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GOP official offers grudging apology for saying that Clinton "should be hanging from a tree"

Ought Oh. Severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 8 p.m.

As war rages on, Syrian children starving to death

Pentagon national security on Putin

So how many times will the WikiLeaks email story be posted this week?

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ to Fight Legion of Doom in Season 2

Director Comey investigated Clinton over nothing as Trump admits to being an agent of Russia!

Republican Family Values TV: from our stage to your living room, rubes====>

Come on Giants! Hurry up and lose!

Hillary + Tim + Barack + Elizabeth + Bernie: Oh My!

So Donald! Are you going to piss everyone off?

Benghazi victim's mother calls on Trump, GOP to stop invoking son's death

Nate Silver: Weak Republican Convention Boost is a "Bad Sign" for Trump

Warren hammers Trump at Latino event

Transgender High school Students Forced To Wear Arm Bands

Priebus: 'No place in Republican Party' for David Duke

Famous quotes. Who said, "It's a smutty book."?

Trump BUSTED In Racist Slip Up: ‘Laziness Is A Trait In Blacks, I Believe That’

Cutting the cheese.

Kaine is the VP pick and he's a damn good one! Case closed.

Mississippi Forestry Commission cuts 25 jobs

Ex-New York Official Rejects Trump’s Claim of Building Municipal Golf Course

If California's a 'bad state for business,' why is it leading the nation in job and GDP growth?

Chris Sale sent home for reportedly cutting up White Sox throwback jerseys

The secret life of Tim Kaine, harmonica player, Irish genealogist

'Walking Dead' star Danai Gurira Cast In Black Panther

Peru's jailed former President Alberto Fujimori seeks pardon due to ill health

Peru's jailed former President Alberto Fujimori seeks pardon due to ill health

4 adults found dead after shooting in Texas

Pre-Convention, four predictive models on November

Meet Tim Kaine’s wife, a longtime child welfare advocate

Sam Wang is talking smack to Nate Silver

Michael Moore has a depressingly scary prediction

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 San Diego Handicap

What do I look for on C-Span to find a rebroadcast of Tim Kaine's speech?

The Latest: Sanders delegates assured they won't miss votes

Clinton Taps Kaine| Rachel Maddow

Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2 (VIDEO)

Spamming in LBN.

OMG...Who would have figured?

Is Paul Manafort running Trump as a less developed nation dictator? Because that is his frame

Trump cannot release his taxes because Putin is claiming his as a dependent.

Testing. No peeking, it's for tomorrow. :)

Poor George...he can't help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth!

I don't understand why the million or so protestors the leaders expect in Philly

Trump Falls in LA Times Tracking Poll Following Republican Convention

Stop drinking alcohol

Paul Manafort doubts FBI statistics after agency spared Hillary

I have a great way of uniting the party: name Elizabeth Warren as the new party chair. (eom)

I have a Galaxy Note 5. Is it an android?

The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt.

The Blessed Event...

Washington DC six months ago:

My e-mail to Mark Shields

Fox News Viewers Couldn't Handle Megyn Kelly's Bare Shoulders.

Clinton Maintains 2-3 Point Lead Following Republican Convention

This has to happen at the 2016 Dem convention. Better happen. Prime time.

Sucks that Russia is messing around in our election.

CONFIRMED: Brie Larson Is Captain Marvel

If I think a post does not break the rule it is alerted for, but does break another,

Michael Keaton Confirmed for 'Spider Man: Homecoming'.

Watching CSPAN ..replaying Bill Clinton's 1992 Dem acceptance speech

I'm sure Putin is looking forward to Monday.

DNC treatment of Sanders at issue in emails leaked to Wikileaks

I'm not ordinarily one to judge another based on the color of his skin, but...

Kirchner: Argentina in Political Rollback as US Interest for Region Rising

Wiki wiki wiki wiki!

Dangerous heat expected in Philadelphia during convention -- and possibly

Everything you want to know about the Democratic National Convention

"Diplomers" -people who search colleges and university records for fakers

Arpaio's attorneys: Lawman should not be referred for criminal contempt

This author self deleted by thread

Former state senator and GOP delegate Frank Antenori convicted of trespassing at Fort Huachuca

Trump Slapped With Federal Fine For Treating Workers Like Sh*t On GOP Coronation Day

Trump supporters and carnage porn...

Kasich delegate: I opposed Trump at the RNC convention. It was scary.

Drivers on most-traveled roads in Arizona to get new, improved freeways

I don't think Julian Assange meant to leak this

Keith Olbermann is thrilled he sold his Trump apartment

Crushed some mini Heath Bars, sprinkled them on some ice cream...

Sun on Fire

Who will be livestreaming the Democratic National Convention?

Fire near Santa Clarita continues to burn out of control, explodes to more than 20,000 acres

State Bar urged to discipline lawyer accused of threatening council president

"Bernie Sanders is the true populist" President Obama news conference - 29 June 2016

What happens to Trumps lawsuits if he becomes President?

Hillary Clinton’s pitch: Tim Kaine will be the best white ally ever

Trump’s trip to San Diego cost taxpayers $460K

He's really going to do it: Purge Kasich and Cruz

Tim Kaine's support of "right to work" is wrong...

California to levy fee on rail cars carrying dangerous chemicals

DAM. My IKEA shelf just broke. Piles of books everywhere. Anybody know if ikea

86 deg @ 11 pm I

I mentioned in a FB discussion that had our Founding Fathers been Conservative, our

Nixon capitalizes on 1968 Chicago Democratic convention protests

Race a factor in Obama’s endorsement of Kamala Harris, Loretta Sanchez says

Hillary is playing "Breaking Down Barriers" by Elton John at her rallies.

Pittsburgh abortion clinic buffer zone challenge is revived (link—fm Pro-Choice)

Black Lives Matter. Yes.

Canada: scientist Ursula Franklin has died

Solidarity marches for Bernie nationwide today.

Kaine has a lifetime 0 rating from the American Conservative Union

Economic crisis in Argentina prompts nation's principal labor federation, the CGT, to reunify.

Economic crisis in Argentina prompts nation's principal labor federation, the CGT, to reunify.

Six Ways Clinton’s VP Pick Resembles Pope Francis

January 21, 2017. The first full day of the Trump Administration

Has anyone seen this Melania Trump Speechwriter since the speech?

Holly Holm Loss - bad for UFC?

'The Rolling Stones do not endorse Donald Trump,' according to tweet

A Trump America changes to come

Hillary avatar

I think Ted Cruz is bloody-minded enough to go third-party against Trump in the fall.

Top GOP donors slam Ted Cruz for convention snub

As California Democrats party in Philly, state’s head teacher poised to lead Golden State

Munich shooting: Teenage killer Ali Sonboly 'inspired by far-right terrorist Anders Breivik'

from Robert Reich

After listening to Tim Kaine this morning on NPR...

Michael Moore predicts Republican will win the presidency in November.

Close to 1 million gallons of sewage spilled into San Francisco Bay

Holy shit! Anyone read Josh Marshall's article about Trump and Putin?

Oakland mother of slain U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens tells Donald Trump to stop using her

Richmond cop who killed unarmed man to receive tax-free compensation for life

Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now

Blueprint for provoking Trump

NLRB Confirms Legality of Union Support for Israel Boycott; Union Condemns Political Attacks on BDS

Daily Holidays - July 24

So it turns out Julian Assange is a big time anti-Semite

New artificial reef is sunk off Florida's Pompano Beach

Family fears for autistic man's safety after police shooting

We all knew Stewart was going to have to say something ...

DNC Chair Won't Speak At Dem Convention Following Wikileaks Fallout

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo wish you all a happy Sunday

DNC rules meeting agrees to a compromise on superdelegates

Under pressure from Bernie Sanders, Democrats poised to change how they pick nominees

And he is on PAID leave?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Wiggle Floof Edition

Solar Impulse: Zero-fuel plane begins final flight

For GoT fans only: Which Lannister is Trump? And what end?

Stop breathing.

Today on AM Joy (MSNBC 10am ET) Trump - Russia and WikiLeaks

How about leaving the US-elections to mathematicians?

To the Superdelegate Opponents: Does Trump's Nomination Not Give You Pause?

Un-American Trump

Assange Employs a Holocaust Denier and Putin Ally to Lie About His Rape Charge.....

German politicians signal review of gun laws after Munich attack

Barack Obama on Face the Nation Sunday July 24

Do Jesuit schools turn students into atheists?

Trump stands by Roger Ailes: He ‘really helped’ those ‘women who are complaining’

How David Cameron’s Plan To Screw Labour Cost Him The EU Referendum

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

Why Trump keeps focusing on the ‘Johnson Amendment’

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

See You in Philly

The End of White Christian America

ANALYSIS: US fears over Donald Trump's connections with Vladimir Putin's Russia

The effectiveness of a wikileaks doc dump can be

It appears Republicans are looking for an alternative

Wikileaks Votes For Trump

I attended the Rules Committee meeting here in Philly yesterday.

Bernie will be on CNN

My Defense of Hillary Clinton for Libya Involvement

Nice try, Professor!

So tell me - are the Assange attacks linked to the

Elizabeth Warren: to Hispanic group: Trump was born with ‘cash in his fist and hate in his heart’

What's up?

Mosquito and Cookies: A good combination?

Keep hydrated in the heat.

"What Happened?"

Here's a couple of articles. A picture of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

This week in the war on workers: Philadelphia airport workers plan strike during DNC

"I left my country to get away from men like him"

Does anyone of DU actually care about the war on Iraq?

Trump tells Chuck Todd: Ailes has helped the women who have accused him of sexual harassment

Sunday's Doonesbury- Reaction

The Word "Marijuana" Versus the Word "Cannabis" And Why I'm Going to Stop Using the Former in This

GOP Catfishing

Senator Bernie Sanders - Clinton far superior to Trump

Venezuela first lady's nephews confessed to drug scheme, U.S. says

How I'd change the election system, if I had the power...

Sunday's Pearls Before Swine- Do What You Can

More Thought GOP Convention Was a ‘Disaster’


Stupid things SAID in leaked emails, but was anything actually DONE to undercut Sanders?

Ready for prime time: The Barack, Bill, Hillary and Bernie show

Well, hi there DU! How’re y’all doin’? Whatcha been up to?

Wisconsin and Kansas are now basket cases. GOP leadership has destroyed both of these states....

"They put us all in the back"

What will Trumps concession speech be like, if any at all?

99/100 deg tomorrow in Philadelphia...

Please make room under the bus for Robert Reich

Bernie on Jake Tapper

Katie McGinty

How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump

Republican John Kasich has created a great anti-Trump ad

Hi everyone!

About Jails

Bernie on CNN to his Supporters-I hope Hillary finds a place in her administration for Bernie..

Just when you thought the sleaze might stop. . . . Please come CAPTION Phil Robertson!!!

How about those impartial judges?

Did the Russians Hack DNC and release email to help Trump?

"Hundreds of gun advocates converged...

DNC biased against Bernie Sanders

Sharp split emerges among delegates in Philadelphia

Brexit: EU considers migration ‘emergency brake’ for UK for up to seven years

Turkey ruling, opposition parties to rally together after coup

UK Conservative Party chairman says Brexit must be binding

When Hillary wins, what will they use

Japan business lobby says Abe government can't rely on nuclear energy

Munich shooting: Gunman 'planned attack for year'

President Obama Reflects On Trump's Foreign Policy: It Shows He's Unprepared

How did yesterday's OCCUPY DNC march go? Were there the promised 8 million people?

Its not about Bernie Sanders anymore or never really was..

Ukraine-US 'Sea Breeze 2016' drills enter active phase

I keep saying "Americans can't be that fucking stupid"

Does anyone actually think that Jeff Weaver and Team Bernie didn't have nasty email conversations?

There is a difference between transparency and hacking.

Two men try to pelt Ukraine's national hero with eggs in Odesa (video)

MSNBC mentioning how Trump is getting money from the Russian Mob.

Why It Matters Who Hacked the Democratic National Committee

Bernie Sanders - Full Interview with Jake Tapper - State of the Union - (7/24/2016)

DNC E-mail Leaks - Which heads should roll?

"RNC Convention was like a Monte Python script of the Nuremberg Rally."

Trump and the Russian mob connection...

Here's the choice, Hillary Clinton for POTUS or Vladimir Putin for DICTATOR OF THE WORLD!

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders on ABC's "This Week" | July 24, 2016

Trump has ties to Organized Crime (May article)

Obama Shares Best Advice He Received From George W. Bush

Girls Raise Money for Animal Shelter Through Lemonade Stand

It the left going to marginalize itself again?


AGiordano: How the 1972 Watergate burglary & the 2016 Wikileaks DNC dump share the exact same motive

Boston Globe cartoon, ironic statement:

AGiordano: How the 1972 Watergate burglary & the 2016 Wikileaks DNC dump share the exact same motive

There is a compromise amendment to get rid of 2/3 of superdelegates

What nasal condition does DRUMPF have, snorting while drawing breaths.

Bernie Sanders not taking bait on shows:

No Be Afraid.... Be Very Very Afraid.....

My proposed superdelegate rule.

Who, besides Tim Kaine, are the 20 Americans who have served as mayor, governor, and senator?

Robotic Gardener - Build it yourself or get a kit

Batshit Insane; Batshit Dangerous:

Russia team escape blanket ban from IOC for Rio Olympic Games

Excusing Bad Behavior is Never a Good Thing

I was playing around with and came up with this:

Yes, the party was more supportive of Hillary

Once again, Putin lines the IOC's pockets

Clinton campaign says Russia helping Trump

Southern California fire mushrooms, residents evacuated

"My baby teeth will be like spiritual relics one day!". . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Who watched Tim Kaine's interview on Meet The Press?

Jeff Weaver doing a great job promoting UNITY!

Let's say the FSB bugged Judge Gonzalo Curiel's home.

DWS will not appear on stage at our convention, per MSNBC.

rhapis multifada - Mister, can you spare a plant?

I am for Bernie

Let's keep our eyes and efforts on the prize.

The Clinton-Kaine ticket will be on 60 Minutes tonight

Little Wing.

I know it's early, but this election will be decided in three states

Tonight Sunday Julay 24--at 7 pm watch 60 mins with @HillaryClinton and @timkaine

Sanders: Wasserman Schultz should resign now

WTF - trump on MTP

Legion of Honor awarded to Japanese-American soldier

Legion of Honor awarded to Japanese-American soldier

Please rec if you're OK with the DNC violating their own impartiality rule.

Greatest Show On Earth.

Magic marker! Japanese pen lights up artwork

U.S. serviceman arrested for drunk driving in Okinawa

Bushido: The samurai code goes to war

Sanders says leaked DNC emails don't change his support for Clinton

(Thailand) The sex workers embraced by the wrong arms of the law

Trump's voters and ISIS, ironically, share the same kind of country.

Trump dodges question on whether Ailes is advising his campaign

Four sentenced to prison for removing, dumping ROC flags (Taiwan)

Obama: Trump’s rhetoric helping ISIS

Venezuela: [President] Maduro's nephews admit to trafficking FARC drugs (Spanish)

Thousands in funeral march for slain Cambodia activist

Trump suggests leaving WTO over import tax proposal

No country is immune from extremism, says Teo Chee Hean

DWS Replaced as Permanent Convention Chair by Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio

Leonard Susskind Messenger Lectures (from 2014)

The media is making way too much of the DNC WikiLeaks

Addiction and Recovery Science

So Debbie had Miranda at DNC request that CNN remove Tim Canova's name from a headline

Please join me in a hearty, heartfelt CONGRATULATION to the media on all . . . .

DNC 2016: When does the Democratic National Convention start? And where can I watch it live?


Made it only about halfway through Batman vs Superman.

The more coal promise by Trump should get more coverage

Great to see how quickly the DWS issue is being handled

Illegal Hacking

Sen. Tim Kaine Bashes Donald Trump Over Refusing To Release Tax Returns

We need to lead with the russian betrayal and tie trump to putin

Please rec if you want the DNC to comply with their own impartiality rule.

Lots of Bernie people in the Credentials Meeting in Philly today

CBS put a teaser on the Internet of the newest starship...

Republican Pollster Frank Luntz Says GOP Has Lost The Millennial Generation

Hillary smacks Donald

Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton

I don't have any feelings about Debbie Wasserman Schultz either way !!!

Sean Hannity Has A Full-Blown MELTDOWN After Jon Stewart Humiliates Him

MSNBC reporting Bloomberg is going to endorse Hillary! NT

BREAKING (really, right now): Michael Bloomberg to endorse Hillary Clinton

Trump Jr. saying one email about Bernie's faith would destroy republican if they did same

A former Rand Paul campaign staffer says to look into Putin link!

RCP Trend Line 2012 Republican and Democratic Conventions Poll Bounce

Trump supporter admits to slashing tires of Hillary supporters.

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country !!!

Obama: Trump's NATO comments show 'lack of preparedness'

Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton

Bloomberg to endorse Hillary!

Clinton's campaign manager: Russia helping Trump

GOP unity? Trump takes aim against Kasich, Cruz

Sanders on Kaine: '100 times better' than Trump

Traumatized, mentally ill rape survivor jailed for month to ensure her testimony

What are you reading this week of July 24, 2016?

Donald Trump Defends Roger Ailes: ‘A Very, Very Good Person’

Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton

Who should be the next DNC Chair?

So the anti fossil fuel march is against democrats not the republicans

Washington Post Runs Full Page Editorial Warning About Dangers Of Trump As President

I, for one, appreciate --

The Media Village at the Rio Olympics Is Built on a Mass Grave of Slaves

NBC NEWS: Top DNC Official Apologizes for 'Insensitive' Email After Leak

Breaking? Reported machete attack in Germany

Fox News Loses Their S*** After Rachel Maddow Calls Trump Gateway Drug For KKK

Fmr. Lt. General Michael Flynn ( AND TRUMP SURROGATE) Retweets a Pretty Anti-Semitic Tweet (UPDATED)

Cheap and clean: Australian company creates hydrogen with near-zero emissions

Griffey and Piazza to the HoF today

What was the DNC thinking?

COMPLETE INTERVIEW: John Dickerson Interviewes Barack Obama On "Face the Nation" (7/24/2016)

Hillary still +5 in post-convention RABA poll

Pope wants some nuns to get off their lazy asses

DNC Mission Statement

Hesitation?????... Remember.....SUPREME COURT, SUPREME COURT..SUPREME COURT..#1

My brother loves politics. But he thought his disability meant he couldn’t vote.

Latest: Russians Leaked Democrats emails to help Donald Trump

The MSM Especially MSNBC Is Going Out Of Their Way To Rabble Rouse At The DNC.....

Paul Manaforts Association with Foreign Powers especially Russia...Troubling

Clinton’s turn: Guide to the Democratic National Convention

Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton

So, what should Hillary call Trump for being tied to the Russian mob?

Could the Mississippi River actually begin in South Dakota?

Daily Beast: Holy crap, Tim Kaine killed it in first rally with Clinton

Jon Stewart To Trump & His Supporters 'You don't Own America'

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Out As Democratic Convention Chair After Email Leak

Watch Loudon Wainwright III’s Trump-Inspired Music Video for “I Had A Dream”

Democrats changing superdelegate rules; a Sanders win


I'm not saying Trump is connected to the Russian mob, but Sarah Palin can see him from her house.

I wonder if wikileaks withheld negative emails about Hillary

Sanders camp releases a statement today loosely previewing Bernie Sanders' Monday convention speech.

Machete attack in Germany leaves 1 dead, 2 injured

Just saw the new Ghostbusters. Holtzmann!!!

We lost a good Bernie supporter and DUer Friday morning

Next time I commit a crime I'm going to get Charles Manson to announce it to the world.

A potential use for waste heat to approach zero waste water discharge.

Trump ally Michael Flynn sorry for retweet of antisemitic message

Putin Bribes IOC (NYTimes)

Just Sayin'...

It's not the Party, it's the Candidate

A locked office, getaway car and secret flight: The final steps in picking Clinton's vice president

In Philadelphia, Obama Will Pass Leadership of a Party He Reshaped

Did anyone catch Trump talking about infrastructre?

Law & Order

Does the press have a responsibility to not treat Trump like a generic GOP candidate?

Do you have to be in full emo to enjoy Mr. Robot?

Colorado baker takes gay wedding cake case to the U.S. Supreme Court

Can you cut back kale and, if so, how far?

Does anyone have a compiled list of these email leaks...

Pills laced with deadly opioid infiltrating drug market, DEA says

I'm not a Hillary fan, but what are Trump's obvious weaknesses we could exploit to beat him?

We allow anyone to be spectators at caucuses, DNC rules meetings etc, until yesterday

Little children see more than many people realize.

Donald Trump's and Vladimir Putin's Shared Agenda Should Alarm Anyone Concerned About Democracy

"When that kid (Trump) was 10, even then he was a little shit."

Trump blasts EU and NATO; praises Brexit.

Trump’s tax plan would do little for the average American but a lot for the 1%

I promised I wouldn't do this anymore, but....CHINA!

Reporting from Philadelphia....PCIntern's 16th Street Journal

I'm voting for Hillary and encouraging everyone I know to do the same.

I guess Tim Lincecum isn't quite ready for Prime Time

The Myth of the Nuclear Renaissance; The game is already over for nuclear energy.

Black Lives Matter protest Rio police violence ahead of Olympics

Black Lives Matter protest Rio police violence ahead of Olympics

Uncle Scam - Don the Con - the ugliest American

Al Qaeda chief urges kidnappings of Westerners for prisoner swaps: SITE

Verizon to announce $5 billion deal to buy Yahoo on Monday: source

Veteran Mexican drug lord says he didn't kill DEA agent

Veteran Mexican drug lord says he didn't kill DEA agent

Stop the Blank Check’ Coalition

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 27: TCM Presents Shane (Plus a Hundred More Great Westerns)

Trump On Cruz: The RNC Crowd Would've 'Ripped Him Off The Stage'

Warren: Trump ‘born with cash in his fist and hate in his heart’

Bad optics and unethical behavior. Wikileaks means DNC senior staff need to resign

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 26: TCM Presents Shane (Plus a Hundred More Great Westerns)

Wasserman-Schultz to resign by Monday?

WNBA prez withdraws fines regarding anti-violence shirts

WNBA prez withdraws fines regarding anti-violence shirts

CNN: Wasserman Schultz resigning as party leader

How much of Hillary's "Trust issues" have more to do with her "friends" than her

Greetings and thank you for your time.

Michigan Pays Legal Fees for Detroit Public Schools

Michigan Pays Legal Fees for Detroit Public Schools

CNN: Donna Brazile will be the interim head of the DNC till a replacement for DSW is chosen.

Debbie Wassermann Schultz has just resigned.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has stepped down per MSNBC

Bye, bye, Debbie.

Philadelphia is gonna be a disaster

Argentina's Macri retaliates against popular comedian using secret, taxpayer-funded "troll centers."

*BREAKING* DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns

How important is this election?

36 Hours in Parma, Italy

Right now on Cinemoi, Voyage of the Damned........

Jealous endorses Clinton after DWS resigns.

Greek Far-Rightists, Police Clash During Muslim Party March

If you want a lesson on reconstruction and want to support good film

Schultz must step down NOW!!!

Nepal's Prime Minister Resigns After Losing Majority Support

If we lose this election because of the DNC's bad behavior I'll never forgive them.

Who is going to have to step down next?

Donna Brazile as interim DNC chair

In major shift Japan business lobby wants government focus on renewables, not nuclear

Bye Bye Debbie!

Shawshank Redemption oak tree falls and fans grieve

Would Donald Trump share our nuclear information with Putin? Inquiring minds want to know.

Donna Brazile

I am pleased to see DWS will resign. But maybe not why you think.

I dont CARE about DWS

Howard Dean as DNC Chair

Chairman of the DNC is the MOST THANKLESS job in the party.

One more importantl point about Donna

The Big Story this week that I will bet anything the media will ignore:

Donna Brazille to be the interim Chair, taking over for Wasserman-Schultz...

Was Banned on "The Discussionist" board for Defending Hillary and Minorities

Instead of talking about Trump's ties to Putin the media is talking up wikileaks

Woman killed outside Buckhead bar was state senator’s sister

The Democratic Party is a private organization that anyone can join

The idiot who authored the email questioning

DWS in trouble as far back as 2013

how long did the plagiarism fiascos last in the news? 2 days max? how long will this email story

Silent thread for DWS

JUST IN: @HillaryClinton statement on DNC chair resignation

Clinton supports DWS

How many hoax emails like the ballot stuffing Iowa/NY are we going to have pop up?

Malik Obama, the half-brother endorsing Trump, was best friends with Libyan dictator Moammar Khadafy

DWS lands on her feet

DWS had problems as far back as 2013

I Voted for Bernie, But I Don't Like How Debbie Wasserman Schultz Was So Trashed!

Remembering recorded call among House GOP that was leaked to media in 1997

Real Leaked Emails and Fake Leaked Emails.

First, be awed and enjoy it. Next, learn what it is.

A few emails that no one knew existed until yesterday...

The American?

Glad Hillary cut DWS loose.

Why did Obama, Reid and Pelosi keep DWS for so long?

RAGBRAI rider killed first day.

The Last installment of the Divergent series will go directly to t.v.

Do you appreciate Bernie Sander's restraint in the e-mail reveal?

WooHoo Donna Brazile new DNC Chair

Clinton's campaign manager: Russia helping Trump

Hoaxes from the Wikileaks thing are being posted here.

Times of India: Kerala child rights panel: Treat Anti-vaccine propaganda as non-bailable offence

1996 Convention: Dick Morris resigned after getting caught with a prostitute


CIA-Armed Syrian Rebel Group Just Beheaded a 10-Year-Old Boy on Video

(RE: The whipping up of B.S. here) If we're going to let ourselves be F*CKED BY RATS...

You Can't Always Get What You Want.

Do you want to build a straw-woman?

Ok I am starting to really like Jeff Weaver

A Great big THANK YOU to DWS! for your service & dedication to Democrats

"I have the world's greatest memory," he told NBC. "It's one thing everyone agrees on."

Michael Bloomberg to endorse Hillary at prime time during convention.

Trump, David Duke, KKK, and White Supremacy

I see a "D" and a "T" as in Donald Trump.

Senior Turkish military officers held after failed coup 'raped with a truncheon' by police officers

ReTHUGs are deferring to Don the Con because he won their primary

3 upsides to the DNC email leak: (1) Sanders was tight, (2) Discipline was swift, and (3) Tim Canova

Just like my dog!

Meet The Workers Who Sewed Donald Trump Clothing For A Few Dollars A Day

A concise view of Trump from Republicans

Meet The Workers Who Sewed Donald Trump Clothing For A Few Dollars A Day

Andrew Sullivan: America never more ripe for tyranny

Is it me or I'm I wrong thinking the media is trying to make

Looks like Canada is joining the post Nice Terrah Hysteriah The West End of Vancouver a

Serious Real Estate Firms vs. The Trump Organization

You have to break some eggs to make an omelette

Fact-Checking the GOP’s Plan to Steal Your Public Land

Imagine if you will. Elizabeth Warren...

The one word that kept echoing in my head watching the R convention: Sycophants.

Former Dem rep appears to link Israel to terror attacks

Ok - What is Trump going to do to take attention away from DNC convention?

This one may deserve some of our brilliant captions. ('toon)

‘Put them back in the f*****g fields!’: Trump supporter goes on racist tirade in NYC subway

Be safe out there. Seniors and young children should find a cool place to observe the activities.

Guess who gets to speak at both convemtions.

Mayor of Somerville, Mass., refuses police request to remove Black Lives Matter banner at City Hall

Kaine plays bluegrass

So Many Folks Confused About What Impartiality in the Primary Means for a Democratic Party Organizat

Am I the only one tired of the Bullying of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?


A couple of questions about counting absentee ballots in Florida in 2000

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Coaching Club American Oaks

Brain training may forestall dementia onset for years, new study says

Zakaria: What American Decline? 7-24-2016

Maybe I'm crazy...

The DNC has major issues and needs to be overhauled, but preventing Mike Pence from becoming the

Trump supporter General Michael Flynn goes anti-Semitic

Interview with Hillary and Kaine on "60 Minutes" NOW. nt

Try Everything.

Wasserman-Schultz: Is Anything Really Changing?

Suicide Bomber Injures 12 Outside German Bar

More reasons to applaud the Wasserman Schultz departure: Cuba and sugar subsidies

I remember the media coverage of the 2008 DN Convention

Hey did your interview of our ticket go to commercial on you?

Clinton & Kaine Are On 60 Minutes Now...

Donald Trump is a Clear and Present Danger

As a Bernie backer I must say "I am with Her" (and him)

Before You Accuse Me

Larry the Cat of 10 Downing St. vs. Palmerston of the Foreign Office

The thing is, the DNC didn't NEED to be biased against Bernie in order to stop him.

What's the deal with reddit's political section?

Hey Mr. Pelley Let me tell you what the double standard is

Donations for War on Iran, Tim Canova

You guys remember Ed Schultz on MSNBC? Now he works for RT and he's pro-Putin and pro-Trump....

Love or loather her, you must foresee Wasserman-Schultz gaveling the convention will be a disaster!

If the DNC had been neutral in the primaries, the pro-Bernie rallies today would be MUCH smaller.

Easy Money: The Left Bites on the Wiki/DNC Scandal

Hillary and Kaine on 60 Minutes

Someone talk me off the ledge.

Alles ist weg...

"How Putin Weaponized Wikileaks to Influence the Election of an American President"

Prescott Bush Interview, 1953

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 24, 2016