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Archives: July 5, 2016

I had my first, ever, Jello shot yeaterday.

LIVE STREAM A Capitol Fourth

A Capitol Fourth

Trump Lays Bare the Moral Bankruptcy of the Religious Right

I would like to share something that I received from someone here on DU the other day.

Young Cuban-Americans get new impressions on island visits

11,000th post for the Populist Reform of the Democratic Party group!

Trump advisor Dan Scavino now admits he got the Star of David image from a rabid antisemite.

Virginia introduces law to stop 12-year-old girls from getting married

Patriotic Progressives Embrace the Flag, Too

Question submitted by Ken Burch

Trump's director of social media, releases this statement saying that he lifted image from Twitter:

I have a question I'd like to ask my GD friends


Duke lacrosse: some people never get the word.

Could the Democratic Party be on the verge of a historic resurgance?

Nation’s Dogs Vow To Keep Their Shit Together During 4th Of July Fireworks

Charges weighed after Ohio incident triggers Emirati warning on robes

Happy Birthday Louis Armstrong

LOVE. Love has no labels - from a professional wrestler. Outstanding.

Jack Daniels' Secret History Shows the Recipe Was Actually Developed by a Black Slave

The 20 Fastest Growing Jobs In America

Trump is a white supremacist

The Anti-Abortion 'Seneca Falls'

Let's make retirement great again – by bringing back a pension system

Sheriff Joe Arpaio rolls out new uniforms

What If They Held a Convention and Nobody Came?

Quick search of the declaration of independence for the word family

Spoiler Alert

Who the Hell Jodi Ernst?

Jen's Jersey Shore Crumb Cake

Narberth, Pennsylvania Fireworks (In the rain)

(X-POST Pennsylvania Group) Narberth, Pennsylvania Fireworks (In the rain)

Indian solar energy to get $1 bn from World Bank

SolarCity pushing industry to 40% increase in useful lifetime of solar power installations

NASA Juno real time coverage has begun (10:30PM EDT)

NASA can get a device to Jupiter, but can't get sound on

Hanergy launches full solar power vehicles that can be commercialized

The Lobby Against Common Sense: The Right's Campaign Against Gun Violence Reform

NASA approves new far-flung destination for Pluto space probe

Youtube autoplay: The Bane of My Life's Existence

Solar power use hits record high in UK

As the last of his GREAT American sevices it will be nice...

Donald Trump: That wasn't a Star of David, it was a sheriff's badge

“Gun Didn’t Kill My Boy..I did"

ConsumerReports | Shedding Light on Solar Power

Will Marwan Barghouti be the Palestinian Nelson Mandela?

9/11: Conspiracy Solved - Full Documentary

With few political allies, Trump plans celebrity convention

"CIA and American Labor: The Subversion of the AFL-CIO's Foreign Policy" (1967 book, PDF)

Gay cop worries first Pride could be his last after Black Lives Matter calls for ban

The incredible challenge of designing self driving cars

Carol Browner: "Accusations that the Clinton Campaign isn't serious about climate change

Pride Toronto is backing away from the promises made to Black Lives Matter Toronto during a protest

BBC Panorama: Why We Voted to Leave--Britain Speaks

Why Do Republicans Have Such a Hardon for Investigating the Clintons?

Mr. Moustache and Electra-kitty

Mr. Moustache and Electra-kitty

Mr. Moustache and Electra-kitty

9 Ways FDR's 'New Deal' Purposely Excluded Blacks

Mr. Moustache and Electra-kitty

Mr. Moustache and Electra-kitty

Mr. Moustache and Electra-kitty

Oh noes! Lois Lane, Noelle Neill, has left us at age 95.

This is a sad 4th of July for the Lady of the bay.

Chris Urmson: How a driverless car sees the road (TEDTalks)

*1776 coming up on TCM!

So, they've resumed counting ballots...

4th of July parade watchers threatening marchers with 2nd Amendment (VIDEO)

Google's Juno Doodle...

Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea

The Amazing Atheist’s Racism

Is Trump considering a 'religious liberty' supporter for VP?

'I was a stranger and you welcomed me'

WikiLeaks publishes more than 1,000 Hillary Clinton war emails

If the "rebel" Labour MPs quit Labour and formed their own party...

Israel's Planned Construction Beyond the Green Line Cynically Exploits the Terror Wave

We just got back from a late showing of the new "Independence Day."

What surprises will be found by the Jupiter orbiter?

1776 and Slavery

So what should Donnie Smallfingers' campaign song be?

Life with Artie and Charlie

Georgia News - 7/5/2016

Daily Holidays - July 5

Will Obama be first 8th year president to campaign a lot for his possible successor?

El Al plane intercepted by Swiss Forces

Stop Bashing GMO Food, Say 109 Nobel Laureates

I think there's a direct correlation between the economy and amount of fireworks.

Showed my cynical brother the John Cena patriotism ad.

Alabama News - 7/5/2016

Ghostbusters, GMOs and the Feigned Expertise of Nobel Laureates

Pound down sharply amid concerns for British property

Tennessee News - 7/5/2016

Two crocodiles

Mississippi teen may be youngest Democratic delegate

World War II Hero Dr. Roscoe C. Brown Dies at 94 (Tuskegee Airman)

NASA's Juno Spacecraft in Orbit Around Mighty Jupiter (NASA)

Mika Brzezinski laying into Hillary (again) on Morning Joe now

Mississippi News - 7/5/2016

How remain failed: the inside story of a doomed campaign

Trump Has Retweeted White Supremacist 75 Times

Farage, Murdoch, Lebedev and Fox break bread: as told by Lily Allen

Can someone direct me to a list of Jeffrey Sachs' foreign policy credentials?

POLL: Meme of the Week – July 5th

Sen. Pat Toomey Is Trying to Protect His Seat by Arming the Police

Which version of Brexit will Conservatives choose? An election to approve the plan?

'Super bacteria' discovered in Rio's waters as Olympics near

Trump's gish-galloping the Star of David tweet.

The GOP stoops for scandal - By Eugene Robinson

List of Trump business failures.

Donald Trump is now polling within the margin of error of 0% with African-Americans

Junior doctors reject contract offer

"until someone starts filing freedom of information forms, we don't know the breakdown numbers"

A Trump presidency and ISIS: Aggressive U.S. intervention is exactly what they want

Michigan News - 7/5/2016

Trump Surrogate: Forget About the Tweet, Which Candidate Is ‘Better For the Actual Jews?’

Today's Google Doodle: Juno Reaches Jupiter (animated)!

For those who had any remaining doubts, Kansas has officially gone insane

‘Giant Meteor for President’ in Three-way Tie With Trump and Hillary Among Independent Voters

Why Hillary Clinton's perfect running mate is... Joe Biden

Climate Change and the Female Population

Tom the Dancing Bug on Brexit

Americans want solutions to gun violence, but @SenRonJohnson BLOCKED background checks.

I am 100% sure Rump's use of the Star of David was deliberate.

So how much money is R Piehole going to be allowed to waste in Maricopa County?

FFrF Freethought Radio Archive – The Case Against God

POLL: Meme of the Quarter – 2Q2016

Tuesday Toon Roundup

New Documents Catch DNC Accepting Money from Anti-Progressive Companies

Das Wort zum Freitag - Alfons mit dem Puschelmikrofon

FBI Director Comey to address press at 11:00 EST

Kentucky News - 7/5/2016

"Why can't Diogenes find me?" . . . Please come CAPTION Trump supporter Scotty Hughes!!

Roy Cooper for NC Governor - first ad...

The Missing Issue from the 2016 Campaign: Climate Change (The Guardian)

Understanding Bernie's endgame plan.

These 2 Forces Will Crush the San Francisco Housing Bubble

The Brexit brain drain strategy has begun:

FBI Director Comey will be giving a statement today at 11am et

Here’s The Powerful Reason People Are Wearing Safety Pins In The U.K.

Sheridan parade float depicts Obama in toilet

Wimbledon - Venus into the semi-finals of a slam for the first time since 2010

Obama to Join Hillary Clinton on Stump, Starting in North Carolina

VP predictions. Hillary- Trump-

Why don't "Med Express"-type facilities offer abortion services?

In the world of Hillary

Can system notifications and direct message notifications be changed to different colors?

Donald Trump Is Turning Republicans Into Anti-Vaxxers

The Tory leadership election is a sort of X Factor for choosing the antichrist

Will Either Sanders or Trump Ever Give Hillary Clinton the Satisfaction of a Concession Speech?(HRC)

Spent fuel fire on U.S. soil could dwarf impact of Fukushima

In this election year, when dealing with Republicans/Trump voters, HERE is how you do it:

I love this ad with Obama for Hillary.

That fruit salad on the lunch cart left over from yesterday.

Pres. Obama & SoS Clinton Event happening at 3pm ET -Meantime FBI on TV at 11am

Hostess, The Maker Of Twinkies, Is Going Public

Some of his best friends are Jewish --- Hmm, heard something like that before

Who'd be in your "fantasy cabinet" for Hillary Clinton?

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski: Trump's Anti-Semitic Tweet "Part Of A Serious Pattern That Is On Record"

Hillary Clinton to address NEA (coming up LIVE)...

Smiley Lewis was born on this date.

Stop a Douchebag - Brand New Car

"The gun didn't kill my boy. I did"

FBI Director James Comey to Give Press Conference on Unspecified Subject 11:00 This Morning

Summer makes cooking in the house hard - but dang it...I want enchiladas

***Submission Thread for July Contest- "HOME" ***

**COMMENT THREAD for July Contest-"HOME"**

FBI in TV now about Emails. Big deal! Tune in! nt

Ken Clarke says May 'bloody difficult', Gove 'wild' and Leadsom's views 'extremely stupid'

If Trump Wins the White House, Is It Game Over for the United States?

Republicans In Congress Are Feeling The Effects Of Their Own Dysfunction!

The Public Agrees: The American Dream Is Dead

FBI Director Comey speaking now!

Coconut oil applied directly to the skin/coat?


Ding dong....

Bernie Supporter Here

In ironic twist, FBI Director James Comey to be indicted for murder...

Roger Penrose.... on the art of M.C. Escher.....very cool.

Lady Justice is angry

The indictment fairy is officially dead.

FBI: "No reasonable prosecutor would bring charges", "No charges are appropriate in this case".

any combination of president / veep is scary as hell

Hillary cleared---now here come the concern trolls.

FBI Won't Recommend Criminal Charges Against Clinton Over Emails

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. And what's really important

Hannity might be fun tonight

So there's no fugging there there

FBI Director On Clinton’s Email: ‘No Charges Are Appropriate In This Case’

Cnn immediately went to a Hillary hater, while msnbc went to an objective reporter, after the FBI

GOP conversation....

AshleyMadison website now under federal FTC investigation

House of Cards: If Bill didn't meet with Lynch, would we have had Comey's public recommendation?

Waiting for Trump to tweet it was all rigged.(the Hilary emails)

Early post-Comey headlines

Andrea Mitchell desperately trying to find reasons for Clinton campaign to despair!

John Cena on patriotism:

Had an interesting conversation with a Middle Eastern man this morning....

Water is wet, the sky is blue, and Republicans will constantly....

After all the slpodey heads stop sploding what will be the next fake Clinton scandal?

There will be a continuation of attacks on the email issue.

A message from the Farm Equipment Association

Geez, you would think Clinton was indicted.

They say twitter troll Trump is going to go after Hillary for being careless

A home that looks perfect, until bigotry rears its ugly head

Summing up the relationship with Director COMEY: Taylor SWIFT's "Out of the Woods":

Perhaps in another election cycle, the GOP might have been able to use "extremely careless"...

Kaine: I'm 'not surprised' FBI not recommending charges against Clinton (HRC GP)


No indictment, but how do Democrats deal with this:

OSHA announces 78% hike in fines for workplace safety violations to start Aug. 1

The full Comey statement.

Hate to say I told ya so. But I told ya so.

FBI Director James Comey: "No outside influence of any kind was brought to bear"

So Bill turns out to be crazy as a fox!

Let's keep HA Goodman in our thoughts and prayers. This must be a very difficult time for him.

Colombia FARC rebels stop levying 'tax' in peace drive

Bush and his cronies iied America into the biggest foreign policy disaster

Someone is watching your Uber driver

"Benghazi" - Verb - To throw excrement on a political candidate hoping some will stick.

Sober up. Trump will never be elected president (short rant)

California droughts caused mainly by changes in wind, not moisture

House Speaker Paul Ryan slams Trump over Star of David tweet

Kidnapped By A Narcissist: The GOP’s Stockholm Syndrome (HuffPost)

I will not be gracious in victory over the FBI investigation.

Former National Guardsman accused of plotting attack to support ISIS

Comey DESPISES the Clintons.

If I was Hillary here's what I'd say:

No charges in Hillary email probe; RW'ers react as usual.

Has the FBI ever publicly scolded a candidate or former government official before?

Hillary Clinton Isn’t Getting Indicted. Here’s Why.

Sanders Spox: FBI Findings Won't Sway Decision To Stay In Race


Is it me or is FBI director wrong in saying Hillary should have known better?

CNN coming up: what the black boxes on Egyptair are disclosing!

As someone who worked many years ago in a highly compartmented

Absolutely outrageous presser by Comey

Can Bernie suspend now? There will be no indictment, never would be.

Clinton camp statement on Comey's FBI presser

The Patreus comparison BS - WaPo fact check from January 2016

What happened to the fact that the email investigation originated out of the claim that

H.A. Goodman tweets about the FBI decision: I've been vindicated

Did Comey mention how the FBI whiffed on Omar Mateen?

Latest anti-GMO marketing gimmick...

The email thing is over. Time to move ahead. We have to support our candidate.

hillary is not quiiiite in the clear just yet regarding the email server crap

"Hillary Clinton’s email problems might be even worse than we thought"

2 women make baseball history in debut with Sonoma Stompers

From Mommy Bloggers to Clandestine Spies, Here's How Monsanto's PR Company Controls the GMO Debate

Sheridan parade driver defends 'Lying African' Obama golf cart

10-year and 30-year Treasury yields fall to new lows

BREAKING: Already thousands in line for Obama/Clinton rally in Charlotte,NC today PICS

I'm so glad CNN hired this douchebag....

Comey worked on the Whitewater Investigation...he is doing his best

POLITICS Pro-Donald Trump Super PAC Tries To Tie Hillary Clinton To The KKK

LOL. Bill Maher on Facebook bashing tRump.

so donald trump has 'good judgement'?????

Hindsight is 20/20

RNC Spokesperson Spicer on Trump's tweet, "Very,very unfair." (no indictment)

CA update: Hillary ahead, 387K votes. Total uncounted (all parties) 147K.


The understory re Kevin Durant

Zen (?) cartoon

PREDICTION: The Next Fake Clinton Scandal Will Be...

MOM endorsed HRC.. The time is now to get our ducks in a row Democrats

This Florida Father That Accidentally Shot His Son To Death - I Wonder If .....

Theresa May Wins First Round of U.K. Conservative Leadership Contest

Bill Richardson on MSNBC

Clinton Camp 'Pleased' With FBI Findings

Fourth Baltimore officer opts for bench trial in Freddie Gray case

My "WTF?" of the day, Duck Dynasty edition...

We have our FIRST, WINNER...

Akala Breaks Down Britain's Inherent Xenophobia

Nation responds to FBI clearing Clinton of charges

Trump is a gold mine for pundits

Amnesty: Syrian armed groups committing war crimes

Back in March this law professor explained there would be no indictment fairy,

RNC Spokesman: Comey Offered 'Clear Indictment' Of Clinton's Judgment

Free Don Siegelman

Flashback - Petraeus prosecutor: Clinton committed no crime - August 30th, 2015

Anyone know how many superdelegates have switched from Hillary to Bernie since the primaries ended?

“No reasonable prosecutor........."

Hillary Clinton to Deliver Speech in Atlantic City on Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Flashback- Column: GOP's Clinton email indictment fantasy- August 21, 2015

Comey didn't mention the whole Hillary-unicorn scandal

Bernie Sanders scores big wins with Democratic platform

When Karl Rove deleted 22 million White House emails and the media yawned.

Talib Kweli Joins Tom Morello-Organized Tour Protesting Trans-Pacific Partnership

Trump’s ‘birther’ crusade was a scam wrapped in a con

Silence from prominent Jewish leaders about Trump's Star of David

HA HA Goodman has a sad

Good rule of thumb: if someone is claiming Trump is running to Clinton's left on health care, or

Why does McCain keep blaming America for terrorist violence?

Hey! Media dicks, why don't you take some notes and

Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Loved Trump's Star Of David Tweet

Rigged economy: protect values of assets of the rich and allow real income to decline for the many

WATCH LIVE: President Obama, Hillary Clinton coming off plane ....


California "conspiracy theories" can end now

Was DU member information exposed to someone creating a competing website?


Actual meaning of tRump's slogan

On the eve of the Chilcot Report, a song and picture thread

Reuters: Trump supporters most racist, Sanders supporters least

andrea mitchell is beside herself on the Hillary 'determination'

Jeffrey Lord Says Democrats Are The Ones With ‘An Anti-Semitism Problem’ (Blames Sen. Sanders)

And so it begins!

Four U.S. airports to open automated security lanes this fall

Is Donald Trump Lying?

Scott Walker To Speak At Republican National Convention

The Latest: Venus and Serena Win in Doubles at Wimbledon

U.N. rights boss calls bombing near Saudi holy mosque an attack on Islam

GMO corporations pervert government oversight - conflicts of interest

Donald Trump's Complete Upcoming Campaign Schedule

I wonder how much money and time the FBI wasted on this clearly partisan witchhunt

Sanders receives $1.1 million in Secret Service protection since Clinton's victory

I have something to say to all those out there screaming about Comey and the email statement....

Anyone check on Susan Sarandon?

EgyptAir voice recorder indicates attempt to put out fire before crash

Despite What Media Says, TPP Isn’t About Free Trade — It’s About Protecting Corporate Profits

Betrayed Again, This Time By Unconvincing Arguments For The TPP

Ryan meeting with House officials on investigation of Democratic sit-in on gun legislation

It was suggested that I forward this to the DU admins, so here it is:

A Very Good Read from a woman who works for Trump's Son in Law...

A Mississippi Power Plant Highlights All That’s Wrong with “Clean Coal”

Definition of Extreme Carelessness

Bulldog gets new bed

Donald Trump's Final Reality Show!

Cenk Uygar : Its Over. Hillary is the nominee. But the revolution is real and will continue.

WT (Everlasting) F?

Tea Party Republican Warren Davidson has Boehners seat

Clinton, Obama arrive in uptown Charlotte as presidential race heats up in NC

Right now HRC standing at a podium with the Presidential Seal on it.

Hillary opens the rally with THIS IS MY FIGHT SONG and she is speaking first....

Hillary and Barack in NC

Ex-DOJ Spox: Comey Broke Rules With 'Outrageous' Presser On Clinton Emails

Trump has whiny temper tantrum on Twitter after Hillary doesn't face charges.

Simple solutions to the whole Hillary email story

Cop Sues Vegas Police in Bundy Ranch Fallout

Attention All Decks! Now Hear This!

gun shop watchlist?

Feds fear ‘11th-hour’ move to derail Dylann Roof trial

Well, that settles it for me -Indisputable Proof Jesus existed

Court rejects state's appeal in KKK highway cleanup case

Live stream: President Obama campaigns with Hillary Clinton in North Carolina (HRC GP)

Didja know we have a micro country in the SW of the USA?

Of all the days that Hillary needs Pres Obama on her side then today is the most needed

It's great that Hillary has been cleared. But there should never have been an investigation

Pres. Obama leading the chant: Hillary, Hillary, Hillary...!!!

For those looking for a new Clinton scandal...

Oh I am SO waiting for President Obama

What if Bernie endorses Hillary

Why are the constant links to Jack Pine Radicals allowed?

"There has never been anyone more qualified to be President" - Obama on Hillary

Trump's Love Affair With White Supremacists

Have you found any good peaches yet?

All of the observations about Director Comey's statement brought a quote to mind

The 'Miss Universe' School of Party Politics

Obama just said that Sasha has a Twitter account

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Says Donald Trump "Clearly" Racist

I like the word cahoots but I rarely get to use it...

President Obama is having a blast

Trump and J. Epstein sued for raping 13 year old girl, with witness corroboration.

Chrome and FireFox extensions replaces 'Trump' with colorful alternative text

Chris Christie Rejects Effort To Repeal Racist, Sexist Rule That Punishes Poor Children

Obama is tearing Trump a new one

Obama: "And at the end of our contest, I saw the grace and energy with which she threw herself into"

Images to post on Facebook

Randi Rhodes is back on the Air

AFO about to get wet

Video: Clinton-Obama Campaign Event

She cares needs to be the motto....

Pres. Obama: "I'm ready to pass the baton, and I KNOW that Hillary is ready to take it..."

Anyone catch Mara Liasson's ridiculous NPR report on the Comey statements?

Guess who MSNBC have on to analyse the Clinton/Obama rally ??? Go on, have a guess !!!

Voters Aren’t Happy with NAFTA, Other Free Trade Deals

Who is this asshole on MSNBC?

How the FBI’s Clinton E-Mail Decision Just Changed the 2016 Race

Today is wall to wall right wing screech monkey day at the zoo.

The Cockatrice of Church Street.

Stocks Slide With Pound Amid Renewed Worries Over Global Growth

Bata Kindai Amgoza ibn LoBagola

Belle Gunness

The corporate media’s huge blind spot regarding terrorism

Japan Declares Anti-Gay Discrimination Is A Form Of Sexual Harassment

Lee Camp rips NYT reporter for article on exit polling data and fraudulent elections.

Wow- Clinton 46% Trump 33%

Chilcot Report: Iraq families want Tony Blair to face justice

I have one reason I'd like to see Ernst be Trump's VP pick

UK’s Iraq War report could make grim reading for Tony Blair

Japan Declares Anti-Gay Discrimination Is A Form Of Sexual Harassment

Chilcot report won't give people what they want

LATEST RIGHTWING MEME: Hillary Clinton cannot be president because SECURITY CLEARANCE!!!!!

What happens if you accidentally vote wrong on a jury

Right-wing “environmental research” group uses falsified data to justify Utah land grab

Trump's and Obama's Views on Globalization Reflect Broader Gap

Questions the Chilcot report must answer

With Obama On The Trail, Hillary's Favorables Will Soon Exceed 50%

Chilcot inquiry: who's who in the investigation

Private letters between Tony Blair and George Bush to be published

The convention center was packed.....

'Only those with the wounds feel the pain'

Donald Trump Accused of Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

Monsanto's Mommy Bloggers and Clandestine Spies

Mum of soldier fears Chilcot Report will be “another whitewash”

Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, Illinois reformer Mikva dies

What the orphan says about Tony Blair

Sanders supporters melt down over FBI's Clinton decision

Venezuela 'willing' to restore diplomatic ties with US

TPP: Petitions and Actions

Ending the Ramadan Fast With an Indonesian Feast

Boston taxi driver finds $187,000 in cash left in cab, helps return it to owner

A New Era May Be Dawning Again For Radical Right Populists In Austria And Europe

U.S. Republicans push back on Democratic gun-control efforts

Nuclear Power: Totally Unqualified to Combat Climate Change

Atheist author explains how Christianity conquered Europe like Starbucks monopolized coffee

Independence Day... Brought To You By China, Belgium, & More!

It's Not Enough To Bring Back The Jobs!

Judge: Kansas Can't Cut Planned Parenthood's Medicaid Money

Wow, just wow.. Poll: Israelis even on Clinton vs. Trump

Iraq’s Religious, Ethnic Minorities on Verge of Disappearing: Report

‘We the Prisoners’: The Demise of the Fourth Amendment

HRC GROUP: This is about a month old, but a worthwhile read

Hillary and President Obama stop for BBQ via @dougmillsnyt

Has the tRump campaign released it's fundraising totals for June?

Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet agrees to Labour peace talks

''non-partisan'' Politifact once again sucks up to the repubs:

Can you imagine how satisfied Obama will feel when Hillary wins the White House?

Benghazi Witch Hunt & E-Mail Non-Scandal Both Die Within A Week

Amanda Cohen’s Secret-Weapon Stir-Fry Sauce

Reminder, Trump Is About 1 Week Away From Hitting the Point of No Return

U.N. Chief Slams Israel Over Settlement Plans In Wake Of Quartet Report

Ex DOJ Matthew Miller is a guest on Chris Hayes. Up Next

Here We Go Again: GOPers Demand Independent Counsel For Clinton Emails

low points of email coverage: NYTclaiming Clinton target of criminal inves, WP claiming 147 agents

Shouldn't we at least have a vote on TPP?

Republicans throw FBI under the bus.

Were I running the election campaign in Florida, the theme woud be simple

Jim Bob Duggar: Molestation Is Common In Christian Families

I'm sorry, but I have to celebrate a little. Just the facts, Ma'am!

Sanders: FBI decision won't affect my campaign


Report Shows How War Profiteers Are Now Refugee Profiteers, Too

Remember when the GOP nominee ran from the sitting president in 2008?

Furious GOP lashes out at FBI

Comey doesn't make much sense re possible intrusion by "hostile actors"

Larry Doby made his MLB debut 69 years ago today

Putin has a plan for destroying the West—and that plan looks a lot like Donald Trump

Republicans Don’t Appear Inclined to Do Much More Than Grumble About the FBI’s Clinton Decision

Clinton's Poll Numbers Rival Obama's in 2008, Significantly Better than 2012

Trump Continues to Waste Valuable Time, Begins Ramping Up Efforts to Win California

Fresh Zucchini Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Ronald Reagan’s Solicitor General Has Had Enough of Trump

You GO, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Time for a round of "name that Dem scandal that the Repubes keep screeching about":

Don the Con is, arguably, the "Ugliest American"

Georgia supreme court clears way for KKK group to adopt a highway

Republicans begat the Tea Party. The Tea Party begat Trump Republicans.

GOP candidate not sorry that he ‘loves’ Trump for ‘putting self-righteous f*ggots in their place’

News bite

Flag burning Illinois man will not be charged - officials

Is there an anti-war wing left?

36 Edición del Festival del Caribe 2016 - En Vivo desde (live, from) Santiago de Cuba

Wow - CBSN is in the shitter with Trump on the Non-Indictment

Ivanka Trump Insists Her Father Is a Feminist, Despite Extensive Evidence to the Contrary

Is it just me.. or is the media having a "sad"

What's with Hardball? Today, Hillary joins Obama on Ar Foce one, both gave speeches

Hillary up a little in the new Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll

The D is speaking now. He's all over the place and they cut away!

Protesters, White Nationalists and Armed Delegates: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I like She Cares, its simple and sets her in contrast with Donald Dump

FULL Obama Campaign Event for Hillary in Charlotte

Despite What Media Says, TPP Isn’t About Free Trade — It’s About Protecting Corporate Profits

X-Post: Obama Campaign Event for Hillary in Charlotte

My Thanks to Bernie Sanders

LePage says he won’t attend Republican convention in Cleveland

No Trump signs or stickers

So many have a sadz today no indictment