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Donald Trump Gets Bipartisan Condemnation for NATO Comments

Let's all encourage Trump to run free tonight. Run free, dear Trump. Run free (ignore the


Another reason to pick Warren or another woman as VP

Married white women are with Hillary right now according to CNN.

Sheriff Arpaio: Trump talked to my sick wife for "five minutes"

Trump speech tonight is the *full* Buchanan. Very very dark, dystopic.

One thing to learn from how they ran things in Cleveland:

This preacher is quite something

Kitteh becomes adoptive Mom to baby chicks

Is Trump Obsessed With Putin and Russia?

Here's an argument you can use with any rock fan who's thinking of voting ReThug:

I always thought Fran Tarkenton was a dick. Hated him then and still hate him now.

Faux News Gushing over Trumps speech

Apparently the speech leaked and it was not supposed to

Fran Tarkenton is an asshole. I'm glad that The Hail Mary kicked his ass!!

Bill Snyder says 2 teams want back in the Big 12.

Trump’s nomination is the first time American politics has left me truly afraid -by Ezra Klein

No applause.

Who the hell is Brock Mealer?? It's sad whatever happened to him,

Dear photograph,

Hillary's got the goods on how Repubs really feel about Trump

Items that people post for sale, which don't make any sense.

By this time last week Trump's VP selection had already been leaked...

Just stating the obvious

The GOP is Gaslighting America — on National Television

Gentleness is my strong suit.

Sen. Tim Kaine Seen as Clinton’s VP Pick

Trump reverses his opposition to super PACs and is now willing to headline events for a big-money g

Authoritarianism: The political science that explains Trump

Daniel Pipes: Why I just quit the Republican Party

So. Having Marsha Blackmann and Mary Fallin speak will draw the Female vote??

Alex Jones And Roger Stone Interrupt The Young Turks Republican National Convention Coverage

That's not a very lively crowd.

Trump To Pay Thousands For Retaliating Against Workers On Day He Accepts The GOP Nomination

Either we trust Hillary to run the administartion, or we don't.

Can Donald Trump Actually Lose the 2016 Election? Probably Not.

'Republican source' leaks Trump speech to Dems (UPDATE)

Who the hell is the country band playing at the convention??

Rachel Maddow just said if

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Melania Redux! Live & Uncensored & a new

Some delegates plotting to support Libertarian Gary Johnson tonight. One of them state chairman. CNN

Remember the movie “The Bad Seed”?

OMGAWD IT's Minnie Mouse Jeff sessions and the turtle man in a battle with the NATO allies.....

Sam Wang: Trump is Romney Lite

TRUMP Tweet: LOVE Sheriff Joe Arpaio! He has all the best concentration camps!

Rachel interviewedTony SCHWARTZghostwriter ofArt of the Deal.DRUMPF is a dangerous unscrupulous liar

Dear Donald Trump | Hillary Clinton

Rince is lying - US taxpayers did NOT pay Iran $150 billion

Rinsed Penis just accused the Clinton Foundation of funneling money

So Rinse Penis is just bashing Clinton. They have spent 30 fucking years investigating

Ailes Is Awarded $40 million For Sexually Harassing Most Of The Women At FOX

Dear Donald Trump | Hillary Clinton ~ (GD 16)

I’ve always wondered why the Citizens of

Came Through | Hillary Clinton

First Gentleman?

Scuttlebutt is....Kaine's the one

Rauner email: Half of Chicago Public Schools teachers 'virtually illiterate'

Fighter | Hillary Clinton

Wicked! (But good.)

Rauner email: Half of CPS teachers 'virtually illiterate'

Came Through | Hillary Clinton (GD 16)

Pilot killed, Joliet home set ablaze when Wisconsin-bound plane crashes

Fighter | Hillary Clinton ~ (GD 16)

Trump the Missus#3 is in the room


Last year, I predicted the GOP would nominate Trump — here is what will happen next

Would boycotting PayPal have any effect on POS Thiel's net worth?

EU support surges in big European countries after Brexit vote

North Carolina Guv's Campaign Blames Clintons For NBA Nixing All-Star Game

Hillary ad.....Role Models

The last free-ranging library cat in Illinois

Finally Home dog rescue by LH Melrose, WI

RNC Convention is full of Hate speech

Tropical storm Darby aims for direct hit on Hawaiian Islands in latest update.....

Donald Trump has a new book out

Judge dismisses lawsuit over Downers Grove sperm bank mistake

Oceans May Be Large, Overlooked Source of Hydrogen Gas

History needs to be straight up about Ronald Reagan

Illinois Republicans remove Trump delegate with 'whitepride' social media handle

Luckovich - Fingers Crossed In Moscow

der drumpfenfuhrer stalked princess diana

Giuliani takes shot at Chicago

New camera body...

Alex Jones And Roger Stone Interrupt The Young Turks Republican National Convention Coverage

Hackers penetrate Illinois voter registration database

Something will happen during the speech

Am I the only one not watching the GOP convention?

Hillary Clinton VP pick: Sen. Tim Kaine will be announced as Democratic running mate: Reports

Back in 2008, Joe Biden was NOT my preferred choice for V.P. Was he yours?

Tech CEO Peter Thiel encourages GOP to move past gay marriage fight

Former AZ senator and Republican delegate Frank Antenori convicted of trespassing at Fort Huachuca

This fluff film is nauseating.

This video is terrible

Gov. Rauner to sign early childhood law; Diana Rauner to attend

Ivanka Trump is looking nervous

Feminazis Blitzkrieg Fox News

Hillary and Kaine rally?

I will be fine with Kaine. Who's with me? eom

Any chance that Tim Kaine is a head fake?


Ivanka's Speech

Fwiw: Tim Kaine has fundraisers scheduled in MA on Fri & Sat

Woman gets the best revenge on the milk stealer at work

Ivanka is so awesome her hair has its own soul and moves counter to physics

Premier Boxing Champions EPIC FAIL.

Ivanka should be running for VP.

Nice speech well delivered by Ivanka...

Ivanka's introduction speech, although complete bullshit, was really good

Bernie Sanders has no desire to be the Ted Cruz of the Democratic convention, aide says

Really? The theme from Air Force One?

DimDon is on....

Iowa chiropractor's license revoked over groping allegations

Hope and Dreams

"Friends, delegates, fellow countrymen..."

This is really happening?

God help me. I can't look away from the train wreck.

When Trump reads from a teleprompter it is such a zzzzzzzzzzzzz-fest.

"We cannot afford to be politically correct!"

How gullible are these people?

Transgender prison nurse accuses state of discrimination

Trump is such an evil bastard. Listening to his fear mongering and lies is making me sick.

Colbert was right

Trump is doing a great job wooing Hispanics

He wanted to go off-script when they started hooting "build that wall"

He keeps spouting numbers

Donald Trump. On the Teleprompter. Sounds like he's taken.

Honestly, I was kind of expecting him to eat a baby live on camera

The Tampon Ticket

Andrew Sullivan is live blogging here

Sorry, went to the bathroom and it was out of TP. Has Trump blamed Clinton for killing Joffrey Lanni

The Tampon Ticket

Attention: Fear, fear, fear. Hate, hate, hate. That is all.

Obama raised the debt? Fucking lie!

What are you thinking as you watch Trump accept the nomination?

Has anyone heard one word of policy out of this scaremonger's mouth?

Yeah, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Donald Trump isn't Adolph Hitler.

The GOP has become the GOML

University of Iowa to close Sigourney clinic

Trump: People of color better watch out.

Trump Speech: How many snorts before WE call it drug abuse ???

"Americanism, not globalism will be our credo" - Dear Leader

This "law and order" schtick reminds me of the justification for "The Purge" in The Purge movies

I think Michael Moore is correct.

Anyone hoping there's someone sneaky who will unplug the teleprompter?

AP Sources: Kaine emerges as favorite in Clinton's VP search

OK What does Warren bring to the table other than "exciting" the left wing of the party?

What "plan" Dear Leader? Your secret plan?

Obama endorses Judge in U.S. Senate race

Dont want to watch Trumpy's speech

i can't listen anymore. all i'm hearing from


I hate comparing current politicians to Hitler. Hate it.

Holy shit! Medea Benjamin just crashed tRump's party!

One lone protester surrounded by guards stops the speech? Seriously? Was that a setup?

Is that a protester getting cuffed?

will someone with the intestinal fortitude to watch this garbage please give a shoutout

Don broke his mouth/denture.

"I am your voice!"

Holy shit - he really played "grab-ass" with his daughter Ivanka on stage at the intro!

This is not 1968 but...

Trump just said Bernie supporters will join Trump over trade deals

No Cheeto - we will not join you

50 Days: More than 500 Children: Facts and figures on fatalities in Gaza, Summer 2014

He's Spending Too Much Time Bashing Hillary &....

Since the Republican Party convention was first...

I hope Bernie comes after this dick

Trump says he'll be for the little guy?

Well, if Trump is going to "restore Law and Order to this country...)

just looking at a pic from andrew sullivan's liveblog--look at all the empty seats!!

What should be done with Fox News

Hateful, Venomous, Packed With Lies, And Wretchedly Disjointed, Repetitive . . .

"Law and order", he's said that 4 times so far.

So Will This Law & Order president Take Away Our Guns...nt

Trump is making the same mistake most right wingers make. He is making promises he can't keep

Trump says he will defend the "LGBTQ community" from "hateful foreign ideology"

Snopes: 'Trump misleadingly puts black youth unemployment rate at 59%' MOSTLY FALSE

He'll protect our LBGTQ community from foreign religious hate - what about domestic religious hate?

I (still) have questions for Ivanka Trump

Mike Malloy - Mike Flips Out During Ted Cruz´s Speech - Part 1

his only single policy proposal is to stop immigration

As a gay American the only violent and hateful ideology I need protection from is Republican...

Wait. The Republican Party loves the LGBT community now?

Ya Know....

Trump is Alec Baldwin and this audience is Jack Lemmon willing to trying anything

Mike Malloy - Mike Flips Out During Ted Cruz´s Speech - Part 2

Bernie is kicking ass on Twitter

HRC: Here's how the Republican ticket would "protect" LGBT Americans. #RNCinCLE

Trump breaks precedent: names own cabinet during speech

Don't forget Real Time with Bill Maher is covering Trump's speech tonight on HBO as soon as it is

mr. pete says he is afraid to go to Home Depot

2 former paramedics charged in 'selfie war' with patients

What is this shit on my tv?

Daily Show guest tonight-Alex Wagner

Utah militia leader vows to 'strike back' in video

Chinese protestors

ELECTION 2016 Norovirus Outbreak Reported at Republican Convention, Confirming It Has Become an Actu

"it won't be happening very much anymore, believe me".

Going by the previously leaked version, he's only about halfway through!1

I'm not watching but is he still speaking?

Eric Stonestreet gets it right, he has just tweeted

Trump plans on "enforcing" every trade violation

Tax cuts! Oh goody!

Christian-first anti-gay Pense is making his way to the podium

He's way out of prime time now

Has he even mentioned "God" yet?

He hasn't even mentioned or thanked the troops or the still ongoing wars.

He's Going To Do All The Things That The Repugs Have Stonewalled For The Last....

I think these people want to get out of there, go for a drink or head home, very little

Keegan-Michael Key on Trump

Yoda warned us about Trump

The Orange One looks rather pale tonight...

Is he done yet???

So the only substance I have heard is....

Day 84 of the Donald Trump Acceptance Speech.

Still not watching--what is the verdict of the "pundits"?

He came on stage at 9:18 PM (our time) . . . and it's now 10:24 . . .

Trump's acceptance speech will be a hopeful vision for a new America.

Is this speech longer than usual for a nominee?

A S S ! A S S ! A S S !

Is it me or is this speech long?

There we go. They couldn't love gays any longer.

Did Melania show up tonight? nt

Has he gone off script? It looks like he has gone off script.

Tax exempt status must go if you want to donate if you're church

I will tear DOWN the wall of separation between religion and government!!! Says Don the Con.

PREDICTION: Initial reaction of the media will be Trump hit a home run with his speech.

Did Melania and Ivanka do a job?

Trump's policy details in his speech reviewed

Knock knock.

This speech is a disaster.

He can't end the speech, he has no self discipline

The networks should charge him for a half hour of primetime rate

Tunguska Electronic Music Society (Free Music for Free People)

The whole world is laughing.

Did someone build a wall between Trump and the end of his speech?

Prediction. Tweety will have a tingle up his leg

I have seen reports that some delegates will endorse Gary Johnson after Drumpf's speech.

I'll go on record now, this is the absolutely WORST acceptance speech in the...


What a steaming pile of SHIT!

Guiliani is looking for the balloons

Wow - Melanis and Ivanka rate two cheak kisses but

They caught Giulliani looking up saying....

Well. That certainly was....

Child abuse live at RNC

Oh my God the balloons aren't dropping.


Very low energy balloon drop.

A song about getting laid...??

trump speech

OK media. Do your job for a change and call this what it was - a bonfire of bullshit.

Tonight's nightmare ends but the journey to defeat this bastard is just beginning! n/t.

Tweet of the Speech

Trump-loving white supremacist hit with criminal charges for harassing black woman

Stones? You can't always get what you want....?

HOLY SHIT! Has anybody else heard a pundit not pan this train wreck of a speech?????

Chicago Tribune: Orange-hued heathen trashes party of Lincoln

Chris Matthews loved it!

Rolling Stones Told Trump Quit Using Our Song Back in May. It's playing now after Trump's speech:

Ok, is it over? What did I miss?

Some people smoke after sex. Some drink. Matthews, even without actual sex . . . . .

Thank god it is over.......

Im going to build roads, airports and trains the world have never seen before

What's the media reaction to the Speech?

The speech is over, what is the media saying?

This video sums up Trump's speech and the whole GOP Convention...

The Upside of Tonight

Best evidence this speech was a trainwreck?

His speech was a message to white america..

Grade Time for Trump's speech

What are the pundits saying about Trump's speech?

Enough of that ish. Let's get pumped for next week. Take it away Elton John!

The biggest national trolling of America that I've ever seen in my life...

What are CNN, Faux and MSNBC saying about speech?

George Harrison's Estate Twitter Account does not approve.

A really positive review of the speech....

Judging by CNN's reaction

So coming out of the convention, the POS couldn't even unify his party...

Bill Clinton 'rape' T-shirt goes on sale at Republican national convention

Good it's over! Now on to the Democrats...

Hugh Hewitt. Ugh

Summary of Donald Trump's Acceptance Speech

I'm voting for Secretary Clinton. Anybody doesn't like it, too bad.

Tempers are flying among CNN commentators, but most of them HATE THE SPEECH.

Van Jones: Ttump drove some Sanders holdouts to Hillary

Man who attacked Jerusalem gay pride last year accused of fresh plot

CNNs coverage is kicking MSNBCs ass

1 GOP Vote for Johnson (L) = 1/2 GOP Vote AGAINST Trump + 1/2 GOP Vote FOR Hillary.

President Gore! President Gore! President Gore!

As Trump's speech went along, his personality showed more and more...

Tiny wall suddenly appears around Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Did anyone feel sorry for Barron Trump tonight?

Barbarians matter.

Alex Jones, Roger Stone Crashed The Young Turks Broadcast and Everyone Went Nuts

Cute display of party unity: Hillary retweeted one of Bernie's tweets

I don't buy into the "Americans are angry" bullshit.

I had no idea we lived in Gotham City and need a Billionaire vigilante to fix it..

Hillary Clinton 2 seconds after being awakened in the middle of the night....

Trumps tax plan analysis....

Elizabeth Warren is going to be on Colbert

Best Response to Trump's Speech:

So is Trump going to do any real campaigning or was that it for the year?

Vox - Donald Trump's convention speech was an overwhelming victory for fear

Silent thread if you don't give a damn who Hillary picks for veep~~~~~

Donald Trump Delivers Dark, Fear-Mongering RNC Speech

Nicole Wallace: "The Party died in this room tonight"

Jon Stewart on Colbert right now!

A Dramatic Reading of Donald Trump's Convention Speech

George W. Bush, The Millard Filmore of the Grand Old Party

The Democrats Needs to Counter with Hope, Unity, and a Bright Future

Was the Rolling Stones "You can't always get what you want" at the end A JOKE?!

Does anyone still believe

Trump's Odds in the Betting Markets Fall Following Speech

Well this sucks.

Jon Stewart taking Colberts desk was a thing of beauty

Did Trump ever give a shout out to the troops

RIP America-CNN poll:56% viewed Trump speech positively

Everyone is praising Trump for not using racial slurs in his speech.

So trumps whole speech was writteN by some weird little bastard

"Millions of Democrats will join our movement..."

Martin O'Malley on Twitter

'Marvel's Luke Cage' Netflix Trailer (VIDEO)

Daredevil Renewed For Season 3 By Netflix

'Marvel's Iron Fist' Netflix Trailer

Who was the woman being restrained and led away during Trump's speech?

Jon Stewart is the man

Alex Jones crashes Cenk Uygur's show during the RNC

McConnell on Trump's NATO remark: "a rookie mistake"

Its our turn now, next week we make history nominating

Only 1 word can describe trump’s speech.

Silent thread for those who do give a damn about who our next elected leaders will be

Guess how many lies his Orange-ness told tonight? (The fact-checkers were busy)

My Throwback Thursday for Megan McCain and Nicole Wallace's GOP:

Melania and Barron didn't stand up or clap at all tonight

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 21, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight: America in the 70s

Trump Delegate Booted From RNC Over Racist Facebook Post About Cops Killing N-Words

Missouri treasurer race pits ex-lawmaker against diplomat

We put Hillary Clinton’s resume side by side with Donald Trump’s

What do you hope to see at the Dem convention next week?

Lawsuit accuses Arkansas police officer of using excessive force on man

Hillary Needs To Do Something To Shake Things Up.....

Kaine's not my favorite, but he's a "populist-leaning liberal" according to an analysis

This can't-unwatch-it moment. Trump is a Creeper! First the Pence kiss & now the Ivanka "hug"

Judge orders mediation in civil suit over Bland's death

Reality check: few sane, healthy people could stand to watch that interminable Trump speech.

His Game is *SPITE*. That's *ALL* it is...

Why weren't there 1000 Medea Benjamin protesters?

The Israeli Right still hasn't internalized that Palestinians exist

CNN's Jake Tapper points out that crime has been falling, Trump camp says FBI stats can't be trusted

State Supreme Court won’t reconsider ruling on execution law

New Orleans finalizes $1.2 billion FEMA settlement for infrastructure repairs

Louisiana leaders weigh possible short-term loan to shore up cash flow

Daily Holidays - July 22

NBA moving 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte over HB2 bill

As much as Trump scares me

Governor's office trims budget without layoffs

I couldn't stay up to listen to Trump's speech, because I had to be up early.

Louisiana Senate race for Vitter's seat balloons to 21

Carson Says Trump's Kids Grew Up 'Disadvantaged' Because They're Rich

Top Aide: Trump Appeals To Women 'Cuz Their Husbands Can't Pay The Bills.

Why Are So Many Black Americans Killed By Police?

Toshiba to build Japan’s largest hydrogen fuel production system

Colbert: Who Is Mike Pence, Again? (Crazy/Boring 2016)

Fallin says Trump can unite a divided and fearful country

Lawsuit seeks to halt November vote on Oklahoma grocery store wine sales

At RNC Convention Alex Jones attacks the Young Turks

Bernie Sanders tweets during Trump's speech - destroys Trump

Lawsuit seeks to halt November vote on Oklahoma grocery store wine sales

He's baaaaack! They're baaaaack together! Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert's Late Show Desk

Michelle Alexander Lecture: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness:THE NEW JIM CROW

State moves to shut down virtual charter school

WATCH: Alex Jones crashes ‘Young Turks’ RNC show — and chaos ensues

George Harrison’s Estate Burns GOP Over Unauthorized Usage Of ‘Here Comes The Sun’

Violent arrest of black Austin schoolteacher caught on video

Texas A&M gets $2.8 million grant to research critical health issues facing rural America

I have only heard some snippets of Trump's speech and....

Adapting to change: LDS missionaries will be called 'volunteers' in Russia

Woman given body cavity searches at border settles case for $475K

New Mexico must shore up budgets, state senator warns

Albuquerque mayor says $20M plan will revive Route 66 motels

It’s Donald Trump’s Party Now

A funny thing happened to Trump on his way to the convention!

Cops sorry for shooting black guy. They actually wanted to shoot autistic guy playing with toy car.

California's top court rules in favor of Gov. Brown's water project

Russia's 'Yarovaya Law' Imposes Harsh New Restrictions On Religious Groups

Ivanka Trump Being Sued For Stealing Shoe Designs – See The Side By Side Comparisons

Why isn't Crooked Donald Trump called a crook in public?

TYT stalked by Alex Jones

Colbert interviews Elizabeth Warren.

Remember when Trump said he wouldn't honor the pledge????

China appoints new internet regulator

Iraq War Veteran exposes blatant FOX, Rush Limbaugh & RW brainwashing in the military

MH370: Search for missing plane to be suspended not shut down

That Was A Very Scary Speech Donald Trump Just Gave Fear and loathing in Cleveland.

Indiana Democrats set to confirm Bayh as Senate candidate

Friday Toon Roundup 1: The Circus Rolls On

Guys, guys, guys, GUYS. Trump said he was going to be a "law and order" candidate.

Friday Toon Roundup 2: Disunity can be a good thing

Friday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

What Would it Take for US to Extradite Muslim Cleric to Turkey?

Joy Reid, on Hardball with Chris Matthews, refused to be shut down by

Manafort: Women will vote Trump because their husbands can't pay bills

Trump stole "Make America Great Again" from Reagan

Trump's campaign has spent more time knocking down controversies than unifying the party.

Ted Cruz Might Be the Only Republican Who Understands Donald Trump

Sam Bee tweets about Roger Ailes...

The Running Mate Problem

Very cool video and music

Trump Loyalist Threatens Primary Challenge to Cruz

11 bits of bad news the Tories buried on the last day before their summer holiday

It's Official: Hillary Clinton Is Running Against Vladimir Putin

Many will lie to pollsters and friends/family about who they will vote for.

Donald Trump Is Bidding to Transform the GOP Into a White-Identity-Politics Party - Jonathan Chait

Brexit shock pushes UK services and manufacturing into contraction says new survey

A new "No Trump" drum & bass track of mine

Ivanka Trump inexplicably gives convention speech mostly aligned with Hillary Clinton’s views

Fact Checker: Trump's 25 key claims — and how they differ from reality

A Speech Only A Dictator Would Deliver

america, please reject this with all your might

Judge rebuffs State Department move to escape GOP requests for Clinton aides' emails

I'm sorry, but a Kaine pick feels too much

Elizabeth Warren:“He sounded like some two-bit dictator of some country you couldn’t find on a map.”

For the first time, I now believe Trump has a chance of winning.

WaPo Fact check Trump - a compendium of doomsday stats that fall apart upon close scrutiny.

Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Hillary Clinton.

WaPo Editorial: Donald Trump: The candidate of the apocalypse

Triumph of the Swill

At the Risk of Sounding Like a Conspiracy Theorist....

'Demagoguery 101'

Trump’s acceptance speech: Seeking victory by scaring the country to death - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

So wait...a cop misses a shot at a very large man, but hits a guy six feet away...

Jon Stewart Takes Over Stephen Colbert’s Desk

PODESTA: "America is better than Donald Trump"

Surprise: Trump Team Has No Idea On Policy Specifics

A Trump Presidency Could Mean Russian Hegemony

RNC: what's left...

Two things struck me. Trump sees Americans as victims. And the bully (Trump) will fix that.

New Republic: Republicans Have Made a World-Historical Mistake

last night i watched chuck todd talk about how trump had put 'the fun' back in conventions

RNC Displays Tweet From White Supremacist As Trump Accepts Nom

“What a memorable day!” wrote a middle-class Hamburg housewife in her diary on Jan. 30, 1933.

What you didn’t hear at the GOP convention: Crime was far more prevalent under Reagan than Obama

Why I think a Kaine pick makes sense

NYT: It was Donald J. Trump’s best chance to escape his own caricature. He did not.

About the Trumpkids

Cleveland businesses say GOP convention failed to deliver financial boost

A Welfare Check

Electile Dysfunction

From Reddit: A final response to "Tell me why Trump is a Fascist."

Illinois GOP expels Trump delegate for racist Facebook post

Please consider removing this post.

Make no mistake, Trump wants to win. He just doesn't want to do the job

One From Column A/One From Column B Reich Wingers

I listened to Donald Trumps Speech...I have to tell you

We're still attacking Drumpf the same way, and I'm scared we'll get the same result.

The liar's lyre. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald J. Trump!!!

Thank you, Donald Trump...

Not that is dispositive but Tim Kaine was President Obama's first choice for VP in 08.

The Trump/Pence "Air Kiss"

Black Therapist with Autistic Patient Shot by Police While on Ground with Hands Up

If Trump’s Speech Sounded Familiar, That’s Because Nixon Gave It First

I just saw a picture of Trump! Did he scrap some hair off the bush on his head?

Without a convincing and compelling populist voice on the Dem ticket

Jill Biden: "Thoughts & Prayers"

Texas Forensic Science Commission Asks For AG Opinion on Bite-Mark Evidence

Jon Stewart on Trump speech: "this angry groundhog came out and he just vomited on everybody"

If our VP is Kaine, blame our failure to elect Democratic governors.

Kaine "not looking for another job"

What about Biden for VP?

In light of tRump-in-fuhrer's latest screed, here is something you may want to peruse....

Erdogan jumps yet another shark.

So much for family values...Male 'escorts' were making crazy money at the RNC

'Donny and the Trumpkins' start their national tour.

CNBC: "Possible Hillary VP pick Tim Kaine brings solid economic record"

How Donald Trump failed in his dark disaster of an acceptance speech

Wall Street donors seek to block Warren VP pick

"THEY'LL KEEP DOING IT, UNTIL WE ALL WAKE UP!" This ends in a very early Trump video

There was a wall built for Trump in Cleveland

Carl Bernstein: Trump's speech "was a speech intended to instill fear and terrify people"

Even with Tim Kaine, Hillary is still better than the fascist Trump.

Convention bungles 'Hispanics for Trump' sign

What exactly do people think the VP does? What legislative power do they think they have?

Romney had a Chance of Winning....

RNC Speech: ‘Fuck, We’re Really Just Letting This Fucking Happen?’

Did Laura Ingraham Intentionally Give a Nazi Salute Last Night? An Investigation.

"Bernie sanders is telling people to vote for Trump instead of Hillary"

Trump delivers dark vision of America, brands himself as law and order candidate

"Well, if it talks like a duck. . . ." Please come CAPTION Phil Robertson!!

Any ideas why Romney or Paul Ryan didn't throw their hats in the race?

‘The party died in this room tonight’: Nicole Wallace grief-stricken as Trump’s RNC speech ends

"The last time a deranged billionaire promised to end all crime it involved a bat suit."

Of all the possible VP candidates, who is in Florida with Hillary today/tomorrow

Eugene Robinson: Trump's speech was "was a message--to white America: be afraid. I will protect you"

VP candidates and LGBTQ issues

I trust the nominee to pick HER running mate!

"There Can Be No Prosperity Without Law And Order" .....

Neocon Shitfit over Nato, Trump almost had it right.

Okay, I voted for Clinton in the primaries but I absolutely must say this:

You may want to ask Sarah Palin how that happened.

Ground Game Ground Game Ground Game

So What Was Moring Joe's Post Mortem On Trump's Acceptance Speech?.....

"We are better than this"

What we are going to get with Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine is a GREAT choice for VP!

50,000 children may die if Nigeria's food shortage isn't dealt with — and fast

@tammybaldwin tells me she'll join presentation by female Dem senators at #DNCinPHL on "all the ways

@tammybaldwin tells me she'll join presentation by female Dem senators at #DNCinPHL on "all the ways

Beyond Voting for & Supporting...What a Difference a Kaine Might Make

Undocumented immigrants given roles at Democratic convention

I didn't realize we lived in such a dystopian country after hearing the Cheetos speech

I sincerely hope all Trump supporters proudly display campaign buttons and bumper stickers

Zoloft & Xanax Prescriptions Rise in Wake of Convention Speech

Senator Tim Kaine's powerful, emotional gun control speech

Warren on VP chances: ‘I think if it were me, I would know it by now’

At this point, I don't care if Hillary names Jack the Ripper her running mate...

5 of America's fastest growing jobs pay less than $25,000

Healey triggers gun-buying frenzy

John Fuglesang just said it - Trump thinks he's Batman - billionaire crime fighter of Gotham.

Why do that? Kaine is a "safe" pick but the wrong choice for these times.

Made in the USA? | The Briefing ~(GD 16)

Der Drumpfenführer Spricht:

Risk of nuclear catastrophe might be greater now than during Cold War

Local gun dealers say they are hit hard by assault weapons crackdown

Any leaks on VP yet?

"Law and Order"

Hillary Clinton pledges to fight gun violence 'epidemic' at Milwaukee event

Freak'n creep run out of faux snooze, now criminal contempt for R Piehole and it will be a good week

Pic Of The Moment: Anger! Hatred! Fear! Mayhem!

Trump Live Now: The National Enquirer should be a well respected magazine because they got OJ!

Jon Stewart had a BALL last night with trump and the GOP...

Lawd, take me up - I've done seen everything

Sen. Al Franken does email fundraising pitch for Russ Feingold, WI

Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert's Late Show Desk

#TrumpSpeechInFourWords (Update 82 k tweets)

Hillary won the nomination and so she gets to pick her Veep

Confessions Of A Former Obama Skeptic: Obama will emerge as one of the half-dozen greatest

Crybaby Trump: Clinton rushing to announce VP to distract from successful GOP convention

When a chocolate chip is just not enough.

Mario Cuomo's 1984 convention speech

I'm not thrilled about Kaine

Best sibling costume idea, evah!

has anyone had an allergic reaction to earmolds?

MSNBC just gave Trump another hour to "pontificate".

Does Godwin's Law make Nazi comparisons to Drump invalid?

#I'mWithHer&Her nt

We know words.

Make America Hate Again

Make America Hate Again

Trump says @CLewandowski_ has been “very loyal and he’s fighting for me on CNN”

Trump's running mate ...

Gary Johnson, if you want voters, I think there's several million pissed off Cruzies for the taking.

BREAKING: David Duke to run for LA-SEN

BTW, the US doesn't pay its NATO bills either. Or anything else, for that matter

Governor Tim Kaine Interviewed on "Al Punto"

I still can't get over the GOP intern photo

Some of Ivanka Trump's speech would have been more true for an endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

David Duke announces run for Senate

David Duke seeks Louisiana senate seat-cites Trump as inspiration!!!

Trump accuses Cruz of 'dishonorable' changes to convention speech

Ex-KKK leader David Duke says he plans to run for US Senate

Jingoism, Isolationism, Protectionism, Racism, Bigotry and Intolerance.

Donald Trump rails against Ted Cruz in surreal rant, says he won’t accept his endorsement

One positive of a Tim Kaine VP nom....

Support "Dome America" today!

Alcohol Is A Direct Cause Of Seven ​​Forms Of Cancer, Finds Study

In America this person would be dead, do they deserve to be dead?

Trump closed rant this morning with "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

Post your favorite trump lie here:

Dennis Green dies at age 67

OMG - Stephen Marley's new album is epic.

The AP fact-checked Donald Trump's speech – and there were some whoppers

Why the Hitler Comparison is appropriate...

Never thought I live to see the rise of

Kingsley Attorney: If they accidentally shot my client while trying to protect him, why did they put

What is your favorite #TrumpSpeechInFourWords tweet? Graphic? Trending #1 now.

Photoshop Armageddon Breaks Out Over THAT Photo Of Donald Trump’s Family

So either the announcement isn't happening today or Kaine isn't it. #Veepstakes

Artist repurposes old tires into works of art

Last night (Thursday) I alerted on a post which started a sh&t storm in GD

Hillary won the primary, but still gave everyone $15 min wage. Its her VP pick, WHOEVER it is.

They played "You Can’t Always Get What You Want." after Trump's speech last night!

Trump's Speech Targeted a Certain Demographic on the Electoral College Map

What we all need this morning after the RNC

Analysis: The Republican convention as reality TV. Not in a good way

Jon Stewart says it better than anybody else EVER COULD!

God bless President Obama for verbally slapping that clown.

Indiana woman found guilty of killing premature infant has feticide has conviction dismissed

Potty talk.

Violent arrest of teacher caught on video; officers face investigation

Turn About Is Fair Play Mr. Christie....

Munich shooting: Police say nine dead as manhunt continues

White supremacist tweet appears on GOP convention screens

How many times are they going to do this and expect people to believe them?

“Muslims are our friends, family, neighbors, & co-workers.

I need news of open-carrier problems around the RNC area for a Lit assignment.

GOTV message: Vote the package --not candidate-- that'll do the greatest good for greatest number.

A simple sectarian prayer:

50 Shockingly Extreme Right-Wing Proposals in the 2016 Republican Party Platform

Trumps are a bunch of grifters.

Retweeted Garry Kasparov (@Kasparov63):

Priyanka and I missed you all last night! Meet up with us Monday in NYC.....

Breaking: Hillary will announce VP pick this afternoon. (MSNBC)

MSNBC: Hillary Will Announce VP Choice This Afternoon Via Text

Will anyone else be as happy as me when the election is over?

Clinto VP announcement - I don't get it

I’m With The Banned by Laurie Penny

360 Tour: Inside The RNC

mass shooting in Munich

Mike Pence & his Love Affair with the Far Religious Right

Rosie ODonnell narrates Trump's life on Daily Show....must see TV:

The End of the Republican Party

Trumpy NO!! A look at the Trump candidacy from the perspective of the MST3K classic "Pod People."

So... when was this a thing?

Fareed Zakaria: America would be Trump’s banana republic

Borowitz: Trump Succeeds in Delivering Speech No One Will Want to Plagiarize

Donald Trump Speech was boring, weird and borderline unhinged.

will voter suppression be the most important factor in this election?

Dear Clinton, I am concerned.

The Big Boom: Nukes And NATO

Obama: Trump's Claims About Rising Crime Rates Don't 'Jive With The Facts'

So I was in Barnes and Noble the other day...

SKY NEWS LIVE (shooting in Germany)

SKY NEWS LIVE (shooting in Germany)

Congratulations to Cleveland Ohio for looking good

For once I agree with Reason Magazine:

Trump blasts Cruz, resurrects idea that senator's father was in on JFK killing

Faux (instantly) using Munich "terror attack" shooting to justify Trump's "law and order" speech

Koch Brothers and Ro Jo

Got my first look inside the DNC here in Philly today. Pics:

Peter Thiel, Radical Libertarian Futurist, Thinks Donald Trump Can Rebuild America

F.C.C. Backs Swedish Company to Run American Phone Routing System

Live Stream Link: Clinton rally draws early crowd in Tampa, VP announcement expected

Hungry For Power Games: Republican National Convention Edition

I was just informed by the Clinton campaign, that I will not be the VP...

Who said it: Ivanka Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Right wing infiltrator of Democratic party praises Obama

Who is the female singer solist in this Z. Marley One Love video?

They steal everything. Another theft:

70 Years of Los Angeles

with all the crap in the world something to brighten the day

Trump: A ratings LOSER!

You Know Who Else Didn’t Endorse the Republican Nominee? Ronald Reagan.

If US media covered US shootings the same way they're covering this one in Germany ...

What were our reactions to selection of Biden over Clinton for VP?

Why would anyone think that Ivanka Trump will bring the women's votes?

Baseball's dirty little secret

The cherries have been great lately...

If you care- Glenn Beck found Trump's speech "bone chillingly frightening"

New York Daily News Celebrates Ailes Ouster With ‘Sleazy’ Provocative Cover

Four moments that Show how GOP's email email Backfired | The Briefing ~ (GD 16)

Four moments that Show how GOP's email email Backfired | The Briefing ~ (HRC GP)

I'm Jewish, and I think a discussion of whether Sanders' "Jewishness" was a plausible issue is legit

Oh no.

Why is Russia giving DNC emails to wikileaks

No, you can't compare a politician's intelligence to a piece of toast.

''Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money.....

Where's Jose?

Hillary Clinton: You are not our voice, @realDonaldTrump.

Funniest GOP Convention Memes

Tim Kaine is expected at a R.I. fundraiser tonight, and at a Nantucket event tomorrow.

Why Placebos Really Work: The Latest Science

Exclusive: Top Obama aide to take call for South China Sea calm to Beijing

How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump

Obama denies any U.S. involvement in attempted Turkey coup

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 22, 2016

EU approves Monsanto, Bayer genetically modified soybeans

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 22, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month: Olivia De Havilland

Up to 20 dead as northern Mali fighting threatens peace deal

Turkey coup attempt: Detentions 'tip of the iceberg'

Imagine a World Without Muslims

The progressive case for Tim Kaine as VP

Minnesota United Goalkeeper Scores Incredible Own Goal Vs. Bournemouth

Mike Malloy - Why Are Working Class Americans Sucking Up To This Liar?

In case you decided to skip the death and destruction convention...

Who do you side with - take the quiz for fun.

Mike Malloy - MSNBC’s Tamron Hall Destroys Scott Baio On Live TV For Calling Hillary Clinton A Cunt

Elizabeth Warren On Trump: 'He Sounded Like A Two-Bit Dictator'

Racism exists. It is real and tangible. And it is everywhere, all the time.

Wiki leaks?

Alex Jones says he is ready for a fight. Are you?

Trump couldn't organize an event in ohio. good thing its not an important state......

Trump just said Cruz wants to run in 4 years

Trump just butchered a news conference

Is NOTHING sacred to the Trump campaign? Now they've stolen Pavarotti singing "Nessun Dorma"!!!

Everyone Creeped Out By Donald Trump Touching His Daughter

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 23, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Brenda de Banzie

Will Trump debate Clinton?

hahahaha...trump vamping in Cleveland, with poor Pence stuck behind him, clapping

Discovering the 'final frontier' of our universe

Trump's family surely must realize that he is senile. So, why are

Yesterday I resigned my position in the York Township Republican Committeemen’s Organization

The grown men who love ‘My Little Pony’ aren’t who you think they are

WATCH: Alex Jones crashes ‘Young Turks’ RNC show — and chaos ensues

Prediction: Clinton will withhold VP announcement until tomorrow...

I just noticed that tonight The Learning Channel will show...

GOP Strategist Declares: “The Party Died In This Room Tonight”

Hypocrisy Runs Amok As The Gay Escort Business Pulls In A Fortune At GOP Convention

Wine Tasting in Beautiful Willamette Valley, Oregon

The 2016 Republican Platform Is Truly Terrifying

Foster kitten tummy rub - squee x 1,000,000,000

(EDIT: COVERAGE BEGINS AT 4:30.) CSPAN at 5PM ET today. Hillary's Rally from Tampa Fl

Am I the only one creeped out by how the Trumps

CNN: Munich shooting may delay VP announcement.

Al Sharpton to Alan Grayson: I didn't endorse you, so don't use me in your ad

Bill Nelson says Tim Kaine would be 'steady hand' as VP

First hand report from Woman in mall....

New Priorities USA ad: "Dangerous President"

Sky News is showing one of the gunman on top of the mall.

Supporting fraud?

Who says old school is bad? Here is a fine idea: Weighing our public officials!

Perhaps the Kaine rumors are part of a fake-out

Would I get an argument

Argentine GDP declines by 3.1% in June from same time last year.

Argentine GDP declines by 3.1% in June from same time last year.

well i was worried some, but it's not going to matter who

Accusations of Palgarism in Trump Speech

Wow,today is the 5th anniversary of the Breivik massacre.

Tim Kaine Wouldn’t Do Much To Help Clinton Win The Election

MSNBC appears to be entertaining the possibility Munich was a rightwing attack.

msnbc - Shooter is a German.

So it's not a terrorist attack if it's an RW white guy or guys

C-SPAN carrying Hillary at Tampa rally!

Problem with restoring of post

Evidence points to terrorist being a right wing xenophobe.

Sen. Black says this may be last election in US, claims Clinton wants al-Qaida in control of Syria

Resignation letter

North Miami police commander suspended

I gotta admit, this is a good one...

Texas Rape Victim Was Jailed for Fear She Would Not Testify, Lawsuit Says

After Cleveland

Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy

Speculation about Tim Kaine could be wrong: little nugget from 2004

Obama: Trump's doom-and-gloom doesn't match reality

MOVING STORY: Even though it's being widely reported the shooter in Munich was a right winger...

CO2 readings at Mauna Loa briefly fall below 400 ppm for a few hours. Last time ever?

I HOPE ONE OF TRUMPS Ex-wives spill some bad news for him

msnbc just said the Hillary event will be delayed because of the Munich shooting spree. I have

Good News from Cleaveland: Tommy Thompson doubts Walkers re-electability

Top Colombia counter-narcotics official sentenced for drug trafficking

Ivanka Trump Treats The GOP Like QVC By Using The RNC To Sell Her Clothing Line

Top Colombia counter-narcotics official sentenced for drug trafficking

Jon Stewart Rocks!!

Trump to turn American military into world's greatest protection racket

Creepy Perv Donald Trump Just Felt Up His Daughter In Front Of Millions Of People


Neo-paramilitaries continue attacks on Colombia’s security forces: 3 cops dead

chuck'n'andrea: it's going to be Kaine

Community Brings Lawsuit to Force San José to Comply with State Affordable Housing Law

BREAKING: Wikileaks releases DNC member and donor SSANs, CC numbers

White Nonsense Round up..

How can CNN keep Corey Lewandowsit on after what Trump said this morning?

Trump's caught again robbing the goods !

Trump campaign manager’s Ukrainian clients have Panama Papers connections

Sen. Tim Kaine Seen as Clinton’s VP Pick

Open letter to Donald J. Trump

Twitter is a hate site. It perpetuates hate by its very nature.

There are only four words that should matter to any presidential candidate who is picking a Veep.

Poland votes that WWII massacre by Ukraine was ‘genocide’

Wildlife Dying En Masse as South American River Runs Dry

Wildlife Dying En Masse as South American River Runs Dry

Watch LIVE-- Crowd shouting Lock Him Out, keeping Trump out of the WH! #Tampa

Austin police apologize after video shows black woman's violent arrest

Sigh. Walks in nursing a beer, surveys the empty room

US border control will pay £360,000 to settle “illegal body cavity search” case

New Urban Dictionary entry: Trumpster Fire

I think Hillary is listening to Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Terry McAuliffe, all of whom want her

An incredibly plain yet encompassing quote by Clay Shirky

Police Ramp Up Scrutiny of Online Threats

Hillary Clinton Live in Tampa (HAPPENING NOW):

Christine Lagarde to stand trial over Tapie affair after appeal fails

Wikileaks did officially confirm one thing:

Remember Norwegian Terrorist who murdered

Hillary, using Trump's words to kick his orange posterior, live on MSNBC

Tim Kaine Wouldn’t Do Much To Help Clinton Win The Election

DU this poll:

Recently available on Netflix: NSU German History X

McNesby Calls Black Lives Matter “Terrorist Group” (AUDIO)


Suggestion for Philly...

Dear Hillary: Choose whomever you prefer. I trust you! Always have. Always will.

How an Argentinian man learned his 'father' may have killed his real parents

How an Argentinian man learned his 'father' may have killed his real parents

first they came - martin niemoller

HRC: Last thing we need is to elect someone who "talks trash about America"

Watching HRC I see another similarity to Trump.

A Rose For The President

Hillary sounds like she finally has that fire in her belly (Now w/ Video!)

Maybe not announcing today because of Munich!?

Mexican journalist and Penguin sued in bid to ban sale of bombshell book

Mexican journalist and Penguin sued in bid to ban sale of bombshell book

Zoe Saldana producing film on Canada's missing indigenous women

The day after the winger convention feels like getting over a flu bug.

Top tweet during Trump speech was by Bernie Sanders

MSNBC just had blistering coverage of Trump

We Finally Have A Candidate That Speaks To ‘White Males,’ GOP Congressman Says

Choosing to motivate Americans using fear works both ways, Donald.

Suppose the VP pick

Melania's "speechwriter" BUSTED for offering a Photoshopped pic of herself w/ Trump as "evidence"

Top tweet during Trump speech was by Bernie Sanders

We Finally Have A Candidate That Speaks To ‘White Males,’ GOP Congressman Says

Spread the Truth

Republican Convention Ratings Fall Short

I could watch this all day

The GOP’s Descent Into Darkness

Spain could veto Brexit talks, Margallo says

VP Clue? "Build Bridges Not Walls"

Trump to turn American military into the world's greatest protection racket

Judge Curiel clears the way for Trump U lawsuit to proceed as a class action.

curiel clears path for trump lawsuit!

Now on msnbc, Judge Curiel clears path for Trump lawsuit.

Why in the world would HRC pick a sitting Senator

Mike Norris (Chuck's Son) Claims He Was Poisoned At Screening Of Conspiracy Theory Flick

Make-up artist who worked at the RNC: Paul Ryan wanted highlighter for his eyes (it gets better!)

Another politician says Hillary Clinton should be hanged

In a sea of slicks, Takai stood out as a listener and a servant. By Lee Cataluna.

So, let me get this straight....Trump does not have to hand in his income taxes?


So let me get this straight....Trump publicly rejected the 'possible endorsement' of Ted Cruz

Va. Supreme Court Strikes Down McAuliffe's Order On Felon Voting Rights

How to stop gun proliferation in the US

Va. Supreme Court strikes down McAuliffe’s felon voting rights restoration in 4-3 decision

WAPO: Mr. Trump is a unique and present danger.

Some guy on cnn says wasn't isis and erin brown says


No, Hugh Hewitt! Bernie supporters will not line up behind Drumpf!

Ivanka sold her dress from last night today

No Bump for tRump out of the convention!

Most of welfare reform $ now goes to pro-life counseling & other weird things

"Islamic terrorism" vs. "Radical jihadism". Lets just call it what it really is....

so who the heck is Tim Kaine?