The Florida Sun-Sentinel endorses Hillary Clinton.

Trans-Pacific Partnership, currency manipulation, trade, and jobs

I hit the Big 6-0 today.

To her credit, Hillary's lies are more moderate than Trump's lies. But still, why are either

US Contribution to Death of Honduran Activist Goes Unmentioned in US Coverage

Bernie's tax plan: An annual $4700 tax bill for middle class families.

Evangelists Adapt to a New Era, Preaching the Gospel to Skeptics

George Clooney: I Support Hillary, And Donald Trump Is A Fascist

Trump, Clinton look to extend leads as five more states vote

Bernie Sanders to Run 5-minute Documentary Ad on Univision

Financial Strip-Mining-- how capitalism has really gone to hell and taken the country with it

"Financial Strip-Mining"-- how capitalism has ruined the US. Bernie gets it, does Hillary?

GOP nominating process

Incredible video of Bernie Sanders' work with farm labor workers in Florida

lets help bernie get to 5 million contributions before the debate!

The middle class has shrunk under Obama

Tenemos Familias | Bernie Sanders

Eliot Cohen may not be suggesting bonding, but would there be anything in this companionship?

Turkish police fire tear gas at newspaper, EU officials lament press record

Bernie explains the Trump Monster

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 6 - Doris Day Double Feature

ANOTHER Bernie Democrat - Meet "the coolest populist in America." JOHN FETTERMAN, Mayor of Braddock

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

TCM Schedule for Monday March 7 - Art and Artists

Before Flint, Clinton voted against groundwater pollution prevention

Interesting Kansas Information - (CLINTON GROUP)

Warning If you post in " GD: Primaries" asking to be allowed to vote 1st you will get LOCKED

Plan D in the War on Trump Underway

Michigan was Hit Hard by our Trade Policies | Bernie Sanders

Chicken Hawk joins the Marines, comes under sniper fire in Bosnia, serves in Iraq and Libya...

GOP Experiencing PTSD

Today's talking point: Convolute Single Payer as just a "$15 trillion tax increase".

Pedophile pediatrician loses Delaware Supreme Court appeal

Ever wonder about the word "caucus",which seems to be of American origin?

Organizing for Bernie in Vancouver...TODAY!

Organizing for Bernie in Vancouver...Today!

Trump promises to legally defend supporters who attack protesters.

Ben Jealous - this means a lot


Should The KKK Be Labeled As A Terrorist Group?

Alaska’s winter is so warm, the Iditarod is importing snow and shortening its start

I don't know if being connected to Bernie pays as well as being connected to Hillary

"Having a primary contest go through June is nothing particularly unusual," said Hillary, March 2008

Trump Broke Debate Rules: He is so weak & stupid, he needed a "cheat sheet" -

Today I Quit Daily Kos by Salam Morcos

What would happen if we had a national primary?

HRC supporters (left); Bernie supporters (right). Nebraska District 9.

Use It Or Lose It; WI bill targets FRUGAL users of food assistance

It's amazing that one 30 year old photo can summarize a 24 hour news cycle in the year 2016

Yes, we klan

Briefly addressing the tax hike myth

Will GD-P become GD-E after a nominee is determined?

Maher: GOP Got Trump When They ‘Made a Faustian Deal With the Racist Devil Years Ago’

Bernie Sanders to Run 5-Minute Documentary Ad on Univision to Court Hispanics

A church you might just want to join

Hillary Helped Indian Outsourcing Corporations Gain Foothold in New York

NFL to look into Falcons coach asking player, 'Do you like men?'

Al-Monitor: Who's really taking Christian homes in Iraq?

"You might not care if Donald Trump says....."

Conan and Andy Richter do Trump and Christie - absolutely hilarious.

State Highway 130 Toll Road Operator Files For Bankruptcy

Question on ME group policy

WV Senate overturns concealed weapon bill veto

Honduran Women on Hillary

Bernie Sanders to Run 5-Minute Documentary Ad on Univision to Court Hispanics

As SOS, Hillary Pressured India Leaders to Allow WalMart in India, to Detriment of Indian Mom & Pops

Tenemos Familias | Bernie Sanders (TV Version)

Cenk Uygur talks about msnbc with Jesse Ventura

Donations to the Clinton Foundation and Special Access to the Clinton-Led State Dept

Science confirms it: Denial of climate change is all about the politics

Hillary Urged Increase in H1B Visas:

Genes linked to gray hairs and unibrows are identified


The Dick Fight the GOP Deserves

Putin's Syria campaign is win-win for most Russians

This is Who Hillary Was Friends w/ During Her 2008 Campaign:

Two great documentaries on ISIS in Iraq

Monsanto threatens to exit India if govt imposes cuts on GM royalties

Playing system's game through uninterrupted “Viralism”

Democratic Divide Not About Clinton VS Bernie Sanders. Hillary Can Not Unite the General

Donna Edwards on Maher show (briefly)


Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime – w Donna Edwards (briefly)


"Something has changed"

"Historic agreement gives tribe foster care control"

"Justice" Bradley has her priorities straight...

Check in if you've finished binge-watching 'House of Cards'

(Not enough cameras or popcorn) Trump Is About To Get Trolled... By A Giant Penis Brigade

"I'm a black man who just spoke with a former white supremacist"

Hillary provided Legal Aid to WTI --Placed Toxic Waste Incinerator Near Ohio Elementary School

Just now on FB

Bundy doesn’t brand his cattle – Nor has he taken proper care of them.

Immigration judge thinks children can be their own lawyers, even at age 3-4

Donald Trump dismisses Chris Christie and tells him to go home as if Chris is a child

Forget Bernie and Hillary - what I want to know is today's schedule for Bullhorn Bill & if

A vote for Bernie is also a vote against something else thats bigger even than the US

Grijalva: Gutiérrez's attacks on Sanders are 'disingenuous'

As long as we're on the topic, let's stay on topic.

Destroy the Republican Party? Or saw it fractured and pounced?

Tenemos Familias -- We Have Families -- Sanders' new 5-minute Univision ad

Out the window


Citigroup Faces Fraud Suit Claiming $1.1 Billion in Losses

Vote for the Supreme Court!

Funny Game of Thrones Parody - Winter Is Trumping

Dems & Repubs Planning Corporate Giveaway - where do you think Clinton stands?

GOP debates 'sound like 6th-grade food fights,' Bernie Sanders says

Saturday, March 5th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

What about 'sell-out corporatist neocon?'

Franklin Graham boycotting Girl Scout Cookies.

"I'm disappointed."

Does the D in DU stand for small d or big D?

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton Debuts Campaign Ads in Illinois

NE LD 31 Caucus Update

Italian City Bans New “Ethnic” Restaurants (Verona)

Everyone will have a chance to vote in a primary event.

Democratic Divide Not About Clinton VS Bernie Sanders...SANE PROGRESSIVE

Here's Just How Massive Republicans' Super Tuesday Turnout Was

Clinton picks up major endorsements in Mississippi and Florida.

Think Donald Trump as America's CEO will cure your ills? Think again

We need a $27 bill featuring Bernie's portrait

For a 22-year-old, a life gone haywire after Oregon standoff

Found this on Facebook. Clinton and Fracking. Posted on Bernie So. Oregon.

this may come in handy...

Hill's Group: Ohio gets first two TV ads for Hillary Clinton

3 choices

OMAHA Nebraska --***World-Herald editorial: Hillary Clinton is the stronger choice Saturday

I'd be more inclined to believe what Clinton says -- if she'd said it 20 years ago

Avoiding Disruptive Meta in GD-P while discussing Democratic Primaries

In Omaha, Bill Clinton calls for Hillary supporters to mobilize Saturday***

Insider Politics in American is Totally Broken

Nebraska District 20 Caucus

Hashtag MakeAMovieFeelTheBern

Insider Politics in American is Totally Broken

:-) In Omaha, Bill Clinton calls for Hillary supporters to mobilize Saturday

Amazon Reverses Course, Encryption Returning for Fire Devices

Like US, Indian government has now sacrificed their students right to education to join the WTO

Tim Geithner cashing in

Don't disenfranchise the LARGEST STATE IN THE UNION. The most demographically representative state

In case you give a flying fig about what Mike Ditka has to say.

It was the Clintons that invented Super PACs

Pendulums swing, it's basic

Just in time for the Flint, MI debate! The HYPOCRISY OF THE FRACKING QUEEN! Sane Progressive

What do you mean, Hillary won Minnesota!?

Information I didn't know about the Minnesota Caucuses (UPDATED IN OP)

Anyone else feel "Presumptive Nominee" is an oxymoron?

"Cinema's White Lies"

Heading to caucus for Bernie in one hour in Kansas!!!

Ohio Children test postitive for mercury:Campaigning B.Clinton PROMISED toxic waste

Bill Richardson gets it. Huge Hillary supporter. Just said on msnbc - Hillary & her supporters

A thread to keep kicked in GDP

Jimmy Dore: "Dear Hillary Voters: It's Not Bernie's Fault She's Terrible"

Fair Food Program; Is Where In Texas?

Pennsylvania's primary isn't till April 26th!

WaPo: Dems really don't give a sh#t about Hillary's email

Calling a race before the polls close supresses votes.

Seth Meyers goes for Trump's jugular @ 2011 WH Correspondents Dinner

Bernie Sanders brings his presidential campaign to Cleveland

FOX doesn't want any of these guys to win.....

"Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine"

Cattle rancher's wife goes vegan: "Every marriage has its issues"

Emails: Let's compare apples to oranges because it's the "smart" thing to do.

Pope Francis expressed his "concern about the serious economic and social situation in Argentina."

1 injured in explosion at troubled Texas Refinery

No exit polls coming today

Establishment tries to sweetly win back a Bernie supporter...

One of our local volunteers

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10

A wholesome, anti-establishment breakfast...

Bill Maher, who supports Sanders, claimed that after the Republican debate -

Why proportional delegates matter. Hillary netted more delegates from AL than...

NOAA Scientists Find 'Ghostlike' Octopod Off Hawaii, Believe It's A New Species

Check out this work in progress of a painting by my friend Scott!

This cracked me up because she looks exactly like my dog.

Delegate math is fun! Take Alabama, Clinton netted more delegates than... (HRC group)

Yemen conflict: Pope Francis condemns 'diabolical' killing of nuns

NE/KS/LA Results Discussion

The media's purpose is not to inform us

Politics of destruction can cause blow back.

2016 Summit on Saudi Arabia: Understanding the Kingdom and it's Global Role

Endorsement for Bernie Sanders - Winona LaDuke, American activist, environmentalist & economist

NY primary dates

Long overdue: U.S. watchdog to probe Fed's lax oversight of Wall Street

Seeds of GOP splinter in opposition to all things Obama

President Lincoln to Today's GOP Candidates:

The Mysterious Vision of Jeff Nichols, Hollywood’s Next Blockbuster Auteur

The thought policing begins in earnest...


Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

The people attempting to mollify late-state voters by assuring us 'we still get to vote' are correct

At the caucus in Topeka Kansas

I'm being driven crazy! That Emirates commercial -- who is the actress looking for

Economists Who Bashed Bernie Sanders’ Tax Plan Admit They’re Clueless: “We’re Not Really Experts...”

Why I can understand the reason some good Democrats will never vote for Hillary


Scuba Diver Miraculously Survives Horror Ride Through Nuclear Plant Intake Pipe

Hillary Group-I think I finally realized Why some Sanders supporters are so angry

I have a friend who I think has postpartum depression.

The Bernie Bro thing...

Money corrupitng politics is nothing new.

Bernie Sanders Declares War On Wasteful Military Spending

Sanders Endorsed By National Union for Social Security Workers


Happy Bottom Riding Club

Why Airport Security Lines Have Grown Longer

NE Caucaus/Absentee Ballots at LD13 Rock the Absentees Hillary!!

North Korea sanctions: Philippines to seize cargo ship

A moving video for anyone who still believes Bernie is ineffective

Interesting read. Trump’s Favorite Son-In-Law Is Jewish — Does That Matter?

It's enough to drive you nuts

Which Party is more likely to Lose because of Party Infighting

Music to "Rapture" by... Pump up the volume!

Found on twitter; Hillary & The Color Of Money-pic says it all

Why isn't Obama getting any credit for the low has prices?

Bernie Sanders challenges Hillary Clinton's view on outsourcing

The Primaries are far from over, many large states are still to vote

The Robots Are Coming for Wall Street

What's for Dinner, Sat., March 5, 2016

Cruz is off to a good start in the GOP Kansas Caucus


King Arthur Flour Contest. Win free flour for a year.

Bernie 'Landslide' :)

Why is...

Kansas GOP Caucus (8% reporting): Cruz 50% - Trump 25% - Rubio 14%

I've reached the saturation point with Trump's hate speech

Bernie Sanders getting things done

How Can An Entire Party Reject the Reality of Climate Change?

I find it really funny that many Floridians were undecided until Mittens spoke yesterday.

Use Google Chrome? Drumpfinator add-in changes Trump to Drumpf

Rank and File Republicans Tell Party Elites: We’re Sticking With Donald Drumpf

The Modernist 1969 Palm Springs Dream Home Where Time Stood Still

OK, Bernie could have been more antiwar on SOME votes

Planned Parenthood says new abortion restriction hidden in Utah telemedicine bill

Paul Waldman, senior writer at The American Prospect: Clinton emails continue to be non-scandal

Endorsement Press Conference with AFGE Social Secuity Council

LDS Church offers new garment options for women

A Bernie Sanders tweet references famous FDR line, 'I welcome their hatred.'

Defense Industry Contractor Transforms His Experience Into A Cannabis Packaging Company

Hill's Group: Sun-Times Endorses Hillary Clinton, John Kasich in Presidential Primaries

Compare a typical Bernie event with a typical Hillary event

The fix is in

Well I guess that I upset the good doctor..

To those who haven't yet voted...don't worry your little heads. 538's got this.

Former Dem Iowa Lt. Gov. Patty Judge Confirms Senate Run Against Grassley

Caucuses really do disenfranchise the handicapped--like ME.

Woot!! A Bernie Sanders Rally at 7:00 tonight in Warren MI!!

Cruz looks to be winning Maine caucus

Why no preliminary results for Dems in Kansas?

Some great photos from Caucus Goers Tweets in Kansas and Nebraska

Donald Trump makes members of his Orlando crowd raise their right hands

It's funny

My view on 538 calling the primary for Hillary already, discounting voting in remaining states.

I've been called an optimist, but am I the only one...

Donald Drumpf!

Totally non-political video (If a person ever needed a face guard)

Right to Regulate Toxic Chemicals in Countries, States and Locally is under Attack in US-EU Deal

We Must Stop Outsourcing Jobs | Bernie Sanders

Irish Bernie Song - Studio Version

Heil Trump?

China Bans Gay Relationships On TV, Among Other 'Unhealthy Content'

Missing absentee ballots in NE

How soon before Trump sues Cruz for being born in Canada and there for unable to be President?

Behind The Rise Of Trump, Long-Standing Grievances Among Left-Out Voters

‘Immunity’ should make Democrats very nervous

Flint family uses 151 bottles of water per day

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel is endorsing Hillary Clinton, because she’s “telling voters what they n

What A Pregnant Woman Learned from the Clinton Toxic Waste Incincerator False Promises

538 The Bernie Sanders Surge Appears To Be Over

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel endorses Hillary Clinton in democratic primary, endorses no republican

China Seen Missing Nuclear Power Goal on Slow Construction Pace

Republican Senator Floors Hannity – Tells Him He’s Full Of Sh*t To His Face

Kentucky Republican caucus turnout is huge in my location

Why These Ferguson Activists Are Voting For Bernie Sanders

Who was favored forthe reukes today

Wow! Super Delegate/ Lobbyist Howard Dean On Twitter: I'll Do What I Think Is Right For The Country'

Beautiful Horse.

I think DU kinda made Snopes again - re Bernie photo controversy (CORE sit-in)

Been there, done that

Drawing Bernie Sanders with a BIC pen

Mr Fish Toon - Stop Complaining, America!

EVERYONE should see Michael Moore's movie,

"God bless Kansas. and God bless me" - Ted Cruz

Given that we now KNOW it was Bernie in that photograph...

WHAT's the matter with Kansas???

Hillary Telling Wall St (Bear) To Cut It Out

For those voting today...Bernie would ask you to use their Vote Tracker.

Delegate map made by Bernie Sanders camp unwittingly shows how impossible his chances are

Why Has Everyone Ignored Bernie Calling Out Sexism Against Hillary?

Build Your Own Hillary!

Check this OUT! Bernie Brings Out The Crowds in Kansas & Nebraska! Unbelievable!

President Kennedy's Florida nuke bunker could be shuttered

Happy Birthday Rosa

Michigan is feeling the Bern!

White House: Obama to meet with whomever he wants in Cuba

Marco Rubio just promised to send our youth into four ground wars. If elected.

Michael More (Director of Fahrenheit 9/11, Fast & Furious) just voted for Bernie!

Shaking fists at the sky - part II

The Clinton propaganda machine is undermining Bernie.

Michigan ARG Poll: Clinton 60 Sanders 36

the Clinton Times leads its Best Comments of the week with a HIllbot propaganda comment

Michael Moore Votes Bernie In The MI Primary!

Hillary News & Views 3.5: Detroit Speech, Endorsements, Delegates, Speaking Fees, HBCUs, Taxes

Ted Cruz Wins Kansas Caucuses As 3 Other ‘Super Saturday’ States Vote In GOP Contest

Where things stand before results come in: HRC is at 129% of her target

Another analyst in the bag for Hillary. Cook Political's pre-weekend delegate scorecard (HRC Group)

Michael Moore Casts His Vote For Bernie In Michigan

The Rise Of White Nationalism In America, As Explained By Google

Just back from the Kansas caucus

Drumpf Goes Wild, Makes Racist Remark About Obama

Did Mitt Romney Just File Papers To Run For President?

OK...Who is a bigger asshole? Cruz or Trump..why?

Will Trump run third party if Cruz ends up with the nomination?

Assad must go at start of Syria transition, says Saudi

Young Republican, Brent Nathan Brown, thanks Obama for saving life.. 4min 02 sec

Do we have word from Kansas yet?

SpaceX Satellite Launch Succeeds, But Rocket Crash Lands

MSNBC Can't Seem to Get Message Straight

A message from the Father of the Modern Democratic Party:

Do you think Trump will refuse to debate Hillary?

is there a debate tonight

It happened again - ABC news just said that Clinton is almost half way to the nomination

Big increase in multinational subcontracting in USA coming..

Over 40? No donuts for you!