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Duke Energy: Don't Air NC Toxicologist's Coal Ash Testimony

Leave it to Alaska to mess things up!

Uh oh the rogue Alaska delegation

Women are being silenced in Turkey's crackdown

and now a message from Vincente Fox; President of Mexico

I really like GE Smith. I hope it is just another gig and GE and

APNewsBreak: New Mexico Spaceport Authority Director Resigns

Jill Harth again accuses Trump of 90's sexual assault, demands apology.

Alaska at the RNC Convention

"Make America Safe Again" Trump supporters threaten Utah delegate in bathroom

When it rains it pours - Possible Norovirus strikes Republican National Convention

Damage shown from blast that stopped police-killing sniper

Well, Trump was nominated by a rig system!

Flashback 1964 Republican Convention

Turtleman! LOL!

Feds Reach Settlement With Navajos Over Uranium Mine Cleanup

Feds Reach Settlement With Navajos Over Uranium Mine Cleanup

New Zealand news website does a poll on the USA election

If they wish to plagiarize, let them plagiarize these words.

Brian May tells Trump to stop using We are the Champions

some pretty freaky dancing going on

Melania Trump’s Plagiarism Matters

Bless Colbert for putting the fun in RNC.

GOP Convention Day One: Something Old, Something New, Something Blue...But Mostly Something Borrowed

Make America Work Again! Thoughts on night 2?

The Atlantic: Ten Reasons Why Melania Trump’s Speech Will Have a Lasting Impact - David Frum

Those DUers who continued to predict that Trump would bail out before getting the nomination

This convention is really low energy

Getting Nasty at RNC Bill Clinton called a rapist

Ben Carson compared being transgender to changing ethnicities

My Favorite Image From The Republican Convention

This article tell you everything you need to know about Plagiargate

Stupidparty: Seven Actual Biblical Sins – not the Invented Stupidparty Values


Has anyone checked in on the "Hillary is no better than Trump" gang lately??

GOP Convention 2016—Trump receives responses to his RSVP… répondez, s’il vous plaît…

Such a violent world we live in

Anyone else notice all the empty seats?

The Minnesota delegation at the RNC

I hope at the DNC

This whole convention is one big hate fest...

So the lady who just made fun of Hillary's 'accents'...this is what she really sounds like...

ripping into Ruth Gainsberg now

The Most Powerful Medical Association In The U.S. Gears Up To Fight Congress Over Guns

whos andy west

What If Donald Trump Is Just An Elaborate Prank?

Muckasey just said many people who Hillary emailed with had their emails hacked. Implying hers would

Haymarket Riot

Carson: Melania's alleged plagiarism a sign 'we share the same values'

the rnc must be happy now

Rudy is at it again!

Stop telling me Hillary Clinton was "negligent in protecting lives".....

Tamron HALL smacked Chachi into a mess this morning. He couldn't use the word on her he wanted to

NRA's turn at the RNC


Oh my FUCKING GOD. A GUN NUTTER is addressing the RNC.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Word is Bond?! Live & Uncensored & a new

Nevada Delegate Gets His State Capital Wrong While Voting Trump At RNC

Hilly will ban guns NRA at RNC

NRA at RNC says "We are the largest civil rights group in the USA"

Donald Trump as fictional character? Which one?

Lydia Ko could kick her butt

Again, I've been away for a while. Pic heavy adventures in cooking.

Trump looks like the Wizard of Oz projected on that screen.

Trump is literally phoning it in.

Oh yeah, Don the Con, you are a YUUUUUGE part of a movement...

Big 12 expansion now alive, well and likely after being presumed dead

Republicans Peddle Fear and Little Else on Day One of RNC 2016

Do you cheat?

How many acceptance speeches is Trump going to give this week?

Old wind bag, Mitch!

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes departs News Corp building:

Trump left Cleveland during the convention?

Trump via satellite - looked like he had trouble with his right eye.

Oh look. A bunch of boring white guys.

Shout out for Ida B. Wells ...

**Cough cough Paul Ryan 2020 cough cough **

True Story : My Father once met Donald Trump

Meet Simone Biles, America’s New Gymspiration

Now their slimy side kick!

Who's speech will the Trump's plagiarize tonight?

I'M GOING TO PUKE!!! not puck, puke.

we knew trump's mother was an alien. did you know about his son?

Volunteers collect tons of marine debris from Alaska shores

Just out of morbid curiosity I tuned in to the RNC convention ...

About now they should have a hologram of Reagan's corpse come on stage

The VP pick is not there to make people have happy dances and go "Oh GOODY GOODY!!"

Crispy Cream Christie!

Here are all the terrible excuses the Trump campaign has for Melania’s plagiarized RNC speech

Christie, with no foreign policy, is critiquing Hillary's foreign policy. I guess they don't have

It is pretty sad when you have a party that is spending the

Well that's a new one. Christie is trying Hillary in absentia from the convention podium.

Guilty or not Guilty?

Chris Christie is 'trying Hillary..

This Christie speech is going to a really dark place.

Two Minutes Hate

What Christie is preaching to...

Boy, will Stephanie Miller, Bill Maher, & SNL will have fun with tonight's show!

Donald peddling his merchandise infomercial

Like her stepmom. Did she graduate from Trump U?

Trump, Clinton, and the Realignment of Battleground States

Why is the song 'Mother's Little Helper' playing in my head

I'm sitting here watching bad dystopian disaster movies on the SciFi Channel.

I'm sitting here watching Tiffany Trump's speech and the first question that comes to mind is...

NO Republican dare speak the truth about Benghazi, a covert CIA op directed by Gen Petraeus

Megyn Kelly Versus CNN on Christie's speech

Mulan is liberal propaganda, according to Mike Pence

Next up: Oily Trump


I'm wondering if Donald Trump Jr. will regale us about his African animal murdering adventures

I so want Trump Jr to be reduced to nothing.

That is what "PUBLIC" means in public schools!

Help keep an ear on the police in Cleveland

Donald Trump’s brand is taking a hit

Have the Republicans crossed the line with their charges that Hillary "should be in jail" ??

The bigotry doesn't not fall from the tree!

I understand now. This is all a set up for Don Jr 2028

Rachel Maddow: Trump Jr. Nailed It!!!!

Good Speech- Young Trump.

"his wife Michelle"--from wonkette's comment section, with reference to plagergate:

Norovirus Could Turn the RNC into a Sea of Diarrhea and Vomit

So my elm tree is a Chinese Elm

I just un-muted my TV long enough to hear Ben Carson connect Hillary with Lucifer.

Ben Carson is now lecturing us on Hillary Clinton like Saul Alinsky and quoting his books. Right.

Con Job Jr. Chip Off The Old Block...

Code Pink!!!!!!

New GOP Logo:

Ben Carson - So if Democrats continue to "take god out of our lives" then.......

Mitch McConnell, typical repub... I was yelling at the TV!

500 elephants find new home in massive African relocation

what would happen if a high profile Democrat reffered

At how many political conventions do you see a man, eyes closed, discussing LUCIFER???

GamerGate’s war against Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones ((African-American group post))

I missed what Jan Brady and the American Psycho guy had to say.

Men, Married, Southerners Most Likely to Be Gun Owners

I am sorry folks.. but it is just too dang hot to deal with republicans

State asks court if it can change birth certificate of transgender teen

Is this a kid America should be proud of?

Who was that crazy woman?

Guess what (else) hot sauce is good for!1

Dartmouth study with aye-ayes and slow loris finds that prosimians prefer alcohol

WP: Fairfax County Favors Independent Police Reviews Amid Concern Over Black Arrests

The convention seems flat

MSNBC's effort to be evenhanded is clumsy

Trump Plans Mass Purge of Government Employees if Elected

He's back! Florida man torches house following dispute, dog dies in flames

Dems Convention needs to be the total opposite of this. Positivity, Ideas, Future, Unity, Uplifting,

DrNworb has new foster kittens & here's the videos!

A Network of cowards

Garry Marshall dies at 81

Was Don Jr. Caught plagiarizing F.H. Buckley? (Now with reporting)

Stephen Colbert Hijacks Mic at RNC, Rips Trump!

Garry Marshall just passed away

First Half of 2016 Blows Away Temperature Records

Is it safe for me to assume that Donald Trump Jr. will be a power behind the throne

Maybe it's just me but Brian Williams irritates the crap out of me with the...

Vox - The Republican convention’s fixation on locking up Hillary Clinton is really disturbing

Only Jon Stewart Can Make Sense of the Trump Candidacy

Exclusive: Trump could seek new law to purge government of Obama appointees

I think Trump will lose Ohio

Republican convention live: Donald Trump Jr reportedly plagiarizes lines from essay

Why would anyone try to hide this post on DU? FYI. Nudity.

Latino Coalition: GOP Speeches Were 'Racist,' Offensive

Jon Stewart's appearance last night was somewhat disappointing

GOP Convention Spotlights Tweet From White Nationalist Group

Here We Go Again: Language In Trump Jr.'s RNC Speech Lifted From Article

Purging Government Employees A Dangerous Precedent.

Notice that this monster rally never got around to anything related to jobs or business

RNC 2016 Shows Off White Nationalist Tweet

Colbert Starting Strong Tonite

Here We Go Again: Language In Trump Jr.'s RNC Speech Lifted From Article

Um, The Daily Show caught DJ Jr. plagiarizing part of his speech from The Am.Conservative.

Anyone have experience with credit card settlement offers?

GOP Convention An Example of Massive Reality Derangement Syndrome.

Are we ignoring something? Is "Speechgate" a planned distraction from the fascism?

Twitter permanently bans Milo Yiannopoulos

HAIL in DC, I hear!

How much of a post conference bounce in the polls will Trump get?

MO Senate Race: Jason Kander Pulls Close To Roy Blunt

We will have three living presidents speaking at our convention next week.

The Reich Wing's out of control HRC bashing

MSNBC especially Tweety make me effing sick

Lou Holtz was seen at the GOP Convention. Guess what he was carrying around with him?

Garry Marshall, ‘Pretty Woman’ Director and Creator of ‘Happy Days,’ Dies at 81

Chief Beck Meets With L.A. Police Commission As BLM Calls For His Resignation Again

How can you bankrupt a Casino?

Ivanka's fashion line made in China

Are any of your Republican friends watching the convention?

**Can you contribute a few $ to help free an elephant from a horrible African zoo?**

**Can you contribute a few $ to help free an elephant from a horrible African zoo?**

I have a question that I cannot find the answer to:

Mike Pence Is a Loyal Friend to Polluters

Supreme Court vacancy will get ‘hesitant’ Republicans to vote for Trump

Gorillas may have evolved a way to beat a cheating berry plant

Somebody is going to get an angry tweet from the Donald...

Who's the future of the GOP?

Melania Trump: Astrophysicist calculates there was one in 87 billion chance speech was not plagiaris

GOP Day Two: "MAKE America Work Again"

Kepler Adds 100 to Galaxy's Planet Count

Billionaire says 3.5 billion people living in complete poverty is fantastic.

The "Periods for Pence" women have their own version of the Trump/Pence logo

I have to give credit to fellow DUers who had the stomach to watch

Melania looking over First Lady Michelle's shoulder~A Tribute to Michelle~


Buster Keaton on a Segway

Who will defend mentally disturbed people from discrimination?

Man jailed after Facebook comments to ‘kill all white cops’

And then she said, I wrote it myself.

Georgia's top judge plans to leave the state's highest court

Why Trump played little role in 'most conservative platform' in Republican Party history

Recent Hillary Clinton interview with Charlie Rose

Freedom from religion group demands flag be removed from Bryan County Courthouse

Will You Stop Being Mean to Log Cabin Republicans? (Spoiler: No, I Will Not.)


Gavin Long, Baton Rouge cop-killer. Member of rightwing Sovereign Rights movement.

Confused by Contradictory Polls? Take a Step Back

Bentley says no prison bill in special session

Just found further explanation needed...

Don Siegelman's daughter starts online petition seeking Obama pardon

Colbert: Make America Melania Again

How can anybody connect with Tiffany Trump?

Trump is correct: The system is rigged. RNC caught stealing delegate-votes to secure his nomination.

All they did was Bash Clinton

Kander will skip Democratic convention, cites scheduling conflict

Please. Take a moment away from the MSM

You could watch a bunch of robots, spinning and flipping and trying to destroy everything near them

This is all getting so depressing

Boxer dog and guinea pig are best friends

Daily Holidays - July 20

The SPLC announces that Black Lives Matter is not a hate group

NYT analysis of how Melania Trump plagiarism happened

Costs of Title IX Lawsuit to Univ. of Tennessee Surpass $3M

Turkey bans academics from work trips abroad

buying a new tablet question re: Verizon

(Colbert) Melania Trump Did Not Plagerize Her RNC Speech

Rated FALSE Manafort's claim that Clinton was 1st to feed media story of Melania plagiarism:

Univ. of Tenn. Office for Diversity most egregious waste of taxpayer money

Sumerian city of Lagash slowly emerging from desert sands

Big 12 decision means moment of truth for Memphis

France v. the Islamic State: mortal enemies

Trump could seek new law to purge government of Obama appointees

GOP Platform tries to make religious liberty untouchable

Eight Years

Healing racial divides starts with dialogue, black bishops say

Kerry poker-faced as press takes Johnson to task for 'outright lies'

I will be so happy when...

Trump Jr plagiarizes....

Will Hillary Announce Her Running Mate This Week

The many steps before foreign cops shoot people:

The targeting of Hillary Clinton suggests a vicious campaign ahead

Lawsuit: Harrison County steers business to white-owned funeral homes

Toxic Algae Bloom Hits Utah Lake, Jordan River System; 100s Exposed, Ducks Killed

NOAA - No Region Anywhere On Earth Experienced Record Low Temps In June

Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Trolls Donald Trump By Endorsing Hillary Clinton At GOP Convention

Christie asked "chicken or fish"?

High court hears arguments in 'demon chipmunk' case

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Copy Copy

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: Circus Continues

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Trump says America doesn't "win" anymore

Belarusian journalist Pavel Sheremet killed in car bombing

GOP Con. Where's the "show biz"?

Do you believe America is the dystopian shit hole the GOP portrays it to be ? *

White House Won't Punish Julián Castro

Any thoughts on potential VP Vilsack?

Washed-Up Chris Christie Rips Into Hillary Clinton

Ben Carson Ties Hillary Clinton to Lucifer as GOP Swaps Campaign for Witch Trial

Hillary Clinton: What exactly did we learn from Donald Trumps economic plan at RNC?

The Biggest Thing Missing From The GOP Platform?... Common Sense!

Fact-Checking the 2016 Republican National Convention’s Second Night

Is The GOP Convention A Coup By The Billionaires...

Can the GOP unite behind Trump?

PLEASE stop posting pictures of Trump's spawn with dead trophy animals

Trump's 'politics of fear' dangerous for U.S., world: German foreign minister

Carpool Karaoke with The First Lady

"Trust Yourself"

WaPo Editorial: Voters are still waiting on your tax returns, Mr. Trump

Pretty incredible. One of Thump's sons reached out to Kasich and offered him the v-p spot

In break with nonpartisan past, Hispanic business group endorses Clinton

Plagiargate – Whodunit?

Plagiargate – Whodunit?

"Here comes the blind commissioner . . ." Please come CAPTION Chris Christie!!!

Did we hate W and Cheney this much?

Another day of the GOP convention, another night of terror

So CUTE! Republican Environmentalists Use Romney, Both Bushes In Pro-Earth Ad Push

In Just Four Years, Greenland Lost A Total Of One Trillion (With A "T") Tons Of Ice

Hey Donald:

Lena Dunham Believes Serving Sushi is "Cultural Appropriation"

Mass Axe Attack Leaves Zero Dead

Donald Jr. says parents should choose schools. I FOUND ONE!

Why Trump's Promises To Revive Coal Industry Are 24-Karat Bullshit

The Demise of Roger Ailes and the Republican Party

Day 1 of the RNC - Plagiarized; Day 2 of the RNC Plagiarism questions Trump Jr speech

Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star Gets a Baby Border Wall

JFK Jr Sent Clinton a Note During Lewinsky Scandal

Texas Lt. Governor Says AG Should Investigate Black Lives Matter

My Republican relative from western Kentucky posted this on facebook. Here's my response

How Bernie Sanders’ supporters are planning to shake up the Democratic convention

Donald Trump Jr. - What kind of nauseating human is he you ask?

Chronicles of Amber TV adaptatation planned:

"They're selling postcards of the hanging . . ." Please come CAPTION Ben Carson!!!

NRA leader: Clinton Supreme Court means ‘your right to own a firearm is gone’

I am confused!

Escalating Battle Over Exxon Investigation Subpoenas Could End Up in Court

Hehehehehehhee thou shalt not plagiarize and then lie

"'Well done Britain': Brexit vote boosts French far-right's election machine"

Protester uses Trump Hollywood Walk of Fame star to mock him

A list of some of the things that happened at the first day of the Republican convention:

If Americans Perceive A World In Chaos, Will They Turn To Trump? - By Nate Silver

Florida Gov. Scott: Same-sex marriage is 'law of the land'

Melania’s speech mess: Why you shouldn’t rule out that it was an inside job

Why I think giving Trump's children a platform is a big FAIL.

Don the Con Trump is a crook and Chris Christie is a crook

Islam isn't the only religion that goes nuts over images of their main religious figure...

Thank God they put the flag on those balls.

Oh, bummer! Garry Marshall has died!

Having Balls near the RNC convention will get you arrested!

Venezuela’s Middle Class Forced to Drain Their Savings to Stockpile Food Amid Crisis

Melania plagerism: CNN is like a dog with a bone!

Graphite and Its Awesome Properties

See what Twitter is saying about the presidential candidates in real time

Where's the protests? R Convention

"Melania's passage was planted"

Marching to Defeat Donald Trump

Pick Warren and lock up the race entirely. Pick anyone else and Trump stays within the MOE.

Solar Panels?

Don the Con Jr. plagiarized Buckley last night

Just imagine the DNC convention for comparison

Highlights Of Rudy Giuliani's 2016 RNC Speech

Trump actually uses Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" very effectively

If the crowds at the RNC rabidly chanting lock her up didn't scare you nothing will

Too Ironic: Michelle's speechwriter used to be Hillary's. Trump plagiarized Hillary speechwriter.

"I think I'll change my name to 'Melania.'" . . . Please come CAPTION Megyn Kelly!!!

Ben Carson defends connecting Hillary Clinton to Lucifer

Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine, and Congress needs to bring it back

Speakers Spent A Lot More Time Bashing Hillary Clinton Than Praising Donald Trump

Highlights Of Melania Trump’s 2016 RNC Speech

Speechgate: "Former ballet dancer and English major...." ???

Advanced Prostate Cancer Cases Skyrocket In U.S. Men

Melania Releases Apology:

Porn viewership hits all-time high in Cleveland during Republican National Convention

"Hah. And I thought Republicans stand for not taking from hard working Americans..."

Merrick Garland Now Holds the Record for Longest Supreme Court Wait

3 Russians that saved millions of lives

How Donald Trump Picked His Running Mate

The Subtle Linguistics of Polite White Supremacy

Federal Judge Deals Major Blow To Wisconsin Voter ID Law

RNC Speech: Trump Invites Young Couple To Make Out For RNC Crowd

Where do I sign up to get free or discounted items to review?

Top HSBC manager 'arrested in New York'

Anyone want to guess what this girl band is famous for?

Trump Reportedly Tried to Convince Kasich to Be His VP by Offering Him the President’s Job

Military intelligence at its finest OR Sloppy reporting?

Day After Melania’s Plagiarism, Donald Borrows Bill Clinton’s ’92 Campaign Slogan

RNC Visual: lol it looks like a giant toilet

Trump is like the guy at the bar

Organic Valley highlights inauthenticity with the usual lies

Citizen Trump

Clinton ad: 'Our children are watching’

Republicans in Cleveland line up behind Trump to support Brexit

Hillary won more Grammys than Queen, Jim Henrdrix,

Taiwan lawmakers and fishermen head to South China Sea’s Taiping Island to declare sovereignty and f

Things got really awkard during Chris Christie's speech when...

Jimmy Fallon hilariously mocks Donald Trump’s RNC entrance, pokes fun @ Melania’s speech on his show

2016 Cadillac CTS-V vs. 2016 Lexus GS F - Head 2 Head Ep. 78

Ohio’s GOP Governor Offers Blistering Critique Of Trump Policies

Twitter announces crackdown after online abuse of 'Ghostbusters' actor

Kitten viewing RNC - What the hell is that all about?

Ben Carson Ties Hillary Clinton to Lucifer as GOP Swaps Campaign for Witch Trial

Who Are the Guys Marching Outside the RNC With Assault Rifles?

CNN Host Calls Senior Trump Aide Out On Plagiarized Speech: ‘You’re Lying’

Republicans misrepresenting policy for sake of entertainment

Hillary Clinton Calls GOP Convention Kickoff ‘Surreal’

Death penalty executions at a 25-year high, Amnesty International reports

Hillary Clinton to visit Miami before Democratic convention

So to make America work again-we need to find Hillary guilty of imaginary crimes?

If anyone here feels the need to defend Milo Yiannaopoulos here....

I do hope that the DNC will concentrate on our candidates and on our vision

Covered California's Health Plan Rates To Jump Sharply In 2017

Queen asks Republicans to stop using ‘We Are the Champions’ at RNC

Daily Show arrives in Cleveland

Famous quotes - Sack cartoon

Day 3 of the RNC Convention - The House Empties

No matter who Hillary picks for VP, I'm so ready to get behind Team Clinton!

It Would Be Great If The Democrats, At Their Convention,

Outrage in India after woman allegedly raped twice by same men

LOL! Third Eye Blind Tortures RNC Concertgoers With LGBT Rights Speech, New Material

Outrage in India after woman allegedly raped twice by same men

Outrage in India after woman allegedly raped twice by same men

Melania Wasn't the Only One—A Number of Republicans Plagiarized Their RNC Speeches... From Democrats

How an out-of-work journalist first spotted the Melania Trump speech plagiarism

Have the Brownshirts Taken Over the Republican Convention?

Another day of the GOP convention, another night of terror

Pic Of The Moment: Christie Tells Convention "We Cannot Reward Incompetence And Deceit"

"My next wife will be even richer." . . . Please come CAPTION Newt Gingrich!!!

Rosetta's Last Act

India rape case a chilling reminder for women everywhere

I saw Donny Trump Jr. this morning on the CBS Morning show.

India rape case a chilling reminder for women everywhere

India rape case a chilling reminder for women everywhere

‘Wall Off Hate’

Cleveland is totally the wrong venue for the Republican convention.

Fighters from formerly US-backed Syrian rebel group 'filmed cutting off young boy's head'

Putin steps in and orders speed up in build of World Cup stadia

Truly Ironic - Fearful GOP Politicians Condemning Trump For Policies They Support And Supported.

Garry Marshall, 'Happy Days' creator and 'Pretty Woman' director dies at 81

GOP elections board in Winston-Salem NC votes to close early voting sites in black & Hispanic neighb

Republicans have nothing to offer but hate itself

We've Reached Peak Hillary Hate (Thanks to Our Noxious Media)

How you can tell a Hillary or Trump supporter by their Facebook...

Protesters locking arms and blocking 4th and Prospect in Cleveland

US airstrike allegedly kills 56 civilians in northern Syria

"Sitting in the back of the class has its advantages."

Last night was 'Make America Work Again"

50 Shockingly Extreme Right Wing Proposals in the 2016 Republican Party Platform

Beware HRC about your speech at the Democratic convention

Bombshell photo shows how Melania got Michelle's speech....

Dozens killed, missing in Kenya crackdown on militants: HRW

On C-SPAN this morning

"The increase was especially sharp among kindergartners, where autism cases grew by 17% last year."

Just when you thought Trump's campaign couldn't get any crazier...

So, if it's Kaine or Vilsak, is Elizabeth Warren going to speak at the Convention? nt

CNN Polling Information Released July 18 Libertarian at 13%

Aha! Melania caught.

Melania's speech writer identified

Contested ballots thwart final result in Northwestern faculty union election

Trump - Like Father, Like Son [graphic image]

BREAKING: Trump Org. Writer takes the fall for Melania speech

Writer of Melania Trump's "First Lady" Speech Says Melania Lied.

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 20, 2016

Mayor Marty Walsh Will Speak at Democratic National Convention...

Trump campaign blaming ghostwriter Meredith McIver for Melania plagiarism scandal

Cheap Gas and Big Cars Are Killing Obama’s Fuel Economy Push

Britain adds Chinese militant group to terror list

Trump aide takes responsibility for Melania speech

More than a dozen people flip over car, rescue man on SC interstate

Authoritarianism and fear at the Trumpian GOP convention

This asthma drug used to really help me. Then they switched it. And now I find THIS out!

Parents of boy killed by alligator at Disney resort will not sue

When will pharmacists stop selling bogus medicines?

Who the Hell is Saul Alinsky?

A History of Embarrassing Presidential Campaign Logos

GOP selecting Trump as their candidate over Kasich, this is GOP’s Sam Bowie moment

Chris Christie Has A Bad Habit.....

Marketplace: Japan's Population Is Plunging, So Where Are the Babies?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #36: Make America Twerk Again Edition

How I feel after watching the RNC for 30 minutes.

Stephen Colbert Coverage "Make America Melania Again"

Listeria fear prompts 372K-pound hot dog, corn dog recall

Junior tRump gives black power salute

Trump staff writer responsible for Melania's speech falls on sword for the greater good

Earth's tides can trigger earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault

Dear NYC Du'ers, Let's watch the last of the RNC together!

DU Meetup in NYC tomorrow, have a drink with us if you are free

TYT Summary of Day 1 of the 2016 Republican Convention

Trump adviser endorses violence against Hillary Clinton

Will Ted Cruz apologize to Trump tonight? Or will he shamelessly grovel?

Dear NYC Du'ers, Let's watch the last of the RNC together!

Dear NYC Du'ers, Let's watch the last of the RNC together!

Final Suicide Squad Trailer & Roll Call

ENOUGH teasing Melania

NH State rep./Trump aide: Clinton should be shot for treason.

U.S. files lawsuits to seize assets tied to Malaysian fund 1MDB

Reporter fails miserably to report from 1984 Republican National Convention

A suggestion regarding the new jury system

Trump "speechwriter" takes blame for Melania's speech and offers to resign.

Hillary ad with the kids watching & listening to Trump

Enbridge Agrees to Spend $172 Million for 2010 Oil Spill

Germany baby deaths: mother jailed for 14 years

Why does the media give Melania the kid glove treatment compared to Michelle?

Colbert: Melania Trump Did Not Plagiarize Her RNC Speech

The Republicans really enjoyed Michelle's speech

Koterba toon: Election Season

I post in solidarity, support, admiration, and love (and I hope in some comfort)

Does anyone believe that Melania did not do this herself at this point?

MSN Poll: Clinton +6.7, Moderate to Solid 310 EVs

The GOP's "lock her up" chant isn't about winning. It's about delegitimizing Hillary's Presidency.

Trump staffer takes responsibility for Michelle Obama passages in Melania Trump speech

Melania Trump Defends Her Plagiarized Convention Speech in a Well Done Spoof

Check this out...The ukulele orchestra of Great Britain. Starts slow, but worth the wait.

Seth Meyers Exposes Donald Trump "to be or not to be..." -Shakespeare

Dem posts photo of racially diverse interns after Ryan selfie controversy

Trump adviser says Clinton should be ‘shot for treason’

Monsanto Fingerprints Found all Over Attack on Organic Food

Feed the birds, TrumPence a bag

Milo is on CNBC right now.......1:00CST

Republican convention: Coulter delivers fiery anti-immigration speech to California delegates

Hungry Venezuelans cry at the sight of food, as economic crisis deepens

Colbert rocks the 2nd night of the RNC

I have figured out Melania's speech

Why in the hell is MSNBC showing us Trump's plane landing?

Near Exide plant, dangerous lead levels in some yards are 100 times above health limits

MSNBC-Breaking News - Trump Plane Lands...

Introduction to Mike Pence - he spent political donations to pay the mortgage

How many of our tax dollars have the GOP spent "investigating Hillary.

What happened to Trumad??

Fake beef - it's what's for dinner! (pic heavy)

WAIT - Manafort was stonewalling (re: plagiarism) THIS MORNING to CNN's Chris Cuomo

Turkey fires 21,000 teachers, Demands suspension of every university dean in post-coup crackdown

Watch this incredible microburst come crashing down over Phoenix

OMFG - Trump has a fanfare for his helicopter arrival

Supporting Clinton

On a minor side note: Trump's suits

Christie's Speech

The loophole in the Mass. assault weapons ban

WTF? Trump just took a helicopter ride for under a mile from his plane.

Tim Kaine is up to 67% at predictit

Cleveland: Cinder blocks and 5 gallon buckets of paint on the roof at Pickwick & Frolic

Hollande Calls Barroso’s Goldman Sachs Job Morally Unacceptable

Not Everyone Who Criticises Islam Is Islamophobic

Why doesn't Hillary confront these slanders -- liar, corrupt, etc. -- head on?

Melania Trump says she wrote convention speech with little help

Dan Aykroyd has Leslie Jones' back, calls racist Twitter trolls Trump supporters and Klan members

Remember this? 1996 United States campaign finance controversy (Wikipedia) I voted, again, for Bill.

Carrier vs Lennox - Any horror stories you want to share before I make a choice :)

When your organic fantasies are dispelled, you must repeat them again, louder!

AG Maura Healey bans sale of 'copycat' assault rifles in Massachusetts

U.S. charges two HSBC executives over forex-related scheme

It took a while, but I am all in for Clinton

How long before the News Hounds see the inconsistency in Meredith McIver's "Confession"?

Wonder what the haters at the RNC "Hate Fest '16" think about Melania liking Michelle?

Trump orchestrates helicopter landing but is barely involved in the Republican Platform


NFL medical adviser Elliot Pellman retiring; move prompted by Roger Goodell

Jill Harth, woman who sued Trump over alleged sexual assault, breaks silence

The new CCB rollout happens today!

Am I the only one who can't stand Robert Costa of the Washington Post?

Hillary camp response to Dr. Ben Carson...& other RNC speakers.

US seeking bilateral trade deal with UK to press EU on TTIP

Funny "chia pets" :


Fatal shooting of Kansas City police officer not premeditated, authorities say

Why I don't really give a fuck about "assault rifles"...

Dem posts photo of racially diverse interns after Ryan selfie controversy

Wednesday's RNC Theme: "Make Americans Poor Again!"

U.S. appeals court finds that Texas voter ID law is discriminatory

5th circuit rules texas voter id law discriminates

A laid off TV reporter first uncovered borrowed passages in Melania Trump’s speech

The Origin of Melania Trump

LePage staff broke texting policy while working to keep public meeting private

Trump: How Did We Get Here? (I’ll Tell You.)

Jill Harth, 1990's Trump "attempted rape" accuser, breaks silence, demands apology.

U.S. appeals court voids forfeiture of Iran-linked NY office tower

U.S. appeals court voids forfeiture of Iran-linked NY office tower

Stephen Colbert Trolls GOP By Finding RNC’s ‘African-American Delegate’

The dumbing down of America.

U.S. defense chief says coalition to probe report of civilian deaths in Syria

Romania moves closer to ruling out possibility of legalizing same-sex marriage

Turkey prepares emergency measures after post-coup purge

Trump refused to accept the resignation from the staffer....

Chris Christie? What an asshole..

My cat, Sophie Stinky Toes, does a pretty good immitation of Melania Trump smiling

French lawmakers extend state of emergency after Nice attack

We Are Officially in Pre-Nazi Germany After Trump Advisor Advocates Shooting Hillary Clinton

Campaign aims to register a million U.S. Muslims voters in anti-Trump move

DU Meetup in NYC tomorrow, have a drink with us if you are free

Caitlyn Jenner: It was easy to come out Trans; hard to come out Republican

So, most candidates experience a post-convention bounce in the polls

The repugs keep saying they are "defining their candidate" by bashing Clinton.

Am I tracking? Melania read the speech writer Michelle's quotes over the phone

G.O.P. Joins Democrats Urging Glass-Steagall’s Revival. (Don’t Hold Your Breath.)

Trump Hopes to Purge Civil Service of Liberals, Allow CEOs to Serve in Government Part-Time

I'm going to a Hillary rally in Tampa on Friday!

New Clinton meme:

STEPHANOPOULOS: What is your tax rate? TRUMP: "None of your business."

How does one become a "supporting" member?

Wife of Prominent Chinese Dissident, Son Escape to America

Mali: Militants Kill 17 Soldiers At Military Base in Mali

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law

Like Watergate, the cover-up is what was important...

It's gonna be a hot one..


Texas man vandalizes own truck with anti-police messages, blames it on Black Lives Matter activists

Texas District Alters Transgender Policy, Will Notify Parent

Protests getting rowdy in Cleveland right now

On anniversary, U.S. and Cuba cite progress toward closer ties

On anniversary, U.S. and Cuba cite progress toward closer ties

A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For Mike Pence Policies.

The Dangerous Policies That The GOP Ticket Really Represents...

Scott Walker begins to lay groundwork for next presidential run... was there ever any doubt?

Whoa! Did anyone see this re Melaniagate?

Has any news outlet seen or interviewed Meredith McIver?

Canada for President of USA?

South Africa's great white sharks face extinction, says study

U.S. Congressman Mark Takai of Hawaii Dies at 49


Conservative group appears to have canceled ads for Johnson (WI-Sen)

Mitch McConnell And Paul Ryan Barely Say Anything About Trump In Their RNC Speeches

Once Again, Fire Races up a Skyscraper in High-Rise Dubai

Donald Trump Planning To Just Let Mike Pence Run The Country, Apparently

OMG! Superpack releases FANTASTIC VIDEO

From now on, non-complicit MSM reporters should ask Trump two simple questions

U.S. Congressman Mark Takai of Hawaii Dies at 49 (x-post from LBN)

What’s on Display in Cleveland? The Republican Id

Why do I sometimes get the red "edit" notice?

Yay! Monthly FEC Filings are due today! In the meantime TRUMP RELEASE YOUR TAXES! (GD16)

Tim Kaine Calls To Deregulate Banks As He Campaigns To Be Clinton’s VP

More Anti-Clinton Than Pro-Trump

Trump may have violated campaign laws by using private employee to write Melania’s speech: report

Secret Service Investigating Trump Adviser Al Baldasaro for Hillary Execution Comments

Local Cleveland ABC affiliate using term Crowned as he will be crowned the Republican Nominee

John Kasich turned down 'most powerful' VP slot from Trump.

Melanie's speech was written by...a ballerina?

UKIP councillor says it's time to start killing Remain backers

Turkey's Erdogan declares state of emergency after coup attempt

Two congressional intern selfies. Only one actually looks like America.

Chicago Tribune: White privilege and why Melania gets a pass, Michelle doesn't

Rep. Chris Collins talking about trump's kids, and

The GOP shows it is less concerned with real issues than with exaggerated threats and trivial cultur

Ted Cruz - A Big Government Theocrat

Checking for plagiarised text is very easy

trump's expertise is supposed to be project management

Trump camp denies offering Kasich VP. (CNN)

Melania Trump Speech Appears To Be An Illegal Campaign Contribution - HuffPo

That "Our Children Our Watching" Hillary Ad is phenomenal

It’s the 47th anniversary of the moon landing so let’s watch Buzz Aldrin punch a moon landing denier

Oh my goodness! The story about Trump offering the VP position to

Leader of top piracy site arrested in Poland, charged in US

So, it's Pence, Gingrich, and Cruz tonight. So, what's tonight's theme?

The Republican Convention's Rough Start: A Closer Look

This Trump Statement Should Disqualify This Man. He Is Unfit For Any Government Office In The USA.

My My My~

Rolling Stone: Chris Christie Has Disqualified Himself From Being Trump's Attorney General

There's no Meredith McIver in Trump's June payroll reported to the FEC.

Donald Trump plans to let Pence run the country.

FOX NEWS IN FREEFALL: Hannity, O’Reilly, And Greta May Leave If Roger Ailes Is Fired

Welp. Gotta call the AC repair guy. It's gonna be in the mid 90s for the next 5 days.

If the Democrats really want to get really brutal at the DNC-convention, this is how you do it:

If there is such a show as "Digital Hoarders," you can expect to see me on it in the near future.

I would like someone to promise to investigate all of Trump family, business and charity finances.

The Single Most Radical Line In The Republican Party Platform

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 21 July 2016

Convention: Day 3

A Big Thanks to All Who Are Watching the RNC Shit Show!

Donald Trump’s Plane Buzzes Ted Cruz Rally In One Final Indignity

Rudy Giuliani Gets Fired Up for Trump at the RNC

The Hypocrispy of the Family Values Crowd

Pensions of Former President of Argentina Seized

The vile attacks on Hillary?

Menopause reversal restores periods and produces fertile eggs

so the lie about Melania's speech is now

Don the Con admitted to ABC that they stole Michelle's paragraphs

Which Democratic VP possibility probably has the most compelling life story

So far the speakers (outside the family)

The Republican National Convention is already a disaster for Donald Trump

Our moderate rebel friends decapitated a kid

Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Will Trump run again in 2020 if he loses this year?

Was Cecil the lion's murderer in the Trump VIP box last night?

I'm going to Hill's rally in Tampa Friday!

Tonights theme at RNC will be God

HK election candidates must issue China pledge by law: electoral commission

Catch the clip with Don the Con and George Stephanopoulos

Secret Service Investigating Trump Adviser Who Said Hillary Clinton Should Be 'Shot for Treason'

Hey, what time is it? n/t

PM May says wants to reduce migration into UK to 'tens of thousands'

Donna Brazille handed Jan Brewer her ass today!

The World's Most Complicated Watch

"I read it once over, and that's all because I wrote it with as little help as possible,." MT

How many Baby Mamas does Trump have?

A podcast you just might relate to.

MSNBC allowing the "both sides do it" argument now

Lets face it, most of the hate for Hillary is because she is a strong, intelligent woman........

The Traitorous Media Will Do All It Can To Make Election Close.

High among Carson's crazy statements was...

This is Mike Pence..

According to 538 Clinton's chances of winning the GE have plunged 17 points in 10 days

AP sources: Clinton VP search focus is Kaine, Vilsack, Perez

Al Baldasaro doubles down on saying Hillary Clinton should be executed.

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker Endorses Hillary Clinton

Mexico bans night fishing, gillnets for vaquita porpoise

Mexico bans night fishing, gillnets for vaquita porpoise

Peter Thiel going to speak tonight thinks giving women the right to vote ruined America

Anybody Making Bets On Whether Cruz Endorses Trump Tonight?.....

Goldman Sachs arranged transaction to launder stolen Malaysian funds & finance "Wolf Of Wall Street"

Historical note on the EPA

We've got trouble my friends...

The Bad Astronomer: 45 years since that "one small step"

Tony Schwartz, Trump Ghostwriter, on MSNBC Now!

Do you realize just how scary they are?

Gov Rick Scott, FL is on tonight

In an interview with the Guardian, Jill Harth details her allegations against Donald Trump.(Video)

Monsanto's Roundup Weedkiller Linked to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS

They are on a roll, today. Now with Samsel and Seneff.