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Children React To Donald Trump

Life without paper

When will DU go in to a General Election type footing?

North Limestone on a sunny day

N. Korea threatens pre-emptive nuclear strike on South, US

Hubby and I were discussing Nancy Reagan. He brought up The Beach Boys on themall

Bernie Sanders also announces they hit goal of 5 million contributions.

"Obama Was Gay Prostitute, Dems Killed JFK, Climate Change A Hoax": Tx 'Education' Candidate

Hillary Group: News guys on twitter are reporting that former U.S. Senator Don Riegle has endorsed..

Bernie Sanders Calls Out 18 Corrupt CEOs (August 2015)

Guess Who Wasn’t Invited to Tonight’s Democratic Debate in Flint

Right-wing candidate spouting racist statements and the left-wing party in disarray.

Before today's caucus:

Pathetic Conservative Assholes Take to Twitter to Trash Michelle Obama After Death Of Nancy Reagan.

New forum request: End of Life Issues

Democratic Battle for Battleground States - Hillary's Winning!

YUGE turnout for Democratic primaries in Maine (video)

For Donald Trump and the Republican Party

Top UN Advisor Noted How Hillary Lied During the Last Debate:

The Young Turks - Live Election Coverage and Reaction

Article/ Nancy Reagan turned down Hudson's pleas for help

Live Caller Discusses Anti-Sanders Rio Grande Pollution Narrative-The Benjamin Dixon Show

Get ready for a please proceed moment in tonite's debate in Flint.

My Penance

Super Delegates don't actually vote?!?!?

It's time for instant runoff voting!

Maine Legislator Justin Chenette's Speech for Bernie Sanders - VERY POWERFUL!

UPDATED!! Just got back from 6 hours of canvassing for Sanders in MI.

No results from Maine Caucuses yet?

Sunday debate brings business boost to Flint

Egypt Says Muslim Brotherhood, Backed by Hamas, Killed Top Prosecutor

Mendros (R-ratbag) at center of marijuana ballot question controversy (Maine)

Is Hillary to the right,...

New Proposal to Divide Jerusalem Unites People Against It

Official Democratic Debate Thread for ALL YOU NICE PEOPLE (on CNN PART 1)

Bernie 65.5%- Clinton 34.5%!!!

ICYM---- Justice Department: No Criminal Referral Over Clinton Emails

Is it just me or were debates better when the audience had to remain silent throughout.

Attention: Uber & Lift drivers

bernie wins maine caucus!

Democratic vote suppression in S.Central Texas X-Post Texas Group


Democratic vote suppression in S.Central Texas X-Post GD-P

Game over Bernie wins. nt

My email to a right wing friend. I will update our correspondence.

As expected, Maine went to Sanders now on to Tue and MI and MS

Both Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Could Beat Donald Trump, Poll Says

The preferred method of response to Anderson Cooper

Detroit Free-Press Poll of Michigan HRC: 56% Bernie: 31% (bigger lead among absentee voters)

So who do you think President Obama will nominate to replace Nancy Reagan?

I hope you all are watching or taping the debate

Bernie CRUSHES Clinton in Maine.

Horrible weekend for Clinton

WAPO running results on Maine Democratic primary.

Pockets Clinton

Rubio inexplicably applauds Snyder’s handling of Flint scandal

Detroit Free-Press Poll of Michigan HRC: 56% Bernie: 31% (bigger lead among absentee voters)

Bernie Bern's Is Up Kick Starting the CNN Debate! He's On Fire!

Hillary worked with (then) Senator Obama in the 90's to get rid of lead?

If Hillary wins the nomination ...

Uber Drivers Under Spotlight After NYC Passenger Claims Driver Used Fake Vomit to Charge Her Cleanin

Detroit Free Press - "Little focus on Flint water crisis during GOP debate"

Thanks Joe! [Biden] #ImWithHer

Why You May Not Like Ted Cruz’s Face

Horrible weekend for Bernie...

Face it. Outside of the south, Hillary struggles.

Bernie wins Maine!

Congratulations to the Bernie supporters

Bernie hits Hillary over the head on trade agreements

Bernie Sanders Wins Maine Democratic Caucuses

Hit her with a 2x4 Bernie

Romney Opens the Door to Becoming GOP Nominee

Lead-free food a daily challenge in Flint

need someone one pay close attention and keep track of HRC's 'Obama' references...

Bernie has won EIGHT states now, and tied in two more. This wasn't supposed to happen.

Hillary:: I voted to save the auto-industry--Bernie did not.

Sanders tries to revise history on the auto bailout

Sanders releases transcipts of Wall Street speeches...

Hillary "Well if we're going to talk about the 1990's"

Bernie "What took you so long??"

Bernie Sanders will be the next President of the United States!

Hillary just lied about Bernie on auto bailout

i smell blood in the water......

Boeing and Caterpillar both need perpetual tax payer subsidies.

Hillary just supported Being having corporate welfare!!! OMG!

Anyone have any experience with SpeedFixTool?

WTF did Hillary laugh at;

"Democrats are responsible for disastrous policies"

Check out this tweet from the Democratic party of Wisconsin.

What's with Sanders waving his finger in Hillary's face when she's talking?


Delegates won this week end Bernie +66 & Hillary +63

Hillary nailed Bernie on the auto bailout.

Anderson is a corporate tool. n/t

Bernie Sandwiches on a Roll! Special Edit!

Official Democratic Debate Thread **PART TWO** for ALL YOU NICE PEOPLE (on CNN)

Charlotte (NC) Observer endorses HRC

Hillary lied, Bernie did support the auto bailout

Says the woman who supports the selling of millions of weapons...

Sanders finger--almost in Hillary's face tonight so many times.

On Gun Control HRC in total control in debate

What's with the hand raising?

Double checking the upcoming Tuesday primary polls, and holy crap, Sanders is in danger of not....

Buffalo NY is the "most anti-gay city" in US(based on tweets)

She won't answer the question

46,000 people participated in the Maine caucus today, a record.

FYI as someone who grew-up in Mich. a lot of people own guns and hunt

Cool spreadsheet showing current delegate count without SD's added.

Question: What type of toilet paper do you use and why

Those of us who fight for Bernie defend the true spirit of the Democratic Party.

Mike Ditka: Obama "worse" president ever--I'd vote for Trump!!


Hillary Clinton Still Haunted by Discredited Rhetoric on “Superpredators”

Maine Democratic caucuses: track the results live, county by county

Hidden in the Louis CK email

Poll at University of Michigan - Flint debate viewing party

Former Flint Sen. Don Riegle endorses Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders: "If You're a Kid Caught With Marijuana in Michigan...."

March Democratic Primaries and Caucuses – Polls and Projections

Bernie supporters are so creative. I found this painting on Reddit!

Create an education SWAT team?

Tomorrow is going to be all about waving hands

Is it just me or

March Polls and Projections - Not looking good for Bernie

NASA study shows worst drought in 900 years may be behind Middle East upheaval

I've asked myself this 100 times

Bernie should ask Anderson about Maine.

It's a pretty sad statement that with all the very important issues being discussed at the debate

One thing for sure the Democratic Debates prove they are the adults in the room

Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution

During the Debate, Bernie Released His Speech Transcripts...

How African-Americans killed the Stereotypical Myth Put Upon them for Centuries


Hillary comes out against fracking if it poisoned your water.

Frackin A Hillary!

Women on Twitter react to Bernie wagging his finger at Hillary

Bernie just crushed Hillary this weekend in Kansas, Nebraska, and Maine!!!!!!!!!!!

The differences between the Democrats and Republican debates

"Bernie will win states, but Hillary will end the weekend with more delegates"

Hillary talks way past her time limits

Sanders has the passion of a politician who can get things done. He gets right to point

Now this is different, "Beatles Baroque!"

I think we are going to have another Larry David as Bernie SNL skit to look forward too.

Miracle! CBS streams a banner declaring Sanders' Maine Victory on prime time TV.

How Hillary Clinton's State Department Sold Fracking to the World

As we sit here tonight watching the Dem debate, there is more substance in just one . . . . .

All primary news, wins, and debates from this weekend have been erased.

Honestly? I'd say its draw

I need someone good with photshop for a great April Fools gag.

Romney is ready to run.

Remember Hillary claiming Bernie was a one issue candidate?

You can see it in Hillary's face, she so wishes this primary season was over! Not a cakewalk!!!

When asked about her fracking fundraiser… *blink blink"

Hillary has no clue that the "auto bailout" didn't save ONE single job in Flint.

Ouch, she managed to looky shifty on the email question

WTF -- 207

Hillary Calls for Michigan Gov’s Resignation an Hour After Her Spox Slammed Bernie for Same


Bernie: Heads up!!!

Is Hillary's word spelled;

I Feel Like I Am In A Salvador Dali Painting During This Election Cycle.

This debate is boring. All they talk about is issues & polcies

"I pray for the will of God to be known"

Can anybody tell me the results of the Arkansas primary races?

Hot off the pencils...LOL!

Can't stand stupid religous questions

WHY does she always get the last word?

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders: The Political Foresight Champion

yet another debate with not one question about LGBT issues or women's rights

Who's the better Christian? Bernie or Hill?

Charlotte NC is the 2nd largest banking center in the U.S.

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders: The Political Foresight Champion

Debate post-mortem

2016 Democratic Primary Popular Vote

A Wal-Mart tale.

New US Dietary Guidelines Were Watered Down

Hillary Caught Slamming Liberal Democrats at Private Fundraiser [AUDIO]

Women react to Sanders' "Excuse me I'm talking"

Underreported story of the night: it looks like, after the Maine caucuses, Bernie has won more

Bernie is lying right now on Twitter. Here is how he voted.

The Faith Question just the Debate

The Seattle Times editorial board recommends John Kasich, Bernie Sanders

WP: Debate Winners and Losers

I just finished the debate and Bernie won the beginning and Hillary dominated the rest. Hillary won.

A strange moment in the debate.

How Nate Silver Failed To Predict Trump

The reviews are in: Big Winner of Tonight's Debate:HILLARY CLINTON AND PRESIDENT OBAMA

Pretty interesting to look at the Google page - primary results

Detroit News poll on debate

It would be nice if we could keep religion out of politics. What the fuck does faith have to do

People who believe in god...

I won't begrudge Bernie Sanders his win in he Maine Caucus...

Is Bernie going to give a victory speech for Maine tonight? nt

Who Won The DebateTonight March 6, 2016

Bernie killed it during the debate, crushed HRC in races/delegates this weekend, and

Palaces of Gold(Leon Rosselson song)-Lady Maisery

Pastor that met with Ted Cruz gunned down in church parking lot.

The Who honors David Bowie -- a "brilliant innovator"

No Shit -- 79

So let me guess. Now is the hour when every media outlet TELLS us who 'won' the debate.

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are winners while Bernie Sanders is a loser

Hillary: "Let's Talk About My Husband's Administration../ What Happened In The '90s Doesn't Matter"

CNN Presidential Democratic Debate; University of Michigan in Flint, March 06, 2016

Trump just told everyone to "Make America Great Again" by rooting for...

One thing I loved about Bernie tonight which Hillary never admits is democrats have been destructive

Sanders to Clinton: 'Excuse me, I'm talking'

Of course they would ask about fracking and she had a detailed response....

Before Flint, Hillary Clinton Voted Against Measure To Prevent Groundwater Pollution

The Democrats are about to blow it: This election is about new millennials, not aging baby boomers

Anybody who talks over another person should be called on it. Unless you are going to make the

Who won the debate (see these polls)?

I am so damn proud of Bernie Sanders and --

So, when you are white, you don't know what is like to be poor.

Sanders: "When you are white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto,

I Just Heard That Arnold Endorsed Kasich....

What does HRC mean by "strengthen the military"?

Hillary - a 2 delegate gain after 4 state races.

I just got done watching the debate. Am I blind in my support of Bernie or

So sad Downtown's over!!! ~snif~

Here comes the Debate Spin Team!!

Sanders should apologize for his insensitive remark about mental healthcare.

Ballad of a Crystal Man

Donald Trump gains more Twitter followers during the debate than Clinton

OK Debbie/Donnie Downers let's look at some numbers...

BREAKING: Leaked chart shows planned tax increases under Bernie Sander's plan

If you don't want vote withholding, "it's your fault if we get President Trump" arguments won't work

Nancy Reagan: a post that likely runs counter to DU orthodoxy

Bernie Bongo Celebration!


Something I wish Bernie had said

I'm still trying to figure out "Leverage money for infrastructure".

Why can't Bernie and Hillary get blunt about white privilege?

What if Bill Clinton had Bernie Sanders' priorities back then...

If you were judging the Presidential race by the way the news media frames it

Well, I just woke up from a nap. Came to DU, only to find some DU hate mail in

Found Poem

Pro–lifers and Religious Nutters Collide to Commit Genocide

Mental hospitals filling up with time travelers!

Record warmth this winter in parts of New England

North Korea threatens pre-emptive nuclear strike on South and the US

Senator Riegle: "The Clintons rammed NAFTA down the throats of the American people..." (WOW!)

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #18: The KKK Took My OC Away Edition

Super Delegates: GOP vs Dems

Don't worry We had a group of Bernie supporters at the debate!!

Jesus Christ on a trailer hitch!! Now they are asking candidates in the debate about their

Bernie failed twice tonight.

Bernie: "When You Are White"

Speak of the devil: "For Hillary Clinton and Boeing, a beneficial relationship"

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 8: Robert Osborne's Picks

Homepage of Detroit Free Press: "Hillary Clinton hits Bernie Sanders on auto rescue vote in Flint…"

Which direction do YOU think the war budget needs to go?

A string of attacks against progressives rocks Argentina.

Bernie Sanders: White People Don't Know What It's Like To Live 'In The Ghetto'

Did anybody notice Hillary use the expression "debt free tuition"

The DC establishment’s latest attack on Bernie Sanders’ tax plan has just been thoroughly debunked.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 9: Treasures from the Disney Vault

The Patriot: How Philanthropist David Rubenstein Helped Save a Tax Break Billionaires Love

List of Positions Where HRC Has Followed Bernie

Is there a Mainer here who knows how caucus results are reported?

Bernie win in Maine also Busts low turnout meme

Bernie and Cruz Show Some Life, But...

Outside of DU/politics, what are your current passions/interests?

How many bat s*%t crazy policies has Hillary rolled out in the last year?

As a woman who fought for gender equality in the 1970s let me define sexist for you....

Why do you think Bernie chose this debate necktie?

Gore Vidal at the National Press Club

Sanders is Toast

Dear non-Michiganders, please do not "MichiSplain" us about NAFTA vs. bailout..

Hillary has only regional appeal and her model is dependent on low turnout. She can't fix that.

DOJ Exonerates Clinton's Handling Of Email But Few Report It

Hillary blames home owners for the crash of 2008

What Industries does Bernie think well of?

Another new one for Hillary tonight, or at least new to me: "Clawbacks"

Zootopia does a nice job highlighting the subtleties of prejudice

Sorry Hillary, Bernie supported the auto bailout

My God, Sanders is really looking good now and he's clearly the smartest candidate

A critical thinking response to "Hillary is a corporate shill" memes.

''No, I do not support fracking.'' -- Bernie Sanders

Seattle Times endorses BERNIE!!!

Three shot at Sydney factory

I gotta give him a hand...

Sanders to Clinton: 'Excuse me, I'm talking'

Some interesting statistics

Is THIS The Fracking Fundraiser Hillary Said She Doesn't 'Know' About During Tonight's Debate?

Hillary Clinton’s Hit Men Target Bernie Sanders at ‘Blue Nation Review’

Japanese customs that surprise foreign visitors

Bernie supporters are not 'becoming' desperate

Uh-oh. It seems Bernie said let Detroit go bankrupt back in 2009 and Hillary nailed him on it.

NYT: Who Won the Debate? Hillary Clinton Is Given the Edge

All wrapped up for ya!

States seek to stymie hiring suspected sex-predator teachers

Krugman Humiliates Feckless (WSJ) Editorialist Brett Stephens on CNN. Best Takedown Ever.


Boomers, yes us older folks, how long have you gone along with hopes of change ...

Sanders, not going away quietly, puts Clinton on defensive in Democratic debate

Daily Holidays - March 7

China’s ruling party says almost 300,000 punished for corruption last year

It's quite enlightening to go back and watch the debates from 2008

VT Public Radio, Dec, 2008. Bernie and Leahy support auto bailout.

Sanders: ‘My answer is a lot shorter’ than Clinton on fracking

EU to declare Balkans migrant route ‘closed’

Zootopia - Movie Review

Bernie did support the auto bailout in 2008.

While we're being vapid: I absolutely love Sanders's new hair

A history of Democratic Primaries since I've been awake. And why I'm worried.

Slumlord management should not be a style of government.

Colombia: One Child Died Every Two Days This Year From Malnutrition

Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate

IFJ and NUJ stand by Colombian journalist Claudia Julieta Duque in landmark trial

Graffiti in Bogota is attracting tourists

U.S. trade deficit with the TPP countries cost 2 million jobs in 2015

Argentina: Anchor Cries on Live Television Over Mass Dismissals

Honduras Solidarity Network On the Assassination of Berta Cáceres:

Rules changes for Dem primaries?

Honduras: Calls to Protect Witness to Berta Caceres Murder Grow

Social Security Workers Endorse Sanders, He Calls Republican Cuts ‘Crazy’ and Clinton ‘Vague’

Now, 17-Year-Olds In Ohio Won’t Be Allowed to Vote In This Month’s Primary

Honduras governing party proposes president for re-election

How Hillary Clinton’s Vote Against Clean Water Regulations Could Cost Her Michigan

Doctors urge schools to ban tackling in rugby

Who Won the Debate? Hillary Clinton Is Given the Edge

Spectacular Northern Lights illuminate sky over UK

I do not want to grave dance, but

Analysis: Hillary Clinton Denies Bernie Sanders a Win at Flint Debate

The Senate Plowing Service

With help from the Clintons, Flint’s mayor announces a new jobs program


Bill Murray Is Ready to Laugh Again

Sanders mimics Koch Bros. opposing reauthorizing Ex-Im Bank

Bernie Sanders holding rally at Wings Event Center in Kalamazoo Monday morning

Redding, California: Woman Escapes Police in Minivan Painted Like Vehicle From 'Scooby-Doo'

February 2016 Atmospheric CO2 404.16 ppm; February 2015 400.31 ppm, February 2014 398.10

Did you ever notice that here we have a 74 year old man with the qualities of youth 40 years younger

Bernie, Boeing called...wants their $26,000 back

Toon Bernie and the Media

EU to declare Balkans migrant route ‘closed’

Clinton Campaign compromises 2 more surrogates' integrity.

Jimmy Carter no longer needs cancer treatment

WP: "The Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders debate over the auto bailout, explained"

When I'm bicycling I never encounter anything this FUNNY!!

My Year Ripping Off the Web With the Daily Mail Online

Revealed: the 30-year economic betrayal dragging down Generation Y’s income

anti-socialist or anti-brain my buddie

Three Times When the World Broke Open -- and Two When It Might Again

Anybody interested in a Freemasonry/Eastern Star group or forum?

Who really bankrupted Detroit and surrounding

posted in LBN "Sanders, not going away quietly..."

Has anyone found a final Maine caucus result?

Craft Beer vs. Budweiser: How Small-Brewers Are Winning Back the Neighborhood

US navy loosens body fat guidelines after losing too many talented sailors

An interesting view of the Michigan debate...

Even my apology is being blocked!

Does anyone really think the corporate media isn't helping out Clinton with the

Hillary's yelling gets complaint

After sleeping on it, I've decided who won the debate. The Democrats and Flint won the debate

They need to require that the CORP logo be disclosed for all newspapers, television channels, etc.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Special Districts

What does it say when Bernie's supporters are reduced to being fashion critics ...

SHOCKER: How Hillary Tried To Deny Michigan Primary To Obama - In Her Words

Interesting observation from CNN: lessons learned...

The Latest: Hungary: Europe should shut borders to migrants

Michigan Clinton 66, Sanders 29 +37 Clinton

Bernie WON 3 of 4 states this weekend! Has won 8 so far! over 5 million individual donantions!

Ex-Cowboys RB Joseph Randle arrested again in Kansas

Nancy Reagan Grave Dancing? She was ONLY First Lady - not POWERFUL.


WaPo: Clinton, on her private server, wrote 104 emails the government says are classified

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #2 - Game #17

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #2 - Game #18

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #2 - Game #19

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #2 - Game #20

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #2 - Game #21

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #2 - Game #22

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #2 - Game #23

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #2 - Game #24

Hondo library treasurer has amnesia about missing $304,907

"Democratic voter turnout was 285 percent worse in states with new voter ID laws."

What has Hillary ever done that could be called Liberal?

WTO-US - now bound in financial deregulation deals and their conflicts with size limits on banks

Debate Winners & Losers: Bernie's answer on race "massive gaffe"

Made a new coffee blend for this morning.

Debate Winners & Losers (Bernie comment on race "massive gaffe")

Reminder: The next debate is this Wed. March 9 in Miami n/t

About that Export-Import Bank...

Why isn't Bernie Sanders' economic message resonating in Michigan?

Donna McGuire- Reframing Trade (Book on labor issues and changing the goals of trade deals)

Bernie missed the opportunity to respond to Moms question on rat infested schools.

Canadian province Ontario plans to trial universal basic income

Hillary's debate answer on fracking

U.S. women paid less in all industries, every level: report

If Michigan, a large mid western state, goes for Clinton what will the explanations/excuses be?

Clash at Tunisian Military Barracks Near Libyan Border Kills at Least 27

Thunder in Los Angeles

The DNC, Clinton and the 1% are creating an intentional Bernie media blackout.

The Second Coming

Bernie’s Top Aide Smears BNR, Its Owners and Staff

Sec. Clinton Won Last Night's Debate and America Lost

Alexander Litvinenko and the most radioactive towel in history

Myrlie Evers-Williams backs Hillary Clinton, urges voters to 'take sides'

Tell Me Again How Jesus Was An Historical Figure.

Serendipity at breakfast

Moving story behind this powerful photo of Biden and a sexual assault survivor at the Oscars

Where is Bernie's next win?

Winners and losers from the seventh Democratic presidential debate

Trump on the cover of TIME

Endorsement Press Conference: AFGE Social Security Council

NATO Sends Warships to the Aegean Sea to Stop the Mass Exodus of Refugees

"Trump wasn’t the first to tap into this (white working class) anger." Pat Buchanan was.

In response to all those who say HRC is the most hated woman in American...

Increasing Flooding Linked to Climate Change

So I think this guy knows a thing or 2 about Flint

Scariest aspect of Trump's torture beliefs: ISIS sets the rules.

THUNDER and lightening in Los Angeles!

Right wingers wrong again...Cuba is inching toward freedom of speech critical of Castro brothers

Is the you who wakes up, the same you that went to sleep?

I Don't Understand the Mentality of Clinton Supporters, They Remind Me of the Tea Party. What is ...

Wow, Bernie did terrible at the debate

Not Bernie----Nader was a nadir

Bank Whistleblowers United to Issue Corporate Crime Challenge To Presidential Candidates

On the auto industry argument...

What the Past of Silvio Berlusconi Tells Us About the Future of Donald Trump

Clinton Opens Up Huge Lead in Michigan (66-29)

Was it sexist when Obama called Hillary out on her interruptions too?

Hillary's running mate (cartoon)

Clinton Opens up Huge Lead in Michigan (66-29)

"Judge Jeanine Pirro"...Trump's dick jokes = Obama "condemning clinging to God & guns"

A Chemical Shell Game: How DuPont Concealed the Dangers of the New Teflon Toxin

What are the benefits earned by non-commissioned officers?

Daily Star: Tight security measures after deadly Iraq suicide attack

Primary Voting and Ascribed Status and "excuse me, I'm talking"

SCOTUS rules in favor of gay (equal) rights in adoption case

Ontario plans to trial universal basic income

Suicide Attack at Pakistani Court Compound Kills Over a Dozen

Catholic vote key for Trump in Michigan

Latest Michigan Poll. Clinton 66 Sanders 29

Project 538 now has Clinton ahead in Mississippi by 77-16!

Weekend of Bernie's: Huge Maine Victory Caps Resurgency for Sanders

Sanders vs Clinton - Trade deals (NAFTA, TPP)

Voters For Trump!

Anita Hill: "a little bit nutty, and a little bit slutty"

Are corporations evil? Is the establishment evil?

Michiganders line up in the cold and dark for Sanders.

Corporate media trying to claim Bernie lost the debate last night. WTF???

25 Things That Everybody Knows But Nobody Wants To Admit

Vermin News Network Rehab Mondays 7 March 2016 Edition

John Oliver on the U.S. election, A.K.A. the "Clowntown Fuck-the-World Shitshow 2016"

Two-Year-Old Girl Calls 911 For Help Putting On Pants

How can a website picture be posted on DU?

Solar energy is poised for an unforgettable year

The Primaries and General are devolving yet again into personalities over issues and reality

Found in released emails--Bernie to SOS Clinton

Bernie Sanders, the refreshing choice (Seattle Times endorsement)

Hillary's mentor Marian Wright Edelman on the Clintons and Welfare Reform

More Sumatran Orangutans Than Previously Thought

Bangladesh may drop Islam as country's official religion

THE CLIMB DOWN. World's Tallest Residential Building ( 0 safety gear ) (

Marine Protected Areas Intensify Both Cooperation And Competition

The Why--Hillary in 2016---a post from July of 2013---I think it holds the record for views

Legalizing Weed Has Done What 1 Trillion Dollars and a 40 Year War Couldn’t

NY Times Editorial re PLCAA

"You REALLY Showed OBUMMER" (a rant with too many capital letters)

Hillary Calls for Michigan Gov’s Resignation an Hour After Her Spox Slammed Bernie for Same

Mississippi's oldest African-American newspaper Endorses Hillary Clinton

Clinton holds steady among New York voters in latest poll

Hillary Showed Support, Associates Profited from Ex-Im Bank Financing World’s Largest Coal Plant

Mississippi's Oldest African-American newspaper endorses Hillary Clinton

Here's what really happened to income in the Clinton 90s.

I just don't even know any more...

A nation of hope and opportunity for all - from OPOL at DKos

Can someone explain how an individual can oppose citizens United, but support Hillary?

Bernie's Universal Health Care Lets US Businesses Compete (Would've prevented GM's crisis)

Pointing? Seriously? HILLARY points. Bernie raises his finger in a "Point of Order" type gesture.

Clinton Opens Up Huge Lead in Michigan Clinton 66% (+11) Sanders 29% (-8)

A crisis foretold

Yet some wonder why Bernie's message is reaching the youth

Joan Walsh gets it right. BS is black or white. No nuances, no compromises. One note campaign.

DEMOCRATIC DEBATE: The "Excuse Me" Heard 'Round The World

It's about voters turnout

Classic Sanders on NAFTA -- introduces Bill to pay the US Congress the same wages as Mexico's

"Five reasons Bernie Sanders lost last night’s Democratic debate"

Supreme Court reverses Alabama court that denied lesbian woman's adoption

Nobody wants to talk about it (especially the Hillary supporters)

Anyone have the actual pledged delegate haul for the weekend?

Mary Matalin Tells Reporter She'd Like To Choke Him For Calling Out GOP's Racism

Does Bernie think $15/hr should be the MAXIMUM wage?

On our candidates' support of industries or opposition...

How is this clear conspiracy theory post not sent to the dungeon?

You know who The Donald should fire? The person who writes his 'tweets'

Poll: Trump surges as Clinton holds steady among New York voters

New Michigan State University Poll: Hillary 52, Bernie 47

Militants attack Tunisian forces near Libyan border, 50 killed

Weekend of Bernie's: Huge Maine Victory Caps Resurgency for Sanders

Superdelegates are the barons and baronesses of the Democratic party in an undemocratic process

"I know how to act proper and I'm continent!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Bernie Always Fighting AGAINST Mass Incarceration:


Well, I have already voted for a woman.

I missed the debate last night, but saw a clip on FB of Bernie's response to fracking.

Feds Refer Exxon Climate Investigation to FBI

Horrible QVC reviews for Trump Steaks

The Top 14

Death by gamma-ray bursts may place first lower bound on the cosmological constant

HRC Group - A quick X-post

A perfect Tweet about the "Excuse me" moment...

Oberlin Professor Thanks Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Website for Support

Unlike 2008, 17 year olds in Ohio won't be able to vote in the Democratic Primary

This should have been brought up during the debate, Re: GM given special hook-up to clean water.

Dear MSM

I thought this was funny as hell.

Siena: Clinton maintains 21 point lead in New York

One Good Year (2014)

The Alternative Progressive Weekly Indy Week (of NC) Endorses Hillary Clinton

Here's Bernie's next line of attack on Hillary!

Better take your meds. MSNBC article is just. too. much. Give me strength. - Link works.

The Alternative Progressive Weekly Indy Week (of NC) Endorses Hillary Clinton

Workers without paid sick leave face serious health consequences

Enough with the damned finger wag! This country

Foundations of social and psychological studies get a brutal jolt

Unsung hero of Hoover Dam - A Guy you really needed

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Does Size Matter?

Monday Toon Roundup 2- GOP Infighting

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

Fish Populations Revealed Through Seawater Analysis

Mark Ruffalo: Bernie Sanders Wants A Revolution Of Spirit And Priorities | MSNBC

Can You Outrun a Supervolcano? Maybe, Study Finds

Perhaps the most disturbing part about the whole Donald Trump loyalty pledge incident


It's time to Turn up the Bern

Study suggests impact of climate change on agriculture may be underestimated

AFSCME Local 25 and Local 2057 endorse Bernie Sanders

Assessing GM canola's threat to native bushland

Southwest Australia loses its Mediterranean climate

Gambling our way against climate change

IS this cool with you?

Breaking of the KKK - in 1871

I've been surrounded by stubborn Reagan humpers all day.

Five reasons Bernie Sanders lost last night’s Democratic debate

Israeli Defense Minister: Better ISIS than Iran

HC Talking Point of the Day -

Holy. Shit. This is the war on women.

Hillary Clinton would crush Donald Trump in a New York State general election matchup: poll

NRA tweets support for Bernie Sanders .

Fox News MORONS try to blatantly bash Bernie and make fools of themselves.

LIVE STREAM: Kalamazoo, Michigan Rally with Bernie Sanders

American Pie - What does it all mean?

Bernie within MOE of Clinton in Michigan

The Bernie blackout is real, and it’s happening at the Providence Journal

Monmouth University MI poll: HRC: 55, SBS: 42

Ex-ADL Head: Trump Hand-Raising Request Was Intentional 'Fascist Gesture'

"I'll give you your stinkin' vice-presidency, right here!". . .Please come CAPTION Andrew Dice Clay!

Make Sen. Sanders stop pointing and yelling at me!!!!!

Another poll giving HRC a solid lead in Michigan

Where I live, the economy was a mess before the auto bailout was even an issue

Albania offers collectors its Communist-era airborne glory

RGIII released.

Monmouth Michigan Poll (A- Rated *)-Clinton 55% Sanders 42%

vegetarian fish story

Is everyone watching the popular vote

Bernie and Obama agree about Export/Import Bank

Clinton Campaign Soon to Host Fundraiser With NRA Lobbyist:

A new poll shows close race for Idaho Caucus

I'm out of here

5 Major Signs that Clinton is Losing Now

Secretary Clinton, Please Specify Which Republican Speech Transcripts We Are Still Waiting For

Wanted: Smart computer techies who can Dub over the Orlando Trump speech pledge!

Are you tired of all of the money in politics? Then DO something about it!

Since the 43 Students Went Missing, 130 Bodies Have Been Found Outside Iguala, Mexico

Idaho Democratic Presidential Caucus Sanders 47, Clinton 45 Sanders +2

A deal for Congress.

Bernie Sanders rally attracts more than 3,200 in Kalamazoo

If Bernie Sanders does not win the nomination, I guarantee I will be voting for a woman this Fall!!!

US drone 'kills 150 Somali militants'

An addiction rarely memtioned is upsetting me a whole lot

Hillary Supporter Jim Clyburn Raised 'Great Concern' re:Clintons & Black Voters

Chilling - long video, but hard NOT to draw comparisons

Bernie on the god question

Father and Son Team Rescue Dog Left in Tar Pit to Die (Warning: A couple photos might be upsetting)

LA Times: "Clinton's pragmatism and Sanders' ideological bent... on display in debate."

Bernie as Hillary's VP? Very interesting interview with Tad Devine.

On Hillary and private prisons

Trump - Without The Rug

Michigan: The First Bellwether

We missed last night's debate. Anyone know a way to see it now?

Make your Michigan prediction

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice called gay people 'degenerates,' 'queers' in newspaper columns

The Eviction Economy - poverty and exploitation

SAY HIS NAME!!! Happy 60th Birthday to Bryan Cranston.

"In Nearly Every Blue, Purple, and Light-Red State, Bernie Sanders Polls Better Against Trump..."

Federal government suing Alabama manufacturer for allegedly retaliating against whisteblower

Trump Tower Funded by Rich Chinese Who Invest Cash for Visas

Give Bernie a break (Hillary Groupl)

The birth of lifestyle marketing in the late 70s

Clinton's Warnings to Wall Street

As a white guy I find the suggestion that African Americans are mired in poverty hurtful

Brazil’s president faces toughest fight for survival

Actor Mark Ruffalo joins Congressman Kildee and others at Flint's Hurley Children's Medical Center

MSU poll shows Clinton has slim lead over Sanders

Supreme Court rejects Apple e-books price-fixing appeal

Michigan State Senator Bert Johnson Endorses Bernie Sanders

NRA Praises Sanders' Comments On Gun Manufacturer Liability

This is what is called "humor" on iheart radio.

Venezuela says investigating alleged killing of miners

In the 40s, were Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn considered "ghetto"?

As Goes Maine . . .

Last Poll Before Idaho Primary Has Trump Up By 11

In drills, U.S., South Korea practice striking North’s nuclear plants, leaders

Justice Bradley called gay people 'degenerates,' 'queers' in college newspaper columns

Sanders leads Idaho 47% to 45% "a dramatic reversal from Clinton's previous 10-point lead"

Why caucuses are stupid, undemocratic, and need to be done away with (HRC Group)

best compilation from Republican debate

The photograph that changed the face to AIDS.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 7, 2016

If Trump or Cruz ever get elected...

U.N. agency toughens real-time tracking for planes after MH370

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 7, 2016 (HRC group)

In Nearly Every Blue, Purple, and Light-Red State, Bernie Sanders Polls Better Against Trump

Uh Oh: NRA tweets support for Bernie Sanders after Democratic debate in Michigan

Just think about it.Trump becomes POTUS, a corporation will run the government.Just saying.

China vowed to peak carbon emissions by 2030. It could be way ahead of schedule

NRA tweets support for Bernie Sanders

Talk about process - Hillary wins. Talk about issues - Bernie wins.

HILLARY GROUP - Bernie Sanders Supported Gun Company Immunity But Opposed It for Other Industries

Bernie Sanders Received Tepid Quasi-Endorsement from...

Barack Obama Agrees With Senator Sanders That Import/Export Bank Is Nothing But Corp Welfare

Sanya Reid Smith of NGO Third World Network, describes the Trade in Services Agreement

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-5 & 3-6-16

Pic Of The Moment: Republican War On Women Sees Dramatic Increase In Casualties

59% of Michigan Voters Voted End Affirmative Action in 2006; Bernie has always supported Af Act

Need a break??

Will Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton have the moxy to fight a Ted Cruz or Donald Trump?

Fighting in the freezer: Royal Marines train US Marines in Arctic conditions

A President has much more flexibility than a member of Congress

Listen to Hillary's new ad taken from the debate.

Official: 2 women, 4 men dead in NW Atlanta boarding house fire

Bernie voted FOR the auto bailout

Yes, it is wrong to use vulgarity when referrring to Bernie. The same thing applies to those

My cat has gone crazy over new treat....

Wife of Eagles' Randy Meisner Shot and Killed, Investigation Ongoing

Downton Abbey stars move on to other roles and projects:

Bernie's Top Strategist--Bernie might consider being HRC's VP

Michigan State Senator Bert Johnson of Detroit Endorses Sanders

Ripples of Hope

Bernie's top strategist: Bernie might consider being HRC's VP

Those illegal donations to Bernie the Hillary camp was worried about, some went through the DU link

Bernie Sanders Volunteers in Miami Special Message 3-7-2016

Clinton is running for president. Sanders is doing something else |Hillary Clinton Group

Let's Continue Obama's Progress

Why did Clinton Need A Private Server? (Why can't we just ignore this until the general election?)

How the world really works, in 4 paragraphs

Clinton's Claims on Auto Industry 'Not True'

Turnout Records Drive Bernie Success

Want Real Change ?

Investigation into Finicum death concludes, results to be released Tuesday

Sure it has already been posted but worth another look

WaPo: "Sanders is actually on the record as supporting the auto bailout. He even voted for it."

NSFW, but...

I agree. Bernie shouldn't have said, "Excuse me. I was talking."

Sexist, Too? Here's Obama Calling Out Clinton As She Interrupts Him 3 Times In 2 Mins.

Uh-oh! NRA lobbyist throwing a fundraiser for Hillary!

Bernie Sanders Kalamazoo FULL Speech 3-7-2016

The New York Times picks up the Bernie/NRA story

HILLARY GROUP. Sanders’ “ghetto” gaffe ....... may have Crippled his bid for 2016 nom

hc still taking private for profit prison money

Bernie Sander's cookie. (I did not make) Fluff, of course, but fun!

"I see your true colors, shining through"

As president, Trump would send the national debt soaring

Wendy's email:

Bernie Sanders 2016 Campaign -- Photo Montage

Just a reminder

Bernie Sanders Rally in Dearborn, Michigan. (Go Bernie Go!)

Let's replace the confederate general with a statue of "Florida Man"

Hey Look! I found another video of Trump supporters! Look at how diverse the crowd is!

Thousands of Boston students walk out in protest of $40mil tax break for GE...

Boeing made nearly 69 BILLION dollars off Hillary's Iraq war.

Missouri State Representative Clem Smith Endorses Bernie

Elizabeth Warren as Hillary's running mate?

LIVE STREAM @ 2:30 : Bernie Sanders @ Michael A. Guido Theater in Dearborn, MI

Why Bernie can't win. Probably. Maybe.

Idaho pastor shot a day after praying at Ted Cruz rally

Israel hands prison sentence to prominent Palestinian lawyer, her brother

Did Hillary Clinton Attend Church with One of the Questioners in the CNN Debate?

Bernie closing in on Hillary in Michigan: 52 to 47

Venezuela probes gold miners' disappearance in Bolivar state

Confederates for Trump

Let's Continue Obama's Progress

Michigan State Senator Bert Johnson Endorses Bernie Sanders

Bernie: I Voted FOR the Auto Industry Bailout

Exposed Hillary and Columbia - Clintion foundation and trade deal there

Now that we're past the Southern primaries, Hillary was able to throw Obama under the bus

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Democratic Debate

The Snyder Resignation Flip-Flop

Appears Clintons were still friends with birther tRump

More Latinos Seek Citizenship to Vote Against Trump - NYT

Study suggests impact of climate change on agriculture may be underestimated

Peyton Manning Announces Retirement In Emotional Press Conference

The Import Export Bank is little more than a fund for corporate welfare.....

Fox Town Hall not showing on my teevee schedule.

Urgent need to transform key food producing regions in Africa

Is there a US "Lost Generation" who Cannot Afford A Globally Competitive Education?

Ironclad valkyrie, powerful enough to defeat the enemies of democracy

"Excuse me I'm talking"

Clinton Portrays Herself as a Pro-Gun Churchgoer

Clinton is a candidate for privileged people who want American workers to compete for 50¢ an hour

Ted Cruz: "I ask you to come join us. If you're supporting other candidates, come join us."

Even plant-supporting soil fungi affected by global warming, UCI study finds

I just went to vote early at my county library here in my county in NC.

Who thinks Trump might be hiring "protesters?"

All the US does is grant and gift corporate welfare to the tune of trillions

Whichever dem wins Florida and Ohio will be the nominee.

Funny Or Die: Not All KKK Members Support Donald Trump

Can we please think about what a 74-year old Jewish man might mean when he says ghetto?

Oil Hits 2016 High Above $40; Glut Warnings Resurface

Might the emails be grounds for impeachment?

Well...Sharapova failed a drug test

Clinton Claims on Auto Industry 'Not True' - Bernie Press Release about the Debate

Ted Cruz is still going the "PANIC! FEAR!" route with fundy Christians...

Fox News Channel Boasts Rare Catch: Democrats at a Town Hall

Dinesh DeLoser has a new movie

Amazon Removes Encryption From Fire Tablets

This is my crack, baby!

BREAKING: Hillary releases radio ad attacking Bernie for voting against the auto industry bailout


What these ancient shipwrecks could be telling us about climate change

Maria Sharapova: I failed drug test at Australian Open

I am unable to alert.

Clinton’s Claims on Auto Industry ‘Not True’....Bernie speaks out.

"‘Ghetto’ gaffe highlights Bernie Sanders campaign’s struggle with race"

Meet Dindim, the penguin who returns to his human soulmate every year

Meet Dindim, the penguin who returns to his human soulmate every year

Hillary advocating suing gun manufacturers for shootings is ridiculous. If a person buys a gun

What's different about this election? ---A shift to a for-profit model of campaign journalism

Foreign Diplomats Voicing Alarm To U.S. Officials About Trump

Cleveland Seeking To Buy Riot Gear For Republican National Convention

After all 52,000+ e-mails reviewed and nothing, nada.

The truth keeps dropping out of sight, lies prevail. Bernie voted FOR auto bailout.


The world watches the U.S. presidential race with ‘disbelief'.

MIT researchers turn waste gas into liquid fuel

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Flint, Michigan residents are paying for "poison" water

New PPP Ohio Poll: HRC: 56% Bernie: 35%

New PPP Ohio Poll: HRC: 56% Bernie: 35%

Michigan DUers: Please be sure to turn out tomorrow and vote.

Check out the Bernie Pops

Where is the Quid Pro Quo?

Donald Trump's 47-Percent Moment

Victoria McGrath, Boston Marathon bombing survivor, killed in Dubai car crash

tens of thousands of people who said they were Democrats, but really weren't, will leave the

Jerry Springer to serve as moderator for next Republican debate!

Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leaders in America

VIDEO of msnbc giving clinton spokesperson heads up on questions to come...ooops

He nailed it!

Resolved Query: Clinton's Press Secretary UnInformed About Position on Michigan Governor Snyder

Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leaders in America

Former President Bill Clinton rapped President Obama's "pretty picture" of economic recovery...

El Salvador to investigate another ex-president

Democrats Have Their History Wrong — and Are About to Make a Grievous Mistake

The most racist places in America, according to Google

This has to stop: MSNBC just said Clinton leads Bernie by more then 2 to 1 in delgates...

2 phone calls and now 2 texts from Bernie's campaign so far here in Detroit. (updated)

Hillary―boasting about all her donors―has raised 17% of her $ from small donors....

The Unofficial Database of Declassified/Released Hillary Clinton

Ancient underground city excites archaeology world

Poll: Is Hillary Clinton One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leaders in America?

Just released Ohio Poll -Clinton 56% Sanders 35%

Blue Nation Review = True Blue Media = David Brock propaganda website

Ohio (PPP): Clinton 56, Sanders 35 (Clinton +21).

Regarding Bernie's comments on "African-Americans" and "Ghettos"

Won't anyone mention

New York (Siena): Clinton 55, Sanders 34 (Clinton +21)

Michigan Primary 2016: Date, Voting Hours & Key Information

Clinton now wants voters to view the bailout of her wealthy Wall St donors as an altruistic lifeline

Idaho (Dan Jones): Sanders 47, Clinton 45 (Sanders +2).

Wireless Electric Charging: The Future of Plug-In Electric Vehicles is Going Cordless

Revealed: the 30-year economic betrayal dragging down Generation Y’s income

2016 GOP Primaries: Trolls Trolling the Trolls

Hillary's Hypocrisy: Clinging to Obama After Her Racist Dog Whistles in 2008

Bernie Sanders Tries to Explain His 'Ghetto' Comment — And Made Things Even Worse

Amazonian tribe in Peru takes hostages after oil spill

Amazonian tribe in Peru takes hostages after oil spill

Democrats and Republicans Are Quietly Planning a Corporate Giveaway — to the Tune of $400 Billion

A Tribute to Peyton Manning

I think we need to face facts regarding Bernie as a candidate

‘The Trump Effect’ is contaminating our kids — and could resonate for years

Former Costco exec launches The Organic Coup, America's first 100% organic fast-food restaurant.

Oklahoma man gets 40 years in prison in Kenya orphans' abuse

Oklahoma Puts Limits on Oil and Gas Wells to Fight Quakes.

How to dress an Inauthentic Attack

Judge sides with DC in ongoing lawsuit over gun law

Gov. Scott signs into law overhaul of Florida death penalty

Virginia Senate OKs use of electric chair amid drug shortage

Pennsylvania governor raising minimum wage for state workers

Police: Man charged in child sex abuse case shoots at victim

Court blocks immediate FCC rate cut for U.S. prisoner telephone calls

Best Bernie quote of the debate(s)

Watch Drumpf discuss anal sex, his wife’s lack of bowel movements

~*~ LIVE STREAM - Fox News Democratic Town Hall 3/7/2016 ~*~

Bernie Sanders Michigan Voters Need to Document Primary Vote as Election Issues Continue...

Greater Threat to Democracy - Citizens United or Corporate Media?

No We Can’t, Without a Revolution: Why Bernie Sanders Is More of a Realist Than Barack Obama

Rubio Announces His Neocon Dream Team (a "Bush adminstration alumni club")

HILLARY GROUP...Oh No..Bernie steps deeper into his "ghetto" statement. NBC

Bernie Sanders Knows What It's Like To Be Poor Hillary Doesn't!

Here Are the Nation's Most Homophobic, Racist, and Sexist Places, Based on Tweets

Analysis: Did Nancy Reagan's War on Drugs Backfire?

Clinton Voters Like Obama More Than Sanders Supporters Do

Besides an invisible primary is there also an FBI primary taking place this year?

Turkey Asks EU for Additional $3B to Help Stem Migrant Flow

Reminder - tonite our candidates are going into the lion's den. Townhall on Faux 6 pm EST

Bernie’s Top Aide Smears BNR, Its Owners and Staff (Hilary Clinton Group)

Email from Bernie

Nielsen: 5.5 Million Watch Democratic Debate

Trump Helps Democrats As 9% Of Michigan GOP Will Vote For Clinton If Trump Wins

Trump Helps Democrats As 9% Of Michigan GOP Will Vote For Clinton If Trump Wins

The Complete Guide to the Benghazi Select Committee plus more on HRC and her many varied record

Cops: Mass workplace shooting averted when gun jams

Very funny video: Donald Trump Show Us Your Penis

Appanrently I can only not respond or elaborate on a previous post.

PM lashes Arab MKs for Hezbollah support: ‘Have you gone mad?’

Bloomberg won't run for President

Jury: Polygamous towns discriminated against nonbelievers

Should Bernie drop out after March 15?

Bloomberg not going to run as third party candidate.

"Why Did Clinton Need A Private Server? The Answer Makes Bernie President"

when you tell people you don't want their votes

history of japan

Bizarro World

Bernie Would never be friends w/ anyone like Hillary's 2008 Racist friend & fundraiser:

Food bank fund drive via GoFundMe for Park County (Livingston area)

Food bank fund drive via GoFundMe for Park County,Montana

Michigan's Largest Independent African-American Blog/Podcast Endorses Bernie Sanders

Food bank fund drive via GoFundMe for Park County, Montana

New product from Gardein: Meatless Pepperoni Pockets

Suspect in Idaho minister's shooting identified by police

EDF unions call for Hinkley Point project to be postponed

Found on twitter: Story for Americas most prominent arab populated city rallying around a jewish guy

Bernie Sanders Rally Excerpt Ann Arbor, MI 3/7/16

Ed Schultz setting the record straight on the debate.

Hacker ‘Guccifer,’ Who Uncovered Clinton’s Private Emails, To Be Extradited To US

'You might say its a story for Americas most prominent arab populated city rallying around

Michigan State Senator Bert Johnson Endorses Bernie Sanders

AFSCME Local 25 and Local 2057 in MI endorse Bernie Sanders

Erin Andrews Awarded $55 Million in Lawsuit

"If you are anti-GMOs you are anti-science."

The five Twitter accounts followed by Walker appointee Justice Rebecca Bradley

Get on the phone

As Clinton Equivocates on Fracking, Sanders Has One Answer: 'No.'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Why Bernie Sanders Is the Democratic Party’s Best Hope to Win the White House in November

Customers Can Now Go 100 Percent Solar with PG&E's Solar Choice Program

So Is Anybody In Flint Going To Sue The....

Warren fails to endorse Bernie and his supporters freak out

Genetic evolution versus GMOs.

Bernie Sanders Keeps Winning—and Pundits Don’t Like It

***fox news town hall thread***

Fox's Town Hall just started --Sanders up first

In The Ghetto.

There's A 'Gathering Storm' In The Global Economy And Central Banks Are Running Out Of Options

Fox News Town Hall Thread

Politifact CALLS OUT Bernie Sanders

HRC can forever be summed up by Anderson Cooper's question: "Will you say anything to get elected?"

Ted Cruz's Michigan co-chair wants to outlaw being gay...

Consequences of a Warming World

White House to reveal death toll of US drone strikes for first time

Taming Oceans for 24/7 Power

Mexican president compares Trump rhetoric to Hitler and Mussolini

Jury: Polygamous towns discriminated against nonbelievers

Wisconsin Supreme Court justice apologizes for anti-gay opinion pieces

Polygamous Leader to Remain Jailed in Food Stamp Fraud Case (repost)

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton denies Bernie Sanders a win at Flint Democratic debate

Medgar Evers’ Brother Endorses Donald Trump for President *faints*

British Police's Counter-Terror Chief Warns of IS Attack

Boston Marathon bombing survivor killed in Dubai car crash

Chelsea Tapped to Launch Transparently Political Effort to Help Flint

In case we haven't had enough of him..

Most partisan people in the Senate

Bernie Sanders in Kalamazoo: I will 'make no apologies

One billion since 2004 and counting

Most partisan people in the Senate

Hill's Group: What Bernie Sanders still doesn’t get about arguing with Hillary Clinton

Little Hand

Link to Fox town hall. Hillary just started

Toon: Hillary

So if your life is shitty

"If Sanders Can't Win Michigan, where can he win besides small caucus states?"

"If Sanders Can't Win Michigan, where can he win besides small caucus states?"

Snopes: Clinton Foundation international money laundering scam

I'm going to close the DU 4 Martin Act Blue page

Does anyone else get as tired of Hillary Clinton's "black church" photo ops as I do?

Before Hillary deals with any of the people's needs, she must first pay back the corps on this list.

Cruz-toon. The Booger Eater.

Oops!! Maria Sharapova failed a drug test at the OZ Open

Bernie Was GREAT on the Fox Town Hall and, Unbelievably, Bret Baier Was Basically Fair - Shame on

OMG!!! Sanders pointed, got annoyed at getting interrupted, and used a questionable word!

1 of the pups at 6.5 weeks

Bravura performance in Detroit tonight....No contest with the Bern. He's not even in her league.

Love how she goes once again after Bernie and lies and lies and lies about his plans.

Joke about Trump

Poverty rates by race.

Bobby Jindal’s Anti-Tax Fervor May Have Destroyed Louisiana