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Archives: March 8, 2016

Reuters story on "Lifelike Humanoid Robots." WAIT...that's not a ROBOT, that's...

Is Trump reviving Reagan Democrats?

Wars are being fought as in 'barbarian times', warns MSF chief

Starting up my 2 day fast, 5 day not fast diet again. I lost 10 pounds this fall on it.

Bernie's answer regarding healthcare at the town hall says so much about him

Some Rubio Advisers Say Get Out Before Florida

Sanders within margin of error in Michigan

Did I just watch Clinton hesitate on a woman's right to choose?

Hill's Group: Myrlie Evers-Williams backs Hillary Clinton, urges voters to 'take sides'

Pork Banned In Cafes And Schools To 'Not Offend Refugees'

Anti-Gun Hillary Clinton Is Taking Money From NRA Lobbyists

I think Bernie's attempt to clarify the "ghetto" comment may have made things worse.

First American running for Oklahoma House District #16 could use some start up $

First American running for Oklahoma House District #16 could use some start up $

I think that Hilary will pick Sanders as her running mate if she gets the nomination,

Why the earth got fracked until all water was poisoned

Nisman money laundering case reaches Cassation (Appeals) Court in Argentina.

Hillary in Michigan CONFIRMS that Bernie infact DID vote FOR the auto bailout.

As someone who was booted out of the Hillary group

Canada Fears Photo of Prime Minister with Pandas Could Worsen American Refugee Crisis

Pakistani lawyers' group behind spike in blasphemy cases

The Planned Parenthood witch-hunt continues...

Israel's Netanyahu declines offer to meet with Obama: White House

So HC loves dirty coal too eh

Oklahoma man gets 40 years in prison in Kenya orphans' abuse

I am reading "Freedom Summer" by Bruce Watson

The Nation: "Bernie Sanders Keeps Winning—and Pundits Don’t Like It"

Voter Fraud is Mathematically Irrelevant

Leading U.S. Disability Organization Condemns Bernie Sanders For Joking About Mental Illness

Black & White I: Confederate Flag Nothing to Celebrate: SC Debate

Historical Revisionism: Conservative Civil War Delusions

Top Pakistani religious body rules women's protection law 'un-Islamic'

Trump tower revealed to be funded by Chinese through controversial visa program

So do you think the right will learn the lesson that democracy is delicate and people

My feminism extends beyond US borders, and it informs my first-ever vote as a new American citizen

Obama says both left and right are wrong on Wall Street rules

It's the corruption stupid. A preview of the general election?

Question about voting for Bernie in MI primary tomorrow

Abbott Labs fires American IT workers and replaces them with H1B Visa guest workers

Michael Bloomberg Will Not Enter Presidential Race|Hillary Clinton Group

Abortion rights is a civil rights issue

Go Team Paws! Meet the Canine Contestants in our March Paws vs. Claws Tournament

Huffington Post: Bernie Sanders Seems To Equate Black People With Poor People

he finally went there: Donald Trump's 47% comment moment

The DU LOVES Bernie!!!! Look at the current Greatest Threads!!!!!

Is it so hard to understand, growing up poor and white, is different than growing up poor

HILLARY GROUP..Hillary Clinton Leaves Fox Whining And Whimpering After Dominating Fox News Town Hall

After watching Trevor Noah

I would rather go up against Cruz Aka TED – Then Trump!

LIVE FEED: Bernie Sanders LIVE Forum and Rally in Michigan

My hat is off to Hillary and Bernie.

The best health care mess explanation article I've ever read, by far.

SEC charges RI economic agency, Wells Fargo with fraud in 38 Studios

And what makes him a winner again?

Scientists reveal the secret behind Mercury’s unusually dark surface

Bernie Sanders was AGAINST the WAR on Iraq and Bailing Out the BANKSTERS.

Air strike hits Syrian market, opposition says truce must be respected

Truly, the Democratic Party has changed

The impossibly bad-assed David Lindley performs "Mercury Blues." Enjoy.


Benjamin Dixon: When HRC told @Ash_Bash23 "let me finish"

Ian Haney López on the Dog Whistle Politics of Race

Interesting how this meme of Bernie as Hillary's running mate...

Rosario Dawson seems to feel the Bern

Michigan Mayor: Security Threatened To Kick Me Out Of Debate For Vocal Bernie Support

FCC cracks down on Verizon Wireless for using ‘supercookies’

Hillary Clinton's Lead Pipe Answer 'Made Me Vomit In My Mouth,' Flint Questioner Says

Planned Parenthood PAC may of endorsed the wrong feminist

Bernie introduced legislation to remove Marijuana from Fed Controlled Substances List:

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Another Friday! Uncensored & Live &

Clinton's WTO Cost Black Workers Thousands of High Paying Manufacturing Jobs:

Rule change that is needed for future Democratic primaries:

Du'er needs some computer help and support...

Du'er needs some mac advice . ..

Meet the Democrat who has pissed off Obama so much...

Forbes: Clinton's Charge That Sanders Did Not Support Auto Rescue Is Wrong

A Future to Believe In Rally in Miami, Florida on 3/8

"Bernie Sanders ailenates his natural allies. He is completely ineffective as a lobbyist..."

Maddow - Total sellout, no hope

Saw the BEST bumper sticker today:

Kids react to Donald Trump

Sanders should hammer away at Hillary's ties to the Prison Industry-it will blow her coalition apart

I had an abortion at 7 months pregnant in 1978.

Frustrated GOP lawmakers weigh move to impeach top judges

Why it is important when Clinton talks about a third trimester ban.

The Conservative Craving for Anti-Intellectual Stew

Tim Cook, Elon Musk, and Larry Page were at a private event where the 'main topic' was stopping Trum

Just a question... Sorry a bit niave here.

Trump is at it again! A HUGE LIAR!

Banks and Detroit and Water, Etc:

Which candidate do you support for our nomination?

Has the media regularly included super-delegates in the count in past elections?

Any Rocky De La Fuente supporters here?

have you guys noticed anything weird from "bernie supporters?

Do you think there is too much anti-semitism in this country for Bernie to be elected President?

The most hilarious version of "Questa o quella" - *evah*!1

I'm all in for a corporate death penalty such that a convicted corporation's assets are seized &

Trump challenged over ties to mob-linked gambler with ugly past

It is awesome the best behaving party is the Dems.

Israel's Netanyahu declines offer to meet with Obama: White House

I don't know if any of you have seen this but,

A $7 billion hedge fund says it's being investigated by the SEC and the US Department of Justice

About that "poor and white" thing - this is what I feel Bernie means -


U.S. rebuffs Koch-controlled coal company's bid for royalties

One day...

Famous Black Sociologist, William Julius Wilson, discussed "ghettos" in his classic, "When Work...

Dueling Hillaries: Her emails vs. her speech transcripts

Why we can't endorse Trump, Rubio, Cruz or Kasich.

OK, Michigan Predictions!

Hillary's early clinch of the nomination will mean a GOP House and Senate stacked against her

Same-sex partners covered in new Michigan Catholic Church health plan

What the *heck* is the deal with *CUPCAKES*?! Just bit into one & got *PAPER*!1 n/t

Village Ghetto Land - Stevie Wonder

First lady Michelle Obama to attend funeral for Nancy Reagan

Some Rubio advisors are suggesting a new strategy prior to the March 15th primary in Florida...

"The Jews in American History: 1654-1865" (1945 pamphlet, PDF)

For everyone here at DU tonite. "Don't you wish it was true"

“We are not Scientists…” —but we are paid off Deniers of Science

Any Substitute Teachers out there?????

My plea: let's stop feeding into Ghetto-gate

For everyone here at DU tonite. "Don't you wish it was true"

For everyone here at DU tonite. Please listen: "Don't you wish it was true"

The question now is this: Can an honest politician beat a dishonest one?

Rubio's security/national defense team named.

Alleged Mexican Cartel Leader Is Extradited to US

Thousands of Boston Students Just Walked Out of Class to Save Their Schools

Man Who Filmed Himself Being Arrested for Jaywalking Facing New Charge

Cops find gunfire suspect, 75, asleep after 4-hour standoff

Is Justice Bradley related to the Bradley Foundation people?

Sailor Killed in Pearl Harbor Attack Identified, Be Reburied

Justice Department asks judge to revisit NY iPhone case

Justice Department asks judge to revisit NY iPhone case

How many delegates will Hillary earn tomorrow?

The last 24 hours of WaPo

Michigan, Tomorrow is Your Day | Bernie Sanders

Ted Lieu conference call is really interesting

How old are you?

Bernie Sanders Confronts Alan Greenspan

On Health Care

The Media's Not Being Honest About Its Trump Obsession

(Hill Group) XPost from GD P - On Health Care


H-676; B-479. 197 spread, no change from last week. 166 up tomorrow.

Speaker Paul Ryan Phones Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to Discuss 'Bold Conservative' Agenda

Hillary Clinton's Opinion on Water Pollution

Love this photo from her official site

Beth Clarkson thinks there were vote counting anomalies in the Dem LA primary.


Cash is king

Sorry, just have to do this in a safe place ---

Joy Reid: "That was a very skillful attack by Clinton."

need to find your polling place in MI?

Anyone else remember "Pam's House Blend"?

New Sanders Radio Ad Sets Record Straight on Clinton’s Dishonest Attack on Auto Industry Rescue

Perspective: Why I Can't Support the Second-Best Candidate

Come vote in this poll in GDP!

So basically Hillary went to Michigan in order to lie about Bernie's vote on the auto bailout.

It's a Bird! It's a PLANE!

Mezermizing Mental Floss: This undefinable singer will transport you to another world.

Seattle Times endorses Bernie Sanders

John Fugelsang has a great idea for a republican nominee

The Seattle Times endorses Bernie Sanders

UPS calls Donald Trump

Clinton slams democratic activists behind closed doors

Hillary Clinton often boasts about helping children, but she betrayed them as First Lady

Oh yea Bernie was SOOO rude..not...she was! The Real Facts...

He did it!! Thanks to GreatGazoo for the news!!

Some Bernie at the start of his campaign

Michigan mayor says he was nearly kicked out of Dem debate

Although Clinton Won Massachusetts by 2%, Hand Counted Precincts in Massachusetts Favored Bernie San

do you think night clubs are more prone to violence?

I'll post the polls later tonight

Kasich ad: "He'll do for Michigan what he's done for Ohio."

What Hillary Clinton Campaign Did To One Super Delegate Who Switched

Hillary will release her speeches if REPUBLICANS do?

538 projection of Michigan: Trump 92%, Kasich 5%, Cruz 3%.....Rubio <1%

Report: Tim Cook, other tech execs attended secret meeting to discuss how to stop Donald Trump

538 projection of Michigan: Clinton >99%

Fukushima set to become hydrogen production center

This 'Racists For Trump' Ad On 'SNL' Is The Antidote For Trump Mania

New Ohio poll (PPP): Clinton 56 - Sanders 35 - Undecided 9

The Change They Believe In: Speech for Harlem Tenants Association, November 14, 2008, Robert Fitch

Ohh look what I got in my mail from a h supporter

Michigan Mayor: Security Threatened to Kick Me Out of Debate for My Vocal Bernie Support


The last winner of a brokered convention from either party

I just read on another forum that Bernie voted for No Child Left Behind.

Two S.C. men fatally shot, buried and burned over unpaid taxi fare, police say

Spread the word to everyone in Michigan that Hillary lied about Bernie's vote on the auto bailout!

The Porn Actress in the Cruz campaign ad is going to vote for Donald Trump...

This Chart Can Win Sanders the Election and End HRC's Political Career

Anyone who likes and respect President Obama, believes he's done a good job with the economy,

Montreal homeless man owes $100 for.. being homeless man in Montreal

After Ben Jealous left his show, Chris Hayes said that bringing up Hillary was a Goldwater girl

I truly believe that when Bernie is elected President, he will dedicate his life to helping not only

You’ll Eat Bugs. These Investors Are Betting Millions on It

Stephens Inc.-financed PAC goes after Conner Eldridge

I accept that you like boys,’ dad tells son in new McDonald’s ad

What's the Matter with NAFTA?

NY Times will no longer include super delegates in their count.

Washington Post Stealth-Edits Reagan Obituary, Covertly Removes Tasteless Lead Without Note

Canada is pretty much out of gold

Social Integration of Robots into Groups of Cockroaches to Control Self-Organized Choices

Remember when we said this time we weren't going to fight like in '08?

Google Doodle Today: International Women's Day

Celebrating International Woman's day (originally called International Working Women's Day)

Michigan predictions thread

"The American people are bitter. They are angry, and they are confused."

Fox Focus Group on Tonight's Town Hall

Hacker ‘Guccifer,’ who uncovered Clinton’s private emails, to be extradited to US

Hillary said the truth. SBS voted for a bailout bill that did NOT pass. Sen. Peters set the record

Kim Jong Il’s Hidden War (Solving the mystery of Kim Il Sung’s death and the mass starvations in Nor

"Better Call Saul" Fans - where do you think the show is going? *spoilers*

FB Bernie Sanders is my HERO asked everyone their age...Wow!

This will be the best chuckle you'll get today! (v) An Ostrich races road cyclists!

IL-Chicago Tribune: Clinton 67%, Sanders 25%

Reshma Saujani: Teach girls bravery, not perfection

GATS in education: Revival of the caste (India)

Bernie Sanders super fans line up hours ahead of Ann Arbor rally

Dem Debate #7: Bernie is Super Bowled Over

BTRTN March 8 Predictions: A Super Sweep for Clinton and Trump

Ontario plans to trial universal basic income

more voters Hillary doesn't want or need

The Seven Pillars of Stupidparty Hate. Do we [the Republican Party] have a Party of Hate?

Reagan Administration's Chilling Response to the AIDS Crisis

Venice Jews work to preserve the world's first ghetto as 500th anniversary nears

The oligarchs are plotting to regain control of the Republican Party

We know Hillary has the AA vote locked up, but she doesn't have the Latino voters

Americans demand the Truth.

Just found this tidbit on reddit

Remember this guy?

On Eve of Caucuses, Clinton Rakes in Fracking Cash

Hillary’s Speaking Fees – $21.4M in Two Years- Interactive graph

FOIA: Navy Secretly Conducting Electromagnetic Warfare Training on Washington Roads

William Hazlitt: On The Pleasure of Hating (c. 1826)

Republicans Are Upset Because They Have Been Exposed For The Racists & Bigots They Are.

Smiling Faces Sometimes

When 14 Bombings Happen in one American City in a Single Month... and No One Notices

‘No Open House on Stolen Land’: CODEPINK disrupts RE/MAX convention to protest settlement

Black Men for Bernie Sanders in Michigan with Mark Ruffalo [CC]

Maria Sharapova admits to failing drug test, will be provisionally banned

PBS: Voters increasingly see Sanders as electable

Fallen tree derails train in California; at least 14 injured

Michigan mayor says he was nearly kicked out of Dem debate

Clinton's answer on fracking was not "wandering" but precise.

Fukushima: Tokyo was on the brink of nuclear catastrophe, admits former prime minister

Your (Fake) Smear Campaign Won’t Mess With Me. Hillary 2016.

Washington Post Ran 16 Negative Stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 Hours

A Message to Michiganders

New poll: Bernie Sanders could upset Hillary Clinton in Michigan’s primary Tuesday

Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 56/35 in Ohio, 74/14 advantage with black voters is key:

Important announcement re winter contest

Clinton Leads Sanders by 37 Points in New Michigan Poll

Microsoft announces SQL Server for Linux

Daily Holidays - March 8


New Illinois @chicagotribune dem primary poll: Hillary 67% / Bernie 25%

Why Poor People Stay Poor

John Lewis Tweets/Pics~51 years ago today, we said a prayer before setting out from Brown Chapel


Syria refugee crisis: Turkey and EU agree outline of 'one in, one out' deal

Karl Rove shared focus group findings that give hope to the GOP establishment.

Tony Brasunas Election Map as of Mar 7

"Bern down the Oligarchy!" painting on copper progress video by my friend Scott

New Illinois @chicagotribune dem primary poll: Hillary 67% / Bernie 25%

THIS Lesbian knows who has had her back since day one!

Michigan primary may see record turnout

Did Sanders vote for or against the bill that became law which bailed out the auto industry?

MI Election Projection, Monday March 7: Clinton 48.9, Sanders 40.3

Sun Sentinel declines endorsing Rubio:"The kind of person who should be running is not in the race."

The Transformative Power of Democratic Uprisings

Elizabeth Warren: Why Seniors—Not CEOs—Deserve a Raise

Why People Around the World are Rooting for Bernie Sanders

Why Bernie Sanders Is the Democratic Party’s Best Hope to Win the White House in November

Reverse Robin Hood: Six Billion Dollar Businesses Preying on Poor People

Medicaid and CHIP premiums decrease access to health care

in another thread, just saw this 'defense' of Third Way/DNC/old-DLC political achievements:

Stop laughing, Democrats!

Is Retirement Facing Extinction?

Stop laughing Democrats!

Apple Users Targeted in First Known Mac Ransomware Campaign

Did you see that?! Shame on you, MSNBC!

See an American town that's about to be completely lost to climate change.

Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest?

"Blood is thicker than water". We use this exactly backwards.

Bernie Sanders Releases Powerful New Video Fighting Exploitation

China won't budge on South China Sea sovereignty

Palestinians sue pro-Israel tycoons for $34.5bn

Armed Clash in the South China Sea - It's getting serious.

The Denial of Climate Scientists and Experts

Washington Post Ran 16 Negative Stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 Hours

Washington Post Ran 16 Negative Stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 Hours

A review of The Girl in the Spider's Web" by David Lagercrantz

The anti-GMO movement reminds me of the 80's...

LOL - Hillary Forgot to Follow Obama on One Teensy-Tiny Policy of His

Hypocrisy thy name is Boris.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 8, 2016


So where are those Transcripts Hillary - "Did you Lie to the American people again"

Does anyone else's Kitty do naughty things like this......

Re: Bernie and all that "offensive" pointing

ISIS makes prospective terrorists fill out a questionnaire. And investigators stole those documents.

Troubling Climate Change Milestone

Voted here in Michigan

well, I should get up and get going now

Humorous Ads Targeting Muslim Stereotypes Debut on NYC Subway

New Florida Poll: HRC: 61% Bernie: 30%

Ooop....Bernie's Selma Twitter Gaffe.....

New Florida Poll: HRC: 61% Bernie: 30%

Holy Shite - Trump strikes back with a Rubio ad in Florida

Nature - "Significant" Areas Of SS Africa Will Be Unfit For Corn, Bean, Banana Cultivation By 2100

Brand Spanking New Sunshine State Poll- Clinton Doubles Up Sanders 61-30

Morning Spin: Sanders' Illinois delegate filings may cause ballot problems at polls

Washington state lawmakers criticize Sanders' disparaging of Ex-Im Bank

GOP pigs are flying over 30 Rock...Scarborough just told the core truth about the last 30 years...

Koch brothers, NRA, and Heritage Foundation have all come to Sanders' defense in the last 24 hours

Donors to Bernie: Never surrender

*=*=* WANT REAL CHANGE? *=*=*

Once again, Bernie is the candidate we need, but maybe not the one we deserve.

21 FL Mayors Call On Miami GOP Debate Moderators To Press Candidates On Sea Level Rise

INBOX: Clinton campaign doubles down on Sanders' auto bailout vote...

New York Legislators Take Aim At Interest Loophole

NRA in 2004 lobbying for Sanders' backed gun immunity bill

EU referendum: Bank of England ready to pump billions into financial system to counter turmoil of Br

Radar glitch requires F-35 fighter jet pilots to turn it off and on again

If you use any variation of the phrase "jaw-dropping," you are part of the problem

Campaign for $15 minimum wage ended

Awww have you heard of this guy in LA who does wonderful dog rescues? Here he rescues 5 orphaned

Is the definition of "Democrat" a malleable thing?

Donald El Chupacabras Trump

Civil rights activist Myrlie Evers endorses Hillary ahead of MS primary

OAN: Clinton's pledge to curtail fracking falls on unconvinced ears.

A look at today's Democratic primary

That is some serious weather in Texas right now and it is moving East

Bernie Sanders slammed after ‘mental health’ joke about Republicans

Chemically Diverse Toxicants Converge on Fyn and c-Cbl to Disrupt Precursor Cell Function-explains

Ok, MSNBC! Why don't you endorse Trump?

Cops pull over car driving with 15 foot tree stuck in its grill

Feeling the Bern in the Wolverine State!

Florida poll: Donald Trump leads Marco Rubio

Washington Post Ran 16 Negative Stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 Hours

Iran Revolutionary Guards conduct ballistic missile test


Exactly How Bad Would A Trump Presidency Be?

"Doctors group welcomes national debate on ‘Medicare for All’"

Poor little trump!

Hillary's Big Lie about Bernie: ''Came Through'' in Michigan

Michigan Primary Today: We Voted! Report

Are the cops hinting they will brutalize nonbelievers in Tazwell, iL?

If Hillary lies about her name and sniper fire and the auto bailout,

Woman who thinks Obama was a prostitute running for TX Board of Education

Bernie closing in on Hillary (delegates)

DLC's PNAC Document - Hillary Clinton on America's Strategy

Arab American News Endorses Sqnders. Michigan has largest Arab American population

Since this is coming back up: I absolutely defend the bailout

The Fugs- Kill for Peace!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP infighting

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Environmental issues beyond Flynt

24 times Hillary Clinton championed TPP

Two Potential Losses for Second Amendment Advocates

Tuesday Bernie Group Toons

15 Times the World came close to Nuclear War

Does Bernie Drop Out if He Loses MI Tonight?

Mothers of slain men knock Sanders for 'ghetto' comment

Illinois Poll: HRC: 67% Bernie: 25% (up big with Latino and black voters)

Brand Spanking New Poll From The Land Of Lincoln-Clinton Nearly Triples Sanders 67-25

Remember, if you vote for what you believe in, you're an ideological purist.

Even if you count super deli's, Hillary needs 1,247 more delegates to clinch

So funny...

Long line to vote

Elizabeth Warren: Why Seniors—Not CEOs—Deserve a Raise

Who here can name the banks broken up under Frank Dodd as "too big to fail"?

Michael Tomasky: "Sanders is a punish-the-malefactors type, and Clinton is a fix-the-problem type."

Trump: "We're all Lazy"

2012 Election Map and Current Primary Map

NBC Survey Monkey National Poll-Clinton 55% (+4) Sanders 38% (-3)

Email Immunity and Clinton Team "Getting lawyered up"

Wow, David Brooks is having a sad.....

The Best Words

Cenk Uygur deconstructs Hillary Clinton

I’ve Kind of Made My Decision - by John Cole

ABC national poll: Clinton's decline and Sanders' rise continue

Posting this in the Spirit of Peace - Love - Happiness and Unity

"Spare the rod and spoil the child" does not mean what we think it means

Republicans will have to "compromise" at their convention in order to get a nominee.

Let me get this straight. He _paid_ for hair like that? . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

U.S. Wins Religious Discrimination Case Against Western Towns Over Access To Housing, Utilities

Happy International Women's Day!! One Day I will.....

Dang! And he seemed so genuine. Well, except the "hair" thing.

Some O'Keefe for International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

After all the wailing & gnashing of teeth over Bloomberg, why the crickets now when he doesn't run?

Hundred million degree fluid key to fusion

The Whistleblowers’ Third Lemon Award is to Fannie and FHFA

Hillary Clinton is winning with a hyper-local strategy| Hillary Clinton Group

"Why the poor pay more for toilet paper — and just about everything else"

NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll...

"Why the poor pay more for toilet paper — and just about everything else"

A Video showing just how much republicans respect women

Human use of fire has led to mass extinction

Bernie only got 10 minutes out of 857 minutes coverage - yet look where we are!!

WashPo’s Obvious Bias: 16 Negative Stories About Bernie Sanders Published Over 16 Hours

New Chicago Tribune Illinois poll: Clinton 67, Sanders 25

For Hillary's devoted fans:

The Best Tweet Re: Trump's Penis

I love that Bernie defends his vote against the money for the auto-bailout as

Today's Google Doodle: International Women's Day

Lawmaker Says States With Public Lands Are At The ‘Back Of The Bus’

Jim Hightower, our country's #1 populist

Gingrich: Trump is the bear in Revenant. "When you hit him, he devours you. He can’t help himself"

Thank You President Obama!

TYT: Hillary Will Flip-Flop On TPP Again If Elected

Can one of you millenials with meme-fu make a Stanton meme?

The Fight To Defeat Anita Alverez On March 15th - Mariame Kaba Part 1

Michigan, TODAY Is Your Day! | Bernie 2016

Just sayin

Hi all, the Trailer is out for the movie I am co-directing. Sci Fi Comedy Enjoy!

Hillary is outsmarting Bernie.

Reminder: Dismissing Bernie’s Supporters as “a Mob” and the Great Recession as No Big Deal

Happy International Women's Day: Today's Google Doodle

South China Sea Buildup Brings Beijing Closer to Realizing Control

Looking ahead at the March 15 elections.

RCP Average for MI Shows 20+ Clinton Lead

2016: When Identity Politics Refused to Sit in the Back of the Bus

GOP Integrity

Should Democrats help Republicans bring Trump down?

Bill Black: Why The Banksters Are Winning (audio only)

Secrets and Lies of the Bailout

The Emperor has no Clothes.....

Toddler died bc parents treated his meningitis with herbal supplements

Reminder: Hillary, the Banksters Committed 'Fraud,' Not 'Shenanigans'

Hillary Clinton is winning with a hyper-local strategy

The Most Exclusive Chicken Wings

Big Sanders win in Maine does not flip state’s Clinton superdelegates

'I feel like Bernie cares': Reactions to Sanders' Ann Arbor speech

Sanders wins more delegates: Democrats abroad votes are in!!!!!

Giving It Big Licks: Meet the Tongue-Out Instagram Cat

U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham D, #Florida--Graham votes for, endorses Hillary Clinton

DO NOT BUY Nabisco Products from Mexico!

Reminder:Taibbi & Black on Bailout Secrets & How New Foreclosure Deal Spares Banks from Justice

DO NOT BUY Nabisco Products from Mexico!

"It’s preposterous — these 473 people basically have the same power as 2,926,000 actual voters."

The Truth about the Auto Bailout issue

DO NOT BUY Nabisco Products from Mexico!

Survivor Of Boston Marathon Bombing Dies In Car Crash In Dubai

Okay, I just got back from voting in the Michigan primary. I honestly did not know who I was going

EU-Turkey deal could see Syrian refugees back in war zones, says UN


Fox News Almost Hosted a Trump/Sanders Debate, But Trump Backed Out

The Auto Bailout and TARP, another perspective.

How soon is NOW? (Hillary Group)

The 2016 Reunion

At what point is it logistically too late...

Shame on anyone who finds this acceptable in a politician

Watch Out Michigan.

Idaho Senate approves measure permitting Bible in schools

Loyalty oaths, plainclothes guards and new media restrictions deployed now at Trump rallies

Voting in MI

Why Did Hillary Clinton Need a Private Server? The Answer Makes Bernie Sanders President

Free Trade vs. the Auto Bailout -- Clinton's oversimplifications overlook important point

Hang in there, MaggieD ... we love you! <3

Its time to end the caucuses.

New Ohio #'s continue rough week for claim that northern black voters would feel the Bern

The no-strings-attached auto bailout used taxpayer $ to enrich hedgefund billionaires & auto exec

When is comes the Auto Bail-out, Bernie was "for it before he was against it"

Yemen's Houthis in Saudi for talks on ending war - sources

MEANWHILE, in Houston.....

Michigan Polls

To all my neighbors, my fellow Michiganders please GO VOTE and

Women in war zones: a history of female front line heroes

Toon: Democrats. We have a problem (Part the first)

I didn't watch the Town Hall last night

Happy International Women's Day

The Nabisco-Mondelēz 600

Hillary News & Views 3.8: A Town Hall, A More Honest Campaign, More Debate Analysis

Ghetto Rich

Hillary Clinton's Lead Over Bernie Sanders Swells After Strong Super Tuesday

Rahmbo, at it again.

Bloomberg out is good news for Bernie.

Hillary Clinton's Lead Over Bernie Sanders Swells After Strong Super Tuesday, 55% - 38%!

Hillary Clinton's Lead Over Bernie Sanders Swells After Strong Super Tuesday, 55% - 38%!

Bernie must demand rhambo resign next

If you want to save the planet then voting for corporacrats isn't a way to do it.

Congress should release its emails, too

Paying Women Less for Equal Work is Sexism | Bernie Sanders

Caitlyn Jenner Attacks Hillary

Why has no one here questioned the non-paper primaries?

Mods can we pin this link to the top? It's a great reference on the status of the elections.

Michigan Workers Fought Hard To Form Their Unions | Bernie Sanders

FPL nuclear plant canals leaking into Biscayne Bay, study confirms

Something I havne't seen being brought up about Nancy Reagan, her devotion to woo.

Luckovich: "Make Deutschland Wundebar Again

Global warming increases rain in world's driest areas

The sexism charges against Bernie are complete bullshit

Black votes matter up North too, giving Clinton an edge over Sanders in Michigan and beyond

Love is the Only Reason We're Alive

The 10 Essential elements of REAL SINGLE payer- Not an option, it prioritizes health and saves money

Christie Takes Vacation as New Jersey Transit Rail Strike Looms

Even conservatives prefer Bernie to crazy

Dem (for Hillary) just voted for Trump and said the reason

Whistleblower Neil Barofsky on TARP Bailout (Barofsky was Inspector General over TARP) 11 min. video

Pic Of The Moment: For Someone Who Claims To Be So Smart, Trump Sure Doesn't Seem To Know A Lot

If you cannot win the primary/caucus of the party you are running in

Hillary on the State Department email Thing

So Iraq was all about Poodle BLAIR's & Shrub's bromance. It's rough being Shrub's little brother

Who's on the defensive?

A leopard cannot change its stripes or spots or whatever. Hillary is doing what is in her nature.

On Wall Street: Simple Facts Refuting the Hillary-Bought-and-Sold Narrative

Wife of slain civil rights leader endorses Hillary Clinton

Flint families sue Michigan governor over water crisis

I have just been banned from the Hillary group...

It's smart to lie

I think Zerlina has a point!!!

They're remaking Spiderman....again. Again!

When will Bernie release the transcripts from his 1988 Soviet Union 'honeymoon?'

Voting against TARP was bad enough.

Springtime for Trump?

"The Brainwashing of my Dad" documentary Explores the Scary Influence of Right-Wing Media

Human influence on climate dates back to 1930s, new research finds

Bailout: An Inside Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street


Wie wir Googles Sklaven wurden (how we become google slaves)

What the Hell is Bible Math?

With so many stories of HILLARY'S BUCK-RAKING this reprehensible example got lost in the wash.

No Wool, No Vikings -- The fleece that launched 1,000 ships.

If Republicans tomorrow decided not to be racist or homophobic,

Democratic Presidential Race Tightens per WaPo poll

Obama on the Republicans

Michigan mayor says he was nearly kicked out of Dem debate

The Water Crisis in Flint/Hillary Clinton

What Causes Overconfidence?

What no one seemed to notice...

Studies On What Causes Overconfidence... by Steven Novella

Sick and tired of the BS

Woman That Stepped Between Dog and Cop About to Shoot Acquitted

When It Rains, It Increasingly Pours, Scientists Say -- No place is safe from risk of harder rains

Use this Facebanking tool!

Here's another attempt to take one of us down; this time leftynyc.

Hillary's Speech Fees:Hers Or Clinton Foundation's? Tax issues as well as possible pay-to-play

Better Business Bureau releases statement on Trump University

WAPO: Why Sanders strategy with African American voters is stumbling...

Great image of HRC campaigning after the primary to elect POTUS Barack Obama!

Think the US election season is crazy? Check out what’s happening in Peru

"I wish someone would pay ME that much money to speak!"

'CBS This Morning' Refuses To Let Donald Trump Phone In

One reason Clinton's Auto Bailout claim is a distortion. Bernie was not being a "purist"

You won't believe your ears: "It never trickles down"--Joe Scarborough

Sanders almost got to debate Trump on Fox! Yes, let's see cross-party debates!

All TARP did is gift 1 billion to warren buffet- gift 500 million to hank paulson

One dead, nine wounded in Jaffa terror attack

Be of good cheer, my children. The Michigan primary is proportional in awarding delegates.

There are lies and there are damned lies.

I have an idea! Let's just cancel the rest of the primaries!

WaPo: "How Israel's Jewishness is overtaking its democracy"

Joe Scarborough gives up the game: After 30 years, the GOP base realized ‘it never trickles down’

This is bad.....very bad.

The Billionaire Bailout was the Biggest Scam ever pulled on the American People

About the word "ghetto"

not for bernie or hillary? well there's always Roque De La Fuente, on the dems ballot in some 20

IBD Article About Hillary's E-mail

Desperate Media Lobs Bogus Sexism Charges At Bernie Sanders

San Jose could be Super Bowl loser thanks to vacant hotel rooms

BREAKING: Hate speech in WI--email from Sen. Tammy Baldwin

Small-business owners ask NY to reject $15 minimum wage plan

Ad for virgin daughter strikes sour note at Christian magazine

Washington Post: Bernie's campaign is now focused on targeting whiter states

Stephen Colbert "And god I hope it's his finger"

WashPo’s Obvious Bias: 16 Negative Stories About Bernie Sanders Published in Just 16 Hours

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard asks Michigan to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders

What happens to abortion and womens healthcare under single payer?

What today's primaries in Michigan and Mississippi will mean.

Florida (SurveyUSA): Clinton 61, Sanders 30 (Clinton +31).

I made the local TV NE caucus coverage

For decades the 1% has divided up Michigan. No more. Enough is enough. Join us...

Illinois (Chicago Tribune): Clinton 67, Sanders 25 (Clinton +42).

GOTV Today!

Seattle Times endorses Bernie

Really America. We've got a lot of work to do. 12 wks maternity leave is literally the least we can

Jennifer Granholm downplaying expectations for HRC in Michigan

New Name Surfaces In Clinton's Email Scandal

Ted Cruz will make a lousy President.

As it is International Women's Day, I wish to honor the most successful novelist in human history

Chicago Tribune poll: Illinois HRC 67% - BS 25%

Clinton Misleads Voters on Sanders' Support for the Auto Bailout Ahead of Michigan Primary

Democrats Are Now Favored To Win Back The Senate Thanks To Trump and Cruz

Twitter. Who here is on Twitter? If you're not, please join - it's important.

Hey, Sanders group. Just popping in to spread a mite of good news.

TV news just reported Hillary's numbers going down, Bernie's going up!

Trump happily accepts support from yet another absolute kook...

Oh She's GOOD -- She's REALLY GOOD... (applause)

The Real News with Tim Black is on now

People4bernie response from the Cook County Democratic Party....

Tennessee lawmakers to consider transgender bathroom bill

The real threat to abortion, RE Hillary, isn't an all-out ban

Bernie is surrounded......

Drumpf ties to mobster, racist casino policies alleged in new report

I just wanted everyone to be aware that this exists.

Lawmakers kill five bills aimed at repealing some Colorado gun laws

March 7--new Mitchell/fox 2 Detroit poll

At least 14 Supreme Court justices have been confirmed during election years

Donald Drumpf’s popularity is collapsing, and the republicans may get stuck with him anyway

Drumpf Is the Most Offensive GOP Candidate, But Cruz Would Be More Dangerous in the Oval Office

Ladies and Gentlemen, we've reached our cruising altitude of 36,000 feet and OH MY GOD WHAT THE

Hillary and Michelle will both attend Nancy's funeral on Friday| Hillary Clinton Group

There is still hope...

Puppy or bagel?

202 The Daily 202: Hillary Clinton is winning with a hyper-local strategy

Turkey’s Erdogan Says ‘A Woman Is Above All a Mother’

Watch live: News conference on LaVoy Finicum shooting investigation

Platinol is the Chemo they are using.

Peyton Manning gave me the finger, Gary Kubiak says

Play Punch The Trump!

Look at this!

Not just for hitmen: Gun industry wants looser rules on silencers

Two New National Polls Today Show Clinton's Lead Shrinking: Down to 7 Points!

Thom Hartmann is the best!

We should hold gun manufacturers & sellers accountable for what buyers do with weapons

Michigan Union Members..

Prosecutors close probe, no charges in police shooting of black N.Y. teen

Prosecutors close probe, no charges in police shooting of black N.Y. teen

Repugnants: Calculations within Calculations

Due to NAFTA: Mexico Has Replaced Michigan & Midwest As Global Center of Auto Production:

Hitch hiking?

Democrats Who Voted Against TARP Funds Say It Wasn’t About the Auto Bailouts

LOL. Ummm...No one asked you to, Bernie.

Maryland court orders officer to testify in Freddie Gray case

Woke up to Scarboro today

A lot of parallels between the fight now and the one back in 2008

Authorities search for suspect in Kansas-Missouri mass killing

Maher tells it like it is about old Raygun

Anti-gay kook wants vigilantes to attack gays like the one in Israel...

U.N. torture envoy appeals again for visit to U.S. prisons

U.N. torture envoy appeals again for visit to U.S. prisons

Be an intern for Bernie!

Thom Hartmann Reads A Hate Letter From A 'Bernie Bro'

Ferguson to weigh accepting U.S. government's police reform plan

How can anyone support a big-time habitual and dishonest liar for President? Hillary.

You can lose EVERY state, and still win the primary.

Sexism in textbooks: UNESCO report

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 8, 2016

Republicans are not too worried about Trump or Ted because they think that Hillary will do fine

Phil GRAMM is why I wouldn't have voted for Bankster Bail Out Bill.

Open Note to President Obama about my birthday (sort of)

Republicans are not too worried about Trump or Ted because they think that Hillary will do fine

Christie Takes Vacation as New Jersey Transit Rail Strike Looms

Bernie vs Hillary - Battle of the Bands

Christie Takes Vacation as New Jersey Transit Rail Strike Looms

Ga. Teacher to Student: ‘Your Purpose’ Is to ‘Have Sex and Have Children

Florida mayors join forces to call for climate questions at primary debates

AR-15 assault rifle reported stolen from trunk of Connecticut State Police cruiser

RIP Comic book artist, Paul Ryan

Stephen Colbert's total disbelief at the state of the presidential race

I just came back from early voting for Bernie

I voted this morning!

WOW! What a read! "Without Bernie, you’d see people in a lot worse shape than they are today."

Exxon’s Pro-Fracking CEO Is Suing to Stop Fracking Near His Mansion

Uh Oh! Senators & Hillary supporters going after Hillary on her false statement on auto bailout vote

At HRC-Controlled Flint Debate: DNC/DWS Threatens to eject Michigan Mayor for Feeling the Bern

Former Petraeus Advisor: Trump Is ‘Foreign Policy Disaster’ Leading To A ‘Sh*t Storm’

FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans

FBI quietly changes its privacy rules for accessing NSA data on Americans

Democratic Senator Cory Booker Reminds us that Actions speak louder than Words — or Beliefs

American tourist killed in Tel Aviv attack: Israeli police

Coming Up on Thom H., Stephanie Miller guest 2:00 PM ET, Party Unity Talk?

Sample ballot pic from Chicago Cook County Dems twitter page. No Bernie.

The History Of Japan

400 billionaires have more than doubled their net worth over the last 10 years- have you?

AntiWar: Saudi Arabia’s Exploding Christmas Gifts From Hillary Clinton

Police say shooting of LaVoy Finicum, Oregon standoff activist, was ‘justified’

The Michigan Daily's Editorial Board student newspaper endorses Hillary

Europe Faces Pension Predicament

Every Voice Matters: Nothing Gets Done Unless Everyone FIGHTS For It

Reinhard Gehlen, the Friendly Nazi (Eugene S. Robinson 2-17-2016)

Here's the pic of the actual sample ballot from Cook County. From their twitter page.

Hillary's Speeches...interesting article...

Just Early Voted in Illinois

Hello kitty! What's a tiger doing on the freeway?!




Tad Devine has some thoughts about super-delegates.

Complicated question about early voting and stolen elections

International Women’s Day first emerged from the activities of labour movements


"You're in India? It's so spiritual there."

My worry about Hillary has never been her competence

Why the Rich Get Richer: Bernie Sanders on Economic Realities (2007)

What This Answer On Fracking Says About Hillary Vs. Bernie

Hillary Clinton Ad in Michigan Derides Companies Moving Overseas - WEASELING

Any word on what voter turnout has been like in Michigan today?

FCC unveils proposal for $9.25/month low-income broadband subsidy

Florida’s Sun Sentinel: No GOP candidate worth endorsing

Democrats and Republicans Are Quietly Planning a Corporate Giveaway — to the Tune of $400 Billion

Bernie Sanders Support Song: We're in it to Win It and to the White House He Will go

Dr. Quentin Young, Doctor to Martin Luther King Jr. and Obama, Dies at 93

OMG! Old Women Heading To Hell! Support Song For BERNIE!

John Kasich Declines to Endorse Mitt Romney Robocalls Paid for by His Campaign

The Best Words

Happy Women's Day! Just think, America will have her first female president! I'd say it's about time

Stevie Ann - Simple Twist Of Fate

Biden Arrives In Israel To Talk Billions In Military Aid — And Patch Things Up

Two Michigan chapters of AFSCME endorse Bernie!!

Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand Common Core (and Neither Do His Rivals)

Here are judges the White House is considering for the Supreme Court

Wow! Thanking a Sanders supporter

Check this out! Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders - Rap Video

Senators Want Clinton Aide To Talk, After Receiving Immunity Deal

Al-Shabab denies US strike in Somalia killed 150 fighters

Sanders snares 3 Vermont superdelegates

Trump surrogate Charles Evers: "No woman should be President of the United States, period."

Citizens United and Bernie Sanders - LOL Brillliant

A response to the MSM telling Bernie to quit the primary: "I stand with Bernie Sanders".

Young women driving directly to hell and singing all the way! Oh the humanity!

EU-Turkey deal could see Syrian refugees back in war zones, says UN

National (NBC/WSJ): Clinton 53, Sanders 44 (Clinton +9).

Climate change is the biggest single issue of our time

Women of Protest: Photographs from the Records of the National Woman's Party

My neighbor is afraid of Berine

Michigan Primary Day: Turnout info:

Hill's Group: Fox News got Hillary Clinton out of her comfort zone and

Venezuela opposition begins campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro

I was 27th Dem voter in my township at 2:15 PM

Venezuela opposition begins campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro

Wow - MSNBC interviewed 2 Dems in FL that will be voting for Hillary in the primary, but...

Early turnout in Mississippi low.

The civil rights LIE about Bernie was launched in preparation for South Carolina

Saw on CNN those voting for Hillary in MI said to a reporter they are voting because of BILL

Hillary and Bill in MO, IL, OH and Hillary ends up in Florida tonight

Judge Allows California High-Speed Rail Project to Proceed

David Brooks: Cruz = "Rick Santorum but without the heart."

Utah Planned Parenthood Challenges Defunding Order

Why did Romney file with the FEC ON 2/1/2016?

538's final projection for Mississippi: Clinton 79.3, Sanders 14.5.

Florida Passes Bill to Deal With Legacy of Notorious School

Has anyone vetted the "Platte River Networks" mom and pop server shop...

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton’s ‘firewall’ isn’t just about black voters. It’s also about women.

Judge Allows California High-Speed Rail Project to Proceed (xpost from GD)

Brand Spanking New Maryland Poll-Clinton 57% Sanders 26%

How The 1% Get Away With Murder

This got good response in the BS group, so I thought I would share with all:

Limberbutt McCubbins, Kitteh for President!

The Latest: Next Officer in Gray Case to Be Tried in April

Central Command Head Sees More Resources Needed In ISIS Fight

(PA) Justice in Ethics Case Over Salacious Emails Wants Hearing

Just got back from voting (Michigan)

Sorry, Fox Business Network, but feminists shouldn’t see Nancy Reagan as a “role model”

IHeartMedia, Lenders in Fight Over Disputed Share Transfer

SF supervisor Campos throws down gauntlet, calls for state of emergency on homelessness

The Auto Bailout Issue

Survey USA (A rated)* Florida Poll- Clinton Nearly Double Sanders 60-31 and gaining

Wild Otter Gives Birth ((((VIDEO))))

Bernie's Biggest Mistake

How Colombia’s Mr. Wiretap ended up being wiretapped


Soldier lynched after killing 3 in north Colombia

Hill's Group: Head of UNWomen Voices Tacit Support for Hillary Clinton

Democratic Senators Take Issue With Hillary Clinton’s Portrayal Of Bailout Vote

Snyder's outside legal bills for Flint water hit $1.2M - Guess who he wants to pay them

Michigan turnout "busiest ..primary in decades"

Fox "News" throws their support behind Trump, disavow Rubio

Once People Feel the Bern... The Fire Will Not Go Out

Bernie Sanders Rally THIS THURSDAY, Kissimmee Heritage Park! (Florida)

Response to the Bernie or Bust question--First Americans group

Forbes: Clinton's Charge That Sanders Did Not Support Auto Rescue Is Wrong

An Anti-Semitism of the Left

Aldo Ferrer, former Economy Minister and Argentina's leading opponent of globalization, dead at 88.

Bernie Supporters should issue an ultimatum to Hillary: Apologize for your lies NOW, or else...

FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting

Police spot tree lodged in car's front grille; driver arrested on DUI charge

Sanders And Clinton Both Call For MI Governor To Resign At Flint Debate

Deep failures in investigation into Honduras activist’s killing put many at risk

Ted Cruz (still) has no friends because he is a mean and ugly man deep down

More Than 50 Mass Shootings in 2016 – Why Is No One Talking About This?

Mexico Bans Ad Critical of President's $430 Million Plane

My dogs don't think I can adult by myself in the outside world

A Canadian Province is going to pay Canadians for being Canadians!

NRSC Deletes Tweet Saying Amputee Dem Doesn't 'Stand' For Vets

Democratic Senators Take Issue With Hillary Clinton’s Portrayal Of Bailout Vote

OMG - This Moment of Sanity Brought to you By Your Very Own Candidate & Winner in 08' & '12

How the PC Regressive Left Can Manifest Bigotry and Prejudice

Trump: It’s ‘ridiculous’ to compare his pledge to a Nazi salute

TruthDig on the Washington Post and Bernie Sanders

primary polling today. Hillary way ahead in FL, NY, MD, OH, IL, and nationally.

Feds won't charge NYC officer who killed unarmed teen

TruthDig on the Washington Post and Bernie Sanders

Republican lament, Part 4: The Return of the 1930s

Michael the Savage Weiner still claiming Obama had Scalia murdered...

Up for grabs today 166 pledged delegates and 22 super delegates.

Islamic State's de facto 'minister of war' possibly killed: U.S. officials

'It Never Trickles Down': Scarborough Tells The Truth About The Last 30 Years

Iran Fires Ballistic Missiles, U.S. Hints At Diplomatic Response

In small SC county, shamed sheriff asks for 2nd chance

Police shot Oregon protester in back but act was 'justified': prosecutor

Hillary Clinton’s Lead Over Bernie Sanders Narrows Slightly in WSJ/NBC Poll Latest WSJ/NBC survey sa

'Cut The Bullshit,' Israeli Culture Minister Tells Liberals

U.S. to announce further easing of Cuba restrictions on March 17 - sources

U.S. to announce further easing of Cuba restrictions on March 17 - sources

No excuses... if you win... if you lose .. you lose

I have forgave Liars in my life only if they acknowledged it

Krugman: Republicans and Trade Wars (much less respectful of international obligations).

Missouri Democrats filibuster proposed gay discrimination amendment

Illinois woman, giving zero f*cks, drove around with a 15-foot tree on her car

Fox News Forum May Signal Thaw Between Democrats and Network

U.N. torture envoy appeals again for visit to U.S. prisons

Donald Drumpf being sued for illegally withholding tips from wait staff at NYC hotel

Is the character "Mika Brzenski" from the show "Morning Joe" based on a real life journalist?

FCC unveils proposal for $9.25/month low-income broadband subsidy

Hillary Clinton is pro-choice only when it comes to the Keystone pipeline.

U.S. rebuffs Koch-controlled coal company's bid for royalties

Two White People Were Forced to Grapple with Their Whiteness Last Night

Public Service Announcement for Fair Elections

Michigan Election Fraud Hotlines:

Little bird uses a linguistic rule thought to be unique to humans

Krugman: "Trump would be a very weak general election candidate — the conditions that have let him

Pew Research Center: "Most Israeli Jews (79%) say Jews deserve preferential treatment in Israel"

Palestinian attacks kill American tourist, wound 12 Israelis

March 8:Line around the block for supporters waiting see @billclinton! #WJCinMO

Ohforgodsake, NO! It is NOT Super Tuesday 2!

I just want to say....

BREAKING NEWS: Mothers of Slain Black Teenagers Assail Bernie Sanders for ‘Ghetto’ Comments

=*=*=LIVE STREAM @ 6pm ET - Bernie Sanders: Michigan Primary Results & Miami, Florida Rally=*=*=

Pregnant Women Are the Latest Victims of Mexico’s Femicide Crisis

Back to the Future: It’s 2017 – The GOP has won the election

Russia, West Differ on UN Report on Iran's Nuclear Program

Billions At Stake for State in Tax Challenge Going Back to 1997.

This woman is only 34 years old?

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 3.8.2016 (Good show this morning)

Reverse Robin Hood: Six Billion Dollar Businesses Preying on Poor People

Happy International Womens Day! And now for some music!

"consider yourself fired immediately....and go ask Donald Trump for a job at one of his locations"

Kids React to Donald Trump & Bonus Video (There IS Hope!)

The best #InternationalWomenDay celebration: Maya Angelou recites "Phenomenal Woman"


Ryan says U.S. Congress will press for new sanctions against Iran

Sanders files suit against Ohio secretary of state in push to allow 17-year-olds to vote

GOP group: Tweet about Duckworth and veterans was a mistake

Given the fact DWS hasn't been booted yet as head of DNC, what are the expectations of her then?

Eggs, racial slurs thrown at University of Southern California student

U.S. raised concerns with Saudis about halting aid to Lebanese army

Neil Bush Joins Ted Cruz’s Finance Team

Snowden: FBI Claim That Only Apple Can Unlock Phone Is “Bullshit”

When are you going to do the next MIRT changeover?

Question: Can unrelated folks bundle?

Black Men for Bernie Sanders in Michigan with Mark Ruffalo [CC]

In honor of the "go slow" candidate taking Mississippi today

Crippled Fukushima Reactors Are Still a Danger, 5 Years after the Accident

Rubio camp accuses Cruz of 'dirty tricks' over Hawaii 'dropout' email

Toddler Died From Meningitis After Anti-Vaxx Parents Treated Him With Maple Syrup Instead Of Medicin

Some Mississippi & Michigan exit poll info

Kids React to Donald Trump. (FULL)

A documented miracles and clip of OMG Cat

Sanders does better than Clinton in Michigan head-to-head polling against Cruz and Trump. Does this

A thought about abortion I'd like to share with Hillary supporters

Truth Squad: Hillary Clinton fouls Bernie Sanders on auto bailout

'Dentist of horror’ arrested in Canada goes on trial in France

Trump, Clinton look to seal nominations in Michigan, Mississippi

Playing Pass the Parcel With Fukushima

I've been enjoying the Daily Show lately

Michigan could be game-changer for Clinton and Sanders

Why Do the Pundits Miss the Point on Trump's Hitler-Like Pledge?

On May 20th 2008 Hillary was behind Barack by 186 delegates... did she drop out? nope...

The revolution will not be televised.....

One way Mississippi is more important to Clinton than Michigan

Love this tweet

Bernie campaign files lawsuit in Ohio over Husted stopping 17 yr old....

Son of murdered Pakistan governor rescued after years in captivity

That giant rabbit has found a home and he’s even got his own pram

Rev. Carl Gallups, who gave rousing invocation at Donald Trump rally, is a Sandy Hook truther,....

Why more than half of hospital bills don’t get paid

World first: bionic fingertip enables amputee to feel texture

Sanders files suit against Ohio secretary of state in push to allow 17-year-olds to vote

Virginia becomes first U.S. state to regulate fantasy sports

Thank you George W. Bush for saving our economy!

Ted Cruz: One More Liberal Supreme Court Justice Will Lead to the Imprisonment of Christians

Wild Mushroom Pasta

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Chinese man gets U.S. prison term for trying to buy ricin online

Chinese man gets U.S. prison term for trying to buy ricin online

From @WNEMAKeller

I just heard our local news in Michigan saying that this primary looks like a "record breaker."

Radiation is More Harmful to Girls and Women

Donors to Bernie: Never surrender Candidate Comparison chart claims Hillary more Progressive Than Bernie On the Environment

Takepart: When War Destroys Schools, Kids' Futures Get Bombed

Just returned from voting in Michigan

Lucinda Williams - Dust...

Hill's Group: Hawaii/Idaho/Michigan/Mississippi primaries

Before things get nasty tonight....

Sanders is in Miami for his Rally

How Donald Trump’s put-downs may impact mental health stigma

"But this momentous question.

When you are a foster parent for a 1 year old, this is what you watch on tv

FORTUNE:Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Could Tack $10 Trillion onto America’s Debt

Amid high turnout, Michigan primary precinct runs out of Democratic ballots in mix-up

Book review: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Protest Music After Fukushima

Dolphins Cut Brent Grimes Because of his Nutty Wife

Trump's campaign is casting a fake Latina assistant to rave about him. Job pays nothing....

Republican Party Slams Tammy Duckworth, Veteran Who Nearly Gave Her Life for America

Single Payer Guide to 2016 Election - from HealthcareNOW!

just a hypothetical question: if Hillary does not become the Democratic nominee for President...

E petition: Governor Snyder: Release Flint Water Crisis Documents

For the record, Nov 4th, 1909

Michigan Primary Runs out of ballots Amid high turnout:

from twitter-Michigan exit polls

Remember that guy sucked into the nuclear power plant pipe?

Nobody Knows the ID of the 150 People Killed by U.S. in Somalia,but Most Are Certain They deserve it

3-1-16 Striking for a Better Tomorrow in 2:00

3-1-16 Striking for a Better Tomorrow in 2:00

3-1-16 Striking for a Better Tomorrow in 2:00

Clinton Will Build Her Biggest Lead on March 15. Bernie Sanders Will ERODE IT After That.

Live Democratic Primary Exit Poll Analysis

New York Times - March 8th Primary Results Page

Example of why CNN is better for Berners than Msnbc

3-2-16 Thomas Jefferson signs Law Outlawing Slave Trade in 2:00

Frank Luntz Democratic Focus Group: 'Much More Thoughtful' Than Republicans

3-2-16 Thomas Jefferson signs Law Outlawing Slave Trade in 2:00

3-2-16 Thomas Jefferson signs Law Outlawing Slave Trade in 2:00

3-2-16 Thomas Jefferson signs Law Outlawing Slave Trade in 2:00


Better Business Bureau: Trump Lied About Trump University Rating

"It's the Inequality, Stupid"

At 9pm eastern time,