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Bernie responds to Trump charge "he can't stand Hillary Clinton" on Chris Hayes' show

Man arrested for decapitating another man he believed raped his girlfriend

MSNBC shows clip of Rump complaining about polls. 'But, I have yuuuuuuge crowds!

Playing False Equivalence Between Hillary and Donald Is Actively Campaigning for Him (HRC GP)

Playing False Equivalence Between Hillary and Donald Is Actively Campaigning for Him (GD 16)

Will those for a war against ISIS sit it out again like Iraq and Afghanistan?

Sanders coming up with Chris Hayes--after commercial. msnbc

You become President. Which one of these executive orders do you sign first?

The Latest: APNewsBreak: Union has deal with 4th casino

Why does Trump get to dis Native Americans with impunity?

The Latest: APNewsBreak: Union has deal with 4th casino

The Latest: APNewsBreak: Union has deal with 4th casino

French Artist Transforms Boring City Walls Into Vibrant Scenes Full Of Life

They reeeely don't like Trump in Iowa

I am like Elizabeth Warren. My family has a long-standing Native American ancestry story.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Church Night! & Uncensored & Live & a

Coastal Carolina defeats Arizona, 4-3, to win first College World Series title

No DH for Bumgarner: Ace to bat vs. Atheletics

Chris Christie being vetted for Donald Trump VP, source says

All Eyes (and Ears) on Jupiter

I haven't posted pics of my youngest daughter in a while, she is now 15 months old

'I Bregrexit': I voted for Brexit – and now I realise what a terrible mistake I made

Trump Institute Offered Get-Rich Schemes With Plagiarized Lessons

Just disallowed my 86 year old mom from reading a book.....

Exercise doesn't really aid weight loss and sometimes makes it harder, science concludes

Trump's failed Baja condo resort left buyers feeling betrayed and angry

"I shall name him, birdie Sanders"

Way to screw up a great week, Bill. Bernie fans were migrating

Rep. Jeff Guice: “Sick Children Should Die If Their Parents Can’t Afford Medical Supplies”

No Longer "The Cat From Hell" kitty rescue by Leslie Manes San Diego, CA

CNN In Hot Water After New Hire Corey Lewandowski Turns Up At Trump NH Rally

Top House Democrat on trade opposes Trans Pacific Partnership

Concealed guns legal without a permit in Idaho starting Friday

ATTENTION veterans or healthcare providers for veterans: I have a question

Italy granted permission for €150B bank bailout program.

Trump Taj Mahal casino (owned by Carl Icahn) only holdout of 5 yet to reach union contract

AIPAC Lauds Senate For Additional Foreign Aid, Anti-BDS Action For Israel

Close Poll Indicates Chuck Grassley Is In The Senate Race Of His Career

People wait to hear winners Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren speak in Ohio today.

State Department seeks 2-year-plus delay in suit for Clinton aides’ emails

Gingrich, Christie are the leading candidates to be Trump’s running mate

Conservative MP forced to deny Rupert Murdoch 'owns the Tory party' after Boris Johnson withdraws

How much does Mitch McConnell Cost?

Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored

This world we have always dreamt of:. The US Marine Corp will pay for gender reassignment surgery

Does Trey Gowdy want to protect Americans who have died of homespun gun violence?

Here’s why Hillary Clinton is about to start airing TV ads in Nebraska

Cat shaming doesn't work

A little PSA about the term "Neoliberalism".

When you steal a thong to chew but then get busted

Watch people attack Hillary Clinton for dishonesty — while lying through their teeth

Border agency clears employees in 4 shooting incidents

Hawaii News - 6/30/2016

Joe Biden to join Hillary Clinton on the trail in Pennsylvania

Don't blame Jeremy Corbyn - polls show only Tory voters could have kept us in the EU

A real life Birdie Sanders was found by someone on Reddit

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders: Democrats Need to Wake Up - Part 1

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders: Democrats Need to Wake Up - Part 2

Alaska News - 6/30/2016

Should Apple use tech to control when features work and when?

Mike Malloy - Bernie Will Have More Leverage if He Endorses Clinton

AFL-CIO Launches Campaign To Take Down These Pro-TPP GOPers

Poster designs ‘turned down by Remain’ revealed by Saatchi and Saatchi

Mike Malloy - Conservatives Rip "The Asshole" To Pieces

Trump "looking at" replacing TSA guards who wear "hibby jobbies" with Veterans

France Opens Manslaughter Inquiry Into EgyptAir Flight 804 Crash


A jury ruled 0-7 on a clear violation of the rules; user suggested I was trying to undermine Hillary

If you know anyone interested in working or interning for the campaign...

This Is What Democrats Do!

Trump's New Digital Media Strategist Leaves After 2 Days On the Job

The College Struggle: Jaiden Animations

So, right now it's a dead-heat between Labor and LNP.

Trump's access to highly classified information?

What should I do if I inadvertently sent an alert on the wrong post?

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 1, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month: Olivia De Havilland

Scottish woman crowed as "Miss Hitler 2016" in disturbing neo-Nazi pageant

A Remark on Israel by Jeremy Corbyn Incites Outrage in Britain and Abroad

Free Trade is Here to Stay So Mend it, Don't (Try to) End It

Between two worlds: The unique situation of East Jerusalem Palestinians

If you are worried about that poll showing Trump ahead, read this.

Clara's Pizza King in Richmond, Indiana has a sandwich called

Wyoming News - 6/30/2016


Verdi - Traviata party chorus

To anybody please

Continued detention of man accused of ‘offensive’ against feds with bomb

Union to Strike Against Trump Taj Mahal Casino

Trump Amps Up His Call For Torture

VP finalists include Christie, Gingrich

Trump’s conspiracy theories find an audience

Sanders is her Ace up the sleeve

Dallas court again denies Ken Paxton appeal to punt indictments

Dallas DA candidate denies knowledge of bribe; possibility of wider federal probe looms

Boris Johnson's allies accuse Michael Gove of systematic and calculated plot to destroy his

PIc~ #HillaryClinton & VP #JoeBiden are coming to Scranton PA on July 8. They're coming y'all.

Lawmakers launch last-ditch effort to block Texas Medicaid cuts


FiveThirtyEight Polls-Only Forecast - Hillary Clinton 79.2% * Disgusting Donald 20.7%

Idaho News - 7/1/2016

Federal judge blocks Mississippi religious objections law

California attorney general subpoenas refiners on gas prices

The Twit's funniest tweet. Here's my nomination. What's yours?

hillary is fundmentally honest

Oregon News - 7/1/2016

Wonder if Allan Lichtman has made his prediction yet.

Media Exaggerations of Apocalyptic Venezuela Plays into Regime Change Narrative

How Severe Is Venezuela’s Crisis?

How Severe Is Venezuela’s Crisis?

Hey Skinner~

The numbering system for showing subthreads to juries isn't working

Washington News - 7/1/2016

Daily Holidays - July 1

In 1980, did Ted Kennedy endorse Jimmy Carter?

Guatemala Remembers Victims of Military Genocide

German tourist dies taking flying selfie at Machu Picchu

Judge orders continued detention of Tooele man accused of going on the ‘offensive’ against feds with

Taiwan navy mistakenly fires supersonic anti-ship missile

Cheap gold mines gone as buyers go for bullion

Researcher finds 'ghost workers' common in migrant farm work

Researcher finds 'ghost workers' common in migrant farm work

Behind Shrinking Middle-Class Jobs: A Surge in Outsourcing

Jewish Voice for Peace looking for Membership Committee chair

Robert Reich on What's Next for Bernie - and His Supporters

Bernie Sanders: "Elections Come and Go, Revolutions Never End"

When You Dial 911 and Wall Street Answers

Neoliberalism, Interventionism, the Resource Curse, and a Fragmenting World

Sheryl Sandberg on the Myth of the Catty Woman

A Policy of Non-Intervention in Venezuela Would be a Welcome Change

A Policy of Non-Intervention in Venezuela Would be a Welcome Change

What Sanders won was the future

Colorado News - 7/1/2016

China's New Silk Road

Supreme Court Legalizes Influence Peddling: McDonnell v. United States

If TPP passes with Dem support, it will make us a permanent minority for the forseable future

Documents: Fracked Gas Exports Central to Panama Canal Expansion

Documents: Fracked Gas Exports Central to Panama Canal Expansion

Do any of the TPP defenders want to defend ISDS?

Nevada News - 7/1/2016

Payday lending isn’t helping the poor. Here’s what might.

The UK Brexit situation summed up:

HRC should address free tuition as she did $15 per hour min wage.

I would like to apologize.

Union to strike against Trump Taj Mahal casino

Lynch to Accept F.B.I. Recommendations in Clinton Email Inquiry, Official Says

This election Should be so simple for the media to cover.

Arizona News - 7/1/2016

Bernie Sanders to push a Plan to ban Private Companies from running Prisons

How Michael Gove's education reforms could encourage his policies as Prime Minister

Bernie Sanders stages brief protest over GMO labeling in Senate

hillary clearly and decisively won California.......350,000 total ballots left to be counted

One on One with Bernie Sanders - MSNBC

Post-referendum poll in the UK shows 7% of Leave and 3% of Remain voters regret their vote

Here’s why Hillary Clinton is about to start airing TV ads in Nebraska

Here’s why Hillary Clinton is about to start airing TV ads in Nebraska

Bernie Rocking the Boat at Independence Day Parade July 4, 2015 Vermont

"Removed" threads aren't removed from Journals

WI Ass't AG argues laws restricting voting weren't shown to be discriminatory by intention

The GOP's war on voting is working

Bad month for Apple repairs as Tekserve to close

Keeping Skepticon Safe: Richard Carrier To Be Banned

Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Religious Objections Law

Conservatives Have Groomed the Perfect Suckers for Trump’s Epic Scam

What do Catholics and Eastern Orthodox disagree about, anyway?

Neoliberalism or Progress? The Fight Over TPP in the Platform

Interfaith blowback means Francis has hardliners’ attention

I will call him Birdie Sanders

The Politics of Intimidation - Donald Trump is trying to discredit the media to get what he wants.

Legacies of slavery and Jim Crow

Donald Trump starts a trade war — with the Republican Party

When ‘telling it like it is’ exposes ‘lazy’ thinking about blacks - By Jonathan Capehart

Putin Logic

Barack Obama has made America great again

Thank you for unflagging me before the three day weekend.

Details for F-35 in War With China

Austria to Rerun Presidential Election After Far-Right Appeal

Trump Responds to Istanbul Bombing: "I Like Waterboarding a Lot"

U.S. District Judge strikes down Mississippi’s ‘religious freedom’ law

After Legalizing Recreational Marijuana, CO Has Lowest Teen Use in Country

It's Friday! Everyone's trying to get it right, get it right

Donald Trump used money donated for charity to buy himself a Tim-Tebow signed football helmet

Hubble captures vivid auroras in Jupiter’s atmosphere - Beautiful!

Palestinian terrorism and Muslim hypocrisy: An open letter from a Muslim woman

New Commander Appointed Amid Russia’s Baltic Fleet Shakeup

Benghazi is over. But the search for proof of Clinton’s perfidy continues.

Russian president Vladimir Putin to visit Finland

Did Bill Clinton use bad judgement?

How did our politics get so harsh and divisive? Blame 1968.

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Orange Fool

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Investigatin'

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Another jury suggestion: when post was alerted for the wrong rule.

Unintended consequences...

Trump used money donated for charity to buy himself a Tim Tebow-signed football helmet

To Dream the Impossible Scream. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Republicans Are Being Awfully Nice to Hillary

Made in America: union holiday list


NBA Rejects Draft Proposal To Tweak North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law

Sanders: No, I'm Not Ready To Endorse Clinton Yet

When does a mad dog stop being a mad dog? . . . . That is, there will be no Trump pivot.

Why isn't there more discussion about allegations of Trump raping a CHILD?

Loretta Lynch to accept DOJ, FBI recommendations on Clinton emails

Thomas Robinson, Private, 15449 - 100 years ago today

Trump, multi-billionaire, donated a fake $1 million-bill and $200 in actual money to kids team

God’s Not Dead Actor Kevin Sorbo: Jesus Would Vote for Donald Trump

Article with wrong info gets corrected in one site but not the other!

Article with wrong info gets corrected in one site but not the other!

First Day on the Somme: July 1, 1916

Sanders is itching for a convention fight

What happens when Tesla’s AutoPilot goes wrong: owners post swerving videos

Bad news everybody. I just found out I'm possessed by a demon.

Why the anti-Israel boycott movement is an immoral threat to peace

Saw on the news tonight that my city (in Japan) has designated more women-only subway cars

Brexit news live: Michael Gove promises NHS extra £100m a week by 2020 in leadership bid launch

Tesla driver dies in first fatal crash while using autopilot mode

Donald Trump used money donated for charity to buy himself a Tim Tebow-signed football helmet

Now if Scalia were replaced by me (Trump) we wouldn't have that

The Walk-Around Coma. . . Please come CAPTION the Real Alex Jones!!

The internet is a rich source of information.

WaPo: Trump Used His Charity To Buy $12,000 Helmet Signed By Tebow

Why Brexit Persuaded Me to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Air Pollution Kills 6.5 Million People Every Year, And It Could Get Worse Unless We Act Now

What, not supposed to heat *water* in microwave?!1 (Lounge gourmets, be warned away!1)

Chill Bill

French president endorses Hillary Clinton, attacks Donald Trump

Route 66 - what are the connotations associated with this term?

I have just refused a jury service to uphold the rule, no continuing the primary fight.

Federal judge dismisses U-Va. fraternity members’ defamation lawsuit against Rolling Stone

From fivethirtyeight - Poor kids need summer jobs, rich kids get them

What does your religion mean to queers?

Don't keep fighting the primary

Hindu temple volunteer hacked to death in Bangladesh, say police

President Obama, Hillary Clinton to Campaign in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, July 5

Amusing interview with a founding editor of "The Onion" discussing Trump

Taiwanese warship accidentally fires missile towards China

'Feel Bern' PAC comes under scrutiny

Bernie Sanders: I Will Do Everything I Can to Defeat This Terrible GMO Bill

Lynch Will Accept FBI Recommendations on Clinton Emails: Report

Leaked FBI doc reveals secret policy of targeting journalists, sources

Sonoma Stompers Goes Co-Ed, Will Field Two Women

Sanders on Clinton endorsement: 'We are not there at this moment'

Al Qaeda leader warns of 'gravest consequences' if Boston marathon bomber executed

Leahy, Sanders, Welch Announce $2.1 million in AmeriCorps Funding for Vermont

Not Bernie Sanders

The Party at Odds on Neoliberalism

'This is a historic day': California lawmakers send governor sweeping gun control package

Illinois lawmakers pass bills to unblock state's budget impasse

Why are there no Knock Knock jokes about America?

Pic Of The Moment: Ryan To Dems: Your Sit-In Tactics Will Never Work On Me!

We don't need the world's permission

Obama Should Get Behind Clinton on TPP

In memoirs, ex Pope Benedict says Vatican 'gay lobby' tried to wield power: report

Sanders Statement Opposing Puerto Rico Bill

Mike Pence being vetted as Trump's VP.

Evicted Cat May Get to Stay in Texas Library

Willie Dixon was born on this date.

'Don't shoot': pet parrot's words may be used in Michigan murder trial

Whistleblower: Brazil's Interm President Temer Received $300,000 Bribe

U.S. construction spending falls 0.8 percent in May

I had a close encounter with a Donald Rump supporter about an hour ago


Democrats and Republicans Poised to Clash on Trade at Conventions

When drones could fly free -

Yuliya Stepanova: Russian whistleblower can run at Olympics as neutral - IAAF

Judge says Ohio voter purge is perfectly legal - Goodbye, Democracy

Hacked Emails Reveal NATO General Plotting Against Obama on Russia Policy

Chad gang-rape: Men jailed

Austrian presidential election result overturned and must be held again

Hassan Whiteside Re-signs With Miami Heat

German tourist falls to his death while posing for photo atop Machu Picchu

Venezuela first lady's nephews U.S. drug case gets new defendant

Donald Trump Says He'll Consider Replacing Hijab-Wearing TSA Agents With Veterans

Refugees Encounter a Foreign Word: Welcome


Glitch in the system exploited by Alert Stalkers

Montenegro Defies Russian Calls Against NATO Membership

GOP megadonor compares Trump to Biblical figures

RNC Event Zone: Water Guns Banned, Real Guns Allowed

How Neoliberalism Fuels the Racist Xenophobia behind Brexit and Donald Trump

Voted 'Most Likely to Deceive'! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

The EU is being sacrificed because of the bad part of globalization: neoliberalism

I like dragons

Do you ever think that the Clinton's just enjoy trolling the Wingnuts?

Owning a car is an American way of life, yet it's becoming less affordable.

Disabled woman beaten bloody by TSA agents after becoming confused and afraid at security checkpoint

Etiquette question re: paying the bill when meeting friends from out-of-town

Judge Says Ohio Voter Purge Is Perfectly Legal – Goodbye, Democracy

Great frigate birds found able to fly for months at a time

What if we could make the Republican Party irrelevant

The German sado-monetarists seek to destroy the EU!

"THIS is absolutely the most awesome letter I have ever read!"

Why Do Animals Like Capybaras So Much? (18+ Pics)Why Do Animals Like Capybaras So Much?

Hillary pens a goodbye note to The Toast.

Freedom -- Be Brave, Grab The Dream That Fits You -- Happy Fourth of July

Jimmy Carter: We are at a turning point—women are key agents of the changes we need

Palestinian Kills Israeli, Wounds Family in West Bank Attack

Donald Trump used money donated for charity to buy himself a Tim Tebow-signed football helmet

U.S. Manufacturing Grows at Fastest Pace in More Than a Year

Auto Industry on Watch for Headwinds After U.S. Sales Are Mixed

Steve Earle live at Tipitinas in N.O. A tributesong to the late Allen Toussaint

MSN Video: 103-year-old: 'I must live' to vote for Hillary Clinton

Bernie likes to tell the rich "Enough is enough. You can't have it all." Well, same for you Bernie.

Michelle Obama tears Trump a new one without mentioning his name.

Don’t blame the messenger: Cookie dough is REALLY bad for you, says FDA

GOP insiders in full-blown panic over Trump’s dumpster fire campaign

How Brexit Caught Investors and Oddsmakers Off Guard

The First Day of The Battle of Gettysburg - July 1st-3rd 1863

Democrats Fight Trump and One Another Over Trade

Let me spell this our for those in the "Clinton/Lynch thing is no big deal" camp.

WaPo: Corey Lewandowski’s first week on CNN was just as bad as everyone expected

Very nice article on malignant narcissists. And yeah, he hits every point.

Study: Atheists, Christians more alike than you think

Cracovians to protest proposed abortion law with clothes hangers

Must be music Friday... here's one that I love...Plant and Page....

Israeli Police Kill Palestinian Woman In Hebron's Old City After Alleged Stab Attempt

California lawmakers send 13 gun control bills to Gov. Brown

If you want to speak, but can't, or know you shouldn't...

"...It’s Not The Pitch, It’s The Product"

Iran's Russian-Made S-300 Systems to Become Operational by March 20

Wisconsin voter ID trial ends today. GOP bragged about disenfranchising blacks & students

General Electric: Billions in Profits. Almost ZERO in Federal Tax. Spends 82 Million on lobbyists.

I have a question...sometimes when I'm trying to cut and paste a video..from you tube..

California's vaccine law: Opponents moving, home schooling to avoid controversial mandate

Quietly Faithful

Donald Trump's Zero-State Campaign Strategy

this made me laugh today.

For the record, I like the new jury system, including not being notified of the results...

Maori men suffering in disability statistics - another example of oppression?

Walker Thought His Business Tax Break Would Stimulate The Economy. The Early Returns Aren’t Good.

The myth of millennial entitlement was created to hide their parents’ mistakes

Nap time.

Veterans’ Groups Call Out The NRA: "Don't Use Our Dead To Score Political Points"

ICYMI: It’s time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician

The "new normal" world we are now told we live in by the neoliberal free trade zombies

Happy Birthday Olivia DeHavilland - 100 Years Young Today

Only one person can be driving this truck or we will all go off the side

Benghazi Shown To Be Political Witchhunt. Quick! Gin Up A New "Clinton Scandal!"

The ‘Save America’s Pastime Act’ Aims To Keep Minor League Baseball Players In Poverty

Another Trump Adviser Quits, This One After Just 3 Weeks

Bernie Sanders is winning some big victories over the Dem platform

Hostages and gunmen situation at diplomatic area in Bangladesh.

Woman Added This Week to FBI's 'Most Wanted' List Arrested

Presidential Polls as of yesterday.....

Judge: Special Prosecutor to Investigate Chicago Officers

Obama’s call for humane globalization may be too late

I just ordered a Hillary bumper sticker online.

FROM THE BBC - Brexit and the easing of austerity

Terrorist attack in Bangladesh embassy section

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte urges people to kill drug addicts

California gun laws: Jerry Brown signs major new restrictions on firearms owners, rejects others

"The FBI has yet to interview Clinton, who has said she hopes the investigation is completed soon."

BREAKING: Clinton raised $44 M in June + $28 M for DNC and State Parties

Another one from Plant and Page in Marrakesh... tell me these two aren't STILL rock stars.

A small technical question concerning alerts.

Can we stop eating our own for 10 minutes and get back to Trump...

I think that I have found and answer to the Middle East troubles..another Plant/Page....

Public, government commemorate those lost in the Battle of the Somme

Hacked Emails Reveal NATO General Plotting Against Obama on Russia Policy

Polls Show Americans Want Action On Gun Control

Fact Checker: Did Hillary Clinton ‘shame’ women who made sexual allegations against her husband?

White House releases its count of civilian deaths in counterterrorism operations under Obama

Dhaka shooting: Hostage situation as gunmen battle police

The State of Race in America - Charles M. Blow

Happening now: the collapse of the ecosystem in Florida

Chelsea Manning critiques US military reforms for transgender personnel

How Brexit Is A Win For Putin

Trump Taj Mahal workers go on strike over contract disputes

Taiwan accidentally fires missile towards China, hitting trawler

‘Tech tax’: San Francisco mulls plan for taxing the rich to house the poor

Bald eagles returning to Virginia. Those poor birds.

Pro-Clinton PAC returns banned donations

The GOP is attempting to pull a slick one with their support of Donald Trump...

Is this ok to you?

Trump Taps Consultant Accused Of Defrauding PAC To Lead Colorado Campaign

Donald Trump To War-Whooping Right-Wing Radio Host: ‘Whatever You Do, Don’t Apologize’

Gingrich reverses course on trade as Trump VP chatter swirls

.@realDonaldTrump says it's always packed house for him.. not this time.

Has Trump vetted Huckabee yet?

Hillary's Huge June Fundraising- $40.5 Million, $44 Million CoH, $28 Million Downballot, $45 Averag

Trump is not the Earth's Zaphod Beeblebrox because...

Macy's banned from detaining and fining alleged shoplifters, judge rules

Why Sanders lost, and why I think it matters.

Website Boasts Nigel Farage’s Hilarious Leaked ‘Plan’ For Leaving The EU

Philippines President Calls On Civilians To Kill Drug Addicts

Pharma-Funded Heritage Foundation Whines About FDA Regulations

The thing about the platform: they can't just give Bernie everything he's asking for.

NRA Filmed Its Rule-Breaking Pro-Trump Ad At Alexandria National Cemetery

Maine retiree fueling governor’s questions about ethanol

Wimbledon thread

Limbaugh Predicts 'Levels Of Violence We Have Not Seen' If Trump Wins

Populism seems to have its limits.

Putin hints Russia will react if Finland joins NATO

I was watching Serena Williams playing fellow American Christina McHale

Israel to cut Palestinian tax transfers over 'terrorist payouts'

U.N. rights investigator urges Myanmar to crack down on religious violence

Hey, that pizza isn't going to drop itself...

The State of Black People In America -- Freedom From Suspicion -- Happy Fourth of July

Trump’s campaign of paranoia reaches new levels: At New Hampshire rally, Trump suggests Mexico sent

Israel Seals Off Biggest Palestinian City After Deadly Attacks

Spoiler: Wales v. Belgium at the half

Report: Judge Who Locked up 3 Kids Committed Misconduct

They’re perfect for him: Newt and Christie’s scandalous past make them ideal Trump VP’s

"Keepin' It 1600" is a great weekly podcast

Teen who urged suicide via text will stand trial, court rules

Trump Pivots Backward:In new month, Trump returns to his old style

Suit Challenges New Abortion Restrictions in Louisiana

Nick Yarris exonerated death row inmate supports Death Penalty supporter Clinton

US Has Another Close Call With Russian Ship in the Mediterranean

Why Millions of GOP Voters Bought Into Trump's Phony Populist Act

(Philadelphia) City Settles Lawsuit Over Rush-Hour Convention Protest Ban

Ammon Bundy seeks delay in trial, asks for pretrial release

J&J's Janssen hit with $70 million verdict in Risperdal trial: lawyers

Federal judge blocks Florida law to end abortion clinic funding

Has anyone seen Newtie's manhood?

One word on Brexit:

4 Children Fatally Stabbed in Memphis; Mother in Custody

'Horrific' First Amphibious Centipede Discovered

US woman guilty of Stephen Hawking Tenerife death threats

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 1, 2016

Supreme Court Pushes the boundaries on sleaze: Our view - USA Today

2015: Inequality gets worse. (Quelle Surprise)

One Bernie for Hillary.

Treating All People With Respect and Dignity | Bernie Sanders

Almost half of Colombia’s protected ecosystems in danger of extinction

I am going to start actively supporting Hillary.

Almost half of Colombia’s protected ecosystems in danger of extinction

What is the Dream that Inspires You? | Bernie Sanders

I just posted my special dedication to Bernie Worrell show

Donald? Gets worse by the moment.

Blade steak

Is there any chance

First Alaskan North Slope crude export planned for Nicaragua -sources

First Alaskan North Slope crude export planned for Nicaragua -sources

Freaking wow - Euro2016 - spoiler

12 ways free trade is ruining nation

12 ways free trade is ruining nation

Wales 3-1 Belgium

Seminary Student Sentenced in San Diego for Seeking Sex With Babies in Tijuana

Here Is The Draft Of The 2016 Democratic Platform

Seminary Student Sentenced in San Diego for Seeking Sex With Babies in Tijuana

This story is a sad statement on what Americans have become...

Wales advances to the Semi-finals!

New Jersey Governor Christie halts road, bridge projects

The Colony film released – A dark tale based on real events in Chile

In America’s Long History of Slavery, New England Shares the Guilt

Tesla driver killed while using autopilot was watching Harry Potter, witness says

Federal Government Regulations that saved tens of thousands of lives began..6/30/77

Democrats: The White Working Class Isn’t Voting for You, So Stop Pandering to Them

Economic confusion?

Another shameless post about my babies

Economic confusion?

This GOP Senator Is Open To Supporting Hillary Clinton

After Brexit: Reckoning With Britain's Racism and Xenophobia

ISIS Just Said They Are Rooting For A Trump Presidency.

How neoliberalism fuels the racist xenophobia behind Brexit and Donald Trump

Why police were called to a South Jersey third-grade class party

Canadian court overturns approval of oil pipeline opposed by indigenous groups

Willie Kimani: Missing Kenyan lawyer found dead

Are these lurid headlines really necessary?

Republicans lose their minds after Bill Clinton has harmless airport chat with AG Loretta Lynch (HRC

Sarah Palin: "The splodey heads keep sploding" over Trump victory.

A preview of how the election will go, courtesy of Bipartisan Report

At 150, KKK sees opportunities in US political trends

Trump Delegates: We're Bringing Guns to Cleveland

Gabby Giffords Applauds National Day of Action, Urges House to Hold Vote to Reduce Gun Violence

Just signed up for a monthly donation to the Hillary Victory Fund. I have a question.

Hello. Remember me? (Political cartoon)

Donald Trump could have wooed skeptical Republicans in Colorado. Instead, he brought up their fights

Rubio runs into Protesters

Clinton, Trump Face Shaky Start to July

Trump has locked down the Low-IQ vote.

Toxic algae bloom blankets Florida beaches, prompts state of emergency

Kimmel Exposes Gullible Right Wingers : Lie Witness News - Hillary's Emails

By what percentage has the jury pool decreased?

Questions aside, the Bill Clinton – Loretta Lynch story will have zero impact on the election (HRC )

A warning to Gove and Johnson - we won’t forget what you did

Trump Busted Stealing From His Own Charity To Buy A $12,000 Tim Tebow Helmet

ICYMI: Mika B. is a Free Woman!

Families Of Charleston Shooting Victims Sue FBI Over Background-Check Error

According to Palin, Trump should hold rallies where he's raising buildings because......

Ceres Bright Spot is Salty -- {actually, it's more like washing soda}

KKK Leaders Overjoyed US Politics Are Going Their Way

A certain minority on this site supported the Iraq war authorization - Jeremy Corbyn did not.

Democratic Party Endorses Abolishing The Death Penalty

Judge halts law that favors corporate over union PACs

Judge halts law that favors corporate over union PACs

US to continue 'signature strikes' on people suspected of terrorist links

It's Bobby Bonilla day!!! NY METS pay him $1.2M and will until 2035

“I like to pay taxes."

MoveOn and Robert Reich have a special Fourth of July message about patriotism.

Chicago's Top Cop 'Sick And Tired' Of Violence; More Officers Hit Streets

After Lead Contamination In House Office Building’s Water, Lawmakers Demand EPA Reforms

Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom : Tea Party Is The American Taliban

Were you paying attention this week? Take the USA Today news quiz

So ...what's new in Bangladesh? nt

Newspaper Publisher Arrested After Open Records Request

Sweet Jesus...

Is Trump looking less orange?

It is Canada Day. I'm in Ottawa. Just heard thunder. There is a slim chance of funnel clouds. Vibes

(Mississippi) The Latest: No Judges Sought Recusal From Doing Gay Weddings

Want MOTION???!!!

Report: Michigan Judge Who Locked up 3 Kids Committed Misconduct

You know what scares the shit out of me.?.

Navajo Artist Creates 'Make America Native Again' Hats to Critique Donald Trump's Campaign Slogan

The Crowd at Trump's speech today

No Charges Planned for Mom Who Whipped Burglary Suspect Sons

After 19 innings in Toronto, Cleveland extends their winning streak to 14.

AP Source: Boston Red Sox Given 1-Year Ban on International Amateurs

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton coming to Atlantic City

Air strike kills two Islamic State military commanders: Pentagon

The Presidential Meta-Analysis for 2016

The Big Purge

This is an important distinction in the email investigation