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Archives: July 12, 2016

Israel NGO bill, seen as targeting left-wing groups, becomes law

Environmentalists Uncover Documents Revealing Feds Quietly Permitted Gulf Fracking

Arizona police can search based on pot smell, despite legal uses: court

Harrison Ford blasts Trump...

Tim Duncan retires

A Very Secret Service....Anybody else watching it?

In bashing Donald Trump, some say Ruth Bader Ginsburg just crossed a very important line

House chairmen seek new federal probe of Clinton testimony

Inmate's fight with deputies led to fatal shooting (St. Joseph, Michigan today)

Where is Megyn Kelly's input on the allegations about Roger Ailes, noticeably absent?

Mama Dragons Try To Prevent Suicides Among Mormon-LGBT Children

For Alton Sterling & Philandro Castile

GOP platform amendment also calls for an end to No Fault Divorce

North Carolina Keeps Public From Seeing Police Camera Videos

How to Hold & Use Chopsticks the Right Way!

Here's a list of the more memorable New Yorkers injured/killed by police since 1984

ReTHUG Rep. Mark Sanford said Friday that Donald Trump has a "callous disregard for details" t

Former Indiana Congressman, NYU President John Brademas Dies

GOP Platform statement - It's Porn, not guns - - that's the danger

“The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose,” the officer cont

Beware of Feingold's fake democrat opponent

What do you think would happen to someone caught with a joint

NFL Films: Arizona Cardinals All or Nothing

a few more recent photos....

Stanton is not an All-Star?

Rumors are occurring where they say Mike Pence will be chooen as Trumps running mate

Houses Passes Bill to Boost Airport Security, Reduce Lines

The Black American Experience in one quick chart

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Wire & Uncensored & Live & a

GOP Platform amendment calls for teaching the Bible as part of "American history"

How Feynman Diagrams Almost Saved Space

Rachel just showed the lynchpin of the trump campaign:

Pro-Fracking, Pro-Colonialism, Anti-Single Payer disapoints so the progressives fight on.

Remember and PUMA?

Clapper tells Ryan to take a hike..ok not his exact words but Kudos to Clapper

Report: SEC is investigating Tesla for possible violation of securities law

It can't happen here:

Do you worry that you will be a victim of crime?

Driver Automation to Be Scrutinized in NTSB Probe of Tesla Crash

RZA endorses Hillary: "The image of our president….it affects the worldview of us"

We Don't Need the US Pushing Regime Change Across Latin America -- We Need It to Fix the OAS

We Don't Need the US Pushing Regime Change Across Latin America -- We Need It to Fix the OAS

Kimberly-Clark: Venezuela seizes and re-opens US-owned factory

Larry Darnell Gordon is the killer of the two courthouse cops in Berrien Co., Michigan

No Rachel, MSNBC interview w/Jeb! is not journalism

It's Official -The Hill: RNC Delegates are Unbound

Bayh shocker upends battle for Senate control

Let’s Laugh At These Sad White Guys Trying To Outlaw Sexxxy Gayness In Maine

Texas Republicans Want To Have Funerals For All The Fetuses

Texas Republicans Want To Have Funerals For All The Fetuses

Socialists of DU: how do you define socialism?

Texas Republicans Want To Have Funerals For All The Fetuses

Texas Republicans Want To Have Funerals For All The Fetuses

It's only common sense

This messag-

This speaks for itself:

Cook Political: Bayh Moves Race to Toss Up

Uber driver refuses ride to blind man, service dog

Slain DNC staffer ‘wanted to make a difference’

The Berrien Co. courthouse killer was white

Latest ‘Suicide Squad’ TV Spot Has Lots Of New Footage

I worry about you too.

New ‘Suicide Squad’ Details Revealed

Those who were cops: How dangerous does a typical traffic stop feel?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 14, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight: America in the 70s

JUST IN: Director of Natl. Intelligence denies House Speaker Ryan's request to block Hillary Clinton

Pokémon Go, explained

Advice for Police:

Wow! No wonder Trump destroyed Jeb!

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 15, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month: Olivia De Havilland

Since Al Franken's name has come favorite Franken bit

Federal judge: Bundy brothers should be housed in same jail

GOP Platform Committee Wants Feds To Turn Lands Over To States

Buddha and Cats

Mike Malloy - This Fucker Is Crazy

House GOP leaders block votes to restrict Confederate flag

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 16, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Walter Matthau

A campaign ends...the struggle goes on.(UPDATED)

Mike Malloy - A Fucking Criminal On MSNBC (featuring Mike´s rage attack)

Steve King (R-IA) has Confederate flag waving on his desk

Trump's spiritual advisor is as corrupt as Trump.

Pokémon Go, explained

Christie Met With Trump Vetting Adviser Sources Say

Senator Bernie Sanders to join Hillary on the campaign trail TOMORROW!!!!!!

Time for Florida Woman to appear!

A lot of holes in GOP presidential ground game in key states

The Story of Numida meleagris

Meet "Bowie"

Poll shows Eric Greitens leading in Republican race for Missouri governor

137 children died of hunger in Colombia so far this year

137 children died of hunger in Colombia so far this year

In reality, NO lives matter.

WHUT showing '68 now,

WHUT showing '68 now,

Rudy Giuliani’s Racial Myths

GOP approves pro-Bible, anti-transgender stances in party platform

DNC employee shot and killed in Washington

Alton Sterling Witness: Cops Took My Phone, My Surveillance Video, Locked Me Up

Paraguay farmers' leader gets 35 years for massacre

Paraguay farmers' leader gets 35 years for massacre

Will Trump make the Perot mistake and try to pick a VP to get

Dallas police chief says armed civilians in Texas 'increasingly challenging'

The semantics of gun control...

Once Bernie Endorses Hillary, Bernie/Bust Types Must Cease and Desist

Anyone else having horrible problems with Google Maps in Firefox recently ?

NY nuclear plan would cost $1B over 2 years

It's like Trump is running for the condominium board

Erick Erickson of RedState: Trump is popular with losers in life

The Battle of Oaxaca

South China Sea: Philippines and Beijing await court ruling

Pregnancy multivitamins ((usually)) 'are a waste of money'

Bank of America denies existence of alleged ‘bros club’

NC WARN, Climate Times told to put up $98M bond to appeal Duke power plant permit

NC voter ID case will go to trial in state court this fall

Dinosaurs didn't roar. They hummed.

Trying children as adults a failure of justice in North Carolina

Pixies - Gigantic (VIDEO)

Daily Holidays - July 12

Possibly rabid beaver attacks paddle boarder on Beaver Lake

'Lives are going to be shortened:' Fort McMurray firefighters fear for health

Canadian Green Party sponsors resolutions targeting Israel

State Sen. blames sloppy bookkeeping for ethics allegations

S.C. state senator’s violence solution? Shut down the media

SLED looking into injury allegations involving Mark Sanford

How would South Carolina’s foreign-based industries fare under Trump?

Humpback whales feeding frenzy in San Francisco Bay caught on camera by kayakers.

Protesters rally at SC State House Sunday night

Lieberman Blocks Israeli Pro-peace Group From Visiting Ramallah

How a Broke Little Island Beat the Hedge Funds (Puerto Rico)

Advocates say new DHHS draft rules could close Maine drug treatment clinics

Portland social worker practiced for months after complaint of sexual relations with client

For quality health care, seek out hospitals with a health science librarian

Adele Donovan, longtime advocate for women struggling with alcoholism, dies at 91

Bangor councilors skeptical of methadone clinic expansion

Man who sued Uber CEO says company targeted him and his Maine lawyer

LePage administration rejects bid to treat opiate addiction with marijuana

Pay increases sought for some senior officials in R.I. government

Gun PAC dollars still flowing to R.I. lawmakers

Gov. Raimondo signs two bills to protect children

Pokémon Go Users Are Trolling Westboro Baptist Church

Decision On Aetna Purchase of Humana Could Come By Fall

Centerplan CEO Says He's Exploring Deal Tied To Atlantic City Casino

State Identifies Five Key Areas Critical To Protecting Threatened Bird Species

Blumenthal Drawing Support From Female Voters In Bid For Second Term

MSM Media Meltdown After Hillary Clinton Calls the Republicans Out for their insults

A Useful Idea from Facebook for this years election

From Science Center To Giant Mural, State Expects To Approve $189 Million For Local Projects

State Rep. Mary Fritz, Who Served 32 Years, Dies At Age 78

UConn Leaders Reassessing Raises In Discussions

State Releases $150 Million to Hospitals In Long-running Clash

Few insurers willing to join crumbling foundation fund

Working Class Hero.

There Is No Such Thing As President Obama’s War On Police Officers-It is a Republican LIE!

Mike Malloy - Republicans Go Apeshit About Clinton Investigation Results

Teddy Roosevelt quote.

Hillary Clinton’s Brilliant Education Plan Will Work And End Education Wars

Worcester woman behind $3.6M food stamp fraud gets year in jail

"Weiner" -- worth the time

Massachusetts gets extra $542M from cigarette, gas taxes

Gov. Baker widens scope of Springfield rail study; narrows time frame

China's Islamic-Themed 'Hui Culture Park' Is No Tourism Mecca

Atheist sues to remove Ten Commandments monument from Allegany County courthouse grounds

Pope Francis nails 3-point shot by naming American spokesman

Worker Smashes Racist Panel - Loses Job

Trump's denial of climate science at odds with world leaders

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive – Censorship and Fighting Back

'Frankenstein' Galaxy Surprises Astronomers

Curiosity Mars Rover Resumes Full Operations

Hatches Open and Station Crew Grows to Six

"These are the times that try men's souls..."

Drunken Schmuck with handgun arrested (no really, his name's Schmuck)

5 Years treating our cat for chronic kidney disease

Italy train crash: 'Ten killed' near Bari

At Jack's place you can call anyone the C-word and the N-word---as long as they are not a member.

Wonkette is KILLING it about Maureen Dowd

Democrats continue to extend registration lead across the board (Jon Ralston, Ralston Reports)

U Exeter Study - Drought Can Shut Down Amazon Forest Capacity To Absorb Carbon

Marco Rubio Just Flummoxed By What's Causing Massive, Toxic Algae Blooms - It's A MYSTERY!

Renewable Energy to Surpass Coal and Nuclear by 2030: 7 Key Takeaways from EIA’s...

New GOP Proposal Would Exempt TX-Sized Area From Antiquities Act Of 1906

Where are Trump's taxes?

Photographer nearly gets ran over by rightwing nut.

$1 million grant will help deserving UMass Dartmouth students pay the bills

What is Hillary's campaign doing?

Why the Black Lives Matter Founders are Among the World's Greatest Leaders

Ants in my computer

Guardian - Massive Mangrove Dieoff In Oz' Gulf Of Carpenteria Worst In The World

Need a barber? They can now make house calls in Mass.

Waiting for Trump's call by the phone.

State fire marshal says circus should be charged in tent-collapse deaths

What You Need To Know About The Public Option. (w/Guest: Wendell Potter)

To End Violence, Make People Feel Safe.

N.H. Still Missing Deadlines to Fix Mental Health Care


Dartmouth professor gets 5½ years for child porn collection

Clinton Beats Trump Among College-Educated in Bloomberg Poll

Amy Tan on Hillary

Pastafarian lodges complaint with ACLU over right to wear pasta strainer

Trump said Hillary would make a "good president"...

Vietnam Vet Gets Best Friend His Long-Overdue Purple Heart

Just 19% of young voters have a favorable opinion of Donald Trump (note how @AP skews the headline

Vermont State Police address racial disparity in traffic stops

Giuliani: I'm not only an open white supremacist, I'm terrible at math

An excellent overview of the Democratic Party Platform Committee Meeting in Orlando

John Brademas, Indiana Congressman and N.Y.U. President, Dies at 89

Vermont teenagers find their political voices

Quiros asks Vermont judge to dismiss EB-5 fraud case

Report recommends lower price increase for MVP Health Care

Everyone in Arizona has a story about how John McCain’s (R) been an asshole to them”

Two of my favorites - Calvin & Hobbs/Making fun of Trump

Rasmussen Reports has Trump ahead by 4 Points

Kaine says he doesn't expect to be Clinton's VP

Spin-off Attack Sites Typically Fail

Sandusky accuser: I told Paterno about shower assault in 1976

How the british police make do without guns:

BREAKING: China has no historic rights to South China Sea resources, and MAP

Republicans Request Perjury Investigation of Clinton

Trump Eyeing Gingrich for National Security Position

Biden on being Clinton's VP: 'That's not my preferred route'

What time is the Clinton-Sanders rally. I can't find it on the net

Has Congress ever asked the DOJ let alone the Attorney General

11:00 EDT DUer"s.... Portsmouth NH. Be there on line, in person, on tv.

Ryan's request to block Clinton from intelligence briefings is denied

Interesting read on 419 (Nigerian Prince) Scam

Thank you, Bernie Sanders, for your endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Climate Tipping Points: What Do They Mean for Society?

Thousands of Venezuelans pour into Colombia to buy food

National Review: "Could George W. Bush be the last Republican president?"

Clinton and Sanders unite for the war on Trump

Poll: Clinton leads Trump in Nevada

Loretta Lynch will be testifying shortly (10am Et). Live stream link

With Bernie endorsing Hillary today is unity day

Donald Trump Said Hillary Clinton Would ‘Make a Good President’ in 2008

11 am HRC & Sanders will each have two speakers today in NH. Gov. Hassan & Sen. Shaheen for Clinton

Job openings decreased to 5.5 million in May; hires and separations little changed

Who is Dipshit going to pick?

Gay GOP delegate pleads with party to soften stance on marriage

Live stream link for the Clinton/Sanders rally in NH Noon, ET

Youssou N'Dour - Marley (feat. Mutabaruka)

Woman who was driving while praying with her eyes closed hits house

"I do too! A hole in the ground is usually deeper & not so sensitive." Come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

I was a cop – but I still don't know how to survive a police stop

This Guy Spends $2.75 A Year On Food And Eats Like A King

Liberal group asks IRS to investigate Trump’s purchase of a Tim Tebow-signed helmet...

After 6 years and hundreds of job applications I got a job!

Austria to Dispossess Owner of House Where Hitler Was Born

For your Tues. Morning Laff - 1970's IBM video Ad

Clinton survives another Salem trial - By Richard Cohen

Rudy Giuliani’s Racial Myths

Chris Hedges: Legalized Murder and the Politics of Terror

GOP not in partying mood for Cleveland

McCain's Democratic opponent matches him in fundraising

Parents stuck on I-40 during protest call paramedics to help young son

GOP operatives dread Trump convention

Biden Dismisses Giuliani's Criticism Of Black Lives Matter

Why this Won’t Work out: Rampant Rent Inflation Collides with Stagnant Incomes

There are NO ISLANDS AT ALL in the Spratly Islands, UNCLOS tribunal rules!

Former Miss Alabama Suspended From TV Gig for Calling Dallas Sniper a ‘Martyr’

Question about "Keyloggers" ...

27-Year-Old DNC Employee Seth Rich Shot, Killed in Northwest DC

Global Investment to Plunge, Trade to Languish, on “Depressed” Demand: G-20 Trade Ministers

Race, justice, and America's founding mistake

Trump: 'A Lot Of People' Feel That Black Lives Matter Is 'Inherently Racist'

Clinton's Lead Over Trump Shrinks Again In Weekly Tracking Poll

Hard hitting North Korean documentary exposes life in America & our obsession with drinking snow

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Half masted

No Pokemon Go people, I do not care that you saw Pikachu above the urinal.....

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Live stream is on, just in case you don't know. Rowdy crowd.

Organizing street protests is fraught with problems.

Gulf stream slowdown to spare Europe from worst of climate change

Election success for Australia’s far-right fans fears of economic fallout in Asia

Bush! You Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone

There Have Been 8,124 Murders by Firearm in the U.S. vs. 29 (144 equiv.) in the U.K.

The Clinton-Sanders rally just started. I have chills !!!/LIVE STREAM

There they are, on the stage together. All is in the past and I'm ready for unity.

Why this Won’t Work out: Rampant Rent Inflation Collides with Stagnant Incomes

U.S. To Deploy 560 More Troops To Iraq? Can't hardly believe this...

And so Bernie endorses Hillary n/t

2-year-old in critical condition; apparently shot self, police say

GOP rips into Lynch, who refuses to discuss details in Clinton case

Trump, Giuliani, and racism

Low Cost Cosplay

Bernie is trying to act as if he endorses Hillary as I type.

Picture from today's Bernie & HRC meet up

Eric Holder’s Longtime Excuse for Not Prosecuting Banks Just Crashed and Burned

LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (July 12, 2016)

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 12, 2016

Hillary could pick Bernie as VP and win TODAY!!

Chris SIMCOX co-founder of Minuteman vigilantes gets 19yrs for child molestation

Eric Trump said his charity received ‘hundreds of thousands’ from his father. Now, he’s not sure.

Are we happy now?

Bobby Kennedy and the Rev Martin Luther King are raising arms in

“I have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton..

Bernie is hitting a home run

"I Intend To Do Everything I Can To Make Sure She Is The Next President."

Thank you so very much Bernie Sanders!

"Hillary Clinton will be an outstanding president and I am proud to STAND WITH HER today."

Forgive me, but I gotta say it. Told ya so....Bernie's Got This

To Bernie people of good will: Well done.

WND and Larry Klayman are off their nut again...

GOP poised to endorse Donald Trump's border wall in platform

And the first Clinton Campaign email featuring Sanders just went out

Why do some murders generate outrage, and others don't? (updated)

Anyone do a blood pressure check on Ha Goodman in the last hour?

Control Poll

I'm really liking this Hillary speech

We have a new member of our team

We have a new member of our team

Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible

Senior corporate executives and industry lobbiest wrote TPP to benefit them!

I am impressed.

Pamplona bull run tainted by reports of sexual violence

NYT: Hillary has vetted Admiral James Stavridis for VP

PERFECT event in NH today!!!!!!

Lawmakers grill Justice Department head over Clinton investigation

Stop playing with your zipper .. or Eagle tries to carry off Australian boy

FULL Bernie Sanders Speech: Endorses Clinton and RIPs Trump

Stronger Together!! Yes WE are!

Porn star Teresa May insists she’s not new British PM

Shopkeeper sues Baton Rouge police in aftermath of black man's death

James Stavridis, Retired Admiral, Is Being Vetted as Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate

New governor’s Sendai plant shutdown pledge alarms utility

Exclusive: New Black Panther Party says to carry arms in Cleveland if legal


Japan lifts evacuation orders in Fukushima affecting 10,000 people


James Stavridis, Retired Admiral, Is Being Vetted as Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate

Bernie, I hated you. HATED!

Trump University Taught Students How to Exploit Disabled Homeowners

Ex-Barclays director pleads guilty in U.S. to passing tips to plumber

Presidential debate dates and venues announced

60% of Japan’s households feeling financial hardship

Anti-Mugabe protesters to face 'full wrath' of Zimbabwe law

I just wanted to say thank you to Bernie - HERE, in the Bernie Sanders Group.

I Was A Cop In A Country With No Guns


Ipsos/Reuters Poll: Donald Trump is not firing up the base

Hey Black People! Sarah Palin Is Pretty Sure She Knows More About Martin Luther King Than You Do!

U.S. troops in Afghanistan can strike Taliban more easily: Carter

All Houses Matter from Kris Straub

Pic Of The Moment: Unity!

Is This Lunatic Gay Loving Baby Killer Donald Trump’s VEEP? No, Not Newt Gingrich

After 45 years, FBI closes investigation into unsolved 'DB Cooper' hijacking

Blocking feature changed?

Attorney General Lynch is not pulling a Comey!

Hague rejects Beijing South China Sea claims

150,000 people sign petition in hopes of freeing 'world's saddest polar bear' from Guangzhou mall

Donald Trump is serious about privatizing veterans’ care

Man to be indicted over chopstick incident

Thank you, Senator Sanders!

Controversy follows Minneapolis police union president

Taiwanese singer A-Mei donates $84,000 to typhoon-hit hometown

I missed the NH event.

Because of the ACA? St. Paul clinic helped mothers with nowhere to turn

Anti-gunners don't like free speech much, it appears...

So has JPR turned on Bernie now?

Jamie Dimon: Why We’re Giving Our Employees a Raise

Venezuela leans on military to combat food shortages

4 radicalised Bangladeshi men jailed for 2-5 years for financing terrorism

Am I alone in being just a bit concerned that Prez Obama is in Dallas?

I believe in Bernie Sanders

TRANSCRIPT of Bernie's endorsement speech

Toronto Archbishop to Bless Gay Marriages Despite Vote

I am glad today Bernie...

Thank you Bernie.

Hillary Clinton Full Speech - Sanders Endorses Clinton

Cruz will fly to Dallas with Obama on Air force one

Xenophobic Redneck wingers in SUV's who fear others

Trump Wants Ginsburg Off The Supreme Court ASAP For Criticizing Him

Today I'm thankful for our kind, humane, thoughtful Democrats. They are working so hard for us.

Gohmert: Don't Accuse Me Of Obsessing Over Clinton! Now About Those Emails...

Bernie successfully used the nomination process to advocate for progressive ideas

Fracking Foes Put Fake Feces Under Donkey Art Displays

British parliament to debate petition calling for second EU referendum

Son of a Beech?

How Do Democrats Really Feel about Racial conflict in this Country?

Israeli Military Appoints Rabbi Who Appeared to Permit Rape

Why the police in Baton Rouge look like they’re dressed for war

from another universe--do you ever think that der drumpfenfuhrer was sent here

Clinton survives another Salem trial

My sincere thank you to Hillary supporters who stayed calm while awaiting Bernie endorsing.

I don't know if this fits here; but, I have questions about "Keylogging" ...

Live Coverage from Dallas memorial

Testimony: Greg Schiano, Tom Bradley knew of Sandusky abuse at Penn State

***X-Posted from DU:GD --- (I don't know if this fits here) ...

Benghazi: Obama vs Bush (HRC GP)

Here's to Bernie and everything he accomplished.

"Forever Forward" Bernie campaign email from this morning

This may well be impossible, but...

Today's The Day............

"Forever committed, forever fighting, forever forward, Bernie Sanders"

Ridiculous Jill Stein's Ridiculous Reaction to Sanders Endorsement

Post of the day

Tiny Porcupine LOVES Treats!

Hitler house: Austria moves to stop Neo-Nazi 'cult site'

Groups File Notice of Intent to Sue USFWS and for Failure to Give Yellowstone Bison ESA Protections

What the hell does Ginsburg know about the law? . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

South Sudan ceasefire declared by Kiir and Machar holding

Bush doesn't look like he's taking care of himself

Idiot Son is still a boorish lout and a terrible example of a US President.

AG Lynch answers no questions on emails refers Congress to FBI's Comey

to Bernie ...

HRC is vetting retired Admiral James G. Stavridis for VP

"My ancestors owned your motherfucking ass. My ancestors owned your ass, bitch."

Pokémon hunters help save overdose victims

Trudeau condemns Russia’s annexation of Crimea, vows ‘Canada will always stand by Ukraine’

Language and Literacy Development in 3-5 Year Olds

Language and Literacy Development in 3-5 Year Olds

Corbyn on ballot.

heartbreaking note left outside Montessori school where #PhilandoCastile worked

Neither Bernie or Busters, JPR members, nor Green party voters are the problem

Russia Cuts Funding for HIV Treatment

Too many time. Too many damned times.

I see Cornyn is there at the ceremonies. Is Cruz?

From hospital bed, Tibetan filmmaker demands probe

GOP Platform Wants To Ban Abortions & Pornography

I'm watching the Dallas Ceremony ...

A thread for apologies.

Last Chance To Stop Taxpayer-Funded WildLife Killers

How about a "THANK YOU, BERNIE" thread

Tibet 'consensus' slammed by rights group

Now that Bernie's expected endorsement has come, focus is now on getting BASE to support Hillary

What's with this crazy Kenyan Muslim spoutin' all these bible verses?

Clinton campaign adds $27 donate option to woo Sanders supporters


GOP operatives dread Trump convention

I respectfully suggest that we just ignore JPR from now on.

Slain Democratic National Committee staffer ‘wanted to make a difference'


Senators Launch Resolution, Speech Blitz Calling Out #WebOfDenial Blocking Climate Action

TIME on Black Lives Matter: "Save the Whales" doesn't mean "Screw the Eagles"

Study shows, "No racial bias in police shootings".

Nothing better than watching a drunk George W. Bush...

Progressive group switches endorsement to Clinton

BuzzFeed: 27 Sanders Supporters Upset about His Endorsement of Hillary

Wharton alma mater gives a big third finger

GW Bush was swinging and swaying during The Battle Hymn of the Republic

This article confuses me.

Could the GOP reject Trump's choice of VP?

Chief Brown for VP?

Measuring Melt in Greenland, July 2016

Nice tweet from Hillary today

White Boy Privilege

A few family pics..

Unfortunate Facebook feed juxtaposition

sometimes I wonder what the little voices in W's head are saying

Never ask this guy to photoshop a photo for you!

I'm watching "Reefer Madness" for the first time.

In First for Sitting President, Obama Publishes a Scholarly Article

TIME: Texts of both Bernie and Hillary's speeches today.

Advice on job seeking, life or anything really.

Sanders voters already making a difference in the Clinton campaign

The Curse of Cain

Fox suspend their contract with Gingrich

Fox News just suspended Newt's contributor status.

A 'slow catastrophe' unfolds as the golden age of antibiotics comes to an end

This Bernie voter is glad that we're at this point now where I had always expected us to be...

Obama uses Dallas memorial to confront nation on race

FBI no longer investigating D.B. Cooper skyjacking case

Minneapolis cops leave security posts at Lynx game over shirts

A Historic Day - Bernie Endorses Hillary!

Do You Know The History Behind Your Favorite Progressive Policies?

Jury duty and the ADD'er...

Fcebook question...........

Is it NEWT??? Sweet Honey in the Rock, say it ain't so....!!

How Fox News fans keep Donald Trump afloat ~ Wash Po (GD 16)

MoveOn endorses Hillary

Orange Co., CA man injured by police stun gun taken off life support, dies

Damn! Obama's JAMA paper is a full rebuke of ACA naysayers!

Has Dim Don tweeted about Bernie's endorsement yet?

U.S. Capitol under lockdown.

Cop used unnecessary and unreasonable force...

Capitol Complex On Lockdown After Suspicious Activity Reported (ALLCLEAR, Lockdown Lifted)

Actual Politician: ‘The Real Movement In America Should Be Male Lives Matter’

How Fox News fans keep Donald Trump afloat ~ Wash Po (HRC GP)

1 Nation. 2 Men. 6 Wives. INFINITE Family Values

Behind the scenes: How Hillary won over Bernie

Dow, S&P Close at Record High as Brexit Fears Ease

Black lives matter 10 point manifesto

An Open Heart

Testimony in documents allege Joe Paterno knew of child abuse in 1976

Job Openings in U.S. Declined in May to Lowest Level of the Year

Hey kids--EVAN BAYH IS IN!!!!!!!!

Jeffrey Loria is a big fat liar.

Taken at the protest in NOLA. I love this.

Presidential Campaign First

Fox News Suspends Ties With Trump Vice Presidental Possibility Newt Gingrich

This is a good example of how a former *President should not behave at a Memorial Service

The Republican Party Has Clearly Given Up, And That’s Awesome

Drunken Shrub . . .

Three Problems With the NYT Report On The Harvard Study On Police Shootings (important context)

The Richest Generation in U.S. History Just Keeps Getting Richer

Longest Study of Great Lakes Region Birds Finds Populations Holding Steady

Eric Holder’s Longtime Excuse for Not Prosecuting Banks Just Crashed and Burned

Clinton's base support solid. Among Sanders fans, 79% will vote for Clinton - PEW Research 6/30/2016

A retrowire appreciation thread

Michelle forced to take a Silkwood shower after encounter with Bush!

President Obama FULL Speech at the Dallas Interfaith Memorial Service 7-12-2016

The Democrats Have Unified. The Republicans Won't.

I'm not ready to make nice...

This is the 7,673rd time Maureen Dowd has written this column! What a gig! - Norman Ornstein

Iran Nuclear Deal Faces Triple Threat in Congress on Anniversary

The Story Behind America’s First War on ‘Terror’

Fed’s Bullard Says Brexit to Have ‘Close to Zero’ U.S. Impact

The Democratic Platform fight is over.

Clinton lawyer: More questions about email server ‘futile’

What are you looking at?

Should a Christian be selfish?

With Hillary and Bernie united, Drumpf is going to be steamrolled!

Is it me, or is this Ken Doll on now even worse than Chuck Todd?

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage To Attend GOP Cleveland Convention

Do you have someone close to you who is a police officer?

So, what GOP PRESIDENTIAL candidate does THIS sound like?

Shawna Cox asks to represent herself, remove ankle monitor - #BundyTeaParty

Understanding Hillary - Why the Clinton America sees isn’t the Clinton colleagues know - Ezra Klein

Republicans try prevent turning Bears Ears into a national monument

The stakes couldn't be higher.

The great Martin O'Malley with a complete Twitter beatdown of Trump:

I got my surreal furry hermit yesterday.

New Orleans Mayor Landrieu would be happy if Louisiana put Confederate statues in park

I am so damn sick-and-tired of this woman : "Jill Stein shreds Sanders' Clinton endorsement"

World's oldest park ranger, 94, back at work after attack

New Black Panther Party says to carry arms in Cleveland if legal

SC-04 #FlipItDem You can FIRE Trey Gowdy Follow-

Donald Trump Narrows Vice Presidential Shortlist

Luckovich - If Stopped By Police

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Patriots fans take top spot in a new study

Does anyone use ClickASnap?

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - I love you

Trump Plans Public Event Friday With VP Pick (down to Newt, Pence, Christie)

Meet The 26-Year-Old Hunka hunks Running Against Dowdy Gowdy

Funding flows for UK’s ‘revolutionary’ Sabre rocket engine

Taipei to hasten frigate patrol for Taiping Island in wake of South China Sea ruling

Newt Gingrich loves America

Even THIS guy dwarfs Don the Con

" I am the law and order candidate." -Donald Trump

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Slick escape: polygamous sect leader uses olive oil to slip free of FBI tracker

Slick escape: polygamous sect leader uses olive oil to slip free of FBI tracker

Bad Religion - Mixing music with philosophy


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It's so lonely here.

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ok i have had enough .... if you could have 1 meal what would it be?

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