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Justin Trudeau at Toronto Pride

Liberals Need to Stop Writing Off Non–College Educated Workers — Before the White Working Class Writ

Has anyone tried the T-Tapp exercise DVDs? Any comments or reviews?

If Isaac Hayes rode the IRT . . . .

Can you pass this pre-med test? (40 questions)

You may be jealous now.

Review: ‘Bush,’ a Biography as Scathing Indictment

Granita di Caffe


Name an actor who played a villain in a show so successfully, that it's difficult to see him as

The right of the People

Chilling prediction about Portland man charged with murder: 'She feels he is eventually going to kil


Amazon Is Quietly Eliminating List Prices

Mr. Trump’s fake charity

Protozoan Pacman

'Fess up out there

What NC lawmakers did – and didn’t do – in the short session

Returning to Ohio......

Chilcot report: MPs plan to impeach Tony Blair over Iraq War using ancient law


Republican women organize to support Clinton

South Carolina News - 7/3/2016

Japan’s Mega-Pension Fund Plows into Stocks, Eats $50Bn Loss, Tries to Hide it till after Election

O.K., Lounge, I went to a lot of trouble for you for this:

Even seen a diesel car take a turn at 210mph?

Police use catheters, force to collect urine samples

McLaren P1 vs. Nurburgring.

Meet the gay man who actually won America her independence

Microsoft is giving Windows 10 a big upgrade.

Marching for Hillary in IOWA for 4th of July Parade -pics

Workers murdered for unionizing in 3rd world countries won't effect trade deals

Israel okays 800 new housing units in East Jerusalem, surrounding area

West Virginia News - 7/3/2016

For us who are getting older...

Fourth of July 'suicide attack' near US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

'Homemade' Bomb That Sounded 'Like a Cannon' Blows Off Student's Foot in Central Park

Kuwait detains 5 Islamic State suspects, foils attack

Lazy Person's Guide to Fireworks

Glenn Beck Goes Berserk, Screams About God

Here's something that you don't see very often.

Hillary Clinton went out on the town. She saw Broadway's Hamilton,

Virginia News - 7/3/2016

3 July Remember Picket's Charge.

Anti-Israel activists attempt to vilify Elie Wiesel after his death

What supplements do you take?

Review: ‘Bush,’ a Biography as Scathing Indictment

Happy Independence Day to the Exceptional Nation!

Socialism in the Air

Not enough cute animal posts right now!

EU referendum: government faces legal action over Brexit decision

I'm in Chandler AZ, it's dark, and 105 freaking degrees!

Never abuse power humiliating those around you

Young Conservative Summit Speaker Accidentally Makes Great Case for Socialism

I have resolved one of the most important issues in my life tonight.

How are we going to appeal to those in the Rust Belt that are tempted to vote for Trump

Puerto Rico News - 7/4/2016

Anyone have luck with intermittent fasting? Where you go 18 hours without eating.

Lights turned out on Lake Wobegon

Happy Fourth of July 2016. Dog Whistle Fireworks.

Has anyone noticed what a hater Andrea Mitchell is?

A loophole in the alert/jury system..

CIA knew it had the wrong man, but kept him anyway


Teen Dies After Accidental Shooting at Florida Gun Range

Most top colleges do not require students majoring in history to take U.S. history class

Rhode Island News - 7/4/2016

Call for Australian leader's resignation amid election chaos

Fireworks and Music

EgyptAir crash: Flight MS804 bodies are recovered

Where Does Obama Rank In Your List of Best to Worst Presidents

Just heard Pauline Hanson's made a comeback in the Senate.

Connecticut News - 7/4/2016

After Slaughter, Bangladesh Reels at Revelations About Attackers

Daily Holidays - July 4

I'll believe that when pigs fly! Oh, well, um, nevermind.

To All You Hillary Hosts Thank You

Nigel Farage, the leader of Britain's UKIP party, has stepped down.

Tell-all book alleges that Facebook is rife with sexism and run like a "North Korean cult"

Massachusetts News - 7/4/2016

Nigel Farage resigns to spend more time with his ego

Britain’s Completely Batshit Week Since Brexit, Explained For Americans (Luke Bailey, Buzzfeed)

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Happy 4th

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Maine News - 7/4/2016

Black Lives Matter Toronto stalls Pride parade

New Hampshire News - 7/4/2016

Sanders Organizing Grassroots Push Against TPP for DNC Platform Meeting

America | Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders - What Patriotism!


Man shows how easy it is to hide that Orlando bastard's gun

Bernie Sanders | Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Anti-Defamation League calls on Trump to 'firmly and forcefully' reject anti-Semitic imagery

Diamond Crater, AR, visitor finds 8.5 carat diamond

Watch this bottle of Coke instantly freeze in under a minute

Vermont News - 7/4/2016

Bernie Sanders | New York America Awakening Ad

Bernie Sanders Says Clinton Allies Frustrating Plan to Block TPP Vote

BBQ, Bands, and.Bottle Rockets

No "i hope" no "i wish" no "god willing" just confidence that trump is going to lose. big.

Who's running for Trump's Press Secretary?

Dozens hospitalized, arrested at Kenny Chesney concert in Pittsburgh

Biden and Obama rewrite the rulebook on college sexual assaults

Tucker Carlson & Cokie Roberts on NPR/Morning Edition

His Racism Is No Accident: Trump Has Retweeted White Supremacists 75 Times

Worshipers attacked at mosques in Texas and Florida

Donald Trump's Only Path to a General Election Victory

Republican Official Warns That Supporting Trump Is Smearing The GOP With Excrement

Alabama Businessman's Ads Aim to Stop Trump — in Mexico and Korea

Obama leaves Clinton with a Democratic Party moving left

Red Alert As Arctic Snows Melt Faster

Some thoughts on brexit

China puts finishing touches to world's biggest radio telescope

Second Alligator Involved in Disney Attack

China offers Philippines talks if sea ruling ignored: China Daily

Philadelphia: Serious Cracks Found in 95 Percent of SEPTA Cars Inspected So Far

Molly Ivins: July 4, 2005....Here's to all the angry liberals & to all the angry conservatives....

Book Review: Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy by Robert H. Frank

Facing federal gun charges, 'embedded' reporter at Oregon standoff seeks release

Lucky shot

Records: Father of toddler attacked at Disney by alligator said two gators involved

Most American voters are ambivalent on or pro free-trade, not protectionist

Public land important to Montanans

Howard Zinn on the 4th of July

The Privilege of Never Having to Say You'll Concede

A huge coal miners’ pension plan is on the brink of failure. One senator is blocking a fix.

Poe opponents question his Grayson Fund investment

Florida News - 7/4/2016

The Privilege of Never Having to Say You'll Concede

Excellent article in the New York Times by a vet pointing out

Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan accuses Mark Zuckerberg of having ‘blood on his hands’

Trump's tweet used by white supremacists

The exits epidemic - the US empire must be furious

Iranian military official: We have 100,000 missiles in Lebanon ready to hit Israel

"I want real air, air you can see and feel and taste!" Please come CAPTION Fox's Jonathan Hoenig!

Today's Doodle: Happy Fourth of July!

Why are TPP supporters trying to pass it in the lame duck session if it is so great?

TransCanada Demands $15B in Damages in NAFTA Arbitration over Keystone XL Rejection

Today's Google Doodle celebrates Fourth of July fun:

The subtext of HRC's insistance that Bernie endorse now

Share the Safety

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: US 240 Edition

You're such a kidder, Thom...

Globalization and the Democratic platform.

Trump still running with "Sheriff's badge" lie...

Libertarian CATO Institute Endorses TPP

Missiles Everywhere


"Here, let me pour this in your ear. Don't mind the smell." . . . Come CAPTION Fox's Stuart Varney!

Pacific Ocean radiation back near normal after Fukushima: study

Other dog park this morning

WSJ: If rule of law means anything under Nafta, TransCanada should win every dollar

Just how stupid and gullible are the Freepers?

Dinosaur Skull Found On Mars?

White Nationalist Site Celebrates Donald Trump

Free Trade, DNC Platform and the Climate Crisis

Grass hut

What are the main concerns of Senate Republicans with Trump? Their jobs. Not racism, misogyny, hate

Clinton Opposes Lame Duck Vote on TPP

The Real Jeremy Corbyn Stands Up – Marc Goldberg

GOP Senator Jeff Flake: Congress needs to 'suck up' and pass TPP

I live in very Republican East TN.

It's the 40th anniversary of the Bicentennial!

Ron Johnson seeks to keep DOJ from enforcing equal access laws at voucher schools

Global Trade: What's A Good Progressive To Do?

Third Way Cautions Clinton against Moving too Far to the Left

If you had the power to do so, what would you do about corporations?

Just made a load of hummus.

Night and Day: Post-NAFTA Trade Deals Yield Steady Surpluses

Pitcher and right-wing douche Curt Schilling gets show on Sirius' Patriot channel

Dear Florida Republican tourist business owners, who are losing money due to toxic algae:

Let's Hope He Takes Bushco With Him (Blair faces calls for impeachment on release of Chilcot report)

What are 3 things that would make any trade agreement acceptable to those opposing TPP?

Why are liberals so deluded on free trade?

Happy 4th!

Trade wars: Trump exploiting TPP schism within the DNC

Happy 4th everybody!

At one time , our President aspired to be a Pirate

Trump’s Economic Plan Is Too Scary Even For Republicans

Hot air is good for something.

Happy 4th of Jully to all my British friends!

When in the course of human events

The Trump Files

I am an individual Democratic voter.

Dems unleash July Fourth attack on Trump

Elite Republicans tried to ignore them. Now they're shaping Donald Trump's immigration policy

Min. wage increases kills jobs - Nope and more nope

Tons of clipboard wielding Hillary people all over Philadelphia today.

This Day in History… July 4, 1826

Benghazi conspiracy theorists turn on Trey Gowdy

In New Jersey Student Loan Program, Even Death May Not Bring a Reprieve

“Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us,

Happy 4th - Yankee Doodle Dandy

Odd graphic on the TV just now, re: Fourth of July statistics

my friend Matt Woods released a new vid today:

Born on the Fourth of July! Happy 18th birthday to Malia Obama!

Independence Day Delusions

What automatically makes even the worse meal better?

'It won’t be until Monday evening that the National Park Service will make a decision

Man saves baby seal

Common Chemicals Harmful To Children's Brain Development

KD helps to create a new Super Team

What a ticket looks like versus a campaign avoiding top of ticket. #nhpolitics

July 4, 1976

Parade in a Small Town

Help me out here. Can anyone name just one "scandal" the right wing celebrated that was real?

Gov. Rick Scott blaming Obama Administration for algae bloom (to hide his culpability)

Japanese police arrest US military base worker for driving drunk in Okinawa

I think there is a theme here

Police Chase Man in Go-Kart Down Freeway

No, businesses are not taxed too much

Please take care of your pets this Fourth of July

In New Jersey Student Loan Program, Even Death May Not Bring a Reprieve

Congress spent more time investigating Benghazi than it did 9/11

Happy Independence Day ?

"Trump…didn’t cause the chaos. The chaos caused Trump."

Kevin Durant is going to the Oakland Warriors

Explosion heard in Saudi Arabian city of Qatif, body parts seen - witness

The libertarians in my local parade were playing "This Land Was Made For You and Me"

Has decades of corporate propaganda removed the last vestiges of empathy from Americans?

By Attacking TPP, Trump Is Running To Hillary’s Left On International Trade

Donald Trump’s Social Media Ties to White Supremacists (Fortune Magazine)

Dark Snow Greenland Field Log: First Entry

Sanders Protesters Book Campgrounds for Democratic Convention

In Dissents, Sonia Sotomayor Takes On the Criminal Justice System.

(Soon to be former) Senator Ron Johnson on cancer patients:

Cory Booker no longer denying he's being vetted as Hillary Clinton's VP pick

What we (not Tweety) here knew about Shrub+everything &Iraq contemporaneously. Warning:Graphic image

Reuters: Trump supporters most racist, Sanders supporters least

Happy 4th Everyone!

Obama to tell foe-to-friend story at Hillary Clinton event

UPDATE 2-Three former Barclays traders found guilty in Libor rigging trial

June Gun Sales Crush Previous Record

Sanders Blasts 'Colonial' Puerto Rico Bill and Wall Street Vulture Funds in Powerful Senate Speech

Stars and Stripes, New York City Ballet

Simplistic Politics is for Simpletons

The Blair Rich Project: Channel 5 doc investigates Tony Blair's earnings since leaving office

"Who is writing the TPP?" by Elizabeth Warren & Rosa DeLauro (May 2015)

Tea, Sex, and Consent

Ride with Juno into Jupiter orbit.

Good read on Huffington Blog ...

Will release of Chilcot Inquiry report on Iraq War lies this week affect the election?

My favorite story about the founding fathers.

How to see Jupiter tonight

Small Town 4th of July Parade, interesting note about the Republican entry

The Declaration of Independence is still a great read....

Trump's Statements by PolitiFact Ruling - Happy 4th of July

Offices of Tiempo Argentino, a Buenos Aires newspaper critical of Macri, ransacked.

Why I think Trump is trying to sabotage...

MORE Bernie Photos: Today we celebrate 240 years of American Independence. Happy 4th of July!

When is Sanders going to start campaigning against Republicans instead of Democrats?

Get it?.

MSNBC gun carry poll.

Even Fortune Magazine Knows Trump Is Ludicrously Racist

Thomas Johnson's Legacy spans the centuries.

Michael Foot memorial defaced with swastikas

Clinton +6 in the latest USA Today general election Poll

Prominent Brit law firm instructed to block Brexit Article 50 trigger

Erma Bombeck On Patriotism

This is so typical of right wing politics... BREXIT again

Prophet's Mosque in Saudi Arabit hit by suicide bomber

Parents angry after finding out a Cub Scouts function was sponsored by Hooters

Son comes out to dad in a moving prom short

There are two American women and one American man in the Wimbledon quarters

Blasts Across Saudi Arabia

Article /i-know-why-poor-whites-chant-trump-trump-trump/

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 4, 2016

Everytime I hear the term "The Democrat" candidate I am reminded how

American Logic: 14 Yr Old W/Guns=Safe, 14 Yr Old W/Sparkler=Dangerous

Trump’s anti-trade rhetoric rattles the campaign message of Clinton and unions

July 4th Shocker: Nathan's Not Making Their Hot Dogs Any Longer!!

One quarter....

Kevin Durant to sign with Warriors

Trump Has Gone Full Blown Racist. You’re Not Going To Believe THIS!

by Robert Reich:Today, as you imbibe a cold Budweiser (owned by a Brazilian-Belgian conglomerate),

So, I am thinking of installing a bat house to help with mosquitos

This should be our national day of mourning...

Earth farthest from sun today.

Italy on COLLISION COURSE with EU: Renzi 'set to pump billions into troubled banks

I finally found a picture of Denny Hastert (ReTHUGs longest serving Speaker of the House)

The internet is forever!

Admittedly convoluted but honestly asked question, RE: registration laws

Report Shows How War Profiteers Are Now Refugee Profiteers, Too

WaPo: Mr. Trump’s fake charity

Pennsylvania----Voter registration In PA --@HillaryClinton pics of folks helping elect Hillary

Syrian refugee marches beside Justin Trudeau (first PM in a pride parade) in Canadian pride parade

(((Echoes))), Exposed: The Secret Symbol Neo-Nazis Use to Target Jews Online

I'm Uncle Sam, that's who I am!

Happy 4th HRC Supporters

Is Texas within reach this year?

America the Beautiful - Ray Charles

Dems unleash July Fourth attack on Trump--for outsourcing his products to China, etc

Did McCain staffer nearly knock over Kelli Ward's mom?

Don't put it down

"oft-overlooked - how many sheriffs died during the Normandy invasion."

What to Expect When NASA’s Spacecraft Juno Gets to Jupiter

Instant Runoff Voting on the Ballot in Maine in November

The ‘Iranian Hulk’ bodybuilder ...

Will 'Suicide Squad' be the biggest movie of 2016?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership clause everyone should oppose - By Elizabeth Warren

The Latest: Police Testing Central Park Explosive Compound

July 4th, 1983. joeybee12 appreciation thread...

Clever ploy, Eight O'clock - clever ploy:

Expanding Antarctic sea ice linked to natural variability

York chemists lead breakthrough in carbon capture

The Environment: Latin America’s Battleground for Human Rights

New catalyst | From climate killer to fuels and polymers

July 4 Message From Putin To Obama: Let's Have Better Ties

Discovery Could Dramatically Boost Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells

Hillary Clinton’s Surrogate Goes On Fox News And They IMMEDIATELY Regretted Inviting Him (VIDEO)

Joey regains the title and sets a new record!

I Wonder Why They Left Off The Sherif's Badge?

Some wild Electoral College predictions for 2016

Denounced in Argentina Persecution against Cristina Fernandez

Hydrogen Production from a Relative of Fool’s Gold

by Robert Reich:Who are the Trump supporters?

US Declassifies Report Listing Individuals In 9/11 Probe

Why I am in favor of (a modest amount of) terrorism and assassination

Trump endorsed Netanyahu in the Israeli 2013 election and can be expected to look for reciprocity.

Simple Preparation for Affordable Solar Energy Storage

Clinton surrogate Rep. Xavier Becerra schools Fox News anchor on Benghazi. and email

A July 4 remembrance of America’s Catholic Founding Father

LOL, Trump thinks the fix is THIS easy?

Having a brain fart. Want to replace my avatar with one other than a DU stock avatar.

Rechargeable batteries that last longer and re-charge more rapidly

So, a guy ate 70 hotdogs in 10 minutes at a contest today.

PoliticusUSA: First time in 20 years, there are more registered Dems than repukes in Colorado

Is this the first song you want to hear when you want to be happy???

Did GOP denial of science set the state for Donald Trump?

Surprise take on patriotism.

Fourth of July Buzz: Two...okay, LARGE (ahem) glasses of wine, and a couple of shots.

Bombing That Killed More Than 200 Deadliest Attack In Baghdad In Years

Oil turns white boats to brown in Rio Olympic sailing venue

PoliticusUSA: First time in 20 years, there are more registered Dems than repukes in Colorado

Transgender nominee for Congress: 'It's about damn time' politics got inclusive

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 7, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight: America in the 70s

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 8, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month: Olivia De Havilland

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 9, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Hedda Hopper

President Obama and Hillary Clinton will step off Air Force One together tomorrow

Inhofe not the greatest pilot?

This State May Ditch Obamacare for Single-Payer Healthcare This November

Homemade cannon kills Iowa woman at backyard gathering

Already Great: Why Donald Trump is Attempting to Sell a Version of America That Never Actually Exist

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Team Clinton: Image in Trump tweet 'blatantly anti-Semitic'


Congress spent more time investigating Benghazi than it did 9/11

The Music Man! 7 CST on TCM

The annual " I hate fireworks thread"

Mama rat saves her baby from snake's jaws