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Should tats celebrating an antisocial life style be cause to keep you off a police force?

AA Group: How are yall feeling?

Best. Day. Ever.

Tim Kaine in Spanish interview. Starts in English. IMPRESSIVE. This guy is SMART and READY!

A stray thought on the weapons we sell...

This High Def is great!

CNN Sources/Campaign Advisor: Trump Kids Want Gov. Pence, Candidate's 'Gut' Wants Chris Christie

Curiel Delays Ruling Over Release of Video of Trump Testimony

Politics On the Senate floor, black GOP senator talks of disrespect from police

Anyone watching the ESPYs??

chris matthews and bill maher spend the hour trashing hillary

First baby born in Texas with Zika-related birth defect, officials say

Should I buy a house with asbestos siding?

Jill Stein says Edward Snowden would be in her cabinet if she becomes president

Fox News Poll: HRC leading by 7 in Virginia

Poor Jeb is right for once: His brand of conservatism is dead — and he’s partly to blame

Priebus: Trump’s male, white VP options are diverse

The bright side of Brexit: Leaving the European Union could create a more just Britain

Luckovich - Feel The Bern

Why keep wasting space with the waste of space who is Jill Looney Toons Stein?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Uncensored & Live

Hillary's bad news polling day: Wi +7 Pa +9 Co +13

Massive march in Boston right now. Definitely a couple thousand plus for black lives matter. @

RIP: Bishop Edmond Lee Browning, 24th Presiding Bishop

That makes two interventions for Trump by his family. One to fire Corey, the other

Another poll & Walker's #s still terrible. Last time it was the "headlines"—what do you think he'll

The repugs are holding a Supreme Court vacancy hostage to the election...

One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana

Donald Trump polling stronger with evangelicals than Mitt Romney four years ago

Newsweek: Hillary's Favorables Now At 50%; Trump's Sink To 40%

I SO appreciate Rachel Maddow calling out Mike Pence.


trump calls himself "king of debt" -- by which he means he breaks promises

Ex Staffer Alleges Trump Misused Funds, Set Up Fake Company

Jared, Trump's son in law, has a father who Chris Christie put in jail for blackmail. CNN

Best Metronome (and it's FREE)

Just saw an ad by CNN promoting Donald Trump.

We'll learn on Friday

I stand with the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

I knew the Kochs were bad dudes, but they are much more pervasive than I had originally thought.

Fools of Music (compilation by Markus Reuter and friends) (and it's FREE)

TENN Rep Jeremy Durham (R-Franklin) had sexual 'interactions' with 22 women, report says

Polls show Jill Stein at 3-6% and Gary Johnson at 6-13% in many states!

Why Hillary should not pick Tim Kaine:

Trump to Announce VP Pick On Friday at 11 am est

Mike Shanahan’s Cherry Hills Village home listed for sale at $22 million

Atheist Students Urge Leaders of Both Parties to Adopt Godless Platforms at Their Conventions

Clearly we have reached "Peak Idiocracy".

How Eric Metaxas manipulates the past to serve his political agenda

Obama Ready to Sign Food-Label Bill Consumer Groups Dislike

it is gonna be Pence ...... mark it down

BREAKING: Former Bernie Sanders supporter Braddock Mayor @JohnFetterman endorses @HillaryClinton.

Why the Democrats Can Move to the Left

How Clinton Can Resurrect Her Likability

Battle for Upstate NY House Seat Expected to Be Intense

PUBLIC RELEASE: 13-JUL-2016 What free will looks like in the brain

How Israel Shoots Itself in the Foot With Left-Bashing NGO Law

Fox News Poll: Clinton tops Trump by 7 points in Virginia

In 2000, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said Gore's election would be a "personal disaster".

State education proposal would add $1.4 billion to school budget

This is going to be a brutal campaign.

Polls: Clinton Ahead Or Even In Midwest Battlegrounds

Battle in Lansing over community colleges expanding 4-year degrees

I must be out of my mind

groundhog to the rescue

One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana

Sex offender bill clears committee

Gov. Snyder asks Supreme Court to review legality of $2.5M in private school funding

I do not know how some of you feel about Mrs. Clinton being the Democratic nominee but

Should have put the handle on the other side ...

Bayh on running for Senate, Indiana residency

Dem. Gov. candidate Gregg unveils infrastructure plan that wouldn’t raise taxes

VP choices really do not make a difference, I was hoping she would pick

Trump setup fake company, misused campaign funds

Today in ‘Donald Trump’s Campaign Is a Garbage Fire’

Muncie Planned Parenthood to close

Why the Green Party matters.

Trump's Racist Appeal More Explicit Every Day

Trump Wants to Block Release of Trump University Video Testimony

Indiana University partnership audit shows ineligible costs

Trump’s Other Demographic Problem

Hawaii sues 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' business for $35,000

Trump's Immigration Plan Would Ban One-Third of the World

Trump to blacks: System rigged against me

79.9 degrees F right now at Prudhoe Bay AK! On the Arctic Ocean!

Former bank chief indicted on fraud, embezzlement charges

GOP Rep.: Obama Reaped 'What He Has Sowed' In Dallas Shooting

I was just profiled by a white guy who pretended not to profile me.

Suburban couple who scammed state aid programs avoid jail

Jobs agency pulls proposal to gag its board members

GOP's Convention Speaker List - Pssst, It's HUUUGELY Unimpressive

41 protesters arrested after 35W shutdown in Minneapolis

Philly hospital employee fired over racist social media comments

California police video shows fatal shooting of 19-year-old

Minnesota teacher tenure lawsuit faces first hurdle

Pasta alla Norma - Pasta with Eggplants

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to join Obama for town hall about race, policing

Pasta Company Lies About GMOs On Facebook, And Gets Bombarded With Reality.

About Fucking Time Wolf..

Lol@O'Malley Tweet~To all decent humans who can't stand this orange faced racist..

Dogs vs. Cats

Bakk: Leaders near deal on Minnesota special session

Ohio man who fled to Peru to avoid charges pleads guilty

Mice watch out: Larry the cat to stay at 10 Downing Street

Now Drumpt Says He Won't Release his Taxes Because:

Obamacare company shutdown leaves customers in a lurch, facing higher costs

Judge releases Malheur occupier Ken Medenbach - #BundyTeaParty

McDonald's to work closely with Oak Brook in planning move to Chicago

Poll: In Tumultuous Summer, Young Americans In A Dour Mood

Kerry To Meet Putin In Bid To Save Syria Peace Process

Support sought for kids left behind by UN troops in Haiti

Terrifying Argentine carnivorous dinosaur had tiny arms

Chicago Public Schools budgets hold firm, ask principals to ‘do more with less’

Terrifying Argentine carnivorous dinosaur had tiny arms

Republicans file request for state auditor general’s removal

High court strikes down El Salvador's civil war amnesty law

German firm plans $320 million plant, 300 jobs in Des Plaines

High court strikes down El Salvador's civil war amnesty law

Argentina: Congress, Supreme Court and People All Against Macri

We need some pithy, short answers.

Paramilitaries Continue Rampage in Colombia: the Case of El Bagre, Antioquia

Paramilitaries Continue Rampage in Colombia: the Case of El Bagre, Antioquia

Social service groups push pay lawsuit post stop-gap budget

Rauner looks to close gap in state contracts to minorities

Clinton: Lincoln's Republican Party becoming divisive party of Trump

Clinton: Lincoln's Republican Party becoming divisive party of Trump

Stereotypes: Hillary & Trump

Have you ever been banned from a forum?

Amber's of the world, we have a song!

"Equal rights" (comic)

University of Iowa laying off athletics administrator who sued

Lionfish Now Invading The Mediterranean Sea

Budget shortfall prompts Iowa DOT closures

Independents are the largest political group in America

Justice Department Obtains Record Fine, Injunctive Relief against Activist Investor ((slap on wrist)

4 lawmakers move to block U.S. flights to Cuba

4 lawmakers move to block U.S. flights to Cuba

Maybe... just maybe... US cops are simply insufficiently trained and notoriously incompetent?

Railroad investors see plunging second-quarter profit at bottom

Here's why ISIS just blew up 5 of its own oil refineries in Iraq

Miami County church pastor and homeless shelter CEO is charged with sexual molestation of a child

Daily Holidays - July 14

Emmy-winning US news producer's career in tatters after racist online rants, bombing threat

Daily Mash: UK exhausted from arguing with Brexit f**kwits

KC child care operator is accused in international fraud scheme

Jury finds Lincoln County liable, awards women $2.25 million for drug court sexual abuse

Southeast Missouri lead mine reaches proposed $850K settlement for environmental damages

Nixon signs deadly force bill, new sentencing guidelines

Air strikes kill 11, including children, in Syria’s Idlib


"Organic" is a scam, here's an example...

US speeding up Syria peace efforts in humanitarian crisis as Russia bombing kills more children

Remember when Hillary brushed-off her shoulder during the Benghazi hearings? I wonder ...

'Three centuries' to catalogue all Amazon tree species

'Three centuries' to catalogue all Amazon tree species

Trident challenge for Theresa May as support for renewal falls

Secure zones much different for RNC and DNC

Sorry conservatives, new research from Harvard shows a profound amount of racism by police…not less

Happy Bastille Day, DU!

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: The most Evil

One Megadonor Is Crippling the Pro-Life Movement—and No One Knows Who It Is

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

State opens European booster office

You Can Pack Heat at the Republican Convention But Leave Your Nunchucks at Home

North Carolina Doesn't Want You to See Footage From Its Police Body Cameras

Philadephia Airport Workers to Strike During Democratic National Convention

Astronomers discover ‘eccentric’ dwarf planet

For Clinton, Warren offers historic choice for running mate

First-ever sighting of water ‘snow line’ around young star

Bernie says: My job is to make Hillary President

For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes hatred

Copspeak: 7 Ways Journalists Use Police Jargon to Obscure the Truth

Super-massive and supersonic black hole studied with the Sardinia Radio Telescope

Speakers announced for GOP convention

Kos: Why Donald Trump's $51 million fundraising haul is a good thing for Democrats (HRC GP)

Romney's Run depends on RNC Rules Committee today

Even with new Quinnipiac polls factored in, Hillary Clinton still leads Trump in every swing state

Why doesn't the MSM investigate and report on Donald Trump's Corruption?

Sanders Statement on Opioid Legislation Wednesday, July 13, 2016

CIA director says he would resign if ordered to resume waterboarding

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders at LULAC National Convention in Washington, DC (July 13, 2016)

Speakers at Donald Trump’s Convention: Tim Tebow, Peter Thiel, but No Sarah Palin? (HRC GP)

Woman cooking brisket in (fiberglass) bathtub starts fire

Heads Up - Heat Wave Week Of 7/17 Set To Cover US From Coast To Coast W. Mid-90s And Up

Rove Whines That Clinton Was Being 'Partisan And Vicious' To Donald Trump

WaPo Editorial: Trump’s vice-presidential hopefuls reveal their desperation — and his poor judgment

Florida: Best Get Prepared For Lots Of Toxic Algae Blooms From Here On Out

Why Are Libertarians Mostly Men???

Why You Should Be Concerned About The DARK Act...

"The Extraordinary Years Have Become Normal Years" - Arctic Scientists On "Radical" Arctic Meltdown

Cleveland Spits On Republican Bigotry by Changing Transgender Bathroom Law

Spanish Study Surveys 70 Years Of Rainfall Records; Rainy Season Now Substantially Shorter

Firefighters fed gator near toddler-snatching Disney site: report

Fox News Just Made Donald Trump Look Like A Fool As Everything Goes Wrong For The GOP

Hatred Just Grows and Grows

Bernie Sanders’ Conference Call with His Delegates - July 13, 2016

Donald Trump Can’t Hide As His Deep Relationship With White Supremacists Is Confirmed

CNN: 'Trump turns search for a running mate into real-life political thriller'

#Nevertrump Evangelicals Must Face the Music

Can the Murdochs Contain the Damage From the Ailes Investigation?

Orlando Police Department unveiled vehicle #49


On the opening night of the RNC convention, it will

RNC Chair: Trump's White, Male VP Frontrunners Are Diverse!

Trump In Tatters As Catholic Voters Shift Their Support To Hillary Clinton

Trump Audio: Hillary Would "Make a Good President"

Body Count Rising: Philippines President Calls for Drug Addicts to be KILLED

If you see something, say something.

Trump Says He'll Probably Never Pivot For The General Election

Trump: Stalking horse for Koch Brothers?.. let's play . .

Obama orders troops to South Sudan as civil war continues

W. Antarctic Peninsula Adelie Penguin Colonies Down At Least 80% Since 1970

Sen. King (I) just endorsed Clinton.

Trampling Science to Boost Nuclear Power

Bill O’Reilly admits Fox viewers hate Obama for no reason: I don’t think it’s about rational thought

The US has its first non-white, non-male Librarian of Congress

I was hoping for Warren or Brown.

D.L. Hughley rips into Faux News and Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump's Non-Disclosure Agreements

The GOP Platform...... It is not good for Progressive beliefs at all

Hillary on Donald’s Cold Heart: He Makes People’s Violent Deaths About Him

Glyphosate-based herbicides reduce the activity and reproduction of earthworms and lead to...

Dog takes the stair lift:

Here are the Republicans who aren’t going to Donald Trump’s convention

Evangelicals Rally to Trump, Religious ‘Nones’ Back Clinton

Allegations fly between Greitens, Brunner in latest Missouri gov debate

Paul Ryan's Primary(WI District#1 on Aug 9) opponent (a Trump Fan) endorsed by Sarah Palin (GD 16)

Centrist Dems wary of public option push

Devastating New Hillary Ad About Donald’s Impact on Children....

So Trump is turning the GOP Convention into Celebrity Apprentice.

Antonio Sabato, Jr is speaking at the Trump Convention

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Dark Matters

Spain’s Banks are Suddenly “Too Broke To Fine”

TSA Dogs Available for Adoption in San Antonio

She didn’t earn the nickname the ‘Notorious RBG’ for nothing.’

Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the republic in American history.

I wonder if we going to hear about this all day: Rasmussen Trump +7

Massive heat dome forecast to bake much of U.S. by late next week

Misty Copeland Joins Disney’s ‘Nutcracker’ Film

Watch D.L. Hughley Call Out Megyn Kelly, Mark Fuhrman, And Fox News On Racism And Policing In Americ

Woody Allen's take on guns

Investigations, in the UK and the U.S. (cartoon)

13,000 posts

Latest Reuters poll?

Capitol Hill Buzz: GOP Sen Scott gives floor speech on race

Connecting the dots--Trump, & Sen. Ayotte and Bridgepoint Education Scandal...........

So we can't be opposed to the TPP 'cause it's Obama's thing, but ...

Cheap Trick Turned Down the RNC’s $100,000 Offer

Potty Mouth Donald Trump

La Marseillaise-Edith Piaf

a little reassurance for those concerned about the polls

Megyn Kelly D.L. Hughley FULL HEATED Interview On Race & Police 7/13/16

Character comparison, Ginsburg vs Trump. And false narrative of celebrity.

Let the Republican Freak Show Begin

Venezuela: Fucked

"BLM, LGBT. What's the difference? They're both good sandwiches." . . . Come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Smirking Luke Russert Leaving NBC News-My Good News for the Day

I'll Be seeing you - The bouncing Universe

Obama becomes first sitting president to publish an academic paper

Michele Bachmann: ‘Even My Jews Would say Merry Christmas’

"Forget new gun laws. Here’s what could really keep people from shooting each other."

Justice Ginsburg says she regrets comments on Trump

World War II Isn't Quite Over for Poland and Ukraine

NY Times/CBS Poll Hillary 40% Trump 40%

3 Articles about Pokemon Go -

David Icke accuses TV hosts of ‘abuse’ after heated interview about shape-shifting lizards

Some Trump RNC Delegates Surprised About Paying Their Own Way To Cleveland

Phoenix police link 7th homicide to 'serial street shooter'

Army of 1,000 Ducks Used as Brilliant Pesticide Alternative

The best part of the Blues Blast awards voting is

Imagine "Dem Base Says 'BLAH' To Clinton VP Pick" or "Polls Show Clinton Choice Boring" YIKES

How The Hague ruling against China could spell trouble for Japan

Losing My White Privilege Blinders

Megan Kelly, D. L. Hughley argue about Race

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tied going into conventions - CBS/NYT poll

Anyone watching "Penny Dreadful"? I just started. nt

The Navy's Sitting Ducks

I Recently Bought A Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone & There Are A Number Of Agreements One Has To Click On..

Richmond Hill duck's coif draws comparison with Donald Trump

Justice Ginsburg has to apologize to Trump but Trump disses people with immunity.

Role Models | Hillary Clinton Ad

250 Emaciated Lions Found During Trophy Hunting Farm Raid

BENGHAZI!...BENGHAZI! (may officially be over, but)..."Dead Horse to be flogged again in Cleveland."

Bear mysteriously trapped in car rescued by Colorado deputies

Trump apologizes to Justice Ginsburg, "My remarks were childish and insultory. I regret them."

The Fallacy of Second Amendment Absolutism

The E-Mail (Non) Scandal Versus Valerie Plame Scandal - Where were the Republicans?

Dallas Cowboys Head The World's 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams Of 2016

Article 12 of the Constitution says Presidents can swap out SC justices that they don't like.

Three facts that prove Clinton wasn't 'careless' with her emails

If you could pick a T.V. or movie character to be President...who would it be? A few of mine....

Electronics Smuggler Sentenced

Charles P Pierce: Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a traitor to the American idea

It's 81 degrees and I just baked a pumpkin pie.

There's someone on the GOP convention speaker's list that literally no one has ever heard of.

U.S. missile defense system is 'simply unable to protect the public,' report says

House subcommittee approves bill cutting OSHA, MSHA, NIOSH funding

Why home prices in Southern California keep climbing

California Republicans would be wise to cut Trump loose rather than be tied to a sinking ship

Does this matter?

Report: Donald Trump Cobbles Together A Cast Of Sports Dickheads For GOP Convention

The very odd list of speakers at the Republican National Convention

3rd world problems

Pic Of The Moment: Preview Of Next Week's Republican National Convention

Ladies and Gentlemen: I present to you the new british foreign minister.

Doesn't Boris Johnson ever comb his unruly hair ?

Here are some incredible tweets by speakers at the Republican National Convention

Le Tour: Crowd Causes Crash At End Of Stage 12

Moon, Mars, Saturn on July 14-16

For those who missed Peyton's letters last night (like me):

Elizabeth Warren ‏:Bruce & I got married 36 yrs ago on July 12

'Game of Thrones' earns a leading 23 Emmy Award nominations

A high-tech witch burning.

David Letterman's top 10 list of guys Mike Pence looks like.

I'm not liking the poll numbers, and I'm not the only one according to what I see on this board.

Hillary is outspending Trump 40-1...

Looks like Rump is picking Pence, per CNN inside sources.

Another youth shot by the police in Fresno, CA..

CBS reports Mike Pence Trump VP.

Here's something you won't see every day

OMG, we're done! Look who is speaking at Trumpfest next week:

Would Pence Have Been Re-Elected As Indiana's Governor?.....

Let the scuttle be true - Trump - please take our Governor out of Indiana!

'Monstrous' and 'a liar' – Germany and France lead criticism of Boris Johnson

UK gov says new Home Sec will have powers to ban end-to-end encryption

Your website of the day:

Fresno police release body camera videos in Dylan Noble shooting

New Jersey 'Bridgegate' figure expected to plead guilty to federal charge

How about we start calling Trump a "former reality game show host" instead of a . . .

Tropical forests overexploited by unsustainable logging

Zimbabwean court frees pastor arrested after organising strike

Donald Trump Reportedly Taps Mike Pence As His Vice Presidential Running Mate

U.S. FCC votes to advance next-generation 5G networks

Study finds widespread aggressive driving in U.S.

Chillax over the quadrennial freakout

Everybody remember, Mike Pence has a two syllable name...

I found this chart about Pence's positions on twitter:

Shit. It has started. The other day, a patient brought a gun in to the clinic.

Apparently Pence is the pick...according to the Indystar anyway

New Poll Gives Clinton Wide Path to Victory

U.S. says allies oppose bill allowing 9/11 lawsuits against Saudi Arabia

U.S. says allies oppose bill allowing 9/11 lawsuits against Saudi Arabia

My God....THis Bullshit email crap?

So how right wing is Pence?

Jeffress Says He Backs Trump Because It's 'Biblical' To Support A 'Strongman'

Trump can't get it up (his poll numbers, that is)

'Never Trump' Campaign Launches Last-Ditch Effort To Stop Nomination

Trumpence- sounds like a term from a Dickens novel

So Newt got picked over for someone younger with better hair?

Mickelson with a 63 in the British Open.

Ha. Mitch Daniels won't be running for the Indiana governorship!

Hundreds of racehorses die at the track each year. Their deaths may be preventable.

@HillaryClinton will be in Annandale VA with Tim Kaine on Thursday, July 14. pics

Rules committee didn't meet to unbind the delegates

Sad! Trump Says Palin Won't Attend RNC Because Alaska Is 'A Long Ways Away'

David Samson, close confidant of Christie, pleads guilty in airline shakedown

Keep the “Panama Papers in the News While the Rich enact austerity.

Well worth considering for my flagpole which is long pushed to a nub in my yard. (intro to 'toon)

Philly airport workers vote to strike during the DNC

I might have found a job. It's looking promising anyway.

The polls will swing in Trumps favor the next few days..

How does Pence selection affect Hillary's veep choice? Does it?

FBI, Homeland Security chiefs preparing for violence at political conventions

Have DUers ever heard anyone in the media ask if Don the Con

There is another GOP scenario

@repjoecrowley joins Clinton at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Both here to honor D

Video post does not render with other videos

Never forget - Newt Gingrich thinks school children (nine year olds) should work as school janitors

I'm concerned

How humiliated do you think Chris Christie feels right now?

Listening to Thom Hartman today. A caller talked about how young people are wary of cops nowadays

More than 100 tech industry leaders say Trump presidency would be 'disaster for innovation'

Mike Pence is tRumps running mate?!!??!!

With King's endorsement, every senator who caucuses with Democrats has backed Clinton.

"Show me someone who has never failed, and I'll show you someone who has never succeeded."

AP-GFK Poll: Who Americans Trust More to Handle Top Issues

Empty cells and hotels: Cleveland takes stock before the convention comes to town

AaaRRrGH! No "two-pirate ticket"?

A Giant Billboard Of Trump And Cruz Kissing Just Went Up 5 Minutes From The RNC

Electricity generated with water, salt 
and a 3 atoms thick membrane Electricity generated with wat

Wow ... This here ...

A Giant Billboard Of Trump And Cruz Kissing Just Went Up 5 Minutes From The RNC


Don't look now but Dow is above 18,500. On Jan 20, 2009 it was 7,949.

We need to be prepared for a U.S. 'terrorist attack' that will be staged by the RW

Florida mosque removed as polling site after anti-Islamic backlash


Kiss of the Spiderwoman director Babenco dies at 70

Dear U.S., get ready to experience the Mike Pence rash

An evidentiary look at the firearms issue, challenges...

The Republican convention is $6 million short of its fundraising goal — and Trump may be to blame

pence on LGBT rights

Peshawar school massacre leader 'killed in US air strike'

Clinton ad: Trump a bad role model for kids

Bernie appreciation thread

Sad! Trump Says Palin Won't Attend RNC Because Alaska Is 'A Long Ways Away

Sara Palin skipping the GOP Convention -- there goes the fun

Did green groups learn anti-GMO tactics from climate sceptics?

Mike Pence...In case you did not know?

Trump Beating Clinton In Multiple Swing States?

The Latest: Tenn. Senate Leader Says Harassment Not the Norm

For those who are around small children all day...

The Devil

Uhhh---Smoking doesn't kill--According to the chump Trump just picked for the VP spot.

WaPo: If you remind people they're going to die one day, they tend to like Trump better

Hillary is lucky to have this team!

Robert McChesney and John Nichols: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy

Mike Pence, Leading Trump VP Candidate, Has Sealed Off Records From His 12 Years In Congress

Clearly didn't break the rule

Newly minted Dem Party Platform Voice & Sanders surrogate slams Pres Clinton/endorses Stein

Know This First: Risk Perception Is Always Irrational.

Why didn't that RETHUG hack Nicole Wallace ask Christie if it's true

28 pages on alleged Saudi ties to 9/11 to be released as soon as Friday

Mall Reverses Decision to Ban Anti-Police Brutality T-Shirts

Boris Johnson: from London mayor to Foreign Secretary - still a dumbass

One of my first acts as President...

No Death Penalty for Pianist's Wife Indicted in Kids' Deaths


Do you need a better reason to vote for Hillary Clinton this year?

why the low polls in Florida (hint: D-W-S)

Women should stay in their houses!

Report: Train didn't heed stop signal in deadly Panhandle wreck

Came a callin'

24 Hours To Live

This man took his terminally ill dog an epic road trip

Corporate Dems Trying To Kill Public Option Before It Even Happens

Signing off......

New York Wind Farm Part of Larger Offshore Energy Ambitions

I alerted on this post.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Donald Trump's VP pick

Why Britain Suddenly Has A New Prime Minister, Explained For Americans

Journalism at it's finest.....

Sarah Palin Refuses to Attend GOP Convention

100,000 oil jobs could be coming back

The City of Phoenix, AZ, just took a major step ahead with this hire ...

Tim Kaine isn't starting off very well in his Trumpattack

Tim Kaine now speaking with Hillary. Hillary, listen to me now girl:

Whose lives matter?

Have to say, I'm a little surprised if it's Pence.

Poll: Rubio widens lead in U.S. Senate race

Trump's 'law-and-order' gamble

Trump rally attendees sue San Jose, Mayor Liccardo and police chief

Trump surrogate defends anti-LGBT GOP platform: It ‘isn’t hostile’ like gay nightclub massacre

Oh. I'm probably going to need radiation, too.

Mudcrutch ~ I Forgive It All

Ark park offers $1 admission to public school kids after field-trip warning

Draft GOP Platform Echoes Demands From Malheur Occupation

Trump is dumb to pick Pence as his VP

Corbyn's supporters are so dangerous they took over the Labour Party before they were even born

U.S. House votes to stop Owyhee national monument

If it's Pence, does that move push Hillary to Warren?

An Open Letter From Technology Sector Leaders On Donald Trump’s Candidacy For President

Gun store avoids talking about Confederate flag

When the Confederate Flag Took on a Different Meaning

And conservatives are mad because Justice Ginsburg...


Clinton Calms Silicon Valley’s Worries, Promises To Preserve High-Skill Visas

In the US, racial inequality starts in preschool


WH Press Secretary Josh Earnest praises Gov. Mike Pence

Thanks to Comey, most think HRC lied about not sending classfied data - what to do about that?

This election is a win-win for Trump.

Gotta question for you good people:

White Power Convention: Donald Trump’s GOP Convention To Feature Very Few Minority Speakers

Is this the "Law and "Order" Election?

Please make it Pence

Watching MSNBC present a poll about whether or not HRC did anything "wrong with emails".

Pokemon Go is evil

A loose definition of fascism doesn't do anybody any good...

Women's 2nd Amendment Pro Choice Empowerment

Why do idiot voters

Neil Young and TIDAL Create Environmentally Conscious Subway in NYC

Conversation between conservatives and Marx

I know this is off the beaten track of politics...

I still shake my head when I think of Gore picking Lieberman.

Yes Minister explains the EEC (EU)

Couple arrested for squatting accept plea deals (AZ)

When you hear that loud thump in New Jersey, it will be Chris Christie....

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 14, 2016

Many no-names and family plus his defeated rivals to attend the funeral of the party of Reagan

sneak preview -

National polls don't show gains for Trump per se. More about Clinton losing ground to Johnson/Stein/

Just imagine for a minute the absolute earth shaking excitement if Hill picks Liz.

Gypsy Jokers gang member tortured before murdered

I just made my first citizen's lobbyist appointment with a CT assembly rep!!!

Sexual harasser defends serial Sexual harasser.

The Housing Market Is Waving a Red Flag

United States Senator Explains What Driving While Black Is Really Like...

Famous Physicist Explains Being Black In America.

Racial Violence in Black and White

Dow Closes Up Triple Digits At Record, First 5-Day Win Streak Since March

Microsoft Wins Protection for E-Mails Stored Outside U.S.

Best article I have seen in the New Yorker

Waiting on my AC guy to show up. UPDATE: done now $700.

It's Pence for Trump's VP. Breaking on ABC.

Bernie is doing the work he SHOULD be doing...working to solidify his supporters behind HRC.

For the zillianth time: The popular vote for potus is irrelevant: only electoral votes matter

Not Thrilled with Kaine or Vilsak

"White Boy Privilege"

Sherrod Brown is the best bet

We can win & hold the Green vote down with a positive campaign...we don't need to be McCarthyite

'Demon Orchid' Has a 'Devil Head' and Claw-Like Petals

Pence is in the air?

How much biodiversity loss is too much?

Ducklings are much smarter than you think, study finds

Mike Pence Apparently Doesn’t Believe In Evolution

Terror attack kills scores in Nice, France, Hollande says

Suspected terrorist attack in France

Jobless Claims in U.S. Hold at Lowest Level Since Mid-April

Dispute turns deadly as indigenous Brazilians try to 'retake' ancestral land

Dispute turns deadly as indigenous Brazilians try to 'retake' ancestral land

Trump picks a "respectable" Bigot for VP

Ocean warming primary cause of glacier retreat (on the Antarctic Peninsula)

What are the chances that Trumps VP Mike Pence is a head fake?

Biodiversity falls below ‘safe levels’ globally

Draft GOP Platform Echoes Demands of #BundyTeaParty "Patriots"

NYPD: Traces Of TAPT Explosive Found In Central Park Explosion

Arkansas says death row inmates not entitled to new hearing

Tennis balls bounced from Cleveland 'event zone' -- but not guns

Driver plows through 'Black Lives Matter' protesters in southern IL

Tropical Cyclones on Track to Grow More Intense as Temperatures Rise

Ex-dentist gets house arrest for bilking Medicaid

Russia Is Building a Nuclear Space Bomber

A Stormy Day For Christie Here In NJ.....

Broadcaster claims Pokémon Go has infested churches with cyber-demons

Prosecutor who quit over post about protests returns to work

Trump’s Perspective on Climate Change Is Ridiculous, But Democrats Aren’t Much Better

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 15 July 2016

Bravo Daily News---Bravo!!!

Threat made to African-American museum in Philadelphia

Ghostbusters "Honest Trailer" Takes Stab At False Outrage

Sanders has book deal; will reflect on campaign

For those Democrats moving over to @HillaryClinton, she has never forgotten what she's fighting for

The last time Mike Pence made national news, he crashed, burned, and killed his presidential hopes

Police chief guilty of federal assault, excessive force

Doesn’t the Trump family remind you of other “dictators” & their families”

For the people of France on this sad Bastille Day.

Got a call today from the Martin County Democratic Party

Any chance of forum improvements like

Nice, France was one of the most beautiful cities I've even been to in my life...

I a white woman stopped for gas today.........

Sixty people are dead in that Nice truck terrorist attack. CNN

You Matter

"The Drug Enforcement Administration has suggested that illegal steroid use could be responsible

So Trump picks the most Homophobic politican today

Internet mocks Christie, Gingrich after Trump reportedly passes them over for VP

2016 Republican Convention: Trump “the Great” Announces Speakers and Special Entertainment

2016 Republican Convention: Trump “the Great” Announces Speakers and Special Entertainment

I've got my first date in 24 years tomorrow night...............

GOP operatives dread Trump convention

Obama, Bush Give Great Speeches at Dallas Memorial, but America Not Listening

Climate change dept killed off by Theresa May in 'plain stupid' and 'deeply worrying' move"

Cornel West, member of DNC platform committee, comes out in support of Jill Stein

I saw a man on his bike with an 1 year old in a front child's seat. Toddler had a helmit. That is

Bad News: We’re Actually Using More Fossil Fuels Than Ever

Man hits tree and crashes car while playing 'Pokemon Go'

Andre Iguodala: OKC was best team in 2016

Brian Williams reporting Tramp has canceled his Veep presser tomorrow in respect for Nice

If Trump promises to nuke ISIS, how bad does he beat Hillary?

Unable To Stop Syria’s War, US Offers Russia New Partnership

Trump announce he will not be holding his press conference at 11 am Friday.

The Presidential candidate of one of our two major political parties . . .

NYDN~ Today's Front Page..

Bon Jovi ads for DirecTV


Forget the poll numbers. Are there any figures on people registering or changing registration.......

Trump’s Apparent VP Pick Is Boring, Incoherent, and Inept.

Trumpy doing his thing on faux news now

UN report blasts both sides in Ukraine conflict

It’s not just police shootings that spark protests. It’s the denial of justice.

Martin Shkreli after learning of fraud trial: 'Can I play Pokémon Go now?'

Trump postponing VP rollout after France attack - could he rethink his VP pick?

serious question: what do the CIA and similar organizations do?