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Moms fighting for gun control to join NYC Pride March

Fox News Blunders Reporting UK has Left the UN Instead of EU

Reports: Two dead, one hospitalized after shooting in Katy

"LGBT turnout for free course surprises local shooting range" - 300+ sign up for free carry class

Brexit is already blowing up and Trump will look like a fool for pimping it

Man freed after 20 years: Don't just drop charges — clear me

Clinton's Israel stance expected to rule DNC despite energized left

Sincere thank you, and serious question:

Another moronic Trump Tweet! Please don't close your account ...

Democratic Platform Committee Votes Down $15 Min Wage Amendment

Some folks are trying to get around the TOS rules by not so subtly embedding call outs and snide

Trump's bizarre post Brexit interview, annotated

Virginia jail rejects inmates' claims of mistreatment

I heard the standards for jury duty has been loosened; What are the standards, now?

Johnny Manziel Claims To Be Victim Of Hit and Run Crash (Though He Ran, Too)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! The “New” New Normal! & Uncensored & Live & a

Hah! Found a bug! (Or maybe you just haven't gotten to it yet)

Friday Talking Points (397) -- Taking The Trump Exit

Trump's immigrant mother

Arizona unable to carry out lethal injections after abandoning drug used in botched execution

Financially Struggling Trump Campaign Holds Fundraising Riot

Could Delegate's Lawsuit Derail Trump's Nomination?

APNewsBreak: Experts demand more effort to save coral reefs

My year long experiment at frugal living 2012-2013

Bernie Sanders on drafting committee. "Disappointed" on trade. "Pleased" abt modern Glass-Steagall..

The Re-Re-Re-Re-Reboot of Trump

When it comes to Trump, choose country over party

Quebec Separatists See New Hope After Brexit Vote

800 Billion evaporated from our economy today and

One Year of Trump's Tweets

Trump: EU break-up is good, because it will make Germans nationalistic again.

Kirk: First GOP senator to run anti-Trump TV ad

EU parliament leader: we want Britain out as soon as possible

To Skinner, et al.

For those residing in or visiting CD4, an invitation

The Awkward Love Story of Trump and Evangelicals

Why is the German economy relatively healthy while other European economies are sick?

Unity efforts hit snag at final meeting over Democratic platform

The twisted logic of evangelical colleges welcoming straight atheists and rejecting gay Christians

How Trump's company tricked investors

Mississippians take action against anti-LGBTQ ‘religious exemption’ bill

OK ... here's my thought on this mess in the UK

Alabama Democrat smackdowns an idiot on Facebook.

How do I make a new discussion/thread?

2 Die in California Wildfire That Left Little Time to Flee

Judge: Lawyers Can Have Michael Brown Juvenile Records

Mods, if this shouldn't be here

Trump Uses Brexit 'Shockwave' in Fundraising Pitch

Risks of Harm from Spanking Confirmed by Analysis of Five Decades of Research

BREAKING: The British Isles are being towed to the middle of The Pond...

It's brother & sister against brother & sister in bitter fight over control of Frank Zappa's legacy

Trump's first fundraising email had 60 percent spam rate

Screwed by Covered* California (ACA/Obamacare)

Workplace Retaliation Suit Against Tammy Duckworth Settled

Oozing cat.

Arizona says it has run out of drugs for executions

U.S. states, Rockefellers clash with U.S. House panel on Exxon climate probes

U.S. states, Rockefellers clash with U.S. House panel on Exxon climate probes

Michael Herr is dead. Read a passage from Dispatches, his masterpiece on the Vietnam War.

A beat of silence followed.

Feature: Colombia between optimism and opposition on FARC peace treaty

Judge Dismisses Theater Shooting Lawsuits Against Cinemark

Ipsos/Reuters General Election Poll (June 20-24) Clinton (+13.3) 46.6 Trump 33.3

Damn. Bernie Worrell just died.

Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to place gun owners on FBI database

Trump has no idea what is going on in the World via Brexit. Talks about his golf course restaurant

Kansas legislature passes finance plan, schools to stay open

Tony Robbins hot coal walk injures dozens, authorities say

The UK staying with the Pound Sterling

What do you think would happen if the UK were allowed to vote again?

Nylon Pink - Fluff

Nazi golf balls at Trump's feet make me even happier than sunshine on my shoulders

I say we give everyone under the age of 40 a 5/3rds value to their vote.

Just silly...

Jimmy Kimmel Live: What Would It Take For Donald Trump To Lose Your Vote?

Radical Christian cleric denounces "filthy homos", "sodomites" and "fags" in meltdown sermon

The Platform Committee.

Brit scientists freak out over Brexit

Scots rail into Trump. I am learning all new curse words. Go Scotland

Election laws kept Jon Oliver's Brexit episode from airing in the UK until after the referendum

Dozens of bomb sniffing dogs 'killed by American security company in Kuwait

This Catnip Wine Lets Your Cat Be Your New Drinking Buddie

Argentina's Macri awards top public works contract to consortium led by his family firm, IECSA.

Lady Mormont was at the battle of the bastards

Sanders attacks NY voting policies

I want...

Dealing with the struggle...

Why Brexit is not a warning about the advent of Trump

Senators who voted AGAINST background checks & how much they got from nra


The will of these "British" citizens is to stay.

David Cameron says "Hold my beer", lands in Spike TV video.

"Protected" groups, community standards and jury results.

A Trans person was attacked on Capital Hill on Wednesday

Party platform vs voting for change

It is interesting to keep an eye on CA

In Indiana, you cannot buy cold beer at a convenience store.

A single-payer system is not a government take-over; this is the people reclaiming control over the

Weirdness abides.

Has anyone talked about how much austerity

Old Friends

After centuries of seeing their colonies declare independence, the UK wanted to try it out.

How does it feel to have so many long time DUers leaving now with your latest setup?

Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime

Me and Mousey today at school today

Why are Trumpers so obsessed with calling their critics "cucks"

WTF is Trump even doing in goddam Scotland, anyway?

Bill Maher interviews environmentalist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Burning house washes down Howard's Creek in WV flood disaster (video)

every vote for Brexit

xp - Burning house washes down Howard's Creek in WV flood disaster (video)

from Roxanne Conlin

This was left to stand, no!

The Smartest Guys in the Room

After Brexit, European Left Calls for 'Massive Political Opposition'

Commentary: Jolly good, Britain! Well done us.

Does Boris Johnson cut his own hair?

Car swallowed up by hole in road in Tenleytown.

The Next Citizens United Is Coming

Dean Baker:  Elizabeth Warren Should Stay in the Senate

What the Labor Movement Can Learn from Bernie Sanders’ Unapologetic Socialism

Senate Democrats-Republicans Bow to Monsanto, Crush Vermont Labeling Law

INTERSECTIONS: US has longest health care waiting times

Property Owner Asks Verity Church To Leave Following Hate-Filled Orlando Tirade

Sarah Palin on Brexit:

Obama comes to Stanford, talks diversity, global connections

Artie's new buddy

Sinn Féin wants a vote on a united Ireland after Brexit...

Some idiot Brits voted for leave...

I’m Jewish, and I want people to boycott Israel

It will be interesting to see where UKIP will be in the polls now.

I think a $15 min wage would be great

Remembering the UpStairs Lounge: The U.S.A.’s Largest LGBT Massacre Happened 40 Years Ago Today

$15.00 min wage made it on the platform

Dems Adopt $15 Minimum Wage In Platform Draft

Study Finds White Youth are Far More Likely to Abuse Hard Drugs than Blacks

Has Nigel announced if he's going to resign now as an MEP?

People Say Polls Don't Matter Right Now but History Shows Otherwise

 The Shaming of Paul Ryan Is Now Complete

EU referendum: Moody's cut UK's credit outlook to 'negative'

Most DNC money for Philly convention going to businesses owned by women and minorities Philadelphia.

Barney Frank: Scrap superdelegates, end caucuses

Clinton outraises Trump by 3,353 percent in battleground Pennsylvania

Daily Holidays - June 25

HD dying

Democrats Reject Platform Proposal Opposing Trade Deal

Petition for SECOND EU referendum sees so many signatures it CRASHES website

Using the bathroom and who can use it idiocy

I guess it's all or nothing for Bernie..

Remember this? "How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?" (From the Dailly Mirror)

Diplomats from EU's founding 6 meet in Berlin to talk Brexit

Why I will be leaving Brexit Britain (UK Guardian)

One Payer States has a Facebook group

Arizona abandons use of sedative as a lethal-injection drug

Public Banks as the Antithesis of Neoliberalism

FBI and Police Are Knocking on Activists’ Doors Ahead of Republican National Convention

Insurer limits device options for diabetics who use pumps

Great column by NYT's @CharlesMBlow >>> "Trump, Champion of the Downtrodden? Ha!"

Help finance trips to Philly for Bernie delegates

Employer Wellness Programs Are a Great Idea—Right?

It looks like a takeout container, but it might be our best bet to fight Zika.

Rejectionist movements should terrify all liberal democracies (Mounk in Slate)

Chattanooga Was a Typical Postindustrial City. Then It Began Offering Municipal Broadband.

Forget Hunger Strikes. What Prisons Fear Most Is Labor Strikes

Ontario Moving Forward with Basic Income Pilot

Girls code in India to tackle challenges of slum living

The real reason that so many women have to spend so much time getting ready

Why cats aren't Republican

Bernie Sanders’ Leverage Isn’t Going Anywhere. Deal With It.

Pennsylvania News - 6/25/2016

US State Media Runs Hit Piece on Bernie Sanders

Dominating the Skies – and Losing the Wars

Elizabeth Warren’s Fight Against Payday Lenders Comes to the Post Office

UAW Accuses Volkswagen Of Violating Deal To Recognize Union At TN Plant

Attacking Elizabeth Warren? Political Reporters Will Grant You Anonymity

PAC Backing Hillary Clinton to Run $10.5 Million in Ads in Pennsylvania

What Scotland Thinks of Trump--Hilarious Graphic--(Put down your coffee before reading)

Latest update on CA vote-counting

If you could vote on TPP for America like UK voted on Brexit, how would YOU vote?

I am Omar Mateen

Republican delegate sues to avoid voting for Donald Trump at convention

In Missouri, you cannot take a picture of anybody with a wooden leg.

"@realDonaldTrump You were in that New Jersey section of Scotland, weren't ya, lad?"

Hallelujah! Dr. James Dobson says Donald Trump has accepted Christ, is a "baby Christian"

Russia planes pound Aleppo as Syria army closes in

DU (and all) LGBTQ people, please accept my congratulations on the first national monument . . .

From The Ashes Of Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Rises An Army Of Candidates

New York News - 6/25/2016

Yes fans...Jon Anderson has a great new album made with Roine Stolt from The Flower Kings

When it comes to Trump, a Republican Treasury secretary says: Choose country over party

Britain’s EU Commissioner Lord Hill calls its quits after Brexit vote

Ohhhhh shit, my vote really does count!

Twitter Trolls Are Reporting Pro-LGBT Muslim Women to Their Govts, Where Punishment Can Mean Death

Trump's muse Ann Coulter on “Latin American rape culture”

Confine Confederate flag to museums (PA)

How manicures explain the benefits of low-skilled immigration

More Brexit. The United Kingdom is now the laboratory for Trump economics !!!

Crews work to clean vandalized city monuments (NOLA)

Kansas City Man Charged With Threatening Synagogue

just curious.....

Jesuit appointed head of US religious freedom commission

Mass shooting prelude to Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race against Hate (IL)

Italian to supervise as Jerusalem awaits new Catholic Patriarch

Venezuela opposition says petition to oust Maduro is validated

Calais Tells Britain: 'Take Back Your Border'

I’m Not Anti-Israel, I’m Ambi-Israel

Trump by Those Who Know Him Best

Will Julian Castro Be Hillary Clinton's Vice President? He's Down To The Final Shortlist

Low turnout in Icelandic presidential election expected: 10% of population in France watching soccer



"Hillary was napping with her lesbian lover when Benghazi blew up!" . . Come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Saturday, June 25th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

I'm waiting to hear how many of my colleagues pension portfolios

Weekend Toon Roundup

Fallujah’s Forever War

YEAR 2013: Rep. John Lewis adds arrest # 45 - after Peaceful SIT-IN Capitol ~ in 2013 (GD)

Dem Platform Committee votes *Against* Single-Payer Healthcare 7-6

DEEP making changes to state park system

Worried about transgender people in your bathroom? I’ve seen worse

Missippi Literacy Program shows improvement.

Rise of the 'precariat,' the global scourge of precarious jobs

I can't understand why so many don't see the danger of Trump.

AP: In need of help, Trump finds few willing to work for him

(Duffleblog; satire) SemperFuxit: Marine Corps votes to exit Dept. of the Navy

Latest news from Belfast, Northern Ireland...

If GB has a second referendum to rejoin the EU

Please stop talking about the 49 people killed in Orlando.

Minimum Wage should not be a static number.

Demographic Comparision of Brexit vs American Election

Jeremy Corbyn vows to fight for his job

Remember the Brexit as the moment when xenophobia won

If I am interpreting this Tweet correctly, if Trump is elected, the US will leave the EU.

"Trump is like Saul falling out of his golden stretch-limo." . . . Come CAPTION Dr, James Dobson!!!

Hillary Winning In Florida – But Will Crooked Republicans Steal The State?

World’s 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion on Brexit: Chart

If Trump Quits is it a TREXIT?

Trump cancels plans to visit his Doonbeg golf resort in Ireland

Racist vandalism of trees, vehicles (TX)

Making ice cream with dry ice

Democrats to endorse Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement

For those who understand campaign finance law.

David Paich has a birthday today.

When You Dial 911 and Wall Street Answers

Muslims and the NRA?

Platform committee shot down $15 minumum wage ?

Rare Spix's Macaw seen in Brazil for first time in 15 years

VW emissions scandal: South Korea first country to issue arrest warrant for VW executive

Anyone here with ADHD and on meds? How do you know they're working?

Interesting Read: "The (American) Idiot’s Guide to Brexit"

I am amazed - really quite amazed - at some of the Brexit opinions I am reading here on DU

They do it over there but we don't do it here

George Will Leaves the Republican Party over Trump: ‘Make sure he loses’

Donald Trump’s Brexit bump won’t last

"What America Needs to Learn From Brexit"

jury duty question

How the European Union Turned Into a Neoliberal Nightmare

Beware of cats bearing gifts

Trump Voters! (GD 2016)

Trump Voters! (GD)


Trump Voters! (HRC GP)

Petition for London independence signed by thousands after Brexit vote

Trump celebrates Brexit vote: ‘When the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry.'

As US Home Prices Hit Peak Bubble, “Smart Money” is Selling

Voter registrations. Why are there so many registered Independents?

Democrats Reject Platform Proposal Calling for 'End to Occupation and Illegal Settlements' read more

If I were running for president, I would be pushing a mandatory term of national service.

What the Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Case Was Really About

Happy 71st Birthday to Carly Simon! Her music is like a dip into the Fountain of Youth, for me

Democrats Reject Attempt to Change Platform on Israel/Palestinians

Serious Question: Does Trump get to charge Scotland trip to campaign because he wore his hat?

Interesting piece by a Cambridge professor on the divide between London and the rest of the UK

Article re: empty seats at a recent Az Trump rally becoming "old hat?" now a "404"

How a teen desperate for food ended up with a house

The 1950's were not all that great and they are not coming back

The same people duped in Great Britian are the same ones voting republican and voting for the con

After Orlando, slight cracks in gun-rights' grip on Congress

So here's the platform so far if I'm following

The Business Plot and the hero who exposed it

brexit was a non-binding referendum.

Democrats approved platform draft with Sanders' imprint

Venezuela opposition says petition to oust Maduro is validated

How a 'watch list' was defeated in the Fifties: the case of Kent v. Dulles

Syria conflict: Russian air strikes target Aleppo rebels

How a 'watch list' was defeated in the Fifties: the case of Kent v. Dulles

Brazil Police Seek Charges in Bike Path Collapse

UN: Venezuela fails to silence political prisoners’ appeal for amnesty

Help me in my ignorance about Brexit

Advice and suggestions, please!

Putin Praises 'All-Embracing' Partnership of Russia, China

Powerful new HFA ad detailing a family benefiting from Hillary's work on Children's Health Insurance

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Does Brexit imply Donald Trump will become President?

Good bye Michael Feldman....whad'Ya Know'..will miss him.

Hillary was a "one woman army" fighting for Children's health insurance.

Thank you for the new jury system!

Hawaii Becomes First State to Put Gun Owners in FBI Database

Hey ... How about that awesome Democratic Party Platform

Guardian journalists denied entry into Donald Trump UK event

Clinton Delegates Vote Against Clinton Stands on Trade

So the Platform Comittee has endorsed the TPP

Does this platform committee thing seem fishy to you?

EU, Eurozone, ECB, Schengen: a quick primer

So if young people didn't want Brexit

Koterba toon: US Congress

Trump rape allegation affidavit

Norway is not part of the EU. The Norwegian PM warned Britain not to leave

Trump’s First Fundraising Email Ended Up as Spam

Best Twitter Responses to Trump from Scotland

The Donald J. Trump State Park - Needless to say, a failure. $2M purchase, $100M Tax Write-Off!

Regulate Firearms Like Other Consumer Products

Martin O'Malley unveils new nickname for Donald Trump.

Eyes and Ears and Antlers

Would national referendum on building a wall along the Mexican border possibly be approved?

Alabama Medicaid shortfall.

You cannot vote globalization and technology away without hurting yourself even more

First time I’ve locked...

Kaine: Nobody should ever say they're ready to be president

Do you think anybody does anything because they actually believe

PSA about your medication: Your insurance plan might start demanding cash prices much more often

Tom DeLay: I Would've Filed Ethics Charges Over Sit-in

Fallen SEAL hero awarded Silver Star for beating back 100 ISIS fighters

Public land target practice? (montana)

Globalization.. the Trade Pacts.. be careful for what you wish..

TransCanada formally seeks NAFTA damages in Keystone XL rejection

TransCanada formally seeks NAFTA damages in Keystone XL rejection

Cornwall votes for Brexit then pleads to keep EU funding

Who is writing the TPP? Article By Elizabeth Warren and Rosa DeLauro

UPDATE: Loudoun supervisor Umstattd delays introduction of LGBT pride resolution


Bernie makes a threat?

Is Trump's campaign paying him a salary to be the candidate?

Police officers pop the question during London Pride parade

Why progressives should rescue the TPP trade deal

Sarah Palin Excited Enough About Brexit To Name Her Next Child After It

GOP needs to be replaced as moniker for Republicans

Mill closure hits hard in northwest Montana

Ants in my apple trees

Brexit? Is that a Baylon Greyjoy move?

This punk should go to jail for life

I stand with President Schulz

What do we tell the children?

UK: EU referendum petition signed by more than 2 Million

First it was the gorilla, then it was the alligator . . . .

Another financial crisis pirate walks away scot free !

Notice a trend?

George Will says he's leaving the GOP

Are neoliberals and pnac trying to infiltrate us democrats now that the GOP

Fracking. Are you for it or against it?

I still see the TPP as a significant threat to our rights

When ask about his tax plan, Donald Trump answered:

Let's acknowledge what Bernie and the millennials have done

So if I may give a little happy shout out. A former student of mine designed this year's GES logo

TPP are are you for/against it being supported in the final draft of the Democratic Party Platform.

The Trump Scampaign’s Only Chance Now Is If Hillary Is Mauled by a Bear

Remember when Ed Asner stood toe to toe with POTUS Raygun over the PATCO strike?

Remember when Ed Asner stood toe to toe with POTUS Raygun over the PATCO strike?

Remember when Ed Asner stood toe to toe with POTUS Raygun over the PATCO strike?

ONE LAST TIME: Brexit, for the VAST MAJORITY of Leave voters, was about xenophobia

George Will Jumps From Sinking Ship That Is The GOP

Scoring error, not gender issue, blamed in masonry contest controversy

Dolly Parton Is Proud of Her Gay Fans and Hillary Clinton

Republican And Democratic Predecessors Unite Against Sam Brownback’s Policies

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 25, 2016

Guardian journalists denied entry into Trump UK event

Does this platform committee thing seem fishy to you? Part 2 (HRC GP)

Trump finds few willing to work for him

Va. delegate files suit to avoid voting for Trump

Bring forth the meme

Rising GOP star Love skipping party convention

Cross post from the Lounge - anyone w/ ADHD and taking meds?

Bernie Sanders joins Jake Tapper to discuss the state of the 2016 race.

It is coming up to two months since my last treatment.

Really minor thing:

Please help me out. The term-du-jour now seems to "neoliberal"

Got my first taste of paralysis last night

How soon until the GOPee caterwauls about speaking ill if the president on foreign soil?

James Dobson knows the "unnamed person" who "recently led baby Christian Trump to Christ."

America: Quit worrying about your goddamned guns and WAKE. UP!

Trump and Brexit: parallel campaigns built on fear, anger and charisma

Gunmen storm hotel in Mogadishu; 15 killed, police say

One CAN BE a lifelong good Democrat AND support the TPP

Why Black Lives Matter pulled out of San Francisco's gay parade

"We will seek to enter immediate discussions" with Brussels

TransCanada Files $15B Nafta Claim on Keystone XL Rejection

It might be about religion if . . .

Understanding The Difference Between The UK, Great Britain and England

Introducing SpotMini: Boston Dynamics' Latest Creation

Clinton campaign coming out with new round of NC TV ads

Clinton campaign announces eight figure ad buy in North Carolina

and now for an alert side gripe...

Mother, 42, killed by police after shooting dead her two daughters, aged 22 and 17 in family dispute

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Bernie Sanders Would Be A Popular Vice Presidential Pick, New Poll Says

Bush Treasury Secretary Paulson endorses Clinton

Speaker question

Regarding Brexit, I don't know exactly to make of it.

David Lammy MP Urges Parliament To Ignore EU Referendum Result: 'We Can Stop This Madness'

The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

I wonder who Winston Churchill was Talking About?

Camp Hillary:Trump Celebrated as American Families Saw 401(k) Values Drop $100 Billion

Conservative columnist George Will says he's leaving GOP over Trump

New Paris emissions restrictions hit motorcycles harder than cars.

In spite of Right Wing propaganda claims - "The Sierra Club Still Opposes Nuclear Power"

TransCanada Files $15B Nafta Claim on Keystone XL Rejection

At Least 150 Homes Destroyed In Deadly California Wildfire

Secret Photos Reveal Where Donald Trump Grows His Hair

Moving abroad if Trump or Clinton wins? Not so fast.

Sanders will vote for Clinton to stop Trump

Who will be punished for Brexit?

Yesterday's Reuters/Ipsos: Clinton 46.6%, Trump 33.3%

A black man and a white woman switch mics, and the result is amazing

You say the admins will overrule a bad jury decision

Human or Machine? The Incredibly Life-Like Android Robots From Japan

Why you’ll see painted fiberglass donkeys all over Philly in July

Evangelical leader applauds Trump for 'relationship with Christ'

Clinton campaign partners with 'Hamilton' musical for fundraiser

Tenn. judge says only husbands — not women — get parental rights in same-sex divorce

EU referendum petition signed by more than 2.5m

Libertarian Society vs. Socialist Society

Russians turn kitchen into swimming pool

Franklin Graham Hails Brexit Because, the Anti-Christ

Official: Boy, 6, playing with gun shoots younger brother, 4

Car speaker question....

San Francisco man fights eviction after rent increase from $1,800 per month to $8,000

Chimpanzees have better short-term memory than ours!!! No human being can do this!!!!!

Angela Merkel Tells EU There Is ‘No Need To Be Nasty’ To Britain

A lot of people are having trouble with this math problem that requires some basic algebra

There are liars and then there’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove

"We must build a kind of United States of Europe."

Meals on wheels- or - food just out of reach

I love thc oil vape.

Do you think Hillary would look good in this picture?

In Maryland, Hillary Clinton's fundraising beats Donald Trump's more than 70-to-1

Video to Send to Anyone Not Planning to Vote in 2016

FDR's "Second Bill Of Rights"

Super PAC to benefit Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin; Feingold says he's still opposed

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America | Mother Jones ($229 Billon a Year, to start)

MLK Jr., Six Principles and Steps to Nonviolent Social Change

Brexistential Crisis

The facts about what Roy Cooper, Pat McCrory said about education in debate

Gov. Pat McCrory says he’s still pushing for changes in HB2

Striking Photos Will Change The Way You See The Average American

BarneyFrank on the time he marched in NYC's gay pride parade with the First Lady in 2000

O'Malley calls for unity among South Dakota Democrats

Poll: Clinton leads Trump in Maine, but race tied in 2nd District

Rep: State constitution at stake in 'demon chipmunk' lawsuit

CNN Staff revolts over Corey Lewandowski hire

Corruption case casts harsh light on NYPD handgun permits

Illinois police sue town, claim body cameras record nonstop

Baltimore police union criticized for tweets after acquittal


You've got to see this -Judy Garland’s Daughter Honors Orlando With ‘Over The Rainbow’

*UPDATE* final outcome PIC/post #14: photos from 1920s, what about *laminating* them? Photographers.

Farc rebel leader: ‘We repent everything, not just the war’

In case you missed it, Stephen King summed up the Freddie Gray BS in one Tweet

We Need You to Jump Into the Political Process | Bernie Sanders