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Maddow: There were no exit polls in New Jersey, so there won't be any projections

Today, our phone has been ringing off the hook.

Jim Hightower: Before We Bring Back Bill Clinton to Run the Economy, Let's Remember What He Did

AP Calls California

Ok..I could try to get through this election.....

New Jersey has 126 pledged delegates up for grabs.

Share your memories -- "I Remember When..."

Predictit: Presidential: Clinton: .64, Trump: .33; Sanders: .04

Bernie, don't give up!

Why Some of the Smartest Progressives I Know Will Vote for Trump over Hillary

Florida: Clinton vs. Trump = +1 Trump. Sanders vs. Trump = +3 Sanders.

NJ Called

Since we've been talking mattresses....I went to a Sleep Number store last night...

NJ Called

NYT - primary results live from NJ here Hillary votes 120, bernie 101 lol

Cops: Body found in the mouth of alligator (FL)

What the AP did was like calling the presidential election on November 1 based on a Gallup poll


Jeffrey Lord is absolutely imploding on CNN!

Bill Clinton, looking kinda small before an LA GOTV rally... (Hillary Clinton Group)

Please weigh in as we wait...

Scathing - Bravo New York Daily News


Dems to Sanders: 'Stand down'

Dems to Sanders: 'Stand down'

Have you learned Hands-Only CPR yet?

Tech for doggies!

CNN: @BernieSanders needs 71% of pledged dels tonight to win pledged majority

According to Benchmark Pol. Clinton is running away with NJ.

A Marijuana Land Rush Is Underway in Northern California.

NJ Primary Results (All Parties) as they come in

I'm proud to endorse @HillaryClinton for President! #ImWithHer – NP (Team Pelosi)

We love you Bernie

Congratulations to Secretary Clinton on her big win!

Oregon News - 6/7/2016

I've learned a couple things in the last few minutes.

My grandmother turned 18 the year women got the vote: just 95 years ago.

The AP calling it didn't change anything of note

Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, who was endorsed by Trump, has lost her bid for re-election.

With 20 delegates at stake Bernie vows

Live feed of Hillary speech currently streaming - link

Bernie Change in Travel Plans: STAYING in CA Tonight, Then in DC Thurs. to Campaign More,

Hillary should bigfoot Donald

Oklahoma police find no evidence of McClendon suicide

Gone, gone, gone

Will Trump really just take his ball and go home?

Field Poll projecting over half the votes that come from California will be mail in.

Diving The GBR: Water Thick With The Stench Of Death, Coral Tissues Dripping Off Reef Formations


Bernie wins more pledged delegates than Clinton!

Top UN whistleblower resigns, citing impunity and lack of accountability

Virginia school board to seek review (by Supreme Court) of transgender ruling

New Jersey 60% for Hillary; 40% for Bernie so far!

I am getting nervous that Trump will not be the nominee!

The first member of Congress endorsed by Trump is the first Republican to lose a primary this year

nicole wallace is one obnoxious twit 'all the trump kids are stellar'

"We'll get by with a little help from our friends"

November trial set in U.S. case against accused Charleston church shooter

I'm With The Racist

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Presumptions! & Uncensored & Live & a

Livestream coverage of tonight's primaries

Hillary currently leading Bernie by 20 points in New Jersey (60% to 40%)

Will Trump quit or will Trump not be able to pick a VP????

Today's results from the Guardian:

Sacre bleu! Trumpie to use a hated....teleprompter???

Alberta's Wildrose (Canada's Tea Party) Compares Carbon Tax To Ukraine's Terror Famine Of 1930s

trump about to give speech. Must be important, he's going to use teleprompters.

CNN: Hillary Clinton wins NJ Democratic Primary n/t

A standing ovation is deserved by Jeff Zucker of CNN

Black students more likely to be suspended: U.S. Education Department

Black students more likely to be suspended: U.S. Education Department

Chris Matthews Gets BERNED by Bernie Sanders' Campaign Manager!

Hillary Wins New Jersey!

Chris Matthews Gets BERNED by Bernie Sanders' Campaign Manager!

Chris Matthews Gets BERNED by Bernie Sanders' Campaign Manager!

Trump is about to speak/ will be total slam of Hillary- HRC takes NJ!!!!

MSNBC: Hillary Wins New Jersey!

MSNBC: Hillary wins NJ. (Decision Desk called it first.)

Woohoo! NJ goes to HRC!


anyone think trump is going to be contrite? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

Atmospheric CO2 Content May 2016 - 407.70; May 2015 - 403.94; May 2014 - 401.88

Clinton leads SOUTH DAKOTA 55-46 with 12% reporting...

AP calls SD for HRC in major upset!! (Edit)

I admit defeat

Trump welcomes disgruntled Bernie followers with open arms

So Don Con welcomes Bernie supporters with open arms!!

Venezuela security forces block new anti-Maduro protest

Trump is flat when he has to read a teleprompter. He's not connecting as much with the base.


Clinton Leads By 26%+ in New Mexico (3% Reporting)

So tonight I made tuna casserole for dinner.

AP declares Clinton winner in NJ

HRC leads in New Mexico

Dare I say it.. Hillary could win 5 of 6 tonight.

Benchmark Final Projection-Clinton +28

AP & CNN call New Mexico for HRC (on Edit).

He is a raving loon.

Under fire from Republicans, Trump says he'll stop talking about judge

Trump will continue to spew garbage as long as the cameras keep rolling.

Whiteclay Reservation in LBN

Trump's speech: It is going to be a new kind of bait and switch. Trump is saying he's going


Now she's off to a good start in North Dakota too:

The Myth of the Spoiler: Why the Machine Elites Fear Democracy

My nephew was american independent party and asked me if Hillary fixed it

Clinton leads by 9 points, with 32% reporting in South Dakota

Paul Wellstone motto

watch the media...they will call it 'game back on'

Steve Schmit and Nicole Wallace are holding out too much hope.

GOP intelligence! BIGLY??????????

Argentina's Social Security threatened with Macri bill that would cost an extra $13 billion a year.

Mexico: Woman tortured by police is released from prison after four years of injustice

Have you ever noticed

Mexico: Woman tortured by police is released from prison after four years of injustice

Hillary leading in South Dakota and New Mexico, Bernie is ahead in the North Dakota caucus. CNN

Why such disparity between the Dakotas?

Rachel is pissing off Nicole. lol.

How come MSNBC hasn't announced Hillary as NJ projected winner?

Hillary Trouncing Bernie in SOUTH Jersey...North Jersey vote is barely in!

MSNBC Needs to Bring Back Olbermann

It will be so nice on June 16th when these totally insane conspiracy posts can finally end.

Washington News - 6/7/2016

DSB calls New Mexico for Hillary Clinton

What a weird thought!

That was it?

PHOTOS: Bernie Strolling Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Hillary Clinton's tweet

Bernie wins North Dakota by a lot!

Mixed ruling on claims Alliance charter school leaders obstructed teachers union organizing

Mixed ruling on claims Alliance charter school leaders obstructed teachers union organizing

Mixed ruling on claims Alliance charter school leaders obstructed teachers union organizing


AP: Sanders Wins N. Dakota Caucuses

Street-Trained Virtuoso Pedrito Martinez Returns to Havana to Record a Historic Album

Bernie Sanders wins North Dakota Democratic Caucuses

Brock Turner's statement blames sexual assault on Stanford ‘party culture’

K&R if you want Bernie to fight all the way to the convention

"'Look at MY African-American over here." "We're going to take care of OUR African-Americans."

Economic blockade against Cuba – still alive and dangerous


I congratulate Bernie on his win in the North Dakota caucus

Decision North Dakota

Judge Who Gave Slap On Wrist To Stanford Rapist Facing Recall

Pagliano asks court to seal details of his immunity agreement.

The High Cost of Standing Up

The High Cost of Standing Up in 2:00

The degree of victory in NJ is pretty stunning

The High Cost of Standing Up in 2:00

Congrats to Hillary, hats off to Bernie, let's go beat the crap out of Trump.

U.S. returns $100 million of stolen artifacts to India

Get out your Kleenex...

PNG police shoot protesting university students dead in Port Moresby

BNR: Unbelievable. @realDonaldTrump Makes ‘Pee-Pee’ Joke the Night #Hillary Makes History

Sally Kohn: Bernie Sanders, End the Campaign, but not the revolution

I'm getting pissed at Bernie again.

Kenya nationwide blackout caused by rogue monkey

I've had to change to CNN from MSNBC

Argentina's Social Security threatened with Macri bill that would cost an extra $13 billion a year.

Dump the G.O.P. for a Grand New Party

Marketplace insurance woes and why things need to change.

Colorado News - 6/7/2016

Clinton to speak @historic win NOW! weaver spoke to HRC campaign and no

Cool down your laptop with copper

Bye bye DU. This is breaking my heart.

Democrats seek probe of Trump donation to Florida Attorney General

I hate that Andres Mitchell is covering Hillary's speech tonight. She is such a Clinton hater!

Sanders laying off half of his people

Breaking: Sanders laying off half his staff

Sanders laying off half of his people

Why the hell do I hear Trump lying about taking care of African Americans?

Bernie to lay off 1/2 his staff tomorrow NYT

Breaking LA Times, California Voters showed up today

Panama Papers show Cuba used offshore firms to thwart embargo


At this point with NJ NM ND and SD returns

Bernie Sanders Is Said to Plan Large Layoff From Campaign Staff

How do I cancel my star membership?

Hillary wins South Dakota per Benchmark Politics

OHP Uses New Device To Seize Money Used During The Commission Of A Crime

Looks like Hillary is up on CNN. Crowd going nuts

Brazil prosecutor seeks arrest of top politicians, media report

North Dakota



no big surprise, but, RAPIST brock turner is going to appeal his conviction.

Mike Malloy - Trump Followers Are As Racist And Degenerate As He Is

Colombia strike organizers ask for international protection after 3 killed and 200 injured in rural

Didn't know this was inside of me

Mike Malloy - The Madness Of America

Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!!

Mike Malloy - Clinton’s Speech Shows That Only Sanders Is Fit For The Presidency


US-based Westinghouse to build 6 nuclear power plants in India

"Bridges are better than walls."

"some day a woman will be president"-- said margaret of dennis the menace

Hill is KILLING IT. P.R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T.I.A.L. Trump, you're toast!

Gonzalo Curiel, the judge presiding over the Trump University trial . . .


BERNIE! Bernie Damn Sanders

A moving moment in history with our first female nominee

A suggestion: Let's use that rally permit @ Philly

Sen. Bob Corker's LolCat moment...Trump can haz pivot?

She did it....we did it. Love HRC and love all of you!

It's time Bernie...

Hillary won this the hard way, she earned it.

Who got a match?

Rob Reiner's very first tweet

I didn't realize how emotional I would be tonight.

Clinton in 2008 Opposed Early Call of Primary, Told Media ‘Nomination Will Be Up to Superdelegates’

Don't Stop Believing

What a landslide in New Jersey!! 64-36 HRC

SD back in play according to Nate Cohn.

When is Bernie speaking?

She takes NM

CNN just called New Mexico for Hillary

CNN: Hillary wins New Mexico

4 minutes til SHOWTIME in CA. I think bernie may pull it out but hope I'm wrong nt

Hillary wins New Mexico. Bernie needs 90% of CA to win majority of pledged.

YES ! Not just "Yes we can"

TYT: Bernie should go to THIS Convention and the NEXT Convention.

LA Times: Voting Chaos Today in California

NY Times Calls New Mexico for Hillary Clinton as Santa Fe comes in

Results any minute now! nt

Too EARLY to call CA, NOT too CLOSE!

California starts now!! Right!

Bernie Sanders Politics

any live online coverage? my msnbc alternate is not working well nt

First impression of Clinton's speech versus Trump's speech.

Utah News - 6/7/2016

Never one to miss an opportunity...

Pic Of The Moment: Congratulations, Hillary Clinton

My first GD:GE post: You're about to be trumped, Donald

A majority of the votes, a majority of the pledged delegates, and now a majority of the states.

So every time someone criticizes Hillary, it's sexism now. Good to know.

538~Clinton Wins A Majority Of Pledged Delegates Based on the early results from California & other

Hillary Has Secured a Majority of Pledged Delegates

Let's do this one more time before the GE starts. Can I get a "Hill, yes?"

Video: Hillary Clinton's Historic Speech 6/7/2016

DSB calls South Dakota for Hillary Clinton

Please kick EarlG's thread

What do we call Bill Clinton

Hillary way ahead in EARLY voting in San Diego, Santa Clara and Napa Counties.

Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic presidential primary in New Mexico

One-third of SD GOP voters voted against Trump

Nate Silver "Clinton Wins A Majority Of Pledged Delegates"

Did you see the homepage?

Christie vetoes DRPA union raises

The call of his life -with 1% reporting DSB calls the Golden State for Hillary Clinton

Christie vetoes DRPA union raises

Christie vetoes DRPA union raises

If you wish you can congratulate HRC by text.

Great speech tonight by Hillary

I think we are well on our way to the first FGOTUS.

To all the people trying to shit on this: Hill is who the people voted for.

Clinton wins California, S Dakota, New Mexico, New Jersey. Good for her. A grand finish to this

Hillary ahead by 2-1 in heavily Latino Fresno County.

Trump takes California!

Cuba and Mexico Can Complement Each Other, Says Minister

Panama Papers show Cuba used offshore firms to thwart embargo

Well Done Hillary Clinton

CA: 13% in, Hill Pulling 62.6% of the vote

In California--HRC is taking Los Angeles County 66-33 in early vote

Amazing Speech

Who wants to join me in

Hillary up 63% to 36% in MARIN early voting.

Voted for the candidate of a lifetime, today. :)

CA results map:

The remaining barriers

USAToday: Hillary wins, fair and square-- including majority of pledged delegates

Strange Bill Press isn't on CNN tonight

Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn: We Are All Standing Under A Glass Ceiling

WOW...13% in and Hillary is smashing Bernie by over 25 points in California

Important note from Nate Cohn via Twitter

Something tells me Sanders is not getting his 125 percent in California he needs

The new McCarthyism is pro-Israel: Legal groups slam NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo for creating

We now need to stand behind Madam Nominee

I'm saying it now, Bernie needs to concede it's over. What he could do is stand up and call for

Nordic countries: Highest in gender equality and intimate partner violence against women

Hillary earned it. Congrats.

You have sown the wind.

Clinton up 66%-33% in LA County, 69%-31% San Mateo County

Lucy had neighbors: A review of African fossils

Hillary lost a vote today in California

Clinton EVISCERATES Sanders in his last false hope - California

SD-86% precincts: Hillary Clinton 51.3% Bernie Sanders 48.7%

I hope everyone understands that these results tonight cannot possibly be real. **UPDATE**

California (24% in): Clinton 63 - Sanders 36

'Trump defends ‘misconstrued’ attacks on judge'

Some Christians are just plain assholes.

Nate Cohn: One million votes in. Bernie will need to win remaining votes by at least 8% to win CA.

California Clintonites Check In...

538~Clinton's crushing it tonight. Democrats want this thing to be over with. (HRC GP)

Question: Why is Sanders speaking at 1 AM Eastern?

"Obama says he'd be seen as moderate Republican in 1980s"

She took SD!

South Dakota just declared for Clinton on MSNBC

CNN:Hillary takes South Dakota!

Clinton "apparent winner" of South Dakota, per NBC

Hillary wins SD!

MSNBC just called South Dakota for Hill

Per Benchmark politics: HRC could lose day of voting 62-38 and still win California

Hillary up 74% to 24% in Imperial County. Bernie up only 3% in Lassen County

AP Calls South Dakota for Clinton: A Nice Surprise Win!!!

Supreme Court to review Virginia state voting districts

Secretary Clinton will be the first woman nominee of a major political party.

Holy cow!! This is impossible!!

CNN: Hillary wins South Dakota

CNN: Hillary now wins S. Dakota, New Mexico, New Jersey.

Oh Bernie, Thank you.

5 jail guards convicted of beating inmate after staredown

Bernie Sanders will support Hillary Clinton for president...

Currently, Clinton has a total popular majority vote of over 3.5 million over Sanders.

How California was stolen from Sanders. Massive voter suppression in California documented.


Bernie never had a chance in California. Too diverse

Hillary Clinton Claims the Democratic Nomination

Breaking: Obama congratulates Clinton for securing the delegates necessery to win the nomination

Justice Dept. granted limited immunity to staffer in Clinton email probe

Nevada News - 6/7/2016

It's 9:01 p.m. Pacific time. As of right now, in the CA primary...

Hello Skinner

New Studies Rely on the Internet for Help Treating Cancer Patients

Even if the campaign ends...the Sanders movement MUST continue.

Obama called HRC and Bernie. He will meet with Bern on Thursday

Bernie meets with Obama on Thursday MSNBC

Obama will be meeting with Sanders this Thursday per MSNBC

Sanders to meet with PResident Obama at the White House on Thursday.

Hillary up 62% to 37% in San Francisco early voting.

Anyone surprised at the CA returns so far?

It looks like Hillary has won the majority of pledged delegates tonight, no matter what happens in

Its a sad day.

A comprehensive website of cliches (though I prefer to call them idioms)

MSNBC Cues Up The Always Disastrous Nina Turner

CALIFORNIA 6.7% IN -- Clinton 62.5; Sanders 36.4

Nina Turner still fighting the fight on MSNBC

Clinton has won majority of pledged delegates

Updated: No wonder they are already demanding Bernie withdrawal from the race.

Currently, Clinton has 2,152 delegates and Sanders has 1,756 delegates.


Salon - "Why can’t Sanders admit defeat? He’s looking more and more foolish"

Nate Cohn: Hillary crushing ELECTION DAY results in Silicon Valley up through San Jose.

I expect BS to eventually take it but so far HRC is still holding the lead in Montana

Staying in the race does not make Bernie Sanders a sore loser...

Our Day Has Started. For the Hillary Group~

BREAKING: Clinton wins South Dakota Democratic primary

Front Page of Tomorrow's New York Daily News

Activists file suit challenging Tennessee counseling law

Why is MSNBC saying 32% in

Clinton secures majority of pledged delegates

The video speaks for itself>>>>

Bernie Sanders LIVE in beautiful Santa Monica.

What happened to the independent exit polls?

I'm calling California for Hillary.

Sanders need a "Mathematical Miracle" to win California

So after tonight's beatings

Hillary rolling up huge numbers in LA

France just called.

DU has changed a lot in the last year

EU Parliament slams aid scheme that uses big agribusiness to “feed Africa”

I'll be the one that says it: If Bernie doesn't pull off CA, he should go ahead and suspend after DC

Al Giordano: Los Angeles, coming in with Bronx-like numbers. I love LA!

The Democratic Party owes Hillary big time

I just donated to DU again

Kamala Harris advances in U.S. Senate race, Loretta Sanchez in second.

I'm calling California for Bernie

Stand Tall

Watching the Alamo......

Bernie Sanders' aides just threw him under the bus to Politico. This is blistering.


Politico: It's about Bernies ego.


Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution

Read the comments ... wow

Who here hasn't stopped crying?

Hillary supporters, you won so maybe you stop any insults at this point.....

Trump says Republicans upset over judge attacks 'have to get over it'

Judging by the OP's, the Party Unity Plan (aka PUP) of DUers is not brilliant.

MSNBC Waiting For Bernie Speech

El Narco’s perpetual war

HA Goodman just can't give it up

Here's a picture of myself. JrLeft

I'm seeing some of Bernie's biggest supporters being sensible and unifying tonight

It's that time, y'all.

What is taking so long in California?

Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution

Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution

I don't think SS agents' right to freedom of speech should extend

So two states for Bernie tonight and close in a third

New York Daily News cover has Paul Ryan saying 'I'm with racist'

CBS News: Clinton appears likely to win California

Nate Cohn estimates Hillary gets 53% of election day vote in key CA counties

Apperently, MSNBC misplaced Bernie!!!!

Obama press release

Clinton and Sanders Campaigns in Talks About Coordination for General Election

Yellowstone tourist ignores warning signs, walks off boardwalk, dies in hot spring

Ammon Bundy adds another Utah attorney to his defense team

ok, the caricatures some have created of BOTH candidates

Cohn: Clinton appears to lead in Election Day votes in the big 5 SoCal counties

Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution

Bernie Sanders to meet with Obama Thursday

Dem primary is making me sad, time to unify and stand together.

Old World metals traded on Alaska coast hundreds of years before contact with Europeans

Don't know this, but the delay in Sanders appearance might be because he's going to pack it in.

Bernie is going to blow his top tonight.

Will Sanders Be the Democrat's Barry Goldwater?

Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution

How 'Bout Some Chambers Brothers While We Wait For Bernie's Speech

Sad to see president of Emily's List gloating

Bernie is getting shellacked in California

In case you need a good chuckle...

in other good news Tulsi Gabbard probably has a progressive challenger in the primary!

Is Bernie pulling a Kanye?

I Think Bernie is Trying to Decide What To Do

My experience being a poll worker in south Orange County California

Sanders has integrity.

I'm Calling Montana for Sanders

Hillary Clinton Memoir Omits TPP Reference In Paperback Edition

Bernie speaking LIVE NOW

Bernie coming onstage now

Bernie Speech thread...

63-36 in NJ. My state did not disappoint!

Bernie speaking now

San Francisco County 99% in (including same day): Clinton 56%, Bernie 44%

Well here we go ladies and gents!

As "South Park" says


knx news radio live from LA. since there is no live tv on the internet. nt

Bernie is *NOT* dropping out tonight. "Next week we continue the primary in Washington, D.C."

Bernie says he's still in at DC and still taking it to Philadelphia !!

See you in Philly.

Ha! He's going to PA.

We are going to Philadelphia!!!!!!

Crowd just booed Hillary when Bernie mentioned her

And I'm supposed to be gracious??

After his disastrous showing tonight Bernie has Nomentum

What a contrast between the Hillary supporters listening to Hillary, and the Sanders people

Keep delusion alive

what will it take

What did Bernie Sanders' campaign mean to the 2016 race

Really? Taking it to Philly?

Looks like Bernie's in for a cease fire with Clinton

Bernie's Speech....That didn't sound like he cares about anything except himself.

I really thought he was going to concede.

Very very sad audience reaction at Bernies

Hillary Clinton declares victory but Sanders vows to fight on

Ana Navarro (R), just said on CNN...

Someone needs to put together a video of the Hillary and Bernie crowds...what a contrast!

"Bernie Sanders is taking a big risk: If he doesn’t drop out soon, he could become a villain"

President Obama should endorse Hillary tomorrow.

The Winner

The bionic leaf is one step closer to reality.

The struggle continues...

Bernie gave the best non-concession concession he could tonight.

The Power and the Glory by Phil Ochs should be our song:

I was against posting negative stuff about Sanders tonight. But after his speech, the way he

Bernie Sanders Primary Night FULL Speech "The Struggle Continues"

Former US Senator Bob Graham (D-FLA) June 2, 2016- "The story of 9/11 has to be rewritten."

CALIFORNIA 11:30pm: 41% votes counted. 60% HRC -- 38% BS.


Clinton Gives Bernie 100% Cover to Go to the Convention [VIDEO]

What luck! This country needs a grandmother at the helm

Marin County 100% counted: Clinton 58%, Sanders 42%

Bernie's speech tonight. On Fire!

Arizona News - 6/8/2016

I Think It Was Wise for Sanders to Not Drop Out Today


Russia’s Putin hosts Israel's Netanyahu for Syria talks

Lets Go to bed

Bernie Sez Fuck It, Take It To The Limit,

Sanders is playing a dangerous game with the country.

The California primary results are not final until at least 21 days from

California Primary Watch Thread.

People-smuggling 'kingpin' Mered Medhanie extradited to Italy

The daughter of the first black president is gonna cast her first vote for a woman. Holy shit.

Former US Sen. Bob Graham (D)- "The story of 9/11 has to be rewritten", calls for new investigation

How does Secret Service protection work? When does Sanders lose it?

Hillary Clinton South Dakota Primary Victory Speech

PredictWise - 2016 President – Democratic Vice-President Nomination

Hawaii News - 6/8/2016

Is Donald Trump A Clinton Plant?

I like this image from a Vox article. It shows 43 white male emoji faces

Greg Palast weighs in on the CA primary:

I love L A

They tell us they want unity.....

Obama and Clinton - A trip down GDP memory lane or plus ca change...

Now down to 58%-41% in California. reports filing, on June 6, a RICO lawsuit over election fraud

I think Bernie WOULD have conceded or suspended if it hadn't been for the AP rodent copulation.

It's been a wonderful, magical, historical night

I'm calling California for Hillary. Final margins will probably narrow a bit more, but this is over.

Well here is my analogy for what we have, if this is how it ends...

Clinton(s) Campaign Tactics; Not New At All.

So the narrative that she's a "weak" candidate is still being pushed

Alaska News - 6/8/2016

Kos: Best Hillary vs. Sanders video of the year

Guam News - 6/8/2016

Daily Holidays - June 8

This is where exit polls are especially useful. 72% counted, HRC's 15% ahead,

He's told us not to blow it, because he knows it's all worthwhile

Wrongfully Convicted Black Man Who Spent 5 Years in Prison for Rape Comments on Turner's Sentence

Voter registration site crash - not entirely surprising given the traffic

Dr. Sinclair Grey III – Can ‘White Male Privilege’ Ever Come To An End?

Hillary has won. Bernie has lost. Now the cause is beating FrankenTrump. Period.

CNN just took the leap and called California for Hill!

CNN and MSNBC *FINALLY* call California for Hillary 82% reporting

Congratulations to Secretary Clinton.

Clinton wins California

Hillary Rodham Clinton - Democratic Nominee for President! - Celebration

Cardiac 'bruising' may predict worse heart attack

Politico story: inside the Sanders campaign

Destroyers will break down if sent to Middle East, admits Royal Navy

To all my Bernie supporting friends

California News - 6/8/2016

"The daughter of the first black president is gonna cast her first vote for a woman"

Oh Boy! Paul Ryan is back on his anti-poverty kick!

I did it! Phase 1 of the Great Junkroom Cleanup has begun...

again sanders overhyped where rallies did not result in votes...put to rest the

MOVEMENTS are not "winner take all"

All the misty eyed blather over a woman getting the nom is BS. She is owned by Wall Street.

District of Columbia News - 6/8/2016

a lot of good people here that recognize that sanders is a disaster

time to think about hillary's VP choices

Congratulations to the Clinton supporters with your victory.

My husband woke up and asked me what Bernie said last night.

Bible store in Kansas

"The Struggle Continues!"

Before any trigger is ever pulled there is a series of decisions

One More Thing Money Can Buy: A Clean Criminal Record

'Bye, all.

Anti-Muslim Speaker Disinvited From Army Base (Video)

What if they sack DWS to make Bernie happy?

Yearbook for young victims of gun violence humanizes startling stats

Yearbook for young victims of gun violence humanizes startling stats

Why the Supreme Court Can’t Save Us From 'Religious Liberty'

Bernie, man

Serena Williams takes down hecklers for all of womankind

Last night's Net Delegate haul...

A popular sitting president campaigning all-out for his party's nominee is actually rare

Gun buy-back program turns weapons into jewelry

The Progressive Movement is Just Getting Started

After last night, why in the world has Bernie not yet called Hillary to congratulate her,

Got my Hillary tattoo!

Why Paul Ryan should be ashamed as a Catholic of endorsing Donald Trump

White House: President Obama and Bernie Sanders to Meet Thursday

How we counted police-involved deaths

Study Probes Access to Guns And Risks For Those With Mental Illness

Muhammad Ali funeral will be an interfaith service in Louisville

What's the real reason Bernie requested a meeting with Pres. Obama and Sen. Reid?

HRC 2184 Pledged Delegates: Needs less than 200 of her 500+ Super Dels for 2383! (HRC GP)

Trump looked whipped yesterday

Mom, Off-Duty Deputy Thwart Wild Abduction of 13-Year-Old Girl in Florida

This message will later be self-deleted by its author


Well, yes, we are supposed to be gracious.

I'm more interested in June 18th: 5 state conventions

Too bad the win came by way of cheating

Video of Hillary's victory speech

I'm happily surprised by Hillary's margin of victory in CA.

Hillary Clinton Claims Historic Nomination!

Hillary Clinton Made History, but Bernie Sanders Stubbornly Ignored It

California voters appreciation thread !!!

I still believe you can get it all under control:

SNAP: Catholic church does not ignore us

Hillary Clinton Claims Historic Nomination!

How high did Hillary supporters set the for Hillary?

Change of Plans for Bernie: he's not going home to "reassess"

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 6-7-16

Congratulations to all those who believe in Hillary for her victory

Peanut flour prompts Rold Gold pretzel, Hostess cake recall

'The Struggle Continues': Sanders Refuses to Bend the Knee to Establishment

Venezuelans Pick Through Trash for Food to Eat or Sell

Did Trump expose Fox & Bill O'Reilly?

Coach Jailed for Spanking Nude Kids Was Following Christian Spanking Rules

Be sure to K&R the pic of the moment!!!

Next Tuesday DC primary is likely to be Bernie's biggest loss.

Republicans continue to back the racist candidate

The Civil War on France’s Left

Venezuela approves first step for Maduro recall vote

President Obama congratulates Hillary Clinton on her nomination

lets protect the slumlords

This is not a question.

He did not say that, did he?

Cab Driver Who Killed Rapist

When do the new DU rules go into effect?

"No enthusiasm for Hillary" "Dems don't like her" Fortunately Dems across the country weren't playin

After Being Rejected For A Booking Because Of His Race This Black Tech Entrepreneur Started Noirebnb

"I support Bernie Sanders. And I just donated $2700 to Secretary Clinton."

Bernie Sanders rally in DC tomorrow

nytimes: Paul Ryan Calls Donald Trump’s Attack on Judge ‘Racist,’ but Still Backs Him

Black Lives Matter activist jailed for arrest interference

Black Lives Matter activist jailed for arrest interference

May Arctic Sea Ice Sets Record Low For May; 4th Lowest Monthly Extent Ever

Let's All Admit It: The Scale and Scope of Clinton's California Victory is Surprising

Please explain - can the RNC refuse Drumf?

Sorry Hobson; Bernie's Choice

Luckovich: 6/8/16

'It was just chaos': Broken machines, incomplete voter rolls..."

Sanders vows to fight on.

Hillary will win very bigly.

"It was all good when you targeted the first black president, but now it's election year, so stop".

Root Boy Slim (July 9, 1944 – June 8, 1993)

OK Hillary, you've got a chance to crush the Republicans, to make them irrelevant. Will you?

Bernie Sanders endorses Clinton

Kos: Best Hillary vs. Sanders video of the year (HRC GP)

Thank you, California!! (VIDEO)

It’s time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician

Once again the republicans are calling for Trump to "appear" more presidential...

The complete story of yesterday's Democratic primaries:

Dump the G.O.P. for a Grand New Party

Here's a pic.

"'then - on - to - victory!' (Raise fist. Look at crowd.)" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

Top supporters of Bernie Sanders gently tell him: It’s time

On the big stage last night, Hillary delivered.......

"Sanders plants seeds for a lasting U.S. progressive movement" by John Whitesides

The Web’s Creator Looks to Reinvent It

Trump is preemptively setting up scapegoats for future losses

I am proud of my state, CA. We are what progressives look like.

Bernie most likely officially concedes after DC primary

Go Tammy!

Florida - Elementary school principal arrested on child pornography charges

Woman Sues 'Ellen' Over Joke About Her Name

Real Clear Politics; Ryan Disavows Trump's Comments, Is Still Voting for Him

Do you think Trump can be contained/maintained/trained????

There were reputable polls showing Hillary winning big in California,

Bernie Sanders' speech was well executed...

Trump has pulled back the curtain on the GOP's worst qualities and the leaders are FREAKING.

The FBI, we may know soon......

ABC's Matthew Dowd: Trump's Teleprompter Speech Was Like A "Tranquilized" "Circus Lion"

I was surprised to see Mark Kirk being rolled out of meeting in a wheelchair this morning.

What does Bernie actually want? In reality. Specifically what is he fighting for now?

If the DNC used the GOP method it would be Clinton: 3,030 -- Sanders: 967

Hey, you know what? Turns out it is, in fact, HER TURN!!

Just my speculation: Obama's message to Sanders will be "Don't squander this opportunity."

Reality: There is a lot of nostalgia for the Clintons and the peace and prosperity...

How does news and info "trickle down" to "regular people".

Bernie should stay in until the convention.

A thread in celebration of Hillary winning CA

OK, I kinda can't wait to see what HA HA Goodman writes next.

When the candidate people support wins, those people will celebrate the victory.

2 Air National Guard pilots eject after midair collision

Done being pissed off. On to the General and stopping TRUMP. It's Hillary!

A movement without the reins of power is all talk.

Seth Abramson: if you count the votes using quaternions, then Bernie is up by 98j+17k.

Hillary Won CA By 13 Points

Any Duers live/work in Los Angeles County?..

Donald Trump is not a racist - Tom Moreno just told Kornacki that he should look up

rep. tom marino...trump is not a racist. never said a racist thing.

Hillary Clinton addresses supporters after clinching the nomination (VIDEO)

Why I am troubled by the Hillary Supporters

Don't usually like Tom Friedman but...

Hillary Clinton addresses supporters after clinching the nomination (VIDEO)

If Hillary got 80% of the votes that are left

By FiveThirtyEight: Primary Coverage And Results = good analysis


IMO, To me the GOP game plan all all long was to wreck the primary system

Have any of you used Frontline on your cats for fleas?

Kochs Building their Version of America

Hillary totally crushed this primary season. Won all over the country, and won big.

a racist chimes in.....Pat Buchanan: Stop 'The Lynching' Of Donald Trump Over Racist Attack On Judge

when you deny history you have the pleasure of repeating it

You know those weblinks that say "You won't believe what happens next"...

Clinton hails a milestone, Sanders keeps up fight.

The contrast on DU is amazing

The Daily 202: Primary wins show Hillary Clinton needs the left less than pro-Sanders liberals think

Lesson learned...I will never throw my support to a candidate with integrity

NYT: What Hillary Imagines~~ Get tissues ready! (HRC GP)

The American Dream

Googling 3 Black Teen images vs 3 White Teen images is a stark example of white supremacy

It was speculated that Sanders would win the mountain states

Whew! Glad that's over with! :-D

Remembering Geraldine Ferraro

Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out: “I Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trump’s Rally”

Did Bernie have any coattails at all?

Take them at their word.

O.K., (surrendering) we know when we're licked by a kitty!1

For black kids, the school-to-prison pipeline opens the second they start preschool

Jacob Appelbaum allegedly intimidated victims into silence and anonymity

BTW Trump ain't wining Jack

The Donald and the Dictator

"They're Not Voting For Clinton, They're Voting Against Trump"

This is me today

So what is the alternative to holding my nose and voting Hillary?

About that meeting between PBO & BS tomorrow...

Kinda funny/sad/disturbing that all anyone was doing during Trump's speech last night

Sanders should use defeat like Hillary did in 2008

Who should Hillary pick for VP?

1994's MOST BIZARRE SUICIDE - Fuckin' unbelievable

Job openings little changed at 5.8 million in April; hires edge down to 5.1 million

The answer is, Yes, it can be done."

Well GREAT! Now we have to build a wall around Indiana!

Polls Show That America Has Lost Faith in America’s Rigged Elections

Is S.F. REALLY proposing to ban Blue Angels ??? WTF????.nt

Turkish newspaper blames Germany for Istanbul bombing

This really sums it up

Calif. Shuts GOP Out From Senate Race With 2 Dems Advancing To Runoff

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tells Bill Maher That Anti-Science Liberals Are Full of Shit Too

About next week's DC primary:

In response to all the schadenfreude about Bernie's campaign troubles

When should DWS go overboard?

I am really going to try and turn a new leaf here. Be a bigger person in the face of Hillary hate.

The Choice is Clear..

Sharapova Suspended for 2 Years!

Very happy this morning! and so Proud!! Yet crying! (HRC GP)

The 2016 Democratic Primary/Caucus Results Map

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, "There are certain aspects of science denial that are squarely in the left"

If Hillary got 80% of the votes that are left

FBI claimed Petraeus shared ‘top secret’ info with reporters

How Fucking Tone Deaf????

Very few understand why Sanders lost.

This place has definitely turned for the worse today.

It only took 240 years or so and 31 Million little tiny cracks to break the glass ceiling.

I went into last night hoping against hope...

Our safety net system is so fucked up

One of the best opportunities this cycle: We can flush a lot of the 2010 republicans out

In a speech of striking stubbornness...

It’s time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician

Not Quite Time to Cue Up Kumbaya Here at DU

The Worst Side Effect Of Smoking Pot For 20 Years Is Gum Disease, Study Finds

Current AP delegate count -- Clinton: 2,755. Sanders: 1,852.

What does Bernie Sanders really want? What he said he wants. Read his speeches. Go to his website

****SPRING Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 1****

The Meaning of the Universe

****SPRING Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 2****

Bernie wants Tulsi for DNC chair?

****SPRING Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 3****

Hillary Clinton's Remarkable Comeback

What was the turnout in California?

I'm not a big fan of animated GIFs...

From 1999: Sir, I think I figured out what the Clinton Legacy is...

****SPRING Photo Contest Preliminaries are posted in GD

Clinton's speech was great last night

Ok it's Patty Judge.

So will Bernie even get enough votes to remain viable in DC?

Mammals began their takeover long before the death of the dinosaurs

Interested? Have some time? Links to sources about election fraud

I'm very impressed...

I wish that Ann Richards were here to see historic moment

Table for 26

Check out this thread

A dead on observation about rape culture in the wake of the Brock Turner case

The Writers of Idiocracy Are Planning Anti-Trump Ads Starring Terry Crews

Iowa's lead paper: 'There are invertebrates that have shown more spine than Sen. Charles Grassley'

Perfect for those with a scents of humor!

President Obama's eulogy for his friend and advisor, Cassandra Butts

Did anyone get a chance to post this? (Corny alert, but VERY Necessary)


Five dead, four injured after pickup rams into group of bicyclists near Kalamazoo, Mich.

"This is what Donald Trump's talking about, people like you," she reportedly said.

What should happen with super-delegates for 2020?

Yippee! We might have an enormously rich privileged white woman running for President against Trump

WashPo: California’s most Latino congressional districts broke for Clinton (HRC GP)

Oh, and might a I add a little Annie and Aretha to this partay?

A jury system I can live with and a jury system that will kill alert trolls.

Voted Sanders in NC last March and toasted last night to Bartcop whose loyalty was always with HRC.

June 16th Baby!

Swing States Already Purging Democrats from Voting Rolls

Has anyone seen/read 11.22.63? (SPOILERS)

Nancy Pelosi Sends Media Advisory: "Speaker Ryan To Hide From Reporters Today"

a list of women candidates for president and vp in US

the milky way

Unity Is Not Uniformity. We can do this.

Let Me Set You Straight About Rape

Rock trio pulled from festival lineup for drummer’s support of Stanford rapist

The Fix: Bernie Sanders has run out of arguments for how he can win

OK, I live overseas...woke up this morning and yes, my girl won!!!!

Wasserman Schultz Has a Change of Heart, But Too Little, Too Late by Bill Moyers and Michael Kinship


How about accepting bitcoin?

"Yes, he is a racist and he has made some very divisive remarks, but...."

Kris Kristofferson - who knew?


Trump's New Slogan Has Old Baggage From Nazi Era

Things I Learned From the Reason Rally

'Butt crack bandit' plunders plants in Turlock

Donald Trump pushing Oreo Cookies to help sicken America

Check in if you're done fighting with the other side and trashing the other candidate

Get it all out of your system, folks, because in about a week ...

Wingnut Tea Party Jerk Renee Ellmers Loses Primary, Calls Woman Fat, Like You Do

Kerry sent congratulations to Hillary Clinton

The weaponization of religious liberty

Florida Man runs out of vodka---calls 911

GOP Lawmakers Wake Up To The Nightmare: Trump Ain't Changing

Wasserman Schultz Has a Change of Heart, But Too Little, Too Late by Bill Moyers and Michael Kinship

And if we catch you coming back our way, we're gonna serve it to you

It's time for the country to choose their candidate.

If Sanders is a VP pick; a t-Rump Defeat would be Inevitable.

TDBeast: Sanders risks looking like one of those holdout Japanese.. unaware the war ended ages ago.

The reason Bernie lost is the same reason Hillary lost in 2008

We're Rollin'!!! We're Rollin' on a River

New York Times: Hillary Clinton Made History, but Bernie Sanders Stubbornly Ignored It*

So Hillary won 32 primaries/caucuses in 2016

Elizabeth Warren: Koch Brothers Are Trying To Handpick Government Officials. We Have To Stop Them.

Bernie got a heck of a vote!


Donald once used the homeless to try to evict tenants from one of his properties.

Colorado College summit aims to prevent sexual assaults on campuses nationwide

Colorado College summit aims to prevent sexual assaults on campuses nationwide

Russia’s oil giant just saw its profits drop 75%

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #30: Army Of Beyonces Edition

I don't support taking it to the convention, but I salute Bernie for going on to DC

How Auto Companies Are Making Their Cars Lighter

From this moment on

"Speaking is hard for me."

Turkey's President Erdogan Calls Women Who Work 'Half Persons'


U.S. judge probes Uber over allegations of fraud in antitrust case

First woman to:

Sanders supported lash out at establishment, media and "ignorant voters."

Bernie Group "June 16th "civility" will be enforced, so all you bernie bros better toe the line..."

So Hillary has won the majority of pledged delegates, correct?

VIDEO: @HillaryClinton gets emotional as she looks out over cheering crowd before her speech

Opponents say Massachusetts pot initiative text is hazy on food

Opponents say Massachusetts pot initiative text is hazy on food

As a Bernie supporter but also an HRC fan from way back...

Congrats to Hillary from a Bernie voter!

And now for a laugh:

Bernie loses ‘Undemocratic Superdelegates’ Can't Overturn Voters

When the Republicans lost in 2008, the angry ones formed the Tea Party, and got Republicans elected


MoveOn says Clinton should be nominee

I blame Republicans far more than corporate Democrats for the problems we face as a country

Ex-CIA officer faces extradition to Italy after final appeal rejected

Ohio's Questionable Voter Purge = approach critics say disparately affects minorities.

Thank you, everyone, for this "safe place"

Pakistani woman burned daughter alive over marriage dispute

The majority of the faithful are losing or have lost hope, when do you predict Bernie will concede?

This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop

Israeli minister wants to annex half of West Bank and kick out the Palestinians

'It was just chaos': Broken machines, incomplete voter rolls leave some wondering

Pups are getting big!...

Jon Scalzi: Clinton and Sanders and the End of the Road

'It was just chaos': Broken machines, incomplete voter rolls leave some wondering (xpost from GD)

What a beautiful front page!!!

Help with a political disagreement.

Chief of New York Jail Officers’ Union Is Arrested on Fraud Charges

Trump on economy/ shows hypocrisy

Sorry Sen. Sanders, But Most Ds Are Quite Happy With the D Party As Is

A question about the Republican candidate

Exclusive video access : Trump finalises his Surrogate list

Prosecutor asks University of Buenos Aires experts to audit Macri's financial disclosure filings.

Save The Ohio Prison Farms!

HRC beat BS by 661,641 popular votes yesterday

#GirlIGuessImWithHer is trending on Twitter

Trump goes for teleprompter group hug, then tells Republicans to "get over it"

Lots of people voted against Trump yesterday despite no active opponents in primaries

Pakistani girl burned alive by mother over love marriage

Ancestral Remains of Mysterious ‘Hobbit’ Species Uncovered on Indonesian Island

Here’s How Female Celebrities Celebrated Hillary Clinton’s Win

Criminal Cops. When will this shit STOP in America?

Bernie can continue to DC

Contested races did not seem to drive turnout last night

Martin O'Malley for VP

The AP Announcing Clinton's "Victory" Was an Embarrassment to Journalism and U.S. Politics

Is Trump imploding too soon?

Germany's Merkel Renews Call for Speedy US-Europe Trade Deal

IF the Republicans dump Trump, who is the best, "easiest to beat" potential replacement?

It isn't just the US that has woo...

Possible Veep for vetting -- Montana Governor Steve Bullock

Hillary Clinton, you've won the Democratic nomination, now what?

California Election Results - June 7, 2016

Has anyone here heard the phrase ...

More home improvement stuff and time for me to get off the schnide.

Robert Reich To Bernie~

Song of the day (or an ode to the end of the American dream)

Three teens, all Clarksburg High football team members, dead after crash in Montgomery County

Judge Who Sentenced Stanford Rapist to 6 Months in Prison Gets New 6-Year Term

U.S. judge probes Uber over allegations of fraud in antitrust case

US Confirms 2 Al-Shabab Leaders Killed in Somalia Operations

And in the end.....


French Cardinal Barbarin questioned in Lyon priest abuse case

Question - After the 16th will we be able to keep our pro-Bernie sigs or must

Biden: Sensible again.

Ryan Clamps Down After LGBT Rights Plan Sank Energy Bill

Trump admits he bribes politicians = Bondi owes Floridians answers about Donald Trump ties

Robby Mook: Trump was "muted and low energy" last night.

Clinton May Take The Nomination But Sanders Has Won The Debate

Indian PM Hails Cooperation With US in Speech to Congress

Indian PM Hails Cooperation With US in Speech to Congress

University of Calgary pays $20,000 to ransomware hackers

Something significant about Clinton that we can appreciate....

Hillary Clinton Made History, but Bernie Sanders Stubbornly Ignored It

5 'Sanders Democrats Won Congressional Primary Elections Last Night

Right now, turn on Cspan 2

Dick Van Dyke NAILS IT


Well, as predicted the sore winner brigade is out in force....

Radioactive soil to be used to build roads set to spark uproar

Robert Reich sends a note to Bernie Sanders

What Is The Best Way To End the Torture Program Once and For All?

Thyroid Cancer Confirmed on 30 Children in Fukushima

Migrant workers in US seafood industry exposed to forced labor conditions

Getting it out of my system

Collins: Trump 'really has to change' approach to get her endorsement

Many of the factors that helped Hillary beat Bernie will let her crush Trump

Dozens fired at St. Paul charter school in suspected union retaliation

Most new young voters in Japan find party policies hard to grasp: poll

Sanders did not steal Hillary's historical moment. Please just stop it!

Does Hillary have any campaign events scheduled in DC (targeted at DC voters)?

What must Hillary Clinton do to earn your vote?

Despite Historic Achievement, Feminists Grapple with Clinton's Deeply Troubling Record

Dozens fired at St. Paul charter school in suspected union retaliation

Japanese scientists name atomic element 113 ‘nihonium’

Dozens fired at St. Paul charter school in suspected union retaliation

Many of the people claiming Hillary can't beat Trump are the same ones who predicted...

Colbert: Clinton win like something seen in a ’sci-fi novel or any other country in the world’

Trump Says 'No Reason' to Raise $1 Billion for Campaign

How To Get People To Consider Voting

Kerry statement on World Oceans day - announcing the third annual our ocean conference

Lancôme closes Hong Kong stores as angry protesters gather outside their doors

Sanders’ Supporters Light Up Twitter In Solidarity After Big Clinton Wins

BREAKING: At least nine wounded in shooting attack in central Tel Aviv: police


Democratic voters watched. They listened.

Fukushima: Worse Than a Disaster

Sanders Superdelegates Want to Wrap Up the Revolution Peacefuly

The Hillary Clinton Group will not be waiting till June 16th

Taiwan’s Kinmen leans toward China

MSN POLL JUNE 8: Is it time for Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race for president?

PublicPolicyPolling: If Clinton eventually won over even half of Sanders supporters...

The momentum argument is gone, so why is Bernie staying in the race?

Pressure builds on Bernie Sanders to drop out of race

Nation Clinging Desperately To Brief Inspirational Moment Before Being Thrust Back Into Raging

Bangkok brothel raid reveals underage sex workers, corrupt cops

Looking for Early Victories, Sanders Lost Chance to Expand Base

Pfizer CEO Can’t “Distinguish Between the Policies” of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

It just really hit me.

Republicans “Hate” Trump But Will Still Vote For Him Because They Are Idiots

Muhammad Ali and Fidel

I just bought a house in Iowa.

It's Time To Make America Mate Again

Pic of the day!


Dear Bernie, this is what Class, Grace and Unity looks like.

The Secret Messages Hidden in Trump, Clinton, and Sanders’s Speeches Last Night

Indian police charge suspected ringleader in kidney trafficking racket

'The Struggle Continues': Sanders Refuses to Bend the Knee to Establishment

Clinton’s shining moment at NY rally: She celebrates at feminism-heavy event (HRC GP)

Some Republicans Discuss Anti-Trump Convention Coup

If You Think the Democratic Primary Race Is Close, the 2008 One Was Even Tighter

Dismiss what Senator Sanders has Accomplished Over the Last Year if You Wish

United Steelworkers (USW) Endorses Hillary Clinton

Here's An Idea for the Rs: Don't Even Run A Candidate for POTUS This Year

trump led his speak last night with a call for disaffected/disposed Sanders supporters to come join

You may have beaten us back with an assist from the corporate media, but ...,

Just speaking for myself here

Trump supporters were 'running for their lives' after San Jose rally, police report says

Hidden in GD-P: Careful What You Wish for: Hillary’s Allies Rigged the Primaries

Bernie Sanders just sent me an important email...

Bay Area economy at full employment, California is close

About the new rules

Saudi Arabia Scales Back Renewable Energy Goal to Favor Gas


fellow Clinton supporters: chillax about Bernie

Terrorists 'dressed as Orthodox Jews' in Tel Aviv shooting rampage

If Bernie manages to win the nomination after all, the meltdowns will be something to behold.

Why isn't Bernie giving Russ Feingold his email list?

I've got this bee in my bonnet that won't stop buzzing

Bernie booster Cenk Uygur urges Sanders to suspend campaign and focus on defeating Trump

The visionary DU Admins created a smilie that fully summarizes today's GOP

Trump Aint Seen Nothin Yet

Maria Sharapova Is Suspended From Tennis for Two Years

Fast forward to July 25-28 Philadelphia

For all those who say the can't vote for Hillary

Brock Turner and Cory Batey, two college athletes who raped unconscious women

Here's Why Bernie Should Drop Out.

Sanders fundraising for Russ Feingold

Pablo Escobar’s favorite assassin is now a YouTube sensation

Elizabeth Warren Rips Into Paul Ryan's Anti-Poverty Plan

12.8%. That's the margin Hillary won CA by. Remember those suspect polls that were

Some Pics from HRC's victory rally last night

🐦 A Future to Believe In Washington D.C. Rally on 6/9

Some pics from HRC's victory rally last night

Livestream link to DNC Platform public forum today in DC

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 8, 2016

Live streaming DNC platform public forum today and tomorrow in DC

2016 Horse Racing - Trainer Brian Lynch tests positive for marijuana, Private Zone to scratch....

Looking for a picture from the Brooklyn rally.

Reince and Paul Ryan to Summit With Romney

CA: Whole apt buildings were missing from the rosters at my polling station.

On new DU rules and sig-line Graphics

2016 Horse Racing - Exaggerator Draws Wide in Belmont Stakes

A movement would cease to exist if it embraced what it was fighting against.

Rumi film will challenge Muslim stereotypes, says Gladiator writer

Reports of Siskiyou County sheriff intimidating voters (CA)

State of the Polls Right Now: Trump Vs. Clinton

Hundreds of classified documents found on Petraeus’ mistress’ laptop: FBI

Koch Candidates? Where Is the Koch Machine Spending in 2016 So Far


History Made

Day of reflection

Bruce Campbell Calls Out Hoax: Bloodied ‘Trump Supporter’ Is Actually an Evil Dead Actress

RSF sounds alarm on violence against media in Guatemala (Graphic)

Can Issa be ousted?

Play Cassandra with me...

RSF sounds alarm on violence against media in Guatemala (Graphic)

I congratulate Bernie on his win in the Montana primary



Amazing photos of the $5.25 billion Panama Canal expansion project

Trump reading from a teleprompter

1st Annual Reliant Robin 500

Gov. Tom Wolf signs sweeping reforms to Pa.'s liquor system

Five Things to Know About the Declaration of Sentiments

Long but worth a read

Bikini Atoll is STILL uninhabitable


The full transcript: Hillary Clinton interview

Doc Pleads Guilty to Health Care Fraud in Federal Drug Case

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 9 June 2016

Toxic Landslides Raise Alarms about Fracking

A Beautiful Photos...........The Two Of Us........A song For You Hillary & Bill

MSNBC: Some Republicans discuss anti-Trump convention coup

Holy Hypocrite: Trump Wants to Attend Muhammad Ali’s Funeral

2008 vs. 2016

Iowa's lead paper: 'There are invertebrates that have shown more spine than Sen. Charles Grassley'

"Iowa's lead paper: 'There are invertebrates that have shown more spine than Sen. Charles Grassley'"



Why restrict 'good' gun owners, resident asks President Obama at town hall

Kudos to Rob Hogg

Why restrict 'good' gun owners, resident asks President Obama at town hall

Authorities: Officer responds to wrong house, shoots owner

What Happens If We Don't Take #Trump Seriously?

Yesterday I cast my vote in NM for Bernie Sanders.

#Trump Is Talking In The Language People Want To Hear!

The new General Election DU (Calm down. Just a little levity)

What Does The Long-Term Effect of #Poverty Have To Do With The #2016 #Election?

Please stop using the infused photo of Hillary and Trump

Iran Denies Visas to 3 GOP Lawmakers

Police: Beating victim told police he was being threatened

Bernie Risks squandering the capital hes gained

Families to talk to hospital after volunteer's tirade


Chewbacca Mom Has Made Almost $500,000 Since Her Video Went Viral (Um, why?)

When Hillary President

Looks like we have a strong group running for Congress

RNC wants idea for their platform

Stand On It...Bernie!!

The Scandal Over Clinton’s Emails Still Isn’t a Scandal (no matter how much the GOP wish it was)

Ex-Milwaukee officer to plead in bodies-in-suitcases case

hillary clinton

Majority of Brazilians favor holding new elections this year.

The Last Chopper Out

Federal judge releases video of Missouri officer using force

Let's clear up a couple of things about Vermont politics

How the AP Screwed Sanders, and Other Tales From Tuesday Night

FBI: Everything on Clinton is 'evidence' or 'potential evidence'

NPR: California results confirm that minorities are supporting Hillary over Bernie in large numbers

LePage launches new salvo against environmental group


Spanish lawmakers ban bull-spearing at Tordesillas festival

Patience wears thin as Peru vote count drags on

Boy Scouts of America shame woman for breastfeeding at a meeting

Hillary is the Democratic Nominee. Congratulations

I just watched Jeff Toobin on CNN

So apparently Bernie's going to the White House tomorrow

If DC Had To Evacuate, Would You Know What To Do? Homeland Security Says You Need A Plan

Sanders due in Vermont today, rally planned

Holy Crap! Patriots?

LIVE stream: Bernie Sanders arrival in Burlington Vermont (6-8-16) LINK #2 Is Better

Speculation: Hillary to meet Obama and Bernie Thursday night

Bilderberg: Still Powerful But Perhaps A Bit More Anxious This Year


Whoops Mark Kirk. Too Late

Why was California turnout so high in 08?

Mike Malloy - The Battle Between Evil And Less Evil

Tens of Thousands Demand DNC Add National Fracking Ban to Party Platform

Break The Chain. We just did.


Branded a ‘Terrorist’ for Reporting Two Sides of Ukraine’s War (NYT)

Does it really need to be said that alcohol doesn't turn people into rapists?

2016 Election Results Map - Clinton vs Sanders - Caucus vs Primary

More a suggestion and one you have probably already considered

Warren to formally endorse Hillary

Donald Trump Says He’s ‘Disappointed’ by Criticism From Republican Leaders

Flashback: Hillary "took it to the convention" in 2008

Where Did 12 Million California Voters Go

Scott Walker hesitates on backing Donald Trump

Where Did 12 Million California Voters Go?

Bernie needs to let go.

Is Avast trying to tell me something about the Department of Justice?

So...we're just gonna screw ourselves?

The Bernie Bros are out in full force harassing female reporters

The Ethical Quandary of Self-Driving Cars

How Hillary won California: GOTV.

Exclusive: Senator Warren to endorse Clinton, sources say

CNBC says Warren endorsement of Hillary is imminent

Senator Warren to endorse Clinton, sources say

This Infuriating Story Shows How Debtors Prisons Are Still A Reality In America

Some Closing Thoughts on the Democratic Primary - Kevin Drum

Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt Says GOP Should Change Convention Rules to Dump Trump

The AP is being targeted by angry Sanders's supporters for calling the nomination for Clinton.

release the Biden!

NPR: The Flame Starts To Fade For Some Bernie Sanders Supporters

Post your favorite headline announcing Hillary's historic moment

Hey Hillary, one of these women needs to be your VP

Uh She's still short 199 delegates

Poll: For Sanders Supporters ONLY: What should Bernie do now?

NYT: Obama to "delicately nudge" Bernie to get on board to defeat Trump

Donald Trump wanted Moammar Gadhafi’s money


Wearable artificial kidney may change how we perform dialysis forever.

The Struggle Continues “We will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate.”

Elizabeth Warren Has Had It With Mitch McConnell’s ‘Petty’ Behavior

The long journey from Seneca Falls to Hillary 2016