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Impasse on Republican rules committee raises prospect of convention 'floor fight'

People For Themselves

Prez on now ABC

Clinton to Latinos at LULAC: 'You Are Not Intruders'

Trump on OLielly just now

Shit happens.

Obama is on ABC now talking about race.

El Salvador abortion law change could leave women facing 50 years in jail

Trump postpones VP announcement, citing attack in France

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro extends state of emergency


Did Trump tell Pence he was his pick so that he would remove his name from the ballot?

Do 9/11, San Bernardino and Nice illustrate a problem with Islamic theology?

Plan for Federal Wolf Delisting Clears US House

Plan for Federal Wolf Delisting Clears US House

Hillary- Upcoming Event Calendar 7/14 - 12/09

BP Estimates Cost of 2010 Gulf Oil Spill at $61.6 Billion

Trump's favorite News Source... the voices in his head...

Given today's events oversea, I feel Trump will exploit this....

Energy companies spend big to fight Colorado ballot initiatives

Senators urge U.S. to close lead testing gaps, citing Reuters investigation

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Wire & Uncensored & Live & a

Tim Tebow says he's not speaking at the RNC

San Antonio PD..

Protester claims he was beaten by Baton Rouge police during Sterling demonstration (GRAPHIC WARNING)

U.S. House passes Iran sanctions, financial services measures

U.S. House passes Iran sanctions, financial services measures

Former Klan wizard Duke flirts with run for Congress

The Latest: Lawmaker: Sexual harassment reports are false

Couple accused of sending children into desert as punishment

Trump's expected VP pick: coal advocate who defied Obama's climate agenda

New Orleans surgeon Ali Sadeghi faces four additional counts of voyeurism in new indictment

Trump: The Republican platform is most pro-Israel of all time

Gov. John Bel Edwards begins making nearly $1 million cuts to office; layoffs likely

are we ready for reparations?

U.S. lawmakers introduce bill to criminalize ‘revenge porn’

Bobby Jindal named to holding company's board of directors

Woody Guthrie was born on this date.

Plan for federal wolf delisting clears US House

I have a broken front headlight

Hustler Club magazine covers must come down, New Orleans City Council rules

CNN: Trump pick shows power of family brain trust - seriously, this is a CNN headline

GOP Convention Guests Get To Potty Next To ALL The Trans Folk In Cleveland, Yippee!

Tebow blows off Trump!

His Rudeness is an Aristocrat

Luckovich - Driving While Black

New Orleans man pleads guilty to fraud after caught with hundreds of stolen cards

2 California men fall off edge of ocean bluff while playing 'Pokemon Go'

I don't post a heck of a lot...........

Terrorist in Nice Truck Attack Was City Resident of Tunisian Origin

Scientists find evidence of new Stone Age farming population

The ultimate put up or shut up gun study (hypothetical)

Trump Says He Would Ask Congress to Declare War on Terrorism

Boris Johnson, Noted Lout And Buffoon, Is England’s Next Top Model

Deputy fires '1 in a billion' shot into suspect's gun barrel

Good idea for shelter dogs:

They are talking about 80+ dead

President Hollande extends the state of emergency for 3 months following the deadly Nice attack

Fallin gets prime speaking slot for Trump's convention; Hamm also will be featured

Gun and truck terror attack leaves at least 77 dead in Nice

Peru's New President Will Lower Environmental Standards

Tommy Chong & Joe Rogan on Legalizing Marijuana and The War on Drugs (features Rick Shapiro)

"2 'Pokemon Go' players plunge off cliff"

Three members of same Honduran environmental group have been murdered over the past 4 months

How soon will Trump blame President Obama or Sec Clinton for the attack on Nice France?

Three Greek-Flagged Ships Corner Chunk of Cuban Cruise Market

'Suicide Squad' Tracking for Enormous $125M U.S. Debut

Congress Recesses, Leaving More Stalemates Than Accomplishments


Marvel's new Iron Man will be a 15-year-old black girl

Ex-Kit Digital CEO extradited from Colombia to face U.S. fraud case

Newt: American Muslims should be killed with drones if they look at Isis websites, deported

Ex-Kit Digital CEO extradited from Colombia to face U.S. fraud case

California ISO solar production soars to new record - 8,030 megawatts

Former Tulsa oral surgeon accused of exposing patients to HIV, hepatitis won't serve prison time

League of Women Voters going all in on solar power in Florida this year

Warren brings VERY little to the table.Big mistake to pick someone unready and who brings so little.

NBCUniversal Executive Is Denied Entry Into Russia

Empathy, Trump-style

"We all float down here."

Why we can't sit idle while terrorists kill 100's a month. (Graphic)

Fire damage to Grand River Dam Authority plant could hit $200 million

United to pay $2.25M fine, won't be charged in flight case

Amnesty International to Send Human Rights Observers to Both Conventions

And now get ready for copy cats

Bwahahaha. Attention whore and uber Christian Tim Tebow bails on Trump

Watch What Pence Does Tomorrow

Low pay hurts teacher recruiting, retention in New Mexico

Harry Dean Stanton Is 90 years old today!

Maine's Independent Senator Angus King Supporting Hillary Clinton for President

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 17 - Conventional Wisdom

Planned Parenthood, ACLU sue over new Arizona abortion law

In the past when other people needed help I was there to help....

TCM Schedule for Monday July 18 - Guest Programmer: Louis Gossett Jr.

Mike Pence's team deleting this in 3...2...1

Bernie has endorsed HRC now and he and his supporters are STILL being attacked here.

New Mexico suffers setback in Texas water case

Stephen Colbert is going to do LIVE shows during RNC convention week

Baked Alaska: Heat records shattered across state

Newt is doing his best Trump act!

Teaching program promotes technology literacy

For the people of France and the world too ... I'll stand by you Shakira


Signed into Pokémon Go via Google? Why you may want to stop playing immediately

What are the odds this guy is a Trump supporter?

$175K settlement reached in suit against Doña Ana county treasurer

I wish we had alerter comments and/or the ability to look "downstream" from the alerted post

Oregon legislators propose national vote-by-mail bill

BREAKING NBC polls tonight: Hill +8 in CO, +7 in FL, +6 in NC, +9 in VA

The soundtrack to a nightmare.

NMSU announceds details on budget, job cuts


If Hillary picks Warren as VP, she gets the Bernie voters that may have gone

Single Payer Amendment Voted Down in 2016 Democratic Platform

Federal prosecutors want to force sale of Leawood payday loan mogul Scott Tucker’s Learjet

DC Fire and EMS considering Uber for low-priority patients

$30 million Kansas lawsuit is linked to former Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon’s indictment

Comedian Celeste Barber Spoofs Celebrity Instagram Photos

Brownback opposes mandatory mentoring for welfare recipients

Kris Kobach helps add border wall, same-sex marriage, gun planks to GOP platform

Oregon legislators propose national vote-by-mail bill

Venezuela in Crisis: Too Much US intervention, Too Little Socialism

Venezuela in Crisis: Too Much US intervention, Too Little Socialism

Just heard live on local news that Tim Tebow will not speak at convention

"Fuck every cause that ends in murder and children crying"

Newt Gingrich: We Should ‘Test Every Person Here Who Is of a Muslim Background’

Warning! Plug your ears!

Race War Fraud

Meet Dana White, UFC President and GOP convention speaker.

Toppling Lumumba: Canada’s Dark Role in the Congo

God is an American..

U.S. Military Likely To Seek Additional Troops In Iraq: U.S. Army General

There are some tweets with short videos of Pres. Obama's Town Hall. I missed

Court: Sac, Fox Tribe can foreclose on National Cattle Congress properties

1. He says he's "a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order." Pence......

Over 200 employees expected to leave Northern Mariana Islands casino

Love Is the Answer - England Dan and John Ford Coley

Daily Holidays - July 15

Hillary Clinton statement on attack in Nice, France....-& on Fox news with Bill O'Lielly....

Guam Governor Calvo 'Incensed' With Feds for Visa Denials

Defendant in Bundy armed takeovers to plead guilty in Oregon - #BundyTeaParty

Emry, facing gun charges, traveled to Oregon in van loaned by Bundy, prosecutors say

And another exhibit how gun-nuts need guns only for menacing other people

Nebraska ended last fiscal year with $95M less revenue than expected; Ricketts orders agencies to

La France est dans une douleur intense aujourd'hui. Nous pleurons nos innocents.

Buffett gives nearly $3 billion in stock to five foundations

Clinton mentions Pokemon Go on the trail: "I'm trying to figure out how we get them to have Pokemon

Daugaard gets another chance to tout Medicaid

Apparently no one told American politicians that America is at war

Proposed $40M western theme park could energize Deadwood and Black Hills economy

Consumer Reports- Tesla's Autopilot: Too Much Autonomy Too Soon

Debt recovery center to start collecting for state courts

Tim Kaine Auditions as Hillary Clinton's VP, Slams Donald Trump

Gravity Payments team gets CEO Dan Price a gift: a Tesla

Is it me or does Trump/Pence sound like a unit of "olde" English money?

State hearings to be held on changes to child support

As 'virtual work' grows, social programs may need a revamp, report argues

Did you guys see this? Jeff Weaver working for Hillary.

Mike Malloy - Anticipointment

Eliot Glassheim kicks off U.S. Senate campaign with a call to act

What is the number?

NBC/WSJ/Marist polls: Clinton Leads Trump in Diverse Battleground States in New Polls -

Bill could help retain, recruit federal employees to North Dakota, Canadian border

I am getting worried for my Muslim friends.

N.D. agency estimates medical pot measure would cost $8.7M; supporter calls that ‘fearmongering’

Mike Pence for VP may mean President Pence for the GOP.

Diversion Authority seeks industry coalition to build 36-mile channel around Fargo-Moorhead

Mike Pence reminds me of the abusive stepdad from the movie "Boyhood."

Just listening to MSNBC discussing the cancellation and reasons for it on the

Dalrymple calls special session of Legislature to tackle widening shortfall

Russian Billionaires in U.S. Health Push With D.C. Insiders

If the GOP did somehow "Dump Drumpf" in Cleveland, what would his options be?

US wants more cooperation from Russia against Islamic State in Syria

Airstrikes kill at least 12 in rebel-held Aleppo

Williston city employee housing supplement to be cut

Bernie Sanders to write Book out in November: "Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In"

Like his boss, new UK FM Boris Johnson is an Israel backer

The level of disgust with the way the media has rebranded Donald Trump to the

Eugene Robinson: "But he was wrong about one thing: On race, sadly, we are as divided as we seem."

"The Problem"

Celia expected to bring muggy conditions, rain and surf to Big Island

Governor signs bill increasing household, dependent care services income tax credit

Mike Pence: Donald Trump On Decaf

Dubya’s Sway and Smiles to the Battle Hymn is My Favorite Thing About Today

Westminster University achieves national first by hiring first-ever paid secular adviser for staff

Governor’s vetoed bills include Airbnb tax-collection, hospital employee pay bills

Hillary Clinton hopes to catch young voters at Pokémon Go campaign event

The battle of the blands! . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly & Donald Trump!!!

We need a response to terrorism that addresses the problem without demonizing an entire religion.

Oahu hepatitis A outbreak reaches 52 cases

GOP Attacks On Climate Scientists MUST Stop... (W/Guest: Farron Cousins)

Next Week's Lower 48 Heatwave Could Peak At 111F In Central Plains

Criminalizing Password Sharing Is A Step Towards Fascism.

Is wedding photography art? A wrinkle in religious liberty debate.

Watch as cops ruin the life of the wrong man

Nice attack killer: Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel identified as terrorist behind Bastille Day massacre

If a foreign force came in and killed your entire family, would it radicalize you?

Scripps Study - Poleward Shift In Clouds Means Nothing Stands Between Us And 4-5 Degrees Of Warming

Alaska lawmakers plot escape from 'gerbil cage,' as Gov. Walker expects to wait until November for

Imprisoned war resister rooted in Catholic faith

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Cheeto Jesus

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Violence here and abroad

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

June 2016 Atmospheric CO2 Content 406.81; June 2015 402.80; June 2014 401.20

Benghazi, Bill Clinton’s scandals: Republicans poised to break out their greatest hits at convention

Poll: Clinton leads in four swing states

Track Palin In Custody On Domestic Violence Charges, This Could Explain Sarah Missing GOP Convention

Hillary needs to deal with the trust issue

newt gingrich...go the fuck away.

Bernie Sanders will launch organizations to spread progressive message

This picture haunts me.

Mike Pence, Cigarette Truther

Kaine v Vilsack v Perez

Poll: Clinton leads in four swing states

Team Clinton has outspent Team Trump in nine battleground states by a 40-1 ratio...

Hello! Just a thank you.

Interesting Twitter rant about "We Are The Left," Marx, and Identity Politics:

Nikki Kelly's Twitter Account: Just a few folks waiting at the election division.

Free house too pricey for Alaska Legislature, which turns down offer of Juneau building

Enjoy the challenge - Escape (beginners version)

Debunking 3 Main Attacks On Hillary

the original Angry Birds

Do you play Pokemongo? Do you have extra lures? Then bring them to your nearest Children's Hospital.

Deadhorse (North Slope AK) Hits 85F Wednesday 7/13 - Highest Temp Ever Recorded For Region

Legislator files ethics complaint against governor

Snyder Picks Perfect Head For State Environment Agency - Former 20-Year BP Executive

Hillary Clinton: U.S. is at "war" against "radical jihadist" groups


Daily Mail has an article on the Nice attack with a lot pictures, heartbreaking.

Ha Ha!! --> Third Wisconsin #GOP National Convention Delegate Won't Attend

Bill That Lets Bosses Fire Single Women For Getting Pregnant Gains Steam

Joe Miller really wants to fire Gov. Walker, and here's his plan to do it

The main reason I'm seeing the new Ghostbusters - Leslie Jones

Whatever happened to the Chilcot Debate?

Henry Rollins: White America Couldn't Handle What Black America Deals With Every Day

I love it when Republicans eat their own

George Bush Had a Great Time Dancing at Dallas Police Memorial

Someone just gave the anti-trans crowd a ton of ammo...

Tense pairings: 1) MAHER / COLBERT. 2) Rachel / Nicole WALLACE.

The Republican Convention Is Falling Apart.

LOL: Newt Slips

Sen. Scott (R) Personal Experiences with Law Enforcement Officers as Black Man

"Mike Pence is poised to take his place alongside Spiro Agnew, Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin on the

First prize for Republicans is a week in Cleveland.

The hyperlink button is broken

Remarkable that a top aide would actually admit this—an emotional reaction drove Trump's cancelation

Bernie Sanders' Campaign Shifts After Endorsement | Jeff Weaver | Rachel Maddow |

Bernie Sanders' Endorsement Was 'Wholehearted' | Jeff Weaver

my ad suggestion for republicans:

Bernie Sanders: Electing Donald Trump Would Be A ‘Disaster’ | TODAY

BTRTN Electoral College Snapshot: Is It the Same Old Song...

We need to draw a straight line between domestic violence and terrorism

ISIS is truly horrific. But I still fear President Trump much, much more.

The Biggest Problem Hillary Has for Her VP Pick: None Hold a Candle to Her

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert reunite for coverage of Republican National Convention

5 faith facts on Mike Pence: A ‘born-again, evangelical Catholic’

Roger Ailes tapped to introduce Bill Clinton sex video at Republican Convention!

Trump Postponed VP Announcement After Nice Attack, But Not a Giant Glitzy L.A. Fundraiser

What happened after the US ran from Vietnam? n/t

Chardonnay Go- A "Pokemon Go" game for moms

Tell the media you are SICK OF "The Donald Trump Show"

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 15, 2016

Each dot = one life

Homeless teen bikes 6 hours to get to college, sleeps in tent...

Truck terrorist "not a Muslim" .. beat his wife, drank alcohol, ate pork, took drugs..


Yes, dum as shit - but funny- Pokemon Go shots

Time is running out for Pence.

As Clinton stumbles, Trump takes an apparent slim lead in new tracking poll

Linda Ronstadt

Cowboy Copas was born on this date.

Both sides do it claims the media.

NYT - For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance

Doesn't Jihadist translate into Holy Warrior?

Never mind

GOLD STANDARD UNIVISION POLL- Among Hispanics, Clinton 67 Trump 19

Per NBC News: Trump just tweeted that it is Pence. Presser tomorrow at 11 am

Trump tweets his VP pick - Pence

People are worried about the Greens and ex-Bernie supporters. Why?

per NPR @ 11am Trump tweeted that he chose Pence

Trump announces by twitter that he chooses Pence

Per Donald Trump. Pence is the V-P pick.

Russia sends S-400 surface-to-air missile system to the occupied Crimea

Hillary campaign straight out of the starting blocks: new vid about Pence

How about some mind-staggering cosmic stuff

An amazing point is being largely ignored in GD. Check out this post:

Russia Releases One Bolotnaya Prisoner

NBC breathlessly interruped air for earthshaking DRUMPF announcement

University of Wyoming president raises possibility of more staff cuts

Cases of Dengue Drop 91 Percent Due to Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

So if you were plotting a jihadist terrorist attack,

He said it was consensual. She said she blacked out. U-Va. had to decide: Was it assault?

Is Kerry's visit with Putin sanctioned by the White House? Mystery?

Has anyone here tried to get involved with Wikimedia Commons?

Donald Trump’s ‘showbiz’ convention might not happen, but at least Stephen Baldwin will be there

LOL, Trumpy choosing Pence as VP is part of the Friday news dump.

Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 New Monthly Charge

What's RIGHT with Texas?

What it's like to be black in Naperville, America

The Comey effect - he did did the dirt for team R

New ‘Ghostbusters’ haunted by casting errors

15 detasselers hospitalized after being exposed to herbicide

Charlie Sheen and the Danger of False Cures

U.S. Retail Sales Jump as Consumers Grow More Confident

Furious Chris Christie refuses to Pick Up Trump's Dry Cleaning as told by Andy Borowitz

History credits this man with discovering Ebola on his own. History is wrong

Is W. Drunk or is life just one big party?

The Onion Reviews 'Ghostbusters'

I am going to rewatch Cabaret before the RNC damages Cleveland

Remember when Hillary slapped Mike Pence down while defending President Obama????

State employees fired after giving personal info to Montana lawmakers

Pence should fit in with Trump?

MLB 2016 Trade Deadline gathers steam early

How religion can drive someone to slaughter his fellow citizens – and believe they deserve it

Feeling a bit contemplative today...Question. Of all your material possessions...

GOP Platform Proposes To Get Rid Of National Parks And National Forests

Please tell me this isn't the Trump/Pence logo. Trump's fuckin Pence

The non-religious are now the country’s largest religious voting bloc

WW2 silk escape map dress sold in Harrogate

Tump Pence = T P

I'm taking my daughter to France next week for her college graduation present

Cash-Strapped Trump Campaign Auctions Chris Christie on EBAY

Love this video... The Band..and The Staple singers performing "The Weight"

Well! At least Chris Christie will have a good job after.....

Freeper Spellcheck: "those darn MUSEUMS won't stop killing!"

Here’s what Obama 'loves' about Trump’s VP pick, Mike Pence

Armstrong Williams named in sexual harassment suit

Things that make me proud as an AA Democrat.

Posted to the **AA Group**

Partying problems close public access on Missouri River

#WhoisNeil - Twitter bots, trolls, censorship & tech's role - 2016 election.

I posted the nude picture of Trump on another thread. This image is also slightly graphic

Here is a perfect example why the media intentionally misleads. Bloomberg, one of the "better"

The Devil You Say!!! Satan to be Keynote Speaker at Trump's Convention

Favorite sight/audio gags from the movie "Airplane!" ??

Affordable Care Act - Working and Successful

Mike Pence - the new Dan Quayle.

Oil company to plead guilty to criminal charges over Montana spill

Newt Gingrich wants to ‘test’ every Muslim in the U.S.

The Devil You Say!!! Satan to be Keynote Speaker at Trump's Convention

Cases of Dengue Drop 91 Percent Due to Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Photoshopped image of Canadian Sikh again online wrongly accusing him as attacker

Excerpt from Trump Fascism: A Very Possible Future

The more I think about it. . .

June state tax revenues come in $20.1M over projections, state ends year with surplus that goes to r

Death of University of Idaho dean ruled accidental drowning

Trump VP Choice Trifecta: Tobacco Shill, Climate Denier, Bigot

NBC is reporting that the 28 pages on the 9-11 report...

Blackwell Island property won’t be sold, Coeur d’Alene mayor says

The new Trump/Pence campaign logo proves

Pic OF The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week: Friday Roundup

Cory Batey sentenced to 15 years in Vanderbilt rape case

Trump - Pence logo poll

Posted in the African American Group - Philly Airport Workers Vote To Strike

At last Chris Christie is dead to politics. At long last.

Mike Pence hosted political radio show for years

The Black Lives Matter Movement Is Heading To The Rio Olympics

Beyond Black and White in America

Jury awards Twin Falls couple $3.85 million in St. Luke's lawsuit

Tom Brady will not appeal

Trump unveils new 'TP' Pence campaign logo

Joe Werner, 1st district running against Andy Harris

"TP" Wipe America Clean Again

A year after ice cream recall, Blue Bell releases first new flavor

I guess Cenk is a "Russophobe" too... (TYT) Russian Trolls are Hilarious & Everywhere

Did An Entire Region Of The U.S. Just Disincentivize Renewables? This Lawsuit Says Yes.

How many days will Pence last???IMO, he will be dumped a few

TP - Making America Great Again, One Ass at a Time.

I got bored and re-watched the pilot for Agents Of SHIELD.

Dallas authorities prep for rumored ‘Day of Rage’ protest downtown

Why isn't Palin going to the convention?

The Walking Dead - who died? (spoiler alert)

Pence Rhymes with Fence. That Makes Sense.

Nice Attack: Motorcyclist loses life in attempt to stop truck

DNC Convention Headliners Include Sanders, Obama, Bill Clinton

Meet the 20-Year-Old Friends With Down Syndrome Who Made a Zombie Movie

US and Russia present united front over Syria after attack in Nice

Trump Debate Prep

The T inserted into the P...

Trump Jumps To Conclusions Minutes After Nice Attack, Says He Would Declare A World War As President

Is it seriously not going to be Warren?

DNC Speakers Announced

How long will the Trump TP logo last?

There is a straight line between domestic violence and terrorism.

Kentucky Judge Refuses to Conduct Secular Wedding Ceremony for Couple

Why these radicals drink, watch porn etc. Some background

A Fox to guard the henhouse? SF cop who shot Luis Gongora now part of police reform unit

NANCY PELOSI: Trump/Pence = Republican Ticket Of Bigotry

Here’s What Mike Pence Said on LGBT Issues Over the Years

Dana Bash Reports: Trump Tried To Bail on The Pence Pick at Midnight Last Night

TP Campaign Logo

Trumppence! Have they thought this through?

Why do nearly half of Americans vote Republican?

Hillary calls into Bill O'Reilly

I just hung a sheer curtain

I think lunatics are playing with the MSM's terrorist airtime extravaganza

Two Men Fall Down Cliff While Playing 'Pokemon Go'

So, regarding the new Trump Pence logo......

Mike Pence Praised Hillary Clinton During The Libya Intervention

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahha Don the Con spent the night trying to get out of the

CNN just flashed....

Mike Pence’s Loose Grip On Reality Is Almost As Bad As Trump’s

Congress Releases Secret 9/11 Document Detailing Possible Saudi Ties to Al Qaeda.

So the UFC is just as trashy as the WWE!

Majority of Millenials see Trump as racist (because he is)

Asbestos in roof tiles at new $1.2 Billion Perth Children's Hospital

Over/under on Pence remaining at the bottom of the ticket through November.

Recent William & Mary, Monacan High School graduate killed in Idaho while cycling across country

Donald Trump, Grating on America Again...

I've got about an hour to come up with a reliable, easy to understand source or explanation

73% of Hispanics think Donald Trump is racist

Missed this from O'Malley: 'To all decent humans who can't stand this orange faced racist'

John Dingell Retweeted Jim Acosta What is the T doing to that P?

So, repukes, all homeless are do nothing free loaders?

Super Secret Scheme to Slip in Romney: Cause Delegates aren't bound

Oklahoma Spending All Its Natty Ice Money Investigating ‘Threat Of Islam.’ Yes, In Oklahoma

Trumpence - A new noun in the English language,

Here is the link to the 28 pages-

Thousands protest Macri's 1000% utility rate hikes across Argentina.

Thousands protest Macri's 1000% utility rate hikes across Argentina.

What kills more innocent people

Apparently The Puritans Wrote The GOP Platform For 2016

Trump Polls At Zero Among Black Swing-State Voters

Ivanka Trump’s Rabbi Pulls Out of Appearing at Republican Convention

How to be polite.

Samantha Bee wins the internet with her animated version of the Trumpence logo

Amateur CSI time ...

Lmao! Protesters to FAUX News - GTF out of here!

Furious Christie Refuses to Pick Up Trump’s Dry Cleaning

I still have a few hoops I have to jump through, but I have a conditional job offer.

So if the filing date to run for governor in Indiana is 5PM today

#TrumpPence signed a law this year that mandated funerals for fetuses

CNN just announced

Trump Almost Dumped Pence

Hillary still by double digits in new Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll

And then

Possible military coup underway in Turkey

Elizabeth Warren Is Conspicuously Missing From DNC Speaker List

Democratic Convention - Outstanding, distinguished speakers lined up.

Warren-Clinton meeting today

Trump got an "out" with Pence.

Who is planning to watch the RepubliCon next week?

I need TP!

Trump's first event with Pence will be in Bedminster, NJ tomorrow. NEW JERSEY. Will the humiliation

Song for a Friday afternoon

Turkey army group announces takeover on TV (Turkish military coup)


OMG: Trump got cold feet about Pence and tried to dump him per NBC & CNN

No European travel for me in the near future.

Your Summer Cooking Tool Kit

Serious question --did Cruz and the Dump Trump posse

Those two ain't worth a trumpence

Oregon Man Accused of Threatening Black Man, Using Racial Slurs

Wealth creators

A bit of dark French humor in the midst of the mourning...we are notoriously irreverent.

Babs Bush on Trump: "I don't know how women can vote for him"

Oven-Roasted Chicken Shawarma

OMG! The new dumdum/pence logo is getting some serious laughs on Twitter

With Obama, the Personal Is Presidential

Meet Mike Pence - The Tobacco Lobby's Favorite Governor!

Busting The Mike Pence Myths...

Theresa May has vowed to unite Britain – my guess is against the poor

Reports: Trump Considered Reneging On Pence Veep Offer

The Cause of the Tightening Polls

It Don't Matter if You're Black or White #GELTOWN

Reuters is reporting that the Turkish Military claims it has taken control.

Obama Slams Gingrich's 'Repugnant' Proposal To 'Test' US Muslims

Hillary meets with Sen. Warren again.

Gingrich Now Acknowledges It'd Be 'Impossible' To Deport US Muslims

asshole TX Lt Gov disrespect of our Prez

TP Slogans, add yours

What Mass Killers Really Have in Common

Walker's WEDC Proposes Gag Order On Board Members - Thursday

Rep. Keith Ellison on race relations: Thank goodness for the governor's candor

So the French and Americans greenlit this Turkish coup, right?

Uh...Trump/Cruz kissing billboard 5 minutes from RNC in Cleveland

#ToiletPaper2016--for REAL poster....

Craving yet another "lost" recipe.

WaPo Editorial: Mike Pence’s hypocritical decision to run on Trump’s ticket

DNC speakers announced

World events trounce tRumps big day

Mike Pence: Beloved by Big Tobacco

Hillary's new ad shows Trump through the eyes of children

Boy! The world is becoming a bit scary!

How will Trump exit this race

Video Link: Bernie's USA TODAY Interview

RT: Turkish Military Declares Takeover Of Country, Top Officials Reportedly Taken Hostage

CNN: Warren, Hickenlooper visit Clinton's house during VP meetings

Facebook, Twitter And YouTube Blacked Out In Turkey Amid Fears Of Attempted Coup

Announcer says Turkey is now run by 'peace council' - secular supposedly

Did Trump Just Make a Huge Mistake?

Coup underway in Turkey. Martial law imposed

Theresa May

Mike Pence - Ted Cruz wearing human-looking skin?

Remember "The Drive"? Now we have "The Deal".

I don't know if anybody else sees this, but (re: Trump logo)

On Capitol Hill dysfunction reins, GOP leaders fall short

Our across-the-street neighbors are on an extended visit to Turkey

GOP Platform Proposes To Get Rid Of National Parks And National Forests

NBA Stars LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade Address Gun Violence, Racial Tur

Mike Malloy - Republican Platform Focuses On Penises And Vaginas - Part 1

Erdogan Seeks Asylum in Germany: Report

2 CTA Bus Riders Get Into Amazing And Impromptu Sing-Off

I'm pretty sure an Indiana baker would have been legally able to refuse ...

Mike Malloy - Republican Platform Focuses On Penises And Vaginas - Part 2

CIA declassified papers focus of art exhibit in Argentina

CIA declassified papers focus of art exhibit in Argentina

Electric cars, not so green after all

27 Answers to 27 Ignorant Questions Some White Guys Had for Thinking People

Erdogan Seeks Asylum in Germany: Report

‘An ugly mess’

Parents of fugitive Arlington murder suspect charged with helping him flee to Mexico

Meet Germany's most famous refugee:

That didn't take long....

TrumpPence has made its way to Urban Dictionary.

Your Mother and My Mother, by Hafiz

Do you think Trump made Pence sign a non-disclosure agreement?

You Can't Make This Stuff Up...Week 2

Role Models | Hillary Clinton

Terrorists are full of shit.

Mike Malloy - Republican Platform Focuses On Penises And Vaginas - Part 3

Nice attack brings a difficult question into sharp focus: why France?

Counting on a Pence debate is long odds, I'm not sure he will be

Perfect opportunity for Hillary to choose Admiral James Stavridis as her VP.

Florida jury holds ex-officer liable for slaying Victor Jara in Chile

Florida jury holds ex-officer liable for slaying Victor Jara in Chile

Keep up.

Free dial up link for people in Turkey who have no social media

GOP platform draft declares pornography 'public health crisis'

US election: Anti-Trump rebellion quashed in vote

He’s back: Jon Stewart will reunite with Stephen Colbert to cover the RNC

Strange question, maybe, but have you ever felt like your college degree was a liability?

Erdogan Asks Turkish People To Thwart Coup Attempt

Hillary Clinton, Don’t Screw This Up

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One thing I will say about the GOP. It is awfully nice of them, what with the terror in the world,

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Brian Williams just shocked me.

I just want you all to see who is saying Pence is a GOOD pick

$ + ¢ = 0

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EDITORIAL: What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege

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Lousy day. A kvetch.

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Happy Birthday Roky Erickson.

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May I say that, once again, Chris Matthews shows himself to be an ass

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