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Path to Prosperity is Blue

Gig economy workers: Independent contractors or indentured servants?

Merkel facing political storm; thousands in the streets protesting after attacks

Rachel questioned why Trump was in CO when it looks like a strong state for Hillary -

How Did Hezbollah's Drone Evade a Patriot Missile?

Fatigue is setting in. Trump has not worked hard all his life.

Capt. Khan’s parents remember their son (interview on MSNBC)

Trump draws backlash for comments on slain soldier's father

Russia attacked by mysterious virus that penetrates the computers

For those of you who drink de-alcoholized wine I just tried the

NFL: We never sent Trump a letter about the Debate schedule

Re-inventing Salad

What’s Really at Stake? Think Logically.

D.N.C. Hack Raises a Frightening Question: What’s Next?

Last night on one of the shows, (can't recall which) an army guy stated that Cpt Khan

I am feeling concerned for the Khans

Russia cyber attack: Large hack 'hits government'

Is there no security for the Olympics? Guests and athletes are being robbed.

Trump Busted For Huge Lie About Helping To Build The Vietnam War Memorial

Cincinnati Zoo welcomes bebeh giraffe

I think Trump should get a security briefing.

(Washington) D.C. Council Unanimously Approves 50% Renewable Energy Target

Where is Karl Rove?

‘Young, old, conservative, liberal’: Turkey in shock over journalists’ arrest

Is it to early to say Hillary might win this thing???

Iowa Bets Big on Wind Power

Albuquerque boy arrested for burping must digest suspension, court rules

NFL denies it sent Trump a letter over debate schedule

Unique Test to See How Much of A Liberal or Conservative You Are

Chernobyl could be reinvented as a solar farm, says Ukraine

Pocket US Constitution Becomes Best-Seller After Speech

Though asininely tilted, even Fox News can't ignore Don the Con's dispicable Khan attacks

I've seen some hair that looks like this.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 2: Summer Under the Stars: Lucille Ball

So who does Trump have to offend

'Reasonable Suspicion' Leads to Death of Palestinian Who Went to Buy Cookies

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 3: Summer Under the Stars: Bing Crosby

A favorite song/video of mine-- "Africa" by toto

Ortega tightens grip on Nicaragua

LOL, Now #DumbDonald Is Trending On Twitter...

I can't believe The Teflon Don is dissing fallen Muslim American hero soldier's dad !!!

What the heck were those Renaissance artists smoking?

Will it really take a Consititutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United?

#FakeTrumpIntelligenceBriefing cracking up Twitter

I hate it when people make assumptions.

Requiem For The American Dream

CNN: Latinos disappointed with Clinton VP pick

As polling goes, you will never have as much pleasure as seeing this red line of Trump support

ACLU: End The Culture Of Warrior Policing

Beauty, joy and sorrow

Movie "The Great Wall" to star Matt Damon

Muslim leaders refuse to bury French priest killer

Which one of you broke netflix?

Lawrence Livermore COLLECTS funding to improve solar power efficiency

Now we know why they were laughing......

Help me out here. I'd like to collect all the great monikers for Trump

Court Upholds Denial of Asylum to Salvadoran Politician

Spotlight: True face of U.S. interference in LatAm affairs

Just heard that the debate dates were set 11 months ago

Trump: "No more Mr. Nice Guy"


Federal court: BRMC, GVMC must recognize nurses union

Federal court: BRMC, GVMC must recognize nurses union

There are people who would rather climb a tree and tell 10 lies...

Federal court: BRMC, GVMC must recognize nurses union

Philadelphia Magazine: Bernie Delegates Scalping DNC Credentials

CSPAN replaying speeches from the Dem Convention. Pres Obama up now

Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua – Permanent Media False Positives

What's Puzzle's Me Is Why Hillary Isn't....

You can't fix the crazies

Iowa native, UI grad, Republican makes case for Clinton in DNC speech

At Last!!! Season 2 of "The Strain" is on Hulu!!!

Ahem, PPP post convention poll shows Clinton up 46 - 41 with 8% going to 3rd parties (50-45 H2H)

Here we go. Please read.

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Clement Hirsch

Trumpistan and Nuclear Weapons: A Thought Experiment

‘Volcano of Fire’ erupts spectacularly in Guatemala, authorities on alert (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Interim DNC chair to impose 'tough standards' after email leaks

It's pussy galore! Now the Treasury recruits Gladstone the cat to chase out the mice -

Republicans blocked most Obama economic plans, now blame him for unemployed Americans

Greetings from Vancouver British Columbia ..I am taking up curling

Dan Rather - Have you no sense of decency, Sir?

The 70s on MSNBC

The Switch by Chris Goodall – solar power is finally taking over

OH-SEN: Police endorse Portman. Firefighters back Strickland

Man shot multiple times after NJ state troopers sent to wrong house for 911 hang-up call

Norman Ornstein article "It gives us little pleasure to say we foresaw that the Republican Party was

Mark Cuban campaigns for Clinton in hometown of Pittsburgh

Trump to Khizr Khan: 'I've made a lot of sacrifices'

911, recession, the Iraq war fiasco all took place under Republian leadership

Weatherman who slandered police violence victims as ‘thugs’ says he had ‘no idea’ comment was racist

Donald Trump just said Khizr Khan had no right to claim he never read the constitution.

Obama got Osama - actions speak louder -lesson for Don the Con

Poetic Fucking Justice: Trump is being brought down by a

San Francisco lenders offering zero-down mortgages to tech workers.

How Benjamin Netanyahu Is Crushing Israel’s Free Press

I stand with Mr. and Mrs. Khan

Combat vet blasts conservative activist over right-wing smears of Muslim war hero

Where are Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats made?

3rd Chicago cop relieved of duty after 18-year-old shot in the back

Help, I've got Kenny Loggins stuck in my head

I am tired of the media spewing that the Democratic Convention looks like how the republicans

13-Year-Old Dog Up for Adoption After Waiting Months Outside for Deceased Owner

How do you reach people like "Kool Aid" to break the news; that a Billionaire doesn' give a Rats Ass

Electoral Map Gives Donald Trump Few Places to Go

Electoral Map Gives Donald Trump Few Places to Go

Trump Wishes Clinton Would Have Congratulated Him In Her DNC Speech

PPP poll: Hillary now ahead by 5% and remaining undecided vote is "very Democratic leaning."

Can We Talk About THAT New York Post Article?

The end is nigh for Saudi Arabian oil production...all oil production for that matter.

Wise Words From Nina Turner

Commission on Presidential Debates: The debate schedule, from the organization that set the dates.

FYI, in the ABC Interview where Trump attacks the Khans? The Khans attack back...

I'll give Madam President Four Years

Jill Stein is running behind a fallen primate in PPP polling


If Obama Had 5 Kids From 3 wives...

I would advise the Khans to avoid the media.

It would be an important national service if Mark Cuban had a PAC...

Remember Bush's debate meltdown in 2004?

How the election looks to Trump supporters. (The Atlantic)

'No jab, no pay': thousands immunise children to avoid family payment cuts (Australia)

Sarah Palin's son-in-law bashes Trump on Fox News.

Golan Druze leader disputes UN statement on ‘hardship of Israeli occupation’

Could the nude Melania pics put Utah in play?

State Senate battle between Kim, Wiener moves to ‘Pokémon Go’

These videos on Seattle just burned me up. And they have great production value.

he's the absolute asshole of the century

State of Emergency declared in Ellicott City after major flooding

Far right group tries, fails to ruin fun at Stockholm Pride

TRUMP O MATIC -- The art of Mark Bryan

Australian seal falls asleep in public restroom

Bernie people for Trump: We can't have Democratic Socialism so let's have National Socialism.

Trump has 10.5 million followers on tweeter

So even before Trump took this weekend off from campaigning

Clinton & Gore on Donahue (Oct 1992)

Trump has been attacking dead army captain Humayun Khan for a year

Remember the call by Trump Jr to offer Kasich job as "most powerful VP in history"

I see a lawsuit coming!

Man shot multiple times by police after dispatchers sent them to the wrong address for 911 hangup

Mark Cuban endorses Hillary Clinton, calls Donald Trump 'bats--- crazy'

With Degree Debunked, Melania Trump Website Is Taken Down

Make You Miss Me ~ Sam Hunt

LA Times Poll (July 30th) - Trump Leads Clinton 46.1 to 41.9

Daily Holidays July 31

Multiple victims reported in active shooter situation in Austin, TX.

Austin Shooting: 1 Woman Killed, 4 Others Injured Downtown

Zika Has Officially Reached The U.S. Mosquito Population

Syrian State Media Says 169 Aleppo Civilians Used 'Safe Corridor'

Trump is already trying to find an excuse to skip the debates

Police Officer Shot Dead, But Armenian Standoff Continues

Walking on sunshine...

Babies can sense evil.

Brazil's Senate to Launch President Rousseff's Impeachment Trial on August 29

Russia Was So Afraid of Gay Marriage, It Kicked Out This Priest

The Daily Vertical: The Kremlin's War On Women (maybe this is why they try to sabotage Clinton)

Thousands of pro-Erdogan protesters to rally in Cologne

Battles rage as Russian mercenaries attack local military in occupied Ukraine

Donald Trump Rescued From Stalled Elevator in Colorado City

Strengthening workers’ rights should be Labour’s priority

It's one thing to ask Sanders people to support the ticket...that's fair and legitimate...

Rio 2016: Bob & Mike Bryan withdraw from Olympics over 'health' concerns

TEPCO to seek gov't assistance in decommissioning Fukushima nuke plant

Trump surrogate trying to smear Khizr Khan on CNN right now - you're not going to Swiftboat this

Khizr and Ghazala Khan on CNN State of the Union 9 AM EST n/t

With floating reactors, China’s nuclear power ambitions sail into troubled waters

If they hacked the DNC, the DCC and HRC's camp

Can we please talk about Trump's voice? (Instead of Hillary's)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Super Ego Edition

Trump seems especially mad at Mike Bloomberg, and any New Yorker could tell you why

Nishinoshima island ban being mulled

"She ought to be in jail, not on a debate stage." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

I have always despised those folks that wrap themselves in the flag...

Drawn to this life

Mother of soldier killed in Iraq: I was too 'in pain' to speak at convention

Drawn to this life

Chinese-American woman crowned Miss Michigan, netizens think she's ugly

Taipei’s soaring temperatures set record high

Secrets, Denial, and, Decades Later, a Medal of Honor for a Vietnam Medic

Sabah Malaysia can ban shark hunting

Healing art for Fukushima’s miracle kids

Did anyone really believe Donald Trump was going to act "more Presidential" in the general election?

Melania Trump's Nude Pics do indeed tell us a LOT, and we shouldn't be afraid of it

A special Hawaii girl gives her parents a special surprise

A special Hawaii girl gives her parents a special surprise

Gulf of Mexico DUers - time to keep an eye on the

Interesting gambit: HRC on Fox News Sunday this morning

Sometimes you want to be a princess and.....

International Olympic Committee sets up 3-person panel to rule on Russian entries

Sunday Political Talk Show Lineup....WTF?????

Sunday's Pearls Before Swine

Muslim Family of Fallen Army Captain Responds to Trump: 'Shame on Him'

Let's not forget this is the man who mocked a reporter's disability on stage.

My Trump Challenge

Has Donald seen the NY Post Cover yet?

I wonder how long trump will continue to bash Fallen Muslim American Hero Soldier Dad and Mom !!!

RIP Chiyonofuji


Trump said Fallen Muslim American Hero Soldier Dad didn't allow Mom to speak!

Stepan. The Glam Grizzley Bear from Russia

Manafort Says Trump Could Win Connecticut and Oregon

Trump’s slander of Captain Khan’s family is horrifying, even for Trump

Chicken-Sh*t Trump Already Trying To Weasel Out Of Debates With Clinton

Donald Trump Goes After Grieving Mother Of Killed American Soldier

Khizr Khan responds to the latest from Trump: ‘Typical of a person without a soul’

Fox seeks to extend cable news domination in post-Ailes era

Does anybody know or can find out if Trump used foreign steel in his buildings?

Donald Trump and Russia: a web that grows more tangled all the time

Why would Russia interfere in the U.S. election? Because it sometimes works.

History of gay rights in Russia since 1992 in 16 photos

Trump: Muslim soldier was a hero but his father 'has no right' to criticize me

Father of slain Muslim soldier: Trump’s remarks ‘typical of a person without a soul’

Elizabeth Warren on Young Turks

Koch political network plans to invoke Hillary Clinton in Senate ads

On a positive note, I've lost about 30 pounds since April 19th.

NFL refutes Trump claim that it sent him a letter bashing debate schedule

So Hillary just told Chris Wallace

Koch officials skeptical of Trump's alleged meeting invite

The ‘smoking gun’ proving North Carolina Republicans tried to disenfranchise black voters

Meet the rising Dem star positioned to help Clinton on gun control

A Review of Ray Comfort’s The Atheist Delusion (Yep, I Watched the Whole Thing)

The gloves are coming off, folks

Tipping Point...and a helluva sight earlier than I would have expected.

Repugs scampaign song

New inert cardio program for dogs

Charles Koch Calls on Donors to Reduce Focus on Politics

Trump death list

Supreme Court may be converting on religion

Religious accommodations at Rio Olympics: 5 major faiths to have their own space for worship

Khan said Trump is a black soul...TRUE.

Does Trump Know What It Means to Sacrifice? Thom Debates Trump Supporter.....

Which Side Of The Law Is Trump On?

MANERELA links religious leaders and homosexual groups in Malawi

#ShowUsYourTaxes: Here’s Every Time Donald Trump Has Said He Would Release His Tax Returns

More than 2.5 million pilgrims celebrate mass with Pope Francis at ‘Catholic Woodstock’

Will not post any links, but there is a certain contingent now "looking into" Captain Khan


WaPo Editorial: The conventions are done, and it’s clear what is at stake in this year’s election

New Morning Consult Poll: Hillary's 7 point swing now puts her 3 points ahead.

Poll finds 41% of likely Trump voters want to bomb Agrabah

Why Hillary Should Savor This Moment—While She Can - By Tina Brown

Does Hilary want to debate the orange monkey?

Trump Versus Hitler: What We Can Learn From Weimar Germany

***FINALS thread up in GD for July Contest***

Mandatory Vacation

#TrumpSacrifices is on FIRE on Twitter right now

Chicken Hawk Trump Mocks Captain Khan’s Mother - Dean Obeidallah

"A Donald Trump urinal has Dublin lining up to take aim"

When fascism comes to America...

12:45 a.m.: Tim Kaine

Mother of slain Army hero responds to Trump: All America felt my pain — except you

watching paul manafort on meet the press

I detest Donald Trump but those pictures of his wife in the New York Post

Hillary Clinton says Russian intelligence services hacked DNC

Parents of gay Poles urge pope to help fight homophobia

Poland's Constitutional Court Crisis: Duda signs controversial amendments to law

Today's Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Trump and Clinton tied

I'm outta here!

Trump’s trade proposals fail to appropriately address currency manipulation

Seems Canada has it's own version of Ted Cruz.

5 point lead with 3rd party included and likeabilty rises new ppp poll

Hillary Clinton is very strategic

Ghazala Khan Wash. Post Op/Ed: "Trump criticized my silence. He knows nothing about true sacrifice."

Trump vows Putin is ‘not going into Ukraine’ — two years after Russia annexed Crimea

Surely, Surely, with all the $$ we could hire a better spokesman than MOOK?

Is there any possibility of Russia hacking the actual election?

Have you seen the video of the woman talking about her discriminatory experience at Safeway?

Today's Morning Consult poll has HRC up by five (9-point bounce)

It might be time for a petition to the government for Donald Trump to subjected

Bill Clinton poses with a "bunny"! *SFW*

If l'affaire Khan were to force Trump to drop out, how would the Republicans

The Clinton campaign set the most brilliant trap ever for the cheeto faced shitgibbon.

Presidential debates vs. NFL - a fan's perspective. "Like a monkey f-ing a football"

Is anyone else worried about Trump's sanity?

Trump discusses Russia/Ukraine with George Stephanopolous this morning....and it's a total disaster

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 1 August 2016

Clinton tries to wrestle change candidate mantle from Trump in Western Pennsylvania

If you look at Chris Christie-He had nothing to say. Maybe he wasn't allowed to...

Trump's comments about Ghazala and Khizr Khan are more about his supporters than Trump himself.

Jeff Sessions and the Russia Spin

Michael Moore is warning us!

Got my son his own cast iron skillet...

New word: Trumprifice

Trump's Sanity (or lack of it) is resonating

Trump: Putin's "not gonna go into Ukraine."--- Stephanopoulous: "Well, he's already there."

Hank Jones was born on this date.

Joy Reid is doing what all journalists should do.

So I have been watching Face the Nation

Does Trump know the differnce between sacrifice and accomplishment?

Yesterday Fivethirtyeight had Trump just barely ahead in their "Now-cast"...

The NFL & Trump are not on the same play!

Who will win the presidency?

Militants killed, hostages freed after ISIS attack on oil field near Kirkuk, Iraq

How long before one of Trumps' posse pulls an intervention

Neuroscientist: Donald Trump's meteoric rise can be explained by 4 basic human instincts

I'm Confused About Hillary's "30,000 Deleted E-mails"

Jon Stewart will be back with an animated show

Jill Stein is "just asking questions..."

This is the kind of wall Trump will force us to build, and we will end up all paying for it

Joanie's in!

Wellesley College releasing audio excerpts of Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking at commencement in '69

PPP has Hillary up 5 points, Nationally

Joy Reid has a great show!

Great article on "The first woman to run for U.S. president" who has been called ‘Mrs. Satan’

Let Us Now Praise the Immaculate Shade of Joyce Beatty - tale of 2 white dresses

LOL! Trump says Putin is 'not going to go into Ukraine,' despite Crimea

**New YouGov poll Hillary: 43, Trump: 41.

Meghan McCain attacks Trump on Twitter

One of the pundits on AM Joy said Now Trump

Bernie Sanders inspires challenges to Democratic incumbents in RI

He never disappoints.

Politically Induced Mental Derangement.....

IMO posting negatives about Trump is fine but we need to post the Clinton positives.

Check out this graph

How to Deal with Donald J. Trump

I have a question to ask HG

Advice needed, please!

Sanders on sour face during Clinton speech: 'I always have that look on my face'

Just figured out Trump’s Strategy...

What happened to the tea party?

When political correctness is no longer necessary:

One lucky winner from New Hampshire won the Powerball worth $487 million!

Trump campaign will meet with presidential debate commission over schedule

Trump: Romney lost in 2012 because of tax returns

#ChooseACandidate She can't do it alone!

Clinton: 'My heart goes out' to mothers of Americans killed in Benghazi

Where are all of the Repblican surrogates today?

Trump trapped in elevator in Colorado Springs.

Trump adviser: Nude photos of Melania ‘a celebration of the human body’

Ellicott City gets rainfall expected only once every millennium

Ghazala Khan: Trump criticized my silence. He knows nothing about true sacrifice.-Op Ed


Do we really want an "Apprentice" for president?

Why Trump Supporters Think He'll Win

Howard Dean just called trump "a pig, a moral pig" on MSNBC.

Could Trumps sparring with the Khans have the effect Katie Couric had with Palin?

Trump Spoke at Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention on Tuesday.

This Hillary Clinton Coloring Book Is Jam-Packed With Girl Power

This looks pretty cool actually (In multiple senses of the word)

When will Wikileaks give us Trump's taxes?

If you know about a tight house race, list it here.

US Veterans Group Slams Donald Trump’s “Sacrifice” Comments

I'm looking for an "I'm with her" women's baseball cap....

If you know about a tight senate race, list it here.

Why This Election Will Probably Be Close

Did Vietnam war protestors back then diss Gold Star families?

Political Analysts Have Discovered One Weird Trick to Stop Donald Trump This November

So, Margot Kidder is an idiot

@NAACP calls for national moratorium on charters

Clinton up 3 points in post-convention poll

Slight bump for Clinton in battleground states following convention

California bill would prevent LGBT discrimination at religious schools

A closer look at Trump voters

Best site for cell phone batteries?

I finally figured out what Trump meant by his sacrifices!

Reporter Fired After Dumb Joke About Michael Brown's Death

I just posted this on my Facebook timeline:

Massive Flash Flood in Ellicott City MD Last Night

Keep talking, Trump. Please.

"When the babysitter cancels, but you know the fish are biting."

PPP Polling: Clinton Image Improves Following Conventions; Leads Trump by 5 pts

Is anyone else tired of hearing people on Facebook constantly complaining about they can't make up

Airline Analogy for Trump Supporters

IOC staunchly defends Russian presence in Rio

Happy 1st birthday Lil Bit

Why is MSNBC now a conduit for GOP spin?

UK firms expect growth to stagnate over next three months: CBI

Right wing family, religious, moral, organizations exposed as frauds ?

What are you reading this week of July 31, 2016?

U.N. deputy Syria envoy in Damascus for talks on proposed new peace round

Just learned of a terrific online resource for free PDFs

Can you imagine the hit to Trump ego if he's beaten by a women?

19 Perfect Quotes From Hillary Clinton

Trump seems to admit there is damaging info in his tax returns.

I'd have thought the whole thing is obvious to everyone.

Is it now socially acceptable for white people to say the n word?

Khizr Khan: Trump has a 'black soul'

About my avatar and signature and the new DU rules

Koch Bros Network Rules out Anti-Clinton Ads: Huff Post/CNN

What the hell is wrong with Manafort?

Breaking: No change in debate dates.

Imagine if over the course of this past year, Hillary Clinton had:

Trump stirs outrage after he lashes out at the Muslim parents of a dead U.S. soldier

Morning Consult Poll: Clinton +3

Milk IN the teapot: Innovation or abomination?

And then there is Alex Castellanos

We need to call out the Press on Trump

Bernie Sanders | Face the Nation on CBS | July 31, 2016

Sanders supporters: Back Clinton to Defeat Trump

Cast of Stranger Things gets pranked at interview, remain ridiculously adorable.

If you look at Mike Pence, he was just sitting there

Don't Go to the Dark Side | Bernie Sanders

Trump lashes out at parents of Muslim war hero: ‘I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices’

McConnell statement on the Khan family doesn’t mention Trump and misspells Khan

Milk IN the teapot: Innovation or abomination? (xpost from UK forum)

Trump: "I was viciously attacked by Mr. Khan at the Democratic Convention."

Trump's reaction to Gold Star parents.

Cleveland acquired Yankee reliever Andrew Miller

Unlike Donald Trump...

Skydiver becomes first person to jump and land without chute

Deadly shooting in downtown Austin as bars close

Recognizing a dying GOP . . .

Trump: "I was viciously attacked by Mr. Khan at the Democratic Convention."

How many bosses do you have? Gender?

ISIS Joins Donald Trump in Dishonoring Humayun Khan’s Sacrifice

"The Hillary Clinton I Know" - written by a longtime progressive

Yes, Trump Got a Convention Bounce, But It Is Fast Disappearing

Someone should do what a video what has Hillary done for us...

A Woman Marine Speaks for Hillary

Caramel Peach Skillet Pie

"You have sacrificed nothing and no one"

Just posted this to FB. Dedicated to Donald Trump:

Manafort makes a statement that Trump puts American interests before

Trump, just go fuck yourself.

"They have seen the blackness of his character, of his soul.”

The Russian hacks frighten me. How secure are our voting machines? Paging Andy Stephenson!

Notice How Trump Only Attacks the Muslim Woman

Clinton, Kaine pledge help for businesses during Johnstown PA visit

‘White Lives Matter’ rally in New York descends into chaos as protesters brawl with neo-Nazi

"3 A.M.": A campaign commercial from "The Simpsons."

This is not good polling news..

OK, I guess I'll have to spell out what "sacrifice" is for a President.

CNN host blasts Trump spokesman for robot-like ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ response about Khans

Cartoon: Russians hack into Trump's tax returns

My thoughts on the polls

Those who literally want to destroy the United States of America and/or the entire world...

"Shoulders: The Hillary Clinton Story"

Liberal Businesses?

My son came home. Alive.

Anyone see the movie "Abandoned"?

It's a man's job to be President

Katy Tur Just Fact Checked The Hell Out Of Trump's Lies Over The Last Two Weeks...

One Year After My Sister, Sandra Bland, Died In Custody, Young People Are Giving Me Reason To Hope

Trump Insists Putin Isn't 'In Ukraine' And Would Never Invade It

Marine F/A-18 crash kills one; jet crashed during close air support training

Trump Versus Hitler: What We Can Learn From Weimar Germany

Donald Trump: The Great Uniter

Here's the newest DrNworb videos, some with his newest foster kittens & one

The 12 Steps of Donald Trump Addiction

Republicans for Hillary

Rump did experience one truly epic sacrifice.

Love Trumps Hate

Jeffrey Smith admits GMO labeling was never his goal

Researchers studied kindergarteners' behavior and followed up 19 years later. Here are the findings.

As President, Sec. Clinton will (re:fair tax system):

The former Republican Governor of Illinois,

Trump says Khizr Kahn has no right to lecture him on the Constitution.

He Just has no Freaking Idea of...

Who would you vote for over Trump?


Columbus gave @HillaryClinton @timkaine an #OHHillYes welcome! pics..C=span covering event

As President, Sec. Clinton will (immigration reform):

David Duke and Donald Trump; Fellow Travelers....Boston Globe

As President, Sec. Clinton will (K-12 education):

Clinton team exposes another weakness

I am uncompromising in my support for SANDERS!

Trump Bashes Fire Marshall After Being Rescued

Kaspersky so very sorry after suggesting its antivirus will get you laid

"So, how's this Tim?"

Trump wants to reschedule debates

Mr. Khan mentioned empathy. Anybody remember dick cheney on the subject of empathy?

The GE debate schedule was announced seven months before the NFL released its 2016 schedule

Did anyone watch the FOX interview with Hillary?

Isis goes after Capt. Khan and Hillary

Donald Trump Bashes Another Uniformed Hero

What about Native Americans?

Unbelievable!!! TRUMP

I am the King of Tarts....


Defending GMOs on grounds that they are not poisonous is like defending manufacturers who exploit

A muslim woman supports TRUMP??????

"Some people have written that she was not allowed to speak." WHO?

I present this thread to you for your earnest consideration

Trump's attempt to seduce mobsters daughter didn't go well

Debate commission to Trump: The dates are set

Could there be a full Trump meltdown around the corner?

Hey Assange- do you want Trump?

"when they go low, we go high"

Apparently Don the Con campaign scum were on TV this morning talking debate schedule...

Some things never change...the cartoon below dates back to 2005...

Question about how threads are sorted under the "Author" tab

I am going to a Tim Kaine event in Daytona Beach Tuesday, Aug 2

Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update tweaked to stop you disabling app promos (HORRIBLE IDEA)

The High Price of the Politics of Petulance

I just posted this in GD-2016. IMO it is fine to post Trumps negatives but we need to

TRUMP O MATIC -- The art of Mark Bryan

Tim Canova camp cites new poll that shows him “within striking distance ” of Debbie Wasserman Schult

All this time, I thought Donald Trump was so crafty...

Does anyone know what Marc Cuban said about Hilary's speeches on the trail this weekend.

Share This~

So what does Russia think of Hillary? Russian TV reveals the Kremlin's thoughts on Clinton

Clinton says Trump repaid family of slain soldier with 'insults'

"SHOULDERS" - Linda Bloodworth Thomason

Trump's basic lack of any sympathy, empathy and basic humanity resonates with some

Trump is losing the African American vote to Hillary...89% to 2%

'Please consider dropping off cleaning supplies

i did ask this before, and you said it was a good idea. i think.

Trump is going full obsessive on Khan.

John Kerry - Anti-War Speech (1971) [short clip]

Major General Smedley Butler: "I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business"

I love this place!!

CNN Probes Trump's Connections to Putin and Russia

Insanity Of Our Times - President Trump Would Make Bush Look Good.

What it's like to counter-protest Christians as an atheist demonstrator at both political convention

What the hell must it be like inside Trump's head?

This is day three.

Hillary Clinton makes campaign stop in Cleveland Sunday

In Political Climate Focused on Muslims, EEOC Cracks Down on Religious Discrimination

What's for Dinner, Sun., July 31, 2016

LOL -- freeper funny!!!

How Sen. Clinton helped a constituent with cancer

NYT: Electoral Map Gives Donald Trump Few Places to Go

by Robert Reich:'Washington insiders are in deep denial about what's happening.

My Book Report - by Donnie Trump, Mrs. Gibson's 7th Grade (A fantasy)

Where Would Donald Trump Be if Daddy Hadn't Left Him a Fortune?

3AM phone call

Time for a 21st Century Fairness Doctrine

The Trump Sandwich...

Trump's made a bigger sacrifice than most people. He sacrificed his honor and integrity long ago.