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Gee, I think I'm going to have to learn how to text!

Why does Julian Assange hate Hillary? I was not aware of this until some announcer just mentioned

EU Gives Poland Three Months To Address Concerns About Rule Of Law

Treason....from Politico

About those nominee security briefings

Jerry Brown's speech.

Roku has convention channel

In a way I'm glad Trump's statement is out there EXCEPT

A reminder from Cenk to GOTV

Can I hug her?

OK, going out to pick up ice cream.

Holy shit! This is scathing

Mother Of Pulse Gay Nightclub Shooting Victim Speaks Tonight At DNC

"You're being ridiculous!"

Turkish authorities to shut down dozens of media outlets

Angela Bassett and the entire South Carolina delegation are tearing my heart to pieces.

The other remarkable, pro-Russia thing that Donald Trump just said

"I should not be here tonight... but my mom was murdered"

Gabby! Now with PIC!!!!!!

Confidential Trump report for those who have not seen it.

I just noticed that Gabby Gifford looks a little bit like a younger Hillary

Does Hillary's platform need to be clarified/sharpened?

Wikileaks has released hacked DNC voice mails.

Gabby Giffords is awesome!


Everyone loves them some Bacharach, baby!

Liz Warren just threw some delish shade @ Rachel Meadow

Are Bob's booing again tonight?

That's not Law and Order

That's not Law and Order, that's Criminal Intent

Truman/Republicans Against Trump Ad best one yet

Cagney and Lacey!

Rear Adm John Hutson.

What are the Bernie Supporters chanting now...

Woman claims 'urinating' toy sexually assaulted her at restaurant

Can those people be removed?? This is embarrassing.


Reid: DNC never gave Sanders a ‘fair deal’

Clinton condemns burning of Israeli flag

GOP National Security professionals warn us about Trump ... (link)

Leon Panetta is speaking

DNC Beats RNC by Nearly 5 Million Viewers in Night 2 Final Numbers

"This election is not just about Donald Trump's judgement

TV Ratings: DNC Beats RNC by Nearly 5 Million Viewers in Night 2 Final Numbers

Donald Trump's Reddit AMA was not all that great

They're interrupting Panetta now...

Now they are screaming at Leon Panetta


The Trump supporters in the audience need to be thrown out after tonight.

There are a bunch of rude people at the convention, huh?!

Who Do These "Protesters" Think They're Impressing?

They must really love them some Leon Panetta


Mandatory Wednesday Truthseeker Check In! Encore, Live and UnCensored

Well done little shits....STOP BEING RIDICULOUS

Faux news is having a field day with this

Will they heckle President Obama?

Not all of the military is evil! (note to the screamers at Panetta)

They better fucking not shout down Jill.

To the Bernie Supporter Hold Outs:

Love me some Joe!!

Seems that they let the Ass holes back into the Convention!

We need to push for closed primaries from now on

Is there a live convention thread here


These assholes might as well be shouting, "We Want Trump!"

The BOBers can't be bothered to applaud anything in the Biden film.

Is cockroach milk the superfood of the future?

Can Joe stick around??

I refuse to baby these grown ass idiots protesting our convention

Joe is not going to tolerate those hecklers.

For those who trying are tearing the party down.....

The Joe Biden Appreciation Thread!

Biden is the person that should be president

Joy Reid tweet about the chanting..

Happy Warrior Joe. This should be great.

I'm starting to get the feel that Trump's Russian ties ...

Idiot delegates making asses of themselves on national TV

At Least 54 Dead in Nepal After Monsoon Rains Trigger Flooding, Landslides

Barach and I married way up.

Go Joe! I love ya, man!!

Do you think its because of social media?? That people feel like what THEY think is the most

Peer-Reviewed Study Finds High Tropical Deforestation from Oil Palm Production

At least nobody heckled when Biden was talking about Beau

Peer-Reviewed Study Finds High Tropical Deforestation from Oil Palm Production

I made a Hillary-Kaine logo...what do you think?

Gabby is sitting with Chelsea watching Joe.

U.S. combat adviser mission in Iraq expands to battalion level

{16th-Century Spanish} Santa Elena fort found {on Parris Island, SC} after decades-long search

Joe Biden!!!

"Just listen to me a second without booing or cheering"

I didn't think I could love Joe Biden more, and then he shouted "MALARKEY"

Joe just hit it out of the park.

What are they yelling now?

Now they are trying to go after Joe!

"He has no clue..PERIOD!"

I'd like to see Joe as Secretary of State

There is a treasonous fascist at the gates and these protesters hoot and hollar.

Obama has arrived.


I think I saw Skinner! n/t

Joe Biden kickin' ass and takin' names!!

Biden just kicked effing ass and took names

Uncle JOE!

ABC News: The DNC money trail

Man Crush on Joe Biden


If it's any consolation, NPR isn't talking about the protestors


I am anticipating a scathing speech from Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is on RIGHT NOW (in case your network isn't covering him).

Human Speech Evolution: Orangutan Mimics Human Conversation

Seriously, DU'ers..

What's with the "I'm with Nina" signage?

Charge traitor trump with treason

U.S. sending 560 more troops to Iraq as Mosul push intensifies (July 11th)

Bloomberg is ripping Orange Julius a new one.

Bloomberg doing some seriously good work here

Bloomberg does not like Trump!

Michael Bloomberg is killing it right now.

Fantastic Lines by Bloomberg! "I KNOW A CON WHEN I SEE ONE."

Bloomberg: The richest thing about Donald Trump is his hypocrisy

In another day or so, no one will remember the protesters.

I would be embarrassed if I needed someone else to convince me to vote Hillary

jesus...Bloomberg of all people...

"The richest thing about Donald Trump is his hypocrisy"

Joe Biden has just saved the DNC

" This is not reality television, this is reality."

It was nice to see one billionaire rip another billionaire a new, errrrrr face....

WOW! He just questioned Trump's sanity!

Bloomberg says" let's vote for sane and competent President." Rofl

PBS interviewing Panetta about the Russian connection

Tough to follow Joe, Bloomberg, Gabby, and amazing mothers of gun victims.

Photos of Obama Being Awesome

See How Humans Helped Save a Stranded Orca

... And we have really great music!!

If we are lucky Drumpf will spend the next week in a pissing match with Bloomberg

Trumps Twitter fingers are shaking right now.

Lenny Kravitz!!

"Some rich business elite guy from Manhattan is criticizing Trump! How dare he!!1&!!"

Lenny Kravitz performing now. Lot better than anyone performing at.the

Lenny is good, but the house band is hot. They rock.

Rigatoni and Cauliflower Al Forno

Rare new species of beaked whale identified

"Lock Him Up"

WikiLeaks releases hacked Democratic National Committee audio files

Are these the emails that Trump is talking about?

OMG Jane Fonda!!

Is this fight song on line somewhere ? Thanks

More US Troops Likely to Be Sent to Iraq: Gen. Votel (July 21)

NRA's New Testimonial For Trump Features Man Who Promoted Sandy Hook Conspiracy

See it there Don the Con

Progressive Organization Peace Team is ready to unite!

The dems


This convention deserves a freaking Emmy!

If you live long enough on this planet for your enemies to think that they can define you...

Rep Bobby Scott might be Kaine's replacement in the Senate.


I think President Obama will deal with the Protesters...

These "no more war" assholes need to explain how we end the wars without ISIS taking over

the dnc "fight song"

Tim Kaine! Here we go, folks!! The next VP of the United States of America!!

Round of applause for our next VP Tim Kaine!!!!!!!

TV Ratings: DNC Beats RNC by Nearly 5 Million Viewers in Night 2 Final Numbers

WTF happened to Tim's buzz cut?

I am so proud of my Democratic Party

Semper fi!

Tim Kaine!

Slayer for Clinton!

Very proud to have Kaine as the next V.P.

TPP: Trump Pence Putin

Joe's speech

"The richest thing about Donald Trump is his hypocrisy.

Protestors drowned out Leon Panetta..

Joe Biden Quietly Delivers An Absolutely Devastating Critique Of Donald Trump

Gabby Giffords Walks On Stage Without Assistance, Addresses DNC To Standing Ovation

Good Girls Have Abortions, Too, NARAL Chief Tells DNC

Kaine: "We all should feel the Bern, and we all should want to not get burned by the other guy"

Professor At Donald Trump’s Alma Mater Calls Him A ‘True Threat To Our Democracy’

Harry Reid Attacks Republicans’ Patriotism For Enabling Donald Trump

Melania Trump’s Website, Biography Have Disappeared From The Internet

Why do Republicans whine so much about the media?

Michelle Obama delivered the winning oratory we Republicans have forgotten: Rick Wilson

Wait a minute...

Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are Modern Day Pablo Escobars



"There's nothing suspicious in my tax returns, Believe Me!"

Guatemalan judge charges former president in bribery case

Damn, Tim Kaine. Leave some ass for Obama to kick...

Sometimes good luck follows bad.

Apparently the "no more wars" chanting was started by the Oregon delegation

The new sound bite

Man Saves Kittens Found in His Truck and Goes Back for Their Mama Cat

Chuck Toad Carries Water for Drumpt on Russian Espionage Issue

Brisbane homeopath Cyena Caruana selling vaccinations and boosters made from refined sugar

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 28, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight: America in the 70s

Tim Kaine - Joe Biden 2.0


I'd get so mad when Jeb Bush used to lapse into Spanish

helluva pivot on the trust issue...


Nice guy, sounds like dad, and then the knife.


Good speech from Tim Kaine!

"Believe Me" ... a critique of Donald Trump's speech echoed by Tim Kaine tonight

Joe Biden trashes Trump in passionate DNC speech

Bumper sticker for independents (a la Bloomberg).

Vox: Have we stopped to appreciate how crazy Donald Trump has gotten recently?

Thank you, Gold Star families - we love you and love you

Thomas Abigail Woodrow Eleanor Jack Lyndon Martin Cesar y Dolores Harvey Bill Barack Hillary

Okay, I'm already crying again.

This Gold Star Mother is powerful!

Here comes Obama

Next up, The President of The United States...

OK I find a lot of this convention stuff corny.

North Korea gave a glowing endorsement of Donald Trump in the US election

President Obama, the greatest President in my lifetime

What is a "no more war asshole"?

I will be grateful forever to Obama

I might not even make it through the Obama film.

Is that Kevin Spacey narrating

The upper cut from the left handed POTUS!

Apparently 'black block' type dickheads are trying to start shit outside the

Press record now!

Accomplishing so much in the face of industrial strength obstinance and obstruction

That's MY President! I voted for him!

Hail to the Chief!

Oh he's in good form tonight. I can tell already.

"Being President hasn't changed who he is, it's revealed who he is."

Not only one of the greatest Presidents of our times, but one of the greatest men of our times

Why do I get the feeling I'm about to be *floored*?!1 nt I love "I love you back!1"!1

Some of the DNC delegate protestors are Trump supporters

Barack Obama

Best. President. Ever.


From the cheap seats in the delegate area...

Black Lives Matter and Bernie or Bust Clash Outside the DNC Convention

Stronger. Together.

Pentagon Chief Sees Role for U.S. Contractors in Rebuilding Iraq, Syria (Today)

Ex-Sen. Bob Graham: The U.S. should withdraw its ambassador if Russia hacked DNC

"I am more optimistic about the future of America tonight than ever before"

Code Pink protest stage right...

The Nation -  Against Neo-McCarthyism

Hey Prez, get to the good stuff!

Just heard an Obama Heckler!

I am so proud this man was my first primary vote for President

It was backwards in heels. LMAO!

Thanks a lot Obama

"Not me, not Bill, not nobody"

Absolutely hilarious tweet about Kaine's Trump impression

'Never has been a man or woman, not me or Bill, more qualified to be President.'

My God, I so love this man...

There has never been anyone, no man, no woman, not me, not Bill, more qualified . . . .

"Don't boo. Vote".

Myrna Mack's Daughter Appointed Guatemala Health Minister

Off the cuff quote....Obama...

I am so going to miss Barack.

'We don't look to be ruled'

"We don't look to be ruled!" nt

"We don't look to be RULED"

Somewhere an angry talking hemorrhoid with a stupid ass red hat is seething. nt

Give that fucking Don the Con supporting whistler some crackers to eat...

If the best president I've ever known thinks that an even better one will follow him up...

What was this - "democracy doesn't work if we demonize each other??

President Obama could start

I never want this speech to end

"The American Dream is something no wall can contain"

Obama is KILLING it!

"The American Dream Is Something That No Wall Can Contain..."

"We all need to be as vocal and as organized as Bernie Sanders's supporters have been"

Oh fuck. He

My God POTUS is so fantastic

"Believe me!" Tim Kaine does his best Donald Trump impression

Democracy works, but you have to want it.


Beautiful shout out to Bernie

I am sitting watching the Democratic Convention thinking about my parents who w life long democrats.

Obama just brought it home.

Hillary is going to join Obama

Are you teary eyed right now?

Not about yes HE will

Some guy just shouted "take it home."


This might be the speech of a lifetime

"Fascists or communists or jihadists. Or homegrown demagogues."

"Or home grown demagogues..

'Home grown demagogues.'

Whoever threatens our values, whether faciest, jihadists, or homegrown demogogues

...or home grown demagogues...

Sorry Michelle, Barack bested you once again.

Not only a few upper cuts, but a few haymakers from that left handed POTUS!

Trump updates his campaign logo...

DNC went to church tonight...

DON'T GO !!!!!

I feel a good bounce coming for Hillary!

Am I the only one crying!?!

Holy. Shit. That was a hell of a baton-passing.


Mr. President, for the last eight years, THANK YOU

Hillary On Stage! Pic ----->

Thank you Obama!!!




Poise, dignity, grace under pressure

President Obama hit it out of the park!

I love having a DVR

Don't boo!!! Vote!!!!!! nt

I wonder what the people have been trying to disrupt the convention....


In spite of all of our hiccups, we really know how to run a political convention...


That ending could not get any better. n/t

A great finish to a great night!

Hillary looks great!

Thanks, Obama

This convention is packed with people outside...

That was better than Obama's convention speech in 2004

Anyone else notice that the pin Bill Clinton is wearing appears to be in Hebrew?

Great speech. It's a shame that so many people in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia,

I'm so proud to be a Democrat!!


#HomeGrownDemagogue is taking off on Twitter. This might trend, it will stick!

I hope they find that wolf whistle guy.

MSNBC instantly zooms in on a Hillary hater.


Fucking MSNBC

One more thing before I shut down for night!

Democrats Are Now America's Team

This has been the best convention that I've ever seen and we have one more day to go!

Greatest Speech in History

Fired Up...Ready to Go...

My grandparents had FDR. My mom had JFK and RFK. I had Obama.

LOL @ Donald Trump "Treason or Bust"

Jill Biden: That moment when @realDonaldTrump realizes people are calling him a 'demagogue' and not

Obama Praises ‘The America I Know,’ Says Hillary Clinton Is The One To Lead It

D.L. Hughley on Maher "If you to a Buffet and they don't have what you want don't order a shit

... and that's how you win.

I stopped by Fox for a sec... Hannity is PANICKING big time

Working to elect Obama will always be one of the greatest accomplishments of our lives

Tim Kaine Speaks at DNC - Video from Last Night

It's time for a banana Twinkie and a beer!

John Oliver is going to be on Colbert's show tonight.

Fired UP??????

Wow. CNN just said Obama only did one dry run of that speech.

even andrea mitchell was impressed!!!!

After watching Obama speak, I heard a noise

That was the best speech of Obama's lifetime. The adoration Hillary showed for him when she came on

Wow. Rough night for the RKBA.

You know, maybe we should just all send Donald Trump our birth certificates.

We have Biden, Kaine, Obama and Clinton. They have


THANK YOU, Mr. President.

Bill Clinton wore a Hebrew Hillary button tonight

Historian Michael Beschloff Calls Speech Greatest Endorsement Speech in American Political History

Democrats, Independents, and Republicans may not agree on much but one thing we all agree on is TPP

any tweets from dumdum...

Obama lumped Trump in with "fascists, communists, and jihadists."

Kaine will make mincemeat out of Pence in a debate.

So is Trump tweeting tonight? Did he go after Bloomberg?nt

Peru's new president sworn in surrounded by Ivy League aides

LOL! Do ALL millenials have the same cadence and inflection? The guy from Virginia!

Peru's new president sworn in surrounded by Ivy League aides

Dr. Jill Stein Is Anti-Science, Bad for the Environment, and Deserves Her Anti-Vax Label

Donald Trump doesn't want to be President.

Thoughts of a Young Democrat

Anyone watching CNN? WTF did Jeffrey Lord just say about guns/abortion?

Did the Ratfucker Network pull dopplegangers and put the real people back?

What are you expecting from Hillary's speech tomorrow night?

Gold Star mother Sharon Belkofer introduces President Barack Obama at DNC 2016

Is it just me or do these two guys right now on MSNBC, doing the SNL Weekend Update

I just met JusticeForAll at the Convention!

538 has Hillary losing IA.

MASSIVE appreciation for C-span!

"I hope sometimes that I lifted you up too"

Six-Toed People May Have Had Special Social Status In Pre-Columbian Society

The Republican attacks on the Clinton Foundation take their evil to a new level.

That's my man..

It wasn't all that long ago that a black man would get murdered for hugging a white woman

Google this term: windows 10 display keeps refreshing

Is it too soon for a poll?

'If the election were held today....'

Senior House Republican: "We were supposed to make that speech"

How Alex Jones Uses Fear of the Government to Sell Diet Supplements

Oh I'm gonna set my alarm for Morning Joe

President Obama: Hillary's been in the room

Son Secretly Replaced Photos in the House With Steve Buscemi and Mom Has Yet to Notice

Strange comment by Warren about Kaine

Best auctioneer ever

Hug it Out! The Hillary-President Obama HUGS~

The only downside of this for Hillary is that she now has to follow Barack Obama

Did Trump violate the Logan Act

Bloomberg's speech was the most damning of all to Trump because...

Help Hillary Clinton's campaign by making calls from your home!

Cher: Trump a ‘f---ing traitor’

CNN: How Obama made some anti-Trump Republicans jealous

Incredible Meteor Event Western US

Aww shit. Nobody won the Powerball so now I'm facing serious temptation...

Tonight, the Democratic Party proved it was the pro-America party...

AFA now going after Nickelodeon and Toys R Us

Israeli Knesset Gives Preliminary Okay to Bill Giving Tax Breaks to Settlements

I screwed up...

Secret 1970 Document Confirms First West Bank Settlements Built on a Lie

I've realized there is a shocking number of people that don't know what ISIS wants

A GOP pundit on CNN just said that Reagan never criticized Bush Sr.'s opponent by name.

Does anyone else find it really strange that the media is only focusing

Norman Ornstein tweet on details ? about the DNC speeches

The MLB Closers Best At Cleaning Up Their Own Messes

Michael Bloomberg, perfect foil to Trump: "I'm a New Yorker. I know a con when I see one."

Caramel Oranges, from Christopher Kimball

Roseate Spoonbill overhead

I will NOT be pandered to...

How great was President Obama's speech.

Liferafts on a Cloudy November Night

Registered Broker Pleads Guilty To Particpating In A $131 Million Market Manipulation Scheme

I'm watching, for probably the fourth time, the HBO series "Deadwood". It's a Republican wet dream.

Antibiotic resistance: 'Snot wars' study yields new class of drugs

Jeffrey Toobin: Why the D.N.C. E-Mails Aren’t Scandalous

Tim Kaine Just Mercilessly Mocked Donald Trump

Fabulous pitties don't give a fuck, because fabulous pitties are too busy being fabulous...

Stephen Colbert: Night Three of the DNC

"Marsha, come see this. Trump is making a fool of himself again."

Tell me what you think of this line.

Daily Holidays - July 28

Trump's next conniption fit is a bit overdue.

Brenham police officer refused service at McDonald's

Georgia Court Says It's Legal to Film Video Up a Woman's Skirt

Obma's complete DNC speech July 27, 2016

I haven't been on Truth-Dig for a while. Stopped by for a sec...

Myrna Mack's Daughter Appointed Guatemala Health Minister

Editorials on Trump & Russia

Hillary Clinton--> We love you back,

Just watch a clip of that sleezy Cruz's speech!

Texas AG’s $100K gift came despite agency rules

Trevor Noah Obliterates Trump’s ‘Bats**t Crazy’ Bromance With Russia

Donald Trump implies Vladimir Putin uses 'the N-word' to describe Barack Obama

Republican negativity

Does Russia and Putin have something on Trump?

Dad Behind Pro-Donald Trump ‘USA Freedom Kids’ Plans to Sue Campaign

I'm one of those early to bed-early to rise idiots. I baled before Pres. O

History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump

This article proves Trump's intent on letting Putin take former USSR states

The Quiet Comeback of Reverse Mortgages

"May I speak to you about our lord and savior, Megatron?"

A comparison of the two major campaigns by their New York headquarters.

I am glad that the DNC pulled Nina Turner from the speaker's list. She has said that she will

Cardinal Pell calls for investigation into police over sex abuse ‘smear’

Remember DU activism during the Bush years?

Hillary Clinton Offers Us a Four More Years of the Policies of Barak Obama

Revised Trump-Pence campaign button

While I was brushing my teeth another positive of Hillary Clinton as president

DNC convention videos available at their Youtube channel.

So when does Obama take our guns??

Jill Stein Asks Atheists For Their Vote

Michael Moore is in a spot of trouble over his historic family house in Davison, MI

See Rare Photos of a Young Hillary Clinton

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Breakthrough

These Are The Religious Accommodations Available At The Rio Olympics

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - The Man In Red

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

I welcome Bloomberg to the party with open arms. Even though I am to his

Elie Wiesel: "There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice ...


EEOC Steps Up Data Collection On Discrimination

Biden Chokes Up While Describing Hardworking Americans Who Can Only Afford ...

Such a low energy response. Bigly sad.

Drumpf bringing back American jobs (for foreign HB2 guest workers).

My company does a monthly clean-out of each kitchenette's refrigerator

Mika mentions the wikileaks story before

A Story (How unbelievably stupid racists can be)


compare & contrast:

A thoughtful suggestion to the Bernie holdouts...

'Don't Boo – Vote'


Today at 2 PM...

The legacy of "The Left"

When Philadelphia was the center of anti-Irish Catholic riots

Prelims are up for July Contest!

75% want a Venezuelan pre-Chavez, 64% believe chavez/maduro reign the biggest error in history

How does Uncle Scam, Don the Con stand up in front of people

Awesome quote from a CONSERVATIVE

Girl dies after elephant throws stone in Morocco zoo

Question about Venezuela

From France, Where can I watch HRC acceptance speech live?

"The nuclear codes! Wow! They're worth some real bucks." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Tim Kaine: vice-presidential candidate, senator, former governor — harmonica player

Bernie has his work cut out for him ...

Q: In its continuance, will Bernie Sanders Group be the center for discussing 'Our Revolution'?

O'Reilly Slavery

Weather Service conducts ‘illegal surveillance’ on staff, union says

Weather Service conducts ‘illegal surveillance’ on staff, union says

Weather Service conducts ‘illegal surveillance’ on staff, union says

We love you back, POTUS.

The US is sending troops to Iraq as Iraq prepares for a major battle soon.

Me Too, Mr. Bloomberg!

FAIL: North Carolina GOP Mocks Tim Kaine For Lapel Pin Honoring His U.S. Marine Son

Morning Joe is tearing into Trump.

LOCK HIM UP: Comrade Trump's treasonous call for Russia to hack Hil

why isn't democrats attacking "Newt "

Why Trump Fails—and Clinton Passes—the Commander-in-Chief Test

(An open letter, feel free to share) Dear, Greens... Where the fuck were you between elections?

Feel the love.

A few things about the Bernie/Hillary supporters' hurt feelings I hope can help

Trump Is Driving Catholic Voters Toward Clinton

Mid-campaign, Trump applies for visas to hire 78 low-paid foreign "guest workers" for Mar-a-Lago

Expectant mother on life support, baby survives, after shooting. Heartbreaking story of gun violence

DNC Night 3 Ratings - Dems Trounce Republicans Again

There was a program that might have stopped Dallas and Baton Rouge—and Republicans shut it down

Dead Bangladesh-American suspect was friend of cafe attacker: police

has anyone asked trump about putting his businesses/investments in a blind trust?

Anyone know what time is Hillary speaking tonight?

Best Line from President Obama's DNC 2016 speech

The latest Rasmussen Poll : Clinton 43% Trump 42%

I kid you not, FAUX news just pulled out and played the 8 year old audio

Ok, settle down. Trump was just being SARCASTIC about the whole Russian hacking business!

Does this comic strip cross the line? Were the syndicate editors right to refuse to run it?

Second Normandy attacker was on security register

TRUMP: "Don't watch Hillary's DNC speech tonight," (He's worried about HRC beating his ratings.)

So, If I Remember Correctly, 4 Years Ago At Our Convention...

A Republican intellectual explains why the Republican Party is going to die

What a privilege it would be to be a Democratic Convention delegate!

A picture of my home away from home.

Friendship on the Agenda: The HRC/Obama Lunch of 2013 (Fanfic from The Toast)

As Missouri politics turn from purple to red, presidential campaigns skip the state

On Human Negativity Bias

Rasmussen (R) now has Clinton ahead of Trump.

Your kid is way more likely to be poisoned by crayons than by marijuana

CREDO Petition to Prevent Rump From Getting National Security Briefings

Along with freedom of speech comes responsibility for our words

Marco Rubio to star at antigay rally — weeks after his crocodile tears for Pulse massacre victims

Along with freedom of speech comes responsibility for our words

Freddie Gray officers suing prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

Hey Manafort. Trump is going to

Response to Trump's "Laziness Is A Trait In Blacks" statement

Tim Kaine’s Jesuit spirituality just might appeal to ‘nones’

A protest vote for Jill Stein

Trump donors

Michael Bloomberg Calls Donald Trump a ‘Dangerous Demagogue’

The A Team

In Case You Missed It, Giuliani Wants To Start Electronically Tagging Muslims

wtfCokie ROBERTS:Chelsea's role 2nite humanizing 'cause"Hillary is not good at relating to people."

‘Stop excusing him’: Elijah Cummings derails CNN interview for ‘ridiculous’ Trump double standard

Truth meters

Methamphetamine might be dementia don's problem

Fox News Totally Non-Racistly Reminds You That Slaves Who Built White House Were "Well-Fed"

If nothing else, at least I can say I lived under a historically great President in my lifetime.

The brilliance of Tim Kaine's speech

Man playing guitar has a cattivating audience

Donald Trump Invites Putin to Invade Melania’s Hometown

Merkel rules out migrant policy reversal after attacks

Rio 2016: Badminton clears Russian players for Olympic Games

538: Why Our Model Is Bullish On Trump, For Now


Trump Is Driving Catholic Voters Toward Clinton

Hollande says will stay true to values after Trump swipe at France

What happens when you crash into a truck

How Democrats Embraced Gun Control at Their Convention

How do we ensure the accuracy of our "history" books?

Tonight's Dinner will be Historic!! What are you all making?

President Obama and the Long March

Trump has the most emotionally hateful spokespersons I've ever seen.

Fighting fire with fire, or more appropriately, sign with sign. Fighting bigotry in Flushing Twp, MI

Bernie is a mensch. He kept his word.

To those saying that Democrats

Trump and top secret info?

I know it when I see it - Trump called President Obama the N-word yesterday.

The role of the West in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen (More lethal than Russia in Syria)

Everyone hates Debbie Wasserman Schultz !

Loan officer gets fired for racist tweet about Michelle Obama

Question for the DU body.. Is Today the day Trump gets briefed on our security?

Conservatives Find Selves Shocked to Realize They Liked Obama’s Speech

Everyone hates Debbie Wasserman Schultz now that she's gone !

As the country gets to know Tim Kaine, we reflect on a compassionate and unpretentious friend to ani

Where can I find a list of corporations and companies who have donated to Trump?

I know we cannot hold on to the here and now.. our only direction is forward

I feel bad for people not caught up in the excitement of this historical nomination

MSNBC: by going right you are destroying your viewership

Va. man claimed he had cure for cancer, charged $1,200 per bottle. Cops say it’s bogus, bust him.

Looks like our Russian hacker friends left something behind.

The scary turn in whistle blowing.

this is not a computer ? but facebook just took all my groups...

Bernie addressed the Michigan Tennessee Minnesota delegations this morning

I give up, CNN is hopeless.

Two happiest days in a man's life - buying a boat/selling his boat

Most important question I can conceive about your visit to the DNC in Philly.

Blanchard Girl Raises Money To Make Police 'Goodie Bags'

Trump could punch a baby in the face and not lose any support

Talk about a double standard..

Sterling woman arrested for sacrificing chickens appeals for custody of seized rooster

How Asian Americans Became Democrats

EDIT:::CSPAN replaying Pres Obama's speech from last night..NOW Biden's Speech!!

Just imagine President Donald Trump during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Democrats win ratings for third night in a row.

Hey Trump, it is your Christie doll...

Mocking Trump is a brilliant tactic.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Seen on T-shirt today.

Trump Scandals

Obama video from DNC 2016

Obama video from DNC 2016

Oh my God,those assholes are heckling John Lewis again.

Throughout history- Every 80-100 years a society changing upheaval

The Daily Show: Donald's Trump's Shady Ties to Russia

Following up on Melania Trump's plagiarism scandal

Everybody likes Tim Kaine - cute dad tweets

Trivia: Who is the only person in Baseball history to have an RBI in the Little League World Series,

When I think of Trump, I can't but help think of a stanza from the Brandon Flowers' song "Crossfire"

Why is "Homegrown demagogue" so brilliant?

Anyone have some stories to share about people who were for Trump or on the fence

Trump Bodyguard Never Got Over Affair Scandal With Marla Maples, Ex-Wife Says

What is the screening process for delegates?

Clinton to cast election as ‘moment of reckoning’

Outline your dream campaign ads for this Fall made up of kick-butt Convention material.

Trump: Obama talked about a 'world that doesn't exist'

Chairman Mao's Grandson-in-Law Buys 13.5% Stake in Sotheby's

We have the freedom of speech, but also the freedom to listen.

Why exactly are people so shocked that slaves helped build the White House?

DSB has a good news for you but you gotta click (WINK)

WaPo Fact Check: Trump’s Claim That He Has “Nothing To Do With Russia” Earns “Four Pinocchios”

The schedule: Here's the planned schedule, according to the Clinton campaign:

NC GOP mistakenly harangues Kaine for lapel pin, apologizes

A Post reporter was banned from a Trump-Pence rally yesterday. That should frighten you.

A Post reporter was banned from a Trump-Pence rally yesterday. That should frighten you.

Supplements Can Jeopardize Cancer Therapy

If you don't follow 'Margaret and Helen' you really should!

Trump is no Reagan. No Kennedy. No Clinton. No Obama. He’s not even a Bush (Margaret/Helen)

Did anyone hear how the fart-in went yesterday?

Nancy Pelosi says white men don't like Clinton because of guns, because of gays, and because of God

Anybody got Hillary's strongest statement against the TPP?

Trump is no Reagan. No Kennedy. No Clinton. No Obama. He’s not even a Bush(Margaret/Helen)

Reid: DNC never gave Sanders a ‘fair deal’

Chardonnay Go.

from margaret and helen: we've got this!!

from margaret and helen: "we've got this!"

WIRED: WikiLeaks Has Officially Lost the Moral High Ground

Just hope everyone is OK here.

Donald Trump campaign stop will cost Roanoke taxpayers almost $20,000

It just hit me!

Pennsylvania: First post-RNC polls shows Clinton maintaining +9% lead.

Richard Thompson, creator of Cul de Sac has passed

Babylon Five Star Jerry Doyle dead at 60

Domestic Violence Victims Now Protected From Housing Discrimination in New York

Domestic Violence Victims Now Protected From Housing Discrimination in New York

Ireland plans for 'soft-border' with UK after Brexit

Right Track/Wrong Track Polls mean nothing. Here's the proof.

Adventures in phone banking - PLEASE READ!

I wonder how long Bernie will stay in the Senate.

College Football Playoff tweaks dates in upcoming seasons

Syrian army tightens grip around Aleppo, says offers safe passage

Anti-corporate sentiment doesn't slow down the party scene for lobbyists and lawmakers @ #DNCinPHL

Chelsea Challenges Ivanka On Equal Pay

WikiLeaks Put Women in Turkey in Danger, for No Reason

Seriou, s questions:

What I'm hearing from Independents re the Convention

Did anyone catch DL Hughley on Real Time last night?

A walk down Pathological Lying Birther memory lane

Reverberation-13th Floor Elevators

Pennsylvania Senate Race

Folks, Obama and Hillary are relieved and happy DWS is gone.

Russia to U.S., Trump: Sort out your own pre-election hacking scandal

Jill Stein's Ideas Are Terrible - Slate-dot-com

What a difference 32 years make

Insanity-Shiva's Headband

I think it should be clear by now that one cannot shame someone else into voting the way one wants.

Help a Bernie Supporter out

Heh. MSNBC has defocused the background at their set on Independence Mall.

Jack Davis, Illustrator Known for Work at Mad Magazine, Dies at 91.

Watch the Tamron Hall - John Lewis interview here:

The child who touched Obama's hair

Mr. McConnell, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Pence, and anyone else who has endorsed Donald Trump . . . .

Daily Cute: Orphaned Owls Learn to Fly

DEM Convention Lineup for Tonight

In Waukesha, WI, Pence's goons show thier facism again...

Suffolk University Poll Shows Clinton Leading Trump by 9 Points in Pennsylvania

I got a C note to bet that these AssHoles

TV Networks, Cable Channels, and Pundits. Who is it YOU trust?

Trump: You Know I Love The Disabled Because My Buildings Are Accessible

We can easily win back the House by cornering each GOP rep. on how they can support Trump

Wesley Clark on MSNBC!

A few weeks ago wife and I spent a few days in NOLA, the French quarter in particular.

Trump Urges Supporters To Boycott Hillary Clinton's DNC Speech Tonight

DNC 2016: Elizabeth Warren dismisses idea of possible Hillary Clinton cabinet position

Hey Shouters...Your Disrespect of John Lewis Has Ended Any Respect I Had For You.


 Delegates Are Using the Convention to Make the TPP Politically Unacceptable

There is something deeply repulsive watching young white kids booing Cummings and Lewis

Obama's shout out to Bernie Sanders at Democratic National Convention 2016

Clinton Allies Put Out A Literal Bounty For Trump's Tax Returns

One of Trump's fans has graced us with a campaign song...errr. auditory carwreck

Reid: 'Absolute fraud' Grayson should drop Fla. Senate bid

Pro-Sanders Phillie Phanatic Places Masking Tape Reading ‘Silenced’ Over Honker

Just Because E-Cigs Are Better For You Doesn't Mean They're Healthy

Al-Nusra chief in Syria announces break with Qaeda

MSNBC’s Tamron Hall lays waste to DNC protesters for shouting down John Lewis

People trying to silence Democrats at the convention on this fourth day..

POLL: Clinton up 9 (and at 50%!) in Pennsylvania

Milbank: Trump and Putin? Some say there’s something going on

Has anyone seen the anti Hillary ad yet about outsourcing to India??

Ex-Palin staffer: Trump knows even less about foreign policy than ‘woefully ignorant’ Sarah


Um, I would seriously question this officer's "training" and "experience"...

looking at trump, al gore's brag, supposedly claiming to have "invented" the internet seems quaint

Nuclear Power Advocates Now Complain Renewables Are Too Cheap

Carole King is performing, tonight, at the convention!

The Democratic Convention Is Highlighting the Difference Between Electoral and Movement Politics

Sanders speaks to Washington delegation to Dem convention

DNC wins day 3 ratings

Trump’s minimum wage two-step confuses business groups, advisers

A New Low for Jill Stein - Boston Globe

I hate the NPR Politics Podcast

Is a puzzlement.

Mohan the Elephant is Safe (Mohan: The Unluckiest Elephant in the World)

Is Trump even a multi-millionaire? We know he isn't a billionaire

Serious question

CNN reports that it asked the Sanders campaign whether he'd be asking his delegates not to heckle th

UK Court Rules in Favor of Embattled Labour Leader Corbyn

Under Brownback, Kansas’ credit faces another downgrade

Last night I decided who I was voting for...

Homeownership Rate in the U.S. Drops to Lowest Since 1965

Tonight's Speaker's List

2,200 People Were Banned From Donald Trump’s Reddit AMA

I finally figured out why tRump needs to be elected president

The "Black Men For Bernie" rally at City Hall...

Just being stupid, ya know, but..

Tim Kaine Admits He Was a "Lousy Governor" - of New Jersey

Warren puts ABC reporter in his place

"Just kidding"...

Charles Pierce:A few words about progress. And grace. And American cool.

Campaign schedules...

Rudy Giuliani suggests Muslims on US watchlist should wear GPS bracelets

DNC Day 3 Mega-Photo Recap!

"What we need is another mother who's willing to stand up & do what's right"

Colbert Would Ask Trump: 'What Does Putin's D*** Taste Like?'

Go figure....

University of Louisville president resigns amid FBI, NCAA probes

Hillary Clinton is bad at speeches for the exact reasons she'd be a good president

University of Louisville president resigns amid FBI, NCAA probes

I think I'm getting a little confused between Trump's use of Believe me and Unbelievable.

Trump walks back email hack comments, but damage

Democratic National Convention - The Struggle Continues | Bernie Sanders

Connecticut man charged with threatening Jews online

Connecticut man charged with threatening Jews online

Donald Trump Jr. Accuses President Obama of Plagiarizing His Speech

"24 Scientific Ways to Influence People Without Saying a Word"

"A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly and is also known as a *Buster*"

Mark Levin Rips Trump Defenders for Russia ‘Joke’ Excuse: You Think This Is Funny?!

With Trump I'm reminded of the movie "Idiocracy"

New Cook Cook Political Report: "Our current outlook is a Democratic gain of 5-15 seats. Our latest

Turkey officials to demand extradition of Fethullah Gülen from US

Florida’s Solution To Toxic Algae Blooms? Ease The Rules on Water Pollution

Didn't presidential candidate Bernie Sanders promise this?

Erdogan wants army under president's control after coup: Turkish official

Dem convention ratings top Trump’s Cleveland sh*t show three nights in a row

Post convention bounce predictions...

trump solidifies his lying credentials

How Did The Two Party System Take Over America?

The Proud History Of Treason In The Republican Party.

Just heard on MSNBC

Dems suggest scrapping Trump’s intelligence briefings

In which Helen finds her voice again

DemCon Day Three: Barack To The Future...Hillary's Future

This is why Donald Trump is so dangerous........

Thursday Night Lineup includes Carole King, Katy Perry

U.S. concerned over Israel's settlement activity: State Department

Cricket CPL comes to Florida: 'It's not been a grab-and-run operation'

Something about this picture...

Sanders supporters plan fart protest of Hillary Clinton’s DNC speech. Really. Read more here: http:

Kremlin-backed Crimean government invites Donald Trump to visit after pro-Russia comment

Trump Jr.: Obama Plagiarized A Line From My RNC Speech!

Vegas lounge singer Paul Manafort and his ties to Pakistan's ISI

Trump says "Obama's out of touch".

Live TV cameras attract idiots. Everyone knows that.

Suffolk University Pennsylvania Poll: Clinton 50% Trump 41%

GMOs Could Save Your Life—They Might Have Already

Reid faces Sanders supporters' fury at DNC

Democrats once again got higher ratings than the GOP for Day 3

Former U.S. Attorney Republican Marcos Daniel Jiminez ditches GOP

WP reporter patted down at Trump event

Charges dropped against man accused of killing Washington intern Chandra Levy

Body-camera video shows fatal police shooting in Ariz.

Regarding the vocal protests at the Convention

Pensioner cut off by hydro overwhelmed by kindness of strangers


As a Bernie supporter and now strong Hillary supporter, I'd like to say...

Idiotic c-span commentator, National Journal reporter, criticized Bill Clinton

Donald Trump, Mike Pence And Vladimir Putin As The Golden Girls Is Brilliant.

Kremlin-backed Crimean government invites Donald Trump to visit after pro-Russia comments

I want Maxine Waters' suit!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Neuroimaging Can Teach us About Depression

Splat goes the Con Man. Trounced in the speeches yesterday,but the elegant shoe belongs to our POTUS

I'm going to go out on a limb here today to say

Yard Signs

Be 7 years tomorrow morning since Donna left this world

Haven't seen much of the convention, just watched an exceprt of Bill's speech

How a Currency Intended to Unite Europe Wound Up Dividing It

Connecticut man charged with threatening Jews online

STFU Tom Brokaw

What is it with Trump pointing to pence all the time? Please caption!

Trump Says He Was Being Sarcastic About Russia Taking Down Hillary Clinton

Pierce: A Moment Like This Used to Get a Black Man Killed

Deep Space Radiation Caused Heart Problems For Apollo Astronauts

Did anyone read Amanda Marcotte's piece about Obama's speech?

Still trying to get a hang of the social justice thing, but I liked this image.

Five US Special Operators Wounded Fighting ISIS in Afghanistan

Our first woman nominee Heckled...

Forrest Mars Jr., Who Shaped Global Candy Empire, Dies at 84

NC GOP Leaders Agree to Streamline Dueling Cases Over LGBT Law

The last hurragh...

If you and a friend agree to have lunch, should they run it by you before they ask somebody else?

There Is A Racist Aspect to The Protests

Day 4 just gaveled into order

Fiat Chrysler ending car production in U.S.

Judge Rejects Request in Minnesota Archdiocese Bankruptcy

In Clinton’s March to Nomination, Many Democrats Changed Their Minds

Last week, I registered to vote in PA (Butler County). A question..

Watching the invocation

ClickHole: Hillary And Bernie Pinned A Rabid Coyote Between Their Two Cars

One thing I would like to hear Hillary say tonite (please join me)

Syria, Russia to open aid, exit corridors in besieged Aleppo, officials say

New on the floor tonight...

F--- Steve Kornacki and his dumb a-- premise!

The annoucer just messed up. Leauge of Conservative voters. No. League of CONSERVATION of

Finding I have to decline jury service a lot more now, because I don't get enough information.

India’s number of atheists a drop in the ocean at barely 0.0027% of the total population

Hillary convicted with no evidence.

Hillary Clinton's first interview will be on Fox New Sunday with Chris Wallace

Former Muscatine police officer sentenced to up to 10 years in prison

So proud of the cheeseheads being shown on TV at the Democratic Convention.......

In the Face of Terror, France Moves Towards Religious Unity

According to David Shuster, no delegates are being allowed in with "No TPP" signs

Republicans Work hard to make the Country headed in the Wrong Direction!

Everyone-CNN is now the place to go!

Seattle Times issues apology for front page photograph of Bill Clinton

A few thoughts on Barack Obama

Bakari Sellers former SC Rep Speaking Live at the Convention

Hillary and Tim Kaine will be in Pittsburgh on Saturday, 7/30:

Trump and Putin Tried to Meet in Moscow Three Years Ago: Source

How do you peel an orange?

Trump Bump very small Was getting really irritated with those who seem to enjoy

Has MSNBC recently changed ownership or management?

Do you think MSNBC is going FOX LITE because Ailes if leaving FAUX News?

When will the Presidential Debates be scheduled? Or...considering its 'Dump'

Most hilarious 5 seconds just happened at convention...

How Obama Won Over #NeverTrump Conservatives

Benedict Donald is in violation of the Logan Act

Has anyone seen Melania's speech writer? I don't think she exists

An Open Letter By A #NeverHillary Supporter Who Is Definitely Not Vladimir Putin

Hello fellow Dems!

What was the name of that unscrupulous law firm that was looking for possible CR infractions....

Convention update-card trick

Exclusive: Billionaire Republican donors urge Kochs to back Trump

Make America Great Again...

U.S. diplomatic strategy on South China Sea appears to founder

Florida man released from jail when police realize "Meth" was actually donut crumbs

"The presidency is not an entry level position!" - former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

Ford's Darkest Day In 5 Years

Are the rude asswipes at the convention going to heckle Hillary tonight?

So when's Mike Pence going to give his speech at the RNC?

First transgender person to ever address a National Convention!

Orlando Man Arrested After Police Mistake What Man Says Was Doughnut Crumbs for Illegal Drugs

If true, this is wrong

Clinton Way Up In Pennsylvania

After Early 'Fart-In,' Sanders Fans Consider Future Moves

Suspect in college student's killing had hidden room in barn

Dolores Huerta speaking NOW.

I'm drinking... Ask me anything.

Pain de Champagne

I bet Nina Turner is going to run as green party vp

Standing Rock Sioux sues Corps over oil pipeline permits

Cat gets no respect - Damn dog

Curators remove "tons of comments" from Trump's "ASK ME ANYTHING" Reddit page. USA! USA! USA! Joyce Beatty wearing Melania's dress?

Texas' revised abortion booklet criticized as inaccurate

Rep. Joyce Beatty (Ohio)....

Shocking details on Wikileaks latest released DNC hack -- 29 audio recordings.

Melania Trump's website taken down. Questions of her bio

Rifle maker wants documents sealed in school shooting suit

Jane Sanders: We're Going To Hold Clinton Accountable After Endorsing Her

Could you imagine the heads that would be exploding tonight

Convention speaker made me ponder Spanish influence on place names in the United States

What other people in foreign countries think of the Donald

Mike Bloomfield was born on this date.

WATCH: This Sloth Adventure Will Send You Rushing to Costa Rica

If I had attention span of Trump's....

China Says To Hold Drills With Russia In South China Sea

Debbie did her job, Reince did not

Katie McGinty! NOW!

Edward Snowden jabs WikiLeaks for not ‘curating’ info releases

Watering (Perovskite) Solar Cells Makes Them Grow… in Power!

‘Sesame Street’ axes one, two, three favorite human characters

Pence: Trump will tap justices to overturn abortion law

What's missing among the convention speakers?

CBSN cut off Trump's IA speech - repetitve low energy blah blah BS lies

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 29 July 2016

New catalyst for hydrogen production

The silver lining of the disruptors ...

Navy to Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk

Go Tammy! Go Tammy!

Brexit Shockwaves Hit British Jobs, Banks, Automobiles

New Peruvian president's pro-business cabinet could clash with resurgent left

Rio's waters so full of human sewage, Olympic swimmers told to keep their mouths closed

Will somebody in the MSM please inform tRump,,,

CSpan right fugging Now Carol King

Ladies and Gentlemen, Place you bets! Will Don The Con weasel out of debating Hillary?

The Bernie or bust people and tonight's speech

Carbon-financed (more efficient) cookstove fails to deliver hoped-for benefits in the field

Carole King - You've got a Friend!!!

Carole King!!!!!!

Mayors of the 100 largest US cities.

Carole King!

Fearing Zika, FDA Asks 2 Florida Counties To Halt Blood Donations

San Jose Police Honey-Trap Gay Men, Sparking Civil Rights Fight

Carole King is still sounds great!

Riddle for ya:......... What do you call a fake noodle????

Uh, wtf is this?

Democrats again get higher ratings than the Trump republcans

Cop Who Killed his Son By Leaving Him in a Hot Car All Day, Not Charged — Because He’s a Cop

These MO 'vote for' comme rcials! About ready to scream

Revealed: corrupt Brazilian businessman's UK property splurge

Revealed: corrupt Brazilian businessman's UK property splurge

Our celebrities are soooooooooo much better than theirs.

I have get to bed early tonight, won't be...,,

Breakthrough solar cell captures CO2 and sunlight, produces burnable fuel 🔥

Has anyone ventured into JPR to see in there is any sign of sanity there?

Former Mexico cartel leader guilty of killing DEA agent moved to house arrest

Donald Trump Again Praises Putin’s Leadership, Saying It’s Better Than Obama’s

Former Mexico cartel leader guilty of killing DEA agent moved to house arrest

Smoking Gun: Trump lied about never speaking to Putin

I hate protestors. it's so....unAmerican

US and Mexico's mass deportations have fueled humanitarian crisis, report says

Donald Trump’s Appeal to Russia Shocks Foreign Policy Experts

Norway considers giving mountain to Finland as 100th birthday present

Trump wants to hit some people!

Chelsea Manning faces charges, solitary confinement after suicide attempt

Miami Blood Donations Halted Over Zika Fears

The Great Divider.

Indonesia executes four convicted drug offenders

The majority of voters in WA voted for Hillary and do NOT support a busters' walk-out tonight.

If Bernie Was The Dem Nominee - The Repugs Would Have Unloaded On Him For Being A Socialist....

Michigan prosecutor to bring new criminal charges in Flint water scandal

Now Rachel is going after Julien Castro.

Register to vote or check your registration in minutes.

The big tent principle is great. But if people want to enter the tent, they have to enter the tent.

U.S Strongly Condemns 'Accelerated, Systematic' Settlement Activity by Israel

Why the Russian hacking story is so important in this campaign?

You can easily tell which members of Trump's parade of neutered beta males ...

Hillary Clinton Turns to Shonda Rhimes of ABC to Create Video of Her Life

The upcoming debate rules

Who supplied the musical interludes at the GOP hate fest?

Boy! This one real take the cake!

Sanders fans make scene in neon green glow in the dark t-shirts

Please join Reddit

That was a great video about the don's taxes!

Carbon dioxide can be stored underground for ten times the length needed to avoid climatic impact

What are the odds that some time soon Trump says that he was just being sarcastic

Donald Trump Jr. Plagiarized Presidents Bush and Obama

Trump gave us a gift with his nighttime in America speech.

According to ex-staffer Drumpf Knows Less About Foreign Affairs Than Paiin

A Full List of Donald Trump's Rapidly Changing Policy Positions

DNC House Band - I like them and now I know why

Everybody pay no attention to the protesters

Silver spoons

Pssssssssssssssst Melania's Trump's website scrubbed to remove

Everything You Need To Know About the New Nusra Front


Governor Cuomo sounds so much like his father.

If those moronic anarchists disrupt this historic night...

Clinton Edging Back Up On 538, In Polls, and On Betting Markets

For those of you frustrated the commentary by MSNBC or CNN...

UN: Freedom Of Assembly In US Threatened By Inequality

NRA’s pro-Trump video features Sandy Hook ‘truther’ who harassed grieving families

The five stages of grief and the GOP.

What the hell is wrong with so many with the Y Chromosome?

Orlando man arrested after trip to Krispy Kreme

I love history and tonight is Historic.

The Trumpurian Candidate

True story: when I was 7, I told my aunt that I was going to be the first woman president.

Trump & Kids Named, But Not Charged, In $250 Million Tax Evasion Case

Sign in the PA delegation...