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Prez cheeto will be too busy

Anonymous - Message to the Citizens of America

Laura Ingraham Suggests People Wear Diapers Rather Than Share Bathrooms With Transgender People

Indianapolis got fucked for Luck.

Clinton Has Huge Leads Over Trump In Latest Batch Of Swing-State Polling

In case you thought Brexit vote was not about racism and xenophobia.

Latest from Florida - $24 million found in the walls

Obama's speech to the Canadian Parliament ends with cheers of 'four more years'.

Wow, Marc Lamont Hill drank the anti-Israel Kool-Aid

Transgender woman settles case against hotel that got her jailed for eight days

Boycotting Israeli Authors Is an Affront to Free Speech

Clinton's Lead Grows in New Fox News Poll

It was not factory jobs that created the great American middle class

Senate backs Puerto Rico debt bill, sends to Obama

Fox News Poll: Clinton up by 6 points, 89 percent say 'hot-headed' describes Trump

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Genius is a 2016 British-American biographical drama

Talk radio host uses racist ‘war whoop’ gesture at Trump rally to make fun of Elizabeth Warren

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Genius is a 2016 British-American biographical drama

Charges dismissed against graffiti artist Fairey in Detroit: reports

The Age of Disintegration: Neoliberalism, Interventionism,the Resource Curse,and a Fragmenting World

Arizona tattoo artist pleads guilty in Oregon refuge case

Kerry: Brexit may not happen

U.S.-led strikes pound Islamic State in Iraq, kill 250 fighters

U.S. says Russian ship raised false signal in incident

Holy S**t! This actually worked.

Here's what the Labour coup has to offer, and it would plunge the party into electoral oblivion

US airstrikes kill at least 250 ISIS fighters in convoy outside Fallujah, official says

Nate Silver's State By State Odds Are Fascinating

Congress faults Obama for not being tough with UN over Haiti's cholera crisis

Congress faults Obama for not being tough with UN over Haiti's cholera crisis

Crop-Based Biofuels Don’t Harm Food Supplies, New Report Finds

Stringing people along often backfires.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Live and UnCensored!

IMO, the Trump convention on the inside has zero media appeal so ....

CA: Only 456K ballots uncounted (D's, R's and Indie combined). Hillary ahead by 400K+.

LuxLeaks scandal: Luxembourg tax whistleblowers convicted

A List of Deadly Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Diplomatic Targets Under Prez Bush W (HRC GP)

Trump Supporters Mock Elizabeth Warren With Stereotypical Native American War Cry

Plagiarized Lessons and Deceptive Tactics: A Look Inside the Trump Institute

President Obama Unleashes Epic Anti-Donald Trump 'Rant' About Populism

Ex-Honduras president's son and police allegedly conspired to bring drugs to US

New PPP poll on Rachel: Clinton: 45% Trump: 41%

Ted Cruz Gets Schooled On Using ‘Radical Islam’

Brit indicted in botched attempt to shoot Trump in Las Vegas

NAFTA Still Damaging the American Economy and Workforce

Any SAS Programmers out there?

Just ran across this about Citicorp

Trump Institute Offered Get-Rich Schemes With Plagiarized Lessons

'Don Siegelman reacts with disgust and sarcasm

David Byrne fans - The BIG suit is coming back!

Trump Wants Consequences for GOP Rivals

Did any one else watch Rachel Maddow's report on Flint?

Birthday cake for a 'martyr'

Judge OKs Voter Registration Rules in 3 States for Now

Judge OKs Voter Registration Rules in 3 States for Now

Brexit: EU says no compromise on freedom of movement

UK in breach of international human rights

APNewsBreak: US Judge Tosses Suit Against Reclusive Cleric

Entering the General Election: 4 events that will affect the polls

Why doesn't Hillarys campaign mention the Bush family.

Can you explain to me why my posts are removed?

Former assistant state prosecutor assassinated in Mexico

David Brooks Remains a Complete Idiot

Refugees influx in Germany causes rise in antisemitism

Obama administration has forgiven $171 million owed by former Corinthian students

Michael Phelps first U.S. male swimmer to make five Olympics

Brazil: the Southern Giant Will Have to Fight

Oh Fiddlesticks, Paul Simon Might Be Retiring.

What PAC can we contribute to in order to counter the MILLIONS the NRA is spending on Trump???

The Latest: Navajo Nation Crew Deployed Fire Shelters

Unprecedented level of food insecurity in South Sudan, UN agencies warn

Suriname President Acts to Again Avoid Trial in 1982 Deaths

Alvin Toffler, Author of 'Future Shock,' Dead at 87

The Latest: Canada Parliament wishes Obama ‘four more years’

New Florida Poll: HRC: 46% Trump 42%

Clashes Rage in Rio as Police Try to Capture Drug Trafficker

The Humiliating Practice of Sex-Testing Female Athletes

Sheriff: Denver shooter spoke of flying plane into building

GOP Pollster: HRC leads by 2-points in North Carolina

The philosophy of the republican party...

OMG, Trump is a clueless idiot. How the hell does he have even 30% support? This country....

A line I hope Hillary will use during a debate with Trump:

Police: Man fatally shot by trooper had lighter, not gun

U.S., Canada say differences remain in softwood lumber dispute

Don't look if you can't laugh about the fix we are in

Northern Marianas News - 6/29/2016

U.S. to make military deployments in Turkey 'unaccompanied' tours: sources

Guam News - 6/29/2016

BWAHAHA! Yertle the Turtle uses the "P" word.

American Samoa News - 6/29/2016

I couldn't reply to my other question. But, I didn't see the repeal link.

This Library Cat Was Fired, And It's Tearing His Town Apart

Air Force colonel wants adultery case tossed, claims law discriminates against heterosexuals

Snow wins Utah's Democratic US Senate primary

Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch meet privately

"Shocking" ( CBS News) Bill Clinton Meets Privately With Loretta Lynch In Phoenix...

Trump Implies That He Will Indict Hillary Clinton If People Give Him Money

Alaska governor limits annual oil-wealth checks to $1,000

President Obama Speaks To The Canadian Parliament

Zephyr Teachout Wins Congressional Primary

Trump Foreign Policy should scare the s&%t out of you

Bernie Sanders on Donald Trump in 1990

Top U.S. human rights groups fare poorly on openness about funds, watchdog says

Large snake eats beaver, swims across river where kids play

Who remembers playing in the creek?

EgyptAir 804: Wreckage and recorder show signs of heat, smoke

Entire Canadian Parliament chant 4 more years after Obama address (VIDEO)

Hey, can anyone PM some updates on who has left?

BancorpSouth to settle U.S. charges of racial bias against home buyers

538 Election Forecast gives Hillary 55% of winning Arizona.

Polls Show Trump Earning Just 1% of the African American Vote

San Francisco homelessness Q&A: Frequently asked questions, answers

San Francisco homelessness Q&A: Frequently asked questions, answers

Brian Fallon.. President Obama to make his first campaign appearance alongside @HillaryClinton

Foreign politicians getting fundraising emails from Trump

We need a President Hillary Clinton, so we need a Vice President Elizabeth Warren!

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 30, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight: Stage to Screen

You really can't have a "sense of proportion" and be terribly put out by the world today..

I think that whether Sanders endorces Hillary or not is a dead issue

Orange is NOT the new black

When will the vice president be announced?

No one calls these attacks "blowback"

Slow Loris: So much cute you will squee out loud--and then fall over.

Zapatistas stand in solidarity with Oaxaca teachers

Modern history of free trade vs protectionism. Is protectionism really a progressive value?

Coconut oil-- I'm seeing it everywhere now...

Amy Winehouse, naked.

Host action against a member...

All these years and I never added a post to my journal. Maybe it is time!

Some thoughts on the primary...

Hey William769~

Sexy Asian Girls With Swords, a Cut Above the Rest

Daily Holidays - June 30

Michael Gove announces surprise bid for Tory leadership - Brexit live

Trump attacks Malala for not deserving NPP because she "got shot in the head"

Latest Sign of Change in Harlem: Its Congressional Candidate

Grizzly Bear Kills Mountain Biker Near West Glacier

American atheists are on the rise. They have radically different visions of the future.

Israeli girl stabbed to death by Palestinian inside bedroom

Trump Lays Bare the Moral Bankruptcy of the Religious Right

St. Pius X society abandons unification, claims Francis spreading errors

Golden Retriever Puppy Ecstatic to Meet Three New Friends

If you want someone on a jury....

Senate Food Fight Erupts Over Sham GMO Labeling Bill

PPP actually polled this per Rachel Maddow: Who do you want for President?

When Donald Trump Needs a Loan, He Chooses Deutsche Bank

Documentary About ‘The Settlers’ Shows Them as Israeli Left Wants To See Them

"TRAPPED": must see documentary (don't know if it was discussed when it came out)

The Evolution of Garbage Trucks

"TRAPPED": must see documentary (don't know if it was discussed when it came out)

"TRAPPED": must see documentary (don't know if it was discussed when it came out)

"Why isn’t Turkey getting the same sympathy as Paris after attack?"

BREXIT leader Boris Johnson will NOT stand for UK Prime Minister


Does anyone here like country music?

Fear may be the greatest threat to America...

Mitt Romney: My Conscience Won't Allow Me to Vote for Trump or Clinton

Prez Obama for VP! Term limits is 10 years not 8!?

Bernie Sanders issues a stern warning: Europe’s populist revolt could happen here

GOP Senator: Don’t Tell Me I Shouldn’t Be Concerned About Trump

Senator Mike Lee's position on endorsing Donald Trump.

FBI asks agencies who responded to Pulse to deny records requests

Hundreds of IS militants killed in airstrikes near Fallujah

My money's on Elmo.

Obama proposes new military partnership with Russia in Syria

You're a Mean One, Mr. Trump (With apologies to Dr. Seuss)

Tim Kaine as VP? Please, just say "hell no!"

Istanbul airport attackers were from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, official says

We Live In an Age of Disintegration (Patrick Cockburn)

Warren won't be VP because she isn't ready and brings little to the table overall. Simple as that.

After Saying He Forgave Loans to Campaign, Trump Won't Release Proof

Apart from Warren, Kaine, O'Malley, Castro, Becerra, Franken, Newsome, Perez, Brown, & Biden ...

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Fishing Expedition

Caller: 'Psychologist Says Brexit Is The Biggest Change In 1,000 Years!"

The Silent Casualties of a Forgotten War

The Immigrants Didn't Sell Out The Working Class!

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Mangled Apricot Hellbeast

The Great Uniter! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

How low should the Average American Income be?

Democratic Senator Caught On Video With $70,000 In Drug Money

Ha! Now @realDonaldTrump has a 60 second ad saying his "wall" will have "a big door in it!"

A question

Corbyn appears to compare Israeli government to Islamic State

Trump spokeswoman can't explain Muslim ban details

Pundits Mock Clinton & Warren for Wearing Same Color at Rally

"Racism is just another '-ism.'" . . . Please come CAPTION Trump Surrogate Howie Carr!!

Sanders is making his long goodbye count - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Cities Bill Trump for the High Cost of Rallies

Oh My! Boris Johnson rules himself out of Tory leadership race after Gove ditches him

I think this is a nice poster to pass around.

Egypt: Travel Ban on Women’s Rights Leader

Learning From The Activists Of The Civil Rights Movement

How Bernie Sanders missed his moment - By Stuart Rothenberg

A List of Deadly Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Diplomatic Targets Under Prez Bush W (GD16 GP)

Talks continue as Atlantic City casino strike deadline nears

The huckster and the carpetbagger.

Obama and Sanders battle over TPP and the Democratic platform

So, an allusion has been working in my head about the end of Sanders campaign

Stronger action needed against anti-government militias

Hillary folks bringin' it at NYC’s largest pride parade in history

Grizzly Bear Kills Mountain Biker Near West Glacier

Clinton Democrats Claim To Support Health Care As A Right, But Oppose Universal Healthcare

Catching up

Talks continue as Atlantic City casino strike deadline nears

Talks continue as Atlantic City casino strike deadline nears

My Father’s Secret Past

Joint Base Andrews on lockdown, reports of an active shooter (False Alarm)

Trump supporter mocks Elizabeth Warren with chant

SC State House Confederate flag display may wait years

Why Hillary Clinton Supporters are Still So Angry at Bernie Sanders

Debate becomes heated over gender-segregated hours at a Brooklyn community pool

The other day, before the snake bite, I was about to update...

*sigh* Another broken irony meter.

The strange insistence on Single Payer. I don't understand it.

First Read: Breaking Down Trump's Brutal June

107 Nobel laureates sign letter blasting Greenpeace over GMOs

Trump: If GOP rivals don't endorse him, they should never be allowed to run for public office again

Why Can’t Police Stop Killing Innocent People?

The Stanford Rapist's Judge Just Gave Three Years To A Latino Man For The Same Crime

Democracy can be dangerous..37% decided Brexit on behalf of the majority

So How Progressive Is the Democratic Party Platform?

Joint Base Andrews LOCK DOWN!: Breathless commentators give reports of people

Hips Don’t Lie: Plus-Size Model Wants World’s Largest Hips

What is the volume of appeals?

Ted Cruz, we hardly missed ya: McCarthy tactics and conspiracy theories at his terror panel

Turkey and the Islamic State appear to be headed toward outright war

2011 Dodge Viper

I am not angry at Bernie. I don't really care when he chooses to officially quit.

The Role of Cats in Anglo-Saxon England

Caitlyn Jenner Praises Trump On Women, LGBT Issues In Latest WTF Of The Week

The 6,000-Year-Old Telescope

Will Democratic Party endorsement of the TPP help Clinton to win in November?

Marijuana compound removes toxic Alzheimer's protein from the brain

Trump Duly Slapped, Elizabeth Warren Returns to What She Does Best

Jury Service - not enough information to judge.

Ceremony honors life of music legend Ralph Stanley

Looking toward November,

Totally believe this OP/thread violates and violates plus incites and incites.

Sources: Donald Trump Listened In On Phone Lines At Mar-A-Lago

New General Election Poll: Trump 43%, Clinton 39%, 12% someone else, 5% undecided

Rasmussen Poll Shows Trump Lead

Donald Trump Holds Maine Rally With Unpopular Governor Paul LePage | Rachel Maddow

The Republican Healthcare Plan: Get a Job and Buy Medicine?

Nigerian email scam vs Trump

Interesting Opinion Piece ... Actually, a series of OP ...

My thoughts and feelings go out to the poor innocent people victimized .....

Anybody going to go see the new Tarzan movie?

More swing state polls -Clinton up 11 and 10 in FL & NC

Harsh Truths From Baby Animals

Why are polls so hypnotic?

Article: I was fired from my internship for writing a proposal for a more flexible dress code

Trump: Republicans who broke pledge should 'never be allowed to run for public office again'

How to write good

Michael Savage: 'Trey Gowdy Should Be Impeached For Wasting My Time' On Benghazi

They ain't denying it: Mika Mouse & Scabs. Yeah, I know::

As the Republican Party Fractures over Donald Trump,

From Julia Gillard to Hillary Clinton: online abuse of politicians around the world

May jobless rates down over the year in 333 of 387 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 311

El Niño Could Drive Intense Season for Amazon Fires

Flaring Nostrils of Justice CANCELLED!

'Sovereign citizen' has motion to suppress evidence denied (CT)

People Draw Bicycles From Memory, Artist Actually Builds Them

Nativist politics emboldening KKK leaders' hopes for growth

Pew: Whom do you trust?

Sarah Palin to speak in prime time at GOP convention...

Canada's House Of Commons Absolutely Adores President Obama

Hundreds of police firearms stolen, lost in California

Where I'm putting my money today...

D.L. Hughley

Why This Republican Won't Vote for Trump.

Pic Of The Moment: The Trump Supporter's Dictionary: Your Word Of The Day Is "Xenophobe"

Former students share harrowing stories of life inside Alabama's worst religious private school

CDC issues warning on multidrug-resistant yeast infection

Home Computers Connected to the Internet Aren't Private, Court Rules

Martinez has ‘no plans’ for speech at GOP convention

Slap Michael Gove!

A wall will be built for Donald Trump in Colorado, and liberals will pay for it

I Don't Know If It Will Help - I Just Learned That Aviation Police At Chgo Airports Are Unarmed....

Michael Symon Won't Let Donald Trump Into His Restaurants During RNC

America’s Best State Fairs

Watch people attack Hillary Clinton for dishonesty — while lying through their teeth

Fox cub rescued from drain

What are the best type of bed sheets for summer??

Trump is more than a "Capitalist." He's a "State Capitalist"

Have my alerting privileges been taken away?

Bill C. meets Loretta L. at the airport.. stop the presses!!!

The G.O.P. Waits, and Waits, for Donald Trump to Grow Up

Boris: Fuck it.

Look what's coming back this August! Crystal Pepsi!

I Said BACK, Not Balls...

SecDef announces end to ban on trans people serving their country in the military

Prime Minister's Questions got testy yesterday

Navy report: Failure at every level for US ships captured by Iran

Colombian President Hails Obama For U.S. Support For Peace Deal

Wisconsin Redistricting Lawsuit Could Reverberate Nationally

I bought this Hula Ho for my daughter last year....

How many crimes, lies or moral failings is Donald Trump being accused of.

6/30/77..President Carter/Brock Adams..Decision that saved tens of thousands of lives..(maybe yours)

Iowa Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Voting Rights for Felons

Oh Good, Skinheads Have Vowed To ‘Protect’ Trump Supporters At GOP Convention

Judge Blocks Indiana Genetic Abnormality Abortion Law

If I get another "Kiss all hope goodbye" email from the DCCC

House to vote on gun bill next week

Donald Trump Has Long Benefited From Trade Practices He Now Scorns

I dont understand the Christian Right. HRC is a Christian.

Ku Klux Klan dreams of rising again 150 years after founding

Organizers: Al Gore's Daughter Among 23 Arrested in Protest

Campaign cash of Sanders growing, despite elimination

Olivia de Havilland: Hollywood grande dame to celebrate 100th birthday

Canada Task Force to Study Marijuana Legalization

Christie officially being vetted as Trump's VP

Check out this impromptu performance....

NC Lawmakers Consider Boosting Funds to Defend Anti-LGBT Rights Law

French President Hollande endorses Clinton

Transgender People Will Be Allowed to Serve Openly in Military.

Newsflash for some DUers: US Conservative economic policy is called "Economic Liberalism"

Obama Admin Changing Coal Royalty Program to Boost Revenue

I like the option to alert on posts from within jury duty.

Boris Johnson Won’t Seek to Lead Britain, but Michael Gove Will.

Senators Urge Kerry to Address Political Crisis in Bahrain

Ever notice how the word (con)servative has the root word of con in it?

Judge: 'Decent Case' Political Role in Wisconsin Voting Laws

Judge: 'Decent Case' Political Role in Wisconsin Voting Laws

Be careful what you wish for, Donald.

Trump references Jimmy the Greek in advice to set-up speaker Carr

Don't look now but Dow is only about 100 points lower then the high before Brexit.

Eight years or so ago, I read an article by a young female writer about HRC that annoyed the shit

Reports: Trump vetting Christie for vice president pick (Not going to happen)

Chief Rabbi condemns 'offensive' Corbyn anti-Semitism comments

Hershey rejects $23 billion Mondelez takeover offer

Please help me. I think the source in this OP is suspect!!!

Tony Blair in spotlight as report into Iraq war due to be published

Tipping point.

Dementia warning....some of you are in real trouble...

Despite Pennsylvania Being Central to His Strategy, Trump Campaign Is Non-Existent In the State

White House Watch: Trump 43%, Clinton 39%

The Latest Climate Change Anomaly Could Mean The End of Winter

Americans' taste for Mexican beer sucking up water supply, mayor says

Americans' taste for Mexican beer sucking up water supply, mayor says

Natalie McGarry publicly rebuffs Donald Trump fundraising plea (Post solicitation letter)

Chicago Gun Shop to Raffle Off AR-15 to Benefit Orlando Massacre Victims Shot By AR-15.

If you don't support Hillary Clinton for any other reason the Supreme Court is the best Gawd Damn

Why do we no longer receive the results of our jury service? ***UPDATE****

Liz Warren. Why the Cherokee rolls can be used to prove but NOT to disprove heritage.

House Republicans Have Agreed To Hold A Vote On Gun Control

RNC Rules Fight Begins With Plan to Lock In Donald Trump

Pentagon lifts ban on transgender troops

JUST IN: South Carolina Bathroom Bill Sponsor Thrown Out Of Public Office (DETAILS)

Johnny Manziel suspended four games for substance abuse

Watch as Canadian Lawmakers Chant for ‘Four More Years’ of Obama

Donald Trump Is A Petulant Child – Says Repubs Who Don’t Support Him Can’t Run For Office

After Saying He Forgave Loans to Campaign, Trump Won't Release Proof

SURPRISE QUIZ! What do McCain's, Romney's and Trump's presidential campaigns have in common?

Boris Johnson: Eccentric who shunned power.

Are you a skillful Beer Pong player? Well ... are you

A Wifi Booster Question

Visa, MasterCard $7.25 bln settlement with retailers is rejected

Trump Finally Weighs In On SCOTUS Abortion Ruling With Some Bad Math

109 Nobel Laureates sign a letter slamming Greenpeace.

Trump Doesn't Think Voters Know What 'Xenophobe' Or 'Nativist' Means

Don't Trump America!

"I didn't know how racist America was until it elected its first black President."

Free Trade, DNC Platform and the Climate Crisis

REVEALED: Trump bankrolled a racist ad campaign against Native Americans to protect his casino biz

This white lady from Glenn Beck’s TV channel is mad as hell about the ‘very black’ BET Awards

"I'd waterboard my mother!" . . . Please come CAPTION Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany!!

Berkxit Passes, Cal Exits the University of California System

The Antarctic ozone hole has finally started to ‘heal,’ scientists report

DRUMPF eavesdropped on Mar-A-Lago phones. What will be the straw of sleaze to break the camel's back

Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton to Campaign in Pennsylvania

Zephyr Teachout’s Campaign Against Economic and Political Corruption Just Scored a Big Win

Republicans now calling on attorney general to step down after meeting on private jet

Argentine judge okays inspection of three years of President Macri's financial disclosure statements

Iowa poll: Clinton up 14 on Trump, Grassley in tight race with Dem

Kitten almost lashed to death

I'm in two bands and both are playing tonight.

MSNBC's Morning Joe Co-Host Mika Brzezinski Quietly Divorces Husband of 22 Years

When is a gun a “crime gun”?

So, does this wipe Kaine out of the Veepstakes?

Here's some good news regarding the Grassley/Judge race.

Albanian southern town erects bust of Hillary Clinton

Albanian southern town erects bust of Hillary Clinton

Celeb Chef Says He Won't Let Trump Dine At His Restaurants During RNC

Chilling out after taking my recertification exam. I could use some company. Anyone around?

Trump launches Manchester NH rally at closed plant sitting on encapsulated radioactive soil #wcvb

Indiana Gov Pence under consideration to be Trump VP

Nate Silver's election forecast-- just in: Hillary's chance of winning 79.6%, dumdum 20.4%

538 launches first general election forecast 2016: Hillary 353 EVs to 183 Trump.

US efforts to regulate encryption have been flawed, government report finds

US efforts to regulate encryption have been flawed, government report finds

UK versus US politicians' teeth (shallow, I know).

Trump, torture and religion: Why the Christian Right has flocked to the GOP nominee

New Loras College Iowa Poll: HRC leads by 14--Grassley in tight race

Remind you of anyone?

the ozone hole is finally healing

Bernie Sanders’ Endgame Is Increasingly Bewildering To Team Clinton

Trump FEC Financial Data to May 31, 2016

The Trump dream ticket for Democrats may be on the verge of coming true, as Gov. Chris Christie

It would appear that Clinton has won the California primary

5 Big Meat Companies Produce A Combined 162 Million Tons Of Manure Each Year

If Republicans actually wanted to protect women's health, they'd support Planned Parenthood—not atta

And now, the Klexit?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 30, 2016

Howard Jarvis sending out fake tax notices, is this even legal? asking to sign a petition

Hillary Clinton's FEC Financial Data as of May 31, 2016

Atheist minister defends her views at United Church 'inquisition'

Turning CO2 into Stone — Video

OK, what real LEVERAGE does Sanders have right now?

Battleground bloodbath: Clinton leads Trump in 7 swing states

GOP Chair Schedules Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill for One Month Anniversary of Orlando Massacre

Ocean Circulation Implicated in Past Abrupt Climate Changes

Because we need some inspiring stories, Meet Greg Smith,...

I often listen to collections such as th Best of Baroque, but does anybody know of such compilations

The far-right marches on: Marine Le Pen Prepares For "Frexit"

CA update: the state is officially unflippable.

Homeland Security Chief Says 5,000 Syrians Approved for U.S.

Pablo Escobar’s former top assassin plans to run for Colombia congress

Pablo Escobar’s former top assassin plans to run for Colombia congress

House GOP Caves on Gun Vote

I want to vent.....

This is from May but I don't think it ever got posted. Why So Many Gay Men Are So Hot For Hillary

Wishing a super duper happy 4th of July weekend

I feel sorry for those who have Mo Brooks as their congressman...

Christie Being Vetted as Trump’s Running Mate

Princeton Election Consortium: 85% chance of Hillary win; most likely EV 330:208

I need to vent (Xposted to disability as well)

"She hasn't done anything about what's going on"?

Conviction vacated, new trial granted for Adnan Syed of "Serial"

The door opens to Piedad Cordoba return to politics

Conviction vacated, new trial granted for Adnan Syed of "Serial"

Trump Stops Rally To Say Plane Flying Could Be Mexico Preparing 'To Attack' (VIDEO)

In Canada, Refugees Encounter a Foreign Word: WELCOME ....... (It's not Trump territory)

Throwback Thursday

If Republicans Want Less Regulation, They Should Help Reduce The Need For It!

Confessions From Atheists That May Enlighten You

The American Revolution Was The Original Brexit!

Lie Witness News - Jimmy Kimmel Show

Connecticut cops more likely to use stun guns on minorities

Another reason to hate Mike Shanahan, Denver and Washington fans....

What is your favorite last scene of a film or TV Show?

NRA filmed commercial on government cemetery violated gov rules

Claim that jet stream crossing equator is ‘climate emergency’ is utter nonsense

The Humiliating Practice of Sex-Testing Female Athletes

The Humiliating Practice of Sex-Testing Female Athletes

Titter... Nancy Grace out at CNN

Tweet from God concerning Trump/Palin...

The Humiliating Practice of Sex-Testing Female Athletes

Bernie win in California is now officially mathematically impossible

Night-time light pollution causes Spring to come early

"Donald Trump’s claim that China ‘will enter’ the Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘at a later date’"

Baby fish lose poisonous protectors in acidified oceans

Bernie has asked for 2nd extension on filing his financial disclosures,

Self-Driving Tesla Was Involved in Fatal Crash, U.S. Says

Three Amigos Summit.

Marine Corps: 15 drill instructors under investigation


Penguins and climate change

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 1 July 2016

UK wildlife calendar reshuffled by climate change

Juanita Jean and the Three Amigos

But it's not the size that matters.

Close Poll Indicates Chuck Grassley Is In The Senate Race Of His Career

Jim the Penman

The Cardiff Giant

Blond idiot completes spectacular month at work

Militiaman Has to Stay in Nevada Jail -- #BundyTeaParty

In Hot Water: Climate Change is Affecting North American Fish

Mother Jones: A Brief History of America's Private Prison Industry

New York Times reports plagiarism in Trump textbooks

scott fitzgerald threatens to cut mps funding

Imus To Author Gary Byrne: “Doing This Book Makes You Essentially Just A Money-Grubbing Weasel"

Are they an item? MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski quietly divorces her husband three years after co-anchor

Biden: "I've talked to Bernie. Bernie is going to endorse her."

Father pleads guilty to killing son by 'squishing'

The National Weather Service just announced a severe weather alert for Las Vegas

Refugees Encounter a Foreign Word: Welcome

Show you’re proud to be on their team

Lawyers ask judge to halt execution for Georgia inmate

Venezuela accuses US of 'interventionist obsession'

The Teeny Tiny Anole Comes to Visit

Paul Ryan Shows That He Is Completely Terrified Of House Democratic Gun Protests

Obama Doubles Down on Neoliberalism

Oh what I'm going to do to ISIS

Attacks on Bernie are just as much "refighting the primary" as attacks on HRC.

Nightmare plane crash - Oops!

The math is with Hillary: She’s surging in the polls — and many Republicans are in denial

Trump thinks big crowds should equal better poll numbers

TPP hate is just Neo-Nationalism and Neo-Reactionary

Iraq taught us nothing: Neoliberalism, interventionism and America’s crumbling empire

Benghazi: "this inquest was never meant as fact-finding & constructive criticism" - USA Today


The 270 Project: Try To Predict Who Will Win The Election

Biden Spills the Beans: Sanders will endorse Clinton

Nigel Farage: Clinton acts like she has 'divine right' to presidency

Sanders and Ellison have introduced bills to ban private companies from running prisons

I read a post on DU indicating ...

Michigan Muslims move toward Clinton

Trump polling at 9% with Europeans

7:00 PM CDT TCM: Cabaret!

Jimmy Kimmel Show interviews people in the street about Hillary’s ‘dishonesty.’

Big US companies spearhead renewable energy drive

Anyone else absolutely fascinated by the current UK political machinations?

Hillary Clinton unveils tech agenda

Did SCOTUS help 'Free Don Siegelman'? Pardon likelier than conviction being overturned: Experts

French president endorses Hillary Clinton, attacks Donald Trump. Vive la France

Corey Lewandowski’s Debut On CNN Is Going Just Awfully