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Blue lives matter and black lives matter.

funny mike pence images

Breaking: Standoff at Baton Rouge shooter's home in KC

Gingrich: I'd still serve in Trump's administration

Hillary Clinton Holds A Pre-Convention Lead, New Polling Finds

Washington state invalidates common mortgage provision

Trump Plans To Steal The Spotlight Back With Cabinet Announcements

It suddenly occured to me just who the Dumpster reminds me of.

Cleveland police call for suspension of open carry after Baton Rouge shooting


Trump’s Long History of Lying

As a Clevelander I am reading some scary things being DU members

"The man identified as the Baton Rouge gunman was a Marine who served a year in Iraq"

Can someone tell my why Chris Matthews

Things I'm blaming on Obama today

Quick! Which one of these Virginia polls from the last week are we freaking out about?

Donald Trump seems stunned to learn that his running mate Mike Pence voted for the Iraq War (HRC GP)

Looks like Hillary is vetting John Hickenlooper of Colorado..

Media’s gift to Trump: Low expectations and, therefore, the ease with which to surpass them

The brilliance of "The Art of the Deal"

DOUBLE STANDARD: Media Say Hillary Is ‘Dishonest’ While Donald Is ‘Creative With The Truth’

Kevin Rudd seeks nomination for UN secretary general role

Who's gonna give our keynote speech in Philly? n/t.

Hillary Clinton comment on Baton Rouge shooting

Toy story 3

Don the Con displaying new level of orangeness...

Oh give me a break!

Gov. Wendell Anderson dies at 83

What will you do during the 3-day dumpster fire, a.k.a the RNC Convention?

the connection

Trump hypocrite says Mike Pence's Iraq War vote doesn't matter, but Hillary's does.


Investors prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump

Trump: Best Humble-brag Ever

Latest poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in Florida

Is anybody else a tad bit afraid of the crazies?

Most recent polls shows Clinton's national lead stable.

We Should Keep All American Flags At Half Staff Until....

Reactionary Tide in Latin America

Another "who gives a fuck" baseball game on Sunday night on ESPN.

Man Saves 3 Kittens from Drowning During Storm and Reunites Them with Their Mama

3D printed turtle eggs to be used to detect poaching

Van Jones just pointed out that Sarah Palin was used by Trump and thrown into the garbage can.

Should poll discussions be banned?

Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump resume Twitter brawl after she blasts VP pick Mike Pence

Islam, as it is practiced by a majority of muslims in the world, is a regressive force.

Albanian couple have been arrested in investigation into Nice, France terrorism. CNN


Will panic erupt in Cleveland during the balloon drop - when the first one goes "pop"

The Republican Ticket: Trump and Pence On 60 Minutes

"I love this city, but I wonder if this city loves me"

Reactionary Tide in Latin America

A GOP voter offers a respectful opposing viewpoint...

Why do great white sharks congregate between Mexico and Hawaii?

He's a little verklempt...

Donald Trump’s Alma Mater Just Told Him To Go F*ck Himself

Look out, Cleveland, the storm is comin' through...

Brazil's Dual Legacy of Slavery and the Monarchy

Brazil's Dual Legacy of Slavery and the Monarchy

West Virginia lawmaker says Clinton comments were hyperbole

WH responds to petition to label Black Lives Matter a "terror" group

Can we have a ToS / Alert category for advocating violent civilian acts inside the USA?

Reporters discuss when they finally realized Donald Trump was serious...

Brazil's Rousseff likens impeachment drive to failed Turkish coup

Miami Protesters Demand End of US Blockade to Cuba

I had a friend in college who looked like he was 40 when he was 20

Trump Shifts on Muslim Ban, Calls for 'Extreme Vetting'

Stephen Colbert Just Hijacked the Stage at the Republican Convention (VIDEO)

Labor protest in northwestern Argentina violently quashed by Macri ally.

Wait for it

huge newfound respect for Don Lemon

Heads Tick warning

Wayne, You POS, EIGHT Dead Good Guys With Guns

Barrel Cactus Macro

I just saw Don Lemon interview the sheriff who'll speak at the GOP convention, and Oh. My. God.

Stay Safe Cleveland

Something to consider.

Vegan recipes from daughters' teachers!

Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Can’t Make Mistakes, But Mike Pence Can

a portrait of Tygee....

Koterba toon: FRANCE!

Checking in at RNC...

What Kind of Disaster Will the RNC Be?

Hillary's statement on the shooting in Baton Rouge.

Being confronted by armed strangers in what should be a secure place...

The fun thing about the debates, if they ever happen,

So when I click on My Posts

Stephen Colbert gets kicked off of RNC stage tonight...LOL this is funny shit (VIDEO)

I'm Feeling Fluffy

i lived in my house for 51 years and 4 months

I think I've figured out why evangelicals are supporting Trump

One of my favorite Obama smackdowns of the GOP with smarmy Mike Pense on the receiving end.

Here's the speaker lineup for the GOP Convention. What happened to the entertainment?

Scott Baio Hand-Picked by a Desperate Trump to Speak at His D-List RNC

Suspect in killings of three Baton Rouge officers

NYPD officer faces manslaughter, drunk driving charges after crash in Brooklyn

I cannot stop laughing at this

Trying to understand the mind of Gavin Eugene Long

I've seen a number of posts

a portrait of Buddy....

they are trying to make repairing our items illegal. Here is how to fight back:

Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) doesn't think Native artifacts, petroglyphs, etc. are antiquity

A recap on the link between religion and the truck attack in Nice

Remember when Don the Con said he didn't have time for "Political Correctness"?

“Fear and anger has never built a great country.

Insurers, private hospitals fight over patients’ rates

Phoebe Snow was born on this date.

Protect Rio Grande Valley homeowners from insurance proposal

Testing colors

Can Republicans heal our nation’s festering racial wounds?

Whale asks for help on kayak tour Rainbow Beach, Queensland

Three of the Highest Paid University Executives are Texans

Aqua Timez - Niji- Live - Asia Pacific TV Song Festival

Daily Holidays - July 18

Unbelievable interview: 60 Minutes Trump/Pence with Leslie Stahl

Bellingcat claims Russia faked MH17 evidence to accuse Ukraine

Hyde Park residents vote to keep Austin State Hospital, but Texas lawmakers will decide its fate

Sibel Edmonds Dissects the Turkey Coup Attempt

All the Most Excruciating Moments From the Trump/Pence Nightmare 60 Minutes Interview

How paradise was really lost.

An Israeli Law Created to Incite

MH17 2nd anniversary: Russian troops look for fighter jet, instead find civilian plane they downed

State Rep Says South Side San Antonio Tire Dump Would Burn For Nine Months If It Caught Fire

Confederate flag rally made its way through Amarillo

SpaceX successfully lands Falcon 9 rocket on solid ground for the second time

Clinton should make Dee Dee Myers her press secretary.

South Texas man arrested after threat against 'Pokemon Go' players

Turkey's Envoy to Bulgaria: Arrests of Judges 'Planned' Before Coup

Solar-powered desalination produces energy

Longview couple threatens to bomb hospital

Do muslim countries have medieval fairs? Washington D.C. Showcases Cutting-Edge Hydrogen Fueling Station Demo

Eww... Trump's Cabinet -- "Attorney General Chris Christie"

the Baton Rouge and Dallas murders are examples of the NRA fantasy

Jury selection in Gulf oil spill fraud case against lawyer

A Photo That Mike Pence Posted To Twitter Is Really Freaking People Out

wow...did Scarborough really say that? totally agree..

Turkey reinstating death penalty would end EU talks: Germany

The Most Powerful Medical Association In The U.S. Gears Up To Fight Congress Over Guns

Yorktown police chief under investigation for sexual misconduct

Unknown diaries kept by Václav Havel to be published

Jury convicts controversial Squaw Valley man on gun charge

Who Is Graham Fuller?

Pandering, bigotry won't solve extremist threat

Syrian Muslim refugees graduate from Catholic school in Jordan

Miami man fighting to keep his 47-year-old, pizza-eating pet alligator, report says

United suspends W.Va. delegate after call for Clinton to be executed


Lawsuit: Clinic fired woman because of husband’s race

Oops. The cop-killer of Baton Rouge was an anti-government sovereign citizen.

The End Of A Republican Party

Dallas and Baton Rouge killers were veterans. What happened

WV law protects consumers from unknowingly buying flood-damaged cars

Ted Cruz: 2nd Amendment Is 'Ultimate Check Against Government Tyranny'

Virginia Tech eyeing pharmaceutical giants for Roanoke ‘innovation district’

"Breaking News" Consumer's Handbook

"Breaking News" Consumer's Handbook

6 Habits of Highly Empathetic People

Tiny Minority Of Elected GOP Have First Climate Clue; Almost None Will Be In Cleveland

Wow, Herr Trump is really quadrupling down on his strong man shtick.

Donald Trump’s most enduring — and unbefitting — trait - Allan Sloan

Donald Trump’s most enduring — and unbefitting — trait - Allan Sloan

Herr Trump just confused the NOI with ISIS !!!

EDITORIAL: What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege

Can you find the Iphone that was dropped on this carpet?

3-ingredient banana-pancakes

White privilege described; in a few points

Please remember to look at polling in its entirety.

When does Trump have to submit June Campaign Donations/income to FEC ?

Hispanic conservative leaders relent and endorse Trump

Important clarification from the NRA

Man caught in sting trying to join IS gets 8.5 years

Do you think there will be Debates between Hillary and donnie?

Bernie Sanders Denied DNC Rally Permit...

Paul Manafort: John Kasich is ‘embarrassing’ Ohio

Six wealthiest countries host less than 9% of world's refugees (The Guardian)

RNC Convention - Has-beens and never-weres speaking in support of

Trump’s Ghostwriter: He’s a Sociopath

trumpence interview, dog & pony show

When reading a newspaper do you

Attack on Nice: French PM Valls booed at commemoration

So Trump,Pence and Hillary

123,000 Venezuelans cross border shopping for scarce food

Open carry? Nowhere near the GOP Convention venue.

Way back when Obama first became President

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Let the circus begin

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Kerry urges Turkey to maintain democratic principles after coup attempt

Let's Talk Seriously, Trump Looked Like He Was On Something During 60 Min. Interview

Russian government participated in state-sponsored doping, per WADA investigation

Make your prediction. Which day of the RNC will see blatant racism from a speaker?

Is The Disunity In The Repug Party An Act?.....

The 2016 elections are strategic for advancing racial justice

"Praying would be like apologizing." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

A match made in heaven? Nope!

How many members of SCOTUS will Hillary/Trump appoint?

2 years and down 130lbs. Pics are at the end of the post at the link. :^)

Sovereign citizen fears realized in Baton Rouge shooting

Wonder when misogynist Rump will trade in Melania.

Renewal - Star Membership

Chris Rock (parody) Tweets about Trump's 60 Minutes interview

2 years and down 130lbs. Pics are at the end of the post at the link. :^)

I know some here don't care for fivethirtyeight, but this is an interesting read.

How terrible is Trump? This terrible.

State Dept: U.S. trusts impartiality, professionalism of joint investigation team for MH17 crash

How terrible is Trump? This terrible.

A Drunken Sarah Palin Slams Elizabeth Warren Over Minimum Wage

Four Ukrainian soldier killed, three wounded in attack on Zaitseve in early hours on Monday

Germany: Steep decline in Catholic church attendance

Doubt over scale of Nice killer’s Islamist radicalisation

London Celebrates The Monty Python Reunion By Putting A 50-Foot Dead Parrot In Potters Field Park

Can we have a live streaming camera at

Stephen Colbert takes control of Repub. convention: "Hungry for Power Games"

Trump plus Pence = Trumpence; noun, verb or adjective? Definitions needed.

Breaking: Baltimore Police Lt. Found Not Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter in Freddie Gray Death

*** Posted to the African-American Group ***

25 Fun Facts That Are Really Fun To Tell

Will Trump as president finish what W started and choke to death on a pretzel?

Tibetan PM in-exile rejects China's claims, says no change in situation in Tibet

The crazy ain't going nowhere! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

U.S. Curtails Federal Election Observers

In case you didn't know it

Russian officials ran doping programs in multiple Olympic sports, WADA investigation finds

‘If he’s a nobody, who do we blame?’

Mike Pence 2020 begins this week.

Drone infiltrates Israeli border with Syria, interception fails

Muslims are fed up with being blamed

Trump Tells Some Convention Goers to Wear Blackface to Show GOP's Diversity

The guiding principles of Donald Trump:

Does anyone really think that Trump cares who fills his VP candidate slot?

Besieged: Syrian regime cuts off key supply route into rebel parts of Aleppo

Christie throws dry cleaning ticket at Trump

Turkey fires 8,000 police, 30 governors in massive purge after coup attempt

Got friends/family/associates supporting Trump? You should read this article.

Business leaders like Clinton more than Trump

Kicking off the Repuke convention, doing it Right: CHRISTIE, KKKarl, Alex JONES

If there is anyone with flim making experience/knowledge, please enlighten me...

Obama: Merrick Garland Deserves a Vote—For Democracy’s Sake

Alan Colmes reminds me of the face at the bottom of a pro wrestling card who always lost

Bravo Charles (Chuck Kettles) Vietnam Veteran Medal of Honor

Glitch in the Matrix

Regrets. Sack Cartoon

Chris Christie "livid" that he wasn't picked as Trump VP

Would Turkey Be Justified in Kidnapping or Drone-Killing the Turkish Cleric in Pennsylvania?

Ah - Memories - Remember the excitment of going to the School's computer lab?

Clinton campaign to launch major minority voter registration drive.

Pic Of The Moment: Lineup Of Speakers At RNC Promises To Be A Real Who's Who

The Latest: Turkish prosecutors enter Incirlik air base

Tamron Hall is nailing Trump guy...

Another acquittal in the Freddie Gray case

Cooling off on a hot summer day

Had one here in Sheboygan...

Host Governor Kasich snubbing the RNC Convention speaks volumes.

Brother of Late President Hugo Chavez Dies in Venezuela

We Can Stop Searching For The Clean Energy Miracle. It’s Already Here. this guy is speaking at the RNC? (Michael Flynn)

Greenland lost a TRILLION tons of ice in four years.....that's a trillion, with a 'T'

So Long, Grand Old Party; Hello, White People’s Party

Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. And the American people know it.

Armed Black Protesters Cause Cleveland Police To Call For “Temporary Suspension of Second Amendment”

Mike Pence Argued In An Op-Ed That Disney’s “Mulan” Was Liberal Propaganda

Trump's habit of projecting. I hope in some debate in front of a national audience

Big Bend in summer

Track Palin Has Most Charges Dropped From Punching Girlfriend In The Face, Isn’t That Nice?

I want to watch the Convention this week.

Fact check: yes, Hillary Clinton’s potential running mate Tim Kaine is strongly pro-choice (GD16)

Fact check: yes, Hillary Clinton’s potential running mate Tim Kaine is strongly pro-choice (HRC GP)

The orange guy...the super-white guy...

How an Elizabeth Warren nomination works

Comey's failure to indict Hillary is the reason for social violence.

Official Repub. Convention Schedule

Godfrey the Goose gets his own statue

What is the use of having conventions? It's already decided, isn't it?

W.Va. lawmaker: Hillary Clinton should be "hung" on National Mall

American gun ownership drops to lowest in nearly 40 years

Venezuelans Tearful Amid Colombia’s Full Shelves And Polite Cops

Black Votes Matter, Sometimes They Count Twice.

Trump doesn’t read much

Azealia Banks to Obama: ‘I Want a President Who Isn’t Afraid to Kill for What He Believes In’

Roger Ailes might soon be out of a job.

Someone just gifted me some Trump Scotland slippers

Could Manafort possibly be sleazier?

Republican Excuses for Skipping Trump's RNC

*****Report: Murdochs to Fire Roger Ailes*****

Newt Gingrich Says Bushes Acting 'Childishly' and Need to 'Get Over' Jeb's Loss

It's on!

Murdochs Have Decided to Remove Roger Ailes — the Only Question Now Is When

So! Who is willing to watch the GOP National Convention for next 4 nights?

"What kind of president do we want our kids looking up to?":

Trump descends into incoherence

Confessions of a Republican - Clinton is out with a new ad as the GOP Convention kicks off


Monday cuteness overload

Remember when DU focused activism in support of Knight-Ridder reporters Landay, Strobel, Walcott?

Civilians killed by U.S.-led coalition strikes on IS-held Syrian city: monitor

Bad lip synch during anthem

McCain Says Obama ‘Allowed’ French Terrorist Attack

U.S. and Chinese labor groups collaborated before China Wal-Mart strikes

Mike Pence Once Claimed Disney's "Mulan" Is Propaganda Film

Stephen Colbert Hijacks Mic at RNC

Iran hardliners gain authority in backlash that could sideline Rouhani

Women are flooding Trump campaign HQ with menstruation questions — here’s why

Never-Trump Confidential

Trump using family to "soften" his image? Hell they're sharkier than he is.

Mitch McConnell LOST the vote and Rince Prebus just ignored the Nays

With millions covered, 'repeal and replace Obamacare' gets riskier

Why is the Trumpster doing well in the polls?

The most bizarre court transcript you will ever read. Warning full of vulgarities

Pakistani 'selfie' cleric investigated over Qandeel Baloch's murder

Murdochs Have Decided to Remove Roger Ailes — the Only Question Now Is When

Republican National Convention Live Stream Monday [Official] (HRC GP)

Republican National Convention Live Stream Monday [Official] (GD 16)

Ailes is Out! Murdoch Family Kicking Fox CEO Pig To the Curb Over Carlson Sexual Assault Case

Donald Trump doesn’t read much. Being president probably wouldn’t change that.

Baton Rouge Gunman ‘Was Targeting Officers,’ Police Say

Monmouth Poll: HRC leads 46-39 over Trump in the key swing states


Chris Christie is super bitter

Grab the TUMS and Aspirin.. this is going to be a doozy

Trump Campaign Denounces Kasich in Ohio

Today's "Women Vote Trump" event...

Everett seeks to cut fees to boost affordable housing

Christie upset that "big mouth" Pence was selected as VP over him

Missed ferry sailings are a summer staple

The Politics of Being an Asshole

Seahawks’ Michael Bennett doesn’t want to be told to ‘stick to football’

what is that logo supposed to be, apart from the elephant?

BREAKING: Murdochs Planning To Fire Roger Ailes

Report: Companies reneging on Republican National Convention donations due to Trump

Rumors abound Ailes is out at FOX

Florida Rickity Scott desperate for help

Debbie Wassserman Schultlz says of little hands Donny: 'Bluster is not a substitute for expertise'

BREAKING (Bergen Record): Christie blasts Mike Pence

Newt Gingrich Knows What’s Good For The Blacks, And It’s Not Icky Black President Obama

Description of tonight's Late Show w/Stephen Colbert

Trump ghostwriter: ‘Sociopath’ candidate could ‘end civilization’

Rocky opening for GOP convention as Cruz forces clash with team Trump

Demolition of Pensacola's Sunday House

Brilliant! Clinton campaign reprises 1964 ad against Goldwater

Judge Rejects (Los Angeles Co.) Ex-Sheriff's Plea Deal as Too Lenient

Chris Christie is super bitter about not being Donald Trump’s VP pick

The haphazard way Trump picked his VP is a sure sign this convention will be a total circus

Activists in Wichita Are Mobilizing Against Anti-Abortion Extremists

The block of Parmesan cheese in the frig is rock hard.

Activists in Wichita Are Mobilizing Against Anti-Abortion Extremists

Activists in Wichita Are Mobilizing Against Anti-Abortion Extremists

right to life--or right to terrorize?

Why is my text light gray in the thread title sometimes?

De-Programming White People To Build A Better Future

WADA Calls for All Russian Athletes to Be Barred From Olympics Following Damning New Report

Bill Maher accuses Frank Luntz of being the lying liar he is.

WADA Calls for All Russian Athletes to Be Barred From Olympics Following Damning New Report

Our new book came out today....

Baby Deer Brutally Trapped, Tortured and Killed Deserves Justice

SoftBank to buy UK chip designer ARM in $32 billion cash deal

Marriage equality has republicans up and ready to vote!

Obama Presents Vietnam War Veteran With Medal of Honor

D-List Celebrities and Brain Dead Politicos Kick Off RNC Convention

Trump 2016: The Three Shadows Haunting Cleveland

I need popcorn help.

Just curious

Chinese Media Is Now Warning Canada’s Housing Crash Will Be Worse Than The US

Look out! Donald Trump promises to run the country the way he runs his business

I heading to the S&M club tonight!

‘Make America Great Again’ is not a policy. It’s an exercise in mass psychology.'

So what's going to happen when Trump's wife starts to talk to the brain dead tonight and they cannot

The brand of Trump: His business record doesn’t match the luster

GOP, RIP? by EJ Dione

Republicans keep trying to normalize Trump. He keeps proving it’s impossible.

It’s Republican heaven: The RNC has transformed Cleveland into a right-wing hub

Inspired by Trumad, I explored the lowest depths of Free Republic

Someone reached out to me and I thought I'd post it here ...

So let me see if I get this

RNC Speaker Scott Baio Tweeted Meme Referring To Hillary Clinton As A C**t

Rick Perry Says He's Open to Serving in Trump Administration

Abbott: Targeted Killing of Police Should Be a Hate Crime

Anti-Trump delegates say they will force roll call vote on rules

Baton Rouge presser just started.

"Law-and-order"-candidate Trump praised and downplayed Tiananmen-massacre as riot

Republicans are rocking out to "My Sharona"

Anybody still hotmail user?

Anyone see the movie 'The Lobster' yet?

Don't ya just hate it when....

Baton Rouge parade floats mocked black men killed by cops just months before Alton Sterling shooting

PSA: Wear shades to watch the RNC. The white is blinding!

Stephen Colbert - Hijacks Mic at Republican National Convention

Pence drank the Kool-Aid! (Cartoon)

It's time for me to get serious about my health.

Bono caught up in the Nice Bastille Day massacre

and last but not least, a portrait of Fasa....

Trump & Pence: Two Elderly, Wealthy White Guys Who Agree On Nothing

Three amigos.....

Baio Boat Song

In a press conference Manafort says Trump will leave with Malania tonight and return Wednesday.

Key House Republican Admits: GOP Attacks on Women’s Health R Holding Up Zika Funding

Fewer Americans Think Churches And Religions Solve Social Problems

US Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb) tells us how he really feels about Don the Con

Trump's hair found to be map of known universe

So we're having a heat wave?

What could POSSIBLY go wrong: Meet Trump's "Director of African-American Outreach"

Republican National Convention: Trump allies slam GOP holdouts hard


BREAKING: Protests erupting in GOP Convention on adoption of Rules

Dumpster Fire Breaking: Never Trump crowd booing the podium

The Main Republican Convention Stage Apparently Smells Like Rotten Bananas and Mildew

Anyone watching the GOP convention? They're SCREAMING on the floor for a roll call vote

Majority of U.S.-Mexico border residents don't want Donald Trump's wall

Colorado delegation just walked out after voice vote

Paul Ryan's 'white' selfie with interns shows lack of diversity in Washington

#BREAKING: Chaos breaks out on GOP convention floor over Never Trump effort

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 18, 2016

Alan Vega, Suicide frontman and electronic music pioneer, dies aged 78

Trump supporters say terrorist attacks strengthen case for Mexico wall

Report: Josh Duggar Won’t Apologize For Sex Abuse Because Devil Made Him Do It

BREAKING: Iowa and Colorado delegations have walked off the floor.

Disabled man forced to work as slave for 35 years… but still not a hate crime, says CPS

Rick Perry at the GOP Convention Day 1, from the Lone Star Project

I love it when a plan comes together.

Heat up the popcorn popper

Police standoff outside Tulsa Air National Guard Base

RNC officials deny roll call vote over rules....

Don't take too much glee in the Republican clown car ... next week is our turn

Do posts in every forum show up on latest threads?

RNC forced to close online convention chat after anti-Semites turn it into a Jew-bashing hatefest

If the "Never Trump" effort should come to fruition, I think this is why the donald is going home

Fiat Chrysler Sales Reports Probed by Justice Department, SEC

Y'know, my guess is that it weren't Scott Baio, then Sonny Bono would be

Tonight's Colbert show with Jon Stewart should be EPIC!

Man attacks passengers with axe and knife on train in Germany

Mrs. Trump will speak this evening....

Trump Haters Bring Potential Windfall to Urban Outfitters

500+ Protesters outside heading toward the convention.

HILARIOUS: "Trump-Pence Marriage is Off to a Rocky Start"

Is that the Blue Tarpman reporter on msnbc?

Question for Presidential Convention junkies

It looks like the time has come to sing Auld Lang Syne

Where or how is the best place to watch the convention if MSNBC has retread Tom Brokaw on the panel. eom

Drumpf's system is rigged?!1 Does he *know*about this?!1

Time for my RNC Convention game (need imput)

Donald Trump Introduces Mike Pence

Video: “The thugs are in charge at RNC”; Ken Cuccinelli at Center of Rebellion

China Closing Part Of South China Sea For Military Exercises: Report

Trump motorcade involved in accident

So basically, the RNC just screwed their people, and the screwed are just like "Oh well"

Castro violated Hatch Act by touting Clinton

not the world war iii we expected

Researchers Create Means to Monitor Anthropogenic Global Warming in Real Time

WaPo Editorial: Republicans keep trying to normalize Trump. He keeps proving it’s impossible.

Wow.....C-SPAN coverage, only letting repubs call in, and talking to delegates on floor.....

Researchers determine key improvement for (SOFC) fuel cells

Trumpence - noun - trum'panse - definition: 1. a two-headed obsolete coin of no value.

CNN: Trump's Motorcade Involved In Car Accident En Route To RNC

C-SPAN is reshowing the walk, 4:35CST eom

First group of residents received new pipes through Flint's Fast Start program

Trump officially hires reality TV star to be the campaign's director of African-American outreach

Trump's motorcade in fender-bender. Of course it was.

Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. And the American people know it.

Grand Old Clupinboy3ninersterfuck.

Medical Care

US issues security warning over Colombia truckers strike

US issues security warning over Colombia truckers strike

Curutchet House in Argentina among 17 works by Le Corbusier added to UNESCO World Heritage list.

Curutchet House in Argentina among 17 works by Le Corbusier added to UNESCO World Heritage list.

New discoveries about photosynthesis may lead to solar cells of the future

Baton Rouge: Sovereign Citizens vs. Cops? (w/Guest: Mark Potok)

GOP Convention So White... They Renamed The Elevators!

EU Said to Eye ‘Nuclear Option’ to Force May’s Hand on Exit

Just received a nice surprise from the Hillary Campaign

LOL: GOP Senator Jeff Flake says he won't attend the GOP convention because he has to mow his lawn

RNC Voting: Let's place our bets now about the Nomination

Study: Fracking Industry Wells Associated With Increased Risk of Asthma Attacks

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Why Colombia’s truckers are angry

Live Feed From The RNC Convention..........

U.S. says hopes to raise more than $2 billion from donors for Iraq

RNC Speaker Scott Baio Tweeted Meme Referring To Hillary Clinton As A C**t

Argentine Jews urge president to help solve terror bombing

Mexico cuts poverty at a stroke – by changing the way it measures earnings

Zika mystery widens as Utah caregiver contracts virus

Mexico statistics body criticized for poverty survey changes

FDA: Electroshock has risks but is useful to combat severe depression

my take on Comey's different numbers of emails - supposedly - containing classified data

As the GOP Convention Begins, Ohio Is Purging Tens of Thousands of Democratic Voters

Passage In Nuke Deal May Allow Iran To Build Bomb Before Deal Expires

Game of Thrones will only be seven episodes next year (sadface)

Motorcade accident delays Trump mortorcade. Nobody hurt. I wonder if CNN will be soon covering it

Spokesman: Christie misspoke on Trump's Superstorm Sandy aid

Trump Almost, Sorta, Kind of Lost the Nomination for a Minute There - by Charles P. Pierce

MPs vote to renew Trident weapons system

So Let Me See If I Got This Right - The RNC Just Disenfranchised Some Of Their Delegates.....

Twilight Zone?

FOX NEWS is giving interview to anti-Trump protestor, Sen. Mike Lee)

Mexico president apologises for scandal, vows to fight graft with new law

E.U. and U.S. Urge Erdogan to Show Restraint After Coup Attempt in Turkey

Mexico president apologises for scandal, vows to fight graft with new law

Indian woman gang-raped in 2013 is attacked again 'by same men'

I am currently being bored silly by someone named Ashley Carter

Fox News Makes You Stupid – Creating The Most Uninformed Generation

New Clinton Campaign video: "Dear Donald Trump"

I still think that Xavier Becerra would be Hillary's best choice for a running-mate.

Josh Feuerstein to Black Lives Matter: ‘I will fill you with 60 rounds of pure lead’

Funny Trump images...for your viewing pleasure

Strokes Could Be Prevented in 90 Percent of Cases, Study Says

So is that it for the fireworks show?

Our former lawn care guy died the other day. He was only 36.

Steve King on MSNBC essentially saying white people...

WHAT did Congressman Steve King just say on MSNBC?

Joe (you lie) Wilson said Trump was his 5th choice

Trump’s Greatest Hits: A compendium of the top false and misleading claims by the Republican pres…

The car show across the street is back!

Mandela Day

I introduced my 86 year old mom to Ben & Jerry's...........

Trump’s Greatest Hits: A compendium of the top false and misleading claims by the Republican pres…

OMG. Congressman Steve King on MSNBC

Donald Trump doesn't want to soil his beautiful mind with reading, or knowledge

DL Hughley on FOX News

NEW RULES Allow Employers to Pay For EMPLOYEES Health Information (Truthout, 7/18/16)

Don't forget the season - The Atlantic remains quiet--but beware of this year's ocean heat content!

Textbook Reignites Mexican-American Studies Flap in Texas

Lawmakers Rule out Massachusetts' Summer Sales Tax Holiday

Why does MSNBC keep focusing on a sign saying "SOCIALISM SUCKS?"

Trumpapalooza Should Be One Hot Mess of a Convention

HuffPost: 100 Sheroes Just Posed Nude At The Republican National Convention

These are Dangerous Times

Ex-Soldier Who Killed Guatemalan Bishop Dies in Prison Riot

New Utah Law Lets Authorities Jam, Crash Drones at Wildfires

Any Harvey Birdman fans here?

"Stanger Things" on Netflix ...

If the anti-Trump Republican delegates had been smart

NEW RULES Allow Employers to Pay for EMPLOYEES Health Information (Truthout 7/18/16)

Only 20 black GOP delegates at the repubs convention

Watching the Convention on CNN. The Repub convention logo...

But of course . . .

27 Best Republican Excuses for Skipping Trump's RNC

Public perception of violence vs. reality: Donald Trump exploits fear for political gain

Intoxicated Off-Duty Policeman in SUV Runs Over Four Pedestrians, Killing One

Bravenak's Republican National KKKonvention live blog


What country will Putin invade to assure a Trump Presidency in the GE? Or will he just continue to

Prosecutors: Ryan Bundy Jail Escape Foiled During Cell Search

Prosecutors: Ryan Bundy Jail Escape Foiled During Cell Search (Cross Post From LBN)

this isn't a dog whistle, it's a train whistle.


Of all Western nations, only Israel has a fertility rate above replacement level

That moment Steve King, a sitting US Congressman went full white supremacist.

Black Lives Matter Note Found Near Firebombed Police Cruiser, Authorities Say

"Cause, I like kids; I mean,

Trump fundraiser resigns in anger after floor eruption

The coauthor of Donald Trump's 1987 biography says Trump is a sociopath....

Guns galore outside,chaos on the floor inside,uproars at the republican national convention as anti

Rep. Steve King wonders what ‘sub-groups’ besides whites made contributions to civilization

An analysis of Trump's language. Interesting.

Turkish Incirlik AFB Commander seeks aslyum from the US?

Does that owie hurt mr. trump?

How long do you think it will take Trump to introduce his wife?

North Korea Fires Three Ballistic Missiles, Flew Up To 600 km: South Korea

The Republicans waged a 3-decade war on government. They got Trump.

Democratic Party Platform on Gun Control

Some earthquakes on San Andreas fault are triggered by gravitational tug of sun and moon

Hunter hires law firm amid campaign review

Donald Trump is the worst presidential candidate I've ever seen in my lifetime.

Something tells me that if Trump wins, Trump won't be charge

I know they're republicans but why the vicious attacks on gay rights