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Has anyone spotted Elizabeth Dole? Bob will be getting some award

It's Too Late for Conservative Writers to Wish Trumpism Away

Trump's wife is scared shitless to make a speech.

What the hell is wrong with Chris Matthews??

tweety thinks trumps kids are...'very attactive, all the kids are amazing'

Okay, who is taking one for the team and listening to this cluster?

Anyone else watching this crap? What are your first impressions?

Republican National Convention Live Stream Monday = Official

Is there an "official" thread for this farce?

April D. Ryan and Chris Hayes Debrief about Steve King's Racist Remarks During Live Broadcast

Duck Dynasty???....

So, what's new at the GOP's Nuremberg Rally?

CNN is Whoring it up for Scott Biao

Scott Baio speech right now claiming people are afraid to do the 'hard work' to succeed.

Chachi is up

Steve King comments and the anti Gay people at the RNC

141 Things Donald Trump Has Said and Done That Make Him Unfit to Be President (footnoted)


The lone survivor is on right now.......

A Conservative's Courage: Punk Talk - it applies perfectly to Trump

D'oh! RNC forced to close online convention chat after anti-Semites turn it into a Jew-bashing hatef

Christian extremist shoots trans woman in the face — but in Pence’s Indiana it’s not a hate crime

I cannot wait for election day in the usa

Trump in charge of my days and my nights!

How different repugs treat mothers of soilders who have died

Scott Baio!!!1!

I'm listening on radio. Are all the speakers crying?

Dear God: "Our Enemy Is Not Other Republicans-But is Hillary Clinton & Democratic Party" -signed RNC

"Hillary Clinton lied to me then called me a liar."

Steve King Goes Full Racist – Says Whites Contribute Most To Civilization

Ok Pat Smith...

Did you know that the RNC had another guest speaker list as an alternative? Here it is.....

Mother of Benghazi victim saying Hillary lied about the reason for her son's death.

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones is being targeted by racists and misogynists on twitter


Editorial: Providers' Medicaid nightmare becomes reality

This is going well...

What did Chachi say?

I'm glad Chris Matthews is speaking out against this travesty...

Big Shoutout to the Netflix Programming Team!!

I don't often let my 86 year old mother in the kitchen........

Court Suspends Release of GMO Mosquitoes in Cayman Islands

Former Sen. Gordon Humphrey (R-NH)...all but calls Trump and his supporters Nazis:

If Cindy Sheehan had spoke at 2004 convention you think media would freak out?

Utah Wants to Drop Case Against Ex-Attorney General

Trump blaming immigrants for spreading disease isn’t just offensive, it’s scientifically wrong

Andrea Mitchell can go fuck herself.

So in 2004 Cindy Sheehan

Rethugs don't like their votes being negated.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Ides of July! Live & Uncensored

If you blame Hillary Clinton for Benghazi but you don't blame George Bush for 9/11 then

I'm watching the convention on MSNBC and just realized: Chris Matthews is banished.

Australia's Cabinet Sworn in After Narrow Election Victory

This is my eighth Republican Convention and I have never felt so sick to my stomach as I do now.

Insufferable Food Babe Blogger Becomes Even More Insufferable (She's Pregnant)...

Open Naked Bigotry.........

Melania Trump: From Small-Town Slovenia to Doorstep of White House

Obama administration asks Supreme Court to rehear immigration case

Chuck Todd is on right now

US health officials investigating mysterious case of Zika virus

Donald Trump: the making of a narcissist

Judge throws out parts of Bill Cosby's lawsuit over 2006 settlement

The Yam Is In The Building

So, when the Republicans say that Hillary is Obama's 3rd term...

RNC: "Trump is sent from God."

The Hypocrisy is thru the roof on Faux at RNC

They plan to let Clinton win but also plan to keep Congress

Rana Plaza collapse: 38 charged with murder over garment factory disaster

Just looking at the titles of some of these OPs regarding the republican convention, I can only say

For those who worry that Trump will finally get his act together...

GOP Platform to Call for Reinstatement of Glass-Steagall

Why did they have Dole in a security "pen?"

Pegida starting political party as authorities mull ban over extremism

Sheriff Clarke is up on.

So far, in short - terror porn, illegals! USA! USA!, more terror porn, more illegals! more USA! USA!

Trump backer speaking at RNC, billed as boss of 100,000, employs zero workers

This Little Boy Has Gone to the Dogs – In the Best Way!

Black Lives Matter protest in Wichita changed to cookout with police

WTF- uniform of speaker at Repug convention looks like South American dictator...

'Lifestyle Choice'?

A possible Trump New Logo after tonight??

Byron Lima Oliva, Bishop’s Killer, Is Assassinated in Guatemala Prison

So the four star wanna be general will make a great little

How many speakers will they have that can't speak proper English?

“I’ve got a wife and children”: Owen Smith’s Andrea Leadsom moment

So I tried your suggestion as an alert reason for a post advocating violence

This convention reminds me of "Family Feud."

The End Of A Republican Party—Racial and cultural resentment have replaced the party’s small govern…

Slogans the DRUMPF researchers have dug up

Nicely played GOP (Sarcasm Implied)

Please provide link for Colbert and/or Maher convention coverage...Thanks! n/m

I've never seen so few suits at a Republican convention before.

260 Set Record for World's Largest Mexican Ceremonial Dance

OMG did Karen Vaughn speaking at the Convention...

At 9pm cst ABC, NBC & CBS are carrying the RNC shitfest.

Just watched the 60 Minutes TrumPense Lesley Stahl interview.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch

If you have watched the disgrace in Cleveland tonight...

The Republicans Should Make This Man Their New Convention Chair

Code Pink in the house!

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

code pink protester made it to the floor. sweet

Rudy Guliani on how to make americans safe...................

OMG Donald's EGO needs to fed so badly he showed up on Day 1 of the RNC to speak.

Just caught this protester on C-SPAN at the convention:

Rudy has gone nuts!

Noun Verb 9/11: "When they come to save you (voice rising) they don't ask (voice shrill) . . . .

I like people who use their indoor voices

Rudy Giuliani needs a voice coach

Giuliani. ....

To the woman who personally blames Hillary Clinton for the death of her son:

"Blue Lives Matter"

Rudy, you're making me sick by your ass kissing rhetoric!

ya know, out of all the Roves, all the Atwaters, all the Cruzes, all the McCains,

Just remember that Rudy brought out a tank to evict squatters. N/t.

I'm afraid that any second now he'll have a stroke...

Trump fundraiser resigns in anger

The GOPs message "Be Afraid Be Very Afraid"

They should call this Reich Wing Convention


Out of the shadows..... and there he is!

Poor Bob Dole

OK here it comes... trump introduces trump..

Ammon Bundy Takes Stand

to all those poor souls watching the GOP

Playing Queen? Champions of the World?

How many lawsuits are coming for using unauthorized music?

And so it was; that in the Nuclear Age; Republicans nominated an unstable Bigot for the Presidency.

Is Trump still on stage?

I still think Melania sounds like a disease.

Who ARE these people ??

This poor lady can't even speak with the teleprompter's help.

Where is that damn woman's (Melania) birth certificate?


She worked in Milan AND Paris.

Wait, I knew I've seen Drump's wife before (with him)

The Benghazi Hoax Has Its Own Night At The GOP Convention

Melania isn't exactly bringing it home.

She speaks better than the Donald!

This is like a Pat Buchannan wet dream come true

Phony Heroes

Did Rudy Guliani blame Bush for 9/11 deaths like he blames Hillary for Benghazi?

She's right. It won't be close.

NEW RULES Allow Employers to Pay for Employees HEALTH INFORMATION: Re ACA, EEOC, ADA, AARP

There sure are a lot of Brown Shirts, er...

I thought Trump understood TV; who wraps up the evening at 10:39 PM?

I missed it. Did they tinkle the champagne glass to get them to kiss?

RNC convention: not for one second did i see a shred of compassion for another human being.

Pence looks great. The only thing missing is a giant condom

Pic Of The Moment: Angry Mob Forms In Downtown Cleveland

Thank god they are following her with a

On the extreme right, it is perfectly okay to murder law enforcement officers...

This Fiasco Will Make 76 seem like a Garden Party

did the gold digger speak about how wonderful her $$$ daddy was?

Anderson Cooper: Melania Trump did great because no one went to the bathroom.

When did Scott Walker get George Costanza hair?

RNC shuts down convention live chat over anti-Semitic rants

If Clinton and the democrats cant beat this crowd in the general

Michael Flynn: "USA, I love it... I love you all! Yeah! USA! Get fired up! USA!"

Kind of disturbing seeing DUers here making fun of an immigrant's accent

SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ To Air Special Editions For The Conventions

My one wish for Melania Trump

Now I skipped the RNC tonight (just because) but I have a question

Senator Joni Ernst to finish off the evening...

Breaking News from the Convention floor...

OMG! Doesn't Tom Brokow look like George Burns?

I don't have a beef with tRump's wife.

If Flynn STILL rambling on?

Neighborhood kids biking down the street under an almost full moon

The vibe I get from twitter is this thing is a train wreck. n/t

Ernst trying to boost chickenhawk Trump's military/vet creds

Tomorrow night the GOP will resort to barring the EXITS

NEW RULES Allow Employers to Pay for Employees HEALTH INFORMATION (ACA, EEOC, ADA, AARP)

An excited crowd listens with rapt attention to Joni Ernst.

Nigel Farage crashes and burns on live radio after a caller sets the perfect trap(Video at link)


Anti-fascism was a part of my political identity that I never thought would be relevant.

Joni ! don't think I'd brag about being the first elected female to hold

Is this a joke

OMG Joni Ernst is blowing it.

Bring back Michelle Bachman!

catching up

I have a question on Amazon Fire tablet

catching up

Refugee attacks train passengers in Germany, shouts Allah akbar

did anyone see that Alex Jones spoke at the RNC?

Thank you to those reporting on the GOP convention!

*HRC on Charlie Rose for the hour, now.

Stephen Colbert is off to a rip-roaring start on THE LATE SHOW...

Colbert's Christmas in July bit is too funny

A battery inspired by vitamins

did Queen give them permission to let short fingered use their song

Has Don the Con ever appeared before a Congressional committee where the majority...

Can anyone else imagine Trump speaking in the voice of Eric Cartman?

Melanias son

Luckovich - You Can Just Feel the Electricity at the GOP Convention

Just saw the new Bourne movie premiere

Bangladesh Indicts 41 on Murder Charges for 2013 Factory Collapse

The RNC was hilarious tonight!

Trump Rescues America

Utah Delegate Says Trump Supporters Threatened Her Life In RNC Bathroom

Melania Stole from Michelle Obama's Speech

Trump: Black Lives Matter has helped instigate police killings

Do you think Bernie should have a movie like Weiner? Terrific movie - my son suggested and we went

BREAKING: Melania Trump's speech cribbed a whole paragraph from a MICHELLE OBAMA speech

Starting to go viral on Twitter (Melania Stole from Michelle's speech)

Apparently, The RNC...

Melania plagiarized Michelle's speech

Just one small question:

Melania Trump's speech rips off Michelle Obama's from 2008...

marsha blackburn is always wrong.

why are they having the conventions in July this year?

MSNBC about to call out the Melania speech's plagiarism.

Melania Trump's RNC Speech Follows Michelle Obama's Nearly Verbatim

Breaking News: m$nbc is reporting about Melania Trump's speech mirroring Michelle Obama's

Melania Trump Echoes Michelle Obama in Convention Speech

Maintain focus. More important: Trump Wall or copy-paste? Don't let media lose perspective.

I see it's dump on the wife tonight.

Melania Trump's RNC Speech Follows Michelle Obama's Nearly Verbatim

Help Pick A Theme Song For The RNC!

Melania Trump: *I* wrote the speech.

So tonight will be about comparing Melania to Michelle. Not about the sick exploitation of grief

So the high point of the GOP day was Michelle Obama's speech? BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Poll: Trump gaining on Clinton nationally

CNN now reporting on the plagiarism.

SPECULATION: Melania Trump DESPISES the idea of being First Lady.

Media first praises Melania for giving a great speech, after: "It's not her mistake"

Lee Atwater's ghost is dancing in Cleveland

A Hell-of-a-Place: Tap-A-Keg bar in NYC

Utah delegate threatened in RNC bathroom

Did I not hear Melania say she wrote her own speech earlier today?

Can't we just elect this lady FLOTUS for a third term?

So punked a dump. Bet his roadkill blew.

"Disastrous...this turns the first night into a disaster."~Steve Schmidt - MSNBC (Edit w/ video)

Family of People Killed by Undocumented Immigrants Speak Out at RNC

Melania to Matt Lauer: I wrote it myself with as little help as possible.

FU CNN Melaine is a Star

Have you seen this???

VIDEO: Melania Trump tells Matt Lauer SHE WROTE THE SPEECH!

I'm am sorry. Lord I aplogize. But I....just...can't...resist........

CNN calls Melania a star

Trump Campaign Denounces John Kasich in Ohio, Where Convention Begins

Protesters oppose Duke Energy-Piedmont Natural Gas merger

Melania Trump "I wrote the speech"

Joy Reid is right, Michelle Obama would not get a free pass if she did what Melania did

Confessions of a Republican. "Trump sounds like a threat to humanity."

Did the speech writers try and sabotage Trump's convention?

Who wants to bet it was one of the Trump kids?

Will the White House press secretary make a comment about Melania's plagiarism?

Melania Trump copy cat

Melania Plagiarized Michelle Obama's Speech


ANYONE wanta bet Michelle fell out of her chair watching this?

Republicans steal more music

AP Exclusive: Document shows less limits on Iran nuke work


Most Major News websites are reporting on the Plagiarizer

"Make America Safe For Plagiarism."

McCrory signs change to HB2 restoring state discrimination lawsuits

Other Speeches by Melania Trump



It is plagiarism. But was it sabotage?

I doubt Trump's face is orange right now.

Did she plagiarize Rick Asley too?

CNN's Don Lemon said "But she looked amazing"

NC victory ‘pivotal’ for Donald Trump’s campaign, senator says

Wanted to make sure you saw this: Melania Plagiarized Michelle Obama's Speech

When plagiarism is outlawed, only outlaws will plagiarize

Michelle Obama vs Melania Trump

Did the Trump children write the speech?

If you like are the latest. (Rasmussen is obviously crap)

Is Chris Mathews going to come out as a Republican finally?

Does Melania hate whitey?

Faux Noise actually finally admitted that "a few paragraphs"....

Re: Melania. Someone tonight made the comment that her speech didn't have much "red meat."

It wouldn't surprise me if she actually wrote it.

Oh boy, #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes is trending #2 on Twitter...

Biggest lie to me was Gulliania saying Trump gives anonymous donations

HIV researchers at UNC secure more funding

America's "saviour" has arrived

She has to be an idiot

This convention is now completely discredited. finally using the 'P' word - "PLAGIARISM IN MELANIA TRUMP'S SPEECH"

I Ran Melania's Speech Through a Plagiarism Checker Online: "Significant Plagiarism Found"

Jared Kushner (Trump's son-in-law) writes many of Trump's speeches

Clemson surpasses $1 billion goal in The Will to Lead capital campaign


Wouldn't it it be funny if Stephen Colbert admitted to

Text Of Donald Trump's Acceptance Speech Leaked

Trump campaign issues what is essentially a non-denial denial

Don't superpacs pay huge amounts for ads?

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes is trending.

In Dylann Roof hearing, judge rules jury should be picked from Charleston area

Road-building industry funding group pushing half-cent sales tax increase

Misappropriating Melania (and other nicknames Donald would use if situation reversed)

Were Portions Also Stolen From Ann Romney's Speech in 2012?

New coalition rallies against proposed rate hike by SCE&G

Stephen Baldwin on CNN right now!

Time for bed. Stephen Baldwin now on CNN talking about the convention.

Best version of Melania Trump's RNC speech side by side with Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC speech

Crooked Melania


The NY Daily News just changed their front page for tomorrow...

Did Melania Trump include a Rickroll in the middle of her convention speech?

After watching only 1 day

Melania Trump's RNC RICKROLL (VIDEO)

It took the Visigoths 3 days to finish the Sack of Rome...

OK folk, the Logo... the Rick Roll words .... the plagiarism.... SOMEONE in tRump camp hates him

Melania Trump Rick Rolls The Entire Nation

You Lady, are no Michelle Obama

Brian Williams pontificating about big lies from big shots

New coalition rallies against proposed rate hike by SCE&G

THIS is a First Lady.

VI BMV Given $450K In 2015 For Rank And File Employee Raises; Year Later--No Money Left, No Raises

There was one, possibly significant, change in the speech...

Pence once cited 'Mulan' as proof women don't belong in military

ms trump makes a statement.

Puerto Rico flag black and 'in mourning' over US-imposed financial oversight board

Puerto Rico gives away over $519 million to multinational seed corporations, including Monsanto

Melania already owned the speech (said she wrote it), she's going to have to address it.

Robert Costas: A Lot of Anger in Trump's Inner Circle Over Speech

Turnout for the Women Vote Trump event at the RNC:

Medicare Payments to Puerto Rico May Increase

Daily Holidays - July 19

Heat, sweat and paranoia in Cleveland

The Media Are Now Officially On Trial

Researchers detect high levels of arsenic, chromium and kidney injury biomarker in children of Mexic

Researchers detect high levels of arsenic, chromium and kidney injury biomarker in children of Mexic

Jon Stewart and an old friend return on Colbert's Late Show to make sense of RNC

Stephen Colbert : RNC is like Christmas in July

Melania Trump - twitter: "Melania's team of writers..."

Stephen Colbert: The Word "Trumpiness"


Time-traveling Michelle stole Melania's speech!

Bill Gates’ Silver-Bullet Misfiring at the Mandela Memorial Lecture

117 Countries Slam American Police Brutality At UN Human Rights Council

Republican Party platform on Cuba returns to the Cold War days

Republican Party platform on Cuba returns to the Cold War days

In Burrillville, Raimondo offers little comfort to foes of power plant

My dream from Aug 2015

Trump campaign guts GOP’s anti-Russia stance on Ukraine

Poll: Trump supporters unfazed by reversal on self-funding

The hypocrisy of MSBNC re: the Melania Trump plagiarism.

Chief Inspector Murphy provides backup for Capt. Mom

IS group claims Germany axe attacker as 'fighter'

Group responsible for America’s culture of violence: men

The Latest: Erdogan ready to reinstate death penalty

The Republican Convention Is So Terrible That Even Donald Trump Isn’t Watching

The Craziness pours out of the GOP convention

Turkey 85 generals, admirals charged in coup attempt

Raimondo declines to sign bill to protest R.I. budget cut

what are the official drinking game rules

Trump on Melanoma's speech:

Cuts To Parks, Environment Programs Trigger Frustration, Calls For Change

I am truly baffled why anyone, especially a Democrat, would watch the Republican convention.

Kiev Calls For Boycott of Russian Museums Exhibiting Crimean Art

Don the Con - RNC program lies about Melania Trump's biography..

Connecticut Court Reaffirms Ruling Abolishing Death Penalty

Well done CNN

My take on the RNC Convention (day one)

f I was a reporter I would ask Donald Trump this

Connecticut Democrats Outraising GOP In Congressional Campaigns

A powerful ISIS truck bomb is destroyed by Iraqi forces before reaching it's target

Washington Post "Parts of speech may be Cribbed"

Auditors find million-dollar mistake in state construction projects

DUers a Call to Arms...

Donald, is it Crooked Hillary or is it in reality Crooked Melania? Just wondering.

Connecticut mortgage fraud scheme ringleader gets 9 years in prison

Shouldn't our focus be on the "Cheating Brown-Shirts"?

Paul Manafort doubles down on Melania Trump speech

Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored (HBO)

Morning Joe on plagiarism story...

So who is the liar now?

Rep Steve 'cantaloupe calves' King: What have non-whites done for civilization?

North Haven man sentenced to four years in prison for receiving $1.5 million in bribes

since I can't know everything - gas prices below 2 bucks in my 'hood. anything to do w/ brexit?

For those that twitter: #beckywiththeborrowedspeech

Aside from the bit that she stole from Michelle Obama, Melania's speech was pretty good

The best part of Melania's speech was the crowd going wild for Michelle's words.

Paul Manafort on plagiarism allegation: Plagiarized? "Of course not" "These are common words."

Trump campaign pulls Melania from TODAY SHOW...

Fact-checking the first day of the 2016 Republican National Convention

Bubba Watson's jetpack:

So is Alex Jones getting a speaking slot at GOP Convention?

GOP Convention Anti-Farm

POLL: Meme of the Week – July 19th

Today's NY Daily News cover is about the Melania Trump speech

Rickrolled: Melania Trump also inexplicably plagiarized Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”

Impact of DEEP budget cuts outlined for state lawmakers

They're trying to say, "It was just a couple of lines"

BREAKING: "Morning Joe" has learned name of staffer assigned to Melania Trump...

Did Donald Trump Swindle Cleveland's Working Poor?

Will The Republican Convention Feature The Same Old Lies?

BREAKING: NBC reports Paul Manafort saying Melania Trump added plagiarized lines to speech...

Clinton plans plenty of ‘counterprogramming’ during the GOP convention

Black women are most worried about the outcome of the 2016 election, poll finds

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive – A Monument to Ignorance

Apart from the plagiarism, what was YOUR highlight from last night?

Melania Trump is lying about graduating college

School superintendents hit the books over public records law

The GOP’s coronation of a charlatan

The GOP’s coronation of a charlatan

Clinton: Trump Is 'Most Dangerous, Reckless' Presidential Candidate Ever

Countdown to Trump jettisoning Manafort.

The GOP’s backward-looking agenda

The GOP’s backward-looking agenda

This mornings NY Daily News headline is a doozy

I'm betting the kids set her up

The one and only way to counter the republican bullshitting and lying:

Imagine if Melania had stolen from Jesus instead:

Manafort is doing all the morning shows, throwing Melania under the bus.

gosh I'm so sad - anti-trump repubs are so upset

Watching Trump's Whole Campaign Play Out From His Throwing His Hat In The Ring Thru The Primaries...

Roll call votes-comparison of Democratic vs. GOP conventions-my view as a Clinton delegate

The way to spin the Melania Trump kerfuffle:

Just wondering

Scott Brown wouldn’t say no to a spot in Donald Trump’s Cabinet

Will Trump get a bump from the Convention?

Reason Magazine: A Republican Party of Emotions, Not Ideas

Chris Christie: 93 percent of Melania’s speech was different from Michelle’s

RNC Speaker Scott Baio Tweeted Meme Referring To Hillary Clinton As A C**t

Borowitz: Americans nostalgic for Republican who only wanted to screw over 47% of them.

Ironically, conservatives are fracturing the Republican Party.


Lawmakers rule out Mass. summer sales tax holiday

Threatened by cops for handing out pro-union leaflets

Melania Trump's notepad...

To "psychics," nothing succeeds like total failure.

I see a little silhouetto of a man.

Was Turkish coup staged?

Rock climber sentenced to 10 years for killing mentor

Security at RNC is a joke

HRC at NAACP Convention: "This madness has to stop"

Do not click on "click here for an important message" request.

Christ Christie's hilarious defense of plagiarism

Send in the Clowns....

Manipulating votes is nothing new at the RNC. They did it in 2012.

Melania Trump Rick Roll video...

Taco Bell employee fired after denying service to deputies

Stepping back for a bit about Melania: who do you think is responsible?

Freak show begins: With mix of put-downs and a floor fight, GOP opens raucous national convention

I walked a mile in 20 minutes this morning.

I Bet The RNC Is Now Thinking That They Should Have Considered The Unbound Delegate Motion....

Can we add an option for one of the jury surveys?

German left-wing radicals say Jews have ‘too much influence’

The conspiracy convention: Alex Jones and the fringe right get their Cleveland spotlight

Note to Trump and Manafort: KEEP on STONEwalling!

Melania's speechwriter screwed up the one "freebie" of the Trump campaign.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

Plagiarism is a conspiracy so Trump can exit race

CNN is saying the Trump campaign is in full denial mode on their blatant plagiarism. This is GOOD!

How the Melania Trump speech was written:

Joining forces in Cleveland: European-style nationalism is poised to unite with Trump’s GOP

"They're playing my song: 'I'm one of the sporting crew!'" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes........ Do you have one of your own???

The problem is not Donald Trump. The problem is not his candidacy.

Trump said, 'I could shoot someone in the middle of times square and they would still vote for me.'

Well no one appears to be talking Benghazi this morning. Why is that?

Duhhhh! Michelle Obama stole the speech from Melania! how is this possible, you might ask?

Va. GOP buzzing about possibility Clinton-Kaine ticket would open his Senate seat

Priebus Says Speechwriter Should Be Fired

Fine, don't listen to me.

In response to Trump's nasty tweet about Michelle's bangs in 2013, I offer this:

The Word: #Trumpiness


Bus With Chinese Tourists Catches Fire in Taiwan, Killing 26

The Word: Trumpiness

They say the rich stay rich by not spending their money.

". . . the circus is in town." . . .Please come CAPTION Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr.!!!

Philippines says it rejected China offer of talks on South China Sea

Hai to ame by D'espairsRay

Michelle Obama's speech to DNC should discuss her childhood in Slovenia

Melania's rickroll

Why isn't this big news? Trump's campaign chairman lobbied for fascist Russian puppet TEN+ YEARS

How many languages does Melania speak? And why does it prove she's smart?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- The Circus Comes To Town

About Melania's speech

‘She Was in Love With Me’: Trump Blasts Woman Who Claims He Sexually Assaulted Her

Tonight is a Full Moon. Who is on the RNC speaker list??

The Speechwriter, Manafort, or Melania. Who goes and in what order?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: More Clowns

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Virginia delegation joins short-lived convention revolt over RNC rules

Did Melania Trump include a Rickroll in the middle of her convention speech?

" . . . the circus is in town." . . . Please come CAPTION Melania Trump!!!

Congressman: Whites ‘Contribute More To Civilization’. One EPIC Tweet Proves Him Hilariously Wrong

Syrian rebels capture Islamic State headquarters in Manbij: U.S. military

DNCC Announces Americans from Across the Country to Speak at Democratic National Convention

The ethics of artificial intelligence in intelligence agencies

Can Michelle Obama sue Melania Trump

The problem with having Melania personify the "good immigrant"

How Donald Trump can make America great again: Koo

Before GoPro

So help me Manafort just blamed Hillary.

New Hampshire state employees' union endorses Clinton

New Hampshire state employees' union endorses Clinton

Republicans have been spouting off sexist, racist bullshit for eight years now...

Are These Women Donald Trump's Secret Weapon?

Paul Manafort Blames Hillary Clinton for Melania Trump Speech Plagiarism Allegation

PATHETIC! Melania Trump steals lines straight from Michelle Obama's DNC speech!

Trump & Manaforte, you morons, DO NOTHING but its too late now

Gov. Paul LePage backs Madawaska's plan to drug test welfare recipients

Lou Holtz, former coach,walking around RNC with bottle of Crown Royal


Melanie's speech didn't sound like the speech

Full Frontal: The RNC is underway, and it's a regular "who's who" of "where the hell is everybody.."

GOP Strategist To Sens: You Proud 2016 Win Hinges On Votes Of ‘White Guys?’

2000+hp '69 Camaro BATTLES Larry Larson - Rocky Mountain Race Week!

Where did Tom Cotton hear a certain phrase before

In light of 28 Saudi pages, how can GOP claim to be tough on terrorism?

The GOP's shadow convention.

Earlier in the day, Melania Trump told NBC's Matt Lauer: "I read once over it, that's all, because I

UMaine System board hears proposal to create systemwide budget

In 1988 there was no Internet and yet people still found Plagiarism in a Biden speech.

This should be the biggest story of the election season

In the immortal words of the great Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky:

28 Saudi Pages: Saudis feared captured Bin Laden would spill their terror support history

this is the BEST! Triumph the insult comic dog was behind the scenes after the

Pic Of The Moment: I Ctrl-C What You Did There

Rockport lawyer gets 71 months for defrauding employer

Hillary Clinton Site now in Spanish! ~(GD 16)

Why most Trump supporters don't care about Melania's plagiarism

Hillary Clinton Site now in Spanish! ~(HRC GP)

CNN: Stolen Words

I have been a Christian all my life but I woke up this morning

Who said anything about this being like pro-wrestling? -Trump's entrance

Plagiarism may be the least horrible thing that happened on that stage

Auto insurer asks to raise rates of Maine seniors based solely on age

When Melania said, "Ich Ein Berliner" in her speech last night. I knew something was amiss.

Odd Couple: Rob Reiner and Reba McEntire

Let's rhyme tonight's RNC theme!

*** A Big Thank You to Skinner, et al ... Posted to the AA Group ***

Guardian: Trump's Republican party hits new low: relentless exploitation of genuine grief

General fund revenues $16.1 million shy of fiscal 2016 targets

The Rickroll from Melania's speech:

RNC: Watch the House Band Play David Bowie's Drug-Referencing 'Station to Station'

Official transcript of Melania Trump's original speech FOUND!

"Hillary planted those lines in Malania's speech." . . . Please come CAPTION Steve Doocy!!!

Deposition details Jay Peak CEO Stenger’s role in alleged fraud

On the bright side, Trump probably won't need any cosmetic enhancements to color his face, today

'Earthquake' off Florida's coast was Navy testing

Democrats who skipped voting in 2012 and 2014 may need to

Blue, green or 'nol'? New study reveals that even before infants can talk, language shapes ...

Turkey coup: 15,200 education staff suspended

Funny how they stressed Melania had been working with a speechwriter on her speech for weeks.

Turning photos into art - Spectacular


Could Gary Johnson Be The Ross Perot Of 2016?

Suspended Vt. lawmaker faces 2nd trial on sex charges

Queen: Trump not authorized to use "We Are The Champions"

A hidden gem in Melania's speech

The RNC Shit Show

Business executive convicted of bilking investors out of $2M

Another part of Melania speech appears to have been lifted from an Amazon review

A silly joke

Donald Trump's wife said this?

Manafort will take the fall. Corey Lewandowski has apparently been directed to

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 19, 2016

My prediction as to how Michelle Obama will respond.

Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions--Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention, 19-20 July 1848

Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions Woman's Rights Convention, Seneca Falls, 19-20 July 1848

Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions Woman's Rights Convention, Seneca Falls, 19-20 July 1848

SCOTUS Nominee, Merrick Garland, set to make history this week.

Governor candidates debate tonight

Ex-Cards scouting director Chris Correa sentenced to prison for hacking Astros

Seen on Facebook this morning:

The Best Thing about Melania's Speech?

Mike Murphy: Mood in Trump Campaign "Something between grim and the Donner Party"

Now They're Saying Michelle Obama Used Gail Dever's words, and I can't

$15 minimum wage met with skepticism in Vermont

How do I edit my journal?

How do I edit my journal?

WOW: Melania Trump’s Claims She Graduated College Are About As Credible As Her Speech Last Night

The Women's Rights Convention, Seneca Falls, 19-20 July 1848

The attempted coup in Turkey: Hell hath no fury like a teflon Sultan.

Women's Rights Convention, Seneca Falls, 19-20 July 1848

Corey Lewandowski: if Manafort saw the Melania speech in advance, he should be fired...

The attempted coup in Turkey: Hell hath no fury like a teflon Sultan.

Women's Rights Convention, Seneca Falls, 19-20 July 1848

Many Republicans will abandon the Trump candidacy.

What will be one of the most anticipated books on the 2016 Election?

Come on people, did you really expect Melania Trump to

This Scott Baio is really really

For his next trick - Trump has a Muslim delivering the closing prayer at RNC tonight.

Who's looking forward to day two?

Housing starts rise 4.8% in June, as supply still lags demand

fantastic collection of images from the seneca falls convention and the suffrage movement

fantastic collection of images from the seneca falls convention and the suffrage movement

I don't care who wrote the speech. Melania Trump is responsible for it.

fantastic collection of images from the seneca falls convention and the suffrage movement

Irrelevant washed-up actor

Melania Trump and Michele Obama side by side:

Queen (the band) says use of their song at RNC was unauthorized

READ: President Obama Writes Open Letter Of Support To Law Enforcement

Solar storm hits satellites, disrupts com systems. Manafort blames Hillary.

Report: George W. Bush Told Inner Circle He Worries About Being 'Last GOP Prez'

OH wth . Trump camp blaming Hillary for Melania speech meltdown.

Saw on twitter no one noticed his third wife said he will never give up on you

The Fear Is Trump Might Do Better Than Anyone Thinks.

Last night's RNC exploits remind me of several acronyms I learned in the military, most notably:

Prediction: The MSM Is Working Up Their "Trump Turned It Around And Won" Meme

Putin’s Swift Reaction to Doping Report Blames Anti-Russian Politics

Dozens of Civilians Reported Dead in U.S.-led Syria Airstrike

Two musicians played the Star Wars theme outside John Williams’ house, & he popped out to meet them!

Man reportedly stabs mother, 3 daughters over their attire

Equal Time with Rudy Boudelang

So now there is no ownership or copyright infringement. Plagiarism is just common words.

How Come Trump Isn't Making His Own Statement Re: Malania Plagerism.....

Dead Giveaway on Plagiarism - Sabotage

Donald Trump, where are you?

Trump campaign denies plagiarism in Melania's speech, blames reaction on Clinton

to me, the RNC mob chanting "BUILD THE WALL" was even scarier than Melania's plagiarism

Has Goebbelsvision started the "they're being mean to Melania" bit yet?

A group of men help people walk home

Previously Unnoticed GOP Platform Plank

*** Posted to the AA Group: The Question Keeps Getting Asked, Here's a Good Place to Start ***

I think the First Lady and Sec. Clinton will be very gracious as always, but I still chuckled

Reality TV villain Omarosa named as Donald Trump's new director of African-American outreach

Donald complimented Michelle's 2012 speech:

Republic loose with the lips and facts.

Day 1: Hillary murdered a state employee, made girl Trump plagiarize and

Jon Favreau redeems himself.

Abroad in Japan: Inside a Japanese Love Hotel

Sources: Megyn Kelly Told Murdoch Investigators That Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed Her

Clinton has 945 electoral paths to the White House. Trump has 72.

Melania has no one but herself to blame.

Trump campaign saying plagiarism scandal is a non-issue, won't fire anyone. (Bwahahahaha...)

Owen Smith to face Corbyn in Labour leadership challenge

Trump and the cult of stupid

Syrian rebels capture Islamic State headquarters in Manbij: U.S. military

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaa. Killer Don King just showed up at the doorstep in Cleveland.

Turkey cancels all TV, radio licences linked to Gulen: watchdog

*** Posted to the AA Group ***

Then there's Jeff Sessions that longs for 1999 again

Norovirus outbreak strikes California delegation at RNC

Plagiarism aside, that was also not a compelling speech from a spouse

Volkswagen Is Accused of Emissions Fraud as New York and Massachusetts Sue, Naming Names

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop...

Night One Of Republican National Convention Unleashed Some Deeply Insane, Disturbing Psychosis

Night One Of Republican National Convention Unleashed Some Deeply Insane, Disturbing Psychosis

An open letter to Melania and her speech writer...

So how did Joni & Chachi do last night? (And who will be featured tonight, Laverne & Shirley?)

Election Update: Clinton’s Lead Is As Safe As Kerry’s Was In 2004 - Nate Silver

Who Was Santoso, Indonesia's Most-Wanted Radical Islamist Militant?

Here's the bottom line bind they are in

If the Republicns want to plagerize, perhaps the theme for last nights convention night should be:

Report: Trump’s Campaign Is in a ‘Save My Marriage’ Moment After Speech Plagiarism Crisis

Bombshell report: Megyn Kelly has told Murdoch lawyers she was sexually harassed by Roger Ailes

Corruption Charge Against Ex-Philippine President Arroyo Dismissed

Bill Clinton is memorizing Melania's speech

This just in! Hillary's response to the Republican Convention so far:

Here's a gun question:

*** Tappenzee Bridge Closed In Both Directions ***

CNN poll: Do you think the country is ready for an all-female presidential ticket?

Crane collapses on lanes of Tappan Zee Bridge in NYC suburbs

Angela Eagle pulls out of Labour race....

George W. Bush Told Inner Circle He Worries About Being 'Last GOP Prez'

Pakistani Court Orders Freezing of Musharraf’s Bank Accounts, Property

Cnn’s Poll just televised... Wow!

Cthulhu for President - because why not?

CORRECTED: Cleveland police say no shots fired on vehicle near Cleveland convention

Okay. Out of frustration I went looking for my Senator.

NOW OFFICIAL: ReDumblicans have chosen to nominate _this guy for the Presidency

Boris Johnson refuses to apologize for 'thesaurus' of insults

Trump campaign and RNC lies about Melania's University degree--but so does she.

Tonight is the RNC's rollcall vote...

Always a treat buying the NY Daily News newspaper.rofl

Obama's response to the GOP convention.

70 Years Ago, the U.S. Military Set Off a Nuke Underwater, And It Went Very Badly

Where is Sarah?????? It's Republican Convention Time. Where did she go????

Poll: Americans Worried About Keeping Families Safe from Rudy Giuliani

There's Something Big Going Down in the Arctic and the Whales Can't Get Any Sleep

*THIS* is why the Trumpions will win in November

Plagiarizin’ Melania

Pseudoscience About Guns in the Canadian Medical Association Journal

This just showed up on the Boston Globe site -

Did Melania Trump include a Rickroll in the middle of her convention speech?

Virginia high court hears Republican voting-rights lawsuit

Hillary Clinton has a 76% chance of winning the presidency, our election forecast finds....

Donald Trump's victims: Michael Diehl | The Briefing (GD 16)

Melania lies about writing speech, Donald lied about writing "Art of the Deal"

Could the plagiarism have been deliberate sabotage, with a clue left behind?

New Campaign Invites Millennials to ‘Come Home’ to Catholic Faith

Britain will not start EU divorce this year, government lawyer says

"Real" media...

Vilsack stock rises as Clinton nears VP pick

Violence, Blood and Betrayal inside the Trump Potemkin Village

meanwhile, in Canada

Opening line to Trump's acceptance speech leaked.....

New Texas Republican footwear

"We Told Ya So" said everyone involved in the failed Dump Trump movement

Norovirus outbreak reported among GOP convention staffers

.Wanna Know Why No One Was Fired?

A momentary lapse of reason.

Mike Pence just destroyed Trump’s chances of winning over Bernie Sanders voters

Yes, I'm Beating A Dead Horse But...

Leaked: Opening Lines of Trump's Acceptance Speech

in honour of the anniversary of seneca falls (and the woman-hating pukes) women's lives matter

Megyn Kelly says Roger Ailes harassed her...

in honour of the anniversary of seneca falls (and the woman-hating pukes) women's lives matter

It looks like the GOP is not amused.

The Monsters are due on Maple Street

in honour of the anniversary of seneca falls (and the woman-hating pukes) women's lives matter

"Does joking about a woman that way make America great again?"

Looks like the money men aren't happy with Trump.

Hillary Clinton has about a 76% chance of winning the presidency. (edited: link added)

Legal CBD Vape Oil and Other Products? Thoughts/Experiences?

Warning to all Bikers For Trump from all the world's musicians for peace

When does Trump get National Security briefings??

I know we're not supposed to criticize people for their low post-counts, but...

If you haven't read it, I recommend the New Yorker article about Trump's ghostwriter.

Trump delegate: “minority groups," "illegal immigrants" have rights"blue blooded Americans"don't

Trump plagiarized his tweet, the one that followed his wife's speech

There are so many people in Trump's campaign contradicting one another on the plagiarism thing.

When will the average Joe say it?

Plot thickens: Trump ditched a scheduled meeting with donors and flew to New York.

Christie: Pal's Plea in Airline Shakedown 'Made Me Very Sad'

Idiot Sean Spicer from RNC yelling @ Wolf that Michelle plagiarized MY LITTLE PONY!!!

Sherriff Clarke: How is this clown allowed to run for office on a Democratic ticket?

Federal Effort Launched to Expand Solar Power in Communities

Scott Baio said Trump offered him a speaking slot last Thursday. Hmmmm!!!

What was the motivation of the Turkey Coup?

Heckler threatens to file a complaint

What if Melania had directly quoted Michelle with attribution?

Tamron Hall interviewed Scott Baio this morning

Checking in

Full Buck Moon on July 19

University pulls out of hosting presidential debate over safety concerns

ACLU Sues Kansas Over Voting Rule for State, Local Races

ACLU Sues Kansas Over Voting Rule for State, Local Races

what is this BULLSHIT about the 'beautifully delivered' speech? did anyone actually pay

BREAKING NEWS: Melania Trump reportedly rips off a Ziggy cartoon.

So going to hell...does this count and dinner and drinks?

Just imagine the Peace,Love and Tranquility

Documents: People Held to Shield Image of Montana Tribe

Documents: People Held to Shield Image of Montana Tribe

Scott Baio

The Hope Is Trump Fatally Damages His Campaign/Takes Rest Of GOP With Him.

My Little Pony did it

if you love great horror films, see 'The Wailing'

Mountain goat drowns trying to escape photo-taking crowd in Alaska

The nerve of Michelle Obama.....

Backstage at the RNC .. Prepping the next "character witness" ...

The Cartoonists are having a field day with Melania's speech

Justice Department changes social media policy after rogue tweet criticizing CNN

BREAKING NEWS...Melania Trump's Good Housekeeping Cookie recipe now available

Now the wingnuts are throwing a trumper tantrum

Didn't there used to be toilet paper in pastel colors? Seems like there was,

Never Trump plans last stand tonight

RNC Staffers Quarantined After Norovirus Outbreak Reported at Convention - (Why does God hate them?)

Named: Donald Trump aide who let Melania speak Michelle Obama's words – campaign chairman's former l

Chances that Melania Trump didn't plagiarize Michelle Obama? Less than one in a trillion

The Likelihood That Melania Trump Accidentally Copied Michelle Obama Is “Less Than 1 in a Trillion”

How did the Trump Campaign get Clinton data?

Freeper rationalize plagiarism as "resonate the same universal concepts."

Rep. Steve King Goes Complete Grand Wizard In Interview With Chris Hayes

Hillary might be the first prez candidate to get a bump out of both conventions.

I don't have a TV but I'm wondering if anyone knows if MelaniaGate is crickets on FOX?

Mrs Drumpf didn't plagerize Michelle Obama but John Legend and My Little Pony

What happens if Trump quits a few weeks after the convention?

This is how we should answer Merry Christmas:

About the speech thing having to do with MrsT's ESL . . . .

Funniest Memes Reacting to Melania Trump's Plagiarized GOP Convention Speech

Oh, the irony

Tiffany Trump's Speech Leaked

Obamacare: Covered California's health plan prices soar

Russian doping: IOC delays decision on possible blanket ban for Rio Olympics

Russian doping: IOC delays decision on possible blanket ban for Rio Olympics

Is trump going to pull a perot

What Is This Obama/Deval Patrick Meme Shit About?

Help Melania with her next speech on the campaign trail -- add your own.

VIDEOS From AIDS2016: Inside the Massive HIV Treatment Access March

The language you dream in/think in is the one you use

VIDEOS From AIDS2016: Inside the Massive HIV Treatment Access March

Colombia sends 46 trucks to restock after 120,000 Venezuelans cross border to buy goods

Just heard Rump and wife to speak at the GOP Convention tonight. Per CNN

Manufacturer United Plastics, staffing agency ASI Group to pay $1.4M in back wages, damages

Godfrey Bloom exposes the scam of central banking in European Parliament

Godfrey Bloom exposes the scam of central banking in European Parliament

Trending on Twitter: My Little Pony

At least a dozen California GOP staffers quarantined in virus outbreak at convention

Haha, the gift that keeps on giving...

OMFG -Teachers and academics are thanking Melania Trump for perfect material

Justice Department Poised To Block Cigna-Anthem And Aetna-Humana Mergers: Reports

So how on EARTH does Giuliani not get the Howard Dean treatment by the media?

Why I don't feel one bit sorry for Melania Trump

Why Melania Trump's plagiarized speech should be fatal to Donald Trump's campaign

A double dose of pain inducement.

Looks like the Trumps are a pack of thieves.

Turkey's government fears second coup attempt as purge removes many army commanders

Ford, tequila maker Jose Cuervo team up on bioplastic project.

Mich. lacrosse players charged with felonies after allegedly slitting guinea pig's throat

FEC Fails To Punish Koch-Funded Law Breakers

America’s huge racial wealth gap is not an accident

PUKIN' in CLEVELAND: Possible Norovirus Outbreak at GOP Convention

Jeff Montgomery, gay-rights advocate, dies at 63

Did Someone In Trump's Campaign Sabotage Melania's Convention Speech?

The GOP Convention Has Been A Marketing Machine For Hate...

Ok, here is the deal with Mrs. Trumps speech

Kansas City, Kan., police officer shot; in critical condition

25 things you don't know about Donald Trump....

Three arrested after hanging anti-Trump banner near Cleveland convention

Auto insurer asks to raise rates of Maine seniors based solely on age

Someone is Making Clothes from lab-grown Alexander McQueen Skin

The Mistake by the Lake

New York animal park owner trampled to death by antelope

When will the DNC Rules Committee meet

Meanwhile outside ....religious protesters

"White Nonsense Roundup"-by white people, for white people, to address our inherently racist society

Protests started. Block away from convention.

Ailes is NOT getting a golden parachute

Fact-checking the first day of the 2016 Republican National Convention

Instead of Hillary Benghazi

**No one to be fired after Melania Trump speech plagiarism episode**CNN

Thanks, Mrs. Obama!

Melania Plagerism on Purpose? Distract Media from Trump Ignorance? Suck all airtime from Hillary?

Does anyone else feel badly for Melania Trump?

State troopers from Mass., N.H. arrested and charged with assault after video showed officers punchi

We're getting farther and farther away from the Holocaust in historical memory

So while the media rants how both of the respective party's candidates are unpopular, they FAIL to

Babies are smart...

Cornel West attacks Hillary, endorses Jill Stein's spolier effort

Can we talk about the RNC's logo with the left handed guitar?

Roger Ailes Will be Leaving Fox News After Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Maybe GOP dies not with a bang or a whimper ...

Roger Ailes Out at Fox News Amid Sexual-Assault Allegations

China hopes to build a $50 trillion global wind and solar power grid by 2050

Which came first ...

Sources for daily tracking polls this week?

The word "debacle" was just used to describe the first day of the GOPee convention.

Roger Ailes in his office, in direct talks to exit FOX News, talks with

Ted Cruz Actually Says Something Intelligent – He Agrees With Bernie Sanders

**MSNBC reporting that the speech writers report that was not the speech they gave Melania**

RNC goon screws up even invoking "My Little Pony!"

Manafort admits that the plagiarism in these circumstances was crazy...

Kate Tur says there was a speech first draft done by an outside contractor.

U.S. Said Readying Suits Against Anthem, Aetna Insurer Deals

Hugh Hewitt is a creepy looking bastard

Germany's first attack by radicalised asylum seeker alarms officials

So what's the latest from the Convention today?

Summit County Progressive Democrats are making their voices heard at the RNC

The Feds Get Caught in the Crossfire Between Students and Debt Collectors

But nobody's talking about Milania's foreign status are they?

The Likelihood That Melania Trump Accidentally Copied Michelle Obama Is “Less Than 1 in a Trillion”

Melania Trump Reportedly Had A Heavy Hand In Plagiarized Speech

Syria conflict: Rebels 'filmed beheading boy' in Aleppo

What happened to the day of the GOP having a convention that went smoothly?

Scored tickets to the Daily Show

More Donald tonight!

Annie Besant – From Atheist to Socialist to Theosophist

Cosmopolitan: Response to Melania's plagiarism is example of white privilege.

July 19, 1848 Seneca Falls Convention begins

BBC News: Teachers line up to thank Melania Trump

Evidence of New World religious dialogue found in Caribbean cave

I understand Melania Trump said a few days ago she was writing her own speech.

Hottest June ever recorded worldwide - NOAA

I'm telling Alan Gratzer.....they're playing REO speedwagon...roll with the changes!

Police Capt. Robert Melton has died; second KCK officer shot and killed in two months Read more he

Catholic Theological Society Gives Top Honor to Openly Gay Scholar

did Cheetos sponsor the convention?, I keep seeing a cheeto stuck to the commentators faces

Does anybody think that someone or some group of people set up Melania on purpose?

Restaurant sees bump in business with 'Black Olives Matter' sign

I'd rather hear more about issues

The 4 Stages of Attending RNC in One Photo

Prenuptial agreements...

Trump supporter speaking at RNC described as boss to 100,000 people doesn't employ anyone

‘Ask yourself if Michelle Obama would have been given a pass had she done the same thing in 2008?’

Report: Clinton Going the Ultrasafe/ Boring Route with VP Pick

The Best Effing Chicken Recipe Ever. Seriously.

The U.S. Tried To Kill Erdogan, Says Editor In Chief Of Turkish Daily

Jeff Sessions is full of ........

Limbaugh OK with losing radio show if it means Hillary loss

Two Names Emerge From Clinton’s VP Deliberations: Kaine And Vilsack

Kerry says U.S. and Russia plan 'concrete' Syria steps

The father of son-in-law Kushner (apparently a Don the Con advisor) is a white collar felon...


Pokemon Go: Bosnia players warned of minefields

More US Schools Accused of Denying Education to Immigrants

Trump chumps.

I'm glad there's a separate bathroom for that.

Time to bring back Trumped - Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick

RNC Nomination Rules?

The RNC Is Like Christmas In July = Stephen Colbert

Roger Ailes paid 40 Million to Leave Fox

4 young black people embarrassing themselves on TV

Ankara Arrests Pilots Behind Shootdown of Russian Bomber

Protesters Target Rubio in Pulse Neighborhood

Breaking: Megyn Kelly accussed Roger Alies of Sexually Harrasement

Company of US-backed Somoza Dictatorship Sucked Nicaraguan Blood – Literally

Letterman probably wishes he still had a show.

FSB Arrest Deputy Head of Moscow's Investigative Committee

WikiLeaks Dumps ‘Erdoğan Emails’ After Turkey’s Failed Coup

Politifact completely duped by Comey, thinks Clinton received/sent classified information in emails

Ok how many persons were killed in Syria today

Megyn Kelly is the reason Roger Ailes is Out

DC very pissed off ! Trump said primary rigged now convention roll call rigged.

Republicans find the ONE BLACK, LATINO or ASIAN

This chart shows just how big the air war against the Islamic State was in June

I bet Roger Ailes starts secretly working for Trump tonight.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 20 July 2016

TYT RNC Livestream DAY 2

Son of suspect of one of Colombia’s most traumatic political murders assassinated

Does Donald J. Trump Jr. use...Brylcreem?

Son of suspect of one of Colombia’s most traumatic political murders assassinated

Ergodan purge spreads to education

The Kansas City Royals play in Missouri not Kansas!

Uh, what's going on with the betting markets?

BREAKING: First draft of Melania speech contained NONE of the plagiarized material

I think Donald Trump made the changes to the speech himself.

Proof that the RNC is run by Lizard People...

Is Melania trying to throw her husband's campaign?

Parents kick gay teen out o the house to set up surprise coming out party.

NBC’s Richard Engel: RNC Manipulated Grief Of Benghazi Victim's Mother To Smear Clinton

Turkish navy ships still missing since attempted coup – as it remains unclear which side admirals ar

Big day.

Prime-Time RNC Speaker Claims Obama Is ‘Absolutely’ A Muslim

Shrub says, "I'm worried I will be the last Rethuglican POTUS".

Sean hannity, Bill Oreilly and Greata standing up for Roger Ailes

Alleged cartel boss found guilty of conspiracy leading to 300 deaths

Alleged cartel boss found guilty of conspiracy leading to 300 deaths

An op-ed by Trump lifted sections from a former rival

Did anyone watch the RNC on CBS?

Just A Little More Evidence of the Incompetence (or Sabotage) at the Convention

Stanford sexual assault victim faced personal questions at trial, records show

ROFLMAO! RNC Defends Melania Trump : Speech also stole from 'My Little Pony' and Kid Rock

I would love to Tiffany Trump go all rogue on Daddy's ass tonight.

Roger Ailes Is Negotiating His Departure as Chairman of Fox News

Roger Ailes Is Negotiating His Departure as Chairman of Fox News

From David From via Daily KOS...

Airport Workers Stage Walkout Ahead Of Planned Strike During DNC

ROFLMAO: Farage in US to help Republicans 'look at what we did and how we did it' after Brexit

Baseball Bat NY GOP thug is front and center to NY's delegation

You can officially remove the "presumptive" from

Republican National Convention: It’s Official, Trump Is The GOP Nominee

so its trumpy

Bravenak's Republican National KKKonvention live blog - Day 2

The Trump family is the epitome of silver spoon motherfuckers

Trump is officially the nominee

Who said: "trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself and be yourself"

Theresa May says she would kill '100,000 men, women and children' with a nuclear bomb

Melania Trump & Michelle Obama's "Speech REMIX"

Roger Ailes sexually harassed Megyn Kelly

Balloon drop and Trump says I quit.

Bwa! HRC On C Rose: Trump-Pence "A meeting of no minds."

Judge refuses to free Oregon standoff leaders before trial

Trump Jr is acting pretty tough!

Roger Ailes sexually harassed Megyn Kelly

Federal Judge Strikes A Critical Blow Against Wisconsin’s Voter Suppression Law

This Plagiarism Scandal Could Have Been Easy to Deal with From an Experienced Team

Why is Trump not at the RNC today?

Jacob Soboroff (MSNBC) just asked Trump Jr about Melania's speech

The GOP should be ashamed of themselves.

As RNC Commences, “White Elevators” Sign Indicates A Lack Of Racial Sensitivity

Florida health officials investigate possible non-travel case of Zika

Seattle judge hears challenge to Uber, Lyft union law

Oh Alex! Alex Jones gets into brawl with Vermin Supreme outside of RNC

How much of an impact has China had on the US economy?

I just bought some health insurance.

Chief Zee, Washington's Naive, Aggressively Racist Mascot, Is Dead

All The Different Excuses The Trump Campaign Made For Melania Trump’s Plagiarized Speech

Donald Trump's Acceptance Speech online now, was it a hacked?

Greta Van Susteren just said black folks can't afford cable TV

Ex-Yankee Jeter faces fraud trial in dispute with underwear maker

Trump’s Most Inconsequential Lie Is Also The Most Telling

Luckovich - There's Something Familiar About That Speech

Blacks lash out against Melania Trump on Twitter after Plagiarized Speech

A Kansas City Quandary

Speechgate: Something is very fishy

Late Night Comedians and the Conventions (sorry I don't subscribe so all i could get was the link)

While watching this bullshit with the rollcall of the states

Ah-ha. This is what inspired Melania Trump's speech last night.

Brazil probes Olympics threats after group backs Islamic State

Hugh Hewitt has a more annoying voice than Sarah Palin!

Brazil probes Olympics threats after group backs Islamic State


More drama at the circus! Source is CNN.

U.S. files suit against DynCorp International over Iraq contract

Feds Remove the Lesser Prairie Chicken From Protection List

I hope Crisco Christie gets bumped off the program