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Trump singing Bernie's praises on MSNBC live now

that loudmouth lying asshole is on my teevee again!!!

David Duke Expresses Gratitude, Support For Anti-Semitic Trump Tweet

Sen Corker has the right stuff to be Trump's VP.

Iraq Sees Worst Bombing Since Invasion With 250 Deaths

Missouri Muslims Fear For Their Safety After Politician Sells Fake ‘ISIS Hunting Permits’

Why is any good news about Hillary followed by a "but" here?

Dump is fucking pathetic.

9 Ways Democrats Have Gotten More Progressive In Just 4 Years

Rolling Stone: Game of Thrones - Real life DC counterparts

Daughter needs short- or long-term rental in Covington area - can anyone help?

"One more stupid, unfounded, baseless fake Hillary "scandal" and she gets a free one"

Call out the Guard for Cleveland.

Best tweet of the day: "thoughts and prayers to HaHa Goodman"

A rose by any other name is a strawberry.

Jung Ho Kang investigated for alleged sex assault in Chicago

H.A. Goodman is giving Baghdad Bob a run for his money

Trump Called Out Obama’s Use Of Air Force One. Keith Olbermann’s Response Is PERFECT

2016 MLB All-Stars

Appalling TSA assault on a gravely ill disabled teenage girl in Memphis

Today I'm very proud of myself...VERY unusual for me!

Anyone use the SI game chat room?

Randi is finally back !!!- launching today in partnership with Progressive Voices

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Is that the fat lady? & Uncensored & Live & a

Dems were so fucking dumb to run away from Obama in 2010 and 2014.

The President’s Day In North Carolina

Is HA Goodman the alter ego of Rosario Dawson?

That's some leak.

'An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.'

Here's A Happy Song To Cheer Up The Hillary Haters....

X-Post: The President’s Day In North Carolina

The Meaning of Trump’s Cult of Political Incorrectness

Are DUers allowed to continually promote radio show personalities who oppose the nominee?

Vid~Full Speech of Hillary Rally with Pres Obama in NC~ Pic Heavy, too!

Ex-Sanders staffer joins Clinton team

NC NAACP Challenges Trump On Morality Of Campaign Rhetoric

VICE.COM: President Obama just made it much easier for the public to access government records

Clinton leads Trump by 13 points: poll

Seattle fireworks from across the bay

Sorry, Donald Trump. American workers won’t fall for your scam.

Fire department surprises firefighter's widow on her 100th birthday

...and the day ends with Trump praising Saddam Hussein (again)

Comey Whitewater Comey Whitewater Comey Whitewater

U.S. lawsuit: A McDonald's worker was fired for being HIV-positive

"Dude, stop farting. That last one may have blinded me."

Don't Put Anti-Semitism Next to "Islamophobia"

Saddam Hussein is trending.

If you could interview Trump after he loses the election

Majority of urban Colombia to vote in favor of peace with FARC

Majority of urban Colombia to vote in favor of peace with FARC

I'm up to something again...

Super Typhoon Nepartak takes aim at Taiwan

Drone footage captures southern right whales' epic migration from Antarctica to Argentina

Court: Officials can't use private email accounts to evade records laws

Drone footage captures southern right whales' epic migration from Antarctica to Argentina

Bob Marley's advice to Don the Con...

I really like the new jury system.

California Mexicans vs. Texas Mexicans

Juno is flying away from Jupiter

Making a move.

Ryan: GOP will hold hearings on Clinton probe

For the next midterms, these lessons must be learned...

Donald Trump Accuses Hillary Clinton of Bribery in Email Investigation

Beware the Clinton Scandal Industrial Complex™

Sen Jeff Flake of Arizona must really love his lawn

Dreaming of the evening of Jan, 2017.....

My wife is in tears right now.

Ryan: GOP will hold hearings on Clinton probe

Clinton expands lead over Trump to 13 points - Reuters/Ipsos poll

Gun Control Advocates Arrested in Rotunda

Reminder: Public Officials Using Private Email Servers Is Indefensible

Just Because you will face a lot of this in Social Media...

Trumps latest scam....

" pockets and a new Holocaust"

An immoral boycott

Here we go: Ryan: GOP will hold hearings on Clinton probe

As revenue falls below inflation, tax burden in Argentina shifts from agro-exporters to consumers.

As revenue falls below inflation, tax burden in Argentina shifts from agro-exporters to consumers.

Trump Says AG Lynch Accepted Bribe From Hilary Clinton

Sheriff's badges have little balls on the star points

Glenn Greenwald on MSNBC criticizing Clinton for failing to protect classified information.

Cat Parenting - Don't forget behind the ears

Rosario Dawson, Paul Ryan and Darrel Issa. Oh My!

Obama, Biden Won’t Visit Universities That Fall Short In Addressing Sexual Assault

I'm With Her

What about posters kicking up the worst of the worst?

#AltonSterling killed for selling CDs in Baton Rouge (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Ohio News - 7/5/2016

There is no way to keep the wealth generated from tax cuts in the

It makes no difference if Bernie suspends before the convention rather than at the convention.

The 13 point lead in the Ipsos/Reuters poll means HRC doesn't need to pivot right after Philly.

Signs of the Apocalypse: OFF! Named Official Insect Repellant of 2016 Olympics

17 things we learned from Hillary clinton's emails

I just saw a Petsmart commercial

Some Houses Are Born Bad: Paul Ryan edition.

I would like your opinion on a child's birthday party request

FBI worry over! Nothing to stop Hillary now!!! I signed up for $50 a month to Hillary!

Kentucky AG opinion: Kim Davis violated Open Records Act

Trump is at least part Mexican

Indiana News - 7/5/2016

I'm looking for a little inspiration.

GOP Investigating Dem Sit-In Over Gun Control Votes. We need to get Dems' backs.

Boycotts of Israel are a protected form of free speech

Here is a GREAT "Editor's note" to a rather benign Don the Con article

The Winning Photos of Dog Photographer of the Year 2015

First 538 Weekly Update: Clinton Holds 6.3 Point Lead, Making Gains in Battle Ground and Red States

H.A. Goodman, We Are Sorry For Your Loss

How I survived Chile's torture commune run by Pinochet's paedophile Nazi pal

2 Tourists Died While Trying to Take Selfies in Peru

Brazil's Temer plans BRICS trip after impeachment vote - source

Lula presses to remove crusading Brazil judge from his case

Police: No domestic violence charges against Edsel Ford II

Cleveland court to stay open late during GOP convention

So what do you think about the Grayson Senate race?

Noah's ark of biblical proportions ready to open in Kentucky

Question submitted by Ken Burch

David Duke: “No Way” Star In Trump’s Tweet Was A Sheriff’s Star

State police withhold prep school abuse investigation report

US appeals court: Child porn victim can sue adoptive father

Outspoken clergy abuse advocate found hanged at home

The U.S. Has Strongly Criticized Israel’s Plan to Build More West Bank Homes

Daily Holidays - July 6

Unbelievably bad reporting on the Clinton e-mail "scandal"

Drought kills Paraguay's thirsty alligators

Drought kills Paraguay's thirsty alligators

US protests after police shooting of black man in Louisiana

Mr. President, you've done some amazingly good things...please do just one more good thing:

What time Wednesday is Chilcot scheduled to be released?

Looking for contacts for progressive and Left groups in Olympia...will be moving there.

Philadelphia Rail Traffic Disrupted by Cracks in New Trains.

July 6 is last day to register

How have so many forgotten that the Democratic Party...

Pistorius Sentencing (live thread)

Chilicot (Iraq) War Report to be Published (to be announced 6 am EDT-live thread)

Ugh, and deep sigh

U.N. peacekeepers preparing for possible Congo political violence

Investment Advisor to Plead Guilty to Orchestrating $21M Dollar Ponzi Scheme

So a week ago I visited with 2 friends who just had to tell me how dangerous my medications were.

Pound hits new low on Brexit nerves

More on outsourcing

US to Raise Cap for Docs Prescribing Opioid Addiction Drug

Republicans want Revenge for Clinton's email judgement

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to six years in jail for Reeva Steenkamp murder

Oscar gets six years. (My favourite tweet)

Donald Trump Wants To Be Like 'Saddam Hussein' At NC Rally

Wisconsin News - 7/6/2016

Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, introducing Obama, as opposed to the opposite...

If you believed the lies about the FBI investigation, you owe it to yourself to find better sources

Illinois News - 7/6/2016

MSNBC Morning Joe Hatchet Job continues ...... disgraceful

Hillary Clinton's campaign is blasting Donald Trump's praise for Saddam Hussein

Watching Chilcot live on BBC

Minnesota News - 7/6/2016

As we patiently await Chilcot, I'll hand around the humbugs

Fox and Friends Lite are all bummed about Hillary's non-indictment.

Chilcot delivers crushing verdict on Blair and the Iraq war

Brian Williams compares Obama to Richard Pryor

Chilcot report live: Blair sent troops to Iraq before peaceful options had been exhausted

Chilcot report live: Blair sent troops to Iraq before peaceful options had been exhausted

Bernie Sanders planning rally in Philadelphia on eve of DNC

Iowa News - 7/6/2016

Happy Birthday, Smirky.

We need more democracy: Our best hope for political reform is to push for a more inclusive system

Briton's African gap year memoir sparks angry Twitter response

Clinton campaign on Trump praising Hussein: 'Donald Trump's praise for brutal strongmen seemingly kn

Missouri News - 7/6/2016

So now who killed Dr. David Kelly

Mika just wigged out; Morning Joke is finished

NPR's coverage of Clinton's campaign, on pretty much any given day

Trump praises for Saddam Hussein's efficient killing of 'terrorists,' calls today's Iraq 'Harvard fo

Donald Trump praises Saddam Hussein for killing 'terrorists,' again

Todd is on Morning Joke right now repeating how Comey gave a

11 revealing private notes between Tony Blair and George W Bush published in the Chilcot Report

Obama: "Sasha tweets" but that doesn’t make her qualified to be president.

Red Cross issues emergency call for blood donations

Sanders stays quiet on FBI announcement about Clinton

The moral of the story: FBI or any other office is not allowed to be independent unless they

The big lie: "anyone else would have been prosecuted".

'I have my right to say things’: Parade driver defends depiction of Obama as 'lying African'

WaPo Editorial: Clinton was ‘extremely careless.’ That is not a crime, but she must do better...

Breaking: Key Bridgegate Figure to Accept Guilty Plea

Women DUers-which celebrity would you look like if you could?

Trump Claims to be Steel Worker

Chilcot's real tragedy?

The Huckster Populist - By Robert Reich

Republican Strategist: Of Course Donald Trump is Blatantly Pandering to White Supremacists

New Documentary Film 'Godless: The Truth Beyond Belief'

For those of you against Trump's statement on Hussein and Iraq:

UK to miss 2020 renewable energy targets concludes National Grid

Tesla Autopilot Fatality Shows Why Lidar And V2V Will Be Necessary For Autonomous Cars

Big solar is leaving rooftop systems in the dust

The Stupid Is Contagious As Paul Ryan Mangles The Meaning Of Independence Day

Chilcot: Jeremy Corbyn calls Iraq War 'an act of military aggression launched on a false pretext'

Renewable Energy Supplied Almost a Quarter of Global Power in 2015

Republicans Are Too Scared To Let The Pentagon Talk About Climate Change!

Why Is New Jersey Screwing College Kids & Their Families?

Hillary should not be praising charter school

Congress to dip its toe into ‘religious liberty’ debate?

Hillary Clinton’s great day - By Eugene Robinson

Catholic nursing home in Belgium fined for refusing euthanasia request

Suicide Bombing at One of Islam's Holiest Sites

Disabled Teen with Brain Tumor Beaten Bloody by TSA at Security Checkpoint

Triple Jeopardy

While Trump's praising Saddam Hussein, his party is promising to investigate their investigators

Trump Boasts That Networks Let Him Do Phone Interviews: 'It's So Much Easier'

Ryan Responds To Trump's Praise For Saddam Hussein: He Was 'Evil'

Syrian military declares 72-hour truce across country, but fighting continues

Hillary Camp Statement On Donald Trump’s Praise For Saddam Hussein

Chilcot is out, and ALL those who tried to prevent the war have been proven right.

What if Companies Had to Pay for The Damages?

Your Daughters And Your Sons-The Sands Family

My guess is that Hillary's poll numbers will go up.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Planet Orange

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest


The media are propping up Trump like they propped up Bush in 2000...

The Most Corrupt Candidate Ever Is Donald Trump: Huff Post/NY Mag/Daily Intelligencer

POTUS and Hillary stop for BBQ

Suicide car bomber kills 10 soldiers near base in Yemen

"The worst thing about Saddam was his hair. What a mess!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

"Madman Trump" - I think that sums it up well as he embraces all of the GOP values! n/t


Would Elizabeth Warren as vice president really be good for liberals? - by Matthew Yglesias

#Wearehere: Somme tribute revealed as Jeremy Deller work

A test of America's homeland missile defense system found a problem. Why didn't the Pentagon say so?

A "trumper tantrum"

What Trump Should Have Said About Hussein

Questions Dir. Comey didn't answer - Can anyone here answer?

The "Star of David tweet" is not going away for Trump

Trump is right. The whole thing is rigged.

My wife made me promise her I'd take a week off.

Lucky for us, we don't live in a zero-sum world.

Sep 15: Doe vs. Donald J. Trump: Parties to appear in court 4 status conference (GD 16)

Is today National Trump Swooning Day?

Those excusing Trump's Saddam comments are the same who lamented Ghaddafi's ouster.

Kentucky Attorney General opinion: Kim Davis violated Open Records Act

Obama Administration Eases Restrictions On Doctors Who Treat Opioid Addiction

Islamic State terrorists use WhatsApp, Telegram to sell women, girls as sex slaves

Bernie Sanders gets compromise from HRC on college affordablity.

Jim Bakker won't apologize to those he screwed...

As Kipling said long ago...

AG opinion: Kim Davis violated Open Records Act

Clinton Expands College-Cost Plan to Appeal to Sanders Supporters

NEW: HRC is updating her college affordability plan to include free in state college for students wh

GOP calls FBI head Comey to testify this week

Psssssssssssssssst Sam Querrey just won the

Imagine being an HR-manager, doing a job-interview with Trump

GIANT 80mm Turbo Opel Kadett - Audi KILLER!

Let's face it Comey is a partisan hack

The Big Unravel: US Commercial Bankruptcies Skyrocket

Trump really stepped in it with comments about Saddam Hussein.

New student debt rules trigger frenzy

Louisiana cops shoot and kill a man selling CDs in front of store (Video)

Abbas Kiarostami, Palme d'Or-winning Iranian film-maker, dies aged 76

TPP heightens urgency for national drug coverage in Canada

Fascinating segments on the exploitation of Puerto Rico

Morning JOe this morning

The Republican Party Has Officially Lost The War On Terror

Remarried couples should abstain from sex, Philadelphia Catholic church says

Anti-Trump GOP delegates still coming up short

Crooked Donald: Questionable tax-free payments to Trump staffers raise 'red flags'

Democratic Party Unity Events

Developing: Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Taken to Hospital

Next stages of DC Metro repair effort will affect travel to National airport

Muslim Responds to "If You Are a Muslim You Are Retarded!"

Trump's praise for Saddam Hussein actually undermines GWB's Iraq-war

Did FBI director Comey exceed his authority?

The First Post-Middle-Class Election

Christian Mingle must let LGBT singles use dating site after losing court battle

Sen. Jeff Merkley for Vice President?

Trump Attorneys Preparing Post-Election Lawsuit

Obama: US to leave 8,400 troops in Afghanistan

I always wondered what this chilling quote from Bush adviser Karl Rove meant in practice-Now we know

That person that really, really annoys you

Tell it to COMEY

Comey to testify on Clinton email probe Thursday

A tremendous and critical analysis of Donald Trump's campaign

This is what a friend is telling me about HRC being a "warmonger"

Kudos to the UK people and Sir John Chilcot

Lionel Messi handed 21-month tax fraud sentence but is unlikely to serve time

Police who murder people in their custody or under color of law should face the death penalty.

I had no idea - California as an oil state

Fox Host Gretchen Carlson sues Roger Ailes for sexual harassment (UPDATED)

President Obama Keeping More US Troops in Afghanistan Longer Than Planned

Politico: Sanders booed by House Democrats

Ex-Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Roger Ailes

Thailand’s top female monk hacked the system to bring women into the fold

Pic Of The Moment: Paul Ryan Announces New Investigation

Without getting into it too much, many of you aren't getting it....

Today is George W. Bush's 70th birthday. Offer your heartfelt well-wishes here.

Tennis spoiler

Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson sues Roger Ailes for sexual harassment

Clashes in Santiago as police block Chilean student march.

The Pistorius tragedy is just another example of why I hate guns.

Donald Trump now stands accused of raping a 13-year-old girl.

A blast from the past... Ed Ames tomahawk on Johnny Carson..

More than 500,000 hoverboards recalled after fires


Paul Ryan Wants To Deny Clinton Classified Briefings During Campaign

Covering Pres. Obama's Afghanistan presser, Brian Williams said President REAGAN just concluded!

Abroad in Japan: British Guy Reads Ridiculous Comments

Revealed Emails Show How Industry Lobbyists Basically Wrote The TPP

How The Food Industry Destroys Democracy

Crooked Trump? Google doesn't have a list of most crooked people in world history.

Sanders booed by House Democrats

Jeremy Corbyn - Response to the Chilcot Inquiry report

Is Sanders holding out in hopes that Clinton might yet face charges

Suspect dead in fatal Paulding County standoff

Australian Comic Who Smacked The NRA Around Just Tore Trump to SHREDS (VIDEO)

Water world: rising tides close in on Trump, the climate change denier

Abbas urges UN Security Council to reject Quartet report

Welcome to Jupiter!

Hillary giving an excellent, fiery speech

Time: Hillary Clinton Adopts Major Bernie Sanders’ Idea: Free College for (Almost) Everyone

Drowning death of Navy SEAL trainee ruled a homicide by medical examiner

Some interesting details from Gretchen Carlson's sexual harassment case

Ok brainiacs...someone help me...

Brian Williams sparks outcry after saying Obama used 'Richard Pryor delivery' in speech

Justice Department asks judge to block North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law

Bernie Sanders Booed By House Democrats For Refusal To Endorse Hillary Clinton

Interview: Zoltan Istvan On Transhumanism And His US Presidential Campaign

Ultra-Nationalist Group National Policy Institute Based in Arlington

"Dandy Don "The Con" Trump's Guide to Grifting: The Art of the Steal"

Not bad for an old man.

Religious-based lawsuit challenges Iowa gender identity interpretation

Tony Blair: I accept full responsibility for Iraq war decision

LOL, looks like is down- I can ping their website

George Bush says world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power

Police: Mass shooting rumor kept people from Rumford fireworks (Maine)

Cue the Kabuki Dancers

Another thought about the email case

Six of the top ten threads right now are about Bernie. He's not RUNNING!

Venezuelan women push past border controls for food

Corker withdraws as potential Trump running mate

Since Roger Ailes is on the ropes for alleged sexual harassment, please caption THIS-

Poll - Worst Post WWII President - From Daily Kos

FFRF warning more than 1,000 school districts about new “Noah’s Ark”

Sen Corker declines to be considered for Trump's VP

Wolf Blitzer is taking Sanders to school right now on CNN.

I wonder how this could be construed as a personal attack.

Trump's Saddam praise earns bipartisan scorn

How to Kiss...Well - a 4-step guide

Ernst all but withdraws from Trump veepstakes

"There Will Be Blood"

25 Crowdfunding Requests That Are Remarkably Ridiculous

538: Trump May Become The First Republican In 60 Years To Lose White College Graduates

The Democratic Platform Feels the Bern

Trump raises $51 million with GOP in June, including $26 million for his campaign

Dear Bernie:

Baton Rouge police shooting leads to federal investigation

Akabane Vulgars LIVE - Jun 28 2016 at Shinjuku Redcloth

American Islam: A view from the suburbs

Free Don Siegelman

Trump: Saddam Hussein “Was So Good” At Killing Terrorists

After a bitter loss in 2008, the losing candidate for the nomination

Post why I should ring my Shame Bell at you

Bill Press is not letting those wing nuts on CNN push him around...

Sen. Corker and Sen. Ernst Drop Out of VP Chase

I pray for the life of the store clerk who just admitted he has cell phone video of the shooting

"What Saved Hostess And Twinkies: Automation And Firing 95% Of The Union Workforce"

"Make 'em squeal" Joni takes herself out of VP running

Hillary kicks the shit out of Trump in Atlantic City right in front of bankrupted Trump casino.

I just had my first ever breast biopsy......ask me anything.

AP FACT CHECK: Clinton email claims collapse under FBI probe

Here is why the black priesthood of the euro-dictatorship wanted to get rid of Varoufakis

Is a party required to run a vp candidate?

Bernie is going to have trouble getting his agenda through when he returns to Congress

Sen. Corker posits that Trump's best veep choice would be Ivanka

Boycott CVS / Target Pharmacies....No longer have the $4.00 medication plan

Jury failure

Denial by Trump's Son In Law

Just call him SLEAZY DONALD.

Question about installing blown-in attic insulation.

Dim Don loses 2 potential Veeps, Corker and Ernst, following his praise of Saddam Hussein!

Hillary Clinton needs a voice coach

Dear Bernie:

Comey will testify Thursday morning re: investigation

Progressive Groups Collect Hundreds of Thousands of Signatures Calling on Pelosi to Oppose TPP Vote

How do you copy and paste pictures from Google images...

Baked Salmon with Mustard-Dill Sauce

About those so called progressives who won't vote Hillary

Taking back the Senate is within reach – say you'll help make it happen: (HRC GP)

Blair to Bush on September 12, 2001: Act Now Explain Later

"I want to take this opportunity to applaud Secretary Clinton"

After Attacks on Muslims, Many Ask: Where Is the Outpouring?

32 Animated Videos by Wireless Philosophy Teach You the Essentials of Critical Thinking

Senate GOP leader: Release Clinton’s FBI interview

‘Doonesbury’ creator explains why he sees Donald Trump as a true, proven [expletive]

Bernie's on board, folks,

Corporations Spend Millions Fighting Unions, Nothing For Employee Raises & Benefits

Brian Eno & John Cale - Spinning Away

Hospital worker goes nuts on black family

Here's What Gretchen Carlson Wrote A Year Ago About Sexual Harassment: TPM

My Profile no longer has "Number of posts, last 90 days," ...

Bernie just told Wolf Blitzer that he is an Independent and will be an Independent for the remainder

So, Mitch McConnell says the American public wants to hear the FBI interview of Hillary

American Islam: A view from the suburbs

That antis are really dredging the bottom after the Nobel story hit.

Bob Corker spends the day campaigning with Trump yesterday, then today

Trump's Greatest Mentor was Red-Baiting Aide to Joseph McCarthy & Attorney for NYC Mob Families

Wales v. Portugal live feed

so ryan doesn't think that Hillary should get access to classified info....and he's ok with trump

Is it possible to delete the emails on another computer other than your own?

Members Of Congress Get Free Blood Tests One Week After Lead Found In Capitol Water

Not dead yet. Norman Lear

Mars Rover Curiosity in 'Safe Mode' After Glitch

It is amazing to me that so many on the right

Palestinian posts make Facebook a 'monster,' Israeli minister says

The Reagan revolution is over

False Promises: Debunking Nuclear Industry Propaganda

Mexican Laborer Has A Message For Donald Trump!

Democrats are booing Bernie Sanders. But his movement is succeeding.

Alton Sterling MURDERED. A video that should disgust the nation.

Flipping crystals improves (perovskite) solar-cell performance

Bad Trade Deals Continue To Screw Americans

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of war criminals got away with way more than

Here are the two emails. Condolence calls, simply marked wrong

Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Isn’t a Liar and James Comey Needs to Shut the Entire F*ck Up

Bees' ability to forage decreases as air pollution increases


Two of the biggest bat shit crazy politicians announce they won't run as Trump's VP.

Drought stalls tree growth and shuts down Amazon carbon sink

Report Shows How the U.S.-U.K. ‘Special Relationship’ Went Sour

Bush Defends Iraq Invasion

SLANDER. Father-in-law of pig who murdered Alton Sterling slams black protesters.

The view from North Korea on Brexit: 'It's America's fault'

Venezuela to Colombia: Don’t extradite accused narco to US

Now that Bernie has said he is an Independent...not a Democrat....

The mind-boggling incompetence of Bush, Blair and Howard

So Bernie declared he's an independent huh? Watch full interview

Penguin colonies at risk from erupting volcano

How's your cycling? Today was a really good day for me.

Iraq keeps counting the dead

Another Day, Another Murder By Cop... (w/Guest: Benjamin Dixon)

Trump is working his way around to.....Palin.

What You Need To Know About The Shooting Of Alton Sterling.

Tony Blair unrepentant

Why did Comey wait so long to announce his results?

Glyphosate Herbicides Cause Tragic Phosphorus Poisoning of Lake Erie

Texas Court Rules ex-employee owes former employer $100k for leaving job early.

House Democrats boo Bernie Sanders for his delay in endorsing Clinton

How UK went to war in Iraq

Watch: Bernie Sanders Can’t Stop Calling Wolf Blitzer ‘Jake’

Two critical videos in the lead up to Gretchen Carlson leaving FOX!

Blair must face charges

LGBT groups blast Trump for voicing support for HB2 in Raleigh

What's for Dinner, Wed., July 6, 2016

Trump Flip Flops on LGBTQ Rights – Now Supports NC HB2

U.S. Sanctions North Korean Leader For First Time Over Human Rights Abuses

This Is How Retirees Live on $1 Million Dollars

Anyone here watching AMC's Preacher? If not, you should be.

Mitch McChinless needs to appear before us

Judge Will Not Delay Refuge Occupation Trial #BundyTeaParty

fat finger/small screen accident

Congrats to Wales for making it as far as they did

Russian Spy Ship Now Off Hawaii, U.S. Navy Protecting ‘Critical Information’

Hillary and Obama, Democratic Superduo

Alleged militia leader pleads not guilty to trying to blow up BLM cabin

White Woman Lunges at Black Dog Owner and Gets the Most Unexpected Response

Hillary Clinton’s Multiple Servers And Phones Weren’t So Multiple

Wind Power Sails by Natural Gas, Solar in Growth - USA Today

Hi Guys I am back!

Clinton campaign slams 'hateful' Max Blumenthal comments on the late Elie Wiesel

Abbe Lowell on MSNBC right now with chuck todd

‘Panic’ Withdrawals Halt Three More U.K. Property Funds

Woody Guthrie, ‘Old Man Trump’ and a real estate empire’s racist foundations

Abbe Lowell ripping Comey a new one, explaining why his

A perfect Brexit summary for dummies:

James Comey’s Criticism of Clinton was Unprecedented, Improper and Maybe Even Politicized

GOP to investigate FBI investigation, proving th GOP is only capable of Inquisitions & are devoid of

What I learned after 3 days in DC...

I Can Only Assume The MSM Had Tons Of Anti-HRC Stories Ready To Go

Is AIPAC a Toothless Tiger After Iran Deal Supporters Survive Unscathed?

S&P Cuts U.S. Auto Sales View on Slowing Demand, Brexit Effect

Obama Finds He Can’t Escape Afghan War He Once Vowed to End

Tom Perez is stuck between a rock and a hard place - Obama and Clinton

Court orders Montana resort founder freed from jail

Bernie likely to endorse Clinton at Joint event in NH on Tuesday

State Dept. says 2 Clinton emails classified by mistake

Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick SURGES Ahead Of John McCain In Arizona Senate Race (DETAILS)

Corker and Ernst take themselves out of the Trump VP sweepstakes

AG Lynch: No Charges

Police have killed at least 2,611 people since Ferguson


DOJ’s Lynch to Testify Before House Committee July 12 on Clinton Case

Anyone who is waiting on the DOJ to ignore the FBI can stop holding their breath now

Eric Trump says his Dad has given millions to charities,but won't name them.

Utilizing a broader share of the solar spectru—Graphene quantum dots can improve the efficiency of…

After House Democrats booed Bernie, it now looks like he's gonna endorse Hillary

‘I’m A Trump-Era Conservative,’ Says Horrifying Man 25 Years From Now

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Talks for Possible Endorsement Next Week

U.S. Service Industries Expand at Fastest Pace in Seven Months

Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Charged for E-Mail Practices: Lynch

The Justice Department Speaks

Can you imagine the political upheaval if Comey had recommended prosecution?

People covered by HealthyCT, the state's nonprofit health insurer, may need a new plan...

IT'S OVER! AG Lynch accepts FBI rec, says Hillary Clinton will not be charged in email case HC-GRP

Comey has had it in for Hillary for TWENTY YEARS!

Peru's New President Wants to Reform Social Security

Police: Men Videoed Themselves Throwing Firecrackers At Dogs

Almost done in CA! Hillary ahead by 364K votes with less than 9,000 left uncounted,

Attorney General Loretta Lynch: Clinton email investigation to be closed with no criminal charges -

Is Hillary Clinton a Liar or the Patron Saint of Honesty?

Is Hillary Clinton a Liar or the Patron Saint of Honesty?

When Science In Your Name Doesn't Mean A Thing

How the Media Constructs False Narratives

Jeremy Corbyn told to 'sit down and shut up' in Commons as he criticises Iraq War after publication

H.A. Goodman is an Unapologetic Propagandist

How did Hillary have approval rating of 66% before she announced for the Presidency?

Genetically Engineered Crops: the Grand and Failed Promise

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: Gays Cause All The Murders

If Chávez Were Alive Today, Would the Situation in Venezuela be Different?

The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Was Totally Overblown

Newt Gingrich Is The Donald Trump Of Politics

If Chávez Were Alive Today, Would the Situation in Venezuela be Different?If Chávez Were Alive Today

Washington Post.....Spineless!

US to Spend $240M on Upgrades to Navy Base at Guantanamo

Support for the EU increases in Scandinavia post-Brexit.

China warns U.S. on sovereignty ahead of South China Sea ruling: Xinhua

Donald Trump is on the TV and there is a Latino guy replacing my dishwasher

A U.S. Policy of Non-intervention in Venezuela Would Be a Welcome Change

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 7 July 2016

A U.S. Policy of Non-intervention in Venezuela Would Be a Welcome Change

Billionaires – The 300 – Which Ones Are Hijacking Our Democracy!

Billionaires – The 300 – Which Ones Are Hijacking Our Democracy!

Anyone watching this Trump spectacle on the cables?

Is Hillary Clinton a Liar or the Patron Saint of Honesty?

Benghazi Hearing: GOP’s Embarrassing Shame, Clinton’s Triumphant Vindication

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Benghazi Hearing: GOP’s Embarrassing Shame, Clinton’s Triumphant Vindication

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Brexit or Brexin

Brexit or Brexin

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