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Now, ED SCHULTZ News Livestream: Bernie Future, HC Campaigns PA, OH, WI Next Wk., More.

Joe Biden about to speak on Trump on CNN. Elizabeth Warren spoke earlier and was fantastic.

Phil Plait. the Bad Astronomer and The Oatmeal deliver a righteous smack-down to Trump

U.S. Congress scrutinizes pay TV billing, competitive practices

Something is going on with Elizabeth Warren

Georgia man shot by police who went to wrong home dies: media

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Uses New Device To Seize Money During Traffic Stops

Cyclist tries to cut across Obama's motorcade

Warren on Trumpie "You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up.."

U.S. Navy admiral to enter guilty plea in bribery case

From Daily Kos: "No Surprise about Trump."

Senator Warren needs to clean her feet.

Question about freezing cooked potatoes.

Flight Attendant Tells Passenger to ‘Shut Up’ After Argument Over Pasta

Test Runs Start for Panama Canal Expansion

Don the Con Mitch the Turtle and Throwing Grandma off the cliff Ryan

Three Words That Sanders Could Say At The Convention

VP Biden taking the serious, no nonsense path. Makes Trump sound like a complete creep.

Biden smashing Trump

Let's compare conventions!

Joe's giving Trump a velvet glove smackdown

Prosecutors: 13-Year-Old Detroit Boy Killed Over About $70

Prosecutors: 13-Year-Old Detroit Boy Killed Over About $70

oops from today's White House Press Secretary

National Association Of Letter Carriers Announce Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton

Hillary wants to personally say thanks

Alaska Marijuana Regulators Approve First Licenses

Another Devastating Ad for Republicans to deal with..

Elizabeth Warren to endorse Hillary Clinton on Rachel Maddow's show tonight.

Woman Found Guilty of Trying to Send Jet Engines to China

Emails in Clinton Probe Dealt With Planned Drone Strikes

Do not hamstring EW as VP

Democratic Party's Murderers Row of Surrogates: "When Bill Clinton is #4 on you depth chart..."

Did Trump reply to "Delete your account?" a duck's * still water-tight?

Why President Obama was itching to endorse Hillary Clinton

Most of Warren's speech for those who missed it

4826 days


Yes, I'm taking credit for this. Fraudulent pollster Overtime Politics is no longer a hosted site

**COMMENT THREAD for June Contest-MOTION**

Oklahoma Police Just Made It Easier Than Ever To Seize Someone’s Money

Fact about Trump supporters

Victoria Woodhull June 9 Marks Anniversary of Demise of 1st Female Presidential Nominee

Bernie Sanders (at DC Rally): "The Results Have Not Yet Come In From California..."

Is Elizabeth Warren the first US Senator to use the word 'racist'

Joe Biden SLAMS Donald Trump's "RACISM" During ACS Convention Speech

Although the president can endorse who he likes....

Violence plunged after he brought the arts to a Tijuana neighborhood

Bernie Sanders Continues White House Bid

Bernie Sanders Continues White House Bid

Bernie Sanders Continues White House Bid

Can medication treat Trump's disorder?

Women in boner pill ads never carry purses.

Caddo Commissioners debate removal of confederate monument (LA)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! C’mon Get Happy – Clap Along!! & Uncensored & Live & a

Had It Been Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson Would Have Gone Ape-Shit

Northwest Tribal Leaders Highlight Risks of Oil Trains

Attorney fights to remove Confederate statue from Capitol and add Muhammad Ali (KY)

First attempt at 3D printing - Ain't that hard

So the Democratic Vanguard is teeing off on Donald and the GOP. They are going to knock Trump out

Dr Cornell West & Deborah Parker at Bernie Sanders FINAL Rally In Washington DC

Donald Trump just took a big dip in a major poll (FOX)

Dr Cornell West & Deborah Parker at Bernie Sanders FINAL Rally In Washington DC

"I am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for Hillary Clinton"--Elizabeth Warren

Dr Cornell West & Deborah Parker at Bernie Sanders FINAL Rally In Washington DC

6/9 Reuters Emails in Clinton Probe Dealt with Planned Drone Strikes

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton on Rachel Maddow Show

Well there it is. Elizabeth Warren endorses Clinton on Rachel's show

Stubborn Capitalism Won’t Leave Cuba Alone

Stubborn Capitalism Won’t Leave Cuba Alone

EW just endorsed Hillary on Rachel Maddow. I'm so proud.

Hundreds of small businesses and employees have reportedly accused Donald Trump of not paying them

"Hillary Clinton Won"--Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren-"Nobody says she (Hillary) doesn't know how to throw a punch."

Can't wait until the first Obama-Clinton-Sanders rally...

Post in the elevator

Joe Biden's ACS speech, Full speech.

Senator Warren on the Maddow Show

Elizabeth is still gnawing Donald's bones on Rachel Maddow.

Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?

Incomplete Revolution

Elizabeth Warren for President!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Warren's last words to Rachel: "Yes, I do."

Will Gary Johnson qualify for the debates?

Elizabeth Warren : "Yes I do. (think I'm qualified to be commander in chief)"

I'm loving the "Lastest Threads" page right now! ...

Democracy Now: Green Party Invites Bernie / He Flatly Refuses

Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary? - from Video & Multimedia

For those who missed Warren smacking down Trump

A "Murrow Moment"? Hardly. Deafening Silence Prevails On Trump's Lethal Climate Bullshit

"Richard Sherman: Make billionaires pay for their own stadiums"

Waiting on Trump's tweet about Warren's take down.

Full Speech: Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Donald Trump During ACS Convention (6-9-16)

If Warren ran for president she probably would have won the primary

The best part of Warren's attack is Donald has been muted by his handlers

Chuck Schumer Statement on Bernie Sanders Meeting (6-9-16)

What a day!

Here is Warren's full speach

Sanders signals the end is near: His supporters react

Greg Palast investigative reporter talks about California being stolen away from Bernie.

Just sayin...

Thompson's push to ban Confederate symbols at Capitol blocked

Is Warren running to be VP or is she already the VP candidate?

Uh oh does someone need to tell rachel that Clinton gets top billing

Massive Vietnam Fish Kill Extends 120 Miles Along Central Coast; 100s Said Ill From Toxic Fish

Joe Biden endorses Hillary Clinton

--another day another 3 supers for Hill

General Election NATIONAL POLL JUNE 9: Clinton 42% Trump 38% Clinton +4

Is Islam "exceptional"?

In a first, Iceland power plant turns carbon emissions to stone

"American AlPac..."?

How will Drumpf go after Warren? With what insult?

Just sayin...

I thought Senator Warren, when pressed by Rachel about the delay in her endorsement,

I think somebody wants me to leave DU.

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 10, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Special Theme: Billy Wilder

Voters Will Be Left Hanging by State Department's Clinton Email Slow-Walk

Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Should Hillary Clinton pick Elizabeth Warren for V.P.?

Hmm. Just found out I'm getting sent to Jersey for business 7/25-7/26.

Cornell West is such a embarrassing figure

Senator Elizabeth Warren: YES

Bernie supporters,

Give Biden some kudos. He stayed above the fray today.

Despite Historic Achievement, Feminists Grapple with Clinton's Deeply Troubling Record

The scales have been lifted from my eyes.

CAROUSEL on TCM, 10:30 edt

JOE BIDEN Endorses Hillary Clinton--This didn't get as much play today, but here it is....!!!!!

Experiment: how would the primaries have gone if we had had ranked choice voting?

I feel like we have now officially entered the twilight zone.

Trump: The billionaire who doesn't pay up

Warren Attacking Trump at ACS Convention

OMG!! Aren't they gorgeous??? (For all you cat lovers)

Matt Taibbi: Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie

Setbacks seen for Islamic State in Syria, Iraq, Libya

Add one more: Uncle Joe endorses Clinton

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? Phoebe_Snetsinger--american birder 8,400 seen

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? Phoebe Snetsinger-american birder 8,400 seen

Talk grows of replacing Trump at GOP convention

Joe Biden would complement the ticket not compete for the spot light...

FYI: Laws that devastated America and its people were passed YEARS before we ever heard of Citizens

Quite the contrast. Democrats lining up to endorse Clinton. Repubs running from Trump.

With careful staging, Obama backs Clinton, nudges Sanders

Some outside or nearly outside the mainstream people supporting Trump

What about Kerry as Hillary's VP?

For my final number as a DU member -

Lawyers mock Trump: 'Too busy to be honest' about Trump U

What is Bernie doing? (HRC Group)

Sen. Warren on endorsing Hillary:

Congress Will Read Stanford Sexual Assault Victim’s Letter Aloud

Just in time for summer - How to skin a watermelon

Wow, the last two days have shown that Obama and Warren are going to DESTROY Trump weekly.....

That's more like it...

Sweet Potato Fries

Priorities, People! GOP House Bill Slashes NASA Funds For CO2 Monitoring, Ocean Acidification Work

Rachel's interview with Elizabeth Warren about her endorsement

"I know nothing about David Duke. I know nothing about white supremacists." Donald Trump

I'm a Bernie supporter and I will vote HRC if Warren is VP

Argentine Energy Minister's office raided over Chilean gas deal benefiting his former employer Shell

Green Capitalism: The God That Failed; Long, Essential Article

Actual Yahoo! Sports link: "Sharks stay alive with Game 6 win over Pens"!!!

Argentine Energy Minister's office raided over Chilean gas deal benefiting his former employer Shell

Cool column on Hillary's nomination by Connie Schultz

California Secretary of State Still Counting....and Its Not Getting Any Closer

California As of Tonight - Two and a Half-Million Uncounted Ballots

Little Grace's Parents are Upset and they'd like the Entire Country to know Why

by Robert Reich:

You better be watching Jimmy Fallon!

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 11, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: The World's Fair

I'm calling the DC primary for Hillary.

President Barack Obama endorses Hillary Clinton for president (VIDEO)

The Two Democratic Victors

Wow a Republican talking about rape, and the comments aren't utterly disgusting!

Two Democrats Win California’s Open Senate Primary

State Dept Delays Release of Clinton-Related Documents Until After Election

Totally off topic, but petition to recall Aaron Persky, the judge in Stanford rape case

Half Of State Legislative Races This Fall Will Not Have A Major Party Challenge

Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Donald Trump During ACS Convention

Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Donald Trump During ACS Convention

Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Donald Trump During ACS Convention

Whatever Happened To John Edwards?

I Can't Recall A More-Coordinated or -Effective Roll-out of a D Prez Nominee

Thank you to all AA, Latino, Native American, Asian-American, women and LGBTQ Bernie supporters.

Thank you to all AA, Latino, Native American, Asian-American, women and LGBTQ Bernie supporters.

Can We All Just Show Some Love for Vice President Biden?

Two Bernie Sanders supporters discuss the ‘AfterBern’ – What is next? (VIDEO)

Why Obama waited

what is meta discussion

Anyone else notice

Is there any chance we can all get behind Sec. Clinton and keep Trump from being our next President,

Archaeologists discover massive Petra monument that could be 2,150 years old

All politics start local

There Is No Trump Campaign

Sanders Talking About "When I Am President" At Tonight's DC Rally

Brown, lawmakers reach $122 billion budget deal

Individually-shrinkwrapped potatoes are why we must destroy capitalism

Taking Back the Word "Patriot" From Those Who Shat on It

North Dakota sounds like a really cool place.

Anybody ever see the Jesse Watters shithead?

Jobs as an Election Issue: If we've moved into an informational revolution (from industrial)

This is absolutely inappropriate, NSFW, South Park

Court: No right to carry concealed weapons in public

Anyone ever get a dental implant tooth???

Al Franken's Pre-Endorsement replayed on Last Word (Edited)

Teen found dead in Atlanta park shot with 'exploding bullets'

Trump calling POW's Losers would be devastating ad...

Expelled Basketball Player Sues Yale

Oakland: Police Chief Whent steps down

Israel Has Its Own Donald Trump, Cornel West Warns at Platform Committee Meeting

Tel Aviv mayor says the occupation is a cause of Palestinian terror

President Obama slow jams the news

Republicans Pass Around Photo of Trump Supporter Attacked By Liberal...

Hillary supporters and expecting too much too fast from Sanders supporters

Malia Obama graduates from high school this week.

Joe Kennedy III should run for Elizabeth Warren's Senate seat if she's VP

Deleted as duplicate

I think Democrats are making a mistake

Elizabeth Warren vs. Donald Trump: Two Different Sorts of Billionaires!

Deepwater spill pollution lingers on seabed

about Elizabeth Warren-why would someone refuse to run for POTUS then agree to the VP position?

Argentina Demands Dialogue With Britain On Disputed Malvinas/Falklands

Daily Holidays - June 10

Ecuador's Correa Leads Campaign to Eliminate Tax Havens

Big shaker here in the I. E.

Southern California earth quake just now

Mining Company Threatens Guatemala with Lawsuit in USA

Guatemala 'closes its eyes' to rampant child sex trafficking: U.N.

The Sanders wind-down begins

Southern California rocked by earthquake

Stanford rape case: Republican Congressman demands court overturns Brock Turner's 'pathetic' sentenc

I felt that 5.2 earthquake in Borrego Springs all the way in the SFV.

Kuczynski celebrates win in Peru election, but Fujimori has yet to concede

(Claim) New treatment can 'halt' multiple sclerosis, says study

Must watch: Gary Hart on the parallels between his '84 campaign and the 2016 race

ONE-THIRD of California primary ballots still not counted-- mostly young Dems, Latinos

UN Demands Colombia Explain the Deaths of 3 Indigenous Workers

The Money Cult

Co-Founder of PNAC endorses Hillary's foreign policy, calls her a neocon

I voted for Bernie.

North Carolina ‘superdelegate’ Pat Cotham endorses Sanders for Democratic nomination

McCrory calls on legislature to restore funding for Durham-Chapel Hill light rail

State and feds say Carolinas HealthCare drove up costs by curbing competition

How ironic. For the 1st time in over 60 years America actually had a REAL chance to be great again

The establishment won this battle, but

Trump Supporters Nothing More Than An Unruly Mob.

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump In Three New National Polls

The Democrats Party derailed Bernie: How the establishment has worked to discredit Sanders’ movement

South Carolina News - 6/10/2016

Mount Morris Man Ropes Woman into Buying Gun for Him, Cops Arrest Both

Gun Stocks Face a “2D” Problem: Demand and Donald Trump

Warren to meet with Clinton this morning,

It’s Still Remarkably Easy For Criminals To Buy Guns On Facebook

Joe Biden ripped the right wing Congress a new one with his speech at ASCL:

Puerto Rico News - 6/10/2016

POLL: Do you think Trump will be the GOP nominee?

Now that Hillary is the presumptive nominee, it's time

Elizabeth Warren declares herself ready to be Hillary Clinton's running mate

I endorse Clinton.

Sen. Al Franken discusses the endorsements and the Sanders campaign on Last Word

My advice to the Republican Senate and Congress

The CH Robinson MS150 starts tomorrow morning.

Huffpo: It's time to give it up,

Virgin Islands News - 6/10/2016

It's time to give it up.

1000s of supporters get on the Trump Train, ony to discover "Make America Great Again" is a COOKBOOK

Being apathetic towards a bigot getting elected = White privilege?

Sure I'd like to see HRC choose Warren- or Brown, for that matter. BUT

Warren: I'm ready to be commander in chief

Stained glass is about to get a lot more expensive for churches

FFrF Freethought Radio - American Infidel: Elliott Ingersoll

Clinton hires Sanders' top student organizer

Mother arrested in death of 3 year old daughter; "I had to get the darkness out of her. I'm sorry."

"The last 96 hours is a MARVEL" Democrats "can go for the KILL now"

An alternate history...

Trump dropping like a rock

Elizabeth Warren Just Gave the BEST EVER Endorsement of Hillary

Are Trump’s Poll Numbers Collapsing?

When Will The Next #Oil Bomb Train Explode?

An Ice Free Arctic???... A Reality Soon?

Politico: Trump’s campaign chairman had close ties with Marcos, former dictator of the Philippines

DRIVERLESS VEHICLES Ready to Sell By 2020 Carmakers Claim | 4.5 Million on US Roads By 2035

Politico: Trump’s campaign chairman had close ties with Marcos, former dictator of the Philippines

Keep the faith

Should the way you know a gift was received is the check clearing

Venture Capitalist Thomas Perkins dies at 84.

FFrF Freethought Radio - A Universe From Nothing

Did you ever want to be a detective? Here's your chance. Solve this arson puzzle!

And he almost got away with it...

Donald Trump Thinks The Mafia Is Libeling That Nice, Safe, Healthy Asbestos. This Is A True Story.

This made me LOL

This is what Trumpsters see when they sit behind me in Traffic

1 arrested after kitten shot with arrow

This here's one bad case of C.A.S. (Chronic *sshole Syndrome). Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Anti-Trump Republicans seek last-ditch 'delegate revolt'

Wobbling Arctic Jet Stream Pushing Already Record Greenland Melt Into Unknown Territory

Greenland Set Melt Records in 2015 Consistent with ‘Arctic Amplification’

Florida News - 6/10/2016

Sure Sanders would win California if every single outstanding ballot was for him

Is censorship really something "democratic"?

How did Jurassic park have adult brachiosauruses?

Security Council condemns deadly terrorist attack in Tel Aviv

Hollywood whitewashing outcry as Leonardo DiCaprio lined up to play Persian poet Rumi

The Sanders wind-down begins

Kevin Durant interested in Knicks, per Skip Bayless sources

Muslim Waitress Attacked by Muslim Men for Serving Alcohol During Ramadan

Bloodied "Trump Supporter" Exposed as Total Hoax

Fairfax Co. school meeting becomes heated over debate on transgender nondiscrimination policy

Clinton hires Sanders' top student organizer

"He was handsome. He was funny. And he kicked ass."

Will Bernie Fans Vote For Hillary? (TYT Poll RESULTS)

I'm doubling down- I want Elizabeth Warren as Hillary Clinton's Vice President

Waitress assaulted on French Riviera for 'serving alcohol' on first day of holy month of Ramadan

Trump rally in Richmond Va tonight - CBS affiliate to preempt schedule to show it LIVE

Nigeria army 'killed Biafra protesters'

Not a question, an observation

The Next Disruption: Elections?

Let Me Finish: Hillary Clinton makes history (HRC GP)

POLL: Do we want Elizabeth Warren as Clinton's VP choice (by primary candidate)?

The Republicans are trapped in a big orange blob

Next week, Bernie will drop out and strongly endorse HRC. There is nothing hypocritical


4 people who make this world a little better

NM full of angry indians?

Clinton's 1st speech as nominee will be at Planned Parenthood, No center pivot here

A lot of important people said a lot of nice things about Bernie yesterday.

Hockey legend Gordie Howe passes away at age 88

Uncounted Ballots on election night always exist.

Gordie Howe Died

Art Killing Apathy: The Day After Tuesday

Elizabeth Warren on the Rachel Maddow Show last night was masterful

It seems very unlikely to me that Elizabeth Warren will


Armed robbers try to rob McDonald's full of Special Forces members

I never could stomach Roseanne Barr. Now she's endorsed Trump

Elizabeth Warren is at HRC's Washington DC home right now

Spider John Koerner and Willie Murphy-Sweet Nancy.

Art Killing Apathy: The Day After Tuesday

I'm watching folks of all races line the streets waiting

Can a black guy be a white supremacist?

25 Cheeky Butt Facts To Make You LYAO

When Donald Trump says you have a "nasty mouth"...

Not sure Senator Perdue was just careless with his words here

Already 1 million ballots have been declared invalid in California, 2.5 million still uncounted

sweet story about ali in chicago.

Ed Rendell Calls Elizabeth Warren Unqualified for V.P. on Radio, Then Calls Back In


Gordie Howe has died.

Not a Single Republican Delegate Is ‘Bound’ to Donald Trump (Bit of a peek into the dark side)

Just feel all that #unity.

Snowmen in summer?! This is northern Sweden right now

American Logic

help me out here

[Onion]Voters Glad They Got Hope In Politicians Out Of System For Next Election Cycle Or Two

Energy-saving devices work – if you use them correctly

We are seeing the separation growing in the polls between hillary and trump

Overturning Citizen's United

How the ‘Texts From Hillary’ Photo Sparked an Inquiry Into Clinton’s Emails

Nina Turner bitterly slams Elizabeth Warren.

Having a bad day for any reason? I can cheer you up! Just remember...

Why Holocaust survivor ... was proudest of photo taken with Ali

Pic Of The Moment: No Difference Between The Two Parties?

Brock Allen Turner: The Sort of Defendant Who is Spared “Severe Impact”

Millions of California Twitter Votes Go Uncounted

In worst-case-scenario, global warming makes Middle-East uninhabitable by end of century

Taibbi: Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie

Exclusive: Obama approves broader role for U.S. forces in Afghanistan

from TYT: a great explanation of how GOP power politics is played

Elizabeth Warren to Trump: 'No, seriously'

Oh wow, Donald. Another "Pocohantas" reference. You're so original and funny, Donald.

Could a Vice-President-Elect Warren defer taking office to keep a new Senate Majority ??

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 6-9-16 DUer Denise Lang

Was LePage right to suggest immigrants pose a public health threat in Maine?

Woman Runs Over Frog With Lawnmower — Then Flies Him Hundreds Of Miles For Surgery

Trump: I broke glass ceiling for women in construction. Women in construction: Huh?

Some Al Franken memories

Mitch McConnell says that Donald Trump doesn't know a lot about the issues

My final Josh Barro tweet post (in regards to Bernie)...

Socks knocked off article - The 700$ billion bailout money

From Warren to Sanders, back to Warren

Jusy Garland was born on this date.

Could you imagine if Hillary

Malvina Reynolds: The Judge Said

Clinton hires Sanders' top student organizer

Howlin' Wolf

Hi Admins.

Rep. Pete King: Sure Trumps Comments Were Racist, But He's Not!

Tom The Dancing Bug cartoon - Trump (Make America Segregate Again)

100,000 trees in our city just got the death sentence

Does anyone have a link to the lawsuit

Putting carbon dioxide away for good by turning it into stone

Sanders' only backer in Senate now supports Hillary

Urgent Petition to Bernie from Roots Action Team: Pls Continue to Convention

Oh man. I'm taking my camera on dog walks from now on.

Litmus test... Does leadership issues matter in GE race and discussion about them here in DU

Trump thanked Don King for endorsing him

Please donate to the TrumpWall

GOP website has zero mention of Trump

Bonnaroo fired up last nite

A preview of the election

ABC News: How Clinton donor got on sensitive intelligence board

Clinton campaign is probably onto something with this whole unity thing

Democrats vs. Republicans, 2016.

Refugee shelter burnt down in Germany after dispute over Ramadan

Anti-Abortion Protesters Target H-B Woodlawn High School in Arlington

Sign this urgent petition to Senator Sanders: "Continue the campaign to the convention"

Think about this - this year we have an opportunity to really make history.

Summing Up the Glories of the Israeli Occupation as We Enter Its 50th Year

Son of Jewish refugee wins Peruvian presidential elect

Army Reserve officer charged with threatening members of mosque

Six times as many Sanders supporters would shift to Clinton over Trump – poll

Dems Build Wall Around Convention Site; Wells Fargo Center, To Be Inside DNC Security Perimeter

Write an essay and win a chance to own a small newspaper in Vermont

the secret spot

The water is still up but the park is open again

Smuggler's victims say police have arrested innocent refugee

Key Gun Violence Facts

Libyan forces claim to have ousted Isis from final stronghold

N.M. full of angry indians?

I was not given a chance to provide comments on an alert.

so the strategy will be tying every conservative senator and congressperson running for

a bit of my small h herstory-

N.M. full of illegal Mexicans?

Preview of the FBI report.

Controversial film on Sergei Magnitsky’s death set for US screening

The other reason for Brock Turner’s short sentence

The Party of Lincoln is Dying

Republicans really believe in guaranteed minimum income

New TOS for remaining days of GD-P

Hillary addressing PP--PAC. I'm choking up.

Hillary now addressing Planned Parenthood. I hope all are hearing this.

Kooks at a "Christian" shindig...

Clinton, In Bid For Party Unity, Holds Meeting With Warren

God bless imported Mexican beer

Arguing with apologists for terror

Photo Of The Day: “Ajo Mountain Sunset

We can still laugh, right?

OOOH! Two snaps UP, Reince Priebus, for your MASTERY of Social Media ZINGERS.

They couldn't say it if it weren't true


Quotes from Karl Marx that will chill you to the bone...

I voted for Sanders. But I can do math.

This is what a feminist presidential candidate looks like (Planned Parenthood speech)

What will be the rules on "Clinton Email" threads when the new rules go into place?

Clinton's victory is a stellar start for feminism – but it is just a start

Clinton's victory is a stellar start for feminism – but it is just a start

Clinton's victory is a stellar start for feminism – but it is just a start

State AG wants to see Tim Eyman’s financial records

I get it now they let Bernie run on thier ticket and now they want payback

Hillary Responds to tRump Obama Tweet: "Delete your account."

Gawker Media Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Hillary Clinton thank you call with volunteers coming up in 10 minutes...

Luxury auction house under fire after sprinkler system douses homeless

After Frustrating Primary, Millions of Ballots in California Remain Uncounted

WTF? China, Mexico and India???

Not With Her, Still a Feminist

Freed Ukrainian pilot calls for talks with separatist rebels

Just had some fun calling out a Charleston Republican

Robert Reich: Bernie Sanders proved politicians can make it this far without selling their souls...

Trump has shown us how far bullshit can go

U.S. approves flights to Cuba by six American carriers

U.S. approves flights to Cuba by six American carriers

South African woman fined $10,000 for racist comments

Sentence upheld for former Subway pitchman Fogle in child porn case

Coal Deals Start To Flow As The Price Recovery Accelerates

Transgender inmate sues over being denied hormone meds

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Owe the Democratic Party a Damn Thing

Okay I give up.....

TV actor Michael Jace gets 40 years to life for murder of wife

Stanford rapist 'took photograph of his victim's breasts during attack-and shared it with swim team

Trump speaking. It's a laughable, stupid speech to tepid response.


Fight over U.S. retirement investment advice rule moves to courts

Don't ever write this guy a check

Hackers selling stolen Twitter log-in data

Trump just said Hillary will allow abortion on demand up to....

Two more outside projects and the exterior of the home will be nice for a while.

U.S., Iraqi officials can't confirm report Islamic State leader wounded

MSNBC broke into Trump's speech: SHOOTING AT LOVE FIELD

USA Swimming bans Brock Turner for life. Good.

If you voted using a provisional ballot in California, you can check it's status. See Link.

Russia: We will respond to entry of U.S. naval vessel into Black Sea

CHRIS HEDGES New Weekly Show, "ON CONTACT", Sat. June 11, 5:30 EDT, RT News

John Fugelsang nails it.

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 10, 2016

No, Donald Trump Did Not Say ‘Bigly’ During His Victory Speech (maybe)

Toy exposition sets sights on unexpected clientele: adults

Toy exposition sets sights on unexpected clientele: adults

U.N. says Israeli move on Palestinian permits may be collective punishment

GOP Senator Draws Fire For Obama Prayer: 'May His Days Be Short'

Hindu monastery worker hacked to death in Bangladesh

BREAKING: Shots Fired at Dallas Love Field

Warren should refer to Trump as "Adolph"

'At the limit,' Mexico buckles under migrant surge to U.S.

'At the limit,' Mexico buckles under migrant surge to U.S.

Prayer is effective?

Why Bernie Sanders Didn’t Fold: A Poker Player’s Perspective

Islamic State stones woman to death

Canada goose and American bald eagle battle it out for the pride of their nations.

Protestors file petition with 11m signatures against Chinese dog-meat festival

Distilling the mysteries of ‘shōchū’

Euro 2016: England fans in fresh clashes with police

Bangladesh arrests 900 in crackdown on Islamist militants

24 hours in one image

AFL-CIO to endorse Hillary

Court recognizes ‘right to identity’ for first time in online impersonation ruling

Science imitates art imitates life imitates...

US Airlines to Start Scheduled Flights to Cuba

“Brock Turner for Olympics 2016" (a page that has since been disabled)

I am not responsible for how you vote, nor are you responsible for how I vote

Tony Benn - Some Wisdom for Socialists

Looks like it's time for a new sig line.

Gawker Media Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Thank You Bernie by Abby Zimet, CommonDreams staff writer

David Petraeus and other veterans launch group to reduce gun violence

I believe there were actual brain storming sessions by the GOP

Last line of Summary of FBI Report

Trump would rather we discuss his bigotry than whether he can be trusted with nukes (HRC GP)

Let's try this again. Re: "...the Democrats' Racial Rift"

Two Boys, Aged 12 and 15 Caught with 200,000 Meth Pills in Phan Chiang Rai

Syria: Food aid reaches besieged Darayya for first time since 2012

The 20 Drunkest Cities in the USA

Stanford Sex Assault Convict Brock Turner Banned from USA Swimming for Life

Chinese women snap selfies in support of survivor in Stanford sexual assault case

So, who wants to bet on when Hillary announces Warren as her VP?

Are there any shameless Repugs left that would actually be interested in Trumpolini's VP nod?

S Korea sends military to repel Chinese vessels

Redstate Kansas home of the Koch Bros is with Her: Poll shows Clinton leading in Kansas

Redstate Kansas home of the Koch Bros is with Her: Poll shows Clinton leading in Kansas

we dodged a bullet with California not being terribly relevant to who won the nomination

Need some suggestions on a kinda sweet, high alchol content red wine.

Singapore: Plucky salesgirl helps customer escape $4,000 parcel scam

Confederate flag underwear policeman says N Charleston fired him because he’s white (SC)

Caucus99percent: My open letter to the DSCC

Richard Dawkins 2016 Reason Rally Speech

Former CIA Director Says Trump Is A Huge Recruiter for ISIS

China again tightens supervision of baby formula after scandals

Democracy Now (June 10): Election News

The religious journey of Muhammad Ali

This Duo Wants to Turn the Most Reliable Voters—Black Women—Into Candidates

Even if you cannot vote for Hillary, can you at least acknowledge that she won

EURO 2016 .... game on! Heja Sverige!!!!!

It is nice to have a Popular Dem President

"Bye Felicia"

Memorial Service for Muhammad Ali starting on the hour folks

Just confirmed my hotel room for Philadelphia!

Is Elizabeth Warren a red herring? Is she being an obvious distraction ...

Elizabeth Warren meets with Hillary Clinton as vice-presidential rumors swirl

Tryouts for the Lounge wrestling team next Thursday.

Elizabeth Warren on Meeting w/Joe Biden

Do no harm , but take no shit.

Teenage Hero kicks butt

Former POTUS Clinton is about to offer a eulogy for the GOAT

Why it's most unlikely Sanders can catch up in California

12 billion in fees and interest for pay day loans-it's big business.

A Republican Senator just prayed that Obama's "days be few". This is how the GOP got Trump

China won't be building a high-speed railway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas after all

Moved from GD: "First Female Democratic Party Nominee" is the most accurate.

Poll shows Clinton leading in Kansas; broad dissatisfaction with Legislature ( HILLARY GROUP POST)

Backlash in Cuba

To those clueless keyboarders who think attacking

Doubts over Syria's commitment to aid after reports of bombing

Man flips out at woman asking "what do you do" on dating app, gets banned from app

So this happened.

Jurors Begin Deliberations in Alabama Speaker's Ethics Trial

David Koch Won't Fund Trump Coronation in Cleveland

US Safety Agency Studying Michigan Bike Crash That Killed 5

Telemundo Reporter Attacked on Live TV in Philadelphia

 Will the Democratic Platform Committee Go to War Over Israel?

The ugly "Yes, but..."

Nouman Raja, charged in Corey Jones death, pleads not guilty

When you get that one two punch from Sanders and Warren

Evangelicals have problems with Trump, but see nowhere else to turn

Just saw this comment about NYC Rep. Nydia Velasquez in TPV site!!??/ ~Thoughts?? (HRC GP)

Ruling on concealed weapons keeps applications on hold

New Document Revealed in California Jail Informants Probe

Two of my cousins in CA voted for Bernie; they will vote for Hillary in Nov. without hesitation

Philadelphia to Honor Black Activist With City Hall Statue

2 Incumbent SC Congressmen Face Primary Challenges

Man, I love John Cassidy. How to feel the GOP's pain over Donald Trump

I just heard a commercial for a Franklin Graham

Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie

'Noah's Ark' Survives Collision With Norwegian Coast Guard Vessel

Incredible shout out and encouragement to Hillary at Ali's memorial.

New Yorker Cover Features Hillary Clinton in a Fighting Mood

Keiko Fujimori Concedes Defeat in Peru Presidential Vote

Keiko Fujimori Concedes Defeat in Peru Presidential Vote

With Metrorail SafeTrack Under Way, Arlington County, Virginia, Sees Huge Increases In Cyclists

I'm an atheist but I have enormous respect for what Ali's family did at this memorial.

11 Family Members Shot to Death in Central Mexico

Bernie Sanders supporters decry Elizabeth Warren's endorsement of Hillary

11 Family Members Shot to Death in Central Mexico

US Fugitives Says Cuba Has Reassured Them They Are Safe

US Fugitives Says Cuba Has Reassured Them They Are Safe

Border Patrol Agent Fatally Shoots Suspect in Arizona

Frank and Ernest is my favorite comic strip.

Dual Supernovae Light Up June Nights (Sky&Telescope)

From 2011: How Dummies Bankrupt A Brand

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Suggests Referendum After Impeachment Trial

Trump makes an ass of himself, yet again. (updated)

LISA Pathfinder Surpasses Expectations (Sky & Telescope)

Justice Dept Opposes Release of Clinton Aide's Immunity Deal

Charles Koch Wants to Be the Next Bernie Sanders

House Backs Symbolic Measures to Oppose Oil Fee, Carbon Tax

House Backs Symbolic Measures to Oppose Oil Fee, Carbon Tax

Does it all seem hopeless to you?

Brexit Poll Sees 10-Point ‘Leave’ Lead Two Weeks Before Vote

Mitch McConnell Won’t Rule Out Rescinding His Support For Donald Trump

Hey, Bernie: Bring it to the *CONVENTION*. A petition:

David Letterman: Donald Trump Is "Despicable"

New Hillary Scandal Checks All the Boxes on the Clinton Controversy Bingo Card

It Was Too Late to Stop Trump Anyway

The blame for a President Trump lies with the person who encouraged him to run.

So where is Warren on the neoliberal scale?

Team Clinton Is Formidable

Obama Expands Military’s Role in Afghan War He Sought to End

From 1937 To Hillary Clinton, How Americans Have Felt About A Woman President


Perovskite Solar Cells Surpass 20% Efficiency

General Motors CEO pressed on fate of Colombia factory workers

How Far Can Oil Rally? Investors Wager on Surge Above $100

I wonder if the tribute for Muhammad Ali will change any minds about Islam? nt

Gawker files for bankruptcy and puts itself up for auction

Bogota dislikes capitalist mayor even more than it disliked socialist mayor

Go Inside an Industrial Plant That Sucks Carbon Dioxide Straight Out of the Air

for VEEP - Xavier Becerra? experienced, qualified, fills a lot of checkboxes..

God I'd love to be MIRT on June 17th

Elizabeth Warren 2016 American Constitution Society Speech (this is awesome!)

Police: Man assaults, bites woman in road rage incident

Obama slow Jam The News.........

Paratransit bus driver saves disabled passenger before blaze

ABC News: Newly Released Emails Show Clinton Foundation Donor Placed on Sensitive Gov't Intel Board

Newly Released Emails show Clinton Found Donor Given Sensitive Gov't Intel Board Position

As Establishment Lines Up Behind Clinton, Calls Resound to 'Let it Bern' CommonDreams Deidre Fulton

Going to Extremes:The Senate GOP’s Unprecedented Record of Obstruction of President Obama’s Nominees

In terms they should understand: Evangelicals supporting Trump are Whited Sepulchers

The indescribable beauty of monarch butterflies filling the sky (video)

The indescribable beauty of monarch butterflies filling the sky (video)

What a time to Be Alive!

Ex-U.S. defense brass form gun control group for veterans

Under President Obama, income inequality improved - and all it took was one thing

Holy S**T!

College dorms a new front in U.S. battle over transgender rights

WaPo:Elizabeth Warren still isn’t going to be Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick.

Chicago settles another lawsuit over fatal shooting by police

Highlighting one part of Taibbi's article.

Sanders' Campaign Personnel Joining Clinton Team

Chris Hedges: The announcement by AP of Clinton as the nominee is "part of a pattern..."

Obama on Trump: ‘Orange Is Not the New Black’

LOL!: Don King denies endorsing Trump

Chris Hedges: The announcement by AP of Clinton as the nominee is "part of a pattern..."

Bicyclists behavior -- a question

DEA Wants Inside Your Medical Records to Fight the War on Drugs

University of Chicago student who faced discipline for sit-in gets OK to graduate

Hillary in Pittsburgh on Tues. June 14 - Details:

Using Warren to attack Trump is perfect! She is beating him at his own game.

Can we all agree to keep Ed Rendell away from cameras and microphones until next January?

New guidelines going forward for the Bernie Sanders group Edited

UPDATED: Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Sanders on SOTU, FTN, This Week, MTP)

Maine News - 6/10/2016

New Hampshire News - 6/10/2016

She is Captain America, not Miss America. Adorable.

I just received this email from Martin O'Malley:

Beyond the Whack-a-Mole Left--Jacobin

Statutory Rape Victim Ordered to pay child support

If you could pick one song to describe a Trump presidency, what would it be?

"Ready for a Fight"

Roman Bonds Reveal: Oligarchs Have Been Gameing System

Bizarre Gotthard tunnel opening ceremony. What the hell was this about?

I saw a Trumper today

Rolling Stone: After Bernie, Does the Left Need a Rethink?

Vermont News - 6/10/2016

United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers

Call me Al ♫ ♫

Massachusetts News - 6/10/2016

I found this toon quite apropos.

That is grotesque and a slander on vultures, without whom we would be knee-deep in carrion

AFL-CIO to endorse Hillary Clinton; CWA, nurses union staying with Sanders

Connecticut News - 6/10/2016

What the Hell is Wrong With Kansas?! Hillary 43, Trump 36

OMG! Guess what my grand daughter just discovered

The Viral Video Claiming Google Has A Pro-Clinton Bias Is Bullshit

The Why--Hillary in 2016---a post from July of 2013---I think it holds the record for views

If A Woman Has Problem Pregnancy Catholic Hospitals Will Just Let Her Die.

This is what makes America great.

Trump: 'My voters don't care' about lack of policy specifics

Rhode Island News - 6/10/2016

Stanford Rapist’s Dad Begging People To Donate & Cover Legal Fees: Disgusting

Has anyone ever asked Trump if he plans to divest himself of his investments if he wins?

Of the names floating for VP, who do you prefer? (updated x 2 dbl ck on Castro)

The Democratic Party Nominee Should Be Decided By The Voters.

Thought provoking.

Turkey’s Erdogan wasn’t allowed to speak at Muhammad Ali’s funeral. Now he’s not going.

Watching a rerun

Political slogans from the past?

EU referendum: Second MP ready to quit Leave campaign amid racism concerns

Trump rally in VA: That place is not nearly full.

Just a little bit rapey?

Wanna see Hillary loosened up?

For Quayblue and her beautiful hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy Crystal's tribute to his late friend and brother.

AFL-CIO to endorse Hillary Clinton; CWA, nurses union staying with Sanders

AFL-CIO to endorse Hillary Clinton; CWA, nurses union staying with Sanders