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Bush and Cheney really fugged up the Middle East

question on the republican Benghazi report

Can someone answer a question for me?

Wisconsin News - 6/28/2016

The truth behind the Labour coup, when it really began and who manufactured it

Software glitch plus question on "do not interfere with forum moderation"

Alleged killer of pregnant woman and unborn child added to FBI Most Wanted list

A Platform That Represents Working Families | Bernie Sanders

Bill McKibben on Climate Change at the Democratic Platform Hearing | Bernie 2016

"Mac and Cheese" college kid in trouble again, arrested in Florida

Bill McKibben on Climate Change at the Democratic Platform Hearing

The news media wonders why we don't trust a lot of them...

Neo Nazis Pledge to Protect Trump Supporters at RNC

Jack Daniels reveals that it was a slave who created its whiskey.

Constructive criticism for Bernie Sanders: start keeping your promise to help defeat Donald Trump

VW agrees to buy back diesel vehicles, fund clean air efforts

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Supremes! & Uncensored & Live & a

For your viewing pleasure...

Live from Los Angeles: Watch Hillary's town hall with @YouTube digital content creators. →

Penne Rigate with Fire Roasted Peppers


Minnesota News - 6/28/2016

Rio 2016: 'Welcome to Hell' warn police

California to vote on recreational cannabis

Trump supporters more likely to view blacks negatively

Macri names son of dictatorship's chief economist, ISDS litigant against Argentina, to patent office

Macri names son of dictatorship's chief economist, ISDS litigant against Argentina, to patent office

US border authority seeks travellers' social media details

U.S. officials say Russian warship came dangerously close to Navy ship

Chamber of Commerce leads Big Business attack on Trump over trade

Rockies/Blue Jays hailed out?

Angel mosaic revealed at Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity

I'd like to appeal the removal of this post:

So, what can we do about ISIS?

June 17, 2016: Why Turkey's beaches are empty..

Arkansas News - 6/28/2016

Huh. China and the US have the same % of their workforces in manufacturing

Updated New York State Primaries

Initiative to Legalize Recreational Use of Pot in California Qualifies for November Ballot

If Trump stays anti-establishment and Clinton chooses Warren as a VP, the Republican Establishment

Britain vs. USA

At last EU summit, Cameron voices regret for Brexit

Let me entertain you...

Investors begin to blame Merkel for Brexit; Polls show her support has plummeted to 30%

Tonight I got to see a House member's private photos and video of the Sit-In...

Officials: Shooter kills 2 at Navajo County Complex; 1 in custody

Notes on a Gazan’s Visit to Israel

Something weird happened to me last night.

ugh, lamborn, buck, glenn, coffman some of the primary winners

ugh--lamborn, buck, glenn, coffman some of the primary winners.

Gov. Paul LePage to attend Trump rally 'with bells on'

Zephyr Teachout Primary Results

Louisiana News - 6/28/2016

Not really a question, but some suggestions about juries

Progressive groups prepare to tear Trump to shreds

The GOP #Zika bill rolls back Clean Water Act requirements designed to keep pesticides out of Americ

Lawmaker to woman: Buy kid's meds yourself; don't ask state

What?? Huff Post screws up royally.

14 Young Democrats to Watch

Appendix:Glossary of Scottish slang and jargon

In an ideal world:

3 missing, 1 injured in head-on train collision in Texas

I think I have woken up in bizarro world...

Officers file motions to dismiss case in black man's death

I haven't seen any news today. My burning question is about Trey Gowdy:

Germany: Man finds $166,000 in old cupboard, hands it back

Cracked's ISIS articles.

Re Trump's Pennsylvania speech today: Hitler also promoted economic

Trump campaign soliciting illegal donations from Scottish MP

I sure will vote Hillary -- but what about US having to pay 15 billion $ to XL pipeline for saying

Trump wants convicted rapist to address wankers at GOP convention

Woman sues Microsoft over Windows 10 ...and wins $10,000. !

Trump continues to muddle immigration ban message

Missouri man gets 10 years in attempt to fire-bomb federal office

Oklahoma News - 6/28/2016

This is the idiot Hillary is running against

trump wants to waterboard and chop off heads....he's one sick mo-fo

Sanders supporter Tulsi Gabbard dodging debate w/her progressive primary opponent

Today the CIA confirmed the identity of a person now known to be lying about the Benghazi..

What are the best foundation plants for shady zone 7a?

These abandoned Mayan cities hold an alarming prophecy for today

These abandoned Mayan cities hold an alarming prophecy for today

Low impact workouts - wall push up

1954 CIA Coup in Guatemala Effects Still Being Felt Today

The Supreme Court’s Conservative Run Is Over

Yahoo: Clinton unity train leaves station without Sanders

Please Stop Saying You Want to Go to Cuba Before It’s Ruined

Radio journalist murdered in Guatemala

Comment on jury service

Radio journalist murdered in Guatemala

New Mexico News - 6/28/2016

EU chief to Brexiter Nigel Farage: 'Why are you here?'

Zephyr Teachout (D) and John Faso (R) win NY 19th Congressional District primaries

Angela Merkel warns UK it can't have access to single market without freedom of movement

Cal Tech glassblower's retirement leaves scientists in the lurch

Harney County voters solidly reject effort to oust county judge who opposed Ammon Bundy

Bills to mandate prison for sexually assaulting unconscious victims, redefine rape clear committee

Bernie Sanders Andrea Mitchell FULL Interview on msnbc 6/28/16

World's fastest clapper--720 claps a minute. Actually cool as heck:


Istanbul not Constantinople

US Senator Wyden: Why I had to halt FBI's latest internet spying push

US Senator Wyden: Why I had to halt FBI's latest internet spying push

Istanbul blasts a reminder for US not to retreat from Middle East: Hillary Clinton

The circle is finished and the healing can begin... because now there is BREXIT PORN

Project Veritas striking in Kansas. The union president is strong and really representing teachers

The First Sanders Democrat Just Won Her Congressional Primary

The New York Daily News: Homo Nest Raided, Queen Bees Are Stinging Mad

Humon weighs in on Brexit

Study: Oklahoma is the second most dangerous state to live in

Is Seth Myers the new Jon Stewart? (I actually know Jon cannot be replaced) but Seth does

Slate: "Bernie Blew It"


Live lightning strike map... Just check out the North America

South Dakota News - 6/29/2016

Kind of a silly question, I think I know the answer. But, when does the next cycle start?

Husband and Daughters Beg For Their Lives in Chilling 911 Calls Placed Moments Before Texas Mom Open

Shelter Cat Turns On Faucet, Causes $5k in Flood Damage

Voters reject effort to recall county judge who opposed Ammon Bundy (OR)

Saying goodbye to my sweet ride

Former lawmaker, Bundy lawyer, loses race (UT)

The High Water Mark at Gettysburg

FBI investigation at residence (NV)

Teacher’s neo-Nazi counterprotest prompts school threat (CA)

Christian group vandalizes ancient Mexican archeological site claiming it’s linked to ‘Devil worship

Christian group vandalizes ancient Mexican archeological site claiming it’s linked to ‘Devil worship

Trump Now Hitting Iceland MPs for Cash

Victoria homeless camp a symptom of B.C.'s broken housing market

Putin is crazy... WAPO: Russia is harassing U.S. diplomats all over Europe

Swan Queen Take me to church

Anti-Trans Signature Gatherers Show Up at Pride

Peru's president-elect promises "social revolution" to tackle inequality

All five U.S. House members from Oklahoma won their Republican primary races in blowouts on Tuesday

Daily Holidays - June 29

Israel: Dug by Jews, tunnel from Nazi era found in Lithuania

Nebraska News - 6/29/2016

Trump renews support for torture and compares trade deal to rape at Ohio rally

Nicaragua expels six environmental activists accused of handling explosives

With just one word, Labour MPs reveal utter contempt for Corbyn supporters

Nicaragua expels six environmental activists accused of handling explosives

Young voters finally breaking for Clinton in new NBC/SurveyMonkey poll.

Justice Dept. reviewing Supreme Court immigration decision: Lynch

Cuba promotes wind power with Chinese turbines to protect environment

Syria rebels battle IS at Iraqi border, aim to cut 'caliphate' in two

India's top court refuses to hear gay-sex ban challenge

Puerto Rico debt bill gains backers in U.S. Senate; close vote seen

Kansas News - 6/29/2016

Great quote about "moderate" politics...

El Chapo: Mexico judge halts extradition to US

El Chapo: Mexico judge halts extradition to US

@GovWalker administration settles 2013 Capitol arrest case with radio host for $75,000 taxpayer $

Source of Original Popcorn Rescued from Extinction in Mexico

Colombians Place Wreaths at Monuments to Celebrate Cease-Fire with Rebels

Texas AG Ken Paxton: Fort Worth ISD's transgender policy violates state law

Life on Saturn’s frozen moon: Scientists believe they’ve discovered a habitable world

Wisconsin State Patrol sending 45 officers to the RNC

This graphic tells the tale:

Thank you Justice Scalia!

Chagos islanders cannot return home, says Supreme Court

My favorite Penn & Teller trick

Is it possible to have religion without religious extremism?

Picture Donald Trump in a crisis

Thomas Piketty has quit as an adviser to Jeremy Corbyn

Brexit "Leave" leader Farage of UKIP's obnoxious speech to the Ministers of the European Parliament

Elvis guitarist Scotty Moore dies aged 84

BBC update thread on Istanbul bombing

All indicators point towards Kaine as VP choice.

Thomas Piketty quit as a Labour adviser. "Brexit is 'political suicide'".

Corby-wan Kenobi?

Bernie Sanders seeks to push DNC Platform further Left

Donald Trump Compares Trade Deal To Rape

Mike Malloy - Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Law!!!

Mike Malloy - Bernie Or Bust?

Patrick Stewart: "We (the UK) don't need any lectures from the Frogs and the Krauts"...[sarc]

Report: Walker's Wisconsin tax credit primarily benefits wealthy millionaires

You're not laughing now': Nigel Farage goads EU parliament. French far-right backs him.

Colorado Senate seat whole lot safer for Democrats now

Alaska Could End to Oil Checks Paid to Residents Since 1982

Quinnipiac gets it wrong again: Poll: Clinton and Trump run neck-and-neck

Two transgender candidates named 'Misty' win primaries

Trump Taj Bankruptcy Left Many Contractors Angry

Cameron says Corbyn should resign

Trump response to Istanbul attack: "Americans don't do waterboarding and yet we chop off heads"

Racist incidents on the rise in Britain after Brexit

Trump violates election-laws by soliciting donations from foreigners

@realDonaldTrump hires @tedcruz's communications advisor @JasonMillerinDC, makes him delete #SleazyD

Czech court strikes down ban on gay people adopting children

Ramadan: Atheism

SCOTUS Refuses to Hear Pharmacists’ Religious Liberty Case, Over Conservative Dissent

What would your 90-year-old self tell you to change today?

Catholic League Chief Loses It Over Pope's Call To Apologize To Gays (VIDEO)

Trump: Make torture great again!

10 ways to leave EU lover; scenarios for Brexit

"First, I'll re-negotiate gravity, then I'll work on the tides." Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

Can users who have not agreed to the ToS serve on juries?

Wall Street Won't Let Elizabeth Warren Be Hillary Clinton's Vice President (They want Kaine)

DeRay Mckesson Named Interim Head of Human Capital at Baltimore City Public Schools


Democrat Kamala Harris holds stunning 25 point lead in Senate race in California

New CNN Polls of Battleground states give HRC strong leads in most

CNN Poll of battleground states gives HRC large leads in most

Life of Brian and Brexit

Elizabeth Warren Is Gathering A Democratic Army To Defeat Donald Trump

I'm coming HOME

Ambassador's sister: I don't blame Clinton for Benghazi

71% of Americans believe economy is 'rigged' (CNN)

New Jersey Poll: HRC bests Trump by 52-31

HRC leads Trump 52-31 in New Jersey

WaPo Editorial: Republicans’ Benghazi goose chase comes up empty

Chris Stevens’s Family To Trump/GOP: 'Don’t Blame Hillary Clinton for Benghazi'

Turkish security hailed for saving many lives

ICYMI: GOP Busted On #Benghazi: Voted To Cut Hundreds Of Millions In Embassy Security Funds

Trump on waterboarding this evening in Ohio: "I like it a lot but I don't think it's tough enough."

Has there ever been a president or VP from Maine?

Multiple Stabbings at White Supremacist Neo-Nazi Rally in California

CNN Hires Disgraced Trump Campaign Manager Who's Legally Forbidden From Being Objective

Unprecedented, Jet Stream Crosses Equator

SCOTUS Short Version: If You Don't Want To Sell Pills, Don't Be A Pharmacist!

Why Does Chris Christie Want To Screw New Jersey Schools?

Trumps Plan to Flip New Jersey Goes Up In Flames, Currently Polling at 21%

Brutal battleground state polls for Daffy Don, just brutal !!!

After 12 years and almost 20,000 posts it's time to move away.

Getting more conservative as you get older?

Stephen Crabb: No snap election if I am new Tory leader

Orlando City Commissioner To GOP Politicians: ‘You Loaded Those Bullets With Hatred’

Benghazi The Fault of Republican Underfunding: Sister of Ambassador Stevens

"Your nightmares are my w*tdreams!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Bernie Sanders explains why he's still not endorsing Hillary Clinton

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Goobers

"The Fundamentals of Caring"

reminder: this is what a neighborhood in Iraq looks like

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Having Regrets?

Trumka on Trump

Hackers down House Democrats' websites

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-Good Court, Bad Court

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 The Rest

British MP calls for Trump emails to be blocked: "We do not wish to be "subject to intemperate spam"

'Brexit' beats off 'porn' in search terms

White Supremacists Are Met With Rocks in Sacramento and Scorn in Newcastle

What's New Pussycat?

Don the Con says something is going on with regard to the attack

Have you seen the new Quinnipiac poll White/Latino Trump support?

Venezuela government mulls move to dissolve congress

Tactical Performance: Larry Bogad On His New Book On Activism Part 1

GE polls look great and may they hold and build for Hillary, but FBI investigation precludes comfort

After 23 Years and Four Trials, Prosecutors Finally Dismiss Charges Against Bill Richards

Venezuelans are storming supermarkets and attacking trucks as food supplies dwindle

Apple’s Tim Cook Has Billions of Reasons to Raise Money for the GOP

Kaine was "exciting" enough to be elected mayor, Lt. Gov., Gov., and US Senator. Hm, not bad.

1st Native American appointed to MN Supreme Court! A woman as well!

Pakistani clerics declare transgender marriages legal in Islam

1st Native American appointed to MN Supreme Court! A woman as well!


Authoritarian attitudes were highly predictive of Brexit vote ...not material circumstances

More Trump Victims Surface As Condo Scam Is Revealed, Millions Lost As He Profited (VIDEO)

What do you suppose happened to the girl that Peter Brady rescued in the toy store?

NASA's Juno snaps its 1st picture of Jupiter and its moons

Hillary's secret army of supporters

Your daily fear-mongering from the CIA

The Stanford Rapist's Judge Just Gave Three Years To A Latino Man For The Same Crime

When is "defeating Trump shortly" going to start and how is Bernie Sanders going to do that? (GD16)

Be wary of polls - Be wary of complacency.

Gov. Dayton Appoints First Native American To Minnesota Supreme Court

Paul Ryan Issues Warning Shot: He 'Will Not Tolerate' Another Dem Sit-In

Lewandowski loses $1.2 million book deal

Ed Miliband, the former Labour leader, has called for Jeremy Corbyn to resign

When is "defeating Trump shortly" going to start and how is Bernie Sanders going to do that? (HRC GP

Trump Fundraises On Chance To Finally 'Indict Hillary Clinton'

Bernie Sanders Is Right: Corporate Media Doesn’t Give A Damn About You

Simon Cowell walks off stage with scared puppy on 'Britain's Got More Talent'

CNN: Is Sotomayor the new Scalia?

Need an iTunes app for my hubby's Droid

Susan Sarandon Is Still ‘Not Convinced’ It’s Worth It To Vote For Hillary Clinton

Any SAS Programmers out there?

Guns OK, sleeping bags and tape forbidden

Adrian Belew - Drive

Tim Kaine will be the VP pick. This election is not about excitement, it's about competence

Bernie Sanders NYT Op-ed: Democrats Need to Wake Up

Secret ingredient

New Kellogg’s Cafe in NYC Serves “Elevated” Breakfast Cereal

Dayton selects McKeig as next Supreme Court justice - First Indian jurist and first female majority

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Campaign Strategy Off To A Flying Fail

Airports and their silly rules

Check out the JAZZY stage for the GOP convention!!!

Donald Trump Had a Very Different Message About Trade Before He Ran For President

After skipping gun filibuster, Bernie finds an issue to show up for

What the NRA’s afraid of in studying the deadly impact of guns

The TPP - question - how will this benefit the average American?

RNC Unveils Dennis Hastert Memorial Shower Stalls in Cleveland for Convention

Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of vandalizing 7,000 year-old pyramid out of fears of devil worship

I feel sorry for residents of Cleveland

Misty Snow Transgender Progressive Activist won Utah's US Senate Democratic Primary

China's Xi urges caution over U.S. missile deployment in S.Korea

Wind Fuels the North Sea’s Next Energy Boom

The See-No-Evil Supreme Court by Bloomberg

Two transgender candidates named 'Misty' win primaries

Quinnipiac Poll: Hillary leading by 2 percentage points.

Trump Lays Bare the Moral Bankruptcy of the Religious Right

Looking for someone much more articulate than I, and

Scotty Moore, guitarist with Elvis, has died

Arizona TV reporters charged after cocaine found in baby's system

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy hits out Scottish EU bid

EU Calls for ‘Orderly’ Brexit at Historic Meeting Minus U.K.

Will Bernie Sanders remain a Democrat after the Convention?

Global Stocks, Pound Rally as Brexit Concern Softens; Oil Rises

Obama, Clinton to Make First Joint Campaign Stop in North Carolina

Pending US Home Sales Slumped In May Amid Supply Shortage

The four-letter word supporters of free trade never utter: DEBT

James Steele: Who Is Getting Rich Off the $1.3 Trillion Student Debt Crisis?

'Anti-Corruption Crusader' Zephyr Teachout Nabs NY Primary Win

Fundy blames "evil voters" for his loss...

Wasn't ISIS smuggling oil through Turkey?

Sports in GD - little Coastal Carolina is playing for college baseball National Championship tonight

Conservative Justices Bemoan Court's Future

Brexit and Trump: When Fear Triumphs Over Evidence

Apart from Warren, Brown or Booker, what would your first choice of running mate be?

New Poll: Clinton Beats Trump In Seven Battleground States

Behold the hideous Columbus monument Trump tried to place in Manhattan

Harry Reid roasts Republicans for using rule created by child molester to block Zika funding

Sterling student creates 3-D printed prosthetic for his little brother

DU needs to form a committee to draft, in the event it is needed, a Thank You for Trump.

Nate Silver: 79 percent chance Clinton wins

Just in case that some people aren't that clear on the concept...

Colorado just completed their primary election last night. Gordon Klingenschmitt lost his primary!


Repukes may write off Colorado Senate race...

Reuters nat'l poll -Clinton 45- Trump 34 /Huff Po Average- Clinton 46-Trump 39

This time, Plaid Stallions has gone too far.

This should end with the bottom glasses shattering because they can't handle the weight

Putin extends ban on imports of Western food through 2017

Insecurity In The City Of Food: How San Francisco Feeds Its Homeless

Digby: "Clinton and Warren: It might be exactly the right ticket at the right time."

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #33: Nazi Golf Balls Edition

Uk stocks still sharply lower. Ftse 250 is uk economy not ftse 100

Europe launches reform "reflection" after Brexit shock

To Post in LBN, Or To Not Post in LBN

Gay Republicans plan ‘Shoot Back’ convention party for Trump

I'm afraid Hilary is gaining in the polls too fast too soon

Escape Tunnel, Dug by Hand, Is Found at Holocaust Massacre Site.

Escape Tunnel, Dug by Hand, Is Found at Holocaust Massacre Site.

Challenge for Donald Trump - Put Up or Shut Up

How even the FTC's lead technologist can get hacked - Wired

Woman stuns visitors singing impromptu National Anthem in Lincoln Memorial

I trust Hillary on foreign policy. People complain that she's a hawk or "neo-con."

How even the FTC's lead technologist can get hacked - Wired

I in no way believe Trump colluded with Bill Clinton to run for the presidency.

Elizabeth Warren Just Showed Why She’d Be An Amazing Veep

The Science Behind Bernie Sanders' Failed Movement, Explained

What have we done?

Chris Stevens’s Family: Don’t Blame Hillary Clinton for Benghazi

"Old Man Trump" - Ryan Harvey, feat. Ani DiFranco & Tom Morello (Woody Guthrie cover)

Why Gun Nuts Lie –

The Catholic Church is kinder, but still wrong on homosexuality

Bernie Sanders Seeks Money From Donors To Fund Delegates' Trip

Puerto Rico Says It Will Default Even With Congressional Aid

Watchdog Groups File FEC Complaint Over Trump Emails To Foreign Pols

BBC iWonder: Would the world be more peaceful without religion?

So we are supposed to believe "Hispanics" favor Trump more than Romney in 2012

Clinton ally stands between Sanders and chairmanship dream

Hillary Clinton Offers Student Debt Deferral to Those Who Need it Most: Startup-Launching Americans

Clinton’s Private E-Mail Use Said to Frustrate Top Aide Huma Abedin

Good article about Hillary's qualifications

Really Good piece from Cosmo

White nationalists plan to show up at GOP convention

New study finds Florida is a hot spot for Islamophobia


By the way, I think the new jury system is working pretty well

Those rebel flags are aimed at you.


Stop the Hate: 49 celebrities honor the 49 victims

Bernie-Backed Candidate Crushes Primary Opponent!

538 launches 2016 Election Forecast: Hillary 80.6% chance of winning; Trump 19.3%

Yes, I know Mass has a Republican governor.

For all intents and purposes, Hillary's going to have 2 VPs.

NRA Tries To Help Trump’s Pathetic Campaign

Paved paradise, put up a parking lot UPDATE: Pink Floyd's recording studio to become condos

We are preparing for war with Russia

If Elizabeth Warren were the VP nominee, how about Duval Patrick for Senate?

First on CNN: Poll shows Clinton with battleground leads

remember last week when Steve King was crying about wasting money redesigning the $20 bill?

What's the definition of 'national disgrace'?

Pink Pistols: LGBT Gun Owners Unite in Arming Gay Community

Liberal activist, blogger banned from Trump rally

Got replies from Grassley and Ernst asking them to vote to restrict sales of guns to terrorists

Bad News For Donald Dump, Sanders Supporters Flocking To Hillary Clinton

I've lost the respect I had for Greg Palast, unfortunately.

A rather jarring Canadianism

Email from Keith Ellison re: the TPP and the Democratic Platform Committee.

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 29, 2016

I keep hearing that Clinton has a problem with men, but really she has no problems with black men

Islanders forcibly evicted to make way for US base in Indian Ocean

Hillary's new CTO, Steph Hannon, is on Reddit for about another 30 minutes to answer any questions

Will the GOP make War Crimes part of their platform...?

Americans are split on "Reverse Racism". That still doesn't mean it exists.

Investigators successfully download EgyptAir flight data

Who will win the presidency? (

Who will win the presidency? (

Donald Trump's the President of Garbage! Booo! Booo! Booooooo!

Looks like you won?

I'll predict it now: the Brexit will never ACTUALLY take place

Native posted an interesting Q&A link with Hillarys CTO Steph Hannon on redit

Obama security helicopters fly over me near downtown Ottawa today. We

Does anyone know at what point in the roll call vote Hillary will clinch the nomination?

Anybody been watching the Senate discussion about Puerto Rico?

Paul Ryan Reveals Dangerously Stupid Obamacare Replacement Plan

Congress left town without funding to combat the Zika virus because

Venezuelans are storming supermarkets and attacking trucks as food supplies dwindle

GEM$NBComcast just cut into a Press Conference with three Presidents

Angela Eagle set to launch bid for Labour leadership

Bernie Sanders: Democrats need to wake up after Brexit

Split the difference re: jury system?

Well Brexit just got a bit personal for me

Scientists just discovered that climate-change is wiping out the concept of seasons.

Possible Reich Wing Convention Speakers

You're Watching MSNBC When The Talking Head Says

My GOD. They cut from the Ottawa Summit to Trump. He does not holdup well by comparison.

Thanks Obama: New Study Shows White Republicans Blame Black President For Their Own Bigotry

Truthout: High Levels of Toxins Found in Bodies of People Living Near Fracking Sites

Guess what? Return of "The polls are skewed! They're skewed!"

Wisconsin and Minnesota are case studies in the difference between Republican and Democratic rule.

‘For God sake’: CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield loses it after Trump aide calls Hillary a murderer

I believe according to the late esteemed Mr. George Carlin...

The Arena. (New Lindsey Stirling video)

Trump’s Son Begged A Scottish Politician To Fund Daddy’s Campaign. Her Response Is DEVASTATING

'Hastert’s In Prison But They Still Follow The Hastert Rule'

OMG, is anybody listening to the toupéd fucktrumpet in Maine...?

The Brexit's reactionary financial downturn is already correcting itself...

Skinheads Have Vowed To ‘Protect’ Trump Supporters At GOP Convention

Waitress told to wear skirt & makeup to be "easy on the eye" wins discrimination suit

The Stanford Rapist's Judge Just Gave Three Years To A Latino Man For The Same Crime

Texas Court Says Kids Waiting For Rapture Don’t Need An Education

Taking back the Senate predictions:

The "don't keep fighting the Primary" rule

Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump should Not Be Ignored

Blows against the "empire"

GOP Convention Clusterfuckery afoot: Open carry with Neo-Nazis doing "security"

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meet privately in Phoenix before Benghazi report

an addendum to my previous "How does it feel when so many long-term DUers are leaving?"

Trump Surrogate Taunts Elizabeth Warren Like A Racist Fifth-Grader

Toady: "It's perception - not reality - that Clinton will be dealing with when it comes to Trump."

FFRF quotes Reagan in Cleveland message to GOP convention

Trump's Pittsburgh speech in front of his wall

Did SCOTUS Just Restore Sanity To Religious Liberty Debate?

Why don't the anti-Corbynites just say THIS:

It's been fun

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 30 June 2016

Dems Refuse to Back GOP Zika Bill that Attacks Women, Vets, Obamacare, and Clean Water

'Three Amigos' take on Trumpism at North American summit

**Please caption the Trumpy**

Artists paint Democratic donkeys for Democratic National Convention ..few more donkeys


The Republican front runner had a Federal court case filed against him last week. Here are the doc

Happy Heterosexual Pride Day from Donald Drumpf

Michael Gove's wife exposes doubts about Boris Johnson with email blunder

Let's Take Our Congress Back! (w/Guest: Zephyr Teachout)

Reaganomics Killed The American Workers' Tribes.

A question for UK DUer's (i.e. people who actually have lived there and know whereof they speak) ...

If Corbyn is barred from a leadership vote by raising the required number of nominations

adopt an anti-TPP amendment when the full committee meets in Orlando on July 8-9?

Ex-Honduras president's son and police allegedly conspired to bring drugs to US

Trump born again

"People worry about all the wrong things."

Jehovah's Witnesses accused of damaging Otomi religious site in Mexico

Yes, it's still 2016: R.I.P. Rob Wasserman, bassist and frequent Bob Weir collaborator

So Don the Con is no longer blaming Dumbya for ISIS

Mexico is Massacring its Citizens and Nobody Seems to Have Noticed

Ex-Houston cop sentenced for providing armor, guns, insider info to Zetas cartel

Sheriff: Texas woman shot daughters to make husband 'suffer'

Firm says it returned Christie's phone, contradicting him

Humans artificially drive evolution of new species

Judge rejects claim alleging illegal purge of election rolls

Climate change causing oceanic boundary currents to intensify and shift poleward

Alabama mayor found guilty of assaulting city councilman

Capping warming at 2 degrees: New study details pathways beyond Paris

PHOTO: It seems like Captain Spaulding has tragically reached that "IJDGAF" stage in life.

This just in......

‘Unprecedented’: Scientists Declare ‘Global Climate Emergency’ After Jet Stream Crosses Equator

Trump ‘violating black-letter federal law’ by spamming foreign politicians for money: watchdog

Donald Trump on waterboarding: 'Fight fire with fire'

The Statue of Liberty Was Originally a Muslim Woman

Move over, ‘Trump U,’ the new scandal is the ‘Trump Institute’

Lawyer: CIA gave Romania millions to host secret prisons

Tweety just obliquely compared Trump to Hitler