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Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black

More Dismal Poll Numbers for Hillary Clinton

Baby Huey - Hard Times

Is Potential Clinton VP Tom Vilsack the Best-Kept Secret in Politics?

What do you think? Is the media helping Trump or is the media propping him up to keep . . . .

Galt MacDermot & Angela Ortega - The World of Today

Bad timing by Franken

Curtis Mayfield - Hard Times

Reuters poll.

War - Slippin' Into Darkness

Get To Know the Democratic VP Candidates

'The coup is a gift from God': 3,000 secular judges arrested

Average White Band - A Love Of Your Own

Chu's day. 「HOT GIRL」‐Music Video

Police officers pay for motel room, help raise $150G for homeless teen who biked 6 hours to college

Change - Glow Of Love

Netanyahu Expected to Be Questioned as a Criminal Suspect

The Isley Brothers - Who Loves You Better

Nice Attacker Spent Years in Therapy, Was No Islamist...uninterested in religion.

Marvin Gaye - You Sure Love To Ball

Isaac Hayes - The Look Of Love

First farmers had diverse origins, DNA shows

A math teacher's primer to the polls

Donald Trump Forces G.O.P. to Choose Between Insularity and Outreach

Meeting some real characters at SF Anime Festival

Wherever - Omar Lye Fook


Is Mike Pence Honestly Stupid, Stupidly Honest or Just Stupid? No he’s Deadly Stupid:

Stevie Wonder & Omar - Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing

Antidoping Officials Are Expected to Ask That Russia Be Barred From Rio Olympics.

New Invention; Glasses that allow Republicans to see the normal color world of Liberals.

Trained To Kill: The Policing Tactics The Public Isn’t Supposed To Know About

Donald Trump's Announcement of Mike Pence in 18 Tweets

More proof of Breaking the Silence's lies

Would a Clinton/Sanders ticket be a winning Ticket??

Police and academics search Nice attacker’s history for a motive

I really miss the thread that never died.

Most liberal and conservative cities in each state

Will Pence hurt or help Trump?

Need advice/recc or something. Pls help if you can.

HA Goodman: Jill Stein is now the most powerful woman in American politics

Senior rabbi condemns IDF for accommodating LGBT 'perverts'

From my small town's police blotter

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 19: TCM Presents Shane (Plus a Hundred More Great Westerns)

Former Panama Dictator Noriega to Have Surgery on Brain Tumor

Clinton to announce plan to overturn Citizens United

Transgender Pop Band Shakes Up India's Prejudices

States Trump lost have bad seats at Republican convention

Tonight's moon:

Terrorism and sexual assault cast shadow over Japanese travelers

hahaha Faux News just had an annoucement about RNC Convention

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 20: TCM Presents Shane (Plus a Hundred More Great Westerns)

SF’s new wave of drag queens rebel against glam

Why ain't it treason: BANDER-Bush/ Shrub-BANDER?!1

WV Republican calls for Clinton to be executed

Anti-Trump delegates consider several attempts to upend convention

Announcing Mike Pence, Trump talks mostly about himself

Trump-Pence the Most Anti-Catholic Republican Ticket in Modern History

More than 20 protesters arrested after blocking Baltimore expressway

GOP infomercial hopes to sell a likeable Trump

First of all, we will set the rules...

I just signed up, downloaded, and started playing Pokemon Go..

The Case of the Missing Gloves.

Who here has the stomach for watching the rnc, or any part thereof?

Why I Don't Talk About Race With White People

Pulse nightmare

Family grieving son's loss hit with large tax bill

When Kyoto is overrun with tourists, head for the hills

Brand New song from Chu's Day.. HOT GIRL

Annapolis man who was a recurring Fox News guest sentenced to 33 months in prison

Major hurricane drought

Governor signs legislation that supports Delaware entrepreneurs

Prosecutors: Woman brought to US as nanny treated like slave

Who will do the work if Trump is POTUS??

Newly elected SDEC SD 17 Committewoman Sue Clark passed away

Judge orders evidence in Bunkerville case withheld

Animal welfare group again sues Iowa zoo, focusing on lions

Turkish Radio and Television - World Service

N.J. road, rail construction shutdown heads into second week

Cops recover wheelchair stolen from teen with cerebral palsy

Group doesn't want to pay legal fees for ex-officer

Man held in San Diego homeless attacks had criminal record

Christie agrees to smoking ban in state parks, beaches

Interior leader hears from public on monument proposal

Union workers ratify contract with Tropicana; Trump Taj Mahal workers remain on strike

This Birthday Cake Milkshake Is Roughly The Size Of A Human Baby

Mike Pence: Sarah Palin Without The Charisma

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) Calls for Real Food Transparency for American Consumers

White ex-officer charged in death of black Atlanta man

State universities to see a $178 tuition increase, smallest in nine years

CNN 'Trump Rocks Cleveland'

FYI - I just installed windows 10 free upgrade, Offer ends July 29, 2016.

glory days...

Some Penn State trustees again questioning Sandusky payouts

One Person On Hillary’s Shortlist For VP Was Just Removed From DNC Speaker Schedule

LOL@Brian Fallon(Hill's Press Sec) Tweet: Trump's steaks got a better rollout than Mike Pence.

Gov. Wolf announces 20 new centers to coordinate opioid addiction treatment

Small earthquakes hit Oregon, Hawaii; no damage reported

5 scary words:

Elizabeth Warren Unloads on Mike Pence in Devestating Tweetstorm

"Is a Man-baby qualified to be President??"

Feds: George Barnard, 45, defrauded banks, homeowners of $13 million

Dumping another man who thinks a relationship is a few hours a week....

Former credit union CEO pleads guilty to bank fraud charges

Sir Patrick Stewart is fucking nuts

Daily Holidays - July 17

Nice attack: Two people arrested by French police

Wolf's concessions mark Pennsylvania budget

Venezuela reopens Colombian border to allow shoppers to cross

Cha are you OK? I just read there was an earthquake in Hawaii

Santander fined $10 million for overdraft practices

How Main Line political insiders made millions placing billions in public funds with outside firms

Cuomo has $19 million in his campaign account

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) Calls for Real Food Transparency for American Consumers

Armed Men Storm Yerevan Police Station, Take Hostages (Armenia)

More towers to rise in Long Island City

Nice attack: Driver 'researched route' earlier in week

Mike Pence to appear at Trump-skeptic Koch brothers' fundraiser Trump’s VP pick to be featured guest

Federal Judge Expands Drunk Cop Shooting Lawsuit to Include Claims of NYPDs “Indifference to Alcohol

Trump needs to look over his shoulder

That 28 min. "rollout" harangue could be used by medical schools as a textbook illustration of this:

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fasten Nation Edition

Amazing results using just food for kitten with seizures

Sunday's Doonesbury- Free Wristband!

tRump does not want to be president.

Republican National Convention staffers scrambling to remove Jim Crow-like ‘white elevators’ signs

Kitten gets rescued by interrupting live newscast

Chris Christie Lost Out on the Job He Wanted. And His Bad Year Got Worse

Florida man opens fire on two teenagers hunting for Pokemon

Right Wing Lawmakers Seek to Legalize Largest West Bank Outpost


Where Is She? - Optical illusion with Donald Trump's running mate is really freaking people out...

TRUMP: "I am the world's most efficient human being. I go downstairs in the elevator....."

Minister Naftali Bennett, You Are Killing Zionism

Daily News: "Another Prick For The Wall"

In Tampa, Alan Grayson addresses a Black Lives Matter protest

Turkey detains 'coup plotters' at base used by US: Reports

The cleric blamed by Turkey leads a global movement from the Poconos

So Trump is betting a plurality or majority of Americans

Reports: Putin, Erdogan To Meet In August

Kennedy versus Nixon Redux: A Remembrance of a Not-So-Nice Time

Toon: TP

Mission (Already) Accomplished

Poll: Clinton Keeps 5-Point Lead Over Trump Heading Into Conventions

Do we have a going intel thread on the PA Imam?

Trump unveils The Wall

I have a question...When they run polls on Hillary's "Honesty"...

A Conversation with Sanders voters

"White Elevators" sign Seen @ the RNC

From Cleveland: “What are we going to do? No one’s coming,” she says.

Britain's highest profile atheist Richard Dawkins announces end of his 24-year marriage

Donald Trump's idea of Law and Order...

Federal ‘religious freedom’ bill likely to become a campaign issue in Kansas

Clinton vs. Trump Leaves 6 in 10 Unhappy; Contest Tightens as Conventions Loom (POLL)

Nice Flames!

'Spitfire' Catholic sister who advocates for ex-cons steps down in Missouri

Tornado Sirens Send Clinton, Blair and Bush into Hiding in a School Basement

Poll: Advantage Clinton as conventions begin

CNN poll: HRC 49, Trump 42

I alerted on this post but is this whole sub thread not the lihop

New NBC/WSJ Poll: Clinton Up +5

Omfg! They're Sitting on golden thrones.

Ahmed the Pet Sitter of cat, Meow Meow, gets caught with pants down!!

Dog wants potato.

Donald Trump’s Deals Rely on Being Creative With the Truth

I think Hillary....

Scott Baio Says He’ll Be Speaking at the Republican National Convention

Poll: Advantage Clinton as conventions begin

Looking for offbeat things to do/see in London

I just had this crazy thought that Trump might quit before election


Turkey threatens war on “any country” supporting exiled cleric Gülen—like the US

Elizabeth Warren at it again:"You’re nothing but a thin-skinned bully & lousy, cheating businessman"

Baton Rouge shooting: Three police officers dead and several injured

All your Donut anxieties (well, maybe not all) answered- a ranking

I maybe off in la la land here... and probably am..


"Instant" non-instant breakfast cereals

How about just a nice photo for your day

Was that Charlie Brown pitching for San Francisco last night?

Never forget: Mike Pence's war on women led to an HIV outbreak in Indiana

2 killed in shooting at Florida hospital

So what does the first step do exactly?

Orlando official blames FBI for delayed aid to some Pulse victims

Predicting a big win for Trump/Pence cannot be based on

Did you order a Woman's Card from Clinton website?

Ernest T. Bass Declines Invite to Speak at RNC.

Chris Christie Lost Out on the Job He Wanted. And His Bad Year Got Worse.

I think we need some cat pics

Which VP candidate has the highest public perception of integrity?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Harangues the TP Team in Twitter Storm

Baton Rouge : Three Police Officers Dead in an Attack

BREAKING 3 Officers dead and several more injured in Baton Rouge

The Trump Family Circus Is Raising Its Tent. Don't Miss the Show!

Talking Point: Red letter day for secular Australians

Delusional Donald?

Macri's Undersecretary for Youth includes neo-Nazis in interparty conference.

Cops shot in Baton Rouge

There is no such thing as a "protest" vote

42 Helicopters Missing in Turkey Sparking Concerns of a Second Coup Attempt

RI religious leaders blame Trump, Gingrich for vandalism at local mosque

Preview of Ivanka Trump's GOP Convention Speech

Role Model

Thousands of Venezuelans enter Colombia for food, medicine

dufus don tweets

12-Year-Old Arrested in Plot to Shoot Baton Rouge Police

On America’s Pacific shore, many religious currents meet

Two women killed this morning in Titusville hospital.

Guns again.

How do I change my password?

Hey Wayne, when is enough enough?

Boeing 720 Crash in desert

is Sputnik News an allowed source for LBN?

Eighty-two percent of weapons involved in mass shootings ... bought legally...

The NRA Myth of Arming the Good Guys

Former US Senator, Lillington native Robert Morgan dies

The NEW Republican logo. You're welcome.

"Fergus Laing" a song about Donald Trump by Richard Thompson

The network Sunday morning shows think it is cute to broadcast from the Quicken

Trump Called Reporter ‘Retarded’ For Criticizing His Business Skills

Pence's New Hat

Homeland Security to Chaffetz: Stop the leaks of sensitive information

"Cleveland Police union asking Ohio gov. for temporary end to legal open carry of weapons during GOP

Latino voters back HRC 76-14 in new poll

BLM showing what a reasonable group they are....

"Christie was livid, right? the man said at one point. "Yeah," Manafort replied.

Shame on Fox News - Baton Rouge

Reverse mortgages: The final blow killing middle class wealth

Re: Baton Rouge

At height of Turkish coup bid, rebel jets had Erdogan's plane in their sights

WV GOPer: Clinton Must Be Executed

On the LA State Police scanner: Witness saw ARMED black suspect

Why did Jimmy Carter save the space shuttle

As Clinton launches huge registration effort, community groups focus on Asian Americans,

The main attack on democratic candidates since the 90s has been their integrity.

Clinton Beats Trump Among Latinos 76 Percent to 14 Percent

Trump version of Kim Jong un

This should go viral

What are you reading this week of July 17, 2016?

Not a Pokemon fan

Is there something like a BatPhone that goes off every time there is a gun incident where . . .

MLK Jr., Six Principles and Steps to Nonviolent Social Change

Towel Origami

Have you seen one of these lately ...

Is this not exactly what the NRA et al have advocated all along?

Video of Baton Rouge shooting

How a Conservative Wins the Presidency in a Liberal Decade

The lyrics to Peter Gabriel's 'Red Rain' just keep going over and over in my head for the last month

538's take on the state of the race

Innocent bystanders watch in horror

small glitch FYI

Cleveland Police Ask For Emergency Suspension Of Open Carry Laws During Republican Convention

Apparently, Hillary Needs To Totally Reinvent Herself To Beat Trump

The re-worked TrumpPence Logo

Okay update on my first date in 24 years..........

Killer's brother tells of pre-attack call

Bizarre Acts of Anger, Signs of Volatility

What do we do about Erdogan at this point?

Do any NYC Du'ers want to do a RNC watching party?

Some nut on FOX just said the military should perform domestic law enforcement.

Bill Maher Slams The Idea Of 24/7 Employment

White Elevators.

MH17 anniversary: Meet the man suing Vladimir Putin, who now fears for his life

The GOP’s infomercial hopes to sell a likable Trump

"Regular" people ( Baton Rouge shooting)

A good perspective on "popularity"

Turkish cleric Gulen says Erdogan behind coup, willing to be extradited

From Daily Kos: A white person doesn't.....

Trump’s VP pick is a governor in search of his Republican identity

Cleveland Police Ask For Emergency Suspension Of Open Carry Laws During Republican Convention

Motion for pretrial release previews Bundys' defense

OP Washington Post: Erdogan must resist the urge to double down on authoritarianism

Good guy with gun vs bad guy with gun

For Trump, it’s (white) America First

Indiana Man Invites Racists To Fund His African Vacation

NBC's Pete Williams reporting there are some indications Sovereign Citizens may be involved .....


They've gone back to covering Don the Con's convention

Do they remind us of some of our Congress Critters? { 'toon}

Challenger raises more than Wasserman Schultz, but she has more cash for home stretch

Challenger raises more than Wasserman Schultz, but she has more cash for home stretch

Challenger raises more than Wasserman Schultz, but she has more cash for home stretch

Kasich: I Can't Ban Open Carry at RNC

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 17, 2016

lost files

Inside Trump’s Veep Pick

Catch up with Jesus.

GOP operatives are dreading the convention, poor babies.

Trump blames Baton Rouge shooting on 'lack of leadership'

Trump’s Long History of Lying

Because gun owners love their guns more than they love police.


Turkish govt cracks down after coup try; 6,000 detained

K-9 Dies After Two and a Half Hours in Locked Squad Car

Not trying to be funny But what the hell is wrong with the majority of white Americans

Just saw a great Hillary ad with kids listening to Trump's hate, should be very

We have to get to the root cause.

Who's going to Cleveland tomorrow?

There was no active shooting in progress.

DeRay Mckesson of BLM "My prayers are with the victims of all violence"

Weird. States w/ the most guns also have highest rates gun violence, and every one is GOP-led Red St

Question concerning links

Donald Trumps Tweets are the rantings of a bully.........

10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Granted Wish to Meet Namesake President Jimmy Carter

Baton Rouge P.O. killed tentatively identified.

The Mainstream Media Legitimized and Created Donald Trump

Robert Reich: Technological Change and the Inevitability of Guaranteed Basic Income

Thousands cross Venezuela border shopping for scarce food

Obama Gets The Respect He Deserves As Voters Give Him Credit For Improving Economy

I had a nice experience at our local farmer's market, today

Florida Governor Rick Scott out celebrating the night before the start of GOP convention

What does it mean to wear your heart on your sleeve

Ivanka’s Rabbi Drops Out

At the first sign of violence can the President call a state of emergency

Clinton picking Warren as VP would immunize her against a GOP impeachment.

Dead Baton Rouge shooter attacked police on his birthday

100 Women Naked at the Republican National Convention

Gavin Long identified as shooter!!!

PoliticusUSA: Hillary Clinton Leads By 62 Points With Latinos As Trump Stumbles Into GOP Convention

GOP Platform Proposes To Get Rid Of National Parks And National Forests

Gavin Long, 5 fast fact list.

How to hang a stained glass picture

Cochise Co Sheriff's investigating body found on Dragoon Road

New Polls: Clinton behind in VA and IA. Only up 3 in MI

a portrait of Six....

Why are the gun defenders here?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 18 July 2016

I expect that soon the alt Right and the White Nationalists will endorse gun control

What could go wrong with open carry around RNC convention?

What to Cook This Week

It's just a shot away....

Paul Ryan ‘Selfie’ With Young Republicans Backfires When Internet Notices One VERY Telling Detail

Gavin Long? If connected to the Sovereign Nation Group?

Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Long may have been in far-right sovereign citizen group.

I don't know why they call it the Mistake by the Lake. (pics)

That thing happened again.

Trump oversells Pence’s record

Trump Reminds Me of Bernie Madoff

Between Jobs Fund 4 this Senior | Please help if you can

Anyone want to watch the RNC in NyC w PRI and me Thurs?

GOP lawmakers staying away from convention

Trump bankers question his portrayal of comeback

No chance Trump’s campaign will raise $1 billion

Who thinks the neo-liberals don't want private armies and private police

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi will speak at Republican Convention on Wednesday

Campaign solicits illegal foreign donations despite warnings

Iraqi Shi'ite cleric tells followers to target U.S. troops fighting Islamic State

Do you feel it yet @realDonaldTrump and @mike_pence? You're screwed! @HillaryClinton is coming for

Why This Concern Over Clinton's Poll Numbers Is Total Bullshit

Atheist Presidential Candidate: Religion is Literally Killing Us

To my way of thinking, there are VERY few examples of "responsible" gun owners.

Egypt's Grand Mufti, politics and religion

We always scrub social media before we announce a name.

Missing Cal student identified among the 84 killed in Nice, France

Fox News blames BLM

Can we please lay off the polls for awhile. It's pretty useless at this point in time.

Man, Elizabeth Warren is blowing The Donald's orange hair back on Twitter!

Two simple minded idiots on 60 Minutes right now.

Trump/Pence interview of 60 Minutes

Trump and Pence are stepping all over each other

Let's play "Find The Black Person!"

A Trump supporting Conservative pundit frenemy said the funniest thing about the Republican National

Jesus Ciristo. dufus don just said he is a humble man!!!!

Paul Manafort is a real live jackass!

"An Indian rape survivor was allegedly raped again by the same five men"

Youtube channel of Baton Rouge Shooter

Picture of the week...Trump and Pence

Slain Officer Montrell Jackson in his own words.

"The Best Man" on TCM at 7 CDT.

White cops murder blacks=blacks are bad; Black man kills cops=race war

#60Minutes #TrumpPence great interview, best ever, unmatched, awesome, vomit inducing show