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My husband and I went down to Long Beach to see the Aquarium of the Pacific today...

well I got my call so it isn't me

TRUMP=LOSER: Acceptance Speech Bombs: Does Same Ratings As Romney, Less Than McCain

In the days of Camelot -Trump's fantasies gone wild

Question? Anyone know if there is anything like for Republicans

According to CNN, the choice is Kaine

RNC Wrap Up....***graphic***

It's Kaine

It's Kaine - "I'm thrilled to tell you this first: I've chosen Sen. Tim Kaine as my running mate."

It's Kaine (Update)

Congratulations Senator Kaine!

MSNBC says Tim Kaine is Hillary's pick for vp.


My God. 1st person up on msnbc is an angry Bernie supporter.

Critics: Trump speech signals shift to coded race language

Just got a text from Clinton Campaign Tim Kaine is Hillary's running mate

Clinton/Kaine 2016!

Clinton and Kaine


MSNBC: Hillary considered 30 people for VP

Hillary Clinton selects Tim Kaine as her running mate

Dammit! I quit

Fuck it, I'm getting a head start!

Just got the text: It's Kaine. It's official.

Rolling Stones, Queen, George Harrison's Estate and, I'm sure, others...

So many Trump supporters on the internet

Clinton/Kaine -- Keep America Sane

With Kaine as VP pick Crystal Ball moves Virginia Electoral College rating from....

Chuck Todd finally made a good point about the Veep pick.

Hillary has demonstrated she is an incredibly wise woman.

Clinton/Kaine v Trump/Pence: Adults v Extremists

Pic Of The Moment: Clinton/Kaine 2016!

Clinton and Kaine

WHOOPS: Donald Trump Nomination Speech Ratings Fall Far Below GOP Record

NYT Editorial: Donald Trump's Campaign of Fear..

So, its Kaine.

pretty much how everyone I know felt last night...

Trump Would Fund Super-PACs Aimed at Taking Down Cruz, Kasich

That's it. I'm out of here.

Let's do it!

But where's the logo with the C fucking the K?

BTRTN Called the Kaine Pick a Month Ago

Will 2008 be the last time a veteran is on the ticket for awhile?

George Takei speaks to Latinos in Spanish about Trump

Florida tests more than 200 residents in Zika probe

GOP Convention Day Four: "Believe Me"

Is it a good sign when you roll out your vp...

Just heard that Kaine will change his position on trade to match Hillary's,

Cashing in on worldwide television exposure: Ivanka Trump markets her look after RNC speech

This election is now underwear v. toilet paper

I think it would be awesome if Terry McAuliffe appointed himself to replace Kaine...

Soooo, now the suspense will be in finding out Donald Trump's adjective for Tim Kaine

Three Florida men charged with attempting to support Islamic State

Statewide minimum wage measure qualifies for November ballot

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Melania Redux! Live & Uncensored & a Kitteh gif

Charles Pierce on Trump's speech:

hillary potter !

Just found out that Tim Kaine was born and raised in St Paul, MN

What does Bernie say about Kaine? About his view of

Hillary Clinton: We Don't Need Candidates Who 'Talk Trash About America'

Article on Tim Kaine and his Jesuit education

U.S. accuses three more of multimillion-dollar text message scam

‘A Pope Francis Catholic’: Now that Tim Kaine is Clinton’s VP pick, will his faith matter?

Who's on the bench in Virginia?

New York pizzeria owner, son guilty in U.S. drug case tied to Italian mafia

New York pizzeria owner, son guilty in U.S. drug case tied to Italian mafia

5 things to know about Tim Kaine, Hillary's pick for her VP

I'm rooting for the Yankees???

How Kaine found out he was the pick...

American fighting with Kurds against Islamic State killed in Syria

Likely sole gunman in Munich attack was German-Iranian: police chief

Clinton/Kaine: The Steady Hand of Real Leadership

Va. Supreme Court strikes down Governor's restoration of rights for former felons

"At my Signal... UNLEASH HELL Hillary... !

Holy crap. This commercial needs to go everywhere.

Al Giordano: 1. Let me share some knowledge I have about Tim Kaine,

#YesWeKaine #EstamosListos #ClintonKaine2016

Ben Jealous just said Hillary should have chosen Jennifer Granholm as her VP

Why did Ben Jealous suggest that Jennifer Granholm would be a better pick than Tim Kaine?

Alleged shooter in Munich spree who killed 9 was an 18-year-old German-Iranian from Munich

NLRB Confirms Legality of Union Support for Israel Boycott; Union Condemns Political Attacks on BDS


NLRB Confirms Legality of Union Support for Israel Boycott; Union Condemns Political Attacks on BDS

NLRB Confirms Legality of Union Support for Israel Boycott; Union Condemns Political Attacks on BDS

Obama signs into law opioid addiction bill to protect newborns

Emails Released by WikiLeaks Appear to Show DNC Trying to Aid Hillary Clinton

Charles Foster Kane is the VP?

Get to Know Senator Tim Kaine

I'm still voting for her-- but don't expect me to be enthused with this VP pick

Croatia overturns conviction of WW2 'collaborator' Cardinal Stepinac

Kaine is a very good choice

With Kaine as VP Trump has to win Florida and will still lose.

Just to clear the air on Kaine...

I have read a few post on here that are not happy with Hillary's....

Seems FBI has confirmed Malaysian pilot practiced the same route past

1 minute "Who is Tim Kaine" video

Sen. Tim Kaine Gives Emotional, Powerful Speech on Gun Violence during filibuster

Tim Kaine is a Zappa fan !!!

Jennifer Granholm tweets endorsement of Tim Kaine

My opinion of Gov. Terry McAuliffe just went up about %300

Just in Time for President Trump, Canada Introduces a Bill That Would Make It Easy to Move There

Tim Kaine is HER pick..


Larry Sabato: Kaine potentially locks up Virginia.

I've been asked 3 times now how I could be a Bernie supporter and be such a vocal lover of Kaine

New Clinton motto: She's Able, He's Kaine!

Tim Kaine Interview from CSpan..

Oh, yeah! my veep, Al Franken, is coming up on Larry ODonnell.

black bears becoming more common

David Bowie - Life on Mars


Nina Turner is on MSNBC to speak about Kaine...

Tim Kaine is a good man and a good Democrat.

I'm with Her....and I'm with Tim!

I deleted myOP due to my own typo but... I will repost. Meant to say anti-abortion

Things that make you go hmmmmm.....

Donald Trump and the Dark Soul of the GOP


Tim Kaine - local reporter's background (you should see this)

Governor Denies Parole for Former Manson Follower Leslie Van Houten

Where Does Kaine Fit In the Liberal/Conservative Spectrum

It's been 10 years


Va. high court invalidates McAuliffe’s order restoring felon voting rights

Cartoon: Here's How You Organize a Strike in 2016

Cartoon: Here's How You Organize a Strike in 2016

Walker appoints attorney as next justice on Wisconsin Supreme Court

Just got my Meredith McIver friend request on twitter....

You know who will love Kaine? The Pope will love Kaine.

I like Kaine, but DAMMIT we need a Democratic controlled senate come 1/20/17

Report: Trump to create super-PACs to attack Cruz, Kasich

Last VCR to be produced this month.

HE... WON!

Tomorrow's headline

Mike Malloy - Republican Hate Fest

The Don the Con live meltdown will be EPIC...

They fought the sleep and the sleep won...

Mike Malloy - The Most Extreme Republican Platform In Memory

I don't like what is happening to my diverse little community.

When will we see the logo rollout?

Does Donald Trump have simple character flaws or is he mentally unbalanced ?

Do breath holders understand what is at stake if Trump is elected?

Yup. Understand Jon Stewart wanted to go live "off the grid"

Ted Cruz On Why He Didn't Endorse Trump

Obviously, we have our work cut out for us next week to fix the national conversation...

Trump gains in new Reuters/Ipsos poll

Congrats to us/Dems: Once again we have a team of human-decency, intelligence, service

We have our ticket now. Stand by me. We are Democrats!

Republicans can't find anything to hit Kaine on, try to spin his positions into being 'ok' if you...

VP debates

Hillary's first major decision, and it was a damn good one! And then, there's Trumpenstein...

Tim Kaine plays harmonica with the Jug Busters at the Floyd Country Store.

Nate Silver on twitter tonight

Why Are Other Secretaries of State Not Criticized for Foreign Bombings

Just got off the phone with my cousin in NC...GAH!

How Will Goldman Sachs (GS) Stock Be Affected by Malaysian Fund Scandal?

Will Kaine make it to Florida?

In honor of Trump's reality show experience how about special debate rules?

TIME KAINE, VP: General Election is underway. G.O.T.V. Remember: win first.

Chairman Trump

Great Maher quote on Trump's speech:

Is it hot enough yet?

Claims about Trump's opposition to TPP

"I Alone": Trump's Megalomania on Cold Display

is this the offical Sanders position on Kaine or just someone running off at the mouth

Hispanic outreach..


Remember this guy?

video - how hillary plans to enter the DNC (facebook link)..take THAT Donald!

how many of you are excited

Hypocrisy Runs Amok As The Gay Escort Business Pulls In A Fortune At GOP Convention

hawaii tropical storm update - storm watch added for oahu, Big Island to take direct hit

Liz Warren on Colbert

Judge orders Trump to pay nearly $300,000 in attorney’s fees in Doral painter’s lawsuit

I am getting so nervous about Tim Kaine. I had a bad feeling beforehand

NYT: Tim Kaine is an "old-fashioned liberal, dyed in the wool."

The Entire GOP Campaign About Dems/Hillary Turning US Over To Blacks, Hispanics, LGBT Etc.

Wikileaks posts nearly 20,000 hacked DNC emails online

"New Hubble Picture Reveals a Warped View of Galaxies"

MJ - Behind the Virginia senator's moderate reputation is a history of quiet progressive activism.

POLL - Trump pulls nearly even with Clinton after Republican convention

Stephen Baldwin Says Gays Should Start Their Own Church If They Want To Marry

Somehow wasn't aware of Tim Kaine's Jesuit connection until today.

RT Rybak on Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine Endorsed Obama early in 2007 for President

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 24 - Pioneers of African-American Cinema

TCM Schedule for Monday July 25 - Robert Francis

angry people vines videos

Given the various troubles athletes have had with women, here's a positive story

Love the Ocean? So Do These Bay Cat Beauties

I can't sleep, I've got a toothache & and an.....

Re: Jury Service:

Oh I so can't wait for the VP debate!

Someone busted out my driver side window...

DNC wikileaks:... consistency through keeping people ignorant

Boom times for big US airlines: $3.9 billion in 2Q profits

Real Time with Bill Maher, New Rule: The '50s Man (Trump)

Tim Kaine: "F" rating from the NRA and "A" rating from Planned Parenthood...

So, I have shingles. Ow.

It's EIGHT shooters, THREE, triangulated cross-fire from height, TWO, for sure, FOUR!

Gov. Jerry Brown denies parole for former Manson family member (Leslie Van Houten)

When Republicans say they want to take America back again...

Bill Maher interviews America Ferrera (fun fight w/ Republican about voting rights in last half)

Moderate Kaine toes a fine line on Israel issues

Bear witness...


Disney backs off cruise port on pristine Bahamas island

The future of America, ladies and gentlemen...

Apologies to coleslaw...

Just in case you're worried...

Fabulous Sea Fauna Don't Give A Fuck, 'Cause Fabulous Sea Fauna Is Too Busy Being Fabulous...

Warning: Adult content

"He's no good for you, Sharon..."

Go ahead and call me crazy, but this could be the map we see on Election Night

Horrible crime in my neighborhood. Woman discovers rocks glued to her car.

Hilda Holtz: Trump was my love child with Hitler.

I think that I now know where to eat next time I'm in New York City...

Anti-establishment election = Americans are angry

Never let it be said that Iraqis don't have a sense of humor...

Everyone: "Seriously Hillary DO NOT screw this up!

Daily Holidays - July 23

My last joyous campaign was my first.

Confidence and the Degradation of Brazil

Confidence and the Degradation of Brazil

Power and the Bomb: Conducting International Relations with the Threat of Mass

Munich shooting: Police appeal for video evidence

New Warriors trio looks sharp in Team USA's exhibition victory

Russian balloonist 'breaks Fossett's round-the-world record'

Three Individuals Charged in $1 Billion Medicare Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme

Brazilian Prosecutor Finds No Crime Committed by Dilma: Will the Law Count for Anything in Brazil?

Brazilian Prosecutor Finds No Crime Committed by Dilma: Will the Law Count for Anything in Brazil?

Scott Adams: Why we need to be very very very scared of Trump winning this election:

China floods: At least 78 killed and 'millions homeless'

Kenyan court jails ivory smuggler for 20 years

Labour holds piss-up sort-of near brewery

So our banks are over-regulated????

Would A Basic Income Make Us Happier At Work?

Lawsuit against Kris Kobach over Kansas voting rule will be heard next week

Kansas Health Foundation donates to relief fund for Eureka tornado victims

Ex-KKK leader Duke tries political comeback in US Senate run

Judge to monitor Kansas' actions on gay marriage for 3 years

Kansas attorney general sues to get Guantanamo Bay records

Alaska parental notification abortion law struck down

Some people are essentially bashing the choice of Tim Kaine as VP. Please stop this.

Shouldn't Be This Hard....

Jeff Flake on the Kaine selection

German finance minister says it's not up to rest of Europe to cushion Brexit

Former guard admits he didn't check on Sandra Bland before she died, lawyer says

Islamic State said to shun withdrawal offer in surrounded Syrian city

Thank you to those who commented on my query about the so-called Godwin's Law.

It's Official: Hillary Clinton Is Running Against Vladimir Putin

Open Carry, Funding Likely Police Issues Next Session

"We are either going to elect the first female President or our last President-period."

Joe Bonamassa - Just Got Paid/Dazed and Confused - Live @ Royal Albert Hall

Attorneys for wrongly convicted Beatrice Six ask judge to order defendants to pay $1.8M owed

Univ. of Nebraska regents OK request to ask Legislature for more in appropriations over 2 years

Video Appears To Show Woman Planting Bomb Under Anti-Putin Journalist Pavel Sheremet's Car

Video Appears To Show Woman Planting Bomb Under Pavel Sheremet's Car

TransCanada replacing parts of Keystone pipeline; Bold Nebraska cautions landowners

It turns out Donald Trump's father was the racist landlord Woody Guthrie hated

The RNC is over-ALL Trump managed to do was narrow HRC's lead.

Former U.S. senator a full-time S.D. resident again

Pro-abortion rights groups give Kaine nod of approval

The Left’s Beef With Tim Kaine: Bernie’s supporters see a rebuke in Clinton's ‘safe’ VP pick

Judge Curiel denies Trump U. motion to dismiss case

I think I know why Ted Cruz screwed Trump

Fox News is worse than I ever thought.

Countering Trumpenstein's dystopian view of America. In other words, the GOOD news.

Leaked email from DNC confirms paid trolls

Trump scam?

Tim Kaine Has Already Turned Virginia Into A Likely Democratic Win For Hillary Clinton

Luckovich - Grave Spinning Grudge

Kaine’s acceptance of gifts in Virginia could create opening for Republicans

UK officials seek draft agreements with EU before triggering article 50

ASTONISHING quote on Trump from a Republican strategist.

Munich officials: Gunman was obsessed with mass killings but had no ties to ISIS

They're playing Don' the Con's attack on Cruz at the RNC wrap

Senator Kaine Joins Floyd Country Store Jam Session ~ B/C Why not! lol!! (HRC GP)

Senator Kaine Joins Floyd Country Store Jam Session ~ b/c Why not!? lol!! (GD 16)

N.D. Dems share ‘responsible alternative’ plan to address revenue shortfall in special session

Blow off the rug

Kaine During Filibuster: We Have To Stop Being Bystanders To The Carnage Of Gun Violence (GD16)

Kaine During Filibuster: We Have To Stop Being Bystanders To The Carnage Of Gun Violence (HRC GP)

AP Poll: Support grows among Americans for stricter gun laws

Obama vetoes cuts to former presidents' expense accounts

Group shares flier on advancing careers of white men at Union Pacific; chairman says it 'turned my s

Fargo doctor's license indefinitely suspended for text describing patient's genitals

A simple "yes" or "no" question for Donald Trump?

Attorney for Native Americans challenging N.D. voter ID law says Texas ruling 'enhances our case'

"The bowel movement is the message." . . . Please come CAPTION Roger Ailes!!!

Trial set for man accused of stealing oil patch explosives

Al Giordano: Let me share some knowledge I have about Tim Kaine: (GD 16)

Leaders discuss future of North Dakota coal power plants after announced closure

What does it say about the judgement of people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell...?

Why You Should Put YOUR MASK On First

For all the shit FOX talks about conservatism their station was run by a reprobate

Matt Taibbi: Trump's Appetite for Destruction

Guam Memorial Hospital Borrowing Bill Signed Into Law

Hilarious accounts of RNC Convention

Her VP choice has been made and it's Kaine. It is a done deal.

Weekly Address w/Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Protecting the Progress We’ve Made with Wall Street Reform

Former jailer admitted falsifying log in Sandra Bland's death, lawyer says

$1 billion alleged Medicare fraud, money laundering scheme leads to Florida arrests

Federal Transit Administration extends rail recovery plan deadline to end of 2016

Funny Air New Zealand safety video starring Rhys Darby and Anna Faris (edited with better video link

Weekend Toon Roundup

Picketing continues for Hawaiian Airlines pilots over contract negotiations

At least 61 dead, 207 wounded in Kabul demonstration attack

Senator Tim Kaine on Meet The Press

Florida-based NextEra pulls out of Hawaii energy projects

Tim Kaine Took On Insurers Over ‘Redlining’ as a Young Civil Rights Lawyer in Va.

Lawmakers override governor’s veto of Maui hospital bill

Personally I'm Very Comfortable With The Kaine Selection As VP...

Kendra Harrison sets 100m hurdles world record at Anniversary Games, but won't be at Olympics

Governor Ige Announces Allocation of $12M for Homelessness Effort

This Election is Not About Clinton or Trump

15 Maps Reveal How The World Actually Looks

Walker vetoes bill to put lawmakers on Alaska gas line board

70-year-old Anchorage woman accused of illegally obtaining more than $330K in Medicaid funds

So when are Wikileaks, Anonymous, and others going to expose the Republicans?

Trump - A Unique and Present Danger..

Please recycle

The biggest dog whistle many never hear: Law and Order

Munich Terrorist Linked To Neo-Nazi Mass Murderer

'It's called diplomacy Boris': John Kerry helps out

The Democratic ticket is finalized, and the Convention starts Monday.

Should an organization like BLM have 'official' leadership and chapters?

Hornets co-owner irked at move of NBA All-Star game over LGBT law

Lyin' Donald Trump

Lyin’ Donald Trump

What was the Munich murderer's major malfunction? Middle Eastern Muslim? Mentally ill?

Pics from Hill's Tampa rally on Friday!

I had a bad dream last night!

"Drumpt is a Five Alarm Liar"

Editorial Boards Praise @timkaine pick....

I had hoped for a progressive-liberal VP pick

Clinton Doubles Down on National Security With Tim Kaine Pick

Why does the "hacker left" (wikileaks, anonymous, etc.) want Trump to be president?

South China Sea air strips’ main role is ‘to defend Hainan nuclear submarine base’

By your friends shall you be known.

If Hugh HEWITT doesn't like (attacks, denigrates, sneers at) KAINE, we're good.

ASEAN in discord ahead of meeting with top China, U.S. diplomats

Perovskite can take the heat—Myth-busting research into a new alternative solar cell material…

The Hill: Economic model predicts Clinton win, but Trump gains ground

First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke

I have historically voted for 95% Democrat, and I will vote 95% for Democrats this election.

June jobless rates up in 6 states, down in 1; payroll jobs up in 18 states, down in 3

My 92-year-old Republican mother says, "He's a creep."

Mozilla will start blocking Flash in Firefox this August (ZDNet)

Are you guys gonna be making a CLINTON-KAINE avatar image?

Fields of Gold

Frank Rich:The notion that the GOP is deeply divided is based on a conceit of the mainstream media:

It’s all connected

Knocking on doors...

Tim Kaine teaching a carpentry class in Honduras 36 years ago

Scott Bixby on Twitter : "The best thing about the Clinton-Kaine logo..."

10 parrots removed from west Omaha home; owner ticketed (link added)

10 parrots removed from west Omaha home; owner ticketed (link added)

There's no cheating in politics

In Utah, it's a 3 person race

The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer (2016) Comic-Con

Granny's Knitting Circle hears Trump is GOP Choice for Prez

"Clinton/Kaine" sounds good

Allina, nurse talks stall after daylong effort

Yes She Kaine! Hahaha!! ~perfect!

Allina, nurse talks stall after daylong effort

Virginia Governor Bypasses Court Ruling To Help 200,000 Ex-Felons Vote

Allina, nurse talks stall after daylong effort

Misleading headlines. Unless it's in LBN, the headline of a post is provided by the one posting.

President Obama on Hillary's choice of Tim Kaine as VP

How Ukraine's financial elite plundered the nation

FactChecking Trump’s Big Speech

Bill Maher was really misogynist yesterday

LIVE - Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine rally in Miami

It's Official: Hillary Clinton Is Running Against Vladimir Putin

Gun Deaths Are Mostly Suicides

McAuliffe Would Appoint Kaine’s Successor

The Dark Knight - WSJ editorial

Make China Great Again

Andrea Mitchell now playing the Quadrennial OMFG, DEMS ARE LOSING PENNSYLVANIA!!!!!

Turkey's Erdogan shuts schools, charities in first state of emergency decree

If you think choosing Kaine was a rebuke to the far left, you need to consider this:

Bird plays on moving walkway

How long before the media starts making 'Citizen Kaine' jokes?

Rob Manfred is the biggest idiot ever to run baseball

Elizabeth Warren on Donald Trump: "He Sounded Like a Two-Bit Dictator"

Shooting a man who was lying down with his hands up?

Shooting a man who was lying down with his hands up?

Ukraine's corruption continues to cost the country dearly

A REMINDER FOR FENCE SITTERS, Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy turned 80 as of today.

Make America Hate Again

Trump probably can't win Ohio, says state's governor, John Kasich

Watch ‘Trump’ Dancing With His Tiny Hands In This Fabulous Parody Of Rihanna’s “Work”

Tim Kaine is the most liberal VP nominee since Walter Mondale

Anything here? Whaddya think?

FBI, Secret Service helping Garland police investigate journalist's killing

Chuck Todd gets paid for bias commentary?

Story or nonstory? SacBee: "Autism rates in California public schools jumped 7 percent in 2016"

Can people here please stop saying "Sanders Supporters" and use "SOME Sanders supporters"

Dangerous profession: Journalists killed in Ukraine since Independence

A Trillion (yes, Trillion) dollar treasure trove

They need to start this rally MSNBC time to bash

Anyone on the OH, FL, PA, IA, NC, NH state campaigns volunteer staff shed some light?

What could be worse than Andrea Mitchell telling Democrats

Ambassador Stevens's mom letter to NYT, objects to Trump using his name for "cynical" political gain

Dems were smart to let Repugs go first

This is the type of senseless crime

Meeting a great Democratic team (I know *I* am!1 ) : Tim KAINE and Anne HOLTON

Milo Yiannopoulos Twitter Suspension & Alex Jones Fight w/ Young Turks signals the TRUMPOCALYPSE!

Donald Trump has 5 kids with 3 different wives?

You'll want to see this Weekly Address!

For transparency: Wikileaks has released many DNC and HRC emails and other communications for us.

Is it me, or is Andrea Mitchell exceptionally grumpy today?

So Sanders said he would fire DWS and sued the DNC

In 1927, Fox News Service filmed Benito Mussolini telling immigrants to ‘make America great’

The President's Weekly Address.

The Republican ‘lock her up!’ chants were disturbing. They were also inevitable.

Best Tweet Re. Tim Kaine

Elizabeth Warren On Trump: 'He Sounded Like A Two-Bit Dictator'

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 23, 2016

Tim Kaine reminds me a lot of Joe Biden.

Despite Optimism, Oil Firms Keep Cutting Jobs

The one Roger Ailes hire that changed American politics forever

Ok. Tim Kaine is killing it

I'm filled with calm when I see Hillary/Kaine

If anyone was nervous or leery about Tim Kaine, I hope their minds have just been changed!

VOX POPULI: There’s no end to Fukushima crisis while melted fuel remains

"I Am Your Voice," He Said. Then He Did This:

Democratic Platform Grew More Liberal on Financial Regulation

Kaine is an impressive man. We are fortunate to have him.

Trump's 'America First' causes concern about U.S. commitment to defense of Japan

Billionaire brothers settle fence trespass with BLM

The importance of Kaine's speaking Spanish.

Wikileaks are the same idiots who said Panama papers were a Soros/U.S. plot to damage Putin

Suggested slogan for convention: "No More Hate!"

Kaine/NATO: Skin in the game

This is not an insider-outsider election.

Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking to block logging project

Thank you Tim Kaine

Godzilla appears in Tokyo bathhouse

Montana governor proposes tax waivers, credits for businesses

Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy

Tim Kaine is awesome!

What are Tim Kaines policy positions?

(Japan) Is the eel industry on the slippery slope to extinction?

Tim Kaine is Boring? Sez Who?

Where can I buy a Clinton-Kaine bumper sticker?

This Kaine guy is pretty good

So how can Kaine top this at the convention?????

WOW! Tim Kaine is simply wonderful!

They have chemistry and a mutual respect

Republican lawmaker brings defamation lawsuit against letter writer

Donald Trump will be a worse President than George W. Bush

I'm thrilled by the Clinton-Kaine ticket!

Trump-Supporting Ex-Cop: ‘It Is Your Duty’ To ‘Take Out’ Obama And His Gun-Grabbing Friends

‘Pokemon Go’ catches more players on day 2

This speech from Kaine and Hillary confirm why i am a proud Democrat

Republican Ana Navarro sent out the best tweet about Trump:

Tim Kaine gets it. Tim Kaine's got it.

I feel GOOD.....Tim Kaine....the GOOD man!

Is Kaine More Progressive...

Wow, just wow. He had that whole enormous and raucous crowd in the palm of his hand.

Malaysia foils 'IS plot against police'

I was wrong about Kaine

I don't know much about our next VP, Tim Kaine?

They are lauding him big time (Kaine) on CNN! Blitzer included!

Nurses seek legislation to protect against workplace violence

2 million Chinese couples sign up to have that second kid

Since nobody wants Trump using their music let's kick in suggestions for Hillary

2 million Chinese couples sign up to have that second kid

Is Tim Kaine's Miami speech available anywhere online???

White Supremecists for trump

Hong Kongers look to emigrate to Taiwan, elsewhere

This is the way it should be done!

WNBA Players Continue Protests Despite Fines, Stage Media Blackout

We may have just seen the US Presidents for the next sixteen years

Kaine can converse with a thousand people...

Thai cops charge 8-year-old girls under junta law

What we have here is another example of Hillary's excellent judgement! nt

Idaho lawmakers convene for initial review of health options for poor

Clinton/Kane! I'm so, so EXCITED!!!!

Based on what I'm reading on DU, it sounds like Kaine killed it.

Car Bomb Murder of Pavel Sheremet Dashes Hopes in Post-Maidan Ukraine

Lawsuit: Racist Rodeo ‘Rounded Up’ City’s Native Americans

Largest scale of indoor fireworks prepared for NDP 2016

Let's talk strategy: Virginia and Florida

Media Choices?

State lays out plan to halt aquifer’s steady decline

"That was good." Eddie Murphy nt

DU Needs A Clinton-Kaine Avatar That Pictures Them Together

Why is Mike Pence so disliked in Indiana?

Trump Faces Federal Investigation After Melania Speech, New Details Emerge

What level of narcissism

Finally! Someone Said It! Mitch McConnell Brags About Obstructing Obama

What is you best insult for Trump? Trump the Toad? Great Lakoff piece on HuffPo

My favorite line from Hillary's speech introducing Tim Kaine?

Literal cat fight breaks out between Downing Street and British Foreign Office

Who said "Stronger Together" first?

Despite the anger, don't Americans still prefer a positive messsage

Has wikileaks ever leaked anything about Putin and Russia?

Brianna Keilar is a young version of Andrea Mitchell.

WONDER WOMAN Comic-Con Trailer (VIDEO)

Honolulu officer under fire for anti-Black Lives Matter social media post

‘Never Trump’ GOP moderate Chris Vance wages low-budget challenge to Patty Murray

City Council considers ban on ‘conversion therapy’ in Seattle

The power line @ the end of the block was hit last night. No electricity, lots of sweat.

This Clinton Kaine Rally has the GOP feeling like...

The true measure of how well Kaine did in his speech

Rousing Hillary/Kaine Rally Today in Miami - Full Video!

Sawant wants to cap fees landlords charge Seattle renters

CNN Trump surrogate mocks Kaine’s Spanish: I might have to brush up on my ‘Dora the Explorer’

Trump Wants His VP to Handle The Work. He wants to be Chairman of the Board

Home Run--tweets about Kaine's speech compiled by Peter Daou

Hats off to Joe the Revelator, Bernie supporter, who's been trying to tell us

Kaine brings down the house in Miami - politico

Dangerously High Temperatures Blanket United States, Expected to Last Into Next Week

Tim Kaine

Krugman: "Donald Trump, the Siberian Candidate"

At Fox News, Kisses, Innuendo, Propositions, and Fears of Reprisal.

Explosive fire destroys downtown buildings in Bothell

DOE gets $471,000 to detect and prevent timecard fraud at Hanford as part of settlement

The more I watch/read, the more plain it becomes...

Tim Kaine has always been a very underrated politician. The Republicans will fear him.

New Suicide Squad Footage Shown at Comic Con

Come on, Skinner! WE WANT YOUR Clinton/Kaine avatar available for general use!!!

During the upcoming campaign, when Donald Trump starts talking about

Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage

Does anyone remember that Kaine won the marquis race of the 2005 election?

Truth. I would have voted for Hillary but I wasn't in her camp until......

No THC in Colorado town's water, new tests show

Godzilla Resurgence official trailer #2 (2016)

I think many Trump supporters live in a different reality.

Kaine is a dagger into the heart of the Republican party.

I just watched a replay of Tim Kaine's speech

Is Michele Obama going to reference Melania's plagiarism at the convention???

DC GOP Vice chair resigns over Trumpf.

But What If Trump Loses

Go ahead, Hillary...

Staff at George Soros's Foundation Just Voted to Join a Union. Is That a Good Thing?

Staff at George Soros's Foundation Just Voted to Join a Union. Is That a Good Thing?

Staff at George Soros's Foundation Just Voted to Join a Union. Is That a Good Thing?

Venezuelan civil servants signed a petition to oust the president. Now they’re losing their jobs.

MSNBC just said that more protesters are expected to be in Philly than were in Cleveland

Oregon standoff: 9 guilty pleas up ante for Ammon Bundy, 16 others

Relatives of family who drowned at Hagg Lake sue Washington County for $4 million

Kaine brings down the house in Miami

Compass Airlines flight diverts to Portland over 'security concern'

An extraordinary GOP resignation letter.

Cecile Richards: Tim Kaine earned a 100% rating on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund scorecard

Another "simple question"

Read the Comments on The Huffington Post About Kaine's Speech

Meanwhile...Over in Trumpistan...

"Tim Kaine Playing The Harmonica Vs. Bill Clinton Playing The Saxophone, Because Sure, Why Not?"

Fucking commies...

AB InBev, SABMiller deal wins U.S. approval, adds craft beer protections

Donald Trump has been offering prospective Vice Presidential nominees the chance to run the country

In case you missed the Miami Clinton/Kaine Rally.. THE VIDEO

And now for the weather:

Federal jury awards $4.1 million in damages to Scappoose's former police chief in retaliation case

As an atheist I have always given a nod of respect to the Jesuists of today.

Okay, Donald. The Munich guy was mentally ill.

City of Eugene reaches $115,000 settlement with man assaulted by police officer at jail

Bring Moral Imagination Back in Style

Q: Why do ducks have flat feet?

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 23, 2016 II

Munich shooter: no terrorist ties, say authorities. Obsessed with mass shootings.

Trump & Putin. Yes, It's Really a Thing - Josh Marshall

Clinton-Kaine Just Reset The Election To Be About Experience/Competence

If you haven't seen the Free State of Jones... Go see it.

The goal of the Wikileaks - Divide and conquer the Democrats!

"YES SHE KAINE" Today's NY Daily News Cover Article

I wish Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would resign

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Mother Of Ambassador Killed In Benghazi Attack Calls On Trump To Stop Invoking Son’s Death

Can we have your Clinton/Kaine avatar please?

Barron Trump shrugs off Donald

Pentagon Looking Into Reports Airstrike Killed Syrian Civilians

What is the job of the DNC?

Hillary's first big decision

Trump +2 in latest national GE Poll

GOP convention was a study in mob psychology, in particular, lynch-mob psychology

Effort To Abolish Superdelegates Fails At DNC Rules Meeting

Climate change. Trump thinks it's not real. Hillary sees the crisis and will work to address it.

Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek Will Speak to Convention on Passing Progressive Policies.

GOP Senators Offer Praise For Clinton’s VP Pick

"Shills and Scandals: The misleading #DNCLeaks, tweet by tweet."

Clinton to call on Black Lives Matter at Dem convention

tee hee

Tim Kaine greets crowd in Spanish as Clinton introduces VP pick in Miami

Dear Scalia in Heaven...

Warren hammers Trump at Latino event

Trump’s Proposed First Move Eerily Like Hitler’s

Hillary should beat Trump like Johnson beat Goldwater in '64. Goldwater was a Republican outsider

“The Bachelor” star Ben Higgins withdraws Colorado House candidacy

Minimum-wage hike likely headed to Colorado ballot in November

Britain cannot stay in single market after Brexit 'if we're out, we're out', warns Leave campaign

Tiny Hands: "Believe Me"

Ivanka Trump tried to portray her father as a champion of women..

Tim Kaine addresses Clinton supporters as VP pick

"Margarita, With a Straw." What a moving film.

CA-SEN: Loretta Sanchez implies Obama endorsed Kamala Harris because they are both black

Why do all of M$Greedia use Don the Con's attack terms for Democrats

The NRA’s Nightmare: Hillary Picking Tim Kaine

Gary Johnson (and Stein) Votes are Votes for Trump (UPDATED for 7/25)

White Supremacist: "I don't think people have recognized degree to which he's transformed party"

Push to create Utah monument marks latest Western land fight

Tim Kaine, A Mizzou Grad, Roots For The Kansas Jayhawks


Seven decades melt away as World War II vet buckles himself into plane and the memories it carries

Seven decades melt away as World War II vet buckles himself into plane and the memories it carries

Wind-whipped wildfire burns 10,000 acres on Antelope Island

David Banner on The Rock Newman Show

Here in the Keys tonight we are having a benefit for a nurse

Movie Scenes that accurately describe Trump

Trump is sui generis and not in a good way !!!

White Nationalists and Laura Ingraham

Cool story - Teenagers use Drone to Catch Boat Thieves (Video at link)

Anyone recently hospitalized notice this?

This is why, to me, the concept of Karma sucks balls

Pitfalls With Police Recruitment In The U.S.

Will the DNC email leak cause Bernie to go rogue in his speech?

Indiana’s Economy Isn’t The Conservative Success Story Mike Pence Is Telling

George Washington speaks about Trump

Like most of you, I was floored by Kaine's speech, but I have a little suggestion...

More Thought GOP Convention Was a ‘Disaster’

Lawsuit filed against Wasserman Schultz and the DNC

Quote of the Day

Tim Kaine's Pastor Describes The Veep Pick's Life As A Devout Catholic

Obama joined by Elizabeth Warren in weekly address focussing on continued Wall Street reform

Teachers unions mean better teachers, new study says

An Atheist’s Prayers

When Ivanka Trump Was a Kardashian

How Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s VP, Defies the Religious Stereotype

Ok, so what does the Downticket look like for Dems?

posted on FaceBook by Jose Aristimuño

Underpants is another DUer we should thank for sharing personal experience

timkaine held his first rally with @HillaryClinton today and the reviews are in: A+ #ImWithThem

Journalism? We don't need no stinkin' journalism!

Don the Con has some sad over Roger Ailes

An alternate universe in Cleveland: What America just witnessed was a shared psychotic disorder

Back to the Future, would Marty????