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Well, that was different.

Constitutional question re: rumor that Trump might NOT serve if elected:

Stevie Wonder Carpool Karaoke

In a Corbyn-Eagle leadership race, how would you vote?

Dallas Gunman Learned Tactics at Texas Self-Defense School

Mormon Missionaries to Stay in Russia Despite New Law

Protesters enter Taste of Chicago, chanting 'black lives matter'

NATCA ratifies new contract

In 16 days we will nominate @HillaryClinton as the first woman for the presidency of The USA! 🇺🇸

Britain broke international law when it invaded Iraq in 2003-Blair's deputy prime minister Prescott

Dallas Shooting Eyewitness Says Exactly What We Need To Hear After This Week

VPs aren't just "picked," they have to agree with running as SECOND on the ticket!

Had a phone call today asking if I would embarrassed if Trump was President

White men killed more American police than any other group this year,

Typically a presidential candidate picks a VP to abate his weaknesses. List what qualities

Complaint Filed Against FL Attorney General & Donald Trump For Felony Campaign Finance Violations

gop falsifies what candidate Barksdale says on terrorism

Climate change quiz: Is your opinion informed by science?

Gaming While Black in America

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Suburban Handicap

George W. Bush Says Something Appalling In Response To Dallas Shooting

Physicists confirm X(4140)

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Belmont Oaks Invitational

All the Nominee’s Enablers

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Belmont Derby Invitational

I'm going to kill that leprechaun.

Did admin ever quantify support here for Sanders vs. Clinton using jury results or other metrics?

"This made me cry. We all need this story right now"

Less Than 24 Hours After Dallas, Hillary Delivers One of the Most Important Speeches of the Election

Judge sentences former Alabama House speaker ethics case

CNN to host town hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan

"Officer, Can You Help?"

No one wants guns to be illegal but you can bet your sweet ass that many are working on cell phone

Protestors Shutdown Part of Interstate 94

Several years ago I was suicidal and called family. They called local PD to help.

Something Ironic I found from a 1990 Cleveland Browns game

Killing Fields journalist Sydney Schanberg dies at 82

Money doesn't buy class.

Ever get off at the wrong exit?

Republicans trying to clean up Trumps image. It's not gonna work:

Mel BROOKS's "Life Stinks" is on (Dish, "Studio"? channel)!1

Hannity Calls Ailes allegations stalking

TPM: The Case of Mark Hughes, Or Don't Carry at a Protest

Mike Malloy - Trump Surrogate Taunts Elizabeth Warren Like A Racist Fifth-Grader

Mike Malloy - Trump Supporter Goes Batshit Insane On Hispanic Protester

LA Governor John Bel Edwards calls for federal investigation

Mike Malloy - Meet The Crazy White Lady From Glenn Beck’s TV Channel

Donald Trump is performing far worse in many Republican strongholds than Mitt Romney did in 2012

Daughter of Salvador Allende, Isabel, 'Ready' to Lead Chile

Arizona, New Mexico lawmakers team up to prevent sale of tribal items

Democrats Go on Offense on Voting, Democracy

Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now

'High capacity penis substitute'

World anger over Honduras activist Lesbia Yaneth Urquia's death

Daughter of Chile's Allende eyes presidential bid in 2017

Fr. Michael Pfleger addresses Justice for Trayvon Martin rally in Chicago

Bahamas issues US travel advisory over racial tensions

Chicago with CHIEF KEEF [VICELAND 2016] FULL Documentary

Clinton supporters reject Israel settlements proposal

Indian rapper targets US chemical giant in bid for damages

Dallas police headquarters cordoned off after threat

John Prescott: Ex-deputy PM says Iraq War was illegal

The NRA’s internal revolt over Philando Castile

UAE embassy urges citizens in US to avoid protest places

Hillary Clinton strongly backs public option, wins praise from Bernie Sanders

Gingrich 'actively lobbying' to be Trump's running mate: report

Man dead after officer-involved shooting in Houston

World anger over Honduras activist Lesbia Yaneth Urquia's death

Hemp under discussion at DNC platform meeting

These Are The Black People Police Have Shot And Killed This Year

how long should a flat screen TV last?

New Hubble Image Reveals the Beating Heart of the Crab Nebula

Brazil’s reviled lower house speaker Eduardo Cunha resigns in tears

Pros and Cons Of Choosing A VP Candidate


Feds Sued Over Religious Groups That Deny Migrant Teens Abortions

HummingBad Malware Infects 85 Million Android Devices

July 7, a date of O'Reilly meltdown infamy: the COMEY inquisition; the AILES lawsuit; Kate's Law

7-9-16 The Deadliest Commute in 2:00

7-9-16 The Deadliest Commute in 2:00

The NRA’s internal revolt over Philando Castile

Surrendered Because Of A Baby But Now She Is The Baby!!! dog rescue by Melissa Eplee Simpsonville,SC

Conservatives win national elections

Ann Kirkpatrick and John McCain are tied at 48%!!!

The 'Holy Grail' for earthquake scientists has been accidentally destroyed

Dems vote against meddling in Israel settlements dispute

California News - 7/10/2016

More Tesla Autopilot crashes surface; NHTSA to investigate another

Ann Kirkpatrick has actually pulled ahead of John McCain!!

Hebron Shooter Is Just a Common Soldier Fighting Netanyahu's Revolution

The Labour Coup Fail

Daily Holidays - July 10

Nation Magazine: Democrats are not speaking loudly enough to be heard in rural America

July Photo Contest Accepting Submissions

State gives police money to buy body armor

State mental hospital that turns away patients has vacant ward

Thousands of Maryland high school seniors must do remedial work to prepare them for college

Maryland's top court recognizes new rights for gay parents

Program aims to help low-income kids go to private schools

Clinton backers nix Israel 'occupation' add to Democratic platform


Delaware puts an end to fantasy sports betting

Delaware State University receives test center certification

Did Delaware legislators punt on large-scale budget reforms?

Mikhail Gorbachev Says NATO Is Escalating Cold War With Russia 'Into A Hot One'

I'm good with most of the platform...but does the defense plank HAVE to be this rigidly hawkish?

Former Kearny councilman sentenced to five years in prison for $13M mortgage fraud scheme

Imagine "All-Lives-Matter" at a civil-rights lunch-counter protest

Christie gives himself more power to slash millions in N.J. municipal aid

Christie's road project shutdown is now in effect

Sandy claims problems spur N.J. lawmakers to demand FEMA review of insurers

You get what you pay for. One factor in shitty policing.

Donald Trump had years of troubles in Atlantic City

Lakewood school board settles suit for $174K

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Scratching Peg Edition

A very chilling thought.....

Republican Excuses For Skipping GOP Convention Are Hilarious: ‘I Have To Mow My Lawn’

ISIS Shoots Down Russian Helicopter : Palmyra, Syria

Is Clinton's TPP opposition a cynical ploy or honest difference with Obama?

All about that Democratic convention donor list you're not supposed to see yet

I don't get why people freak out over the dead cops in Dallas.

At Valley Forge, a battle to save a chapel

VIDEO: Biorobotic stingray created from rat heart muscle cells - "I think we've got a biological....

'Regulatory-palooza' hashes out details in Pa. medical marijuana law

'We Have Just Written Half of the GOP Platform': Progressives Dismayed by Dem Party Platform

How much time is enough time to decide? Many seek update of state adoption laws

West Virginia man awarded $5.1 million in family business feud case

Illinois reporter shaves 'budget beard' grown during impasse

Is Tony Blair Going to Hell? We Asked a Catholic Priest

Tony Blair could face contempt of parliament motion over Iraq war

Washington County chemical fire causes $200,000 damage

over 200,000 Facebook posts per day by Russian trolls, says whistleblower

Pa. regulators, coal industry say money secure for mine cleanup

Pa. judge accused of DUI falls over during sobriety test

Deal or no deal? That is the question as Pa. lawmakers try to complete state budget work

Child labor doubles in Iraq as violence, displacement hit incomes

DU Historians please help me out

Misinterpretation of homework.

Thousands attend funeral for Pakistan's legendary Edhi

EU referendum: youth voter turnout almost twice as high as first thought


Racist Denial Bingo!

LBJ on the 2016 election

Donald Trump’s Alma Malter Pens SCATHING Letter Letting The World Know He Is A…

Trumps campaign people said Hilary is responsible for the deaths of the murdered cops.

Bill to help Pa. cancer patients afford chemotherapy in pill form gets Gov. Tom Wolf's signature

BLM activist DeRay subjected to violent arrest in Baton Rouge.

"Can't you tell? I'm the life of the party!" . . . Please come CAPTION Roger Ailes!!!!

Money allocated to repair East River train tunnels

Coalition demands ban on alcohol ads in transit system

Pro-EU Labour and Tory MPs look at forming a new centrist party

Bribe-taking judge will get annual $120,000 pension

Appeals court upholds $3 million verdict in asbestos case

More than 70 arrested at Black Lives Matter protest in Rochester

Ambiguous language in the Democratic Platform draft on Carbon Tax and on Marijuana

"I'm a black ex-cop & this is the real truth about race and policing" (spoiler: it's the leadership)

NY regulators propose generous Upstate nuclear subsidies

Cuban economy minister details dire austerity measures

This. MUST. Stop.

The 2nd Amendment

Things I Learned on FB Yesterday:

State Senate decides to hold its own Hoosick Falls hearings

What Would Trump Fascism Look Like? Ten Traits

Sunday's Doonesbury- Trump's Positions

Kashmir violence: 16 die after key militant killed

Think about it how fucked up this is.

Black Widows improved

Bruce Ratner seeks $6.2M in tax breaks for complex by Coliseum

My 83 year old mother

You do know that Roger Ailes is done.

WaPo Editorial: Despair is not the only response to the past week’s terrible events

Sanitation workers are 3 times more likely to be killed on the job than police officers

In General - How Do Police Depts Feel About People & Guns?....

WaPo Editorial: Donald Trump is wrong about Saddam Hussein

Texas Politics Under Fire in Campaign to Pull Businesses to New York

In An Open Letter, Trump’s Alma Mater Condemns Him and His Message of Hate

The Daily Show - Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: Two Very Lucky Nominees

Dems hammer out party's platform

Proud my local city police did the right thing in firing this cop......

White America’s biggest nightmare: Black men who violently sow disillusionment

House bill targets repro rights while boosting vouchers & church politicking

Are you watching AM Joy?

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Recipe for Disaster

Democrats call for ‘pathway’ to marijuana legalization

update on kitty with allergies

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 12: TCM Presents Shane (Plus a Hundred More Great Westerns)

Dallas Gunman Learned Tactics At Texas Self-Defense School

O.K., Lounge, debutting a new personal perfume: "ACV" (apple cider vinegar). Double or triple uses!1

My youngest child and the last to get married got married last night security we hired

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 13: TCM Presents Shane (Plus a Hundred More Great Westerns)

Well, that proves there are trolls here.

A mini conversation - can we talk?

my 2010 ranger sport 4x4 came with 16 inch wheels. would it be practical to go to 15".

Key rulings to watch out for in South China Sea case

That General who Trump is supposedly vetting for VP

Please Dipshit Trump Pick Newt

The president should hold a BLM -police town hall

Clinton Delegates holding back Progressive Agenda

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson arrested

China and US in silent fight for supremacy beneath waves of South China Sea

Bela Fleck has a birthday today.

Walking while black - Read this and weep -long but well worth it

Mavis Staples celebrates a birthday today.

The case for a well-funded organization for wrongful death lawsuits against cops who kill.

Trump's veep choice

"We got 80% of what we wanted in this platform,"--Sanders campaign

Donald Trump- Racial Healer.

Today's Trump VP candidate: Buzz builds around Pence for Trump's VP

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 10, 2016

Really don't want to see any more

White House: watch @POTUS talk with service members in Spain

Amazing: Buster Posey's return throw lands into a distracted Jake Peavy's mitt

Australia PM Turnbull's conservatives win tight election, Trump lite.

President Obama to speak in a few minutes

The Republican Convention - Best Reality Show EVAH!

Michael Gearson who is a conservative said there is a television station devoted to white identity.

McLaughlin Group -- Wow!

Malcolm Gladwell on racism, Trump, and the moral licensing phenomenon

Potential Trump VP: Clinton blamed white people for last week's shootings

Giuliani calls for 'boots on the ground' to defeat ISIS

Giuliani: Black parents should 'teach children to be respectful of the police'

Another "toss up" projection for Mia Love-Doug Owens congressional race

So how dangerous is Trump?

I am beginning to worry about Trump.....

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #34: Trump-Man & The Mosquito Edition

Imagine if Obama/Clinton had dared to act like GWB did as President:

NRA faces internal revolt as members question double standards..

The debt (2016) about hedge fund effects on real people sounds good

A Pensacola tale

Money Honey (Maria Bartiromo) defends Ailes

Donald Trump talking to Maureen Dowd:

Just checked: Chanukah 2016 begins

How a small-time crook became a ruthless killer

Yipee! I got my trump campaign flyer in the mail!

My next door neighbors, who have been Trump supporters

Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump wants to get rid of the minimum wage. She's right. PolitiFact

So, our daughter has gone full-on "emo"

Police safer under Obama than they have been in decades

Giuliani To Black Parents: 'Teach Your Children To Be Respectful To The Police'

Baton Rouge Cop Points Assault Weapon At HuffPost Reporter, Protesters

Democrats Advance Most Progressive Platform in Party History

If Republicans saw our platform, they would faint.

What are you reading this week of July 10, 2016?

MEDIA A Drone Was Used to Blow up a US Citizen Without Trial On Thursday. Let That Sink In

Trump’s Alma Mater Just Wrote Him A Letter: Go F*** Yourself

(St, Paul) Police chief 'disgusted' by violence at I-94 protest; 21 officers hurt

What a Bummer! Replaced by Bartolo Colon!

Native Lives Matter: Police Killing Native Americans at Astounding Rate

Interesting letter in the local paper

In order to reach a goal.. you have to set a goal

Ryan: No vote for Dems' 'no fly, no buy' gun legislation unless they can win the House

Republicans show how it's done = manufactured uproar after surviving nonstop Bush scandals


simple low-carb meal recipes

Who will Donald Trump choose as his running mate?

Tony Blair could face contempt of parliament motion over Iraq war

Dallas Mayor Calls Bullsh*t On Open Carry: It Didn’t Help During Shooting, And Made Things Worse

What is Trump whining about here?

The Right to Bare Arms

Obama to visit Dallas Tuesday

how black men should behave when they're pulled over by a cop

Aggressive dog warning.

Dear Police - We want you, need you, we may never love you...

Fallin: Trump ‘trying to campaign as a racial healer’

I don't want people to see my granddaughter's face, but I don't mind letting y'all share with me the

Giuliani: 'Black lives matter' phrase 'inherently racist'

How do police organizations feel about gun control?

Putin Haunts NATO Summit As Leaders See Threat On All Fronts

Passengers on Diverted Delta Flight Had Elevated Carbon Monoxide Levels


Anti-'Brexit' Hopes Shattered, UK Says 'No' To New Vote

US Frees Yemeni Prisoner From Guantanamo, Sends Him to Italy

On Rare Israel Visit, Egyptian FM Calls for 2-State Solution

How Mrs. Clinton Would Pay Tuition Bills

Israel Announces $12.9m Boost to West Bank Settlements

To those who would tyrannize over America, they're "Government Schools" now...

Whoa! Is this real?

Obama Says Anti-Cop Rhetoric Can Hurt Black Lives Matter

this turned out quite painterly....

'We need to elect a Democratic Congress and president' - Bernie Sanders

Police are safer under Obama than they have been in decades

Texas Congressman Warns Against "Gay Space Colonies" to Prevent the Apocalypse

How does the man who fueled the birther movement get away

Telling black people to 'be nice to cops' to prevent being murdered is evil as hell

Kansas cop gets fired for sickening, random online attack against black woman’s child in aftermath

Baton Rouge police report arresting 102 at protest by 'out-of-town' agitators

Choose your Player-type (d100)


Living around people with opposing political views may impact well being and even personality

MEDIA A Bullet Was Used to Kill a US Citizen Without Trial On Thursday. Let That Sink In

(NOT The Onion) UNESCO to vote on Jewish connection with the Temple Mount

Patrols up in New Mexico After Rare Species of Owl Killed

& now, it's time for everyone's favorite game: "What Did You Throw Out Today?"

Feds Tight-Lipped on Weeding Out Corrupt Border Agents

Obama to Travel to Dallas on Tuesday

El Paso Leaders Condemn Police Chief's Remarks on Black Lives Matter

Black Gun Owners in Texas Decry Racial Bias

Texas Supreme Court Halts Children's Therapy Cuts

Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson released after overnight detention

Dan Patrick Blames Black Lives Matter Movement for Dallas Shooting

Is Maureen Dowd really necessary?

i cant stand fear for fears sake , and stupidity for stupiditys sake ,

This is how cops are supposed to operate - Edmonton

I'm so goddamned mad at being in this place again...

Agent Orange Might Have a Dangerous Running Mate in Mind..

I turned 51 today, my husband 62 yesterday

Epsom salts

American Airlines sued for $10 million after teen assaulted on flight

David Sweet, Rockwall County judge, charged with DWI

Agent Orange is planning on selecting Special Agent Mike Hunt as his VP.

Awww! Charlotte with Dad. Grampa, & the family puppy

Republicans have their platform

My brother is Donnie Trump's doppelganger

My Cousin is at it again.

Obama was "allowed" to be President

Hooked on the Hallmark Channel

Guatemala arrests prominent executive on suspicion of tax fraud

The American Flag Shoulder Patch


BLM activist released from jail after more than 120 taken into custody

Israel AG Orders 'Examination' Into Netanyahu 'Matter'

Aug 9, WI election: 2 Democrats vying for Paul Ryan's Congressional seat:

Donald Trump Child Rape Case = the facts behind the rape case

Dylan Roof was peacfully apprehended and then treated to Burger King

That is some aberrant nonsense...

Promoting Kindness in the Classroom

Girl killed, mom hurt as truck collision with Sealy bridge sends debris crashing down

Feds nearing a decision on whether pot has medical potential

Joan Walsh: #PresidentObamaNotBarry trending is beautiful, Hashtag in response to Dowd

Journalist Marie Colvin's family sues Syrian regime, claiming killing was deliberate

The Parable of the Good Samaritan -Luke 9

Democrats Finalize Exceptionally Progressive Party Platform

Wouldn't it be something if what Trump has on Ailes is the same as what Ailes has on Trump?

Medical marijuana saved Medicare $165 million in states with medical cannabis

We're not going to take it

Thursday night Facebook asked me to "check in as safe" during "Criminal activity in Dallas"

Leonard Pitts Jr.: America has gone mad and there’s no place to hide

The Latest: Demonstrators Encircle Minnesota City Hall


"All Lives Matter!"

John Prescott reveals his guilt at the 'illegal' Iraq War will haunt him for the rest of his life

Classification Law and Clinton Emails

Japan's Landslide Election Result Sets Stage For Constitution Fight

Game of Thrones - parallels and contrasts

Trump will hold Indiana rally on Tuesday--speculation is that Pence will be named VP

Police Arrest Man Who Posted Video of Alton Sterling’s Death

by Robert Reich:'An acquaintance from my days in the Clinton administration,

Police may change tactics at protests after Dallas shooting

I am loving me some Mike Rawlings

S. Carolina megachurch ousts founder as senior pastor

Watching Cage and Connery in 'The Rock' - all the more enjoyable since it's a "James Bond" movie...

This has to be American Cultural Imperialism at its worst: "Rum and Coca-Cola"

Walk and Chew Gum

I had a thought about the initials RB the killer

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 11 July 2016

Update 2: Dump Trump Polling begins of Romney v Clinton

I was asked to remove my sigline

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick calls Dallas protesters 'hypocrites' for running from sniper's bullets

Stop Trump PAC claims Hillary trying to stop the RNC delegate revolt (they provide no evidence)

Why can we support rebels in Syria and Russia can't support rebels in the Ukraine?

Bravo to Dallas Police Chief David Brown

Philandro Castile he was, POLITE. FOLLOWED orders. EXECUTED.

Am I reading this comment the wrong way?

7-10-16 Debs Arrested in 2:00

7-10-16 Debs Arrested in 2:00

Trump May Choose Pro-Russian General Who Predicted Rise of Terror as his VP (RIA Novosti)

Hillary's delegates stymied former head of NAACP's anti-TPP platform amendment

Video: Angela Rye calls out white voters who think they 'allowed' Obama to be president

Obama plans major nuclear policy changes in his final months (Washington Post)

Is the car culture dying? (Washington Post)