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FBI investigators say they have found no evidence that Orlando shooter had gay lovers

Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Al Gore

Exclusive: Trump Would Support Israeli Annexation of Parts of West Bank, Says Adviser

Are admins ever alerted by the system that a thread has been trashed a lot?

Snake runs circles in it's own skin.

FOUR graveside flags for 2 Vets, they went up tonight PIX

FOUR graveside flags for 2 Vets, they went up tonight PIX

So, I'm out of jail again....

(A Fun Thread!! :-) What is a man's worst nightmare, and what is a woman's worst nightmare?

Trump Not Yet Preparing for Debates

Report alleges China killing thousands to harvest organs

The Woman Behind the House Democratic Sit-In

Agent: LeBron James to Skip Rio Olympics

LeBrawn withdraws from Olympics

Feds: Utah Militia Leader Tried to Bomb BLM

Outrage as Trump Inspired Candidate Wants to 'Make America White Again'

Trump Would Support Israel Annexing Parts of West Bank

Woodpecker survived window strike and other birdie pix

Woodpecker survived window strike and other birdie pix

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The “New” New Normal! & Uncensored & Live & a

Thank you, Reps. John Lewis And Kate Clark

Watch the Brexit results on BBC here:

Faith matters as UK votes on whether to remain in EU

Disney beaches reopen, state believes it caught killer gator

Dignity and Decorum

I'm having trouble with the new jury system

Any theories as to how many votes there will be in Greater London tonight?

EU referendum: pound plunges as first results point to Brexit – live

Cats like to help

I believe Trump and Corey Lewandowski have punked us.

Sanders Says His Revolution Is 'Just Getting Started

"Known" War Criminal Rumsfeld Endorses "Known" Lunatic tRump.

Did anyone hear Debbie Dingell's amazing, personal, passionate comments about guns?

Father Reportedly Refused To Claim Orlando Shooting Victim’s Body Because He Was Gay

"Rep. John Lewis is not to be trifled with. He has no time for your shit."

Ralph Stanley dead at 89.

NRA Calls Civil Rights Leader John Lewis A Terrorist

Foreign Policy Mag votes union...

It's time for everyone to know that we are all in this together

BREXIT Result Updates: It's close so far...

EU referendum: First Scottish results declared

Wow!!! Stephen!!! Don't hold back - tell us what you really think!!!!!

I found something very interesting...

I'm sorry. I'd like to change a jury vote, based on seeing that they had just registered.

It's to the good of the party, and of HRC as a candidate, for the Sanders movement to continue.

Brexit dancing around 50% per the Economist...

EU Referendum results via The Guardian:

what would the second amendment say if it reflected today's laws?

Lawrence has the Scottish man who's flying the Mexican flag for Don The Con

Texas Cop Won’t Face Charges For Roughing Up Black Teenage Girl

This Google Chromecast with ESPN3 is great for the CWS!

Key facts about partisanship and political animosity in America

Martin O'Malley Back on the Trail!

What is Trump's position on Brexit?

Hillary Clinton coming to Cincinnati Monday with Elizabeth Warren

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Cake with Boston Creme Filling

Brexit "LEAVE" vote approaching a 200,000 vote lead (38% of districts reporting)

This Oregon court cast just majorly changed the rights of pets — yes, pets

Hopefully, Jeremy can use the closeness of this result to argue for a clear break with Blairism

MOJO - My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard

It's gonna be crazy if the UK leaves.

EU referendum: Which type of person wants to leave, and who will be voting to remain?

Federal judge declines to block Mississippi religious freedom law

I'm calling it for "Leave"

Allina Health, to teachers union: Stop picketing us. Teachers: No.

The only network that seems to be covering the Brexit vote is Bloomberg

Family Captures Moments They Were Chosen by a Stray Cat by the Door

Allina Health, to teachers union: Stop picketing us. Teachers: No.

Allina Health, to teachers union: Stop picketing us. Teachers: No.

She took off her legs to sit on the floor in protest.

Mike Malloy - We Are Fucking Exporters Of Mega Death

Texit. Pro or con?

Stupid pinwheel.

Mike Malloy - Oklahoma Republican Calls For “Final Solution” To Muslims

xe currency converter showing GBP going down, down, down

Nobody said the Boston Tea Party was 'just a publicity stunt'. The Daily Show

The Pound is down nearly 10% against the dollar. Euro is down. Yen is up. Gold is up


Ex-JPMorgan banker on the run 8 years lands in US court

ACLU sues Philly over DNC permit denial

Thughts and or prayers for Virginia...

Dow futures DOWN 2.84% on Brexit fears...

Time to go, Scotland.

Joy Behar: Clinton should pick GOP senator for VP

Reince Priebus Smiles, Shakes Head While Flipping Through Old Briefing On GOP’s Plans For 2016

What the heck were the british thinking

The media are so pissed

Bloomberg: Brexit odds: Before close: 90% Remain, now 97% Leave

The flow on effect of the British vote is horrible for the world

Bombay Stock Exchange opens down 3%

ITV Calls "Leave to win" Per MSNBC

ITV Calls Brexit Vote for LEAVE

So any chance of the REMAIN winning

BREAKING: BBC calls BREXIT referendum in favor of "LEAVE" vote

Merkel Set to Pass Legislation Banning Gas Fracking in Germany

Political implications of Brexit.

ITV News Calls Leave To Win UK Referendum

Activist in Mexico disappeared search killed, wife wounded

pro Brexit UK, Trump Supporters, Putin, China, Isis, and the return of old demons

BBC has called it for "Leave".

Activist in Mexico disappeared search killed, wife wounded

British cars suck.

Scientists want to use bacteria to clean up oil spills - and it could actually work

BBC forecast: UK votes to leave the EU

United Kingdom?

Bernie is on Colbert's show in coming up now


Dow is down -650, and so it begins.

The UK has counted over 27 million ballots in a matter of hours?

next question/complaint/whine/suggstion...

Germany is now the most powerful country in Europe.

Japanese trading has been halted.

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 26 - Martin Balsam

TCM Schedule for Monday June 27 - Star of the Month: Marie Dressler

"OJ: Made in America"

Yet another suggestion about Jury Duty

Scottish PM wants to remain in EC. Goodbye, UK

Autopsy: Oklahoma inmate's death a homicide; no charges yet

Frank Luntz - Brexit vote bodes well for TRump

Screech-Owl Antics

Is everyone okay?

Britain votes for Brexit after dramatic night leaves nation divided

One of my long time friends overdosed last week.

Northern Ireland voted Remain... It's not just Scotland

Luna Lee Covers "Paint It Black"

CHANGE, got it???

UK's EU referendum vote live graphical tracking.

England should feel the consequences for voting to leave the EU.

And now - what?

Now Bill Kristol is praising the Brexit vote

can someone remember the West Wing Episode where Bartlett lays into that

Sinn Fein wants a vote on Irish reunification if Britain leaves Europe

California News - 6/23/2016

Quite a hybrid has formed of anti-elite, populist and nationalist sentiment

Well done England/Wales (wait for it)...

Voter Turnout in UK Referendum: 72%

Turbulence and Uncertainty for the Market After ‘Brexit’

We need to Thank C-Span for

Will Scotland and Northern Ireland vote to leave GB and join the EU?

When it comes to what's best for the UK, it's time for Americans to mind their business.

Oh, that liberal media: Corey Lewandowski to join CNN

This is much more bizarre than Brexit. This should be the focus of Britain's headlines tomorrow

How sad. The Brexit is a victory for the Brigots

Charges: Utah head of militia tried to detonate bomb at BLM facility in Arizona

Fox News just called it for Donald Trump (Brexit)

Obama arrives in Bay Area for two-day visit

Putin concerned about Mongolian dam threatening Lake Baikal

Commentary: Oaxaca Teachers Strike Is About Defending The Revolutionary Educational Tradition

Farage: Brexit accomplished "without a single bullet being fired"

ONE good thing, maybe Brexit will keep tramp from the headlines for one day!

A question of timing

So, ummm ... that's the way to the beach, then ?

what we need to make brexit about

Don't say you weren't warned ...

If Bernie/Hillary folks can't find common ground on *Electoral Reform* then we're in big trouble

The two countries that got to vote on leaving the EU both voted Yes!

Paul Ryan's 7 Terrible Ideas

Democratic platform drafters align on Israeli-Palestinian stance

OMG, what terrible news to wake up to

Dutch anti-immigration leader Wilders calls for Dutch referendum on EU membership

Brexit means Scotland will probably leave the UK.

I think Trump should name that Lyin' Ted guy in the shades

Lovelace or UNM Hospital for surgery?

Will Britain's American Children follow...

The isolationist catastrophe of 'Brexit'

Students wearing, displaying Confederate flag sparks concerns at Canton Central (NY)

My condolences.

Hampton School Board votes against renaming Davis and Lee campuses (VA)

Red and Green-Robb Johnson

Which US Government Official said "Fuck the EU" in 2014?

Clean sweep for Scotland, not a single constituency voted for leave.

EU referendum live: David Cameron resigns as UK shocks the world by voting for Brexit

Cameron resigns....trump will take credit

Daily Holidays - June 24

David Cameron resigns.

Tim Cook is raising money for Paul Ryan and other Republicans

District of Columbia News - 6/24/2016

Trump Is Diverting Campaign Funds To His Own Businesses

Brexit has a very strong Game of Thrones feel to it.

David Cameron resigns after UK votes to leave Europaean Union

EU parliament group leader wants Britain to give formal Brexit notice on Tuesday

Moldova seizes radioactive uranium, detains several people

Just a few things that will happen with Brexshit...

The Brexit referendum, endorsed by TRUMP and Putin...

How a Trump University ‘coach’ ripped off a student for $230,000 as part of a massive Ponzi scheme

Text of David Cameron’s Speech After ‘Brexit’ Vote

Why was my sig line removed?

Premarket: World stocks head for historic slump on U.K. vote

Diablo Shutdown Marks End of Atomic Era

Brexit, Sanders, Trump: Votes Against Austerity

How will Cameron's successor as Tory leader be chosen, and when?

Spain calls for joint control of Gibraltar after EU vote

Cameron stepping down

Nigel Farage: Narrow Remain win may lead to second referendum

The UK government doesn't currently have a trade representative or negotiation staff

Pa. abortion bill 'does nothing to advance women's health,' Hillary says, venturing into key swing

Nigel Farage: Narrow Remain win may lead to second referendum

And Thus The Extermination Was Averted.

Trump says Scots are taking back Scotland-just like he(we) are taking back America--as he landed

Have you all seen this?

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon just called for Scottish Second Independence Referendum

Sinn Féin to ‘intensify’ demand for united Ireland vote following Brexit

Interesting age breakdown--younger people in Britain supported remaining in the EU--matches support

Dozens Burned After Fire-Walking Event At Tony Robbins Seminar

Bernie Sanders returns to Albany on Friday

Young Britons Complacent About Voting

Trump calls Brexit a "great thing." In Scotland. Right after Scotland called for Second Referendum.

Lewandowski's replacement ...

We've taken the lighthouse in Scotland

EU referendum: Nigel Farage backtracks on Vote Leave's '£350m for the NHS' pledge hours after result

WATCH: Elizabeth Warren reveals the “one lie that helps sum up what Donald Trump is all about”

Cameron has lost his job – his Teflon cockiness has finally worn off

While Europe crashes, tRump holds infomercial for his golf course

All TV networks (even Fox) have cut the audio from Trump's informercial...

Rotherham voted Leave 67.9 to 32.1

European far right hails Britain's Brexit vote

European far-right hails Britain's Brexit vote(The Guardian)

The EU was a forced marriage.

Nicola Sturgeon announces plans for second indyref

Donald Trump praises Scotland for voting to leave the EU, but it didn't

Was the Brexit a vote for Progress (anti-neoliberalism) or Regression (anti immigrant sentiment)?

I really thought "Remain" would win. In any case the pound is getting pounded.

Don the Con just blamed President Obama for the Brexit result

Do I have a deal for the UK

I read the news today oh boy - BREXIT and why we should pay attention and be worried

BREAKING: "Are you going to vote for Hillary Clinton in November"? -- "Yes".

"If we can't rule the world, we want no part of it."

Hubble Imagery Confirms New Dark Spot on Neptune

George Galloway on Britton's exit from EU. I respect his thoughts on this!

The party that takes away your rights is concerned about you losing your right to guns...

Let not your heart be troubled about Brexit and the exit. In the long run we are all dead any way.

The proposed Lynyrd Skynyrd movie by Artimus Pyle is just a bad idea, no matter how you slice it

Bernie Sanders says he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November

Brexit: myth versus fact

Senator Bernie on Morning Joe

Corbyn faces no confidence motion

If the US were to leave NAFTA

The Nukes of October: Richard Nixon's Secret Plan to Bring Peace to Vietnam

To all the EU-critics on DU, what kinds of reforms do you actually demand?


AND here is what a voter told the BBC:

Trying to find a Brexit silver lining.

"Yes, I WILL vote for Hillary Clinton in November..." ~ Bernie Sanders

Bagley Cartoon: Home Grown Terrorists

In the new rules, are there any restrictions on avatars or signature lines?

Brexit Risks Losing Corporate Tax Break Worth Billions in U.K.

And Wall Street sayuz to me today, 'Relax, don't do a thing'

Hate and Fear Win in Britain.

Brexit is not good news for Hillary. She had better

Art Keeps Us Aware of Unintended Consequences of Our So-Called State Stability

Sanders Statement on Supreme Court Affirmative Action Case

Bank stocks take the big dive

Colorado to vote on single-payer state health-care system

J.O.I. (Jupiter Orbital Insertion)

Bernie Sanders finally says he'll vote for Clinton, unloads on Trump

Bernie Sanders finally says he'll vote for Clinton, unloads on Trump

A perhaps fitting Abraham Lincoln quote

Is the Orthodox Diaspora a roblem that's too hard to solve?

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Vote for Hillary Clinton

As expected Trump blamed Barack and Hillary for the Brexit vote!

Oil Made Venezuela Rich, And Now It’s Making It Poor

Germany wants to offer Britain associated partnership with EU: paper

Nearly 70 Muslim and LGBT Groups Sign Statement Against Hate

Hillary Camp Vid on Trump in Scotland

With an hour to go before the markets open here in the US

Today's PredictWise - 2016 President – Winner (Individual) - Hillary 80% - Disgusting Donald 19%

Being called to jury duty on mobile

Is 'Brexit' the Beginning of End for European Union?

Trump and Putin supported Brexit ...

Pro-Brexit politicians admit that campaign-promises were lies and won't be fulfilled.

28yo spinster too old to play girlfriend of 26yo actor

EU Vote in a 'Prevailing Culture of Anti-Intellectualism'

Fox news...does not know the difference between EU and UN

LIAR: In Trump U. Lawsuit Deposition, Trump Can't Remember 'World's Greatest Memory' Boast

The time has come to support Sec. Clinton, my fellow Sanders supporters.

To be fair, CNN waited 4 whole days before hiring Trump's Lewandowski

Reinstate The Combat Assault Weapons Ban Now...Gov. Martin O’Malley

Accusations fly as Abbas and Rivlin hold separate talks with EU leaders in Brussels

At the end of trading today

Scotland: Trump interrupted by comedian with swastika golf balls

"Boy, those were the days. I could still rise to the occasion." Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Here's why 52% of British voted to leave

The Panama Papers and Their Widely Ignored Implications for Ordinary Folk in the USA


Papers Please...

Comic Book Reviews for June 22, 2016

My 5-Minute Magic Routine

Sanders on voting for Trump: 'Oh god, please'

Bernie: "...still not ready to endorse her." CBS this morning 6.24.2016

#Brexit disaster: A great night for Anime Nazis, Trump fans, and dudes who say “cuck” a lot

Abused 8 year old boy from North Braddock has died

Billionaire Gets 4 Months in Jail for Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old

Christian Hate-Pastor Continues Revolt Against LGBT People, Calling Them “Sodomites” and “Dogs”

Apple drops out of RNC

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Sit and spin

$TRUMP$: Pound going down helps business at my golf course

Multiple fatalities reported in West Virginia flooding as frantic search on for child swept away in

Hawaii Governor Signs Bill Putting Gun Owners in Database

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Orange you sad you are Broke?

How would a N.A.F.T.A. referendum end here?

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Here I Am...

Robert Kagan to fund raise for Sec Clinton?

Montreal priests to be prohibited from being alone with children

Anyone here heard of Matt Kahn?

Once again Trump has atrocious timing and a political tin ear.

Union Pacific blamed for fiery oil train derailment, says it will replace bolts

Maryland News - 6/24/2016

Joy as Colombia, FARC Sign Ceasefire Ending 50 Years of War

Tim Kaine is pro life

For those who can't bring themselves to vote for Hillary, here's something to think about...

Well, my stock portfolio is ... fine mostly.

CPI for all items increases 0.2% in May as energy, shelter increases outweigh food decline

Caller: 'The #NoBillNoBreak Sit-In Made Me Proud To Be A #Democrat!"

Xenophobia becomes dangerous new normal in world politics

Could Your #Dog Be Psychic?

What Happens When Robots Start Thinking On Their Own?


OH MY GOD let's get several things straight about Brexit

Pic Of The Moment: Britain Votes To Leave The European Union -- Unless...

Two side effects of the recent change

Wall St. plunges at the open after shock Brexit vote

Sen. Franken ready to unleash wit and wisdom on Clinton's behalf

This is exactly what US Trump supporters want to pass on to their children… less opportunity:

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Vote For Hillary Clinton

Trump's fury at Brit prankster hijacking his speech with Nazi golf balls in Scotland

Van Jones is freaking out re: Brexit. Says it means Trump can win in the US

Protest votes put Brexit over the top.

OMG: UK Independence Party Leader Admits His Bold Brexit Claim Was a "Mistake"

Stop a Douchebag SPB - I'm a Lawyer

=*=LIVE Streams @ 1PM: Bernie Sanders Rally Albany, NY 6-24-2016 “Where We Go From Here” Speech=*=

Elizabeth Warren Should Stay in the Senate

Thomas Jefferson Feared an Aristocracy of Corporations

The story of this shooting keeps changing....

=*=LIVE Streams @ 1PM: Bernie Sanders Rally Albany, NY 6-24-2016 “Where We Go From Here” Speech=*=

Hillary Clinton Statement on Brexit

If you have Facebook, go to Van Jones' page and listen to his speech

This comment perfectly explains why Brexit has left the UK's young feeling so devastated

Brexit confusing to cats, hoomins

The squirrels are decimating my tomatoes

Al Franken on David Axlerod's Podcast, "The Axe Files," Yesterday

For when your project needs a codename

Brexit isn't exactly a topic relevant to AAs on first glance

Delaware News - 6/24/2016

First Read: Trump Takes a Surreal Victory Lap in Scotland

Trump blames Obama for #Brexit vote that he (Trump) thinks was great: 'They took their country back!

Corey Leandowski on CNN

Trump Says Fall of the Pound is Good for Him and His Resort

Brexit - yet another unexpected consequence as the world hurtles over the edge

Ethics education or religion? Study underway in state schools

Republicans’ Shaming Of Poor People Just Blew Up In Their Faces

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" -FDR

The worldwide middle class is actually growing.

I can't help but think all of the angst over the UK/EU referendum is a bit overblown

Correction: Tim Kaine is ANTI-CHOICE (but still votes the sane way)

Cavs Fan Eats Police Horse Poop During Championship Parade

EU parliament leader: we want Britain out as soon as possible

Muslim women kicked out of California cafe accused of ‘civilizational jihad’ by lawyer

If a post is voted to stay,will the alerter have a chance to appeal?

Market turmoil as UK votes for Brexit, PM Cameron to quit, Carney pledges backstop

Georgia judge tells defendant he ‘looked like a queer’ in bizarre courtroom exchange

Concerned cat.

BTRTN Dem VP Prediction...


So what do you do after a robbery? Post on Facebook, of course

Irish People's Reactions To Donald Trump

FBI investigators say they have found no evidence that Orlando shooter had gay lovers The Pulse nig

Regarding the UK. * and Tony were best buds.

We should thank the British people

I'm ready for a referendum on Trexit ...

The UK has the worst income inequality in the world except for the US.

I just alerted on a post that I feel violated multiple posting rules.

Ryan, House Republicans to unveil U.S. tax reform plan

EU risks losing more countries if it does not reform - Polish minister

Trump: Fixing the country is like fixing one of my golf courses

Sobering IMF report on U.S. economy cites dwindling middle class, growing income equality

The British are frantically Googling what the E.U. is, hours after voting to leave it

Reboot the campaign it is a totally new campaign and will take until

Does the 2nd Amend. cover this?

Former Romney Adviser on Trump Alternative: 'Until Donald Trump Has the Nomination…All Things Are Po

Britain and the EU: the story of a very rocky marriage

(Australian) Election 2016: Catholic schools urge parents not to vote for Greens

Palestinian activist challenges anti-Israel campaign

Why Brexit doesn't mean Trump will win

Jeff Beck has a birthday today

Trump Literally Cannot Afford to Run for President!

I find it surprising that something as serious as Brexit was decided by a simple majority

Don't worry, Great Britain. I still love you.

I'm back!

Dick Cheney's sporting goods shop

The Clash...............the question in England was answered

Brexit vote to Leave is the end result of stupid people voting

More than 30 people burned at Tony Robbins event

.... terrifying trip on 1,000-foot-high glass slide

Things to come...

A Sanders at-large delegate from NY physically assaulted at a meeting of NY Dem delegates (BSG).

Brexit vote shows deep divide

Buh bye Texuhs Tech!

A Future to Believe In - Bernie Sanders full speech June 23 New York

The rise and inevitable fall of Vitamin D

Britain Has Left The EU And People Around The World Find It Hilarious (BuzzFeed News)

Ralph Stanley dies at 89

Globalization and TPP

Man who voted for Leave says he thought his vote ‘wouldn’t count’ and is now ‘worried’

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Vote For Hillary Clinton

Clinton's cash stockpile strategy

"England votes to cut off its own balls and BBQ them for lunch"

Montreal priests no longer allowed to be alone with children...

EgyptAir MS804 flight recorders: efforts to extract data fail

American Conservatives Take A Victory Lap After Brexit Vote

Damn ye! Damn ye all to hell!

It sure would help to see the alerter's comments again

Trump is having a very bad day in Scotland. Huuuge!

Ex-member of Dilma Rousseff's cabinet arrested in corruption investigation

Snake in the Grass Trump,Once again, Trump is looking out for Trump.

So looking in the crystal ball...

I'm worried: are polls showing Hillary leading Drumpf just as reliable as the polls were on Brexit?

Texas secessionists inspired by Brexit: ‘If Trump fails #Texit seems to be our best remedy’

U.S. charges Filipino man with hacking accounts of celebrities

EU to U.K.: Sorry to see you go, but leave quicky--don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

Populist Anger Upends Politics on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Would you like your state to leave the Union?

This is a slate article from last week titled "Bullet Points"

Russian governor detained after being caught taking bribe: investigators

Don't forget it was the neocons who created the migration crisis which precipitated Brexit

OK, it's time for you damned under-rollering freaks to finally get your shit together...

As a British citizen, I am oscillating between sadness and rage: Brexit is the worst of times

Folks...the world is not ending. But politics in this world need to be re-evaluated

Man who voted for Brexit is shocked to learn that elections have consequences

U.S. Navy captain involved in seizure by Iran relieved of command

Democrats begin working on draft of party platform

No man is an island

Trump, in Scotland, Calls ‘Brexit’ Result ‘a Great Thing’

Obama Designates Stonewall as First National Monument for LGBT Rights

Bernie Sanders: I'll probably vote for Clinton

Boston mob boss 'Whitey' Bulger's possessions to go under gavel

Boston mob boss 'Whitey' Bulger's possessions to go under gavel

An activist campaign seeks to shame U.S. companies over Trump

This comment perfectly explains why Brexit has left the UK's young feeling so devastated

How England might have just really screwed themselves

United clinches long-sought deal with flight attendants union

United clinches long-sought deal with flight attendants union

Scotland and Northern Ireland question.

Georgia GOP Chairman owes Law Firm $340k for defense of Discrimination Charge

Brexit Is ‘Likely To Be Devastating’ For Film And Television Industry In The U.K.

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to take action vs assault weapons

The Racist Isolationist Trap

Brazil's Bible, beef and bullets lobby backs Temer, unfazed by scandal

6 Takeaways on Britain's shock vote

Pope on visit to Armenia cites 'genocide', likely to anger Turkey

Obama makes Stonewall Inn first national monument of LGBT movement

I'll probably ...

Why a Brexit is unlikely to happen even if the public votes for it

Donald Trump's prospective Secretary Of State statement on Brexit

Obama Wants to Stop Subsidizing Israel's Defense Industry

How could Obama screw up England so badly?

South African court refuses Zuma appeal request in arms case

Donald Trump deserves his frosty reception in Scotland (how the bully got his golf course)

Donald Trump deserves his frosty reception in Scotland (how the bully built his golf course)

The EU doesn't protect workers' rights - it has destroyed them

Can someone explain why Brexit is bad for the Progressive movement?

My IRA took a big hit from Brexit and Trump thinks this is "great"

The Politics of Resentment Wash From the U.S. to the U.K.

New Horizons Finds a 'Super Grand Canyon' on Pluto's Largest Moon

I think Hillary opposing Brexit is going to make her look good in the long run.

"See this is why we can't have nice things" is what we should say to the GOP

Orders for U.S. Capital Goods Unexpectedly Dropped in May

New Jersey News - 6/24/2016

Texas Supreme Court Sidesteps Key Home-School Learning Issue

"They've replaced the Prime Minister with a cat"

anybody here ever look up stupid EU regulations?

Heh - Pics from Trump's press conference in Scotland with Nazi golf balls.

'This Is The Worst,' Alan Greenspan Says Of British Break From EU

I have very mixed feelings about Brexit

Britain Just did the world a favor

Trump gave most of his press conference in Scotland surrounded by Nazi golf balls

Brexit vote sparks scramble for European passports

In response to the market plunge resulting from the BREXIT vote, I nothing

GreekLoaf Greek meatload w/tzatziki sauce

IS Captured 900 Kurdish Civilians in North Syria in 3 Weeks

UK Independence Party Leader Admits Bold Brexit Claim Was "Mistake"

Things like the Brexit is why I own gold and silver.

Petition for London independence signed by thousands

Are there other dominoes ready to fall?

After Obama Decision, First US Airstrikes Hit Afghan Taliban

Trump Not Prepping For Debates, Will Just Be Himself - Clinton Campaign OK With That

Texas following Britain? #TEXIT

Post-a-song-for-Brexit thread

A question about GB politics

Judge Blocks Planned Sale of Whitney Houston's Emmy Award

Washington Metro Repairs Leave More Commuters Stuck in Traffic.

Reflections on Pride: A meditation for LGBT Catholics

Reassuring words from Donald Trump

A Cautionary Take Away for Americans about the Brexit

Why millions of Americans — including me — own the AR-15

People, LOOK in the pool before jumping in!!!

The Cynical Sit-In (Jacobin)

Consequences of the Brexit Vote

De Blasio supports monitor to oversee ‘broken’ Board of Elections

Economic nationalism isn't socialism or leftism and should not be supported by progressives

British Millennials: You've stolen our future

Another instance of a firearm protecting someone, this time from a stalker ex-boyfriend

“Flower Power”: Photovoltaic Cells Replicate Rose Petals

Canadian Leaders React Guardedly to ‘Brexit’ (Well, Most of Them Do)

Rio Games drug lab suspended after 'disturbing' technical errors

North Korea Warns US Of More Nuclear Tests And Missile Launches

Man Named Gambles Wins Lottery for 2nd Time Using Same Numbers

Europe’s Leaders Urge Britain To Leave Bloc Quickly

Will the breakup of the EU lead to a breakup movement in the US.

Kansas to borrow $900 million, may delay payments to school districts

Donald Trump's stupid tweet on Brexit

Britain’s Leap in the Dark

UK interest rate 'likely to hit zero'

New Clinton ad - "Dear Scotland"

ALERT: Indian Point 2 Shuts Back Down to Weld Leaky Pipe, Test Breaker (12:05:50 PM)

The Remarkable Parallels Between The Brexit Vote And The Rise Of Donald Trump

Maximum effort

Anti-immigrant group uses old 50's and 60's racism to justify their hatred...

Trump on Brexit: America is next

Why I think Bernie hasn't endorsed Hillary yet.

Woman Who Spanked Her Children With Belt After She Caught Them Stealing Gets Arrested And Sets Off..

Interview with Newton Knight (1921)

We must fight neo-liberalism.

Could a UK exit lead to a stronger EU?

Challenging DU lexophiles..............Do You Know These Very Obscure Words?

Google searches for 'What is the EU?' and 'How to emigrate' spike after devastating Brexit vote

Britain's tech sector overwhelmingly opposed Brexit

UK Comic Creators Comment On Brexit Decision

Richard Wolffe: Britain allowed its populist right to rise. America should heed the warning

CA voters will vote in November on whether purchasing ammunition should require a background check.

Smoked fajitas tomorrow night

Toon: Brexit from the Welsh, Scottish, Cornish, and Northern Irish perspective

Firefighters injured, dozens of homes destroyed in California wildfire

"For the Fatherland!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

If you are too busy to go booger hunting,

Britain - colonises half the world . . .

Little Donny

I no longer think Sanders should quit before the convention

Mac and . . . cheetos?

Is xenophobia and hatred of "those other people" ever going to end?

Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Over Alamo Library Items

First U.S. State Flips NRA The Bird, Takes Drastic Step On Gun Control

Charges: Man dressed as man followed kids into public bathroom

OK. I've figured out why we have Trump.

Senator Renews Scrutiny of Pharma Ties on Federal Panel

Senator Renews Scrutiny of Pharma Ties on Federal Panel

Men apologize for outbursts in courtroom (CO)

Sanders walks back pledge to vote for Hillary Clinton about an hour after saying he would

Wife of Nation's Lowest-Paid Governor (Paul LePage) Takes Waitressing Job

Just Got Back From Cuba: Ask me anything!!!!

Meet Simon Brodkin AKA Lee Nelson - the British comedian who pranked Trump

14 Dead in West Virginia Floods; Focus on Search and Rescue

ala trump: Nigel Farage Says £350 Million NHS Pledge Made By The Leave Campaign Was A “Mistake”

Report: Lead Levels Higher in Flint Kids After Water Switch

A few questions for the cat people

Chris Christie’s Education Plan Is Shocking - He wants to give to the rich and take from

What's with all this 'Republican candidate but didn't mention him by name' stuff?

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 24, 2016

Some fun news for a change: "Kill the Gays" pastor throws tantrum after being kicked off PayPal...

Trump says U.K. vote to leave EU is a "great thing," will help elect him President

Stonewall Our Newest National Monument

The Big Picture on Trumpism and Brexit Isn't What You Think - Josh Marshall

Were 9/11 towers blown up by bombs? University probes if planes REALLY were responsible( WTC 7 )

For those right wing fanatics who are praising Britain's leaving the EU........

These little kittens went to rescue today and

Is the Brexit vote absolutely 100% binding? A done-deal with no going-back, no ignoring it ...

CNN just hired Cory Lewandowski, Trumps ex-campaign manager who assaulted a female reporter!

Cher ~ Dressed To Kill

After Brexit Vote, Britain Asks Google: 'What Is The EU?'

Dow Closes Down -606 points

Wandering around the neighborhood!

Biden Rails Against Xenophobia From US Politicians: 'It's Un-American'

SEC Sues ‘Frack Master’ for Spending Investor Cash on Strippers

Why did Cameron push for Brexit?

Bernie Sanders | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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Second EU Referendum Petition Crashes Government Website As Remain Supporters Reject Brexit

UK Independence Party Leader Admits His Bold Brexit Claim Was a "Mistake"

Republicans in congress, when they even bother to do any work....

What's your favorite line from Pulp Fiction?

U.S. Navy Band Sailors Dazzle With Their ”Jersey Boys” Medley

Brexit - Why is ISIS and Trump celebrating the vote to exit?

Republican Mark Kirk's anti-trump ad

Bernie Sanders Would Be A Popular Vice Presidential Pick, New Poll Says

Will Brexit Have Any Effect On TPP?......nt

Al Franken: I'd serve as Hillary Clinton's VP

The English have placed a bomb under the Irish peace process

Pres. Obama, Hillary, and Trump comment on Brexit - jokes always come in 3's

Trump Accepts Endorsement of Man Who Advocates Killing Abortion Providers

NBC's Lester Holt Confronts Trump Over His Debunked Clinton Email And Benghazi Lies

Sad to see what DU has become.

Here I Am...

How Neoliberalism’s Moral Order Feeds Fraud and Corruption

On the Brexit and what it means:

=*=Live @ 7PM: Bernie Sanders in Syracuse, NY featuring Congressional Candidate Eric Kingson =*=

=*= Live @ 7PM: Bernie Sanders in Syracuse, NY featuring Congressional Candidate Eric Kingson =*=


How are DUers in West Virginia doing - what a disaster

What Will Happen To Argentina After Brexit? Economy, Falklands Could Be Affected

Dow drops more than 600 points as Brexit raises risk of global recession

How the U.S. became one of the world’s biggest tax havens

Carnage is the rumored villain for Spider-Man: Homecoming

It's time for London to leave the UK

Peyton Reed Says Wasp Is Not A Supporting Character In Ant-Man And The Wasp

Tim Kaine, like Joe Biden, personally opposes abortion but is also against criminalizing it.

My girlfriend told me she was voting for a Boyfrexit.

Is The #Brexit Vote A Sign #Globalism Is Breaking Down?

Should We Rename #Congress The 'Chamber Of Corporate Cronies'?

Bayview (SF) officer accused of making racial slur inside police station

The #Brexit Vote Is Not A Left - Right Issue!

A White Man Just Tried To Kill Trump. Why Aren’t You Hearing More About Him?

Germany, USA and Canada ALL say they want special trade deals with post-Brexit Britain.

Wikileaks believes Brexit will lead to ‘scrapping’ of Assange warrant

Abbas repeats debunked claim that rabbis called to poison Palestinian water

In response to increased policing of Civic Center, grand marshals, awardees withdraw from SF Pride

They Got It Wrong: Swarms of Global Chatterers Misread Brexit

The GOP’s Zika Bill Could Actually Limit Access to Contraception and Abortion

Nicely done, Spain.

The Brexit Contagion: How France, Italy And The Netherlands Now Want Their Referendum Too

Quote of the Day

Abbas: Stop global terrorism by ending the 'Israeli occupation of Palestine'

The real truth is that people across the planet are fed up of

Sanders walks back pledge to vote for Hillary Clinton about an hour after saying he would

Seriously, What Does The Brexit Vote Have to Do with Trump and Obama?

Scotland wins twitter in response to Trump's congratulation on "taking their country back"

Phoenix-bound airplane turns around due to heat

NYT Op/Ed: "Aziz Ansari: Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family"

had to share...

Hillary Clinton:

Hot off the press poll but you have to click!!! -:)

Charlie Rangel: Trump has ‘pulled the sheet off the Republican Party’

I see how Don the con is going to get scorched big time by supporting the Brexit

Aerial Shots That Demonstrate The Stark Divide Between Rich and Poor

In Denmark, Imams and Priests Square Off in a Friendly Soccer Match

Alleged Killer And Enraged Judge Go Off The Rails In Insanely Vulgar Hearing..Talking Pts Memo:

New Poll of Clinton supporters : Who do you want the running mate to be?

Tony Blair: Brexit’s Stunning Coup

How Right Wing trickle-down economics forced CEO to move his company from Kansas (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones theme song meets New Orleans Swamp Donkeys

Aussie dollar in turmoil and 70 Billion wipe out in the ASX

I Lost $7,000 Today and Trump is Gloating About It

Dem Platform Committee Votes Down $15 Min Wage Amendment(updated)

Gibraltar's future may be uncertain after Brexit vote.

2016 strikes again: Legendary P-Funk Keyboardist Bernie Worrell Dies at 72

So Hank Paulson is backing Hillary

German nudists outraged at new rules ordering them to wear swimwear as refugee shelter arrives ...

Bernie Sanders Would Be A Popular Vice Presidential Pick, New Poll Says

Donald Trump is wrong again. The Scots voted to remain in the EU.

2016 General Election - Clinton 44%, Trump 34% (Ipsos/Reuters (Web) 6/18-6/22)

New Yorker Nails Brexit

“Women in Secularism & Secular Woman”, Debbie Goddard and Monette Richards on The Humanist Hour

What do we know about Hillary Clinton's religion? A lot, actually

O’Malley says U.S. will ‘careen over the fascist cliff’ with Trump (AUDIO)

Obama’s advisers just dismantled a key myth about the future of clean energy

The Game Metaphor: How to Teach Racists That There is no Such Thing as Reverse Racism

"because I haven't heard her say the things that need to be said."

Dem Platform Committee Votes Down $15 Min Wage Amendment

Is patriotism a desirable emotion?

Richard Quest of CNN says that there is generational animosity in Britain

Bernie Worrell, Masterful P-Funk Keyboardist, Dead at 72

Someone needs to explain to the pro Britex voters

Scottish National Party video

The Gospel Singer Mavis Staples to Get Kennedy Center Honor

I follow HRC on Twitter. The nastiness has really gotten out of control.

The Brexit vote is non-binding so can't the UK just ignore it or run it again?

Bush Treasury Man Hank Paulson Supports Hillary... Because Trump Won't Promise To Cut Entitlements

President Obama visits Seattle real time-

3 reasons Brexit does not portend a Trump victory — and one reason to worry

Another Gooper for Hillary: Hank Paulson

And now a word from an international expert to the British people:

I hope results of the BREXIT decision will motivate Hillary to be particularly vocal about TPP!

Rep Sean Duffy is so worried about ISIS that he passes bills for Wall Street

This Swedish Forest-Inspired Office Includes an Interactive Floor That Mimics a Stream

(Graphic) A Trans Person Was Attacked on Capitol Hill on Wednesday (Seattle, right before Pride)

'If you've got money, you vote in ... if you haven't got money, you vote out'

2nd man in 2 weeks contracts flesh-eating bacteria in Gulf of Mexico, TV station reports

I am not up on fiscal responsibility when it comes to the UK.....

About those "weapons of war"...

Democrats Reject Platform Proposal Opposing Trade Deal