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Official 2016 DNC Photo Was Shot with a 100-Year-Old Camera

Navy to Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk

"Ban fracking now" chant from CA delegation

Can David Brooks ever say anything positive?

Paris Mayor: "Donald Trump's Stupid"

Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? Find out here how to register or check your status.

Just left Lollalooza so I could watch history being made in real time.

"My Dad is the keynote speaker for the better angels"

It's Clinton with a T, not Clin'in

Representative Pelosi's speech...

Governor Wolf!

Title of article: Clinton supporters say 'Bernie Bros' trolling them at DNC

John Lewis and the 102-year-old Arizona delegate

Roe v. Wade will be overturned if Trump wins, Pence says

Tom Wolf--seems like a great guy, but a charisma implosion.

My FAVORITE Governor is up Jennifer Granholm!!

Donald Trump wanted to hit

Attending Walworth County meeting tonight

Visiting Boston this week I saw a panhandler with this sign

How Abigail Adams Proves Bill O'Reilly Wrong About Slavery

"Donald, Donald," said Jennifer Granholm, "You are SO VAIN."

Browser the library cat to keep his post

Donald Trump’s Florida clubs hiring foreign workers

"Donald Trump you are no Ronald Reagan"

"Donald Trump, you are no Ronald Reagan." Doug Elmets, Reagan Speechwriter (R)

And now, a duo of REPUBLICAN Speakers telling us they're voting for Hillary!

Can someone refresh web address for C-span live stream for me/others? Thanks!

Should Lupe being wearing her

Trump, Clinton to receive intel briefings despite opposition

Some BOBers interrupt a moment of silence for fallen police officers

I love the Democrats for addressing...

Ok, I thought I was done crying but the parents of fallen police officers....

Trump and Putin Tried to Meet in Moscow Three Years Ago

These immature babies...we don't need them!

American and Russian crew members OK after Offutt-based jet makes unscheduled landing

Trump says he would like to 'hit' DNC speakers who disparaged him

I have a bad feeling about tonight

This police thing

This police thing

Major Republican super PAC goes quiet

Putin Is on a Foreign-Policy Winning Streak

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Unwell! Best of Malloy, Live & Uncensored &

Gallup: Trump's speech the worst ever tested

Texas AG Ken Paxton sues Austin over gun ban at City Hall


I'm a non-believer, but I love

I'm really getting a kick out of the cluster of cheeseheads on the floor

The Democrats Do Not Support Police Meme

Thank you, Rev. Barber

MR. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!!

Schedule for Thrusday..........Including Hillary...July 28--HERstory being made..

Haha Kareem said he was Michael Jordan cuz Trump wouldn't know the difference

50 Argentine Dirty War convicts transferred from prison to house arrest so far this year.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.....

Why Isn't Kareem Abdul Jabbar the Greatest Basketball Player Ever

Welp. We've hit the nolabear helplessly weeping part of the program.

OMG Mr. and Mrs. Khan are killing me

"Donald Trump, have you even read the Constitution? Here, I will lend you mine."

Oooh, Ann Coulter is not going to like this...

Way to go, Khizr Khan!

We need a Send Trump the Constitution campaign

I'm willing to bet Donald Trump has never visited Arlington Cemetery.

Wow the father of that fallen soldier was powerful.

The USA chants are to cover the assholes booing vets.

Kids, we have seriously underestimated this convention.

I think they are shouting down the protestors with the "USA" chant. nt

General John R. Allen

Would LOVE for Gen Allen and Don the Con to have a private meeting. Even chip in share of cost. You?

My little contribution to the convention?

"USA, No More War!"

Some dopes in 'our' crowd are making me very annoyed that I ever defended them

Gen Allen

Convention is demonstrating that fRump has people angry in a way we wanted Obama to get angry.

Hmm, could General Allen be the next Joint Chiefs of Staff?

I would say that the Democrats took back the mantle of patriotism for the first time since

"Is there a heart in this house?!" - Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II Pres. NC NAACP

They are shouting down a medal of Honor winner

Donald Trump is an enemy of the United States of America.

You have to be a loser and a coward to disrespect a Medal Of Honor winner!!!

Allegiant Air pilots ratify first union contract

Allegiant Air pilots ratify first union contract

You have to be a loser and a coward to disrespect a Medal Of Honor winner!!!

Allegiant Air pilots ratify first union contract


so the convention is no longer watchable on the internet....this sucks.

Anyone booing the nominee is violating convention bylaws and should never work in the party again.

The "NO TPP" signs just came out

Some pics of Dem Convention.--Hillary's big evening..Will add as we go

I'm not going to lay the booing on anyone's doorstep, but . . . .

Chachi vs General John R. Allen

Someone in Bernie section holding US flag marked with...

This one's for those disrupting the moment of silence for fallen police officers.

I bet those Bernie supporters really won over a lot of Americans tonight!

Man, I want to move to Ohio and vote for

What time does Jim Webb speak?

What an awesome evening!

French Canadian Trucker MADNESS!

Xavier Becerra

Where Were The "No More War" Chanters During Bernie's Speech?

The Fracking Song My Water's On Fire Tonight

Encounter with a trumpite I had earlier

Sitting here, my wife and I, as 2200EDT approaches, feeling so very filled with good feelings,

We just heard from future Speaker of the House Xavier Becerra!!!

The Sikh man was praying for Mr and Mrs Khan

Exclusive: FBI investigates hacking of Democratic congressional group - sources

Wondering what the bounce will be. When do the first numbers come in?

I'm staying late at the office because the home computer is sucky.

Katy Perry!! She kissed a girl... And she LIKED it!!!

Perfect song for this convention:

To think Trump had Scott Baio at his convention...

History lesson-Being a liberal, a progressive or a socialist doesn't mean you can't confront evil

Chelsea's Up!

Joe Biden Will Appear On ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’

Hillary leads Trump 50-41 in Pennsylvania (Suffolk Poll)

For those who like Rev Barber he is from my town

Bernie did not "leave" the Democratic Party

Two of the DNC speakers are graduates of Power Memorial Academy.

Chelsea Clinton. JUST WOW!!!

Just Now: A Message from Hillary!

Chelsea's making a solid and appealing case for her mother

See the signs...

Anyone notice if Donald Dork is tweeing tonight?

Please remember: the point of the Convention is not to win over Independents

Ladies and gentlemen: Morgan Freeman's voice

Trump Says He Will ‘Hit Hillary Clinton Properly’

Morgan Freeman for the Mic Drop!

Whatever you think of the Clintons - one thing is clear: They did a helluva job raising Chelsea.

That's Morgan Freeman!!! Narrating the Hillary film. nt

Jon Voight vs Morgan Freeman on the bio pic for Trump vs Clinton

I was in Manhatten less than a month after 911

I know I'm thread-happy tonight but Oh GOD, this bio. Literally.

Too fast? They're furious: Pilots' union says American Airlines compromises safety

"There's more than enough of the American Dream to go around"

Too fast? They're furious: Pilots' union says American Airlines compromises safety

America vs. Trump

The DNC video for Hillary is sheer brilliance!!


Too fast? They're furious: Pilots' union says American Airlines compromises safety

Making History: Hillary's Speech Open Thread.

Such a tender moment between a mother and daughter

He's had just about enough of his shit.

That's our next President! nt

I guess we had a few flags after all. n/t

I am unexpectedly very emotional just seeing her.

This is Hilary's time...

Check In If You're Already In Tears!

Woke up out of a dead sleep 5 minutes before Hillary! IT'S TIME FOR HISTORY!

She's beautiful. And she's perfect.

If Senator Sanders had won, and I was a delegate at his convention..

Okay Hillary, I am all in now!

Am crying - so happy to witness this historic moment!

BOBers break out a Wikileaks banner...

Good Evening Madame President!

I wish Al Gore were here but I guess not.

"The man from Hope and the man of hope"

The one thing Hillary can do to earn my full support

My kid nd I

Thank you for thanking us, Hillary!!

The Latest: Chelsea Clinton says mom looks for solutions

Hillary just cast the American Revolution itself

My 72 year old mom just started crying tears of joy when Chelsea hugged Hillary

A retired Marine Corps general who led NATO forces in Afghanistan endorsed Hillary Clinton

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm excited.

"We are not afraid. We will rise to the challenge."

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!" CLASSIC.

Research supports removing transgender dx from mental disorders chapter of ICD-10

about the disruptors

That Place is Packed for the Historic Moment

Drowning out the jerks with euphoric "HILLARY"!

Great Speakers nailing Loser Donald Trump up on the wall

Trump: Republicans 'have no choice' but to vote for me

French Canadian Trucker MADNESS!

OK, I'm a convert.

I'm at a watching party that has switched from MSNBC to CNN for the first time in many elections.

Countdown to Trump's head exploding.

DNC Speakers get it right

History Made

She did it!!! She did it!!! It's REAL!!!!!!

Martini time!

Looks like Raw Story and Crooks and Liars have been hacked.

'It's not just a detail when it's your family.'

Clinton highlights Flint, Mi. Thank You Sec. Clinton!

Hmmm, Can anyone tell me how often the water crisis in Flint was mentioned at the RNC?

Hillary vs Trump

When there are no ceilings,the sky's the limit!!

The sky is the limit!

Loser Donald

if you called the dnc to bitch about Hillary or Bernie wikileaks just put your contact info online

"When there are no ceilings, the sky's the limit"

Wow. Road sign: Women on the warpath! Go Clinton! Go Kaine!

Hope Hilary's voice holds up.......keeps clearing her throat......

Damn fine speech!

Just for the heck of it

"And I believe in science!"

She's Rolling! Great Speech.

Thank you Bernie

Hillary is feeling it.

She Is Getting Better and More Confortable, but I Would Hate...

70 odd minutes, and I do mean odd

"He spoke for 70 odd minutes... and I do mean ODD."

THANK YOU!!! More skills training and apprenticeships!!

"Then deal me in!"

My gods! This is an incredible speech!

Hillary is saying everything I wanted to hear.

Congress. Will it change

He can start by actually making things here.

She's nailing it.whooo

Hillary has been holding back....

She's got them! And they've got her back against the hecklers! HILLARY! HILLARY!

Fucking hell, dont break your bat, Hillary

But I thought we didn't nominate Bernie Sanders...... '-)

"No Donald, you don't"

"No Donald, you don't"

"No Donald, you don't"

She's kicking Trump's ass. That is all.

It's 86 damn degrees here at 11pm.

A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with access to nuclear weapons

Is anyone monitoring Yammie's Twit feed?

"A man you can bait with a tweet

A man you can bait with a tweet has no business with nuclear weapons.

A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons.

Little men!!!!!!

See Elizabeth Warren's face?

A man you can bait with a "tweet" can not be trusted

She's brutal!!!

Gun insanity called out by Hillary. nt

Hilary is Wonder Woman, she should put that lasso around Trump

I admit I got goosebumps when she accepted the nomination

That is Presidential timber right there folks! Don the Con is also in the picture. See him?

So I have to say that I have been a bit on the fence until tonight...

The Corporate Media will be furious!

I'm looking at the close-ups of the men in this audience and I believe they are sincerely taking

Hillary just plagiarized Chumbawamba

Now we see why Trump wanted her speech boycotted.

Bernie’s Revolution – Will it be a Movement or a Moment?

Hillary has arrived

"He spoke for seventy-odd minutes. And I do mean odd."

That's the AMAZING Hillary Clinton!

Hooray, I was hoping they'd have Kaine on the stage at the end!

Hillary's convention speech was like hitting two grand slam homeruns in one game.

Am I the one who knew those cards weren't going to work?

Suffolk poll: Hillary pulls ahead of Trump in Pa.

It is time for Joe Lieberman

Rudy Guiliani appears to be very concerned


I really have to give props to The Dawg

Well--after watching Hillary tonight, the choice is now totally stark and clear...

I hope the GOPers are seething with impotent rage this evening

Bridal shop owner accused of exposing himself in store window

And the pundits start

That was a barn burner of a speech.

What was your favorite moment in Clinton's acceptance speech

The Democrats sure know how to put on a convention!

That's our next President!

Chip in...

Our next President...Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton

Now that is how you put a convention together!

A Boys Dream: Clinton/Kaine do a Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow encore balloon drop

I'm REALLY looking forward to Clinton / Trump debates

I think that was the best convention I've ever seen. nt

Ca y est!

And now begins the slow decent of Trump's poll numbers

Oh Yeah!!!

UNITY! Bernie and Hillary folks praying together

Hillary did it, and then she did this:

What is your favorite tweet tonight? Favorite hashtag? #1 = #ImWithHer

Feels so damn good

Unpack your suitcases folks!!!!,

I love Rev. Shillady's stole!

Most experienced vs least experienced. How is this even remotely close?

Tom Brokaw made a major mistake on the air....and I hope it wasn't harmful to Hillary.

Hillary responds to the RNC...

Nicole Wallace's true colors showing after gushing for Obama

And THAT, ladies & gentlemen, is how you do a convention right.

That pastor was awesome

A fantastic speech!!! A fantastic convention all around!!

National conventions....why bother?

Nicole Wallace is a republican and

OK. Count me in and I need a new yard sign!

The convention was good

Thank you Bernie Sanders supporters for being so gracious to our


Yesterday Trump said he never met Putin. In this video in 2013 he said they had a relationship

CNN is loving it...

The Reviews Are In: Conservatives Say The DNC Was 'Disaster' For The GOP

Nicole WALLACE is melting down, so Hillary must have done good!1

"Daisy" Attack Ad from 1964 Presidential Election

Happening now, Trump tweeting like crazy.

"Pundits" - People who sit in front of a TV camera and don't know what they're talking about

Take a moment to look around.

NPR annotates HRC's speech, doesn't find much B.S.

Only thing missing was a mic drop

"Is there sanctuary for the disenchanted Republicans in THIS Democratic Party"

Anyone see Nicole Wallace on MSNBC just now?

Trump is tweeting now, same sound bites, rinse and repeat. Lol.

If Debbie Wasserman Schultz planned this convention, then kudos to her

After Tonight's Speech


I could have swore I saw Skinner getting his pic taken on the floor.

Top four speakers ranked...

Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country,

C-SPAN republican caller goes right to Saul Alinksy,

I was wrong to call out the rowdy delegates. I apologize to those delegates.

Hillary won me over tonight.

Trump thought he would win - until now

Cory Booker just shut Nicole Wallace down

Trump took the bait... He's sputtering all over his twitter account with BS talking points

Hillary now owns Donald

The Big Dog like a kid in a candy shop after the balloon drop

Jerry "Garibaldi" Doyle Dead at 60

A proposal for surefire way CNN can improve panel/discussion

Don't do it! Resist the temptation

Passing comment and question about a certain poll number.....

Trump proves Hillary right, responds to her speech with several angry Tweets

LOL!! tRUMP Is Having A Pout On Twitter...

So Donnie wants transparency?

Tesla's Autopilot makes for a smooth highway cruise

Kevin Devine - Brother's Blood

Trump explains Trump

I predict MSNBC is going to give Nicole Wallace her own tv show.

Faux News on Clinton speech

Why Hillary wore white...

How Uber punishes drivers who refuse to use UberPool

One thing for next convention, however, is to reform the delegate selection process.

Shorter Hillary: I'm a wonk, I'm experienced, I'm a woman -- and I'm not apologizing for any of it.


Congresswoman Trolls Melania Trump By Wearing Her Dress To DNC

Breaking News: CNN Instant Poll-HRC wowed the nation

CNN instant poll of speech watchers -- Hillary did better than Trump did last week.

Tim Kaine: Already proving he's the world's best wingman.

CNN poll results on Clinton's speech are in!

Music to celebrate tonight with: Brooks & Dunn - Only In America (VIDEO)


Hillary: "No, Donald, you don't!"

2016 General Election Edition: Welcome to the Economy Group!

Obama: Hillary's the most qualified candidate ever!

Obama tells America: You picked me up!

Music to celebrate tonight with:Katy Perry - Roar (VIDEO)

Trump is gonna match donations to himself!

I have never seen the democratic party so galvanized

Joe Biden calls B.S. on Trump's "malarkey!"

Howard Fineman - "She was the President tonight... that's what she achieved."

It's pathetic

Music to celebrate tonight with: Aretha Franklin - Think (VIDEO)

White Silence is Violence: How to be a White Accomplice

PA-Sen: Suffolk University Poll: McGinty 43 Toomey 36

Must See: Trump's Shady Ties to Russia

CNN Says-Its Ladies Night! (Oh What a Night!)

Busters blame "micro aggressions" for silencing them

"I Alone Can Solve These Problems"

Sanders Delegate: 'Microaggressions' prevented them from disrupting speech.

Trump will lose it if TV ratings are better for night 4 of the convention

Poor Michael Steel - MSNBC discussion on the DNC convention

I'm with her.

Remember these convention disrupters the next time .....

Khizr Kahn- father of a fallen soldier

Trump will make history, DU

So Faux News is now going postal in their lies

Woo Hoo..CNN Bar & Grill

I Honestly Don't Know............

My mom, who has not voted since 1992, asked me if I was registered to vote.

Is Matthew's losing his mind?

Hillary speaks for me

Lights were turned off on the Oregon delegation.

Roe v. Wade will be overturned if Trump wins, Pence says

Who are debate moderators?

Mike Pence advocated for 'conversion therapy'

At least DNC was a real convention

Tweet: "@POTUS"

11 Things Hillary Clinton Must Do To Beat Donald Trump

Breaking: Trump To Hold Emergency Press Conference @9:00 am

I notice CNN got a different Republican

Signature Art ?

The New Political Divide; Farewell, Left Versus Right. The Contest That Matters Now Is...

"Hmmm, PokemonGo players are tasty too."

Don't sell Trump short...

Huge, once-hated fish now seen as weapon against Asian carp

Granholm! I recorded the convention and am now half way though it...

Navy to name a ship after Harvey Milk

Grandaughter of Former Nicaragua Dictator Speaks at Clinton DNC

Don't let this billionaire hoodlum buy our presidency

Correa Says Trump Could Revitalize Latin America's Left

Father of deceased Muslim US soldier tells Trump: "You've Sacrificed Nothing!" (video)

Sky marshals to board Cuba-U.S. charter flights

Hillary's Acceptance Speech, July 28, 2016 at the Democratic National Convention (HRC Group)

Daily Holidays - July 29

4 killed during Colombia's celebration of soccer title

Stephen Colbert: Doris Kearns Goodwin and Hillary Clinton Had A Sleepover at White House

Hinkley Point C in doubt after British government delays approval (nuclear power)

Freaking Jill Stein freaks on Twitter...

Clinton's acceptance speech (transcript)

When will DNC Day 4 TV Ratings come in? 32 million is the number to beat...

The Reviews Are In: Conservatives Say The DNC Was 'Disaster' For The GOP

Scandal-ridden Bentley refuses to disclose records of who he’s with during work hours (Yellowhammer)

What I liked best about the speech was how she dismantled

Just curious, how many people watched the convention on smart phones or computers.

Whatever could they have been thinking??

John Leguizamo Just Nailed the Hypocrisy of People of Color Having to Learn White Culture

Olympic flame extinguished by Rio protesters

Olympic flame extinguished by Rio protesters

Trump blocks media from covering him if they have filed critical reports

Olympic flame extinguished by Rio protesters

Accepting the nomination, Clinton casts herself as clear-eyed leader

Best way forward is NOT Jill Stein.

I just have to say - this was the best convention I've seen in my lifetime

Last night I proposed that we flood Trump with the Constitution

Bring back the fairness doctrine

Microsoft removes policies from Windows 10 Pro

Two wealthy donors offer reward for Donald Trump's tax returns

Joe Scarborough said Republican leaders (Ryan,etc)

My favorite! "Have you even read the Constitution?"

My Favorite! "Have you even read the Constitution?"

Trump distancing himself from the Republican convention

Jam today

true democrats , liberals and progressives made my proud when they WOULDN"T let the

PBS: Why Hillary Clinton did so poorly with white male voters

Police Incitement Against Black Lives Matter Is Putting Protesters in Danger

Hillary Clinton Has A Big Opportunity To Win Over Religious Voters Tonight

Bill O'Reilly praises treatment of slaves

Trump Takes 5 Different Positions on Min Wage in 45 Seconds

My favorite part of last night

Oh I'm so glad you have airplanes Pence. I'd be afraid of flying in any crap Trump roadkill passed

Trevor Noah: Obama’s Smile Looks Like He’s ‘About To Go Insane’

Madeline Albright made a rare error in her speech

No words as Pope Francis visits Auschwitz death camp in silence

The American Exceptionalism theme was brilliant

Hillary Clinton Makes Hertory Accepting Democratic Nomination--& PICS

Conservative reviews - DNC Convention was a DISASTER FOR THE GOP. Brutal.

The US, the Peshmerga and Mosul

No words as Pope Francis visits Auschwitz death camp in silence

Little Donald wants to hit people (No, little Donald! Hitting people is bad!)

I can still remember the daily repeated chants of "USA! USA! USA! USA!" outside my office window.

New poll (Suffolk U.) PA--Clinton +9% McGinty +7%

Father Of Muslim American War Hero To Trump: ‘You Have Sacrificed Nothing’

Are you really registered to vote?

"Finding America"

San Diego Police Shooting: One Officer Killed, One Rushed to Surgery

Loser Donald Trump Is Very, Very Angry With DNC Speakers.

CLINTON on TRUMP: "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons."

President Hillary Rodham Clinton

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Putin on the Fritz

Ugly Republican primary for Missouri attorney general coming down to the wire

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Passing the Baton

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Did Fox news broadcast the Democratic Convention?

The "Get a Brain Morans" guy...

Tammy Duckworth's 2016 DNC address.

Mr.Trump is pulling a con on the American public!

IF Hillary doesn't get a huuuuuge bounce out of these last 4 nights, it really would be

I can still remember the daily repeated chants of "USA! USA! USA! USA!" outside my office window.

Tim Kaine is doing great on CNN this morning. n/t

Why the Democrats started chanting USA! USA! USA! and waving the flag?

Boston Globe rips into Jill Stein

I was pleased that DNC Convention finished with a high note!

CNN: Kaine: I am for the Hyde Amendment

awww... little donnie is upset that the convention was a hit

Chelsea Manning Faces Possible Charges For Suicide Attempt

St. Louis Post Dispatch Poll of Missouri: HRC 41% Trump 40%

Amtrak Wins Argument That Passengers Go First and Freight Can Wait

Local news channel, national news segment

Start listening and watching trump and his zealots...I'm getting a general feel of the "anti-christ"

Twit of the Day. . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Did anyone watch last night's closeout coverage at 1 AM?

The Convention, a recap

U.S. GDP Grew at a Disappointing 1.2% in 2nd Quarter

Report: Cops mistake Krispy Kreme donut glaze for meth, arrest man

ReLoveLution | Bernie Sanders


Ok, does anybody have a link to Don the Con saying Muslims will have to get out

Elizabeth Banks TOTALLY Mocks Donald Trump's Entrance At The Democratic National Convention

"You have sacrificed nothing and no one." Reposting because others leave out the "no one"

Melania Trump Not The Only One Who Stole Something

MSNBC is back on their Cassandra shtick.

GOP Strategist:'I am standing at my kitchen counter sobbing because of messages being driven at DNC'

Trump urges viewers to skip Clinton speech as Democrats rack up ratings wins

This: Thank you Rev. Barber!

The next president—

Trump Leaks His Own Intelligence Briefings Documents: Wow! This is serious stuff!

Host to Crowley - you called Donald Trump a con man

One question; my wife asked me and I couldn't answer it.

Historic times in more ways than one...

Questions about whether or not Mrs. Trump finished her degree...

I'm sorry

And you thought Palin's Facebook post "press releases" were pitiful...

Hillary Clinton's full speech at the 2016 DNC

Pssssssssssssssssssst! ReTHUGs have nothing left so it'sback to Chandra Levy

I am so pumped up after last night I even think we could take the House.

I'm about as staunch an atheist as you're likely to find.

GOP: The Party Of Crazy....

July 28, 2016: A Tale of Two Speeches

Fun with math

Compensation costs up 0.6% Mar 2016-June 2016 and up 2.3% over the year ending June

The Madman is melting down on Twitter as we speak. Again.

Clinton Takes the Lead in Missouri

Four Missouri gov candidates head into expensive, acrimonious Election Day

Fox News Plays Benghazi Commercial Over Khzir Khan's Anti-Trump Speech At The DNC

102 days. 102 days folks. ONE HUNDRED AND TWO DAYS. Please.

New charges coming for Flint water disaster

Trump, Clinton in virtual tie in Missouri


Trump, Clinton in virtual tie in Missouri

We Need You to Jump Into the Political Process | Bernie Sanders

The fourteen year old girl in me was set free last night.

I'm not "celebrating" the fact that Tim LaHaye has died.

The Conman gets Kahn'ed.

This is for anyone who used the NY Post as a 'source' during the primaries

Police: 14 year old girl slits the throat of her brother's girlfriend

Schuette, Flint water investigators announce more criminal charges

Trump: Decision to Consider Women Humans Should Be Left to States

Putin,,,,,,,, err Russians hacked the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

I donated $27.00 to Hillary last felt good!

Ground burping in Siberia - Global warming hiccups


It's well known I'm not a Hillary fan. That said she gave an exceptional speech

Schumer predicts a Democratic Senate in 2017

"I could be President"

'Bro, you gonna just take that?'

Clinton to Trump: You don't represent the real America. I do.

‘I’m ashamed to have known you’: Conservatives rip Ann Coulter for ugly smear of hero Marine’s dad

Half of those receiving government aid say they don't get government aid.

The key to getting under Trumps's skin is to label him as mediocre.

Stephen Colbert kills 'Stephen Colbert,' meet identical cousin Stephen Colbert

"I didn’t produce our show. I just showed up for final speech"

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 29, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month: Olivia De Havilland

Flint water crisis: New criminal charges filed

Will Trump stay in the race through Nov 8? (Scale of 1-10)

How can you lose if you have God speaking

Andrew Sullivan: "I'm With Her Now"

How/why the tattooing of Auschwitz prisoners came about

I'll be removing my FeelTheBern bumper sticker today.

LBJ aka Bryan Cranston

Overcompensation Nation: It’s time to admit that toxic masculinity drives gun violence

Rev. Barber makes right-wing go nuts: ‘Jesus was a brown-skinned Palestinian Jew’

Computers hacked at Democrats' House campaign committee

Tmz is reporting Justin Bieber turned down 5 million to play gop convention

Lower Galilee council head: I don’t want Arabs in our pools

Khizr Khan’s loss: A grieving father of a soldier struggles to understand

I'm not an overly emotional guy...

Incredible photo of 6,000 yr. old dino prints on limestone wall

Parasola plicatilis

Ouch! Bedbugs at Trump resort!

Rant: nobody, anywhere, needs a bachelor's degree to be a web programmer

We've come a long way!

CLINTON V TRUMP: The choice is clear

Stephen Colbert has a question for Drumpf

A Moment Like This Used to Get a Black Man Killed

Seeing unabashed patriotism and love of country at the Democratic Convention...

I am hung up on the inherent sexism of an orange man running for President.

Nuclear worker: ‘Retaliation is very real at Hanford'

I can't wait to find out what the ratings were for Day 4 of the DNC!

The DCCC was just hacked

Day after Tomorrow - Apocalypse

Trump Resort Sued Over Bedbug Infestation

Transgender woman records boss's sexual harassment on phone, broadcasts on Facebook

Damn...they found us out

Trump blames GOP as Dems top RNC ratings

Brownback's Policies Lower Kansas's Credit Rating AGAIN!

Democratic Issues ARE Women's Issues! (w/Guest: Terry O'Neill)

Suspect in killing of Ohio student had hidden room with freezer, police say

Trump wants to make Russia great ...

Chait: Hillary Clinton Is Running Not Just As the Democrat But As the Candidate of Democracy Itself

Beauty queen who faked cancer for cash sentenced to prison

To survive the GOP needs a purge

One of the most powerful convention speakers ever

This is...

The Trump fans on my Facebook feed are oddly quiet this morning.

How come Brits talk about fortnights but Americans don't? Come to think of it, I bet Aussies don't

Remember when we did these?

Hailstorm Damages Hundreds of Homes in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming; National Guard Called Out

Uploading photos

No wonder trump picked Pence as his VP... DNC Day 4 Ratings Headline Bashes Democrats Again

Get on, there's no time to explain...

Man calls 911 to report wife was sexually assaulted by a toy

I found the best description of Tim Kaine, in the strangest of places

Donald Trump Is the Peace Candidate

Hillary Clinton just picked up a couple of critical endorsements this morning!

Clinton at her happiest

Trump: Don't blame me for our convention

will the orange bully join the khizr khan tweet fest? follow here:

Now that Hillary has shown the world "Where is the Love?"

Here's Le Johnny.

"A man you can bait with a Tweet; is not a man you can trust with Nuclear Weapons"

GOP Security Experts To Formally Request An Immediate Congressional Investigation Into DNC Hack

Trump caught quietly applying for Visas

Now get this: Pence attacks President Obama for "name calling"

"The History of the Shorter Workday" (pamphlet from 1942 in PDF format)

Sandy Hook school opening to public, 4 years after massacre


Will she choose to continue the Sanders Revolution FTW?

This election boils down to one, simple question.

what is patriotism?

*****BREAKING NEWS***** Court strikes down North Carolina voter ID law

Trump Says He Didn’t Plan the GOP Convention

Blunt, Kander locked in close Senate race

Check out this post on GD-P Don't's very pro-Bernie

Appeals court strikes down North Carolina voter ID law

HUFFPOLLSTER: Viewers Liked Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

Trump tweets: Hillary has a "very average scream"

We had an amazing time at the #DemsInPhilly convention - time to head back to WI and win this elect

Well worth a second look. I wish I could hug him.

AFA's "One Million Moms" Angry At Nickelodeon Over... You Guessed It...

538 nowcast has hillary leading the popular vote

Where is your God now?

Donald Trump Faults GOP for Poor Convention Ratings

Loser Donald Trump caught in a big fat lie again! Caught Saying"I do have a relationship with Putin"

In case anyone is wondering who #KhizrKhan's son is, here's who

As a writer can I just ask for some love for the writers in that convention?

Breaking: Partially Divided 4th Circuit Strikes NC Strict Voting Law, Finds Discriminatory Intent

Chuck Schumer's audacious prediction

It must be killing Trump that he can't tweet about Hillary's looks

Insiders: Hillary's speech was a winner

CNN Poll (DNC) Hillary Compared to (RNC) Trump

Trump team launches post-convention assault against Clinton

The Thin Skinned Small Dicked Bully responds to the Democratic Convention

Eff the Media!!!

Here’s What You’re Missing at the Museum of Ice Cream

Would anyone care to translate "Intersectionality Matters"?

Hillary and Kaine rally on C-span: NOW!

Stephen Hawking questions our attitudes toward wealth and the role they played in Brexit


Max Bruch violin concerto

After Reports to the Contrary, Tim Kaine Says He Still Supports the Hyde Amendment

‘Trump’s behavior’ too unbelievable for House of Cards

WATCH: Rev. Barber dares right-wing to go nuts: ‘Jesus was a brown-skinned Palestinian Jew’ at DNC Poll on Clinton and Trump

My republican neighbor is voting for Hillary! Because of Obama's speech!

Why Hillary Wore White

Do you think it shreds the republicans that Bill Clinton is still so popular??

Gawker files for unsealing O'Reilly's $10M civil suit against his ex-wife

Hillary & @TimKaine take the stage in Philadelphia at their first campaign rally as the official Dem

"... ‘facts don’t work’ … You have got to connect with people emotionally. It’s the Trump success.”

Describe Donald Trump in five words or less

Trump is a petulant, dangerously unbalanced reality star who will coddle tyrants and alienate allies

Convention is over so lets talk local races

Another A PLUS for CNN!

Updates on Japanese man that killed 19 disabled people

Hillary Clinton Is Right: Donald Trump Threatens World War III - By Jonathan Alter

Take it from an Expert

This Sunday, to get your mind off the elections!

Clinton ahead of Trump in FL, OH, PA and VA

Bill Cosby drops remainder of federal suit against accuser

Storm Chaser Takes a "Chase-cation" (PHOTOS)

Hillary's online store is selling signs from the floor of the convention.

Billionaires Beg Koch Brothers To Pour Money Into Trump Campaign

What a fantastic rally for Clinton and Kaine....

This time Coulter went too far even for conservatives. She's utterly pathetic.

Ryan Bundy Declares Himself An 'Idiot' Not Subject To US Courts

Donald; a straight shooter and a carnival barker to boot

Michael Bloombeg should go up to Trump and see if The Orange One forgets this isn't WWF.

New Reuters poll: Hillary Clinton six points ahead! Yeah!

Ryan Bundy Says He's ‘Idiot’ Sovereign Citizen Not Subject To Federal Law

Anybody got solid numbers on Day 4 tv ratings? I saw this link but -

The bothersome negative poll numbers of Hillary Clinton.

Six more Zika cases in FL - all confirmed to be from local skeeters, and Congress does nothing

Bikini-clad Swedish cop makes arrest while sunbathing

Trump: There's Been 'Very, Very Little Pressure' To Release My Tax Returns

Liar on MSNBC gets away with his lies

Moody's: Clinton economy would create 10 million jobs

I want to help register voters - need pointers

Morning Joe begs Republicans to rescind their Trump endorsements: ‘You’ve got to cut him loose’

DNC Speech: ‘I Am Proud To Say I Walked In On Bill And Hillary Having Sex’

Trump is no Reagan. No Kennedy. No Clinton. No Obama. He's not even a Bush.

September 26, 2016 Hempstead, NY

Great Convention Beginning to Finale' Pics.. from Still4Hill..

Bill Clinton really loves balloons! LOL!

RNC official desperately accuses Clinton of plagiarizing philosopher’s non-existent quote

NOT SAFE FOR WORK - Here's a campaign song for the real estate swindler. "I've seen the future,

DNC Day 4 Mega-Photo Recap!

Feels appropriate these days

What down-ballot races need the most attention?

Dumb Criminals: Georgia Man Spends 3 Million Lottery Winnings On Meth

Half of the Democratic delegates were people of color...

Katrina Pierson

Megyn Kelly airs images of ISIS fighters while Muslim dad of slain US soldier speaks to DNC

Nuttall and Korody to be freed after B.C. judge issues stay of proceeding in terror entrapment case

Bill Clinton loves balloons more than anything!

Living As An Adult Baby: EXTREME LOVE

How Barack Obama taught Democrats to tell their American Story

A Peek Inside Mr. Robot’s Toolbox

Hillary +5 in newest Poll

A Peek Inside Mr. Robot’s Toolbox

How Hillary Survived a Gauntlet of Saboteurs and Scoundrels

Donald just loves him some Putin

Latina Trump supporter featured on CNN is daughter of cartel figure in Southlake murder

Here we go again...It Wasn't Just the DNC: Somebody Hacked the DCCC, Too

Trump's new logo

EDF Pushes for U.K. Nuclear Project Energy Experts Call 'Crazy'

Tax Cuts for the Rich (Blast from the Past)

No Russian ties - BULLSHIT - Try 50 mil. real estate deal

Bradley Cooper at DNC: 'American Sniper' fans upset actor isn't really Republican

Turkey shakes up armed forces, U.S. says purges harming cooperation

Unexplained Structures: Action Bronson and Friends watch Ancient Aliens

Killing TPP would hand China 'keys to the castle': U.S. trade representative

Florida cases seen as first sign Zika transmitted locally in U.S.

Why Our State Is Great: The Roll-Call of the RNC/DNC conventions

Chris Matthews said he judges the success of a convention by the balloon drop....

The Philippines' new president Duterte promised bloodshed — and hundreds are now dead

Would Civilization still exist had Dangerous Donald been sitting in the chair?

The Democrats Have The "Juice" This Time.

I'm With Her...but is Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party with us?

Baton Rouge Drug Enforcement Has Plummeted Since Police Killed Alton Sterling

need ideas for a debate drinking game.....

Dallas weatherman resigns after criticizing Democrats for 'parading mothers of slain thugs' at conve

John McCain's granddaughter comes out for Hillary Clinton

22 Palisades nuclear plant guards on paid leave, fire inspections forged

The order of the conventions

Minnesota Upgraded to AAA by Fitch Ratings

Missing Topic

Yes SHE Can

Blunt force: Don Trump Jr. raises nearly $2M in 37 hours in Texas for dad

Florida-based NextEra agrees to $18.4 billion deal to buy Texas electricity giant Oncor

It would seem

Drive-in movie memories (us over a certain age)

Yes SHE Can

Paul Krugman: Who Loves America?

Trumps Lead On the RCP Average Is Gone

Jill Stein on vaccines: People have ‘real questions’

There is a BOLO out for Donald Trump's a$#. If you have seen it, please

[UPDATED NUMBER] DNC Day 4 TV Ratings Dems 33.7 million (Last week RNC Day 4 34.9 million)

Republican Political Spying, Some History. Is It Happening Again?

Voting Rights

Judge paves way for trial against Donald Trump over Jupiter golf club take-over

Anti-Trump Masterpost

Appeals court refuses to toss charges against Sen. Menendez

Watch for it!

Mich. attorney general: 6 charged ignored Flint warning flags

OMG!!! This is awesome!

We are an Immigrant Nation.. and a Work in Progress..

Donald Trump is a landlord. How many people and businesses has he evicted?

Can we drop the "Bernie" in "Bernie Busters?"

Yeesh. Kornacki

If any TV network you are watching starts showing Donald Trump live you need to change the channel

Democrats Surging As Hillary Clinton Takes The Lead Over Trump In Red State Missouri (Mason-Dixon) !

Clinton 97% - Johnson 55% - Trump 15%

New feature: Trump’s ‘Baghdad Bob’ of the week - By Jennifer Rubin

Atheists urge Australians not to joke around by putting Jedi as their religion on the census

Just a Reminder

Islam, Equality, and Pocket Constitutions: How the DNC Did Religious Liberty Right

Disturbing Trump radio ad

On point cartoon! Hillary and DumbTrump say the same words, only differently.

Skinner saw the Georgia Donkey at the convention...

Are the third party candidates going

Chicken Cutlets With Mushroom Dressing

Bloomberg/Trump friendship???

Elizabeth Warren trusts Clinton on TPP

Tax Returns

I rewatched Khizr Khan's speech — and it made me weep for our country

Watching CNN as Donald insists their cameras have been turned off because he insulted them.

Illinois decriminalized Marijuana!

ABC News: What's in the WikiLeaks DNC Recordings

Pence says "Name-calling has no place in public life"

HOWL! Donald is saying he likes the old days when generals communicated by courier.

Democracy: When Even An Idiot Has A Say

Hillary Clinton Campaign Reportedly Hacked

From All Signs, it looks like the USA is headed left.

What is the Democratic Party doing about potential Voter Machine Hacking?

Reminder: Republicans successfully blocked most Obama economic plans-e.g infrastructure spending

The DNC convention had over 16million more viewers than the RNC convention during the 4 days of each

Former Fox news booker: Harassed by Ailes for 20 years.

Donald Trump Thinks Tim Kaine Was Governor Of New Jersey

Dictionary definition

why is it no one hacks republican emails?

These Are The Foreign Leaders Who Are Eagerly Awaiting A Trump Presidency

Trumps speech on 07-29 spent good deal of time trashing Boeing's China Deal

The Democratic convention's most surprising argument: Christianity is a liberal religion

12 Unaired Pilots of Popular TV Shows

12 Unaired Pilots of Popular TV Shows

Houston Chronicle Endorses Hillary!

CNN - FBI investigating hack of Clinton campaign

Justin Bieber 'turned down $5m' to play at Republican national convention

Just for fun...lets brainstorm what Trump is hiding in his tax returns.

Bush's UNnecessary war in Iraw created ISIS -Obama is trying to dig us out of it

US Coalition Airstrikes Kill at Least 28 Civilians in Syria, Say Activists

Get your free trump score...........

Police: Girl, 14, slits teen's throat in hope of first kill

Deadly Chicago police-involved shooting under investigation

Judge refuses to let indicted sheriff have gun after threats

20+ Powerful Photos Showing How a Smile Can Change a Human's Face

Boy who killed neo-Nazi dad seeks Supreme Court review

Question about campaign donations

FL: Labor Groups Launch Major Voter Outreach Effort

Who you gonna call?

Struggling U.S. Economy Propped Up by Consumer-Spending Gain

Ann Coulter is a loud mouth who has never walked in the shoes of the Khans.

Bloomberg got to Mark and John

Video shows DNC protesters getting pepper sprayed

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Fell in July on Prospects for Economy

The Glut Strikes Back as Oil Returns to Brink of Bear Market

Argentina’s industrial production falls as reforms fail to spur growth

Democrats Actually Did Get Stronger Together

El Salvador says a brutal gang laundered money through motels, brothels, taxis

El Salvador says a brutal gang laundered money through motels, brothels, taxis

A little music from the 13th Floor Elevators

Poll, do you eat like a republican.. I'm at the 50% mark..

I didn't watch any of the DNC goings-on this week.

Sandy Rios Questions Khizr Khan's Patriotism: 'We're Not Even Sure About You, Sir'

BREAKING: Clinton campaign got hacked by Russians too

Clinton leads Trump by 6 points after Democratic confab: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Trump buys rights to "Peanuts"

Michael R. Bloomberg: The Independent's Case for Clinton

Evo Morales: US Does Not Stop Conspiring against Bolivia

Some pig.

Mexico launches drones to protect endangered porpoise

Mexico launches drones to protect endangered porpoise

Why are people still complaining about some Bernie supporters?

Steve Schmidt just said something interesting.

Talk me down about how these hacks will affect the election.

"I don't want Fast Food Workers to make more money than a private in the Army"

The Big Thompson Disaster in Colorado: Reverberations of a Flash Flood, 40 Years Later-MUST READ

BTRTN: Dem's Day 4: Hillary Has Found That Childhood Bully. It's Payback Time.

How Trump Could Make a Mint Off the White House: conflict of interest laws don't apply

Moving on up!

I have my issues with Hillary but...

Roadside view of the TdF

UNBELIEVABLY, this morning Don the Con's running mate said...

"Little Michael Bloomberg"

CARA: Integrating even more pseudoscience into veterans’ healthcare

My trump memes

Taking the Gloves off...with those tiny little hands..

Trump say "no more Mr. Nice Guy"?

Exclusive: Clinton campaign also hacked in attacks on Democrats - sources

Geesh. Chris Matthews is an ass. Again!

yuckkkkkkk--just found out that der drumpfenfuhrer is in my community today.

Will Insituting a Living Wage Put Small Business Under?

"Less Stuff, Space, and Energy. More Time, Money, and Freedom" with Graham Hill

The purpose of this group is...supportive...

Segment of President's Obama's commencement address at Howard University

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 29, 2016

Why is Tweety kissing Hugh Hewitt's a-- ?

Federal Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Election Laws

70% of country heading in wrong direction MSM statements

17 States have new voter ID laws since last Pres. Election

ADHD Prescription Question

Jeff Weaver was just on CNN talking about the convention.

Time to unskew this poll-- showing 46% for Jill Stein-- please vote

Bill Maher to interview Bernie Sanders on Real Time July 29th

I believe that the same RW group that held endless hearings on email-gate # 1

Obama Signs Bill Mandating GMO Labeling

Bill Maher nails it!

Citizens United

The possible Russin Connection with the latest e-mail hack is WHY Trumps Tax returns are essential

No Regrets

Pence slams Obama: Politics is no place for 'name calling'

70% of country says US heading in wrong direction because of Republican control of Congress


A Bernie supporter bought for $8 in 2011. Now he wants $90,000 for it.

How a Muslim also became a Zionist

Merrick Garland

Air Force Seeks New Land-Based And Air-Launched Nukes

Has anyone called Uncle Scam

Keep this for Benghazi trolls:

In November, there are two possible outcomes.

Do the ratings include univision and telemundo?

The hacked emails will help Hillary and hurt Trump...........

Israel slams German university for claim it harvests Palestinian organs

Where's the FBI ?

I promise this is the last OP I'll write criticizing tweety, but I can't resist....