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Backers Of Israel Boycotts Protest New York Governor's Order

I can't believe it. I turned to MSNBC for the hell of it, and Hayes actually started his show

State expert: Unclear whether Freddie Gray had ‘rough ride’ in police van

TRUMPSTER FIRE : Thats the MSNBC graphic Chris Hayes is using.

EMILY’s List introduces “Madam President”

The smartly choreographed unification between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (HRC GP)

I'm wondering what the Log Cabin R's are doing/thinking? I know one and he is still a big supporter

Craigslist ad threatens Orlando-style massacre in San Diego

Hey DNC! Please, PLEASE do a remake of LBJ's 1964 "Daisy" political ad.

Why Is The Western Media Ignoring The New Cold War?

*** Guccifer 2.0 *** Leaked DNC Documents

Who will win the CWS?

The heat index is 104, how the birds are cooling off pix

Euro 2016: police quell violence as England and Russia fans clash in Lille

Euro 2016: police quell violence as England and Russia fans clash in Lille

Huff Po: Top UN Advisor: Only Bernie Is Fit for the Presidency

OMFG Anderson Cooper destroyed Pam Bondi in that interview

The documents for the DNC hack have been leaked

Islamic Terrorism Is Right-Wing Terrorism

Think the Media was biased against Bernie Sanders? You were right according to a study by Harvard

Learn about Mayan culture in Guatemala's Lake Atitlan region

Trump signals openness to changing gun laws

Take the quiz - How well do you know Pink Floyd Lyrics?

The heat index is 104, how the birds are cooling off pix

NYT Opinion: Sanders, the Windows 95 of Progressive Politics?

Venezuelan city under effective curfew after mass looting

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Church night & To Washington! & Uncensored & Live & a

Orlando gunman appeared in film about the BP oil spill

Former Brazil president Lula poised for corruption trial, associates fear

BTW Happy National Potatoe Day

China's 'naked loans' force female students to bare all in return for more cash

L.A. Pride Weapons Suspect Charged With Molesting 12-Year-Old Girl

The Most Powerful Medical Association In The U.S. Gears Up To Fight Congress Over Guns

Filibuster needs Help. Tweet GOP Senators and ask that they go down and ask a question

Utah News - 6/15/2016

Devastating Alberta wildfire 'probably started by human activity', police say

Wayne LaPierre (NRA) adds his thoughts and prayers

more of the milky way from big bend

Has Bernie joined the filibuster yet?

One R showed up at the filibuster this afternoon


Pointless to keep citing good Bernie poll #'s against Trump because...

Country Singer David Allan Coe Convicted of Tax Evasion (must now pay $980+K)

Macri opens Argentine air routes to Colombia's Avianca after it buys his insolvent family airline.

As interim president’s term ends, Haitians ask, ‘Who’s in charge?

As interim president’s term ends, Haitians ask, ‘Who’s in charge?

And, once again, the party charges up the hill of the useless Assault Weapons Ban

Will Sen. Sanders stand with his fellow Democrats filibustering in the Senate?

The Scream

Broward sheriff's sergeant shoots self after release from jail

Hooray Postponement! AsteroidBro can get a last post in.

Trump tweets story claiming 'secret memo' shows Obama supports ISIS

Death row inmate convicted of Conn. slayings resentenced to life

Why is there still vitriol here?

Brand Spanking New Reuters Poll- Clinton 45% Trump 33%

Margaret Atwood wins 2016 PEN Pinter prize

Cold War, Cold Beers: How an Abandoned Iran-Contra Plane Ended up a Bar in Costa Rica

Cold War, Cold Beers: How an Abandoned Iran-Contra Plane Ended up a Bar in Costa Rica

Nevada News - 6/15/2016

Chairman of Washington State’s Anti-Trans Bathroom Initiative Tell Men to Follow Women into Bathroom

C-SPAN: 37 Senators have joined in Senator Murphy's Filibuster

Poll: 7 in 10 Americans see Trump unfavorably

Where is Bernie Sanders? Is he going to help with the filibuster?

Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 16, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight: Stage to Screen

Pat Toomey (R-PA) has joined the Senate filibuster...

A filibustering senator cannot sit down

Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA -- a Frontline documentary -- is re-airing on World Channel

George Takei is coming up on MSNBC Last Word

Mattel releases Game Developer Barbie

Well, this is an eye-opener. Local newspaper's articles are beginning to

13-yr-old can't buy beer, smokes, lottery tickets but CAN buy a gun

George Takei: How the LGBT Community Can Lead America to a Sane Gun Policy

I saw Chris Murphy, Amy Kloubacher, Mark Warner, even a Republican. Where is Bernie?

Hillary facebook post:

Was "Stairway to Heaven" a ripoff of the song " Taurus" by Spirit

Not with a bang, but a whimper.....

"Pulse." Song for Orlando.

Bernie Sanders Sends Strong Message To Establishment

Clinton would use executive action to end tax loophole: USA Today

Trump’s relationship with RNC sours

Trump unfavorables with Blacks: 94%. Hispanics: 89%

Anyone that watches this filibuster and then claims there is no difference between the parties

The Democratic party not experiencing a rift but a shift.

Trump on Hamburgers, North Korea, and State Dinners

Bernie is missing from the filibuster, but he has had time to tweet

Bernie continues to trash the Dems, who right now are doing the heavy lifting on guns without him.

A Message From Your Possible Next President On Geography

Diane Feinstein's "Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015"

Bernie might not be helping with the Filibuster but you can! Do your part!

Who is going to the Texas Democratic Party Convention?

Indiana man planning attack on LGBT festival was fleeing arrest for child molestation

David Chandler - How did they deploy 100s of tons of Nanothermite?

Brazil’s Temer involved in Petrobras graft – witness

Brazil’s Temer involved in Petrobras graft – witness

New CIA Documents Reveal More Horrors of President Bush's Torture Program

Look at all those 'establishment' Democrats doing their jobs.

Hillary Clinton set to make major advertising push in swing states

Has anyone heard from Rhiannon12866 recently? (got an answer, yes)

Arizona News - 6/15/2016

Lane Graves is 2 Year old Boy that lost his life in Alligator Attack

LGBT Americans have always lived under the threat of violence. Will Orlando force straight people...

Anyone drowning in a red state.

OK, here's an idea ....

6 Corporations That Control Your Perception | Think Tank

No way at this point it will be Trump, which is bad for us!

I just want to say to the Person of Interest people

How Much Everyone Working On a $200 Million Movie Earns

Rendell on hardball

Feliz Día de la Canción Andina!

Hawaii News - 6/15/2016

Mondoweiss: Are comparisons of South African apartheid and Israel useful?

Some added creativity

Seems like even the HRC campaign admits HRC has issues.

Demonstrators Join Democrats in Firearms Filibuster Effort

He We Go Again: Trump Says to "Ask the Gays" Who Is Better, Him or Clinton

If you supported Hillary in the primaries, please check in here...

My advice about guns

Air, land, sea, cyber: NATO adds cyber to operation areas

Senior Hamas Member Reportedly Defects to Israel

Gaza security forces ban rally against Hamas-Fatah disagreement

So far Booker has landed the hardest hits I think

Forty Senators Have Thus Far Joined Senator Murphey's Filibuster.

Can someone tell me what Channel the filibuster is being covered on?

Repug (presumptive) nominee in new pissing contest with TV comedian

Accuser testimony continues in senator sex assault case

You weren't the gunman....

Trump fooled be Gorbachev imposter

Remington does in fact sell, quite literally "military-issue weapons of war" to civilians. (GUN PIC)

40 years after students sparked apartheid's end, a new anger

So many gun humpers here

Vermont Senator Joins Filibuster

Lessons learned from Westgate Mall.

Well, I made sous. In the big league.

Why I probably won't vote third party

Root vs. Queen Regina (POI vs. OUAT)

Alaska News - 6/16/2016

Fillibuster ends. Thank you to Sens. Murphy, Booker, Blumenthal, and all others...

Senate Democrats' Filibuster Seeking Tougher Gun Laws Ends after Almost 14 Hours

Jimmy Page Testifies as Led Zeppelin 'Stairway to Heaven' Trial Heats Up

AZ Historical Society Museum burning

Perceived victory at Bundy ranch emboldened extremists before standoff at refuge

Her Grandson Was Killed in Orlando. What These Passengers Did On Her Flight to His Funeral? TEARS!

This Mom of 11 Died in Orlando After Jumping in Front of a Bullet to Protect Her Son


Judge denies Ryan Bundy's request to go to San Francisco

Bundy, Other Refuge Occupiers Back In Court

Oregon standoff defendant Darryl Thorn backs away from plea deal

Judge Says Public Can Attend Oregon Occupiers' Trial

Before Orlando, Omar Mateen Worked for Human Rights Abusers

Confederate flag removal a substitute for gun law reform (SC)

What we know about ex-N.J. man who killed neighbors

The End of the Old Israel

Elizabeth Warren Tweet: This is the cover of the @BostonGlobe tomorrow - & they are 100% correct.

Daily Holidays - June 16

Trump World President - BANZAI.!!

Freezer wars: Summer sales will test strength of Blue Bell's comeback

Israel Asks Culture Institutions to Declare if They Hold Performances in Settlements

Documents: Image of chained, diapered detainees worried Bush

Well PETA chimed in about discrimination on Twitter

Gun sales surge among gays, lesbians after Orlando shooting

Here, kitteh kitteh... Maybe not!

Kentucky court grants injunction against abortion clinic

Senate Democrats end marathon filibuster, announce Republicans agree to gun control vote

It work in the 40's and 50's - Newt wants HUAC back

Question about Spousal Privilege Re: Mateen's wife

Chinese lesbian sues ministry over gay 'disorder' textbook

Today's Non Sequitur: Congress-Man.

Islamic State committing genocide against Yazidis: U.N.

Post-Islamic State Iraq should be split in three: top Kurdish official

Clinton would use executive action to end tax loophole: USA Today

USA TODAY interview: Clinton says she'll call Trump unfit to handle economy

'Lone hacker' claims responsibility for cyber attack on Democrats


Russia 'Mobilizing for War' Warns Canadian Intelligence Report

America's Shadow: The Real Secret of Donald J. Trump

CBS poll: Clinton 39%, Trump 32%, Johnson 11%

Here's a simple solution to the Gun Problem

Texas News - 6/16/2016 - Legal affairs

Texas News - 6/16/2016 - LGBTQIA Articles

Well, I pretty much 100% want Booker for VP now.

Texas News - 6/16/2016 - State Convention Articles

Texas News - 6/16/2016 - Other tidbits

"Do you like cars? Check your kitchen." Or "Uber's here!"

After Orlando Pulse Massacre, Pope Francis Prays Away the Gay

Record Number of US Boats at Hemingway Fishing Contest in Cuba

Obama to meet Dalai Lama at White House, defying Beijing

OAS Backs Venezuela, Approves Review of Almagro

Facing Expulsion, Brazil Coup Leader Cunha Ready to Rat on 150 Lawmakers

Euro 2016: France expels Russia far-right fan chief Shprygin

The Political Future of Brazil’s ‘Frank Underwood’

The Political Future of Brazil’s ‘Frank Underwood’

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Gun Worship

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Trump and the Boyz

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Did Richard Dawkins Hand Creationists Their Next School Strategy?


UPDATED LIVE Stream: The People's Summit - Day 1 - Friday - 6.17.2016

Bernie Sanders Not Being Vetted as Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate

‏@HillaryClinton-To--> Thank you, @SenWarren. Proud to be in this fight with you.

Youngest Orlando shooting victim just graduated from Catholic high school

UPDATED LIVE Stream: The People's Summit - Day 1 - Friday - 6.17.2016

Oprah endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton savages Donald Trump's 'reckless' response to Orlando shooting

Anybody have a credit union you are happy with?

Vile pastor praises shooting

Did the Trump campaign silence this woman?

The Donald Trump appreciation thread!

House Dems examine right-wing domestic terrorism

We're Wired With An Ancient Human Desire For Community!

Being LGBTQ is Dangerous in America... And it's Time To Change That!

NM novelist Lois Duncan dies at 82

It's Time To End The Discriminatory Ban On Blood Donations!

How Clinton sealed the deal

"They found Obama's fingerprints on the gun and covered it up!" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Brazil: the revolution is proportional to the size of the crisis

Union voting on Atlantic City casino strike authorization

Union voting on Atlantic City casino strike authorization

Union voting on Atlantic City casino strike authorization

Bloomberg has Republican approval at 32%, lowest ever

Top conservatives meet at secret dinner to discuss Cruz's future

Clinton Is Actively Vetting Elizabeth Warren As Potential Running Mate

Your Thursday Molly Ivins Moment

Some of my heroes are dead white men

The Boston Globe’s Powerful Message On Gun Violence: ‘Make It Stop’

Donald Trump Pushes Conspiracy Theory That Obama Supports ISIS

Maine restaurant owner tells assault rifle supporters: Take your business elsewhere

Donald Trump calls her ‘Crooked Hillary,’ but his fans just say ‘b----’

Trump's Weekly Presidential Address to feature showgirls, Press Secretary Phil Robertson, & Chachi.

Put Medicare for all in the DNC platform

Trump’s campaign hits a wall

Report: Trump taps top ethanol lobbyist to run his Iowa campaign

George Will Says Mitch Daniels is the President America Needs

Her Grandson Was Killed in Orlando. What These Passengers Did On Her Flight to His Funeral? TEARS!

RCP general election: Trump polling at his lowest level since Aug 2015.

I want to specifically call out Toomey, King, and Sasse. Thank you.

This Will Not Shock You. Trump Lies. American Muslims Repeatedly Report

Oprah endorses Hillary Clinton

MR. Fish Toon- Red State Expansion

I proudly stand with Oprah Winfrey in her endorsement of Hillary Clinton

The Dalai Lama brushes off anti-immigration GOP: ‘All white Americans come from outside’

California News - 6/16/2016

Hillary understates number of individuals helped by Clinton Foundation w/ AIDS drugs

The New York Times’ editorial board tethered conservatives to the “hatred toward gays and lesbians”

How Conservative Christian Activists Spent Decades Fomenting Anti-Gay Hate in Orlando

Was The NRA's Twitter Account Hacked?

Good Fathers Day sale

Murphy was fucking amazing

For 1st Time In 4 Million Years, Antarctic CO2 Hits 400 ppm - Last Weather Station To Hit That Level

Oklahoma Is Siphoning Money From Schools and Pouring It Into an Anti-Abortion Curriculum

Trumad's course on Alligators.

Watching Morning Joe is almost like watching a blood sport these days.

Warren Is Top V.P. Pick for Clinton Supporters, Gingrich for Trump

Bill Nemitz: Assault rifle owners have some growing up to do

another chart.....

Obamanut's Addendeum to Trumad's Course on Gators

Dana Milbank: Media should turn the tables on mistreatment by Trump

Keillor: The punk who would be president

Donald Trump Accused of Using His Charity as a Political Slush Fund

Breaking Mad - The Republican Party is addicted to whiteness.

Trump said if those victims in Orlando had guns.....

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL): "If you use an AK-47 to hunt a deer....."

I know it's premature, but I'm enjoying some schadenfreude with my chai

Donald Trump's strategy centers on working-class whites, but even they don't like him

Raul Grijalva (AZ-3) switches from Sanders to Clinton

trump and cnn are 'concerned' about President Obama

Iraq Veteran: I Didn't See Iraqi Soldiers Handling Cash as Trump Claimed

Clinton Is Actively Vetting Elizabeth Warren As Potential Running Mate

A Message from Nostradamus to the year 2016

Kasich Says He ‘Just Can’t’ Bring Himself To Vote For Trump Despite Pledge

Taliban use 'honey trap' boys to kill Afghan police

Think how confused Trump must be about African geography.

Garrison Keillor: The punk who would be president

Family of AR-15 Inventor Eugene Stoner: He Didn't Intend It for Civilians

"America, you taught him this & even sold him the gun to do it"

Black box of missing EgyptAir plane found, pulled out of sea, Egypt says

BREAKING: Black Box from Egyptair crash has been recovered

‘Resign in shame’: Fed-up Kansas CEO flees GOP governor’s disastrous reign

Michigan Muslims move toward Clinton


Democratic filibuster is successful—Republicans agree to hold votes (HRC GP)

R.I.P. Millie Helper

The media appears to have moved on to the General Election.

It is looking as if Omar Mateen could have and should have been stopped.

Do you think this website is appropriate for DU? Seems very Islamopobic to me.

What would the US do if we saw this type of exit poll/election result discrepency in Russia?

Teenage boy killed in Venezuela food protest

700 year-old fertile soil technique could mitigate climate change and revolutionise farming across …

Make no mistake: The NRA paved the way for the Orlando attack

Why Doesn’t Trump’s Racism Towards Obama Matter to Republicans?

Hilarious! Trump: Ask the gays. ~ The gays:

Canadian trade policy expert calls TPP a "threat to democracy"

US Current Account Trade Deficit at Highest Level in 7 Years

With Trump's negatives growing, could GOP leadership

Hillary for America Begins Airing New TV Ads Entitled "Always" and "Quiet Moments"

Today's MORNING JOE spent two hours talking about the collapse of the Trump campaign...

Anonymous hacks ISIS twitter, etc makes it fabulously Gay

One note about the jury system and upcoming changes

I'm kind of down today ...

Jamie Shupe becomes first legally non-binary person in the US

The Guardian hits the perfect passive aggressive British tone in describing Trump's latest rally

Japanese Donald Trump Commercial Arrives

The AR-15 was never meant for civilians, inventor’s family says

Voters In Swing State Virginia Overwhelmingly Want Universal Background Checks

Bwhahaha. How to Cover Donald Trump Fairly: A Style Guide

Did you know that planet Earth has two moons? The other one is asteroid "2016 HO3".

What Sen. Murphy’s Filibuster Accomplished This is a huge spotlight on the Senate’s response to

California Primary Votes Continue to Be Counted - No Significant Changes

Rep Grijalva, first Bernie Sanders supporter in Congress, endorses Hillary Clinton

Most Hillary supporters want Elizabeth Warren for VP

Oh my...

Oh, now the real thoughts are coming out LOL- "The Sane Progressive" - REVOLUTION!

 Reminder: Exit-Poll Conspiracy Theories Are Totally Baseless

The War on Native Americans, sad news from the front lines:

10 Actors Who KILLED People in REAL LIFE!

Violent Extremism

Tantalus' cat.

Labour MP shot and stabbed by attacker who yelled "Britain First", fighting for her life

America is a gun.

Trump Co-Chair: Support The Nominee Or ‘Shut The Hell Up’

Why kids in war-torn Yemen are raising money for the U.N.

I'd like to say that I very much prefer to talk about Alligators

It really pisses me off that Bernie

LIVE: Democratic Senators and Gun Violence survivors holding a press conference after filibuster

#BundyTeaParty evidence = 250,000 pages of Facebook posts, 250 days of nonstop video viewing ...

Hillary Clinton's lead is strongest among 18 to 44 year olds

I was asked to repost this here: Hillary Clinton's Career - some highlights

Juan Cole: ISIL in Syria and Understanding Omer Mateen’s Motivations

I just woke up from a year-long nap. So how bad did Donald Trump crash and burn?

CIA chief: IS working to send operatives to the West

Who you gonna call?

In the wake of tragedy, Trump takes rhetoric of fear to a whole new level

Trump's highest unfavorables in new ABC/Post poll:

Trump's highest unfavorables in new ABC/Post poll:

Brock Turner's ex: He's "kind, loving, respectful, relaxed, silently hilarious and determined"

First on CNN: Clinton campaign takes control of DNC

44 Percent of DEMOCRATS Want Sanders to Make an Independent Run for the White House

Kasich Challenges Scarborough on Trump: ‘You Guys Have a Lot of Responsibility for This’

A How-To Guide On Dealing With A ‘Gunsplainer’

Clinton foundation giving, let's not lie about it

Every time I see Don the Con on TV the song sympathy for the devil

Rent a Democratic Mayor’s House for the Republican National Convention

I think this about describes my feelings

Silver machine rolls down the track to new efficiency record


Father gives daughter the confidence to dance in the street

N.H. man recounts being attacked by alligator at Disney...

Sorry, Republicans...God Isn’t Listening To You. Prayers Aren't Stopping Mass Shootings

Oprah Winfrey endorses Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m with her’

CNN: "Sources" say that the Clinton campaign is NOT vetting Sanders as her VP choice!

How I bought an AR-15 in a Five Guys parking lot- and how the governor responded

Obama meets Dalai Lama, reiterates support for MWA

Another gift, Raindrops on Roses

Libertarian Lunatics

PPP: HRC up by 3 over Trump in Virginia

AFL-CIO endorses Hillary!

I had an unsettling thought (HRC Group)

Shark population off Huntington Beach increases dramatically

No, I Don’t Dislike the New Ghostbusters Movie Because I Hate Women — It’s Because I Strongly

Broken: Earth's Heat Extends an Unprecedented Streak of Records

Hindu monk gets death threat in Bangladesh

I would have voted for Hillary Clinton three months ago. I believed that our elections are just...

I'm asking for positive energy.

Working People of the AFL-CIO Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

But, but, but - Gonna catch hell for this

Working people of America!

AFL-CIO endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Consumer Prices Excluding Food, Fuel Rise as U.S. Rents Up

Heatzilla Will March Across the West From California to Arizona

Hillary +9 in latest Ipsos/Reuters poll, +2 with independents

Crowd At Trump Rally Realizes They’ve Been Chanting ‘We Are Frightened And Helpless’ For Last Half H

The Incredible Story of NASA’s Forgotten ‘Rocket Girls’

birthday boy

Post-Orlando Call for Expanded Watch List Tests Civil Liberties

Before Orlando: The (former) deadliest LGBT attack in U.S. history

AFL-CIO endorses Hillary Clinton

Confidence Among U.S. Homebuilders Increases to Five-Month High

Pic Of The Moment: Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Clinton may not be your first choice..but she is the best choice we have going

No, seriously: Labour MP assassinated.

Catholic extremists do ‘untold damage’ to church, says priest

"I get hot just thinking about myself!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

England: Labour MP dies after attack at constituents' meeting

Did Disney do enough to warn its guests about alligators?

Gay Muslim: Islam Is No Religion of Peace

Anyone remember Zardoz?

Anderson Cooper pushes Pam Bondi on LGBTQ issues

Judge: Police officer’s trial to move forward on all charges


Fire burning in Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara grows to 1,200 acres

LA City Hall gadfly wants big bucks for ‘destroyed’ life

Campaign Announces Clinton Has Entered Incubation Period After Securing Nomination


Target has taken a number of stands recently -

Common Benefits Of Cat Ownership

A question from a Facebook friend....

Virginia Trump State Chair Calls Latino Group CASA “Scumbag Organization”

Squee of love

Beginner's guide to virtual reality: How to start with VR without spending a ton of money

"High dungeon" ???

Climate scientists are more credible when they practice what they preach

8th graders mimics Presidential candidates...very funny

Inspiring dog rescue by a team of Good Samaritans

Clinton sidelines DWS, puts union official in charge of DNC's operations

Just watched the President de-plane in Orlando to visit with family and friends of those

Hillary Clinton Statement on Transport Workers Union Endorsement

The Real News - Media Propaganda and Engineered Consent

Pulse Bouncer And Former Marine / Afghanistan Vet Tells How He Saved Dozens During Shooting

Star Trek: 50 Years of Humanism

First on CNN: Clinton campaign takes control of DNC

Egypt Air Voice Recorder has been recovered.

The Definition is Defiance

summer solstice full moon June

Paranoid style in U.S. politics lives on in 2016 campaign

Ryan: 'Not my plan' to rescind Trump endorsement

Bernie Sanders' priorities

Cheeto Jesus

I proudly stand with the AFL-CIO in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

This hacker is fighting ISIS by spamming its Twitter accounts with porn

Donald Trump fundraiser to be held at Barry Goldwater's old home in Paradise Valley

Congresswoman Who Used To Receive Welfare Wants To Drug Test Rich People Who Get Tax Breaks

Republicans love guns more than their own children

Clinton supporters' newest delusion about Bernie Sanders

Predictwise-POTUS Odds Clinton 72% Trump 26%

Vote Early, Vote Beaver

Just like clockwork: CIA Director Warns of More ISIS-Inspired Attacks

Requesting contact information for this Brock guy...

Do you believe that "We, the People", are the "government"?

Heavyweight breaks ranks with GOP, endorsing Clinton

Relative of Charleston shooting victims gives a passionate plea for gun reform

"An anonymous source" at the Trump campaign...

Farewell to John Margolies, who glorified the diners and motels of roadside America

Dog Head Fire more than doubles in size, grows to more than 12,000 acres Gov. declares state of eme

Homosexuals 'Worthy of Death' Bible Verse Read Before Key Vote

The First Big Company to Say It’s Serving the Legal Marijuana Trade? Microsoft.

Electoral College Pool Pollapalooza!

A Handy How-To Guide On Dealing With A ‘Gunsplainer’

I suspect the Johnson/Weld Libertarian Party ticket will have quite the impact

Man arrested in Petaluma CA with multiple guns, including assault weapon

UK bans guns. UK lawmaker killed with gun. WTF?

Your jury censorship system has gone off the rails,

Why Is No One Coming For The Parents Of Toddler For Death of 5 Alligators?

 Reminder: Exit-Poll Conspiracy Theories Are Totally Baseless

"Cheeto Jesus" "unspinnable ratfuck" "vile stain on this Republic"

Email from Bernie: The future of our movement....

Utah Lt. Governor Speaks About Orlando Shooting in Moving Speech

Vigil for Orlando at Boone County Courthouse shows solidarity and racial discord.

I am now asking Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race

Permafrost thawing below shallow Arctic lakes

Is this a look at a post-Sanders progressive agenda? NYT

O'Reilly: I want to 'slap' Rep. Clyburn

“Hillary Clinton has proven herself as a champion of the labor movement."

Federal judge dismisses Texas' lawsuit over Syrian refugees

Hillary tweeted: One year ago today, @realDonaldTrump announced his campaign for president.

I want to thank all the senators who showed up and participated in yesterday's filibuster

Joe Manchin: 'Due process is what's killing us right now' with getting gun control passed

Know Your Rights!

New Study: Canadian Forests a Refuge as Warming Creeps North

Scott Brown Mocks Chris Christie For 'Fetching Trump's McDonalds Orders'

Cook Political-Trump Will Be the Nominee. Period.

Obama arrives in Orlando to visit survivors of rampage; six still critically injured

I know this is shallow of me, but Rick Scott looks like an alien wearing a human skin suit

Clinton sends DWS to the bench - Brandon Davis in ...

Family of AR-15 inventor says it was not intended for civilian use.

Anderson Cooper: Florida AG Pam Bondi Either ‘Mistaken or Not Telling the Truth’

New paper claims that the EM Drive doesn't defy Newton's 3rd law after all

The First Congressman To Support Bernie Sanders Has Endorsed Hillary Clinton

USA TODAY interview: Clinton says she'll call Trump unfit to handle economy

Reunion celebrates Montana immigrants of 1916

As a gay woman, I don’t feel safe in America right now. So I bought a gun.

Why is Sanders Holding Back on Endorsing Clinton?

Sanders' First Congressional Backer Flips to Clinton (Hillary is flipping Bernie's superdelegates)

Hillary Clinton vows to end “carried interest” loophole — even if Congress won’t

Wow! How refreshing!

McCain: Obama 'Directly Responsible' for Orlando Shooting

F@ck you, John McCain. You're as bad as Trump.

Trump sues celebrity chef for refusing to help enrich him...

Who Repealed the Glass-Steagall Act?

Forbes: Russian Hackers Targeted Hillary Clinton Campaign Google Accounts

The Final Count

Anyone ever get into a "fight" with your dog

Federal judge dismisses Texas' lawsuit over Syrian refugees

Did anyone see this?

Purple Thistle

Donald Trump’s Four Decades Of Racism

McCain has just doubled down like Trump!

How the Rebel Flag Rose Again—and Is Helping Trump

There is "Incredibly Strong Evidence Trump Committed Tax Fraud"

Trump Is So Toxic That Even Members Of His Own Party Would Rather Vote Hillary

Court Docs Confirm Fossil Fuel Industry Funding Climate Change Denial

Confederate flag resolution a historic opportunity to correct the past

in our country, PEACEFUL demonstrators have been

Colbert and Scott Bakula revive 'Quantum Leap' to stop Donald Trump

Armitage to back Clinton over Trump

Daily Kos & by Kos: Open primaries? No, no and hell no (HRC GP)

FCC Authorizes Auction of Spectrum Used by WHUT, Nation’s Only Black-owned Public TV Station

Sorry, I don't get the cheering going on for LGBT folks rushing out to buy guns

McCain: Obama is directly responsible for Orlando massacre.

Gun sales are surging since Orlando shooting; gun stocks are soaring on Wall Street

Pssssssssst re John McGramps

Ugh, I have to buy a new built-in dishwasher. Any recommendations?

Scott Walker: Job approval low (39%) because the headlines are always negative

O’Malley lays out MetroLab goals, charges leaders to encourage tech officials.

Dear Senator McCain: Go fuck yourself. McCain: Obama "Directly Responsible" for Orlando

Solar, wind costs could fall up to 59 percent by 2025, study says

Democracy Now! (June 16): An Expose of Donald Trump's Business Practices

Suspect In MP Killing Described As Quiet, Polite And Reserved

Atheist Ireland criticises legislation on marriage

Seems like a smart thing to do, don't ya think?

GOP Operative Lashes Out At Party, Calls Trump ‘Cheeto Jesus’ In Epic Tweetstorm

Facebook facing heavy criticism after removing major atheist pages

China Shadows U.S. Warships Amid Rising Tensions In Asia

Sanders' demands & the path forward - What if it were two men?

Clinton Outpaces Rivals In Drug Company Donations

The Taliban now hold more ground in Afghanistan than at any point since 2001

Trump May Start a TV Network

Product for pet odors?


HuffPo: The Most Powerful Moment Of The #HoldTheFloor Marathon Was The Last


Orlando shooter texted wife during attack, source says

Richard Armitage: Former Republican Deputy Secretary of State Endorses Democrat Hillary Clinton

Ukraine Furious Over Remarks On Russia By U.N. Chief Ban

Former Goldman banker Gensler is Clinton's progressive beacon

Veterans’ health care in crosshairs of privatization forces

Israeli citizen assassinated in Medellin

Flint, MI lit up its iconic Saginaw Street Arch, in solidarity with Orlando

John Lauritis: The Math of The Convention


Margaret Vinci Heldt, inventor of beehive hairdo, dies at 98

Jackie Live 1988 - Sinead O'Connor

District attorney investigator put on leave amid sex scandal

Judge dismisses New York City jail officers' dog sniff lawsuit

Senate close to votes on gun-control measures but no bipartisan agreement in sight

I wonder why no news or polling agency has done a poll for a 3 way presidential race?

Delaware News - 6/16/2016

Gun shares, volatile after Orlando killing, rise ahead of Smith & Wesson report

Afternoon Musings by 1SBM ...

Tornado in Martinsburg, WV :

by Robert Reich:

Which of these cars would you buy for your teenage driver?

No space in CSIR for atheist research fellow aspirants?

Brazil's tourism minister resigns amid graft scheme implications

Brazil's tourism minister resigns amid graft scheme implications

Don't Let Mississippi Establish Anti-Gay Religion

John MCain is factually wrong.

Nicaragua expels 3 US government officials

Eritrea: The next Syria?

Nicaragua expels 3 US government officials

Hispanic Democrat posts ‘bienvenido a San Antonio’ video that castigates Trump

Enough, Bernie, enough: Sanders needs to hang it up ~ NYDailyNews Editorial (HRC GP)

Worried About “Stigmatizing” Cluster Bombs, House Approves More Sales to Saudi Arabia

The Republicans' November fantasy: A glance at the GOP's swing state strategy ought to delight Democ

Donald Trump speaks to shrunken Atlanta crowd as poll numbers drop

Just a firearm related point of information

Time for the GOP to change its mascot to a Pretzel.

Ok, Ok, So Please Help Me Straighten This Out... (re: the Orlando shooter)

Gun Victims Deserve A Vote! Will They Finally Get One? (w/Guest: John Nichols)

The Do-Nothing #GOP Congress Strikes Again! (w/Guest: Rep. Mark Pocan)

Maryland News - 6/16/2016

One can do without the mockery.

This photo of President Obama, Vice President Biden, today, is so full of emotion

Brazil seeks 20-year spending cap to curb national debt

Just released Reuters Poll- Clinton 39% Trump 29% Johnson 6% Stein 4%

Some LGBTQ/Transgender 1" lapel pins I did up for an Orlando vigil

Senator Sanders can't drop out of the race!

Rubio is going to run for senator from Florida, a job he did not want anymore !

No hitter alert

KING: Hacked DNC documents may show ugly connections between party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Freddie Gray trial: expert witness crumbles in van driver's prosecution

McCain of the Keating Five

Can Bernie just keep campaigning forever? Would be a kinda sweet deal.

The latest obvious lie RT has been caught spreading

Don't forget Sanders is going to address his supporters tonight!

"Anti-terroism expert" knows who to blame for Orlando...

What is “democracy?”

Any GOP member who endorses Trump should have their careers ended.

Forget a third candidate: Instead dump Trump - By Jennifer Rubin

Was at grocery store yesterday, saw something disturbing.

=*= Bernie Sanders National Live Stream Address 6.16.2016 #OurRevolution =*=

McCain backtracks after blaming Obama for shooting in Orlando

=*= Bernie Sanders National Live Stream Address 6.16.2016 #OurRevolution =*=

Wondering where Julian Castro's been amid HRC VP chatter?

He Is Not Running For President, He Is Running For King.

I've always wondered, do police still do Broken Windows policing under major disaster conditions?

Paul Ryan’s Promised Obamacare Replacement Plan Shockingly Turns Out Not to Exist Again

Jeff Weaver is about to come on WADR.

What's for Dinner, Thurs. June 16, 2016

Oh dear. CIA has not found any link between Orlando killer and Isis, says agency chief

Trump's super control freak misogyny is on display

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 17 June 2016

Two orthogonal axes: left/right, populist/establishment.

Weaver just said that Bernie is still running for the Democratic nomination

"Mister Obama and Vice-president Biden..." - Scott Pelley

Suspension Upheld for Boy Who Chewed Pastry Into Gun Shape

What's this about? I got blocked. Said it should go in "Primaries"


Senator Ed Markey: "We Have to Make Sure NRA Stands For 'Not Relevant Anymore' in American Politics"

So I kind of like the promotion...

Church looking to honor Tubman with monument (SC)

Bid to move Forrest monument back on docket (TN)

The Courage of Being Queer

Let’s get this straight: We've reached the point where people can’t board planes with full bottles o

NC man pleads guilty in Oregon refuge case

Le Moribund

Healthcare company announces plans to leave Kansas, eviscerates Gov. Sam Brownback in open letter

by Robert Reich:

No Speedy Trial for Bundy Bodyguard

In 12 States, More Than Half the Prison Population is Black: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois...

DIVIDED AMERICA: Rosy Economic Averages Bypass Many In US

Last night Dems held a historic filibuster to get rid of the NRA's influence

The York Technical College (Chester SC) "dangerous situation" lockdown lifted (false alarm)

"Superb Journalist" Megyn Kelly Validates Trump’s Bigoted Dog Whistle Against President Obama

Donald Trump Says He Would Meet With North Korean Leader in U.S. (interesting)

Just be quiet!!!!!!

The only exercise I've done this week, is running out of weed

"Warning: Unresponsive plugin" ? ON EDIT: How do I uninstall & reinstall Firefox?

New Jersey News - 6/16/2016

Check the scoreboard, Hillary Clinton won fair and square! Accept it and move on! #ImWithHer

Bernie stopped lobbying Super Delegates

Hillary Clinton’s VP shortlist has leaked. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Samantha Bee on Orlando

an article from the Guardian on Jo Cox ("Labour's rising star"), a wonderful and cool person

How can we tolerate anti-LGBTQ rhetoric at a major human rights forum?

How can we tolerate anti-LGBTQ rhetoric at a major human rights forum?

Their Coming to Take Me Away Ha Ha He He to the Funny Farm.......

Teen with autism who celebrated birthday alone receives thousands of cards

Lead prosecutor in Freddie Gray case accuses detective of sabotaging inquiry

Something tells me

Oprah endorses Hillary Clinton: 'It’s a seminal moment for women'

Bernie Sanders - National Live Stream Address- Starts at 8:30pm ET in 5 mins- (HRC GP)

Help! Gotta buy a new car! Advice needed!

Gun Store Owner: We Alerted FBI to 'Suspicious' Customer Weeks Before Orlando Shooting

Stop oil by rail in our state, Oregon asks federal regulator

Will Bernie even mention Hillary tonight? Will he even acknowledge there was a primary?

You May Need A Whole Box Of Kleenex For This One: multiple animal rescue!!!

Anyone want a $41M All-Star Shortstop real cheap?

Sebastian Coe helped to IAAF presidency by 'corrupt' official

Colombia: UN experts urge protection of Afro-Colombian communities against elevating violence

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Oprah Winfrey says, "I'm with her." Oprah has only ever endorsed 1 Presidential candidate:

Hardball Panel Talking About Sanders' Ego-driven, Unrealistic Demands on Hillary

If Trump isn't nominated, people will die in Cleveland

EgyptAir Flight 804: Cockpit voice recorder found damaged

(Hillary Group) The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen.