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Guatemala ministers arrested over 'helicopter gift'

Looking forward to next Thursday here.......

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day (On Trump)

Greenland witnessed its highest June temperature ever recorded on Thursday

Trump Will Feature Sports Stars at Convention

Can we drop the "Bernie pushed Hillary to the left" meme?

Democrats worried about infighting should remember they've been through it before

When Trump loses,

Of the three who would you most want to drink with?

Rev. Jesse Jackson endorses Hillary Clinton for president (HRC GP)

Venezuela's Maduro says recall vote will be in 2017 at earliest

It's been a while... let's play the Galactic Pot Healer Babel Fish Game!

Comics Purr-fectly Capture What Animals Would Say If They Could Talk

Well played, well played indeed

Bubbles, beloved pilot whale, dies at SeaWorld San Diego

Who knows frogs?

All of those attendees at Sanders rallies probably

Labor vs Capitalism the fight continues from our great-grandparents….

Feds Consider Whether to Shut for-Profit College Watchdog

Feds Consider Whether to Shut for-Profit College Watchdog

Bad news for Trump: in informal poll at Romney's retreat, HALF of attendees said

Where is silvershadow?

Baltimore HonFest 2016

Why the World Hates SILICON VALLEY

A young man is skinned alive. A sign of new Taliban brutality?

Raped woman thrown in jail

At least people are trying to explain away the Bernie rallies. People sense something doesn't add up

Donald Trump Is Proving How Mortally Dangerous He Is To LGBT Equality

Refusal to accept Clinton as the Nominee is Rooted in Misogyny and Racism

Is there an LGBT pride parade near you this month?

Insect Bites and Stings: Tips and Remedies

Mission accomplished...sort of.

Look what Sen Sanders just posted...

I am still very worried about Trump!

How El Niño impacts global temperatures

Chief Inspector Murphy makes sure there are no suspects in the area

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 14: TCM Guest Programmer: Candice Bergen

Who really listens to all of this religious crap on shortwave radio. I can't imagine there's that

Novel Solar Absorber to Improve Efficiency of Concentrating Solar Power Technology

Environmental and health impacts of U.S. healthcare system

Alan Greenspan, 'GREATER WORKER INSECURITY'; Fed Chair, Reagan, Clinton, Bushes (1987-2006)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 15: Stage to Screen

Metal exposure – a factor in bat population decline

U.S. widens war in Afghanistan, authorizes new action against Taliban

Billy Paul. Me And Mrs Jones.

Trashing The Few Remaining Dead-Ender Threads That Pop Up

What is past; is Prologue


California 100% counted if anyone is interested.

Natalie Cole LIVE - Unforgettable

Oh, come on, man. At least try a little.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Releases Fake Infomercial for Trump University

Trump wants Tom Brady to speak at the Republican convention

WV Democrats: abolish Super Delegates

Bringing us together! Another neocon endorses Clinton, calling her “2016’s real conservative”

Trump wants Tom Brady to speak at the Republican convention

Having problems letting go ... and the double standard

Penny Dreadful fans?

Congratulations to Team USA...

Brock Turner might have sent pictures of victim's breasts to friends

Meg Whitman compares Donald Trump to Hitler, Mussolini

This was posted by Sanders on FB four hours ago...

Part loyalty, closing ranks, and all that.

Five More Days

Donald Trump Reaches Out to Evangelicals, Promising Antiabortion Judicial Nominees

One motion, one still

Playboy Mansion to sell for record $105 million, about half its asking price

Syria bombards starving Daraya hours after food aid delivery

Politifact weighs in on the claim from Bernie supporters that he actually won California....

Bernie supporters, a plea. "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes".

Eleven German MPs under police protection in 'genocide' row

Trump supporter Harrases Elderly Poll worker

Complete list of every one of Bernie Sanders' Mandels

Woman rips off Isis-imposed niqab after her village is freed

The cat guardians of Singapore

Flag Humper

Trump: Elizabeth Warren is 'very racist'

I wonder if there should be a joke about Hill bringing her b.c. to the 1st debate

Trump was in Pittsburgh today........

California Recap

"You know how proud we are of the Sanders campaign ...


The Democratic platform committee is only allowing 1 labor group-why isn't labor part of the base?

Kitteh has two doggie friends

LA Times: Even if you have health insurance, you may want to pay cash

Ohio News - 6/12/2016

Former aide to Jim Traficant becomes a financial predator

Senior Japanese Government Official Predicts Clinton Will Change Stance On TPP If Elected...

Tulsi Gabbard launches petition to end Democratic Party superdelegate process

This is every Ted Talk ever

There is no reason to still be in campaign attack mode towards Bernie and his supporters

Brawl erupts during England vs Russia soccer match (Video)

Kimi Sae Ireba

Kimi Sae Ireba

Michigan News - 6/12/2016

Eric Clapton Struggling to Play Guitar Because of Nerve System Damage

Kangaroo & pig ‘get it on’ Marvin Gaye-style in bizzare Outback romance (a tad NSFW-ish)

Trump Calls Romney a “poor, sad, Mitt Romney” and a “stone-cold loser.”

PSA: California Presidential Primary Election June 7, 2016, President Democratic - Statewide Results

Italy daily condemned for offering readers 'Mein Kampf'

Daily Holidays - June 12

Fun with California ballot numbers

Sky news and Russian TV mass shooting???

Brown Mackie College shutting down many campuses throughout the country

9/11 families plead with White House to release secret 28 pages

Orlando gay nightclub shooting: 50 killed, suspect is Omar Mateen

A return to house calls could be a money-saver for Medicare

Video: Palestinian carrying watermelon is stopped for four hours by Israeli soldiers

Indiana News - 6/12/2016

Road to 270: Donald Trump faces uphill climb to White House

At least 20 people shot dead in attack on gay club in Orlando

Kentucky News - 6/12/2016

Trump's Liar-for-Hire. . . . Please come CAPTION Harlan Hill, another Fox "Democratic Strategist"!

Sunday Talk Shows with Bernie

Gosh, I wonder what .@POTUS discussed with Bernie?

Tulsi Gabbard's petition to end Democratic Party superdelegate process (HRC GP)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Something Toothless Edition

Trump is a hot mess. He's never been anything but a hot mess.

Shadowproof’s Dan Wright and journalist David Dayen discuss his book, Chain Of Title

Women slam rape victim blaming with video about fake male murder victim... | James is Dead

The Mistrust of Science

They turned a deaf ear to the revolution.

Mass. Democrats confident Bernie Sanders' supporters will unify behind Hillary Clinton

Game of Thrones 6.8 "No One" (spoiler alert)

Sisters who also are mothers bring new perspectives to religious life

HRC GROUP: Discuss the life, career, and accomplishments of Senator HRC. Supporters only.

42 people shot and injured--20 dead in Orlando Mass shooting--FUCK!

Boots on the Road, a glimpse into the clarity of sleep deprivation

Rio-bound Malaysian athletes juggle religious, national obligations during Ramadan

Clinton Uses Trump's Words Against Him in First General-Election Ad

Missouri News - 6/12/2016

This new mass shooting---here come the trolls DU.

Obama's pivot east fuels an Asian Cold War

Who's up for a wingsuit flight over an active volcano?

Broadway Wants Longer Tax Break as ‘Hamilton’ Prints Money

Too funny! Attendance at Donald Trump rallies plummets as his message goes further off the rails

There is no jihadist on this planet

Important for any Breaking News Event.

(Edited) Peaceful silent demonstration at E.Warren event in Northampton MA

Sister of Stanford rape victim: Brock Turner tried to force himself on me too

What are you sick of

Wow - This shooting is blowing me away and is making me incredibly sad...

Our Federal DOI hard at work spending our taxpayer dollars for Bundy 'ranchers' & friends.

Iowa News - 6/12/2016

How Many?

I awoke this morning and realized this is the last Sunday before the end of the

What's Cooking For November?

Our Hillary's first general election ad

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 6-11-16

CHINA Tries to Redistribute Education to the Poor, Igniting Class Conflict

Singers vie to play Shkreli, America's 'most-hated man', in musical

Another mass shooting at a night club in Orlando, Fla. early this morning.

Democrats want 'major role' for Sanders: Reuters/Ipsos poll

I will not offer "thoughts and prayers" for the victims in Orlando

Donald Trump's wall

America has gone ZERO days without a mass shooting

Omar Mateen was the shooter's name. From Pt. St. Lucie, FL, and

The Script

Trump is an incipient fascist and callous sociopath. Is that redundant?

Pulse nightclub was co-founded by woman whose brother died from AIDS

“We must never forget that the scientific and technical accomplishments of today...

Scott Walker's administration drops plan to shift Family Care to for-profit insurers

A little-known Dutch

Illinois News - 6/12/2016

THE CHOICE Has a Presidential election ever suggested more vividly divergent candidates

Would it be helpful to call radical, violent anti-homosexuality what it is,

Their argument that the superdelegates is undemocratic.

Dutch woman jailed in Qatar after reporting rape may face charges

Susan Sarandon in two Tweets, on the same day

On Meet the Press Bernie says he believes he will meet with Clinton Tuesday evening.

"I'd like to believe genetically I'm predisposed to (be) better than average."

The Orlando shooter was of Afghani descent

Noam Chomsky: The Democratic Party is now in the hands of Moderate Republicans.

Intro to plaintiffs’ brief to Judge Curiel against dismissing Trump U case. Worth reading!

Sanders says he expects to be "meeting with Secretary Clinton on Tuesday evening"

Early tweet from Hillary about Orlando horror....

American Exceptionalism!

A side note on Powell’s use of personal email

Fox host blames Obama for Orlando nightclub shooting before bodies can be recovered

Sanders, Clinton to meet Tuesday

George Voinovich, former Cleveland mayor, Ohio governor and U.S. senator, dies

Bernie's Meeting With Hillary Tuesday

The question is...

A revolution in the sense Bernie refers to it, isn't instant oatmeal.

British bar fined $156K for liquid nitrogen cocktail that ‘exploded’ in teen’s stomach

Now, NBC Special Report on Orlando, FL Shooting. Rep. Alan Grayson Speaking

UPDATE: Coming Up, BERNIE SANDERS Speaks On 'Meet the Press' NBC, 10:30 EDT

Shameless political opportunist Alan Grayson puts himself in front of the cameras in Orlando

When Bernie Sanders Thought Castro and the Sandinistas Could Teach America a Lesson

How long before Trump talks about Internment Camps.


Press conference--did I hear that right????

We all know Trump is toast, but is he also the new Jesus?

I don't give a flying fuck if the murderer was an Islamist Jihadist or an xian nutcase

Shooter father says he was upset about 2 men kissing in public in Miami.

AA Group Host Appreciation Thread

Meet The Press FULL Interview 6/12/16

Orlando needs blood donors

Video: Constellation Brewery's 100% automated factory

No rumblings of a soul

How long before some GOP hack says "Now is not the time..."

CNN now calling this the worst mass shooting in US history.

Hillary Clinton is a very smart person. She saw the support

Fuck the NRA .... 50 dead.

Hate crime / Religious extremism / Gun Control / Political exploitation

[FULL INTERVIEW] Bernie Sanders Interviewed by George Stephanopoulos On "This Week" (6/12/2016)

Crime scene cleared of possibility of explosives. All gun deaths.

50 people

Just heard the shooter was licensed to carry as a security guard.

AP: Massacre At Orlando Nightclub That Claimed 50 Lives Is Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History

Hate Kills...

He hated gay people. His brand of religion said that was okay.

Right Wing Gloating As At Least 50 Die In Florida Mass Shooting At Gay Club

American streets flow with blood of horrific gun violence while Congress cashes NRA checks

May I suggest an exodus from GD:P today over to GD?

Went to a different dog park today. LOTS OF PICS

To all lurking Trumpie Trolls

Alison Krauss "I will." We need some healing

Silent thread for the victims of the Orlando massacre

Sen. Warren Exposing Liberal Sexism

MSNBC: Republican Rep. Devin Nunes on Orlando shooting "looks like radical Islam".

Reclassify semi-automatics with detachable magazines under the NFA

I've got a couple of white guys on the Disc. trying to tell me what it's like to be black in America

Tell them I'm in the bathroom. He's coming. I'm gonna die': Terrified last text son sent to his mom

Trump ain't the GOP nominee. Yet.

*Runs into Lounge and slams the door*

what the Lt Gov of TX tweeted as news of the shooting broke:

The Russian Threat: NATO Struggles to Recover after Years of Budget Cuts

For those who died, for those huddled in fear as bullets flew

Did anyone else see the distraught mom on ABC just now?

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick tweets "reap what you sow' verse after mass shooting at LGBT club

Mother Jones: What Should Bernie Sanders Do Next?

Love to members of DU's LGBTQ community and their supporters

This is what Trump brings us -- hate and bigotry and death

"No Way To Prevent This," Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

What role does anti-semitism play among those opposing Bernie Sanders?

Well, this will not be popular, but in this country you cannot stop a lone nut with a gun!

Omar Mateen Identified As Orlando Club Shooter Authorities say he is an American citizen in his 20s

Perhaps today We should all wear rainbow flags and rainbow sigs...

Silent thread for innocents lost to gun madness

Curious - how much on average do you spend a year on face creams/make up/ anti-aging stuff?

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick tweets "reap what you sow' verse after mass shooting at LGBT club

Life lessons from a couple whose Trump and Sanders signs divide their yard, but not their marriage

Name traditions or styles which have drastically changed over time.

With One Non-Answer Bernie Sanders Admits He Is No Longer An Active Candidate For President

How about the NRA's Wayne La Pierre for Trumps VP?

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) is Pointing the Finger at ISIS For the Pulse Shooting

Omar Mateen, Terrorist Who Attacked Orlando Gay Club, Had Been Investigated by FBI

Here is how the NRA will react..Nothing for a week...then.....

The Poor Man's Cold War?

ABC news: Orlando shooter was licensed for guns (contradicting the position

The real masters of the universe: The astounding influence lawyers have on U.S. government and polic

America the Ugly

Thank you all for your support towards us LGBT community but.....

Has there been any official word on the 2.5 million California votes?

Petition to impeach Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

CBS: Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS

Here is a link to a Guardian article with rolling updates. President Obama will address the nation

Uefa to open case against Russia alleging violence...racism

Does Donald Trump want to kill the Orlando shooters parents, wife, and 3 year old son?

The Media Has Their Tag Line! "The Worst Mass Shooting in US History"

Heart Broken--this is all I can offer

In the wake of the gay club massacre, how long until conservatives demand...

do words cause death?

My reaction and grief are overwhelming

Think about it .... Just one gunman results in the worst US mass murder.

Suspected islamist terrorists with unfettered access to killing machines... Thanks NRA!

In President Obama's own words on Gun policy

Son Plants A Hidden Camera At Mother’s Nursing Home

50 Dead, 53 Wounded, This is a piece history I wish I hadn't witnessed.

What a tragic confluence of hate and inaction

Congress Is ‘Complicit’ In Orlando Slaughter, Senator Says

How rational societies respond to mass shootings.

Democrats want 'major role' for Sanders: Reuters/Ipsos poll

The Wounded Knee Massacre

Can fundamentalist religion and liberal democracies co-exist?

You can own a 6 shot revolver, and a 2 shot, shot gun. Nothing else.

Dem rep told Orlando shooter 'made pledge of allegiance' to ISIS

So an unarmed good guy WITHOUT a gun saved lives.

We should break off diplomatic relations with any country that has the death penalty for gay people.

Jake Tapper is a Idiot, talked about the victims shot inside the club and "Two innocent Victims"

Mass shorting is a hate crime of the worst kind. RW wants to flame its as something international

Florida State Senator Geraldine Thompson (D) said it best at the press conference today.

Religion, arrogance, hate and guns.

Donald Trump should be very careful

Population control. Give everyone an assault rifle.

California's presidential party is over, and here are some lessons

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick deletes "reap what you sow" tweet after mass shooting at LGBT club

From Goldwater to Pete Wilson to Donald Trump: Is GOP on verge of losing Latinos for a generation?

Florida Gov. Scott responds to question "what can the rest of us do?" with "Pray."

Dear Senators Grassley and Ernst

Solidarity with the LGBT community today.

Ex-wife of suspected Orlando shooter: ‘He beat me’

This Is All About The Gun...

For once, let's all ignore the "gun apologist bingo" comments, and brainstorm

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick deletes "reap what you sow" tweet after mass shooting at LGBT club

Trump is running the same campaign that won him the GOP nomination. There’s a big problem with that.

In shock, grieving, waiting for the facts of who and why vs jumping on rumors

Donald Trump on Twitter: "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism"

Tweet of the day regarding LGBT and bathrooms

Nearly 30 years ago, a mass shooting resulted in 14 deaths.

Breaking: Omar Mateen called 911 just before shooting; Swore allegiance to ISIS

Omar Mateen got 'very angry' seeing two men kissing, father tells NBC

President Obama and Hillary Clinton should use the phrase "Islamic terrorism".

In the Wake of the Orlando Massacre, More Sure of Hillary Than Ever

Maybe the Florida shooting is the last straw....

Is the message is shifting from anti-gay murder to ISIS sponsored killing...minimizing the deaths of

CIA chief expects release of 9/11 documents to clear Saudi Arabia

Voter Fraud Probe In California Turns Into Voter Intimidation Boondoggle

The Pulse is a club where my daughter and her friends, both Gay and Straight party at.

Time once again for the ol' Tom Tomorrow cartoon:

50 people dead. Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump starts tweet with "appreciate the congrats"

Man with weapons and possible explosives arrested, was going to L.A. gay pride parade, sources say

Killer Was a Security Guard

Memory eternal

Man with weapons and possible explosives arrested, said he was going to L.A. gay pride parade

As a liberal, I stand with truly oppressed minorities

What are you reading this week of June 12, 2016?

So, you can be on the terror watch list, but still legally buy weapons!?!?!?!?

The despicable mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub

Gays Must Die Says Speaker At Orlando Mosque - WFTV 9 Orlando Report .

Forget about banning Muslims, Mexicans, etc.

Hillary Clinton Raised More From Women Than Any Recent Candidate. Donald Trump Raised Less.

The struggle escalates Friday....


Rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, oceans all have different names.....

Ex-wife of suspected Orlando shooter: ‘He beat me’

Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be!

President Obama about to speak

Orlando Shooting: Did a good guy with a gun make it worse?

This is the dumbest thing I've seen since Tuesday

AR 15 and it's devastating effects....

Man taken into custody in Santa Monica with arsenal in car.

"Easy Access To Fearsome Weaponry"

Makes You Forget All About Orlando's Friday Night Theater Shooting

Gun apologists are swarming DU today.

President Obama Delivers a Statement

Abbie said;"Don't let the rulers dictate the boundries of our discussions".

Hate speech. Gun access. Fundamentalism of all sorts.

Despite what you may hear - it was NOT an assault weapon

Try and find THIS on TV

Here's something I never thought I'd say.

I'm gay and from Orlando.

4 Pro-Gun Arguments We're Sick of Hearing


Orlando Massacre: Donald Trump Accepts ‘Congrats for Being Right on Radical Islamic Terrorism’

Hillary's Trump U. ad. A much needed laugh.

Trump says he told you so!

I will not vote for trump

If it's any consolation, Virginia Tech is no longer the site of the worst

9 Things We Know About the Terrorist Who Killed 50 in Orlando, FL

Will Congress act?

One possibly bad impact caused by this despicable event?

Photos: Meeting at Bernie's House

How long do you think it will take for the Bachmann-religious right to start blaming the victims in

Presidential Proclamation -- Honoring the Victims of the Attack in Orlando, Florida

Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Tweets About Orlando Shooting

Gunman 'pledged allegiance to ISIS' on 911 call- report

ISIS claims responsibility for Orlando Florida nightclub shooting: Amaq News Agency tied to group

Profiles in Courage: Bernie Sanders -- by Peter Buttigieg (D-IN)

Profiles in Courage: Bernie Sanders -- by Peter Buttigieg (D-IN)

Why did HRC use her unsecure Blackberry/ when she had a secure phone/fax?

George Takei: "50 people are dead, and you bask in congratulations."

The difference between cable coverage and local coverage

CBS Face the Nation with Sen. Sanders

The widespread phenomenon of modern Propaganda

Notice from Orlando government site

President Obama's remarks on mass shooting in Orlando Florida (VIDEO)

Marco Rubio is an idiot.

Orlando mass shooting news conference (2016 06 12)

Gays Must Die Says Speaker At Orlando Mosque - WFTV 9 Orlando Report

George Voinovich, former Republican senator and Ohio governor, dies at 79

Orlando shooting suspect’s father hosted a political TV show, voiced support for Taliban

UEFA threatens to BAR England from Euro 2016 if violence continues after two days of carnage

Advice to Hillary in advance of her meeting with Sanders on Tuesday

The indelible Stain of Donald Trump by Peter Wehner

Wow! I'm stunned!

Here is one of the worse parts of the recent massacre

Bernie to speak after confab

Was another mass shooting at a gay pride event planned for today?

The night before West Hollywood Pride.

Keep Nevada’s public lands in public hands

If you are on a watch list they don't tell you right?

Just watched the LBJ bio, All The Way, again. Everyone should


Obama calls Orlando shooting an 'act of terror,' other politicians react

Sounds like the FBI had him and let him go

The Olando shooter was investigated by the FBI and STILL got a concealed gun permit in FL

Mark Your Calendar

Will the media hold anti-gay politicians responsible?

Fidel Castro y Mohamed Alí

Are the rules going to be different / more relaxed after the election?

In the California Primary, More Ballots Remain Uncounted than the Total Number of votes for Hillary

Muslim farmers build church for Christian neighbours = VIDEO

Cell phones ringing...

One lone nutjob killed more people than the coordinated attackers in Brussels did.

To our LBGT Community

Obama On Orlando Shooting: 'To Do Nothing Is A Decision As Well'

ISIS Announced Florida Threat 3 Days Ago: "We Will Attack Florida"

Hillary Clinton: "This was an act of terror & This was also an act of hate."

CNN and Fox

Muslims: We've been fighting against bigotry with LGBT

Congrats to all those on the Internet using this tragedy to bash Sanders or Clinton.

Repost from GD: A nearly complete list of those responsible for the Orlando massacre

John Oliver - Trump University: Vol. 1

The Biggest Anti-LGBT Crime in American History

In the USA, it is easier to purchase an AR-15 than it is to vote.

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 12, 2016

Link:Bernie Sanders will make an appearance at 5 p.m. Sunday

I'm ready for very strict gun control

An old fave, one more time...

Out of all of tRump's hideous tweets, the one about the Pulse mass murder was the worst.

Orlando club was sister's tribute to gay brother who died of AIDS

Trump Busted For Plagiarizing His Orlando Mass Shooting Tweet

Thousands flee Falluja using first safe exit route secured by Iraqi army

Trump predicts radical islamic terror while the US is at war with violent extremists. He re-invents

One individual can shoot 150 people in just a few minutes

President Obama Statement On Orlando "This could have happened to any of our communities."

"There can never any justification for such cowardly and criminal acts, period.”

the King of Swaziland wants to legalize the RHINO HORN trade. Please ask him not to!

the King of Swaziland wants to legalize the RHINO HORN trade. Please ask him not to!

Clinton Releases First General Election Ad Against Trump

Igor Volsky is blasting Republican Politicians who support the NRA

In response to the massacre in Orlando, I'd like to ask everyone here to use a rainbow avatar

Will we ever get "like" buttons for individual posts on this site?

I can't believe people are still saying "guns do not kill, people do"

Orlando suspect’s father hosted a TV show and now pretends to be Afghanistan’s president

Fox News Commentator Blames Orlando Shooting on Obama

Man with weapons and explosives arrested, was going to L.A. gay pride parade, police say

Pulse Massacre...

Can I just say something about mental health?

This is freedom.

=*=Bernie Sanders LIVE from Burlington, VT - Press Conference @ 5PM=*=

=*=Bernie Sanders LIVE from Burlington, VT - Press Conference @ 5PM=*=

Worthless, Smug, Spineless Maggot Tucker Carlson: Obama to blame for Orlando nightclub shooting

Mateen's ex-wife describes him as mentally unstable; said he beat her repeatedly

Blood bank in Florida still turning away gay donors after terrorist attack

Despite Another Mass Shooting Republicans Voted For Terrorists Having Access To Guns

The inception of a lifelong blood feud.

With every mass shooting the NRA and the pro-gun group drowns out the tragedy with canned rhetoric

Dogs Reportedly Shot by Laughing Police Officers deserve Justice (PETITION)

The Cult. Can't stop listening to these guys today...

I just heard...

If 20 children in Sandy Hook weren't enough, do you think

Senior Pinochet aide to face civil suit over Chile Stadium killings in Florida court

The end of the political era.

It's really, really hard to talk about radical Islamic terrorism

PETITION: Impeach Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for his vile comment re: Orlando massacre

Here Are All The People Applauding The Orlando Gay Club Shooter

When we have an incidence, like the one that happened

Senior Pinochet aide to face civil suit over Chile Stadium killings in Florida court

What role should Bernie play in the Clinton administration?

LA Pride March Opens with Solidarity and Sorrow After Man Apprehended with Explosives

The Real News (June 8): Why Did Ryan Call Trump a Racist?

Call it what it is

"In it to the Convention": Bernie Sanders Interview on CBS "Face the Nation" 6/12

Three methods discussed in this video about what happened in California.

Let's say the process was rigged against Bernie

Rules aired as Massachusetts prepares for first experiment with early voting

Obama to gun owners — I’m not looking to disarm you

Any GOP leaders commenting on the Orlando shooting?

Thoughts with the victims and f families

There seems to be some mold? growing on the inside of my outdoor shed

Radical islam consists of

Obama: 'An act of terror and an act of hate'

"Mateen's father told NBC News that his son recently got angry when he saw two men kissing in Miami"

Photo: Bernie says again he is taking his campaign for transforming party to the convention

His 911 phone call to pledge allegiance to ISIS?

If you look for the helpers, you'll know that there's hope

I could never arrange it.. but

Wow, suddenly I can't VOTE in polls?

Including the Orlando massacre

Let's THUMP Trump!

U.S. officials: No evidence of direct Islamic State link to Orlando shooting

Bernie Sanders leads off press conference in Burlington with remarks on Orlando shooting.

Hillary has won, Bernie is done, and beating Trump's ass is gonna be fun.

The gunman had been in contact with a guy

Photos Of This Husky Raised As A Cat Are Exactly What You Need Right Now

the powerlessness of the single voice...

90,000 since Sandyhook??

The names, ages of the victims of the Pulse mass murder

ISIS Unveiled US "Kill List" Last Week, Including 600 Florida Residents

GoFundMe link for victims of the Orlando carnage ...

Burlington Free Press:Bernie's press conference

I don't call them "Second Amendment Defenders".

Obama Postpones Attending Clinton Rally After Shooting

The nexus of hate and guns will be discussed . . . . .

so sad to wake up and see death toll at 50

NRA twitter account WAS quiet for last 3 days! Going on the attack now about guns being ... (HRC GP)

Ill Let Joesph Welch Sum Up My Feelings About Trump After Today

There will be a rally tomorrow at 7PM in front of the Stonewall Inn to remember the victims.

I think this stuff about seeing 2 guys kiss as a motivation is ridiculous


some names are being released on bbc. nt

We don't have a problem, why do you ask?

Rubio is a cold blooded ****. Not a word of feeling or condolence.

Bernie Sanders Press Conference in Burlington, Vermont(video)

Calling it a terror attack as opposed to a hate crime.

Something else about Trump (as though things weren't bad enough):

I cannot bear to watch the mainstream news coverage on the Orlando tragedy

Bernie is a metaphor for the change this country needs to start rebuilding its middle class

Elizabeth Warren. Happy Boston Pride!

Enough is Enough: Congress Must Act to Make Our Communities Safer From Gun Violence

I'm an anti-war Democrat. Please help me accept Hillary!

How has this not had wider circulation?

Got my answer.

Islamic terrorism

Egg Farmers Say They’ll Stop Grinding Up Millions Of Chicks Alive

CNN? It’s time to put Wolf out to graze..

Let me try this again....for those watching the latest mass killing coverage,

This may be a dumb question

So Don the Con has cancelled his attack the Clintons to speak

CNN: Trump to speak Monday on keeping America safe

On this sad day, my new little shelter dog, who came with the name "Binny", has Free Hugs for all.

What are the admins going to do about quoting respected left sources?

The Texas Lt. Governor is not the same guy as the ESPN Sportscaster, Dan Patrick.

Trump: Orlando massacre proof of need for Muslim ban


10 of the Worst Terror Attacks by Extreme Christians and Far-Right White Men

Erin Burnett just used the words "religious pervert" to describe the shooter in Orlando. Great meme.

The 2nd Admendment is a (supposed) right that is not equal for everyone

Co-worker: Omar Mateen homophobic, 'unhinged'

Trump's Muslim ban.

Co-worker: Omar Mateen homophobic, 'unhinged'

Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s pipeline wars in Yemen and Syria

Local labor council opts closure over expansion

Mike Malloy - Trump Christian Policy Adviser Is A Prophet Who Stopped A Tsunami

FBI: Fail. Gun laws: Fail

Some lawmakers talk gun control after Florida shooting, scant hope for change

Mateen was born in 86 in the USA

I have never blocked anybody in all my time on DU but I am going to do it now (gun nut)

I will be ending my friendships with anti-gay people in the coming days

Mike Malloy - Shut Down The Democratic National Convention

HRC GROUP. Only one Candidate of the remaining 3 that the NRA has never endorsed

US coal production drops to lowest level since 1981

Man with weapons and potential explosives 'wanted to harm' L.A. gay pride parade, chief says

New tool in cat grooming.

11 days before the Orlando shooting, President Obama was asked about gun control.

Five People — Including Four Children — Killed In New Mexico Home As Police Search For Suspect