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Clinton charitable contributions: $3,022,700 of which $3 million went to Clinton Family Foundation

It has been hours since Bernie released his tax forms! WHERE IS THE BERF CERFTICATE?

Bernie to be indicted and investigated by the FBI over his tax returns

re: hillary's speeches. my

Maryland Superdelegate Heather Mizeur endorses Bernie Sanders (video)

Former Maryland candidate for governor and superdelegate Heather Mizeur has officially endorsed Sena

Campaign finance reform: yea or nay?

Do you have friends who tell your stories as their own?

You know DUers Trump has really

If Michelle Obama had an FBI Issue, and destroyed Libya could she run for President?

The Rescue Game

The CIA Is Investing in Firms That Mine Your Tweets and Instagram Photos

Bill has lost his mind


Bernie played his tax return release like a NYC sidewalk 3 card monte hustler. Oops, nothing there!

i am about to be locked out

In case you needed more reasons to distrust MSM whores

If Michelle Obama walks out of the WH with 141K of unaccountable goods could she run for President?

Johnny Manziel accused of nearly $20K in damage to rental home

When Will Sanders Cry Havoc, And Let Slip The Dogs of War?

Bernie's useless record on gay rights

Good Lee Camp Redacted Tonight video:

The taxes............

Sanders takes a private flight to Rome to speak at the Vatican conference - burning gallons of fuel

Government Watchdog Calls Clinton Foundation A "Slush Fund"

Nate Silver: Clinton is winning the states that look like the Democratic party

Exposing 2016 Democratic Election Fraud through Exit Polls Interview Richard Charnin

Instant Karma Strikes Hillary Clinton's Teacher Tweet

Got him! What the tax papers hid!

hillary -- social security

The Berniecrats Network. See what candidates and politicians have endorsed Bernie in your state.

OMG! Hillary's 63% Lead in California Is GONE!

Google yanks Chrome support for Windows XP, at long last

Bernie Sanders Just Released His Tax Returns. (2014)

Let's raise $353,000 for Bernie!

Let's raise $353,000 for Bernie!

Hillary is a Corporate Shill who serves her Corporate masters...

Sanders made $205,271 in 2014 and only paid a tax rate of 13.5%. The average US worker pays 31.5%...

A Heated Debate on Sanders vs. Clinton with Two Longtime Progressives: Robert Scheer v. Torie Osborn

Just shoot every third person on Wall Street and everything will be fine..-Bill Clinton

Hillary works for The 6 owners of MSM, the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street .. she won't do

Federal income tax rate is not total tax rate

Geraldo & Bolling Hold Shouting Match Over Hillary Clinton's Speech Transcripts

Mountain lion turns up at L.A. high school, home of the Cougars

Mattress Man does a Bernie Sanders song. "It's a Bernie generation."

Geraldo & Bolling Hold Shouting Match Over Hillary Clinton's Speech Transcripts

Who Said It? Bernie or the Pope? CNN Interactive.

Nate Silver: Hillary is winning the states that look like the Democratic party

the hillary supporters are not responding to bill kills wall street fuck up

This is what you are voting for when you vote for Hillary

I'm back- thanks to my little sister who saved my life.

Noam Chomsky explains taxes in 40 seconds

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! New York State of Mind! & Uncensored & Live & a

20 Foreign Policy Experts Sign Letter Backing Sanders And Questioning Hillary Clinton's Record

Biden: Pope Francis wouldn't endorse Sanders' policies

Hillary releases goldman sachs transcripts...

LA Times: Do you know if your L.A. home is at risk in an earthquake?

Republicans already using Sanders' Dem debate answer on pulling Obama SCOTUS nominee against POTUS

To Protect Hillary Clinton, Democrats Wage War on Their Own Core Citizens United Argument

A good thought for my family...

WTF? Hillary Clinton STILL trying to spin clearly illegal COUP in Honduras as "legal"!!!

Hillary Paid 35% Taxes and Gave 11% to Charity -- Bernie? Not so Much

Newsday endorses Hillary Clinton for Democratic nomination

Nebraska Supreme Court upholds hate crime law in Old Market assault case

Former TV 'Apprentices' denounce Trump White House bid

Nebraska Supreme Court upholds hate crime law in Old Market assault case

After a week of so much Krugman fail, this tweet and reply are a perfect way to end the week.

Clinton's horrible foreign policy judgement/experience... a good read...

Hillary just Lawyered up! I guess there must be some indictments enroute! - In Case You Missed It

UC Berkeley provost resigns after criticism of handling of sexual harassment and financial issues

CNN interactive - who said it? Bernie or the Pope?

70 days...

Who Got Reuters to Pull Article on Sanders’ “Left Hook” TV Ad?

The Czech Republic is getting a new name: Czechia

Figured it out on my own. LBN stands for Latest Bernie News.

"I know you didn't want me sending this electronically or to the office because of the records issu

clinton gives his underwear to get tax deduction

Wisconsin’s Largest Paper Takes Down Hillary & Her Corruption

Who Got Reuters to Pull Article on Sanders’ “Left Hook” TV Ad?

IMPORTANT: Team Bernie's Guide for Voting for Bernie in New York State

Lemonade Stand for Bernie

Wisconsin’s Largest Paper Takes Down Hillary & Her Corruption - Cross Posted from GDP

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says Hillary will release her Wall Street speeches transcripts!

Have y'all seen this Bernie handshake?!??!!

Top Cincinnati university cop urged aggressive traffic stops: report

I hear over in the other group they don't call them

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Wall Street and Big Oil donors can still be ‘big tent’ Democrats

Indiana GOP names delegates to Republican National Convention

Where does bucolic VT house many of its prisoners? In private prisons, thousands of miles away

Puerto Rico rescue falters under attack by conservatives, investors

Friday Talking Points (387) -- Fighting Or Following?

If everyone who earned over 150000 paid 13.5% this country

How can we know if there was no quid pro quo if we do not know what she said in the speeches?

Do You Agree With Jason Whitlock?

Release of Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches Could End Her Candidacy for President

Samantha Bee does NRA Eddie Eagle

POLL - Hllary Clinton Leads Bernie

Vermont's Black Prison Population Doubles

Six Years Of Phony GOP Promises About Replacing Obamacare In 87 Seconds

If Google Was A Guy

DWS: Wall Street and Big Oil donors can still be ‘big tent’ Democrats

Hillary Clinton Earned More from One Speech Than Bernie Sanders Did in One Year

Is there something wrong with Vermont?

Here are all the six-figure speaking fees that Hillary Clinton received after leaving the State Depa

Should HRC release a few on her speeches

Go Hillary 2016....Battles of the Turf.....Toon and Bernie Toon LOL

Who we choose matters

Bernie Sanders meets Bolivia's president Evo Morales at the Vatican

Could Hillary end inequality by teaching the poor how to earn $100,000/year in cattle futures?


Like Night and Day: Comparing Bernie Sanders' Down-Ballot Fundraising to That of Hillary Clinton

Venezuela travels forward in time half an hour to help ease energy crisis

The Week End Economists Take The Card. Apr 16-17, 2016.

The Revolution Will Be Fantasized- The Sanders revolution has not materialized in real world yet

George Clooney is FEELING THE BERN

Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico at Le Bataclan, Paris, 1972

hillary clinton vs Bernie Sanders

Berniechella: Free music festival set to honor Bernie Sanders April 21-22 in Indio, California!

Bernie Shows Frustration During Vatican Visit Upon Learning It Isn't An Open Caucus State.

Why Is Bernie Sanders Slamming Southern Democrats?

Hillary Clinton Lies About Bernie Sanders On Gun Control

The Pope sends his apologies to all the meeting participants

We should not change a thing in this country. Democrats really do represent the public interest.

Larkin Poe - "Trouble In Mind" 04/06/16

=*= Vatican | Bernie Sanders Prepared Remarks =*=

Distorted Reality

=*= Vatican | Bernie Sanders Prepared Remarks =*=

Verizon Lawyer Hits Striking Employees with His Porsche: Union

=*= Vatican | Bernie Sanders Prepared Remarks =*=

Black Lives Don’t Matter, Black Votes Do: the Racial Hypocrisy of Hillary and Bill Clinton

hmm, FBI agents that workded on the ABSCAM case wrote this letter to Comey:

@BernieAtTheVatican still trending #1

Bernie Sanders Music Video: Where Ya At?

The angry sexism of Bernie's "YES or NO!"

Panamá Papers: influential Argentine right-wing daily La Nación in the eye of the storm.

When Sanders, Conventional Pol, Calls For Even More Mass Incarceration (HILL GRP)

Homeopathic Surgeon saves Trump's life.

Panamá Papers: influential Argentine right-wing daily La Nación in the eye of the storm.

Sanders earning money from environmental racism?

When Bernie Sanders, Conventional Politician, Called for Still More Mass Incarceration :tsk: It’s

SF protestors outside the Clinton/Clooney funraiser

How long has Sanders been earning money from nuclear waste dumping?

So are Clinton supporters bothered by Bills "shoot people on Wall St." joke?

The individual mandate penalty should be raised

Heads up. Dana Milbank on MSNBC tonight reported..

Tad Devine gets more stupid and delusional time goes on...

With All The Negative Hillary Posts On DU, You Convinced Me To Vote Bernie..


NONE of the Republican candidates have given paid speeches to Wall Street either - just Hillary.

What is wrong with this picture?

weird - should I worry?

Press Mostly Accepts Hillary Clinton's Bogus Speech Transcript 'Challenge' As Legitimate

Bernie Sanders' supporters would "shoot every third person on Wall Street" if given the chance

All revolutions take less than a year. Bernie is a failure.

This is obscene to me: Hillary Clinton Snags $15M+ From George Clooney

Found this on reddit yesterday, what a great poster ...

A tree I met today.

Dear Susan Sarandon

Bernie Bird and Queen Hillary: A Cartoon

I think I've traced the elusive 'Berniebros' back to their obscure point of origin.

Cross post from GDP: Press Mostly Accepts Hillary Clinton's Bogus Speech Transcript 'Challenge' As L

Are Sanders supporters trying to play games in Washington State?

Odd experience with My USPS -anyone else?

The fucking corporate media

F Jasper County Primary School

Sanders supporters: is it payday for you? I'm going all NPR/PBS & issuing a dollar-for-1/2 dollar

When will the New York Times admit it - No one but Hillary gave Wall St Speeches

I need a good blogging app

Nurse: "Doctor, there's an invisible man in the waiting room."

Driving While Black in New Jersey

Who paid for Sanders' trip to the Vatican? The campaign? nt

A little levity from YouTube - Bernie Sanders Funny Moments

Clintons Free Trade Policies Leads To Illegal Money Laundering In Panama

Protest happening right now outside of Hillary's high-dollar Clooney fundraiser

Response to anti-Semitism divides UK Jews, Labour chief

Did you know that over the past few days hundreds of people have been arrested

Uman hotel refuses to rent rooms to Jews

Viewing Bill Maher's show repeat now and discussion after panel conservatives

NYPD tramples first amendment - Journalists arrested filming anti-Trump protesters

FBI Convinces George Clooney To Wear Wire During Clinton Fundraising Dinner

In this primary...

MNSBC: Why does New York Make it So Hard to Vote?

MNSBC: Why does New York Make it So Hard to Vote?

While Bernie Was Talking About the Poor, Hillary Was Eating with the Rich - Protest at $350k dinner

MNSBC: Why does New York Make it So Hard to Vote?

Bernie Sanders released his 2014 tax returns and they're as boring as he promised

Clinton Scam Exposed - Hillary Victory Fund

Hillary's tax refund was $621,130

Not Quite the 1 Percent: Sanders Releases ‘Boring’ Tax Returns

Release of Clinton's Wall Street Speeches Could End Her Candidacy for President But don’t just take

Release of Clinton's Wall Street Speeches Could End Her Candidacy for President But don’t just take

Release of Clinton's Wall Street Speeches Could End Her Candidacy for President But don’t just take

Hillary - #ReleaseTheTranscripts

Chaos and 'New York Values' at Manhattan's Donald Trump Protest

Sex toys, Amazon to stop selling

Sanders at Vatican says rich-poor gap worse than 100 years ago

Cruz: Goldman Sachs supports 'just about everyone else but me'

Real Time with Bill Maher

Hillary Clinton's Speech to Nasdaq (Dec. 5, 2007)

When Bill Clinton was in the White House

Juan González: Clinton Has "Really Distorted" What Happened When NY Daily News Interviewed Sanders

Clintons omit shell company from public financial files (edited)

Surprise surprise. Someone called the cops on the protesters outside of Hillary's fundraiser

Come on NY.. help us elect a President for the People !!!

We are going to convention with no winner

Has anyone tried to *buy the transcripts? Any kind of crowdsourcing effort going on?

We have a G5 mac from 2008 (?) that starts and has a normal desktop

Hillary does not need a trip to the Vatican to validate herself. (HRC GROUP)

About Bernie's taxes:

All the MSM support for hillary and their blackout of Bernie has convinced me to vote for

Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill

"You Couldn't Get A Job At McD's, Or A Job Anywhere In The Country, Telling Your Employer That You..

No longer waiting . . . (edited)

Help me - I suck at math. Re: Bernie's taxes.

Not guilty pleas entered for last defendants of 2014 Nevada ranch standoff

Bill Maher Grills Susan Sarandon On Being Bernie or Bust

Top Cincinnati university cop urged aggressive traffic stops: report

Louis Theroux’s 'My Scientology Movie'

FYI: Arithmetic update Hillary Group

Daily Holidays - April 16

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Says He Met With Pope Francis

Move Over, Trump: Polls Show Bernie Sanders Is 2016’s Most Popular Candidate

Traveling Wilburys ~ End Of The Line

Migrant crisis: Pope Francis arrives in Greece to visit Lesbos camp

Did I see that video of Hillary falling headfirst into the plane here?

The look on Hillary's face when she sees how people live outside the bubble

Illinois sheriff releases videos showing force against inmates

New York officer pleads guilty to more theft charges on Long Island

Thirteen Arizona prison workers fired after two inmate suicides

E-skin 'can monitor body's oxygen level'

Convicted Detroit area cop can serve at boot camp for beating: court

Bernie Sanders Says He Met Pope Francis at the Vatican

FBI Presents Director’s Community Leadership Award to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society

JUST IN: National Democratic Poll Just Released Has The Political World Stunned (Bipartisan Report)

Indian jewelers' strike ends after government assurances

Hillary's New York lead increases to 17

Couple Threatened With Jail For Overdue Library Books

Hillary is the focus of an FBI criminal investigation and will be brought in for questioning in the

Study: Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, gets the most negative media coverage

"Has Bernie won More States than Hillary?" Video

Am I allowed to share some good news?

Regarding Bernie's meeting with the Pope

Pentagon says 22 percent of military bases will be excess by 2019

Thieves Targeting California Almonds, Walnuts

he Debate in Brooklyn Was Sanders’s Best Yet. But Was It Enough?

Clinton's Treasury Secretary lied to investors about subprime mortgages

J Street publishes debate transcript on Israel--Palestine.

How do you power a solar panel without sunlight? These scientists have an awesome answer.

Fracking's Total Environmental Impact Is Staggering, Report Finds

Sanders earned less in a year than Clinton in a single speech

The Virtues and Vices of Single-Payer Health Care

The Top 50 US Corporations Are Stashing $1.4 Trillion in Offshore Tax Havens

Rural white women dying off at faster rates

Note to Bill Clinton: There Is No Inherent Criminality

Did Administration Offer New Balance A Big Contract For TPP Silence?

Question: Should we as a Party nominate someone, namely Hillary Clinton, who is the current focus

Bilingual baby brains show increased activity in executive function regions

Sanders to air first ad in California

Charles Pierce: We Can't Trust a Major American Police Department. That's a Problem.

Why does Hillary's position on fracking sound like it was written by Big Gas public relations?

‘Bone Rooms’: Where scientific racists stored their ‘evidence’

Bernie Sanders DEFINITELY met privately with Pope Francis

Top UN official condemns Trump

Mississippi News - governor signs gun in churches bill, new abortion restriction

What does calling out Wall Street actually do?

Hey Hillary, you claim to be a leader. Well, leaders lead.

Why You Need to Go to Chile’s Atacama Desert, in 17 Spellbinding Photos

Bernie Sanders Met with Pope Francis

Cruz Promises Tax Cuts For The Rich Will Create Economic Growth Not Seen In 30 Years

Why is Bill Clinton trying to provoke Sanders supporters?

♪♫ Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day! ..... I have a wonderful feeling...♫♫

Our Two GREAT World Leaders

You did it Guys! You changed me from Bernie to Hill

Bill Clinton Sticks Up For The South While Ripping Bernie Sanders

Tennessee News - 4/16/2016

O’Reilly Can’t Believe Polls: Bernie Crushes Republicans

I am ashamed for many Hillary supporters

Sanders supporters demonstrate at Clinton fundraiser in SF

Margaret Archer the liar on the Pope/Bernie ... meets Sanders in Rome

Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leaders in America

The Dark Money Is on a Contested Convention and Paul Ryan

Bernie Sanders-inspired music festival to take place in California

CBS News national tracking poll: Clinton: 50 Sanders: 44 (Clinton +1 since March)

Some astrologers say the Age of Aquarius actually began in 2012

Clinton camp responds to Sanders' new TV ad

Sanders chuckles when Clinton says gun control is a big difference between the two of them.

Can't be bothered to do your job? Support the senate!

they cant stop lying and they dont want to

This whole Vatican thing has been hilarious

So multiple polls show Bernie tied or beating Hillary across the country.

Why do the trump campaign talking points track so closely to ...

Did Bernie propose at the conference to dump Nuclear Waste in South America?

Joe Biden is not impressed with the Bernie Sanders Vatican stunt

Weekly Address: Ensuring Our Free Market Works for Everyone

1309 to 1095...

Peter Beinart is wrong: Palestinian hostility to Israel is frequently anti-Semitic

Of the 5 remaining candidates, ONLY Hillary has been candid and forthright a/b Releasing Tax Returns

New York News - 4/16/2016

The Telegram Criticising Bush That Got Me Sacked (From the UK's Foreign Office)

Pope meets with Bernie Sanders, thanks him for addressing Vatican on the 'moral economy'

John Dingle tweets....

about the Pope: y'all...and you know who you are...only have 3 days left

Bernie Sanders says he met with Pope Francis.

Bernie Sanders Meets Pope Francis During Visit to Vatican City

Poll: Clinton maintains commanding lead in New York

Dedicated to The Biggest GOTV March in American Political History!!!!!

Atheist Blogger Challenges New Russian “Blasphemy” Law

Legal group poised to quiz Clinton aides about email server

Definitive PROOF emerges that Hillary knowingly lied about Saddam's WMDs to Senate, public

Los Angeles bans worker travel to N. Carolina, Mississippi

Rhode Island News - 4/16/2016

Will miracles never cease? A positive article about Bernie in the New York Times

Wow- so many posts, so many wrong...He DID go, he DID speak, he DID meet w/the Pope.

Gun Crime imports from Vermont to NY--graphs

Sons of New York | Bernie Sanders

Awww ... hidden! :-P (But it was a close one!)

Sons of New York | Bernie Sanders

Sons of New York | Bernie Sanders

What is so controversial about an economy based on morality and not greed?

He had come on a wing and a prayer, as it were, to speak briefly at a Vatican conference.

PM Justin Trudeau gives reporter quick lesson on quantum computing during visit to Waterloo

would lying and secrecy be hallmarks of a fascist kleptocracy?

So while Bernie met with the Pope - Hillary is at a $335K per plate Fund Raiser

Maybe the Pope will Invite Hillary to give the opposing argument.

Bernie's 'Distorted Reality'

Pope Francis takes Syrian refugees on aircraft from Greece

Connecticut News - Trump in Hartford, Health Care Workers Fight for $15

Weekend Bernie Group Toons

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Repubs

Just a few more days until I get to vote! Always exciting!

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Bill Clinton wasn't exactly wrong--superdelegate "hit list"

No pictures?

Florida takes gay fight to foster youth

Bernie Sanders says private meeting with Pope Francis is not an endorsement

If one passes millions of dollars to down ticket members of one's own party

Newsday endorses Hillary Clinton for Democratic nomination

Bernie Sanders had high praise for Catholic social teaching.

Georgia paddling video sparks corporal punishment discussion

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar just endorsed Hillary Clinton with a brilliant think-piece you have to read

Do you think the Pope inspired Sanders to be as progressive as Hillary and O'Malley on refugees?

Sometimes I think Hillary and the rest of the DNC play the Good Cop on us

Clinton tightens grip on New York

O’Reilly Can’t Believe Polls: Bernie Crushes Republicans

Bernie Met the Pope/Hapless Hillary Sends Innocents to War & Death

Clinton tightens grip on New York

Trump and Bernie are both right: ‘Free trade’ is killing us

Why is a college education such a huge part of our free enterprise system?

Evidence that the Pope/Sanders meeting, and leak, was organized by Bishop Sorondo

Inexpensive cure for hep C identified in Germany -- not the US

Massachusetts News - 4/16/2016

This is right on, One of many reasons I support her without question.

Pope Francis met privately with Evo Morales for 30 minutes duing the conference....lots of pics!

Just an observation of behavior

NY won't forget-Sanders voted against Firefighter's extension of 9/11 health bill-& actual votes

Bernie Sanders 'honoured' to meet Pope Francis at Vatican

Sanders and Trump are both good at pointing out problems with our country..

Hillary supporters reaction to Bernie's Vatican visit

OMFG!! Million Student March Organizer Interview With Fox’s Neil Cavuto Goes *OFF* the Rails

Anyone willing to cop to being wrong in saying Bernie lied

March Global Temperatures 1.07C Above 20th Century Avg; Biggest One-Month Margin On Record

Bernie ignores the rude lady Margaret Archer who lied about his purpose there...

This is what meeting with Pope Francis looks like..

Bernie Sanders Is Running Against Hillary Clinton And Losing Against Time

Once Again Class: There. Is. No. Climate. "Debate". Among. Scientists.

Bernie Grassroots Ad: Momentum!


How do you feel about @BernieSanders using your photo for his campaign.

Earthquakes Strike Japan?

FRONT PAGE ...Tech workers protest Clooney event for Clinton

In 1998, I had a meeting with Howard Stern

Beautiful volunteer produced ad featuring Saul Williams

“The right of the people to keep and bear children shall not be infringed.”

Jan-Mar 2016 Hottest Start To Any Year On Record; Global Temps Up .7C (2015 Prior Record Year)

Powerful all volunteer ad for Bernie featuring Saul Williams #voteforus

LIVE STREAM: Massive anti-austerity and ‘Cameron must go’ demo on the streets of London

George Osborne calls for global blacklist of tax havens after Panama Papers

Momentum, a Grassroots ad for Bernie Sanders (Make sure you keep tissues nearby)

Bernie Sanders smashes the Israel status quo

Liberals for Hillary: There is Nothing Stranger

Clinton and Sanders supporters can't stand each other

🐦 Bernie Sanders Event - First Unitarian Congregational Society - Sat. April 16

As practiced by Hillary Clinton first lady diplomacy was much more than an exercise in symbolism

Japan earthquake: tens of thousands flee in fear of aftershocks and volcanoes

What defines humanity is self-consciousness.

Salon: Half-truth Hillary finally exposed: This was the debate where Bernie Sanders changed the

Salon: Half-truth Hillary finally exposed: This was the debate where Bernie Sanders changed the

World’s biggest oil producers meet to discuss possible freeze on production

have any non-Oregon residents obtained an Oregon Med Marijuana card?

Bill Clinton was going to privatize Social Security until, uh, Fate stopped him.

Finally! I'm banned from the Hillary group! Number 825.

The New Yorker: Clinton, Sanders, and the Myth of a Monolithic “Black Vote”

Hillary: Secretary of Empowerment

The New Yorker: Clinton, Sanders, and the Myth of a Monolithic “Black Vote”

Mike Malloy - Bernie's Brother Larry Sanders Rips Clinton For Wall Street Ties

HuffPo:Release of Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches Could End Her Candidacy for President

New Hampshire News - 04/16/2016

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems

Thank you, Tony Bennett

It all comes down to this: If you want real change, vote Bernie. You won't get it from Hillary.

For a man who supposedly cannot win, Bernie Sanders is doing pretty nicely

Wonder Woman supports a wonderful woman. Lynda Carter. (HRC GROUP)

Nauru: Suicide and Punishment

If you labor you should support Bernie because capital is funding Hillary

The Liberation of Plamyra

Obama, first lady pay $81,000 in taxes on $436,000 of income

🐦 GOTV Bernie MARCH Today NYC

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: In this crucial election, I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton

How can U.S. workers ever compete when our State Dept fights for Exploitative Foreign Wages?

I'm looking for a blogging app

1 Maryland firefighter dead, another injured after shooting

Obama immigration actions face critical day at high court

Let's not forget!

I think what we are witnessing is the power of the Uber rich.

Hillary Clinton Channels Allen and John Foster Dulles

Politico's Glenn Thrush - Primary win statistically impossible for Bernie Sanders

Barack Obama: Taking money from 1 percenters compromised my politics

Hillary - Right on, once again (HRC GROUP)

The Shock Doctrine - An investigation of 'disaster capitalism'

Trump and Taxes--Ethical Problem

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-13,4-14,4-15-16

Greece, Cyprus, Sanders and Dignity

El Salvador declares drought emergency for first time ever

Hillary promotes destruction w/ Fracking: NY's Constitution Pipeline (NYT)

Berniechella: Free music festival set to honor Bernie Sanders April 21-22 in Indio, California!

Vermont News - 4/16/2016

Monica Lewinsky is trending on Twitter. She is a brave young woman.

Welcome Back, Bernie! (2 Versions)

Sanders Falsely Implies An Papal Endorsement By Using Pope's Image….

A Chill Wind From the North: the US Returns to Latin America

Five challenges ahead for Hillary:

The Pope is so popular around here in GDP.

Are you kidding me?

Hillary visits public housing building in Harlem to meet with tenants.

I proudly stand with Kareem Abdul Jabbar In His Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton

There’s no place for clean water under ‘free trade’

Over-zealous attacks on Israel 'anti-semitism by proxy', says Labour MP Chris Bryant

Bernie Sanders Is a De Facto Millionaire

Just had another minimum wage argument on Facebook.

Do You Want My Job?

Environmentalists Urge Clinton Foundation To Return ExxonMobil Donations

I was banned from History of Feminism group

Sanders: Pope Francis "a beautiful man"

Sanders: Pope Francis "a beautiful man"

Maine News - 4/16/2016

Building Bridges National Edition: Peoples Organization for Progress Takes Bernie Sanders to Heart

I'm just going to drop this right here

Sanders: Pope Francis "a beautiful man"

Digging for Some Words

Notice how none of the Republican candidates are taking the "release your transcripts" bait?

Is Paul Krugman going to complain about Bernie going to Rome in one of his columns?

Bernie Sanders Prepared Remarks at the Vatican

When You See Walmart Getting Robbed...


Building Bridges National Edition: Peoples Organization for Progress Takes Bernie Sanders to Heart

Quick primary cooking question

7 First-Lady Duties Bill Clinton Could Take On If Hillary Is Elected

Man Disrupts DNC

Bakery charges women 79 cents on a dollar for Equal Pay Day

No, John Kasich, women are not to blame for rape

What happened to KKOB weekend morning show?

Hillary's son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky worked at Goldman Sachs for 8 years

It was a foregone conclusion rabid Hilfans would shit the bed with this Vatican thing

Is gun control for America only?

You are all very kind.

You know what I enjoy about donating to Hillary's campaign?

Bernie's Pope pandering is an amazing thing

Rules for campaign spending.

A short video bio of Bernie

I guess you're right: the 1%ers DON'T like Bernie Sanders...

Bay Area tech workers turn out to protest Clooney fundraiser for Clinton

When I was very young

Bernie had a private meeting with the Pope after all!

"I don't trust her"

"If I can make it there, I'll make it ANYWHERE. It's up to you, New York, New York!"

Another sign Saudi has something to hide on 9/11

Despite Obama, no revolution expected at Cuba party congress

The silliness of Reuters polling continues. Clinton now up +6.6%

Why has Hillary accepted donations from....

Protesters who blockaded London arms trade fair acquitted -

Was There A News Drop Last Night (Friday) Re: FBI Investigation & Hillary.....

Bernie on The View re: The Pope Francis Visit

Bill Maher: "Hillary’s new slogan should be: 'Eat the Chicken.'"

Bill Maher: "Hillary’s new slogan should be: 'Eat the Chicken.'"

Predict Wednesday's WaPo headlines here

HRC Group: The reluctant star of the drama (il papa) weighs in:

Forget the FBI for a minute how many stupid things did Hillary do with her emails

So the Pope just said on the plane that he was getting ready to leave and on his way out Bernie was

Difference between Male/vs./Females

So about that Bernie & Pope thing with Hillary supporters

Ain't too proud to beg

So my joke about Sanders hiding in bathroom stall to meet pope

About to go out and canvass for the next President Of The United States!

Help! The last several times I got smoked up...

Hillary Clinton: Follow the Money:

I find it amusing that Clinton on her taxes tweeted

Wall Street's view of itself in Bernie Sanders' campaign: Maligned, marginalized, misunderstood

Pope Suggests Critics of Sanders Meeting 'See a Psychiatrist'

Denmark McDonalds Employees Earn HOW MUCH? [Warning: Happiness Ahead]

My take on Bernie and the Pope

Religious discrimination

I'm Donating My Vote To The Disenfranchised

Looking for a AR15 22lr upper

Renters Spent a Record-High Share of Income on Rent This Spring By Laura Kusisto

Craig MAZIN (CRUZ's college former roommate), humane & intelligent. Am adding to my Twitter List.

Crux," being widely quoted here re: the Pope is in "partnership" with the Knights of Columbus....

The Soft Corruption of Clinton, Inc. — And How It Could Cost Democrats the Presidency

Hillary Clinton's Favorability Rating Among Democrats Hit a New Low

Costco, J&J Spar Over Contact-Lens Business

Even a Chelsea Clinton/IAC publication acknowledges Bernie met with the Pope

UNC Republicans Threaten Transgender Student Calling Her ‘Mentally-Ill Tranny Freak of Nature

Things that make you look dumber than a sack of hammers

Hillary..."I'm a strong Progressive"

Two likely responses to weekly gathering

MTP might be worth watching tomorrow

The time is now to Phonebank NY to #GOTV

I predict that Hillary Clinton will be invited to a Vatican conference and Bernie Sanders won't!

Black lives don't matter, Black photo-ops and votes do - racial hypocricy and the Clintons

hilly is trying to claim credit for something she didn't start... yet again.

Hello HRC group.

Did those attacking Hillary over her husband cheating on her also attack Elizabeth Edwards

The Bernie Sanders Miracle: American Crowd in Brooklyn Cheers Palestinian Dignity

Hill begs billionaires for money, she would have dropped out due to zero funds

Kasich's advice on sexual assault: Don't go to parties with lots of alcohol

I've got a GREAT joke for you...

Window seat

Well I guess I hit a boundary

A fast-growing contingent of BernieBros

Great to see the Hillary Group really rocking with a lot of activity!

Electability- Hillary vs Bernie for New Yorkers

I'm did the Clintons take bribes to protect big banks and gangster dictators or not?

 A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America

Poll: Americans happy at home, upset with federal government

Follow up to My Drunken Neighbor - Some Wasted Guy: Donald Trump

Best Endorsement....feelin' it.

AP-NORC Poll: That's rude: More say GOP is discourteous

This is NOT first time Sanders camp feinged or faked some type of endorsement or proxy credibility

Hoping for a post debate/Rome bounce in the polls.

"Inside the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail" Time Magazine

Lessons from children...

Alabama "religion," someday this corrupt woman is going to kill a baby.

Independent voters could make polling sites a nightmare

The Beatles and Bernie

Independent voters could make polling sites a nightmare

Under President Clinton, we're going into Syria.

Nate Silver - Clinton Is Winning The States That Look Like The Democratic Party

Steve Kerr when asked if the team he coaches this year, Golden State, could beat

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 16, 2016

The Face You Make When...

1% Queen Hillary Clinton playing an elitist game with the upper class

What happens if Clinton is our nominee and she gets indicted on Criminal Charges ?

New Sanders NY ad - It's great!

Warning - The last time America elected a Socialist...

Has anyone seen the "what a man" commercial for Chase(?) ...

Hillary's just fine with your past NRA support so long as you support her

Pope Francis calls Sanders greeting only ‘common courtesy’

There's love for the Pope in Castle Bansalot, don'tCHA know.

Laura Ingraham: "We are going to lose every f--King station we have"

You don't meet the pope unless he wants to meet you, everybody knows this

Shark Grabs Sailfish From Hook of Astonished Anglers

Has anyone ever had shingles? How did you tolerate it?

New poll: Female voters flock to Bernie Sanders from Hillary Clinton

The Pope uproar is for nothing

Honestly, how likely is it just anybody can loiter in the papal residence and "ambush" the pope?

The political class

Bernie Sanders: Meeting with Pope Francis at Vatican not Political

Bernie Sanders: Meeting with Pope Francis at Vatican not Political

Clintonites: FYI ! We the People paid for Bernie's trip to Rome .. $27 bucks at a time .. Thanks

Bernie Sanders: Meeting with Pope Francis at Vatican not Political


I have no problem with the Sanders/Pope meeting, but if he wants my vote

*BERNIE WHEELS! Definitely See THIS Happening and It's Good for America!*

The Papal Residency isn't like a lobby at your local Holiday Inn Express...

I Just Early Voted in Maryland on my Anniversary

How Polling Firms Condone the Many Deficiencies of our Election System

At the core of online disinformation is the false flag type of fake sockpuppet activity.

"Just Like a Woman". Great road trip movie.

The EFD-IMF sociopaths(?) continue to play their games over the Greek ruins

Don’t be fooled by Sanders: he’s a diehard communist - preview of GOP propaganda if Bernie get's the

The knicker twisting over the Pope's "hello," is just a deflection from this:

Just got back from canvassing for Bernie in Connecticut.

Clinton or Sanders: Who really wants to keep talking tax returns?

Sanders releases transcript of his meeting with Pope Francis

A question for Bernie supporters

RUMOR: Tessa Thompson Playing Valkyrie In Thor: Ragnarok

Does this Sanders Facebook Post's Image Seem Odd to You?

Clinton Supporter Cuomo Has A Thing or Two To Say About Big Money in Politics

Anyone using Microsoft Excel?

Asking for accountability and justice

My BabyGirl 1SBM rescued a cat ...

Sanders is pandering!

A brokered Democratic Convention?

'Confirmation' on HBO is as powerful as Anita Hill's testimony was 25 years ago

The New York Times has a long, long article

Hillary the ultimate waffler

So while Bernie was meeting the Pope, Hillary hired a criminal lawyer.

UPDATED - Just saw a Rose Breasted Grosbeak on my seed cylinder - PICTURES

When will the Pope release his tax returns?

Bernie is in my house speaking against inequality...

My take on the Papal Meeting

Oh, for F's sake, guy who used to be Big Dog...take what's left of your dignity, go home, and STFU.

Why would Hillary ever be invited to a Papal Conference on Economic Morality

Am I the only person worried that attacks on Trump are achieving too much, too soon?

Ethiopia: Armed men 'kill 140' near South Sudan border

Republicans are trying to help Bernie Sanders win, and it's not because they like his message - KOS

sorry about the "steal" comment....

Even 1000s of supporters shouting his name couldn't take him away from listening,hugging,caring

I really hate linking to threads I posted in GDP but I want to make sure everyone sees this.

Been a while since I last visited Free Republic. Just got back and wow!

Did Bernie and the Pope discuss a 'moral economy,' or was it 'just a handshake, nothing more?'

I have to laugh when Hilliards try to explain away HRC's unlikability

Pope Francis says anyone who thinks he’s siding with Bernie Sanders should see a “psychiatrist”

Pope confirms he did NOT have a meeting with Bernie Sanders: handshake and “nothing more”

Spike Lee's "Wake Up" | Bernie Sanders

The US middle class is in the top 1% ....

Let's see if I have this right

"FBI Issue" is better thought of as a distraction and IGNORED - Don't waste precious research time!

Hillary visits Public Housing in NY then jetsets off to CA to raise $15 MILLION in 24 hrs. Question-

Cat has no fucks to give

I heard on NPR that Sanders met with Pope Francis.

19 Examples of Bernie Sanders' Powerful Record on Civil and Human Rights

Debate in Mississippi shows how even local governments make money on mass incarceration

Hillary and the gun deals she signed off on....

These earthquakes in Japan are unsettling, you know?

Compare the symptoms of religion and drugs.

I Think Many Clinton Supporters Need to SERIOUSLY Ponder the Pope's Comment:

Spike Lee's "Wake Up" | Bernie Sanders

Did Bill Clinton suggest Sanders supporters would advocate genocide of Wall Street?

Bernie vs Hillary on the issues... a clear a concise chart..

Spike Lee's "Wake Up" | Bernie Sanders

Spike Lee's "Wake Up" | Bernie Sanders

Bill Clinton: Sanders supporters would 'shoot every third person on Wall Street'

Hillary Clinton's top donors (since 1999):

Nevada Court Arraignment Of Bundy Brothers Goes Off The Rails

BREAKING-Bernie Sanders just won the majority of Colorado delegates!

Japan's April 14th earthquake caught on dashcam

Bernie Sanders Inspires Progressives for Political Revolution | Alex Law

Hillary fights against tuition free college... FREE Prison is ok

About Pope's comments re politicizing event should "look for a psychiatrist." Here, let me help.

Hillary supporters see no problem associating Bernie ...

Mississippi State students protest flying of state flag

Watching the angry Bernie people's denial of the math is a little sad

Here's info on the "Hotel" at the Vatican

Our next Arctic adventure.

Nearly Half Of All Super-PAC Money Comes From Fifty People

As Rachel used to say....someone talk me down.

DWS invites Wall Street criminals and oil comapies into our party's Big Tent

Video of the Pope's comments (CLINTON GROUP)

Signs Of The Times: Its A Beautiful Day In The (Blue) Neighborhood

I deleted a thread I started saying that MSNBC should have told Cuomo today that Bernie

Here's a report of how a semi-private audience with the Pope happens

Oh my goodness, when pandering goes wrong


Message to SBS from Harlem: "How do you speak about inequaliry and urban poverty and the tales of

Sperm Whales Found Full of Car Parts and Plastics

Is there a strategy

Damn voters, getting in the way of Democracy...

Nine more Guantánamo Bay prisoners released as population dwindles to 80

Nine more Guantánamo Bay prisoners released as population dwindles to 80

BRISTLING at impressions that his brief greeting of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Cruz says will target taxes, bank regulation if elected: CNBC interview

Pentagon chief mulls new strategies to fight Isis as US strikes in Syria and Iraq

After the Panama Papers leak, someone tried to sell the Pakistan PM on eBay

Pope Francis’ Popularity Bridges Great Divides

Escaped Texas inmate found hiding in apartment dishwasher

When you know you have been cheated out of a college experience,

Any Democratic Primary NY polls for Friday Apr 15th or Saturday April 16th (today) ?

There is a RW meme that Sanders never got anything done in Congress, perhaps the GOP started it?

Juan Manuel Santos: As Colombia’s leader, I know we must rethink the drugs war

Juan Manuel Santos: As Colombia’s leader, I know we must rethink the drugs war

You up for a "Filibuster Cypha" for Bernie?

Another Amazing Bernie Mural in NY is done! Just in time.

What the Pope REALLY said to Bernie..... The secret revealed!

March for Bernie Los Angeles - Sunday, April 17, 2016 - 1:00PM

5 challenges ahead for Hillary

I think I'll donate $5 to Bernie today & $5 to him on Tuesday.. anybody else feeling the bern ?

My thoughts on Marc Elias (hillary's lawyer) taking over the Arizona voter supression lawsuit.

March for Bernie Los Angeles - Sunday, April 17, 2016 - 1:00PM

Bernie Sanders bests Hillary Clinton at Colorado Democratic convention

Speaking of optics, every 10min on CNN : Hillary attending 6-figure fundraiser in LA hosted by

Bernie Sanders bests Hillary Clinton at Colorado Democratic convention

NASA finds cosmic dust speeding through our solar system

Canada's supreme court strikes down tough-on-crime era measures

Did I ever luck out this week!

How do we deal with the immense scale of the issues we face?

Ted Cruz set to sweep Wyoming after Donald Trump cedes delegate fight

Clooney's neighbor throwing Saturday fundraiser for Sanders


A VIDEO of the Pope explaining what happened.

New Zealand stages first Pastafarian wedding on pirate boat

Texas Democrats defend Julián Castro From You Know

Clooney's neighbor throwing Saturday fundraiser for Sanders

Some pics from NY today

Argentina: five dead at electronic music festival

Guatemala former President Perez Molina 'took Spanish bribes'

Bernie picks up 2 more delegates in Colorado. Final delegate count is 41-25 Bernie.

"Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton Connections" - A MUST READ!

Pope Francis: Sanders meeting 'not political meddling'

Explosion injures 3 at Sikh temple in western Germany

Taiwan angers China by releasing 20 deported telecom fraud suspects

The hypocrisy of the party conventions in 2016.

Hundreds of flights canceled in Denver as blizzard hits Colorado

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 17 - Gable at Sea

TCM Schedule for Monday April 18 - The Best of the Barrymores

Mimi Kennedy Interview: AZ Lawsuit Sander's Community Must Support & Expose Election Fraud

Tens of thousands in London march against PM, austerity

Obama Backs Cable Competition And Infuriates Industry

Co host of tonight's Clooney fundraiser for Hillary, Haim Saban & Hillary's stance on Israel

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Includes Sanders & Clinton)

Apparently Sanders' meeting with the Pope was like a groupie stalking a rock star in a hotel lobby

US cinema chain AMC makes U-turn over texting

AMC: Just Kidding About That Whole Texting In Theaters Thing

Early voted today for Hillary in College Park Maryland.

Video of the Pope's comments:

Brenda is a D a Native (1st American) running for office in a very red state OK

Brenda is a D a Native (1st American) running for office in a very red state OK

U.S judge says terrorism convict can't be deported to Pakistan

Has Pope Francis endorsed Bernie Sanders?

Can We Get a Big Round of Applause for DU, the Best Dem Primary Tar Baby Ever!

Southern Cities Split With States on Social Issues

Charlottesville City Council Taking Up Resolution to Deal with Monuments (VA)

The collective loss of shit - H's supporters over the Vatican trip - is epic.

Reddit: where to go ?

After apology for racism, Philly among many Jackie Robinson tributes

Paul Stanley AND Ace Frehley SIDELINED? Looks like Homer Simpson predicted ANOTHER one accurately.

Enjoyed this book a lot!

Inspire To Change World

Dizzy Gillespie Runs for US President, 1964. Promises to Make Miles Davis Head of the CIA

No more $400 million contracts for Rush Limbaugh

Pope suggests anyone who thinks he's endorsed Sanders ''See a Psychiatrist"

In Peru, the first man might be an American

Donald Trump mocks Bernie Sanders' meeting with Pope Francis

Politici: Bernie Sanders Roman Holiday

Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton connections

Clooney Agrees with Sanders campaign about money in politics MTP with Chuck Toady

HBO's CONFIRMATION, the movie about Anita Hill starring Kerry Washington, premieres today.

The Vatican freakout is just the latest...

Bernie picks up 2 more delegates in Colorado. Final delegate count is 41-25 Bernie.

All Those 'No Aid To Puerto Rico' Ads Are From Hedge Funds

Colorado's snow-show convention

Elizabeth Warren on Hillary Clinton

Help End Canada's Commercial Seal Slaughter (PETITION)

about to quit on a DIY project, anyone ever drill cast iron, as in 85 yr old toilet flange?

IMF chief: regulators long 'alarmed' over Panama's handling of taxation

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Detour From New York Primary

A Jew, the Pope, and a DUer walk into a bar .....

Panel OKs parole for former Manson cult member Van Houten

James Gang

Bernie Sanders March and Rally in Union Square Part 1 in New York filmed on Saturday April 16, 2016

Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now NYT

A Great Endorsement of Bernie by someone you never heard of

Those wonky politicians!

Experimental inflatable module attached to space station

Operation Chaos on Tuesday

Here is what 3-5% of #TakeNYByPhone looks like on a map in one instance

Bernie Sanders March and Rally in Union Square Part 2 in New York filmed on Saturday April 16, 2016

Marvin Gaye

Bernie Moneybomb for Pramila Jayapal

Bernie Sanders March and Rally in Union Square Part 1 in New York filmed on Saturday April 16, 2016

Most Major New York Newspapers Endorse Hillary

Bernie Sanders March and Rally in Union Square Part 2 in New York filmed on Saturday April 16, 2016

Given some of the anti Pope talk, let's extend the conversation on religion a bit...

Stories From the Road: Officially Off the Road

Clooney - Bernie Sanders 'Absolutely Right' to Criticize High Price Tag on His Clinton Fundraiser

It Looks Like Bill Clinton’s True Colors Are Finally Shining Through

Isn't there a story today about the Saudis threatening the U.S....

How would you rank these?

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Coolmore Lexington Stakes

New poll: Female voters flock to Bernie Sanders from Hillary Clinton

New Report Shows Clinton Raising Money From Lobbyists who Represent Walmart, FF And Wall Street

please visit this thread...

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Jenny Wiley Stakes

Who here among us paid MORE than their FAIR share of taxes. If so, HOW much more?

Sunday Talk Shows with Bernie

Farm labor board rules Gerawan guilty of ‘extensive’ and ‘illegal misconduct’ in violating state lab

Landslides turn Amalfi Coast deadly as Italy sits tight (CBC)

Anyone else having oodles of trouble with YouTube lately ??

I don't usually complain about movie remakes,

Farm labor board rules Gerawan guilty of ‘extensive’ and ‘illegal misconduct’ in violating state lab

Farm labor board rules Gerawan guilty of ‘extensive’ and ‘illegal misconduct’ in violating state lab

Rosario Dawson On Getting ARRESTED At Democracy Spring

Rosario Dawson On Getting ARRESTED At Democracy Spring

Hillary Clinton, The 'Gender Card' And What It Could Mean In November

Another Aerial Close Call As Russian Jet Barrel-Rolls Over U.S. Aircraft

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Oaklawn Handicap

Painting people upset over losing their jobs as being upset over the browning of America

Hillary Clinton and Stephen Colbert Team Up to Address America’s ‘Smallest Issues’

Mexican army makes rare apology over woman's torture

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Arkansas Derby

Bill Clinton Makes Fun Of Bernie Sanders Supporters

Hillary or Bernie? asked to blacks on street in NYC

It shouldn't have been CALLED "welfare reform"

New ad compares Sanders to FDR

Photographer captures stunning photos of dancers in the streets of Cuba

Anti-austerity protest: tens of thousands attend London march - Ditch Dodgy Dave