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Archives: June 21, 2016

Speaker Ryan Calls on Administration to Release Complete Orlando 911 Transcript

Two Good Quotes from Republican Strategists on Lewandowski's Firing

Fire him or there will be no money

How many of you have ever fired a cookie gun?

Trial Concludes for Van Driver Charged in the Death of Freddie Gray

It's so hot today.

Who is directly responsible for the Orlando Massacre? John McCain!

Senate rejects series of gun measures

Trump Goes Silent

Puppy With Special Needs Is Thriving After Physical Therapy

Sen. Chris Murphy: ‘Republicans Have Decided to Sell Weapons to ISIS’

Two different recent looks at the OJ Simpson story: The American Crime Story version,

Court Demands New Look at Race of Jurors in 3 Convictions

Another Trump Adviser Axed

How We Get Along

How many of you have ever fired a grease gun?

Naked Bathers and Tradition Stymie Japan’s Clean Energy Ambition

What is your favorite scene from "The The Amigos?"

U.S. coral reefs facing warming waters, increased bleaching


Like Trump Fans, ISIL Leader Injured or Worse—Soldiers Rapidly Running out of Places to Hide

Turn on Chris Hayes right fuggin' now - he's going to play an old Don the Con tape

Sarah Palin Hired as Trump Campaign Manager

How many of you have ever fired an underling?

Breathing space for the Gulf Stream

29 ‘Sanders Democrats’ Win in Maine Primaries, Advance To General Elections

Could you please clarify whether new guideline for insensitivity covers persons with mental disorder

WaPo: These new polls should make Dems feel good about winning back the Senate

Solar Cells for Greener and Safer Energies

‘Republicans Have Decided to Sell Weapons to ISIS’

So what if the family announces that Don the Con is in Scotland to recuperate

Researchers find better way to ‘herd’ electrons in solar fuel devices

(Mental Health Support Grp) I asked for the following clarification re new "insensitivity" guideline

Man who attempted to grab gun at rally wanted 'to kill Trump'

Study: China could go big on wind power — if it adjusts its grid operations.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! I Got the Power! & Uncensored & Live & a

As a Bernie supporter I am 100% behind Hillary and glad the new rules are in place.....


Christian Pastor Supports Killing “Sodomites"

Oakland: Appointment of city administrator over police department illegal, state says

Thank you supreme court female justices

Support For Gun Control Highest Since Sandy Hook

How long will Paul Manafort last...

Can people really read this fast?

Australian Paralympic Sailing Team Members Robbed in Rio

Cross post from the lounge.

Officials, Union Trade Blame for Deadly Mexico Clashes

Let me get this straight...Trump doesn't want to donate to his OWN campaign anymore?

The Latest: Los Angeles-Area Fires Burning Away From Homes

Read Justice Sotomayor's Words on Racial Injustice Before You Go to Sleep Tonight

Racism: i find that how a lot of white people think of racism, whereas a lot of POC and academics

Bail Set at $1.5 Million for Sect Leader Charged With Abuse

For anyone who is interested..

AG closes case on 1964 killings of civil rights workers

Reminder: the "War on Terror" is a fraud, brought to us by George Bush and Dick Cheney.

How many of you have ever fired a pumpkin cannon?

Hillary Clinton's VP pick should be Rich Cordray

Woman says man pointed shotgun at her, waved Confederate Flag (VA)


High court rejects Confederate flag appeal (VA)

Backing French peace push, EU ministers add carrots to sweeten deal

Russian fan leader Shprygin back in France at Euro 2016

Hillary Clinton...charming, funny, warm and human.

Picture of Trump rally crowd on June 18, 2016, in Phoenix

Mr Sandman is an asshole

Who did you support during the primary?

The GOP once again are on the wrong side of history.

Teen marijuana use in Colorado found lower than national average

Lawsuit Accuses Donald Trump Of Raping Teenage Girl In 1994

Has Trump changed into "Dealer" or candidate. IMO, he trying to take the RNC

I'm trying to find a post to alert on

An expensive reminder that Sanders still hasn’t dropped out: His Secret Service detail

Trump Campaign Manager’s Firm Turned Blind Eye to Burma Rapes

Obama takes turn as 'America's pitch man' to help sell TPP trade deal

The list of officials quitting the Republican Party keeps growing

Rachel announcing that Trump only has 1.3 million cash on hand

Trump entered June with just $1.3 million in the bank, while Clinton sat on $42 million war chest

Findings from a national survey of Hispanic women

Read Sonia Sotomayor’s Atomic Bomb of a Dissent Slamming Racial Profiling and Mass Imprisonment

Apparently, much of the Senate hates due process more than it likes gun control

Keith Olbermann, George Carlin Predict the tRump phenomenon during 2008 presidential season.

How many of you have ever fired a potato gun?

North Korea diplomat expected to attend China forum with U.S. envoy

The Deal Donald Trump Couldn't Close

Sotomayor’s blistering SCOTUS dissent warns America is turning into a prison state Travis Gettys Tra

Apple's Cook to host Paul Ryan fundraiser amid Trump woes

U.S. navy chief hopes carriers deter East Asia destabilization

Trump’s Embarrassing VP Short List Leaks And It Completely Reeks Of Failure

New Yorkers defend Muslim women harassed by racist Trump supporter

just served on a jury regarding new posting rules

Orlando And The American Pathologies Of Masculinity And Militarism

Judge Dismisses Defamation Suit Targeting Maine Activist

If Senate Democrats had accepted due process, we would have gun control

Boy, did I stir up a hornet's nest!


Jury Acquits Minnesota Priest Accused of Molesting Girls

Should the Republican Party Dump Trump?

California Tells Non-Theistic Parolee He Does Not Have to Enter a Religious Drug Treatment Program

Turkey Arrests Journalists, Academic for 'Terror' Propaganda

White men 'seven times more likely' to commit mass shootings than Muslims

How many of you have ever fired a 2x4?

This is a funny tweet on Trump

Ivanka for VP...

Hillary for America Began June with More than $42 Million Cash on Hand

Is Anyone Out There In DU Land Watching This Program 'BrainDead'?....

How will the referendum results be announced?

Robinson: Trump’s attacks on freedom of religion

I wish Hillary would stop attacking trump!

Enough. -H: Hillary Clinton's statement on the Senate guns votes. "Enough." And the names of the Or

Mike Malloy - Senate Votes To Force Women To Register For The Draft

Mike Malloy - AFA Utilizes Orlando Attack To Double Down On Target Boycott

Lawrence O'Donnell doing a segment on Biden's speech next. nt

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump to GOP: Be Quiet Or I’ll Lead Alone

How many of you have ever been on a firing squad?

Lawsuit Accuses Donald Trump Of Raping Teenage Girl In 1994

And more, much more than this,

Dance is one of the most powerful forces on the earth... One Billion Rising

White House Working With Congress on Language to Implement TPP, Froman Says

Happy Solstice

The Congressional Black Caucus objects to eliminating super delegates. Why?

From March: Cuba Has Made At Least 3 Major Medical Innovations That We Need

Donating to Senate candidates - incentives and disincentives

FEC filings for May for Democratic candidates...

Paratroopers static line jump from C-17

Thanks, Tim. You're the man!

A doctor battles to save babies from Fallujah’s toxic legacy

The voters are paying attention.

Inside the race to save Cuba’s coral reefs

Is DU eliminating Mike Malloy videos now?

Inside the race to save Cuba’s coral reefs

We need a big win and to take the US House of Reps back for a progressive revolution

Trump: I won’t limit gun sales

I found this big screw up in the 2nd Article in the US Constitution

Hassan Minhaj Rips Congress a New One over gun inaction

Apple pulls out of upcoming Republican National Convention

Wow. Trump is rolling in A-listers...

Stop Illegal Wars - Tulsi Gabbard @ Peoples Summit in Chicago

solstice full moonrise

FOX25 Investigates sex offender driving for Uber in Boston

Rosario Dawson @ People's Summit (Democracy Now!)

Nagaoka fireworks (HANABI)

I am kovered in kapok!

From Bruce Barlett:

Gun Control Proposal votes today....

Elizabeth Warren at The New Hampshire Democratic Convention.

Unexpected Excess of Giant Planets in Star Cluster Messier 67

Vandenberg found guilty of all rape charges

Slaughter House.

Jacobin: Why Did White Workers Leave the Democratic Party?

"The Daily Trail: Donald Trump's day started out bad. It got worse."

Bail denied for UK man accused of trying to kill Trump

When can I wear one of my favorite shirts again?

How many of you have ever fired a kiln?

Why do you think most people mainly like the music they grew up with?

Samantha Bee is the best politcal commentator

Why were references to ISIS & Islam deleted from 9/11 recordings?

LOL, #TrumpSoPoor Trending On Twitter

Bill Olielly Gushes over Newt to trump.

Willie Nelson Wants You to Work for His New Marijuana Company

I alerted on this.

Come January, I will have tears of sorrow, tears of joy.

Why didn't we pass the GOP no-fly-no-buy bill?

Indiana News - 6/21/2016

Biden Slams Trump's Anti-Muslim Stands, Embrace Of Putin

Wow, bad news for Trump

VP Joe Biden on "Charlie Rose" (Jun 20, 2016)


Arkansas town bans pagan temple after finding out it’s not Christian

Dalai Lama says ‘real gun control’ comes from heart

Brussels terror alert as man arrested

Chinese FM asks US to stay out of Tibet matters in call to Kerry

Is there any way we can have a method of keeping track of when our hides drop off?

New crop varieties 'can't keep up with global warming'

Many people that were attacked in Pulse/Orlando are still in the hospital


Daily Holidays - June 21

India overhauls foreign ownership rules

Missouri News - 6/21/2016

Stop Illegal Wars - Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) @ Peoples Summit in Chicago

I'm glad Bernie is continuing to get Secret Service protection. Just look at this...

OMFG - a HUGE spider just dropped off of the ceiling onto my desk!

Holy Floating Cars, batman! Watch this Tesla S literally float through a flooded tunnel.

Trump is the GOP nominee.

GOP: Senate could vote this week on 'compromise' gun bill

Iowa News - 6/21/2016

Lawmakers set sights on assault weapons bans in Nebraska, Iowa

Hey, its Donald.

Mike Malloy - GOP Heavyweights Are Voting For Clinton Over Trump - Part 1

Mike Malloy - GOP Heavyweights Are Voting For Clinton Over Trump - Part 2

Trump: Guns everywhere; in nightclubs ; theaters; schools; just pass them out to everybody

Tolkien fans: did Frodo have a job before he left the Shire?

20% of Donald Trump’s campaign spending goes to Trump businesses, filing says

How many of you have ever fried an egg?

Illinois News - 6/21/2016

The GOP will not dump Trump and here is why:

I know it's pointless to whinge about the MSM, but let's face it

$43M <----------> $1.3M

Today in 1788 New Hampshire ratified the Constitution and became the 9th state.

FACT: There’s No Massacre Gruesome Enough for GOP Senators to Stand Up to the NRA

Chris Christie is not going to be Trump's running mate.

Donal Trump's fundraising totals for May are disastrously bad

Poll: Clinton tops Trump, but neither prompts excitement

Podemos: If we win and blackmail us, it will be the end of Europe

Wisconsin News - 6/21/2016

Evidence mounting that Trump's candidacy is just one big con-job

How about Elizabeth Warren as Secretary of the Treasury?

The young Brit that tried to kill Trump the other day

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Orange Crushed

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Sea of Blood

Consider this as a clue to how fucked we are as a country.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest


How Much Has the NRA Spent to Influence Your Representatives?

Just had my first jury:

This is not an AR-15 asaault rifle...

Trump on Warren: 'I do regret calling her Pocahontas’

'People’s Summit' Offers Hope for a Movement Bigger Than Bernie

"Don't look behind the curtain. Or under the rug." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Secret Service veterans denounce anti-Clinton tell-all book

Beware! Businesses Are Creating A Debt Bomb To Make CEOs Richer!

Mother breaks down after seeing 3-year-old daughter practicing lockdown drill

Should Churches Lose Tax Breaks For Advocating Hate?

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive - Graham is Crackers

Should Women Stay Home With Families While Men Are Drafted? (w/Guest: DC McAllister)

Talk of Labor secretary as VP alarms industry

Swing-state polls: Trump slipping in Florida, Ohio

Swing-state polls: Trump slipping in Florida, Ohio

OK. I've joined the crew that doesn't think Trump will be the nominee

Record 3rd Consecutive Year Of Global Coral Bleaching On Its Way - NOAA

NRA & Congress

A week after Orlando, Republicans protect terrorists’ right to bear arms - By Dana Milbank

NOAA Confirms - May 2016 13th Consecutive Hottest Month Ever; 1.57F Above 20th Cent. Average

FBI Still Concealing Almost All of What the Orlando Gunman Said

Finally, Something To Push Action On GBR Bleaching; Spectre Of Vanishing Tourist $$$$

Kenya: 2 Men in Gay Sex Case Fail to Outlaw Mandatory Anal Examinations

Gun Store Owner Alerted FBI to Orlando Shooter Weeks Earlier

Minnesota News - 6/21/2016

Church sign saying 'Satan made gays' covered in black paint

Health Care Costs Grow Dramatically Slower Than Expected After Obamacare

Smartphone Users Are Paying for Their Own Surveillance

Florida GOP candidate to give away semi-automatic rifle

Will Trump Swallow the G.O.P. Whole?

'Mississippi Burning' Civil Rights Murder Case Closed After 52 Years

Mid-June And Cracks 1-3 Miles Wide Opening North Of Greenland; 54F At 80 Degrees North

AGT 12 yrs old- A star is born

Greenies, ranchers find common ground in Harney County

Why Oregon’s Owyhee deserves protection

Robert Crumb & Friends Flush Donald Trump Down The Toilet, 1989

All Media Hell Will Break Loose Against Hillary If Donald Is Replaced

From the Onion, November 7, 2012

Enough. -H

Hillary's campaign plans a rock-star convention lineup!

Mein Trump

Mary McLeod Bethune tops list to replace Confederate general (FL)

The Trump Campaign Spent $208,000 on Hats in May

Hahaha #TrumpSoPoor

Don the Con’s Campaign Paid Trump Companies More Than $1 Million In May

Based on the past, Trump would probably file bankruptcy for

Star wars fans....and fire works fans..enjoy

Trump delegate calls on Ann Coulter, others to attack church

NSG entry: ‘Any exemption to India must also apply to Pakistan’

Dog and shelter kitten make fast friends

Trump Blames Republicans For Campaign Woes: ‘I Get More Support From the Democrats’

Hillary is going to roast Trump on his economic plans later this morning

These charts show why Hillary will win.

Isis beheads 4-year-old girl then forces mother to soak hands in her blood after 'swearing to Allah'

Hawks hog the Syrian skies but doves need not despair

New Book - No, we're not hard-wired for belief.

Can someone ask the Repugnant Party,

Clinton seeks rock-star convention lineup

CNN/ORC Poll, June 16-19, 2016


Devil's Advocates: The Satanic Temple's Fight to Protect Your Abortion Rights

Trump considers speaking every night of his convention because he has no friends

Ok, who all have either had a knee, hip or both replacement surgery and......

Praise no longer allowed?

I think Rump's veep will be Ben Carson,

In Praise of Vandalism

The Peter Principle

US Freight Drops to Worst May since 2010

Apple's Cook to host Paul Ryan fundraiser amid Trump woes

Good Morning fellow followers of rational thought

Mexican flags raised around Donald Trump's golf course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Ex-L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca has Alzheimer’s disease, but he still faces a 6-month prison term

Music Artists Need More Than Taylor Swift In Their DMCA Challenge

White House clears small, commercial drones for takeoff

True Facts About The Tarsier

Raccoons team up to rescue baby...

Jordanian troops killed in bomb attack at Syria border

Donald Trump Campaign Appears to Be Paying a Fictional Ad Agency

If Alabama was a country, 5th highest incarceration rate in the world!

Trump just utterly collapsed in Florida, at least according to this new Q Poll

Hillary Clinton to Say Trump Could Drive the U.S. Economy Off a Cliff

Trump Has Become a Contestant on 'The Biggest Loser'

US defense chief: NATO to take part in Daesh war

Chris Murphy Tweet:I am disappointed in results of the votes tonight. But I know we will not stop

Stop a Douchebag - Damned Waterfront

Bad Businessman | The Briefing

Boeing’s Shameful Attacks On Its South Carolina Employees’ Rights Will Not Go Unchallenged

Donald Trump is the Ultimate Con Man

Boeing’s Shameful Attacks On Its South Carolina Employees’ Rights Will Not Go Unchallenged

Boeing’s Shameful Attacks On Its South Carolina Employees’ Rights Will Not Go Unchallenged

The Two Sides of Hate

"Lily" the rescued "paintball Horse" was euthanized today under her favorite tree on Stewart Farm.

The Devastating Process of Dying in America Without Insurance

American Nazi organization rally at Madison Square Garden, 1939

Wait a second...Trump paid himself $400,000 to RENT HIS OWN HOUSE for a press conference?

Alert software didn't work...


Chris Christie’s traffic jam is not over: The Bridgegate cover-up might be hiding in plain slight

There are many good reasons not to pick Liz warren

PG&E to shut down Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

Coalition asks congressional leaders to stop Rule 41 change

Here are 5 bombshell revelations that show Trump’s campaign is a massive con job

Blackout: Venezuela's Activist Journalists

I want to thank you.

MIRT flying blind with new Jury System.

"Sonia Sotomayor's opinion Monday in the Supreme Court's Utah v. Strieff ruling was a masterpiece."

David Crosby Will Reportedly Pay $3 Million to Jogger He Injured in Car Accident

Are people backing the wrong Trump ?

List the characteristics Hillary needs in a VP

PG&E to close Diablo Canyon, California's last nuclear power plant

Made in China v Made in Germany

"America's gun problem is so much bigger than mass shootings"

“Health Ranger” Sells Remedy for Disease He Doesn’t Think Exists

I just had a weird person on my porch.

Live stream: Clinton rally in Columbus - Economic speech attacking Trump

The Atlantic - The Republican Party’s White Strategy

IMO, Trump is following my Oct 13 idea, when average voters start to pay attention.

Pink ~ Crystal ball

The rationale for Trump’s presidential candidacy is crumbling

Egypt court quashes Red Sea islands' transfer to Saudis

What do you read in the expression on this man's face?


Best wishes to the UK in its vote on Brexit

About those hats

Biden: "Not a single, solitary recommendation" in diplomats' slam of Syria policy

Bernie Sanders Campaign on May Fundraising

Trump may be recognizing that his campaign is like a boat.

Trump just collapsed in a key swing state

Curfew eased so Tonya Couch can seek job

How neoliberalism’s moral order feeds fraud and corruption

Sanders Statement on Gun Safety Votes

Who Is to Blame for Brexit’s Appeal? British Newspapers

Trump tactics: delegate & point fingers

Sanjay Valvani, hedge fund manager charged with insider trading, found dead

NYPD officials busted in corruption investigation took 'substantial bribes'...

Hillary Clinton’s Record On LGBT Rights

Why handwriting is still essential in the keyboard age

I got blocked by Scott Baio!

Berta Cáceres's name was on Honduran military hitlist, says former soldier

Wavy Gravy, the Clown Prince of Hippiedom, turns 80

Berta Cáceres's name was on Honduran military hitlist, says former soldier

Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea beam as they leave hospital with baby Aidan

Donald Trump to Deliver 'Big Speech' Against Hillary Clinton

25 of the Most Ridiculous “Florida Man” Headlines

Mr. Trump’s sense of humor is about as sharp as a soup spoon.

White House denounces senators as cowards on gun control

How much money do you actually need to keep a campaign afloat?

US-Led Coalition Says Only 1/3 of Fallujah Cleared of IS

Hillary Clinton's VP search moves into more intense phase

Guccifer just posted a bunch of doc's from the DNC

Hillary Clinton Opens Up Lead Over Donald Trump in Florida, New Poll Shows

Pic Of The Moment: So, It's Clear To Everybody Now That This Trump Thing Is Just A Scam, Right?

Sanders' anti-superdelegate push gains steam in Senate

Euro 2016: Wales finishes at top of Group B in the group stage!

Scientists crack mystery of Venus’s vanished water: How electric wind blows oxygen out of the atmosp

Don Trump (again) says US troops are thieves. Vets explode in anger.

If the GOP doesn't run Donald Trump as their nominee

The Reince Priebus Drinking's secret word is "PIVOT."

3 people arrested w/ multiple loaded guns, rifles, bullet-proof vests at Holland Tunnel NJ

Freeper thread on the Trumpster's anemic fundraising, is a riot.

Violence Policy Center Statement on Today’s Vote in the U.S. Senate

A 9 point shift towards Clinton in a month. Via @Politics_Polls

In honor of Sansa Stark

Senate Republicans Call For More Surveillance After Orlando Massacre

Watching Hillary's speech -

My sympathies with Texas on the chronic Texas-bashing on DU

Live link for Hillary's economic speech in Ohio ON NOW

To make chocolate healthier and tastier, all you need is an electric field

If The GOP Establishment Dumped Trump who do you think would replace him

Timeline of Juno Jupiter Orbit Insertion events

"Forget new gun control: Citing Orlando, House may roll back existing D.C. gun laws"

Courtesy of David Corn via trending hashtag #BakeSalesForTrump

Justice Department opposes new Obama proposal on Guantanamo

The Improbability Principle (Or things that have a one in 64 million chance happen... ALL the TIME!)

Congress Bans Studying Gun Violence, AGAIN!

HRC just compared Trump's economic plans to Robert Mugabe.

Macedonian president escapes impeachment over wiretap scandal

Donald Trump is ranked as one of the top threats to the global economy

I am curious about how supporting our Presumptive Nominee is going to happen on the new DU.

I can pinpoint precisely when I became pro-LGBT. The summer I turned 12.

tRump's FEC filings, Some interesting expenses in there...

Forget the presidency, Republicans should worry about losing the House

"What It’s Like to Grow Up as a Closeted Gay Extremist Muslim"

Israeli military says Palestinian teen killed by mistake after stone throwing incident

Clinton to meet with House Democrats on Wednesday

If Trump Bails, I Think Romney Would be the Nominee

Fattah convicted of federal corruption charges

Trump Offers to Match Campaign Donations

Importer recalls fish from Vietnam that went to Aldi stores

A Bare Majority Still Want Trump Nominated

Hillary: "He's written a lot of books about business. They all seem to end at Chapter 11."

One month from today..... The real nightmare.

Inmate No. 47991-424: Hastert to report to prison this week

Does #Trumpsopoor say more about him or Hillary?

Kovter malware learns from Poweliks with persistent fileless registry update

350 yr old “Sonata di Chittarra, e Violino, con il suo Basso Continuo” sounds a lot like "Stairway"

Question from wryter2000

Three day wait for those on terror watch would have changed nothing.

With Hillary taking Trump apart today,

Trump screwing his vendors is messed up...

Donald Trump isn’t running a bad campaign.

Some countries don't spend their money on Walls; but invest in High Speed Infrastructure

DR Congo warlord Bemba jailed over war crimes

This survived a jury

I Heard On A TV Newscast Today That Repugs Are Saying Dems Are Politicizing The Gun Issue To.....

What are the odds that Trump will sue when he loses in November?

What would happen if people protested outside of gun stores?

Big or Small, Favor Begats Favor

Israel wants someone to build a $5 billion island off Gaza — for a seaport, hotels, airport

Nigerian government agrees ceasefire with militants in oil-rich Niger Delta: official

The love affair between science and poetry

EU to Back Mideast Peace With 'Unprecedented' Support

Trump questions Clinton’s religion

Rare Newborn Planet May Be the Youngest Ever Detected

More Than 500 People Were Shot In America During the Week After Orlando

Trump VP Choice Rumor...

Getting Slapped Around: An Interview with Dorthe Nors

Brooklyn Voter Purge Hit Hispanics Hardest

Hillary Clinton’s Speech: What You Missed

Now here is a stumper. Once officially nominated, Trump will begin receiving classified briefingss

Donald Trump's broke campaign paid $35,000 to a fictional advertising company..

Woman who escaped tormentor ran into street and store naked and no one would help her

The shady people and groups behind "Draper Sterling".

Happy 34th Birthday to Prince William!

Are GE threads, or threads about Trump, RNC, etc

Did you ever hear the theme song from "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly".

New bipartisan Pac calls on Trump to 'release the measurements' of his hands

Trump: If GOP Doesn't Support Me, Fine, 'I Have A Lot Of Cash'

Clinton Goes There: Maybe Trump Isn't As Rich As He Says He Is

America's gun problem is so much bigger than mass shootings

Trader Joe's agrees to cut greenhouse gas emissions in settlement with Justice Department

Right-wing broadcaster who wants Christian martyrs urges Trump fans to use AR-15s against protesters

Clinton: "Trump has written a lot of books about business. They all seem to end at chapter 11"

Secret Service veterans denounce anti-Clinton tell-all book

U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah convicted in racketeering case

Any Amazon eBook (Kindle) readers out there?

Idjit. Trump questions Clinton's religion

Donald Trump thought he could overpower the NRA. He was wrong.

Japanese Donald Trump commercial -- omg! hilarious!

Photos: Strawberry Moon Takes D.C. Sky

Fox says 'Gay journalists are too biased'

Where is Donald Trump’s campaign money going? To Donald Trump.

With ~1 million votes left to count in CA (all parties), Hillary still leads by about 450K

Republican Governors Are Preventing You From Getting A Raise

Scottish Guy Is Flying A Mexican Flag Next To Donald Trump’s Golf Course Today

the google doodle for strawberrymoon/solstice

What is Trump spending his meager campaign resources on? Why, himself, of course.

US Low-Skill Males Drop Out Of Jobs Market

Some electoral maps based on predictwise odds.

Benchmark Politics Electoral Map update

Oi Bankruptcy Sends Shockwaves Through Brazil’s Financial System

Riley Curry, a 29-year-old ex-football player, talks about abuse meant for Steph Curry's daughter

A 14 yr old coerced into a murder confession spent 14 years in prison.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is pushing out a detailed Republican platform

Better Mental Health Care Is Worth the Expense

1 banana + 2 eggs = 6 pancakes.

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Bystander After Israeli Cars Attacked

Trapped Again (documentary on TRAP laws)

Trapped Again (documentary on TRAP laws)

Trapped Again (documentary on TRAP laws)

Trapped Again (documentary on TRAP laws)

TCM commercial. Who does that song .... I'm so lucky .... that is all the lyric I can catch

Socialist Progressives Group - SOP

THE NEW Senate Bipartisan Gun Control Proposal

Before European Christians Forced Gender Roles, Native Americans Acknowledged 5 Genders

Lawsuit Accuses Donald Trump Of Raping Teenage Girl In 1994

Elegy For The Arctic -- Ludovico Einaudi

Hillary should not pick Warren but she should pick a true progressive anyway.

Trump panders to evangelical leaders by promising to force store clerks to say ‘Merry Christmas’

Michael Jackson Stockpiled Child Porn and Animal Torture Photos

Horace and Pete n/t

Trump Campaign Announces Evangelical Executive Advisory Board // Return of the Bachmann

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 21, 2016

Conservative radio host Wayne Dupree: "Trunk continues to defy the odds"

Trump says Hillary is a "secret Muslim"

Trump Campaign Announces Evangelical Executive Advisory Board

Markos: Hillary Clinton 'pivots' to GE by affirming same great liberal policies from primary

The GOP might as well just run Arthur Ponzi as their candidate...

Ex-Trump Insider: Donald Doesn’t Want to Be President

I reported Omar Mateen to the FBI. Trump is wrong that Muslims don’t do our part.

imagine if Hillary was funneling campaign money back to Bill?

Woody Allen predicted the future in Sleeper

For his next trick, Trump questions Clinton’s religious faith

Warren on trump and his Unpaid Taxes

When is Obama going to start campaigning?

Trump’s Campaign Con Collapses. Sad!

Scotland: Ollie the cat, missing for three years, now home safe

1 good example of why to KEEP Super Delegates; John Edwards .... full stop

Straight allies standing up for LGBT community in Orlando

Ahead of tRump visit to Scotland, neighbors of his golf course erect Mexican flags in solidarity

A question for you:

Giving reasons for locks


Kids making their voices heard outside the Capital!

What Trump and Brexit have in common.

Greenwald: People on watch list have a right to get guns. Democrats suck for thinking otherwise.

Guilty: U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah Sr. Convicted Of Political Corruption

Do you think Trump is trying to lose on purpose?

I'm watching Hillary's speech on economic policy.

Do we get to know...

Sanders accidentally visits GOP lunch

Reminder--the Copa América semifinal (USA vs. Argentina) is tonight at 9

Federalist: Trump's Fake 2016 Campaign Is A Cry For Help

An Unearthly Sound is Emanating From the Caribbean Sea

Understanding trump the Salesman and his Sales Techniques

‘Santos to announce ceasefire with FARC on Thursday’

‘Santos to announce ceasefire with FARC on Thursday’

Federal appeals court skeptical of North Carolina voting restrictions

Trump May 2016 expenditures: $208K, "Make America Great" hats. $48K, data mgmt. $115K, online ads.

Trump runs his campaign like he ran his casinos — right into the ground

The Art Of The Steal !! Ha ha

Cub of well-known Wyoming grizzly killed by car

Roll Call: Compromise Gun Proposal Gains Bipartisan Support, Raises White House Concerns

DNC presidential primary voting reform--where do you stand?

Donald Trump's campaign doesn't have enough money for a three-bedroom home in Santa Monica

Golden Chicken With Tomatoes and Olives

DNC Hacker Dumps Trove of Clinton Documents

Hillary Clinton for President: The Philadelphia Magazine Endorsement

Hillary Clinton: Trump’s Business Books ‘All Seem To End At Chapter 11’

Trump's Strategic Box - Josh Marshall

Malheur Defendants Want Facebook Evidence Thrown Out Of Court

Jeep That Crushed Anton Yelchin Had Been Recalled

There's no doubt about it, Trump will be by far the GREATEST...

Did anyone just hear the piece on NPR about doctors in Syria?

Susan Collins Unveils a Gun-Control Compromise

Amazon jaguar shot dead at Olympic torch ceremony

A Long-Lost Manuscript Contains a Searing Eyewitness Account of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921

Warren email: Clinton “a fighter” who will take on Wall Street, student-loan debt ...

Man charged in three Morgan County killings held without bond (WV)

Aryan Brotherhood member arrested in Utah for attempted murder

How is Donald Trump going to quit?

My e-mail from Elizabeth Warren

You can't handle the truth about terror

In 2 days BrExit might determine who will be in the WH. Normally

Resurgence of White Supremacist Acts Post-Obama Election Still Going Strong

Anyone have an opinion on Google Domains?

What's wrong with this picture?

Jaguar used in Olympic torch event killed in Brazil

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? Probably, but It's Complicated

What do we consider reputable news sources?

In Vegas, Donald Trump took the longtime psychosis of the GOP base and amplified it.

LOTS of flash flood warnings for Virginia now,

Mayor suspected of massacre arrested in Honduras

The US is spending trillions less on health care — and uninsured rates are at an all-time low

So will Iker Casillas return for the match against Italy ?

PG&E agrees to close Diablo Canyon in 2025

Wildfire ~ Dedicated to RiffRandell

Brazil speaker refuses to quit, denies corruption charges

Thom Hartmann : It Is Time To Repeal The Second Amendment

Twitter Trolls Are Reporting Pro-LGBT Muslim Women to Their Governments,

Results of jury vote

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Brazilian Luxury Clothing Company Busted for Slave Labor

If you love to look at pics of animals smiling, you're going to love this....

Second round of strong storms sweeping through D.C. area (Updates)

#JobInterviewAtTrumpCampaignHQ trending #2 now. Today's Trump #HashJoke

How can so many Americans be having such a rough time when the nation's overall wealth is soaring?

4 Year Old Iowa Boy Finds Parents Gun & Dies After Shooting Self In Head

From Their Cold Dead Hands | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

One of the members of Trump’s new evangelical advisory committee was not a big fan in November.

I think the new rules will have unintended consequences...

Finally cut our land line.......was costing us 50.00 a month, wasn't breaking us

Black Georgia GOP official booted from Atlanta Trump event with no explanation

Spencer Zwick, America Rising PAC Chairman, just stated on MSNBC that

Mike Malloy - A Deathride From Hell

Sweet justice: Anti-gay Pastor who celebrated Orlando shootings is getting booted from his building

I found a glitch ( I think ). An OP I posted in The Lounge went missing.

Here's the Guy Behind Trump's Weird 'Mad Men' Connection

Just how stupid are the voters in Steve King's district?

Don the Con is a raving lunatic

Oops, glitch in the new jury system?

Okay, Hillary got off a good dig at The Donald, lol...

How Do We Turn An #Oligarchy Into A #Democracy?

The Failed #Gun Vote Is Just One Example Of Our Lobbyist-Funded #Congress!

Is Rep. Jeb Henserling The Fox Guarding The #Financial Hen House?

Suggestion to a change in the alert process.

Omar Mateen and the convenient myth of the violent, self-hating ‘closet homosexual’


Exactly what does "post removed" mean?

UAW Says Volkswagen Reneged on Deal to Recognize Union

UAW Says Volkswagen Reneged on Deal to Recognize Union

UAW Says Volkswagen Reneged on Deal to Recognize Union

Obama at Yosemite attacks 'lip service' to natural beauty amid climate inaction

Pants on Fire!!! A test about lies, liars, and those being lied to

Could it be any better than this?

North Korea Fires Missile, South Korea Says

Clinton Suprme Ct. appointee Stephen Breyer today helped the Court's four conservatives. . .

Iowa congressman wants to block $20 Tubman

Trump is not going to like this toon

Steve King (R-IA) Proposes Legislation to Block Harriet Tubman From Being on $20 Bill

Trump’s campaign has renewed his support for the United Kingdom leaving the European Union,

U.S. Military Says Will Not Disclose Details On Injured Service Members

Nevada Reporter Who Falsely Claimed Sanders Supporters Threw Chairs Just Got What He Deserves

Former attorneys general oppose McAuliffe order on rights

Trump: 'We don't know anything about Hillary in terms of religion'

Is facebook deleting atheist pages? Yes - thanks to harassment campaigns by some Muslim groups

The "return to electric after 20 years" Ritchie Blackmore looks ill, bored, or both.

New York Times: Trump’s Self-Funding Includes Payments to Family and His Companies

TYT: Wall Street Threatens Clinton Over Warren

Cpl. Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan Was An American Soldier

Donald Trump Questions Hillary Clinton’s Religious Faith

Nevada sheriff: Suspect confesses to death of bride-to-be

Cross Post - The VPC said so, so it must be true

Beijing workshop 'educates' Catholic clergy

Rescued birds settling in at new $2 million digs at Fontenelle Forest

Rescued birds settling in at new $2 million digs at Fontenelle Forest

FBI: Indiana teen attempted to join Islamic State

why aren't I bein notified...........

California Wildfires Threaten To Merge As Hundreds Flee

Warren, Kaine, Castro on Clinton running-mate short list. Who do you think she will pick?

Trump Is Paying Himself With Campaign Cash. Is That Legal?