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Trump Rally!!!!

This Race is Not Over | Bernie Sanders

‘I’m from the Vatican, you’re f*cked!’

Donald Trump’s Bullshitopedia: An Ever Expanding Catalog Of Lies

This Race is Not Over | Bernie Sanders

US warns of Islamist militant attacks on South Africa shopping malls

Two-hour test kit hailed as boon to HIV care in Africa (Guardian)

Last hope for great apes is vaccination against the rapid onslaught of disease (Guardian)

Down to the last three: can science save northern white rhino from extinction? (Guardian)

Clinton: Trump deserves some blame for violence outside events

This is what a Trump Presidency looks like.

Did I tell you about my trip to Rome last month?

Can we save the rhino from poachers with a 3D printer?

This AL teacher was only suspended....I wonder what she will do in class next year......

3 million +

Virgin Islands update...

Trump vows not to change — which means everyone else in politics has to

When Was America Great?

Report on the Puerto Rico Democratic Primary Crisis

I can't get ESPN 3 on my new Samsung Smart Teevee!

Clinton poised for weekend bounce

comment from WaPo on Pagliano plea

Take an "Awwwww" Break

Obama's Fracking Legacy

OAS chief accuses Argentina's Macri of obstructing moves to censure Venezuela.

OAS chief accuses Argentina's Macri of obstructing moves to censure Venezuela.

Feeling the Bern: Grassroots Artists Capture Bernie Sanders

Here is Hillary in 2007, attacking Repubs for 'shredding the constitution' by using secret emails

The mismatch between crowds and vote totals is reaching the "something rotten in Denmark" level.

A Lesson in Democratic Delegate Math. It's bananas!

Why is Justice Rebecca Bradley having a fundraiser?

Clinton campaign predicts Obama will endorse 'very quickly'

6-3-16 Founding of the ILGWU in 2:00

6-3-16 Founding of the ILGWU in 2:00

6-3-16 Founding of the ILGWU in 2:00

Wingnutty peckerwood Tennessee senator goes on Twitter attack against "Cassius Clay"

Pre-Hispanic tombs found in Colombia are over 2,000 years old

Pre-Hispanic tombs found in Colombia are over 2,000 years old

If you're anti-free trade, do you support the Brexit?

Well, I'll be dipped in.... shellac.

Confirmed: There is a lot of confirming going on in GD:P.

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Vanity Mile

23 arrested in Guatemala campaign finance case

3.0 magnitude earthquake 17 km from Cruz Bay, Saint John Island, USVI about an hour ago

Since Hillary will hit the delegate mark by Tuesday

A Gunfight in Guatemala

A Gunfight in Guatemala

My Breakfast with the Champ: Muhammad Ali

Anyone who has spent any amount of time here has seen the acronym DINO...

"Trickle Down Clowns"

Bernie Wins California!

Bill Maher - Capitalism Eats Everything

Sanders: 'The Democratic National Convention will be a contested convention'

Who here fell for Brock's phony "Progressive" website slamming Bernie

In honor of Lee Camp Redacted Tonite I changed my sig line.

We always hear about the 3 million+ voters for HRC.


The Week End Economists Call for Discretion. June 04 - 05, 2016.

Ken Norton on Muhammad Ali

Just an word of thanks here

Line outside the LA Coliseum at 3:45 or tonight's Bernie rally

Hillary Clinton Wins Virgin Islands Democratic Caucuses (HRC GP)

Hillary Clinton Wins Virgin Islands Democratic Caucuses

Why it helps Democrats and progressives for Bernie to keep running

Hillary Clinton Wins Virgin Islands Democratic Caucuses

Muhammad Ali's religion blind philanthrophy

I hear this ...

Please recommend this post to thank our friends in the Virgin Islands for supporting our Hillary

Oil sheen spotted, 100 residents remain evacuated after Oregon oil train derailment

Bernie Sanders GOTV Concert and Rally at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, California

Benchmark is tweeting Bernie is less than 15% in VI Caucuses (Updated)

Crunch Time

How the British Army Cooperated with the Murderous Guatemalan Regime

How the British Army Cooperated with the Murderous Guatemalan Regime

Virgin Islands Democratic Party is updating results via Facebook.

Elizabeth Warren says supers shouldn't sway election

Pope reveals new measures for bishops who mishandle sex abuse

I am requesting a guideline.

Hindu cult in India ran own pseudo-government, torture prisons, police say

Paul Ryan’s secret plan to save the GOP, after Trump: Turn it into Uber

Planned auction of items from reservations raises questions

Venezuela's Maduro entreats Latin America not to isolate him

What Was DU Like in 2008 Hillary vs Obama?

Virgin Islands Dem party facebook page

Attempting to force us not to count supers until the convention is pointless

Get Out and Vote in California | Bernie Sanders

6-4-16 Striking in Wisconsin in 2:00

Get Out and Vote in California | Bernie Sanders

Get Out and Vote in California | Bernie Sanders

6-4-16 Striking in Wisconsin in 2:00

6-4-16 Striking in Wisconsin in 2:00

Puerto Rico Dems 'appalled' by accusations from Sanders camp

6/4 multiple brushfires in Calabasas, West Hills

Predictwise gives Hillary a 97% chance in the primary, and 72% in the general.

what is a caucus ? what leagel bering does it have on elections? thanks .

Thinking Like A Super Delegate

Some pics from California


Clinton wins US Virgin Islands caucuses

My Pictures from Hillary's Joyful Westminster CA Rally Yesterday!

Some recent photos from my current fire lookout .. enjoy!

Heads up Bernie in LA is trending on twitter, live pics starting to come in from the

Report on the Puerto Rico Democratic Primary Crisis

Bernie Supporters, Please Note.

Green Papers: Virginia Island delegates go 6-1 to Hillary

North Carolina high school prank upsets Latino students

Joan Baez and Judy Collins

Beakman is back!

What is Bernie going to do between the time the voting ends and the convention begins?

Sharp drop in granting of citizenship to J’lem Arabs

Elizabeth Warren: "I don't think that superdelegates ought to sway the election"

Hillary will win 6-1 in the Virgin Islands. Bernie won St John and split the 2 delegates there

1990: Muhammad Ali traveled to Iraq and got 15 American hostages released.

Ex-Marine fired from job for lowering flag on Memorial Day

Violent protesters at Trump rally in San Jose

Tulsa police investigate officers' role in death of suspect

Virgin Island caucus results: 84% for Hillary; 12% for Bernie.


Do you think Bernie Sanders will be viable in the Puerto Rico primary?

I will vote for Hillary in CA on my way to work

Bernie Sanders praises Muhammad Ali’s ‘incredibly courageous’ opposition to the Vietnam War

Ex-Polish presidents lead anti-government march in Warsaw

Trump campaign pays women less than men

Sanders statement June 4: "The election is not over on June 7th. No candidate can declare victory"

Count super delegates now, don't count super delegates now,,,

Move over HA HA Goodman. Seth Abramson wants your job.

Actual endorsement vs. reporting about it?

Sanders campaign accuses Puerto Rico Dem officials of fraud

That time Muhammed Ali traveled to Iraq and got 15 hostages released.

Bill Donohue's latest bit at NewsMax reminded me of the Weimar Republic

Former attorney general: Trump right to question judge’s fairness

Muhammad Ali Dead At 74

Time to Choose

Puerto Rico Dems "appalled" by accusations from Sanders camp

Got a little bit over the top. (HILLARY GROUP)

So she netted more delegates out of virgin islands than his michigan win

Study: One-quarter of cancer patients can't afford treatment

Sanders campaign accuses L.A. city councilman of blocking event at Greek

Toni Braxton - Love Shoulda Brought You Home

Good gawd, y'all. I need an intervention.

Santiago's Subway Will Soon Be The First To Run On Mostly Solar And Wind Power

Santiago's Subway Will Soon Be The First To Run On Mostly Solar And Wind Power

Clintons should pay off Sanders Debts including the Vatican Thing

Big Dog Bill comes to William Jefferson Clinton Elementary, Compton, CA

Superdelegates do not vote until July 25th & do NOT count till then. Don't believe me? No prob...

How to Become Gluten Intolerant - Ultra Spiritual Life

I haven't written any stories in a while.

June 3rd, 2008: Barack Obama Clinches Nomination. Before Clinton conceded. Only with superdelegates.

Scientists Find First Gene Mutation For Multiple Sclerosis

Big Dog Bill comes home to Compton

If the Hillary camp is smart, they have statements from every single super-delegate ready to go out

Pic Outside Theater in Oakland

Which of these Sanders super-delegates can be flipped on June 8?

Colombia police rescue dogs from troubled neighborhood

People of color account for more than 90% of marijuana arrests in New York City

61 delegates away from nomination

Virgin Island Caucus Results from The Green Papers

Mad Dogs, on Amazon Prime

The Bernie Sanders I Thought I Knew Is Gone

New rule would let VA provide sex reassignment surgery to transgender vets

Colombia Paramilitary Victims Fight Banana Giant in US Court

Leader of Honduras' gay community abducted, murdered

Leader of Honduras' gay community abducted, murdered

How many copies of that tell-all book by the Clinton's Secret Service guy

The First Family a Second Time

Former GOP gov: Clinton ‘more stable’ than Trump

Updated delegate totals...with VI

I wonder if the Bernie or Bust movement grossly overestimates their size

Here’s where Hillary Clinton is giving her nomination victory speech on Tuesday night

Haiti, a Caribbean country, is joining the African Union

Minnesota Democrats vote for 'elimination or reform' of the Super Delegate system.

Anybody heard of Chubb Town, a black town in Georgie founded in the 1700s . . .

Ali's Daughter on her father's death...All his organs failed but his heart still beat for 30 mins

"Hillary = Obama's 3rd term"?

Do Sanders People Want to Pull a Bush V. Gore?

Finding the real treasure of the Incas: Two new frog species from an unexplored region

Finding the real treasure of the Incas: Two new frog species from an unexplored region

How is it not massively, massively hypocritical

Fear of a Triumph by Keiko Fujimori, the Key to Peru’s Elections

Today in History: Ten Cent Beer Night

If you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone

Fairport Convention's Dave Swarbrick dies aged 75

Singing ‘salaam,’ synagogue hosts a welcome dinner for Syrian refugees

World's biggest glass-bottom platform opens in China

'Those who can make you believe absurdities,

Check out this list of things Trump has said...

‘Harlistas’ hit the road: female bikers tour Cuba on vintage Harley-Davidsons

I find it amazing that after all the years of conflict I have endured on DU,

Bernie Sanders Will Win the Contested Democratic Convention (Video)

Remember THESE words from Muhammad Ali...and call on our leaders to heed them...

Daily Holidays - June 5

Trump and Classic Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)

People who support the existence of superdelegates are hypocrites when they complain about

It looks like Hillary is planning on declaring she won the nomination before she has the

Clinton sweeps in U.S. Virgin Islands


Here’s where Hillary Clinton is giving her nomination victory speech on Tuesday night!!!!

Indiana News - 6/5/2016

BREAKING: Major Vote Counting Error In Democratic Primary Discovered, Sanders Picks Up Delegates

Let's put one thing to rest right now...Bernie will NOT run third-party in the fall.

Sanders campaign accuses L.A. city councilman of blocking event at Greek

Is Bernies "compassion" for the people more fiction than fact?

Warren: 'I don’t believe in superdelegates’

Trump in December: What Muslim sports heroes?

In all my memory of past primaries (40 years) I have never seen a candidate that plays the victim

Illinois News - 6/5/2016

What if Hillary wins all 60 delegates today???

War, War and More War.

I have one more question before I try to go back to sleep:

Socialist HG Wells’s role in the creation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights

Does a Federal Database of Gun Owners Make Sense?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fudz And Drinx Edition

Holiday Locations Trump Should Avoid This Summer

The White Entitlement of Some Sanders Supporters

Why Gun Laws In The U.S. Aren't Working, And What We Can Do About It

Bernie Sanders "This Land is Your Land" at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, CA

We Haven't Fallen for the Propaganda to this Point, and We're Sure Not About to Start Now

Bernie Sanders Pays Tribute to Muhammad Ali at LA Memorial Coliseum (6-4-16)

Gun Control for Domestric Abusers is Gaining Traction

Dick Van Dyke Introduces Bernie Sanders Memorial Coliseum (6-4-16)

Game of Thrones 6.7 "The Broken Man" (spoiler alert)

Hillary supporters: How is Hillary's and your claiming victory prematurely going to unite the party?

Susan Sarandon at Bernie Sanders LA Memorial Coliseum Rally (6-4-16)

Wisconsin News - 6/5/2016

Global General Strike

StopFakeNews #84 [ENG] with Brian Mefford: Debunking lies @ Savchenko, nuclear dump in Ukraine CT

Bernie Sanders’ Los Angeles Rally: The Pictures

CNN State of the Union

"Requiem for a King" - a (new) music track for mine...

With the "presumptive nominees" set, the mood of the electorate begins to crystallize.

Nearly four of five Swiss reject guaranteed basic income plan-TV

Puerto Rico Dems 'appalled' by accusations from Sanders camp

The White Entitlement Of Some Sanders Supporters

Rethinking Humanity's Roots; we focused on east Africa should we be looking to the south?

Slovakia is a cleaner, fairer, better place to live – all because of Europe. (anti-Brexit article)

Bernie Sanders’ 13,500 Person Los Angeles Rally

Puerto Rico Dems 'appalled' by accusations from Sanders camp

The reasons why Hillary's epic take-down of Trump in her foreign policy speech was BRILLIANT.

Clinton hopes to strike gold in pivotal vote (AKA Bernie gets votes because he promises FREE STUFF!)

Lol...Cnn is going to show Trump's greatest hits attacking the media!

Ancient Seafarers’ Tool Sites, Up to 12,000 Years Old, Discovered on California Island

Robert Reich Interviews Bernie Sanders

Good *Without* God? "Reason Rally" Draws Thousands of Atheists to DC

I watch sanders every day and noticable he is coming unglued and the wheels are coming off

have you ever looked at Mrs. Trump III twitter feed-very materialistic such excess showing off

Elizabeth Warren Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Laying Into Donald Trump

Andrew, dude bro, not a good use of Dem. registration data...

America Marked Memorial Day Weekend with a Deluge of Mass Shootings

Obama, Clinton, Following Sanders' Lead on Expanding Social Security

Sanders not a viable candidate in Virgin Islands

Show this to your GOP family members and friends who might be voting Trump

My most recent "discussion" with a Trump supporter

4 of the 5 Virgin Islands Supers have announced they now back Clinton

What is Democratic Socialism?

Obama’s call to expand Social Security highlights a populist shift propelled by Bernie Sanders.

Super delegates should not be counted at all.

Shaun King: White HS students in Mich. saying they'd like to bring back slavery shows racism alive

WATCH: Elizabeth Warren trashes ‘proven failure’ Trump in blistering Massachusetts speech

I'm sorry, how is sugar even an option?

FYI Donald:

E.Warren: "This is what Democrats united to beat Donald Trump look like. Get ready, Donald" (HRC GP)

Is There A Difference Between A Secular And An Atheist Society?

NY Democrat: Trump should return money to 9/11 recovery fund

There's an old saying in racing, if you want to finish first first you have to finish

"I'm wrong more often than Karl Rove. . . . I'm the champ!" . . . Please come CAPTION Dick Morris!!!

Sunday's Non Sequitur- The Gold Standard

Maher said sarcastically. “They cover every word he says like it was a papal visit to America.”

When religious bias rears to uncover a head

Minnesota News - 6/5/2016

Is this group a legitimate Sufi practice?

Afghanistan Veteran: Trump Used Us

What are the odds of Bernie winning the majority of the "super delegates"?

Hillary Clinton leads by 2.9 million votes (including caucuses)

Pope Francis reveals new church law to deal with paedophile priests

Michael Moore: ‘Trump inspires his side. It’s like Munich in 1932’. Why Trump really is a fascist.

The reasons why Hillary's epic take-down of Trump in her foreign policy speech was MASTERFUL.

Alright, Mexican Americans - You KNOW What To Do

Clinton’s Speech Shows that Only Sanders is Fit for the Presidency

What message will California send to the Democratic Party on Tuesday?

Superdelegates put Barack Obama over the top over Hillary in 2008.

Anyone who thinks Hillary is going to be "indicted" needs to get to a psychiatrist and FAST.

Don't remember Muhammad Ali as a sanctified sports hero- was a powerful, dangerous political force

Happy 41st wedding anniversary Steve & Marta

It is possible that Hillary will win the nomination in Puerto Rico today. Needs 60 out of 60 or...

*** Posted to the African-American Group ***

Donald Trump is delusional (African American Group Thread)

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Beautiful Ode To Muhammed Ali

In his own words.

Top Bangladesh policeman's wife killed

If there were no SD'S and Biden had gotten in

Why Bernie has lost the primary:

A very truthful opinion.

Warren slams Trump over Trump University

In Trump's interview on CNN he just said:

Warren slams Trump over Trump University

"go to the source"

Do you think Hillary would have conceded when she did in 2008...

Legendary radical activist Angela Davis: ‘We have to do whatever is necessary’ to stop Trump

ok guys I took (virtually) all

HRC Sweeps US Virgin Islands takes all 7 delegates

I call BS....

what has two right wings and flies around in circles?

Bernie likely is picking a fight with Obama that he can't win

When Barack Obama declared victory in the nomination contest on June 3, 2008,

Netanyahu set for third Russia visit in recent months

A Majority of Pledged Delegates Is the Measure.

Mr. Fish Toon- You Know What To Do

Sanders received 3,686,221 votes less than Clinton did in 2008.

Day Two. I still can not believe we do not have him with us any more.

First time in history, a woman wins a major party nomination?! Nah. Give it to a white dude.

The Dark Kristol and the French Connection

Sanders statement June 4: "The election is not over on June 7th. No candidate can declare victory"

US-backed Syrian alliance, Assad regime make gains against 'Islamic State'

Bernie's weakness as a President, and one of the main reasons he lost this primary....

How Bush stole the elections in 2000 and 2004

Even MSNBC, Clinton a Flawed Candidate, Indictment Pending: LEE CAMP 'Redacted Tonite'

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Fight Hillary at Contested Democratic Convention in July

What's the record for most hides in a 90 day period, both current and historical?

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Fight Hillary at Contested Democratic Convention in July

What's up with WCPT in Chicago? On air, Fox's Kilmeade and Friends, yuck!

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Fight Hillary at Contested Democratic Convention in July

"Vote for Me if You’re Registered Green - Vote for Bernie if You’re Independent or a Democrat"

Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell: Foils and Friends. . .

Dixie Chicks Mock Donald Trump With Defaced Photo at Concert

‘Invisible Women’ for Hillary

Hair - Hare Krishna - LSD trip scene

U.S., China Trade Barbs Over South China Sea at Shangri-La Dialogue

Analysis Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in a tight race in California as the campaign batters

Sanders Is Taking Dem Support For Granted

Switch HONDURAS 1954 with GUATEMALA 2009

All Kinds of VOTER SUPPRESSION taking place in NJ and CA!!!

Shirt Giveaway!!. Make a $27 donation to Bernie and i'll send you a shirt!!

Pope scraps abuse tribunal for negligent bishops

The Untold Story Behind Saudi Arabia’s 41-Year U.S. Debt Secret

Stanford Swimmer Who Raped Unconscious Woman Gets Short Sentence Because Jail Would Have a ‘Severe I

Martin O'Malley for VP .. the best choice all around

Sanders: Clinton's support for the war in Iraq was not just an aberration

SWEET! The folks that made Idiocracy are back, including Terry Crews, to make anti-Trump ads!

"Wildlike". What a beautiful film.

Win or Lose, Bernie Reflects the Mood of the Progressive Left

Sanders assails Clinton over Foundation

Conflict of interest: Sanders assails Clinton over Foundation

Jake Tapper asked Donald Trump if his judge attack was racist — then followed up 23 times

Pickup artists don’t just sound like Trump, they worship the very ground he walks on (HRC GP)

Clinton looks to shore up support among younger Latinos in California

Matt Damon gave a highly charged MIT commencement speech

Election rant about being a millennial

Clinton: Trump makes 'bizarre rants,' tells 'outright lies'

Ukraine allows torture and runs secret jails, says UN: The Sunday Times

Warren: Trump University "was like a used car dealership"

Can we all agree Hillary is a terrible public speaker? That is why she has no crowds?

Clinton: I expect Sanders to call for unity, Sanders: Democratic Convention Will Be Contested


Iowa News - 6/5/2016

The same media that lied us into war, is happy to spread lies to support a pro-war candidate.

I won't back down

Campus rapist given lenient sentence to avoid "severe impact on him"

Corker "I thought this interview was supposed to be about foreign policy..."

Bernie feeding the "or bust" trolls

Sanders on ‘Bernie or Bust’ Supporters: I Can’t Tell Them What to Do

Next time you are talking with a creationist...

Will Hillary Clinton be announcing on Tuesday that she's won the General Election for President?

More of the 2016 disastrous CO2 climate year, May 29, 2016 4.16 ppm worse than May 31, 2015

Republicans are more easily grossed out than Democrats.

A great thing about today. It's the last day Bernie gets to go on Sunday shows

Puerto Rico 60 P.Dels + 7 S.Dels ! Should know by dinner time!!! (HRC GP)

CNN interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders

OMG! Conflict of interest: Sanders assails Clinton over Foundation

Richard Simmons is hospitalized for bizarre conduct.

AP: Bernie non-viable, shut out in Virgin Islands

Death Threats to Incarcerated Bernie Supporters in Puerto Rico?


Remember all those people calling scooter and Cheney treasonous for outing the

State measure 50- Yes or No?

Puerto Rico Democratic Primary: Results to Push Clinton Closer to Nomination

Hillary Lobbyists and ICE and Private Prisons

Cuomo Signs Executive Order Against Companies That Support Israeli Boycott

I do not expect Bernie to do anything but force Hillary to be more progressive she's trying to move

New CBS Polls: California close (+2 HRC) NJ a landslide (+27 HRC)

New CBS Polls: California close (+2 HRC) NJ a landslide (+27 HRC)

The Latest: Puerto Ricans vote in Democratic primary

Trump: "I have very strong, very thick skin"

Still relevant.

Home Depot Founder Made Massive Trump Announcement

Louie Gohmert discovers gays have already been to Space.....

Tony Blair is a psychopath!......... New Jonathan PIE Rant!!

It's official. The Virgin Islands do not count.

McConnell on Trump Judge Comments: 'I Couldn't Disagree More'

Hillary Clinton Is A Lesbian?

Party platform - Sack cartoon

Thomas Frank on Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, and How Microloans help Banks over the Poor

How should Superdelegates decide who to vote for?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 7: A Night in Brighton

European churches say growing flock of Muslim refugees are converting

California Primary Poll June 5: Clinton Leads Bernie By 2 Clinton 49% Sanders 47%

Charles P Pierce- A child of contradiction, Muhammad Ali was an essential American

MSNBC's SteveKornacki Explains: Hillary Won't Have Enuf Pledged Delegates to Get Nomination

Video of Hillary Saying: "I Am Adamantly Against "illegal immigrants""

Missouri News - 6/5/2016

California Trump vs. Clinton and Sanders Poll June 5. Sanders again does better than Clinton


Anti-Poaching Field Operations Hampered by unscheduled Windows 10 Upgrade

Puerto Rican polls close at 3 pm eastern time.

New Jersey Trump vs. Clinton and Sanders Poll June 5. Sanders again does better than Clinton

Bernie Sanders refuses to back down as Clinton on verge of victory

Trump shifts position on Libya

Camile Paglia on Hillary's Sleepwalking

"The hate mail has started up again"

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 8: Stage to Screen

Meanwhile, America's 400-year assault on Natives continues

Political commentary: State of the Democratic Primary Race

Florida and South Carolina DUers - TD#3 and Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings

French Open Men's Tennis Results (Spoiler Alert)

Since the beginning of April, Hillary has hit every "538" target except WV (missed by 1):

Appeitite For Destruttion

HRC Sees San Diego Speech “Breaking Through” On The Trail: massive applause (HRC GP)

Donald Trump amplifies racist attacks on Hispanic judge overseeing Trump University lawsuits, starts

President Barack Obama's response to a pointed question about his gun control policy

David Axelrod: a very awkward position to be if you`re trying to lead a political revolution

These California ESL students are using Hillary's 1995 speech in Beijing to learn English.

Someone reminded me to Celebrate my 15000 postings!

The rains just started

I hear from the Republican side about the massive policies that Obama has implemented

California Green Party: "The Sanders Campaign Is Absolutely Destroying Us!"

Study Ties Fracking To California Earthquakes

Forget the delegate count. Have you seen the Cha count?

Sanders: Clinton too quick to rush to war, Iraq vote ‘not just an abberation’

Many Sanders Supporters are Treating Clinton the Same Way Republicans Treat Obama

Hillary Supporters - Do me and the world a favor...

Sanders equates Clinton with Trump on foreign policy

With Hillary only 28 delegates away from clinching the nomination, Bernie demands

Arkansas News - 6/5/2016

In 2008 and 2013 Most of Clinton's "charity" Donations went to Clinton Foundation

Robert Kennedy-Eugene McCarthy debate excerpt, California Primary, 1968

Donald Trump Lies Again On Libya, Offers Heaping Portion Of Word Salad

Calif. sees record high voter registrations going into primary

Hillary's Epic Smackdown of Trump Has "Fundamentally Altered People’s Outlook On The Race,”

Why shouldn't Democrats / left leaning independents fight Hillary's nomination?

One of the best books I ever read on Muhammad Ali was Redemption Song: Muhammad Ali and the

Bernie Sanders hits Hillary Clinton on Iraq war support

Anyone who voted for Hillary in the primaries should not be angry when their job is taken by a robot

Reid Finds Loophole to Allow Warren Pick

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over by Robert Reich

Baby Steller's Jay

Three Angels Clinic treats the 'working poor'

If Donald Trump is not elected, this will

Pagliano's silence increases the odds that HRC will be forced to testify.

The difference between a "party" and a "Party"

Charter schools’ dire lesson: Deregulation invariably leads to disaster

"Two years ago, my son was killed by a mass shooter..."

California wildfire threatens thousands of homes

'That is not journalism': Cenk Uygur goes off on CNN host for counting superdelegates

Germany says 'Russia is no longer our partner, but rival'

Ramadan Kareem! 30 Wishes, Greetings And Messages To Celebrate Muslim Holy Month

I lost my job in February

Pledged delegates Clinton 1,776 Sanders 1,501 nt.

Trump: "It's possible" a Muslim judge would be unfair

Young voters to DC: We don’t need you

Puerto Rico Dems 'appalled' by accusations from Sanders camp

Bernie Sanders advocates higher minimum wage, free college tuition (AKA BERNIE PROMISES FREE STUFF!)

AP declares Clinton only needs 60 more delegates

Puerto Rico polls close in 30 minutes...

Paul Ryan's plan to Uber the nation as GOP Policy once Trump is gone is silly. With Uber, you still

US cities see unexplained rise in violent crimes this year

I Watched a WWI Documentary Recently

Hillary should drop out now before she's indicted.

Every hour, every day, every opinion: The non-stop parade of cable news pundits

Hi everyone, your good advice is needed.

Will Sonia Sotomayor have to recuse herself from the Supreme Court if Trump is President?

What are you reading this week of June 5, 2016?

Mainstream Media is Poised To Declare Hillary the Winner June 7 - Don't Trust Mainstream Media

"Hillary doesn't care about you. Vote for her!"

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 6-4-16

End of the Corporate Age (Bernie Sanders Anthem) - The Color Bars

Need signatures for a more loving, just and caring world

The AP Reports that Clinton indeed DID take all 7 delegates in the Virgin Islands: "picking up all

New Jersey Primary Clinton 61, Sanders 34

Bernie Sanders supporters...

Is Hillary entitled to our vote?

The Math for Bernie -


If Bernie was leading in SuperDelegates

Pledged delegates and super delegates follow different rules

Clinton's IT aide keeps email server shrouded in mystery

For those of us that understand how primaries work....

Let’s narrow down which judges wouldn’t be demographically biased against Donald Trump

I think we should all support our nominee

Watch Official Puerto Rico Democratic Primary Results

New Jersey Primary Clinton 61, Sanders 34

How's about a little break from politics?

A fan threw a beer bottle at Ryan Howard on Saturday

So, doing the math

Post MN Convention, from Saturday 6/4/2016--Delegates walk out

The story behind "Free State of Jones"

Few people know Nebraska’s quietest heir 
— and he’s determined to keep it that way (1/4 mill 2 Jeb)

Panama Papers Reveal How Wealthy Americans Hid Millions Overseas (NY Times)

Anyone trying to find Puerto Rico results?

Hillary in the Oval Office here :)

Witness To The Revolution

Muhammad Ali pranking kids

A hand grenade or a time bomb?

Looked out the window while packing for Charleston...

Clinton's won all the U.S. territories that have voted so far: American Samoa, Guam, Northern Maria

Primary Night Event with Hillary Clinton

Muhammad Ali & Wilt Chamberlain

If you saw Trump University on someone's resume.....

'We have no fear of trouble': China talks tough over South China Sea

What's for Dinner, Sun., June 5, 2016

The "New Dems" have assassinated FDR: In Conn. Democrats are Repubs; GOP are Dems

Dixie Chicks get political,bring nostalgia, and cover Prince [and Bey] in new tour

HRC GROUP/ Hillary Takes All 7 VI Delegates..AP Now Reporting

Cenk Uygur On CNN's Reliable Sources


The Lightbulb Conspiracy

Crowd Cheers As ‘Old Dixie Highway’ Gets New Name In Honor Of Barack Obama


Goldman Sachs fights $1bn court battle against Libya's wealth fund

MSNBC keeps showing a graphic showing that Clinton has 2484 delegates. Do they know...

This is how Internet speed and price in the U.S. compares to the rest of the world

Ahead of California, Sanders Warns Media Against Preemptive Coronation of Clinton

This delegate double standard is crazy. Clinton gets the same rules Obama had.

This Day in History… June 5, 1968

Haahaa.. Trump's gets exterminated!

This is what Democrats united to beat @realDonaldTrump look like. Get ready, Donald – we're coming.

"Trump Scheme"


Puerto Rico Slashes Polling Places For The Democratic Primary, Laying The Groundwork For Chaos

Keep up with the results of the Puerto Rican primary right here!

Darn it!

Meet the wingnut Xtian extremist behind 40yrs/70 cases up to Citizens United: one James BOPP

Mom Posts Topless Selfie To Reveal Victims Of HB2 That Supporters Didn't Expect

1776! Going into Tonight's Election

Philippine President-Elect Urges Citizens to Shoot and Kill Drug Dealers

Opinion: In 2016, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Are Ready To Be Heard

Italy Feels Our Pain.

Opinion: In 2016, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Are Ready To Be Heard

Government Watchdog Calls Clinton Foundation A Slush Fund

Now Bernie supporters are being called the "Talibern"? How is this not vile name-calling?

Just a note to reply to a note

CNN: Hillary Clinton got three more Superdelegates today...

Agroecology in China: 300% Increase on 8.6 Million Acres - Loess Plateau

My message to California voters. No matter what you hear from the media

Peru in right votes after Fujimori lead slips

Peru in right votes after Fujimori lead slips

PHOTOS: Bernie Sanders stops by West Hollywood, greets people at Hamburger Mary's on a hot Sunday

David v. Goliath: Special-interest funding in Assembly race

Donald Trump may be in deep trouble: The press is finally figuring out how to cover the “billionaire

MSNBC Now on "Hillary Could Clinch Tonight" Watch

What exactly are the arguments Sanders will make to get supers to switch?

PHOTO: Bernie stops by Pedal on the Pier, a spinning fundraiser on Santa Monica Pier

Who are you leaning toward for the Dem Senate candidate

Bernie Sanders praises Muhammad Ali’s ‘incredibly courageous’ opposition to the Vietnam War

Hillary supporter's tweet....

Why are you yelling? The questions female candidates still face

A response to Louie Gohmert's concern about sending gay astronauts to outer space...

More on ignore today. GDP is nuts today!

Warning: This candidate will self destruct in five seconds.

I sense some people aren't happy with party rules

Required attire for Tweety's guests

The White Entitlement of Some Sanders Supporters

Early Call-Hillary Clinton will win the Puerto Rico primary

First results from PR coming in.. Hillary leading big.

Tor Project's Jacob Appelbaum Resigns Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

feedback sought

Questions on gun-control/rights

Taliban shoot up Afghan court, kill 7 in retaliatory attack


Videos and Photos: Bernie Sanders at Santa Monica Pier

Before Medicare/Medicaid for all can even be discussed

Results slow in Puerto Rico as voters face long lines

Geez. Anyone else watching Chris Matthews cheering for a big mess at the

"But I like him anyway."

The Atlantic talks to a Bernie or Buster thinking about voting for Trump.

You might be interested in this TED talk

"Trumps African American" on MSNBC

A few comments from yesterday. --while we wait on PR

Frankly I don't want unity. Unity hasn't worked extraordinarily well for progressive pro-labor

AP: Patchy reporting undercuts national hate crimes count

One Million Supporter March for Bernie at DNC convention in Philly

University of Michigan stalled on providing sex assault data

I would like to give a shout out to Skinner & the Admins (I know this is off topic)

The NY Times has a dozen features about Ali today ...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 6 June 2016

WTF is wrong with you?

Reposting the link to Skinner's Announcement RE: DU's switch to GE mode on June 16th

Bernie then ends the Santa Monica Pier stop with a carousel ride with his wife and grandkids.

MSNBC: Puerto Rico , 1% reporting HILLARY 65% bernie 34%

Anti-establishment candidate wins first round in Rome mayoral race

Cenk Uygar on CNN's Reliable Sources

CNN: Warren will make the case that superdelegates should not overturn the pledged delegate winner

So will this sewer (GDP) be gone after Tuesday.

"Trump University" ?

texas prosecutor told "leave Trump alone"

Hillary crushing Bernie by 37 points in Puerto Rico...

Open letter to Joe Biden, Vice President

Just a reminder, counts from PR will be very slow because ballots are hand counted

Re: "Killery"

What time tomorrow do we get that 'Christie list'?

As subprime auto borrowers default, collection suits pile up in local courts

CNN finally puts that annoying breaking news banner to use, begins live fact-checking Donald Trump

Vice. Snowden. Fantasy.

My Completed Restoration Project

I'm calling Puerto Rico for Hillary

No, it doesn't look sexist at all. Uh uh. Nope. Nothing to see here...

IMO, Bernie's compulsive behavior is pulling him to the Green Ticket

Bernie supporters: What will you do if Bernie doesn't concede?

If you lie about me and others concerning our motivations

Mike Malloy - Eric Holder Slams Congressman Joe Wilson: "Someone Should Have Smacked His Ass"

Sewers shut off, water aquifers dry as Mosier deals with oil train derailment aftermath

Will Sanders enable a crime against humanity?

The Broken US Prison System EXPLAINED

Gov. Cuomo: NY must divest funds linked to Israel boycotts

Fuck Naderites.

Wanna know how we already know that Bernie will win in California on Tuesday?

Clinton Takes Early Edge in Puerto Rico Democratic Primary

Wanna know how we already know that Bernie will win in California on Tuesday?

Mike Malloy - Rick Perry Has The Creepiest Response To Hillary Clinton’s Speech

Siente la quemadura !

Party crasher BS -

How New York is bringing families out of the digital dark

Bernie Sanders on CNN: Hillary Clinton too willing to use U.S. military

Sunday Break From Politics: It's Good To Be Alive Today

Getting Closer

OMG Tweety! Stop talking over your female guests!!!!

Links to PR primary

48 years ago today:

How to exercise a prairie dog

Bernie tried to crash a spanish language festival and was told to kick rocks

cry me a river.....

Actually, things are going well...

Folks the US can't shut down all political disagreement for 8 years simply because....

Cenk Uygur On CNN's Reliable Sources

Donald Trump - Sorry (Parody of Justin Bieber)

Bernie Sanders took his grandkids on the Carousel on the Santa Monica Pier!

NRA Succeeding in Brainwashing Good Guys With Guns

Thanks Skinner!

So Ca in 2008 worthless in 2016 the most important primary ever

One vile troll gone:

MSNBC, CNN: State Dept. Contradicts Clinton Claim, 'Private Emails Allowed.' Truth or Lying?

"A lot of them didn't really have a destination...

Bill Clinton: Sanders Supporters 'Will Be Toast’

Dear Hillary supporters, a completely honest question...

Nothing else to

Stupid stuff from Sanders camp today...

=*= LIVE: Bernie Sanders San Diego, CA - GOTV for a Future to Believe in Rally =*=

Inside Uber’s Auto-Lease Machine, Where Almost Anyone Can Get a Car

Hillary Clinton currently taking questions from voters in Vallejo, CA

=*= LIVE: Bernie Sanders San Diego, CA - GOTV for a Future to Believe in Rally =*=

H-O-L-Y C-R-A-P! Did Clinton’s Emails Expose CIA Agents?

=*= LIVE: Bernie Sanders San Diego, CA - GOTV for a Future to Believe in Rally =*=

They once inhabited a vast swath of North America but their numbers have been greatly reduced

Yes, white atheists should be judgmental towards black Christians

Video: Full Interview with Hillary on CNN Jake Tapper 6-5-16

Enjoy :-)

An explanation as to why Puerto Rico votes take so long to come in.

Puerto Rico Primary results

Clinton is in NY Tuesday night, Guess Who's Also in NY on Wednesday!!

I think something crawled in my ear.

Hello, dears. VP pick time. Who, why, when, and what would help the ticket?

The Book Covers and the Movies

Where do I buy last year's Iphone 6 and save a bundle?

Right Wing party, Fujimori lose in Peru election. Kuczynski wins by one percent.

I’m Voting For The Democrat In November Because I’m Not A Human Tire Fire

Amazon faces backlash over religious images on doormats

Since this is a group for supporters of Bernie Sanders

California or bust? Clinton hopes to strike gold in pivotal vote

Why Trump Can Lie and No One Seems to Care - Neal Gabler

John King on CNN is doing a bang up job re Superdelegates.