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Archives: July 21, 2016

Alex Jones is at the RNC... Nuff said?

Bravenak's Republican National KKKonvention Live Blog- day three- just shoot me please

Wasn't Rick Scott lead singer for Midnight Oil?

Rick Scott sounds as if he had some mega martinis before his spleech!

Washington approves FedEx to offer first scheduled all-cargo service to Cuba

"I'm worried that I will be the last Republican President" -- George W. Bush

Luckovich - Human Like

The Rs Know They're Going To Lose Badly In Nov

Glyphosate, Neurological Diseases – And The Scientific Method: How Not To Do Science.

Enes Kanter received death threats after failed military coup in Turkey

Auwe, Auwe, Auwe no ho'i. Aloha 'oe e Mark Takai.

Who is this nitwit woman screeching up there now?

What a Clisterf*ck: 'No one believes Trump speechwriter Meredith McIver is real'

Could someone tell me what Claire McCaskill just said on MSNBC? About the VP choice?

The GOP’s new convention theme: ‘Lock her up!’

Republican Presidential Nominee Mike Pence- (no kidding)

May be the only one - but still calling Bullshit on Speechgate !!

Bangladesh says 261 missing amid radicalisation fears

RNC breaks precedent with explicitly partisan prayer

Florida Attorney General on

Wink-Winking Calls to Murder Hillary

Donald Trump Still Thinks He Can Coax John Kasich To The Convention Floor

Seriously...Why isn't the Secret Service raiding the Republican Convention?

Amateur hour continues unabated

When Faux news led the racist charge against "Baby Mama" Michelle Obama.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Live and UnCensored!

Laura Ingraham, who spoke tonight, is a vile human being who should be shunned

Oh, so *that's* what I meant!1 Fine.

Kelvin MacKenzie was wrong to attack a hijab-wearing news presenter

dim don's African-American is speaking now

100,000 attend San Diego Pride Parade

Police shoot man laying on the ground with his hands in the air.

For anyone who's interested in knowing more about Rev. Darnell Scott, Trump supporter.

Story of Religious Freedom Defense's Star Witness Is a Canard

Anybody ditching watching the convention tomorrow to go

Roger Ailes built the Republican party – now both are crumbling in plain sight - by Richard Wolffe

BTRTN GOP Convention Day Two: The Biggest Loser

GOP groups scale back support for Sen. Johnson

Even after all these years I can't believe the hate they are spewing

Ever wonder why Charlie Rose keeps his set in the dark?

I just had a lens implant but Scott Walker's face is still twisted and distorted.

Shocker: Melania Trump, wife of world’s most famous birther, admires the Obamas’ American values

Meet Kiki, Our First Stray Cat rescue by Debi Martin Mukwonago, WI

Chris Cuomo and Paul Manafort on CNN 7.20.16 “Because you keep lying about it, so I can't move on"

The Rise of Asian Americans

SUICIDE SQUAD Official Harley Quinn Trailer (2016) Margot Robbie (VIDEO)

Sources: Trump considering top fracking mogul Harold Hamm as energy secretary

‘Lock her up’ is the chant of a banana republic - By Jennifer Rubin

Wow Trump thinks Blacks are inherently "lazy"

Suicide Squad - "Deadshot: (VIDEO)

Rubio is sending in a video. Will not appear on stage.

Owner says Council Bluffs (IA) police didn't need to shoot his dog

This is how Laura Ingraham closed her Republican Convention speech:

WTF is this thing on the Bosox's sleeves tonight?

Cruz is on.

What other ads is the HRC campaign showing in swing states this week?

I've turned them off

These two photos tell you all you need to know about the difference between Dems and Pubs

Cruz grovels - as expected - and devolves into racist dog-whistle rant

Melania not attending tonight

I was sleeping and heard that small minded sleazy voice.......

"You lucky bastard."

Pretty much sums it up.

JUNE FEC: The Don had STILL not converted his campaign loans into gifts, which means

I bet he choked on those words about whether being gayor straight, when he writing his speech:

Boris Johnson grilled on past ‘outright lies’ at uneasy press conference

I didn't believe that the republicans could sink any lower than Bush II.

Melania Trump's speechwriter was also blamed for errors in Donald Trump's books.

All these Republicans celebrating the moon landing, a federal project.

Cruz is all over the place and sound like Trump!

Repugs being anti-establishment are just 50 years behind and want to reinstate...

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Endorses Hillary Clinton At The RNC

Why didn't you tell me?

Melania issues statement:

I thought he wasn't coming back till Thurs?

Cruz Refuses to Endorse Trump at Convention

Cruz Refuses to Endorse Trump

HAHAHA- Grandpa Munster DIDN'T endorse Don the Con

OMG! Cruz didn't even say Trump's name!

LOL, CRUZ Snubs tRump Endorsement...

Pres. Trump would be a figurehead only letting Pence run the show

Vote your conscience!!.....well dayammmmmn...

Hang in there. We can look forward to these people next week (PHOTO HEAVY)

Donald Trump shows up at RNC AGAIN to steal Cruz's limelight #camerahog.

This is more like a mutiny rather a convention!

*SO* the snake-in-the-grass *DID* it!1 Bwah ha HAH!1

Little Eric is trying impress everyone, with his "HUGELY" "BIG" words!

If trump is selected, how many Trump-spawn will be hired on the taxpayer dime?

Cruz got his revenge for Trumps treatment of his Wife & Father

Musk reveals Tesla 'Master Plan': Trucks, buses and ride sharing


Ted Cruz Booed for Failing to Endorse Donald Trump and Says 'Vote Your Conscience'

If you watch Melania's, I mean Michelle's speech again, you can CLEARLY

Erik Trump appears to have been tasked with retconning his dad's motivation to run.

Not the lie, but the myth

A picture is worth a thousand words - final speaker Day 1 at the rnc

A U.S. consumer panned a Chinese product on Amazon. Then things got crazy

Mike Pence is a big supporter of 'gay conversion' therapy.

Ted Cruz clearly wants Hillary to win.

Has anyone seen Melania since Monday night?

and why is tRump showing up again tonight??? eom

Ted Cruz Booed for Failing to Endorse Donald Trump, Says "Vote your conscience"

Hey Eric! Your daddy is running for himself!

Eric Trump earned his inheritance tonight.

Ann Coulter warns California Republicans the nation could turn into California

Even the Video screen bailed on them..

RNC crowd chants "GOLDMAN SACHS" as security escorts Heidi Cruz out of Ted's speech

More Disaster-Media Wall Goes Black While Calista Gingrich Takes Stage

Newt's Calista is so STRANGE!

LOL @ these Establishment Republicans railing against the establishment at the RNC

Tweet: Heidi Cruz escorted out by security

Gingrich was introduced by his 305th wife!

"Alla ooo aqua?"

And where did all the terroists come from?

Chucky Todd - Trump has now messed up the roll out of Pence twice.

Et tu, Meredith McIver?

what one word best describes these republicans, these loyal opponents?

That room at Trump towers is crowded now!

Got insects?!

Message from Gabby and Mark

Moonrise over the Potomac:

If Hillarys husband is fair game............

Trump isn't even introducing M. Pence his own VP prick!

Newt in 2015: “I have a lot of respect for (Hillary). She is very hardworking."

Christie on Cruz: ‘an Awful, Selfish Speech’...

LOL, Newt Spins Cruz's Words To Calm The Epic Storm...

Keith Olberman hints at big announcement:

Is Ted still in Cleveland? I hope he's gone before the mob gets him. His do was a thing of beauty.

RNC Republicans seem to want to have a conversation on "liberal" policies destroying America


CNN people abusing Ted Cruz backstage?????

Ryan invokes Zombie Reagan in his Pence intro.

My friends on facebook, are sure upset with Cruz not endorsing Trump!

Gee, PENCE, so all it took to satisfy "the bottom of (your) heart" was sucking off DRUMPF?!1

Mike Pence reminds of someone. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Man attempted to assault Cruz on Convention hall

FB Fight: Righties are trying to tell me Obama Plagiarized George W Bush

Reminder: Bill Maher Has a 30 Minute Special at 11:00 EST on HBO


For us, the GOP convention is a shocking horror show. But what is the average American seeing?

This Ben Carson video infuriates me

CNN: "Stunning Political Theater" between Cruz and Trump, when Cruz fails to endorse.

Ted "Ferret Face" Cruz

Is it just me, or does the "Extra Crispy Colonel"...

Mike Pence speaks...

I think Ted Cruz's political career ended tonight.

Zika Virus May Be in Florida — and Congress Is on Vacation

Donald Trump Plays Down Role of U.S. in Global Crises

Boos for Cruz as he fails to endorse Trump

Pence The Poodle

The fascist has his yes man. N/T.

Have you ever been an "undecided" voter? What changed your mind?

David Shuster: Cruz speech "different than version he gave RNC in advance"

Bevin's Medicaid plan protested before hearing

WATCH: Man With His Arms Up Shot by North Miami Police


Pence identified himself as first a Christian, then conservative, and a Republican.

The terrible true story of Mr Eaten Fish, Manus Island cartoonist

State slams JCPS, orders restraint review

A little song for the GOP.....

Panama establishes commission to study US invasion

Panama establishes commission to study US invasion

Poor ol' God is being overworked tonight

Cops under a Trump Administration

OMG! Who's watching The Daily Show?

Bevin wants foster care settlement thrown out

Mexico's mysterious sea 'bells' revealed

Mexico's mysterious sea 'bells' revealed

Trump and Pence air kissed

GOP: Beshear should withdraw from pension case

Cruz leaving arena...

Truthful not neutral- Christiane Amanpour on the Daily Show

Texas court threw rape victim in jail for fear she wouldnt finish testifying

Economic development group in Danville opposes pipeline plan

Donald Trump Making Out with Rudy Giuliani in Drag

Yes Donald Trump is a Sociopath

NY Daily News Front Page!

Security Calming Reich Wing Delegates After Cruz Debacle

Pic Of The Moment: Just Another Day At The Republican National Convention

Paramilitaries Target Mexico Teachers with Police Permission

When does this incompetent fool start getting all the national security briefings?

Lawrence O'Donell has been doing a great job this week fact-checking the lies said

Ecuador Grassroots Launch Fight Against GMO Seed Firms

Ecuador Grassroots Launch Fight Against GMO Seed Firms

Bevin blames media for tension between blacks, police

The popular vote might be close but I feel an electoral landslide coming.

New ‘giant thief’ dinosaur discovered in Argentina

Trump tries (again) to fix the damage...

Man ignites himself while burning American flag outside RNC

New ‘giant thief’ dinosaur discovered in Argentina

Say Hello to the Next President of the United States

Bill Maher: someone should pop a balloon in the convention

There is only one way to put a cherry on top of this trainwreck of a convention.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on MSNBC

Christie Reacts To Cruz RNC Disaster: It Was An 'Awful, Selfish Speech'

State Chairman had to be held back.

I was reminded tonight of a story I meant to pimp when I first read it but forgot. I think :-)

Police in Fla. shoot caretaker next to autistic man playing in street

CNN saying Cruz/Trump debacle was staged. Fake "reality show" w/Trump marching out

Lyin' Ted's non endorsement of Trump will overshadow Mike Pence for Day 3

My world has turned upside down!

Whew....C-SPAN callers are all voting for tRump......Dems, repubs, & indie's.

Hanaway lays blame for University of Missouri protests at Nixon's feet

Hanaway lays blame for University of Missouri protests at Nixon's feet

German left-wing radicals say Jews have ‘too much influence’

VP James G. Stavridis?

Tweety is trying hard to sell the idea that Cruz getting booed was Trump's master plan


Donald Trump Sets Conditions for Defending NATO Allies Against Attack

Republican convention in a nutshell...

FU*K DONALD TRUMP, the rap anthem

The exquisite air kiss

lawrence o'donnell played this tape at

Uuuooo...I can hardly wait for the shit show tomorrow.

A Children’s Treasury of Misogyny at the Republican National Convention

Forget the RNC and enjoy a photo from DemoTex's Arizona fire lookout.

The 3 Most Dangerous Things Trump Said In Bonkers NYT Foreign Policy Interview

Ted Turns the Tables on Trump. Hard.

I miss the peace of fishing like when I was a boy.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

It's times like these that I really miss Bartcop

Did Anybody See Michelle Obama Doing Carpool Karaoke with James Carden on White House Grounds

Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith opens the contest with a disgraceful smear against Corbyn

Chris Matthews should never sit next to real comedians. Funny people bring out the worst in him.

Speechwriter, Meredith McIver photoshopped picture with Trump and fake profile

Leopard shooting. Trump sons' version of real adventure?

Open carry in Canada

Trumpemon GO!!! SNL Catching Minorities at RNC

The latest clip from the Republican National Convention

Trump family all have trump's ugly face. They

Trump's Response to Cruz: Whine, whine, whine

Chicago Tribune: Cruz turns gangster, stabs Trump in the back.

That moment when you think the NIH is a journal.

“NATO RIP”: Journalists Horrified By Trump Waffling On Security Guarantees

BAND-MAID / alone

The two most "breathtaking" moments of Pence's speech.

Trump Falls, Clinton Jumps in Betting Odds Following Cruz's Speech

The washed celebrities populating the Reich Wing Convention makes it the remake of

chris matthews asked a repub last

Have heard very little about Pence tonight

Secular People, Gays and Arabs Don't Have Feelings in Israel

Chlamydia vaccine 'shows promise'

Is this the only way Pence can think of to add color to his personality?

First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke

More protests planned as Trump prepares to accept nomination

One thing I hope we can all agree on now...

Vast asteroid created 'Man in Moon's eye' crater

After the "Lock Her Up!" chant, let's call them what they are...The Lynching Party.

First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke

Democrats not staying quiet during GOP convention

State court throws out Jon Waters defamation suit by marching band director against Ohio State

Trump: "Laziness is a trait in blacks. I believe that. It’s not anything they can control."

In Peru's Andes, bitter cold devastates alpaca farmers

Award Winning Peru Environmentalist Faces Constant Death Threats

They were saying Boo Urns and not Booooo

Daily Holidays - July 21

Florida man appears to lie down, put hands up before being shot by police

Colbert: Trump or False, RNC Edition

The (impossibly) long, impressive list of endorsements for Hillary Clinton

State senator will propose local control over concealed, open carry of weapons

Donald Trump says his administration might not back NATO allies if Russia invades

Michigan gay rights activist Jeffrey Montgomery dies

Bank of Ann Arbor to pay $33.3M for Bank of Birmingham

Michigan Supreme Court asks for briefs on private school refunds

LOL Fox News on how the independents reacted

Detroit rally marking Aiyana death leads to arrests

What do you think Drumpf's "floor" is in the popular vote percentage?

Dams vandalized, lowering water levels on Grand River

Michigan prisoner, daughter-in-law sentenced in $250K Social Security scheme

Reports: Trump Camp Whipped Up Crowds' Angry Response To Cruz Bomb

Trump basically won his nomination by gas-lighting the Republican Party...

Why the surprise that Trump shuns America's European allies in favor of Russia?

With Pence gone, Gregg lands $500,000 from Democratic Governors Association

New Yorker: Three Problems with the Melania Trump Plagiarism

Private school vouchers cost Indiana $53 million

Olympic ban remains for Russia athletes

Photo: Vanessa, Donald, Donald Jr, Ivanka & Tiffany "stand as they listen to Ted Cruz"

I'm a christian, I'm a conservative and I'm a ReTHUG

'Hate cops?' sign prompts controversy

This is a song for the broken-hearted (me)

Non Sequitur today

Koch brothers pull ad buy backing Ron Johnson

Well! At least the crowd took their minds of Hillary?

I DESPISE Trump but I hope our Convention is more than a Hatapalooza.

Bill Maher Live RNC Special Edition: July 20

WIDem Chair says Bernie looking to help in WI races

Windows 10 personal data collection ruled 'excessive'

Ted Cruz has recieved a temporary promotion.

Wisconsin DNR may buy land once eyed for nuclear plant on Chippewa River

‘Art of the Deal’ ghostwriter hit with cease and desist letter, demand for payment after trashing

Nothing funnier than being on a plane piloted by captain Gary Larson

Trump claims he saw the Cruz speech two hours earlier.

Black man shot in Florida yesterday with hands up, lying down, no weapon

France orders Microsoft to stop collecting excessive user data

I'm scared

Former Baylor football player charged with sexual assault

U.S.-backed Syrian force gives Islamic State 48 hours to leave Manbij

Illinois Republicans remove Trump delegate with 'whitepride' social media handle.

Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

Michelle Obama Rocks!!!

Mike Pence

Caring for Vets Is As Important As Sending Them To War! (w/Guests: Melissa Fitzgerald & Bill Rausch)

Mike Pence... Bad For Indiana, Bad For America... (w/Guest: Mayor Pete Buttigieg)

Sanders to meet delegates before Dem Convention (The Hill)

What does Cruz' performance and Jerry Lee Lewis have in common?

UKIP's future

Black man shot in Florida yesterday with hands up, lying down, no weapon

How Opus is coping this week

WaPo Editorial: Memo to Republicans: Democracies don’t lock up political opponents

So The Republicans Have Got.....

Fact-checking the third day of the 2016 Republican National Convention

Being "scared" is EXACTLY what is wrong with too many Progressives! Don't be "scared." ATTACK!

Turkey will temporarily suspend the European Convention on Human Rights

GOP Congressman: What Have Non-White People Ever Done for Civilization?

Will Texas become another brick in the Democrats’ blue wall? - By George F. Will

Transgender student sues Wisconsin school district over bathroom restriction

"Tonight, Ted Cruz has no fruits."

Anybody but Kaine!

'The graveyard of the Earth': inside City 40, Russia's deadly nuclear secret

Donald Trump’s vision of doom and despair in America

Cruz Blocked From Adelson’s RNC Suite After Refusing To Endorse Trump

Connect the dots: Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren will both be in central Florida this weekend

Duluth women demand apology for Mills' Facebook comments

Al Franken is having a blast on Morning JoeScum

City won't remove Black Lives Matter banner despite police pleas

Let’s Count the Lies in Christie’s Attack on Clinton

Australian rugby player Michael Quinn admits U.S. child sex charge

I'm beginning to wonder if Trump will end up with a negative convention bounce

Al Franken just said he hasn't been vetted

Wausau Center mall owner: We will meet lease terms

How Peter Thiel’s Premier Data-Mining Firm Validated Clinton Global Initiative - Joe Conason

RNC: Recycle...Reuse...Reduce

Wandering kitten finds new forever home with dogs, hoomins, love galore

The look on the Trumps faces as they watched Cruz’s speech

Keith Olbermann: Could Donald Trump Pass a Sanity Test?

Trump Might Let Russia Attack Baltics

Cruz groveling live on TV now

Why Men Want to Marry Melanias and Raise Ivankas

NYDN: Sen. Ted Cruz booed at Republican National Convention after refusing to endorse Donald Trump

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- The Circus Is Scary

Huckabee is having a sad on about the non endorsement by Cruz

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

Only 20% of voters are "real" Americans.

What is the Christian equivalent of sharia law jihad? Crusades plus witch-hunt?

'Art of the Deal' ghostwriter says Trump sent him cease and desist letter

Second verse, same as the first. . . . Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!!

God forgive me but I'm starting to gain a certain restrained respect for Ted Cruz this a.m.

A Brexit post-mortem: 17 takeaways for a fallen David Cameron

What bothers me most is that "conservatives" seem to have re-branded

Republican Uncle Sam

Police consider terrorism motive behind RAF abduction attempt (UK)

Trump has not expanded his base of support one whit in this convention.

Dan Savage Has Had Enough Of ‘Pasty White’ Jill Stein Supporters

Code Pink: Brace for even more protests in Philly

Cruz defends distance from Trump: I won't be 'servile puppy'


Any bets on whether or not Trump's wife will show up, tonight?

The GOP Convention is remarkable for what is missing.

Tim Kaine Calls To Deregulate Banks As He Campaigns To Be Clinton’s VP

I have a question. Where is Hiliary convention hall going to be,

A true thing of beauty #TheTedWedding

67 times speakers at the RNC got fact checked (yeah, in just the first two days)

Oscar Pistorius: Appeal over 'shockingly lenient' sentence

More political murder in Ukraine

Watch. in. horror. Just the first 2 minutes

A thought on the Trump children

Establishment Dems Desperate To Support Wall Street Darling Patrick Murphy Over Alan Grayson

China vows to use market forces to boost defense capabilities

This is hilarious!

The Horrible Humbling of Scott Walker ha ha Trump camp tweeted Thanks to the Wrong Walker!

After Net Neutrality

Syrian opposition calls for suspension of U.S.-led air strikes

RNC Speech: ‘If We Don’t Elect Trump, Our Enemies Will’

Defiant Ted Cruz stands by refusal to endorse Trump after being booed during convention speech

best vid of Cruz being heckled & booed for not endorsing Trump onstage at RNC convention prime time

So, as it turns out...We were right about the tRump supporters.

Rihanna- Work PARODY "Jerk" Donald Trump

I want to know what you all think of this...

Trump blames Melania’s plagiarism on Meredith McIver, who doesn’t appear to be a real person

Democratic National Convention Committee Releases Official App

So if I understand it correctly this is the tRump doctrine?

Team Trump Released A Letter To Try To End Its Plagiarism Scandal. It May Backfire. (Updated)

Trump chose to escalate situation by leaking news to friendly delegations & instructing them to boo

Did the Trump campaign violate federal law by using a Trump Organization speechwriter?

Rasmussen's 7 point Trump lead almost evaporates

Seems weird than in eight years on DU I've never seen this mentioned

DimDon can't "defend the constitution" because he's clueless about what it says.

I predict Trump's address tonight might be viewed as the historically worst acceptance speech....

We're about to find out if hate or fear is the greater motivator

Man surrenders after tossing fake bomb into police van in Manhattan

Carpool Karaoke with Nichelle Obama, Missy Elliot and James Corden:

Boy accused of killing 13-year-old girl found in her bedroom

Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney sues governor, seeking list of felon voters


Listen to this right wing idiot, I almost feel sorry for him.

UK nuclear submarine damaged in 'glancing collision'

'Heat Dome' Will Make Parts of U.S. Feel Like 115 Degrees

Hillary Clinton to Hold Post-Convention Rally on Independence Mall in Philadelphia

Hillary for America Began July with More than $44 Million Cash on Hand

Ginger Cat Polka - well, someone's gotta love an accordian player

The Daily Show - Donald Trump's Fascist Week

Feingold calls Trump comments on NATO alliance 'reckless'

Voter Registration Info: Please share this link.

Anyone still think that Idiocracy is fiction?

Donald Trump and Chris Christie are reportedly planning to purge the Civil Service

So when is Mike Pence going to give a speech?

UAE tycoon Qubaisi named in billion-dollar U.S. suits

Ink different: Donald Trump gets drawn and quartered for Comic-Con 2016

"[Trump] needs to shut up his ugly mouth..." ~ elderly female Texas convention delegate,

Trusted allies: why Putin won't fire sports minister over doping scandal

Trusted allies: why Putin won't fire sports minister over doping scandal

China upset by U.S. Republican platform on South China Sea, Tibet

Leak the VP pick

"The only thing less popular than Ted Cruz in Washington D.C. is a cash bar."

Guantanamo judge nixes Sept. 11 suspect's bid for new lawyers

Larry Pratt - Face of the Gun Nut Lobby

Ted Cruz Pulls Down Pants, ***** All Over Mike Pence’s Big Night

Brazil arrests group plotting 'acts of terrorism' before Olympics: source

Brazil arrests group plotting 'acts of terrorism' before Olympics: source

is Trump trying to lose?

The Silencing of Fox News Publicist- Irena Briganti. The Intelligencer:

Wrongly named First Amendment Defense Act

Ted Cruz (2015): "I am proud to stand with Donald Trump. I like him and respect him"

'Monumental irritation': Russians decry tribute to Ivan the Terrible

Trump swag for pussies

The Secretary General of *NATO* just had to reassure the world that Trump is spewing Crazy Talk.

Brilliant Cruz Toon

Why do people have issues with Daily News Bin: They are on DEMS side & use sources (GD 16)

President Of Earth Donald J. Trump To America’s NATO Allies: Drop Dead

Pennsylvania's 'acting' attorney general under fire over Cosby, Sandusky cases

Video shows moments before North Miami Police shot unarmed man

Facebook Live: RNC Ketchup And Mustard Station

Trump-I know people you've never heard of that are better than all of them

Why do people have issues with Daily News Bin: They are on DEMS side & use sources (HRC GP)

Baby birds and their parents

"The rise of Turkey as a superpower"

Olympics media village built on 'sacred' mass grave of African slaves

Donald Trump Gave Mike Pence an Air Kiss at the RNC and a Bromance Was Born

Was there a keynote address?

Mike Pence: "You can't fake good kids."

You don't all have to sleep atop one another. There are beds right behind you.

Grand jury returns indictments against nine former members of Winnebago Tribal Council

Median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers are $824 in 2nd quarter 2016

History of Demo/Rep party - Very informative

I have not been able to be on puter much this week

Democratic PAC Files FEC Complaint Over Melania Trump's RNC Speech

If the Democratic party does not frame Donald Trump and make it stick........

Donald Trump's New York Times interview reveals a dangerously lazy mind at work

Woman in Illegal Body Cavity Search Settles Border Case

A new top gun-control priority: keep guns out of the hands of incompetent or troubled cops!

Woman in Illegal Body Cavity Search Settles Border Case

any word on KO's good surprise yet?

Dylann Roof Lawyer Wants Evidence Kept out of Church Trial

Walking Out: Fla. Rabbi Loses Job After Protesting Donald Trump

xp— Walking Out: Fla. Rabbi Loses Job After Protesting Donald Trump

Have the anti-Trump delegates left Cleveland yet?

Turkish Lawmakers Give Leader Erdogan Sweeping New Powers

RNC Preview For Tonight

Memo: Residents got 3 billion yen to host Hamaoka nuclear plant

Something smells fishy to me...

French truck killer had 'support and accomplices': prosecutor

From Yesterday - Guess what these girls are famous for

Castro, Kaine, Beccera, Warren - Who's The Popular VP Pick? Read This McClatchy Poll From July

Texas Delegates Break Into Bitter Fighting Over Ted Cruz's Non-Endorsement

An RNC Photo That Says It ALL.

New Godzilla movie looks darker than ever in latest trailer

Ted Cruz's speech in 20 seconds

Turkey suspends European Convention on Human Rights

So far each night of the circus (RNC), the intended message was overshadowed by controversy

Chris Christie ‘turned over his political testicles,’ Ted Cruz manager says.....

So, is Cruz's political career really over?

No 'Pokemon Go' yet in Japan, but government already worried

It appears that Trump does, indeed, intend to outsource the presidency

Donald Trump's Ghostwriter Tells All (Art of the Deal) A Must Read

I understand I should donate something to DU to remove ads but...

Greenpeace reports jump in radioactive contamination in Fukushima waterways

Grand jury returns indictments against nine former members of Winnebago Tribal Council

imho, sec. clinton needs to choose bernie sanders.

Police in Brazil arrest group suspected of planning terror attack during Rio Games

The ’28 Pages’ Explained

Who did Chris Matthews piss off?

Has anyone seen this before?

Laura Ingraham salutes Donald Trump at the RNC. Yes it's happening again.

Pepper robot gets new job selling insurance

Police: 81-year-old veteran held hostage in Orange County {New York} motel for five years

Thailand’s Tourism Minister Wants to Rid the Kingdom of Sex Industry

Trump Yourself

remember the bouncing georgie game? an interactive thing where you could bounce an

UGHHHHH--my spam folders are now suddenly showing me emails from der drumpfenfuhrer's

(China) 3 men arrested for organizing KFC protests in Henan

Police: Man crashes boat of hunter who killed Cecil the lion

Mark Cuban Takes The Gloves Off: Donald Trump Edition

US should help Taiwan to build subs: Trump adviser

Last known VCR maker stops production, 40 years after VHS format launch

Nearly 100 dead or missing from China rains: Officials

Liquidator urges California Fitness Singapore members to be patient

DNC Delegate Welcome Packet

Nate Silver: Donald Trump’s Convention Is Flirting With Disaster

I feel like Hillary is about to drive her campaign into a massive wreck, and all I can do is watch.

'The Dude' speaks about Trump...

France: Truck Attacker Had Accomplices, Planned for Months

If Trump loses, Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" will go into hiding...

Trump Accused Of A Federal Crime On Same Day He Accepts The Republican Nomination

One of Trump's *TRUE* supporters reports from inside convention...

Marrying Melanias and Raising Ivankas -- fantastic article

Like a fart in a wind storm Scott Walker's speech, hardly noticable

Ken Burns slams Trump, w Amanpour

New York Mag: More than 10 allegations of sexual harrassment by Roger Ailes

Trump supporters taunt Heidi Cruz at Republican convention

TYT: "Chris Christie Declares Hillary Guilty" (excellent take down of his corruption & hypocricy)

Morning Digest: The Koch brothers say 'Bon voyage!' to Wisconsin's Ron Johnson

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 21, 2016

Just a brief thought on the "media"...

write the saddest story you know in only 4 words. the Cleveland Steamer officially FUBARed at this point?

Rights groups decry abduction and torture in eastern Ukraine

Trump blows Mike Pence a kiss

Trump Accidentally Fires Off ‘Boring Mike Pence’ Tweet During VP Speech Before He Can Stop Himself

The Poetry of Gary Snyder and Radical Revolution

Grayson on Benghazi: The Scandal That Never Was

Donald Trump is at the wheel, and road looks rocky

Trumps vile Republican Party finds its voice..

URGENT: "Heat Dome over America" ad needed immediately by Dems

Finally, after viewing this week's Republican National Convention, I'm With Her.

You lay down with your hands up and you STILL get shot by the cop?

Fallout from Melania Trump plagiarism scandal continues (new)

Amazing that there so much hope for Trump....

JinnyOops! US Tour 2015 Documentary Film

Has anyone else noticed something glaringly missing from the rnc?

We have to BEAT TRUMP at his own game

Why don't we see more stories like this?

Poison, hatred and danger flowing from Cleveland


Will Melania Trump be at the convention tonight?

Trump should condemn Baldasaro

Looks like ol' sack o' goo was hiding a spine in there all along.

Dear tRump Scared Republicans:

Lake Elmo to sue 3M for pollution-related costs

Trump, Pence, Indies & undecideds...

Drinking game. Trump's parenthetical remarks.

You thought Scott Baio was a stupid right-wing "actor?"

Retweeting is not defamation

Proof the convention is toxic and contagious

"Establishment" Candidate Hillary Clinton Looking Awfully Good Right About Now

Just dawned on me GOP Convention overlooks river that spawned the EPA

Atheist Protesters Get Apology After Being Denied Portable Toilet Rental

Cruz interrupted by Trump fly-by

RE Charles Kinsey. North Miami PD got caught using mugshots of black men for target practice.

President Xi urges Chinese Muslims to resist religious "infiltration"

97.2 Deg Fondly Fahrenheit in KC MO and it's still early!!!!

Trump will be CRUSHED in November, and Tim Kaine is a GREAT VP choice.

Why Trump has a Catholic voter problem

Any other pro wrestling fans who have noticed the parallels with the GOP convention?

Watch Ted Cruz Get Booed Off Stage At RNC – GOP Falling Apart?

Trump taunts GOP in private donor meeting

Now you can go #TrumpYourself!

Serious ?? re Noun/Verb/9-11

I hope GEM$NBComcast will have persons from the Clinton camp

Is it me or does Rudy Giuliani become a bigger douchebag in every election cycle?

Giuliani: 15 years of irrelevance

Florida Principal Calls for Death to Gays After Seeing Outsports’ Cyd Zeigler Kissing Husband

Dear Bernie supporters. Please. Stop!

Question: I notice on the cable news sites, (TV) the guests are predominantly ReThugs.

Who are Donald's business partners?

Mike Pence: A Personal Story

George W. Bush: 'I'm worried that I will be the last Republican president.'

Update: DNC speakers list

APNewsBreak: 2 Vermont DNC delegates replaced due to gender

Police: 81-Year-Old Marine Corps Veteran Held Hostage In Motel For 4 Years

Trump: "I never settle"--but he did!

Police: 81-Year-Old Marine Corps Veteran Held Hostage In Motel For 4 Years

“Our brave snipers just waiting for some “N—- to try something. Love them.”

Sarah Palin Wags Her Finger at Ted Cruz After Trump Snub: 'Delete Your Career'

The Onion: Highlights Of Ted Cruz’s 2016 RNC Speech

NBA to move All-Star Game because of anti-LGBT H2 law

GOP Convention Day Three: 2020 Foresight

I trust Hillary Clinton and her team to choose her vice presidential running mate

So i get that some people who don't like Clinton will vote for Jill Stein

Found on the right-wing toxic waste dump that is Facebook

Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump's "We Are The Champions" Entrance

Charlie Rose and Bryan Cranston

This should Scare Everyone

Migrants to be trained as German pool lifeguards to reduce escalating sex attacks by refugees at pub

Why Are So Many Black Americans Killed By Police?


Right Wing Voting Laws Getting Killed In The Courts

NBA pulls 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, focuses on New Orleans

Failing to learn from History: It never ends well for Dictators

Bryan Fischer: By Letting Muslim Give Prayer at RNC, Republicans Invited “Demon-God” Into Party

The Trump campaign smoothly lurches into the General Election race....

Trumps "big idea" in foreign policy is to

Another expedition into the fever swamps of Free Republic and similar sites.

For the AA Group: From the Community Healing Network

Lying Liars Who Lie: 2016 Edition (From Mormon Press?????) Holy shit!


Verizon to disconnect unlimited data customers who use over 100GB/month

Clinton/Warren 2016

(Hillary Group) I promise you this is the dumbest thing you will read all week.

Trump To Pay Thousands For Retaliating Against Workers

'Private' video of Virgin Islands Democratic delegate posted online

Stop the Michael Moore nonsense

A simple question --

I'm hiding from my wife today.

Quote of the Day: Mark Cuban on Trump the Pickup Artist

Roger Ailes reportedly kicked out of Fox News headquarters

Liberal redneck


Ailes Resigns - Breaking | UPDATE: Rupert to take over

Advance copy of DRUMPF's convention speech

NATO Takes Issue With Donald Trump’s Comment on Defending Allies

Bye bye, Ailes!

Center Investigation: Serious Lapses in EPA Pesticide Approvals

Could Donald Trump pass a sanity test? Olbermann responds.

Ailes out at Fox - replaced by equally repugnant Murdoch butt kisser

No to Tim Kaine

What will be the 1st line of bashing out of Trump's mouth?

Florida Cop “Doesn’t Know” Why He Shot Unarmed Black Man Who Was Complying With The Officer

Nice job Ailes, take the top news story from Trump!

Say something positive about a Trump presidency !

Democratic Underground beat Huffington an important story..Alies out of office..

Election Day Worker, apply now

Sam Harris articulates why Donald Trump is a dangerous candidate

FOX "News" has done as much to harm the United States of America as Limbaugh has...

Katy Perry in Philly next week for Hillary

Chris Christie's Mock Trial Turns RNC Into "Show Trial in a Third World Country"

'Christian Post' breaks tradition to oppose Trump

If Ted Cruz was so offended by Trump's criticism of his wife...

The Case for Picking Tom Vilsack

Roger Ailes Resigns as Chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, and Chairman F

Burned by a Margarita!!!

Unarmed Black Man Lying In The Street With Hands Up Gets Shot By Police In North Miami

Hillary Clinton responds to Chris Christie with brutal, never-before-seen video of them hugging

Mike Malloy - The Unknown Second Speech Of Melania Trump (w/Kathy Malloy)

Tommy Morrison Boxed Professionally For Seven Years While HIV Positive

On “Real Time” Bill Maher And Michael Moore Vow To Take Down Donald Trump (GD 16)

10 Things You have Heard and Re-told but are Completely False

On “Real Time” Bill Maher And Michael Moore Vow To Take Down Donald Trump (HRC GP)

Vega and its constellation Lyra tonight.

GOP convention Thursday night schedule:

Mike Malloy - Trump Adviser Calls For Hillary Clinton’s Execution

Cory Booker: "Proud to be in Cleveland supporting Secretary Clinton"

Official: Hillary AND Running Mate to be at Rally in Tampa tomorrow, and I'll be there with Mcar!

These tiny fetus figurines are in the @realDonaldTrump delegate gift bags at #RNCinCLE. No, we're no

KOS: Meredith McIver is NOT a real person

Dear Clinton, you want to lose ground with your base, then pick Vilsack or Kaine

There was a post earlier today, it was a pic of Trump........

The theme for tonight? Making America One Again. Among the leadoff speakers: Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Mike Malloy - Trump Offered Kasich The Most Powerful VP In History

here's faux dot com's take on the ailes fiasco.

Trump, Florida AG Bondi Hit With Bribery Lawsuit

Who Do You Think Hillary's VP Pick Will Be?

Mike Malloy - There Will Be Screaming For The Return Of George W. Bush

Turkey Attempted Coup: EU Says Measures 'Unacceptable'

What Is the Republican Party?

2nd former Ole Miss student sentenced in statue vandalism

Manafort is saying Trump's upcoming speech was "inspired" by Nixon's '68 speech.

Tim Kaine was just asked about VP...

Hmmm, watch the RNC, or the 24 hour Ab/Fab Marathon on LOGO, tonight

Erdogan alerted of incoming coup by Russia

One sign weed is legal in your state

MEANWHILE, in Ireland....

Who Will Hillary Pick As VP?

Republicans in Cleveland line up behind Trump to support Brexit

Awwww. Chris Wallace and Brit Hume has a sad.

Hillary's tweet to Christie....

Babies and i-pads.

Garnet-type fast ionic conductor for all-solid-state lithium battery

Remember: WH has barred cabinet secretaries (Castro, Vilsack, Perez) from speaking.

Your opinion: Is Meredith McIver a real person?

Hillary Clinton should elevate Gary Johnson, and insist that he is part of the debates.

Measles Outbreak in AZ can’t be blamed on anti-vaccination Parents

Trump pays two Las Vegas hotel workers $11,200 to avoid going to trial over a labor complaint

Repug mass reaction to V O T E Y O U R C O N S C I E N C E suggestion...

Since Michael Moore started the bed wetting brigade (we see you!), I'll pin this for a while

Schlumberger Cut More Than 8,000 Jobs In 2nd Quarter

In regards to Trump's NATO position, Jeffrey Lord said that Trump would evolve

Historical Records Miss a Fifth of Global Warming: NASA

#RNCinCLE: America's Red Hour

To Dems pushing Fear at Progressives...I mean this constructively. PLEASE, STOP!

PLA unveils new weapons for air and sea combat following Hague tribunal ruling

AH, the clown show....

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Decline to Three-Month Low

Roger Ailes Resigns

Chile toughens sentences in 'Missing' killings of Americans

Chile toughens sentences in 'Missing' killings of Americans

It is no longer possible to advocate against bigotry here for LGBT nor for some other

Why it's time to accept the fact that Brexit may never actually happen

Will Fox spin it as

Tonight (July 21): Elizabeth Warren interviewed by Stephen Colbert

Word is that tonight is make America Watergreat again

Can palm oil be sustainable?

How do you plan to ignore Trump tonight?

No way Hannit, Oleilly and Greta Leaves

Atheist Puerto Rican Cop Passes First-Circuit Hurdle

Classic Shrimp Scampi

Russia and Turkey's Rapprochement -- Don’t Expect an Equal Partnership

Violent arrest of (black) teacher caught on video; officers face investigation

man who filmed video of Eric Garner's death, charged for allegedly interfering with another arrest

Exclusive: White House to review ban on military gear for police - police leaders

In GOP Convention’s Shadow, Obamacare Is Paying Big Dividends

Will FOX NEWS change it's politics?

Chemical pollution gets to Antarctic marine bird colonies

Cleveland: Where the Trump Campaign Went to Die

A Protection Ritual to ‘Close the Body’ Links Different Religious Traditions in Brazil

E Warren & Rep Joe Kennedy. DEM Convention speaker slot & if needed, Warren's Senate seat

Can Turkey’s Republic Survive Erdogan’s Purge?

John Oliver in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (nice quip about Trump at the end)

New Way to Boost Crop Production Doesn’t Rely on GMOs or Pesticides

So what does it matter that Putin was head of the KGB

Full text: Donald Trump 2016 RNC draft speech transcript

Ex-state treasurer Barbara Hafer charged with lying to feds about $500,000 in consulting fees

A Little Snap, to Take the Table Beyond Tan

A Man Who Shouldn’t Be President

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 22 July 2016

Trump’s Feud with Kasich Backfires In Ohio

Mexico: Another journalist killed in Veracruz state

Ailes, Trump have been counseling each other over the past week

Mexico: Another journalist killed in Veracruz state

"Can the Trump family women help Trump close the gap...

Dead Heat In Ohio

Top ten internet forums

How can Megyn Kelly stay at Faux

The ‘green’ grass of home—Garden grass could become a source of cheap and clean renewable energy…

Martin O'Malley to address Democratic convention next week.

Trump’s Speech Scrubbed for Potential Problems

So... What catastrophe lies in wait for the RNC tonight?

The future of perovskite solar cells has just got brighter -- come rain or shine

Asian Americans pen black lives matter support letter to their communities

Head of Major Jewish Organization Slams Polish Officials for Casting Doubt on Polish, Nazi Murder

I beseech everyone: Can we please not grade Trump on a curve.

Got to say it - I hope the VP choice is not Vilsack

It Looks Like the U.S. Consumer Just Had Its Best Quarter in a Decade

"Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!" -- What Trump Will Do To Women!

We’re lucky climate change didn’t happen sooner

YES! First State In America BANS The Sale Of Semi-Automatic Rifles

Trump’s Vegas Hotel Settles Union-Busting Allegations

Lee Atwater's widow just interviewed on MSNBC

Be still my heart....

Read this leaked draft of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the RNC

Interested in Snow Leopards? Sign up for the Snow Leopard Trust newsletter...

Trump’s Vegas Hotel Settles Union-Busting Allegations

Bravenaks's Republican KKKonvention Live Blog Day 4- Please let it end

Joe Strummer rolling in his GRAVE as the GE Smith Band plays "Rock The Casbah" at tonight's RNC

Trump’s Vegas Hotel Settles Union-Busting Allegations

A recent pause in Antarctic Peninsula warming

Gabrielle Giffords: Trump's rhetoric fuels hatred, violence & puts lives at risk

All these creepy men at Faux news

Clinton and Trump tied in New Hampshire

NBA Pulls 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte

I'm embarrassed for these convention delegates

White Nationalists Love Trump’s Convention: “GOP Is Becoming The De Facto White Party”

Study: North American Forests Aren't Saviors From Climate Change

Hey, I just want to say, FUCK anybody who tries to disrupt the DEMOCRATIC Party convention

Federal Judge Blocks Michigan Ban on Straight-Party Voting

Trump speech: "I alone can fix it."

Have any musical artists told the DNC to "cease and desist" playing their tunes? If not ...

Donald Jr. explained that his father’s VP would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy

Six Brothers Raped Their Sister For Years While ‘Christian’ Homeschool Parents Did Nothing

Tony Schwartz on MSNBC again just now...

Trump is going to "make our cities safe"

Visit the smelliest show in town or watch Live Cam of a rare Corpse Flower bloom.

Grifting USA: Snake oil salespeople rule the stage at the RNC

Some Bernie Sanders Supporter's could learn a lesson from little Opie Taylor

Argentina's spy agency wins back power under Macri as officials increase surveillance.

Please add Lies, Mistakes & Distortions in Trumps speech tonight

Argentina's spy agency wins back power under Macri as officials increase surveillance.

I am a recovering bulimic.

Gak! Women just spoke on why they like Trump then the band started playing,

Trump's Acceptance Speech Tonight is a Full-Blown Jeremiad

Jarron Collins: Honored to support @HillaryClinton at the @DemConvention in Philly next week

Seriously ... are we really witnessing the end of the GOP? Or is it just ...

Hillary Clinton VP search in final hours

Jarron Collins: Honored to support @HillaryClinton at the @DemConvention in Philly next week

Faux News is doing their bit at RNC