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Archives: June 13, 2016

Ken Burns goes after Trump In commencement address at Stanford today.

People in Line to give Blood

How the hell did one guy keep shooting continuously for 20 minutes?

Live Blogging the Tony Awards!!

Mike Malloy - Associated Press Early Nomination Call For Clinton Sent Media Scrambling

People always ask the question. "What will it take"

Santa Monica PD statement on guy who wanted to"harm" LA Pride Parade

How to buy an AR-15 type rifle in Minnesota.

went camping to clear my head

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida

Homophobic gunman became enraged over gay kiss

Photo: Press waits for Bernie after he huddles w/ supporters. So too do his steadfast VT supporters

Ukrainians March for LGBT Equality in Peace


Democrats Squabble Over Word ‘Occupation’ in Israel Platform Plank

<5% of mental illness linked to violence, freq of violence in news on MI is ~40%

"I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does."

A snail eating a strawberry.

Does Draymond Green have a groin fetish?

Donald Trump’s Exploitation of Orlando | The New Yorker - David Remnick

Jake Gyllenhaal just gave Hillary a shout out on the Tonys tonight

Watching MSNBC and it looks like they're starting to bring the bodies out.

Bernie is still running says we know who has most votes up to now

Omar Mateen used AR-15-type rifle in deadly Orlando mass shooting, same as Sandy Hook

Shot in the heart.....

One Nation, Under Guns...

Finally someone gets it (albeit too late)

A Terrorist Attack Changes the Presidential Race?

84 Yr old socialist who counts Bernie as a hero: Time for you to quit

Bill Olielly says tomorrow I put the left in their place

Bill Rejected By The GOP 6 Months Ago Would Have Stopped Florida Shooter From Gun Purchase

New Civilian Corridor Allows 4,000 to Flee Iraq's Fallujah

Islamic State claims bombings near Shi'ite shrine in Damascus

Pope Francis slams culture of ‘perfect’ people shunning the disabled

You have to be a certain age to get this

CrossTalk: Talk of limited Nuclear war? who is being agressive?

HRC doesn't need to be seen as saying "NO" to Bernie's agenda in order to win in the fall.

Don't play politics with an LGBT massacre

Blom Bank Was Target of Beirut Blast, Interior Minister Says

Can we JUST have a time out of the bashing, dears?

I-35W Bridge Lit With Rainbow Colors For Orlando Shooting Victims

AR-15s and other assault rifles should be illegal. Obviously.

Dear Trump: Fear-Mongering Will Not Save Us

people don't start out hating, one has to be carefully taught....(video)

Orlando Blood Bank

Hundreds flee besieged IS bastion in Syria

Ken Burns Offers Blistering Takedown Of Donald Trump In Stanford Commencement Speech

We shall live in peace

Today, we mourn together.

Cambodian Archaeological Lidar Initiative

Mass Shootings in the U.S. Vs in Australia

You are now Forever Young. Sleep Sweetly. You are Loved.

Wisconsin News - 6/12/2016

War Pigs

Trump had an easy time of destroying other Republicans because their policies are all fictions.

If the Left does not wake up about Islam, Trump will win

Obama Orders Flags Lowered to Half-Staff After Orlando Terror Attack

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 13 June 2016

Vigil outside Stonewall Inn, NYC

Has your U.S. Congress person received donations from the NRA?

Tribute To The Victims Of Orlando From Tel Aviv:

One World Trade Center..EDITED...addtional photos.

Lewandowski: Trump has "nothing to apologize for" on Mexican judge

Let Me Say One More Thing About Trump

Thank you, Frank Langella

Remember Cheney's "The danger is we'll get hit again" crap? So does the Donald.

Filmmaker Ken Burns blasts Donald Trump in Stanford speech

Breaking: Wednesday's campaign kickoff in Green Bay WI has been postponed

Radical American Homophobia, Racism, and Bigotry

Quelle horreur

It Could Have Been Me-Holly Near(posted in memory of the dead in Orlando)

Is it me or is there much less of a Facebook campaign with Rainbow flags than French/Belgian flags..

If your friend has just premired her first movie...

We Shall Be Free

Would it be possible to pin the upcoming GE rules to the top of GD-P?

Clinton is 956 delegates ahead - why won't Bernie concede?

Orlando terror attack live updates:Omar Mateen had been on terrorist watch list, bought guns recent


People on the terrorist watch list can legally purchase pistols and assault weapons.

According to Tucker Carlson by just saying the words "islamic extremism" Obama could have prevented

Trump Thinks Asbestos Fears Are a Mob Conspiracy (Asbestos just "got a bad rap," Trump insists)

Using a tragedy in order to promote a political line can be from genuine concern about...

Just when you think it's safe to take people off ignore

What makes America great is that every maladjusted loser can get guns!

Pittsburgh Penguins beat Sharks to win Stanley Cup

Mormons busted for luring Mexican kids with food to baptize them without parents’ permission

Colombia court revokes mining decree over areas the size of Minnesota

Ken Burns blasts Donald Trump at Stanford commencement

To Everyone Here

Mike Malloy - A Trump Presidency Would Be The Fucking End Of The United States

Mike Malloy - The Corporatist Vs. The Fascist

The bright side: shooting people good for the economy!

Cynical stock tip:

Gun control doesn't need to be 100% or even 50% effective to be a good thing

A stranger was bleeding in the parking lot. This man saved his life with a shirt and a bear hug

San Francisco Police Beef Up Security, Meet with SF Pride Organizers

Hate did this. Fundamentalism birthed it. Guns enabled it.

Walk-off grand slam pushes UCSB to first College World Series

Westbro Church to hold celebration party

A repost from October 2008

Anyone just hear Michael Weiss on CNN?

Mickey is sad.

The Tony Awards ...

Aid to dying: What Jainism -- one of India's oldest religions -- teaches us

An email from Blue Nation Review.

Neither the House or Senate have 5% of members who would vote to......

HRC can only GAIN by working with Bernie on platform and party reform issues.

Pulse Club managament post statement

Tel Aviv City Hall

Minnesota News - 6/12/2016

Official: Orlando Shooter Legally Purchased 2 Guns This Week


A massacre in the LGBT community wouldn't be complete without praise from hateful fundie pastors...

“I quit because everything he said was toxic, and the company wouldn’t do anything"

Esto es...

Globalization and the American Dream

In writing the platform, remember the words of Jim Hightower:

Father, Creator, Bleszed Mother Earth,

My Backyard Wildlife...

This could be the best tweet of the day.

One of my favorite techniques for cooking a chicken

The horrors in Orlando and Trump's ugly campaign were predicted by The Police.

Timeline of Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Facebook message from a Muslim American:

The Orlando massacre is a Latino tragedy, too:

Terrorists Are Turning To Guns More Often In U.S. Attacks

It's painful as hell

I am heartbroken and I am so fucking pissed!

One-third of the world cannot see the Milky Way -- why that matters

I'm horrifically sad

. . . and sometimes you get the bear! . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's favorite Pep Boy!!!

I have discovered the secret to permanent weight loss.

Marine reservists take over crisis response mission in Central America

Daily Holidays - June 13

Democrats are NOT for gun control.

I'm absolutely heartbroken over the Orlando shootings

Gay Americans are shaken, unbowed by nightclub attack

Indigenous People Create Community Police in Guerrero Mexico

Arkansas News - 6/13/2016

Worst Mass Shooting in US History Takes Place at Orlando Gay Club on Latino-Themed Night

Orlando played host to Muslim speaker’s call for death to gays, just weeks ago

Argentina's "Soybean King" wants to copy landless production model in China

Spotlight: Brazil's interim gov't concludes first month packed with scandals

Spotlight: Brazil's interim gov't concludes first month packed with scandals

Now that Bernie has lost, how many of his supporters plan to engage in a longterm movement?

Hillary Clinton Statement on Orlando Terrorist Attack

Does anyone have the clip of former CIA Director Woolsey on GEM$NBComcast?

Abu Sayyaf group beheads another Canadian hostage

Oh, no!

Jerome Boateng pulls off legendary save in GER-vs-UKR

Conservative Media Run With Faulty ABC Report To Allege Hillary Clinton “Sold A Seat” On An Intellig

Some Orlando victims shot by police?

Orlando Shooting Is Likely to Dominate Congressional Agenda

Turkish extremists put bounty on head of german parliamentarian

ALF is in a coma

NYT: Bernie Sanders Refuses to Concede Nomination to Hillary Clinton (HRC GP)

It took centuries, but we now know the size of the Universe

Omar Mateen: Angry, pious 'lost soul' driven to kill

Louisiana News - 6/13/2016

Local LGBTQ Leaders Warn Against Islamophobia

I want to forget Mateen. Forget he ever drew breath. And remember and honor

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lampooned on the Tony Awards last night

Worst superhero ever.

Does the US still need Saudi Arabia?

Morning Joe this morning. They are really letting Trump have it.

GD-P Going Out of Business Sale ! Great Bargains while they Last!

As the DU Doomsday Clock ticks down, I wish to send all my fellow Sanders supporters.....

POLL: Meme of the Week – June 13th

To my fellow liberals and progressives I send you a well deserved....

Orlando gunman's father posts new video message

Interview with Hillary Clinton coming up shortly on MORNING JOE...

WikiLeaks to publish more Hillary Clinton emails - Julian Assange

George Bush and Karl Rove created the "provisional ballot"

When we did nothing after Sandy Hook, we willingly walked through the Gates of Hell.


Salt Lake City Tribune Poll:Trump’s unpopularity could swing Utah to Hillary

Qatar convicts Dutch woman held 'after being raped'

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update FOR 6-12-16

Hatred is taught and learned.

Till Your Well Runs Dry

what if.....?

Since Bernie Sanders has decided not to end his campaign, here's his target for the DC Primary...

Nuland on U.S. - Russia Relations

Guns? Bombs?

Just a reminder about the 'needs psychology' of post mass-murder narratives

Donald Trump Literally Hugs American Flag During Mexico Wall Rant

Eagle has landed: China better hunker down for next decade

How about some brainstorming how to make better schools?

Advice to Sanders when meeting with the Dem Nominee on Tuesday

WATCH: BernieSanders calls Orlando mass shooting "unimaginable": "ISIS must be destroyed." (HRC GP)

In 22 hours, people have donated $1,384,715 to the Orlando shooting

Trump: I’m Getting So Much ‘Congrats for Being Right’ on Terrorism After Orlando

Cenk Uygur : Your Neighborhood Is Next

Our Syria policy is still a mess: These are the dots the media refuses to connect

Queer Muslims exist – and we are in mourning too

Of course the Orlando shooting will be politicized.

The Discredited Nonsense That Gave America The ‘More Guns, Less Crime’ Myth

Erdogan links Crusades with present-day terror

CSX: Freight train derails in Baltimore tunnel, no injuries

I Won't Back Down

Summer book club? (AA Group)

Adele calls music producer Tony Visconti a ‘d–khead’ in concert

Hillary Clinton calls for renewed assault weapons ban: they're a 'weapon of war'

Wrong focus, let's bankrupt some irresponsible gun shop

Has anybody who has FB noticed this?

Hillary Clinton: She's tough as nails, and fit for the job

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins!

I haven't been to a bar in a decade

I can't believe this post doesn't have hundreds of recommendations. Has DU gone full neo-con?

In a small way to bring Hillary and Bernie supporters together...PLEASE FLY THE RAINBOW FLAG

Savannah Guthrie burns Trump for self ‘congrats’: ‘Literally everybody predicts another attack’

OK ---tell me how to be concerned about Islam?

Clinton: I'll say the words 'radical Islamism'

Six things Americans should know about mass shootings

Someone said it.

Heart disease is not caused by high cholesterol so taking statins is 'waste of time', research finds

Posted "We Stand with Orlando" image on FB but not sure how to show it here

The man reportedly targeting the LA Pride festival had an NRA symbol on his car

The Path Forward ....

TOM TOMORROW: When We Were Great

Holy shit! Maybe Republicans are finally getting a clue!

Donald Trump Reportedly Has Chris Christie Picking Up His McDonald’s For Him

Wisconsin: Lynn Utesch, Clean Water Activist, to Launch Run for State Assembly

Trump asserts thousands of people in US 'sick with hate'

Oklahoma News - 6/13/2016

New York Daily News Tells NRA "Thanks" for Worst Mass Shooting in US History

Clinton: U.S. must protect national security, not demonize Muslims

Shoutout to the people at LBN working overtime to keep us up to speed on Orlando.

Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Man with weapons was headed to L.A. gay pride parade (was apparently bisexual?)

3 days before D.C. primary, Sanders calls for statehood

The Lie That "China Wins" If the TPP Kangaroo Tribunals Are Stopped

Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting

Wouldn't it be great to listen to the conversation

Donald Trump Is the Fearmonger Republicans Have Been Waiting For

"My loathing for others almost matches my loathing for myself." Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Supreme Court strikes down Puerto Rico debt restructuring law


Here's some squee I hope makes us feel better...found this little girl Friday

Could Donald Trump Crash the Economy AND Start Endless Wars? Probably

Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish leaders unite to condemn Orlando shootings

Rubio pressed to run for Senate again after Orlando attack

Orlando: Why This Tragedy Has Made Me Realise I Have To Be Unashamedly Myself

University of Toronto buildings shut down as police search for suspicious person (UPDATE)

btw, the false flag fundies are already out in force on this one. sigh... nt

Sanders 'revolution' faces first down-ballot test

Thank you, Police and other first responders (Orlando)

Catholic nations Poland, Croatia and Italy see gay pride marches

Shooter’s Father Says ‘God Himself Will Punish ... Homosexuality’

NRA: "Enforce the laws we have." Police: "We did."

Hillary Clinton calls for renewed assault weapons ban: they're a 'weapon of war'

John Oliver - Orlando Shooting

US gun maker shares soar after Pulse nightclub massacre

Ken Burns Slams Trump

Siemens is Building a Swarm of 3D Printing Spider Robots With a Hive Mind

Orlando shooter investigated for false claim of ties to Boston Marathon bombers

Slate: Trump’s Response to Orlando Is Exactly What ISIS Wants

Clinton: I'll say the words 'radical Islamism'

Islamic State: Orlando shooter soldier 'of the caliphate in America'

Orlando rampage reflects convergence of terrorism and mass shootings

Orlando rampage reflects convergence of terrorism and mass shootings

U.S. Senate Democrats discussing new gun control push

I Am Awake

Hillary Clinton to Campaign in Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio

Hillary Clinton Just Woman-Carded All Over Planned Parenthood, And It Was The Best

Does Clinton Stand As A Champion Of Public Education Or Private Schooling In Texas?

June 16, 1990: Trump throws huge birthday party for himself after defaulting on $43 million payment

Trump calls for increased military response after Orlando shooting

U.S. top court rejects American Samoan birthright citizenship bid

On 9/11, Omar Mateen’s classmates mourned. Some say he celebrated

Hillary Clinton calls for renewed assault weapons ban: they're a 'weapon of war'

Fifty years old today: "You have the right to remain silent."

U.S. court to weigh lawmakers' immunity in trading investigations

World/Country mourns

Mother Jones: "Here's What the NRA Has to Say About the Orlando Shooting"

The right-wing kooks are out in droves, already...

Trump did not predict what happened in Orlando, but someone did ...

U.S. appeals court voids Ventura award in 'Sniper' case

Living Wage Now! presented by Asia Floor Wage (full length)

"It's not about religion."

al Qaeda manual on terror: "Come To America & Buy Assault Weapons"

Van Gogh on Dark Water - you gotta see this!

Thank you, Aerows

Obama administration not pursuing executive order to shut Guantanamo - sources

Still waiting for a statement from Florida Repuke Gov. Scott

Iraq makes arrests over reports of Sunnis executed in Falluja

Carbon dioxide biggest player in thawing permafrost

Qatar convicts Dutch woman held 'after being raped'

One man, completely by himself shot over a 100 people and killed almost half of them

Here's why the government should give you $1,000 a month

Mateen scouted Disney World

"I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin...

Lin-Manuel Miranda on the orlando massacre

Could an executive order be issued in regard to what happened in Orlando?

This clip has some of the best of Trump's dodging, twiisting and mangling the truth!

Joe Scarborough "Flips" for Hillary!

Too much heat and noise to wade through every other thread - Questions

Barkley: Draymond Green had a 'moral obligation' to punch LeBron James' groin

Can Obama use his Executive power to immediately ban high-powered rifles and big magazines?

What kind of weak-ass, pathetic, wimpy, cowardly, quivering mass of worthlessness needs an AR-15

The operative term is "Global"

Mass shootings motivated by religious extremism. Mass shootings motivated by mental illness.


Now that an AR-15 has been used in a terra attack, can we ban them as part of the War On Terra?

my search engine has been hijacked.

The Young Virgins at Bulgaria’s Controversial Bride Market

el capitan bug

NATO Plans to Send 4 More Battalions to Baltic Region

Ah, so he ALSO praised a person who was FIGHTING ISIL too... ok...

Can we call this fucking terrorist what he is? A CROTCH SNIFFER

AR-15 ... The Killing Machine

How to convince a 4-year old you need to leave without her to go to work...

So according to FBI Dir. Comey the Orlando Killer didn't know much about

Janet Waldo, voice of Judy Jetson, dead at 96

"Obama knows the secret ISIS hanbdshake." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Proving Revolution Has Roots, Vast Majority of Dems Back Major Sanders Role

Joy of joys! Trump is determined to lose.

Live at Hillary Clinton Campaign Event in Cleveland, Ohio

It IS the guns, the religion(s), the movies, TV, music

How about a cat break?

Congressman vows to boycott "moment of silence" on House floor

'Brain Dead' "scripted political parody-thriller-drama series" about Washington DC

An American-bred and an American-influenced act of terror

We Must Understand Corporate Power to Fight It

Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity's statement

Fastest moving petition I've ever seen

If Congress wouldn't act after children were mass killed...

TOON: the economist & the goose that laid the golden egg

As its stock collapsed, Trump’s firm gave him huge bonuses and paid for his jet

Watch Zootopia!!

Hillary giving a fantastic speech about terrorism and reasonable gun control!

The GOP: A Party Agrift

Louis C.K. Explains Why Hillary Clinton Is The Most Qualified Candidate

Secretary Clinton is doing a good job

Donald Trump seems to connect President Obama to Orlando shooting

Re: Reuters/Ipsos poll regarding Bernie Sanders "role"

Cookie Monster's eyes are starting to open! pix

Interesting take from a blogger...

Orlando shooter traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2011, 2012: MSNBC

The Latest: Gunman Supported Conflicting Islamic Groups

The Latest: Gunman Supported Conflicting Islamic Groups

Challenge- Find a LGBT accepting mosque in the United States

Is The Iran Deal Obama's Greatest Accomplishment? If Not, What Is?

TYT (June 11): No Recovery For The Middle Class

Part of the problem is all the violence in "entertainment"

Hillary's "theft" of the California primary

Ethiopia and Eritrea blame each other for border clash

Police: Drunk, Naked Man Wields Hatchet After Being Mistaken for Uber Driver

Afghanistan and Pakistan Exchange Heavy Gunfire Along Border

Straight people are our allies

Trump calls for 'looking at the mosques'

Accept Guns As The Price Of Freedom & Living In America

Jayson Werth walks off Phillies then flees in terror from the DC Strangler

Highlights From Hillary Clinton’s Speech

Breitbart pundit: It's time for the gays to "come back home to the Republican Party".

Trump is on C-SPAN2 at 2:30 PM East Coast Time with his new terrorism pitch. FFS this


Trump Blames The Victims! Says They Could Have Saved Themselves If They Were Armed.

What role does gun control play in Bernie's supporters?

Fuck the NRA and

Baltimore cop says Freddie Gray asked for help during fatal ride

Official California Democratic Primary Results Update

The Big Picture: Wall St. is the Tsar of America

Dear America. Gun control works. Please do it. Love, Australia.

Drumpf is about to speak. MSNBC is covering it.

FAA proposes fining Amazon $350,000 for hazardous package

Never forget...GOP blocks bill to stop terrorists from buying guns

There's lots of interest in Bernie Sanders having input

Trump is using the royal We.

Trump has a chicken on his head.

Trump on TV reading from a teleprompter...and doing it really badly.

Hillary Clinton FULL Speech In Cleveland 6/13/16

Orlando shooter's current wife reportedly had knowledge of his intent...

U.S. says Apache helicopter carries out strike in Iraq

Everything You Need to Know About the AR-15 Used in Orlando

John Skipper Says He Fired Bill Simmons From ESPN For "Repeated Lack of Respect"

'Feed people, not wars,' pope says in address to U.N. food agency

'Feed people, not wars,' pope says in address to U.N. food agency

US Coast Guard to celebrate aviation centennial during local flyover

Why are Donald Trumps quotes being used on DU? Example: "They have a ban on guns in France and the

US Coast Guard to celebrate aviation centennial during local flyover

US Coast Guard to celebrate aviation centennial during local flyover

Donald Mussolini

Trump is reading someone else's speech off of teleprompters and has a flapper in his schnoz.

Trump Ally Responds to Domestic Terror Act W/Bigoted Attack on Clinton Aide

Why the fuck is this dumb fucking piece of shit talking about Syrian refugees right now?

Defiant ignorance.

Suspicious packages at Mercy Hospital shut down I-270 (St. Louis, MO.)

Prolonging FFR incentivizes people alert stalk posters

Guv Christie reduced to Drumpt's Manservant/Fetching his McDonald's Orders

the real "they're taking our jobs" story for this election year should be this

Louis CK just summed up the Primary and Presidential election...

New Mexico News - 6/13/2016

Donald Trump Wishes There Had Been More Armed Orlando Clubgoers Shooting Blindly In The Crowded Room

any polling data on the Illinois Senate race?

How Bike Lanes Get Installed in Toronto

Trump: Paris Hilton Was Hot At 12, I Watched Her Sex Tape With Melania

D'Souza's Orlando priorities: 1) sell his book 2) attack LGBT 3) attack Obama

Legal ivory sale drove dramatic increase in elephant poaching, study shows

I am convinced the GOP will deny Trump the Nomination

I am in solidarity with my fellow sane Americans

Court overturns verdict in Ventura defamation case

Biggest US coal company funded dozens of groups questioning climate change

Guns were once the one issue I was closer to Repubs on. Not anymore.

Prohibition works! How many drug users have you ever heard of?

Trial of former Chile military officer for murder of Víctor Jara opens in Florida

Let's not twist Donald Trump's words, people. He didn't say the shooter was born in Afghanistan.

Need help saving our house-things just got real :(

Institutionalized homophobia and guns. Under convenient cover of radical Islam. That's what this

Prompting gasps, judge spares NY hedge fund executive prison for fraud

In Flint, Michigan water crisis, city mayor did not violate ethics

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 13, 2016

You know, I've steered clear of all the Orlando threads this weekend...

Support Victims of Pulse Shooting

Second U.S. aircraft carrier enters Mediterranean: U.S. Navy

Donald Trump Calls for Suspension of Immigration From Areas With History of Terrorism

Trump goes full tin foil hat

Comey is now focusing on managing - and managing fallout from - the Pulse massacre.

World Heritage and Beauty You'll Never See Again (IMAGE HEAVY)

ALF actor Michu Meszaros dead at 76

Virginia: Lynchburg Amtrak passengers to get more rail service next year

Krugman: Trump is making Bush ... look like a humane statesman.

Why are people so averse to acknowledging that organized religion, almost ALL organized religion

[Clickhole]6 Convoluted Ways Of Thinking About The Orlando Shooting...

Dutch woman jailed in Qatar after reporting rape convicted of 'illicit sex'

US gunmaker shares soar after Pulse nightclub massacre

The Orlando gunman was born in Queens, not far from Trump

Scientists discover a giant planet that orbits two suns – and could have habitab

Transcript: NPR's Interview With Hillary Clinton

Trump Uses Chris Christie As ‘Manservant’ To Fetch His McDonald’s

The NRA is clearly responding via the gun shop owner in Florida

Donald Trump’s Mormon Problem

This shooting is more about homophobia than ISIS.

'Media Is Corrupt' Chanted At Media During Bernie Rally

HAMILTON's new $849 top ticket price spurs worries over theater elitism

Oscar Pistorius Is A ‘Broken Man,’ Psychologist Says At Sentencing

‘Endemic US mass shootings driven by gun culture & nihilistic rage’

Republicans to blame for a suspected terrorist being able to buy an assault weapon

Trump Takes "Victory Lap On 50 Bodies"

State of the Polls Right Now: Trump Vs. Clinton

Trump fundraiser to GOP donors: Influence Trump with your cash or he’ll appoint Gary Busey to SCOTUS

Dear Donald Trump: Message Check, Dude

John Fugelsang just straight cussed out a gun apologist on his radio show.

Police Are Telling Gay People Not To Congregate In Orlando.

This Is Our Moment To Reject The Hatred!

Brexit Polls by ICM Show ‘Leave’ Widening Lead Over ‘Remain’

The 2 presumptive nominees spoke about the Orlando tragedy today

Trump to America: Be afraid

BREAKING: Trump campaign revokes press credentials of the WASHINGTON POST...

I was recently reminded of something from The West Wing:

Claim: Saudi Arabia funded 20% of Clinton's campaign

Sanders offers alternative Puerto Rico bill (The Hill)

Primaries over!!~ D.C. Polls close NOW at 8pm ET--! Yay!!! ~~ (HRC GP)

Sanders offers alternative Puerto Rico bill (The Hill)

Former Rep. Barney Frank Says Orlando Shooting Reinforces Case For Surveillance Of 'Islamic Element'

Donald Trump Will Soon Get Classified Briefings

It's being reported that the RNC told Trump to offer condelences and stay silent yesterday

Concerned NRA Official Rushes Out To Purchase Congressman Following Mass Shooting

Nervous Baltics On War Footing As NATO Tries To Deter Russia


Harper is all right with me.

My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the massacre in my hometown, Orlando

I will do everything in my power to defeat that fascist Trump...

Light-matter interplay probed: Physicists achieve quantum Hall state with light: mindblowing article

Should US Muslims have to wear a crescent moon badge as to easily identify them?

Orlando Killer visited Pulse club a dozen times before shooting, witnesses say

Chris Christie is a wimp! Just a gofer for Donald Trump.

Brian Williams says the Clinton speech was patriotism over

David Letterman calls drumpf "despicable"

I think I found the article that sent Trump off at the WaPo

Democracy Now! (June 13): Openly Gay Muslim Imam Reacts to Orlando

This Couple Killed in the Orlando Shooting Hoped to Get Married. Now They Will Have a Joint Funeral

Bethesda confirms Skyrim Special Edition and PC gamers may get it for free

I must rant!

Colombia’s Urabeńos: If you can’t beat them, rename them

From Bill Maher:

Gunman Omar Mateen visited gay nightclub a dozen times before shooting, witness says

they heard the cell phones ringing

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 14 June 2016

It ain't new ...blaming the immigrants...It happened after WWI

Crowdfunding campaign for Orlando shooting victims has raised $2 million in a single day

Chad Griffin on Trump

Apache Gunships Enter Combat As Iraqi Forces Encircle Mosul, Pentagon Says

Trump quote: "Some day, I believe that will be proven out bigly" (Sarah is that you?)

Concerned NRA Official Rushes Out To Purchase Congressman Following Mass Shooting

GOP Sen. Says He Opposes Trump's Call For Muslim Ban After Orlando Shooting

Three women arrested for assaulting "slow-working" McDonald's employee. Clearly DGAF.

Ok. Its mental health

I'll Take My Chances Against A Terrorist Armed With A Pickup Truck Anyday, Asshole...

Conservative Media Run wth Faulty ABC Report Alleging HRC “Sold A Seat” On Intelligence Advisory Brd

What do you say to a child about the Florida mass-shootings??

Confessions of a former covert CIA agent - Amaryllis Fox

Question about donating blood

Pete Williams just reported

(asshole) Judge Who Coddled Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Once Ran as Tough on Rape

Trump Proposes Stalinist Like Police State to Fight Terrorism

(asshole) Judge Who Coddled Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Once Ran as Tough on Rape

(asshole) Judge Who Coddled Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Once Ran as Tough on Rape

Donald Trump Claims He’s Better For LGBT Americans Than Hillary Clinton

The latest issue of Solidarity Magazine is now online! (UAW WOMEN GET IT DONE & more)

We Are All....

Breaking from USA Today re Donald Trump:

The latest issue of Solidarity Magazine is now online! (UAW WOMEN GET IT DONE & more)

The latest issue of Solidarity Magazine is now online! (UAW WOMEN GET IT DONE & more)

Alex Jones: Massacre In Orlando Was 'A False Flag Terror Attack'

Is it 2 more days or 3 more days?

OOOOPS! "RNC told Trump to offer condolences to Orlando victims — then shut the hell up"

Hugh Hewitt: "Trump's Speech Will Resonate With The American People"

We Finally Know Why Birds Are So Freakishly Smart

PHOTOS: Many gather for a vigil in Burlington, Vermont for the victims of the Orlando attack.

What It Means to Reclaim Indigenous Knowledge in a University Setting in Bolivia

5 New PPP Senate Polls: 3 Democratic Pickups-2 Republican Holds

How Trump’s Former Rivals Capitulated

Orlando, I Am Sorry Our Tragedy Wasn’t Enough to Save Your Loved Ones

Hillary calls out the Saudis, Qataris and the Kuwaitis and their citizens funding of terror. Go

The potential of this group is very large

GOP: Keep Selling Guns to People on Terrorist Watch List!

It's the Lute Olson NBA Championship!

6-12-16 Hog Butcher for the World in 2:00

Does anyone know what the latest California vote count is and where it can be found?

Moyers: DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz’s Change Of Heart On Payday Lenders Is Too Little, Too Late

Sorry to say, but Trump is winning

Las Vegas Police arrest suspect who was "shooting out windows" at Siegel Suites Hotel

Orlando Shooter Was Reportedly a Regular at Pulse and Had a Profile on Gay Dating App

6-13-16 Trouble in the Ranks in 2:00

6-13-16 Trouble in the Ranks in 2:00

Should people of Islamic faith be treated any different from anyone else ...?

6-13-16 Trouble in the Ranks in 2:00

It’s Past Time for Atheism to Grow Up

*UPDATED*LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Attends Vigil for Orlando Victims in Burlington, VT (6-13-16)

Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech revealed a dangerous mix of ignorance and arrogance

6-12-16 Hog Butcher for the World in 2:00

*UPDATED*LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Attends Vigil for Orlando Victims in Burlington, VT (6-13-16)

6-12-16 Hog Butcher for the World in 2:00

Displeased with Rev. Franklin Graham, local religious leaders plan alternative to prayer rally

Donald Trump: Americans Who Don’t Report Their Suspicious Neighbors Should Be ‘Brought To Justice’

Report: Trump Uses Chris Christie As ‘Manservant’ To Fetch His McDonald’s

Bernie shouldn't concede because Clinton has not won enough pledged delegates to clinch nomination

EXCLUSIVE offer just for DUers!!!

Florida Catholic bishop: ‘It is religion, including our own,’ that targets LGBT people

meanwhile in other news: Supreme Court won’t hear EPA air pollution case

Everybody gonna get amnesty after primary season?

From The Onion. Also completely accurate

Gunman Omar Mateen visited gay nightclub a dozen times

Republicans Are Erasing LGBTQ People From Their Own Tragedy

Look At These Amazing People Standing Up For Orlando. Look At Them.

Religious roots of hatred resurface in Orlando

Mateen may not have understood the difference between ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah

For fuck's sake --- why was this locked?


"The largest mass shooting in U.S. history" Really?

Terror in Orlando: The victims

Somewhere the next maniac is going to buy or already bought

538: Be Wary Of Claims About How The Orlando Attack Will Affect The Election

Tell Republicans in Congress: “Thoughts and prayers” are not enough. We need real gun control.

Trump Threatens To Put Gary Busey On The Supreme Court Unless Republicans Give Him Money

Orlando Is an Extension of the Marriage Battle, Bathroom Wars

Orlando ER docs just interviewed on CBS Evening News

Betting Markets React Negatively to Trump's Orlando Response

The Orlando massacre was one of 43 shootings yesterday

Government of India lays out road map for adoption of fuel cell technology

At the rally at Stonewall Inn!

What will it take?

eye on austin

Sanders Campaign Prepares For Run As An Independent

WA Post reacts to Trump revoking their creds. "HEY TINY HANDS!"

Our Christmas Miracle kitty rescue by Rebecca Ellis Sackville, NB, Canada

I wish I had dreams like this.

Trump and Mateen, separated at birth—but not by much


Obvious reasons that Bernie should stay in until the convention.

Australian Christian Lobby: the rise and fall of the religious right

Donald Trump Implicates Ronald Reagan in Orlando Massacre

Philippines: President-elect Duterte begins war of words on two fronts

Peru's controversial goal knocks Brazil out of Copa America Centenario

Utah poll amazingly bad for Donald Trump

Family of policeman taken hostage near Paris

Donald Trump is Sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2017

I haven't posted much lately. But I do want to say this about the past couple of days