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Isn't it pathetic the way the media downplays the economy

This Girl Asked Bernie Sanders To Be Her Dad And He Had The Best Response

Bernie buried down ticket in Cook County/Chicago + some burbs

French parliament votes to jail tech execs who refuse to decrypt data

Sorry if this is a dumb question...

Donald Trump Campaign Accidently Send Him to Russia

Health care issue that Bernie Sanders should be explaining

What Does Immunity For Clinton Email Staffer Signal?

Looks like Rubio may soon be joining Jeb!

I'm embarrassed to be from the same state as Howard Dean

Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science

Bishop Cupich (Chicago) is telling the folks in the pews to treat the voting booth as if it was the

Sanders Keeps Raising Million — And Spending Them, A Potential Problem For Clinton

An open letter to Hillary and any DNC members tipping the scale for HRC from a common non-elite man

War, Peace, and Bernie Sanders

The Socialist Workers Party is still backing the Malheur occupiers

Cruz wins Maine

Was the TX Dem party "neutral" in the TX primary?

107,600 Signatures on petition against Bill Clinton so far

Donald Trump has not brought ‘millions and millions’ of people to the Republican Party

Regular People Wrestle Sumo Champions

A question for people living in Ireland

So why do NL teams use the DH when they play each other in spring training?

Cherry-picking Statistics to Bash Sanders’ Medicare-for-All Plan

"Why These Ferguson Activists Are Voting For Bernie Sanders"

Strange Sounds in the Sky HAPPENING WORLDWIDE 2016... (Real Footage!)

MSNBC cuts away from Bernie's MI speech almost immediately!!!

Donna Smith: Political Revolution: This is what Democracy Feels Like

FBI Now Spying on HS Students, To ID and Weed-Out "Extremists & Anarchists" for Pre-crimes.

Arkansas auditor Lea caught not telling the truth about use of personal e-mail

Hillary Clinton's Enthusiasm Peters Out On The Campaign Trail

Great photo of the good ol' boys.

Cannabis Grower, Dispensaries to Donate One-Tenth of Sales to Bernie Sanders Campaign

Michelle Alexander: The Congressional Black Caucus PAC Must Cut Ties With Corporations--

Trump Supporter Denied Entry to Marines for Screaming at a Black Woman During a Rally

New Yorker Cover

The Young Turks - Live Election Coverage and Reaction ( Bernie speaking now)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: We recommend Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination

Live Stream of Bernie in Warren, MI

With 269 Stores Closing, Is this the Beginning of the End for Walmart?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: We recommend Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination

Bernie and MSM

NSA Is Mysteriously Absent From FBI-Apple Fight

LOL - new meme! Frightening giant robots!

A few photos AND NEWS from my NE caucus location today (Bernie has YUGE lead WON NE)

LIVE: Bernie Sanders @ Macomb Community College - Warren, MI

Wall Street Projects Hillary Clinton Will Be Next U.S. President

I Wouldn't Have Believed It, If I Hadn't Seen It For Myself!!!

Former ID Sen Larry Craig loses appeal--must pay over $242K

Canada And The U.S. May Be About To Do Something Big On Climate

Where are the Democratic numbers?!? n/t

Help us track which Democratic superdelegates are lobbyists ( Sunlight Foundation )

CNN is sitting on positive Bernie results again, they're so full of shit.

Democratic Turnout Down More in Voter ID States

Why Did It Take an Activist to Bring ‘Superpredators’ Into the Campaign?

Let’s Talk About Hillary Clinton and Saudi Arabia

Remember when DFA had that poll

Me and My Mir

Bowe Bergdahl's Attorneys Want to Interview Donald Trump About Campaign Trail Comments

Bernie Sanders Rally in Detroit - 3/5/2016

Most Benefits of the Gig Economy Are Completely Imaginary

Bowe Bergdahl's Attorneys Want to Interview Donald Trump About Campaign Trail Comments

Cook County judge tosses lawsuit brought by Pfleger, other activists, over gun shop regulation

Senator puts hold on lead bill, says Flint doesn’t need fed aid

What the hell is going on with the Kansas totals. The Repub vote was complete an hour ago.

Husband of San Bernardino Survivor Calls for Stronger Gun Laws, Not Weaker Privacy

Bernie wins Kansas. CNN

CNN just reported Bernie won Kansas.

Bernie wins Kansas

DARPA picks 'LightningStrike' as experimental VTOL plane

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Gotham Stakes

Paul Begala was just saying on CNN, if the GOP steals the nomination from Trump...those people

Sanders wins in Kansas

Bernie wins Kansas!

Bernie Sanders OMITTED From Chicago Democratic Sample Ballot... More Shenanigans...

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Santa Ysabel Stakes

I refuse to watch MSNBC and CNN

Thought so

Care to make a prediction for April 5, 2016??

From Decision Desk HG...

Little Marco Kaption Kontest

How to Lose a Proxy War with Russia

How much more obvious can CNN get?


Gaack! I was doing OK until...

For the first time ever, refugees will make up an entire team at the Olympic Games.

Bay Area is getting soaked right now!

"An A-to-Z Guide to Bullshit Alternative Medicine on YouTube"

Sanders keeps raising millions — and spending them, a potential problem for Clinton

Is there ANYONE who sings songs like this anymore?


Kansas + Neb. go red in Nov; why important that

Bernie just won Kansas

New Poll Numbers from Michigan Wow!

Sanders Democrats

Cruz on ayatollah: 'We may have to help introduce him to the 72 virgins'

Reps. Edwards, Van Hollen Waging Battle For U.S. Senate.

Trump's endorsement from governors or former governors in states that he wanted to win.......

Heil Trump??? Trump Rally /Florida

New Hampshire's Kook DuJour, Ranch Stupidian Jerry DeLemus

What a Trump Presidency Means to Me.

If Hillary is certain to win the primary...

Oh boy, here we go, Louisiana politics

Bernie Won Nebraska

Sanders just won Nebraska

“We Want Our Freedoms”


Bernie wins nebraska!

Bernie wins Nebraska

Think Corporations Can't Afford $15 per Hour?

2ND UPDATE: The Heart of the Country Just Went Socialist! (68% to 32%)


Hillary up 72-21 in LA.

Illinois LGBT Leaders Stand with Hillary Clinton - (CLINTON GROUP)

9:05pm EST: Finally getting some results

~Nebraska Election Map & Numbers~

What Happens to Journalists When No One Wants to Print Their Words Anymore?

CNN called Louisiana for Clinton

Out of the two Lead Singers who do you prefer Ric Ocacek or Benjamin Orr.

In the Wake of Trump, Hillary is Poised to Carry the Neoconservative Torch

CNN called Louisiana for Clinton

Kansas:37,000 in Kansas blocked from voting because of state's proof of citizenship law,

Nina Turner discusses the hatred and attacks she has received for supporting Bernie Sanders

Grand Prize of the weekend goes to Hillary


NBC calls Louisiana for Hillary Clinton

Appellate judges Garland, Srinivasan considered for U.S. top court: NYT

Franktrump trumping Cruz's butt to a win in KY. 29% in and 12 points up.

Cruz and Sanders set for big night as Trump's lead appears to weaken

99m-year-old lizard trapped in amber could give clue to 'lost ecosystem'


Raucous Caucus WSU Wichita Mar 5 2016

It’s Hillary’s Turn

The map of wins is getting interesting, starting to show a north-south divide.

Trump actually takes a page out of Hitlers book. A Hitlerian tactic of the solemn pledge

ok I missed this somewhere - who was expected to win where today? TKS!

Seen in Michigan

QUESTION: Are Superdelegates' ballots secret?

I wish this would get more publicity....

Wisconsin’s current gerrymandering advantage makes it look far more corrupt than any state in U.S.

Caucus updates: UNL goes all in for Sanders; Clinton fails to reach viability, earns zero votes

Drumpf savages Rubio at Florida rally

Hillary Group--Politico results (9:35 PM)

Bernie Sanders: 'We Have a Path Toward Victory'

Bernie wins in smaller, whiter, mostly caucus states. Hillary wins in bigger diverse primary states.

Since quite a few Bernie supporters understand the mess Clinton accomplished in Syria -

Stream of Protesters Turns Donald Drumpf Rally in NOLA Into ‘Wild Evening’

Frankentrump also wins Lousiana. Ted Crazed got got some churchers to caucus, but Trumpet wins BIG.

9:45pm EST: Delegate counts.

Right-Wingers Flipped Out When Michelle Obama Went Sleeveless, Ok With Melania Trump Posing Nude

Breaking: Trump wins Louisiana

Bernie may have won NE and KS, but it won't give him more delegates than Hillary's LA count.

NY Times: Hillary wins 38 delegates tonight, Sanders gets 14

My response to Fox/Trump interview

Looking at the numbers from the other side, Super Saturday looks bad for Rubio

~Kansas Election Results and Map~

Give me one honest, democratic justification for the Superdelegates?

I just rented the last Fantastic Four video via Amazon. Got 30-40 minutes in. Bailing out.

LOL at the corporate media's reporting of Sanders' INCREDIBLE 2-1 victory tonight!

Bernie with 67.7% of the vote in Kansas

~Kansas Election Map and Numbers~ 67.7 - 32.3

‘Japan’s existence was at stake’: Fukushima disaster nearly prompted Tokyo evacuation – former PM

Beth Clarkson writes an open letter to Bernie! C'mon Bernie TAKE HEED!!

Drinking Coffee. (*While Black)

Did Sanders actually just MORE THAN DOUBLE Clinton in Kansas?

I am donating 60 dollars to Bernie - 50$ plus 20 percent tip! Go Bernie!

Bernie Sanders is the most reasonably electable candidate.

Clinton: 'All Eyes Turn to Michigan'

Clinton insiders want to launch Republicans for Hillary; Bernie staying in the race threatens that

Barney the cemetery cat is buried in his own plot after providing comfort to mourners for 20 years

You know what's great?

Pursuing drugs and guns on scant evidence, D.C. police sometimes raid wrong homes...

question for hosts - pinned post for delegate tallies and upcoming votes?

Zika Virus: Microcephaly May Be 'Tip of the Iceberg' for Infant Problems

Clinton = no coattails.

Murdered Honduran activist Berta Cáceres buried as others vow to continue fight

Murdered Honduran activist Berta Cáceres buried as others vow to continue fight

Well,I'm confused.

WWII aviation question.

gotta love this...

Trump Truthers weigh in on Twitter

As an experiment I am going to post a positive thread about both Democratic candidates...

Sanders Wins Nebraska And Kansas

Did democrats not vote in Maine and Kentucky?

The best idea I had today

Rebuilding the Bolivarian Revolution

How do you pronounce "diet" in the sense of "parliament"

Anyone want to see the REAL reason Hillary maintained a private email server at State?

How the US Went Fascist: Mass Media Make Excuses for Trump Voters.

Motley Fool: This FDA Test Could Devastate Monsanto Inc.

Delegate estimate from Saturday: Sanders 45, Clinton 51. n/t

A man walks into a zoo...

From "The Nation" - Clinton Backed Honduran Regime is Picking Off Indigenous Leaders

Trump Wins Kentucky

Frankentrump also wins Kentucky. Ted Crazed got got some churchers to caucus, but Trumpet won BIG.

Why Baby Boomers Don’t Get Bernie Sanders

HRC delegates today 51-45

Trump: "Cruz should do well in Maine, since it's so close to Canada."

Record rains likely in Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana

I'm watching The Night of the Living Bern!

Rallies for, against Confederate flag duel at Gettysburg

Apologies in advance for this joke.

This jury summons problem is happening again

Trump right now: What THE F is he doing?

Trump doing another televised press Q&A; when will HRC?

Remembering Berta Cáceres, Assassinated Honduras Indigenous & Environmental Leader

Hillary Wins Voter Rich Louisiana!

Why does Hillary do so poorly in the mid-west and west?

Trump farts, and MSNBC and CNN are there to cover it.

Soooooooo Tired of Hearing About Trump

A bit of information for any pro-choice and LGBTQ supporters of HRC:

I just found the Bernie Party!!

Normally, I ignore Google's "humor", but this appealed to me ...

Well, it was a little disconcerting to see this chosen as a random quote ...

DAMN! High winds blew in my glass window

Trump contorts again on torture.

If she was running as a progressive, HRC would say THIS:

Delegates from across China meet to 'hold high the banner of socialism'

Anybody ever used MeetUp.Com to connect with other

Cruz is the Comeback Kid - He won two states! Bernie won 2 states. He needs to drop out. Hey MSM-->

Sanders Won More States, But He Lost The Day

Sanders won 2 states, but lost the day

Bernie Sanders Wins Super Saturday, Sweeping the Democratic Caucuses

Another good night for HRC campaign. Not only gaining more delegates but further outdoing BS in

11:35pm EST: Hillary has beat her Louisiana target.

Rubio had a really bad day


This Election is Not

UBER: Ticketed by Port Authority Police for Not Having Municipal Permit

I haven't watched MSNBC in years, and tonight I

Uber & Lyft Are Hereby Theoretically Banished From Newark Airport

Today proves Hillary has done a terrible job of wrapping this up!

March 5: HRC: 244,688 (68.5%) Bernie: 112,955 (31.5) in total popular vote

Walks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck...

Okay, so now the corporate journalists are angry with Venezuela because the country paid its bills

March 5: HRC: 244,688 (68.5%) Bernie: 112,955 (31.5) in total popular vote

Bernie Vs Trump - Bernie vs Hillary - a must see for Berners.

Seven Things Every Child Needs To Hear

Why These Ferguson Activists Are Voting For Bernie Sanders

Hillary has done very well in the deep south. Let's see, how many more southern states are there?

Bernie Sanders, during Cleveland campaign stops, speaks at East Side church, accepts

So, do red states count, or not?

I caucused for Bernie in Nebraska today - astounding story

There's only one candidate who represents the working class, and he's part of it!

SNL's "Racists for Donald Trump" commercial

Hillary's delegate lead grows by 8; her total vote more than doubles Bernie's total.

Argentina’s ties with China: pragmatism over politics.

Who do you think will win each party's primary in NY?

Bernie wins the acreage contest!

So the Republican field appears to be down to Beavis and Butthead...

There's Bernie Doll, then there's this:

Anybody know some retro/WPA/realist style Sanders posters?

New Michigan Poll: HRC: 60% (+7) Bernie: 36% (-4)

Bernie Sanders at Warren rally: Snyder should resign

Clinton fails to reach viability, earns zero votes

In NE, KS & LA HRC greatly improved on her 2008 showing

HRC greatly improved her showing in KS, NE & LA over 2008

Did Obama face the same sort of media manipulations in the 2008 campaign as Bernie does

Beware The Berners

Hilary More Than TRIPLES Bernie 71% to 23% In LA

The Chicago Sun-Times endorses Hillary Clinton.

Sanders keeps raising millions — and spending them, a potential problem for Clinton

What to know about Maine's Democratic caucuses - (CLINTON GROUP)

Homeless Man Owes Government Over $110,000 In Fines For Being Homeless

Daily Kos Asks Its Community To Moderate Criticisms Of Hillary Clinton Or Face Banishment From Site

John Kasich campaign staffer fired after domestic violence arrest

Topics to Never Start in GD

You need 2383 delegates to win the nomination. Until one of our candidates reaches that number

Things I learned from the media:

For 50 Years, Kansas Has Chosen Democratic Nominee w/ 100% Accuracy. Bernie Sanders Just Won Kansas

Turkish government forcibly seizes one of country's largest newspapers

What to you bet that after this election cycle

Hillary is the Dem's payday loan candidate.

Political Revolution: This is what Democracy Feels Like

Layoffs and nepotism in Macri's Argentina: austerity for thee, not for me.

Bernie Sanders in Michigan: Marijuana possession 'should not be a federal crime.'

We need a break, right?

SUPER Biased Super Saturday Headlines From Mainstream Media

A message to Bernie’s supporters from Firebrand.

This was posted in Video & Multimedia, but is important for Bernie supporters to see.

Maine - Where AND WHEN to Caucus DIFFERS BY LOCATION - Democratic Caucus - SUNDAY MARCH 6th

Somewhere Over The Rainbow-Judy Garland(thank you, Kansas voters!)

Tomb of 2500yr old French Celtic Prince found with many Treasures

Tomb of 2500yr old French Celtic Prince found with many Treasures

If only this were true...

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Why do chimpanzees throw stones at trees?

Why do chimpanzees throw stones at trees?

Malls faced chaotic crowds wanting to buy new Air Jordan sneakers; two men shot

Louis C.K. Compares Donald Trump to Hitler: ‘...I don't see why myself

The Eviction Economy

Mark Hamill Reveals Luke Skywalker Might Be Gay In 'Star Wars'

What Hillary supporters don't understand:

I have to keep reminding myself:

Daily Holidays - March 6

Juan Cole: GOP Candidates Promise Four Major Ground Wars, Murder of Innocents, and Large Genitalia

TYT -Cenk goes on a rant about "Bernie Bros" myth

Bill McKibben: The Mercury Doesn't Lie: We've Hit a Troubling Climate Change Milestone

I am asking you to DOUBLE your efforts this upcoming week.

The FBI Has a New Plan to Spy on High School Students Across the Country

T shirts? "I Will Not Heel For Hillary"

HRC's foreign policy record

"But... They're Blaaaack."

It's Too Darn Hot...

Mars Wishes You A Happy Mother's Day

Help me develop this theme: Even rich folk and corporations will do better under Bernie.

Catholic League Tries to Shame ABC into Canceling The Real O'Neals in NYT Ad

The Walking Dead 6.12 "Not Tomorrow Yet" (spoiler alert)

Tehran’s ‘Destabilizing Activities’ On The Agenda For Biden’s Visit To Israel

A lawless and shadowy new corner of the internet is about to go online

Non Sequitur

So has Lil Marco dropped out yet

The Stars...

Yemen’s destruction is one cost of the US-Saudi alliance

Towns square off as a ‘great pond’ turns into a puddle

"Did you bring the shit?"

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Beach Chickens Edition

MSNBC Cuts Away From Clinton Speech To Criticize Her Tone

Under Egypt’s nose, Hamas boosts cooperation with IS in Sinai

"You'll pay for this, Sheila!"

The battle over Dorchester Heights — again

MBTA data shows even more negative feedback for fare increases

Can we have a way to alert the group host

The New York Times Presents Islam More Negatively than Cancer and Cocaine

Do you think the Bernie run if Clinton wins the nomination

Is this a precursor describing where we are headed in this nation?

Climate change will kill more Italians and Greeks than Syrians

AlterNet: The difference between right-wing populists and conservatives

Deal alert: $55 HP DC5750S Desktop PC - 6AM to midnight Pacific time

Psychiatrists add a new mental disorder to DSM: Impositional Religiosity

Government Corruption and Bernie Sanders

This is Bernie's last hurrah. He is already essentially DONE, but the next two dates seal the deal.

Just how disconnected from reality is Hillary Clinton?

Scientific paper which says the human hand was designed by a 'Creator' sparks controversy

6 Million By 8PM ET (well within our grasp)

JK Rowling on Mother's Day

Sunday's Doonesbury- Bad Charity

Bernie's Remarks at Watch Party in Detroit, MI

Bernie's Remarks at Watch Party in Detroit, MI

Bernie's Remarks at Watch Party in Detroit, MI

Ruling Party in Slovakia Loses Majority in Elections

Some "Second Wave" Prog Rock for JudyM, by request

Breastfeeding mother at Bernie Sanders rally almost breaks the internet

Bernie Sanders is our version of 1988's Dole and Pat Robertson on the R side. Hillary's Super Saturday Delegate Haul

Confirmed: Construction Begins on China's First Overseas Military Base in Djibouti

Happy 70th Birthday, DAVID GILMOUR!

Pseudodemocratic Authoritarianism Syndrome

Bill Maher Translates a Hitler Speech into English

SNL - Racists for Trump Ad

Sexism and Hillary for President

The fast spy

E. O. Wilson: "Half of the Earth" (plus a response)

Bernie won.

Hot off the press Michigan poll -Clinton 60% (+7) Sander 36% (-4)

Now is as good a time as any to reiterate the simple truth that Cruz is more dangerous than Trump.

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump: the looming battle for the soul of America

Is Nuclear Power Our Energy Future, Or in a Death Spiral?

Bernie Sanders and Ted Kennedy ---Similarities?--some civil discussion please on the point

Hillary Group==> Hiroo Onoda

Trump admits under oath that his fake university was a scam

Joe Biden just told a very good joke, at Ted Cruz’s expense

Bernie Sanders and Ted Kennedy ---Similarities?--some civil discussion please on the point

Decision 2016


The anti-Semitism Problem of pro-Palestinian Progressives

Nearly 1 in 5 DoD facilities now in ‘failing’ condition after years of maintenance cutbacks

Hey, wait a minute.

So, it'll just grow back, then? Marco Rubio senses SWEET VICTORY just ahead.

Elevator horror: Chinese woman found dead after being trapped in an elevator since January

Some Birds Are Just As Smart As Apes

Interesting point from an analyst and pollster on Al Sharpton's show (MSNBC)...

"They're frightened by a president who doesn't look like them," the media says.

Threading the Eye of the Needle in a Manure Pit.

Clarion-Ledger (Mississippi) Endorsement: Hillary Clinton for Democrats

Vetting Herr Trump!! should be easy! (HRC GP)

Brand new NBC poll has Clinton +17 with LV in Michigan

Am I the only one freaked out by PRESIDENT Clinton campaigning for his WIFE?

Meme busters TYT Why "Bernie Bro" Myth Is Bogus

SUPER Biased Super Saturday Headlines From Mainstream Media

Hillary's BeastBros: The Daily Beast's Bernie Bashing Bias

HILARIOUS SNL video showing that once again the main-stream media...

After Losing two states yesterday it is time Hillary breaks out her secret weapon

Why These Ferguson Activists Are Voting For Bernie Sanders

GOPer Who Made Muslims Renounce Terrorism Loses Primary By 118 Votes

"I swear to forebear even the slightest of thoughts!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

WMTW-TV - 'One on One' Interview with Bernie about his Chances ahead of the Maine Caucuses

Iran says court sentences billionaire to death in graft case

The Democratic Battle for Battleground States

He's totally just waving, Hi, you guys...

Amazon to restore encryption to Fire tablets after complaints

Camp Weathervane already calling for the end of Bernie's campaign

Bernie is staying in the race until the convention to force Hillary to stay

Clinton: Experience vs Competency

Voting One's Conscience

Faith in central banks' healing powers faltering: BIS

Another WMTW-TV Bernie Sanders News Segment

Back to the Killing Fields

Bernie on WABCTV 7 NOW

German vice chancellor says Trump poses threat to peace and prosperity

Donald Trump vows to "strengthen" laws to allow torture, waterboarding

Where does Bernie get his big wins to close the gap?

Nader: What Will Many Bernie Sanders Voters Do After July?

Cruz, Trump split four states in setback for Republican establishment

Clinton's Pledged Delegate Lead is up to 206.

"Is Bernie Sanders Winning the Election Where It Matters..."

Total popular vote so far: **Clinton: 4.17 Million Trump: 3.59 Cruz: 2.99 Sanders: 2.65

How is Trump going to top the Seig Heil salute at his next rally?

No matter who you vote for, this election will be historic: (From Twitter)

How to Pass Gun Control in the Sixth-Most-Gun-Owning State in America

Apparently The Secret is Out.... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

In Hillary Clinton's landslide S.C. win, an asterisk on gun control

Face The Nation

Heil ya'll, eh.

Loophole allows domestic abusers to access guns

Just a thought or two on Trump's "Nazi" salute in Florida yesterday.

Al-Jazeera UpFront - Iran elections: Change or no change?

Can anyone find a video link for Bernie's victory speech last night?

Hillary Pretends to Oppose the TPP

The NEW Trump University curriculum...

Jamie Stern-Weiner: Will Palestinian statehood bring self-determination?

"You're Fired!" The Abuses of "Skilled" Worker Visa Programs

WMTW-TV: Maine Democrats Expecting High Turnout at Weekend Caucus

Psychological Research May Not Have Replication Crisis At All

Sanders: My proposals "may be fantasy to the ruling class," but not to the working class

Overdid leg day at the gym...

Why are we sacrificing potentially millions of jobs to keep health care injustice? Lets discuss this

Would Bernie supporters be so kind as to define "Wall Street" for us?

Donald Trump forces Orlando, Florida audience at a rally to swear they will vote for him

Hey Wall Street - It Ain't a Good Thing to Be Cheating People

Donald Trump kept a book of Hitler's speeches by his bed, according to his ex-wife

Bernie Sanders Press Conference in Cleveland, Ohio 3/5/2016

March 8th and March 15th Primary Polls / 981 Delegates. MI,MS, FL, IL, MO, NC & OH

I'm Indebted to the People, Not Wall Street

Clinton was already being called out in 2009 for undermining State Dept on human rights

TYT- Hillary Clinton Wants War, Lots Of It & That’s Why She’s Running

How the Clinton machine bamboozled Bernie Sanders and the American voters

States' rights again . . . guess which side the minority is on!

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch endorses Hillary Clinton.

Professor Brian Cox on the International Space Station being a hoax (yes, that's a thing)

Does Trump even know that we hung some Japanese @ the end of WW II for waterboarding?

"When I'm President the press will be target practice!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Anyone else see George Stephanopolous onsilence the panel and go to the next subject when Bernie

Bernie has won some landslides he will win some more to close the gap

The gap in Michigan may be closing

For my 10,000th post, I just want to say: "DEMOCRATS WILL WIN IN NOVEMBER". Bank on it.

It would be GREAT if Governor Jerry Brown would endorse Bernie!

Intercept:Larry Fink & His BlackRock Team Poised to Take Over Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Department

Latino Vote Helps Bernie Sanders Surge to Victory in Colorado

Wishing DU a happy and prosperous Maha Shivatri

SNL cold open was brutal on Hillary last night

Who's excited Maine is voting tonight?

No link read Nancy Reagan died.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Dead at 94

Video Surfaces of Hillary Clinton Blaming Homeowners for Financial Crisis

Report: Nancy Reagan dies at 94

Hillary Clinton partners with Flint mayor on city water initiative

Bernie is the first Serious Democratic Prez candidate in years who is 75 Percent Uncorrupted

HRC Is Owned By The Oligarchs, Corporations And Banks - Make No Mistake About Her Loyalties

SNL Opening: Hillary gets burned, Trump revealed, Cruz ridiculed, and Sanders ignored.

If You Are Voting For Hillary, Please Do Not Watch - This Blew Me Over!!!

Has Hillary Denounced Nestle's Ability to Pump Clean Great Lakes H2O for Free?

Billionaire Businessman Sentenced to Death in Iran for 'Spreading Corruption on Earth'

Is Mich. a closed primary or can independents vote as well as Dems. .?



Nancy Reagan -RIP

WATCH: Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! -- Primary Battles

One line that teaches us so much if googled: 'a service supplied in the exercise of governmental...

For 50 Years, Kansas Has Chosen the Democratic Nominee with 100% Accuracy. GO BERNIE!

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 6, 2016

Tens of thousands to leave Democratic party the day after their primaries in protest

I know that these comparisons between Trump and Hitler are tempting, but

Russell Simmons: Intimate Portraits of Flint Show Frustration, Fear, Perseverance - National Geogra

Could A Sanders Presidency Prevent an Economic Meltdown?

Asshole Chuck Todd.

Can we all agree that North Carolina is the birthplace of flight?

Hillary Clinton partners with Flint mayor on city water initiative (Hillary GRP)

Guardian OpEd: From Trump to Merkel: how the world is divided between fear and openness

With Trumps slide in the polls this week we might see more independents voting in the Dem. primary



Photoshopping Trumps mouth onto his eyes:

Why Sam Wang is not covering D primaries anymore

Navy Loosens Body Fat Rules to Retain Sailors

Chelsea Clinton can't bring herself to care about money

Spike In Influenza Cases Prompts Hospitals To Restrict Visitors

A new start for the Committee on the Greek Public Debt

So, there's a post on the greatest page decrying that Hillary is a Corporatist (HRC Group)

If you want to know why the democratic party is corporate look up the name of this guy.

A warning about the dangers of Global Warming. (Year: 1958)

What will the narrative be

You have to be MYOPIC to be a Trump supporter, follower of the GOP party line, or a

Nancy Reagan on Diff'rent Strokes

Who is the real Bernie?

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Clinton State Dept


When the relationship goes to the next level...

Latest 538 predictions for Bernie/Hillary (released an hour ago)

Voices of Reason. Sarah Silverman Feels the Bern

U.S. builds two air bases in Kurdish-controlled north Syria: Kurdish report

Pilot shortage hits US regional airlines

Cruz vs, Trump?

Hulk Hogan Leads Fans to Safety After Structural Issues Rock Store During Autograph Signing

Thought Exercise: It's eight years from now. What are Clinton's big achievements?

Fox tries to bash Socialism but it backfires

Cliven Bundy makes initial federal court appearance in Vegas

Big Pharma Has Open Contempt for the People Who Make Them So Rich

Obama immigration case set for April 18 at the Supreme Court

Tibetan delegates to China congress wear loyalty pins

Until it happens to YOU (republicans)

This is what I want to know.What kind of election fraud and shenanigans are going on??

If Hillary wins the nomination, what should Bernie do?

Hillary Clinton Camp on Emails Report: More 'Overclassification Run Amok'

It's official, I will not extend another olive branch to Sanders supporters again. (Hillary GROUP)

Want to watch something that is absolutely infuriating?

Republicans are in a lose-lose situation.

Lawrence O'donnell is NOT amused.

لهذه الأسباب انتخبوا بيرني ساندر

It's not the Democrats vs Republicans anymore...It's the 1% vs the 99%...

David Gilmour was born on this date.

Hillary Repeatedly Says She's Against Free Trade Agreements, Later Votes For Them: Huge US Jobs Loss

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Hold Big Leads in Michigan: Poll

Bob Wills was born on this date.

Please post condolences to Ron Reagan Jr on the loss of his mother.

Dumping Toxic Waste on the Powerless: Bernie’s Unsettling Journey from Sierra Blanca to Flint

"Tom Cruz has totally let himself go..."

Nancy & Barack

Wes Montgomery was born on this date.

Furry Lewis was born on this date.

Trumping Tutorial for a New Beauty Look

Bernie Sanders | Michigan was Hit Hard by our Trade Policies

Is it Isis or the economy that will ruin Iraq?

Inventor of email and savior of the @ sign, Ray Tomlinson, is dead at 74

Who would'a thunk it? "Republican Voters Kind Of Hate All Their Choices" (538)

I convinced a Trump supporter to switch to Bernie today!!!

For the love of God! Where's the Sunday Walking Dead thread!

Where did Kansas Go?

I bet DU people would be great at phonebanking for Bernie.

HEY Hillary Group Supporters....

“Bernie Sanders is an exceptional American, and I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton." - Sean Penn

Princeton Election Consortium is no longer covering the Democratic primary.

Clinton: Pathological Liar

The military wouldn’t save us from a President Trump’s illegal orders

Why does Hillary Clinton accept tens of million of dollars from the enemies of working people?

Trump: Waterboarding will make us stronger

Why Isn't the American Media Reporting This?

I know this won't convince anyone to change their mind, but...

Dozens protest Confederate flag ride in Durango (CO)

Baby Metal new song and new album

Good government

Interpretations of Confederate history are misleading

The antidote to anti-public lands extremism

If Bernie takes 72% of the delegates in Maine today, he'll come out on top for weekend

Biggest debate of the campaign tonight

Look fellow Bernie supporters can we stop posting about Hillary's emails?

Bernie Is Not Pushing Hillary To The Left Or In A Progressive Direction.

Win Or Lose, Bernie Sanders Has Changed America

Blaming Bernie voters if Hillary loses

The Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us About the Threat From a Two-Party System.

Tomorrow is the last day for submissions to the DU SEASONAL WINTER CONTEST

Compare the records and @HillaryClinton is the better choice, says @orlandosentinel


Islamic State truck bomb kills at least 60 people south of Baghdad

I'll be posting the polls for the winter contest tomorrow,

What are you reading this week of March 6, 2016?

People-Driven Movement

This coming Tuesday is election day here in Michigan... And the Scorpios are registered to vote.

Millions and millions leaving the democratic party.

Something I have been thinking about regarding the Bernie Sanders campaign

By this time in 2008 just before the 2nd Tuesday in March...

Glenn Beck Compares Donald Trump to Hitler

Turkish police fire rubber bullets to break up Women's Day rally

I was called to serve on a jury, but the jury was full

I Cannot Mourn Her

U.S. builds two air bases in Kurdish-controlled north Syria: Kurdish report

Last night several people in Berlin went out and canvassed the German way, by going to bars and

Call Voters For Bernie

"4 days ago, I decided it would be a wonderful idea to attend the Trump Rally in Louisville."

Flint Lives Matter to Hillary - “Don’t jump on a cause just to get votes,

My mother got a call from a pollster asking questions about Jerry Brown

Minnows Unlimited

List of every major NFL record Peyton Manning holds

Wow!! I decided to try another channel and sorely disappointed.

Reddit poster caucusing in Maine has reported Hillary campaigners twice for illegal activity.

We are the ones we have been waiting for....

Just great. A thread about Steven Druker's bullshit anti-GMO screed.

Bernie has called for the reclassification of cannabis. How many lives have been ruined

I just got back from the Maine caucus in my small town

Justice Department Sends Ferguson Warning on Consent Decree

Senator Sanders as Jonathan E. (lol)

Scarborough Maine reporting in! Looking good so far, quite a few new registrations.

Pressure Drop

Marian Kotleba and the rise of Slovakia's extreme right

Cruz Vs. Trump

BOOM! Saudi Arabia's Exploding Christmas Gifts, From Hillary Clinton

Sun-Times Endorsement: Hillary Clinton a skilled public servant | Chicago Sun-Times

Chris Matthews Exposed By Thom Hartmann

Bernie's Tune.

CNN showing LOOOOOONG lines to caucus in Portland, ME. That is a very good sign.

Note to @HillaryClinton >>> Blood on your hands RE: murder of Berta Cáceres in Honduras

Portland Maine Democratic Caucus Just Became A Primary! (Reddit repost)

US Contribution to Death of Honduran Activist Goes Unmentioned in US Coverage

Doesn't pass the democracy sniff test

Crazy Turnout in Maine

Elected Delegates Hillary Clinton 801 Bernie Sanders 470 2,382 needed for nomination.

Maryland House Race a ‘Caldron of Power Couples and Washington, D.C., Politics’

Last night's rally.

Flowers Of The Night

Maine voters being turned away in Portland due to high turnout.

You can not defeat the right with its trillions

China says economy will "absolutely not" experience hard landing

Maine Mega Thread! (Reddit)

Your Drunk Neighbor: Donald Trump

Toon: Oh yeah?

Should Bernie Take the Gloves Off in the Debate Tonight?

Looking at the latest primary predictions from 538, it's safe to say Bernie is pretty much finished

Presidential Campaign Coverage on Network TV Newscasts

How about Ron Reagan as VEEP pick?

This is what we are up against. This is from a fellow democrat. Posted here for discussion

Yuuuuge turnout at Maine caucus site.

Editorial: Oil and Gas Ballot Measures Would Kill Our County and State's Economy

Was Hillary blaming the Home owners in a defense of Bill's legacy

Greeley Tribune Editorial: Oil and Gas Ballot Measures Would Kill Our County and State's Economy

Bernie Sanders Needs To Unmask Clinton On Columbian Free Trade Deal in Michigan Debate

Maine Caucus: Reporting from my tiny town.

Trump Supporters Raise Right Hands to Pledge Support. The Photos Are Terrifying.

'Superdelegates" are a scourge on democracy.

Maine results from Old Town and Orono (near UMaine)


Did you see Jane Sanders on CNN a day or so ago.

Former Bush Treasury Official Agrees with Sanders on Breaking Up the Big Banks

Some quotes from Hillary

George Takei does his best Trump impression to answer the question: "What is 2+2?"

Bernie is berning down the house in Maine!

Male prostitution ring allegations put Colombia's police at center of scandal

Male prostitution ring allegations put Colombia's police at center of scandal

Just set Fareed Zakaria on DVR series record. Most useful, intelligent politics I've seen.


Appointing a Justice: Do Partisan Politics Matter More Than Merits?

A Home of our Own

Kansas isn't actually feeling the burn

3 Videos: YOOJ!!! Turnout Portland, Maine - TRULY AMAZING!!!

FYI. If they show any crowd shots from the debate tonight..(Updated)

Breaking News!!! Results of tonights debate........

Children aren't born racist, but they become racist quickly. How can we help?

5 Obvious Pieces of Evidence that NAFTA Is Killing the US Economy


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 7 March 2016

No pic but just reporting that a Bernie for President contingent

If Secretary Clinton gives her standard answer on the transcripts at the debate

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 6, 2016

Bernie Sanders puts 20 staffers in state, opens Seattle office

Hateful Twitter nutters use Nancy Reagan’s death to bash First Lady Michelle Obama

Hillary Clinton’s Libya problem just won’t go away

A stroll through Calistoga between rainstorms

Mystery on the marsh: Newly discovered Anglo-Saxon island is one of the most important archaeologica

Rush Limbaugh: Romney's Attack On Trump "Is Nothing New," "They Tried To Deny Reagan"

Marco Rubio wins Puerto Rico primary after rivals call for his exit

What's the DU opinion of John DeCamp?

Rush Limbaugh: Romney's Attack On Trump "Is Nothing New," "They Tried To Deny Reagan"

Report on my Maine caucus today.

Looking at the primary predictions from 538, it's safe to say Trump and Cruz are finished! Links:

Mourn the Eighties AIDS victims, not her.

To those who would withhold their vote in November.

Sanders On Trade: "America's Radical Transformation From a GM Economy to a Wal-Mart Economy"

If the Democratic Party doesn't want people to withhold their votes in November...

"CAUTION: We're about to show his whole face on the screen. Viewer discretion advised."

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is making herself useful, in Flint

Japan taxpayers foot $100bn bill for Fukushima disaster

The Hillary Bashing WILL STOP!

Australian govt backs away from gay marriage vote this year

Sanders supporters post deceptive video in GDP

Hi! I am another Bernie supporter opening my voice up here

Jimmy Carter says he no longer needs cancer treatments

Some Maine caucases are sharing #'s. Congrats Bernie!

Robots coming for Wall Street Analysts' Jobs

The secret of Hillary's success?

The dumbiing down of society???

EDF finance chief quits over British nuclear power plant plan: source

Hill's Group: Why Hillary Clinton Has an Advantage Heading Into the Flint Debate

I am so excited to be registerd on Democratic Underground. Bernie rebound happened this week

Understanding the e-mail scandal...

Bowing to Swiss, German pressure, France vows to close its oldest nuclear plant this year

"Democrats overwhelmed by Portland caucus turnout"

Black man in Cincinnati records being harrassed by the police for apparently jaywalking

Well, we all have bad days...

Mukasey on FOX today regarding FBI--Clinton.

Is your media source liberal or conservative?

It seems we're in this for the long haul, so I'm going with "tiny fingers" for a Trump name

Apple Users Targeted In First Known Mac Ransomware Campaign

Another gentle reminder re: the Supreme Court

So who is watching House of Cards?????

"Stop complaining & acting so f__cking surprised, America"

Sanders: I understand real needs of voters

Fire At Oconee Nuclear Station

Hillary Will Flip-Flop On TPP Again If Elected: TYT

Andrea Mitchell Inteviewed Jane Sanders, 3/3/16 and it's a Great Watch

32,000 Fukushima No. 1 workers got high radiation dose, Tepco data show

SUPER Biased Super Saturday Headlines From Mainstream Media: TYT

Anyone interested in a forum for End of Life Issues

Drama at my Maine Dem Caucus today

M$M is NOT covering the Maine caucus. WHAT GIVES?

We just got back from the grand opening of Bernie headquarters here in Anchorage

My concern is that with all the bigoted bluster of tRump

Hillary Clinton to appear in Cleveland twice next week

Video: Portland's city clerk shutting registered and pending-registered voters out at Portland's

Hillary Clinton! One of the most Liberal Senators in Congress!

Did 538 predict Hillary would lose Colorado or Oklahoma or Minnesota or Nebraska or Kansas or Maine?

Utah Gay Wedding Expo Connects Couples, Friendly Businesses

Bernie Sanders Wins On Super Saturday, What's Next? : TYT

Jane Sanders and my 29 year old undecided Daughter.

'Extraordinary Turnout' Could Mean Sanders Victory: Maine Democratic Caucus Live Results

Reporting from the red buttcrack of midcoast maine! Bernie 128; Hill 46

Tonight's debate in Flint: I hope very much that the candidates remember Abraham Maslow

Best Debate Coverage with analysis: TYT Live

Big Pharma Amgen LaysOff CA Workers, Opens Huge New Plant in Singapore; Donations to Podesta

Grexit back on the agenda again as Greek economy unravels

The death of Nancy Reagan is really bad timing for Bernie

Must Read - Hillary's Libya problem . .

Here's a REALLY SCARY pic of a Trump rally. Don't know if this has been posted, but it made

In Slovakia, a 'fascist'-led party gains seats

CNN strikes again

JPMorgan Chase agrees to $905,000 settlement with state

Battle Creek Bernie folks

There Is A War On Women! And We Are Losing!

Called 100 people in Michigan today

Am I losing it? Why are so many posts dated for Monday the 7th?

I just found this very funny. I have 4 cats--and I bet I could do the same

Medicare's ability to negotiate drug prices as a group

The Economic Collapse Of South America Is Well Underway

I was calling states all day today and now I've lost my voice!

We need Michigan! If you can spare a couple hours, we really need your help canvassing/phonebanking

Five Years Later, NRC Has Made Only Limited Progress Instituting Post-Fukushima Safety Upgrades

In One Of The Most Polluted Places In America, Air Quality Board Weakens Pollution Rules

Video of longest line I've ever seen in Portland Maine today for Dem caucus - WOW. Maine you rock!

Bernie Sanders Needs To Unmask Clinton On Columbian Free Trade Deal in Michigan Debate

The rise of hate groups: How much does Donald Trump's ambivalence matter? (CBC)

Michigan was once the manufacturing center of this nation.