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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Florida Man strikes out with woman, shoots up her house, and she's not home.

The Magic of the Summer Solstice

Trump questions Clinton’s religion

Appeals court tosses NLRB ruling in union dispute with Verizon

Appeals court tosses NLRB ruling in union dispute with Verizon

Buh bye Floriduh!

Cuban Says Trump Is Getting ‘Stupider’

Appeals court tosses NLRB ruling in union dispute with Verizon

Trump will not be the nominee

Trump’s attacks on freedom of religion

Baseball Fans Rescue Puppy Stuck Inside Hot Car at Stadium (VIDEO)

A new swing state poll brings good news for Hillary Clinton

Trump Threatens to Abandon the RNC

Arizona congressman calls for legalized marijuana in Arizona

When choosing a VP, it's not just about who you would "like" it to be. It's the WHOLE picture.

Trump May Have Committed Fraud

Poll: why do you think Trump has not released his tax returns?

Argentine pop artist and conservationist Nicolás García Uriburu dies at 78.

Argentine pop artist and conservationist Nicolás García Uriburu dies at 78.

North Korea conducts dual test of Musudan missile

Argentine pop artist and conservationist Nicolás García Uriburu dies at 78.

How Trump Fired His Campaign Manager

I really like the new jury system.

Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Pulse shooter Omar Mateen ‘did it for revenge’: alleged ex-lover

How could any reasonably intelligent person NOT say WTF?

Does anyone else like polishing shoes?.....

What do DUers thinkk of when they see Sherrod Brown

Trump warns evangelical leaders: 'Clinton will be worse than Obama'

Koch network amasses forces for senate republicans, but voters want to talk Trump

Why you don't draw on a drawn gun!

Being on a jury is now confusing

Attacks in ISIS’ Name Expose a Struggle to Spot Future Terrorists

Trump's total policy vacuousness gives Hillary space to connect with average Americans

Ex-U.S. House Speaker Hastert to report to prison on Wednesday

Feds Investigating Whether Employee Was Plotting Attack on Homeland Security Officials

Trump vows to lift ban on politicking, appoint antiabortion judges

New York area car wash workers get more than $91,000 each in unpaid wages

War drives terrorism

RNC taking down Lebron sign for convention

Two California men convicted of plotting to support Islamic State

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Disturbia! & Uncensored & Live & a

A new swing state poll brings good news for Hillary Clinton

U.S. arrests Indiana man it says planned to join Islamic State

Donald Trump’s ‘Evangelical Executive Advisory Board’ is a ‘Who’s Who’ of Anti-Gay Figures

Gabby Giffords And Mark Kelly On The U.S. Senate’s Failure To Act To Reduce Gun Violence

Calling out the extremely toxic effects of repressive hetero-normative culture is NOT homophobia...

Why hasn't Donald trump ever finished a novel?

Trump (almost) launches

POLITICSNevada Reporter Who Falsely Claimed Sanders Supporters Threw Chairs Just Got What He Deserve

GOPer Attempting To Block Changes To Currency, Would Halt Tubman Addition

Former Secret Service Agent’s Book On The Clintons Contradicted By His Own Testimony

U.S. in new talks with Venezuela amid worsening crisis

U.S. in new talks with Venezuela amid worsening crisis

Headlines across Pennsylvania slam @PatToomey for blocking bipartisan gun safety measures:

I may have to delete my Facebook page.

Donald Trump’s Self-Funding Includes Payments to Family and His Companies

Cleveland V. RNC? GOP Plans To Take Down City's Iconic LeBron James Sign

GR NAACP, lawyer question decision to shoot suspect

Ukip voters worried that government will rig EU referendum, new poll finds

The GOP’s weak on defense: Republicans sacrifice national security by pandering to right-wing nuts

Federal agency upholds California abortion coverage mandate

Standing Up for Democracy in Venezuela fRump using campaign $ to line his own pockets, and then deliberately fail

Unemployment rates dropped last month in Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties compared to a year ear

Top US diplomat to meet with Venezuela officials amid crisis

HC: Trump has written a lot of books about business—but they all seem to end at Chapter 11.

But regulations say a child must actually be lead poisoned before any repairs or moves are approved.

Berta Cáceres Was at Top of Honduras Military's Kill List: Whistleblower

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Will Starve All The Poor People Unless He Can Deny Them Cake

OK Missouri, time to get busy.

Arkansas News - 6/21/2016

I am going to see Hillary tomorrow in Raleigh

Brooklyn Voter Purge Hit Hispanics Hardest

FEC indicates Huckabee himself must pay for unauthorized use of 'Eye of the Tiger'

Had an idea for a way to put "check cashing" shops out of business. Looking for feedback.

I just served on a jury

Palm Springs Breaks 87-Year Record @ 122F; Riverside 113F; Indio 120F; Thermal 119F (All Records)

Nine executed, assassinated, 23 disappeared, at least 21 arrested, 45 in hospital, 100+ injured

Donald Trump is a stalking horse for Jeb Bush

Hillary Clinton uses Donald Trump's own words against him in Columbus speech

“He’d get kicked out of 'Shark Tank' so fast, it would make your head spin.”

The labor movement won't survive if it doesn't help Black women to thrive

LGBT activist confronts homophobe Tony Perkins: 'YOU are responsible' for the violence in Orlando

Hundreds of new evacuations across West as wildfires surge

Trump's full page ad demanding the death penalty for the Central Park 5 -- who were later exonerated

Yep, Definitely a Billionaire

Whew! It was 97 F in Boulder, CO today.

Well, Damn, Colorado's Teen Marijuana Usage Dips after Legalization

Suggestion for HRC for the convention and the fall campaign: Please don't listen to Bill.

Clinton is vetting three for vice president — but is still studying a longer list

New Polls Confirm Hillary Clinton’s Decisive Lead Over Donald Trump Surveys give her an average 7-p

Louisiana News - 6/21/2016

the results of a jury?

One of the original members of the Moral Majority is mourning

To what extent must members of DU support Hillary Clinton?

Europe's Robots "Electronic Persons" Draft | Olli, First 3D Printed Self-Driving Bus Now in DC

If Trump is replaced, the Gov of SC, IMO would be the smart GOP


We need more surveillance when it comes to guns

Gretna 'sovereign citizen' guilty of mail fraud (LA)

Evangelical leader says Trump is ‘un-Christian,' endorses Clinton

No U.S. criminal charges for police in Mexican farmworker's death

They dared to register blacks to vote, and the KKK killed them

Mike Malloy - Republicans Are The Party Of Death

Judge: US Agency Lacks Authority to Set Rules on Fracking

Trio Arrested After Racist Insults at Restaurant (MA)

"Thats Nothing!" Trump campaign is losing it.

Lumberyard Cat Offers Cuddles for 12 Years Since He Showed Up as a Stray

Clinton slams Trump's business background in economy speech

Here comes Glastonbury

no sunday lol cats this past sunday (father's day)? n/t

Can you feel the love?

How much money does Trump really have ?

How American politics became insane (the Atlantic)

Across Venezuela, cities are erupting in protests and looting over food shortages.

Oklahoma News - 6/21/2016

By Screening ‘The Magnitsky Act,’ the Newseum Stood Up for the First Amendment

Netanyahu Attempts Last-minute Damage Control Against Quartet Report on Stalemate in Peace

Donald Trump’s Most Offensive Tweets From 2015, “Jesus Was A Loser…”

If WWI Was A Bar Fight

238 arrested in sweep of suspected child sex predators

How much money does your Senator get paid from the NRA?

Some thoughts on Orlando

Has anyone tried, or know someone who's tried, special glasses for color blindness?

Clinton says she would veto any efforts to roll back Wall St reform and the CFPB, the things Trump

New Mexico News - 6/22/2016

Posts removed will still show up on the person's journal in all their glory

Posting this from 'Jewish Tea Party Patriots' to get it off my mind.Re: Eliz Warren

I am seriously considering selling my semiauto rifle.

Is it OK to have a thread about how completely and utterly loathsome the two male spawn

Broadway For Orlando-What The World Needs Now

The Slow Death of the Syria Cease-Fire Brings a Hybrid War With Russia Closer

Cuba’s “Battle for Ideas” Affects Us All, or Could, and Should

I would like to elaborate on a jury post I just submitted

Cuba’s “Battle for Ideas” Affects Us All, or Could, and Should

Almost the entire nation of Venezuela is too broke to eat

MJ - Today Brings Yet More Obamacare Non-Failure

A Creamy, Sweet Tribute to Summer

Peru president: 'We will cut off US ties if Trump wins'

If Elizabeth Warren is HRC's VP pick, I will be over the moon!!! (nt)

Peru president: 'We will cut off US ties if Trump wins'

Rabbi Michael Lerner's prayer and remarks at Muhammad Ali's funeral

India launches 20 satellites in single mission

Looking Under the GOP's Hood -- Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Brazilian in $30m bribery case spills beans - including NZ link

Trump is a bad influence on Americans.

In the blink of an eye, 11 children lost their mother. Monday in Orlando they mourned.

The Racist and Sexist Nature of Brazil’s New Government

The Racist and Sexist Nature of Brazil’s New Government

Mark Cuban on Donald Trump: "It's rare that you see someone get stupider before your eyes..."

ACLU won its lawsuit against Skagit Valley Hospital!

Kansas News - 6/22/2016

Secret Service Association Calls Author of New Clinton 'Swiftboat' Book A Liar

a tribute to Moose ("Eddie" on Frasier)

Nebraska News - 6/22/2016

Elizabeth Warren Hits 'Lousy Businessman' Trump Where It Hurts

Daily Holidays - June 22

African American Group - it's 1952

South Dakota News - 6/22/2016

Pennsylvania House votes to expand restrictions on abortion

North Dakota News - 6/22/2016

Is it beyond other non-Hispanic Democrat politicians to become fluent in Spanish ?

Trump the ultimate Con Man, Cons the RNC to pay for his campaign with GOP contributions

Banning all Muslims vs. Banning all guns: an examination

ABC news is giving Trump's campaign too much positive free coverage.....

Koch network amasses forces for Senate Republicans, but voters want to talk Trump

Please put a message in my mailbox in April 2020. Please bookmark.

Fucking Horrible. Fucking Typical. Nothing to see here.

Wyoming News - 6/22/2016

The Cheney Loophole- big enough for big oil to pollute to their hearts' content

Dobson and Reed and Bachman and more. Meet tRump's Evangelical Advisory Board

Rio 2016: Rory McIlroy pulls out of Olympics because of fears over Zika virus

Have you ever been to tRump's website? Wowzer.

US grand jury indicts Australian geneticist on child sex trafficking charge

"Are you kidding? You can't blame me!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

That one weird trick how you can "self-fund" your expensive life-style without spending money!

House Speaker Ryan unveils Republican alternative to Obamacare

North Korea missile reaches new heights, 'intensifying' threat to Japan

Senate likely to pass FBI spying bill after Orlando shooting

Possible Wet-Bulb Reading Of 41C In Odisha, India, 12-13 June 2016 = Heat Index Of 160F

Female teen mason invited to a different national competition

Netherlands drops case against man suspected of killing Isis fighters

Guardian: Insult, provoke, repeat: how Donald Trump became America's Hugo Chávez

Hey Hillary Campaign! - (hats)

Polish air disaster: Official convicted over Smolensk crash

Montana News - 6/22/2016

KING: The Democratic Party doesn't understand or connect with young voters

Here's a look at the fundraising email Trump sent out. It's like a 70s Ron Popeil infomercial.

"Let Trump be Trump" is the very same as ......

Suggestion to a change in the alert process.

Why Is The #ChamberOfCommerce Waging War on #Solar Power?

Is #Trump Using #Nixon's Playbook to Take The White House?! (w/Guest: Lamar Waldron)

How does this OP not violate the new DU rules?

San Diego grocery workers approve strike

I don't trust the major TV networks....

Romney-Cruz - Holy Moley Republican ticket

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Yam Sandwich

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

What Clinton learned from Trump's GOP rivals

"Pastor prays with Trump at First Christian Church in Iowa last January." We need a better caption.

Abortion is weakness for Clinton VP favorite

"First, you gotta know what reality is." . . . Please coome CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Skinner's response, the admin chooses to not clarify if MI is covered under new insensitivity rule

The "other" Neil Young "came from the future back to the past to warn your ass"

20 Congress members send Obama letter requesting protection of Palestinian children

Rolling Stone: Trump's Bigotry Is a Drug to Texas Republicans

Idaho News - 6/22/2016

House Republicans Unveil Long-Awaited Replacement for Health Law

Actor crushed to death by his jeep, shines a spotlight on a known problem with the vehicle

MISS HIM YET? Ted Cruz on 2016: 'We may all need to run'

LGBT activist confronts homophobe Tony Perkins: 'YOU are responsible'...

Nearly Half of Sanders Supporters Won't Support Clinton

Russia's State TV Airs Evidence Of Russian Cluster Bombs In Syria

* Hey- Hey * ~ It's Kool-Aid Time

Authoritarian Leftism: The ACTUAL "Regressive Left"

NYT: Trump having trouble hiring communications director

this story is ginning up fury and outrage on the right. Never mind that it's false

GOP Profiling...

Mom Breaks Down Realizing Her Daughter Was Practicing Lockdown Drill In ‘Cute’ Bathroom Picture

Evangelical Tweets Trump Endorsement – With Framed PLAYBOY Photo In Background

Inside Trump’s Most Valuable Tower: Felons, Dictators and Girl Scouts

11 million Americans spend half their income on rent

"He could do Shakespeare, he could do Roddenberry. Nothing looked like a stretch"

L.A. County won't appeal ruling striking cross from county seal

Political GAmblers update: Trump dropping like a Rock

5 Adventist Churches Offer Free Funerals After Orlando Mass Shooting

AlGiordano on VP choice: Whomever the nominee chooses is my first choice. (HRC GP)

Tesla Offers to Acquire SolarCity

Pakistan Sufi singer Amjad Sabri shot dead in Karachi

"Guccifer" means: 40+ years after Watergate, GOP still doesn't think it can win

Today the longest serving ReTHUG Speaker of the House, Denny Hastert

"Make America White Again" campaign sign causing controversy in Polk Co.

Congress vs. the States on Guns

Clinton to tap Obama email network

We need some better Trump Memes; any suggestions?

Donald Trump accused of raping 13-year-old in federal lawsuit

Trump IS their nominee. Period. He has WON it. He is IT. End of story.

France will allow thousands of Calais refugees to cross Channel if UK votes for Brexit,

Grappling with Trump's fascism

So a guy will be shopping for more guns soon as he gets out of jail.

Marco Rubio will seek Senate re-election, reversing pledge not to run

Little Marco back in senate race

Rubio will run for reelection

**Cali Update** L.A. ballot supervising team fights to prevent discarding 1 in 4 provisional ballots

Cleveland V. RNC? GOP Plans To Take Down City's Iconic LeBron James Sign

"Make America White Again" campaign sign in TN

Donald Trump Plays Right Into ISIS’ Hands

Oregon News - 6/22/2016

Hastert to Report to Prison Today

If Trump is as rich as he says then why is he drawing a salary from his campaign?

Defeating Little Marco is a moral imperative.

Well, this explains a whole lot: America's upper middle class is thriving.

Daniel Radcliffe: The Advice Donald Trump Gave Me When I Was 11

I get the vibe that in the current political climate, Jews and white gay men are not deemed ...

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. From a Republican Analyst.

Bachmann’s new gig: Trump adviser on evangelical issues

The best and worst states to raise children in

Little Marco poll *

The Gutting of the Voting Rights Act Could Decide the 2016 Election

Wounded deputy who lost health insurance will get one-time payment from Deuel County

"God works in mysterious ways, but evolution isn't one of them." Come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!

How to Play the Media for the Suckers they are

Mental Illness & The Ableism Of Capitalism - Katie Klabusich Part One

So there are usually three debates between the Presidential candidates

Toomey up, Obama up, Wolf not so much

OK I've decided to watch Don the Con's teleprompter attack speech

The B-Team gets busted while on a mission to save kidnap victim...

We looked for the millions that Trump says he gave secretly to charity. Found-1 Gift.

Trio of 'vigilantes' arrested outside Holland Tunnel with loaded guns, and 2,000 rounds of ammo

Elizabeth Warren MoveOn Add Against tRump

Digging in the imaginary dirt: Trump’s speech devised to destroy Hillary today is based on...

Trump's Campaign Has No Money, Wall Street Has No Love for Elizabeth Warren

Washington News - 6/22/2016

FDR and Teddy Roosevelt argue over who Bernie is more like

'Coral Zombies' May Spell Doom for Coral Reefs Around World

What's the difference between a denominator and a numerator?

LePage says he’ll go ahead with food stamp junk food ban without federal OK

Who You Gonna Call? ... Trumpbusters ...

Hello to all... I have two questions...

I'm listening to tRump's speech this morning. AMA.

Rump already off the deep end in his "economic" speech!

Trump's attacks on Hillary sound familiar

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Anti-Hillary Clinton Speech in NYC (6-22-16)

Hill Yes! (an inspiring twitter tale)

Recycling Polystyrene and Expanded Polystyrene

Take a Virtual Dive in Tropical Waters today

Want to hear a racist, dirty joke?

As important as it is to support Hillary we must

Trump talking about LGBT Americans

Marco Rubio: I’m running for reelection because both Trump and Clinton scare me

At the park this morning.

Oh, lordy, listening to trump is torture

Thoughts and Prayers.... the game

With a comical pandering session, Trump shows how irrelevant the Christian right has become

Grocery shopping during Venezuela’s food shortages

Has any formal Presidential nominee withdrawn prior a General Election?

Byrne “was too low-ranking” to have witnessed the gossipy events he details in the book

Colorado News - 6/22/2016

2 Berkshire Hathaway affiliates accused in California of workers’ comp ‘scheme’

Gun Violence Restraining Order

Senators Hail Themselves For Unveiling Gun Bill That Affects 2,700 Americans

"You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery"

BREAKING: House Democrats holding "sit-in" on House floor (literally)

I think Trump could turn me into "a broken glass voter" for HRC

Trump: Clinton is a 'world-class liar'....fuck you don

E X A C T L Y !

Even "good" changes are hard

Oh wow!..Trump can READ!

So you watched the speech. You made comments on what an asshole he is, but . . . .

IMHO Hillary should say nothing about that speech. Just let the surrogates do it.

The NYT review and fact check of the trumpster's speech

Trump trying to turn lgbtq folks against Muslims is despicable...

25 Worst Jobs Ever That Are Nearly Unbelievable

I like the new jury system

Trump Hits Clinton's 'Phony Landing' In Bosnia, Compares Her To Brian Williams

Mistrust after Tuskegee experiments may have taken years off black men’s lives

Speaker Paul Ryan Stays Mum On Trump's Attack On Clinton's Religion


Democrats holding a sit-in on the House floor over gun control!!

A Bishop In The Exam Room: When Faith Dictates Health Care Instead Of Science

BTRTN Takes a Bloody Hard Look at the Brexit Polls: Our Prediction

A Bishop In The Exam Room: When Faith Dictates Health Care Instead Of Science

A Bishop In The Exam Room: When Faith Dictates Health Care Instead Of Science

UPDATED: Dems stage sit-in on House floor to push for gun vote

A Bishop In The Exam Room: When Faith Dictates Health Care Instead Of Science

A Bishop In The Exam Room: When Faith Dictates Health Care Instead Of Science

Ex-NFL player Tim Tebow visits friend shot in nightclub

3 Campaigns With More Money Than Trump's: Sanders, Cruz And Even Carson

On Don the Con's crap speech - It's being fact checked

Apple Opposes Bill Protecting Users’ ‘Right To Repair’

Anyone watching Rep. Lewis on CSPAN right now? (Speech preceding sit-in)

Social media skewers Trump’s anti-Clinton speech: Nothing but ‘spittle inducing rage and lies’

Warren to campaign with Clinton in Ohio on Monday

Warren to campaign with Clinton in Ohio

Why does DU allow the same article to be posted in several forums?

Hillary is ALREADY perfectly positioned to "get" the independent vote since it seems

John Lewis leading gun control sit-in on House floor

Donald Trump walks among the ancient Greeks.

Red Line flood @ Cleveland Park!

JinnyOops!-rusted hope

Australian commission: Military cadets raped as initiation

Senate fails to advance FBI spying bill after Orlando shooting

Senate fails to advance FBI spying bill after Orlando shooting

3 dead, 1 hurt in Thurston County shooting

Chicago Teachers Union, police reform group rally downtown for tax hike, elected cop oversight board

A mole in the Trump camp


Justice Department unveils 'largest takedown ever' to combat Medicare fraud

California ROCK N ROLL ~~~JinnyOopS!

Cats Against Brexit, boat battles, and other aspects of the campaign

Chicago Teachers Union, police reform group rally downtown for tax hike, elected cop oversight board

Chicago Teachers Union, police reform group rally downtown for tax hike, elected cop oversight board

Ex-Secret Service Agent’s Book Differs from His Testimony

Anyone remember Hurricane Agnes

Rep. John Lewis takes action on gun violence. He is a National Treasure not the Establishment!

U.S. will spend $2.6 trillion less on healthcare than expected before Obamacare, study projects

Alabama justice denies telling judges to block gay marriages (He did)

I really believe a Clinton-Warren team is looking better and better...

Landlord asks Sacramento hate church to leave, won’t renew lease

Evangelical Responds to Trump’s Private Meeting with Evangelicals, Endorses Hillary

No women need apply: Yacht club's men-only policy rankles

No women need apply: Yacht club's men-only policy rankles


Top 10 Conservative Idiots #32: Wheel O’Corruption 5: Cheeto Jesus Edition

Same-sex marriages in U.S. up, domestic partnerships down: Gallup

Summer is here. Do you swim in warm freshwater? 3 tips to remember if you do:

House Republicans Shut Off Cameras After Democrats Start Sit-In For Gun Control

France's Veolia sued for 'botching' work in Michigan water crisis

Democrats "Sit-in" Re: GUNS

Poverty rate in Greater Buenos Aires jumps from 22% to 35.5% during Macri's first 5 months in office

#NoMoreSilence sit in. Call your Rep, are they there too?

Venezuela indicts opposition activists amid recall effort

Venezuela indicts opposition activists amid recall effort

From Investment-Grade to Bankruptcy in 4 Months: Why Ratings Agencies are Still a Joke

Sierra Soetedjo~~ smooth JAZZ from Indonesia!

Support the Sit-In

The president just signed a law that affects nearly every product you use

China's plan to cut meat consumption by 50% cheered by climate campaigners

Dem sit-in in House chamber against gun violence. Good thing these Reps aren't teachers in Mexico.

Swedish footballer sent off for farting during match

American Dream' In These Cities Is Not Possible

TEPCO admits delay in declaring 'meltdown' was cover-up

after the op in gd about 5 genders, I found these interesting links and hope they are

Father of NY Teen Killed in Church Beating Pleads Guilty

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren to Campaign Together in Ohio on Monday!

Art of the Steal (GD 2016)

Heavy rain triggers evacuation orders, advisories for over 420,000 in Kyushu

Clinton to make case for ‘progressive’ economic reforms in North Carolina speech

An anti-vaxer threw some serious crazy at me on Facebook today.

Police: Driver on Drugs When He Killed Michigan Bicyclists

Trustees: Meager Hike In Social Security Benefits Next Year

Double happiness as China welcomes first giant panda twins of 2016

Awesome Hummingbirds

APNewsBreak: US Senate Panel Demands Info in Lottery Scandal

California woman's rape lawsuit against Donald Trump resurfaces in New York court (HRC GP)

Clinton is doing better with Bernie supporters... than Trump with non-Trump supporters

Looking for list of Sit-In participants, found this pic of Donna Edwards:

Dead sea: Tourism adding heat to bleaching emergency

Liar, liar, hair on fire

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Reports to Prison in Wheelchair

Sanders: 'It doesn't appear that I'm going to be the nominee'

Sec. Elizabeth Warren ~ Birthday Today! Born on June 22, 1949

Bernie Sanders is no spoiler: He’s trying to cure centrist complacency plaguing Democratic Party

(Holland Tunnel) The Latest: Lawyers Will Seek to Have Gun Evidence Tossed

Lightning kills at least 93 as monsoon sweeps India

Ever notice how Boris Johnson resembles Trump?

Is Darrell Issa Being Considered as Trump's VP?

If Congress wants to stand by the NRA then they should own it. Take it to their home constituencies

Ryan turns off CSPAN cameras and calls recess...TWICE...all because o' them pesky DEMS.

BREAKING: Donald Trump Hit With NEW Lawsuit Accusing Him Of Raping 13yr Old Girl

This born-in-Singapore robot could soon be your receptionist

Polling expert: It’s too close to call (Brexit)

Psychologists Behind CIA Interrogation Tactics Deny Torture

Republicans turned off House cameras. Democrats not going anywhere (pics)

Human Meets Humanoid

Trump wants to woo Bernie voters. In your opinion ...

1.3 million people turn out to Cavs parade

The brain, gut connection

Jimmy, Rosalynn Carter Mark 70 Years 'Even Closer Together'

Senator Al Franken joins House dems at sit in

Iphone to computer-connected TV: Has anyone ever tried this and gotten a good picture ?

Bernie Sanders to Address NALEO Annual Conference in Washington D.C.

PETITION & COUNTDOWN CLOCK to GMO Labeling in Vermont in: 8 Days 12 Hours 54 Minutes 25 Seconds

Admins im conflicted

IMF warns the US over high poverty

Banning guns versus banning alcohol.

Trump's campaign spends $6 million with Trump companies

Sanders: 'It doesn't appear that I'm going to be the nominee'"

Donald Trump’s Clinton attack speech reveals just how little he understands the world

From cash woes to digital #fails, Trump's campaign is 'worst of all possible worlds'

John Lewis: We will be silent no more!

LIVE Stream: Hillary Clinton Rally in Raleigh, North Carolina (6-22-2016) Responds to Donald Trump

IMPACT REPORT: 100 Examples of President Obama’s Leadership in Science, Technology, and Innovation

Donald Trump Is Really, Really Proud To Be The ‘King Of Debt’

PoliticusUSA: President Obama And Hillary Clinton Endorse Democratic Gun Protest House Shutdown

Reince Priebus Smiles, Shakes Head While Flipping Through Old Briefing On GOP’s Plans For 2016

I Told the Truth About a Donald Trump Rally. Then the Trolls Threatened My Life.

"I really, really believe, but just to make sure. . . ." Please come CAPTION Ben Carson!!!

Question To Tech Experts

Question about hidden posts

'Go F*cking Cook My Burrito, B*tch': Trump Supporter Screams Down Trump Protestor

Atheists Don’t Want God To Exist: A Response to Peter Kreeft

Is Hillary going to completely ignore him?

I'm finding that OPs I post are not listed in the forum in which I posted

The Daily 202: Reagan White House viewed Trump and his 'large ego' warily

CSU shocker: Up to 57,000 students homeless

Donald Trump Wants To Lift Ban on Political Endorsements by Religious Groups

Fort Worth pastor calls Orlando shooting victims ‘the scum of the earth’

Kudos to the DU Administrators

I believe Tim Kaine is likely to be Clinton's VP slection

House Democrats cheer Clinton in first Capitol Hill meeting


Suggestion: When on a Jury, we should be able to tell what group something was posted in.

Shame on Speaker Ryan for cutting the CSPAN coverage of the sit-in

Bernie Sanders: "It doesn't appear that I'm going to be the nominee." (C-SPAN)

Bernie Sanders on Donald Trump reaching out to Sanders supporters (C-SPAN)

Quinnipiac poll - Florida Senate Rubio verses Murphy

7000 Sanders Fans Have Signed Up To Run For Public Office, THIS Is What A Revolution Looks Like

Paul Ryan appears to be losing control of the House Chamber


Rep Scott Peters televising house sit-in via his phone and periscope.. C-Span has it on

NBA Draft Update

House Members participating in the sit-in

Huffington Pollster GE 2016 Trend chart May 1 to date

Trump goes full Alex Jones in latest tweet barrage:

A Tale of Two Speeches:

Senate blocks allowing access to online data without warrant

LIVE FEED of House Sit-IN via Periscope

Wow, Hillary has really developed as a speaker.

One million fans are in downtown Cleveland right now for Cavs parade - largest gathering there ever.

Georgia pastor: Gays got ‘what they deserve’ in Orlando

Hillary has just given a stemwinder of a speech! She gets better and better!

Funeral held at Catholic Church for boy killed by alligator in Florida

tRumps nasal problem

GOP Money Men Not Opening Up Their Checkbooks For Trump

What's going on in the House is HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGE! #NoBIllNoBreak

More than 11,000 air weapons handed in during Police Scotland amnesty

Brilliant Move Democrats! Starve the Media Attention Away From Trump

Interfaith efforts counter ignorance, fear

Clinton IT specialist invokes the Fifth 100+ times

BREAKING: Brent Scowcroft endorses Hillary Clinton

Sick of hearing about drumpf??

Cspan is showing the facebook feed from the House!

HAHA! C-SPAN is now streaming the Democratic sit-in via Periscope!

Orlando shooting: Woman says Omar Mateen stalked her

Call Republican Representatives and tell them to VOTE! 202-224-3121 No Bill- No Break (GD)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 23, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight: Stage to Screen

Clinton leads Trump in Arizona by 4.3%

Washington Post: Donald Trump's charitable giving 2009-2016

LePage to go ahead with food stamp junk food ban without federal OK

These searing pictures capture the tragic consequences of the war in Iraq

BREAKING: Marco Rubio speaking to Kelly O'Donnell on MSNBC.

Clinton campaign's official response to Trump's anti-Clinton speech

C-SPAN Fights Back Against Paul Ryan Blackout And Shows Live Video of Democratic Protest

The sit-in needs our help.

South Pole rescue flight of 2 workers finishes first leg

After watching the two speeches today

Democrats flout no-camera rule in House as Senators flock to House to support gun violence sit-in

Paul Ryans' office phones are only taking messages.

Comment on new Jury system (and slight issue)

The uncomfortable truth about gun rights supporters – sometimes they are right

Kudos to C-span

U.S. completes 'takedown' of Medicare fraud: officials

Pressure mounts against Rule 41 – the FBI's power to hack Tor, VPN users on sight

David Gergen flabbergasted: ‘This was a slanderous speech’

Toronto police chief to apologize for 1981 gay bathhouse raids

Xpost from Good Reads:The uncomfortable truth about gun rights supporters–sometimes they are right

GOP Rep. Slams Dems' Sit-In On Gun Control: It's A 'Disgrace To Woolworth's'

I think he's happy

Ok, this person is stupid and needs to be removed from office

Franken, Ellison, and McCollum join Sit-In

O'Malley to headline Clinton campaign events in Iowa

A couple news sites have factchecked Trump's tirade...

Kelly O’donnell just interviewed Marco..

Trump's latest attack on Hillary Clinton: same message, different delivery

Clinton Hits Back At Trump: He Attacks Me Because 'He Has No Answers'

Getting jury invites.

Bernie Sanders reportedly giving speech in NYC tomorrow

Utah News - 6/22/2016

County to bolster terrorist response ability (OR)

Cleveland celebrates the NBA champs ... (pics)

John Lewis is and will always be my hero!!!! John Lewis sit-in live link!!!

7 Of The Biggest Fibs In Trump’s Speech Attacking 'World-Class Liar' Clinton

Has anyone asked the question... What does the J in Trump's name stand for?

Bundys Fighting to Get Out of Jail

Loebsack in the House!

Hillary's riff on Donald in her speech today

Elon Musk’s Bonkers Plan to Join Tesla and SolarCity

While we were sleeping -- America took another step to a Techno Gilded Age

Florida’s Confederate general closer to exit

Quadruple Mass Shooting Near Seattle, Neighborhood On Lockdown

"Why Trump's Fundraising Struggles Spell Disaster For The Entire GOP", Talking Points Memo:

Amjad Sabri, famed Sufi singer, gunned down in Pakistan

Clinton to campaign with Warren in Ohio

Bernie Sanders. n/t

Councilman Stokes: Ban Confederate Flags (MS)

Today was Trump's big chance to turn things around and he blew it

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 24, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Special Theme: Billy Wilder

Bernie Sanders on the floor of the House now?

Here is a link to live feed from the Democrats' sit-down protest in the House,

Bernie's coming onto the House floor!

AFSCME Sanitation Worker and a three-year-old girl Goes Viral

AFSCME Sanitation Worker and a three-year-old girl Goes Viral

AFSCME Sanitation Worker and a three-year-old girl Goes Viral

They successfully ambushed Paul Ryan. THEY GOT SPINES! #NoBillNoBreak

The Vikings Who Shocked Ronaldo: The Rise of Iceland Soccer

Where can I get info on CA ballot counting?

Tennessee candidate for Congress erects “Make America White Again”

Why Is #Trump Attacking #Hillary For #Republican Policies?

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 22, 2016

Jim McDermott (D-WA) is laying this at Ryan's feet

Study: As Alaska warms, methane emissions appear stable

HINOI team with Korikki - Night of fire Para Para (HD)

Will Ryan be held to the same standard as TIP O'Neil was over the video feed?

HINOI team with Korikki - Night of fire Para Para (HD)

If you can watch on CSpan on line or via TV

🐦 UPDATED: Bernie Sanders Speech on "Where We Go From Here” June 23 in NYC.

If Trump loses (at convention or Gen. Election) does he at least get a participation trophy?

Hinoi Team

Nevada News - 6/22/2016

"Huge applause for Sanders on the House floor..."

Estuaries like Chesapeake Bay could contribute more to global warming than once thought

HINOI Team - IKE IKE (English subbed)

White supremacist sentenced to 10 years in prison (VT)

Brent Scowcroft (former Ford, HW Bush National Security Advisor) endorsement of Hillary Clinton

I'm curious how exactly a post that is alerted on is hidden...

A General Election Campaign Is Serious Business

Significant humus loss in forests of the Bavarian Alps

Am I the only one delighted the Dems' sit-in stole Donald's thunder?

California’s lengthy vote count stokes theories that Sanders actually won the primary

San Diego high school cheerleader charged in fatal beating of homeless man

Post your Favorite Protest Song in Solidarity with the Historic Sit In!!!

Is #Trump Taking Ideas From One Of Thom's Books?

Final Brexit Appeals Made as ‘Leave’ Edges Ahead in Two Polls

Preacher who cheered Orlando Pulse deaths is losing his lease - Butterfly

Neutralizing acidic forest soils boosts tree growth, causes spike in nitrogen export

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 25, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: The Art of the Con

Put June 22 down as the date the GOP died.

Over and over again...someone always KNOWS the shooter should not have a gun...

CHARLES P. PIERCE: Let's Parse All the Bullsh*t in Trump's Speech About Hillary

Cosmopolitan snow algae accelerate the melting of Arctic glaciers

HONG KONG: [PARAPARA] Dancing On The Street / David Dima

HONG KONG: [PARAPARA] Dancing On The Street / David Dima

It was just reported that Bernie Sanders is about to show up at the Democratic Party Sit-In in Congr

(FULL) Clinton Rally In Raleigh, North Carolina (6-22-2016)

Question for my friends..

Hillary Clinton to Campaign with Elizabeth Warren in Cincinnati

Poor baby . . .

IMF Cuts U.S. Growth Forecast, Urges ‘Very Gradual’ Rate Hikes

Crediting white men with the work of minorities and women

Solar Power to Grow Sixfold as Sun Becoming Cheapest Resource

I heard that all Dem. Senators are in the House now

Michigan attorney general: Companies botched job in Flint water crisis

Swedish soccer player gets red card for farting during game

Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2016: 50 Talk Radio Hosts

Chicago is My Kind of Town .... and Neil Steinberg is my kind of asshole

Philadelphia: No Crackdown On Democratic Convention Protests

Arizona News - 6/22/2016

Ayumi Hamasaki para para dance [concert]

Appeals process

Panama Canal $5B Expansion To Open Amid Shipping Downturn

On the latest gun control FAIL in congress: saw this on facebook

The JFK assassination

Why should we be surprised? No mention of sit-in at NYT

Judge: Texas Prison's Water Violates 'Standards of Decency'

Need help with some (possible) RW debunking

C-SPAN Is Using Periscope to Broadcast Because the GOP Killed Its Camera Feed showing Dems sit-in

How can we show support for the Dems courageous #nobillnobreak

I like the new jury approach, but have one suggestion.

Hikaru Utada In The Flesh

US deployed a B-52 to back #SDF offensive vs #ISIS in Manbij, E. #Aleppo.

The would be mass killer back when the 2nd Amendment was conceived....

Complain to the families of the Pulse and Sandy Hook victims about your right to due process

Hikaru Utada In The Flesh

Calling all hotblooded republican women of a certain age, your take charge kinda old 'boyfriend':

Post 16.5k! The Senate did nothing. Nothing at all.

Hillary strikes back...

Half Say They’re ‘Afraid’ of the Other Party

GOP Voters Not Happy with Their Party

Rubio skips foreign policy hearing as he announces reelection

Is there a list of which reps are participating in the sit-in?

Another great Clinton line about Trump

Revolutions, social and political

North Korea leader says missile gives ability to attack U.S. in the Pacific: KCNA

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 23 June 2016

A ‘Polypill’ May Be the Next Big Preventive Fix

Kind of a neat thing about the sit-in ...

Republicans frightened that Trump s miserly campaign will cost them seats

Reagan White House Files Show Ronald and Nancy Repeatedly Snubbed Donald Trump and His 'Large Ego'

a question adressed to the UK Duers: Re brexit

Hallie Jackson on NBC Nightly News Really Did Great Job of Fact Checking Trump's Speech

The list:

Database error leaves 150 million voter records exposed online

Quick Takes: When Congress Leads the Protest

Americans Spend $30 Billion a Year on Alternative Medicine

Shits getting expensive

What Hillary Clinton Can Learn From Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Ryan says Democratic ‘sit-in’ demanding gun control vote is publicity stunt

Lone Alabama Democrat at House Sit-In!

Brexit would be a decisive strike against the banking-corporate neo-Feudalism

Rep Rick Nolan MN - what a congressman!

Brutal murder busts up Aryan Brotherhood of Mississippi

Koterba toon: More Trump

Rep John Lewis writes letter to Speaker Ryan asking: "What is this Congress waiting for?"

I thought only star members would serve on juries


Fact-checking Trump’s garbage truck of lies: His speech accusing HRC of corruption is riddled (HRC)


What is Fascism—What does Fascism Look Like? Trumpism?

What is Fascism—What does Fascism Look Like? Trumpism?

Omar Mateen's 'gay lover' claims Orlando shooting was revenge against HIV-positive partner

Requirements for serving on a jury?

Former Top Bush Adviser Backs Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump

I am so proud of our House Democrats! They are fighting like crazy to save lives!

"Your mom called and wants you on the Floor"--Keith Ellison's mother

Keith Ellison,your Mom called and wants you on the floor.

Ex-Bush adviser Scowcroft endorses Clinton*

Steve Kornacki is turning out to be a classic false equivalency kind of

I am so frustrated...Re: gun control

Wasn't it the Conservatives who used to oppose Britain joining the EU?

South Pole Rescue Flight of 2 Sick Workers Leaves Antarctica

Iceland have gone through!

PICs.....of Historic DEM. SIT-IN

Obama Wants to Stop Subsidizing Israel's Defense Industry

Trump: "When he comes, we can almost feel the hair up the spine of Scotland stand up"

Drug Stocks Surge After U.S. Says Cost Panel Will Wait Until 2017

Fishing in Alabama

An ocean for Pluto and a thinner ice shell on Enceladus

Escaped ISIS sex slave tells Congress of horrors

Is it weird that I'm proud of Dems for doing the sit-in but still have reservations about


From what I can see, there are valid reasons to oppose Brexit and valid reasons

Just how clueless are the anti-vaxxers?

It's fun watching C-Span's Periscope coverage of the sit-in.

Pearly Gates...

Every network should be carrying John Lewis